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Dec 10 2017

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12:00 AM roycroft: a joy to use
12:02 AM roycroft: the fuel line are the brushless motor tools
12:07 AM roycroft: and there's a smaller one for $1100
12:07 AM roycroft: that's almost listworthy
12:07 AM roycroft: it takes annular cutters to 1-5/8"
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12:16 AM MarcelineVQ: there's another quite interesting subject, annular cutting
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12:41 AM Wolf__: roycroft: I played with that fuel cordless mag drill about a year ago lol
12:41 AM roycroft: the cutters are expensive, but it's really what you need to drill big holes in steel
12:41 AM Wolf__: $2200… seems the price dropped some
12:41 AM Wolf__: was $2500 when I looked at it
12:42 AM Wolf__: we use a hougen HMD150 in my shop
12:44 AM roycroft: i just wonder how long the battery lasts on that mag drill
12:44 AM roycroft: i've been really impressed with the milwaukee batteries
12:44 AM roycroft: but that drill consumes a lot of power, i'm sure
12:44 AM Wolf__: woah wtf, northern tools has it on sale for $1500
12:45 AM Wolf__: and $200 gift card
12:46 AM roycroft: that will buy you a couple batteries
12:47 AM Wolf__: I dont think I have ever seen something lower priced on northern tools lol
12:47 AM Wolf__: https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200655244_200655244?cm_mmc=Google-pla&utm_source=Google_PLA&utm_medium=Power%20Tools%20%3E%20Drills%20%2B%20Accessories&utm_campaign=Milwaukee&utm_content=50607&gclid=Cj0KCQiAsK7RBRDzARIsAM2pTZ-JSsBPVbUfdAmhhUBonZx6KAdGh9UICr_gF5MhfCJxwM58eqNYOiYaAmHIEALw_wcB
12:48 AM Wolf__: ugh ugly link
12:49 AM XXCoder: https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200655244_200655244
12:53 AM Wolf__: I wonder how long that shit is gonna be on sale for...
12:53 AM XXCoder: it will get out of sale a hour before you have money to buy it
12:54 AM Wolf__: I’m tempted to toss that sob on my CC right meow
12:56 AM XXCoder: cat card meow
12:57 AM Wolf__: credit =P lol
12:57 AM Wolf__: I have 2 of the 9.0 M18 packs already
12:57 AM XXCoder: :)
12:59 AM Wolf__: wonder if I could rig something up to use it as a line bore lol
01:08 AM XXCoder: what. the. fuck.
01:08 AM XXCoder: shaving ad shows guys firing guns
01:08 AM XXCoder: randomly, in dark
01:09 AM XXCoder: and NOTHING to do with shaving
01:09 AM XXCoder: https://youtu.be/2q05iJ6jHu8
01:09 AM MarcelineVQ: well, you gotta pump the gas a bit to sell razorblades
01:09 AM Wolf__: weird
01:10 AM XXCoder: ah I see
01:10 AM TurBoss: morning
01:11 AM Wolf__: wtf…
01:11 AM XXCoder: when I directly opened youtube it had captions. more clear
01:12 AM Wolf__: I
01:12 AM MarcelineVQ: haha brett favre
01:12 AM Wolf__: I’m thinking that ad is a joke
01:12 AM XXCoder: keep watching'
01:12 AM MarcelineVQ: oh it's auralnauts, yes it's a joke hehe
01:12 AM MarcelineVQ: they've got lots of good stuff
01:13 AM XXCoder: whats funny is that tv dont have glitches like that anymore
01:13 AM XXCoder: it would bluescreen most likely or whatever color default for signal error
01:14 AM XXCoder: then the indian screen text. that predates even me
01:19 AM toastyde1th: i think that gilette, et. al. are kinda shitting themselves since people rediscovered safety razors
01:19 AM XXCoder: lol one cheap dospiable razors bag lasts me more than a year
01:20 AM XXCoder: I shave 2 times a week and I resharp em
01:20 AM toastyde1th: one pack of 100 razors for 10 dollars has lasted me over 2 years
01:20 AM XXCoder: lol that'd be 10 years for me
01:21 AM toastyde1th: and they shave better than a 5 blade monstrosity even when dull
01:22 AM XXCoder: lol I have one of those now. it doesnt seem to be really better
01:22 AM XXCoder: and its harder to resharp
01:24 AM toastyde1th: they make sharpening stones just for safety razor blades
01:24 AM toastyde1th: if you keep on it you don't even need that, but i throw them out because a few pennies isn't worth my time
01:25 AM XXCoder: I do it not for money but envormental
01:27 AM toastyde1th: ...but steel is completely recyclable
01:27 AM XXCoder: heh sure but its not 100% steel
01:27 AM toastyde1th: and it's less than a cubic inch of steel over several years
01:28 AM toastyde1th: yes it is?
01:28 AM XXCoder: nope
01:28 AM toastyde1th: it's stainless steel
01:28 AM XXCoder: handle sure arent
01:28 AM toastyde1th: uh
01:28 AM toastyde1th: these are just blades
01:28 AM Wolf__: hmm good thing I didn’t hit order https://www.ohiopowertool.com/p-16916-milwaukee-m18-fuel-1-12-mag-drill-kit-2787-22.aspx
01:28 AM toastyde1th: and the handle it goes on is most definitely high chromium stainless
01:28 AM XXCoder: doh yes safety razors lol
01:28 AM XXCoder: nm
01:29 AM Wolf__: less waste, no plastic...
01:29 AM XXCoder: toastyde1th: is that more than 1k less?
01:30 AM toastyde1th: 1k?
01:30 AM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPLbyk7c-KM
01:30 AM XXCoder: $1,000 less
01:30 AM toastyde1th: than what?
01:30 AM XXCoder: your previous link?
01:31 AM toastyde1th: i didn't send a link
01:31 AM Wolf__: that was my dill link lol
01:31 AM XXCoder: bah!
01:31 AM Wolf__: drill…
01:31 AM XXCoder: yeah Wolf__ sorry toastyde1th
01:31 AM toastyde1th: np
01:31 AM XXCoder: $400 cheaper bot bad
01:31 AM XXCoder: weird because list price is higher than previous!
