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Jun 23 2017

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12:26 AM MacGalempsy: It was for the roughnecks to watch themselves near the automated catwalk
12:29 AM MacGalempsy: in or out?
01:05 AM IchGucksLive: morning from Germany
01:06 AM TurBoss: morning
01:08 AM roycroft: hi
01:08 AM roycroft: it's almost bedtime in oregon
01:08 AM roycroft: and 33 tomorrow
01:09 AM roycroft: the heat is on!
01:09 AM roycroft: 37 by sunday
01:09 AM IchGucksLive: as here head and no rain
01:09 AM IchGucksLive: good news no forest firer so far
01:09 AM roycroft: my cats will be twice as long and half as thick as usual al weekend
01:09 AM roycroft: i went out to the country fair today to start opening up our booth, and there was a huge grass fire i drove past
01:10 AM IchGucksLive: as lng as the cuts dond need longer it is ok
01:10 AM roycroft: it was almost right on the road
01:10 AM IchGucksLive: but the plasma is steaming like a powermill
01:11 AM IchGucksLive: till later
01:13 AM Crom: Every time I saw my cats today they were stretched out on the concrete trying to soak up the coolness
01:14 AM roycroft: when it gets really hot like this i put ice cubes in their water bowl
01:14 AM roycroft: they freak out at first
01:14 AM roycroft: but then they realise that it's a great way to cool off
02:07 AM MacGalempsy: its nice outside here. sat outside for bit, but the bugs got nasty
02:24 AM Deejay: moin
02:34 AM miss0r: around here its 15c and raining on'n off
03:14 AM * Deejay needs rain, too
05:03 AM XXCoder: roycroft: nice
05:48 AM jthornton: morning
05:48 AM XXCoder: hey
05:48 AM XXCoder: finally weekend heh
05:48 AM Deejay: afternoon
05:49 AM jthornton: yep weekend almost here
05:49 AM XXCoder: not "almost" for me lol
05:49 AM jthornton: why is that
05:50 AM XXCoder: I only work 4 days a week lol
05:50 AM jthornton: oh yea
05:51 AM jthornton: and up goes the door :)
05:52 AM XXCoder: awesome
05:53 AM XXCoder: I finally have stuff to solder my dice project thingy
05:56 AM Deejay: XXCoder, but dont hold the soldering iron like diz: http://de.wikimannia.org/images/thumb/4/46/WomenInTech.jpg/400px-WomenInTech.jpg
05:56 AM XXCoder: that is... very safe.
05:57 AM XXCoder: its olviously case of grabbing random lady for promo, not actual woman student
05:58 AM Deejay: indeed
05:58 AM Deejay: promo fail ;)
05:58 AM jthornton: dice project?
05:59 AM XXCoder: yeah its digital dice, press button and it lights up whatever roll it was
05:59 AM XXCoder: its very cheap project at aliexpress for 2 bucks lol
05:59 AM XXCoder: 7 leds, some chips resistors
05:59 AM jthornton: ah a random generator
06:00 AM XXCoder: yeah. its silly but point is soldering learning not having digital dice
06:00 AM jthornton: do you have a solder flux pen?
06:00 AM XXCoder: I got flux core solder
06:01 AM XXCoder: so its built in
06:01 AM jthornton: good luck with that
06:01 AM XXCoder: something wrong with flux core solder?
06:01 AM jthornton: you want the flux to flash off before the solder melts
06:02 AM jthornton: the flux cleans the metal so the solder sticks better
06:02 AM jthornton: I've never cared for flux core solder
06:02 AM XXCoder: I doubt I will solder a lot
06:02 AM XXCoder: just want to learn basics
06:04 AM jthornton: https://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-Kester-186-Pen-With-Rosin-flux-FPC-PCB-Plate-Welding-Repair-p-68540.html
06:04 AM sync: fluxcore works well enough. I only add external flux for difficult cases
06:04 AM sync: otherwise high quality solder is fine
06:05 AM XXCoder: im sure my chineseium solder is high quality like everything else chineseium lol
06:05 AM jthornton: my spool of solder is so old the name wore off lol
06:06 AM XXCoder: seriously look at everything at banggood and aliexpress. everything is high quality :P
06:08 AM sync: well, with solder it doesn't pay off to get cheap stuff
06:08 AM sync: it just doesn't work as well
06:09 AM jthornton: the chickens go nuts over grasshoppers
06:11 AM Deejay: hehe
06:13 AM XXCoder: jthornton: not surpised, its a protein pack
06:13 AM XXCoder: theres companies selling grasshopper powder for vegan looking for good protein without animal
06:13 AM jthornton: funny they turn their beak up at dried meal worms
06:13 AM XXCoder: sync: yeah I was pretty sure of that
06:26 AM jthornton: I just found out I need to resort my aluminum scrap and toss out anything that is not cast aluminum
06:27 AM XXCoder: example of non-cast alum?
06:27 AM jthornton: 6061
06:27 AM XXCoder: hmm how do you know which is which?
06:28 AM jthornton: a cast part will have some rough spots
06:28 AM XXCoder: but wouldnt show if it was completely milled
06:28 AM jthornton: they say only cast aluminum pours well and fills the mould properly
06:33 AM XXCoder: interesting
06:40 AM jthornton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FJRCgHjdeA
06:46 AM XXCoder: lookimng
06:47 AM XXCoder: lol
06:47 AM XXCoder: he just tossed coke forward
06:48 AM XXCoder: so extrusions seems no
06:48 AM XXCoder: wow easy to test for magenism
06:49 AM XXCoder: "Of course I find this out after I have accumulated a dozen aluminum baseball bats from the local thrift store. I'm just glad that there are exceptional instructors such as yourself to help us fledglings avoid nasty mistakes."
06:50 AM XXCoder: lol
06:51 AM XXCoder: I guess all alum (besides ones with mageism in it) is castable just lot of waste to remove
06:52 AM XXCoder: time to sleep later
06:52 AM jthornton: later
06:52 AM sync: you can cast all aluminiums, it just depends on what you want to do
06:53 AM sync: but high silicon alloys usually are the easiest to cast
10:12 AM pink_vampire: hi
10:58 AM Simonious: CaptHindsight: I haven't decided, it's a lot to wade through!
11:14 AM howto: is linuxcnc 2.8.0 a stable release or a development one?
12:14 PM miss0r: I had to smack a coworker of mine today... He mounted one of thoes cheap drills with a hexagon shape in the mounting end, in an ER-25 collect. What was he thinking?
12:15 PM hazzy: Oops :D
12:15 PM hazzy: How did it hold?
12:15 PM hazzy: Or did you get to find out?
12:16 PM miss0r: It just cought my eye, right when he was about to tighten it. I don't think any damage was done. We have a drill chuck, if you insist on using stuff like that
12:16 PM TurBoss: howto: a development one
12:16 PM TurBoss: too late
12:18 PM FAalbers: He smacked back ?
