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Jan 09 2018

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12:54 AM IchGucksLive: Hi
12:57 AM roycroft: hello
12:59 AM roycroft: goodbye
01:25 AM Cromaglious: yay.. money's here... in the morning a trip to the bank, then let the ordering begin!
02:00 AM gloops: i estimate its taken about 1 month of all spare time to build a router
02:00 AM gloops: that includes 2 weeks off work
02:02 AM Deejay: moin
02:33 AM merkatorix: Guten Morgen
02:34 AM merkatorix: Spricht etwas dagegen ein Labornetzteil zwischen 0 und 60V zu kaufen? Dann könnte ich damit auch LED-Module testen.
02:34 AM merkatorix: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B01M8JWOJU/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3DWL7Z8V42IK3
02:35 AM merkatorix: VOLTCRAFT Labornetzgerät, einstellbar TOPS-3602 1 - 60 V/DC 0.25 - 1.6 A 100 W OVP, schmale Baufor
02:35 AM merkatorix: ... vielleicht sollte ich es irgendwo kaufen, wo die Überschrift richtig geschrieben ist.
02:35 AM merkatorix: Aber vom Prinzip sagt es mir schon zu. Aber bisher arbeite ich auch mit einem Bleiakku
02:35 AM gloops: any multimeter will do
02:38 AM merkatorix: Ah, sorry, I thought I am in a different channel
02:38 AM merkatorix: Because I know Deejay from a German channel :/
02:38 AM merkatorix: And he greeted in German
04:33 AM jthornton: morning
04:35 AM XXCoder: hey
04:38 AM jthornton: got a hen in the nest box all ready this morning it's 4:30 here
04:39 AM XXCoder: nice
04:39 AM jthornton: got 5 eggs yesterday
04:42 AM XXCoder: and soon, 100 ;)
04:42 AM XXCoder: I wonder what people do with extra eggs
04:43 AM jthornton: sell or give them away
04:44 AM XXCoder: you could make super rich soil with it and grow stuff for chickens. or bugs for chickens
04:45 AM jthornton: I make compost from the poop and pine chips and leaves
04:48 AM XXCoder: would be interesting to design a flowline bug "factory"
04:49 AM XXCoder: a box where bugs can get in to eat eggs and breed among em, but only exit is where chickens live
04:54 AM jthornton: you can feed the chickens with the eggs, they eat the egg shells now
04:54 AM XXCoder: isnt that kinda cannalism thing
04:55 AM jthornton: you cook them first... but yea some chickens are egg eaters
04:55 AM jthornton: Ruby is telling the hen in the nest box to get out so she can lay her egg
04:57 AM archivist: done my bit for egg production today, ordered a rubber stamp
04:57 AM XXCoder: eah? your personal egg brand stamp? ;)
04:58 AM XXCoder: funny thing its very possible for anyone with cnc.
04:58 AM archivist: each prodecer here is supposed to mark their eggs
04:59 AM XXCoder: oh interesting
04:59 AM jthornton: archivist: you have some chickens?
04:59 AM archivist: no, just helping a local
05:00 AM archivist: he is up to about 200 eggs a day
05:00 AM jthornton: ah
05:01 AM archivist: the .gov came around and told him to get a stamp
05:02 AM XXCoder: hopefully not have to buy at specific place and way overpriced
05:02 AM archivist: he is at the level a hand stamp at £16 is right
05:03 AM jthornton: https://imagebin.ca/v/3naygmfL4cAF
05:03 AM jthornton: stamp just has his name on it?
05:04 AM archivist: his producer number and 1UK to show free range
05:05 AM * archivist off drivin miss daisy
05:42 AM IchGucksLive: hi from Germany its sunny and realy cool outside
05:42 AM XXCoder: hey from ever-raining washington
05:43 AM IchGucksLive: give it to the south they like rain
05:44 AM XXCoder: hah wish can send
05:44 AM XXCoder: its flooding here
05:44 AM IchGucksLive: water reciding here
06:02 AM jthornton: what's the current version of debian that can have uspace?
07:13 AM Jymmm: uspace?
07:14 AM archivist: missing letter r guess the position
07:15 AM Jymmm: too early to guess anything
07:35 AM Jymmm: debian hasn't ALWAYS had usrspace?