01:31 AM XXCoder: almost $1000 higher
01:32 AM Wolf__: $200 less than northern
01:34 AM Wolf__: err, i forgot how to math, $300 less
01:35 AM XXCoder: lol
01:36 AM XXCoder: toastyde1th: how easy is it to use safety razor shave?
01:37 AM toastyde1th: stupid easy, but there is a major transistion. doesn't take long tho
01:38 AM toastyde1th: probably two weeks
02:12 AM IchGucksLive: hi
02:12 AM XXCoder: yo from foggy wa
02:13 AM IchGucksLive: snow outside got to shuffle this morning
02:15 AM XXCoder: ohhh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My4RA5I0FKs
02:30 AM Deejay: moin
02:30 AM XXCoder: LOL https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B073N7F2CK/boingboing I wonder how accurate it is
02:30 AM gloops: hoping we miss the snow
02:31 AM XXCoder: you mean snow miss you ;)
02:31 AM gloops: snow is ok at xmas for a day or 2
02:31 AM IchGucksLive: gloops: i see on skynews snow reports
02:31 AM MarcelineVQ: XXCoder: they're okayish, but they don't slide as nicely as the metal ones, especially over time
02:32 AM gloops: Ichs yeah we are expecting it, the overnight fall didnt turn up though
02:32 AM XXCoder: lol ok. though I bet my failed certification caliper is more accurate
02:32 AM XXCoder: im still not sure what happened, it was perfect before I sent it in for certification, and after that it returned failed and couldnt repeat
02:35 AM gloops: i got some sbr bearings on Ichs, and rolling - pretty impressed actually, 100 odd pound gantry slides like its weightless
02:35 AM XXCoder: nice
02:36 AM gloops: well thats one slight concern over
02:40 AM gloops: only thing is the bolts are 5mm too big lol, no way im taking 5mm off 48 bolts, so more in the post
02:40 AM gloops: 5mm too long
02:40 AM XXCoder: attach it to drill, spin it while grinding
02:40 AM gloops: i dont think i can do 48
02:41 AM gloops: if it was 10 maybe
02:41 AM archivist: that is what your lathe is for
02:41 AM gloops: no, ill spend the time doing other stuff
02:43 AM gloops: looking at fitting screws next weekend, then it starts to get real
02:45 AM XXCoder: geez
02:45 AM XXCoder: porcelain statues surivive fire, people thinks its by religion thing
02:45 AM XXCoder: but it's porcelain. it was baked at temps way hotter than house fire can be
02:45 AM * XXCoder eyerolls
02:46 AM rebecca: hehe
02:47 AM gloops: they used to use porcelain as an insulator dont know if they still do
02:47 AM archivist: probably
02:48 AM gloops: on the electricity pylons - what are those discs for anyway?
02:48 AM gloops: kids used to shoot them off with catapults
02:49 AM MarcelineVQ: they have a fancier word for porcelin these days. ceramic
02:50 AM gloops: yeah ceramic
02:51 AM gloops: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/33/Pylon.detail.arp.750pix.jpg
02:52 AM XXCoder: https://youtu.be/FXO16tOEq-M nice
02:52 AM gloops: https://i.stack.imgur.com/Fb8mg.jpg
02:53 AM XXCoder: high current isolator
02:53 AM Wolf__: high voltage
02:54 AM XXCoder: oh yeah voltage sorry lol
02:54 AM gloops: the ones round here have all been changed, they arent those anymore
02:54 AM XXCoder: here there is couple power lines that has glass caps
02:54 AM XXCoder: surpising
02:55 AM Wolf__: big transmission lines are 500kv
02:55 AM Wolf__: if not more
03:12 AM XXCoder: lol https://youtu.be/4MH9_-inh2Q
03:13 AM MarcelineVQ: yeaaah, he's a silly boy sometimes
03:14 AM Wolf__: i think he gets too excited about some things
03:15 AM MarcelineVQ: there's often some pretty good comments on his vids so it's worthwhile to check out for those if the vid isn't too useful looking
03:15 AM XXCoder: ok
03:18 AM Wolf__: I need to work on learning fusion again
03:18 AM archivist: learn gcode instead :)
03:19 AM XXCoder: you hand code parts as complex as one shown in youtube?
03:19 AM Wolf__: I like making shit overly complex lol
03:20 AM MarcelineVQ: one of the recent comments on his vid was about how he uses adaptive cutting too much which just takes a ton of time when it's not appropriate, specifically in slotting where you're wasting half your time cutting air with adaptive
03:20 AM Wolf__: I wouldnt want to hand code most things I want to make lol
03:20 AM MarcelineVQ: those kind of comments are the ones to watch out for
03:21 AM MarcelineVQ: thou it was worded more like "the amount of time you're taking to cut this feature is insane, just step back and think about it for a second and realise you need to be doing this a better way"
03:22 AM Wolf__: my issue is machine is too fucking small lol https://i.imgur.com/IKemF8k.png?1
03:22 AM MarcelineVQ: that's a couple passes :>
03:23 AM XXCoder: lol Wolf__ in least yours is a mill mine is router, which isnt exactly suitable for 3d
03:23 AM XXCoder: and my router is down blehh
03:23 AM Wolf__: I still haven’t figured out 2.5d milling
03:24 AM XXCoder: I should start dropping cocoine just so I am more movitated to do stuff
03:24 AM Wolf__: I really should be sleeping
03:25 AM Wolf__: pay and pick of my new shop shit starts tomorrow
03:25 AM XXCoder: wow guy actually wears googles
03:25 AM XXCoder: I has much sadness when I see people do stupid shit with machines
03:28 AM Wolf__: yeah, his is a real shop so OSHA applies
03:28 AM MarcelineVQ: Nothin' wrong with covering your eyeballs, I tend to fog glasses so it's always a struggle
03:28 AM XXCoder: I wear glasses and googles to cover it
03:28 AM XXCoder: I dont count glasses as eye protection like some does
03:28 AM Wolf__: they count if they are rated
03:28 AM XXCoder: yeah mine isnt heh
03:30 AM Wolf__: now I get to resist the urge to cnc this new mill lol
03:32 AM XXCoder: I wonder if theres ways to fix em with chipped corners
03:32 AM XXCoder: like grind those away (making em bit shorter)
03:32 AM Wolf__: the shear hog bit?
