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May 13 2017

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12:39 AM roycroft: does anyone here use a noga indicator holder?
12:41 AM * roycroft has not used one, but thinks it's probably well worth the money
12:51 AM Crom: i've used one very nice!
12:51 AM Crom: last 2 barz summer bashes
12:51 AM roycroft: i'm tired of fighting with the cheap ones
12:51 AM roycroft: having one knob to tighten it all and what looks like a really smooth action, would be so nice
12:52 AM Crom: the cheap fleabay one the magnet is too small
12:52 AM Crom: I'm using mine as a probe holder now
12:53 AM Crom: it's screwed into the spindle mount
12:53 AM roycroft: https://www.amazon.com/NOGA-Dial-Gage-Holder-Magnetic/dp/B001VY05LI/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1494651750&sr=8-6&keywords=noga+indicator+holder
12:53 AM roycroft: that's the one i'm looking at right now
12:56 AM roycroft: and i would probably get the baby size one later on
12:57 AM Crom: there is the one with the fine tune on the base.. I think that's the one you want
12:57 AM roycroft: hmm
12:57 AM roycroft: i thought the fine tune by the indicator would be best
12:57 AM roycroft: but i think there's one with a fine tune in both places
12:58 AM roycroft: i downloaded their catalog - i should go dig that out
12:58 AM Crom: https://www.amazon.com/Noga-Fine-Adjustment-Swivel-Clamp/dp/B005F4331E/ref=pd_sim_328_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B005F4331E&pd_rd_r=99PW1ATZSGK5WHQMKWE7&pd_rd_w=KwocK&pd_rd_wg=TPtBn&psc=1&refRID=99PW1ATZSGK5WHQMKWE7
12:58 AM Crom: $28
01:00 AM Crom: $120 5.24" top arm length https://www.amazon.com/NOGA-Heavy-Duty-Holder-Magnetic/dp/B001VY1DYQ/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1494653093&sr=8-5&keywords=noga+indicator+holder
01:02 AM Crom: I'm still here.. just shut down the Xchat...
01:03 AM roycroft: i'm looking at their catalog
01:04 AM Crom: ARGH#*&#(&#$) dd-wrt... need to set a better date... so I don't go into protection mode
01:04 AM roycroft: http://www.travers.com/holder-with-double-fine-adjustment/p/57-080-062/
01:05 AM roycroft: that has the double fine adjust
01:05 AM roycroft: but i think it's the baby size
01:08 AM roycroft: http://www.travers.com/double-fine-adjustment-fat-fab-holders/p/518566/
01:08 AM roycroft: there's the bigger one
01:08 AM roycroft: it's pretty expensive though
01:30 AM Crom: ugh... dhclient just kicked my arse again...
01:31 AM Crom: nice!
01:32 AM Crom: yeah $166 is a bit
01:33 AM Crom: i really don't want to open this router to add a serial header
01:39 AM Crom: nice header already soldered in
02:12 AM Deejay: moin
02:20 AM Crom: nice! Standing Tree Protocol is working... I can see the printer
04:12 AM Crom: Yay internet again! And printing as well. One lede (openwrt) tl-wr1043nd gateway, 2nd router connected via cat 5 with lede as well, serving 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi and the printer in the living room.
05:20 AM IchGucksLive: hi
05:21 AM XXCoder: hey
05:21 AM IchGucksLive: how is it on your place
05:21 AM XXCoder: working on 3d printer
05:21 AM IchGucksLive: doing well here in germany
05:21 AM XXCoder: finally got parts
05:21 AM IchGucksLive: oh i did finish the first ton of sheets today
05:22 AM IchGucksLive: mothereday special
05:22 AM IchGucksLive: like flower shop
05:22 AM IchGucksLive: meatel to be send
05:23 AM IchGucksLive: XXCoder: im lookinfg for a good 806020 router Alloy setup
05:23 AM IchGucksLive: as mutch stability on moving XZ
05:24 AM IchGucksLive: XXCoder: you got any links
05:24 AM XXCoder: unfortunately no
05:24 AM IchGucksLive: the school im now on has a litle more money to be spend
05:24 AM IchGucksLive: so i decided to go for a bigger mashine
05:25 AM IchGucksLive: and the designes i use is week on more then 100Z
05:25 AM IchGucksLive: ok im off just briefly here
05:25 AM IchGucksLive: till later
05:47 AM jthornton: morning
05:48 AM XXCoder: hey jt
05:49 AM XXCoder: im working on 3d printer
05:49 AM XXCoder: I acciently broke z induction sensor
05:49 AM XXCoder: bleh
05:49 AM XXCoder: so im using orginial sensor for now
05:49 AM XXCoder: calibrating it
05:52 AM jthornton: I was wondering if you got that to work yet
05:52 AM XXCoder: whats weird is hotend isnt heating up
05:56 AM jthornton: is the led on the ramps board lit up?
06:04 AM XXCoder: fixed that
06:05 AM XXCoder: forgot to connect termostor
06:20 AM jthornton: I need to make a leveling table to set the accelerometer on the quads. I cobbled up one for the Q100 and got it real level and now it hovers better
06:20 AM XXCoder: got a Surface?
06:20 AM XXCoder: or rock
06:21 AM jthornton: I'm thinking of a piece of plywood with 3 jacking screws to level it
06:23 AM XXCoder: yeah probably close enough for quad balancing
06:23 AM XXCoder: how do you ensure legs are equal distance? or no legs?
06:27 AM JT-Shop: legs?
06:27 AM XXCoder: yeah mine has 4 legs on it
06:28 AM JT-Shop: ah, the Q100 has 4 bumpers under the motors and the tweaker has nothing
06:29 AM JT-Shop: http://alofthobbies.com/vantac-q100-fpv.html
06:30 AM JT-Shop: http://www.shendrones.com/tweaker-5/
06:30 AM XXCoder: ahh yea
07:03 AM JT-Shop: is your quad 1s?
07:08 AM XXCoder: x5sw
07:15 AM XXCoder: hey JT-Shop
07:15 AM XXCoder: you had new ext4ruder for your printer right?
07:15 AM XXCoder: metal one with more strong gear
07:16 AM JT-Shop: yea ezstruder
07:17 AM XXCoder: whats your steps per mm?
07:18 AM JT-Shop: https://www.seemecnc.com/products/ezrstruder
07:20 AM JT-Shop: I'll have to try and find the arduino file... seems to be a bit lost
07:20 AM XXCoder: ok
07:26 AM JT-Shop: hmm I think I lost the file when I went to 64 bit
07:26 AM XXCoder: doh ok
07:27 AM XXCoder: old is 156 and it seemed to go 156mm for 100mm lol
07:27 AM XXCoder: so just moving to 100s/mm so lets see lol
07:27 AM XXCoder: I'm pretty sure lower than that
07:30 AM JT-Shop: I found one that has 95 for E
07:31 AM XXCoder: lol
07:31 AM XXCoder: that matches mine
07:31 AM XXCoder: 100 50mm is 53mm or so
07:31 AM XXCoder: 94 is better
07:32 AM XXCoder: I like underextrude a tiny amount than over a tiny
07:33 AM XXCoder: 49.65mm
07:33 AM XXCoder: close enough
07:47 AM Vitran: what printers do you have?