12:19 PM miss0r: nah. I guess I came off pretty intimidating
12:21 PM IchGucksLive: hi from germany
12:22 PM TurBoss: hello
12:26 PM pink_vampire: hi
12:33 PM miss0r: He did run crying to daddy thou(owner of the company) but even he knows, he is an idiot :]
12:33 PM miss0r: So I didn't get into trouble atleast
12:36 PM miss0r: same guy that managed to fall asleep on the heated floor in the dressing room a few years back
12:38 PM miss0r: Its not that he is stupid... He just feels that it is below him to do real work, as his daddy is important... I can't stand the guy
12:39 PM miss0r: </rant>
12:42 PM LeelooMinai: End tag for element "rant" which is not opened
12:43 PM IchGucksLive: rant <> rand
12:43 PM miss0r: ^^
12:44 PM miss0r: I was almost getting pissed about the guy which isn't here, and I won't be seeing until Monday - waste of my time
12:44 PM IchGucksLive: miss0r: is he supost to be here
12:45 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r: What if he actually is here? Then you won't be seing him on Monday - you are fired! :)
12:45 PM miss0r: no... Its 19:15, and i'm in my home shop... if he was here - i'd make it look like an accident
12:46 PM miss0r: I was actualy called into the bosses office to talk about an earlier episode, where we had a little disagreement he and I
12:46 PM IchGucksLive: coustemers are not your best friend
12:46 PM IchGucksLive: as special as they order nonstandard
12:46 PM miss0r: And the boss told me he knew he was not a good worker... and he would do what he could to keep him away from me
12:46 PM IchGucksLive: but as a normal shop owner you cand live without them
12:47 PM miss0r: not a costumer..
12:47 PM miss0r: he works there
01:05 PM Genew: need recommendations for a PCBA manufacture house in USA for proto/alpha builds of 5-200pcs typically 4 layer
01:07 PM TurBoss: wurth?
01:07 PM LeelooMinai: Genew: oshpark
01:07 PM TurBoss: http://www.we-online.com/
01:08 PM LeelooMinai: Genew: Good prices, 5/5 mil specs, 4 layer, ENIG finish
01:08 PM LeelooMinai: Genew: https://oshpark.com/
01:08 PM Genew: thanks!
01:09 PM LeelooMinai: Though by PCBA you probably mean Assembly too - they don't do that, I think
01:10 PM LeelooMinai: But you can get cheap SS stencils from oshstencil and do assembly at home.
01:10 PM Genew: yes, I am looking for assembly
01:19 PM CaptHindsight: Hello. I have a question that must be answered before I log off in 45 seconds...
01:19 PM pink_vampire: ?
01:20 PM pink_vampire: CaptHindsight: ?
01:20 PM LeelooMinai: CaptHindsight: New Baby Buggy
01:43 PM pink_vampire: 3 parts got finished
02:19 PM XXCoder: casting spinner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpC0SHbMgtQ lol
02:22 PM _methods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8mLi-rRTh8
02:22 PM _methods: spacex launch
02:23 PM pink_vampire: cool! thanks _methods
02:24 PM XXCoder: hmm got idea, classic retro-futurisic rocket
02:25 PM XXCoder: but dont own a lathe drat
02:36 PM kyle___: so I had this wacky idea last night
02:36 PM kyle___: what if I made a wood lathe... for metal?
02:37 PM kyle___: I know all of you are thinking "ugh another crazy"
02:37 PM kyle___: but hear me out; cast iron has a young's modulus of around 82 to 140 GPa
02:38 PM kyle___: cheap ass pine is around 9 GPa
02:38 PM kyle___: so you need 9x the cross section area for comparable stiffness
02:39 PM kyle___: matthias wandel made a bandsaw of pine that was stiffer than his cast iron bandsaw
02:39 PM kyle___: so it's a somewhat sound strategy, and wood is a lot simpler to work with when you're lacking tools
02:39 PM kyle___: and once you have a working lathe, you can use it to make another lathe
02:39 PM pink_vampire: kyle___: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8mLi-rRTh8
02:39 PM kyle___: I wonder if there are support groups for people like me
02:40 PM kyle___: hah, already have it open
02:40 PM pink_vampire: cool!
02:40 PM kyle___: 10 seconds!
02:40 PM pink_vampire: I'km with 2 screens
02:40 PM _methods: bewm
02:40 PM pink_vampire: I love the clean burn
02:41 PM kyle___: man, if my car was this fast, my commute would be bearable
02:41 PM kyle___: mostly because at this speed I could just skim across the bay
02:41 PM XXCoder: neighbors might complain about little bit of noise and fire
02:42 PM pink_vampire: lol!
02:42 PM kyle___: RP1 is probably too expensive in california
02:43 PM XXCoder: man you dont get visuals like that even with ksp
02:43 PM XXCoder: its time when real thing is way better
02:44 PM hazzy1: I had some kids make some spinners the other day
02:44 PM hazzy1: The designed there own and I helped them CAD them up
02:44 PM hazzy1: Then showed them the LCNC mill to make them
02:44 PM hazzy1: They had a blast. I have some more hope for the next gen now!
02:44 PM hazzy1: http://i.imgur.com/sSjotX3.jpg
02:45 PM XXCoder: constant distance spinner!
02:45 PM hazzy1: Yep!
02:45 PM pink_vampire: ?????
02:45 PM kyle___: nice!
02:46 PM XXCoder: pink_vampire: constant distance is very weird. its not spheres but roll like sphere anyway
02:46 PM kyle___: constant distance but not constant curvature
02:46 PM pink_vampire: I know what is constant distance objects
02:46 PM XXCoder: I want to mill those spheres out of wood and alum :D
02:46 PM pink_vampire: but whyyy to make a spinner?
02:46 PM hazzy1: I have a whole collection of constant distant shapes, Im addicted!
02:46 PM XXCoder: or rather "spheres"
02:47 PM XXCoder: hazzy1: CDAA
02:47 PM XXCoder: damn first stage camera got dirty and now down
02:48 PM hazzy1: CDAA?
02:48 PM XXCoder: costant distance anon assocation
02:48 PM pink_vampire: it is not dirty' it is too low
02:48 PM kyle___: might be better to think of it as constant diameter, but not constant radius
02:48 PM kyle___: although that also works for circles with an offset center hole
02:49 PM hazzy1: XXCoder: lol
02:49 PM XXCoder: damn video froze
02:49 PM kyle___: oh wow
02:49 PM hazzy1: Yes, constant dia is more accurate
02:49 PM _methods: weeeeeeeeeeee
02:49 PM kyle___: rocket is on the pad but leg looks a little crunched
02:50 PM kyle___: looks like the legs didn't fully deploy
02:51 PM XXCoder: and it stayed up anyway
02:51 PM XXCoder: brilliant design
02:52 PM kyle___: yeah they've definitely improved the legs since that one landing where the locking collet didn't lock
03:32 PM JT-Shop: hmm I wonder if this keyboard with built in touch pad would be good on one of the cnc's?
03:33 PM XXCoder: maybe?
