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Jan 17 2018

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12:17 AM Cromaglious__: Bought a "Sheldon 10" steady rest" wrong, I bought a 11" Sheldon steady rest. Already sold to Washington State.
12:35 AM roycroft: you could have just ground it down a bit :)
01:10 AM gloops: some slightly scary forum posts about homing 2 joints, in the 2.7 and older versions
01:14 AM gloops: as in - it doesnt work
01:20 AM gloops: it is far too early for negative thoughts though, i believe it will work, it will work
02:13 AM Deejay: moin
02:17 AM gloops: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/lathe-smart-and-brown/152856861731?
02:17 AM gloops: 50 quid
02:21 AM gloops: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Myford-model-engineers-bench-top-lathe/232631845027? £50, tooling worth more than that
02:24 AM archivist: that is quite an old one
02:25 AM gloops: it is old, the casting isnt like most ml models
02:26 AM gloops: thats ml1 http://www.model-engineer.co.uk/sites/7/images/member_albums/92109/dsc01404.jpg
02:27 AM gloops: wonder where hes getting that its myford from
02:31 AM archivist: there are some badly named things where seller just uses a popular makers name just to get the buyers to look
02:33 AM gloops: it looks like 1900 ish none screw cutting lathe thats been upgraded, small saddle, beam bed etc,
02:34 AM gloops: dont mean upgraded by the owner
02:37 AM gloops: well got some tapering shims to make, cant get gantry square
02:39 AM archivist: or scrape
02:40 AM gloops: not really enough to take off, plus nightmare of stripping, scraping, refitting, stripping etc
02:40 AM gloops: i can try a shim with it mainly assembled
02:41 AM gloops: one thing, i know it is totally stiff
02:43 AM archivist: "not really enough to take off" er wot, scraping is a very fine small amount
02:43 AM archivist: I know it is a pain though
02:43 AM gloops: needs more than that, i need to get a few mm, more like 10 to be comfotable
02:44 AM gloops: i dont know, havent calculated it, 1100mm length, probably only equates to less than 1mm or so on the plate, to gain 10mm
02:49 AM gloops: again surprised by the sbr bearings, the mounting plates were tacked up with the gantry dead square, after welding - for which they cannot be clamped in place, theyve moved of course as expected, i thought i would be able to pull the gantry square with the screws - not the case, far less racking than i expected
02:55 AM archivist: do you have a local with a big enough milling machine to flatten mating surfaces
02:57 AM gloops: cant think of anyone, its not something that can be measured by an amateur really, i dont know that the gantry uprights are square on to one another, they could be slightly twisted, even if the mounts were machined dead flat it could be out of square bolted up
02:57 AM gloops: its all welded
02:58 AM gloops: another day of redium, i cant see any other snags when this sorted
02:58 AM gloops: tedium
02:59 AM archivist: you need a box square
02:59 AM gloops: i need to get it done lol
03:00 AM archivist: cheaper to get off ebay but https://www.leveldevelopments.com/products/engineers-level/frame-levels/
03:02 AM archivist: when I got the CMM home I was levelling it and found the plate had some twist
03:04 AM archivist: http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=cmm+pd+level
03:05 AM gloops: you are looking for thous though lol, ive got 5-10 mm to play with heh
03:06 AM gloops: it will drag square but bearings are stiffening, the sweet spot for the screws is a bit further round
03:06 AM archivist: those can check your square too
03:07 AM archivist: sod thou...gnats cock
03:07 AM gloops: i need it very close to square bang in the middle of movement ive got with the bearings, then i can send it either way a little on the screw and still be free running
03:09 AM gloops: atm it only pulls square as the bearings are tightening
03:13 AM archivist: if there is a twist in the gantry, try to fix without "pulling" it, that can be a lot of force for the bearings
03:17 AM gloops: yeah thats what i dont want, there is a few mm of movement where the bearing is still free 5mm maybe, i need to be square inside that
03:18 AM gloops: i could move all the bearings
03:19 AM gloops: thats a last resort though lol
03:21 AM gloops: it is a bit different to skate bearings and chain drive, you could move the gantry where you wanted
03:59 AM miss0r: some of thoes routers have inductive switches, one on each site. They both serve as end stops, but also to square up the gantry at power up
04:00 AM miss0r: if the gantry is driven with two seprate motors, that is. I don't know what setup you have - I would, had I seen some pictures :P gloops
04:01 AM miss0r: I'm about to turn a pretty complicated spindle shank for the EDM. Having a cigarette to calm my nerves before I get going
04:01 AM archivist: miss0r, I was around someone's house on monday, and he was trying to hide his machine too
04:01 AM miss0r: lol
04:02 AM archivist: had to nag him a bit
04:02 AM miss0r: You know what is challanging? Designing a proper rigid'n straight spindle system, when the spindle shank itself has to be insulated from the case
04:02 AM miss0r: I've been nagging gloops for a long time about the pictures, to no effect :-/
04:02 AM archivist: plastic bearings
04:03 AM archivist: igus bearings mebe
04:03 AM miss0r: Yeah, not rigid enough
04:03 AM archivist: edm why rigid?
04:03 AM miss0r: I've looked at ceramic bearings.. But that will cost an arm and a leg
04:03 AM miss0r: every time a spark flies, the electrode will be pulled into the material a bit
04:04 AM miss0r: or atleast it will try
04:04 AM miss0r: Unless I come up with some sort of HF circuit to counter that effect
04:04 AM archivist: I dont think the spark forces will me much compared to mass of spindle etc
04:05 AM miss0r: With my early stage setup, I found that a floppy electrode had a nasty tendency to move a bit and weld
04:05 AM miss0r: but that was realy a poor setup, mind you :)
04:06 AM miss0r: I had a dial on it, and I could see it happen
04:06 AM miss0r: But now I've mounted two angular contact bearings in a teflon housing. That part is fixed
04:06 AM archivist: you can do what some machines do and that is a spring somewhere to remove play
04:07 AM miss0r: They are tensioned by removing shims on the end cap
04:07 AM archivist: many auto's had springs in them for that
04:07 AM miss0r: I think it'll be good
04:07 AM archivist: and my cmm has springs in the drive
04:10 AM miss0r: the electrode spindle is moving forwards: https://imgur.com/a/4BiG7
04:11 AM miss0r: gloops, notice how I take a picture once in a while :
04:13 AM miss0r: archivist: I've decided to construct it in such a way that it 'could' be used completely submerged.
04:14 AM archivist: got to go out
04:21 AM XXCoder: miss0r: really? havent noticed ;)
04:21 AM miss0r: hehe
04:22 AM miss0r: I'm on the lookout for some carbon brushes with housing that does not take up alot of space
04:22 AM miss0r: This is a hard thing to find actualy
04:23 AM miss0r: Mostly because the ones I find online are replacement parts for 'something' and they are not listed with measurements
04:25 AM XXCoder: thats the annoyance.
04:25 AM XXCoder: I once tried to look up what carbon brush would work with my spindle
04:25 AM XXCoder: no info.