07:57 AM JT-Shop: uspace is a linuxcnc version
07:59 AM JT-Shop: requires the RT Preempt kernel
08:04 AM skunkworks_: JT-Shop, http://www.linuxcnc.org/testing-stretch-rtpreempt/
08:04 AM enleth: JT-Shop: honestly, I'd assume *any* recent version as long as you install the correct kernel
08:05 AM enleth: JT-Shop: an RT kernel is available for all currently supported debian releases as far as I can see
08:12 AM JT-Shop: thanks
11:06 AM gloops: another day with no progress
11:39 AM roycroft: i'm not impressed with aliexpress, i must say
11:39 AM roycroft: the item i ordered in november is still not here
11:39 AM roycroft: when i queried about it, the seller "proposed" extending the due date by 20 days, from 8 january to 28 january
11:39 AM roycroft: i did not accept the "proposal"
11:39 AM gregcnc_: if I order from china it's like a loterry ticket
11:40 AM roycroft: aliexpress told me they would not do anything until the due date has been reached, even though the due date is 8 january
11:40 AM roycroft: i ordered from the only other vendor, who did not ship, and the order was automatically canceled because the processing date had passed
11:40 AM roycroft: but i have not been refunded for that
11:41 AM MarcelineVQ: i've had good luckwith them so far but when a due date was hit the order closed automatically, so idk about that claim they'r emaking of doing something when the due date ends
11:41 AM roycroft: i ended up going back to the original seller, reordering, paying a lot more for expedited shipping
11:41 AM roycroft: so that i would get it in time
11:41 AM MarcelineVQ: I did get the item eventually in the mail but that seemed like a strange thing for the system to do
11:41 AM roycroft: the seller refuses to ship until the original shipment has been sorted out
11:41 AM roycroft: and then the seller extended the due date of the original order to 17 february
11:42 AM MarcelineVQ: that's even weirder that they wouldn't want more of your money <_<
11:42 AM roycroft: so my choice is to either wait 'til then for something to happen, or close my current dispute
11:42 AM roycroft: and aliexpress are very polite but point out that the due date is 17 february and that they "can't" do anything until then
11:43 AM roycroft: i paid for the second order, marcelinevq
11:43 AM roycroft: so the selle has my money, twice
11:43 AM MarcelineVQ: :<
11:43 AM roycroft: and i still have no product
11:43 AM roycroft: and now a refusal to ship until 17 february, unless i just close my dispute on the original order and lose that money
11:44 AM roycroft: if there were another source for this i'd pay way more to get it elsewhere
11:44 AM roycroft: this is a nighmare
11:44 AM gregcnc_: what is it that it's so rare
11:44 AM roycroft: i don't know
11:44 AM gregcnc_: I'm the part you're after
11:45 AM roycroft: i was always leery about alibaba/aliexpress, but so many people have told me that they have good expriences with them that i decided to give it a go
11:45 AM roycroft: it's been an absolutely horrible experience
11:45 AM roycroft: i don't know how a seller can just extend the due date for something without the purchaser's agreeing
11:46 AM gregcnc_: dishonest sellers always find loopholes
11:46 AM roycroft: sure, but isn't that why the alibaba/aliexpress customer service folks are there?
11:47 AM roycroft: they admitted that i never agreed to these extensions
11:47 AM gregcnc_: maybe, maybe not?
11:47 AM roycroft: yet also state that the extensions were granted
11:47 AM roycroft: and at the same time telling me that i have to agree to any proposal by the seller or else that proposal is invalid
11:48 AM gregcnc_: that all sounds logical
11:48 AM roycroft: the seller who did not ship at all was huanyang, btw
11:48 AM roycroft: i wouldn't consider them a dishonest seller
11:48 AM roycroft: at least i hope they aren't
11:48 AM roycroft: i'm going to have to initiate a chargeback for that order with my cc issuer
11:49 AM gregcnc_: if you still can
11:49 AM roycroft: it's only been about 10 days
11:49 AM roycroft: so yeah
11:49 AM roycroft: and i know huanyang didn't do this
11:49 AM roycroft: they just did not ship by the due date, and aliexpress automatically cancelled the order
11:50 AM roycroft: i'm not sure who has my money though - aliexpress or huanyang
11:51 AM Jymmm: roycroft: If an aliexpress order was automatically canceled, they autorefund too
11:51 AM roycroft: they didn't
11:51 AM roycroft: at least not in a timely manner
11:51 AM roycroft: the order was cancelled on the 5th
11:52 AM roycroft: my cc doesn't show a refund yet
11:52 AM roycroft: i usually get refunds posted the next business day
11:52 AM roycroft: i'll give it some time though - i have time to dispute with the cc issuer
11:52 AM Jymmm: then contact aliexpress, they are very nice
11:52 AM roycroft: yes, nice, but useless
11:53 AM Jymmm: bullshit
11:53 AM roycroft: they're letting the other seller string me along
11:53 AM roycroft: and won't do anything about it
11:53 AM Jymmm: did you dispute the order?
