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Jun 11 2017

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12:00 AM XXCoder: its to help shape the part into the curved surface
12:02 AM pink_vampire: or to pinch a half molten plexiglass
12:02 AM XXCoder: its simplest method I can think of. of course you can always use thicker material and just cut shape yourself
12:02 AM XXCoder: more money though
12:02 AM XXCoder: method I outlined you might need few mm thich thats all. with curve included maybe 10mm or more
12:02 AM pink_vampire: I wish I had a way to get new ones
12:02 AM XXCoder: hmm possibly stupid idea
12:02 AM XXCoder: buy a plastic tube at lowes or something
12:02 AM XXCoder: cut em into squares that can fit in
12:03 AM pink_vampire: plastic tube?
12:03 AM XXCoder: yeah theres always plenty of various sizes plastic hoses at home impovement places
12:04 AM XXCoder: you might want to buy small section and test if it could be cut ot fit
12:04 AM XXCoder: very cheap to test, and if it works, much cheaoper than buying 30 sheets and making em
12:05 AM pink_vampire: but how I can slice the hoses?
12:05 AM pink_vampire: I need it as a decorative element
12:06 AM XXCoder: those hoses is not tough really
12:06 AM XXCoder: I recommand go to one of those stores and look at options
12:06 AM XXCoder: see if one of em is a good fit
12:12 AM pink_vampire: i was in lowes but nothing was even close to what i need :(
12:12 AM XXCoder: drat
12:12 AM XXCoder: well its not too bad
12:12 AM XXCoder: you'd need 2 fixures, one to hold flat version for engraving on both sides
12:12 AM XXCoder: and one curved fixture to mold final part into final shape
12:13 AM XXCoder: id pressure is needed, you'd need inverse shape mold also to act as top down pusher
12:13 AM XXCoder: *if
12:14 AM * LeelooMinai triangulates
12:14 AM LeelooMinai: My plan: http://i.imgur.com/ytN7hFm.png
12:14 AM LeelooMinai: http://i.imgur.com/A4NQpnz.png
12:15 AM LeelooMinai: I will have two crossed rods per side, so I need to produce 16 of those mount brackets and weld them on.
12:16 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: interesting idea!
12:16 AM LeelooMinai: So, since the brackets also are triangular, I think when assembled, the whole construction should be rigid. I guess I will find out.
12:16 AM XXCoder: yeah. just unsure on what material you'd need molds to be made from. alum is expensive for just 30 parts, wood is cheap but dunno
12:17 AM XXCoder: unless you can melt and cast your own alum stuff
12:17 AM pink_vampire: I have huge bar here
12:17 AM pink_vampire: and also plenty of plexiglass
12:18 AM XXCoder: cool
12:18 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: aluminum part that i made (3d machined) http://imgur.com/cbGNhB6
12:19 AM XXCoder: I remember the foam one you made
12:19 AM pink_vampire: yes!
12:19 AM pink_vampire: is he same model, but this one is scale
12:19 AM XXCoder: yeah scaled down. I remember orginial as quite large
12:20 AM XXCoder: hm I wonder if its possible to get thinner plexglass and just directly melt it into molds
12:20 AM pink_vampire: original size
12:20 AM pink_vampire: vaccume forming
12:21 AM XXCoder: yeah
12:21 AM pink_vampire: i don't like the idea
12:23 AM XXCoder: vacuum foaming with wood molds is probably simplest method
12:23 AM XXCoder: but you need vacuum former machine
12:23 AM XXCoder: can be made quite cheaply but dunno worth it for 30 parts
12:24 AM pink_vampire: but I have to get crisp tabs on the edges
12:26 AM XXCoder: yeah if it was 2 or 3 its simpler to just mill entire thing
12:26 AM XXCoder: but 30, it'd cost lot of money
12:26 AM XXCoder: flat version mill then soften into mold is best way I thinl
12:27 AM XXCoder: direct vacuum forming has better results in one way and not quite as good other way
12:30 AM pink_vampire: any way it is not a project for now (1am)
12:30 AM XXCoder: indeed
12:30 AM XXCoder: good to know youre still alive though
12:30 AM pink_vampire: hehe
12:33 AM XXCoder: I wanted to ask you something but its been so long I forgot what it was lol
12:36 AM pink_vampire: LOL
12:36 AM pink_vampire: http://i.imgur.com/XpWjsxa.png
12:36 AM pink_vampire: my favorite material
12:36 AM pink_vampire: pvc foam
12:36 AM XXCoder: yeah? whats it like
12:36 AM pink_vampire: after 5 min it become http://i.imgur.com/mwuSnCF.png
12:36 AM XXCoder: and isnt pvc have choline in it? so it releases gas if hot
12:36 AM XXCoder: definitely nicely done
12:36 AM LeelooMinai: pink_vampire: I was writing today that I got one of those PVC light panels just to try milling them:)
12:36 AM LeelooMinai: pink_vampire: What kind of endmill are you using there?
12:36 AM pink_vampire: i cut them with snap knife
12:36 AM pink_vampire: any and mill
12:36 AM pink_vampire: but i have slooow spindle
12:39 AM XXCoder: curious what you'd recommand for surface to mount electrics on
12:39 AM XXCoder: like pwm for spindle, BOB so on
12:39 AM LeelooMinai: XXCoder: I put aluminum sheet in my box, biut, you could also try using some PC enclosure.
12:40 AM XXCoder: I already has 2020 extrusion box, im talking about surface to hold electrics
12:40 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: all depend on what hardware do you have
12:40 AM LeelooMinai: Right, well, I know.
12:41 AM XXCoder: PWM and BOB is pretty small board
12:41 AM pink_vampire: BOB = ?
12:41 AM XXCoder: tb660s is larger but are mounted on side so plenty room anyway
12:41 AM XXCoder: oh breakout board
12:41 AM XXCoder: two PSUs
12:42 AM XXCoder: those is all what I need to place in board
12:42 AM LeelooMinai: XXCoder: I used aluminum shhet, since it's easy to drill/tap it and arrange anything you want, and it can also act as a heatsink, for drivers: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100017731@N03/15967931302/in/dateposted-public/
12:42 AM XXCoder: thats not bad
12:42 AM LeelooMinai: And you can mount PCBs inside with standoffs, etc.
12:43 AM LeelooMinai: Also, I put all the cabling underside, because OCD:)
12:43 AM XXCoder: lol
12:43 AM XXCoder: I have wire channel so that wont be a problem
12:43 AM LeelooMinai: But small cheap PC enclosure can work too.
12:43 AM LeelooMinai: I guess.
12:44 AM XXCoder: I dont need box I has 2020 one made already :)
12:44 AM pink_vampire: motor drivers mount wrong!
12:44 AM LeelooMinai: A, ok
12:44 AM XXCoder: just not sure what materual to use to mount stuff on
12:44 AM pink_vampire: you need to rotate them 90 deg
12:44 AM XXCoder: whats wrong with it pink
12:45 AM LeelooMinai: The fins/fan probably
12:45 AM pink_vampire: the heat go up, so each driver heat the driver that come on top
12:46 AM LeelooMinai: Well, there's a fan on the side controlled by a PID module.
12:46 AM LeelooMinai: And whole box is kind of air tight, but has holes on the back, so the airflow is really dictated by the fan.
12:47 AM pink_vampire: maybe...
12:47 AM LeelooMinai: Well, the Chinese PID thing displays temperature - seemed fine so far.
12:49 AM pink_vampire: hope for you..
12:50 AM pink_vampire: BTW this is the sketch for the panel that I did http://i.imgur.com/iPB6W6l.png
12:50 AM LeelooMinai: It looks like that from the top: http://i.imgur.com/R4uLfi8.jpg
12:52 AM XXCoder: nice pinjk
12:52 AM LeelooMinai: Hmm, good that stuff mills nicely.
12:53 AM pink_vampire: and the machine head got yesterday a new front! http://i.imgur.com/b4KGZNs.png?1
12:54 AM XXCoder: nice!
12:54 AM pink_vampire: this is 3mm plexiglass
12:55 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder: with your machine you can do also panels like that very very easy
12:55 AM XXCoder: indeed
12:56 AM XXCoder: just unsure on what material to use
12:56 AM pink_vampire: did you try to mill aluminum?
12:57 AM pink_vampire: also what cam are you using? I really like the 3d letters!
12:58 AM XXCoder: oh estlcam
12:58 AM XXCoder: oh wait which one?
12:59 AM XXCoder: the game logo it was engraving, gray scale dermnines the depth, the video shows the orginial pictyure. linuxcnc itself supports it
12:59 AM pink_vampire: oook
01:00 AM XXCoder: its pretty cool
01:00 AM XXCoder: I used tiny 1/16 ball em lol
01:00 AM XXCoder: its carbide tool that was really abused on engraving inocel at work
01:00 AM XXCoder: but wood pfft
01:00 AM XXCoder: alum I cant do because chips would spray out and cover electrics and kill machine lol
01:01 AM XXCoder: need to complete electrics enclosure then build a nice enclosure for router.
01:02 AM pink_vampire: how the electronics look now?
01:03 AM XXCoder: lol in cardvboard box for most of em
01:03 AM XXCoder: on other side of machine theres PSU and PWM board for spindle
01:04 AM pink_vampire: OMG
01:04 AM pink_vampire: why
01:04 AM XXCoder: its to test system if it works. it works so far
01:04 AM XXCoder: just couldnt get enough willpower to finish it
01:04 AM XXCoder: wiring is definitely working and complete as you saw in video
01:05 AM XXCoder: and it works great! just need to be finished.
01:06 AM pink_vampire: but now is the easy part
01:06 AM pink_vampire: do you have a pic of the electronics?
01:06 AM XXCoder: yeah biggest problem with this project is me
01:06 AM XXCoder: sure can take pics a sec
01:12 AM XXCoder: editing pics
01:13 AM pink_vampire: cool
01:13 AM XXCoder: default is huge pic lol
01:15 AM pink_vampire: http://imgur.com
01:15 AM pink_vampire: just drag and drop
01:15 AM XXCoder: hmm ok
01:15 AM XXCoder: usually use picpaste lol
01:18 AM XXCoder: http://imgur.com/a/i5HVt
01:18 AM XXCoder: uhh can you guys edit text and such?
01:20 AM pink_vampire: yes, it is very easy to use imgur
01:20 AM pink_vampire: you can use very small box
01:20 AM XXCoder: no what i meant could you edit my pics and text so on? lol
01:21 AM pink_vampire: I can download them and add text and reupload them for you.