03:32 AM Wolf__: its insert tooling
03:32 AM XXCoder: the tips is called hog bit?
03:33 AM XXCoder: nah not inserts type just endmill
03:34 AM Wolf__: https://www.tormach.com/store/index.php?app=ecom&ns=prodshow&ref=35707
03:39 AM XXCoder: im puzzled on why he is using fly cutter as facemill]
03:39 AM XXCoder: isnt it better to facemill then fly cutter for finish
03:41 AM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3VQ7fIWUYY
03:41 AM Wolf__: that flycutter does pretty good https://www.tormach.com/store/index.php?app=ecom&ns=prodshow&ref=32428&portrelay=1
03:42 AM XXCoder: but what I understand isnt flycutter for good finish onkly?
03:42 AM Wolf__: most fly cutters dont use inserts
03:45 AM XXCoder: im not too sure what inserts got to do with my question
03:45 AM XXCoder: did I miss something?
03:45 AM Wolf__: fly vs face/shell mill?
03:46 AM XXCoder: yeah though isnt using fly cutter as facemill wears tool faster since it dont use inserts?
03:46 AM XXCoder: tomach one does apparently
03:47 AM Wolf__: I use lathe insert tooling on my fly cutters lol
03:47 AM archivist: and me
03:48 AM XXCoder: http://static.twentytwowords.com/wp-content/uploads/28fail-1.jpg lol
03:49 AM archivist: thread mill with a lathe insert http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/DJCPD/PD/2008/2008_10_07_cnc_Thread_mill_tool/p1010245.jpg
03:49 AM Wolf__: nice =)
03:49 AM XXCoder: made yourself?
03:49 AM archivist: yes
03:50 AM XXCoder: nice
03:50 AM * Wolf__ adds to the “to be made list”
03:51 AM Wolf__: on this mill i’m picking up, I might end up pulling the power feed and redoing it =/
03:54 AM Wolf__: what insert size is that?
03:55 AM archivist: that is a difficult question!
03:55 AM Wolf__: lol
03:55 AM archivist: first find it, then measure
03:55 AM Wolf__: shank size then lol
03:56 AM archivist: iirc it is inch bar
03:57 AM archivist: 12mm mount
03:58 AM archivist: fat section just under 2" long
03:59 AM Wolf__: work good?
04:00 AM archivist: as long as the ratio of rotation rate to rpm is enough for finish
04:01 AM archivist: works forme :)
04:01 AM archivist: I tilt the rotary to get correct form unlike most thread milling
04:02 AM archivist: you can see this early example using a hex key to set angle http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/DJCPD/PD/2008/2008_07_24_p1010025_cnc_thread_milling_worm_and_wheel/P1010026.JPG
04:03 AM archivist: can see the error if not tilted
04:03 AM Wolf__: hmm neat
04:03 AM archivist: then the cut is one line of gcode
04:06 AM archivist: G1 F.05 x-.063 Y[0-#20] Z[0-#5] A[0-#<rotation_angle>] (rotate blank 7 turns)
04:07 AM XXCoder: so it rises as it rotates
04:07 AM XXCoder: thread making?
04:07 AM archivist: rises and also moves along y to follow the lean
04:07 AM XXCoder: ahh
04:10 AM archivist: hehe mention of trunnion as I had not got one yet but is calculated http://www.archivist.info/5axis/ncfiles/worm2.ngc
04:12 AM gloops: write tutorial for this archivist
04:13 AM archivist: !!!! too lazy
04:13 AM gloops: be like Ichs
04:13 AM archivist: impossible
04:13 AM gloops: make videos and diagrams
04:14 AM XXCoder: and mispell each other word
04:14 AM archivist: I refuse to dumb down to useless vids
04:14 AM gloops: maschines
04:15 AM gloops: helpful info though, im quite prepared to study the coding myself - but there is nothing to study
04:15 AM archivist: gcode alone should be enough
04:15 AM MarcelineVQ: it matches phonetically, understanding what's being conveyed isn't impared
04:15 AM gloops: yes thats the only way, unpick the code
04:15 AM archivist: I just used the manual
04:16 AM gloops: no i agree marcel, Ichs has done some exceedingly helpful vids
04:16 AM miss0r: Hello people :)
04:16 AM archivist: my advantage was being a programmer already
04:16 AM XXCoder: hey miss0r
04:16 AM miss0r: hows it hanging?
04:17 AM gloops: been years and years since i did any scripting, ill work it out, but a book or a webpage or something would be useful - few and far between
04:17 AM gloops: and a book is like £50
04:17 AM Wolf__: lcnc manual
04:17 AM archivist: the linuxcnc manual has enough
04:18 AM miss0r: archivist: I ended up giving up on the LCD upgrade. The converter I bought did not have it in it to manage
04:18 AM gloops: for synching 4/5 axis rotary Wolf?
04:18 AM Wolf__: probably, if I could understand half of the stuff in the manual
04:18 AM gloops: its very clear, once you understand it heh
04:19 AM archivist: miss0r, many LCDs are not much good at the various speeds, they like it fixed
04:19 AM XXCoder: Wolf__: I suggest run linuxcnc on non-machine computer to test some gcode studff
04:19 AM XXCoder: nice way to learn
04:19 AM archivist: cut air on a real machine
04:19 AM Wolf__: I just crash my mill =)
04:19 AM gloops: ive got an app that generates 4th axis indexing, only got to look at the code to see its easy enough, but continuous is slightly more
04:20 AM miss0r: archivist: That is true. The LCD is not the issue, thou. its the converter. I can browse the OSD menu from the converter, but the image I can produce from the mill was fubar
04:20 AM archivist: you dont put anything in the way at first!
04:20 AM Wolf__: plus to over size steppers is it doesnt slow down when the 3/8 bit hits something solid… like the vice
04:20 AM MarcelineVQ: the vice should know better than to be in the way
04:20 AM gloops: ive got some threads in soft 4mm steel, not happy with the torque i can get on the bolts, think the threads can be hardened?
