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Feb 17 2018

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12:11 AM Contract_Pilot: last time i did somthing like this the sheriff was called.. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/for/d/senior-school-supplies/6499492537.html
12:14 AM fragalot: mornin'
12:14 AM fragalot: That's dark
12:14 AM jesseg: Is that you doing that? Is that kind for april 1st or what?
12:15 AM Contract_Pilot: Yea, bad taste but works
12:16 AM jesseg: Works for what....? lol
12:16 AM Wolf__: mass shooting = OMG ban all the guns = everyone worried about bans buying everything in sight
12:16 AM fragalot: silent protest?
12:19 AM fragalot: guns aren't the main issue though
12:19 AM fragalot: mental health care, or the lack thereof, is.
12:19 AM Wolf__: yeah, really its a social/mental health issue in the USA
12:19 AM fragalot: and that is not an easy fix, especially with how healthcare is set up in the US
12:21 AM fragalot: part of that may also be media coverage, Wolf__
12:21 AM fragalot: IF they happened, you wouldn't have heard about them
12:21 AM fragalot: and the shooter certainly wouldn't be glorified
12:22 AM Wolf__: well, few other things since then also, like students needing safe spaces or how common anxiety issues are now
12:22 AM * fragalot nods
12:22 AM * Wolf__ shrugs
12:23 AM Wolf__: Contract_Pilot: https://i.imgur.com/s4pDgjs.jpg current project
12:24 AM jesseg: that's looking really nice
12:24 AM Contract_Pilot: cool deal wolf
12:24 AM Wolf__: doing custom 9mm piston upper
12:25 AM fragalot: what's that rubber thing for on the left side of the picatinny rail?
12:25 AM fragalot: recoil?
12:26 AM Wolf__: charging handle for the AR-15
12:26 AM fragalot: ah
12:27 AM Contract_Pilot: http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/20180207_152506-1024x768.jpg
12:27 AM Contract_Pilot: working on the tops now...
12:27 AM Wolf__: nice =)
12:27 AM fragalot: needs more lights
12:27 AM Contract_Pilot: http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/20180207_180449-1024x768.jpg
12:28 AM fragalot: That's a nice setup. :-)
12:29 AM Wolf__: I’ll admit that bench makes me partly jelly
12:29 AM Contract_Pilot: Cannot wait till i get it oaded with harbor freight cabs
12:29 AM Contract_Pilot: loaded
12:29 AM Contract_Pilot: Lots of Drawer Sapce.
12:29 AM * fragalot is very, very limited in space, so any horizontal surface makes him jealous
12:30 AM Contract_Pilot: MY Space was 1/3 that just a year ago.
12:31 AM fragalot: I think it's because I was born at an incredibly young age.
12:31 AM Wolf__: Contract_Pilot: you dont happen to have source for cheap ar-15 BCG by chance?
12:31 AM Contract_Pilot: still thinking of moving the ill across the room
12:31 AM Contract_Pilot: Nope i do not wolf
12:32 AM Contract_Pilot: after this week i bet the price gonna go up.
12:32 AM Wolf__: yeah…
12:32 AM Crom_: Sheesh... I need to get my parts kit, buffer tube and upper soon...
12:32 AM Wolf__: I want some spares due to how much I need to mod one to work
12:32 AM Crom_: I'll pick up some 80% why I'm at it..
12:33 AM Wolf__: cnc = 0% lowers =)
12:33 AM Wolf__: but 80% makes life easier
12:34 AM IchGucksLive: morning from germany
12:34 AM fragalot: mornin
12:35 AM IchGucksLive: huge earthquake in mexico
12:37 AM Contract_Pilot: Still need to test fire these... http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/IMG_5296-e1518849353984-768x1024.jpg
12:37 AM roycroft: a whole lotta shakin'going on
12:38 AM Crom_: My CNC is close... Just downloaded the git linuxcnc-dev... working through dependences right now
12:38 AM Crom_: 4.14.18 PreemptRT + plus latest linuxcnc-dev git
12:39 AM Contract_Pilot: Piston driven 9mm generally thye blowback wolf
12:39 AM Crom_: Powered the MESA for the first time today,,,
12:39 AM Wolf__: Contract_Pilot: yeah I know lol
12:39 AM Contract_Pilot: Crom what ya building...
12:39 AM * Wolf__ can’t do anything simple
12:40 AM Contract_Pilot: Same here...
12:40 AM Contract_Pilot: I am at a stand still, no bandsaw or grinder
12:41 AM IchGucksLive: Crom_: will there be a kernal for 18.04
12:41 AM IchGucksLive: to get lcnc runing on this repro
12:41 AM Crom_: Contract_Pilot: Building 2 computers Dell Wyse thin clients AMD chipsets ones 6GB RAM 32GB Sata Module, other is 8GB and 32GB SATA module. have cables coming to mount the 2TB HD's
12:42 AM Contract_Pilot: http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/image-17-1024x768.jpeg
12:42 AM Contract_Pilot: But come a long ways
12:43 AM IchGucksLive: Contract_Pilot: you got alot of free space
12:43 AM Crom_: and get rid of the 32GB SATA modules. One to power the Harbor Fright 44991 (Sieg X2) and the other to drive the Harbor Fright 33686 (Rong Fu RF-31)
12:44 AM Crom_: both are going to have 19" touch screens and GMOCCAPY
12:44 AM IchGucksLive: Crom_: isent the RF-56 more cost effisiont
12:44 AM Contract_Pilot: I wish i had more space
12:44 AM Crom_: IchGucksLive: not when the 33686 was free to us
12:45 AM Contract_Pilot: But th way i had it mill on back wall leftme no space for Counter Space
12:45 AM IchGucksLive: ;-)
12:48 AM Contract_Pilot: https://youtu.be/8FcQAXQxLrM
12:49 AM Crom_: on 8' (2.5m) of wall I have the 33686 at 45 degrees to the left, Logan 820 Lathe on the right, 10" bench grinder on the right side behind the lathe facing 80 degrees to the right.
12:49 AM fragalot: Contract_Pilot: having the mill in the center also makes it easier for maintenance, so it's not a bad place really
12:50 AM Contract_Pilot: Right
12:50 AM fragalot: you always need to leave a gap behind machiens anyway, so you might as well make the gap a big larger & make it useful bench space :-)
12:51 AM Contract_Pilot: Yep.
12:51 AM Contract_Pilot: For Sure Can get behind it now..
12:51 AM Contract_Pilot: lathe no problem 2-3' stickout.
12:52 AM Crom_: 90 to the right. Just built shelves over the lathe to hold all the lathe stuff, between the lathe and mill is a Harbor Fright 3 shelf rolling cart with all the lathe crap and a smaller roll around tool box to the left of the mill with all it's tooling. CNC computer is going to be hung off the back of the monitor and I'm adding a keyboard and mouse tray under the monitor to the left of the mill on a monitor arm.
12:53 AM Contract_Pilot: I jut have to many AK Parts hahahaha
12:54 AM IchGucksLive: off to PLASMA ;-)
01:00 AM fragalot: YT has just started their answer to patreon
01:00 AM fragalot: there's a "sponsor" button now
01:08 AM Contract_Pilot: Coo..
01:20 AM Loetmichel: mornin'
01:23 AM Li: is it very bad idea to connect small steppers directly to arduino/raspi GPIO pins without driver?
01:24 AM fragalot: yes
01:25 AM Contract_Pilot: Bet this will be flakked befor the school supplies
01:25 AM Contract_Pilot: https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/for/d/box-of-metal-doo-dads/6499611725.html
01:26 AM Loetmichel: not really awake yet... that (guest) bed here at the parents in laws house isnt the best for the back... at least my father in laws urn is now in the ground. hope my wife can now find some rest. She did act a bit like in trance for the last two weeks since he died.
01:49 AM pink_vampire: Radial runout: 0.005mm Coaxial degree: 0.025mm
01:49 AM pink_vampire: what is "Coaxial degree"??
01:56 AM Contract_Pilot: I am thinking stampled pepsi https://offerup.com/item/detail/424590355/
02:04 AM Deejay: moin
02:25 AM Contract_Pilot: deejay
02:25 AM Wolf__: pink what context
02:26 AM Wolf__: angular measurements dont come in MM
02:31 AM pink_vampire: i know
02:31 AM pink_vampire: this is about a spindle
02:31 AM pink_vampire: https://www.amazon.com/60000rpm-%C2%A6%C2%B548120mm-Engraving-Machines-GDZ48-300/dp/B019F2D9HY
02:32 AM Wolf__: Folder knife diameter lol
02:33 AM Wolf__: anything that doesnt make sense on that description I would chalk up to chinglish
02:39 AM pink_vampire: mmm
02:41 AM Wolf__: even if its a real measurement , its missing data to make it useful
02:48 AM XXCoder: boo
02:48 AM XXCoder: 300w thats bit underpowered
02:49 AM XXCoder: huge rpm tho
02:51 AM XXCoder: pink_vampire: coaxial degree in parts means if there is 2 holes thats supposed to be aligned together (so some rod can get though both), there is coaxial degree tolence if one hole is too far off to another it wont work
02:51 AM XXCoder: at work we usually mill all holes at once with same tool so it cant be too far off from each other.
02:51 AM pink_vampire: i need is for 1/8" and smaller
02:52 AM pink_vampire: hope to be able to work with needle like and mills
02:52 AM XXCoder: on spindle context? dunno maybe it's 2 bearings inside it being aligned or whatever
02:53 AM Wolf__: it should be in deg or 0.025mm per Xmm
02:54 AM Wolf__: you can’t measure a coaxial misalignment at one point in mm
02:58 AM XXCoder: china heh
03:14 AM pink_vampire: what is the best way to drill the spindle shaft?
03:15 AM Wolf__: lathe
03:17 AM pink_vampire: and how i make sure it is going to be sealed
03:17 AM Wolf__: preferably before its hardened
03:17 AM Wolf__: what spindle shaft?
03:18 AM pink_vampire: for the coolant
03:19 AM XXCoder: though-spindle coolant?
03:19 AM pink_vampire: yeah!
03:19 AM XXCoder: so, center of spindle shaft then
03:19 AM XXCoder: I';d say lathe because its bit hard to do that with mill?
03:19 AM XXCoder: but then dunno
03:19 AM Wolf__: ^ plus - preferably before its hardened
03:20 AM pink_vampire: how important is that?
03:20 AM Wolf__: and you are going to need a rotary seal of some sort
03:21 AM XXCoder: though-spindle coolant is amazing thing to have
03:21 AM XXCoder: it keeps very deep hole clear of chips for example
03:22 AM Contract_Pilot: Had to get beer...
03:22 AM Contract_Pilot: fell off the waggon nw years
03:22 AM Contract_Pilot: new
03:22 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: do you think I can submit a job to your work place?