01:21 AM XXCoder: no on my computer the text discription is editable
01:21 AM XXCoder: which confused me
01:21 AM XXCoder: I got worried if others could edit it also
01:22 AM pink_vampire: noo
01:22 AM pink_vampire: only you
01:22 AM XXCoder: oh thts fine then. thanks
01:23 AM LeelooMinai: I use ShareX
01:23 AM LeelooMinai: Which has tons of different little tools.
01:23 AM XXCoder: oh pink that rpm semsor is utter fail lol
01:23 AM XXCoder: its limited to 100 hz
01:23 AM XXCoder: my machine rpm maxes out to 400 hz lol
01:24 AM XXCoder: but I have replacement sensor that supports 1 khz
01:24 AM XXCoder: but havent installed it yet
01:24 AM pink_vampire: my rpm is now fixed in 1000
01:25 AM XXCoder: mines around 2000 to 13000
01:26 AM pink_vampire: I need to stop making stuff, and start watch TV
01:27 AM XXCoder: tv is boring heh
01:30 AM pink_vampire: I need to finish with the probing
01:30 AM XXCoder: whats you probeing
01:32 AM pink_vampire: I wanted to make the tool setter.
01:33 AM XXCoder: nice
01:33 AM XXCoder: I hav contact pad for that just havent done anything with that lol
01:33 AM pink_vampire: I want something smarter
01:34 AM XXCoder: I saw one where it uses laser for rough measurement then surface conduct for fine size
01:35 AM XXCoder: fancy one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRlW5DPFfGw
01:39 AM pink_vampire: i know that
01:39 AM pink_vampire: I want to use the disc probe
01:40 AM XXCoder: cant find that video oh well
01:40 AM pink_vampire: http://i.imgur.com/aitqObj.png
01:41 AM pink_vampire: the third one
01:41 AM pink_vampire: XXCoder:
01:41 AM XXCoder: hmm
01:42 AM XXCoder: third column, second row, the disc one?
01:42 AM pink_vampire: correct
01:44 AM XXCoder: hey ich
01:44 AM IchGucksLive: Morning from Germany
01:45 AM pink_vampire: so.. all I need to do is to make a spider with M2 tap on the center.
01:45 AM IchGucksLive: ho i see the lady mechanic here
01:45 AM pink_vampire: morning to the guy that make me love linuxcnc!
01:45 AM IchGucksLive: pink_vampire: still on super tiny parts
01:45 AM pink_vampire: IchGucksLive: yeah, but now just for fun
01:45 AM pink_vampire: http://i.imgur.com/cbGNhB6.png
01:46 AM IchGucksLive: hun makes you not a greater holiday
01:46 AM XXCoder: you now use linuxcnc fulltime?
01:47 AM pink_vampire: only!
01:47 AM pink_vampire: I love it! (as long that I don't need to conf anything :-)
01:48 AM XXCoder: :)
01:58 AM XXCoder: IchGucksLive: did you see pics?
01:59 AM XXCoder: thats the electrics stuff that need to be arranged somehow into a box lol been too lazy to do it :(
01:59 AM IchGucksLive: no
01:59 AM XXCoder: http://imgur.com/a/i5HVt
02:09 AM XXCoder: one of things I want to do is go and read Mrs. Curie science notes and such
02:09 AM XXCoder: but its so radioactive that I'd have to sign a form saying I am resposible for my heath and wear a lead-lined suit because her notes and such is so radioactive
02:10 AM IchGucksLive: XXCoder: http://heimwerkermarkt-tretter.de/3achs_elek
02:10 AM IchGucksLive: all inside a case makes you realy good going
02:10 AM XXCoder: yeah seen that before
02:10 AM XXCoder: I just lack willpower to actually do it for now
02:11 AM IchGucksLive: even 4 axis makes you fit the place
02:13 AM IchGucksLive: http://heimwerkermarkt-tretter.de/4achs_elek
02:14 AM jesseg: Should I be able to put my BP clone table on either way or is there going to be alignment issues? The coolant drain holes are on the back and the DRO scale covers them...
02:15 AM jesseg: so if I turn table around and remote DRO scale on new back of table, then drain holes will be on the front, where I can connect up hoses
02:16 AM jesseg: *remount* not remote..
02:16 AM archivist: the slides would need to be scraped/checked for fit, the screws may not be central etc
02:16 AM jesseg: yeah I was worried about that...
02:17 AM jesseg: I suppose I'm best off drilling some new drain ports on the front.
02:17 AM Deejay: moin
02:18 AM jesseg: archivist, or are those drain holes mostly useless anyway?
02:18 AM archivist: only you can decide
02:19 AM jesseg: LOL..
02:19 AM archivist: I dont have coolant set up on my mills
02:19 AM jesseg: I mean if you'd tried them you either found them to be reasonably useful, or too small and just clogging up too fast to really be any use:P
02:20 AM jesseg: Anyone else here tried those drain holes (about a 1/2" pipe thread) on the back ends of the mill table?
02:21 AM jesseg: This is my first BP style mill and so I never had a chance totry it out.
02:22 AM jesseg: I guess I could easily enough take off the DRO scale, try out the drain ports and see if they were worth moving to front.
02:43 AM enleth: jesseg: they're *drain holes*, they just kinda... work?
02:44 AM enleth: indeed quite useful if you use flood coolant and don't want it to spill over onto the floor
02:45 AM enleth: at least on the CNC style table, with the additional lip on the perimeter
02:46 AM enleth: jesseg: mine have perforated sheet metal covers so that they don't get clogged with chips
05:18 AM phipli: morning
05:18 AM XXCoder: yo
05:35 AM jthornton: morning
05:35 AM XXCoder: yo
05:49 AM phipli: jthornton: progress :)
05:49 AM phipli: limit switches now work
05:49 AM phipli: and a timeout
05:50 AM phipli: just butting a basic web interface in now... because why not
05:50 AM XXCoder: fancy.
05:50 AM XXCoder: now come over and help me finish electrics box lol
05:52 AM phipli: heh
05:52 AM phipli: sure. give me 5
05:52 AM XXCoder: lol
05:52 AM XXCoder: i can easily do it I think
05:52 AM XXCoder: just cant actually do it
05:53 AM phipli: Washington? Seattle?
05:53 AM XXCoder: tacoma lol
05:53 AM XXCoder: we are #1 crime city in usa
05:53 AM XXCoder: err wa
05:54 AM phipli: heh
05:54 AM phipli: my stalking skills have not deserted me
05:55 AM jthornton: what will the web interface do?
05:55 AM phipli: on our old DC++ network we used to scare the arrogant "I'm anonymous here" types by working out who they were and where they lived
05:55 AM phipli: taught them to behave better
05:56 AM phipli: jthornton: open, close, status
05:56 AM phipli: and stop
05:56 AM phipli: although status isn't in there atm
05:57 AM jthornton: I have an ENC28J60 LAN interface that I've messed with a bit
05:57 AM XXCoder: phipli: https://i1.wp.com/media.boingboing.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/1862600wide.gif
05:58 AM phipli: XXCoder: hehe :)
05:59 AM phipli: jthornton: I'll send you the current status - just removed a bug.
05:59 AM XXCoder: the left one is redraw of classic
05:59 AM XXCoder: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f8/Internet_dog.jpg
05:59 AM phipli: I strongly recommend getting a D1 mini board
05:59 AM phipli: they're really easy to do complex things with
06:01 AM phipli: XXCoder: whois and searches for nicks has always been quite a fast way of finding out about people, more so domain registrations if someone has one, but the stuff google and the security services can do with metadata (and data) analysis are just amazing and scary
06:02 AM XXCoder: heh im been using XXCoder for long time
06:02 AM phipli: I only whois'd your ip to get the vague area in the world
06:02 AM phipli: lazyphipli
06:02 AM XXCoder: lol
06:08 AM phipli: jthornton: dropped you an email
06:09 AM jthornton: ok
06:10 AM XXCoder: rediscovered minecraft forum lol reading some of my old posts there
06:11 AM XXCoder: circa 2012. 5 years ago already wow
06:11 AM phipli: I've kind of missed the minecraft thing
06:11 AM phipli: which is probably a shame
06:11 AM XXCoder: I still miss 1.7.3 beta and before
06:12 AM XXCoder: those had crazy terrain
06:12 AM phipli: jthornton: the motor is wired to two relays - each common to a motor terminal, and then each normal closed to ground and each normally open to V+
06:13 AM phipli: that means that if I switch on one relay, the motor rotates, if I switch on only the other, the motor rotates the other direction
06:13 AM phipli: like a H bridge really
06:13 AM jthornton: that's the same setup I used one for on/off and one for direction
06:13 AM phipli: same logic
06:14 AM phipli: how did you get a reverse with a single relay?
06:14 AM phipli: was it double pole double throw?
06:15 AM jthornton: double pole single throw
06:15 AM phipli: I am being daft
06:15 AM XXCoder: phipli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NrlwHd0AqU
06:16 AM jthornton: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00SKG6OM4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
06:16 AM XXCoder: 1.5 beta, before 1.7.3 beta which was last version with that good terrain stuff
06:16 AM jthornton: the description say DPDT but they are only an on/off relay
06:16 AM phipli: yeah
06:16 AM phipli: that makes sense
06:17 AM phipli: I only have 3 terminals per relay
06:17 AM archivist: phipli, my ip is 100 miles away from reality :)
06:17 AM phipli: which is why I'm switching the +ve / -ve on each motor terminal
06:17 AM archivist: stoopid bt
06:17 AM phipli: rather than doing what you did
06:18 AM phipli: archivist: but you have a registered domain, which if you check related domains, has your name on it :p
06:18 AM phipli: which is how I knew your name
06:18 AM archivist: I know that bit
06:18 AM phipli: sometimes things think Derby is in London
06:19 AM phipli: :)
06:19 AM archivist: BT has has all the fixed IPs in some data centre
06:19 AM phipli: interesting
06:20 AM phipli: is the same true for their other companies - EE, plusnet etc?
06:20 AM archivist: then nat it around I guess
06:20 AM archivist: plusnet is bt!
06:20 AM phipli: XXCoder: nice rollercoaster :)
06:21 AM phipli: XXCoder: the people that implement simple computers in minecraft make me giggle.