07:47 AM XXCoder: mines el cheapo flsun clone of prusa i3
07:47 AM XXCoder: so are his
07:47 AM Vitran: i3s. I never got one but I hear they are good
07:48 AM XXCoder: real ones. yes
07:48 AM XXCoder: clones theres buncha issues
07:48 AM Vitran: I have a mendle, a huxley, a custom one I made, and two kossels
07:49 AM Vitran: The kossels are my go-to printers now
07:49 AM XXCoder: delta?
07:49 AM Vitran: yep
07:50 AM XXCoder: nice, wanted one
07:50 AM Vitran: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blueeaglelabs/the-metal-delta-build-your-own-metal-delta-printer
07:50 AM Vitran: I have the mk. 1 and the mk. 2
07:51 AM Vitran: the mk. 2 with the carbon fiber tubes is so nice. Thinking of getting a diamond nozzle for it so I can do mix colours
07:51 AM XXCoder: cool :)
07:51 AM XXCoder: I was wondering if I could do one with 14 slope leadscrews
07:51 AM Vitran: but the current problem is the max printing speed is 3600mm/min. It can go faster but the cold end on the extruder can't handle it
07:53 AM Vitran: I find the deltas much easier to tune and align compared to the Cartesians. The only movement are the shuttles up and down as opposed to the bed moving, the Z axis moving, and the cart moving.
07:54 AM Vitran: But then again, I don't have an i3. Leveling the bed is always an issue on the Huxley and Mendle. The delta, once it has the # values I have to retune the leveling maybe once every 2 months if I leave it alone in the closet
07:56 AM Vitran: I have seen some lead screw designs, but not for printing. There are a few delta machining bots.
08:02 AM XXCoder: yeah
08:02 AM XXCoder: I was wondering if 14mm slope was fast enough fo delta lol
08:02 AM Vitran: If you are going with a metal frame and all, may as well make it go super fast
08:03 AM Vitran: I remember MendleMax. No idea how fast they got that machine to go
08:05 AM Vitran: 80-150mm/min
08:07 AM XXCoder: thats pretty good
08:09 AM JT-Shop: Vitran: you think a delta is better than a core xy?
08:10 AM Vitran: Well, kinda. Deltas are cheaper, can do bigger prints, can move faster but usually have a bowden tube extruder and are harder to do multi-nozzle setups
08:11 AM XXCoder: Vitran: I saw floating extruder setup
08:11 AM XXCoder: looked pretty amazing
08:12 AM JT-Shop: I have a couple of ball slides to make a core xy with http://gnipsel.com/images/core-xy/ball-slide.jpg
08:12 AM Vitran: The flying extruder looks good. May try that. Will note, I got into the 3D printing from 2010-2014 and have been on the outside of the setup since. I don't know what has happened since then.
08:13 AM XXCoder: yeah its so hard to keep updated
08:13 AM XXCoder: theres attempts to make cheap sla
08:13 AM XXCoder: still not very good.
08:13 AM XXCoder: and material cost 50 euro per liter I think. still expensive.
08:14 AM Vitran: So many companies have disappeared. 2012 was a bad year for 3D printer companies
08:15 AM Vitran: Nobody uses 3D printed parts for making 3D printers anymore. It is better and cheaper to lasercut
08:15 AM Vitran: And the sla are cool, but yeah
08:15 AM Vitran: Did you see the Peach Printer?
08:15 AM Vitran: That was a scam and a half
08:15 AM Vitran: They used mini motors running off of the sound card to move a mirror
08:16 AM Vitran: and a sensor detecting each drip of salt water to raise the fluid in the tank while firing a laser to harden the plastic
08:16 AM XXCoder: geez there is automate liquid level setups
08:16 AM XXCoder: you know, those cat waterer bottle thing?
08:16 AM XXCoder: its example of one
08:17 AM Vitran: Yeah, but this printer was going for $100 each
08:18 AM XXCoder: $100 each sla?
08:18 AM XXCoder: not very likely
08:18 AM Vitran: http://www.peachyprinter.com/
08:18 AM Vitran: With wire and string they could do it
08:19 AM Vitran: but not with a business plan or labour costs
08:19 AM JT-Shop: I still have some small issues with the printer, need to calibrate it again :(
08:19 AM XXCoder: ahh yeah that steal
08:19 AM XXCoder: JT-Shop: mine seems printing very nicely now
08:20 AM Vitran: JT-Shop: what needs calibration?
08:20 AM XXCoder: considering HALF of clamp is holding on to hotend... lol
08:20 AM Vitran: Oh, what do you use on your heated bed?
08:20 AM Vitran: I use lemon juice or hairspray on a sheet of glass depending on the size of the print
08:20 AM XXCoder: JT-Shop: also new extruder seem to have helped a LOT on print quality
08:21 AM XXCoder: oh and wax paper on my anti-wobble decouplers
08:21 AM XXCoder: cube sides was VERY smooth, and it was pretty good already before
08:22 AM JT-Shop: I still have issues with overhangs
08:22 AM XXCoder: thats always hard
08:22 AM XXCoder: my printer with old hotend could never print my chair design well.
08:23 AM JT-Shop: this ball that I just printed the lower half has some strands hanging out
08:25 AM JT-Shop: https://imagebin.ca/v/3MKHnVJoIyJj
08:31 AM XXCoder: interesting
08:31 AM XXCoder: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2130054 JT-Shop which did you use?>
08:36 AM JT-Shop: I still have the original cold side with the new hot end
08:36 AM XXCoder: oh
08:36 AM XXCoder: so yours still fit fine
08:37 AM Vitran: Either of you have a hot end that can do nylon?
08:38 AM JT-Shop: I need to print one that fits the new cold end
08:40 AM XXCoder: Vitran: what temp nylon need?
08:40 AM Vitran: ~300°C
08:40 AM Vitran: I keep on seeing the rolls being sold
08:41 AM XXCoder: ah that would break my termosistor
08:41 AM XXCoder: I need termocoupler
08:41 AM Vitran: but teflon can't handle that heat
08:41 AM XXCoder: mine is all metal
08:41 AM XXCoder: throat steel steel nozzle
08:41 AM Vitran: Most have a teflon tube inside to prevent sticking of the plastic to the radiator
08:57 AM * JT-Shop is off for a ride on the BlueWing
08:59 AM XXCoder: no
08:59 AM XXCoder: not without me heh
08:59 AM XXCoder: Vitran: yeah mine has large fins so it can keep cold end pretty cool
09:00 AM XXCoder: JT-Shop: whats funny is that 210c is now way too hot with new hotend
09:00 AM XXCoder: but orginial sensor and heater. wtf
09:22 AM XXCoder: JT-Shop: it worked!
09:22 AM XXCoder: that clamp you linked
09:23 AM XXCoder: it restores the bad clone length so bed can be tightened down a little more and more room too
09:28 AM XXCoder: laters bed before I die heh
09:29 AM Vitran: Either of you tried 3D printing then metal casting? I have done it once and it turned out better than expected
09:30 AM Vitran: I want to try more of it, but just haven't had the umph to do it
09:40 AM archivist: I think casting is more sensible than some of the 3d printing game
09:46 AM Loetmichel_: maaaan, my luck sometimes. just was on the way to a friend. drove 60km... then the gar made a bang and a blue smoke cloud came out the back at 160khm.... managed tostop at a parking lot. assesment: hole in the block, you can see the crankshaft... and missing one "pleuel" (no idea whtr thats in english)... already called ADAC(AAA). why me every time?)