03:37 PM phipli: evening
03:38 PM XXCoder: hey
03:39 PM phipli: JT-Shop: I have something like this that works well for "computers that I use while doing otherthings or sat on the sofa"
03:39 PM phipli: https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Wireless-Keyboard-Multi-Touch-Touchpad/dp/B005DKZTMG
03:39 PM phipli: evening XXCoder
03:40 PM XXCoder: hey
03:40 PM phipli: up to much?
03:40 PM phipli: my old housemate left the company today
03:40 PM phipli: so... pub
03:44 PM XXCoder: fun
03:44 PM XXCoder: need to get mom to doc then dunno
03:45 PM JT-Shop: I put it on the BP mill it has a touch screen but when you need a mouse and keyboard it'a PIA to find a place to place them
03:46 PM JT-Shop: phipli: I'm close to a pirate now, the rooster jumped up on my back when I was bent over a bit
03:46 PM JT-Shop: and man they go nuts for crickets
03:56 PM JT-Shop: nice the keyboard/touchpad works
04:03 PM Timbo_ is now known as Timbo
04:07 PM kyle___: oh yeah, about the wood lathe though, am I missing something that makes this not so feasible?
04:08 PM kyle___: I'm guessing I'll need to use a pretty good plain bearing with a flange to distribute the tool cutting force
04:15 PM kyle___: oh and it might suck to find a spindle shaft long enough to make this feasible
04:15 PM kyle___: eh
04:15 PM kyle___: I wish I had time to take an apprenticeship up in a machine shop and get practical experience with these kinds of machines
04:23 PM Deejay: gn8
04:27 PM phipli: JT-Shop: ours love mealworms
04:29 PM phipli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0vDSxF0SD0
04:31 PM phipli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV1QPRN1ZTA#t=52.242056
04:32 PM phipli: or this actually - it seems to have automatically included the play location in the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV1QPRN1ZTA
04:32 PM hazzy1: My grandparents, way way back, owned much of the land around Cape Canaveral. Supposedly their house was on the "island" were launch complex 39A is now. Funny to think about how that has changed over the years. Poor immigrants farm to high tech ...
04:34 PM LeelooMinai: phipli: Meh, you think that was xylophone playing? This is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_ZjJ8-CaWo :p
04:36 PM LeelooMinai: But seriously:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypJDXayM5FM
04:59 PM JT-Shop: phipli: dried mealworms?
05:15 PM phipli: JT-Shop: or live
05:15 PM phipli: we tend to get dried these days
05:15 PM phipli: but the missus used to get live
05:15 PM JT-Shop: mine are dried and they just toss them out lol
05:15 PM phipli: dried last better and aren't wiggly
05:16 PM JT-Shop: what power supply did you use on the mini b?
05:16 PM phipli: mini b?
05:17 PM JT-Shop: mini d1 sorry
05:17 PM phipli: atm I'm powering from a USB charger
05:18 PM phipli: but I'll probably use a 5v barrel jack power supply
05:18 PM JT-Shop: does it have vin for 12v?
05:18 PM phipli: I'm considering getting a small solar panel to run it
05:18 PM phipli: I think it has a regulator...
05:18 PM phipli: just a mo
05:19 PM phipli: hum
05:19 PM phipli: probably needs to be 5v
05:20 PM phipli: could use a LM7805
05:20 PM phipli: or something a bit more efficient
05:20 PM phipli: I have a load of voltage regulators in a drawer upstairs
05:20 PM JT-Shop: https://www.amazon.com/HiLetgo-Version-NodeMCU-Internet-Development/dp/B010O1G1ES/
05:21 PM JT-Shop: this one looks like the same as the nano for pin out so I can use my 12v
05:22 PM phipli: that has an am1117 voltage regulator on it
05:22 PM phipli: can see it in the picture
05:22 PM phipli: *ams1117
05:23 PM phipli: yeah. labelled "Vin" instead of 5v
05:23 PM phipli: should take a higher voltage
05:23 PM phipli: Things like this are good : https://www.banggood.com/5V-2A-Solar-Panel-Power-Bank-USB-Charge-Voltage-Controller-Regulator-Module-6V-20V-Input-p-1099540.html
05:24 PM phipli: higher efficiency
05:27 PM LeelooMinai: phipli: But you will put a li-ion battery in between, no?
05:27 PM LeelooMinai: Because runnung it directly is probably not a good ide:)
05:27 PM LeelooMinai: idea*
05:29 PM phipli: why do you say that?
05:29 PM LeelooMinai: UNless I misread something - what are you going to power?
05:30 PM phipli: an mcu
05:32 PM LeelooMinai: Right, but, in what scenario... Because there's not a lot of scenarios where this makes sense. You cannot count of having steady power input from solar powers.
05:33 PM LeelooMinai: You need to buffer the energy in most situations somohow.
05:33 PM phipli: ah, sorry, we're flitting around
05:33 PM LeelooMinai: somehow*
05:33 PM phipli: I'm considering a solar panel - but we're discussing JT-Shop's installation
05:33 PM phipli: which doesn't involve solar
05:34 PM LeelooMinai: A, ok - sounded weird to me:)
05:35 PM phipli: with the small amount of power /I'd/ need, I'd probalby stick an 18650 in there somewhere
05:35 PM phipli: but I've not done the sums yet
05:35 PM phipli: considering sticking a 100W solar setup on the garden shed and might take a feed from that
05:35 PM phipli: for /now/... I do have mains electric out at the chicken coop
05:36 PM LeelooMinai: To be sure you will probably need to make experiments, since a lot will depend on location, weather, and tons of stuff that is kind of impossible to predict/calculate with good accuracy.
05:36 PM JT-Shop: yea me too a cord across the ground :O
05:37 PM phipli: LeelooMinai: HVAC engineer - the weather is my thing
05:37 PM LeelooMinai: I have two 200watt panels in the basement and even electronics for them, and did not even get to sensibly using them for something:(
05:37 PM phipli: dayjob includes calculating solar loads
05:38 PM phipli: LeelooMinai: basement isn't the best place for them
05:38 PM phipli: can tell you that
05:38 PM phipli: :)
05:38 PM LeelooMinai: Because to feed them directly into mains requires $$$ in certified equipment:/
05:38 PM phipli: yeah
05:38 PM phipli: hence shed project
05:38 PM phipli: shed doesn't have power
05:38 PM LeelooMinai: So they kind of sit there and make me feel guilty:)
05:38 PM phipli: would be charging a battery bank
05:39 PM phipli: and power garden things
05:39 PM gonzo_: only costs £££ if you are doing it officially
05:39 PM phipli: LeelooMinai: I know the feeling
05:39 PM phipli: I've nearly bought them several times
05:39 PM phipli: but worry whether I can get good use from them
05:40 PM phipli: I fill this house with bought good intentions
05:40 PM phipli: and then they sit their glaring at me with their judgement
05:40 PM LeelooMinai: gonzo_: I don't want one day for the power company people sue me because one of their guys got shocked after they cut the power of to the house though:)
05:41 PM gonzo_: I use soladin inverters, they have protection
05:41 PM LeelooMinai: gonzo_: Expensive?