04:26 AM miss0r: Also, I'm planning to fit everything 'inside' this alu pipe i've turned. It would be easy to just make two holes in the side, but that pretty much kills any 'niceness' effect I had planned :)
04:43 AM jthornton: morning
04:43 AM XXCoder: hey jt
04:43 AM XXCoder: miss0r: bigger diameter if needed?
04:43 AM XXCoder: ah already turned
04:51 AM miss0r: yeah
04:51 AM XXCoder: wonder how easy it is to make own
04:52 AM miss0r: I'm thinking it would make for a realy nasty machine when you are done
04:52 AM miss0r: Think about cast iron machining and multiply that with 5
04:53 AM XXCoder: so super dusty
04:54 AM XXCoder: carbon is conductive also.
04:54 AM miss0r: realy? o_0
04:54 AM jthornton: miss0r: I have the same problem I'm trying to find a small auger and the best candidate is a pellet grill auger but no dimensions
04:54 AM miss0r: that is realy annoying!
04:55 AM miss0r: "Carbon brush and holder for candy floss/cotton candy machine" Now thats the size I need :
04:55 AM jthornton: I even called a replacement part place but they just said what make and model...
04:55 AM XXCoder: yeah not as conductive as metals but yah
04:56 AM XXCoder: smoking smoke is also conductive. combined with its stickyness in computer case it is literal computer cancer.
04:56 AM miss0r: XXCoder: I'm yanking yer' chain. I'm not unaware of the properties of the brushes. :)
04:56 AM XXCoder: bah :P heh
04:58 AM gloops: very nice work miss0r
04:58 AM miss0r: Thanks :
04:58 AM XXCoder: yeah
04:59 AM XXCoder: heh just watched politican take glasses off and put it on table
04:59 AM XXCoder: thing is he isnt wearing one.
05:00 AM miss0r: Machining the spindle nose there was a pain. it is made from stainless A4. and it was hogged out of a 120mm massive roundstock. The largest OD of that part is 58mm
05:00 AM XXCoder: I wanna lathe a brass (or bronze? whatever softer) hammer
05:00 AM XXCoder: but I dont know lathe at all lol
05:01 AM miss0r: Brass/bronze is a nice place to start then :) Its hard to not get a nice surface finish with thoes materials
05:02 AM gloops: good practice job, maybe some radius tips for hollowing the hammer shape out, doesnt matter if you make a mistake just change the design
05:03 AM miss0r: I'm wondering if I should just make my own brush housings. I can easily enough get small brushes online....
05:04 AM gloops: http://i.ebayimg.com/images/i/182106593444-0-1/s-l1000.jpg
05:04 AM miss0r: not working
05:04 AM XXCoder: I suppose just usually cant go too far from cell so usulaly means cant use a lathe lol
05:06 AM jthornton: a complete tool kit
05:07 AM XXCoder: thats older version of what I had lol
05:07 AM miss0r: Nice :) black & decker actualy uses round carbon brushes. That I can easily build into this design....
05:08 AM Loetmichel: does anyone have a "treat and train" dog food dispenser and can tell me the frequency and code of the remote? my co-worke lost the remote and the manufacturer wants a whopping $200 for a replacement. more than the complete unit costs.
05:09 AM XXCoder: theres no hacking page about it?
05:09 AM XXCoder: and whoa!
05:09 AM XXCoder: I wonder if you can use "any remote" program and ir emitter included phone
05:11 AM gloops: train the dog to find remotes
05:12 AM XXCoder: and remote to find that dog?
05:12 AM gloops: not an everyday item though, cant see it being on #serialz
05:13 AM XXCoder: whats brand name etc loet
05:15 AM XXCoder: "This item cannot be shipped to your selected location."
05:15 AM XXCoder: https://www.amazon.com/Treat-Replacement-Remote-Manners-Minder/dp/B005G5DL1E
05:15 AM Loetmichel: thats all there is on the dog food dispenser: "treat&train remote reward dog trainer" model SI398
05:19 AM XXCoder: no luck looking so far heh
05:20 AM XXCoder: one of results "hacking remotely kill a jeep"
05:20 AM XXCoder: "why do my dog keep hacking"
05:20 AM XXCoder: remote controlled dog hack
05:21 AM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2gA_Nt6f24
05:21 AM XXCoder: geez what fun so far lol
05:21 AM Loetmichel: hihi
05:22 AM Loetmichel: i asked if anyone has that thing so he can get an oscilloscope and chek for protocol and frequency. i would bet its just the usual 433/868 mhz with a 12 bit encoder chip thingy
05:23 AM Loetmichel: ... of which i have tons of remotes which have no reciver any more
05:23 AM XXCoder: too bad no remote to figure what signal would be
05:24 AM Loetmichel: would be easiest to rejumper one of these to work for the training device instead of buying a used food dispenser just to get another remote
05:26 AM XXCoder: yeah
05:26 AM XXCoder: #200 dang
05:27 AM XXCoder: or buy another one, hack it and sell replacement remotes for cheap lol
05:27 AM jthornton: the treat and train is only $110 on amazon how can they charge $200 for the remote?
05:27 AM Loetmichel: jthornton: thats what i asked myself, to
05:27 AM Loetmichel: too
05:28 AM XXCoder: maybe they have to open 2 boxes to get one remote ;)
05:28 AM Loetmichel: i assume they have no spares and want to discurage you from urging them to rip up a package
05:28 AM XXCoder: 2 boxes heh
05:35 AM Tom_L: and we have a new winner!! 3F
05:39 AM jthornton: 7°F
05:40 AM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Belt_Guard/Belt_Guard.jpg
05:40 AM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Belt_Guard/Belt_Guard2.jpg
05:42 AM XXCoder: nice
05:42 AM XXCoder: z axis eh
05:42 AM jthornton: looking gooed
05:42 AM XXCoder: ...
05:42 AM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Belt_Guard/Belt_Clearance.jpg
05:43 AM XXCoder: apparently instantgram allows password and email change without actually confirming email
05:44 AM XXCoder: insecure,
05:50 AM jthornton: Tom_L: getting closer to movement?
05:54 AM Tom_L: still need to do some wiring but close
07:09 AM gloops: how are you securing the pulleys Tom - grub screws?
07:20 AM gloops: well, i am back to dead on square and free running, suppose that will have shifted other things so just got to re-assmble screws adjusting accordingly, maybe MAYBE today will see the end of the snagging
08:08 AM gregcnc_: is this someone here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxHFyVMocpU
08:24 AM archivist: wernt me guv
08:27 AM miss0r: I just sucessfully drilled a 131mm deep hole with a 3.5mm HSS drill (70mm long) from both ends of the workpeice, and had the ends meet up so snug that I cannot see where they met
08:28 AM miss0r: (not proud of holding so little of the drill in the chuck
08:28 AM miss0r: )
08:32 AM Rab: miss0r, in a collet tool holder?
08:32 AM miss0r: no. jacobs chuck
08:32 AM miss0r: in the lathe
08:32 AM Rab: miss0r, I mean the hole
08:33 AM miss0r: I don't understand your question then.