09:48 AM gregcnc: no knock or anyhting before it threw the rod?
09:49 AM zeeshan: Loetmichel_: two brands : bmw
09:49 AM zeeshan: and subaru
09:49 AM zeeshan: Rod throwing machines :)
09:50 AM Vitran: I always think of this when cylinders go http://i.imgur.com/wcMP9s3.jpg
09:50 AM gregcnc: that's a good one i haven't seen it
09:51 AM zeeshan: haha
09:51 AM zeeshan: that's funny
09:53 AM zeeshan: all these parts.. almost done programming!
09:54 AM zeeshan: gregcnc: complaint about hsm
09:54 AM zeeshan: finally.
09:54 AM gregcnc: ?
09:54 AM zeeshan: it's too slow at generating high speed paths
09:55 AM zeeshan: when you specify you'd like to keep the tool down
09:55 AM gregcnc: yeah especially if you tell it to keep the tool down
09:55 AM zeeshan: uncle mastercam
09:55 AM zeeshan: was hell of a lot faster
09:56 AM gregcnc: I also dislike that instead of going to the next nearest cutting area it will back up and finish clearing an area
09:56 AM gregcnc: for instance cutting a hex from round
09:57 AM zeeshan: yes
09:57 AM zeeshan: it'll do the edges first
09:57 AM zeeshan: rather than doing a continuous movement around
09:57 AM zeeshan: even does that on a square
09:57 AM zeeshan: but its so easy to use!
09:58 AM gregcnc: there must be a patent that they can't use or something because it only seems logical
09:58 AM zeeshan: they bought delcam tho
09:58 AM zeeshan: i doubt delcam has these flaws
09:58 AM zeeshan: i havent tried featurecam yet
09:58 AM zeeshan: but the dealer was trying to sell our company that
09:58 AM zeeshan: its like 4x the cost..
09:59 AM gregcnc: right, maybe they aren't putting their best code in the lower level software
09:59 AM zeeshan: yea
09:59 AM zeeshan: like the 5 axis stuff is a joke in hsm
09:59 AM zeeshan: if you look at featurecam
09:59 AM zeeshan: you can move the cutter orientation
09:59 AM zeeshan: in the simulation!
10:00 AM zeeshan: so if it was 35 degrees from the horizontal but you want it to be more vertical, you just drag the tool
10:00 AM zeeshan: and it'll update the tool path automatically
10:00 AM zeeshan: strong feature
10:00 AM gregcnc: wow
10:00 AM zeeshan: i can see thatr being useful for bervel gears/impellers
10:00 AM zeeshan: *bevel
10:01 AM zeeshan: or if youre simply just try to avoid clamps
10:01 AM zeeshan: :D
10:01 AM Loetmichel_: GregB: no knock. just a loud bang and a big blue smokecloud out the back at high speed.
10:01 AM Loetmichel_: gregcnc
10:02 AM gregcnc: 318 engine should be plentiful and cheap?
10:02 AM zeeshan: Loetmichel_: that happened to my subaru too
10:02 AM gregcnc: I need a m54b30
10:03 AM Loetmichel_: yea, looked already... about 400 eur used. but the ADAC truck that will pull me home will be kinda costly
10:06 AM zeeshan: Gregcnc have you have you programmed some 3d paths yet?
10:06 AM gregcnc: no i just use xpress
10:08 AM gregcnc: and messed with fusion a bit
10:12 AM zeeshan: http://i.imgur.com/xmRYVRj.png
10:12 AM zeeshan: i gotta ball nose this surface
10:12 AM zeeshan: it has a finish spec of 32 microinches
10:12 AM dioz: did you guys hear that welding is now considered cancer?
10:13 AM zeeshan: Ra = (r-sqrt(r^2 - (f/2)^2))*1000000 / 2
10:13 AM gregcnc: only if it's galvanized sheet
10:13 AM dioz: https://www.constructionequipment.com/welding-fumes-danger-revised-upward
10:13 AM archivist: zeeshan, horizontal mill and a form cutter
10:14 AM zeeshan: archivist: why would i waste my time on buying one or making one
10:14 AM zeeshan: when i can just profile it!
10:14 AM gregcnc: will profiling meet the finish?
10:14 AM zeeshan: that is what i am trying to calculate with the formula
10:14 AM gregcnc: and how many?
10:14 AM zeeshan: im wondering if this makes sense, just wanted to speak out loud
10:14 AM archivist: because the horizontal will make thousands
10:15 AM archivist: quickly
10:15 AM zeeshan: i gotta make 2.
10:15 AM zeeshan: er
10:15 AM zeeshan: 4
10:16 AM gregcnc: I wouuld also consider mounting it vertically and profiling with a radiused woddruff type
10:16 AM archivist: gang mill on a horizontal for 4 off
10:17 AM dioz: what are you trying to figure out?
10:17 AM dioz: i m ean i could scroll back
10:17 AM dioz: read
10:18 AM zeeshan: f = 2*sqrt(r^2 - ((r-2*Ra)/1000000)^2) where r = radius of cutter , Ra = micro inch finish required
10:18 AM zeeshan: trying to figure our the step over i need
10:18 AM zeeshan: to meet their requirement
10:18 AM dioz: so not bend allowance of some 1/4 in plate?
10:18 AM archivist: gnats cock and slow
10:19 AM gregcnc: what size cutter?
10:19 AM zeeshan: 1/2
10:20 AM zeeshan: https://www.kennametal.com/en/resources/engineering-calculators/end-milling-calculators/ball-nose-surface-finish.html
10:20 AM zeeshan: !
10:21 AM dioz: anyone here any good at stick welding?
10:21 AM skunkworks_: maybe 20 years ago...
10:21 AM zeeshan: this calculator is saying ill hit 8.84 Ra
10:22 AM zeeshan: .5 rradius, helix angle 45 degree, radial rake 5 degrees
10:22 AM zeeshan: step over .01
10:22 AM archivist: I bought a new stick welder yesterday
10:22 AM Loetmichel_: i am average at stick welding... but i doubt that helps you ;-)
10:22 AM gregcnc: aye, R=.25 "
10:22 AM zeeshan: so i need to step over 0.02 ?
10:23 AM archivist: that is a lot of passes
10:23 AM gregcnc: my sheet says .016" for 32u, but that's theoretical
10:23 AM zeeshan: looks like 5 minutes..
10:23 AM zeeshan: at .016
10:23 AM archivist: wet and dry, give them a polish
10:24 AM zeeshan: manual labor
10:24 AM zeeshan: how dare
10:24 AM zeeshan: :-)
10:24 AM Siggi: Hey y'all, I'm trying to use a locally built 4.8.11-rt7 kernel with a locally built 2.7.8 linuxcnc on my Ubuntu box
10:24 AM Siggi: but I get this on launch:
10:24 AM Siggi: cannot gain I/O privileges - forgot 'sudo make setuid'? Note: Using POSIX non-realtime
10:24 AM zeeshan: Gregcnc what sheet are you using
10:24 AM gregcnc: excel
10:24 AM Siggi: and yes, there's a suid root executable in my bin dir :/
10:24 AM zeeshan: you has a formula?