05:42 PM gonzo_: new they are about £270
05:42 PM gonzo_: that is a 500W feed in
05:42 PM gonzo_: ans small system, so will work on low volt chains
05:42 PM gonzo_: ebay they are £100
05:42 PM LeelooMinai: Right, I should probably research those once again - last time I did was 2 years ago and gave up.
05:43 PM gonzo_: not sure if they do 110v versions
05:44 PM phipli: gonzo_: how do you get paid back for feeding in?
05:44 PM gonzo_: a few years ago, there were companies selling wind turbine systems using these inverters, which just plugged in to a std outlet
05:44 PM phipli: does your meter run backwards?
05:44 PM phipli: (existing meter)
05:45 PM gonzo_: I don't, for that you need a certified system
05:45 PM phipli: that makes sense
05:45 PM gonzo_: my meter is electronic, but with mech dials
05:45 PM phipli: was confused
05:45 PM LeelooMinai: Well, you can have grid-tie and not get payed back (usually it's not a good deal anyways,) - just use it to offset normal house consumption. That was my plan.
05:45 PM phipli: yeah. I miss the Bakelite ones
05:46 PM gonzo_: it just shows export, but no running backwards. But I only generate slightly more than the quiescent load on the house
05:46 PM phipli: LeelooMinai: the government did give subsidies here
05:46 PM LeelooMinai: This way you don't need batteries.
05:46 PM phipli: but now they're not as good as they were
05:46 PM LeelooMinai: Which government?
05:46 PM phipli: UK
05:46 PM JT-Shop: one more thing done on the Hago
05:47 PM LeelooMinai: phipli: Right, well, be glad they do not make you to switch to coal heating:p
05:47 PM gonzo_: uk gov had quite good rates for feed in, initially. But the rates have dropped
05:47 PM phipli: yeah
05:47 PM phipli: just before I got my own house
05:47 PM phipli: first time it was worth investing in solar and they pulled the rug from under me
05:47 PM phipli: about 2 months before we moved in
05:48 PM gonzo_: I got panels cheap. so it was worth doing, even without any .gov money
05:48 PM phipli: also, the house doesn't have a roof square to the south
05:48 PM phipli: which I should have thought about
05:48 PM phipli: ... but it had a really nice shed
05:48 PM JT-Shop: https://us.banggood.com/Wholesale-Warehouse-1Pc-5X10cm-Single-Side-Copper-Prototype-Paper-PCB-Breadboard-2-3-5-Joint-Hole-wp-Usa-1022610.html
05:48 PM LeelooMinai: Heh, grid-tie microinverter for up to 250 watt is only $120 - should just buy 2 and be done...
05:49 PM JT-Shop: found those are the only ones that make sense to use as a prototype board
05:49 PM phipli: I tend to use strip board
05:49 PM gonzo_: I keep tinkering with my sysyem, costing money. So will probabnly never get full payback. so treating it as a project
05:49 PM phipli: but CNC pcbs are fun
05:49 PM JT-Shop: what is strip board?
05:50 PM gonzo_: vero-board?
05:50 PM phipli: gonzo_: I agree with that as a principle - cheap hobby if it /mostly/ pays for itself
05:50 PM LeelooMinai: This seems to be strip-board like, but with more fancy pattern.
05:50 PM phipli: gonzo_: they're the wrong side of the pond to call it vero-board
05:50 PM gonzo_: the chinese inverters are not the nicest designs
05:50 PM phipli: but that is what I wasn't calling it, yes :)
05:50 PM LeelooMinai: However, I recommend to do fab and get nice pcbs where you have proper ground plane, etc.
05:51 PM gonzo_: I use the mastervolt soladin 600's, which are well made
05:51 PM JT-Shop: phipli: got a link to a strip board?
05:51 PM phipli: JT-Shop: I'll have a look
05:51 PM phipli: a lot more common here
05:52 PM LeelooMinai: JT-Shop: Normal ones look like this: http://thumbs3.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/m-UAITK6Q2h19Ao6VjMWGoQ.jpg
05:52 PM phipli: (hence gonzo_ knowing what i meant)
05:52 PM JT-Shop: at least I know what Vegemite is...
05:52 PM LeelooMinai: You can use a drill to "cut" the strips in places.
05:52 PM gonzo_: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veroboard
05:53 PM phipli: https://www.amazon.com/Busboard-ST2-Traditional-Stripboard-Prototyping/dp/B00LLQFRAU/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1498256537&sr=8-5&keywords=stripboard+pcb
05:53 PM gonzo_: though I prefer using a version with pads rather than strips. Using the component legs bent to mack tracking
05:53 PM JT-Shop: hmm, never seen them before...
05:53 PM LeelooMinai: Which makes it kind of flexible, but still, this is mostly good for fast tests, etc., and not modern circuits really, since now you end up using a lot of smd components with small pitches, etc.
05:54 PM gonzo_: yep, it's only for leaded stuff
05:54 PM LeelooMinai: Fine for old-style TH components, low operating frequencies, etc.
05:54 PM JT-Shop: I have a bunch of the boards with pads but they are a pain to make connections
05:54 PM phipli: yeah, you cut the tracks with a knife, or often by using a drill bit in one of the holes
05:55 PM LeelooMinai: Right, just don't cut off your finger - copper + knife = slippery.
05:55 PM phipli: https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2762/4048059127_b1f70ef8be_b.jpg
05:55 PM phipli: ends up like that sort of thing
05:55 PM phipli: although they've done it a bit funny
05:55 PM phipli: bad example...
05:56 PM gonzo_: I have a couple of official vero tools. A screwdrver handle with a sort of drill bit
05:56 PM LeelooMinai: Right, it's a safe way, but you sacrifice one hole.
05:56 PM phipli: cutting tracks : https://ugc.kn3.net/i/760x/https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2492/4048802378_c3234d55b2.jpg
05:56 PM phipli: gonzo_: I've used a hand countersinking tool before
05:56 PM phipli: they work well
05:56 PM JT-Shop: looks like a tiny end mill with a guide pin would be the ideal tool
05:57 PM phipli: usually I use a big drill bit
05:57 PM LeelooMinai: But in any case, a board like that has scary signal integriry. No proper ground, huge capacitances between traces everywhere, etc. Use only for primitive circuits...
05:57 PM phipli: LeelooMinai: that is called "home made"
05:57 PM LeelooMinai: phipli: You can do much better at home:)
05:57 PM gonzo_: they make a board that matches the plug in breadboards, so you can take a lash up test cct directly to copper
05:58 PM phipli: breadboards are /terrible/ for interference
05:58 PM LeelooMinai: phipli: At home I was making 2 layer boards: http://imgur.com/pSqGqrB
05:58 PM gonzo_: yes the results are nasty and limited. ok for dc or audio freq low power
05:59 PM phipli: perfect for what they're for
05:59 PM gonzo_: proud to say I have never used a breadboard
05:59 PM LeelooMinai: But still, with low prices now for fabs, it almost never makes sense to etch:/
05:59 PM phipli: and if you need high freq / low power signals etc. etc. get something fab'd!
