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Dec 15 2017

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12:06 AM Kevin`: things i'd worry about that become issues on super cheap machines: aluminum requires a spindle that holds relatively constant speed, either through a feedback loop (encoder + power control back to lcnc, or a device with this built-in) or nature (induction motors do reasonably well). interpolating circles (eg, that cutout on the bottom right) needs a precision motion system. this isn't terribly expensive b
12:09 AM Kevin`: ut conversions won't do it well (by design), nor will the cheapest stuff available (by quality). high speed spindles used on lots of cheap cnc machines need to run *at speed* to produce decent torque, which means you need to run the entire operation at about the same speed you'd do professionally, and use essentially all the power available from the motor. this works but will be scary if you are new. a "p
12:09 AM Kevin`: roper" cnc mill can run at low speed with high torque and is more friendly here
12:09 AM Kevin`: anonnumberanon:
12:13 AM Kevin`: some of those have an internal pid speed control and work entirely decently. they are painfully loud
12:14 AM anonnumberanon: :S
12:16 AM Kevin`: the other common option of brushless, fanless (water cooled) motors are kind of nice just because you can run them up to 20krpm and have them be essentially silent. doesn't have much *functional* difference though
12:16 AM Kevin`: not sure which has more torque at low speed
12:20 AM anonnumberanon: Seems the 1.5kw and 2.2kw Re both an upgrade in torque from the mamita router option?
12:21 AM anonnumberanon: MAKITA*
12:23 AM Kevin`: based on what?
12:24 AM Kevin`: it may be true, but just the max power output doesn't tell you
12:24 AM Kevin`: it won't do 2.2kw at 2000rpm f/e
12:30 AM Kevin`: random picture is probably roughly applicable to AC spindles https://www.damencnc.com/userdata/artikelen/electrospindel-c4147cdbper25hy22kw1800024000rpm_14_3_G.jpg
12:31 AM Kevin`: of course, 500w is still 500w =p
12:31 AM Kevin`: bbl
12:46 AM anonnumberanon: Based on videos i saw where the feed rate is a lot higher
12:46 AM anonnumberanon: I could be wrong
12:50 AM anonnumberanon: The makita 1 1/4 hp is 900 watts
01:21 AM gloops: router works fine if noise isnt an issue
01:23 AM archivist: router is made for wood, he wants bearing fits in aluminium
01:25 AM gloops: well the ryobi i had in mine only had 2 bearings, it did cut wood great, the spindles have 4 bearings
01:26 AM MarcelineVQ: gloops: he wants to cut with tolerances to fit bearings into
01:26 AM gloops: bearing fit cutting? i think we're taking more of a mill than a cnc router then
01:27 AM MarcelineVQ: as far as first machines go I'll be over the moon if my ball ends cut without leaving random lines
01:28 AM MarcelineVQ: not expecting that much though, it'll be dremel touchups all around I'm sure
01:28 AM gloops: are you cutting aluminium as well Marcel?
01:29 AM MarcelineVQ: just wood to start
01:29 AM MarcelineVQ: possibly using that to cut alu for mk2
01:30 AM jesseg: hey you guys ever tried friction welding with your lathe?
01:30 AM gloops: should be ok with wood, finishing passes and so on, get spindle trammed
01:30 AM jesseg: or is that too much speed and torque for an ordinary lathe?
01:31 AM MarcelineVQ: jesseg: it's more about pressure, the two pieces have to be pushed together while being spun, the pushing is hard
01:31 AM archivist: and the sudden speed drop when the weld happens
01:31 AM MarcelineVQ: gloops: just like that huh? hehe :>
01:31 AM jesseg: MarcelineVQ, ahh, okay. Of course once the metal starts to get soft and stick, it's going to have sufficient drag without great pressure I suspect
01:32 AM gloops: its the nature of routing to leave some lines heh, vertical spindle isnt the best way to surface wood
01:37 AM gloops: one challenge i still havent had time to look at is sticking 1mm ally sheet to mdf or plywood, apparently it isnt as simple as it sounds
01:38 AM MarcelineVQ: to what end?
01:39 AM gloops: for cutting decorative wall panels from
01:39 AM gloops: so you have aluminium surface
01:40 AM gloops: some are using metallic vinyl transfer stuff, you can get alu, stainless steel, silver etc, but sounds a bit tacky
01:42 AM Wolf__: ugh, not so fun discovery on this mill I got, need to take the damn table off of it
01:44 AM MarcelineVQ: neato. I was thinking of making modular wall panels as one of the projects for the machine. dont' like em? pull em off and slot in new ones
01:44 AM gloops: thats a good idea
01:45 AM gloops: some scope for creativity with things like that, multi layered 3d things, led light strips in between or for back lighting
01:48 AM MarcelineVQ: I was thinking relief sculpture sort of things made of treated wood, sunset colored led's as backlights on some would be a little interesting
01:48 AM gloops: Wolf big job?
01:49 AM Wolf__: pain in the ass job, Y axis lead nut is loose
01:49 AM IchGucksLive: hi
01:49 AM IchGucksLive: SNOW all over
01:49 AM IchGucksLive: shuffle is best to keep old men alive
01:49 AM Wolf__: x axis has gear box power feed on it as well…
01:50 AM IchGucksLive: but fitness is wear
01:51 AM MarcelineVQ: interestinly it's more wearing on the body to not be active
01:52 AM Contract_Pilot: Sup.