08:33 AM gregcnc_: how did you hold the part being drilled
08:34 AM miss0r: ahh. In the chuck of the lathe
08:35 AM miss0r: In a collect (ER32)
08:37 AM Rab: miss0r, what was the workpiece?
08:43 AM miss0r: Its a stainless spindle for my EDM
08:59 AM * JT-Shop wonders how he ended up with five 6" digital calipers
09:01 AM archivist: skill!
09:03 AM archivist: I think I have about 5 too, two cheap digitals two mitutoyo and an old vernier
09:03 AM archivist: cheap digitals measure ok but run the batteries flat too quickly
09:05 AM cradek: archivist: jepler discovered that they draw the same power from the cell off as when on
09:05 AM archivist: I am wearing out the mitutoyo's need a new one again
09:06 AM cradek: I think his was a 4" from harbor freight
09:06 AM archivist: my mitutoyos last months on or off
09:06 AM archivist: cheap things about a week
09:07 AM archivist: getting corrosion on the battery contact on the mitutoyo
09:25 AM miss0r: Took me two hours to complete! https://imgur.com/a/e4Hxw
09:26 AM miss0r: But now the spindle shaft is done (in the lathe atleast)
09:26 AM methods_: looks good
09:26 AM miss0r: Thanks. But realy, the picture doesn't do it justife... It looks odd in the photo
10:15 AM gloops: just one more slight snag to sort out lol, messing about with the gantry has gotten mi ballnuts a shade out of square with the mounting plates
10:16 AM gloops: just a spot of shimming to do
11:01 AM miss0r: PICTURES DAMNIT ! :D
11:05 AM gloops: its a box section frame with about a 1/4 inch layer of horrible grey paint
11:07 AM * miss0r wants to see what you are talking about :)
11:08 AM gloops: i cant get a proper photo honest lol, the situation its in i cant get it in the frame, should be able to when its in its proper place, i cant use lathe or anything atm unless i sit on top of it
11:08 AM miss0r: lol nice
11:34 AM Contract_Pilot: Just 5 JT?
11:49 AM IchGucksLive: hi
11:49 AM fragalot: hi
11:53 AM fragalot: IchGucksLive: DT is holding awards for fake news now
11:53 AM IchGucksLive: Storm building up in germany
11:53 AM IchGucksLive: noon tommorow gets worst
11:53 AM fragalot: but the real question is if he's going to be mentally able to not give himself an award too
11:53 AM fragalot: yeah big storms heaving over tomorrow morning here in .ne
11:53 AM fragalot: be
11:53 AM IchGucksLive: oh today he got a MD check
11:54 AM fragalot: MD?
11:54 AM IchGucksLive: Medical doctor
11:55 AM fragalot: did he make it?
11:59 AM IchGucksLive: ofcause its his Golf buddy
12:30 PM miss0r: I just spent little over an hour machining a special nut for this spindle here, then I put it down to get a sip of soda, and now I can't find it ?!?!?!
12:33 PM miss0r: Sadly, I misplace stuff all the time
12:43 PM Tom_L: gloops yes, i'm gonna file a flat on the screw and use grub screws until they slip then i'll figure something better out
12:43 PM Tom_L: 90 deg opposing screws should hold though
12:44 PM gloops: im a bit suspect of grub screws, most seem to use them with no real problems though
12:45 PM gloops: ive drilled ballscrew and got a bolt in, might try it with motors as well
12:46 PM Tom_L: just weakens the shaft
12:47 PM gloops: motor shaft is thin yeah, hard stuff though
12:47 PM IchGucksLive: im off Gn8
12:47 PM Tom_L: not that part of it, the hardening was cut away for the 10mm part
12:48 PM Tom_L: it's never been a problem on my sherline
12:49 PM Tom_L: i'm also running solid couplers on it and never had an issue with them
12:50 PM gloops: ill see what happens with grub screw by hand, 2 pulley wheels are pretty big 4.5 inch accross, probably just the same principle it just looks inadequate to have a tiny screw nipping it on
12:51 PM MarcelineVQ: nice that if it fails it's a matter of buying new grubs though, or retightening if you're lucky
12:51 PM gloops: the only small taps ive got are fine thread, they dont hold well in ally
12:54 PM Tom_L: it's going on a ballscrew right?
12:54 PM Tom_L: the pulley is big just to reduce the rpm right?
12:55 PM Tom_L: the load shouldn't increase due to the pulley size in that case
12:55 PM gloops: other way round, the big pulley is going on the motor - to speed it up
12:56 PM Tom_L: ahh
12:57 PM Tom_L: motor got enough torque to handle it?
12:57 PM gloops: hopefully, 3Nm 425 oz, 1 on each side
12:58 PM Tom_L: the ones i got for mine are 570 in/oz
12:58 PM Tom_L: hopefully they're big enough
12:59 PM Tom_L: i think that's about the largest nema 23 around
12:59 PM gloops: it will be the same as 10mm pitch screws, i got 5mm screws cos they were dirt cheap, hoping to get away with 2-1 pulley to speed them up, if it doesnt work ill fit motors straight to screws
12:59 PM Tom_L: 5mm diameter screws?
12:59 PM gloops: yeah ive seen those - never saw them until id bought the ones i got though
12:59 PM Tom_L: hope they don't whip around
12:59 PM gloops: 16mm diameter screws, 5mm pitch
01:00 PM Tom_L: ahh
01:00 PM Tom_L: yeah that's what i have
01:00 PM Tom_L: 4 5 & 700mm
01:00 PM Tom_L: the 500mm was 1000 but i cut it in half
01:01 PM gloops: i got a bundle with bearings and everything, 2 1350mm screws, i put a 1 metre on the y
01:01 PM Tom_L: once everything is fitted, i'll take it all apart for paint then final assembly
01:01 PM Tom_L: mine was a bundle too
01:02 PM Tom_L: you saw the belt guard i did yesterday?
01:02 PM gloops: i had mine right, when i took to bits to paint it didnt go back the same - might have been holding some stress from welding or something
01:02 PM gloops: dont think i saw the belt guard
01:03 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Belt_Guard/Belt_Guard.jpg
01:03 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Belt_Guard/Belt_Guard2.jpg
01:04 PM gloops: that looks sound
01:04 PM Tom_L: .040" tin
01:04 PM gloops: not done anything new to mine for days, sorting snags out
01:05 PM gloops: probably an ambitious design for someone whos never fitted a ballscrew lol, it will work though
01:05 PM Tom_L: gotta start somewhere
01:06 PM gloops: not thought of belt covers, would be useful the belts on mine will be straight at the front at waist level
01:08 PM Tom_L: you could go andy's route and cast them :)
01:09 PM gloops: no...haha
01:09 PM phipli: evening
01:10 PM gloops: the cover on my old drill press is plywood - slitted and curved, cant tell difference from metal
01:13 PM Tom_L: i had the tin
01:13 PM Tom_L: wanted to see if i could mig it so i did
01:13 PM Tom_L: been pretty happy with the welder since i got it fixed
01:14 PM Tom_L: the silly feed tube had pulled out causing a gas leak so no gas made it to the nozzle
01:17 PM miss0r: 24/25,4
01:17 PM miss0r: F!