10:24 AM gregcnc: same as you posted, i set it up for turning
10:25 AM Siggi: anyone here know what might be up with this?
10:25 AM zeeshan: ah
10:26 AM dioz: oh. so when i'm stick welding on a downhill how do i control my pool?
10:26 AM gregcnc: isn't there a #welding?
10:26 AM dioz: idk
10:28 AM tiwake: AMD open sourced their OpenCL part of their driver last night
10:29 AM tiwake: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Radeon-ROCm-OpenCL-Opened
10:32 AM dioz: isn't there a #amd ?
11:07 AM enleth: dioz: https://www.youtube.com/user/weldingtipsandtricks see if Jody has something on stick welding downhill
11:09 AM dioz: doing some parallel line development right now
11:10 AM dioz: making a 3" on 3" 60 degree intersect
11:11 AM LeelooMinai: I was thinking of how to make by cnc stand more rigid - it's made from some scary 1/8th or so stainless steel angles and channels - you think drilling in this stuff is a sane plan?
11:12 AM LeelooMinai: I only drilled normal steel so far with cobalt drills, but stainless, not really.
11:13 AM zeeshan: drilling stainless is easy
11:13 AM dioz: might wanna use a clean bit to avoid leaving metal in your hole
11:13 AM dioz: but it's easy
11:13 AM zeeshan: just use lubrication and right surface speed and feed rate
11:13 AM zeeshan: if youre far off you'll dull the bit right away
11:13 AM zeeshan: you wanna drill in one shot
11:13 AM zeeshan: and not peck
11:13 AM LeelooMinai: Just HSS bit?
11:13 AM zeeshan: yes
11:14 AM zeeshan: cobalt would be better
11:14 AM zeeshan: you really gotta put pressure down to cut it though!
11:14 AM LeelooMinai: Right, so it "bites" I guess.
11:14 AM zeeshan: yes
11:15 AM zeeshan: otherwise if you cause the bit to rub
11:15 AM LeelooMinai: I see some drill bits dying...
11:15 AM zeeshan: it'll dull the bit right away
11:15 AM zeeshan: its a pretty forgiving material in that sense
11:15 AM zeeshan: non-forgiving
11:15 AM LeelooMinai: I wonder if carbide would work better for SS?
11:15 AM zeeshan: ofcourse
11:15 AM dioz: high carbon iron with chromium and what else makes steel?
11:15 AM dioz: zinc?
11:15 AM dioz: no
11:16 AM dioz: i mean stainless steel
11:16 AM zeeshan: not the carbide for concrete though
11:16 AM zeeshan: :-)
11:16 AM zeeshan: dioz theres some nickel in there too
11:16 AM dioz: yaaa nickel
11:16 AM dioz: sand
11:16 AM dioz: graphite
11:16 AM zeeshan: LeelooMinai: you gotta try to learn it
11:16 AM zeeshan: :D
11:17 AM gregcnc: leeloo like to be 1000% sure
11:17 AM LeelooMinai: Welding would be probably saner, but, that's one thing I am not going to go into.
11:18 AM zeeshan: c-clamps
11:18 AM zeeshan: :-)
11:18 AM LeelooMinai: Hot glue:p
11:18 AM zeeshan: haha
11:19 AM LeelooMinai: Do I want pilot holes first?
11:19 AM zeeshan: center drilling it wouldnt hurt
11:19 AM zeeshan: i mean youre doing this by hand right?
11:20 AM zeeshan: what size hole are you trying to make
11:20 AM LeelooMinai: btw, got automatic center punch - I don't know why I did not have it before. So simple, but works so nicely.
11:21 AM LeelooMinai: zeeshan: Probably at least 1/6 inch so 6mm or so - maybe more, depending on what bolts I decide on.
11:21 AM LeelooMinai: 1/4 inch
11:21 AM zeeshan: you can drill that by hand without a pilot hole
11:21 AM gregcnc: zee might have an opinion about concrete and bolting it to the wall
11:22 AM zeeshan: i think we may have found a good use for a tormach
11:22 AM zeeshan: portable mill
11:22 AM zeeshan: :-)
11:22 AM LeelooMinai: gregcnc: Well, I exemined the stand more, and discovered that it is not stiff in one direction, that's why I am concentrating on it now.
11:22 AM zeeshan: LeelooMinai: i thought you had a mig welder?
11:22 AM dioz: just burn a hole in it
11:23 AM dioz: no drilling required
11:23 AM LeelooMinai: zeeshan: No... I found some welder in the beasement, but it's probably just a normal one - not touching it though:)
11:23 AM zeeshan: why
11:23 AM dioz: send it to me
11:23 AM zeeshan: do you think ull get aids
11:23 AM dioz: get HIVy
11:23 AM zeeshan: rofl
11:24 AM gregcnc: MIG/TIG is untreatable
11:24 AM LeelooMinai: zeeshan: No, I mean, to weld the stand I would need to do it in my bedroom - do you think welding in a bedroom is a good idea? :p
11:24 AM dioz: at least do it in the washroom
11:24 AM dioz: for the fart fan to act as air system
11:24 AM dioz: obv.
11:24 AM zeeshan: LeelooMinai: you can do it
11:24 AM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: Sure, gives new mean to "hot sex" =)
11:24 AM zeeshan: blow the fumes outside the window
11:24 AM LeelooMinai: Yes, I also can put the house of fire and other interesting things, but no, thx
11:24 AM roycroft: i think welding in your bedroom would be a singularly bad idea
11:24 AM gregcnc: well she didn't want to pour concrete in the bedroom either
11:25 AM zeeshan: gregcnc: haha
11:25 AM zeeshan: were you suggesting making a form
11:25 AM zeeshan: and pouring concrete?
11:25 AM zeeshan: :D
11:25 AM dioz: i wanna DIY a crucible
11:25 AM gregcnc: i said 500lb of granite, but concrete comes in bags, so
11:25 AM LeelooMinai: Right, good I am not into blacksmithing
11:25 AM roycroft: granite dust comes in bags
11:27 AM dioz: i like my granite like i like my beer
11:27 AM Jymmm: perlite + mortar = good for around 2000F or so. Cheap and easy to make
11:28 AM LeelooMinai: btw, even if I poured the concrete in my bedroom, not sure if it would help. 2 days ago they had a machine that strips asfalt running by my house and everything moved - I felt vibrations in my spine...
11:28 AM dioz: a mill
11:28 AM gregcnc: then nothing will help
11:29 AM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: But they don't do that all the time
11:29 AM LeelooMinai: Right, jsut saying that probably first floor of a wooden house is not the best place anyways:)
11:30 AM gregcnc: the end goal here is either to reduce vibration transmitted to the floor, or of the machine itself, not sure really
11:30 AM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: And why do you have to do all this stuff in your bedroom?