01:52 AM gloops: http://www.bellacor.com/productdetail/the-porcelain-garden-lt-08-lithophane-luminaire-misty-meadows-lamp-469630.htm
01:53 AM gloops: i dont think those are wood panels though
01:55 AM IchGucksLive: gloops: its working for me the world needs to wait a little longer
01:55 AM IchGucksLive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmflIoiweEk&feature=youtu.be
01:56 AM IchGucksLive: freecad CRC
02:03 AM gloops: what version .17?
02:04 AM IchGucksLive: yes im in DEV
02:05 AM gloops: i can only get .16 running on mint, atm, will have to have another look, the daily build can be a bit of a pain
02:05 AM Deejay: moin
02:05 AM IchGucksLive: as ispecial as people like me are on the code
02:05 AM gloops: its time to start saving zipped freecad, you know whats coming next? heh
02:05 AM IchGucksLive: Deejay: shuffle
02:06 AM IchGucksLive: till later
02:07 AM gloops: download Freecad $69
02:48 AM Contract_Pilot: https://youtu.be/xy3uYZsKq_s
02:49 AM MarcelineVQ: that fast enough for the work you're doing?
02:51 AM Contract_Pilot: Not sure what i will be doing
02:52 AM MarcelineVQ: heh
02:52 AM Contract_Pilot: 120 IPM
02:53 AM Contract_Pilot: Little tap with a mallet and she not be stalling
02:53 AM Contract_Pilot: Maybe some FOD in the motor from production... '
02:54 AM MarcelineVQ: percussive maintenance
02:54 AM Contract_Pilot: I can ramp it up to 240ipm
02:55 AM Contract_Pilot: bit i get jont 2 errors
02:55 AM archivist: on a stepper you have a setting wrong
02:56 AM archivist: one needs to be n times the other
02:56 AM archivist: to allow the loop to work properly
02:57 AM Contract_Pilot: At the settings i have ti on works great
02:58 AM archivist: joint 2 error is not "great"
02:58 AM archivist: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config/stepper-diagnostics.html
02:59 AM Contract_Pilot: that is if i change it
03:10 AM Contract_Pilot: I will still play with it.
03:10 AM Contract_Pilot: but bed time minor surg in the morning...
04:38 AM XXCoder: soylent can be bought at 7/11 now apparently
04:39 AM XXCoder: lots near my home lol
04:39 AM XXCoder: most at COW states, texas and one at east side
04:40 AM XXCoder: https://www.soylent.com/stores/
04:43 AM jthornton: where is the green one?
04:44 AM XXCoder: theres chai tea one I think. no human in it tho
04:44 AM XXCoder: so it might be not up to your lizard people standards
04:50 AM Longbow: hello
04:51 AM XXCoder: I guess nobody remembers V
04:51 AM XXCoder: hey
04:52 AM Longbow: Which mini-ITX motherboard would you use for LCNC?
04:52 AM Longbow: for best latency using mesa 6i25?
04:52 AM Longbow: I am shopping now for a new one and on the Linuxcnc's wiki there are only the old ones tested
04:53 AM jthornton: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26187982/
04:53 AM jthornton: that's a list of some of the motherboards I'm currently using
04:55 AM Longbow: thank you!
04:56 AM jthornton: the latency numbers are based on latency-histogram --nobase
04:56 AM jthornton: pci and pcie cards don't use a base thread
05:19 AM Tom_L: 33°F
05:19 AM jthornton: 32f
05:29 AM jthornton: got your mill done?
05:31 AM XXCoder: what you guys think of disney buying fox
06:14 AM jthornton: hot damn just got my ESP8266 to send me an email
06:14 AM Vq: I avoid Walter Disneys stuff and Fox doesn't really operate in my country.
06:14 AM Vq: I don't have much of an opinion.
06:18 AM XXCoder is now known as password2
06:18 AM password2 is now known as XXCoder
06:20 AM XXCoder: jthornton: whats esp8266
06:20 AM SpeedEvil: XXCoder: small wifi microcontroller
06:20 AM XXCoder: ahh
06:21 AM jthornton: https://www.amazon.com/HiLetgo-Internet-Development-Wireless-Micropython/dp/B010O1G1ES
06:22 AM XXCoder: interesting
06:28 AM jthornton: now to figure out how a driveway vehicle sensor works the kind that senses the steel in the vehicle
06:30 AM XXCoder: hall sensor like roadways?
06:30 AM XXCoder: sensor for lights
06:30 AM jthornton: magnetometer
06:30 AM XXCoder: hm always thought it was hall sensor
06:39 AM jthornton: https://www.amazon.com/WINGONEER-QMC5883L-Compass-Magnetometer-Arduino/dp/B06XHJDG1L/
06:39 AM jthornton: I think this will work
06:42 AM XXCoder: I guess it connects to large loop of wire?
06:44 AM jthornton: no, the blue thing is the magnetometer
06:46 AM XXCoder: it could detect car?
06:47 AM jthornton: that's what I've read that the car makes the compass readings move like the iron balls do on old ship compasses
07:01 AM Loetmichel: soo, first adapter milled and soldered. Only 111 to go... good that we have a CNC router ;) -> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=16915&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
07:15 AM jthornton: ahh the ones for stop lights are induction loops
07:21 AM jthornton: https://www.elecrow.com/inductive-loop-vehicle-detector-v21-pcb-board-p-1458.html
07:25 AM Loetmichel: *HAHAHA* wife just came back from a (company internal) job interview... starting february, 1st she will have a base salary of 100kEur a year... THATS good news ;)
07:51 AM jdh: what does she do?