06:21 AM archivist: sammich time
06:21 AM XXCoder: I implemented simpler stuff but impressive nevertheless
06:21 AM XXCoder: I implemented the scroller bar
06:22 AM XXCoder: couple of logic gates was my discovery
06:22 AM XXCoder: the smallest pulser was my invention. was much simpler than other designs
06:24 AM phipli: have you played with the Raspberry Pi version?
06:24 AM phipli: they put a Python API into it
06:24 AM XXCoder: no, I played with tablet verison hah
06:24 AM phipli: or an API at least
06:24 AM phipli: so you can directly manipulate blocks using external code
06:24 AM phipli: and react to player location etc
06:25 AM phipli: smart way of encouraging kids to program
06:25 AM phipli: Don't know about you, but I learnt typing BASIC games into an 8 bit machine
06:25 AM phipli: hard not to read some of it and learn :)
06:26 AM XXCoder: wow circuits has expanded since
06:27 AM phipli: hum?
06:28 AM XXCoder: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Clock_circuit
06:28 AM XXCoder: example
06:28 AM XXCoder: theres lots
06:28 AM IchGucksLive: hi
06:28 AM IchGucksLive: Phipli still on
06:29 AM phipli: yes
06:29 AM phipli: IchGucksLive: I saw you ask something on the arduino channel the other day
06:29 AM phipli: you were asking about serial ports
06:29 AM XXCoder: found it
06:29 AM phipli: did you get that sorted?
06:29 AM XXCoder: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Clock_circuit/Advanced_1-tick_Piston_Clock
06:29 AM XXCoder: this is one of my discovery
06:29 AM IchGucksLive: Phipli at this days it is better to go java on the smartphone
06:30 AM phipli: IchGucksLive: what was the context?
06:30 AM IchGucksLive: on python there is pyhame a realy easy way to fo it
06:30 AM IchGucksLive: it is the first 3 lesons here on the university to show up OOP
06:31 AM phipli: ah right. teaching kids
06:31 AM XXCoder: OOP?
06:31 AM IchGucksLive: object oriented programming
06:31 AM XXCoder: oh yeah
06:31 AM IchGucksLive: so the player is an objekt as well as the enemie as well as the sprites
06:32 AM XXCoder: sorry wasnt thinking programming here heh
06:32 AM phipli: :)
06:32 AM IchGucksLive: a rtemake of the famos ARCADE is best
06:32 AM archivist: OOP is cruel to noobs it causes slow bloated code
06:32 AM IchGucksLive: do you own a Android
06:32 AM phipli: they used to always say "learn html, it is the future". I never did.
06:33 AM jthornton: what calls motorForward and backward?
06:33 AM phipli: IchGucksLive: I do own one yes
06:33 AM phipli: jthornton: handleCommand sub
06:34 AM phipli: which itself is called if required during server.handleClient(); in the main loop
06:34 AM phipli: which is linked to the address "/cmd" by server.on(..... in the setup routine
06:34 AM phipli: *which = it is
06:36 AM jthornton: so your web page handles when to open and close the door?
06:36 AM phipli: currently yes
06:37 AM phipli: you pass a command as an argument to the page "/cmd"
06:37 AM phipli: and depending on what it is, it triggers the different motor subs
06:37 AM phipli: I'm going to look into pulling the time down from the web next
06:37 AM phipli: to see if I can check the time at powerup and avoid the need for a clock
06:38 AM phipli: but am not sure how flexible that will be yet
06:38 AM phipli: jthornton: you don't have to use a browser for what will be "manual override" - I'll set up widget buttons on my phone
06:39 AM phipli: so a screen on my phone will be a chicken door remote
06:39 AM phipli: for that you call the command urls directly, rather than using the links on the top level of the webserver
06:40 AM phipli: probably should have commented it a little more sorry...
06:40 AM IchGucksLive: Phipli this is the last app that students made fo the teatch http://heimwerkermarkt-tretter.de/Fh_Defender_app.zip a defender hack
06:41 AM jthornton: no problem, most is straight forward I think
06:42 AM jthornton: you can use your phone because it's connected to your local wifi
06:42 AM phipli: exactly
06:42 AM phipli: obviously you could port forward from the outside world...
06:42 AM phipli: but that would be daft
06:42 AM jthornton: I have to turn our phone wifi off so it doesn't use up my bandwidth lol
06:42 AM phipli: although you can put in authentication etc. I still wouldn't
06:43 AM phipli: jthornton: yes, there is an issue with people presuming they can use your internet
06:43 AM phipli: linux ++
06:43 AM phipli: so much better at /asking/ or letting you turn it off at least
06:44 AM jthornton: no worries about neighbors using my wifi they are out of range lol
06:44 AM jthornton: I have 10Gb for internet and 10Gb for the phones so I don't want the phones to use up my internet
06:44 AM phipli: I was thinking remote over tinterwebs if you opened a port. Can you open ports on satellite
06:44 AM phipli: ?
06:45 AM IchGucksLive: Phipli hier is the demo video of the game -> http://heimwerkermarkt-tretter.de/zitt_game.mp4
06:45 AM jthornton: duuno, never looked at that
06:46 AM IchGucksLive: i need a file from Grabcad can somone help
06:46 AM IchGucksLive: its a rubber sole from a shou
06:46 AM IchGucksLive: i need it n step if posible
06:48 AM IchGucksLive: somthing like that https://grabcad.com/david-595/projects
06:48 AM phipli: IchGucksLive: beats the text based games I used to try to write :)
06:49 AM IchGucksLive: it is simple done in 45 min
06:49 AM IchGucksLive: to get the first impression so the students stick
06:49 AM IchGucksLive: as well as the 3D milling
06:49 AM IchGucksLive: you need to grab them
06:50 AM IchGucksLive: in university there are on the first lesson maybe around 200students
06:50 AM phipli: I do very little graphical programming these days
06:50 AM IchGucksLive: on the second one it breaks the classroom
06:50 AM phipli: most of my programming is embedded
06:50 AM phipli: IchGucksLive: good
06:50 AM phipli: did you say you teach?
06:53 AM IchGucksLive: yes
06:53 AM IchGucksLive: min 15 students per year max 8000
06:54 AM IchGucksLive: but i like to do Farming more
06:55 AM phipli: Considered teaching farming?
06:55 AM IchGucksLive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_PslBNAT7s
06:55 AM IchGucksLive: no running big mashines on pland logistics
06:55 AM XXCoder: you know cnc you know farming. you can do farmbot lol
06:55 AM XXCoder: their pricing is insane but you can make your own
06:55 AM IchGucksLive: it is comen her
06:56 AM IchGucksLive: to look for deer kids on gras harvest
06:56 AM IchGucksLive: by octocopter infrared
06:56 AM IchGucksLive: corn field mashroom search
06:56 AM phipli: good bye me... (ponders which device disconnected)
06:57 AM IchGucksLive: hunting wildpic by location drones
06:57 AM phipli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqYrAWssrrY
06:57 AM phipli: man, would I not want to live next door to him
06:57 AM phipli: (the noise)
06:58 AM IchGucksLive: phipli not usesfull on more then 500acers
06:58 AM IchGucksLive: the deers now run on 1,5 inches precision
06:58 AM phipli: modern combines are pretty fancy anyway
06:58 AM phipli: basically robots
06:59 AM phipli: use maps of last year's crop density, location of obstacles etc. etc.
06:59 AM phipli: as you know (because you're interested!)
06:59 AM XXCoder: I would never buy deer anything
06:59 AM IchGucksLive: with 23inch tirers width
06:59 AM XXCoder: that company sucks
07:00 AM IchGucksLive: here we got lots of women farms
07:00 AM phipli: you farm women?
07:00 AM IchGucksLive: and the tractors are alway growing
07:00 AM phipli: isn't that unethical?
07:00 AM jthornton: it picks up too many seeds lol
07:00 AM IchGucksLive: ok im off till later
07:00 AM phipli: IchGucksLive: here there is lots of farming on unlevel poor quality land
07:01 AM IchGucksLive: phipli still not getting to the 7-segment
07:01 AM phipli: so field sizes are still quite small in a lot of the country
07:01 AM phipli: means small tractors are still popular
07:01 AM IchGucksLive: consider small
07:01 AM IchGucksLive: below 500 hp
07:01 AM phipli: and things Like Ford 4000 series and MF 35s go for a fortune second hand because they're still perfect for the job!
07:02 AM IchGucksLive: mcCormic 100
07:02 AM IchGucksLive: below XT
07:02 AM phipli: David Browns
07:02 AM phipli: Small CASEs
07:02 AM IchGucksLive: ok im off bye
07:02 AM phipli: laters
07:02 AM phipli: was it something I said? :)
07:03 AM jthornton: I have a 1956 Ferguson F40 that is 75% restored, engine is completely overhauled still need to paint some of it
07:03 AM phipli: awesome
07:04 AM phipli: my uncle and grandfather both have MF35s
07:04 AM jthornton: it's the same tractor as the MH50 with different sheet metal and color, it was built for the Ferguson dealers even though massy owned them
07:05 AM phipli: a school friend inherited a Ferguson 35 (grey and gold) from the brief period before they started being Massy Fergusons
07:05 AM jthornton: not mine but the correct color http://www.tractorshed.com/gallery/tphotos/a10783.jpg
07:05 AM jthornton: mine is Massy Harris Ferguson
07:06 AM jthornton: most of the time if you see a F40 it's painted massey red lol
07:06 AM XXCoder: I see you dont own deere. good
07:06 AM jthornton: well I do have two deere's from long ago
07:06 AM phipli: hum
07:07 AM phipli: can't find a photo of my uncles
07:07 AM XXCoder: old is fine
07:07 AM phipli: should be somewhere
07:07 AM phipli: heh
07:07 AM jthornton: this one is restored well http://fergusontractors.org/nfs/wp-content/gallery/expo-2009-le-sueur-mn/Jim-Heidemans-F40.jpg
07:07 AM phipli: what is the issue with modern John Deeres?
07:07 AM XXCoder: DRM
07:07 AM phipli: (my family has stopped farming in the last 30 years so aren't up to date)
07:08 AM XXCoder: some stuff you cant fix because of that
07:08 AM phipli: ah yeah
07:08 AM phipli: heard about that
07:08 AM phipli: there was a court case wasn't there?
07:08 AM jthornton: DRM<?