11:30 AM roycroft: the goal is to make good parts
11:30 AM dioz: bathroom must be too small
11:30 AM dioz: the goal is to reduce and re-use IMO
11:31 AM gregcnc: this discussion is about a week old
11:31 AM LeelooMinai: Jymmm: Because, this is hobby, and I need all the computers, electronics, etc. here, and not run to the basement for everything.
11:31 AM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: move to the basement?
11:31 AM dioz: move to the garage!
11:31 AM dioz: then you'll complete the activities
11:31 AM archivist: build a shed
11:32 AM roycroft: i believe you need to be 40 years old, overweight, and male to move to your mom's garage
11:32 AM LeelooMinai: Right, I always feel I have to explain everything - does everyone here own a hangar-area workplece full of 10 ton machines? :)
11:32 AM dioz: roycroft: i'm gonna build a new garage in my moms back yard with a living quarters above it so i can always be close to me mum
11:32 AM dioz: <3 mom
11:32 AM roycroft: space is tight for me, leeloominai
11:32 AM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: yes
11:32 AM archivist: only one had a hanger in here
11:33 AM gregcnc: my machines are in basement and garage
11:33 AM roycroft: in my garage almost all my machines are on wheels, and i hvae to rearrange things for most projects
11:33 AM archivist: I admit some of mine are in the kitchen and another in a bedroom
11:33 AM LeelooMinai: I would be out of place on #3dprint, #reprap also... Seems I am stuck in some weird "in-between" land.
11:33 AM dioz: kitchen is for cooking and food
11:33 AM roycroft: my table saw used to be stationary, but i got a new one a year ago and that is on wheels, which is great
11:34 AM archivist: nah its for lathes too
11:34 AM dioz: lathe down a big chunk of tube sausage
11:34 AM roycroft: my mill-drill is on a stationary stand, but it's up against a wall and doesn't need to move
11:34 AM dioz: into... shapes
11:34 AM archivist: watch and clock work in the kitchen
11:34 AM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: Here's mine.. http://imgur.com/a/Z78Ko
11:35 AM archivist: lies
11:35 AM roycroft: my new lathe stand is going to be stationary, though, and it's going to restrict some of the work i can do, but i'm willing to make that tradeoff
11:35 AM LeelooMinai: Jymmm: You had to downsize?
11:35 AM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: Yeah, just a little though.
11:36 AM archivist: my garage http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/DJCPD/PD/2013/2013_04_15_glass_trolley/IMG_1526.JPG
11:36 AM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: It does get a little tight sometimes... http://imgur.com/a/04e5F
11:36 AM gregcnc: jymmm how often do you take the blimp out for a ride?
11:37 AM archivist: after a tidy up http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/DJCPD/PD/2015/2015_09_27_Brown_&_Sharpe_CMM/IMG_2008.JPG
11:37 AM dioz: not nice to call his wife a blimp IMO
11:37 AM Jymmm: gregcnc: Not so much these days, damn drones keep buzzing around it
11:37 AM * roycroft is still trying to figure out what model noga indicator holder to get
11:37 AM roycroft: is the fine adjust at the base really that useful?
11:37 AM archivist: roycroft, one of each
11:38 AM roycroft: i'll actually get two, eventually, archivist
11:38 AM roycroft: a big one and a baby one
11:38 AM gregcnc: I got the little on not long ago, but my machines are small
11:38 AM roycroft: but i'm trying to sort out the fine adjustment
11:38 AM LeelooMinai: archivist: I was just going to say that you are either very small, an alpinist or can levitate if you can work in that garage:)
11:38 AM roycroft: i thought just having the fine adjustment at the indicator end would be fine
11:39 AM roycroft: crom was telling me last night that the fine adjustment on the base is really useful
11:39 AM roycroft: it costs a lot more to get both
11:39 AM archivist: LeelooMinai, had to walk around the garage to get that frame out
11:39 AM gregcnc: when you adjust the end it's hard not to push the reading off
11:40 AM gregcnc: at the base this would be less likely
11:40 AM dioz: i don't wanna end up in your access.log so you can ddos me archivist
11:40 AM dioz: i know how "you people" work.
11:40 AM roycroft: we install ransomware on your linuxcnc machines
11:40 AM archivist: dioz, I have no clue what you are on about
11:41 AM dioz: archivist: are you on efnet?
11:41 AM archivist: no
11:41 AM dioz: ah.
11:41 AM LeelooMinai: lol, and on a tool change you get a message box "Send $1000 to this account and press Enter to proceed"
11:44 AM roycroft: http://www.travers.com/double-fine-adjustment-fat-fab-holders/p/518566/
11:44 AM roycroft: that seems to be the one to get, but i was hoping to hold the cost down to more like $120 at most
11:45 AM * LeelooMinai looks at her $17 Chinese holders and scratches the head
11:45 AM roycroft: leeloominai: yes, and if you don't pay the ransom all your machine will do is make daisies
11:45 AM roycroft: i have not used a noga, but i've seen them demoed
11:46 AM roycroft: indicator holders tend to be rather fiddly to set up
11:46 AM roycroft: and the noga seems like it's very easy, with very smooth action
11:46 AM archivist: a cheap one is reasonably easy to get used to
11:46 AM roycroft: but as it's a signficant investment vs. the asian imports, i'd like to be pretty sure i'm getting the right one for me
11:46 AM archivist: I have a fine adjust but hardly ever use it
11:46 AM roycroft: i have cheap ones and i'm tired of them
11:47 AM LeelooMinai: I have those, yes, they are Chinese and cheap, but, I don't know - they seem to work fine somehow: https://goo.gl/CXdVFH
11:47 AM roycroft: for most setups my fine adjustment on the milling machine is made by moving the tables
11:47 AM LeelooMinai: That is, do not move at least when tightened, so what else do I want.
11:47 AM archivist: I had UK made Eclipes ones but they are not fine adjust
11:48 AM archivist: have
11:48 AM roycroft: the ones i have right now are the dual rod ones, not the articulating arm ones
11:48 AM roycroft: so even the cheap articulating ones would be a step up
11:49 AM roycroft: but if i'm going to buy a new one i'd like to get something i'll be really happy with
11:49 AM LeelooMinai: Mitutoyo fir x10 the price:)
11:49 AM archivist: they all spring a bit
11:50 AM IchGucksLive: hi
11:50 AM roycroft: sure
11:50 AM LeelooMinai: Right, but as long as the force required to spring them is larger that for indicator, that should noe be a problem, no?
11:50 AM roycroft: i'm not concerned about that
11:51 AM roycroft: with the rod style ones such as i have, there are two clamps that need to be adjusted, and the rods pushed through the clamps
11:51 AM roycroft: things tend to stick a bit, and then suddenly move
11:51 AM roycroft: and it's easy to overshoot the desired setting
11:52 AM roycroft: as i said, even a cheap articulating arm style would be an improvement
11:52 AM LeelooMinai: Right, I find this articulating kind very easy to use - you just use one screw and when you untighten it all joints get loose and you have complete freedom when setting things up.