07:56 AM Loetmichel: sales policy creator at SAP
08:39 AM SpeedEvil: yay
09:25 AM Contract_Pilot: So i think 60IPM on the feed rate will be good on both X & Z on the lathe.
09:45 AM gregcnc: Contract_Pilot so the hammer fixed it?
10:28 AM IchGucksLive: rain all snow gone
10:32 AM IchGucksLive: hi mo
10:32 AM IchGucksLive: MaPo: legt bei euch schnee
10:33 AM Deejay: wer legt schnee?
10:33 AM IchGucksLive: hier in RLP is alles weg regen
10:33 AM IchGucksLive: Deejay: Frau Holle
10:33 AM IchGucksLive: Deejay: kanst du etwas python
10:33 AM Deejay: nope
10:34 AM Deejay: hab mit würgeschlangen nix am hut
10:34 AM IchGucksLive: besser is das
10:34 AM MaPo: it´s all green
10:34 AM IchGucksLive: Green is good for Golfing
10:57 AM Loetmichel: IchGucksLive: actually not if the green is soaked with ice cold rain.
10:57 AM Loetmichel: :-)
11:00 AM IchGucksLive: as yoiu say
11:02 AM Loetmichel: been there, done that. Golfing is NO fun if you sink ankle deep into the green with every step you do
11:08 AM gloops: thats me done grafting, a week of freedom, the machine will be done by xmas
11:08 AM gloops: and then i will bore you no more with it lol
11:09 AM archivist: lies
11:09 AM gloops: once we get the 2 motors on one axis running
11:09 AM gloops: and the homing sorted
11:09 AM archivist: and and
11:10 AM MaPo: has anyone a camera with linuxcnc working
11:11 AM archivist: I wonder about cameras and their accuracy
11:11 AM MaPo: i tryed to install with camview, but it dosen´t work
11:12 AM gloops: is it for homing or positioning?
11:12 AM gloops: or just viewing
11:13 AM MaPo: ok thats not correct, the camera is ´does his job
11:13 AM archivist: what job
11:13 AM MaPo: for positioning
11:14 AM MaPo: the video is fine
11:14 AM archivist: the fun part is getting the optical axis straight and parallel with something
11:16 AM gloops: you got it working now?
11:17 AM Contract_Pilot: So got about 75% of all the things i need to get done - done.
11:17 AM MaPo: im working with gmoocapy, and when i make a toolchange then window is hanging
11:18 AM gloops: stupid plates delivered today and nobody in, back to depot
11:31 AM IchGucksLive: cool name
11:32 AM IchGucksLive: oh ein deutscher
11:32 AM IchGucksLive: servus
11:32 AM IchGucksLive: merkatorix: con wo ich Rlp
12:13 PM gregcnc: https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/hvo/d/lathe/6416231720.html been buried in the corner of the shop since 1930?
12:14 PM archivist: seriously old
12:15 PM archivist: 1940's looked a bit more rounded
12:16 PM archivist: 1/10 for image quality, 0/10 for realistic price
12:17 PM gloops: big lump
12:18 PM archivist: lacks chip tray which all later stuff had
12:20 PM gloops: mine has got that flakey looking casting, it seems to have been coated in some kind of filler before being painted, a lot of which has chipped off and been painted over
12:20 PM gloops: 1920ish
12:22 PM archivist: many/most used that filler on castings
12:22 PM archivist: only thing missing on that listing is r@re
12:28 PM Contract_Pilot: Anyt good Calucators for gear rations and torq Loss?
12:28 PM Contract_Pilot: Ratios.
12:29 PM Contract_Pilot: Going form 2:1 to 1:2
12:29 PM Contract_Pilot: Vs 1:1
12:30 PM archivist: plain gearing losses, that wont be in a calculator as it depends on quality
12:31 PM Contract_Pilot: Well if you have a known NM or oz-in should there be a simple formula to get a best guess?
12:31 PM IchGucksLive: on Ballscrews
12:31 PM IchGucksLive: its 1,25
12:32 PM IchGucksLive: as 400 meets 5
12:32 PM archivist: the result in torque is the same as 1:1 but for losses
12:32 PM IchGucksLive: its also timingbelt pullex 20/25
12:32 PM IchGucksLive: eqals 1,25
12:32 PM IchGucksLive: so best speed at best torque and best precision
12:33 PM IchGucksLive: as 400 meets 5 with 1,25 at 0,01mm
12:33 PM IchGucksLive: 1 step
12:33 PM IchGucksLive: this raps up a max output
12:37 PM gloops: 5mm screws, 2.5 - 1 timing pulleys
12:37 PM gloops: hows that work out?
12:38 PM archivist: question lacks clarity
12:38 PM IchGucksLive: 400steps times 1,25 is 500
12:38 PM gloops: im not sure whats being addressed here, but thats what i have
12:38 PM IchGucksLive: so 20 teeth on stepper and 25 on ballscrew will fit itt perfect as it is 1,25
12:39 PM Contract_Pilot: So 20 teeth on the stepper 10 on the screw vs the opisite...
12:39 PM gloops: ive got 2.5 on the stepper t0 1 on the ballscrew
12:40 PM gloops: i should have bought 2010 screws
12:41 PM IchGucksLive: thisd woudt have given speeeeeed
12:41 PM Contract_Pilot: I am thinking of going to larger screw on the Z axis also.
