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Jul 03 2017

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12:15 AM Crom: I was 14....hmm connections... don't remember it
12:17 AM LeelooMinai: Crom: UK show though
12:17 AM Crom: Oh that show! That's an awesum show!
12:17 AM Crom: I love the sewing machine explanation
12:17 AM Crom: The Jacard weaving mill using punch cards was great too
01:14 AM pink_vampire: hii
01:15 AM pink_vampire: any life?
01:15 AM XXCoder: nope
01:15 AM pink_vampire: :)
01:15 AM XXCoder: you converted all of us into vampires so plenty of unlife here
01:15 AM pink_vampire: I just got sand blast gun!
01:19 AM archivist: I am waiting for the post http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Renshaw-measuring-prob-head-PH10T-CMM-Machine-with-case-serial-U15618/122573627039
01:19 AM XXCoder: nice
01:20 AM pink_vampire: archivist: too big for may machine
01:20 AM archivist: I dont think it is too big
01:20 AM pink_vampire: the tp200 if i'm correct is 13mm diameter
01:21 AM archivist: yup
01:21 AM archivist: also takes the older tp2
01:22 AM LeelooMinai: archivist: Did you ask what is missing?
01:23 AM archivist: seen whats missing in other auctions, the drive box and remote
01:23 AM pink_vampire: archivist: it is motorized? or you just set the angel?
01:23 AM archivist: motorised
01:23 AM archivist: looking at docs seems small dc motors
01:24 AM pink_vampire: how they remove the runout?
01:24 AM archivist: I have found the connection info
01:24 AM LeelooMinai: They mispelled the name in the auction btw
01:24 AM archivist: there is an adjustable mount for the runout and vertical axis
01:25 AM archivist: I know :)
01:25 AM archivist: price is right for the small motorised axis though
01:26 AM archivist: http://www.renishaw.com/cmmsupport/knowledgebase/en/ph10t--17184
01:26 AM pink_vampire: archivist: you know the listing is for a defective unit..
01:27 AM LeelooMinai: lol: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Renishaw-ML10-X-Laser-Interferometer-Calibration-System-for-Machine-Tools-CMMs-/192216542706
01:28 AM pink_vampire: http://i.imgur.com/TRZdfOC.png
01:28 AM archivist: pink_vampire, because part missing, make it
01:28 AM pink_vampire: archivist: http://i.imgur.com/gWnzFCC.png
01:29 AM archivist: not finished yet :)
01:29 AM pink_vampire: i did the cover for the back..
01:30 AM pink_vampire: and i need to finish the holder, and the spider.
01:30 AM archivist: why nuts and not tapped holes
01:31 AM pink_vampire: you need to allow some angle, and tapped holes in aluminum with stainless screws can get striped very easy if you apply high torque.
01:32 AM LeelooMinai: Not if you have a torque wrench:)
01:32 AM pink_vampire: for the cover I taped the holes.
01:32 AM XXCoder: I use torque wrench very often at work
01:32 AM XXCoder: not lately as job im working on doesnt need one.
01:33 AM pink_vampire: LeelooMinai: you need to snag the screws very good to make sure it is solid. if you strip the nut, few cents will give you a new one.
01:34 AM LeelooMinai: pink_vampire: You could also use steel insert I think.
01:34 AM LeelooMinai: I mean one of those similar to the ones you can use to "repair" stripped thread.
01:34 AM cncnoob: I was running a new program to day and had my finger on the "P" key just in case anything went wrong. Something did go wrong and I pressed "P" but the program didn't pause. Thankfully I had my speeds turned down and was able to hit the ESTOP before a collision. For some reason all the hotkeys in AXIS stopped working. Even restarting AXIS didn't
01:34 AM cncnoob: fix the problem, but restarting my PC fixed the problem. Has anyone ever seen that?
01:35 AM archivist: cncnoob, the keys are in user space so can be delayed or missed if the focus is on another window
01:35 AM pink_vampire: LeelooMinai: I know but i did slots that used as a integrated wrench, so you just put a regular nut, and you are good to go.
01:36 AM pink_vampire: I'm trying to use common hardware and make parts that are easy to service.
01:36 AM cncnoob: @archivist I thought that might have caused it, but I made sure I clicked back into AXIS after P didn't work the first time
01:36 AM LeelooMinai: lol, barbarians: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Renishaw-CP1-Probe/291921690255?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
01:37 AM archivist: you can end up with a queue of characters if not careful
01:37 AM pink_vampire: now I'm working on my sand blaster box
01:37 AM cncnoob: I had collapsed AXIS on accident, maybe that caused it, but I would have expected it to regain focus when I maximized it or at least when I clicked in the window.
01:37 AM archivist: LeelooMinai, "used"
01:38 AM pink_vampire: archivist: it look like coolant that got dry on it.
01:38 AM LeelooMinai: Someone took good care of it - propably because it is very expensive:p
01:39 AM archivist: cncnoob, if you dont have enough memory you can get delays due to stuff being in swap, connect switches direct to hal for estop etc
01:39 AM pink_vampire: archivist: just get that http://i.imgur.com/DadGuGN.png
01:40 AM archivist: I like cheap and faulty so get more entertainment, not paying too much
01:40 AM LeelooMinai: I will make one my day (tm)
01:40 AM LeelooMinai: my one day*
01:41 AM pink_vampire: LeelooMinai: did you saw my probe?
01:41 AM LeelooMinai: No
01:41 AM archivist: you need a bukket of round tuits
01:41 AM LeelooMinai: well, at least I don't remember now:)
01:42 AM pink_vampire: http://i.imgur.com/rJjl8BG.png
01:42 AM pink_vampire: http://i.imgur.com/BjuSQQl.png
01:42 AM LeelooMinai: To be fair, I did experiments already - got 2 micron sensitivity with both hall and phototransistor setup.
01:42 AM LeelooMinai: pink_vampire: That's the classic Renishaw inside, right?
01:43 AM LeelooMinai: I mean the one that everyone does now? :)
01:43 AM pink_vampire: just a spider and 6 ball bearings
01:43 AM pink_vampire: http://i.imgur.com/ziixI2O.png
01:44 AM LeelooMinai: Right. I plan to use that, but with carbide rods + ceramic ball-beraing balls - so that I don;t get the "sticktion" effect.
01:44 AM pink_vampire: now you can make you own in 5 minutes ^
01:44 AM archivist: you want steel balls for conduction ceramic is an insulator
01:45 AM LeelooMinai: archivist: ...
01:45 AM LeelooMinai: I am not senile yet:)
01:45 AM pink_vampire: my necklace http://i.imgur.com/AJYdB6A.png
01:45 AM LeelooMinai: lol
01:46 AM LeelooMinai: pink_vampire: That can be dangerous:p
01:46 AM pink_vampire: I'm also like the 8mm ruby ball necklace.
01:46 AM LeelooMinai: archivist: The plan is to use that only for support, but the detection will be done optically.
01:47 AM archivist: I have that stylus but use it on the TP2
01:47 AM archivist: LeelooMinai, use strain gauge for detection
01:48 AM pink_vampire: my jewelry box http://i.imgur.com/aitqObj.png
01:48 AM XXCoder: fancy
01:49 AM XXCoder: heard sony plans to make vinyl records again. interesting.
01:49 AM LeelooMinai: archivist: I know those are used too, but, imo optical is the most "pure" form - you have zero contact and zero chance of interference from outside.
01:49 AM IchGucksLive: morning from germany
01:49 AM XXCoder: hey the maker of cnc
01:50 AM IchGucksLive: pink likes to post images as i see in the logs
01:51 AM pink_vampire: LOL!!]
01:52 AM IchGucksLive: pink_vampire: where do you gotthe touch jewlery spikes
01:52 AM pink_vampire: ebay
01:53 AM IchGucksLive: search word woudt be
01:53 AM LeelooMinai: I once watched a guy who designed some probes of his and he spent a lot of time testing contacts. Apparently better probes have contacts emerged in liquids that prevent oxidation, etc.
01:53 AM pink_vampire: I just use brass
01:54 AM archivist: contact grease would be ok to stop the corrosion
01:54 AM LeelooMinai: So I cancluded that doing mechanical contacts is a problem in itself and it's better to just avoid it:)
01:54 AM archivist: the old probes I got have contact problems, clean get working
01:55 AM IchGucksLive: morning JesusAlos
01:55 AM IchGucksLive: JesusAlos: hard head wave hedding your way 45 in reatch
01:55 AM archivist: the detection circuit can deal with resistive contacts
01:55 AM LeelooMinai: archivist: There are also other probems - like pitting of the surface and "stiction" effects, etc.
01:56 AM archivist: I have done detection of resistance change with an arduino on contact probe
01:56 AM XXCoder: http://dtlon6z3v1kfl.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/22144632/you-had-one-job-funny-fails-2-57a06939c59f4__605.jpg
01:56 AM XXCoder: lol
01:57 AM archivist: LeelooMinai, you calibrate those errors out in a CMM situation
01:57 AM XXCoder: kinda reminds me of story I heard, guy told new worker not to stack certain boxes of dangerous powder more than 3 high. he stacked all of em in one stack, so 6 high
01:57 AM archivist: one day I hope linuxcnc gets probe calibration
01:57 AM XXCoder: place closed for a weekend, and they opened up to see boxes all shattered ald powder all over the shop
01:58 AM XXCoder: well the powder is very corrosive to concerete which the warehouse is made from
01:58 AM XXCoder: they had to rebuild entire warehouse
01:59 AM pink_vampire: someone forgot something here http://www.blasterforum.com/proxy.php?image=http%3A%2F%2Fi34.tinypic.com%2Foqis0l.jpg&hash=110c4ea65c7bc11b5e0275540457c680
02:00 AM XXCoder: lid probably removed to show interior
02:00 AM pink_vampire: almost...
02:00 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: look closer..
02:00 AM LeelooMinai: Some people have one hand only:)
02:00 AM pink_vampire: yeah!!
02:01 AM XXCoder: ah that is for people that can leviate only one item a time with mind lol
02:01 AM XXCoder: though I suppose can always lay part on surface though that limits options
02:01 AM pink_vampire: i got a very nice bin
02:02 AM pink_vampire: gloves' and all the stuff I need, and now I nee to make the deign for it.
02:03 AM pink_vampire: do you think baking soda will work in aluminum?
02:03 AM pink_vampire: I want to remove the machining marks.
02:04 AM XXCoder: you might want to get vibration machine also, thats great for certain types of deburring
02:04 AM XXCoder: those gives fanastic texture
02:05 AM pink_vampire: I saw the tumbles and the vibrators, but the noise is just crazy
02:06 AM archivist: I polish with wet and dry paper of various grades
02:06 AM XXCoder: heh yeah probably not good for apartment
02:06 AM XXCoder: house here but probably loud enough to bother neighbors.
02:07 AM cncnoob: @XXCoder all those images pink_vampire is posting is a good reason to move over to discord ;)
02:07 AM XXCoder: no.
02:07 AM cncnoob: lol
02:07 AM XXCoder: discord is voice chat right?