11:52 AM roycroft: or probably getting a starrett or similar rod type, but then i'm getting into the noga price range
11:52 AM roycroft: https://www.amazon.com/NOGA-Dial-Gage-Holder-Magnetic/dp/B001VY05LI
11:53 AM roycroft: that one is more in my price range, but without the base fine adjustment
11:53 AM LeelooMinai: Looks nice
11:54 AM LeelooMinai: But "Noga" in Polish means "leg", so that company name sounds a bit werid to me:)
11:54 AM LeelooMinai: Is it Japanese?
11:54 AM roycroft: no, israeli
11:54 AM LeelooMinai: A, ok, Israel seems to be good when it comes to technology though.
11:55 AM LeelooMinai: Not that I had any product made in Isreal...
11:55 AM LeelooMinai: I guess they need a lot of tech to crank up the military there:)
11:56 AM roycroft: https://www.amazon.com/NF61003-NogaFlex-Holder-Base-Adjustment/dp/B001VXW2BA/ref=pd_sbs_328_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B001VXW2BA&pd_rd_r=DKC2MQKRE7T359KQRMS3&pd_rd_w=bUZtW&pd_rd_wg=jy1K3&psc=1&refRID=DKC2MQKRE7T359KQRMS3
11:56 AM roycroft: that's the baby one
11:57 AM LeelooMinai: Right, that's more of the size of mine.
11:57 AM roycroft: which would be really great for a lot of setups where there's not a lot of room to mount an indicator
11:57 AM roycroft: i can see having one of each
11:57 AM roycroft: and maybe eventually a spindle-mount one
11:57 AM gregcnc: got an XL Noga shirt wit mine. can fit two of me
11:57 AM roycroft: although i have simple test indicator holder for my spindle that works fine for most things
11:57 AM LeelooMinai: roycroft: I got 3 of those Chinese ones by now - they are useful for all sorts of things: for example, I often use them to hold oscilloscope probes on the pcb.
11:58 AM Crom: LeelooMinai: true but their bases are terrible
11:59 AM LeelooMinai: Crom: Yes, sure, not exatly precision grounded, but, they are magnetic, so as long as you magnet them to something solid, they are great.
12:00 PM roycroft: if i get one with just the head fine adjustment i can buy the base fine adjustment from them later, should i decide i really need it
12:00 PM Crom: I'm waiting for the new tap set, so i can make some adapters so i can use the bigger harbor freight magbases
12:00 PM LeelooMinai: I kind of wish magnets worked on aluminum:)
12:01 PM LeelooMinai: I cannot really use magnetic bases on anything on my CNC.
12:01 PM roycroft: double sided tape works on aluminium
12:01 PM roycroft: and can be useful for some setups
12:02 PM LeelooMinai: But wouldn't it let the stock move a bit? I mean glue is flexible.
12:02 PM roycroft: magnets can move
12:03 PM LeelooMinai: I think with magnet it either moves or not - once you pbreak the holding force, it will move, but not until then.
12:04 PM LeelooMinai: I think the force falls in a cubic way or something like that, so when there's contact, it will be stronger than friction force and nothing will move.
12:04 PM roycroft: for axial movement, that's pretty much the case
12:05 PM roycroft: but it takes much less shear force than axial force to move something attached magnetically
12:05 PM LeelooMinai: Is there any kind of steel that machines like aluminum?
12:06 PM roycroft: steel with lead in it is probably as close as you can get to that
12:06 PM roycroft: but it still machines like steel
12:06 PM LeelooMinai: I know there are materials as derlin, but they are exoensive.
12:06 PM LeelooMinai: expensive*
12:07 PM LeelooMinai: Not complaining about aluminum, but just thinking what else can be machined that is as strong.
12:07 PM gregcnc: 7075 aluminum
12:07 PM LeelooMinai: That's for planes, no? :)
12:07 PM gregcnc: it's for parts
12:07 PM LeelooMinai: I don't think it's nicer that 6061
12:07 PM LeelooMinai: To work with, that is
12:08 PM gregcnc: much stronger
12:08 PM Loetmichel_: re at home. Car is already at the mechanic... now to get a good used 318i engine for that 1996 E36 convertible... and a complete original suspension. then the mechanic can do both in one go... that car gets a bit expensive... at least the tow back was free of charge, thanks to the ADAC-subscription ;)
12:08 PM LeelooMinai: Probably more expensive too.
12:08 PM gregcnc: as strong as mild steel
12:08 PM gregcnc: so
12:08 PM gregcnc: how many thousand Lb do you need?
12:08 PM LeelooMinai: I guess it's also more resistant to fatigue since they use it on planes?
12:09 PM LeelooMinai: gregcnc: Probably kg per year or so at this rate:p
12:10 PM roycroft: hmm, so the base fine adjustment is integral to the noga magnetic base
12:10 PM roycroft: adding the base fine adjustment later would be expensive
12:10 PM roycroft: adding the head fine adjustment not so much
12:10 PM LeelooMinai: Base adjustment?
12:11 PM LeelooMinai: How does it work?
12:11 PM LeelooMinai: I thought you just attach the base and not move it.
12:11 PM roycroft: http://www.noga.com/nogaProducts.php?prdID=DG3678
12:12 PM roycroft: click on the picture
12:12 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm... ok, so it moves the plane, but what for...
12:13 PM roycroft: zeroing the indicator
12:13 PM roycroft: if you line it up right
12:13 PM LeelooMinai: But it can only move in one axis.
12:13 PM LeelooMinai: Right, I see, I guess if the setup is right.
12:14 PM roycroft: indicators are hard to zero if you're touching them
12:14 PM LeelooMinai: I guess this way, since it's at the base, you do not risk moving the top.
12:15 PM LeelooMinai: I had an idea of attaching a cable to the digital indicator to zero it, for same reason.
12:15 PM roycroft: but if your adjuster is on the part that's hardest to move ...
12:15 PM LeelooMinai: I guess zeroing is also a problem for the needle ones.
12:16 PM LeelooMinai: More of a problem that is.
12:16 PM roycroft: the noga heads work with both dial indicators and test indicators
12:16 PM roycroft: which is nice, because the crappy rod style ones i have now work with one or the other
12:17 PM LeelooMinai: I would make needle ones have a non-touch zero mechanism and patent it:)
12:17 PM roycroft: https://www.amazon.com/NOGA-Standard-Holder-Magnetic-Base/dp/B001VY07VQ/ref=sr_1_3?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1494693662&sr=1-3&keywords=noga+MG10533
12:17 PM roycroft: so that's right in my price range
12:17 PM roycroft: and i can add the fine adjust head for $26 later on, should i decide i need that
12:18 PM LeelooMinai: Could be based on a magnet that you need to put close to some place on the indicator (but not touch) and that would zero the needle or dial.
12:19 PM LeelooMinai: Holding power 176 lbs - how is it measured?
12:20 PM LeelooMinai: Somehow I cannot see attaching a grown person to it...
12:20 PM roycroft: attach it to an overhead beam and start hanging weights from it?
12:21 PM LeelooMinai: OK, but no way it can hold that much imo?
12:21 PM roycroft: why not?