01:31 PM Connor: Anyone have a good brand oil can? Been looking on amazon.. all the ones I find are crimped or rolled on the bottom and tend to leak out. I want 2 distinct ones.. one for spindle oil, Ridged 6" nozzle (smaller) and a larger one with flexible, for way oil..
01:35 PM cradek: if they're brass could you just run a solder bead around the seam? it would only take a minute.
01:35 PM cradek: *before* there's oil in it :-)
01:36 PM gloops: cant say im up on oil can makers
01:39 PM Connor: Yea.. me either.. I was just reading reviews.. If they have a seam at the bottom, they'll leak..
01:39 PM Connor: Looks like they're just getting too cheap these days.
01:41 PM gloops: vintage probably, ebay
01:42 PM roycroft: i've had bad luck with ebay vintage oil cans
01:42 PM roycroft: about 100% of them are unusable
01:42 PM roycroft: but i've found some decent ones in second-hand shops
01:43 PM gloops: yeah you really want to be able to handle them
01:43 PM roycroft: the cork gasket can easily be replaced
01:43 PM Connor: Even that's not good enough.. you need to have the oil in them for a few days just sitting..
01:43 PM roycroft: but often the lid is rusted on
01:43 PM roycroft: and they have pinhole leaks
01:43 PM roycroft: or they're just full of rust on the inside
01:43 PM roycroft: which is surprising for something that holds oil
01:44 PM roycroft: but if it's been sitting empty in a barn for 40 years it can be pretty rusty
01:45 PM roycroft: and ebay sellers typically think that the more beat up it looks, the more 'vintage' it is, and the higher price they ask
01:46 PM gloops: 3 in 1 oil, comes in a can with a spout
01:49 PM Rab: These are supposed to work well, I have a couple but haven't tried them...at least there's no seam on the bottom: https://www.ebay.com/sch/sis.html?_nkw=New+250CC+Transparent+High+Pressure+Pump+Oiler+Lubricating+Oil+Can+Plastic+Pot
01:51 PM Rab: I got this old-school made-in-USA Goldenrod oiler, and it's terrible. No idea why these things are so popular. https://smile.amazon.com/Goldenrod-DTN600-Rigid-Spout-Oiler/dp/B004F7S2I6
01:52 PM Rab: Leaks from everywhere, impossible to predict how much oil is still in spout, poor touch control, delivery is completely random.
01:52 PM Rab: For low-viscosity tapping fluid I use one of these, and it's terrific. http://g02.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1TrbkIXXXXXcEXpXXq6xXFXXXj/Plastic-Squeeze-Bottle-Wash-Bottle-Lab-Bottles-with-Long-Nozzle-for-Mini-Plant-Irrigation-Tattoo-Ink.jpg
01:53 PM Rab: But it shoots fluid if you drop it.
02:11 PM miss0r: Nearing completion: https://imgur.com/a/e4Hxw
02:11 PM miss0r: minus all the complicated stuff inside, ofcourse :P
02:12 PM gloops: did see what that one went for an ebay the other day
02:12 PM gloops: sell them miss0r
02:13 PM gloops: didnt see
02:13 PM miss0r: hehe. At this point I might as well just send a brick in a box. This does nothing at the moment
02:13 PM miss0r: I didn't see either
02:15 PM miss0r: I realy realy realy hope, that I can manage to get the 'water injection' housing to stay water tight this time'round
02:16 PM gloops: something you could probably reproduce quickly though with a bit of thought
02:16 PM miss0r: the water infection housing?
02:16 PM miss0r: injection* lol
02:16 PM gloops: i think thats half the thing with making stuff
02:17 PM gloops: theres too many negative waves with most, if you believe its going to work enough, it will
02:17 PM gloops: got to
02:18 PM miss0r: The housing in this version is gonna be a bit more complicated, as it will also have 6 carbon brushes mounted axialy, surrounding the water chamber. Its a tight fit in here
02:19 PM gloops: enough access to fit the components?
02:19 PM gloops: i mean to screw them on or get a spanner in or whatever
02:20 PM miss0r: They 'pop' out the back together with the water champer. Everything 'should' disassemble easily
02:21 PM miss0r: they are mounted in the housing, then the housing it installed from the back.
02:21 PM gloops: i see, no problem then
02:21 PM miss0r: Theres still the part about making the housing :) But I think it will be OK. Alright, I've been in the shop for 12 hours straight now. I will get some shiteye
02:21 PM miss0r: See you around
02:22 PM gloops: have a nice day
02:22 PM DaViruz: shiteye, that sounds unpleasant
02:23 PM gloops: sounds excretiating
02:26 PM phipli: ordered pizza
02:27 PM phipli: got the "meal deal" to push it over the minimum delivery price
02:27 PM phipli: 4 items, pizza + 2x sides + drink
02:27 PM phipli: 25% success
02:27 PM phipli: Pizza is right. One side missing, another substituted and the drink is different to what I ordered
02:27 PM phipli: <slow clap>
02:33 PM gloops: could go on the local facebook page and leave a rant lol
02:48 PM JT-Shop: hey phipli one left to start laying
02:58 PM CaptHindsight: I've never seen so much smoke come from a CNC than from the shop down the block today
02:59 PM CaptHindsight: not a fire, just smoke from machining
02:59 PM CaptHindsight: I wonder what they are cutting
02:59 PM phipli: perhaps they are cutting black powder?
03:00 PM phipli: JT-Shop, excellent - I expect you to be making a lot of cakes in the next while
03:00 PM CaptHindsight: smells more of natural gas and metal
03:00 PM phipli: gloops, oh, I did :)
03:00 PM gregcnc_: sounds odd
03:01 PM gloops: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Old-Wooden-Wood-Plane-other-old-woodworking-tool/372190610407? - what is the other tool?
03:02 PM gloops: phipli there have been a couple of epic rants about poor pizza service on the local group, especially when the shop owner comes on the thread
03:03 PM phipli: The local dominos franchise screwed up once. Only time I've lost my temper on the phone
03:04 PM phipli: I called them and they said they weren't doing the deal I asked for any more, so I said, no problem bye. Phoned another supplier
03:04 PM phipli: bought a pizza from them
03:04 PM JT-Shop: scrambled eggs everyday, we don't eat cake lol
03:04 PM phipli: a while later I got a phonecall asking for directions to my house. So I gave them
03:04 PM phipli: dominos guy turned up... erm... didn't order your pizza mate...
03:05 PM JT-Shop: lol
03:05 PM phipli: "then why did you say you did?"
03:05 PM phipli: he left as the proper pizza guy turned up (glared at each other)
03:05 PM phipli: and his boss phoned me and threatened to blacklist me for "turning away my pizza"
03:05 PM phipli: talked over me and wouldn't listen
03:05 PM gloops: lol, they would have kept it warm for the next order
03:06 PM phipli: so I contacted their head office and haven't ordered since
03:06 PM phipli: was... 4 years ago?