02:08 AM pink_vampire: I jot the air eraser from HF
02:08 AM cncnoob: It does have voice chat capabilities
02:08 AM XXCoder: which is useless to me
02:08 AM cncnoob: But you don't have to use it
02:08 AM cncnoob: It is basically IRC on steroids
02:08 AM cncnoob: ez to upload images and what not
02:08 AM cncnoob: has a web app too
02:08 AM cncnoob: and a good android app
02:09 AM pink_vampire: I'm in discord :)
02:10 AM pink_vampire: https://discord.gg/ANhbeZQ
02:10 AM cncnoob: One thing I really liked about it is that I could go back through the logs without setting up a bot to do logging for me
02:10 AM IchGucksLive: im off 2 garden BYE
02:12 AM XXCoder: "toilet paper (unused) 2 for $1"
02:12 AM pink_vampire: back logs, voice, instant images share from your phone, mention notification to your phone...
02:12 AM XXCoder: who would buy used ones?
02:13 AM cncnoob: FUTURE!
02:15 AM XXCoder: http://d29l8fj0bhi1tg.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/21164445/4032a8eb3c2d2e42163da311356ef70c.jpg
02:16 AM pink_vampire: any idea how to cut large and precise square hole in a piece of wood
02:16 AM XXCoder: theres special drill that has chisel surround to make square hole
02:16 AM XXCoder: keystone cutter
02:16 AM pink_vampire: i mean like 10" by 12"
02:16 AM pink_vampire: window..
02:17 AM XXCoder: ah
02:17 AM Deejay: moin
02:17 AM pink_vampire: hi Deejay
02:17 AM cncnoob: @pink_vampire, I've been thinking more about my motor upgrade and I'm leaning towards the VFD, but with 2 or 3 belt reductions. That is, a High and a Low, or a High, a Medium, and a Low. I'm thinking I don't need 24K, but 12K for the high end would be nice
02:17 AM XXCoder: scrollsaw then belt sander?
02:17 AM Deejay: hi pink & XXCoder
02:17 AM pink_vampire: no belt sander here :(
02:17 AM pink_vampire: Deejay: any news?
02:18 AM XXCoder: cncnoob: if I recall nright, 12000 is standard for chinese vfd spindle?
02:18 AM cncnoob: 24K
02:18 AM cncnoob: which seems excessive
02:18 AM Deejay: no news today
02:18 AM XXCoder: got link?
02:18 AM pink_vampire: 8000 to 24000
02:18 AM cncnoob: 6K - 24K
02:18 AM XXCoder: mine is 2000 to 12000
02:18 AM cncnoob: some are 8K - 24K
02:18 AM cncnoob: really?!
02:18 AM cncnoob: what motor and where do I get it?
02:18 AM cncnoob: That is what I'm looking for
02:19 AM XXCoder: it may be too small scale for your machine
02:19 AM cncnoob: dang
02:19 AM XXCoder: 52mm diameter spindle
02:19 AM pink_vampire: the 200$ combos vfd & motor are about 8K to 24k
02:19 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: i think you got the dc spindle
02:19 AM XXCoder: dc yeah
02:20 AM cncnoob: I have the HF mini mill with the R8
02:20 AM XXCoder: type that has er11 collet with set screw hold on to spindle correct?
02:20 AM cncnoob: what do you mean the DC spindle? Just DC current
02:20 AM pink_vampire: no vfd is using with dc, you need pwm
02:20 AM cncnoob: ?
02:20 AM cncnoob: right
02:20 AM pink_vampire: cncnoob: he has the 300W spindle
02:20 AM XXCoder: yeah mine is pwm
02:20 AM XXCoder: no 400w
02:21 AM pink_vampire: the one with the collet holder with the set screw
02:21 AM cncnoob: I would consider PWM. That is what I was looking at before the VFD, but PWM was just a bit more expensive
02:22 AM pink_vampire: for brushless you have to use vfd.
02:22 AM pink_vampire: for dc you need pwm.
02:22 AM cncnoob: A 400W motor would be just slightly more powerful than the 0.47HP motor my mill comes with stock
02:24 AM pink_vampire: cncnoob: the chip load on small endmill need about 10-40w of power. in very high rpm.
02:24 AM pink_vampire: on the roland cnc machine the spindle is 60w
02:25 AM cncnoob: @XXCoder, is your motor/spindle direct drive?
02:25 AM XXCoder: dc yeah
02:25 AM pink_vampire: yes
02:25 AM cncnoob: Is it some ERxx variant?
02:25 AM XXCoder: er11
02:25 AM pink_vampire: http://www.ebay.com/itm/400W-High-speed-Air-Cooled-Spindle-Motor-Engraving-Milling-DC-12V-48V-12000rpm-/310901990583?epid=1031760995&hash=item486333e4b7:g:wJ4AAOxyhXRTKQ4v
02:26 AM pink_vampire: he use something like that
02:26 AM XXCoder: finding one with pwm is hard to find lol
02:26 AM XXCoder: 52mm anyway
02:26 AM XXCoder: larger ones you better use vfd its better
02:26 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-Spindle-Motor-Kit-600W-300W-450W-400W-500W-Brushed-Brushless-Power-Supply-Set-/201899747458?var=&hash=item2f0229a882:m:m21ZXqkk9PG40r_KjIDT5Qg
02:27 AM XXCoder: "Brushed Brushless"
02:27 AM XXCoder: wtf'
02:27 AM cncnoob: Better how? One problem that I can't solve easily with the VFD is one motor that gets me the entire speed range I want
02:27 AM cncnoob: If I go VFD I'll have to make some belt system
02:27 AM pink_vampire: just a keyword.. it is brushed motor
02:27 AM XXCoder: I know!
02:28 AM XXCoder: it just says "Brushed Brushless" LOL insanity
02:28 AM XXCoder: like dry wet water and dark bright light lol
02:28 AM cncnoob: Description was written by someone who once had the English language described to them.
02:29 AM XXCoder: wow
02:29 AM XXCoder: http://www.ebay.com/itm/US-400W-Spindle-Motor-12000RPM-W-600W-Brushless-DC-Motor-Driver-Engraver-Motor/122173749576?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
02:29 AM XXCoder: probably not 52mm so probably cant use that
02:29 AM XXCoder: but nice one
02:29 AM pink_vampire: cncnoob: vfd change the frequency for the coils in the spindle' and that change the speed, the is no need for belt.
02:30 AM cncnoob: yeah, but the RPM range listed for those 400Hz motors is the range where the torque is adequate
02:30 AM cncnoob: Below 6K the torque falls off
02:31 AM cncnoob: If I want to cut some mild steel at 1K or drill a hole at 500 RPM that would be a no go.
02:31 AM XXCoder: most times you use tiny tool (er11) so need higher rpm anyway.
02:31 AM XXCoder: those spindles isnt well designed for steel cutting though I guess possible
02:32 AM pink_vampire: you never use it for slower speed, this is high speed spindle. you need to feed the material faster. and use smaller end mills.
02:32 AM cncnoob: So lets say I wanted to drill a 1/2" hole in a piece of steel
02:32 AM cncnoob: how fast would I go?
02:33 AM cncnoob: 6K?
02:33 AM cncnoob: That seems way to fast
02:34 AM archivist: 100
02:34 AM pink_vampire: endmill, and go down in conventional helical way. and make finish cut in climb.
02:34 AM archivist: different machine
02:37 AM pink_vampire: cncnoob: I never drill holed smaller then 1/8". just use the cnc to open the hole you need with the end mill. it will save you tool changing.
02:37 AM pink_vampire: holes*
02:43 AM cncnoob: pink_vampire, I always just did a contour if I was making a hole with an endmill instead of the way you described, but my way took a long time and a tool change was definitely faster for me. Not sure if doing the way you said would be faster
02:44 AM pink_vampire: with slow speed spindle you right. drill is much faster. but with high speed spindle, the tool changing will take more the the ramp operation.
02:46 AM cncnoob: I guess all I'm trying to figure out before I purchase the VFD is if it will be able to cut some mild steel if I set it up to be direct drive
02:46 AM cncnoob: I don't want to loose that flexibility
02:47 AM cncnoob: It will not be often that I'm cutting steel, and it will usually be thin stuff (less than 1/8"), but I still want to be able to do it
02:47 AM pink_vampire: what is your feed and speed right now?
02:47 AM cncnoob: I'm really still figuring it out. I try to stick to what HSMWorks recommends.
02:47 AM cncnoob: My mill is capable of 60 IPM
02:48 AM cncnoob: spindle speed maxes out at 2500 RPM
02:49 AM cncnoob: If HSM tells me it expects 6K for the bit and operation I selected I divided it by whatever value I need to to get to 2500 RPM then divide my feed rate by that same value
02:50 AM pink_vampire: hsm design for very ridgid machines.
02:50 AM cncnoob: My machine isn't Rigid, I got it from Harbor Freight
02:51 AM cncnoob: Little Home Depot humor for ya there!
02:51 AM cncnoob: :)
02:52 AM XXCoder: many calls it harbor fright
02:52 AM pink_vampire: you just need to find the settings that work for you' the get the chip load, and change the spindle speed' and see what feed you need.
02:53 AM cncnoob: I actually got mine used, so even more frightful
02:54 AM pink_vampire: for aluminum I'm using, 1000rpm 150mm/min feedrate and 0.0375mm chip load.
02:54 AM pink_vampire: it is 3.175mm end mill (1/8")
02:57 AM pink_vampire: in 8K rpm it will be 1200mm/min and the same 0.0375mm chip load.
02:57 AM pink_vampire: cncnoob: ^
02:58 AM cncnoob: yeah, that is basically what I'm doing with what HSM works gives me
02:59 AM pink_vampire: you need to make sure that your cutter can work in high speed. and make sure you use cooling is it get hot.
02:59 AM cncnoob: I don't have a cooling system
02:59 AM cncnoob: I have WD40
02:59 AM pink_vampire: mist.
02:59 AM pink_vampire: wd40 is not coolant.
02:59 AM cncnoob: I can be if you use enough of it
03:00 AM pink_vampire: is just prevent the chis from getting weld to the cutter.
03:00 AM pink_vampire: it just make nasty smoke.
03:00 AM cncnoob: yes it does
03:01 AM pink_vampire: you can use pam oil.
03:01 AM pink_vampire: it food safe, and have much higher smoke temperature then wd40
03:02 AM cncnoob: If I don't plan on installing a cooling system should I even bother with a high speed spindle?
03:02 AM cncnoob: Originally I just wanted PC control of spindle speed, but then I started looking into high speed spindles
03:02 AM pink_vampire: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61FRIYzU1BL._SX355_.jpg
03:03 AM cncnoob: I have access to lots of used motor oil
03:03 AM cncnoob: I have a squirt can of oil that I use on steel
03:03 AM pink_vampire: you can just set it by hand. it take 1 sec
03:03 AM cncnoob: Sometimes I use WD40 because it was making less of a mess
03:04 AM cncnoob: I want convenience
03:04 AM pink_vampire: i just use rubbing alcohol
03:05 AM XXCoder: there is misters you mix with water 10% mister and 90% water
03:05 AM XXCoder: and it works great as cooler
03:06 AM pink_vampire: i think about using 95% rubbing alcohol as a mist
03:06 AM pink_vampire: it will be much better coolant. and no need to wash the part.
03:07 AM pink_vampire: and you can get drunk just from standing near the machine.
03:07 AM cncnoob: So you don't use any additional lube then? Just the mist for cooling?