12:41 PM gloops: yes
12:41 PM gloops: these pulleys will speed
12:41 PM gloops: these screws will be pushed to the absolute limit
12:42 PM gloops: Contract you can run the z screw as fast as you want
12:55 PM gloops: at 800 rpm a 5mm pitch screw moves at approx 160 ipm , 800 probably the most you want to run a stepper at?
12:55 PM IchGucksLive: gloops: the XL37 are mutch cheepper then T5
12:55 PM gloops: already in the post Ichs
12:56 PM IchGucksLive: i got thme one one mashine taking hevy load and it works quite good
12:56 PM IchGucksLive: i think the next Years mashines will get inch
12:56 PM IchGucksLive: as it does not matter on !
12:56 PM gloops: ive got used HPC pulleys, expensive pulleys but wear unknown
12:56 PM IchGucksLive: I
12:58 PM gloops: if i can get the 16mm screws to run at 1600 rpm ill be happy
01:21 PM IchGucksLive: Gn8
01:40 PM josh_: Hi I've been trying to work on getting ngcgui embed in axis and am having no luck. is anyone available that can help
01:40 PM josh_: https://pastebin.com/M32U79ut
01:41 PM josh_: my axis ini currently have ngcgui stuff commented out
01:41 PM josh_: axis wont run when i take away comments
02:06 PM CaptHindsight: gregcnc: an old shop west of Milwaukee had a bunch of old machines, some of the accessories were still wrapped in the original wax paper
02:06 PM CaptHindsight: bar feeders, trays etc
02:06 PM CaptHindsight: they seem to hang on to everything
02:15 PM ChRiS____: I need some help with using a hall sensor as a Spindle index channel.
02:16 PM Contract_Pilot: I am thinking of going to a 25mm screw on this lathe z axis
02:16 PM ChRiS____: I have already configured it with a HAL comparator pin, it goes true when hall sensor is in position.
02:16 PM Contract_Pilot: the 15mm screw i think has to much flex
02:17 PM gregcnc: is the screw aligned properly and not bent?
02:17 PM Contract_Pilot: yes it is aligned
02:23 PM gloops: what are the symptoms Contract?
02:23 PM ChRiS____: Hall sensor as a Spindle index??
02:24 PM gloops: ChRiS have you spoken to archivist about this?
02:24 PM skunkworks: ChRiS____, just a hall sensor? or in combination with an encoder?
02:25 PM ChRiS____: In combination. I have a quadrature encoder functioning for A and B.
02:28 PM ChRiS____: archivist, what say you sir?
02:32 PM Contract_Pilot: No Symptoms just thinking of nixing the belt and going Direct Drive.
02:33 PM CaptHindsight: ChRiS____: http://encoder.com/literature/index-phasing.pdf
02:34 PM Contract_Pilot: Reminds me i need to get a new encoder also.
02:34 PM CaptHindsight: ChRiS____: how do you want yours to work?
02:36 PM ChRiS____: It's a retro of a Fadal, so it's already there and ready to go. It functions as active low, when aligned, it outputs 0v on the signal wire output from hall sensor.
02:37 PM ChRiS____: I would think i need to configure it to hit on the rising or falling edge?
02:39 PM pcw_mesa: if this is for spindle synchronized moves is mus be connected to the encoder index channel
02:39 PM pcw_mesa: it must be
02:41 PM ChRiS____: Can you give me a little more details on this? It ouputs about .5v when not aligned, and 0v when aligned
02:41 PM pcw_mesa: it needs a pullup to 5V
02:42 PM Contract_Pilot: Currently using THOMSON 7820955 sero backlash double ball nuts & 5707540 screw.
02:42 PM ChRiS____: Hmm, i do have a comparator pin created using an analog input. The comp pin goes true when hall sensor is aligned.
02:43 PM ChRiS____: There's no way to use that comp pin as index?
02:43 PM pcw_mesa: Not useful for index
02:43 PM pcw_mesa: well only for very low resolution encoders
02:44 PM pcw_mesa: you probably have a NPN type hall sensor, this should connect to the encoder index input
02:46 PM pcw_mesa: the encoder input has a 2K Ohm pull-up resistor to 5V (TTL mode) so may work OK as-is
02:46 PM Contract_Pilot: My Spindle Encoder. http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/33981861-B751-4067-93DB-BF3DB0554722-1024x768.jpeg
02:49 PM ChRiS____: It is NPN.
02:50 PM ChRiS____: Is there something i need to change on the board?
02:50 PM pcw_mesa: right, so it should work with the encoder index input directly
02:51 PM pcw_mesa: you might need to select TTL input for the index (or all A/B//index if your encoder is single ended=TTL)
02:51 PM ChRiS____: A and B is quadrature
02:52 PM pcw_mesa: yes quadrature but how many wires?
02:53 PM ChRiS___: A and B is already functioning like it should.
02:53 PM pcw_mesa: ( There are 2 main quadrature encoder interfaces: TTL and differential differential has 2 wires for each signal )
02:54 PM ChRiS___: Yes, A and B is differential, and already functioning as it should.
02:54 PM pcw_mesa: TTL is A,B,Z Differential is A,/A B,/B Z,/Z
02:55 PM pcw_mesa: so to connect your NPN index sensor to the encoder input, you must jumper the index input for TTL mode
02:55 PM ChRiS___: ok
02:55 PM ChRiS___: Thank you
02:56 PM ChRiS___: And that has a pullup on board?