11:53 AM roycroft: yes
11:53 AM roycroft: i disputed it
11:53 AM roycroft: the seller arbitrarily extended the due date
11:54 AM Jymmm: doens't matter
11:54 AM roycroft: aliexpress said they would not take action until the due date has been reached
11:54 AM roycroft: then the seller arbitrarily extended the due date a second time
11:54 AM roycroft: and aliexrpess told me again they won't do anything until the due date has been reached
11:54 AM roycroft: so the original due date was 8 january
11:54 AM roycroft: now it's 17 february
11:54 AM roycroft: and they refuse to do anything
11:59 AM Jymmm: then call the cc company if it's been close to 30 days
11:59 AM roycroft: well the original order was placed in november
11:59 AM roycroft: so that ship has sailed
12:00 PM roycroft: aliexpress assured me that my "buyer protection" has been extended to 17 february
12:00 PM roycroft: so assuming that the seller stops finding a way to arbitrarily extend the due date, the due date will finally be reached, and i'll finally get refunded
12:00 PM gloops: might be better find a good chinese dealer on ebay
12:00 PM roycroft: and i don't care about the money being tied up for a while
12:01 PM roycroft: i want the fucking product
12:01 PM gloops: they can get anything
12:01 PM roycroft: pardon the language
12:01 PM * roycroft is really frustrated by this right now
12:01 PM roycroft: what i want is a vendor who cares about customers
12:01 PM MarcelineVQ: did 'store' did you buy from?
12:03 PM roycroft: what?
12:03 PM MarcelineVQ: on ali express, sellers are 'stores' or something
12:03 PM roycroft: yeah
12:03 PM MarcelineVQ: oh ehe, *which store
12:03 PM roycroft: oh, you want to know the name of the seller?
12:03 PM roycroft: yunson cnc on the original order
12:04 PM roycroft: the one that keeps extending the due date
12:04 PM roycroft: huanyang was the one that did not ship and was auto-cancelled
12:05 PM MarcelineVQ: I'll have to make a note to avoid them. so far have had very fast delivery from TwoWin for vfd and drivers
12:05 PM gloops: thats how they work, they probably havent even got the item in stock, they get a buy click then start asking round if anyone has one
12:05 PM gregcnc_: man I just let some importer take their share(to up up with this crap) when i need some chinaco stuff.
12:05 PM MarcelineVQ: My experience won't reflect other people's though, china pretty much has direct-line shipping on the west coast here
12:05 PM roycroft: i don't care so much about not shipping
12:06 PM gloops: i bought some screws and got messages saying 'you may have to wait some days (35+) before shipping' the screws had not even been made when i clicked buy it now, they refunded instantly though
12:06 PM roycroft: as long as the refund is forthcoming
12:06 PM roycroft: that's my issue with that transaction
12:06 PM roycroft: the yunson cnc store has good feedback
12:07 PM roycroft: 99.2% positive
12:07 PM roycroft: i have to assume my experience with them is not the norm
12:07 PM MarcelineVQ: I wish I knew whether those ratings meant something, mostly because there was some wicked cheap guide rails on there the other day but no store ratings at all for the seller
12:08 PM Loetmichel: *meh* so much for the "diet"... thoght i eat a bit less to shed some weight so i skipped lunch today... after i lifted an 100" TFT screen today into and out of the measurement chamber (200kg, 2 persons) i had so much hunger this evening that i stopped at the grocery store and bought a full 800gr box of meat loafs and ate them with a tube of mayonaise on the way home from work :-(
12:08 PM roycroft: i'm going to have my router table ready to use within a week, except there will be a vfd buried inside it that i cannot access
12:08 PM roycroft: this remote panel is what i'll need to get it working
12:09 PM roycroft: i may end up remodeling the one that came with the vfd
12:09 PM gloops: its only how commodities are sold in the west, someone says ive got a mountain of cheap screws, his contacts start advertising said screws at a profit, people order them and re-advertise them with even more profit, you buy, youre at the end of a chain of transactions for stuff that may not even exist
12:09 PM roycroft: dieting is not about skipping meals, loetmichel
12:09 PM roycroft: that never works
12:09 PM roycroft: it's about portion adjustment
12:10 PM IchGucksLive: hi
12:10 PM roycroft: the first one got shipped the day after i ordered it, gloops
12:10 PM roycroft: then it went missing
12:11 PM roycroft: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/1pcs-Remote-control-panel-1pcs-5m-extender-wire-prolong-cable-for-HY-variable-frequency-drive-Vfd/706847_1824343966.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.7edefa9eeC1ZL8