03:07 AM cncnoob: lol
03:07 AM XXCoder: and being drunk is amazing condition for cnc working lol
03:08 AM cncnoob: Does the mist pool up enough that I would need to protect the machine's switches and motors?
03:08 AM cncnoob: It isn't like flood coolant I wouldn't think
03:08 AM pink_vampire: cncnoob: I'm using full depth cutting most of the time' and with the right setting most of the heat go to the chip.
03:09 AM XXCoder: correctly set not much pooling
03:09 AM cncnoob: Do you have mist on any time you are cutting any type of metal?
03:10 AM pink_vampire: cncnoob: the more rubbing and shallow cut you have the hotter it will get.
03:10 AM cncnoob: I would expect it is off for plastic and wood
03:10 AM pink_vampire: plastic need cooling
03:11 AM pink_vampire: wood need fast feed rate
03:12 AM pink_vampire: also plastic. but it is more gruby then wood, so you want to cool it and make sure is cut it nice.
03:12 AM pink_vampire: also you need to make sure that you blow the chips away in plastic cutting.
03:12 AM XXCoder: nylon need "oh shit are you trying to flood the world?" amount of cooling.
03:13 AM pink_vampire: the chips love to stick to the endmill
03:13 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: what about nylon with glass fiber :)
03:14 AM XXCoder: same
03:14 AM XXCoder: I run those a lot.
03:14 AM XXCoder: I also ran nylon with glass powder and steel powder mixed in
03:14 AM cncnoob: I have a sheet of Delrin that I'm going to cut some day
03:14 AM cncnoob: I'm trying to get my design perfect first
03:15 AM pink_vampire: i just got phenolic laminated
03:17 AM cncnoob: I gotta go to bed. Thanks for the info guys
03:18 AM cncnoob: and gals
03:18 AM XXCoder: later
03:18 AM pink_vampire: :)
03:19 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: now is just you and me :)
03:19 AM XXCoder: plenty of jokes on that comment lol
03:19 AM XXCoder: 3 was too many lol
03:19 AM pink_vampire: heheee
03:20 AM pink_vampire: i need lagre caliper
03:20 AM pink_vampire: 24" or more
03:21 AM XXCoder: yeah? though usability goes down pretty fast sometimes. maybe its better to buy rock and decent used height gauge
03:22 AM pink_vampire: height gauge?/
03:23 AM XXCoder: a second
03:23 AM XXCoder: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/18/GaugeHeightVernier-Electronic.jpg
03:23 AM XXCoder: never knew non-dial or non-digital versions existed.
03:24 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: that also.. but first need a nice surface plate (and someone that want to carry it to the second floor)
03:25 AM XXCoder: there is pretty small ones for say $100
03:25 AM XXCoder: its say 1.5 foot by foot
03:25 AM pink_vampire: i want like 8*12 at least
03:25 AM XXCoder: class B which is plenty accurate for home
03:25 AM XXCoder: 8 feet by 12 feet?
03:26 AM pink_vampire: for my AAA grade pool table..
03:26 AM XXCoder: that would be actually too heavy for your apartment
03:26 AM XXCoder: it would break though floor
03:28 AM pink_vampire: Weighs 40 lbs.
03:28 AM pink_vampire: O_o
03:28 AM pink_vampire: http://grizzly.com/products/9-x-12-x-3-Granite-Surface-Plate-No-Ledge/G9648
03:28 AM XXCoder: ah inches
03:29 AM XXCoder: thought you wanted feet! that would be huge QA sized rock lol
03:29 AM pink_vampire: Merchandise: $32.96 Shipping: $9.99 Subtotal: $42.94
03:29 AM pink_vampire: not bad at all..
03:29 AM archivist: a CMM comes with a free granite plate
03:30 AM pink_vampire: archivist: cool, you just save me 42.94$
03:31 AM archivist: used CMMs are becoming affordable
03:31 AM pink_vampire: affordable.. mean...
03:31 AM XXCoder: thounds of bucks? lol never looked into cmms
03:31 AM archivist: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mitutoyo-Bright-M-507-Co-ordinate-Measuring-Machine/142427640984
03:32 AM archivist: mine cost me £100
03:32 AM XXCoder: thats pretty decent but way too heavy for her apt I would think
03:32 AM XXCoder: her second floor apt
03:32 AM pink_vampire: wood floor..
03:32 AM * XXCoder sure sounds like stalker at this time. :P
03:33 AM archivist: I put mine in the garage
03:33 AM pink_vampire: NY.. garage...
03:34 AM XXCoder: probably like finding unicorn
03:34 AM Deejay: hrhr
03:34 AM pink_vampire: almost
03:34 AM XXCoder: true. garage in ny is actually findable
03:34 AM pink_vampire: http://grizzly.com/products/Slotted-Angle-Plate-7-W-x-5-1-2-H-x-4-1-2-D/G9577
03:35 AM pink_vampire: what is the use for that?
03:35 AM XXCoder: 90 degrees
03:35 AM XXCoder: the side surfaces is nicely flat also
03:35 AM XXCoder: so can use it on side for some uses
03:35 AM pink_vampire: i know
03:36 AM XXCoder: work has slightly bigger ones with no slot holes but has handle
03:36 AM pink_vampire: did you ever used it?
03:36 AM XXCoder: easier to move pretty dang heavu thing.
03:36 AM XXCoder: pretty often for checking parts
03:36 AM archivist: I use angle plates
03:36 AM archivist: stuff that does not fit in a vice etc
03:39 AM pink_vampire: someone shanblast his mind http://grizzly.com/products/Mini-Sandblaster/T27359
03:40 AM pink_vampire: way too expensive.
03:41 AM XXCoder: I would think its pretty easy to make one but then I never made one.
03:42 AM pink_vampire: i'm going to make one
03:42 AM pink_vampire: in less then 30$
03:43 AM pink_vampire: i want something like that but small http://grizzly.com/products/25-Benchtop-Metal-Shear/G0828
03:44 AM pink_vampire: 12" or so..
03:44 AM XXCoder: pricy
03:44 AM pink_vampire: i know
03:46 AM pink_vampire: sooo cuuuute http://grizzly.com/products/Hand-Shear-Machine/T26470
03:46 AM XXCoder: wait its shear not bender?
03:46 AM XXCoder: earlier link
03:46 AM pink_vampire: cutter
03:47 AM pink_vampire: like a guillotine
03:47 AM XXCoder: yeah
03:47 AM XXCoder: used to use gaint and old one
03:47 AM XXCoder: *giant
03:49 AM pink_vampire: the cool thing about it' is that you can add a servo/stepper based stop, and then you program the depth of cut, and just push the metal, and cut.
03:49 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: ^
03:50 AM XXCoder: nice
03:50 AM XXCoder: one I used must be close to 80 years old lol
03:51 AM pink_vampire: I love design sheet metal stuff' but I dont have any tool for handling it.
03:53 AM archivist: only need scissors for tin http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=tinware
03:53 AM XXCoder: pink I would love to have stamper but its just excessive lol
03:53 AM XXCoder: I would also need bender lol
03:53 AM pink_vampire: stamper?
03:53 AM archivist: and a ball bearing and a bit of hard flat steel and a vice with plain grip
03:54 AM XXCoder: I never ran one but man is it LOUD. I ran jobs on mill near it and I could feel it running all the dang time
03:54 AM archivist: the watering can lid is a pressing
03:55 AM XXCoder: pink_vampire: essentally this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU3SKaBFHIk
03:55 AM XXCoder: out of all cnc machines, that is probably the least accessable for home usage lolk
03:56 AM archivist: dont need cnc for sheet metal
03:56 AM pink_vampire: in the 21 century we use lasers
03:56 AM XXCoder: actually all cncs has pro and cons
03:57 AM XXCoder: for example waterjet can cut materials that cannot be cut by any other cnc machine, like cloth
03:59 AM XXCoder: pink_vampire: lasers cannot do some materials, waterjet cannot do some materials, puncher like video cannot do some material
04:01 AM pink_vampire: rule #1 get large enough machine shop..
04:03 AM XXCoder: yep yep lol
04:04 AM XXCoder: if I ever get my own land, I will build small house and shop thats 10 times bigger than it :P
04:04 AM pink_vampire: lol
04:06 AM pink_vampire: did you ever use router?
04:06 AM XXCoder: yeah few times
04:07 AM pink_vampire: i need to make a step
04:09 AM XXCoder: what step?
04:09 AM XXCoder: into sainthood?
04:10 AM pink_vampire: foam gasket
04:11 AM XXCoder: ah yeah. is foam rigid enough for milling?
04:11 AM pink_vampire: lol no
04:11 AM pink_vampire: the step is in a wood plywood
04:12 AM pink_vampire: the foam seat in the the step
04:17 AM gonzo__: XXCoder, building a house/shop 10x bigger than the land
04:17 AM gonzo__: you are Dr. Who !
04:17 AM XXCoder: what?
04:18 AM gonzo__: it was just the way it read
04:18 AM XXCoder: ah lol I'd love to have non-ecludian house though
04:18 AM XXCoder: inside thats way bigger than outside
04:19 AM gonzo__: given the amount of crapo I have stored, I recon my house is bigger on the inside
04:19 AM XXCoder: careful don't get lost inside your house
04:20 AM XXCoder: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-3008
04:22 AM archivist: I have run out of "away" to put stuff
04:23 AM XXCoder: make more away
04:23 AM XXCoder: maybe dr. who knows
04:24 AM archivist: I have sat in his car
04:25 AM pink_vampire: is there fender washer for 4-40?
04:36 AM XXCoder: no idea
04:37 AM pink_vampire: http://www.rshughes.com/landing/Chloronite-Glove-Landing-Page.html?gclid=CI6lxYTh7NQCFZGCswodcJMDQg&utm_source=google&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=tgc-chloronite&s_kwcid=AL!4414!3!152407837188!e!!g!!acetone%20resistant%20gloves&ef_id=VsLZ6gAABFM0etAb:20170703090513:s
04:39 AM XXCoder: wow pretty goddamn tough
04:40 AM pink_vampire: acetone all the time eat the gloves. and it destroy my nail polish!
04:40 AM XXCoder: they have 2xl. thats pretty rare lol though my hands got L just fine, I have been forced to use all down to S, and I have developed art of breaking in S gloves so it doesnt break when I work on stuff lol
04:40 AM XXCoder: 5 bucks for box of em. pretty cheap
04:41 AM XXCoder: oh wait pair not box
04:41 AM XXCoder: 53 bucks for box
04:41 AM XXCoder: dang
04:42 AM pink_vampire: french manicure it's about 15$
04:43 AM XXCoder: lol my nail clipp, free
04:43 AM pink_vampire: stop it!!!
04:43 AM XXCoder: my most expensive personal expense is shaving, bag of shaving, $3 and it lasts a year. :P
04:44 AM XXCoder: shampoo is lot more expensive but my hair is so thin I only use a drop each time I bathe so one bottle lasts years lol
04:44 AM XXCoder: stop what?