07:08 AM XXCoder: dunno on court
07:08 AM phipli: Digital Rights Management
07:08 AM XXCoder: yeah digital rights management
07:09 AM jthornton: this is my crawler http://gnipsel.com/images/JD350/350-06.jpg
07:09 AM jthornton: JD 350 from the 60's
07:10 AM phipli: jthornton: have you checked what your rights are regarding the onboard software on that crawler?
07:10 AM phipli: :)
07:11 AM jthornton: http://gnipsel.com/images/equipment-shed/big-dig-12.jpg
07:11 AM jthornton: the ole hoe and the kubota
07:11 AM jthornton: two flat tires at once lol
07:11 AM jthornton: she has all new rubber now
07:12 AM jthornton: ah this is the one I was looking for http://gnipsel.com/images/equipment-shed/big-dig-08.jpg
07:12 AM XXCoder: essentally jthornton deere said since module has software the whole tractor was protected by drm
07:12 AM jthornton: all my equipment at work
07:12 AM XXCoder: so you couldnt fix anytjing on it without approval from deere
07:12 AM XXCoder: they later backed off to "permit" some repairs
07:12 AM jthornton: I bet the farmer loved that
07:12 AM XXCoder: fuck em
07:13 AM XXCoder: im not a farmer and I didnt like it anyway
07:13 AM phipli: yeah
07:14 AM phipli: the "you wouldn't steal a handbag" thing
07:14 AM phipli: I always thought, well, yes, it is true that I wouldn't
07:14 AM phipli: but I have seen my family fabricate spares for machines, and never thought there was anything wrong with that
07:15 AM XXCoder: you own it you can fix it whenever
07:15 AM jthornton: so it's about making parts for the tractors?
07:15 AM XXCoder: no
07:15 AM phipli: clearly
07:15 AM phipli: heh
07:15 AM XXCoder: any kind of repair
07:15 AM XXCoder: even just change gaskets on engine was not allowed
07:16 AM XXCoder: some fixes isnt allowed still but forgot what
07:16 AM jthornton: so they quit selling parts?
07:17 AM XXCoder: no
07:17 AM XXCoder: just that some stuff you cant do due to that stupid agreement when you could before
07:18 AM jthornton: ah
07:19 AM jthornton: time to drag the splitter out and make some firewood
07:19 AM XXCoder: yay
07:19 AM XXCoder: curious
07:19 AM XXCoder: yoy grow trees to make more firewood or?
07:19 AM phipli: he lives in a wooded area
07:20 AM phipli: has a pile of trunks from when he built his shed
07:30 AM malcom2073: Ahhh airport wifi, Ifeel so dirty an unsecure
07:35 AM XXCoder: use usb condom for airport usb charger
07:35 AM XXCoder: or wires that dont have data wires
07:35 AM XXCoder: *usb
07:36 AM malcom2073: I charge my phone off my laptop which is plugged in
07:36 AM malcom2073: sure as shit wouldn't plug my phone into a random USB port here heh
07:37 AM phipli: can you run your connection through an ssh tunnel?
07:37 AM XXCoder: I would recharge off my giant battery pack
07:38 AM malcom2073: phipli: I am VPNed, yeah
07:38 AM malcom2073: XXCoder: I need to buy a battery pack someday
07:38 AM malcom2073: my phone only lasts about 30 hours if I don't use it, less than 24 if I do
07:38 AM XXCoder: around same for me
07:39 AM malcom2073: What pack do you have?
07:39 AM XXCoder: err forgot name lol
07:39 AM XXCoder: lemme look
07:39 AM XXCoder: ankin is good name
07:39 AM malcom2073: Apparently you're not allowed to take those "spare" battery packs on planes, they asked me if I had one
07:40 AM XXCoder: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=ankin+battery+pack
07:40 AM malcom2073: So wouldn't help me much for travel, butit would be good at home
07:40 AM malcom2073: Nice, cheap too
07:40 AM XXCoder: anker usually backs their product pretty well too
07:40 AM XXCoder: no pack at airport? jeez
07:41 AM malcom2073: I'll throw one on my wishlist
07:41 AM malcom2073: Yeah! I was like, wtf? You're allwoed to have devices with batteries, but no spare battery packs
07:41 AM XXCoder: also https://www.amazon.com/PortaPow-Charge-Block-Adaptor-SmartCharge/dp/B00T0DW3F8
07:41 AM malcom2073: That's changed, I used to fly with 3-4 spare laptop batteries
07:41 AM XXCoder: in case you need to charge off airport charger
07:41 AM malcom2073: nice
07:50 AM phipli: http://elephantandchicken.co.uk/chickenProjects/PrototypeFunctionalityTest01.mp4
07:50 AM phipli: jthornton
07:51 AM phipli: there is also a 3 minute timeout (that works) but that would make for a boring video (more boring)
07:51 AM phipli: the 9V battery is the "12 volt supply" cough
07:51 AM XXCoder: interesting video
07:53 AM phipli: the tactile buttons are representing the limit switches because I want to use crimped connectors on them, but am waiting for them to arrive
07:54 AM phipli: main thing holding me back on the mechanical side is that I don't have the threaded bar for the "leadscrew" yet
07:58 AM nubcake is now known as nubcake_
07:58 AM nubcake_ is now known as nubcake
08:00 AM nubcake is now known as nubcake_
08:00 AM nubcake_ is now known as nubcake
08:01 AM archivist: phipli, cheap threaded bar from screwfix
08:01 AM phipli: there is some on the way
08:01 AM phipli: length of M10
08:02 AM phipli: but probably should have just walked to screwfix now that you mention it :p
08:02 AM archivist: comes in packs of 5 or 6 same price as ebay for one almost
08:02 AM phipli: what length and how much?
08:02 AM miss0r: This is just one of thoes days. I needed to do a simple procedure - squaring up some stock. And I kept on failing, not making it square. After extensive measurements, I found that my vise was out of square... Now I am surface grinding away trying to mend this... I Have no clue whatsoever how this became out of square
08:03 AM phipli: :(
08:03 AM XXCoder: phipli: you'd love this mod http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1279741-computercraft
08:03 AM phipli: look on the bright side - if you didn't have the grinder - you'd be stuck
08:03 AM XXCoder: mis that sucks :(
08:04 AM miss0r: almost am. The grinder is too small :) I have to use the magnet on half power, and turn the part between each pass *sigh*
08:04 AM phipli: XXCoder: won't play
08:04 AM XXCoder: yeah video is dead its 2012
08:04 AM XXCoder: http://www.computercraft.info/download/
08:04 AM XXCoder: essentally it adds computers to minecraft lol and those turtle things wow
08:05 AM archivist: phipli, pack of 5 6.29 (spring 207 cat)
08:05 AM malcom2073: Opencomputers is still alive I believe
08:05 AM malcom2073: Similar concept, LUA scripting computers
08:05 AM miss0r: At the moment I'm playing some 7days to die. Absolutly awesome game. I have a server setup and a few friends with access... :)
08:05 AM archivist: phipl that was 300mm 1M 1239
08:06 AM archivist: stainless 1M os 32.49 a pack of 5
08:07 AM phipli: the one I ordered it stainless
08:07 AM phipli: but I'd consider grabbing some zinc plated to keep things moving
08:07 AM XXCoder: malcom2073: minecraft addon?
08:07 AM phipli: for <£10
08:07 AM miss0r: What are you building?
08:07 AM malcom2073: XXCoder: Yeah
08:07 AM archivist: I got stock last time I got some
08:07 AM XXCoder: cool
08:08 AM phipli: miss0r: who was that aimed at?
08:08 AM XXCoder: lol I made a turtle that strip mined
08:08 AM malcom2073: I haven't played MC in like a year, I should get back into it
08:08 AM miss0r: phipli: you :)
08:08 AM phipli: just checking :)
08:08 AM phipli: an automatic chicken coop door
08:08 AM phipli: the fashion round here, don't you know :)
08:08 AM XXCoder: it moved a block forward, deployed miner, waited till it was done, took it back and repeat
08:08 AM miss0r: phipli: using it as a linear axis?
08:09 AM phipli: yeah
08:09 AM XXCoder: after a long while there was a huge groove in world that went lilometers. it was hardly best miner I ever made
08:09 AM phipli: miss0r: I'll used a rivnut in a folded sheet metal carrier to run up and down
08:09 AM miss0r: You know - the chinesium ballscrews are pretty cheap, and you will probally get more lifetime out of thoes than a threaded rod
08:09 AM phipli: miss0r: I do know.. but it just feels wrong
08:10 AM miss0r: ordering chinesium? .]
08:10 AM phipli: I have a spare screw arround, although don't think I have a spare nut
08:10 AM miss0r: Just remember to jube the hell out of the stainless steel rod... They have a tendancy to weld
08:10 AM phipli: miss0r: no, using fancy (even if cheap) stuff instead of the bare minimum
08:11 AM miss0r: if you consider chinesium fancy... hehe
08:11 AM phipli: miss0r: yeah, and chicken poop has a tendency to make things rust!
08:12 AM phipli: miss0r: my thought was that the tolerances might be better on the leadscrew
08:12 AM miss0r: you have all the ods against you.. The thing is, if that shutter has to open in this lifetime, that rod has to spin quite fast... Might I reccomend a brass rod instead?
08:12 AM phipli: and so it would be more likely to get stuck
08:12 AM phipli: time isn't really an issue
08:13 AM archivist: I do have some spare brass threaded rod in real imperial thread
08:13 AM phipli: I'm currently looking at either 80 rpm, or ~400 if I'm feeling impatient
08:13 AM miss0r: I build a small telescopic raiseable tower some time back(7 years I think). it is still running 3 cycles/day to this day. So I can reccomend brass for your need
08:15 AM miss0r: but hell - everything that you lube properly will survive a long time
08:15 AM phipli: :)
08:15 AM archivist: lubed in chicken shit
08:16 AM miss0r: archivist: If they eat alot of graphite, it'll work :D
08:16 AM * miss0r might patent this
08:16 AM archivist: buggers eat stones too
08:17 AM miss0r: freck! this vise is killing me...
08:17 AM miss0r: Can any of you recommend a chinesium vise that is a good bang for the buck? (At this point I realy cant afford a proper one)
08:18 AM phipli: :(
08:18 AM DrippityDrops: used quality vice is almost always better than a new chinesium
08:18 AM DrippityDrops: and cost is =
08:18 AM DrippityDrops: in my experience........
08:18 AM miss0r: DrippityDrops: Where would you look for thoes? fleabay?