03:06 PM phipli: gloops, it was someone elses pizza
03:06 PM gloops: oh i see
03:06 PM phipli: I figure they worked that out when /that/ person phoned up asking where his pizza was
03:07 PM phipli: somehow they attached my phonenumber to an order I hadn't made
03:08 PM phipli: JT-Shop, how can you not eat cake!
03:10 PM JT-Shop: wife is diabetic and I like savory food
03:11 PM phipli: Interesting
03:12 PM Tom_L: any particular kind of paint recomended for a cnc frame?
03:12 PM Tom_L: can't afford imron for this project so 2 part epoxy is out
03:13 PM JT-Shop: here is what I'm building http://gnipsel.com/images/machines/cleaner/cleaner01.jpg
03:14 PM phipli: rolling drum type thing?
03:14 PM JT-Shop: yea
03:14 PM phipli: for yourself, or a customer?
03:14 PM gloops: enamel paint maybe
03:14 PM JT-Shop: customer
03:15 PM phipli: not for cleaning the chickens then :)
03:15 PM JT-Shop: lol no
03:15 PM JT-Shop: I might test it out with Henry if he acts up again lol
03:15 PM gregcnc_: that's a big rock tumbler
03:16 PM gloops: potato rumbler
03:16 PM * JT-Shop goes back to pulling steel into alignment lol
03:16 PM gloops: just what archivist wants - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jones-And-Shipman-Tool-And-Cutter-Grinder/253368286713?hash=item3afded3df9:g:byQAAOSwkvFaWypV
03:19 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop that can't be your shop.
03:20 PM Tom_L: it's just too clean looking
03:24 PM gloops: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SINGLE-PHASE-EAGLE-SURFACE-GRINDER/302605047906? very cheap atm
03:28 PM JT-Shop: crap everywhere... needs cleaning. that's the new shop the 30x50x12 one
03:30 PM phipli: JT-Shop, http://elephantandchicken.co.uk/chickenProjects/Bird.jpg
03:31 PM JT-Shop: lol
03:31 PM JT-Shop: I'm saving that one for sure
03:32 PM JT-Shop: I have one girl with a bigger comb, so big it flops over
03:32 PM phipli: heh
03:32 PM phipli: yeah - our white chicken is just on the edge of that
03:32 PM phipli: it is leaning
03:48 PM phipli: I will get my £1.52p back from banggood for sending the wrong item
03:48 PM phipli: even if I have to spend hours doing it
03:49 PM phipli: (clearly one of those days - not my fault, I spent too long on the phone to IT)
03:49 PM phipli: my home folder on my work machine disassociated itself from the user account
03:49 PM phipli: took 20 minutes to get the guy on the phone to /understand/
03:50 PM phipli: and another 2 hours for them to do nothing and give up
03:50 PM * phipli hugs his home computer for behaving
03:55 PM Deejay: gn8
03:58 PM JT-Shop: sounds like a fun day
03:59 PM XXCoder: phipli: reminds me of that funny time I had with wish
03:59 PM XXCoder: i ordered this mini crossbow for fun
04:00 PM phipli: JT-Shop, thankfully I'm having a slow week for the first time in a year, so there is time to deal with the nonsense
04:00 PM XXCoder: but week later it changed to mini cards, which made me really concerned so I asked for refund. I got it. 4 weeks later I get mini crossbow.
04:00 PM phipli: heh
04:01 PM XXCoder: glad i ordered another one from different store anyway as it was crap and other execellent
04:01 PM phipli: I got some kind of mobile phone lens cover... instead of a chip-on-board dog bark board
04:01 PM XXCoder: wish is a gamble, go for aliexpress or banggood not wish
04:01 PM XXCoder: geez
04:01 PM phipli: XXCoder, I use banggood because I can get refunds using paypal
04:01 PM XXCoder: yea its nice
04:02 PM phipli: aliexpress... is more difficult
04:02 PM XXCoder: and most times banggood is great
04:02 PM JT-Shop: now to figure out how to mount the RPi in the 4 square box
04:02 PM phipli: lost about 5 hours to getting a £40 refund on there once. didn't think I was going to
04:02 PM phipli: JT-Shop, resin
04:02 PM XXCoder: odd as aliexpress its almost impossible for seller to scam you
04:03 PM phipli: they kept asking for more and more elaborate videos trying to grind me down
04:04 PM roycroft: my experiences with aliexpress have been less than stellar
04:04 PM JT-Shop: hmm, it's not going to fit the box... need to use the bigger one I got from amazon
04:04 PM phipli: JT-Shop, what are you making with the Pi?
04:05 PM JT-Shop: phipli: I'm thinking of hot glue the standoffs to the case
04:05 PM JT-Shop: an egg cam lol
04:05 PM phipli: :)
04:05 PM phipli: I've been playing with this : http://stuffandnonsense.elephantandchicken.co.uk/?p=276
04:05 PM JT-Shop: got a POE splitter to power the RPi so only need a Cat5 cable to the nest box
04:06 PM Contract_Pilot: Sup.
04:07 PM JT-Shop: sounds like fun
04:07 PM XXCoder: nivr
04:07 PM XXCoder: *nice
04:08 PM phipli: I like the board for playing - a lot neater than the mess of wires you usually end up with
04:08 PM phipli: got it cheap from the discount bin on an online mcu store
04:08 PM phipli: "cheap" being relative
04:08 PM Contract_Pilot: https://pastebin.com/ZhfYhdG2
04:09 PM JT-Shop: what did you use to put the chicken in the photo?
04:09 PM Contract_Pilot: Need to Figure hout how to translate emmerson connections last 3
04:09 PM phipli: JT-Shop, gimp
04:09 PM JT-Shop: I've never done that with gimp
04:10 PM phipli: mostly the fuzzy select tool
04:11 PM phipli: combined with the "feather" selection (which I thought was appropriate
04:11 PM phipli: shadow is just airbrushed black inside a mask on the layer above
04:11 PM phipli: with the layer transparency tweaked until it looked about right
04:11 PM Contract_Pilot: Not clear as can be used input or poutput
04:12 PM JT-Shop: it looks real for sure
04:12 PM phipli: still a bit of a halo... but thanks :)
04:13 PM phipli: JT-Shop, this is the gimp file if you want to poke at it : http://elephantandchicken.co.uk/chickenProjects/Bird.xcf
04:14 PM JT-Shop: thanks
04:17 PM JT-Shop: only one left not paying rent
04:18 PM phipli: who's that, Henry?
04:18 PM JT-Shop: 22 weeks old today
04:18 PM phipli: :)
04:19 PM JT-Shop: no, I have one pullet that has not laid yet... got 8 today with 9 pullets
04:19 PM phipli: we got three today. One lovely dark brown one hidden in the "we don't usually lay in that box" nestbox
04:20 PM JT-Shop: Henry is behaving himself now after sleeping out in the woods for 4 nights and one night with snow and sleet on his back
04:20 PM phipli: Good, hopefully he is a better chicken for it
04:22 PM JT-Shop: yea, when the ground thaws I'm moving his "dog house" up near the chicken yard in case he has a memory problem
04:26 PM JT-Shop: it just dawned on me that this is the year that I'll start getting all that junk mail starting out "now that your 65"...