04:44 AM pink_vampire: I like my hair un-touched
04:45 AM pink_vampire: shampoo bottle last me about 2 weeks
04:45 AM XXCoder: it's not really matter of choice for me
04:46 AM XXCoder: my hair dont really grow anymore, on scalp lol
04:46 AM pink_vampire: my hair is looooooooooooooooooooooooong
04:46 AM XXCoder: average growth speed is around inch a year
04:46 AM XXCoder: and top its approxately inch per infinity years
04:48 AM pink_vampire: ;(
04:48 AM XXCoder: nah its fine lol
04:48 AM XXCoder: I have saved billion bucks on haircut costs lol
04:51 AM pink_vampire: I just love it, hug it and let it grow ;)
04:51 AM XXCoder: honestly my hair matches me
04:51 AM XXCoder: im lazy as fuck so high maintance hair is hassle
04:53 AM pink_vampire: I need to make dual vice
05:34 AM XXCoder: insane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJQqXXENYsI
05:58 AM jthornton-: morning
05:58 AM XXCoder: hey jt
05:58 AM pink_vampire: hi jthornton-
05:59 AM jthornton- is now known as jthornton
05:59 AM gonzo__: french manicure!? I thought machinests would have broken nails with black grease unde
05:59 AM XXCoder: she is goddess on machining without damaging nails
05:59 AM pink_vampire: gonzo__: http://i.imgur.com/g2uAkM9.png
06:00 AM * archivist snips those nails
06:01 AM * archivist gets angle grinder out to give them a smooth
06:01 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder make pink_vampire smile and admire her nails even more
06:01 AM XXCoder: honestly I dont like nails but to each own heh
06:02 AM XXCoder: nails is huge annoyance to me
06:02 AM pink_vampire: I miss them http://i.imgur.com/M4usYSW.png
06:10 AM gonzo__: ok, clean swarf!
06:10 AM pink_vampire: ?
06:11 AM gonzo__: I suspect that my vision of machiening is a bit more grimy that that
06:11 AM XXCoder: her chips is also typical at work
06:11 AM XXCoder: only really messy times is milling plastic or evil bastard nylon
06:12 AM pink_vampire: gonzo__: normally the machine is super clean
06:12 AM pink_vampire: gonzo__: http://i.imgur.com/4eebqfD.png
06:13 AM gonzo__: my swarf is dirty steel, oily and often coming off, on fire
06:13 AM XXCoder: I can't keep organized worth shit
06:13 AM XXCoder: hey wanna come over and build cabiet for my cnc router lol
06:13 AM pink_vampire: I LOVE organizing
06:14 AM pink_vampire: walmart.. 5$ for large plastic container with lid
06:15 AM gonzo__: I have white ish (well, they were white) walls, near the lathe. With an oily stripe tha up the wall and along the ceiling, that is in the plane of the chuck. It would be down the other wall as wel , but.... well, that's where I stand
06:15 AM XXCoder: I have stuff ready to build it, just cant do shit
06:16 AM pink_vampire: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Sterilite-58-Quart-Storage-Box-Deep-Cobalt-Available-in-Case-of-8-or-Single-Unit/51446735?variantFieldId=actual_color
06:16 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: ^
06:17 AM XXCoder: lol nah
06:17 AM * archivist demands barcodes on all the boxes
06:17 AM XXCoder: https://d29l8fj0bhi1tg.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/22150254/dIIcsNw.jpg lol
09:22 AM _abc_: Hello. Been reading on mITX etc systems for @. Has anyone got the wheezy linuxcnc going on a j1800 or j1900 board? I understand there are pullup problems with the parallel port, anything else? I mean, low end fanless boards from Asrock, Biostar etc?
09:23 AM _abc_: Is there any real difference between them in the linuxcnc context?
09:37 AM _abc_: Nobody here so early? >:)
09:50 AM gcardinal: Im here but dont know much about mitc boards
09:51 AM gcardinal: I went with a new board and pretty much copy past of what tormach is running in they systems
09:52 AM gcardinal: _abc_ there some info on forums https://forum.linuxcnc.org/18-computer/28794-gigabyte-j1900-ga-j1900n-d3v
09:55 AM _abc_: As long as there is a way to make it work without recompiling I'm in. Thanks for the link gcardinal. Let's see someone else too.
09:56 AM _abc_: J1800 J1900 N3150 boards from Asrock anyone?
09:57 AM gcardinal: _abc_ my best bet here would be to post on forums - it is very responsive. anyhow, best of luck!
09:58 AM _abc_: I'll lurk here some more eh. Thanks.
10:41 AM pcw_home: _abc_ This one works OK with our Ethernet and parallel port stuff:
10:41 AM pcw_home: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157726
10:41 AM pcw_home: not sure how good latency is for software stepping though
10:45 AM _abc_: pcw_home: thanks for the link
10:46 AM _abc_: pcw_home: what linux are you running on it?
10:46 AM _abc_: linuxcnc wheezy?
10:50 AM Frank_10: hi guys
10:51 AM _abc_: bummer j3355 seems to be pushed as a premium (cough) all in one boxed pc here. Barf. Also at like 3x the price of the parts.
11:01 AM _abc_: Okay, thanks for the tips. Looks like this for now: J1800 based boards are known to work well with wheezy linuxcnc, are older. J1900 and N3150 seem to work but not clear, even if J1900 is released at the same time as J1800 - should work. N3050 is ...
11:01 AM _abc_: ... assumed to work.
11:02 AM _abc_: (based on 3150 working). No warranty. Will test some stuff and see what happens.
11:02 AM _abc_: Thanks for the patience.
11:02 AM pcw_home: Both the J1800 and J1900 are known to be OK with Wheezy/RTAI but are both getting a bit harder to find
11:03 AM _abc_: Well I am "blessed" to be in Eastern Europe where I guess they shipped all the crap from the West.
11:03 AM pcw_home: The N3xxx chips may be iffy with older kernels (like the RTAI kernel shipped with Wheezy/LinuxCNC)
11:03 AM _abc_: But they are cheap. I am served.
11:04 AM _abc_: Yes something about Bay Trail and some Lake support.
11:04 AM _abc_: They are too recent for straight rtai wheezy.
11:04 AM Frank_10: maybe someone with more exp can help me: ive installed a ballscrew on my z axis; but im trying terribly hard to proerly align the ballscrew to te stepper motor; which are coupled with a lovejoy spider type coupler
11:05 AM * _abc_ hopes the next release of live linuxcnc is based on devuan, systemd free. Just talked with 2 more people today who wrestled with untractable problems related @. No discussion please.
11:05 AM Frank_10: individially both parts have 0.04mm runout; but when i connect yhe 3 part coupler i get .2mm runout
11:06 AM _abc_: Frank_10: does it have a center hole you can use for alignment?
11:06 AM _abc_: try to loosen the stepper mounts, spin it slowly, tighten the screws one by one (opposite) a little as it goes.
11:06 AM _abc_: This should self center it.
11:06 AM cpresser: Frank_10: pictures might help. including the measurement-setup
11:08 AM Frank_10: they are properly angle-aligned but apparently they have a misalignament on parallelism
11:09 AM _abc_: I hope the motor mount allows some movement for alignment?
11:09 AM _abc_: No? Frank_10ß
11:09 AM _abc_: ?
11:09 AM Frank_10: i dobt think so;
11:10 AM _abc_: Well it's time to break out a file and make it so...
11:10 AM _abc_: or a mill if it's a larger holder.
11:10 AM _abc_: If you loosen it a bit and spin it slowly it will become obvious which way it wants to go
11:11 AM _abc_: spin with the drive, slowly, making slow 360's
11:11 AM Frank_10: when i move up and down the axis; the coupler seems to fight more on one side of the ballscree
11:11 AM _abc_: yeah. Just do what I said please. It will come to you as you see it wiggle. Then you need to figure out how to move the motor mount in the direction it wants to wiggle.
11:11 AM Frank_10: when i losen up the motor mount and move the axis the motor moves in circles a tad bit
11:11 AM _abc_: ^
11:12 AM _abc_: Sounds like the halves do not mate right?
11:12 AM archivist: you need two spiders by the sound of it
11:13 AM JT-Shop: is your ballscrew or stepper shaft bent?
11:13 AM archivist: show picture of the coupler type, is it an oldham
11:14 AM Frank_10: yes curved jaw oldham
11:14 AM Frank_10: im on cellphone right now; ill try to make pictures for you later to make it easier
11:15 AM Frank_10: im just worried that when they bored the coupler they made a bad job; but as i said; individually both parts on their own have 0.04mm runout
11:16 AM Frank_10: my only conclusion is that the spider is offseting both shafts
11:16 AM Frank_10: idk
11:16 AM Frank_10: will make pics later thou
11:32 AM Simonious: if I'm going to import a graphic into fusion360 for CAM, what filetype do I want? DWG?
12:24 PM * Loetmichel just has "fun" with his 318i convertible... started to vent steam on the way home from work and showed "overheat" in the dashboard. Radiator reservoir was nearly empty... and i have NO idea where that steam comes from... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfBQAGpit2s
12:33 PM IchGucksLive: hi all
01:30 PM Todd_Z_: "Loetmichel" check the heater core lines, freeze plug blow out, possibilities get much worse after that.
01:32 PM Todd_Z_: Or if it was spewing a bunch of coolant on the exauset just before you stopped and it is still steaming off.
01:58 PM IchGucksLive: has someone compiled camotics on wheezy
02:10 PM billykid: hello
02:10 PM IchGucksLive: hi from germany
02:10 PM billykid: Yesterday I ended up doing spindle synchronized motion
02:10 PM billykid: hi from Italy
02:11 PM IchGucksLive: cool
02:11 PM billykid: Today i am trying m19 orient
02:13 PM billykid: But unfortunately there are many different examples among them
02:13 PM Simonious: today I'm gimp->inkscape->f360->linuxCNC
02:14 PM Simonious: I am poor with all those programs, but it's coming along well.
02:15 PM IchGucksLive: Simonious: why F360
02:15 PM IchGucksLive: use a buildin mashine dxf
02:15 PM Simonious: because CAM, got an option you'd suggest?
02:15 PM IchGucksLive: nativcam
02:15 PM Simonious: yeah? tell me more
02:15 PM IchGucksLive: did see my video
02:15 PM billykid: Step by step you will learn
02:16 PM Simonious: NO, I don't see it
02:16 PM IchGucksLive: Simonious: this is my chanel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmwhCL92ZQRSVqFe3jGwJSQ
02:16 PM Simonious: will take a look
02:16 PM Simonious: start at the top?
02:16 PM IchGucksLive: this is what you need https://youtu.be/Rv1v5qj7Rek
02:17 PM IchGucksLive: depending on mashine and workpice
02:17 PM IchGucksLive: there are multiple cams free
02:17 PM IchGucksLive: like heekscad
02:17 PM IchGucksLive: sheetcam up to 500 lines
02:17 PM IchGucksLive: simulation with camotics
02:18 PM IchGucksLive: estlcam
02:18 PM IchGucksLive: https://youtu.be/5c02t1fUIm8
02:19 PM IchGucksLive: ok im off sorry its late in Germany and im to old to stay up
02:19 PM IchGucksLive: Gn8
02:26 PM billykid: Nobody helps me configure "hal?
02:42 PM Goodlord: anyone on facebook - cnc router tips ?
02:43 PM Goodlord: err no
02:43 PM Goodlord: DIY CNC Machines
03:07 PM Simonious: folks know if there is a way to group things in fusion360 such that I can select a whole group at once for a cam operation? I've got lots of points and circles, etc and I'd like to group them so that I can select one and try different CAM operations.