04:20 AM MarcelineVQ: it won't do that twice
04:20 AM miss0r: archivist: This is what the picture looked like: http://picpaste.com/IMG_20171209_094501-VqZhOBV4.jpg
04:20 AM archivist: miss0r, is the converter supposed to rate convert via ram?
04:21 AM miss0r: yeah
04:21 AM gloops: thinking of flaming the threads
04:22 AM gloops: blue them or something
04:22 AM archivist: gloops, its the core too, get proper bolts or use larger
04:22 AM gloops: the bolts are ok, the threads in the steel strip
04:22 AM * miss0r is off. see you around
04:22 AM MarcelineVQ: he wants to harden the base
04:23 AM archivist: thicker strip :)
04:23 AM gloops: too late
04:23 AM MarcelineVQ: if it's mild steel it's probably not hardenable in a way that helps, unless you're gonna get crazy and get some case compound in there :>
04:23 AM archivist: or dont over tighten
04:24 AM Wolf__: coil insert it?
04:24 AM archivist: plain mild cannot be through hardened
04:24 AM gloops: need to tighten, i dont trust them just nipped up - ill drill a hole to let an 8mm nut through the other side of the box section, its the only way
04:25 AM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e785YnDmq0
04:25 AM gloops: Wolf - i guess the insert will just pull the soft steel its in
04:25 AM MarcelineVQ: plug weld it, pay for your speed tomorrow instead of today!
04:25 AM XXCoder: liquidpisition interesting
04:26 AM gloops: tap through a weld? nah
04:27 AM gloops: oh you mean plug weld the hold, no good need to adjust
04:34 AM nallar is now known as Ross
04:39 AM jthornton: morning
04:40 AM XXCoder: hey jthornton
04:40 AM XXCoder: saw your video, reminded me of that one where chickens play with music thing (starts with X)
04:48 AM jthornton: yea it goes taptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptap
04:50 AM XXCoder: lol ok
04:51 AM XXCoder: funny those chickens really seemed to enjoy the xylone whatever
04:53 AM jthornton: yea they can be funny to watch sometimes
05:30 AM jthornton: http://gnipsel.com/images/chickens/fodder/fodder-rack-04.jpg
05:30 AM XXCoder: it grows that fast?
05:31 AM XXCoder: and is that pink-blue light for growingf?
05:32 AM jthornton: grow bulbs, dunno why the camera made it look that color
05:32 AM XXCoder: what color is it?
05:32 AM XXCoder: as seen from human eyes
05:33 AM jthornton: white
05:33 AM XXCoder: lol ok
05:34 AM XXCoder: I wonder if grow leds lights would save power for that application.
05:38 AM jthornton: I'm sure they would but didn't have any handy, someone on here was making heat sinks for a LED grow light
05:46 AM archivist: "white" is a human thing
05:46 AM XXCoder: well yeah that is why I said as seen from hman eyes
05:46 AM XXCoder: and humans also
05:47 AM archivist: many get the colour concepts wrong
05:47 AM XXCoder: yep
05:48 AM archivist: had trouble with an ex boss about that, he thought RGB could make any colour
05:48 AM * XXCoder facepalms
05:48 AM XXCoder: theres such thing as rgb+yellow to cover larger areas of color space
05:49 AM XXCoder: but yeah
05:49 AM archivist: and the inverse YCM set
05:49 AM SpeedEvil: archivist: I find it amusing that two pure colours can make white
05:49 AM archivist: lies
05:50 AM SpeedEvil: That is - they will be percieved as white, not actually make a usable white with a meaningful CRI
05:50 AM archivist: are you colour blind :)
05:50 AM SpeedEvil: One blue, and one yellowish
05:52 AM XXCoder: 2 nearly opposite of each other color-wise I guess it covers gaps pretty well
05:52 AM SpeedEvil: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cone_cell#/media/File:Cones_SMJ2_E.svg - peak blue, and in between the red and green peaks
05:55 AM archivist: graph looks wrong, dont believe everything on wp
05:56 AM XXCoder: its related to cones part of eyes
05:56 AM XXCoder: so 2 peaks as he outlined would cover very large parts of what human eyes can see
05:58 AM archivist: someone has biased those rg curves closed them up v https://midimagic.sgc-hosting.com/eyespect.jpg
05:59 AM SpeedEvil: archivist: yes, the same occurs witht he above graph
05:59 AM archivist: less of it though
05:59 AM SpeedEvil: I diddn't say it was a good white
05:59 AM XXCoder: theres slightly larger gaps at green and red but not too bad
06:00 AM XXCoder: whats the color between blue and green?
06:00 AM archivist: cyan
06:00 AM XXCoder: cyan but we dont have cyan cones
06:00 AM archivist: so where is brown in the spectrum
06:02 AM gloops: tertiary colour
06:03 AM XXCoder: teriary vision is very rare
06:03 AM XXCoder: ladies with it is also carrier for rare woman color blindness
06:03 AM archivist: that is a strange word to put to the concept of colour
06:04 AM XXCoder: archivist: theres people with 4 color vision
06:04 AM archivist: seeing the rods as a colour
06:04 AM SpeedEvil: XXCoder: archivist is not human
06:05 AM gloops: brown is where 3 prime colour overlap or mix
06:05 AM SpeedEvil: gloops: it's really not
06:06 AM SpeedEvil: gloops: brown is dim yellow
06:06 AM gloops: absolutely is
06:06 AM archivist: it is a mix, he is right there
06:06 AM gloops: all 3 primne colours
06:06 AM SpeedEvil: you cannot make a brown light isolated. You do not need any blue light for a perceptual brown
06:06 AM archivist: but to see the yellow brown thing turn a monitor on full yellow
06:06 AM jthornton: what's brown and sounds like a bell?
06:07 AM gloops: light is different
06:07 AM XXCoder: pink laser will never exist
06:07 AM SpeedEvil: gloops: Ah - this is a brown by taste then?
06:08 AM gloops: no, different primes in art and science
06:08 AM gloops: art = red yellow blue - colours you cannot mix from other colours
06:08 AM jthornton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq4JMI1My98
06:08 AM XXCoder: if brown note existed it would be used often by mean people
06:09 AM gloops: science = red green and blue
06:11 AM monkeyisl: QT screen is anything related with https://www.qt.io ?