05:59 PM gonzo_: my etch kit has been archived for >5yrs
05:59 PM phipli: gonzo_: how do you prototype?
06:00 PM LeelooMinai: phipli: You order a pcb:)
06:00 PM gonzo_: mostly patchboard Ivero with pads)
06:00 PM phipli: nods
06:01 PM phipli: I use all of the above, other than fab
06:01 PM phipli: because I'm chicken
06:01 PM phipli: and am scared they'll laugh at my designs
06:01 PM phipli: (the above is the truth)
06:01 PM LeelooMinai: I mean for modern circuits. Even for prototype you need a proper pcb, so it's part of the process.
06:01 PM gonzo_: doubt they even see the artwork
06:01 PM phipli: I've not had anything that hasn't worked on a CNC'd board yet
06:02 PM gonzo_: my stuff is all hobby, so rearly needs to get past the first draught
06:03 PM * JT-Shop wonders why you need high tech crap for a chicken door?
06:03 PM phipli: shits and giggles?
06:03 PM phipli: JT-Shop: two years in and I still open the door by hand :)
06:04 PM LeelooMinai: phipli: I did some 4 layer boards with FPGAs, etc: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100017731@N03/16921676821/in/dateposted-public/
06:04 PM JT-Shop: well if jumpers work why bother with a high tech circuit board
06:04 PM LeelooMinai: phipli: Don't worry - I have seen pretty "retarded" designs, so they probably won't laugh at you, as they are used to them:)
06:05 PM phipli: My alliance RAM comes in nice big DIP packages :)
06:05 PM LeelooMinai: JT-Shop: Because you get knowladge/know-how that will let you do much more advanced things if needed.
06:05 PM LeelooMinai: Unless you don't care about progress, then ok.
06:05 PM phipli: JT-Shop: because I chose mechanical over electrical and so my interest in electronics became a hobby
06:05 PM JT-Shop: wow retarded is pretty condescending
06:06 PM phipli: hum?
06:06 PM phipli: ah right
06:06 PM LeelooMinai: JT-Shop: Well, the designs were retearded - what am I to say, they were wonderful:)
06:06 PM phipli: I'd already forgotten that
06:07 PM LeelooMinai: I am not judging the people that made them - probably beginners. Was just saying that fabs get orders like that all the time, so I would not worry they will "laugh".
06:07 PM JT-Shop: not sure the ds3231 is a good fit it got confused when unplugged for a while with a battery in it...
06:07 PM phipli: interesting
06:08 PM JT-Shop: phipli: got the mechanics on your door done?
06:08 PM LeelooMinai: JT-Shop: Also, nowadays it's all SMD - that's the way to go imo, even from the start.
06:09 PM phipli: JT-Shop: Nope :)
06:09 PM phipli: weekend now
06:09 PM malcom2073: We got a cheap pick and place at work that I've been using, SMD is actually a lot easier than I thought, even hand placing
06:09 PM phipli: week has been crazy warm for us
06:09 PM malcom2073: with stencils, paste, and a cheap oven
06:09 PM phipli: + too much working
06:09 PM JT-Shop: too much working here too
06:09 PM phipli: My whole team is on holiday
06:10 PM gonzo_: excse if I ask a cnc question......
06:10 PM JT-Shop: I can't wait to see the door design
06:10 PM phipli: I have lost to get done and spend the whole day dealing with everyone else's customers
06:10 PM LeelooMinai: Yes, it is - at least for passives. It's easier to place even 0402 by hand imo that fight with THs
06:10 PM gonzo_: any of you chaps know about stepgens on mesa hm2?
06:10 PM phipli: gonzo_: how dare you!
06:10 PM gonzo_: hehe
06:10 PM JT-Shop: gonzo_: just ask the question
06:10 PM LeelooMinai: gonzo_: Talk about chickens or be gone!
06:11 PM gonzo_: poss mr pcw will see it
06:11 PM gonzo_: wondering if setting step_type = 0, so setp/dir. If the table pind will default to gpioi
06:12 PM gonzo_: pins
06:12 PM phipli: anyways folks.
06:12 PM phipli: nn
06:12 PM gonzo_: </question>
06:12 PM gonzo_: it is that time (though I am off out to go and tat in workshop)
06:15 PM JT-Shop: gonzo_: any pins not used for stepgen's etc are gpio
06:19 PM Tom_itx: jt, looks like you're gettin some weather
06:19 PM JT-Shop: yea, supposed to move out tonight
06:21 PM * JT-Shop listens to Brain Damage... Pink Floyd
06:21 PM Tom_itx: brain salad surgery...
06:21 PM Tom_itx: elp
06:23 PM Tom_itx: some trivia thing on the radio this AM mentioned Firefox... Clint Eastwood, kinda makes me wanna watch it again
06:24 PM JT-Shop: hmm trying to remember that movie but can't
06:24 PM Tom_itx: he steals a plane
06:24 PM phipli: Tom_itx: I forgot to leave, but thought I'd comment that Brain Salad Surgery on vinyl is sat about 4 foot from here
06:24 PM Tom_itx: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefox_(film)
06:24 PM Tom_itx: all my vinyl is boxed up
06:25 PM phipli: :(
06:25 PM phipli: Saw them when they played together in victoria park a few years back
06:25 PM JT-Shop: oh yea I remember it now
06:29 PM Tom_itx: why is it, all the good flicks they bring all the ole farts outta retirement to do the job...
06:31 PM JT-Shop: ah brain salad surgery Emerson Lake and Palmer... I love the cut Still... You Turn Me On
06:31 PM Tom_itx: yup
06:31 PM Tom_itx: i like the whole thing
06:31 PM JT-Shop: I have the best of I think
06:32 PM Tom_itx: it's most likely on my phone
06:33 PM JT-Shop: yep jerusalem and Kar Evil 9 are good too
06:33 PM JT-Shop: C'est La Vie is a good one too
06:35 PM Tom_itx: i generally don't listen to my phone but keep it loaded up for road trips
06:35 PM JT-Shop: I have a blue teeth thing for my helmet and listen to the phone while on the BlueWing
06:36 PM Tom_itx: i figured you would have something like that since you like to bike alot
06:36 PM JT-Shop: I like Independence Day by Martina McBride
06:36 PM JT-Shop: and Industrial Disease by Dire Straits too lol
06:38 PM JT-Shop: time to wander inside
06:39 PM McBride36: sup
06:40 PM Tom_itx: hah i bet your name got pinged
06:43 PM McBride36: aye, my fault for setting wildcard though
06:45 PM gonzo_: JT-Shop, thanks. Assumed that would be the case
07:20 PM Tom_itx: mmm i forgot how to change the GUI interface
07:20 PM Tom_itx: xfce pretty much sucks imo
07:42 PM XXCoder: ohhhh
07:42 PM XXCoder: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50057254/
07:42 PM XXCoder: this is apparently a parabola!