03:15 PM roycroft: i don't know about fusion 360, but in autocad you can put all the objects on a layer and do select special, and pick everything on that layer
03:15 PM roycroft: fusion 360 might have something similar
03:15 PM roycroft: i'd be surprised if it didn't, actually
03:19 PM LeelooMinai: Simonious: Yes, there are selection groups - they are right there on the right click menu...
03:19 PM Simonious: LeelooMinai: withint the CAM mode?
03:20 PM Simonious: LeelooMinai: or do I need to set the groups up in a different mode?
03:20 PM LeelooMinai: Simonious: In design mode mode.
03:20 PM BeachBumPete: I just finally downloaded F360 this weekend gonna have to look into it
03:21 PM Simonious: then I'm more confused than I thought, I don't see that as being one of the modes.
03:21 PM LeelooMinai: Simonious: By design mode I mean model one - where you create the geometry.
03:22 PM Simonious: and those groups are persistant into CAM mode? checking tha tout.
03:23 PM LeelooMinai: To be honest I don't know:) I meant "selection sets".
03:25 PM LeelooMinai: Simonious: I just checked - I think if you use selection set and, well, select the bodies in it and then you create setup in CAM mode it will use the selection, so, there's one way.
03:25 PM Simonious: grr, it keeps unselecting previously selected items, but only after I've selected a bunch, I'm fat fingering something..
03:26 PM Simonious: What is the multiselect key? shift? ctrl?
03:26 PM LeelooMinai: ctrl adds to selection
03:27 PM LeelooMinai: One item, but shift can add multiple I think. Never really thought about it - just did that intuitively.
03:27 PM BeachBumPete: How do you guys find the post processor for linuxCNC in F360?
03:28 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: You select it from a list in the post processing dialog:)
03:28 PM BeachBumPete: that is not what I meant
03:28 PM LeelooMinai: Well, what did you mean...
03:29 PM BeachBumPete: is it any good for 3 axis milling or did it need lots of modifications and ifso what changes did you make?
03:29 PM LeelooMinai: A, you meant find as "what do you think of"
03:29 PM BeachBumPete: exactly
03:31 PM LeelooMinai: I used it only for initial tests, but the only problem I had was that it assumes Z axis zero to be at top. After I realized that and changed my linuxcnc setup, it worked fine.
03:31 PM BeachBumPete: machine zero or work zero?
03:31 PM LeelooMinai: It's important because it will try to retract there between some operations, tool changes, etc.
03:31 PM LeelooMinai: Machine zero.
03:32 PM LeelooMinai: It assumes it's a "safe" place to go. So if you have it at the bottom - disaster.
03:32 PM BeachBumPete: one of the things I found difficult in other posts is the fact that linuxCNC needs to be told to raise the head up out of the work for each toolchange and my post did not do that until i MADE it do that
03:33 PM LeelooMinai: But not a big deal - I just changed it to top - the z axis is assumed to go up, so that's sane.
03:33 PM BeachBumPete: also wondering how the tap code works for it
03:33 PM JT-Shop: hey Pete
03:33 PM BeachBumPete: anyone here using this running a lot of code and doing rigid tapping
03:33 PM BeachBumPete: Hey JT
03:34 PM LeelooMinai: No idea - did not got to tapping - at that point I had to pretty much disassemble the whole CNC, so no farther tests done:)
03:34 PM LeelooMinai: Or further
03:35 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: But, there's a lot of stuff about CAM from NYC CNC giy and Lars Christiansen and others on yourube - did you watch those?
03:35 PM BeachBumPete: no I don't really care for that NYC guy never heard of the other one
03:36 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: Lars Christiansen works at Autodesk and is a cool guy - he has tutorials, live webcasts, etc. on his channel about Fusion360
03:36 PM LeelooMinai: Many about CAM
03:36 PM BeachBumPete: ah ok does he run a linuxCNC machine at all in them?
03:37 PM Simonious: guff.. so hard to select all these little circles.. it self unselects after 30 or 40 on most attempts
03:37 PM BeachBumPete: it sure would be nice to hear it has correct posting for tapping and general linuxCNC code issues
03:37 PM LeelooMinai: He mostly focuses on Fusion360 - he is probably more Haas-level person.
03:37 PM BeachBumPete: can you not drag window select them?
03:37 PM Simonious: no chance, tons of other geometry
03:37 PM Simonious: maybe I can hide all of that
03:37 PM Simonious: *ponders*
03:37 PM LeelooMinai: Simonious: You can change mode to area select, etc.
03:38 PM LeelooMinai: There's also one where you just need to pass through geometry I think.
03:38 PM Simonious: might be easier to select all and then remove some things from the select
03:38 PM BeachBumPete: I have run many HAAS machines and my machine is similar but the post of course is different
03:38 PM LeelooMinai: There's window, freeform and "paint" one.
03:38 PM LeelooMinai: I think paint is the one where you just cross with mouse and it will select.
03:39 PM Simonious: that would help with a lot of this geometry
03:39 PM LeelooMinai: Simonious: Also, you may try looking into plugins or addins or what they call them there... Add-ins: there may be some for selecting in weird ways. I also know you can select by name pattern or something like that.
03:39 PM BeachBumPete: Simonious what sort of CNC machine are you posting to?
03:40 PM Deejay: renamd
03:40 PM LeelooMinai: Simonious: http://i.imgur.com/0WIT4W5.png
03:40 PM LeelooMinai: Maybe if you use Circle or whatever there it will work.
03:41 PM Simonious: BeachBumPete: formerly a CandCNC plasma/router, now only a router and linuxCNC driven
03:41 PM BeachBumPete: nice so 4x4 or 4x8?
03:41 PM XXCoder: curious why you removed the plasma part?
03:41 PM Simonious: BeachBumPete: bigger than 4x8, but that is what I have a sacrificial block setup for, probably 4x9
03:42 PM Simonious: XXCoder: wasn't getting used at all, wanted to do bigger wood
03:42 PM BeachBumPete: sweet
03:42 PM Simonious: it was 4x4, 4x4 zones
03:42 PM BeachBumPete: dual vacuum zone?
03:42 PM LeelooMinai: Plasma on wood? I guess that would pretty quickly "remove itself" in a way:)
03:42 PM XXCoder: cool and awesome
03:42 PM Simonious: BeachBumPete: no vacuum, screw to the sacrificial
03:42 PM BeachBumPete: ah
03:42 PM Simonious: LeelooMinai: there was no wood back on that zone previously
03:43 PM BeachBumPete: I have been so busy working and moving lately I have neglected my CNC projects
03:43 PM Simonious: LeelooMinai: I like your idea of selecting by feature, but.. I drew this in solidworks and imported it so it's all one feature :/
03:43 PM XXCoder: also neglecting my cnc project, no excuse
03:43 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: Pff... I was doing nice things with my CNC and now I am scraping caulking on my front door for a week:(
03:44 PM LeelooMinai: Well, and making the door "great away", but still - sad.
03:44 PM BeachBumPete: right now I finally have my custom Field target Stock inletting program ready to test cut on the VMC only to find I threw away my wetordry vac filter awhile ago had to find a new one
03:44 PM BeachBumPete: I may try to cut a test program here in a little bit.
03:44 PM LeelooMinai: I even got MIG welder for $200 and all stuff needed to weld, and do not even have time to try it.
03:45 PM BeachBumPete: I have an old piece of 4x4 I am gonna stick in there and cut it
03:45 PM LeelooMinai: I have time for IRC though:)
03:45 PM Simonious: appreciate that :)
03:45 PM BeachBumPete: I did have to juggle stuff to get my 2d program to work tho
03:46 PM BeachBumPete: do any of you guys use f360 and do 2d .DXF style stuff/
03:46 PM LeelooMinai: Simonious: Well, if you are hard-core, there's the scripting system: you could script it probably, but, you know, not in 5 minutes...
03:46 PM JT-Shop: seems like no matter how many times you unsubscribe from some email junk they never go away
03:46 PM Simonious: LeelooMinai: I was hardcore, then I had kids. :P Now I'm whatever is expedient most of the time.
03:46 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: I do not see a problem with that. I many times created drawings for my use - dimensioning, projections,e tc. it's all there now.
03:47 PM Simonious: three days? no problem, I'll just sit here and knock that script/code out..
03:47 PM BeachBumPete: you can of course draw in 2d right?
03:47 PM Simonious: now.. what can I find? how can I cheat? this is gonna take me two six hour sessions several weeks apart..
03:47 PM BeachBumPete: is it a 3d file?
03:47 PM Skullworks: I should start trying to learn F360, then maybe I can drop the maint fee for my existing CAM.
03:48 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: You sketch in 2D, so no difference. I often just create something like this in 5 minutes and go downstairs to cut it: http://i.imgur.com/nVTyw7o.png
03:48 PM LeelooMinai: Or mark first, then cut it rather:)
03:48 PM BeachBumPete: honestly that is like 90 percent of what I do
03:49 PM BeachBumPete: most of my parts the vast majority start out as a 2d drawing and remain that way to CAM
03:49 PM Simonious: BeachBumPete: yeah, this is all 2d
03:49 PM LeelooMinai: Right, no, it's pretty good at this point.
03:49 PM BeachBumPete: I will often make it 3d just for customers to look at to help sell it LOL
03:50 PM LeelooMinai: Fusion360 is pretty cool in that it provides CAD, CAM and other things in one integrated package. You can do even advanced simulations and optimizations of materials, etc.
03:51 PM BeachBumPete: yeah I know that it looks promising which is why I downloaded it finally
03:51 PM BeachBumPete: just HATE to think about switching everything over AGAIN unless it really is better
03:52 PM Skullworks: Just afraid the existing license structure will change - is it a trap?
03:52 PM BeachBumPete: which is why I am asking these questions.
03:52 PM LeelooMinai: Yes, well, sometimes it's worth it though - cannot use crayons all life to design things:)
03:52 PM Simonious: https://snag.gy/0YQn78.jpg it's my old aggravation board with a new center decoration
03:52 PM BeachBumPete: who uses crayons?
03:52 PM Simonious: not super hard stuff, I'm just still learning the toolchain.
03:52 PM LeelooMinai: Skullworks: No, imo there's no trap. The only risk is that in the future someone buys Autodesk and does evil things. Say, Trumpodesk:)
03:53 PM BeachBumPete: I watched a couple tutorials and it seems very much like most of the other popular packages
03:53 PM LeelooMinai: It's reasonably intuitive.
03:54 PM LeelooMinai: At least I find it intuitive. Nothing is perfect, but usability is pretty good.
03:54 PM Skullworks: Would take a company with deep pockets indeed to buy out all of Autodesk
03:54 PM BeachBumPete: the CAD is nice and all but if the CAM sucks or does not play nice with LinuxCNC its all just pie in the sky
03:54 PM BeachBumPete: anyone made anything interesting using F360's linuxCNC post here?
03:55 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: CAM has some neat features. Can do adaptive strategies for example.
03:55 PM Simonious: f360 isn't bad, I'm terrible with it, but it does fit a lot of my intuition about how to do things, perhaps more than SolidWorks.
03:55 PM BeachBumPete: can it do high speed clearing ?
03:55 PM Simonious: I'm an old sketchup pro, but I'm still learning all of these other things.
03:55 PM BeachBumPete: pocketing etc?