03:23 AM Contract_Pilot: Fell in to a puddle of makersmark.
03:23 AM XXCoder: nah it'd be expensive
03:23 AM XXCoder: we make large number of parts, or smaller number but very hard or large parts
03:23 AM Wolf__: one off job at a production shop lmao
03:23 AM pink_vampire: i need to find a place to cut my Z axis
03:23 AM Wolf__: good luck
03:23 AM Wolf__: find a small local job shop
03:24 AM pink_vampire: can't
03:24 AM XXCoder: Wolf__: indeed. we'd have to charge for fixture making, setup time, so on. it'd cost more than her mill
03:24 AM pink_vampire: Wolf__: do you have a large mill?
03:24 AM Wolf__: mine is only 1hp, 30x8 table, 13” z travel
03:25 AM Wolf__: but I also have friend with some bigger machines
03:25 AM pink_vampire: i need to cut 29" long
03:25 AM pink_vampire: just to make it flat
03:26 AM Wolf__: eh
03:26 AM Wolf__: flat or parallel
03:26 AM XXCoder: you MAY be able to do it with drill press
03:26 AM Contract_Pilot: Wonder of if what pink needs done would fit my my 1100
03:27 AM XXCoder: though probably need to do center drill, small drill, so on yo to size of hole near what you want, then ream and hone it
03:27 AM pink_vampire: flat
03:27 AM XXCoder: very smooth hole inside means no mess with coolant flow
03:28 AM XXCoder: problem is that metal is likely very tough as Wolf__ says
03:28 AM pink_vampire: i just need to cut off the dovetalis and drill and tap holes for the H rails
03:28 AM Wolf__: that sounds.. not good idea
03:29 AM Wolf__: better would be to build full column
03:29 AM pink_vampire: Wolf__: alot of guys did it, and it is so;ve the slope in the Z axis
03:29 AM Wolf__: not try to scab your current one
03:29 AM pink_vampire: solve*
03:30 AM Wolf__: head nod or Z not being perpendicular to the table ?
03:30 AM pink_vampire: i just need a machine that can cut 29" long in one pass
03:30 AM Contract_Pilot: I gonna see if i can get the kid to help me hahahaha this will be fun. maybe able to stuff another cab in a hole
03:31 AM Contract_Pilot: Maybe stuff both bottom and upper in holes http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/20180207_152506-1024x768.jpg
03:32 AM pink_vampire: Travel: 18" x 9.5" x 16.25" (X,Y,Z)
03:32 AM pink_vampire: this is the travel on the 1100
03:33 AM pink_vampire: the g0704 can do 17" on the x
03:33 AM pink_vampire: and 6" on the y
03:35 AM Wolf__: I think i have 20” or so on my X
03:36 AM pink_vampire: :( :(
03:36 AM Contract_Pilot: wondr what jackson safty warranty i on a hood dead out of the box cannot replace battery hahaha like a harbor freight BS
03:37 AM Contract_Pilot: I am close i will boot it and run it. tollerances ?
03:38 AM Contract_Pilot: And i have 3 more... hahaha.. http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/20180217_013226-1024x768.jpg
03:39 AM Contract_Pilot: 18" x 9.5" x 16.25" (X,Y,Z)
03:40 AM XXCoder: helmets all wa=y across
03:40 AM Contract_Pilot: Table Size: 34" x 9.5"
03:40 AM Contract_Pilot: I know i can go almost end to end...
03:42 AM gloops: so youre up and running Contract_Pilot?
03:42 AM Wolf__: buddys shop has a few big ass Cincinnati mills
03:42 AM Contract_Pilot: Mill was up and running long time ago... lathe is still down..
03:43 AM Wolf__: but I dont think I would want to mess with trying to get a grizzly column flat
03:43 AM Contract_Pilot: Mill i down now because it has moved.
03:44 AM gloops: i didnt manage to get quite finished before i ran into a busy spell, i just need to re-wire and sort of a few bits and bobs, wire coming tuesday, hopefully will have plenty of time again after next week
03:45 AM gloops: happy enough anyway ive seen it all working
04:05 AM Contract_Pilot: nope...
04:06 AM Contract_Pilot: Needs to be done ona surface grinder...
04:11 AM jthornton: morning
04:12 AM fragalot: damnit I didn't have enough cable gutter to finish the layout
04:13 AM fragalot: https://imgur.com/a/bjAvv <- should be enough though to start wiring it up either this evening or tomorrow :-)
04:16 AM XXCoder: nice layout
04:16 AM XXCoder: I havent even begin working on mine lol
04:17 AM XXCoder: night
04:17 AM jthornton: what are the blocks next to the breaker?
04:18 AM fragalot: wire terminals
04:18 AM jthornton: very nice too
04:18 AM fragalot: left side = +24V and GND, right side is earth, L1, L2 and L3
04:19 AM jthornton: multi connect terminal blocks?
04:19 AM jthornton: I see the jumpers now on the left ones
04:19 AM fragalot: each one connects 4 holes together, and the red bits are jumpers to connect terminals to each other
04:19 AM fragalot: i'm still missing the ones for the mains
04:21 AM Contract_Pilot: Umm Switching PSU's
04:22 AM fragalot: 60V 7A switching power supplies, and a 10mF 100V cap per driver
04:22 AM Contract_Pilot: Still gonna be noisy...
04:23 AM Contract_Pilot: prob push them 7A china rate at 3.5
04:23 AM fragalot: Contract_Pilot: not shown is the EMI filters
04:24 AM Contract_Pilot: Still a switcher dirty power.
04:24 AM fragalot: doubt it will be worse than the VFD
04:25 AM fragalot: all of the dirty signals are going to go from top left to top right, and the "clean" signals will stay in the bottom left side of the cabinet
04:26 AM Loetmichel: Contract_Pilot: some switchers are quite clean. as long as you dont drive audio ciruits with it that have -60dbv input sesitivity its usually fine
04:26 AM fragalot: I doubt these switchers will be clean xD
04:26 AM jthornton: gotta try and get my HikVision camera working with motioneyeos
04:27 AM Contract_Pilot: I know step drivers have come a long way but still unregulated = best
04:27 AM Loetmichel: fragalot: i would parallel that 10mF with an 1mf foil cap though
04:27 AM Loetmichel: or a ceramic one
04:27 AM fragalot: Loetmichel: that's why there is room below it
04:27 AM fragalot: I am going to see what happens now, and add what's needed later
04:28 AM Loetmichel: 1uF i meant
04:28 AM fragalot: there's also a TVS on it that's not shown
04:28 AM Loetmichel: and be aware that some SMPS tend to oscillate if loaded with a too high capacitance.
04:28 AM Loetmichel: do you have a datasheet for that switcher?
04:29 AM Contract_Pilot: Prob 9.99 ebay special
04:29 AM fragalot: ebay special indeed
04:29 AM Loetmichel: the company i work for does EMI meaurements
04:30 AM fragalot: https://www.ebay.com/itm/400W-60V-Switch-Power-supply-DC-power-S-400-60-6-6A-CNC-Router/162895767292?hash=item25ed5826fc:g:SeAAAOSw41tZ3cBM
04:30 AM Loetmichel: one time i had one of those cheap chinese "imax b6" clone chargers charging a drill battery pack. 20 meters away from the measurement chamber
04:30 AM Contract_Pilot: Cap will just take the shock load off the PSU thats it.
04:31 AM Loetmichel: co-worker opened the door of the chamber after running a measurement, Spectrum analyzer goes "overload" instantaneously...
04:31 AM Contract_Pilot: http://www.antekinc.com/ps-4n63-400w-63v-power-supply/
04:31 AM fragalot: Loetmichel: I could take it into work to do some EMI testing too, but honestly where this panel is going to live, if it doesn't interrupt the radio whilst it's running..... :P
04:31 AM Loetmichel: ... from 50khz to 4ghz... :-)
04:31 AM fragalot: square waves will do that :)
04:31 AM Contract_Pilot: Prob would have been ok to power 2 of them drives.
04:32 AM fragalot: probably
04:33 AM fragalot: the drives can - according to their datasheet - also run on AC.. however I doubt they'd do that very well :P
04:33 AM fragalot: the steppers are rated at 6A though, so running 2 from that 1 supply would be pushing it a bit
04:33 AM Contract_Pilot: People even in building computers cheap out of the PSU's
04:33 AM Contract_Pilot: Naa thats china 6A
04:34 AM Contract_Pilot: Peak till it fails measurement prob
04:34 AM fragalot: Contract_Pilot: I figured chinese 6A stepper... chinese 6A supply. should work fine
04:34 AM fragalot: I'll do some measurements anyway to see how it's all behaving
04:34 AM Loetmichel: fragalot: you are aware that stepper drivers act as SMPS themselves?
04:34 AM fragalot: Loetmichel: I am indeed aware of that.
04:35 AM Loetmichel: usual steppers have a few volts at max, so the 6A of the stepper translates to less than 600mA at 60V
04:35 AM Loetmichel: averaged of copurse
04:35 AM fragalot: that's assuming the drive does it properly
04:36 AM Contract_Pilot: Once i get iut all going will clean up my rats nest... http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/49D750C1-083C-4513-965D-5A004F83597C-1024x768.jpeg
04:36 AM fragalot: given the size of the heatsink on these things, I don't think they've done that good of a job :P
04:36 AM Loetmichel: fragalot: if it doesent the drive and the motor will tell you by letting the magic smoke out
04:37 AM Loetmichel: 60V 6A is 360W. no way a nema 17 stepper could dissipate that
04:38 AM fragalot: Anyway I need to get going
04:38 AM Contract_Pilot: 72V 80V Nom 5A Driving http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/0CA19ACE-FD07-40FB-94A6-D5838305F1AB-1024x768.jpeg
04:38 AM fragalot: Loetmichel: also - it's a N34 (not that it matters)
04:38 AM fragalot: ttyl!
04:55 AM gloops: well, i had my doubts about a nema 23 pulling my z axis, it was not easy to lift by turning the screw by hand
04:55 AM gloops: but no problem at all
04:56 AM gloops: not to say that it would hold that weight for cutting steel though, i dont know about that
05:14 AM gloops: hmm cable arrived right now, 2 core shielded its like tow rope lol
05:50 AM gloops: Loetmichel well i reckon its good shielding, the problem might be getting to physically fit to small drivers and such in a cabinet heh
05:56 AM cpresser: Li: depends on how small they are. check the current rating of the stepper and the arduino. anyways, you will only be able to do full steps with that setup
05:56 AM BitEvil: Li: Broadly, no. The maximum safe current is about 20mA, if you're using more than one output
05:56 AM BitEvil: Good drivers are cheap
05:56 AM gloops: yes tb6600
05:57 AM gloops: $10
05:57 AM BitEvil: naah
05:58 AM BitEvil: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/5pcs-lot-StepStick-DRV8825-Stepper-Motor-Driver-Carrier-Reprap-4-layer-PCB-RAMPS-replace-A4988-for/32754134358.html
06:00 AM gloops: 12v?