12:11 PM roycroft: that is what i ordered
12:11 PM gloops: ive never had anything not arrive, odd bits that took 6 weeks
12:11 PM roycroft: the cable is no big deal
12:11 PM roycroft: the panel has the speed control pot on it, and the vfd i bought does not
12:12 PM gloops: if you really really need it its better to find a more local supplier id say
12:12 PM roycroft: i can add that - it's just a pot that i can get from mouser
12:12 PM roycroft: but that remote panel kit has the mount for the panel
12:12 PM roycroft: that's what i really want
12:12 PM IchGucksLive: roycroft: why dont you control the vfd by the linuxcnc gui
12:12 PM roycroft: it makes mounting the thing a whole lot easier
12:12 PM roycroft: because i'm not using linuxcnc for this project
12:12 PM IchGucksLive: ok
12:13 PM gloops: you can only do on/off via the panel? max speed
12:13 PM roycroft: when i do use linuxcnc i'll definitely let linuxcnc control the speed
12:13 PM roycroft: i can control the speed with the arrow buttons
12:13 PM roycroft: but that's not fun
12:13 PM roycroft: a pot is really necessary
12:13 PM roycroft: but again, that's not the main thing i want
12:13 PM gloops: you can set the frequency yeah but some messing about
12:13 PM roycroft: it's the mounting bracket
12:14 PM roycroft: i can buy a pcb mount pot for <$2 and solder that into the panel
12:14 PM roycroft: change a jumper
12:14 PM roycroft: and i have a pot right on the panel
12:14 PM enleth: roycroft: if that's any consolation, those VFD pots are usually crappy, noisy and low resolution and have to be replaced anyway with a multi-turn pot
12:14 PM roycroft: oh, i guess i ned a $2 knob as well
12:15 PM roycroft: i look at this as payin $20 for a mounting bracket
12:15 PM roycroft: the spare panel with built-in pot and the cable are bonuses
12:15 PM gloops: make one lol
12:15 PM roycroft: i'm about ready to just do that
12:15 PM JT-Shop: roycroft: I ordered 4 solid state drives from aliexpress and never got them
12:16 PM roycroft: i can make a cutout in my control panel, and attach the existing panel with some velcro
12:16 PM roycroft: did you get the run-around on it as well, jt-shop?
12:16 PM roycroft: my biggest frustration is that the seller is somehow permitted to extend the due date without my consent
12:16 PM MarcelineVQ: roycroft: that is pretty rediculous
12:17 PM JT-Shop: I was busy and forgot to file a claim
12:17 PM JT-Shop: before the deadline
12:17 PM roycroft: bummer
12:17 PM roycroft: although that's on you in the end
12:18 PM roycroft: it still sucks though
12:18 PM JT-Shop: I had always got the stuff so I was a bit lax
12:19 PM roycroft: i'm pretty good at keeping track of stuff like that - i create notes that email me reminders when a significant date for something is approaching
12:19 PM gloops: lol, pity the chinese dont
12:21 PM roycroft: this whole experience underscores my belief that one should buy things as locally as possible
12:22 PM gloops: its the $s though
12:22 PM gloops: local = x3
12:23 PM gloops: i need one pair of screw mounting blocks, £25 cheapest in UK, china £8
12:23 PM gloops: same blocks
12:29 PM gloops: well, with a bit of lucky ill be fully assembled tommorrow, maybe just maybe get the motors on on thursday, i could actually be talking about linuxcnc on friday, for once
12:39 PM roycroft: after this router table is done, i'm going to make my belt grinder, and then i'm going to get back to the cnc conversion of my mill/drill
12:39 PM roycroft: so perhaps later on in the spring i'll be able to talk about cnc :)
12:40 PM roycroft: i still have no idea what i'm going to do for cam software, but i'll hand-write gcode for a while
12:41 PM gloops: ive got a planer thicknesser to rebuild, a bandsaw to raise, make a panel sander probably oh and a vintage fretsaw to restore
12:42 PM roycroft: the spindle in my mill/drill is making some noise, and i'm getting more runout than i'd like and than there used to be
12:42 PM roycroft: so i suspect spindle bearings are going to be the next task on that machine
12:42 PM roycroft: other than that, i have everything for the cnc conversion except the ball screws
12:42 PM roycroft: and i'll have to make all the mounts and ancillary bits, ofr course
12:42 PM roycroft: oh, i need some limit switches as well
12:42 PM roycroft: but i pretty much have what i need
12:56 PM gloops: https://cherrywoodcustom.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/drum-sander-fabrication-07.jpg
12:58 PM gloops: that is a bit too basic, you need height control
12:59 PM Rab: This looks awesome: https://www.centerquic.com/
12:59 PM Rab: Could probably make one for a few dollars.