12:22 PM LeelooMinai: That's a weight of a grown men or so? :)
12:23 PM IchGucksLive: roycroft: here is the same including dial at 20USD
12:23 PM roycroft: sure
12:23 PM Loetmichel_: LeelooMinai: 176lbs is only half a grown person... ;)
12:23 PM IchGucksLive: http://www.ebay.de/itm/WABECO-Magnet-Messstativ-mit-Messuhr-Messuhrhalter-11335-/142013538881
12:23 PM roycroft: i would not say "the same"
12:23 PM LeelooMinai: Loetmichel_: You are outside of the bell curve probably:p
12:23 PM IchGucksLive: roycroft: ok
12:23 PM roycroft: i'm aware of the inexpensive articulated holders
12:24 PM IchGucksLive: then why only the one hand use
12:24 PM Loetmichel_: LeelooMinai: i am only 125kg... not THAT far on the outside ;)
12:24 PM LeelooMinai: roycroft: If you buy it, try attaching it to a metal beam in the basement and then hanging from it:)
12:24 PM roycroft: and that one to which you link is the rod type
12:24 PM roycroft: i have several of the rod types, and i don't like them
12:24 PM LeelooMinai: Similar Mutitoyo one - $250:/
12:24 PM roycroft: i want to get an articulated one
12:24 PM IchGucksLive: oh i buy them ofen to use in education
12:25 PM IchGucksLive: and it fids the need
12:25 PM roycroft: yes, for schools they're perfect
12:25 PM roycroft: because they're cheap
12:25 PM roycroft: and will be abused
12:25 PM Loetmichel_: the girl that just towed my BMW home was on the inside of the curve i think... about 5'5" and maybe scratching the 50kg mark...
12:25 PM IchGucksLive: they are far more accured then the mashines the most have
12:26 PM LeelooMinai: Loetmichel_: 50kg is a weight more for a child imo:)
12:26 PM roycroft: i was researching these indicator holders last night
12:26 PM roycroft: while watching television
12:26 PM roycroft: and the first episode of the dick van dyke show came on
12:26 PM Loetmichel_: LeelooMinai: she wasnt that much bigger ;)
12:26 PM roycroft: which has the classic sketch where rob plays drunk uncle who is afraid of his wife
12:26 PM Loetmichel_: but driving a big towtruck ;)
12:27 PM roycroft: he stumbles in, staggering and slipping and the lot
12:27 PM IchGucksLive: oh this trucks ar fully autoated at this times
12:27 PM roycroft: then his wife shows up and he stands up straight at attention, stone cold sober
12:27 PM LeelooMinai: Loetmichel_: Sitting on three pillows probably:p
12:27 PM roycroft: and she turns her head, and he instantly starts staggering
12:27 PM IchGucksLive: they dont have to go outside to pull a car
12:27 PM timm1: hi, i'm trying the PUMA560 sample from LinuxCNC 2.7 from a fresh install. when executing the sample then the program freezes. should i increase the cycle time?
12:27 PM roycroft: i want an indicator holder just like that
12:28 PM Loetmichel_: LeelooMinai: no, she had a air cushioned seat ;)
12:28 PM IchGucksLive: timm1: what OS
12:28 PM LeelooMinai: IchGucksLive: Which may be a good thing - probably safer this way, in case the car owner gets angry:)
12:28 PM Loetmichel_: IchGucksLive: they have
12:28 PM IchGucksLive: LeelooMinai: mostr poice is on side
12:28 PM timm1: IchGucksLive: http://linuxcnc.org/2016/11/09/LinuxCNC-2.7.8/
12:28 PM Loetmichel_: to load the car on the back of the truck
12:29 PM IchGucksLive: timm1: YES for shure but this is the version number
12:29 PM timm1: debian wheezy
12:29 PM IchGucksLive: timm1: you can install it to differned linux distros
12:29 PM Loetmichel_: i was just surprised that the BMW DID start again... with a thrown rod on cylinder #4
12:29 PM timm1: IchGucksLive: i'm using the iso from linuxcnc.org
12:29 PM IchGucksLive: ok
12:30 PM Loetmichel_: had to pull it out of the parking space... i thought "it cant be destroyed any more"
12:30 PM LeelooMinai: I thought that the latest linuxcnc works only up to wheezy for non-simulation, no?
12:30 PM Loetmichel_: ... and it started on 3 pistons ;)
12:30 PM IchGucksLive: timm1: can you post here the output of uname -a trom a terminal
12:30 PM * roycroft is down to deciding on the big one vs. the mid-size one
12:30 PM roycroft: the baby one will be a separate purchase down the road
12:30 PM LeelooMinai: I ran simulation on Jessie, but I have to keep wheezy on the hardware box.
12:31 PM timm1: IchGucksLive: please wait a minute. i'm rebooting
12:57 PM TurBoss: I have a question
12:57 PM TurBoss: I have a regular offset in place G54
12:57 PM TurBoss: but if I stop linuxcnc and start it again (aka restart :D)
12:58 PM TurBoss: coordinates shows X0 Y0 Z0
12:58 PM TurBoss: but is on machine ceroes
12:58 PM gregcnc: MDI g54
12:58 PM TurBoss: its hard to explain
12:58 PM TurBoss: Oh
12:59 PM * TurBoss moves to shop
01:02 PM timm1: IchGucksLive: Linux LinuxCNC 3.4.9-rtai-686-pae #1 SMP PREEMPT Debian 3.4.55-4-linuxcnc i686 GNU/Linux
01:02 PM IchGucksLive: Danke
01:02 PM IchGucksLive: timm1: thanks so this is ok
01:03 PM TurBoss_at_cnc: gregcnc: nothing happends
01:03 PM TurBoss_at_cnc: I'm on 2.8pre from sources
01:03 PM gregcnc: coordinates didn't update?
01:03 PM TurBoss_at_cnc: I have to issue a regularoffset again
01:04 PM TurBoss_at_cnc: I can take a video
01:04 PM TurBoss_at_cnc: its hard to explain
01:04 PM TurBoss_at_cnc: and english is not my main language
01:04 PM gregcnc: did it shut down properly?
01:04 PM TurBoss_at_cnc: yes
01:05 PM timm1: IchGucksLive: i execute the Puma560 sample without any changes
01:05 PM timm1: IchGucksLive: it is working on plain hardware, no VM
01:05 PM TurBoss_at_cnc: gregcnc I restarted an now it shows relative coords
01:06 PM TurBoss_at_cnc: weird
01:06 PM gregcnc: there was some discussion about the dro not displaying things correctly, but can't remember the details
01:06 PM TurBoss_at_cnc: I'll investigate
01:06 PM IchGucksLive: timm1: so what is the message you get on error
01:07 PM TurBoss_at_cnc: gregcnc : now it works
01:07 PM TurBoss_at_cnc: should be a bad restart
01:07 PM TurBoss_at_cnc: vars not begin stored or something....