08:19 AM DrippityDrops: yes, craigslist can be nice too since shipping cost on such item
08:19 AM XXCoder: miss0r: no way to grind it trim agaib?
08:19 AM phipli: screwfix is still open. Might go for a wander
08:19 AM DrippityDrops: miss0r: whereabouts are you from?
08:20 AM miss0r: XXCoder: Sure. But My grinder is too small. and I need it soon - so I can't realy spend the time it would take to scrape it
08:20 AM XXCoder: hmm
08:20 AM miss0r: DrippityDrops: Denmark. But we have the equivalent of craigslist
08:20 AM XXCoder: can cheat a little
08:20 AM miss0r: XXCoder: I'm all ears
08:20 AM XXCoder: make a facing plate bolt it on, use cnc mill to cut it nicely 90 degree to it
08:21 AM XXCoder: make a fixture more proper
08:21 AM XXCoder: include the bottom for part to be held on
08:21 AM XXCoder: should be effective for short term fix
08:21 AM miss0r: XXCoder: yeah. the mill is an option, which i'm doign now. but the acuracy will still be icky
08:21 AM XXCoder: yeah.
08:22 AM miss0r: at the moment I am resurfacing the bottom of the vise. I'm building my way up
08:22 AM miss0r: but this is the small vise. The big vise I can't realy handle on the mill
08:22 AM miss0r: (yep - both are out a bit)
08:25 AM DrippityDrops: when I had to work the bottom of a small vice, I locked a hunk of material to the mill table. Then I milled the "hunk" into squareness and then locked my small vise onto the hunk so it the perpendicularity vice jaws matched the base....
08:26 AM DrippityDrops: so that way the vice was upside down on the table and easy to square up
08:26 AM miss0r: theres alot of options, but a mill will still only do it to a certain point. You will always end up with a part no more acurate than a mill can do. Then when you put something in the vise, you might end up with "mill quality"^-2
08:27 AM DrippityDrops: I dont think I explained that very well ahhaa but it worked for me!, also I moved said vice and "hunk" on surface grinder for finish
08:28 AM phipli: both vice are out?
08:28 AM phipli: are you /sure/
08:28 AM miss0r: hour of truth - blueing up the surface plate now
08:28 AM miss0r: i'm quite sure
08:28 AM DrippityDrops: I never found a vice that wasnt out
08:29 AM phipli: but enough to be a problem that you'd suddenly need to do something about it one day?
08:29 AM DrippityDrops: except u know, new kurt
08:29 AM phipli: miss0r: are you working to greater accuracy than usual?
08:30 AM miss0r: phipli: not realy.
08:30 AM miss0r: fak! it seems i messed up with the fixtuering... I only get 4 points of contact
08:30 AM miss0r: scraping time
08:31 AM DrippityDrops: better than scrapping time@!
08:31 AM XXCoder: lol
08:31 AM XXCoder: indeed
08:32 AM * phipli wanders off to screwfix
08:36 AM miss0r: I need to go be a family man for a while. I will return to look at this stuff later. see you around
08:36 AM XXCoder: later
08:38 AM XXCoder: 6 am dang
08:38 AM XXCoder: time to die laters
09:22 AM phipli: 6am?
09:22 AM phipli: nearly time to get up XXCoder
09:51 AM JT-Shop: he's a night owl
09:56 AM phipli: As are you it seems
09:56 AM phipli: or not
09:56 AM phipli: 10am ish?
09:57 AM pink_vampire: hi
09:57 AM phipli: afternoon
09:59 AM JT-Shop: yea 9:30 local time, I get up early and go to bed early
10:02 AM Roguish: JT-Shop: hey, recall i
10:02 AM Roguish: recall i'v been working on an induction heat treat machine?
10:02 AM Roguish: well, it gets fired up tomorrow.
10:03 AM Roguish: a tech from the Induction Power supply company (Ambrel) arrives and turn is all on.
10:04 AM Roguish: finished up the plumbing yesteday.
10:06 AM JT-Shop: nice
10:06 AM Roguish: i'll have pictures Tuesday.
10:07 AM JT-Shop: make a video!
10:07 AM Roguish: oh, good call. will do.
10:08 AM Roguish: i've been working for a few weeks at Zeiss out here. helping on a fancy retina scanning/imaging machine.
10:14 AM archivist: Roguish, have they got any docs on old CMM probes
10:14 AM Roguish: wrong part of the company. this is all medical stuff. all about eyes.
10:15 AM archivist: might want to measure roundness :)
10:15 AM Roguish: very pricey retinal imaging devices for opthamologists (sp)
10:17 AM * SpeedEvil needs to work on a flicker fusion tester.
10:27 AM * JT-Shop drills a 4" hole in the wall of the new shop...
10:27 AM malcom2073: Step two make a hole in that box
10:45 AM phipli: JT-Shop: I just drilled a smaller hole in my shed wall
10:45 AM phipli: a cable was too short... so I made a shortcut
10:45 AM phipli: right
10:46 AM phipli: sadly I can't finish making the motor coupling because I don't have the morse 2 stuff to put anything in the tailstock yet
10:46 AM * phipli is sad
10:46 AM phipli: will probably get here tomorrow though
11:40 AM phipli: JT-Shop: Some interesting stuff in this program : https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino/blob/master/libraries/ESP8266WiFi/examples/NTPClient/NTPClient.ino
11:47 AM Loetmichel_: re from the 280km drive to a friend and back... can someone please beat that idiotic grin off my face? Sunburned face and lower arms: dont care. deaf from the wind sounds: dont care. totally messed up hair: dont care. driving an convertible with the canopy open at 180kph is FUUUUUUUUUN!
11:49 AM phipli: what car?
11:50 AM Loetmichel_: 1999 BMW 318convertiblei
11:50 AM Loetmichel_: -i
12:02 PM phipli: I walked to the shop
12:03 PM phipli: it took quite a while
12:03 PM phipli: probably should have used the pushbike
12:11 PM MrSunshine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv4stnJl_E4 woohoo first trial run of the new machine =)
12:18 PM * Loetmichel_ has a REEALLY bad sunburn now. DONT CARE; HAD FUN!!!!!1111 :-) -> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=16676&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
12:31 PM miss0r2: I realy realy realy realy realy....^2 need a power scraper
12:31 PM archivist: no you dont
12:31 PM miss0r2: I regret to announce, that you are wrong... :)
12:32 PM archivist: rofl
12:33 PM miss0r2: this is just too much surface for me to do by hand. its not even funny
12:34 PM archivist: get it ground/machined then scrape
12:34 PM miss0r2: what i've done
12:34 PM miss0r2: still alot of surface
12:34 PM miss0r2: I machined it. then I ground it. Now I'm scraping it
12:34 PM archivist: you are only doing the high spots, less surface
12:35 PM miss0r2: thank you capt. obv. ;)
12:35 PM archivist: stop moaning :)
12:35 PM miss0r2: the problem is. theres not enough contact for my liking just yet
12:35 PM miss0r2: and I personally only own a quite small scraping tool
12:36 PM miss0r2: and 'moaning' about it doesn't get me closer to my goal :-/ *sigh* who would have thought
12:47 PM JT-Shop: phipli: so with that and a RTC you can update it once a day or in case of a failure of the RTC you can still function
12:56 PM phipli: don't need the RTC
12:56 PM phipli: update it once a day and at poweron and I'll be fine
12:58 PM JT-Shop: just use the internal time function?
01:10 PM phipli: just count yeah
01:11 PM phipli: could set up an interrupt to count in minutes
01:12 PM JT-Shop: using millis?
01:15 PM phipli: interrupts work independently
01:15 PM phipli: millis run out after a few hours
01:15 PM phipli: forget how many
01:18 PM SpeedEvil: On the topic of "Where the fuck did I leave my calipers".
01:18 PM SpeedEvil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI_vROXK6Ds
01:19 PM phipli: JT-Shop: although if it is an unsigned long then it might be 1193 hours!
01:19 PM phipli: can cope with that
01:35 PM phipli: yeah. it is. so 49.7 days
02:08 PM JT-Shop: interrupts?
02:15 PM miss0r2: Now thats a way to cut down scraping time: Add thicker blueing paste on the surface plate. If you add a thick enough layer, you can achieve up to 100% surface contact!... (jk)
02:21 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: You could experiment with placing the scraper tool in some powered tool - like small reciprocating saw or one of those oscillating tools, etc.
02:22 PM miss0r2: I would be lying if I told you I haven't given it a thought... but I don't realy have any tools that fit the bill
02:23 PM LeelooMinai: Could you buy a cheap one? There's tons of them, some battery powered - could be handy for other things.
02:24 PM miss0r2: The issue is; I need to get this part done tonight, so I can ship it first thing in the morning.
02:24 PM Loetmichel_: will not work anyway
02:24 PM Loetmichel_: unless your reciprocating saw is about 10kg
02:24 PM miss0r2: but it seems I have brought my vise within 0.01mm in parallel
02:25 PM miss0r2: That is good enough for now. (I have only scraped in the portion of the vise I need for this job)
02:25 PM sync: Loetmichel_: the weight of the tool does not matter, you press it to your body anyway for dampening
02:25 PM LeelooMinai: Loetmichel_: Well, are you assuming something about the scraper tool thouse? There are different sizes - mine are small for example, but some may be huge.
02:26 PM sync: LeelooMinai: people have tried, but in general you need a biax
02:26 PM Loetmichel_: sync: if you say so
02:26 PM LeelooMinai: thouse=<no idea what I was trying to write there> :)
02:26 PM LeelooMinai: "though"
02:26 PM miss0r2: a biax is damn expensive ! :-/
02:26 PM Loetmichel_: LeelooMinai: yes, i was assuming the "standard" size
02:26 PM sync: it's better than scraping by hand miss0r2
02:27 PM Loetmichel_: so about as long as my lower arm and maybe 1kg or 2
02:27 PM miss0r2: sync: I bet - But I don't do enough scraping to realy justify that expense I think
02:27 PM Tom_L: nothing like hard work when it comes to scraping
02:27 PM miss0r2: Damnit! my shop is a mess! I hate having to use the surfacegrinder!
02:27 PM sync: the blade needs to be controlled quite well to avoid chatter
02:28 PM sync: miss0r2: I just got one, even though I need it maybe once a year
02:28 PM LeelooMinai: Tom_L: If you want hard work, go to a quarry and chiesel out a granite plate by hand:p
02:28 PM miss0r2: sync: What did you pay for it, if you don't mind me asking?