12:59 PM gloops: for height control i will sync 2 scissor jacks
01:00 PM gloops: that is very useful Rab
01:00 PM Rab: Linked from this Dan Gelbart video: https://youtu.be/otSjut1iGGk?t=131
01:07 PM gloops: pretty expensive equivalents http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Laser-Center-Edge-Finder-Precision-Milling-10mm-Shank-Concentric-Ring-Target/252761303502?
01:09 PM Rab: I saw those, but I'm not sure if they follow the same concept. I think the target is a static pattern, and the expense comes from making it exactly concentric.
01:09 PM Rab: Here's somebody's DIY take: http://www.gadgetbuilder.com/LaserCenterFinder.html
01:10 PM Rab: Not sure why they didn't make it clip onto the spindle/chuck, that seems much more useful since you can use it with the tool installed.
01:17 PM IchGucksLive: rab only gadget
01:17 PM IchGucksLive: you may be out of axis alot
01:18 PM MarcelineVQ: That's true, actually gelbart explains how this can be Rab, lemme see if I can find the vid
01:19 PM Rab: IchGucksLive, you mean, there's a limit to how close one can get by eye?
01:19 PM IchGucksLive: first you dont get a straigt as you got always paralactics
01:19 PM Rab: It does seem like it depends on the mill/drill being trammed really well.
01:20 PM IchGucksLive: then this items are not calibrated
01:20 PM IchGucksLive: a simple bit shaft and a wirer wil give you exact center
01:21 PM IchGucksLive: using probe in
01:21 PM IchGucksLive: im off Gn8 from germany
01:22 PM phiplii: JT-Shop, Stuff is really cheap from aliexpress, but when something isn't right it is a right pig to sort things out
01:22 PM Rab: I don't see it as a replacement for precise center-finding techniques, but for situations where I'd normally align by eye...hell yeah
01:22 PM phiplii: they try and waste your time until you give up
01:22 PM MarcelineVQ: darn I can't find it, probably in here somewhere https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwdoUjynpEk fairly sure he explains how you can be without runout but still off-axis
01:23 PM phiplii: I only use it when I have to - I usually use banggood - they cost a little bit more and don't have as much stuff, but you can pay with paypal
01:23 PM Rab: MarcelineVQ, thanks for the pointer. I'll take a look.
01:23 PM phiplii: which means you can demand your money back
01:26 PM JT-Shop: phipli: Henry threw a fit yesterday then just walked away to the west
01:26 PM phiplii: ah right - I thought you'd finished him off
01:26 PM phiplii: he'll probably be back
01:27 PM JT-Shop: I could not get him separated from the pullets, then I managed to catch him and put him outside the chicken yard fence
01:28 PM JT-Shop: I don't expect to see him again
01:28 PM phiplii: might turn up at your neighbours
01:28 PM MrHindsight: "<gloops> thats how they work, they probably havent even got the item in stock, they get a buy click then start asking round if anyone has one"
01:28 PM JT-Shop: he headed west, she lives north and she checked today
01:29 PM phiplii: they instinctively roost and things - so he'll climb trees at night if he can
01:29 PM MrHindsight: gloops: I've experienced that first hand standing in shops in China. They would run out the door and return minutes later with what I asked for.
01:29 PM JT-Shop: yea I figure he will roost in the trees
01:32 PM phiplii: weird that he walked off
01:32 PM phiplii: usually they try to stay near the flock
01:32 PM phiplii: when we separate ours they hang around the other side of the fence as close as possible
01:33 PM JT-Shop: I was in the yard with the pullets giving them their sprouts and he started running around in circles flapping his wings and making chicken sounds... was bumping into things then he fell down
01:34 PM JT-Shop: he sat there for a minute then got up walked up to the driveway turned left walked down the drive a bit then turned right and walked up the hill in the woods, never saw him again
01:35 PM phiplii: sounds like a stroppy teenager
01:38 PM fragalot: \o/
01:39 PM gloops: cockerel gone crazy?
01:40 PM JT-Shop: yup
01:40 PM phiplii: gone?
01:41 PM phiplii: (as in, gone crazy)
01:41 PM gloops: never had that before
01:41 PM phiplii: One of our girls screamed when I picked her up to check her over
01:41 PM gloops: had them turn really aggressive, cant remember crazy
01:41 PM phiplii: really blood curdling - freaked the others out
01:42 PM gloops: did all the others stop dead in their tracks for a few seconds?