02:56 PM pcw_mesa: Yes, 2K
03:07 PM Contract_Pilot: I have TTL on mine i want to go Diferential
03:10 PM Contract_Pilot: pcw knows his stuff for sure...
03:10 PM pcw_mesa: differential is more resistant to noise but even with TTL you can get decent noise immunity by setting the encoder filter so its no faster than needed
03:10 PM Contract_Pilot: it is 2000PPR
03:14 PM Contract_Pilot: Do not think i need 2000PPR
03:14 PM ChRiS___: No luck getting the pin to fire in HALSHOW.
03:14 PM ChRiS___: Jumper for Index is set for single ended.
03:14 PM pcw_mesa: measure the voltage
03:14 PM pcw_mesa: and make sure the sensor ground is encoder ground
03:15 PM MarcelineVQ: poo the digital rpm guage on the wood lathe here stopped reading after I moved the machine :(
03:16 PM ChRiS___: Yes, same ground. Reading .5v when hall is not aligned. 0v when aligned.
03:18 PM pcw_mesa: OK bad sensor maybe?
03:18 PM ChRiS___: No, sensor is functioning as it should.
03:18 PM pcw_mesa: Not with .5V output...
03:19 PM ChRiS___: Yes, it outputs .4 to .5 volts per the manual.
03:19 PM pcw_mesa: Then its not a NPN output device
03:19 PM gloops: cnc wood lathe Marcel?
03:20 PM MarcelineVQ: nah, the boring kind :> it has a vfd at least!
03:20 PM gloops: wood lathes are great machines though
03:21 PM MarcelineVQ: I'm fixing it up to make handles for my files
03:21 PM gloops: nice job to do
03:21 PM gloops: well, i like wood turning anyway, probably not everyones cup of tea
03:22 PM ChRiS___: https://www.onlinecomponents.com/honeywell-103sr13a2.html?p=11911940
03:23 PM ChRiS___: States NPN
03:23 PM ChRiS___: Max output voltage; .4v
03:24 PM pcw_mesa: Yes that the maximum _on_ = sinking = low voltage at the rated load current
03:24 PM pcw_mesa: the output should = the pullup voltage when off
03:25 PM pcw_mesa: or its bad
03:25 PM pcw_mesa: or the pullup is not working somehow
03:26 PM ChRiS___: It should be connected to IDX and not /IDX correct?
03:27 PM pcw_mesa: makes no difference really
03:27 PM pcw_mesa: I am assuming you have the NPN one (there is a analog output model)
03:29 PM ChRiS___: It's NPN
03:29 PM pcw_mesa: OK so its either bad or theres a problem with the pullup/wiring issue
03:32 PM pcw_mesa: that is, for a NPN type sensor the output is either open (so the pullup resistor has no load current and the terminal voltage should = the power supply)
03:32 PM pcw_mesa: or grounded (so the output should be no more than 0.4V with 20 mA pullup current)
03:35 PM pcw_mesa: think of the NPN output terminal as being a switch to ground ( not a perfect switch , ~20 ohms in this case )
03:54 PM ChRiS___: It's .4v with 20 mA current
03:55 PM pcw_mesa: right so about 20 ohms when on (and nearly infinite when off)
04:02 PM Deejay: gn8
04:06 PM XXCoder: holy crap
04:06 PM XXCoder: they added ssh client and server to windows 10
04:06 PM XXCoder: 80s is here now!
04:07 PM jym: XXCoder: But it's M$, so it doesn't count, ZERO security =)
04:07 PM XXCoder: just like 80s!
04:07 PM XXCoder: well 90s really
04:08 PM jym: XXCoder: Windows, the most profitable virus every created!!!
04:08 PM XXCoder: lol
04:08 PM XXCoder: honestly some windows was great
04:08 PM XXCoder: MWGA :P
04:11 PM XXCoder: windows that MS try to made fad or try something new usually sucks
04:11 PM XXCoder: like windows 98 internet shit lol
04:16 PM gloops: my mrs downloaded a sub 7 on her first pc with windows, few days before xmas, i wasnt paying much attention but she started getting a bit excited said there was a box with text appearing in it - then they ran format C: lol
04:22 PM Contract_Pilot: I still have my actual 95 start up floppy and CD
04:38 PM XXCoder: Contract_Pilot: heh yeah windows 98 bootable disk was so hard to find back then
04:39 PM XXCoder: usually because win98 cd is bootable by itself, though some pcs dont support that
04:39 PM Contract_Pilot: I remember my 1 gig hard drive and thought man gonna take forever to fill this up.... hahaha....
04:39 PM XXCoder: lol
04:39 PM Contract_Pilot: I paid some big$$$ for it also.