04:26 PM XXCoder: yayyy
04:27 PM phipli: as long as they send you free stuff
04:29 PM jdh: retire and read junk mail all day!
04:31 PM JT-Shop: my plan is to never retire
04:32 PM phipli: I'm trying my hardest to make sure it is at least an option
04:32 PM phipli: I'm a little nervous that it might get difficult.
04:33 PM JT-Shop: if I had a job then yea I'd want to retire from it and work for myself
04:34 PM JT-Shop: hmm a pullet is doing the egg song and looking in the nest box and it's almost sunset
04:48 PM phipli: http://elephantandchicken.co.uk/webcam/picture.jpg
04:48 PM phipli: the pigeon is looking a little evil
04:49 PM JT-Shop: you keep pigeons
04:49 PM phipli: just the one
04:49 PM phipli: a cat got it in our garden
04:49 PM phipli: can't fly and hobbles when it walks
04:50 PM phipli: tough blighter
04:50 PM phipli: had it over two years
04:50 PM JT-Shop: is it friendly?
04:50 PM phipli: hates us
04:50 PM JT-Shop: lol
04:51 PM JT-Shop: maybe it prefers the cat
04:51 PM phipli: perhaps I should re-introduce them
04:51 PM JT-Shop: aye
04:51 PM phipli: my girlfriend refers to that cat as "pigeon-murderer"
04:52 PM JT-Shop: I had a cat that would catch baby rabbits and bring them inside for the massacre well once I closed the cat door after that
04:53 PM phipli: LOL! http://elephantandchicken.co.uk/webcam/1700.jpg
04:53 PM phipli: I really should archive more than just the last 24 hours
04:53 PM JT-Shop: are they molting or is that one picked on
04:54 PM phipli: (it takes a picture every 5 minutes, and keeps the one from once an hour until the next day
04:54 PM phipli: it has a lot of patches from where there is scar tissue
04:54 PM phipli: cat took a lump out of its shoulder
04:54 PM JT-Shop: ouch
04:55 PM phipli: can't believe it survived
04:55 PM phipli: didn't expect it to
04:55 PM JT-Shop: yea usually birds are not very tough after an attack
04:55 PM phipli: cats have dodgy stuff in their mouth that makes wounds go septic
04:56 PM phipli: the missus gave it bird antibiotics because she just so happened to have some
04:56 PM phipli: and we hand fed the thing
04:56 PM phipli: it was grateful then, the little blighter
04:57 PM JT-Shop: yea when it is way below 0 it's easy to get birds to eat out of your hand
04:59 PM phipli: the local geese don't mind eating your hand as well
05:05 PM CaptHindsight: heh I traced the fumes back to the place next door, quote "maybe it's the formaldehyde we have been cleaning the printers with all day"
05:06 PM CaptHindsight: no respirators, not even a dust mask on
05:07 PM phipli: time to go for a walk...
05:07 PM phipli: somewhere further away
05:08 PM CaptHindsight: looked like they were filming a Cheech and Chong movie in there
05:08 PM MarcelineVQ: ain't that a peach
05:08 PM CaptHindsight: opened the drive in doors and ran a 4ft fan for an hour
05:09 PM CaptHindsight: I considered warning them but then decided maybe they won't be here in a few months anyway
05:09 PM CaptHindsight: problems solves itself
05:10 PM CaptHindsight: still not sure what the CNC shop was doing
05:10 PM CaptHindsight: crazy day
05:10 PM gregcnc_: are you in China today?
05:15 PM CaptHindsight: gregcnc_: nope, would be safer and cleaner air
05:27 PM * JT-Shop listens to Eric Johnson then heads inside for some chicken and dumplins
05:43 PM Tom_L: henry n dumplins...
05:52 PM CaptHindsight: JT-Shop: reminds me of Joseph Satriani
06:06 PM roycroft: i got dragged to an eric johnson show at a local pub a few years ago
06:07 PM roycroft: when he started playing i went as far away from the stage as i could, stuffed toilet paper in my years and held my hands over my hears for the entire gig, and my ears were still ringing for a day after the show
06:07 PM roycroft: i think i'd have enjoyed his music if it weren't causing physical pain
06:07 PM CaptHindsight: volume set at 11
06:08 PM roycroft: at leaset
06:08 PM roycroft: i did not date the person who dragged me there for much longer after that
06:08 PM roycroft: she was offended that the show caused me pain
06:08 PM roycroft: i certainly didn't get any that night
06:08 PM roycroft: and didn't want any
06:09 PM CaptHindsight: i stopped going to live shows when they just became distortion at 11 vs loud and clean
06:10 PM roycroft: i don't usually have that problem with the kinds of music i listen to these days
06:10 PM roycroft: and even then
06:10 PM roycroft: i was never a big hard rock/heavy guitar fan
06:10 PM CaptHindsight: still see live Jazz , I meant rock
06:10 PM roycroft: i was at a festival last weekend
06:11 PM roycroft: i saw al stewart
06:11 PM roycroft: he played acoustic guitar
06:11 PM roycroft: he had a guy come out and play flute and sax with him for some of the songs
06:11 PM roycroft: it was not too loud
06:11 PM roycroft: and there was no distortion
06:12 PM roycroft: i may be going to see chick corea later this month
06:12 PM CaptHindsight: there are a few acoustically perfect venues in the US
06:12 PM roycroft: i haven't seen him since the fusion days
06:12 PM roycroft: orchestra hall in chicago is acoustically perfect, or darn near perfect
06:12 PM roycroft: when i was in high school i could not afford good seats fot the chicago symphony orchestra
06:13 PM CaptHindsight: most of the rock bands I'd want to see are no more due to lack of life
06:13 PM roycroft: but i could get nosebleed seats and the sound was still stunning
06:13 PM CaptHindsight: we had a ticket connection back then, used to be in the first few rows of any concert
06:13 PM roycroft: i'm a patron of one of the local music venues
06:14 PM roycroft: and as such, i can get premium seats like that for no extr cost up to 2 weeks before a show
06:14 PM roycroft: at which point those tickets are released to the general public
06:14 PM CaptHindsight: saw Styx at Orchestra Hall
06:14 PM roycroft: i saw styx at my high school :)
06:15 PM roycroft: nobody had heard of them then, of course
06:15 PM CaptHindsight: oh yeah and Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucía and John McLaughlin with Steve Morse at OH
06:15 PM roycroft: i never went to a popular music show at orechestra hall
06:16 PM CaptHindsight: probably the best guitar concert I have ever been to
06:16 PM CaptHindsight: CSO is old hat :)
06:17 PM phipli: JT-Shop, some of the guitar is a little like John Renbourn
06:17 PM roycroft: mccormick place, the international amphtheatre, the chicago stadium and the aragon ball room were the venues for big shows back then
06:17 PM CaptHindsight: Supertramp at Alipne valley ~1981 was amazing
06:17 PM roycroft: plus local racetracks and other outdoor sport venues