06:00 AM gloops: you can put 48v 4amp through tb6600
06:00 AM _nexxus__ is now known as _nexxus_
06:01 AM BubbleRe- is now known as BubbleRep
06:01 AM malcom2073: DRV8825 aren't considered good drivers. they're cheap sure, but for that price, get a tb6600
06:01 AM malcom2073: The only reason for getting a drv8825 is if you're severly space constrained
06:01 AM malcom2073: Or using a reprap board that needs them
06:02 AM BitEvil: malcom2073: yes, but compared to trying to directly drive the stepper, tehy're awesome
06:02 AM BitEvil is now known as SpeedEvil
06:02 AM malcom2073: Yes, compared to shooting yourself in the foot they're awesome :P
06:03 AM gloops: well i havent tried every driver and ive no complaints with dm542a, but according to reviews tb6600 is the best cheap driver, there is nothing else any better until you get to $80
06:03 AM SpeedEvil: I'm not particularly advocating it however, it was just what search hit first
06:04 AM SpeedEvil: for a $.69 driver
06:04 AM malcom2073: They're pretty much the go-to driver for reprap boards, mine has them
06:04 AM malcom2073: That being said, mine are actual pololu, so they were $10 each heh
06:05 AM gloops: .69 gets you A driver, which is better than NO driver
06:05 AM malcom2073: I'm not convinced on that. You can spend *WAY* more than a decent driver, getting a cheap driver to work well :P
06:06 AM gloops: yes true, i wouldnt risk them on a machine of distinction like mine, but sometimes you just need to get something working and not spend anything
06:06 AM malcom2073: I have spent way more on a few occasions, including a tb6600 hehe
06:07 AM malcom2073: You can never afford to do it right, but you can always afford to do it again
06:07 AM gloops: yes, buy the cheapest, see it move, then buy the proper ones, time and money gone
06:26 AM jthornton: so much for collecting eggs it's raining...
06:33 AM gloops: someone just sold 5 chickens on local facebook, £10, 2 cocks though
06:33 AM * jthornton doesn't not ever want another roo
06:33 AM gloops: did you have problems with him jthornton?
06:35 AM jthornton: he is a human attacker, I've got him respecting my space but don't want him with the pullets
06:35 AM gloops: i would have bought these chickens they were pretty, but my cockerel would have killed the other 2
06:36 AM jthornton: my neighbor let her roosters out to free range and within 30 minutes 3 were dead
06:38 AM gloops: pretty evil creatures when they put their mind to it, i had an indian game cock who was the undisputed ruler for a few years, didnt keep any other cockerels, we kep some chicks and one was a cock - his own son, got to about a year old and killed his father one day
06:39 AM jthornton: new king
06:39 AM gloops: yeah, thats the way of it
06:40 AM jthornton: I wonder what version of motion I can install on ubuntu 16 server they only list debian names
06:40 AM jthornton: https://github.com/Motion-Project/motion/releases
06:43 AM jthornton: oh I see it is stretch
06:43 AM Tom_L: 35F and NO rain
06:44 AM jthornton: same and raining
06:46 AM Tom_L: http://www.intellicast.com/Local/WxMap.aspx
06:46 AM Tom_L: no end in sight either
06:47 AM jthornton: not supposed to rain tomorrow but the rest of the week yea
06:47 AM Tom_L: we could certainly use it here
07:12 AM gloops: The Sun
07:12 AM gloops: ‏Verified account @TheSun
07:12 AM gloops: 5m5 minutes ago
07:12 AM gloops: Thick black smoke seen rising over central London http://thesun.uk/6013DuVBh
07:12 AM gloops: aye aye..
07:14 AM gloops: and another train incident here
07:14 AM gloops: Daily Mirror
07:14 AM gloops: ‏Verified account @DailyMirror
07:14 AM gloops: 47m47 minutes ago
07:14 AM gloops: Shocking images show car "split in two" after two killed in train crash at Sussex level crossing as witness describes horror aftermath https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/two-people-killed-after-car-12041496
07:19 AM malcom2073: What are you a twatter feed?
07:19 AM gloops: just readin the news
07:19 AM malcom2073: s/reading/typing out/g
07:20 AM gloops: wiring this box up for cnc, changing all cables for shielded, i was going to disconnect one item at a time and place it in the box and wire it up, that doesnt really work though
07:45 AM charlesh: I have a ton of unused Mesa products, where is the best place to try to sell them. I was a bit of a hoarder while I was figuring out what I wanted.
07:46 AM jthornton: there is a section on the forum
07:47 AM charlesh: Awesome, thanks.
08:44 AM gloops: http://www.buycarvings.co.uk/corbels-&-shelf-brackets.php
08:46 AM gloops: http://www.buycarvings.co.uk/wood-carvings.php?id=656&tc=1 £113 in pine? think i might be able to help take some of the workload off him
08:59 AM jthornton: crap I forgot what I needed to put in /etc/network/interfaces so apt-get can connect
09:01 AM Tom_L: auto eth0
09:01 AM Tom_L: iface eth0 inet static
09:01 AM Tom_L: address
09:01 AM Tom_L: network
09:01 AM Tom_L: netmask
09:01 AM Tom_L: broadcast
09:01 AM Tom_L: gateway
09:01 AM Tom_L: or such
09:02 AM jthornton: iface enp2s0 inet static
09:02 AM jthornton: address
09:02 AM jthornton: netmask
09:02 AM jthornton: gateway
09:02 AM jthornton: oh I see the error
09:03 AM Tom_L: gateway?
09:04 AM jthornton: yea think so
09:05 AM jthornton: yup that was it bad copy and paste from the inet
09:09 AM jthornton: changing my ubuntu server to debian so motioneye will work with newer cameras
09:46 AM dioz: nice gateway
09:58 AM jthornton: why is that?
09:59 AM jthornton: put some cabbage leaves in the chicken run you would have thought I tossed a mongoose in lol
10:02 AM dioz: fuck my hands are just beat
10:03 AM dioz: i just rubbed my eye and it felt like sandpaper on my face
10:03 AM dioz: any of you guys wear gloves?
10:03 AM dioz: what kind of bitch mittens do you wear?
10:05 AM dioz: my problem is i have these half inch long quarter in screws... zip-ins for sheet metal
10:05 AM dioz: and trying to dig around in a pouch for those with gloves on
10:05 AM dioz: basically impossibruh
10:06 AM dioz: you pull your hand out and about 15 - 20 of them have imbedded themself into the fibers of the glove and are now dangling from your glove like iciles from a beard on a frosty day
10:07 AM dioz: i'm also not a fan of gloves because it seems like complacecy increases slightly
10:08 AM dioz: if you know that your hands can be fucked up and you don't have a protective layer, imo, you're much more careful
10:08 AM SpeedEvil: Get a pouch you can see in?
10:08 AM dioz: i got a occidental strongman
10:08 AM dioz: it's a big pouch. it isn't so much the inability to see
10:08 AM SpeedEvil: Get really expensive gloves that you don't want to fuck up?
10:08 AM dioz: i handle sheet metal pretty much all day
10:08 AM dioz: gloves get wrecked
10:09 AM dioz: there's no way around it
10:09 AM dioz: catch it on a fish hook or a corner or a zip-in sheet metal screw
10:09 AM dioz: it's why i've just stopped wearing gloves all together
10:10 AM dioz: i have snowmobile mitts for when i'm in the direct elements... like on a roof or something
10:10 AM SpeedEvil: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gauntlets-Armor-Metal-Plate-Gloves-Knight-Reenactment-Gauntlets/253412677827
10:10 AM dioz: cutting penetrations
10:10 AM SpeedEvil: Mostly kidding.
10:10 AM SpeedEvil: - I was wondering about rigidly articulated gloves earlier.
10:10 AM dioz: what for?
10:10 AM SpeedEvil: Vacuum.
10:11 AM dioz: pink job?
10:11 AM SpeedEvil: ?
10:11 AM SpeedEvil: Space.
10:11 AM dioz: aaah
10:11 AM dioz: i can't believe how much i wanna metal lathe
10:11 AM SpeedEvil: I guess the stainless gloves will fatigue pretty rapidly.
10:12 AM SpeedEvil: And don't of course address dexterity
10:12 AM tiwake: dioz: why would you not want one?
10:13 AM dioz: tiwake: i figure it's easier to make all my RC car parts than to keep breaking them and buying them
10:13 AM tiwake: with a lathe and mill nearly anything could be made
10:13 AM tiwake: even an engine block and heads if you want to spend the time doing it
10:13 AM SpeedEvil: Though sometimes buying a bag of 50 from china for $3 is a better plan
10:14 AM dioz: SpeedEvil: true
10:14 AM SpeedEvil: Does require you know what you're gonna need though and lead to stock explosions.
10:16 AM dioz: well...
10:17 AM dioz: my thing is... i've spent the last decade or so saving money
10:17 AM dioz: and doing nothing but working and watching youtube
10:17 AM dioz: i kind of wanna few toys
10:17 AM SpeedEvil: Oh - I'm not saying it's a remotely bad thing.
10:17 AM dioz: house is paid off... i have no debt... decent savings
10:17 AM dioz: i'm getting bored of youtube
10:18 AM Roguish: dioz: go for it. can't take it with ya.
10:18 AM SpeedEvil: I mean - I just bought a nice vacuum guage with no immediate reason.
10:18 AM gregcnc_: start instagram account buy tormach mill and lathe like everyone else
10:18 AM SpeedEvil: - nebulous plans to try both freeze-drying and vacuum deposition
10:18 AM dioz: hav eyou guys ever seen clickspring youtube channel?
10:19 AM SpeedEvil: dioz: I call it the 'painting yellow things blue' channel.
10:19 AM dioz: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCworsKCR-Sx6R6-BnIjS2MA
10:19 AM dioz: that dude is a fucking BOSS
10:19 AM dioz: on a mill and a lathe
10:19 AM SpeedEvil: I liked the file-making and other epidodes
10:19 AM dioz: same
10:19 AM fragalot: https://imgur.com/a/l744l power side of things wired up :-)
10:20 AM fragalot: clickspring is great
10:20 AM gregcnc_: fragalot, your power supplies expired already
10:20 AM fragalot: it's not just the strive for perfecting, but his videography skills are spot on too
10:20 AM Roguish: fragalot: looks nice. are those big caps on the drives?
10:20 AM fragalot: Roguish: yes
10:21 AM fragalot: gregcnc_: :P
10:21 AM Roguish: what for? noise?