04:42 PM gloops: just seen an interesting idea - brick engraving
04:43 PM gloops: like a clay house brick
04:43 PM XXCoder: hous bricks or lego engrabe
04:43 PM XXCoder: ah
04:43 PM XXCoder: lego brick engraving is pretty old idea
04:43 PM gloops: wonder how hard baked clay is for cutting
04:43 PM XXCoder: fired clay is really tough
04:44 PM gloops: yeah i thought that
04:44 PM XXCoder: abustive type tools maybe
04:44 PM XXCoder: with tons coolling
04:44 PM gloops: dust would probably wipe out ballscrews pretty quick sldo
04:44 PM gloops: also
04:44 PM XXCoder: dont let it make dust
04:44 PM XXCoder: same as fiberglass block cutting
04:44 PM gloops: yeah would have to wash it off
04:44 PM XXCoder: dont let it make dust
04:45 PM gregcnc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSIffrZediw
04:45 PM XXCoder: dust is very bad
04:46 PM gloops: ive seen granite cutting discussed on facebook, pretty hard stuff to cut, clay probably not in that league
04:46 PM XXCoder: gregcnc: nice. wonder if can add probing in order to adjust engraving
04:46 PM gloops: thats not a particularly heavy looking rigid machine gregcnc
04:47 PM XXCoder: gloops: its bolted into concerete
04:47 PM gloops: well yeah, but only a bit of ally rail
04:48 PM gloops: maybe it isnt so hard
04:48 PM XXCoder: just small sideload
04:48 PM gregcnc: there are all kinds, it's not new
04:48 PM XXCoder: high rpm
04:48 PM gloops: diamond bit
04:48 PM XXCoder: I want to try glass engraving sokmeday
04:48 PM gloops: some money in engraving gravestones and the like
04:48 PM gloops: memorials
04:49 PM XXCoder: tons of companies on those
04:49 PM XXCoder: including people with chisel skills
04:49 PM gloops: when something is so lucrative it attracts bigger investors
04:50 PM gloops: they charge a fortune for funeral related stuff, £1000 for a coffin - veneered plywood box
04:52 PM XXCoder: lol try disability products
04:52 PM XXCoder: $100 for deaf alarm clock
04:52 PM XXCoder: hearing aid $3000
04:52 PM XXCoder: each.
04:54 PM gloops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKzlhdBXB7M
04:55 PM XXCoder: corncob
04:56 PM gloops: the routermate looks a fairly substantial machine
04:56 PM XXCoder: notice that it isnt allowed to make dust
04:56 PM gloops: yeah you would really have to watch the dust, well i would as using screws, probably not so bad with r&p
04:57 PM gloops: health risks aside
04:57 PM XXCoder: heh I made tons of fiberglass parts, and couple times I acciently let it make dust, it ate tool very fast
04:57 PM gloops: so that dust will also abrade the tool?
04:57 PM XXCoder: funny how super brittle fiberglass kills tool so fast
04:58 PM XXCoder: not too sure on clay but yeah think so
04:58 PM XXCoder: evenm properly coolant flow it still abrates pretty fast
04:58 PM XXCoder: but dust it dulls tool over and over and..
04:59 PM gloops: bricks caught my interest because this area was a big brick making area in the old days, every district has its own brickyard and the bricks all have the brickyards name on - people collect them and use the decoratively - like they have a wall built and have a single old brick from their town in it showing the name
05:00 PM gloops: anyway bedtime
05:01 PM XXCoder: night
05:03 PM Contract_Pilot: 240IPM on z axis no joint errors...
05:04 PM Contract_Pilot: Prob never gonna use 240IPM but i know it can do it hahaha...
05:05 PM XXCoder: nice
05:05 PM XXCoder: watch out for policer
05:06 PM XXCoder: its not even one mph lol
05:10 PM Contract_Pilot: https://youtu.be/jy1LW95gyK0
05:11 PM XXCoder: I think mill I run rapids is at 2000 ipm?
05:12 PM XXCoder: or 10,000? forgot
05:12 PM XXCoder: considering it uses tombstone pallet which weights 500 pounds thats insane
05:14 PM Contract_Pilot: Yea,
05:15 PM XXCoder: ah 1960 ipm
05:16 PM Contract_Pilot: I bet could get 2k ipm if i went to $sevos
05:16 PM XXCoder: 1.8 mph
05:17 PM gregcnc: they crash pretty good even at 240ipm
05:17 PM Contract_Pilot: Prob only run this at 60IPM max
05:17 PM Contract_Pilot: I am just playing right now...
05:17 PM XXCoder: this is a61 btw https://youtu.be/uUwTP9W6sGM
05:17 PM XXCoder: video shows only one machine but what I run is full cell
05:19 PM Contract_Pilot: cool
05:19 PM XXCoder: you can see how fast it moves
05:19 PM Contract_Pilot: I took the motor off was binding when turning by hand loosned the screw for the bearing cover pop no more stalling
05:20 PM Contract_Pilot: All tightnerd back up and not an issue.
05:20 PM JT-Shop: XXCoder: damn quick tool change!
05:21 PM XXCoder: jt lol yeah
05:21 PM XXCoder: there is 3 speeds for tool change
05:21 PM XXCoder: fastest is usual
05:21 PM JT-Shop: slow down for a heavy tool?
05:21 PM XXCoder: slowest is around 5 times slower, for very long or heavy
05:22 PM Contract_Pilot: Not sure what max speed i should use...
05:23 PM Tom_L: looks alot like one of the Okumas my bud had
05:23 PM XXCoder: Contract_Pilot: honestly set it to somewhere between highest you tested and normal uses
05:23 PM JT-Shop: pallet change is a bit slow but cool
05:23 PM XXCoder: yeah it takes around 30 seconds
05:23 PM Tom_L: his had a huge belt on the back side
05:23 PM XXCoder: 15 seconds of turning, then master control setting it up
05:24 PM JT-Shop: Contract_Pilot: for steppers find out the max speed before stalling and back off 20%
05:24 PM XXCoder: then it sets pallet facing zero towards spindle
05:24 PM XXCoder: then it downloads program
05:24 PM XXCoder: I hate how it downloads even if its second part on same pallet, and same part
05:25 PM XXCoder: record is 8 parts on single opallet lol
05:25 PM Contract_Pilot: It stalls out nearly 400IPM
05:25 PM * JT-Shop needs to scrap the chicken poop off his pants and tend to the chicken n dumplings on the stove
05:25 PM JT-Shop: 300IPM sounds reasonable for rapids then
05:25 PM Tom_L: hopefully not fresh plucked chicken
05:25 PM JT-Shop: lol
05:26 PM Contract_Pilot: Why i was thinking of going direct drive and set it at 120IPM
05:26 PM JT-Shop: it would be tough to pluck Sweet Pea or Ruby... Henry maybe
05:28 PM Contract_Pilot: But i need to go rest was a very uncomfortable morning.