02:28 PM Tom_L: no, there are tools for that
02:28 PM Tom_L: scraping is a precision job
02:29 PM LeelooMinai: You can be precise with tools... In facct, many tools make you more precise:)
02:29 PM Tom_L: if you don't care, just flatten it on a belt sander
02:29 PM miss0r2: :D
02:29 PM * Tom_L waits for rebuttle
02:29 PM sync: miss0r2: I bought a used one for I think 750€, but it was a bad choice after all, I should have spent double that for a newer one with less wear
02:30 PM miss0r2: sync: yeah, that is alot of money. I wonder what it would cost me to send my parts out for scraping instead. Might be cheaper, even in the long run
02:30 PM sync: no
02:30 PM miss0r2: perhaps if quality=money
02:30 PM sync: well, it's not really bad if you consider the time saved
02:31 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, I think even a dremel-like tool would be better - you would just need a bit that does not remove much, since it rotates fast.
02:32 PM miss0r2: LeelooMinai: I actualy saw a guy on youtube doing a scraping like surface with a dremel tool, and got a damn good result
02:32 PM LeelooMinai: If it was not very abbrasive the runout would not even matter.
02:32 PM LeelooMinai: Since you would control it with pressure probably.
02:32 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: But with what? One of those ceramic/abrasive bits or what they are?
02:34 PM miss0r2: LeelooMinai: One of thoes somewhat pointy tungsten carbide endmills. i think it is called a rotating file
02:35 PM LeelooMinai: A, ok, well, sounds a bit brutal to me, but on the other hand for first passes that's proably ok.
02:36 PM LeelooMinai: There are zilliion bits for rotary tools anyways, diamond coated, etc. and one can MacGyvver new ones easily.
02:37 PM miss0r2: well. the surface ended up pretty damn good for this guy.
02:37 PM LeelooMinai: Using a mandrel for example - just make disk from some materiaal that you think will work well.
02:38 PM miss0r2: FUCK ! I have ridiculously poor surface contact betweend the base and the vise... (rotating vise in two parts).
02:39 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: If push comes to shove, and there's 10 minutes left befire you need to have it ready, there's always an angle grinder:)
02:39 PM miss0r2: I ended up fscking it after all... This is just gonna be one of thoes days
02:40 PM LeelooMinai: A snafu day
02:41 PM miss0r2: A what? and in this small shop, theres only one idiot to pay for it
02:42 PM sync: which side did you scrape?
02:42 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: You are not US/UK?
02:42 PM sync: denmark
02:42 PM miss0r2: What sync said
02:43 PM miss0r2: LeelooMinai: What gave it away? :) my poor spelling or lack of words to choose from? :]
02:44 PM miss0r2: "vocabulary"
02:45 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: No, I guessed because I think most people in English speaking countries know weird military acronyms, like fubar, snafu, sol, etc:)
02:45 PM miss0r2: sync: Contact area with mill table..."bottom of the vise", then the area that connects the two parts of the vise together.(both areas). then the top of the vise(rails)
02:46 PM miss0r2: LeelooMinai: Feel free to translate snafu for me :)
02:46 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: lol, snafu = "situation normal, all fucked up" :)
02:47 PM miss0r2: lol
02:47 PM Deejay: :D
02:47 PM miss0r2: sync: Theres more in play here. Something happens when I tighten the vise to the base - it draws is a bit out of shape. I should not have started doing this tonight....
02:47 PM sync: yeah the vise base deforms
02:48 PM miss0r2: Time to go for plan-B; FETCH ME THE ALUMINIUM MAGNET!
02:48 PM sync: interestingly also the planing marks of deckel tables embeds itself into vise bases
02:50 PM miss0r2: This realy has become one of thoes days: My mill decided to halt in the middle of a run earlier, because the pressure transiever on the CLS, had a wire terminal loosen. Later the same thing happened for the hydraulic reset switch in the panel... This mill is probally trying to tell me something. And I think it starts with re and ends with tire... but I won't hear it!
02:52 PM miss0r2: also: I'm beginning to get some strange witness marks on round contours, where the x-axis switches direction... not a good sign either
02:54 PM miss0r2: But that is part of the game, when you are running production on a cnc mill from '86
03:04 PM MrSunshine: hmm is there any way to dampen "resonance" in constructions? got a small problem with the far end of the machine "wobbling" when it does fast stops etc .. they are very short but still a bit annoying .. another design flaw .. but i was thinking of some kind of dampening could be used to minimize these things ?
03:07 PM LeelooMinai: MrSunshine: I was thinking about this some time ago too. Some ideas are using anti-vibration leveling feet/special pads/hockey pucks even, attaching some mass in strategic places on the machine, changing max acceleration settings
03:07 PM MrSunshine: thinking of the dampeners on stepper motors etc to get rid of resonance .. but in a linear fasion
03:08 PM phipli: JT-Shop: See page 606 in Arduino Cookbook
03:08 PM LeelooMinai: Right, I need to test it too, it's on my list once I put my machine back together - I bought a bucket of hockey pucks already:)
03:09 PM phipli: including section 18.3
03:10 PM miss0r2: I actualy found a promising looking vise on ebay, for only 180eur
03:10 PM miss0r2: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Precision-Toolmakers-Screwless-Vise-Vice-6-150MM-SPZB150-200-DARMET-/162514125985
03:11 PM phipli: I just carefully set up a vise...
03:11 PM phipli: before realising I'd be better off clamping directly to the mill
03:11 PM miss0r2: hehe. That happens sometimes
03:11 PM phipli: I gave up and decided I'd do it tomorrow
03:12 PM phipli: because I'd spent ages removing the other vise and setting up the new one
03:12 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: I bought this one (much cheaper) but 4": https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01M7S6E81/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
03:12 PM MrHindsight: CRS-11 | Landing aerial footage in 4K (if you have the setup) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrP3jHuLQ9o
03:13 PM miss0r2: LeelooMinai: I have two of thoes swivel base vises. They are both off. And I never use that part of the vise. So its just another source of problems
03:13 PM miss0r2: for me anyway
03:13 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: Well, I bought it and detached the swivel part anyways:)
03:13 PM miss0r2: hehe :)
03:15 PM phipli: miss0r2: swivel vise was the one I removed because it was irritating me
03:17 PM miss0r2: Damn... I just ordered that one. Apparently it was the last one in stock. I would have liked to have two or three
03:18 PM LeelooMinai: You are ordering those expensive vises like they were pencils:p
03:18 PM phipli: heh
03:19 PM sync: > £180.02
03:19 PM sync: > expensive
03:19 PM sync: pls
03:19 PM phipli: drives down the price for the rest of us?
03:19 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: Well, I was obsessing for like 2 days before I decided to buy that $100 one:)
03:19 PM phipli: I'd like a new spindle. As I do not earn using my machinery, it is difficult to justify any cost. This makes me sad.
03:20 PM miss0r2: 180eur for a good looking vise is _nothing_... if it keeps what it promises in terms of acuracy it is _realy_cheap_
03:20 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: For 180 Euro some people can feed whole family for few months:p
03:21 PM miss0r2: I was looking in the vise section of the kemmler 2017 catalogue... they charge 1080eur for something like that
03:22 PM * LeelooMinai is cleaning her desk with the favourite technique
03:22 PM phipli: fire?
03:22 PM miss0r2: dropping an angle grinder with no cover on ?
03:22 PM LeelooMinai: Bring a big box, put everything from the desk there for "sorting out 'later'" :)
03:22 PM miss0r2: sitting down and screaming till someone else does it?
03:22 PM miss0r2: lol
03:23 PM LeelooMinai: Where later -> ∞
03:23 PM miss0r2: on a completely unrelated story: I have two vises for sale :D
03:23 PM phipli: oh really?
03:23 PM phipli: :p
03:24 PM phipli: probably still better than mine
03:24 PM miss0r2: LeelooMinai: You are using the box as a FINO buffer: First In, Never Out
03:25 PM miss0r2: Instant buyers regret: I should have found a model that had two available
03:25 PM LeelooMinai: Yes, the problem is now I have a lot of those buffers;)
03:25 PM miss0r2: LeelooMinai: You should get a vise like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Precision-Toolmakers-Screwless-Vise-Vice-4-100MM-SPZB100-125-DARMET-/162513611823
03:25 PM LeelooMinai: I should maybe mark them by date, like "My desk, January 2015"
03:26 PM miss0r2: I might buy vises like they were pencils, but apparently you are using space like you had a mansion
03:26 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: Still, twice the price of the one I bought. I don't mind it - it's good after taking of the base.
03:27 PM LeelooMinai: Right, I may have a problem with cleaning my room after doing anything...
03:27 PM miss0r2: my question would be: how good? in terms of "parallelism"? and squareness
03:28 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: It actually comes with a table with all dimensions and tolerances specified. It's probably not stellar, but good value I think.
03:28 PM sync: LeelooMinai: test the moving jaw for play, that was the problem with mine
03:28 PM sync: rendering it useless
03:28 PM LeelooMinai: From what I have seen most things are 1-3 mil or so
03:28 PM miss0r2: hehehe :] Does it hold up to thoes numbers?
03:29 PM LeelooMinai: I would say probably:)
03:29 PM sync: test it
03:29 PM miss0r2: definetly maybe
03:30 PM sync: also the surface contact between the yaw and the base was a joke
03:30 PM LeelooMinai: Right, maybe after I finish other minor adjustments - like putting the stand and the whole CNC back together...
03:30 PM LeelooMinai: sync: I am sure it's good enough for my purposes, and if not, I will obsess about making it better in the future:)
03:31 PM MrSunshine: hmm some kind of tuned mass damper ..
03:31 PM MrSunshine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhNjfNUOUo8
03:31 PM sync: well, the issue is you cannot clamp stuff on the ends of the yaws
03:31 PM miss0r2: My small swivel base vise is now somewhat back to spech... I got it back to parallel within 0.009mm over the base. I can live with that for now. Now I just need to square up the stationary jaw. then i'm good while I wait for the new one
03:32 PM sync: so I just went and bought two fribosa grinding vises
03:32 PM miss0r2: sync: link ?