07:43 PM XXCoder: it might get recalled soon due to starting fires in it
07:43 PM Crom: ugh... trying to figure out how to setup my machine to handle a spindle strapped to the bed and the work piece on the Z. basically swapping Z and Y
07:44 PM Crom: cool, I'll have to get one before the recall it
07:45 PM XXCoder: considering that.
07:45 PM XXCoder: as well as order another one of those boxes I can use to contain filiment to keep it dry
07:46 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0RxSjZel-Y
07:46 PM Crom: wifi concentrator or solar ignitor
07:46 PM XXCoder: better hurry ikea said they are checking into it
07:48 PM XXCoder: ah yes samba box
07:50 PM XXCoder: oh yeah almost forgot
07:50 PM XXCoder: also need to order solar vent for my car
07:50 PM XXCoder: its black paint black interior. fun heat lol
08:04 PM XXCoder: Crom: I have idea for solar vent. most of em has lousy ratings because on window doesnt get all that much power
08:04 PM XXCoder: I think I could open one up and move solar to rear window
08:05 PM XXCoder: so its well placed for power lol
08:05 PM XXCoder: its almost easier to just make one hm
08:14 PM XXCoder: Crom: did you order some?
08:14 PM Crom: $20 for 2... can't afford it right now
08:14 PM XXCoder: they might be out of stock
08:18 PM XXCoder: hey andypugh
08:18 PM andypugh: Hi
08:18 PM XXCoder: ikea apparently made firestarter bowls lool
08:18 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0RxSjZel-Y
08:20 PM andypugh: They make the same point I was thinking. Sun in Sweden?
08:20 PM andypugh: I have been to Sweden, there was 5 hours of gloom per day, the rest was night.
08:21 PM XXCoder: very bad captoning. its not autocaptions so they has no excuse
08:21 PM Tom_shop: is debian 8, wheezy or jesse?
08:23 PM malcom2073: jesse
08:24 PM Tom_shop: wait... iirc i'm running wheezy on the lcnc install...
08:24 PM Tom_shop: how can i switch the GUI to mate?
08:27 PM roycroft: i just heard on the radio that state officials are expecting over a million people will come to oregon to see the eclipse in august
08:27 PM roycroft: there are only 4.5 million people living here
08:27 PM roycroft: so that's going to increase our population by over 20% for a day
08:28 PM XXCoder: roycroft: I wanna go but I don't think I will
08:28 PM roycroft: the zone of totality is just a half hour north of here, so i expect we'll be affected by the traffic
08:28 PM roycroft: i want to see it
08:28 PM XXCoder: make sure look up how to safely look at solar eclipse
08:28 PM roycroft: and i'm on holidays that week
08:28 PM XXCoder: theres points where it will be very unsafe
08:28 PM roycroft: actually during the 2-3 minutes of totaly it's safe to look directly at the sun
08:29 PM roycroft: but i can bring a welding helmet for the rest of it
08:29 PM XXCoder: yeah thats why I said points not all of it
08:29 PM roycroft: when i was a little kid we had one in chicago
08:29 PM roycroft: i remember we went outside with cardboard boxes over our heads
08:29 PM XXCoder: I think I still have cardboard "glasses" with tint of emergacy blanket sheets
08:30 PM roycroft: a pinhole on one side of the box
08:30 PM XXCoder: I used that to see rare venus transit
08:30 PM roycroft: and a piece of paper taped inside other side
08:30 PM roycroft: we watched it on the piece of paper
08:30 PM XXCoder: also partial elipse that same year
08:30 PM XXCoder: you can use 2 layer sheet of emergacy blanket to look at sun
08:31 PM roycroft: a welding helmet will be fine
08:31 PM roycroft: a gtaw welder is brighter than the sun
08:31 PM XXCoder: yeah though can make cardboard ones for kids and such
08:32 PM andypugh: I went to Romania for an eclipse in 1999
08:32 PM roycroft: there's no way i can go camping anywhere near the totality path
08:32 PM roycroft: i was going to go to california to ecape the cround and stuff
08:32 PM andypugh: I have a friend who uses eclipses to choose times and places to go.
08:32 PM roycroft: crowds
08:32 PM roycroft: but i really would like to see it
08:32 PM XXCoder: not going to oregon?
08:32 PM roycroft: me?
08:33 PM andypugh: I would expect that Jeremy will be there.
08:33 PM XXCoder: maybe you can look up darkness map see far more isolated areas
08:33 PM roycroft: i've considered that
08:33 PM roycroft: i've wanted to go camping in eastern oregon oregon for years
08:33 PM XXCoder: I want to see milky way, havent seen that since I was quite young
08:33 PM roycroft: i might do that
08:33 PM andypugh: My friend makes a point of being at the site of absolute max totality.
08:33 PM * roycroft saw the milky way last summer out on the coast
08:34 PM roycroft: yeah, that's a half hour north of here, andypugh
08:34 PM XXCoder: I wasnt even 10 last time. im 41 now
08:34 PM roycroft: i'd be able to get a good view of it from my house
08:34 PM roycroft: but there won't be totality at my house
08:34 PM roycroft: just like 98%
08:35 PM XXCoder: im at tacoma, even less than that
08:35 PM roycroft: it's expected that people will just stop and line the roads to watch it
08:35 PM roycroft: and the roads are 2 lane
08:35 PM roycroft: so they'll essentially be blocking the roads
08:35 PM roycroft: i should head up to mary's peak
08:35 PM roycroft: it's in the path of totality
08:35 PM roycroft: highest point in the oregon coast range
08:36 PM roycroft: i'd get a great view from there
08:36 PM XXCoder: rent a boat?
08:36 PM roycroft: other than the 400,000 other people who will be there
08:36 PM XXCoder: essentally infinite space off ocean
08:36 PM andypugh: High might be good, eclipses tend to attract cloud. Maybe not in August, though.
08:36 PM roycroft: august is the best chance of clear weather here
08:37 PM roycroft: usually from mid-july to early september it does not rain at all
08:37 PM roycroft: and mary's peak is only 1250m
08:37 PM roycroft: not all that high
08:37 PM roycroft: it's the cascades that are our big mountains
08:37 PM roycroft: the coast range is old and worn down
08:38 PM roycroft: mary's peak has 1023m of prominence
08:38 PM roycroft: the views from there are spectacular on a clear day
08:39 PM roycroft: but prominence is not that important for a solar eclipse
08:40 PM roycroft: the sun will be high in the sky
08:42 PM andypugh: “the coast range is old and worn down” Can’t you get some new ones? Maybe rent the Dolomites?
08:43 PM roycroft: the cascade range is the youngest mountain range in the world
08:43 PM roycroft: so yes
08:43 PM roycroft: we can and have gotten some new ones :)
08:43 PM roycroft: i live in a valley between the coast range and the cascades
08:45 PM roycroft: i'm second thinking my lathe refurbishment project
08:46 PM andypugh: <ggogles> Hmm, Nice mountains, those Cascades. I especially like this one: https://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large/north-cascade-range-mark-caldwell.jpg
08:46 PM roycroft: now that i have all the paint and bondo stripped off my tailstock it weighs about half as much as it used to
08:46 PM roycroft: i'm concerned that i'm losing too much mass by shedding the bondo :P
08:48 PM andypugh: Dolomites: https://www.countrywalkers.com/content/uploads/2015/10/italy_dolomites_scenic-1000x664.jpg similarly spiky
08:48 PM andypugh: Re-build with Osmium-loaded Bondo?