03:55 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: That seems pretty basic - it has quite a bit strategies there and tons of options.
03:55 PM Simonious: BeachBumPete: try it out, but mostly yes
03:56 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: Sure, those are basics, it has it covered and more.
03:56 PM Skullworks: I have heard that user groups tweak posts and F360 will host them, there are just near impossible to find without someone in the know providing a link. eg some of the specail custom posts for GRBL are very good.
03:56 PM BeachBumPete: of course I can "try it out" just wanted to hear honest opinions from people using linuxCNC who actually use it before I get deep into it
03:56 PM BeachBumPete: nothing basic about high speed clearing cycles
03:57 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: Well, just look at one of the menues: http://i.imgur.com/6A5lXdu.png
03:57 PM Simonious: I'm pretty novice, I wouldn't weight my opinion very high.
03:57 PM LeelooMinai: It's not like it's some primitive CAm...
03:57 PM BeachBumPete: when I worked in the job shop in TN they had Mastercam and 2d and 3d high speed clearing was pretty damn impressive stuff
03:58 PM Skullworks: F360 has that
03:58 PM BeachBumPete: I actually posted one of my parts in it for my rails and it cut machining time down CONSIDERABLY as well as made the part finish better in the end
03:59 PM Skullworks: Its one of those things where your going to get lost in layers of sub-menus setting up all the specific tweaks you want to use.
03:59 PM BeachBumPete: wish I still had access so that is why I am considering the F360
03:59 PM BeachBumPete: oh really that sucks
03:59 PM BeachBumPete: for instance
03:59 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: Not really - it gives you more control:)
03:59 PM BeachBumPete: lets say you have an odd shaped 2d part
04:00 PM BeachBumPete: and you plan to cut it from a solid block of material down to the depth of the part
04:00 PM LeelooMinai: It supports tabs for example...
04:00 PM BeachBumPete: and all you are leaving is the part perimeter
04:00 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: I preemptively mentioned tabs:)
04:00 PM BeachBumPete: in mastercam you can select your material or material layer and then the part outside profile
04:01 PM LeelooMinai: Yes, it's all there in Fusion
04:01 PM BeachBumPete: and select 2d high speed and the processor plots a toolpath all the way around the part using many different settings and offsets you can tweak
04:01 PM BeachBumPete: some of these toolpaths can be QUITE complex
04:01 PM BeachBumPete: more importantly
04:01 PM BeachBumPete: the Z raises are minimized reducing air cutting time considerably
04:02 PM LeelooMinai: You can also model workholding like vise and clamps and things like that. And simulate of course the whole process.
04:02 PM BeachBumPete: if it can do that it is definitely worth looking into
04:02 PM BeachBumPete: you can do that as well in mastercam however I never bothered
04:02 PM LeelooMinai: Yes, there's control over linking moves, I even remember an option to minimize moves like that.
04:02 PM BeachBumPete: I see it has 3d pencil and finish toolpaths as well that is promising even tho I have only used them a couple times
04:03 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: Imo you should have a look at Lars Christiansen YouTube channel.
04:03 PM BeachBumPete: again most of my parts seldom have any true 3d features on them
04:03 PM BeachBumPete: I will have to look at it
04:04 PM * Skullworks has not touched MasterCAM since version 6.2
04:05 PM Skullworks: DOS days - Tales from the Dark Side.
04:05 PM BeachBumPete: I think we were on version 9 or something
04:05 PM LeelooMinai: Somehow I am glad I was not into CAD/CAM in DOS era:)
04:06 PM BeachBumPete: my friend in TN I used to work with is using the latest greatest and he said they changed it considerably from what I was using with them I would not recognize it now LOL
04:06 PM BeachBumPete: he said it has a whole new look like microsoft word style programs or something hehe
04:06 PM Simonious: LeelooMinai: meh, you'd just be doing it all procedurally probably
04:06 PM Simonious: writing your gcode in routines
04:07 PM Simonious: depends a lot one what kind of things you are doing, but it's doable, just eats up time, like everything used to.. now if you can't do something in a day or two..
04:07 PM Tom_itx: BeachBumPete, i think they're all going that way
04:07 PM Tom_itx: autocad has that look about it too
04:07 PM BeachBumPete: probably
04:08 PM BeachBumPete: OH I just remembered the most important thing about mastercam
04:08 PM BeachBumPete: it has EXCELLENT simulation modes does F360 have them?
04:09 PM Simonious: F360 has good CAM simulation, yes
04:09 PM LeelooMinai: I have no reference point, but F360 has simulation mode.
04:09 PM BeachBumPete: like can you slow down and watch the tool cutting the part and then once it is done pan and tilt the part to inspect the cutting ops?
04:09 PM LeelooMinai: It, well, simulates - you can see material, turn things off on, it shows the spindle + collet I entered into it, etc. so, works.
04:09 PM Skullworks: I still have a copy of BobCAD Version 12 for DOS that I bought in 1990 - Nothing I have used since can beat it for most 2 1/2D parts. I use it for laser engraving, Plasma cutting, CNC milling. Its worst problem is its internal VGA graphics routines only support 640x480 (or smaller)
04:10 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: Yes, you can do all that no problem.
04:10 PM XXCoder: Skullworks: can always use virtual machine
04:10 PM Skullworks: won't matter, its hard coded into the program.
04:10 PM BeachBumPete: wow that is impressive makes me want to check it out even more now
04:10 PM XXCoder: I know.
04:11 PM XXCoder: Skullworks: you can use virtual machine zoom settings
04:12 PM Skullworks: I may try that when I complete my new PC build, I should be working on that now :)
04:12 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: It's all interactive, you can look at any angle, control spped, rewind, hide stock, make it transparent, show toolpath or part of it, etc.: http://i.imgur.com/9EG9e0b.png
04:13 PM Skullworks: Is JT up to fielding a 7i77 question?
04:13 PM BeachBumPete: damn that looks tight possibly even better than mastercams LOL
04:14 PM Simonious: BeachBumPete: I'd be interested in a review vs mastercam after you try it, put it on youtube and alert me when you get it done :D
04:14 PM BeachBumPete: hehe yeah right
04:14 PM Simonious: well I'd be interested.
04:15 PM LeelooMinai: Even better, deliver DVD version directly to Simonious when done:)
04:15 PM BeachBumPete: If I get into it and use it I would be happy to give some feedback here about my findings
04:15 PM Simonious: no! I don't want more physical media to keep track of, cloud is better.
04:15 PM BeachBumPete: I am not a mastercam expert but i did make many programs on it for the jobshop most were simple stuff tho
04:16 PM XXCoder: LeelooMinai: white gloves butler with golden platter deliver ;)
04:16 PM Skullworks: My other reason for moving towards F360 is my current CAM license is only for milling, and once I get my CNC turning center wired up I'm going to need options for that.
04:16 PM BeachBumPete: OOh that is another issue does F360 have lathe CAM capabilities?
04:16 PM LeelooMinai: With complimentary CNC to have something to run the examples on.
04:17 PM LeelooMinai: BeachBumPete: I see "turning" menu, so seems yes.
04:17 PM XXCoder: fancy heh
04:17 PM BeachBumPete: might help if I actually open the program heh
04:17 PM BeachBumPete: I downloaded it and imported a cad drawing and played with it briefly the other night
04:18 PM BeachBumPete: did not get far for fear of having issues with the post
04:18 PM LeelooMinai: http://i.imgur.com/yM3XRgS.png
04:18 PM BeachBumPete: excellent
04:18 PM BeachBumPete: is it still free for startup meathead hamfists like me?
04:18 PM Simonious: yes
04:18 PM Skullworks: I have issues with cloud based software. I often consult in secure locations - even your cell is held in a Faraday bag. Cloud warez are as worthless as blowning trash in the wind under thoes circumstances.
04:19 PM BeachBumPete: beautiful
04:19 PM XXCoder: up to $100,000 income. (not profit, income)
04:19 PM Simonious: Skullworks: yes, f360 is not for you or that whole scenario, I've been there.
04:19 PM XXCoder: by that point you can easily afford it anyway
04:19 PM BeachBumPete: well that leaves me out because I make WAY more than that (YEAH RIGHT)
04:20 PM XXCoder: I wish I had to pay fpr f360 :P
04:20 PM BeachBumPete: I guess I need to break down and start making gun parts like everyone else LOL
04:20 PM BeachBumPete: IE REAL gun parts
04:20 PM Skullworks: I was under the impression F360 will work standalone for limited periods without a outbound network connection.
04:20 PM Simonious: Skullworks: I also believe that to be true
04:20 PM BeachBumPete: so its always calling home then?
04:21 PM JT-Shop: I just hope I have to pay taxes this year!
04:22 PM Simonious: We're all gonna keep getting poorer I imagine, the world economies seem to be leveling and we're still on the higher end :/
04:22 PM LeelooMinai: You can work offline - they added unlimited I think time at some point.
04:23 PM BeachBumPete: so what is it if you have to save you are saving to el cloudo?
04:24 PM Skullworks: The Shop I bought my CNC turning center from was in an internet black hole.
04:24 PM BeachBumPete: what kind is it?
04:25 PM Skullworks: Nearest cable was 16 blocks, Telco said there was so much damage to copper trunk lines that they would not cross connect it to DSL.
04:26 PM Skullworks: So they used a Cellular air card to check email only.
04:26 PM Skullworks: my lathe? - Hitachi Seiki HiTech20 with Fanuc 10TEF
04:27 PM BeachBumPete: ooh nice
04:27 PM BeachBumPete: whats that beast weigh?
04:27 PM Skullworks: OLD iron - but liner guides, 12 tool turret
04:28 PM Skullworks: Old Yellow cap 4 Brush servos, 384 rapids
04:28 PM Skullworks: 7700lbs
04:28 PM BeachBumPete: thats not too bad really
04:28 PM BeachBumPete: what HP spindle?
04:28 PM Skullworks: and I have the riggers bill to prove it.
04:29 PM Skullworks: 10/15
04:29 PM Skullworks: 2 speed geared head
04:30 PM Skullworks: I have used an insert drill and pushed 1.5" holes and the machine load was maybe 30%
04:30 PM BeachBumPete: that could possibly be run on single phase like my Cincinatti LOL
04:31 PM Skullworks: Oh - it will have too, I'm out on the prarie on a horse ranch. Only 230V single phase.
04:32 PM Skullworks: I all ready have the power company up my transformer 250%.
04:33 PM JT-Shop: RPC's are easy to make I have a page on making them
04:34 PM Skullworks: But I'm going to need like $19,000 in electric upgrades and buy a 20hp digital phase converter from phaseperfect.
04:35 PM BeachBumPete: I had ZERO luck with a rotary on my Cinci... and it was supposed to be CNC rated quality USA made unit.
04:35 PM Skullworks: I have RPC's running my mills - problem is this lathes spindle drive is regenerative.
04:36 PM BeachBumPete: servo?
04:37 PM Skullworks: when it hits an M0/M2/M5/M30 - it dumps enough power back that if you had the old disk type power meter, the wheel stops instantly then rapids backwards 2 1/2 turns then stops and begins to move forward again.
04:38 PM BeachBumPete: jeez
04:38 PM BeachBumPete: my Standard Modern 7.5HP lathe retrofit is a pussy LOL
04:38 PM Skullworks: Worry is this would over volt a RPC and has potential to blow the caps.