10:21 AM gregcnc_: do they need caps if running from a switcher?
10:21 AM fragalot: need? maybe not.
10:21 AM Roguish: can's hurt, huh.
10:21 AM dioz: what other channels would you guys suggest on youtube?
10:21 AM fragalot: it depends on how fast the switchers react on load changes
10:22 AM fragalot: the caps help with sudden high current draws
10:22 AM dioz: and how do i learn to fushion 360?
10:22 AM dioz: should i pay for school?
10:22 AM Roguish: dioz: practice and RTFM
10:22 AM fragalot: dioz: have a look at NYCCNC
10:23 AM fragalot: what that guy has accomplished in the past few years is neat.. from an accountant that got bored to owning his own cnc shop, teaching others how to get going
10:24 AM dioz: when you're using a drill press to cut a thread how do you determine your feed rate?
10:24 AM MarcelineVQ: fragalot: now if only he could stop usin adaptive passes for everything hehe. though I doubt he does on non-prototypes
10:24 AM fragalot: on a drill press you let the quill float, dioz
10:25 AM dioz: aah
10:25 AM fragalot: MarcelineVQ: he does run some production runs for his own products
10:25 AM gregcnc_: i dont' watch nyccnc but I completely gave up after the stop slotting the stupid way video
10:25 AM MarcelineVQ: yeah I​ meant I doubt he uses such wasteful (time-wise) processes on production runs
10:25 AM fragalot: i'd hope so, MarcelineVQ
10:26 AM fragalot: though, he did run tormach's for ages.. those machines probably can't slot any other way :P
10:26 AM gregcnc_: all depends how big the slot is, but he was selling fusion
10:27 AM Crom: ugh... 4.14.18 not booting on this machine yet. Says it's missing modules
10:27 AM fragalot: of course he's going to sell fusion; his whole business revolves around it
10:27 AM MarcelineVQ: considering he'd have to pay for fusion at his use level I wonder if he's tried mastercam
10:27 AM gregcnc_: does autodesk pay him?
10:28 AM fragalot: MarcelineVQ: he's an autodesk promotor & teacher.. I think they've got some kind of deal going on there..
10:28 AM MarcelineVQ: that's a prtty good question, you're supposed to disclose that these days
10:29 AM fragalot: I don't think mastercam would be a good move on his part
10:29 AM dioz: fragalot: so when you let the quill float does that pull the thread cutter as needed?
10:30 AM fragalot: he's currently banking on fusion360 being a very low stepping stone to get into CNC for his "customer base"
10:30 AM fragalot: dioz: yup
10:30 AM dioz: how about on say... a lathe?
10:30 AM fragalot: same way on a manual lathe when using a tap
10:30 AM fragalot: if you're single pointing it, you need to set up the right gearing for the leadscrew
10:30 AM dioz: that makes sense
10:31 AM dioz: and do guys make custom lathe cutters to promote consistency? how hard is it to cut the tooling material?
10:31 AM fragalot: for consistency, you'd typically just use carbide inserts these days
10:31 AM gregcnc_: sandvik makes consistent cutters
10:31 AM MarcelineVQ: dioz: there's quite a few vids on it, it actually looks like a lot of fun, if you have the patience/means to temper in-shop
10:32 AM fragalot: for weird shapes, or for higher finishes, you can grind a HSS tool blank
10:32 AM dioz: ^
10:32 AM MarcelineVQ: er for taps and such I​mean, not single-point
10:32 AM dioz: that is what i'm talking about i think
10:32 AM fragalot: this old tony did a video on making his own tap yesterday
10:32 AM dioz: wife is making me run to safeway. i'll bbiab
10:32 AM fragalot: that has almost everything you just asked about, dioz :)
10:32 AM dioz: fragalot: gimme a link ;]
10:32 AM gregcnc_: even the cheapest tap will be better than what you make?
10:33 AM fragalot: dioz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3rINJWcmbA&t=0s
10:33 AM fragalot: gregcnc_: if it's not for a single use hobby throwaway; yes.
10:33 AM fragalot: making your own tap only makes sense if it's an oddball, and your time is free.
10:35 AM MarcelineVQ: yeah what did tony say in that very vid about that, that the tap would cost as much as the finished product he was making the tap for, and that he'd charge twice what that tap costs to make it for someone else hehe
10:35 AM fragalot: :-)
10:36 AM MarcelineVQ: but you know, that skips all the fun
10:36 AM gregcnc_: fun
10:37 AM gregcnc_: ?
10:37 AM MarcelineVQ: you don't get to use your surface grinder if you buy the stuff
10:37 AM fragalot: gregcnc_: the fun of making the video you can monetize
10:37 AM fragalot: makes up for the expensive tap
10:37 AM gregcnc_: right he's gettign paid for making that
10:37 AM gregcnc_: making taps is not on my list of fun
10:38 AM gregcnc_: last thing i considered making was a straight flute step drill, because nothign stock out there and tool makers probably 100USD each
10:39 AM MarcelineVQ: his viewcount doesn't translate to much money at all on modern youtube. if he has a patreon that would help though
10:39 AM fragalot: very true
10:41 AM gregcnc_: my yt revenue is tanking because I don't publish regularly, not that it was much before the changes
10:45 AM gregcnc_: I bought some sulfuric acid in the plumbing dept and was surprised by how heavy it was. Maybe some anodizing next week
10:45 AM fragalot: is it much heavier than water?
10:45 AM gregcnc_: sg is 1.85 and this was 93% acid by the SDS
10:46 AM fragalot: interesting
11:18 AM IchGucksLive: hi all
11:18 AM fragalot: hey IchGucksLive
11:18 AM fragalot: I finally got around to setting up the power part of the cabinet
11:19 AM IchGucksLive: fragalot: 24/7
11:19 AM fragalot: https://imgur.com/a/l744l
11:19 AM IchGucksLive: all cool no smoke
11:19 AM fragalot: no smoke
11:20 AM XXCoder: no wires
11:21 AM XXCoder: NOVA: "no go" in spanish ;)
11:22 AM XXCoder: very nicely done design
11:27 AM vcoderlab: Hi all. I need advice. I used smsrtprobe.ngc and now I have probe-results.ngc with map of heights of my billet. What should I do with it next? Should I use 3rd party software to correct my g-code or linuxcnc can use it itself?
11:27 AM jym: wireless cnc? cool =) Next... wireless water!!
11:28 AM XXCoder: jym: such thing as dehyrogenated water
11:28 AM jym: XXCoder: Well, since no water has ever utilized WATER, sure, why not ;)
11:28 AM fragalot: XXCoder: ghx
11:28 AM fragalot: thx*
11:28 AM jym: WIRES*
11:29 AM Crom_: WOW! Czech Republic got GOLD!!!!
11:30 AM jthornton: fragalot: the tool on the right crimps the ferrules?
11:32 AM jthornton: yea my IR lights work
11:33 AM jthornton: I think I'll take a nap and think about making the mount for the camera...
11:33 AM gloops: allegedly 'massive' earthquake had rocked the UK
11:33 AM gloops: i knew it wouldnt be long when they started fracking
11:33 AM IchGucksLive: vcoderlab: what is the main to be done with it
11:33 AM IchGucksLive: vcoderlab: why did you digitalise it
11:34 AM vcoderlab: IchGucksLive: to engrave PCB.
11:34 AM IchGucksLive: vcoderlab: does the G-code show correct up in Linuxcnc preview
11:34 AM gregcnc_: billet pcb?
11:34 AM vcoderlab: sorry if I used incorrect word...
11:35 AM IchGucksLive: vcoderlab: if you got a Electrivcal drawing there is lots of pcb3gcode out
11:35 AM IchGucksLive: vcoderlab: http://heimwerkermarkt-tretter.de/pcb_milling.jpg
11:35 AM IchGucksLive: vcoderlab: What is the Circuit made in
11:36 AM vcoderlab: I used FlatCAM.
11:36 AM IchGucksLive: Eagle kicad ... Target3000
11:37 AM IchGucksLive: most wire programm got a cam modul
11:40 AM fragalot: jthornton: yes, that's my "backup" crimper, I figured i'd use that one today
11:40 AM fragalot: works well but you don't have the "it's definitely done" feedback that you get from a ratchet type
11:43 AM IchGucksLive: vcoderlab: im in Germany by the way
11:44 AM vcoderlab: IchGucksLive: I'm russian.
11:44 AM IchGucksLive: vcoderlab: To help you we need some infos to find the best way from your circuit to the mill
11:45 AM fragalot: IchGucksLive: I think he just wants to know if the output of "smartprobe.ngc" is used by linuxcnc directly, or if his CAM solution needs to support it
11:45 AM vcoderlab: Yes.
11:48 AM IchGucksLive: im off this discusion way to high for me a ngc an be milled in all Mashines
11:49 AM fragalot: vcoderlab: perhaps this can help? http://www.autoleveller.co.uk
11:50 AM vcoderlab: fragalot: Thanks. So I have to use some software to correct my g-code. Right?
11:51 AM fragalot: I think so
11:51 AM fragalot: I've never done it myself
11:51 AM vcoderlab: Ok. Thanks.
11:51 AM gloops: fragalot is heat build up any concern in a closed box like that?
11:51 AM fragalot: gloops: Yes.
11:52 AM fragalot: I will try it as-is and monitor the temperature, then calculate what size fan I need
11:52 AM fragalot: if these were western components i'd just calculate it based on datasheets, but.....
11:52 AM gloops: i see, im rigging my stuff up in a steel box i wondered about the heat
11:53 AM IchGucksLive: vcoderlab: Where is the ciiruit made there is for shure a better way to output
11:53 AM gregcnc_: vcoderlab http://www.scorchworks.com/Gcoderipper/gcoderipper.html
11:53 AM gloops: ill just stick a couple of fans off an old pc on it
11:53 AM fragalot: gloops: pink_vampire had a nice setup where her heatsinks were on the outside of the cabinet.. if that's an option for you
11:54 AM vcoderlab: gregcnc_: Thanks.
11:54 AM gregcnc_: there are others
11:55 AM gregcnc_: this is cool from that site http://www.scorchworks.com/Injection_molding/injection_molding.html
11:56 AM gloops: only the drivers have heatsinks, psus and vfd have own fans, plus not cutting this box its stainless steel, too much effort req
11:56 AM vcoderlab: gregcnc_: I was hoping that linuxcnc can do it itself.
11:56 AM fragalot: gloops: the psu's alone should be fine fully enclosed if the box is large enough
11:56 AM gloops: i might get an extractor fan for a bathroon theyre only about £10
11:56 AM gregcnc_: I think there are plugins that will do it, I just can't find the link to the one I'm thinking of
11:57 AM gloops: +silent, will suck any heat out instantly
11:59 AM gloops: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BATHROOM-EXTRACTOR-FAN-100mm-4-TIMER-HUMIDITY-STANDARD-WHITE-LOW-PROFILE/222079510383?