01:42 PM phiplii: the hid
01:43 PM phiplii: and wouldn't come near me for a few minutes afterwards (the others are usually tame)
01:43 PM JT-Shop: been pretty quiet today and last night
01:43 PM gloops: ive seen that a few times, all going about their business clucking and whatever, one squeals and they all stop in dead silence, then just carry on as normal lol
01:43 PM phiplii: they do the "THING IN THE SKY!" panic. Either freeze or run
01:44 PM phiplii: once it was a kids helium balloon - the REALLY didn't like that
01:44 PM phiplii: other times it is just pigeons
01:44 PM phiplii: they also make a different grumble stressed noise sometimes when they see a cat they don't know
01:45 PM gloops: soon be time when foxes are feeding young, when they start getting daring
01:46 PM MrHindsight: phiplii: was the balloon acting in any way aggressively?
01:46 PM phiplii: I'm not sure, I don't speak balloon
01:47 PM JT-Shop: on a happy note the 5th laid an egg yesterday but not today
01:48 PM MrHindsight: phiplii: balloon vs ball, was it because the balloon was floating?
01:48 PM MrHindsight: does a rolling or bouncing ball upset them similarly?
01:49 PM phiplii: no - I think they generally worry about things moving slowly in the sky
01:49 PM phiplii: hovering predators and all that.
01:49 PM phiplii: 5 per day is going to be a lot of eggs :)
01:50 PM phiplii: we only get 4 tops :)
01:50 PM phiplii: and that is still a lot of eggs
01:50 PM MrHindsight: and smart enough to differentiate between different cats
01:50 PM phiplii: the neighbours cat is bright white and harmless
01:50 PM phiplii: some of the others stalk them a bit because they've never been chased by an angry chicken (the white one has)
01:59 PM gloops: these were some call ducks hatching, (the mother was actually pure white and returned to pure white first day she got a bath lol, had been sitting for 28 days) http://picpaste.com/ducks_005-UlX6MUFm.JPG
01:59 PM JT-Shop: I should get 9 a day when they are all up to speed
02:01 PM gloops: http://picpaste.com/pics/ducks_006-eEVqK3dn.1515527997.JPG
02:02 PM JT-Shop: a little quacker
02:03 PM phiplii: There is a lake on my way to work
02:04 PM phiplii: some mornings I drop by to say hello to the ducks
02:07 PM gloops: call ducks are too noisy, dont lay many eggs, entertaining though
02:08 PM roycroft: most of the ducks around here are football players, and i try to keep away from them
02:09 PM JT-Shop: my girls know it's wheat sprout time in the afternoon and all come running up to me before I even get the sprouts
02:10 PM roycroft: do you feed the chickens your spent grain when you brew, jt-shop?
02:13 PM JT-Shop: I've not brewed since I started with chickens, but they do get my left over barley and stuff in small quantities
02:19 PM gloops: http://picpaste.com/pics/rir-bwxeNhdR.1515529047.JPG they were some young rhodies we hatched, sold for £9 each at Selby market, (had quite a few)
02:20 PM JT-Shop: nice looking birds, how old?
02:21 PM gloops: not that old there, maybe 8 weeks
02:24 PM fragalot: so many packages to pick up tomorrow.. Except I have to go to germany for 2 days >.>
02:24 PM fragalot: this is what hell feels like;
02:25 PM phiplii: gloops, 3 of ours are half RIR :)
02:26 PM phiplii: gloops : http://gallery.elephantandchicken.co.uk/#!album-3
02:28 PM phiplii: the young pair have grown up a bit since then
02:28 PM gloops: warrens phiplii? the only real difference rhodies can be a bit more aggressive and no nonsense kind of thing, warrens are more people friendly
02:29 PM gloops: well, the ones we had anyway
02:29 PM fragalot: what do you guys do with 'm when you go on holiday?
02:29 PM gloops: i dont go on holiday lol
02:30 PM fragalot: I guess that's one way to solve that problem :D
02:31 PM gloops: i dont think theres anything abroad for someone like me fragalot, im not a sun and sea type
02:32 PM phiplii: yeah two warrens, a speckledie and a white sussex
02:33 PM gloops: theyre all nice birds
02:33 PM fragalot: me neither, that's why you go to forests instead
02:33 PM phiplii: fragalot, about 4 different people all argue over who gets to look after them
02:33 PM JT-Shop: my buddy takes care of mine when I go away
02:35 PM gloops: last time we left the daughters boyfriend to feed them, he decided to give them 6 days feed the first day and not bother going again all week
02:35 PM JT-Shop: lol
02:35 PM JT-Shop: mine have a automatic feeder that holds about 60 lbs of feed
02:36 PM gloops: well we have auto drinkers so they survived
02:36 PM fragalot: I have a DIY feeder on the fishpond
02:36 PM phiplii: I'm working towards automation, but am very nervous about getting it wrong
02:37 PM JT-Shop: http://gnipsel.com/images/chickens/feeder/feeder-04.jpg
02:37 PM fragalot: using some old 4Nm steppers >.>
02:37 PM phiplii: the automatic door is currently sat in the sitting room, running, to make sure it can work a week before I fit it
02:37 PM phiplii: fragalot, I'm going to use elastic to attach it to the door so it will flex if / when a bird sits under it
02:38 PM phiplii: security isn't too much of an issue for that door because there is another
02:38 PM gloops: its handy to have one of the commercial red drinkers hooked up, even to a water barrel, at least you know they will always have water
02:38 PM phiplii: I'm working towards an auto re-filling bucket
02:38 PM phiplii: bucket with nipple water outlets for them...