04:39 PM JT-Shop: I ended up getting a North American 20hp RPC motor and building my electrics so far the only thing the 308 will run on
04:39 PM Skullworks: JT - you use a 7i77?
04:39 PM JT-Shop: yea my mill has one
04:39 PM JT-Shop: need some?
04:40 PM Skullworks: Have one - but not sure on power hook up.
04:40 PM BeachBumPete: I have two ;)
04:40 PM JT-Shop: http://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/configs/7i77.html
04:41 PM JT-Shop: I have 15
04:41 PM BeachBumPete: working?
04:41 PM JT-Shop: NIB
04:41 PM BeachBumPete: hehe
04:41 PM Skullworks: looked at your example, and the manual and the difference confuses me - so I been stalling the retrofit in hopes I can get a clear answer.
04:41 PM BeachBumPete: I fried one hehe
04:41 PM JT-Shop: what difference?
04:42 PM Skullworks: 1 sec - I'll refresh my memory
04:45 PM JT-Shop: 16 more holes to tap...
04:46 PM Skullworks: That is what big drill presses with Tapmatics are for.
04:46 PM Skullworks: or break out the Starrett 91's
04:46 PM JT-Shop: bottom tapping some 8-32 last couple of threads
04:47 PM BeachBumPete: no that is what a dedicated drill/tap center is for of course ;)
04:47 PM JT-Shop: tapping to the bottom of the hole?
04:49 PM Skullworks: OK - TB2 ("Field power") - The 'manual' has power applied to pins 1-5 with 8 as ground. I seem to recall your config did not power all those pins.
04:50 PM Skullworks: BBPete - Brother?
04:51 PM JT-Shop: you just have to power up pin 1
04:52 PM Skullworks: On my wishlist is the now discontinued Kitamura sparkchanger Mycenter Zero.
04:52 PM BeachBumPete: sure that works
04:52 PM BeachBumPete: kitamura makes nice machines... one of the shops I worked in had a mycenter but it was a small machine
04:53 PM Skullworks: The Zero is the smallest
04:53 PM BeachBumPete: I figured
04:53 PM Skullworks: just up from a Haas office mill
04:54 PM Skullworks: 30 taper 8000rpm
04:54 PM Skullworks: think the last machines rapid @ 2140IPM
04:54 PM BeachBumPete: hard to beat the brother machines tho and they are pretty inexpensive used
04:54 PM BeachBumPete: oh yeah man stupid fast rapids
04:55 PM BeachBumPete: toolchange faster than you can blink LOL
04:55 PM Skullworks: faster than you can hit Estop!
04:55 PM BeachBumPete: makes my Cincinatti look positively decrepit
04:55 PM Skullworks: So JT that pin 5 VIn is not needed?
04:57 PM BeachBumPete: I doubt you could lift your hand halfay to the estop before the carnage occurred :)
04:58 PM Skullworks: I have a pair of Hurco KM3P and a KM3 sitting side by side. Both can use the same U200 shank tooling of which I have a huge collection.
04:58 PM JT-Shop: page 8 explains pin 5 a bit better, so it depends on how W1 is set
04:59 PM BeachBumPete: those are neat knee mills
05:00 PM Skullworks: I must have a different manual - my page 8 is 'Connectors TB4 Encoder 3 through 5'
05:02 PM Skullworks: I fell in love with the KM3, so when the Dallas memory chips died and the CRTs burned out and the machine became a place to store all the spare Kurt Vises, I had a standing offer to buy it.
05:04 PM Deejay: gn8
05:04 PM Skullworks: Finally the shop sold it to me and I have much of the hardware conversion complete, I just need to get motion so I can start all the tweaking required to make it run right under LCNC.
05:05 PM JT-Shop: The isolated field I/O on the 7I77 runs from a swit
05:05 PM JT-Shop: ching power supply that can be
05:05 PM JT-Shop: powered by field power or a separate supply (VIN) w
05:05 PM JT-Shop: ith ground common with field power.
05:05 PM JT-Shop: Normally the 7I77's VIN will be powered with field
05:05 PM JT-Shop: power. An on card jumper, W1 allows
05:05 PM JT-Shop: VIN to be connected to field power. If you wish to
05:05 PM JT-Shop: use a single power supply for the 7I76s
05:05 PM JT-Shop: field outputs and field logic power, W1 should be p
05:06 PM JT-Shop: laced in the left hand position. This
05:06 PM JT-Shop: connects field power to VIN. If you wish to use a s
05:06 PM JT-Shop: eparate supply for VIN, W1 Should be
05:06 PM JT-Shop: placed in the right hand posi
05:06 PM * JT-Shop spots a typo in my manual
05:07 PM Skullworks: I have a 5VDC supply and a 24VDC supply.
05:07 PM JT-Shop: I just use cable power for 5v
05:08 PM Skullworks: I am afraid these encoders might require more power than can be comfortably supplied by the 5i25.
05:08 PM JT-Shop: aye in that case a separate 5v is needed
05:09 PM Skullworks: not only that, all the limits are on 5VDC
05:10 PM Skullworks: The limits are also hard wired into the servo amps so you can move away from a limit, but not in the direction of a tripped limit.
05:11 PM JT-Shop: that's a good thing
05:13 PM Skullworks: thats why I'm keeping all that oem limit wiring - problem is since I'm feeding 24V as field power - the 7i77 won't see the limits without using relays.
05:15 PM Skullworks: I hate the idea of using mechanical relays in the limit wiring, but not sure what else I could do.
05:16 PM BeachBumPete: wow no 24v?
05:16 PM Skullworks: 5VDC relays switching 24V to feed the 7i77
05:17 PM Skullworks: output from limit switch optos is 5V
05:18 PM JT-Shop: the inputs can read 5v
05:21 PM BeachBumPete: my entire limit and estop system is all 24vdc
05:21 PM JT-Shop: Inputs can sense 5V to 32V signals and the outputs can switch 5V through 28V signals.
05:22 PM Skullworks: Think thats bad - the 7i77 will output a 24V signal to the OEM Icecube relay panel, that will output a 120VAC signal to another relay which switches the VFD's internal 12VDC for FWD and REV.
05:23 PM JT-Shop: lol
05:23 PM BeachBumPete: dear God why? ;)
05:23 PM Skullworks: Peter hinted that with 24V field power, I would need like 14v to be seen as high.
05:24 PM JT-Shop: oh yea you need a smidgen over half
05:25 PM JT-Shop: well fudge I have to go down to the beer cave and copy the TimeZone.h library to the NAS so I can play with my ardweenie out here
05:30 PM Skullworks: I am using the OEM relay panel because it has a pnumatic spindle brake and the relays are inter connect so the spindle can't start if the brake is active, likewise it makes it impossible to activate FWD and reverse at the same time. Lastly the brake can not activate if either FWD or REV relays are active.
05:30 PM Skullworks: for direct to 3ph wiring its a great system.
05:30 PM JT-Shop: makes sense to me
05:31 PM BeachBumPete: whatever works my machine had a bank of relays as well..
05:32 PM Skullworks: but during this retrofit I want to take this machine off the RPC, and use 230V single phase so I'm not burning 10.2Amps just to run the RPC motor.
05:33 PM Skullworks: on the KM3 only spindle motor and coolant pump are 3ph
05:33 PM BeachBumPete: same as mine just spindle and coolant pump are 3ph
05:33 PM BeachBumPete: VFD driven
05:33 PM Skullworks: and I can add a run capacitor to the coolant pump - or worst case I have another Seimens 1/3hp VFD.
05:34 PM BeachBumPete: I am using hitachi VFD's for both
05:35 PM JT-Shop: I had a sump pump on a wire drawing line running for a few years before we discovered that only 2 wires were connected to the motor
05:35 PM * JT-Shop gets back to chicken door coding
05:39 PM Skullworks: I have a TECO VFD for the spindle - and since its a BP style vari-drive head I will run the motor @ 60Hz and handle speed mechanically. Eventually I'd like to pull the head and do Jon's sensor mod, but that will require me to get the other KM3P running. The mice did a real terrorist attack on that system. Thankfully since I'm doing the retrofit on the KM3 it will provide the needed replacements.
05:40 PM JT-Shop: I do the same thing on my BP Series 1 knee mill the automation direct vfd usually runs at 1800 rpm except for rigid tapping I use 900 rpm
05:41 PM JT-Shop: one day I'd like to put a vector motor up there with a toothed belt drive on the spindle
05:41 PM Skullworks: Series 1 is step pulley?
05:41 PM JT-Shop: cool thing is it has a kwik switch spindle so no draw bar and adding an encoder was easy
05:42 PM JT-Shop: some are some are vari speed drive
05:42 PM JT-Shop: my Enco is step pulley
05:42 PM JT-Shop: I need to sell that one to someone and make some room
05:43 PM Skullworks: Space, the final frontier.
05:43 PM Skullworks: This is why machinist use stacked tool boxes.
05:43 PM JT-Shop: tell me about that, I just finished an 18,000 cubic foot shop and it's 1/2 full of stuff
05:44 PM * Skullworks feels so small and insignificant.
05:45 PM Skullworks: I have 2600, maybe 1400 is heated/finished.
05:45 PM JT-Shop: note the cubic foot! 30 x 50 x 12
05:46 PM BeachBumPete: I USED to have a nice sized shop baahhhh
05:46 PM JT-Shop: my machine shop/garage is 2000 and well insulated so minimal heat and cooling is needed
05:47 PM JT-Shop: the new shop adds 1500 to the pie :) and takes a lot of stuff that was stacked on top of everything out of here
05:47 PM Skullworks: I could have taken the companies Okuma MC4-VAE-HS vertical machining center for a promise to buy it in 5 years for scrap price. But I don't have RV/Truck doors.
05:48 PM JT-Shop: holy cow is it that big?
05:49 PM Skullworks: 12000 rpm 32 tool ATC - I still want to get it, but will need to add another building for it. - It actually uses less power than my CNC turning center.
05:50 PM Skullworks: and currently its stored in an unheated aircraft hanger collecting dust a rat droppings...
05:51 PM BeachBumPete: I'd just be happy to have my CNC lathe working along with the toolchanger on the VMC hehe
05:52 PM JT-Shop: I'm happy if I have nothing
05:52 PM BeachBumPete: nobody is happy if they have nothing ;)
05:53 PM JT-Shop: it would give me more to work for lol
05:53 PM JT-Shop: and less to take care of...
05:54 PM BeachBumPete: Still tryin' to excavate my azz from this couch and go out there and run this rifle inletting program on that hunk of 4x4 hehe
05:54 PM JT-Shop: lol
05:55 PM JT-Shop: getting close to magnet ass time for me
05:55 PM BeachBumPete: its either that or go fishing on the pier tonight after dinner
05:55 PM JT-Shop: what are you fishing for?
05:57 PM BeachBumPete: well the last time we went out there there was a guy catching little crabs on the top of the water floating by with the incoming tide and he used them to catch a nice Snook... You gotta have a long azz net pole to reach the water tho and it has to have smallish holes in the net or they just go right thru. I would need to buy one first to try it.