12:02 PM fragalot: gloops: don't forget to add a filter. - i'm not sure how well those bathroom fans fare against that sort of restriction though
12:08 PM XXCoder: who owns channel tom light here?
12:09 PM gregcnc_: tom_l
12:09 PM XXCoder: looks like tom used youtube's autovomiter
12:09 PM fragalot: autowhatnow?
12:10 PM fragalot: image stabilisation?
12:10 PM gregcnc_: sometimes yt sets it automatically if it think it needs it so you have to make sure it's off
12:10 PM XXCoder: yep!
12:10 PM fragalot: ha
12:10 PM XXCoder: it does it so badly that I call it autovomiter
12:10 PM IchGucksLive: DOES someone know a scritz to convert DWG to pdf i got 120 Files
12:10 PM IchGucksLive: script
12:12 PM gloops: blender
12:12 PM IchGucksLive: Blender never used this for converting drawings
12:12 PM IchGucksLive: gloops: do you got a info link
12:13 PM fragalot: IchGucksLive: "publish" command in autodesk?
12:13 PM IchGucksLive: qcad does it but it asks on every file
12:14 PM fragalot: acrobat can probably do a batch conversion too
12:14 PM gloops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFMCGu7oyhM < i havent watched this
12:14 PM gloops: oh 120 files, might be a pain then
12:18 PM gloops: look at the price of these - http://www.buycarvings.co.uk/wood-carvings.php?id=656&tc=1
12:19 PM gloops: 4 of them a day would do me
12:22 PM XXCoder: nice gloops
12:23 PM gloops: i shall start building a portfolio of drawings ahead of the machine startup
12:23 PM gloops: supposedly hand carved XXCoder - i wouldnt be surprised if they are roughed out by cnc
12:24 PM XXCoder: maybe dunno
12:28 PM fragalot: gloops: have you seen stinett sticks?
12:28 PM fragalot: stinnett*
12:30 PM fragalot: https://mikesart64.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/blog47g.jpg <= wood carving.
12:34 PM XXCoder: the staff, the snake or the hand, or any combination thereof? ;)
12:34 PM fragalot: the whole thing
12:34 PM fragalot: excluding the hand :P
12:34 PM XXCoder: and including the leaves in background I see
12:35 PM XXCoder: nice
12:35 PM fragalot: on some of his things, including the leaves.
12:35 PM fragalot: imho he's better at snakes than leaves
12:36 PM gloops: yes not bad
12:37 PM gloops: not something you could machine though
12:51 PM IchGucksLive: whow qcad workes gread on script for i in *.dwg;do ../dwg2pdf -p A4 "$i";done
12:51 PM IchGucksLive: 3min for all files
12:52 PM fragalot: any layout issues?
12:53 PM IchGucksLive: the Mesurments ar with 6zeros
12:55 PM fragalot: reminds me of a story I heard from a ship building company engineer
12:55 PM fragalot: they had an intern student convert imperial drawings to metric, and sent them out to a subcontractor without checking them
12:55 PM fragalot: it ook the subscontrator much longer than usual to supply the parts, and the bill was astronomical
12:56 PM fragalot: turns out the student left in 6 digits on all the measurements
12:56 PM IchGucksLive: -margin= 2mm fixed the Frame outlines
12:56 PM fragalot: so that subcontractor sent all the parts out to be precision ground
12:56 PM fragalot: in a climate controlled environment
12:56 PM fragalot: ... the parts were coathanger spacers.
12:58 PM IchGucksLive: [UnitSettings]
12:59 PM IchGucksLive: Unit=2
12:59 PM IchGucksLive: PaperUnit=2
12:59 PM IchGucksLive: we fix it all
12:59 PM gloops: something else that couldnt be machined - 1 year to make https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1616419138455159&set=pcb.2019738841602231&type=3&theater&ifg=1
01:00 PM fragalot: need a facebook account to see that
01:00 PM gloops: everyone has a facebook a/c so its ok
01:01 PM malcom2073: gloops: It'sset to private
01:01 PM fragalot: I dont'
01:01 PM malcom2073: So even those with a facebook account can't view it unless they're in your group, or wherever you shared it from
01:01 PM gloops: ahh sorry malcolm, yes closed group
01:01 PM malcom2073: Link the image itself
01:01 PM malcom2073: rather than the page
01:01 PM malcom2073: (Right click, open image in new tab)
01:01 PM gloops: https://scontent.fman1-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/27973452_1616419138455159_1318799619150403583_n.jpg?oh=9deca2653f5009e3081b61f8e34b9000&oe=5B1BDB79
01:02 PM gloops: if every i get locked up for a year ill make something like that
01:02 PM fragalot: I don't have the patience to do that, lol
01:02 PM * fragalot <= function over fomr
01:02 PM fragalot: form
01:03 PM Loetmichel: gloops: think a year will be sufficient for that?
01:04 PM Loetmichel: fragalot: form follows function. ;)
01:04 PM IchGucksLive: IT does not accept the Config settings
01:04 PM fragalot: screw I.T. :P
01:04 PM gloops: Loetmichel easy with a wooden chisel using a sharpened toenail insert
01:05 PM fragalot: a wooden chisel
01:05 PM gloops: yes you cant have metal things in jail
01:05 PM fragalot: lol
01:05 PM fragalot: don't think you're allowed wood either
01:05 PM gloops: pencil
01:06 PM fragalot: heck you're not even allowed porn in the UK, let alone a sharpened implement
01:06 PM gloops: you have got to have time to make stuff like that, the world is too busy these days
01:06 PM fragalot: true
01:06 PM Loetmichel: gloops: i doubt that you (or anyone here for all that matters) can do that elephant in a year even with a perfect set of tools
01:07 PM Loetmichel: more like ten years to rise up to that level of crafmansship
01:07 PM fragalot: I could probably do the camel in a year
01:07 PM Loetmichel: what camel?
01:07 PM fragalot: the one inside of the elephant
01:08 PM gloops: Loet it probably wouldnt take that long tbh, if you applied yourself
01:08 PM Loetmichel: ah, THAT dromedar
01:08 PM Loetmichel: gloops: hmm?
01:08 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: I didn't know the english word for "dromedaris" :-)
01:09 PM Loetmichel: neither did me
01:09 PM Loetmichel: i didnt see it until you said there was one
01:09 PM gloops: carving is suprisingly fast with someone skilled
01:09 PM Loetmichel: i can belive that. the camel/dromedar can be done by the average woodworker in a year
01:09 PM gloops: lol much quicker
01:10 PM Loetmichel: the whole elephant? no way unless you have a lifetime of wood carving behind you
01:10 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: I would imagine that it's possible to do that whole thing within a year tbh.. look at japanese temples, full of carvings
01:11 PM fragalot: if it's ALL you do, it goes fairly quick
01:11 PM gloops: well it is pierced, cant really get the scale of it from the pic, doesnt seem likely a mechanical scroll saw was used - but a hand fret saw certainly would rough that out
01:11 PM Loetmichel: fragalot i never said it isnt possible
01:12 PM Loetmichel: just that there are VERY few people who can do that at that speed AND precision
01:12 PM Loetmichel: espcially in "western countrys" with good internet access to be here in the channel ;9
01:12 PM fragalot: no argument there.
01:13 PM IchGucksLive: im off GN8
01:13 PM gloops: theres a week or two drawing
01:19 PM gloops: i always notice that indian people seem very respectful, in the comments he calls people 'sir'
01:20 PM fragalot: just like any country you have polite people, as well as absolute twats.
01:21 PM gloops: hmm maybe yes, ive never been there
01:40 PM jesseg: yeah I had an indian guy cuss me out with words I hadn't even previously believed he knew.
01:40 PM jesseg: He was calling from "Microsoft Windows" to inform me I had a virus on my computer...
01:41 PM fragalot: love those
01:41 PM gregcnc_: well did you?
01:41 PM jesseg: I said "How would you feel if someone lied to your mother and stole from her."
01:41 PM jesseg: and he said in the most sincere tone "Oh I would feel really really bad."
01:41 PM jesseg: then I said "Well how come you're lying to people and steeling from them?"
01:42 PM jesseg: and he said, again in the most sincere tone "Why do you think I'm lying to you?"
01:42 PM jesseg: and I said "Because I don't even use windows."
01:42 PM Loetmichel: jesseg: what i find so puzzling is to who is going to belive them in the first place?
01:42 PM jesseg: He cut loose the foulest cussing I ever heard any telemarketer say and hung up on me
01:42 PM gloops: lol
01:42 PM Loetmichel: why do they do that at all?
01:42 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: vulnerable people
01:42 PM fragalot: it's the same with spam emails
01:43 PM jesseg: Loetmichel, tons of people believe them. I used to work at an ISP and it happens all the time -- people fall for it.
01:43 PM gloops: probably someone much nearer than india jesseg
01:43 PM fragalot: they are intentionally bad to filter out who clicks on it beforehand
01:43 PM gloops: i managed to track one of those calls, was from london
01:43 PM jesseg: gloops, you mean an indian immigrant? He sure had the accent.
01:43 PM gregcnc_: they caught a guy in the US recently who ran the nigerian email scam
01:43 PM fragalot: a*
01:44 PM Loetmichel: jesseg: even if i didnt knew these were fraudulent: how would i belive someone would get my telephone number and correlate it to my IP adress and THEN call me to tell me there is a virus
01:44 PM gregcnc_: you understand things like that, many don't
01:44 PM gloops: usually get some details phishing
01:44 PM fragalot: gloops: a lot of these indian scammers seem to use UK based proxies to call from
01:44 PM fragalot: 90% of the scam calls I get at work come up with a UK country code
01:45 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: because you have registered a microsoft account
01:45 PM gloops: old couple, maybe use the computer to keep in touch with grandkids, book holidays etc, they have no idea
01:45 PM Loetmichel: funny sidenote: i had a LEGIT call like that lately... someone broke into my webserver. and the local isp where its hosted called me... just to inform me that they already took care of it though
01:46 PM Loetmichel: fragalot: actually: i might have. they dont have any telefone number of me though
01:46 PM jesseg: Loetmichel, very simple. To most end users, the internet is pure magic. So is the telephone. And in fact, every household appliance down to the kitchen timer. It's pure magic. They don't even try to understand any of it. So when they get that phone call they have no way to know it's fraud.
01:46 PM fragalot: I got BOMBARDED with "unauthorized access" emails from our UPS units the other day
01:46 PM fragalot: because of a singular docking station that seems to scan the network nonstop
01:47 PM Loetmichel: a docking station with a notebook on it? or on its own?