06:16 AM gloops: its strange really, colour doesnt exist at all
06:16 AM XXCoder: sure it exists, just in human terms though
06:17 AM gloops: it is no physical substance or force
06:18 AM gloops: you may as well say ghosts exist
06:19 AM XXCoder: well pink doesnt exist period, there is no pure pink light. but it does exist for us humans
07:58 AM Tom_L: 40F
07:59 AM Tom_L: summer's on it's way
07:59 AM MarcelineVQ: get much snow in your area typically?
07:59 AM XXCoder: you at OZ?
07:59 AM XXCoder: oh F not C
07:59 AM Tom_L: not much anymore
08:09 AM jthornton: 26F here
08:22 AM Tom_L: jthornton, made a little more progress last night: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Z_Column2.jpg
08:31 AM gloops: slow but sure Tom
08:33 AM gloops: i didnt make any progress today, originally intended to tap 4mm box section for some parts to fit, did a test hole in a some scrap and tapped, thought ill just see how much this 4mm can take before it strips the threads - didnt like it
08:33 AM gloops: so plan B
08:34 AM MarcelineVQ: is plan b to weld a piece of plate on and tap that?
08:34 AM archivist: was the tap a reasonable grade and was the hole the right size
08:35 AM gloops: well i tried 3 different bits, even tried too small and took time tapping it - better a little bit but still didnt trust it
08:36 AM gloops: Marcel no drilled the other side of box section to put bolt through from back
08:36 AM gloops: proper nut on them now
08:36 AM gloops: holding a triangle shape for drilling was not easy
08:38 AM MarcelineVQ: archivist: I've inherited a bunch of old british-made NPT taps recently, don't actually do any pipe stuff but they're pretty neat
08:38 AM archivist: I was looking for an NPT the other day
08:38 AM Tom_L: i've got an old pipe tap that has threads on every other tooth
08:39 AM Tom_L: don't quite see the reasoning behind that
08:39 AM JT-Shop: I've seen pipe taps like that before
08:40 AM archivist: MarcelineVQ, are you in the US
08:40 AM MarcelineVQ: no, western canada
08:40 AM archivist: surprised they are british taps
08:41 AM gloops: ive got 2 sets of bsp dies, ancient, the dies are in grooves 4 different sizes on the one tool, just slide them to whichever you want
08:41 AM MarcelineVQ: hoho there's plenty of british history in canada archivist :> I suspect the original owners was english
08:42 AM archivist: well being a colony :)
08:42 AM archivist: but I would have expected NPT to be from your south
08:42 AM MarcelineVQ: some of these say sheffield, others warrior
08:43 AM gloops: sheffield - quality
08:43 AM MarcelineVQ: many used enough to not have markings :X
08:44 AM archivist: https://www.ebay.com/itm/WARRIOR-TAPS-DIES-CATALOG-by-Nuckey-Scott-Co-RR536-hand-spiral-acorn-/351750977351
08:45 AM MarcelineVQ: well they're made in england at least, if not designed there :>
08:45 AM gloops: vintage pipe dies what im talking about - https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-BSP-DIE-SET-1-4-3-8-1-2-BSP-HAND-TAPS-ENGINEERS-VINTAGE-TOOLS/382300745051?
08:46 AM MarcelineVQ: neat stuff, the only pipe dies I've seen are those big old ratcheting kind
08:47 AM archivist: I think those in a plate are more for cleaning
08:47 AM MarcelineVQ: chasers?
08:47 AM gloops: yeah the bigger ones fit on a long hand ratchet
08:48 AM gloops: the ones i got, only bought them out of curiousity, the cutters are still dead sharp, the handles look worn to hell
08:50 AM gloops: maybe only used on brass and copper
08:51 AM MarcelineVQ: good old ones are stained from the cutting oil :> or so I would say if I knew what I was talking about
08:54 AM gloops: handy for the old time plumber, shove in his bag, as he went round on his bike
08:54 AM MarcelineVQ: oi, missus? 'ow's ya plumbin'?
08:55 AM MarcelineVQ: ^ this line to go along with an 11 year old urchin with a toolbox
08:56 AM archivist: urchins are outside chuckin snowballs
08:58 AM gloops: different these days £80 to press the reset button on a boiler
09:00 AM gloops: plumber comes round in a range rover!
09:00 AM archivist: and the closed shop law that says you cannot press it yourself
09:01 AM archivist: plumber and electricians get fleeced for their tickets too :)
09:02 AM gloops: its all a racket, most trades have been set up the same, Gas-safe
09:16 AM IchGucksLive: hi
09:18 AM Loetmichel: gloops: you cant press the reset/restart button on the boiler burner?
09:19 AM Loetmichel: whats stupid law is THAT?
09:33 AM archivist: Loetmichel, the law that says only qualified gas fitters can work on gas equipment
09:37 AM archivist: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1998/2451/made
09:39 AM -!- #linuxcnc mode set to +v by ChanServ
09:39 AM IchGucksLive: Loetmichel: snow ?
09:42 AM Loetmichel: archivist: pressing a reset button inst really working though. its just operating it.
09:43 AM Loetmichel: IchGucksLive: 5cm
09:44 AM archivist: Loetmichel, unless it is under some cover
09:45 AM Loetmichel: meh. Wife just came out with her mismanagig our finances... have to transfer 1200 eur to her account so she can pay the bills... MAAN, cant she come over with that before i do big purchases? not that i mind doing my part but it would be nice to know a bit in advance, and not 5 minutes before ultimo... :-(
09:58 AM IchGucksLive: Later
10:07 AM gloops: put more hours in Loetmichel
10:08 AM Loetmichel: caht
10:08 AM Loetmichel: cant
10:08 AM Loetmichel: no matter how much hours i do: i have a fixed salary
10:09 AM gloops: evening job
10:10 AM Loetmichel: thats not the pooint though. i am happy to do my part of the finances. its just that she could have said something about it being tight two weeks ago when i transfered 850 eur to her account for retrospective tax payment and my cars insurance...