08:49 PM roycroft: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d0/Skinner_Butte_Park_Eugene_Oregon_1.JPG
08:49 PM roycroft: that is in downtown eugene
08:50 PM roycroft: not exactly dolomites
08:50 PM roycroft: but nice basalt columns
08:50 PM XXCoder: I remember my bro telling me about friend of his
08:50 PM XXCoder: he kept saying that hills near his home was mountains when bro visited him at that state
08:51 PM XXCoder: bro kept trying to tell him that nah its hills
08:51 PM XXCoder: finally friend went over and saw rainer and olympus
08:51 PM XXCoder: he now knows what mountains means :P
08:51 PM roycroft: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c3/Three_sisters2.jpg
08:51 PM roycroft: those are the cascades that i can see from eugene
08:51 PM roycroft: that view is not from eugene, of course
08:52 PM roycroft: they're an hour away
08:52 PM XXCoder: https://c278592.ssl.cf0.rackcdn.com/original/882112.JPG
08:52 PM XXCoder: olympus
08:52 PM * roycroft is pretty famliar with mount olympus, having spent a lot of time on the olympic penninsula
08:52 PM XXCoder: hm maybe not lemme see
08:53 PM roycroft: my ex had an ex in port angeles, and we spent a lot of time there because she shared custody of her son with him
08:53 PM XXCoder: yeah dunno why I got name wrong
08:53 PM roycroft: and we used to go camping on the west end a lot
08:53 PM XXCoder: http://blog.rei.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/01-StHelens-Trailrun.jpg
08:53 PM XXCoder: st helens
08:53 PM XXCoder: it blew its top decades ago
08:54 PM roycroft: yes, right before i moved to bellingham from back east
08:54 PM roycroft: well, about 5 months before
08:55 PM XXCoder: got sick of ash eh heh
08:56 PM roycroft: i have some lava rocks that i collected near mt st helens
08:58 PM andypugh: Ah, yes, Mt St Helens was my dad’s fault. Pinatubo too. For about 5 years any country he visited had a volcanic eruption.
08:59 PM XXCoder: I still have helen ash pen
08:59 PM XXCoder: its been bought early enough that it was pretty chunky ash
09:00 PM XXCoder: later ones was more fine powder
09:00 PM roycroft: what i collected are actually rocks
09:00 PM roycroft: ash rocks
09:00 PM roycroft: not pumice
09:01 PM roycroft: they're fairly soft, but they are still rocks, not just chunks of ash
09:01 PM XXCoder: yea didnt say otherwise :)
09:02 PM roycroft: i know you didn't - i was just clarifying
09:02 PM XXCoder: ahh ok
09:05 PM LeelooMinai: siding
09:05 PM LeelooMinai: Er, "that's not the Lowe's windows I was talking to"
09:08 PM roycroft: grr
09:08 PM roycroft: a clausing 12x36 with a buck 6-jaw just got listed on cl
09:08 PM roycroft: and it's pretty close
09:09 PM roycroft: if it's in decent shape that's a steal
09:09 PM roycroft: the chuck is worth almost that much by itself
09:09 PM roycroft: no pics though, so it might be a leaky barn find
09:09 PM XXCoder: or guy misjudged wgat ut was
09:11 PM roycroft: well actually 6" 6 jaw bucks are going for $250 ysed
09:11 PM roycroft: used
09:11 PM roycroft: a lot less than new
09:13 PM roycroft: i'm pondering whether it's reasonably possible or worthwhile to convert my 3-jaw chuck to an adjust-tru chuck
09:13 PM roycroft: i think there's enough room to drill out four holes for the adjusters
09:14 PM andypugh: What does it gain over a 4-jaw?
09:14 PM roycroft: i'm not sure it does, which is part of the pondering
09:15 PM XXCoder: its like 3 jaw, auto centering?
09:15 PM roycroft: if you're turning a number of pieces of similar diameter it should be possible to dial it in so it runs true while aut-centering
09:15 PM XXCoder: if so I guess benefit is that it has more hold points?
09:15 PM XXCoder: roy I saw this thingy where guy has 2 bearing wheels on bar like tool
09:16 PM XXCoder: so he moves it in and it auto-centers part
09:16 PM roycroft: but unless the scroll is very precision made it will have to be trued for every big change in diameter
09:16 PM roycroft: if you're turning a bunch of parts that are exactly the same diameter it should be easy to "repeat center" using the 4 jaw by only loosening two adjacent jaws to swap parts
09:17 PM roycroft: but that's the "worthwhile" bit of the pondering
09:17 PM roycroft: if the scroll is crazy then it would have to be trued for just about every part
09:17 PM roycroft: in which case the 4 jaw would be easier/better
09:18 PM malcom2073: I thought the purpose of the 6 jaw was more holding power with less pressure per jaw?
09:18 PM roycroft: i should be able to measure the irregularity of the scroll by indicating a lot of different diameter parts
09:18 PM roycroft: yes, malcom2073
09:18 PM roycroft: that's the big advantage of a 6 jaw chuck
09:19 PM malcom2073: Oh he asked over a 4 jaw, thought that read 3
09:19 PM roycroft: 6 jaws tend to run truer than 3 jaws
09:19 PM roycroft: but that's not because they're inherently better designed
09:20 PM roycroft: but because there aren't cheap chinese 6 jaws floating about everywhere
09:20 PM malcom2073: heh
09:20 PM roycroft: 6 jaw chucks tend to be made by the better manufacturers
09:21 PM roycroft: most of the ones i see are bison or buck
09:21 PM andypugh: My experience is that you _can’t_ loosen 2 jaws of a 4-jaw and put even the same work back in without re-centring.
09:22 PM roycroft: i've not much experience with 4 jaw chucks
09:22 PM andypugh: I also don’t actually understand how 3-jaw chucks work.
09:22 PM roycroft: but tha tmakes sense
09:22 PM roycroft: unless you use a torque wrench to adjust all four jaws evenly when you first center
09:22 PM roycroft: and then use that same wrench, and adjust to the same torque for each piece
09:23 PM LeelooMinai: If you had to make a long straight cut in a vinyl siding, which of the snip types would you use from those? https://www.lowes.ca/tools/hand-tools/cutting-tools-knives/snips/?redirectTerm=snips&iterm=snips
09:23 PM roycroft: i should imagine it would take a very long time to get a piece perfectly centered with absolutely identical torque on all 4 jaws in the first place, so probably not worth it
09:23 PM roycroft: probably faster to recenter each time
09:24 PM roycroft: a 3 jaw has a scroll, i.e. a spiral ridge on a plate, that guides the jaws in and out
09:24 PM XXCoder: polystrene?