01:47 PM fragalot: on it's own
01:47 PM Loetmichel: nice one
01:47 PM Loetmichel: thats new ;)
01:47 PM fragalot: it is
01:48 PM gloops: a lot of them are playing the PPI line or mispayment - we have £3000 for you (need bank details to pay this in of course)
01:48 PM Loetmichel: jesseg: true. just tried to get my mother in law to use whatsapp and a smartphone... now that she is alone in the house. couldnt get her to. to "complicated"
01:49 PM jesseg: lol
01:49 PM jesseg: except :( to the alone in the house part
01:50 PM gloops: another thing is phones and old people, you phone many old people up and starting asking a line of questions, theyre terrified, they answer without question
01:51 PM gloops: its just how it was in the old days, any kind of authority you respected and co-operated instantly
01:54 PM jesseg: yeah
01:56 PM jesseg: I guess "trust by default" is kind of part of the core fabric of humanity :P
01:56 PM jesseg: I mean let's say you want a pop, you go to the local convenience store and hand your credit card to a 15 year old...
01:57 PM jesseg: no offense to 15 year olds of course, I was one once. :P
01:58 PM gloops: must be some inside work as well in the call centres, an indian telephonist on $15 a week handling accounts with hundreds of thousands of dollars - strong temptation there
01:59 PM gloops: and probably some vice as well forcing operatives to divulge account details
01:59 PM Loetmichel: jesseg: my fahter in law died a few weeks ago. yesterday was the funeral. thats the reason we "kids" want her to learn whatsapp and a mobile phone.
01:59 PM jesseg: But by default we make ourselves vulnerable in thousands of ways, how we purchase services and products, where we go, everything in life - think about daily existence, try to imagine doing it without trusting a sole.. The clerk at the bank.. The grocer.. The newspaperboy.. The newspaper.. (well, ok.)
01:59 PM Loetmichel: so she dosent feel so alone
02:00 PM jesseg: Loetmichel, yeah, that's a good idea
02:00 PM Loetmichel: we are scattered all over the place, my wife and me live 400km from her, her younges son 120km from her and her other son ~200km
02:00 PM jesseg: Loetmichel, well at least it's almost in halves or doubles. 100km, 200km, 400km.
02:01 PM Loetmichel: funnily my wife is the one that will be there most of the time
02:02 PM Loetmichel: because she has a job thats mostly homeoffice, so its of no concern to the employer if she does it from there or from here
02:02 PM jesseg: that's handy
02:03 PM Loetmichel: on that account: any idea how much pine 1by 2s i need to support a half ton water bed matress lengthwise so i can put another one under it on wheels to pull out to make a double bed?
02:04 PM Loetmichel: (if wife is there a lot of time she needs a decent bed in the guest room and not that 30 year old matress)
02:04 PM jesseg: umm all I know is that water mattresses are very heavy
02:04 PM Loetmichel: and i will occasionally acompany her
02:04 PM Loetmichel: half a metric ton per matress when filled
02:04 PM Loetmichel: as i said above ;)
02:06 PM jesseg: oh I was going to say, another scam going around is to call a newly bereaved survivor. If it's the mom that has died, they'll call the home and tell the child that answers the phone "Your dad is in jail..." One kid said "That's funny he's a policeman.." *clicK** but usually they call grandparents and say "Hi this is your grandson and I've been arrested and I need money..."
02:06 PM gloops: 1x2 ? lol
02:06 PM Loetmichel: what i want to do is to make one 200cm by 140cm waterbed thats hollow underneath and has enough room to store a second of those matresses on a framwork with wheels so when i am with her i can pull that out and sleep aside her (although 30cm lower)
02:07 PM gloops: i was thinking more like 3x2
02:07 PM jesseg: Loetmichel, a rolling water bed?
02:07 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: can the floor support that weight?
02:07 PM Loetmichel: gloops: i dont think i have room for 3*2"
02:07 PM gloops: put some 1x2 vertical
02:08 PM Loetmichel: wife must still be able to reach the floor with her feet
02:08 PM Loetmichel: fragalot: 30cm steel reinforced concrete foundation
02:08 PM Loetmichel: its a cellar room
02:08 PM fragalot: ah ok
02:08 PM Loetmichel: i think it can stand 10 times that weight per meter
02:08 PM gloops: you could calculate the volume of water than get a rough idea of the weight involved, people weigh about the same as water
02:09 PM gloops: its only 4 people in the bed
02:09 PM fragalot: gloops: the weight is known
02:09 PM Loetmichel: gloops: vertical isnt an option if you want to store a second matresss underneath :-)
02:09 PM gloops: ahh didnt see that
02:09 PM fragalot: it's 500kg evenly distributed over the entire bed surface
02:09 PM Loetmichel: gloops: as i said twice now above: aboutz 500kg per filled matress
02:09 PM gloops: thats 5 large men
02:09 PM fragalot: you /could/ grab a calculator and figure out the average youngs' modulus of the pine strips :P
02:10 PM Loetmichel: fragalot: if i knew what youngs modulus is...
02:10 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: elasticity
02:10 PM gloops: Loet you need a purlin down the middle of the bed
02:10 PM Loetmichel: all i wnat to know is how much of those "mini beams" i need underneath the upper matress for it to not bend noticeably in the middle
02:10 PM fragalot: gloops: you don't if you have enough support points
02:11 PM gloops: well, even just connecting all those strips down the middle will help a lot
02:11 PM gloops: difficult to snap any one of them then
02:11 PM Loetmichel: i am not worried about snapping
02:12 PM Loetmichel: i am worried about the whole bed "kneeling down" in the middle
02:12 PM gloops: lol
02:13 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: so pine seems to hover between 1,24 and 1,75*10^6 psi
02:13 PM fragalot: https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/beam-stress-deflection-d_1312.html
02:13 PM gloops: the water will run into the hollow causing a chain reaction
02:13 PM Loetmichel: gloops: that, too
02:15 PM Loetmichel: fragalot: if you are familiar with that type of math: how much of 2 meters long 1 by 2 ( or even 40*60mm) pine frame beams do i need in parallel to support half a ton of water in the middle (worst case scenario) with less than lets say 2m deflection downwards?
02:15 PM gloops: thats camping air beds are pretty cheap and comfortable too, if you get some with a fabric covering - not shiny plastic
02:16 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: give me a minute.
02:16 PM gloops: air matress
02:16 PM Loetmichel: gloops: my wife has a bad hip. she neeeds that water bed to sleep somewhat well
02:17 PM Loetmichel: for one or two days its ok to sleep on a regular bed. if she stays there longer now she will need something more substantial
02:18 PM gloops: well, i would go for complete boarding, some pine floorboards
02:18 PM Loetmichel: so she WILL get that bed next week. only question is if i will get to sleep next to her if i accompany her or have to sleep in the living room on the couch if its not possible to put a second matress underneath there
02:18 PM gloops: half a tonne is a lot of weight to put on many bedroom floors in a local area
02:19 PM Loetmichel: of course there will be a 21mm sheet of "multiplex" (13 layer plywood) on top of the beams to even the load and provide a flat surface for the watermatress to sit on
02:19 PM gloops: floorboards are tongue and groove - again connecting the individual boards helps a lot
02:20 PM Loetmichel: gloops: if you would have cared to read what i wrote so far you would have seen that the floor is 30cm of steel reinforced concrete foundation. its a cellar room... it can hold 10 times that floor pressure
02:20 PM Loetmichel: if not more
02:21 PM gloops: well im not saying the floor will collapse, im comparing the strength of a modern wooden floor to the strength of you wooden bedframe
02:21 PM gloops: youd hesitate to drop a half tonne slab on a floor with 6 inch joists
02:22 PM gloops: never mind a flimsy bed frame with 2x1 slats
02:22 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: for a deflection of 1.55mm each "slat" would be able to support 6kg
02:23 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: assuming they're oriented vertically
02:23 PM SpeedEvil: 1.55mm?
02:23 PM fragalot: assuming I got my psi->N/mm² conversions right >*.<
02:23 PM SpeedEvil: Ans assuming they don't twist
02:23 PM fragalot: that too
02:23 PM fragalot: perfect world math
02:25 PM Loetmichel: ahem... 6 kg?
02:25 PM JT-Shop: wtf I can't see any windows pc from linux and can't see any linux pc from windoze...
02:25 PM Loetmichel: really?
02:25 PM Loetmichel: that low?
02:26 PM fragalot: assuming eastern white pine without knots
02:26 PM fragalot: and an unsupported length of 1400mm
02:26 PM Loetmichel: gloops: what i want to do is something like that just with water matresses... and from wooden beams: https://www.valuecityfurniture.com/product/item/bedroom/beds/twin-beds/samba-youth-trundle-bed-matte-black/1957023/1917773
02:26 PM Loetmichel: unsupported lenght is 2000
02:26 PM Loetmichel: 1400 would be the wide side
02:26 PM gloops: 2x1 flat +6kg, 1.2metres = 40mm deflection
02:27 PM Loetmichel: ahem the widh of the bed i mean
02:27 PM fragalot: 2000mm gives you 4.52mm of deflection
02:27 PM Loetmichel: 5mm of deflection is ok
02:27 PM fragalot: I was assuming you'd put the slats across
02:27 PM Loetmichel: but 6kg isnt
02:27 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: why not?
02:27 PM gloops: thats vertical fragalot
02:27 PM fragalot: 6kg per slat would mean that in theory you would only need 10 slats to support the waterbed
02:27 PM Loetmichel: there is not enough room to parallel 100 of 1*2 beams in parallel ;)
02:28 PM fragalot: personally, I would put at least 20
02:28 PM gloops: you need some props to the floor
02:28 PM SpeedEvil: remember, you need to cope with a person standing on one slat
02:28 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: I thought you said it was only 600kg?
02:28 PM Loetmichel: yes
02:28 PM fragalot: SpeedEvil: not with a waterbed, assuming the mattress is good
02:28 PM Loetmichel: 6kg per slat would be 100 slats to cope with 600kg
02:28 PM Loetmichel: or did i miss something?
02:28 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: no.. I'm just tired.
02:28 PM fragalot: lol
02:29 PM fragalot: https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/beam-stress-deflection-d_1312.html <= "single center load beam calculator - metric units"
02:29 PM fragalot: F - 60, L - 2000, I - 260416, E - 8500 - y 25
02:29 PM gloops: at 40mm deflection, reciprocating, the nails will work loose
02:29 PM fragalot: I is calculated using (w * h^3) / 12
02:30 PM Loetmichel: gloops: ever heard of "spax"?