05:57 PM BeachBumPete: They dont let you use cast nets on the pier here
05:58 PM JT-Shop: I used to make cast nets when I lived in Pascagoula MS... never caught shit with them lol
05:59 PM BeachBumPete: Oh I catch lots of bait with my castnet
05:59 PM BeachBumPete: but like I said you are not supposed to use them from the pier/bridge
05:59 PM JT-Shop: it's only illegal if you get caught
05:59 PM BeachBumPete: we watched that guy catch like forty or fifty crabs with that net tho...
06:00 PM BeachBumPete: Oh man they will catch you here you can count on it.
06:00 PM BeachBumPete: there are lots of agents around and they are always popping up here and there checking peoples stuff
06:00 PM BeachBumPete: we met a couple of them since we have been here
06:01 PM BeachBumPete: All systems go for launch of Intelsat 35e from Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. New T-0 of 7:52 pm EDT, 23:37 UTC to avoid lightning from a thunderstorm northwest of the pad. Launch webcast will go live about 15 minutes before liftof
06:02 PM BeachBumPete: get to watch another launch here maybe tonight... pretty cool we can see it easily from our front yard.
06:02 PM BeachBumPete: they scrubbed it yesterday
06:03 PM Skullworks: Its a X30 Y17.7 Z18 machine - but at the time Okuma was like Matsuura - Lets fit a huge enclosure on a small machine.
06:03 PM BeachBumPete: jeez that is not so big really
06:03 PM BeachBumPete: mine is 20x20x20 ;)
06:04 PM Cromaglious_: That's a thought... I have heavy thread from an Army Tentage Repair kit. it's perfect for a cast net
06:04 PM BeachBumPete: or you could just buy a castnet at walmart for $25 :)
06:05 PM Cromaglious_: I don't have the $25
06:05 PM BeachBumPete: how ya gonna eat tonight :)
06:05 PM Cromaglious_: It's I might have an extra $25 on the 17th
06:06 PM Skullworks: It has the Okuma OSP5020 control - vary nice, and also very obsolete as far as getting any parts support.
06:06 PM JT-Shop: Skullworks: you could use a 7i70 for your 5v inputs
06:06 PM BeachBumPete: Dacia's makin' Shrimp on the Barbie tonight Spicy ones too hehehe
06:06 PM JT-Shop: https://mesaus.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=72&product_id=104
06:06 PM * Skullworks is reading the link
06:07 PM JT-Shop: 7i70 connects to the 7i77 via the smart serial port
06:09 PM Skullworks: JT - you are going to take my beer budget for the next 2 quaters...
06:09 PM JT-Shop: lol
06:09 PM BeachBumPete: who needs beer anyways
06:10 PM JT-Shop: I'll send you an empty Weihenstephaner bottle
06:10 PM Skullworks: Well - considering I still have half a 12 pack I bought for the Super bowl...
06:11 PM BeachBumPete: I can't stand beer honestly. If I am gonna drink its gonna be a rum drink of some flavor. But I really don't drink honestly
06:12 PM Skullworks: So Pete what action is that inlet program for?
06:12 PM BeachBumPete: hehe
06:12 PM BeachBumPete: I was wondering if anyone would ask that
06:12 PM BeachBumPete: it is for a pellet rifle/airgun
06:13 PM * Skullworks is a former 07 FFL
06:13 PM BeachBumPete: I shoot or have shot competitively for years but I have to build my stuff LOL
06:13 PM Skullworks: know the feeling
06:13 PM * JT-Shop knew the answer so he didn't ask
06:13 PM BeachBumPete: This is for believe it or not an RWS Diana model 54
06:14 PM BeachBumPete: it is .177
06:14 PM BeachBumPete: which is a very powerful hard hitting magnum spring piston air rifle
06:14 PM BeachBumPete: BUT
06:14 PM BeachBumPete: many people are now taking them and modifying them
06:14 PM Cromaglious_: BeachBumPete, I'm same way.. if I do drink it's a mead..
06:14 PM BeachBumPete: they detune the rifle to shoot at 12ftlbs instead of 20plus
06:15 PM * JT-Shop is going to shoot the 6 pounder cannon tomorrow and has warned the neighbors he likes
06:15 PM BeachBumPete: mine has a custom machined piston/tophat/guides inside it
06:15 PM BeachBumPete: that destrokes the action for a much quicker shorter shot cycle
06:15 PM BeachBumPete: and hitting just under the 12ftlbs WFTF comp limit
06:16 PM BeachBumPete: the rifles themselves have a great reputation for long range accuracy
06:16 PM JT-Shop: how do they measure that/
06:16 PM JT-Shop: ?
06:16 PM BeachBumPete: but they are so powerful they wreck scopes and break mounts
06:16 PM BeachBumPete: measure what?
06:16 PM JT-Shop: 12ftlbs
06:17 PM BeachBumPete: chronograph and some figuring based on projectile weight
06:17 PM JT-Shop: ah that makes sense
06:17 PM BeachBumPete: basically I shoot JSB exact pellets in 8.44 grn at just over 780FPS
06:17 PM JT-Shop: so they use muzzle velocity?
06:17 PM * Skullworks would go all hardcore and Steampunk and fit a paintball 12oz CO2 cylinder then build an 'muzzle brake' which had opto sensors so the rifle could have a built in Chronograph.
06:17 PM BeachBumPete: which is like 11.75ftlbs
06:18 PM BeachBumPete: I am building a rather elaborate custom blue sky laminate stock which should be quite impressive when I finish it
06:18 PM BeachBumPete: I am much more concerned with how it fits me and how it shoots than how it looks but it sure is nice when it looks like a million bucks too hehe
06:18 PM JT-Shop: aye
06:19 PM Skullworks: I am Southpaw, so I end up making all sorts of custom gear to get the job done.
06:19 PM JT-Shop: where are you located at?
06:19 PM Skullworks: ?me
06:20 PM JT-Shop: aye
06:20 PM Skullworks: Off hwy 94 in Colorado - as you head straight for Pikes Peak.
06:21 PM JT-Shop: I'd like to visit that part of the country before I expire
06:21 PM BeachBumPete: http://imgur.com/a/tbfE2 something like this..
06:21 PM Skullworks: Everything East of me looks like Kansas, and 50 miles West is a wall of the begining of the Rocky mountains.
06:22 PM JT-Shop: I'm currently in swamp east Missouri but are from Alaska and New Orleans and the gulf coast
06:22 PM BeachBumPete: only of course in the sky blue laminate wood
06:22 PM JT-Shop: east of me is flat as well and I'm on the tip of the Ozarks
06:23 PM Skullworks: I tell people now that I am tired, I can't imagine what it would be like to be re-tired.
06:23 PM JT-Shop: lol
06:23 PM JT-Shop: Pete what is the projection on top of the stock for?
06:23 PM BeachBumPete: you mean the adjustable cheekpiece?
06:24 PM JT-Shop: yea
06:24 PM BeachBumPete: its an adjustable cheekpiece ;)
06:24 PM Skullworks: I had family in Pacifica, just outside St Louis, and my dad was born in St Louis.
06:24 PM BeachBumPete: damn that shrimp is starting to smell delicious
06:25 PM JT-Shop: SHUT UP!
06:25 PM BeachBumPete: oh sorry
06:25 PM BeachBumPete: NOT
06:25 PM JT-Shop: lol
06:25 PM jdh: I did shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes
06:25 PM BeachBumPete: wondering what she is making for a side....
06:25 PM Skullworks: I learned that 'Missouri' should actually be pronounced in two sylables. (spelling)
06:26 PM BeachBumPete: like a shrimp boil?
06:26 PM JT-Shop: I'm having box shrimp... last time I went to Louisiana it was not shrimp season
06:26 PM BeachBumPete: we make shrimp and crab boils all the time..delicious....
06:26 PM jdh: "low country boil"
06:27 PM JT-Shop: I can get farm raise crawfish in Arkansas about 60 miles from here
06:27 PM jdh: crab is too much work to eat
06:27 PM BeachBumPete: https://postimg.org/image/aehkte2f5/
06:27 PM * JT-Shop agrees with that
06:27 PM BeachBumPete: I LOVE CRAB
06:27 PM BeachBumPete: dont care how much work it is
06:28 PM JT-Shop: I like crab from where I was born they are huge
06:28 PM JT-Shop: what is the blue material
06:29 PM BeachBumPete: laminate blank
06:29 PM * Skullworks will be right back, need to run out to the shop and grab the Mesa binder.
06:29 PM BeachBumPete: mine does not have the natural wood stripe tho wish it did
06:29 PM BeachBumPete: mine is blue light blue dark blue with black hints etc.
06:33 PM * JT-Shop calls it a day and wanders inside to relax
06:33 PM JT-Shop: say goodnight Gracie
07:01 PM Cromaglious_: hmm i wonder if SMI is getting me..
07:44 PM pink_vampire: 0.734"
07:59 PM Cromaglious_: J1900 Celery is a 2.0ghz quad core
08:01 PM BeachBumPete: T-minus 5:00
08:12 PM Cromaglious_: hmmm $200 Mesa 7i76 and 5i25
08:13 PM BeachBumPete: bargain
08:13 PM nofxx: This is the closest to topic I know on freenode... hehe... MIG soldering... w/o gas good? 150A vs 195A ? need AC for aluminum only?
08:13 PM Cromaglious_: nofxx, wire feed? which machine...
08:15 PM Cromaglious_: I have a crappy 115v wire feed from Kragen autoparts similar to harbor freights 95 machine
08:33 PM nofxx: Cromaglious_, it's a brazilian brand http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-709603612-maquina-de-solda-mig-150-v8-brasil-sem-uso-de-gas-220v-_JM
08:33 PM nofxx: yup, wire feed
08:40 PM Cromaglious_: there you are
08:43 PM Cromaglious_: better machine than mine. knob on the left is voltage ranges, middle knob is wire speed, right switch looks to be of/on
08:45 PM Cromaglious_: still uses a 1kg roll of wire. it's an OK machine.. . the switch in the handle is utter crap, I have to take mine apart every time I use it and clean the contacts on switch.
08:46 PM nofxx: Cromaglious_, hm, I see
08:46 PM Cromaglious_: I've welded 10mm plate together with mine. this on will do 13mm/14mm plate
08:46 PM nofxx: do you use gas? from something I'm reading says it's more apperance? in other words... won't matter if it's going to be painted over
08:47 PM nofxx: hehe, 15mm you can build a war tank =D
08:48 PM Cromaglious_: true.. No gas on mine. splatter is pretty bad on flux core. By using some wax on surrounding areas you can cut down on the stuff that sticks
08:48 PM Tom_itx: do you reverse polarity on flux core?
08:49 PM Cromaglious_: I can't remember...
08:49 PM Cromaglious_: I'd have to open my machine and look
08:49 PM Cromaglious_: which is not here...
08:50 PM Cromaglious_: I can get great looking welds that penetrate into both pieces of metal, by using different wire speeds and amperage.
08:50 PM Cromaglious_: I only have a low and high range.
08:52 PM Cromaglious_: low is good to ~3mm, high is good from 2mm to 10mm, on mine.
10:52 PM * LeelooMinai looks at news and sees "Turkey Stops Teaching High School Students Evolution"
10:52 PM LeelooMinai: Yup, nothing new:)
10:53 PM LeelooMinai: Same alternate reality as yesterday.
10:56 PM * LeelooMinai wonders if someone from Kentucky is in the channel...