09:24 PM XXCoder: hm no result
09:24 PM XXCoder: that one apparently can be smoothed with acetone like abs
09:24 PM andypugh: Maybe I should elaborate on my last statement. If I had invented the 3-jaw chuck (or any scroll chuck) I would have given up on the idea without making a protoype, as clearly the 3 jaws and the work will rattle around inside the working clearance of the scroll in the body.
09:24 PM XXCoder: no wonder. wrong channel
09:24 PM roycroft: s/3 jaw/so-called self centering/
09:24 PM roycroft: aah
09:25 PM roycroft: but tightening the scroll removes the backlash
09:25 PM andypugh: How?
09:26 PM roycroft: i'm assuming that once the jaws are in contact with the work they cannot move inward any more
09:26 PM XXCoder: it can do that a little bit more, deforming material, depends on pressure I guess
09:27 PM andypugh: LeelooMinai: Maybe: http://www.ebay.com/itm/EDMA-MONODEX-HAND-OPERATED-NIBBLER-SHEAR-TINSNIPS-/301011723027?epid=1505162509&hash=item4615b26313:g:gxIAAOSwKtVWyzuA
09:27 PM roycroft: so as the scroll is rotated further it presses down on the outside of the jaw "teeth"k, keeping them from rattling
09:27 PM roycroft: but why doesn't the scroll loosen up is the question, i suppose
09:27 PM andypugh: But why can’t all 3 jaws and the scroll wobble about together in the chuck body?
09:28 PM LeelooMinai: andypugh: Hmm, I think this will remove a strip from the material.
09:28 PM andypugh: (imagine making the scroll 1/4” smaller than the body, and then ponder)
09:28 PM roycroft: the jaws can only slide in and out - they're a close fit to the chuck body
09:29 PM andypugh: LeelooMinai: Yes, but it doesn’t need the material to deform around the jaws.
09:30 PM andypugh: LeelooMinai: Monodex is typically used for putting sun-roofs in cars, that sort of thing.
09:30 PM LeelooMinai: Right, interesting, though I need my sister to pick it up from Lowe's tomorrow and they don't have this type.
09:32 PM andypugh: In that case, left handed or right-handed? There is a reason they make both types, and it isn’t to do with the handedness of the operator. Some can fo G3 and some do G2 :-)
09:32 PM LeelooMinai: Right handed, but, isn't that only needed for non-straight cuts?
09:32 PM roycroft: and as we're speaking of chucks
09:32 PM roycroft: i sold a couple old 1u servers today, and have cash to buy the backing plate for my 4 jaw now
09:33 PM andypugh: LeelooMinai: Yes, but it also has a bearing on which side is waste and which side is not.
09:33 PM roycroft: now to figure out how i'm actually going to make the thing
09:33 PM * roycroft has a pretty good idea, but needs to be sure before he orders the blank
09:33 PM andypugh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAQLrM1P-YQ
09:34 PM LeelooMinai: andypugh: It's pvc sheet - I do not really care about the quality of cut, as the edge will be hidden
09:34 PM LeelooMinai: Maybe if I just pick up straight aviation ones, it will be fine?
09:34 PM roycroft: if i turn a spud on the blank to grip with my 3 jaw, what is the smallest depth i can make it and be reasonably safe gropping it while turning the rest of it?
09:34 PM roycroft: would 1/2" be sufficient?
09:35 PM andypugh: I have only ever used the classic “Gilbow” type.
09:36 PM roycroft: my issue is that my 4 jaw blank will be bigger in diameter than my 3 jaw chuck
09:37 PM roycroft: and i'll have no way of gripping the blank with the 3 jaw
09:38 PM roycroft: so i'll have to bore it, mount it on an arbor, and turn a spud on it that i can grip with the 3 jaw before i can complete the bore for the register and thread it
09:38 PM andypugh: How much bigger? The external jaws of a 3-jaw can extend a bit outside the body
09:38 PM roycroft: i don't have external jaws for it, sadly
09:39 PM LeelooMinai: What are those good for, besides concrete? https://www.lowes.ca/glues-epoxy/usp-94-oz-cia-ea-epoxy-acrylate_g2471095.html?searchTerm=epoxy
09:39 PM roycroft: otherwise it would be easy
09:39 PM roycroft: 2" bigger is the answer
09:39 PM LeelooMinai: "epoxy acrylate" - is it like regular epoxy or much different?
09:39 PM roycroft: and if i had external jaws for the 3 jaw i'm sure i could easily extend them 1"
09:40 PM XXCoder: was wondering if its possible to make alum chuck for lighter duty stuff
09:40 PM roycroft: this is also why i'm thinking of getting a 5 jaw eventually
09:40 PM XXCoder: ]cheaper than steel ones lol
09:41 PM roycroft: chuck bodies are generally not steel - they're cast iron, or an extremely mild steel
09:41 PM XXCoder: ahh
09:41 PM roycroft: and i should think that an aluminum chuck body would wear much faster than a cast iron one
09:42 PM roycroft: especially if you put brass or steel jaws in it
09:42 PM XXCoder: it would
09:42 PM XXCoder: maybe alum chuck jaws for say plastucs only
09:42 PM roycroft: and if you put softer jaws in it you'd really only want to turn very soft material with it
09:43 PM roycroft: and i'd think that an aluminium chuck body would not dampen vibration in the drive train very well
09:43 PM XXCoder: really was just a random thought lol
09:43 PM roycroft: i tend to take random thoughts and explore them for a while
09:43 PM roycroft: it's a way of learning
09:44 PM roycroft: ack, it's getting late
09:44 PM roycroft: no wonder i'm hungry
09:45 PM * roycroft heads off to make dinner
09:50 PM andypugh: Big chucks for fast lathes _need_ to be steel, but they cost a lot more.
09:51 PM andypugh: Anyway…
10:46 PM roycroft: you know, of all the impressive things about the work that clickspring does, perhaps the most impressive thing is how he is able to do so much in a tiny closet of a shop
10:47 PM XXCoder: its not tools and room its person that makes difference
10:48 PM XXCoder: even if someone gave me shop that would make millionaire machinist cry, I can only do friction what clickspring does.
10:48 PM roycroft: agreed
10:49 PM roycroft: my point above is that it takes an incredible amount of planning and organization to be able to work in such a tiny space
10:49 PM XXCoder: and such skills he has!
10:49 PM roycroft: but that's emblematic of the quality of his work
10:50 PM XXCoder: his stuff is almost taken directly from ideal math displays
10:50 PM roycroft: i don't know what that is
10:51 PM roycroft: i just had a disaster :(
10:51 PM roycroft: i was making a marinade for some tuna
10:52 PM roycroft: and did my usual thing - put the tuna and the marinade in a bag and vacuum sealed it for a few minutes
10:53 PM roycroft: but it's so warm that the marinade started boiling well before i had full vacuum, and a bunch of it came out the top of the bag, spoiling the seal and makking a mess in the vacuum sealer
10:53 PM roycroft: i do this all the time, but not when it's this warm out
10:53 PM roycroft: so now i know that when it's hot i have to watch it and manually seal as soon as it starts to boil
10:54 PM XXCoder: doh