03:32 PM sync: the lower rails are within 2µm in height, finally something usable
03:32 PM LeelooMinai: MrSunshine: Yes, that's good technique if you have time, autism, like shaving yaks, and have OCD - kind of my way:p
03:33 PM sync: http://www.nielsmachines.com/en/sold-fribosa-machine-vise.html
03:33 PM LeelooMinai: MrSunshine: By the time you finish it, you will notice "o, it's 2017 already and they have 3D metal printers for $100?"
03:34 PM LeelooMinai: Er, 2027 - you see, I fogot it's that decade already:/
03:34 PM miss0r2: sync: looks good. What realy annoys me is: I want a good vise with 8" clamping, but I can't realy find any affordable ones in descent quality
03:34 PM miss0r2: But I can't wait to get this new vise home, and do some measuering on it
03:34 PM sync: mine are 150mm iirc
03:34 PM LeelooMinai: The "descent quality" are cheap - the marines use them as cheap anchors:p
03:35 PM sync: which is ok, because I can just use two for long jobs
03:35 PM miss0r2: LeelooMinai: mocking me for my spelling is futile, the chances are I will never be better
03:36 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, I filled the box half way and I am IRCing - this method doesn't even work any more
03:36 PM miss0r2: sync: indeed. I just sometimes do workpeices that 'should' be clamped directly to the table, but I hate having to remove and later remount and dial in the vise :D
03:36 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: I am not mocking you - English is my second language too: I a bit like comedian - if I see a joke, I say the joke:p
03:37 PM miss0r2: don't get me wrong, i'm not mad at all... sarcasm have always translated poorly on IRC
03:37 PM LeelooMinai: Probably many comedians died this way:(
03:37 PM sync: miss0r2: I remove my vise all the time, it only takes a minute to put back on
03:37 PM miss0r2: nah, don't worry. My days as an army sniper is long overf
03:38 PM miss0r2: sync: Yeah, I just have a real nasty obsession about dialing it back in. I do it with a 0.001mm dial
03:38 PM sync: so do I
03:38 PM LeelooMinai: Army sinper + scandinavian countries = "White Death" in my mind
03:39 PM miss0r2: sync: HOW CAN YOU BE SO FAST ?!
03:39 PM LeelooMinai: 1 minute to put back on and 1 hour to position it:)
03:39 PM sync: just tappity tap tap with a piece of brass while you move the axis
03:39 PM sync: I'm usually within 1/100 in two passes or so
03:40 PM miss0r2: sure.. that is no problem. but the rest of the way?
03:40 PM LeelooMinai: sync: 1/100 of what?
03:40 PM miss0r2: my sincere respect to you
03:40 PM sync: apples
03:40 PM LeelooMinai: sync: Well, that was serious - I mean who knows...
03:41 PM LeelooMinai: Inches, milimeters? :)
03:41 PM sync: well, I usually get lucky and hit it quite close
03:41 PM sync: after that I tighten the holddowns a bit more and tap the rest in in the final pass
03:42 PM miss0r2: sync: You are talking mm, right ? :)
03:42 PM LeelooMinai: 10μm = 1 Dude btw
03:42 PM sync: of course
03:43 PM miss0r2: That is pretty amazing. I take atleast 5-7 minuts resetting my vise
03:43 PM miss0r2: I will accept 0.002 out of square over the vise jaw, in my case 200mm
03:44 PM LeelooMinai: But sync has superhuman powers - once he is done with tapping, and few μs off, he just roars at the vise and adjusts the rest with shear power of sound waves:)
03:44 PM sync: lower your goals, it doesn't have to be that good
03:44 PM sync: well, I had enough practice in school
03:44 PM sync: where I always had to mount and remove them between classes
03:45 PM LeelooMinai: sync: Let me guess, they called you MrMicron in school? :)
03:45 PM miss0r2: LeelooMinai: In that end of the scale, you don't want to be shouting too much at it, as it will change the heat :D
03:45 PM sync: no, not really LeelooMinai
03:46 PM sync: it is just something you get used to
03:46 PM miss0r2: sync: I should realy lower my expectations. but what is the point of using a 0.001 dial, if you are not going to aim for something better than 0.005?
03:46 PM LeelooMinai: I started adjusting my vise a month ago and here I am...
03:47 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: The imperial people must hate you on IRC...
03:47 PM miss0r2: LeelooMinai: its a mutual thing
03:48 PM sync: miss0r2: resolution
03:48 PM sync: you see the trend much quicker using a µm dial
03:48 PM miss0r2: sync: yeah sure... but still :]
03:48 PM sync: #yolo
03:49 PM * miss0r2 slaps sync
03:49 PM miss0r2: I thought this was the one place I could go, and not be assaulted with that stuff :]
03:53 PM miss0r2: LeelooMinai: You have me wondering: what mill are you using?
03:55 PM LeelooMinai: A DIY contraption
03:56 PM miss0r2: picture?
03:56 PM LeelooMinai: Took it appart a bit and making better stand and adding some steel angles to frame now, but it lookes like that more or less: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100017731@N03/29276743343/in/dateposted-public/
03:57 PM miss0r2: looks reasonable stable :)
03:58 PM LeelooMinai: Yes, I think it will be ok - just need to make the stand great again, since I "stole" it from the basement from something else.
03:59 PM LeelooMinai: However, as usual, things escallated. Started positioning the vise, and ended up designing the stand improvements and somewhere in there it ended with MIG welder and, well, you get the picutre.
03:59 PM miss0r2: I started with a 2030 cnc (generic chinesium) from fleabay. it was... well what you pay for
04:00 PM miss0r2: What you have there is alot better for sure :D
04:00 PM LeelooMinai: RIght, I went the long route instead of buying a ready made - more interested in the process:)
04:01 PM miss0r2: hehe I hear'ya.
04:02 PM miss0r2: After that I bought a Rolanddg CAMM-3 PNC-3100. and used that to make parts I needed to convert an Arboga u-2508 drill press/mill to CNC.
04:02 PM miss0r2: The arboga is sold, and my primary mill is now a Deckel Maho 500C.
04:03 PM miss0r2: and all this started because I needed to do some isolation milling on some PCBs
04:03 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r2: All I read was "Ro$$$ .... Arb$$$$... Dec$$$ Ma$$$" :)
04:04 PM LeelooMinai: I only know cheap Chinese parts:)
04:04 PM miss0r2: I'm not made of money.... I just wait for the right price
04:04 PM LeelooMinai: Same here - wait for $100 flying cars from 1990:)
04:06 PM LeelooMinai: If I had money, I would make a robot for Robotwars or battle bots:(
04:06 PM miss0r2: and I can completely follow you on the "process" part. I'm building an EDM at the moment
04:07 PM LeelooMinai: Right, I know what those are, but, not sure what a hobbyist could use them for.,
04:08 PM LeelooMinai: Or do I...
04:08 PM miss0r2: I
04:08 PM LeelooMinai: Maybe I mixed it with the electro erosion machines... I don't know, it's surely not Electronic Dance Music
04:08 PM miss0r2: am a hobbyist.. to a certain degree. I make a side income doing this stuff
04:09 PM miss0r2: its the first
04:10 PM LeelooMinai: Ok, but what is it? :)
04:11 PM miss0r2: you can 'erode' or 'spark' away material that is otherwise inaccessible(like a square inner corner) or too hard to machine
04:11 PM LeelooMinai: A, no, I thought right - Electrical Discharge Machining
04:11 PM LeelooMinai: Yes, I saaw it on youtube
04:11 PM LeelooMinai: Looked slow as hell though:)
04:12 PM miss0r2: its not realy fast no.. unless you have a realy pro one
04:12 PM miss0r2: This is a short video of me doing the first ever spark test with my machine: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B51cA8Udo5i7RlNsRTBBVUJfVzA
04:13 PM LeelooMinai: Well, I saw bubbles - not sure if that's good or not:)
04:14 PM miss0r2: all it takes ;)
04:15 PM miss0r2: the bubbles are basically a sweet sweet micture of oxygen and hydrogen...
04:16 PM LeelooMinai: Right, when I was small I was making hydrogen with battery this way. Wanted to make a balloon, but I did not have a balloon part.
04:22 PM miss0r2: Damnit! I need more space in here
04:24 PM miss0r2: Thats it for tonight. See you around
04:34 PM Deejay: gn8
04:50 PM roycroft: well, the good news is that the scroll in my 3-jaw is hardened
04:50 PM roycroft: and the bad news is that the scroll in my 3-jaw is hardened
04:51 PM * roycroft will be stoning it instead of filing it
05:23 PM pink_vampire: how do i add an led to the probe?
05:24 PM LeelooMinai: pink_vampire: Just resistor + led into a switch/transistor that will provide power source on probe tripping.
05:24 PM pink_vampire: O_O
05:24 PM pink_vampire: I'm not sure what do you mean
05:24 PM LeelooMinai: pink_vampire: Well, or provide more context:)
05:25 PM pink_vampire: I have a N.C probe that connect between pin10 and +5V
05:26 PM TurBoss: pink_vampire: or you can use a output pin from your interface board wired to the probe signal
05:26 PM pink_vampire: and I want to add LED to the probe that will change color
05:27 PM pink_vampire: I want the LED to be red if no contact, and green + buzzer if there is contact
05:28 PM LeelooMinai: pink_vampire: I would start from drawing little schematic of the probe side and the other side - so you establish your case.
05:29 PM LeelooMinai: Once you have that, it will be easy to get help.
05:29 PM pink_vampire: the probe is just N.C switch
05:30 PM TurBoss: its wired to the control?
05:30 PM LeelooMinai: A, ok, if it's just a switch, the only tricy part is that it is NC.
05:31 PM pink_vampire: mmm
05:31 PM LeelooMinai: You may need a little transistor circuit to make the LED light on when the switch opens.
05:31 PM pink_vampire: i want 2 leds
05:31 PM * TurBoss is drawing something..
05:31 PM LeelooMinai: Not sure if that's in your skill reach.
05:31 PM pink_vampire: (bi color one)
05:31 PM LeelooMinai: I mean making,soldering it, etc.
05:32 PM pink_vampire: I know how to solder
05:32 PM pink_vampire: and how to make pcbs
05:32 PM LeelooMinai: Also, many switches (microswietches,) have both NC and NO terminsals - then you can use that.
05:32 PM LeelooMinai: terminals*
05:32 PM LeelooMinai: pink_vampire: What is your switch like?
05:33 PM pink_vampire: it's a probe, it is just N.C
05:33 PM TurBoss: 12 or 5 v?