02:30 PM fragalot: y is half the height of your beam
02:30 PM fragalot: E is 8500 for pine
02:30 PM fragalot: the load & length you can play with
02:30 PM gloops: Loet you bend the lat, you shorten the span
02:30 PM gloops: something has to give, it will drag the bed frame with it, time and again
02:30 PM Loetmichel: it will
02:31 PM Loetmichel: essentially it will tilt the end boards that transfer the load to the ground slightly
02:31 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: if you deem 5mm of deflection to be acceptable, and put the slats along the width (eg. 1400mm), you can put 20kg per slat
02:31 PM fragalot: again - assuming perfect world conditions
02:31 PM Loetmichel: fragalot: i have nothing to support the beams on the outer long side though
02:31 PM gloops: and shock loading, someone sits down sharply on the bed
02:31 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: surely you could frame around the matress?
02:32 PM Loetmichel: so i HAVE to put them along the long side
02:32 PM Loetmichel: i could. that would mean that the frame has to bear that half ton
02:32 PM Loetmichel: not the slats
02:32 PM fragalot: both will need to be able to support that either way
02:32 PM Loetmichel: so it would have to be pretty substantial
02:33 PM gloops: also, cats and waterbeds dont mix
02:33 PM fragalot: gloops: I'm fairly sure that Loetmichel has experience when it comes to owning a waterbed :P
02:33 PM Loetmichel: if i put the slats the long way down i can connect them to "load bearing" headboard and foot boards
02:33 PM SpeedEvil: Or just say fuckit and put it on the floor.
02:33 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: question: does it have to be wood?
02:33 PM Loetmichel: gloops: actually: cats and waterbeds are no problem
02:34 PM SpeedEvil: Catbeds are a problem
02:34 PM Loetmichel: coworker has one waterbed and a bunch of cats
02:34 PM fragalot: because 2" tall slats aren't going to cut it for that long distance with that much weight.. in mine.
02:34 PM Loetmichel: there is a 50mm thick cover sewn around the waterbeds
02:34 PM Loetmichel: the claws of cats are not long enough to reach the matress itself
02:34 PM gloops: yes make a support using railway sleepers
02:34 PM Loetmichel: and puncture it
02:35 PM Loetmichel: fragalot: i considered to use 20/50mm square steel pipe to weld something.
02:36 PM fragalot: that may be a better option.
02:36 PM Loetmichel: but a) thats hard to come by here and B) i doubt i could fit the frame into the cellar door
02:36 PM gloops: well we had a cat, sadly deceased, its claws were terrible, it used to shred one of those scratching posts from the pet shop
02:36 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: just bring in the pipe & put it on the frame like you would have the pine slats?
02:36 PM Loetmichel: the moment you let a cat scratch anything but the dedicated scratching post you lost already
02:37 PM gloops: strange creature, it only ever sat with me, it hated everyone else
02:37 PM Loetmichel: fragalot: could work
02:38 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: the math for pipes is a bit more involved, but for a 20x50, 2mm wall, I = 78552 mm^4
02:40 PM Loetmichel: i would use 6 pipes. i an fairly certain that that would hold it without much distortion
02:40 PM fragalot: allowing 5mm deflection, like you requested, yields 50kg/pipe
02:41 PM Loetmichel: but as i said: pine framing lumber is a lot easier to come by here
02:41 PM gloops: you can get cheap box section frames for the mattress
02:41 PM gloops: really light box section but the frame is stiff
02:42 PM Loetmichel: thanks for all the thinking though. i think i will settle for the couch and just do a regular frame underneath the wifes waterbed. it has to be done next weekend. no time to do something elaborate with steel and stuff
02:43 PM gloops: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Panana-Metal-Bed-Frame-3FT-4FT6-Bedstead-Sturdy-Retro-Single-Double-Frame/182781891688?
02:43 PM gloops: see the props on the wider bed in the middle
02:44 PM Loetmichel: gloops: i dont know how you didnt get the drift by now. not possible if i want to have a second bed stored underneath
02:44 PM gloops: on the wood slats, they are using bent play strips - arc facing upwards, to counter deflection
02:44 PM Loetmichel: i know how to make a regular frame that carries enough weight
02:45 PM gloops: well, its your bed Loet, lol, i was just trying to give the gentle hint that there is a real danger of collapse
02:45 PM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=15306&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 <- thats how the frame underneath our bed looks now
02:45 PM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=11627&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 <- without the matresses
02:45 PM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=11624&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 <- filling the matressses
02:46 PM Loetmichel: i just wanted to see if its possible to store "my half" below her bed until its needed.
02:47 PM Loetmichel: at my mother in laws house
02:47 PM Loetmichel: i will not be with her all that much
02:47 PM fragalot: possible, yes, but not easy.
02:47 PM fragalot: not with your build constraints anyway :D
02:47 PM Loetmichel: fragalot: and not on the double, i know. sadly
02:49 PM Loetmichel: if i had the time i would weld some contraption with hydraulics that would even lift my half up to her bed level after moving out
02:49 PM Loetmichel: would be fun to design that
02:49 PM Loetmichel: but i dont have the time to get the parts 'til next weekend
02:49 PM fragalot: Loetmichel: why not make it so the hydraulic lift the bed temporarily to pull yours out, & then aligns both bits :P
02:49 PM Loetmichel: see above: no time ;)
02:50 PM fragalot: then when you store it again, her bed rests on yours
02:50 PM fragalot: or more realistically, make her bed properly
02:50 PM fragalot: and get yourself a decent folding bed
02:50 PM Loetmichel: yeah, thats the other option
02:51 PM fragalot: or make her bed bigger so you fit in there too
02:51 PM Loetmichel: i confess that you get used to waterbeds after 20 years though... so it would have been nice to have one there
02:51 PM Loetmichel: no room
02:51 PM Loetmichel: if you want to move in that cellar you'll have to store the other bed half
02:52 PM Loetmichel: i think i'll go the folding bed route
02:52 PM Loetmichel: a sturdy frame without storage underneath is easy
02:52 PM Loetmichel: and the folding bed can be stored elsewhere when i am not there
02:53 PM fragalot: get a standard inflatable mattress & a garden hose
02:53 PM fragalot: :P
02:53 PM Loetmichel: that would be a bit expensive
02:53 PM Loetmichel: considering that a m^3 water costs about 20 eur here.
02:54 PM Loetmichel: and it has to be heated before you can sleep in that, too ;)
02:54 PM fragalot: I never thought about the heating part
02:54 PM fragalot: makes sense
02:54 PM Loetmichel: takes about 10 hours here at home to get it from 6°C tap to comfortable
02:55 PM Loetmichel: with the integrated 2*300W heat plates underneath it
02:55 PM sync: but you can put it in already warm
02:55 PM Loetmichel: sync: yes
02:56 PM sync: and if you pay 20€/m³ I would change the supplier
02:56 PM Loetmichel: thats faster. IF you have a "durchlauferhitzer"... sadly we have a gas "boiler" here that can only store 120 liters
02:56 PM gloops: pipe it into the heating circuit
02:56 PM Loetmichel: sync: including waste water fee
02:57 PM fragalot: use rainwater and a nice sheep skin
02:57 PM sync: waste water is also not taking 1.5€ to 20€
02:57 PM fragalot: if they can make that arctic ice palace comfy, so can you :D
02:57 PM Loetmichel: it does here
02:57 PM Loetmichel: 1000 liter water here is about 17.50 including the waste fees
02:58 PM gloops: i wear 2 pairs of pyjamas and thermal socks for bed in winter, sleep a lot better
02:58 PM Loetmichel: and you know well that you can change the electric supplier in germany, but not the water one
02:59 PM Loetmichel: being a german yoursel
02:59 PM Loetmichel: f
02:59 PM fragalot: on average it's €4,5 here per m², delivery, waste & purification not included; that's a horrible mess of fixed & variables costs that I don't want to calculate today
03:00 PM fragalot: it's about €100 + €20/person in fixed costs I think
03:00 PM fragalot: and just like in germany, you can not choose water suppliers
03:01 PM Loetmichel: fragalot: i had a self supporting pool once, so i did the math... turned out that one filling was more expensive than the pool itself ;)
03:01 PM fragalot: haha
03:01 PM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=12271&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
03:01 PM Loetmichel: ... took a somewhat "rustic" approach to heating it up though ;)
03:02 PM fragalot: haha
03:03 PM Loetmichel: worked ppretty good though. http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=12274&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
03:03 PM sync: your waste water fee is 1.52€/m³ and the water fee is 1.96€/m³, not sure how this comes out to be 17.5€
03:04 PM fragalot: sync: rounding error
03:05 PM Loetmichel: sync: if you say so. you sure know it all.
03:05 PM gloops: not sure what our water rates here are, annual payment, more than £100
03:05 PM fragalot: I pay ~85 every few months
03:06 PM dioz: what's the diff detween chamfer and fillet?
03:06 PM fragalot: most things run off of ground water though
03:06 PM fragalot: dioz: chamfer = angular, fillet = rounded
03:06 PM Tom_L: dioz one is straight one is radius
03:06 PM fragalot: hey Tom_L
03:07 PM gloops: strangely enough, even though there are several reservoirs round me, the tap water comes from an artesian well
03:07 PM gloops: underground
03:08 PM Loetmichel: gloops: maybe because thats supposed to be "cleaner" and less effort to convert to tap water standards?
03:09 PM JT-Shop: I need to find a harley davidson emblem to route on a piece of wood
03:09 PM Tom_L: somebody else wanted one of those quite some time back
03:10 PM JT-Shop: this is for the front of a coffin shaped trailer
03:11 PM gloops: Loetmichel possible yes, it is in limestone, so pretty 'hard'
03:11 PM gloops: i can tell the difference straight away if i drink water anywhere else
03:11 PM JT-Shop: I can't stand this damn lan shit every time something updates it breaks the sharing what a pia
03:12 PM gloops: seen quite a few of those harley files going round
03:15 PM dioz: thnx fragalot Tom_L
04:06 PM Deejay: gn8
04:18 PM absynth is now known as dan2wik
04:19 PM gloops: harley logo is pretty easy
04:19 PM gloops: https://ibb.co/c2Hf5n, https://ibb.co/isVYQn basic attempts
04:20 PM enleth: do you think a typical 5gal HDPE water jug with a tap on the bottom is going to handle gear oil and way oil properly?
04:20 PM enleth: I can't see why not, but you never know
04:20 PM enleth: https://5.allegroimg.com/s720/0147c3/b6e4e3ff46baaa5137fdf85fb235 something like this
04:21 PM enleth: I suppose a plumbing-grade brass and steel tap is going to be safer than a plastic one
04:22 PM enleth: I just figured this might be the easiest possible way of holding those oils that lets me fill small oilers comfortably
04:23 PM SpeedEvil: enleth: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lube-Bar-Flavoured-Waterbased-Lubricants/dp/B01C75WHZ6
04:24 PM gloops: i would think that would be fine enleth
04:24 PM SpeedEvil: Most of teh materials in food grade stuff will not dissolve in oil.