05:28 PM JT-Shop: see everyone in the AM
05:28 PM BeachBumPete: Hey Merry Christmas Everybody :)
05:29 PM XXCoder: hey. happy xmas
05:30 PM BeachBumPete: anybody here familiar with PC/USB audio Interfaces?
05:33 PM Contract_Pilot: Jan 12th i hope to be done with doc's for a long long time.
05:33 PM Contract_Pilot: Monday the bacon gets cut been a long year.
05:34 PM BeachBumPete: what do you mean the bacon gets cut?
06:08 PM jdh: he's been curing pork bellies and now it's time to slice it into bacon?
06:09 PM MarcelineVQ: something less appetising than that, though I'm not sure what in particular
06:10 PM BeachBumPete: LOL
06:15 PM BeachBumPete: so nobody has any experience with PC/USB audio interfaces then hehe
06:16 PM jdh: not me.
06:16 PM BeachBumPete: I am told I need one for my midi keyboard controller to increase latency performance and better sound output
06:17 PM jdh: I know a whole lot of computer stuff. none of that though!
06:17 PM BeachBumPete: I know thats right ;)
06:20 PM jdh: I do know that this winter stuff sucks
06:20 PM BeachBumPete: problem is there are TONS of these things and I don't know which one to ask Santa for
06:20 PM BeachBumPete: Sure does...its been a bit chilly here ;)
06:24 PM jdh: 34f here tomorrow morning
06:27 PM BeachBumPete: ouch
06:32 PM Tom_L: BeachBumPete!
06:33 PM BeachBumPete: HEY TOM!!!
06:33 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Welding/Base1.jpg
06:33 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Welding/Base_Column2.jpg
06:34 PM BeachBumPete: T-T-T-T-T-Tackin' it up!!
06:34 PM Tom_L: gonna make it more permanent tonight
06:35 PM Tom_L: finally figured out what was wrong with the welder. that was slowing me dow
06:35 PM BeachBumPete: what was the problem?
06:35 PM Tom_L: the damn feed tube had pulled out of the welder enough to cause the o rings to break the gas seal
06:36 PM BeachBumPete: ooh ouchie
06:36 PM Tom_L: i saw the needle pulse so i figured i was getting gas
06:36 PM Tom_L: kept searching and finally stuck a balloon on the end of the nozzle
06:36 PM Tom_L: nothing
06:37 PM BeachBumPete: Doh!
06:37 PM Tom_L: it's just not that old to have something wrong with it
06:38 PM BeachBumPete: what model?
06:38 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Welding/Miller.jpg
06:38 PM Tom_L: i've had it a few years but not used much
06:38 PM BeachBumPete: ooh thats a nice one
06:38 PM Tom_L: small
06:38 PM Tom_L: but big enough for the stuff i'll ever do
06:39 PM BeachBumPete: we had its bigger brother in aother shop I worked in
06:40 PM Tom_L: what causes the brown soot around a weld?
06:40 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Welding/test_bead2.jpg
06:40 PM Tom_L: that was when i was still testing
06:40 PM BeachBumPete: that looks decent to me
06:40 PM BeachBumPete: could be a little hotter maybe
06:41 PM Tom_L: i need a little more practice with wire, i've done plenty of stick
06:41 PM Tom_L: yeah i had it turned down a little there
06:41 PM Tom_L: i don't think it would break though
06:42 PM BeachBumPete: I doubt it would break either
06:42 PM BeachBumPete: like I said it looks pretty good to me
06:42 PM Tom_L: i think i'll just run short beads instead of a long continuous bead to help avoid warping
06:42 PM BeachBumPete: sure
06:43 PM Tom_L: couple inches or so maybe
06:43 PM Tom_L: i'm gonna fill in around those on the column more too
06:43 PM BeachBumPete: amazing what a couple inches of bead can do
06:43 PM BeachBumPete: I am quitting my job here
06:44 PM Tom_L: why?
06:44 PM BeachBumPete: I met a guy at a local materials supplier we use
06:44 PM Tom_L: gonna head out to the garage... brb
06:44 PM BeachBumPete: we were just chatting about stuff
06:44 PM BeachBumPete: Ok later
06:49 PM Tom_shop: ok now why are you quitting?
06:56 PM BeachBumPete: well basically I met a fellow at one of our local materials suppliers
06:56 PM BeachBumPete: we started chatting about work and stuff
06:56 PM BeachBumPete: he told me he works in a high end shop that does work in Palm Beach, Jupiter Island, and Miami
06:56 PM BeachBumPete: we started showing each other photos of previous work we did kinda comparing LOL
06:57 PM BeachBumPete: next thing I know he offers me a job
06:57 PM BeachBumPete: I was like well I already have a job LOL
06:57 PM Tom_shop: doing what?