05:34 PM pcw_home: Maybe a 74HC14 so you can get push pull drive for a bidir LED
05:34 PM LeelooMinai: Well, ok, but the probe has some internals - maybe you could look inside and see if it has microswitch.
05:34 PM pink_vampire: 5V
05:34 PM LeelooMinai: If it has microswitch with spare O terminal, you are rolling without any special circuits - just LED + resistor.
05:35 PM LeelooMinai: And you can then put the led inside maybe, so it's integrated.
05:35 PM pink_vampire: pcw_home: !! I like your idea!
05:35 PM * TurBoss too
05:42 PM LeelooMinai: Meh, overcomplication imo:)
06:01 PM phipli: -coin sleep?
06:11 PM phipli: as there is no bot to answer, I have selected...
06:11 PM phipli: watch youtube car shoows
06:53 PM pink_vampire: .
06:56 PM roycroft: well that was a lot of work, but my 3-jaw is operating smoothly throughout its range now
06:56 PM * roycroft wishes his new ultrasonic cleaner were here, as his current one is too small to fit the chuck body, and it was a pain in the butt to clean
07:01 PM LeelooMinai: Well, that sucks
07:03 PM LeelooMinai: I am marking holes on those new steel angles and for aluminum I had nice "technique" where I was using sharpie marks and then carbide scriber over them to get precision marks, but those angles seem to have some rough black oxide on them, and I cannot see anything:/
07:03 PM LeelooMinai: I tried some silver pen parks, but they are useless as the scriber does not leave a mark.
07:04 PM LeelooMinai: parks=marks
07:04 PM LeelooMinai: "I see darkness,,, Darkness I see!"
07:05 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, just remembered I have this persian blue tube, maybe I will try that...
07:13 PM SpeedEvil: press harder with the carbide, to cut it
07:14 PM LeelooMinai: Ok, the prussian blue thing is useless for this.
07:15 PM LeelooMinai: SpeedEvil: Well, I used quite a bit of force already - not sure if it's a good idea unless I want to damage the scriber.
07:15 PM SpeedEvil: ah
07:15 PM LeelooMinai: I need something white, yellow, etc...
07:16 PM * LeelooMinai detects white erasable crayola on the desk
07:17 PM LeelooMinai: Fail - does not even leave a mark.
07:20 PM LeelooMinai: I wonder if they make white sharpies...
07:21 PM sync: use layout fluid
07:21 PM LeelooMinai: Yes, they do - should have got one before this:/
07:21 PM LeelooMinai: sync: Guess what:p
07:21 PM sync: you can also press very hard with carbide scribers
07:22 PM LeelooMinai: Well, this is kind of rough - in places it has rough surface and not sure if I can press more.
07:23 PM SpeedEvil: Or hit it with a grinder
07:24 PM LeelooMinai: A bit of touch with a chainsaw
07:28 PM sync: you can press quite hard, you should be able to push through the millscale
08:04 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, what is the auto-punch shaft/tip supposed to be made from?
08:06 PM LeelooMinai: Mine looks weird - seems to work on steel so far, but I don't know f it's supposed to be like that or it's cheap.
08:09 PM LeelooMinai: It's not even made from one material it seems.
08:10 PM SpeedEvil: Making the whole shaft out of carbide would just be extra expense
08:12 PM LeelooMinai: Ok, but it's still weird. Like the core is from some copper-brass looking like material, then plated with something silver, and tip maybe a ball-like something, but not sure...
08:12 PM LeelooMinai: http://i.imgur.com/HeYh4VV.jpg
08:16 PM SpeedEvil: copper is nice and heavy
08:17 PM LeelooMinai: So you think it's copper shaft with zinc on top or something and embedded carbide ball?
08:19 PM LeelooMinai: I think ball wuld just squash into the copper... I don't know... Unless it's small cylinder with round end, but that sounds too complicated for simple punch like this (?)
08:20 PM sync: it is probably just solid steel
08:20 PM sync: take a grind and look at the sparks
08:20 PM sync: it'll tell you what it is
08:20 PM LeelooMinai: Orange steel? :)
08:21 PM LeelooMinai: You can see on the pic there's something under silver plating that looks like copper.
08:23 PM sync: sure, it's copper
08:23 PM sync: but that is not what the thing is made of
08:24 PM LeelooMinai: ...
08:27 PM SpeedEvil: copper plated steel, to braze the carbide onto would be plausible
08:27 PM SpeedEvil: nickel on the outside for corrosion resistance
08:28 PM sync: LeelooMinai: it is how electroplating works
08:28 PM sync: you first plate copper, and then chrome
08:29 PM SpeedEvil: or chrome, yeah, if you want it to be shiny
08:29 PM sync: well, it will be chrome, as it is cheap
08:30 PM sync: it should be fairly obvious if they used carbide when you grind it
08:42 PM LeelooMinai: It's trongly magnetic
08:48 PM djdelorie: It's alive!!! (again ;) http://www.delorie.com/photos/cnc/img_3414.html
08:51 PM TurBoss: hurray \o/
09:06 PM LeelooMinai: djdelorie: My first thought was "wait, does this work only in dry seasons?" :)
09:07 PM djdelorie: I have a dehumidifier in my basement :-)
09:07 PM TurBoss: :O
09:10 PM SpeedEvil: It takes a really quite modest thickness of wood to be as stiff as metal, done right.
09:11 PM djdelorie: yeah, it's not stiff at all, but it's good enough for what I do... if I'm not too agressive
09:11 PM SpeedEvil: Movement is, of course, a rather different issue.
09:11 PM LeelooMinai: Yes, but ironwood is more expensive than metal:p
09:11 PM SpeedEvil: I found it amusing to realise that a granite plate and a wood plate will sag as much under gravity
09:12 PM LeelooMinai: Well, granite is a "bit" heavier, so...
09:12 PM SpeedEvil: yeah
09:12 PM djdelorie: wood, unfortunately, makes a very effective sounding board... those steppers are LOUD.
09:13 PM LeelooMinai: Damn, I did not know that Shapries are so expensive... Even on aliexpress:/
09:14 PM LeelooMinai: lol, "Sharpies are the writing utensil of choice by astronauts aboard the International Space Station because of their usability in zero-gravity. According to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield who commanded the International Space Station in 2012-2013, "you can hold it any which way and it still works"."
09:15 PM SpeedEvil: djdelorie: if your steppers can do microstepping, that may help slightly with teh noise
09:15 PM djdelorie: I'm at 4x microstepping, and nearing the upper limit to steps/sec - it's an old slow computer too, and small-pitch leadscrews
09:16 PM LeelooMinai: Wonder if the ink in them is patented, secret or something or they are overpriced based on the trademark...
09:16 PM SpeedEvil: djdelorie: modest flywheels on the steppers can also kill resonances
09:17 PM djdelorie: I might be able to try that. Mostly I plan on not hearing it over the sound of the router/spindle ;-)
09:19 PM djdelorie: I might reconfigure the drivers for quadrature, to let me increase the max step speed, too
09:19 PM djdelorie: but that probably means upgrading linuxcnc itself - I'm still on 2.4 :-(
09:29 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, is there a tool that would be like callipers more or less, but was to measure precise distance between center punched pits - that is, it would have something like compass pins for "jaws"?
09:32 PM djdelorie: I have one of those - it's called a "bridgeport" ;-)
09:33 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, I guess this could work: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Point-jaw-Digital-caliper-micrometer-gauge-Big-LCD-0-150mm-6inch-digital-caliper-with-small-point/32322138015.html
09:33 PM djdelorie: (bridgeport + DRO + center finder == pit distance measuring tool)
09:33 PM LeelooMinai: But too expensive.
09:34 PM djdelorie: the regular point-tips on cheap calipers aren't pointy enough?
09:34 PM LeelooMinai: Also, not exactly what I had in mind.
09:34 PM LeelooMinai: djdelorie: No, they have weird shape and I did not get the right results.
09:35 PM LeelooMinai: The point needs to be symmetrical.
09:36 PM djdelorie: you could mount a center finder in your cnc machine...
09:36 PM djdelorie: this type, point down: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/31AARWd1xwL._SX342_.jpg
09:37 PM LeelooMinai: djdelorie: It's for verifiyng hand-marked points made with center-punch.
09:37 PM LeelooMinai: So no CNC-stuff:)
09:38 PM djdelorie: you just use the cnc as a big DRO, you're not *making* the pits with it
09:38 PM djdelorie: move the cnc until the tool reads "centered", read distance...
09:38 PM LeelooMinai: djdelorie: Great idea - I will use CNC to work on pieces of itself that lay on my table:p
09:39 PM djdelorie: heh. Step 1 - build a second cnc machine... :-)
09:39 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, actually, I wish I had something like compass, but which I can dial distance to.
09:39 PM djdelorie: you could regrind the tips of a cheap caliper, but you'd need to pre-calibrate the offset
09:39 PM LeelooMinai: So I guess, again, callipers with point-sharp carbide scriber like ends.
09:40 PM LeelooMinai: So I can dial a dimention and transfer it on the metal piece.
09:40 PM LeelooMinai: onto(
09:40 PM LeelooMinai: Right, I guess one could modiffy calipers, somehow...
09:42 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, I would think that they made something like this already...
09:42 PM LeelooMinai: Not exactly a novel idea, and would be very useful.
09:47 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, almost there: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Universal-Marking-vernier-caliper-Marking-vernier-caliper-Marking-tools-layout-tools/32272596491.html
09:48 PM LeelooMinai: But too expensive, and I want shar pin instead of that cylinder there.
09:52 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, I see that "trammel" seems to be related to what I search for.
09:53 PM LeelooMinai: But on aliexpress this ends bad with weird fishing equipment.
10:00 PM LeelooMinai: This is the best I could find so far: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/0-300mm-Compass-vernier-caliper-with-Carbide-scriber-Double-Carbide-needles-Vernier-caliper-Marking-Circle-Vernier/32813620809.html
10:00 PM LeelooMinai: But the price is a fail
10:06 PM LeelooMinai: Ok, Germans make those:) http://www.shop.santool.de/en/measuring-tools/dividers-marking-calipers/steel-beam-compass-inox/steel-beam-compass-inox-satin-chromed-hm-points-300-mm.html?bruttonetto=with
10:10 PM Tom_L: i should have picked up a set of dial calipers at a garage sale for $5 but i really didn't want dial
10:11 PM Tom_L: 6, 12, 18"
10:11 PM LeelooMinai: For $5 I would take them anyways:)
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