10:11 AM gloops: yeah, its a bad time of the year
10:12 AM dan3wik is now known as dan2wik
10:34 AM gloops: looking at this 4 axis lark, it isnt the g-coding thats the nightmare, its the maths
10:45 AM archivist: to back up that maths statement http://www.archivist.info/gear/designbevel.php
10:46 AM gloops: involute trigonometry..hmm
10:46 AM gloops: i was hoping to get through it with sohcahtoa
10:48 AM archivist: but when you see how a gleason bevel gear cutting machine a dim light flickers in a brain cell
10:49 AM archivist: merely a rolled rack on a cone
10:52 AM archivist: so the maths is really just the rolling of cones and the cutter pass from base to tip
10:52 AM gloops: well im sure it looks simple in practice lol
10:53 AM archivist: I have a diagram somewhere that makes it obvious, look at one on youtube
10:54 AM gloops: at the moment im pondering the movement of a point on a straight line say AB and the simultaneous movement of a point on the circumference of a circle
10:58 AM archivist: here it is http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/DJC/BK/BK2918/page_0087.jpg
10:59 AM archivist: wonderful diagram
11:21 AM phipli: Birds weren't mad about the snow : http://gallery.elephantandchicken.co.uk/#!album-4
11:21 AM phipli: Also, one laid a giant egg on Friday
11:39 AM IchGucksLive: hi
11:40 AM phipli: evening Ich
11:47 AM archivist: got space ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mazak-Slant-Turn-25/263372413720
11:57 AM jthornton: phipli: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/roll-out-nest-box.1211277/
11:57 AM jthornton: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/growing-fodder.1208596/
12:18 PM IchGucksLive: guten abend ulflieger_
12:19 PM ulflieger_: Guten Abend zusammen! :)
12:21 PM IchGucksLive: schon öfters hiergewesen ? nie gesehen
12:21 PM IchGucksLive: ich sitz in zweibrücken
12:21 PM ulflieger_: Ich bin erst seit gestern in diesem Chat. Und hab auch gleich Fragen zu Linuxcnc.
12:21 PM IchGucksLive: baust du flieger modelle wegen dem nick ?
12:22 PM IchGucksLive: Das hier ist mein YT kanal https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmwhCL92ZQRSVqFe3jGwJSQ/videos
12:22 PM IchGucksLive: jthornton: did you get eggs right now
12:23 PM ulflieger_: Ja, ich baue Flugmodelle. Eigentlich schon seit über 40 Jahren. Bin 64 Jahre alt.
12:28 PM ulflieger_: Ich bin von Beruf Konstrukteur und habe schon einige CNC Bearbeitungszentren konstruiert. Aber immer mit richtigen Servoantrieben. Bei meiner Eigenbau CNC die ich im Moment in Betrieb nehme stehe ich mit den Stepperantrieben ein wenig auf dem Kriegsfuß.
12:32 PM IchGucksLive: schlecht
12:32 PM IchGucksLive: es gibt günstige hybride
12:34 PM IchGucksLive: http://www.ebay.de/itm/DE-Stock-Nema34-8N-m-Servo-Motor-Closed-Loop-116mm-HSS86-Hybrid-Driver-CNC-Kit-/142617225763
12:34 PM IchGucksLive: ulflieger_: damit biste sicherlich weit vorne
12:34 PM IchGucksLive: ulflieger_: aber wo liegt eigentlich das problem
12:34 PM IchGucksLive: schritverlust
12:35 PM phipli: jthornton, have you been having breakages?
12:35 PM phipli: are they laying?
01:08 PM gloops: ex Rolls Royce lathe - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dean-smith-grace-lathe/122848726230?
01:21 PM JT-Shop: hi phipli
01:22 PM JT-Shop: not yet
01:27 PM gloops: Then the feedrate can be calculated as follows:
01:27 PM gloops: Fcomb = Finch * sqrt((dX2+dB2)/(dX2+dB2*(D*π/360)2))
01:28 PM gloops: For example, the G codes to cut a 2" wide, 2" high diamond on the surface of a 2" cylinder would be:
01:28 PM gloops: Feedrate is 12.0 * sqrt((12+57.32)/(12+57.32*(2*π/360)2)) = 486.3
01:30 PM gloops: yes i knew it was something along those lines!
01:33 PM MarcelineVQ: looks like the kind of line you'd see on on shadertoy
01:36 PM gloops: on what?
01:36 PM MarcelineVQ: shadertoy.com it's a fragment/pixel shader demo site
01:37 PM gloops: If we define:
01:37 PM gloops: Fcomb = Combined inch/degree feedrate to use in our program
01:37 PM gloops: Finch = Desired cutting feed over the part in inches/minute
01:37 PM gloops: dX = Distance in inches we are moving along X (or X, Y and Z combined)
01:37 PM gloops: dB = Distance in degrees we are moving along the B (rotary) axis
01:37 PM gloops: D = Diameter of the part (use maximum diameter if Z is moving)
01:38 PM MarcelineVQ: people often construct the illusion of solid geometry by raytracing with a stopping-point based on composed functions that represent shapes, a bit similar to how constructive solid geometry works in cad programs
01:39 PM MarcelineVQ: something like "Finch * sqrt((dX2+dB2)/(dX2+dB2*(D*π/360)2))" wouldn't be out of place on that site, except it would tend to include an x and y because it's working with a screen
01:40 PM gloops: well it does include X - combined linear inches and rotary degree
01:40 PM MarcelineVQ: not too farfetched that they seem similar since your code is constructing geometry as well, in a sense
01:41 PM gloops: you are basically constructing the cylinder, a vector and rotation
01:42 PM gloops: from a vector
01:42 PM gloops: http://www.cncsnw.com/4thHowTo.htm
01:47 PM gregcnc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0ffiCekhpE
01:48 PM MarcelineVQ: gregcnc: good info
01:49 PM gregcnc: go to the link in the description if you didn't already
01:50 PM MarcelineVQ: wonder if he's got source around, would make more sense to put this stuff in a post than use a seperate program
01:50 PM gloops: yes good info gregcnc, i already watched that but didnt listen to what he was saying....