02:38 PM fragalot: water is indeed critical, but also very easy
02:38 PM MarcelineVQ: syyl: neat solution for parting those washers, wouldn't have expected that to work without chowdering up one side of them
02:39 PM phiplii: and I have a two level (high and low sensing) float level sensor
02:39 PM syyl: thanks MarcelineVQ
02:39 PM phiplii: means that it only refills when mostly empty to refresh the water
02:39 PM gloops: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Automatic-Hanging-Poultry-Drinker/391898513118?
02:39 PM syyl: parting them on the lathe chaudered them up like crazy...
02:39 PM MarcelineVQ: hehe
02:40 PM phiplii: we've got one like the second picture in that ebay link atm
02:40 PM phiplii: but it only lasts a day
02:42 PM gloops: the ones with the pipeline, you can just couple up to the mains or water barrel or whatever, a valve allows them to stay full and can be adjusted on the weight of the water
02:42 PM JT-Shop: my coop sends me a text whenever the door status changes
02:42 PM fragalot: phiplii: what if the chickens aren't in when the door closes?
02:42 PM fragalot: JT-Shop: haha
02:43 PM JT-Shop: in the old days farmers would use a toilet float valve to fill the water trough
02:43 PM MarcelineVQ: syyl: I saw a set of videos recently that made me think of you since you mention you're often dealing with plastic, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXq_HfwG7dA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-TkuQDWdbA
02:43 PM syyl: Ha, good ol' joe
02:43 PM phiplii: fragalot, close it later
02:43 PM fragalot: JT-Shop: and now they use that same valve, but slightly modified with a different stamp on it
02:43 PM MarcelineVQ: he's a treat to watch
02:44 PM syyl: yes - he is very long in the game, obviously :D
02:44 PM fragalot: phiplii: but if it's automated? or dot he chickens have a natural curfew
02:44 PM gloops: yeah a ballcock works JT-Shop, you can sometimes find the red drinkers from big chicken farms, on ebay or local sales
02:44 PM phiplii: they have bad night vision
02:44 PM phiplii: they go to bed at dusk
02:45 PM gloops: fragalot the chinese always deliver at the most inopportune time
02:45 PM fragalot: Right.
02:45 PM fragalot: gloops: everyone delivers during office hours.. which is when 90% of the population isn't home.
02:45 PM fragalot: I never understood why they even bother
02:46 PM gloops: i got a note through the door saying if i didnt collect within 48 hours the item would be returned to sender ..20 mile drive, i was on my way in minutes
02:46 PM fragalot: I get those a lot from DPD
02:47 PM fragalot: they drop it off at a random location nowhere near me that changes every time
02:47 PM phiplii: thankfully work lets us gets stuff sent there
02:47 PM fragalot: to a place that is only open on odd tuesdays unless if it's cold out
02:47 PM gloops: that was fedex, i doubt they were going to send them back
02:47 PM fragalot: phiplii: mine does too but I forget a lot to change the address
02:55 PM JT-Shop: http://gnipsel.com/images/chickens/waterer/vert-nipple05.jpg
02:55 PM JT-Shop: http://gnipsel.com/images/chickens/waterer/
02:56 PM fragalot: JT-Shop: Those are some very nice nipples you have there
03:00 PM JT-Shop: thanks, stayed thawed down to 1°F
03:01 PM fragalot: wouldn't it help if you wrapped the side in insulation?
03:01 PM fragalot: or do you value the visual level indicator higher than temp
03:01 PM JT-Shop: the heater is 250 watts but yes it would be better with some insulation on the side and top, the box sorta did that
03:02 PM JT-Shop: I fill it each morning so I know how much they are drinking
03:04 PM Tom_L: looks like the chickens are taking over the place
03:06 PM JT-Shop: lol chickens in choppers
03:06 PM gloops: im a few days away from having a machine, i hope
03:06 PM gloops: ill be talking linuxcnc 24/7
03:07 PM Tom_L: i need to figure out why my pendant jog switch isn't switching
03:07 PM Tom_L: i've got slow medium and fast but medium doesn't work
03:07 PM JT-Shop: loose wire?