06:57 PM BeachBumPete: so he says maybe we can talk you out of it
06:57 PM BeachBumPete: building high end custom wood and metalworks
06:57 PM BeachBumPete: for multi million dollar mansions
06:58 PM Tom_shop: sounds like gravy work
06:58 PM BeachBumPete: he setup a meeting with the owner of the company and it went really well.
06:58 PM BeachBumPete: they offered me a bunch more money and some more CAD design stuff than I have been doing where I am
06:59 PM BeachBumPete: so I decided to accept the offer.
06:59 PM BeachBumPete: I start after the first of the year
06:59 PM BeachBumPete: kinda nervous as hell about it tho
06:59 PM Tom_shop: nice
06:59 PM BeachBumPete: they do some FINE work there
06:59 PM Tom_shop: told your boss yet?
06:59 PM BeachBumPete: well yes and no
06:59 PM BeachBumPete: I told them I had the interview
06:59 PM BeachBumPete: they kinda got upset at me
07:00 PM BeachBumPete: then they offered me like $5 more an hour to stay
07:00 PM Tom_shop: maybe they'll offer you more to stay
07:00 PM Tom_shop: haha
07:00 PM BeachBumPete: yeah they did
07:00 PM BeachBumPete: and I thought about it
07:00 PM BeachBumPete: but I am not really doing the high end work I was doing in Tennessee
07:00 PM BeachBumPete: and I kinda miss the challenge
07:01 PM BeachBumPete: I also want to do more design work
07:01 PM Tom_shop: if it's more the challenge you want then go for it
07:02 PM BeachBumPete: well it is kinda both I am excited about getting paid a good bit more AND I want to do wicked cool stuff ;)
07:03 PM BeachBumPete: he showed me a BUNCH of pictures of their recent work
07:03 PM BeachBumPete: they recently did a lot of work on the Kennedy Mansion Renovation for the current owners
07:03 PM BeachBumPete: some very nice stuff
07:04 PM BeachBumPete: similar to what I did in Tennessee but a bit ....well....larger and maybe nicer?
07:05 PM BeachBumPete: The owner said he wants to add CNC machining to their services for custom parts as well. They apparently do a lot of ornate metal workings
07:05 PM BeachBumPete: when I told him I have a VMC in my garage he got kinda excited.
07:06 PM BeachBumPete: apparently he owned a large corporation in michigan a few years back that did work for the automotive industry making molds and bucks for the prototype parts and some of the production parts.
07:07 PM BeachBumPete: he has a LOT of 3D machining experience
07:07 PM BeachBumPete: some rather impressive and large parts
07:07 PM BeachBumPete: I hope to learn a lot from these guys and make some nice stuff
07:08 PM BeachBumPete: we shall see....
07:12 PM BeachBumPete: Tom_L so what are you getting for Christmas?
07:13 PM Tom_shop: coal
07:13 PM BeachBumPete: hehehe
07:13 PM BeachBumPete: me too man
07:13 PM Tom_shop: just got back from a trip to Ga, got these ballscrews and had to get a $1k tool for work
07:13 PM Tom_shop: so probably not much
07:14 PM BeachBumPete: nice
07:14 PM BeachBumPete: what screws did you get?
07:14 PM Tom_shop: chinaco crap
07:14 PM BeachBumPete: ah
07:14 PM Tom_shop: but better than this sherline
07:14 PM BeachBumPete: I had the roton I think it was in my RF45
07:14 PM Tom_shop: it'll be fine for the stuff i do around here
07:14 PM BeachBumPete: they were actually quite good
07:15 PM BeachBumPete: made all sorts of shit with that machine in the couple years after it was retrofit before I sold it
07:15 PM BeachBumPete: sure wish I knew about linuxCNC back then tho
07:15 PM BeachBumPete: Mach kinda sucked
07:16 PM BeachBumPete: well at least I did not KNOW it sucked at the time unless it really screwed up
07:16 PM Tom_shop: i figure this one should be rigid enough to do just about anything i need around here
07:16 PM BeachBumPete: I dont doubt that
07:16 PM Tom_shop: i'm gonna have my bud mill all the stuff flat after i weld it
07:16 PM Tom_shop: and i gotta cut one of the screws down a bit
07:22 PM BeachBumPete: sweet
07:22 PM BeachBumPete: dinner is served :)
07:22 PM BeachBumPete: BBL
10:19 PM Contract_Pilot: Darn no nap tried but ups came...
10:22 PM Contract_Pilot: Paying for 200MB/25MB wired exceed it wireless even with AC cards = http://speedtest.xfinity.com/results/JB8TY468WK3YPLV but much better then thre old N cards
10:23 PM roycroft: i'm watching last week's episode of "a craftsman's legacy" right now
10:23 PM Contract_Pilot: Then foregot to remove pin 51 on the PCIE for the older laptop = win7 blue screen and dead dog slow
10:24 PM roycroft: eric went to the gerstner factory
10:24 PM roycroft: there's an incredible amount of hand work that goes into building their tool chests
10:25 PM Contract_Pilot: And then he came back with another package whooo hoo... will make path pilot updats just an INI file edit http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/784DF359-A492-4592-A600-6B6D0319C1A9-1024x768.jpeg
10:29 PM Contract_Pilot: Almost unobtainable
11:02 PM anonnumberanon: tired af, want to watch a intro to machining video please post suggestions
11:02 PM anonnumberanon: i can do nothing productive
11:36 PM -!- #linuxcnc mode set to +v by ChanServ
11:48 PM pcw_mesa_ is now known as pcw_mesa