01:51 PM gloops: its all right there...just what ive been looking for
01:54 PM asdfasd is now known as asdfasd2
02:56 PM gloops: baltic conditions in the UK tonight
02:59 PM gloops: i dont know which would be worse, to die from cold or heat, cold is evil, but im more inclined towards being cold than too hot
03:00 PM MarcelineVQ: with either you reach a point where your body stops caring, so it's a question of duration then
03:00 PM gloops: dont think ive been at that point, either way
03:00 PM MarcelineVQ: I'm inclined to prefer cold in short or long duration though
03:01 PM MarcelineVQ: heat is pretty fast though, humans are very very flammable
03:02 PM gloops: probably dead the same day if you go out in the desert without protection, same goes for the arctic though
03:04 PM gloops: an english king once claimed England has the best climate in the world, its the only place you can go out on any day of the year and the weather is not inclement
03:12 PM SpeedEvil: He may have been very, very drunk.
03:14 PM gloops: its basically true SpeedEvil
03:14 PM gloops: there are no real extremes here
03:15 PM MarcelineVQ: it's also true that there has never been a sober kind of england so you're surely both right
03:15 PM MarcelineVQ: *king
03:17 PM gloops: there have been several teetotal kings
03:17 PM gloops: james I for example, very pious man
03:17 PM MarcelineVQ: uhuh :>
03:17 PM gloops: "A custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs, and in the black, stinking fume thereof, nearest resembling the horrible Stygian smoke of the pit that is bottomless."
03:18 PM gloops: from - A Counterblaste to Tobacco
04:01 PM Deejay: gn8
05:13 PM roycroft: holy cow
05:13 PM roycroft: what is up with the usps?
05:14 PM roycroft: i ordered something on ebay friday night
05:14 PM roycroft: it was marked shipped yesterday afternoon
05:14 PM roycroft: and it just got delivered, on sunday afternoon!
05:14 PM roycroft: it was shipped first class, no special handling
05:18 PM mumptai: quick
05:19 PM mumptai: but you are acutally not paying them for storage, so maybe its also in their interest not to give you that service for free ;)
05:21 PM malcom2073: roycroft: Most shipping places start shipping 7 days a week in december
05:21 PM malcom2073: including usps
05:22 PM mumptai: great industry to work in :-/
05:22 PM malcom2073: UPS locally here, hires a bunch of seasonal workers and "ride along" guys to help out, reducing the overload on the normal guys
05:22 PM malcom2073: But yeah, bet the holidays suck for them anyway
05:22 PM hazzy: roycroft: Here in the city we have had 7 day per week USPS delivery for several years
06:20 PM Wolf__: malcom2073: you pinged?
06:20 PM Wolf__: like last week lol
06:20 PM malcom2073: oh yeah
06:21 PM malcom2073: [12:14:49] <malcom2073> Wolf__: Sorry I missed you, was wondering if you or anyone you knew wanted one of these: https://www.millerwelds.com/accessories/trailers/trailer-4-west-m00400 , looking to trade a decent sized generator
06:21 PM mumptai: what would a good guess for the update rate of a multi-axis servo control system, like a 5-axis mill or lathe?
06:22 PM mumptai: is 100Hz enough, or is it more like 1+ kHz?
06:23 PM Wolf__: malcom2073: no one I know, maybe if it had a welder on it lol
06:23 PM malcom2073: Lol yeah, it'd be 10 times that price if so haha
06:23 PM Wolf__: lol
06:23 PM Wolf__: started moving my purchase today… https://i.imgur.com/n0oIuey.jpg =)
06:23 PM malcom2073: I've thought about finding an old welder generator to rebuild and stick on it
06:24 PM malcom2073: Nice, auction find?
06:24 PM Wolf__: high school ex’s dad’s shop lol
06:25 PM malcom2073: Nice lol
06:25 PM Wolf__: paid for it all tonight, still have a load more of tooling, mill, lathe, drill press, compressor, band saw and some other shit to move
06:25 PM malcom2073: Oh awesome
06:25 PM malcom2073: finally getting your shop outfitted eh?
06:26 PM Wolf__: yup
06:27 PM Wolf__: https://i.imgur.com/bpO2P3K.jpg https://i.imgur.com/LxiIeKA.jpg
06:27 PM malcom2073: Freaking sweet
06:27 PM malcom2073: cnc conversion!
06:27 PM pcw_home: mumptai: Typical LinuxCNC servo thread rate is 1KHz
06:27 PM Wolf__: lol maybe
06:27 PM Wolf__: https://i.imgur.com/mNnzxAR.jpg
06:28 PM malcom2073: Nice
06:28 PM mumptai: pcw_home, what would be like a really high number for that, driven by some application requirement?
06:28 PM malcom2073: gonna resell?
06:29 PM Wolf__: might sell off some
06:29 PM Wolf__: I mean, I really dont need 3 inside mic sets or 2 sets of adjustable pararelles lol
06:29 PM pcw_home: Depends on acceleration/max_allowable_error
06:31 PM mumptai: interesting. maybe i have a misunderstanding here, the servo thread is the one that get encoder data, trajectory data and basically does speed control?
06:32 PM pcw_home: If you have very high accel/high accuracy requirements ( say a laser cutter with 1 mil accuracy at 5Gs ) you may need to go higher than 1 KHz
06:32 PM mumptai: shouldn't the mechanical stuff also have some impact?
06:32 PM mumptai: ahh, okay
06:32 PM pcw_home: It does and is often the limitation
06:34 PM mumptai: that is why i thought there should be some resonable upper limit for "medium" sized machinery, it just won't more fast enough to require a higher update rate (= higher control loop bandwidth)
06:35 PM pcw_home: Yes you can also consider the loop bandwidth of the servos (for heavy CNC machines this is often no more than 50 -100 Hz)
06:37 PM mumptai: actually the spectrum of external disturbances is another thing that should impact it, but is more or less undesireable at system level anyways
06:37 PM pcw_home: Also the "chord" error is inversely propotional to the sample rate squared so it doesn't take much increase to make a huge difference
06:38 PM mumptai: but that is the trajectory part, isn't it?