06:17 PM phipli: specifically "Mrs. Robinson"
06:17 PM CaptHindsight: yeah Rosemnt as well
06:18 PM roycroft: the earl of old town was my favorite place to go though
06:18 PM CaptHindsight: but the sound was bad
06:18 PM roycroft: rosemont was west or northwest, iirc
06:18 PM roycroft: and i was from the south side
06:18 PM roycroft: i used to see steve goodman, john prine, and bonnie koloc at the earl on a regular basis
06:18 PM CaptHindsight: Van Halen, Deep Purple, etc at the amphitheater was awful
06:19 PM CaptHindsight: Rosemont is near O'Hare
06:19 PM roycroft: they wer considered the triumverate of chicago folk in the 70s
06:19 PM roycroft: and the earl was just down the block from second city
06:19 PM roycroft: second city did an improv thing after their regular show on saturday night that was open to the public for free
06:19 PM roycroft: often i'd go see music at the earl and then wander over to second city for the improv
06:20 PM CaptHindsight: huh, we used to go to the Park West, just nearby
06:21 PM CaptHindsight: Adrian Belew was the best concert there
06:21 PM roycroft: there was this guy named akroyd and a woman named radner who were in the troupe
06:21 PM CaptHindsight: yeah
06:21 PM CaptHindsight: what ever became of them? :)
06:21 PM roycroft: then they got too big for their britches and got a big tv show
06:21 PM CaptHindsight: heard they moved east
06:21 PM roycroft: in new york city
06:22 PM roycroft: last time i was in chicago north wells street was completely different from what it was when i lived there
06:22 PM roycroft: completely unrecognizable
06:23 PM CaptHindsight: saw Al Di Meola at te Cubby Bear
06:23 PM CaptHindsight: yeah the old Old Town is gone
06:23 PM CaptHindsight: they cleaned it up by the mid 80's
06:23 PM roycroft: i saw him with return to forever
06:24 PM CaptHindsight: now it's town homes and restaurants
06:24 PM roycroft: back when i lived there, one could buy bongs and bootleg records in old town
06:24 PM CaptHindsight: yeah Pipers Alley
06:24 PM roycroft: yup
06:25 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20161031/old-town/pipers-alley-haunted-hippie-haven-faces-demolition-of-facade
06:26 PM CaptHindsight: my kids went to school around the corner, I'm rarely down there
06:26 PM roycroft: my memories of chicago aren't all bad :)
06:27 PM roycroft: wrigley field and the hippie hangouts were great
06:27 PM roycroft: and the museums down at the columbian exposition site
06:28 PM CaptHindsight: hippie became yuppie rehabs, from slum to $500K condos
06:28 PM roycroft: moving to the northwet was definitely the right move for me though
06:28 PM roycroft: i feel so much more at home here
06:28 PM roycroft: yeah, gentrification happens
06:28 PM roycroft: even old hippies gentrify
06:28 PM CaptHindsight: it's really changed, I don't miss it since all the cool stuff is gone
06:29 PM CaptHindsight: now it's like every other big city with nothing to do but shop, eat and drink with several museums
06:29 PM roycroft: the other thing that really surprised me last time i was there is that the loop turns into a ghost town at night
06:29 PM roycroft: it used to be night life all over the place
06:29 PM roycroft: now everyone tries to get the hell out of there before it gets dark
06:29 PM CaptHindsight: after the museums and lakefront there not much different from any other big town
06:29 PM CaptHindsight: corporate stuff is most everywhere
06:30 PM roycroft: it used to really be a city of neighborhoods
06:30 PM roycroft: and i loved exploring them
06:30 PM CaptHindsight: yeah, they tried to revive the loop a few times
06:30 PM roycroft: north of old town was germantown
06:30 PM roycroft: and that turned into a korean neighborhood after you crossed a street
06:30 PM roycroft: there were polish neighborhoods all over the place
06:30 PM CaptHindsight: thats just Lincoln Park now, all corprate types mostly from other cities living there for a few years
06:30 PM roycroft: where i lived, the big gang fights were between irish and italian gangs
06:31 PM roycroft: and they weren't that big a deal
06:31 PM CaptHindsight: yeah, my old school yard would have the gang fights pretty often
06:31 PM roycroft: but you could basically pick a culture
06:31 PM roycroft: and go find a neighborhood to explore that culture
06:31 PM CaptHindsight: that was just west of the loop
06:32 PM CaptHindsight: lots of either corporate spots or hipster places
06:32 PM roycroft: i lived between mayor daley's house and comiskey park
06:33 PM CaptHindsight: and pretty quiet during the week, not at all like NYC
06:33 PM CaptHindsight: oh so not far from Chinatown
06:33 PM roycroft: on "de sout side"
06:33 PM roycroft: thank fripping goodness i somehow never really acquired a chicago accent, even though i lived there until i was in my early 20s
06:33 PM CaptHindsight: I was a north sider
06:33 PM roycroft: probably because i actually graduated from high school
06:34 PM roycroft: and did spend some years in the suburbs
06:34 PM roycroft: i was an outcast
06:34 PM CaptHindsight: did you have a "frunch room"? :)
06:34 PM roycroft: because i was a cubs fan
06:34 PM roycroft: i am absolutely the black sheep of my family
06:35 PM CaptHindsight: we'd only go to the south side for the Museums or U of Chicago
06:35 PM roycroft: ups are here
06:35 PM roycroft: ciao
06:35 PM CaptHindsight: hasta banana
08:09 PM XXCoder: https://youtu.be/P3Bd3HUMkyU ghmm
09:01 PM roycroft: i started cutting out the prototype framing members for the router stand today
09:01 PM roycroft: my good saw blade that i use for ripping and cross-cutting hardwoods is in pretty bad shape
09:01 PM roycroft: i think it's time to get a new one and send the old one in for repairs
09:02 PM roycroft: i can make the prototype with this blade, but it is no good for the final product
09:02 PM * roycroft is tired of spending money
09:03 PM roycroft: i was planning on getting a ripping blade and a cross-cutting blade, and then sending this one in to be refurbished, but at $125/blade i will probably end up getting another combination blade
09:08 PM `Wolf: ouch, expensive blade
09:12 PM `Wolf: granted good stuff is $$$
09:12 PM roycroft: i like good blades
09:12 PM roycroft: i used forrest blades
09:12 PM roycroft: made in usa
09:12 PM roycroft: true to 0.001"
09:12 PM `Wolf: as I look at a shopping cart on KBC with $100 worth of t-slot nuts and studs
09:12 PM roycroft: it looks like i can get the ripping blade for about $75
09:13 PM `Wolf: because I want TE CO USA made stuff and not import crap
09:15 PM `Wolf: I can admit that I almost fell off my chair when I saw the price tag on their strap clamp kit...