03:07 PM gloops: you got it moving then Tom?
03:07 PM Tom_L: when it quit it hadn't moved in a while
03:08 PM Tom_L: no, the control is still on the sherline
03:08 PM Tom_L: i'm mounting switches etc
03:08 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Assembly/X_Axis_limit1.jpg
03:09 PM Tom_L: got 2 motors mounted, need to do Z still
03:09 PM methods_: nice
03:09 PM methods_: looking good
03:09 PM Tom_L: don't get alot of time to work on it
03:10 PM gloops: im hoping to be on motors thursday
03:10 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Assembly/X_MotorMount3.jpg
03:10 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Assembly/Y_Motormount2.jpg
03:11 PM Tom_L: that one got welded in place
03:11 PM fragalot: Tom_L: is that a rigid coupler?
03:11 PM Tom_L: it's a test coupler for alignment
03:11 PM Tom_L: i've got good couplers for it
03:11 PM fragalot: :-)
03:11 PM Tom_L: just a couple reamed holes
03:11 PM fragalot: looks like a neat build so far
03:12 PM Tom_L: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCva7pnMtEQ
03:13 PM Tom_L: it aligns pretty good
03:14 PM Tom_L: half the fun is in the build
03:15 PM gloops: i dont like those tinny chinese connectors anyway
03:15 PM Tom_L: i just made that from some scrap bar to test with
03:16 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Couplers.jpg
03:16 PM fragalot: gloops: oil torque converters or go bust? :)
03:16 PM Tom_L: one of those will go in for good
03:16 PM gloops: i suspect the flexible ones give backlash, and they snap lile cotton
03:16 PM gloops: like
03:16 PM fragalot: gloops: get ones that are rated for the load you're putting on...
03:17 PM gloops: fragalot if all goes to plan ill have belts and pulleys so no need
03:17 PM fragalot: I've currently for my first set intentionally under-rated them as I'm absolutely certain i'll mess up on one of the limit switches sooner or later :D
03:17 PM Tom_L: gotta run..
03:17 PM fragalot: and my original build I did ~12 years ago on a different machine had everything oversized, except for the frame... with a 2mm trapezoid leadscrew
03:18 PM fragalot: "home" "home" "home" "bend"
03:18 PM fragalot: "flex"
03:18 PM fragalot: "snap"
03:18 PM gloops: whats the rating for a 120lb gantry moving at 200 ipm?
03:18 PM fragalot: "sad"
03:18 PM fragalot: gloops: 8Nm stepper -> 30Nm coupler
03:19 PM gloops: the coupler would cost more than the screw!
03:19 PM gloops: anyway, as said im using belt to drive the screws
03:19 PM fragalot: belt works fine
03:19 PM fragalot: in the end all you're trying to do is make the bearings last
03:20 PM gloops: the motors are only £25 im not bothered about the bearings really
03:20 PM fragalot: annoying to replace though
03:20 PM fragalot: and they sound HORRIBLE when they go
03:20 PM fragalot: and accuracy suffers
03:20 PM gloops: how often? every 6 month?
03:21 PM fragalot: depends on how much you use the machine and how out of alignment it is
03:21 PM fragalot: whilst a simple flexible coupling (be it a belt or flex-coupler or a gear-coupler) could make them last for decades
03:22 PM gloops: well, ive planned this machine to the minutest detail, and it has been built according to the finest standards of british engineering
03:22 PM fragalot: british engineering?
03:22 PM * fragalot runs off to find an episode of the IT crowd
03:23 PM fragalot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO1ebXqUFDw would be better without the laugh track though
03:29 PM gloops: it will work, the design came to me when i was watching an eagle soaring over the craggs
03:29 PM fragalot: haha
04:27 PM Deejay: gn8
04:56 PM gloops: T-4 days and counting
06:26 PM phiplii: Whoops. Someone made it tomorrow while I wasn't looking...
06:26 PM phiplii: Night folks.
06:45 PM roycroft: ok, in fairness i have to follow up on my aliexpress fiasco
06:46 PM roycroft: the seller has refunded me for the original shipment and said that the replacement is in transit to his shipper, and that he will provide tracking information shortly.
06:46 PM roycroft: he must have awakend in the right side of the bed this morning :)
07:16 PM SpeedEvil: :)
08:45 PM roycroft: he must have awakend in the right side of the bed this morning :)
08:52 PM dioz: sucks
10:54 PM Contract_Pilot: Sup...
10:59 PM `Wolf: ssdd...
11:02 PM `Wolf: scales… dro scales everywhere
11:08 PM `Wolf: went cheap on the quill https://i.imgur.com/eDuNXtu.jpg