06:39 PM pcw_home: Yeah the HF external disturbances are integrated by the mass (why CNC machines are heavy)
06:41 PM pcw_home: the trajectory planner generates waypoints but with most (all?) LinuxCNC hardware systems end up doing linear interpolation between waypoints
06:41 PM pcw_home: So a 100 Hz servo thread would be pretty choppy
06:43 PM pcw_home: ( that inverse square of sample rate chord error really works against you here )
06:47 PM malcom2073: Wolf__: Got pics of the lathe you got?
06:47 PM malcom2073: Anything good
06:48 PM Wolf__: nothing too fancy https://i.imgur.com/WjcmWDV.jpg 12-37 Taiwan made
06:49 PM malcom2073: Ah cool, similar to what my dad has
06:50 PM Wolf__: needs quick change gears, lead screw and a thread dial
06:56 PM Wolf__: I think I have a used lead tracked down, now just need to guess which grizzly lathe has the right gear size lol
06:56 PM Wolf__: size= pitch/shaft
07:00 PM malcom2073: Heh yeah
07:02 PM Wolf__: anyone in here have a G0709 grizzly lathe lol
07:03 PM Wolf__: I’m betting the 4003 is the same 1.25mm pitch gears lol
07:11 PM malcom2073: My dad is doing a CNC conversion
07:11 PM malcom2073: I can ask what spare parts he has
07:11 PM malcom2073: it's a 12 by 36 clone
07:11 PM malcom2073: Looks like the one in your picture though
07:13 PM BeachBumPete: hey folks
07:13 PM andypugh: Somebody has removed the leadscrew to fit a depth stop thing? Crazy.
07:14 PM andypugh: Better than the average far-east lathe. It has an oil-filled headstock and a D1-3 spindle (or is that D1-4?)
07:15 PM BeachBumPete: D1-4
07:43 PM gregcnc: https://appleton.craigslist.org/tls/d/plug-and-play-2x4-cnc-router/6420177653.html
07:43 PM gregcnc: with 2.3.0 installed
08:02 PM ziper: i need something to cut foam cores for fiberglass
08:15 PM roycroft: a hot knife is what you need for that
08:18 PM Wolf__: malcom2073: sweet =)
08:18 PM Wolf__: …so much damn tooling…
08:18 PM Wolf__: I knew this was going to be a bitch lol
08:29 PM Tom_itx: BeachBumPete, what's up?
08:29 PM evilroot: Hrm, I ended up with a bunch of spare parts
08:29 PM Wolf__: I still need to figure out which D1 that chuck is
08:30 PM evilroot: Including a full set of THK rails
08:30 PM * evilroot debates selling them or building another machines
08:31 PM BeachBumPete: Hey Tom
08:32 PM Tom_itx: workin on rails?
08:32 PM BeachBumPete: ALWAYS :)
08:33 PM evilroot: Anybody need a spare set?
08:33 PM BeachBumPete: in fact the machine is runing right now
08:33 PM Tom_itx: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/Mill_Steel/Z_Column2.jpg
08:33 PM Tom_itx: slowly gettin it cut out
08:33 PM evilroot: They're SR-25W, SR-20W, and SR-15W
08:33 PM BeachBumPete: looking good man
08:33 PM evilroot: I think 800x600x400
08:34 PM Wolf__: hmm, damn I forget what thk I have here
08:34 PM evilroot: Each rail has two linear blocks
08:34 PM evilroot: Would make a pretty solid machine
08:35 PM Wolf__: I have 4x sr-15W rails sitting looking for a project lol
08:37 PM Wolf__: evilroot: that one rail each? lol
09:02 PM evilroot: Two of each rail
09:02 PM evilroot: With two blocks per rail
09:03 PM evilroot: Still have a spare 3-phase motor controller too I don't think I'll ever use
09:16 PM Wolf__: what 3-phase controller?
09:16 PM Contract_Pilot: sup....
09:18 PM Wolf__: sorting tooling…
09:19 PM Wolf__: you get that FB message?
09:22 PM evilroot: Wolf__,: IDM P5
09:22 PM evilroot: 27A, 5.5kW
09:22 PM evilroot: Up to 7.5 HP
09:25 PM Wolf__: damn thats bigger then I need lol
09:30 PM Contract_Pilot: wold ya i got the massage
09:30 PM evilroot: Well also cheap, I only want $150 for it
09:31 PM evilroot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5fQTi1W868ON2hBOFVTMGR0dWc/view?usp=sharing
09:31 PM evilroot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5fQTi1W868OckJPeDN5TFNudzA/view?usp=sharing
09:31 PM MarcelineVQ: cheap enough that I want to put my house on a rotary table for it to run
09:32 PM evilroot: It was running the spindle motor on a big Gerber router
09:32 PM evilroot: I rebuilt it for a company, they wanted a smaller and quieter motor that didn't need 3-phase wiring
09:32 PM evilroot: Works fine
09:35 PM evilroot: Beats a chinese VFD, hehe
09:53 PM Tom_itx is now known as Tom_L
10:15 PM XXCoder: LOL!!
10:16 PM XXCoder: apparently fox news had this graohic "reason for the season" with cross on left
10:16 PM XXCoder: thing is it looks like "treason for the season"
10:18 PM ziper: roycroft, for a complex foil section?
10:39 PM roycroft: if it's too complex for a heat knife, then perhaps a laser cutter is in order
10:44 PM ziper: roycroft, how would you make a 3d shape with a laser cutter without more than 3 axes
10:57 PM XXCoder: https://www.popsci.com/scientists-use-light-to-purge-defects-from-solar-cells interesting
11:12 PM XXCoder: https://youtu.be/yITr127KZtQ
11:17 PM Wolfmetalfab is now known as Wolf__
11:19 PM MarcelineVQ: duno about that vid, awful lot of cars smashing into each other, even on the high-flow examples
11:20 PM XXCoder: yeah sim isnt perfect
11:20 PM XXCoder: but then it just have to reasonabke close enough
11:36 PM rebecca: i asked this the other day so forgive my repetition.. but just in case...
11:37 PM rebecca: anyone have experience buying an ATC spindle lately?
11:37 PM rebecca: particularly one from china
11:52 PM gloops: ziper - inject the foam