04:24 PM SpeedEvil: I do wonder if some will swell.
04:25 PM gloops: most motor oil is in plastic bottles now
04:25 PM enleth: SpeedEvil: quite stylish, definitely moreso than te 55gal drum of KY, but no thanks
04:25 PM enleth: *the
04:26 PM enleth: I gues the tap might contain some orings, but both silicone anb butyl orings should handle machine oils
04:26 PM enleth: there might be PTFE or HDPE ball seats too
04:26 PM gloops: what you could do with is pressurising the bottle to get the oil pushed out
04:27 PM gloops: or fit an oil pump instead of a tap
04:27 PM enleth: I guess that shouldn't be needed with a 1/2" tap
04:27 PM enleth: which is what those jugs have
04:28 PM enleth: it's a ball valve, passes stuff straight through when open
04:28 PM SpeedEvil: the inside passages can be quite a lot less than 1/2"
04:28 PM SpeedEvil: if it's a full bore valve, not an issue
04:28 PM gloops: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/50-Rotary-Hand-Drum-Barrel-Syphon-Self-Priming-Pump-Diesel-Fuel-Oil-Diesel-2622/222223462783?
04:29 PM gloops: dont suppose necessary for small amounts
04:29 PM enleth: really just for filling oilers
04:30 PM enleth: and sometimes, a plastic cup to top up the oil pump on the bridgeport
04:31 PM enleth: I just need to figure out where to put the jugs so that the taps are not at risk of being torn off when some dolt drops something on them, or catches them while moving something heavy with a pallet jack
04:32 PM gloops: yeah thats why they use the hand pumps on diesel barrels, so some idiot cant drain the barrel
04:34 PM enleth: but they should be safe on one of the shelves, maybe with a guard rail over the taps
05:27 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/Extra/A12.jpg http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/Extra/A12_P2_1.jpg http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/Extra/A12_P2_2.jpg http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/Extra/A12_finished.jpg
05:27 PM Tom_L: first 2 test parts were misaligned in Y slightly
05:29 PM ASRock_pc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNJXA3Qv2i4&feature=youtu.be
05:30 PM ve7it: JT-Shop, look for jymmm... I know he carved a nice Harley sign many years ago... may still have the gcode.
05:32 PM JT-Shop: thanks
05:32 PM Tom_L: yeah jym may be who i was thinking of as wel
05:32 PM Tom_L: l
05:32 PM Tom_L: i didn't think it had been that long
05:34 PM pink_vampire: Tom_L: looks very nice
05:34 PM * JT-Shop listens to Rush then heads inside to start dinner
05:34 PM Tom_L: thanks
05:35 PM JT-Shop: hmmm I've seen clamps like that in wood on the Woodwrights Shop
05:35 PM pink_vampire: what is the spindle speed?
05:36 PM Tom_L: i think i bumped it up to 4k
05:36 PM JT-Shop: you made them on the new mill?
05:36 PM Tom_L: of course
05:36 PM JT-Shop: cool
05:36 PM pink_vampire: what is the doc?
05:37 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/rue/Can_Holder/Extra/A12_visejaw.jpg
05:37 PM Tom_L: there's the softjaw being cut
05:37 PM pink_vampire: your finish cut look amazing
05:38 PM JT-Shop: well LAN is so messed up I give up for today on Linux VS Windoze
05:38 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, i've got the vise set up on G55
05:38 PM JT-Shop: neat
05:38 PM Tom_L: so i can go back and forth
05:39 PM Tom_L: now that the stuff is proven, i'll try switching back and forth without resetting the tool heights
05:39 PM Tom_L: should work
05:39 PM Tom_L: just zero the fixture offsets
05:41 PM JT-Shop: see you in the am
06:00 PM pink_vampire: i need a recommendation for a spindle for small endmills
06:06 PM gloops: that mill looks to be working pretty good Tom
06:26 PM * jym did carve a harley sign
06:34 PM Tom_L: gloops yeah i'm gettin to the fun part now
06:37 PM pink_vampire: https://www.ebay.com/itm/60000rpm-Spindle-Motor-300W-ER8-Water-Cooled-D48mm-Milling-Engraving-CNC/201593950859?hash=item2eefef928b:g:HYUAAOSw8gVX44LM
06:38 PM pink_vampire: what do you think about this spindle?
06:38 PM Tom_L: i personally don't want one that's a bazillion rpm
06:38 PM Tom_L: maybe 10k tops
06:39 PM pink_vampire: i want to do very fine 3d machining
06:48 PM * jym hands pink_vampire a CNC cotton ball
07:32 PM gloops: aluminium pink_vampire?
07:32 PM pink_vampire: yes
07:33 PM gloops: 800w er11 spindle
07:35 PM pink_vampire: what about 150W nsk?
07:37 PM gloops: you know you can hold that still with your hand?
07:38 PM gloops: i suppose it depends how fine
07:42 PM pink_vampire: i want to do very small parts faster
07:43 PM gloops: well, its not really my area of speciality, but i would think v fast speed + v fast feed?
07:45 PM dioz: is it the softer the stock the faster the speed?
07:45 PM dioz: harder the stock the slower?
07:45 PM dioz: or other way around?
07:45 PM dioz: drilling i mean
07:45 PM gloops: slow for hard
07:46 PM gloops: anyway bed for me
07:57 PM gregcnc_: with cheapo spindle you run the risk of runout being excessive for tiny tools
07:57 PM gregcnc_: i've not read about anyone using that 300W spindle
08:45 PM pink_vampire: i need to select a vfd
08:46 PM pink_vampire: E300-2S0015L
08:46 PM pink_vampire: or
08:46 PM pink_vampire: FC300-2.2T2
08:49 PM dioz: variable frequency drive?
08:49 PM pink_vampire: yes
08:49 PM dioz: for what?
08:49 PM dioz: furnace?
08:49 PM dioz: HAH
08:50 PM pink_vampire: 1000hz
08:51 PM pink_vampire: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-2KW-Water-Cooled-ER11-Spindle-Motor-60000rpm-1-5KW-VFD-inverter-Bracket-Kit/191866930595?hash=item2cac2905a3:g:q3oAAOSw0fhXjENO
08:51 PM pink_vampire: vs
08:51 PM pink_vampire: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-2KW-Water-Cooled-ER11-Spindle-Motor-60000rpm-D-62mm-VFD-Drive-Bracket-Pump-Kit/201181735947?hash=item2ed75dac0b:g:nLQAAOSw9IpXzSIR
08:57 PM Crom_: thinking about how to run my power for my 3040... spindle is 240v, guess I'll rig a box with circuit breakers and 120v potlets for the computer and power supply
08:58 PM XXCoder: whew
08:58 PM XXCoder: so much work today
08:59 PM pink_vampire: i nee help with the VFD
08:59 PM XXCoder: finished isulating downstairs living room, moved cable from outside to inside wall, and lots ethernet networking
08:59 PM XXCoder: networking ius halfway finished.
08:59 PM XXCoder: 8 more wires to go
08:59 PM XXCoder: hey pink
09:06 PM dioz: light green gree light orange blue light blue orange light brown brown
09:06 PM dioz: i've mad thousands of ethernet cables
09:06 PM dioz: 10's of thousands
09:06 PM dioz: probably even hundreds
09:06 PM jdh: I'm sorry
09:07 PM XXCoder: heh im at mere hundreds
09:07 PM XXCoder: which is still way more than average :P
09:07 PM XXCoder: I see you like A standard. I usually use B standard
09:07 PM jdh: I'm sorry.
09:08 PM evilroot: Linear bearing blocks with 20 year old grease are a bitch to clean X.X
09:08 PM evilroot: Soaked them in carb cleaner overnight, but now I need to get all the dissolved sludge out
09:08 PM evilroot: Thinking maybe throttle body cleaner
09:08 PM evilroot: In a spray can
09:09 PM XXCoder: sdtep 1: remove from machine. step 2: put in bag. step 3: buy replacements.
09:09 PM XXCoder: ;)
09:09 PM pink_vampire: what vdf is more reliable https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-2KW-Water-Cooled-ER11-Spindle-Motor-60000rpm-1-5KW-VFD-inverter-Bracket-Kit/191866930595?hash=item2cac2905a3:g:q3oAAOSw0fhXjENO or https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-2KW-Water-Cooled-ER11-Spindle-Motor-60000rpm-D-62mm-VFD-Drive-Bracket-Pump-Kit/201181735947?hash=item2ed75dac0b:g:nLQAAOSw9IpXzSIR
09:18 PM pink_vampire: the comments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnqompTF3Fs
09:19 PM XXCoder: "genius" wuiring backwards heh
09:20 PM XXCoder: sigh hes also bit mygonst
09:38 PM MarcelineVQ: wot
09:43 PM Wolf__: what?
09:59 PM evilroot: XXCoder: They're THK SR-W
10:00 PM evilroot: New ones are rather expensive, heh
10:27 PM Wolf__: mmm THK
10:55 PM evilroot: On all three axis
10:55 PM evilroot: SR-25W on Y, 20W on X, 15W on Z
10:55 PM evilroot: Well worth cleaning, heh
10:56 PM evilroot: Though they worked just fine with the 20 year old crusty grease
11:46 PM Contract_Pilot: So fricken fatigued...
11:47 PM jesseg: hey guys I've been trying these out in my volt meters and stuff because I'm sick and tired of normal batteries leaking: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078HP76PG
11:47 PM jesseg: they seem quite promising. Doing a test, seems to give around the claimed 600mah
11:48 PM Contract_Pilot: 9v in a meeter?
11:50 PM jesseg: yeah I use them in place of 9v batteries for volt meters and other electronics
11:50 PM jesseg: they actually charge up to a maximum of about 8.3v
11:50 PM Contract_Pilot: https://youtu.be/ILIO5b1BliE
11:50 PM jesseg: but so far stuff doesn't seem to care
11:50 PM jesseg: and in fact, regular 9v's drop down to like 1.1v per cell which is 6.6v
11:50 PM Contract_Pilot: longevity
11:52 PM jesseg: I got Panasonic Eneloops for the AA and AAA test gear because they are supposed to be much less likely to leak
11:53 PM Contract_Pilot: https://youtu.be/c9JGfoLxVCo
11:53 PM Contract_Pilot: I had geat luck with amazon basic batteries
11:56 PM Contract_Pilot: I like that ausies blog
11:58 PM jesseg: yeah he makes nice vids
11:59 PM jesseg: Thing with longevity is the on-hours I use on my volt meters is small enough that I could get several years on a battery -- but I have to change them every year, dead or alive, just to reduce the chances of them leaking...
11:59 PM jesseg: so I figure I might as well use a leakproof chemistry and just change and charge them once a year :P