09:18 PM roycroft: i still buy a fair amount of cheap imported stuff
09:18 PM roycroft: but i don't go backwards
09:19 PM roycroft: all my table saw blades are forrest, with a couple freuds
09:19 PM roycroft: i will replace forrest with forrest
09:25 PM `Wolf: I usually look at the amount of use the item will get
09:26 PM `Wolf: I think I’m not going to order a full set of 1/2” studs tho, means I need a new set of clamp bars as well
09:46 PM `Wolf: think more before ordering stuff lol, that would have been a hell of a oops getting $100 of 1/2” threaded t-nuts/studs/nuts and then firguring out that none of my clamp straps would fit it lol
09:53 PM roycroft: it's usually best to make sure the stuff will work together
09:53 PM roycroft: i have a 3/8" set and a 1/2" set
09:55 PM `Wolf: current set is a Ralmike’s tool-a-rama 3/8” set, 2”-7” in 1” steps for the studs, probably a rebranded TeCO set
09:58 PM `Wolf: so instead of buying a replacement 1/2” set I’m just going to get the 1/2-13 t-nuts I need for the vise that is in transit right now and just get a few extra nuts and 7.5 and 8” studs for the 3/8” set
09:58 PM `Wolf: seeing that this mill has 9/16” slots and the vise comes with 5/8” of course
10:01 PM roycroft: you can make t-nuts in a pinch
10:01 PM roycroft: so if you have to buy stuff on spec juts buy studs
10:04 PM `Wolf: TeCo t-nuts are only $15 for 6 of the 9/16 1/2-20
10:05 PM `Wolf: cheaper then recking a endmill lol
10:06 PM Tom_itx: what vise did you get?
10:06 PM Tom_itx: https://www.ajaxtoolsupply.com/4kustcncsuvi.html?cmp=googleproducts&kw=4kustcncsuvi&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5sCjrdDg2AIVC2l-Ch2yhw4GEAQYBCABEgIvEfD_BwE
10:06 PM Tom_itx: i wonder if that thing is any good
10:06 PM `Wolf: GMT GPV-615
10:07 PM Tom_itx: is that a standard 6" size?
10:07 PM `Wolf: yeah
10:07 PM `Wolf: all 80lbs of it
10:08 PM `Wolf: i was on the fence on the 4” till I realized the 6” was the same price
10:08 PM Tom_itx: they say they'll swap t slots for free
10:09 PM Tom_itx: probably before shipping though
10:09 PM `Wolf: yeah, they don’t have keys or t-nuts listed for 9/16 slots
10:09 PM Tom_itx: Haas must be an odd one too
10:10 PM `Wolf: haas uses 5/8” just like most bridgeports lo
10:11 PM Tom_itx: 9/16 stud?
10:11 PM Tom_itx: err 1/2:
10:11 PM Tom_itx: "
10:11 PM `Wolf: probably
10:11 PM CaptHindsight: can't go wrong with Curt, I have had success with all my Shars
10:12 PM Tom_itx: yeah Kurt is the standard
10:12 PM CaptHindsight: C/K
10:12 PM CaptHindsight: Pete from somewhere got a Shars he was unhappy with
10:13 PM Tom_itx: i've got some crap chinese one in the drawer i'll probably never use
10:13 PM Tom_itx: i'm not even sure where i got it
10:13 PM CaptHindsight: I have a beat Palmgren on the BP
10:13 PM CaptHindsight: works
10:13 PM CaptHindsight: never really speced it closely
10:14 PM CaptHindsight: Ajax is in Ohio, Shars is s closer to you
10:14 PM CaptHindsight: how do the prices compare?
10:14 PM Tom_itx: i just wondered if those were any good
10:15 PM Tom_itx: i haven't really compared anything eyt
10:15 PM Tom_itx: yet
10:15 PM CaptHindsight: thats the problem with Chinaco, you never know
10:16 PM `Wolf: hmm any suggestions on cheap source for 6” soft jaws?
10:17 PM `Wolf: tho Ajax prices don’t look bad
10:17 PM Tom_itx: yeah, make em yourself
10:17 PM `Wolf: yeah I know I could just do that lol
10:17 PM Tom_itx: beachbumpete found some he liked
10:18 PM CaptHindsight: MSC has lots of soft jaws
10:18 PM Tom_itx: http://monsterjaws.com/6-vise-jaws/
10:20 PM `Wolf: MSC doesn’t do cheap lol
10:21 PM Tom_itx: those 10 packs aren't that much per
10:22 PM `Wolf: Aluminum 6" Vise Jaws (6x2x0.75) $10
10:22 PM `Wolf: pair
10:23 PM `Wolf: 1” thick are $12 not bad
10:41 PM `Wolf: oh wow, Kurt sells “scratch and dent” specials on amazon, $17.50 for a 6” grove lock jaw
10:41 PM `Wolf: http://a.co/dzjs7Ez
10:44 PM SpeedEvil: neat
11:03 PM ziper: do they make radiator cores that you can cut to fit and weld caps on
11:03 PM ziper: is that feasible
11:04 PM sync: of course
11:04 PM sync: that is how they are made
11:05 PM `Wolf: doubtful
11:05 PM `Wolf: going to hand weld each tube and then weld cap on?
11:07 PM ziper: `Wolf, right, the core still needs to be the right width, since that ought to have the tubes already inserted in a plate
11:07 PM ziper: then i just need to weld to that plate
11:08 PM sync: also depends on what a radiator you want to build
11:08 PM sync: for car radiators that is a way
11:09 PM ziper: yeah car
11:10 PM ziper: I had this one rebuilt and it has already gone bad
11:10 PM `Wolf: how so?
11:10 PM `Wolf: radiator isn’t normally a wear item
11:11 PM sync: https://www.catchtank.eu/media/catalog/product/cache/3/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/2/0/20150417_161551_1.jpg
11:11 PM sync: you can buy them like that
11:11 PM ziper: it was 30 years old, I can only assume the shop didnt do it right
11:11 PM `Wolf: how long ago on the rebuild and what car?
11:12 PM roycroft: you shouldn't have flushed it, ziper
11:12 PM ziper: I didnt actually
11:12 PM roycroft: you washed out all the pepper the rebuilder had dumped in
11:12 PM `Wolf: lol
11:12 PM ziper: I actually put like 5% antifreeze instead of straight tap water though
11:12 PM ziper: must have dissolved all the scale holding it together
11:15 PM MarcelineVQ: only one possibly solution now, borrow and egg from jt
11:15 PM MarcelineVQ: omy, that sentence was awful, well you get the gist :X
11:15 PM ziper: maybe an ostrich egg
11:17 PM ziper: whats the point of this, its not an intercooler, its on a loop, if there isnt enough temperature drop the therostat just stays open and the water goes through again http://www.usradiator.com/media//tripleflow.jpg
11:17 PM ziper: sorry this is really off topic good night
11:18 PM `Wolf: multi pass is somewhat normal I think
11:21 PM sync: yeah
11:22 PM sync: if your engine supplies too much heat leaving the thermostat open does not help
11:24 PM `Wolf: opposite problem in my house here, water flow goes through the boiler faster then it can heat it (change over from well water to city water) makes for a annoying situation in the shower