01:08 PM * TurBoss_at_cnc moves to desktop again
01:08 PM * TurBoss is back
01:14 PM timm1: IchGucksLive: the computer freezes. i can't move the mouse
01:16 PM timm1: IchGucksLive: lscpu shows 2 cpus. the pc is an old celeron workstation
01:16 PM IchGucksLive: shoudt be no problem
01:16 PM IchGucksLive: timm1: please do a uname -a
01:17 PM IchGucksLive: sorry you did already
01:18 PM IchGucksLive: kommt da die liste
01:19 PM IchGucksLive: timm1: can you hit my nick twice
01:29 PM IchGucksLive: oh thunder wlan fail
01:32 PM IchGucksLive: timm1: here it runs perfect
01:39 PM IchGucksLive: im off Gn8
01:39 PM TurBoss: gbn8
01:58 PM timm1: i have added the command isolcpus=1 in grub. now it works better
01:58 PM TurBoss: cool
01:59 PM gonzo_: su
02:21 PM roycroft: i decided to get the baby one for now, as it's less expensive, and will give me an opportunity to evaluate noga to see if it's really worth the extra cost
02:59 PM nikre: is there a sw compensation of a bent lead screw for its affect on other axes. in my case, 3axis cartesian, a move in y axis moves the platform like a sinusoidal and this affects x and z axes.
03:06 PM nikre: platform sits on y axis. x axis carries z axis.
03:06 PM gregcnc: straigten the screw?
03:13 PM nikre: i want to learn about kinematics in linuxcnc
03:38 PM CaptHindsight: Hardinge HCC FR lathe? where is the Hardinge decoder ring?
03:42 PM XXCoder: TurBoss: hey
03:42 PM TurBoss: hello
03:42 PM XXCoder: its been a nightmare to get my 3d printer working
03:42 PM XXCoder: but it is now
03:42 PM TurBoss: yes?
03:42 PM TurBoss: hurray
03:42 PM XXCoder: hotend wasnt quite compitable with my machine
03:42 PM XXCoder: it come with broken sensor
03:43 PM TurBoss: pics or didn't happened
03:43 PM TurBoss: oh
03:43 PM XXCoder: extruder is still on table lol
03:43 PM TurBoss: ah
03:43 PM TurBoss: ;D
03:43 PM XXCoder: working though, and way better than old design
03:43 PM XXCoder: the broken clamp I used half of it to hold on to new hotend while it printed new clamp adoptor lol
03:43 PM TurBoss: :O
03:44 PM CaptHindsight: https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/tls/6127241368.html hmm only $1800
03:45 PM XXCoder: yeah
03:45 PM XXCoder: whats weird is with older sensor and heater (I didnt bother to seperate those just transfered)
03:45 PM XXCoder: and now its 20 degrees hotter. weird
03:46 PM XXCoder: 210 used to be ok for pla, now 190 is maybe little too warm
03:47 PM XXCoder: evenually will print that ship lol
03:47 PM TurBoss: cool
03:47 PM XXCoder: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2130054 this is one im talking about, adoptor.
03:48 PM TurBoss: if you need more model fixes tellme
03:48 PM XXCoder: sure though doubt will be often lol
03:48 PM TurBoss: hehehehe
03:49 PM XXCoder: so heres 200 models you need to fix
03:50 PM CaptHindsight: how do you calibrate your sensor?
03:50 PM CaptHindsight: is the sensor mounted in a way that measures what you want to measure?
03:52 PM XXCoder: joking heh in case youre wondering :P
03:54 PM XXCoder: interesting https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rp3d/the-micromill-a-desktop-cnc-milling-machine
03:54 PM XXCoder: lets see how much they ask for it lol
03:54 PM tuppo: Hi all, I'm new to the linuxcnc world. Can someone point me towards NC verification software on linux?
03:54 PM TurBoss: camotics
03:55 PM XXCoder: windows linux or any?
03:55 PM tuppo: linux
03:55 PM XXCoder: camotics ehh not too bad but works well enough for you to see that it dont do crazy stuff.
03:55 PM TurBoss: http://camotics.org/
03:55 PM XXCoder: too bad for some reason it refuses to run on my pc
03:55 PM tuppo: thx TurBoss , i have a look into it
03:56 PM XXCoder: undefined symbol: _ZN7QString13toUtf8_helperERKS this is error I get
04:16 PM TurBoss: XXCoder what os?
04:16 PM XXCoder: xfce mint
04:17 PM TurBoss: can you build it from sources?
04:17 PM TurBoss: no a pain
04:17 PM TurBoss: or yes?
04:17 PM TurBoss: :P
04:17 PM TurBoss: it shows lm compatible
04:17 PM XXCoder: hmm checking if I did build it from source
04:17 PM XXCoder: guess not
04:18 PM TurBoss: ok
04:18 PM TurBoss: reinstall the deb
04:18 PM TurBoss: tuppo: worked?
04:24 PM tuppo: TurBoss: not quite what I was looking for. I guess I have to bash something together in python for Fanuc driven Turning Centres. It doesn't have to be fancy graphics but more analytic
04:25 PM XXCoder: uninstalled installed again
04:25 PM XXCoder: 'no change
04:26 PM TurBoss: :\
04:26 PM TurBoss: for windows there is cimco
04:26 PM TurBoss: not libre and free
04:26 PM TurBoss: + not too
04:26 PM XXCoder: nah I use linuxcnc to sim now
04:26 PM XXCoder: just no resultant part visuals
04:27 PM TurBoss: oki
04:29 PM JT-Shop: what's up
04:29 PM TurBoss: hello
04:32 PM XXCoder: https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/016/133/983/e341df55e9e8d36b7a208d9d1838df4e_original.png?w=680&fit=max&v=1491334202&auto=format&lossless=true&s=4e73b8da9f8b84a59fe12a0df405c271
04:32 PM XXCoder: tiny.
04:36 PM cncnoob: Anyone know of a good parallel port breakout board that supports "X" mode described in the 3rd paragraph here?
04:36 PM cncnoob: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.4/html/hal_parallel_port.html#sec:Parport
04:37 PM cncnoob: Just got a tool length probe but I'm out of input pins!
04:41 PM JT-Shop: these are good but never tried X mode https://mesaus.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=73
04:42 PM JT-Shop: dang that is some old documents
04:42 PM JT-Shop: are you running 2.4?
04:43 PM JT-Shop: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/hal/parallel-port.html#_loading
04:43 PM JT-Shop: in mode gives you the most inputs
04:43 PM JT-Shop: cncnoob: ^
04:44 PM cncnoob: Nah, I'm running 2.7
04:44 PM cncnoob: 2.4 is just what came up on google
04:45 PM JT-Shop: you can search the pdf with ctrl f
04:46 PM cncnoob: Humm, those boards are for a PC. Is it the PC side of the parallel port connection that determines which ports are input and output or is it the breakout board?
04:46 PM cncnoob: I'm currently running a C10 breakout board
04:46 PM cncnoob: https://www.automationtechnologiesinc.com/products-page/breakout-boards/c10-bidirectional-breakout/
04:48 PM Crom: cncnoob: you have to put power and enable to the C10.. +5v to the 5v, ground, and a jumper wire from the _5v to the EN terminal next to it
04:49 PM Crom: computer and C10 decides input and output.. That's what some of the jumpers are for. the other jumpers are for Pull UP or Pull down the pins
04:50 PM JT-Shop: the configuration determines if it is an inny or outy
04:52 PM cncnoob: Would you expect Step Conf Wizard to update the number of input/output pins available if I changed my HAL file to loadrt hal_parport cfg="0 x"?
04:53 PM JT-Shop: stepconf doesn't look at your hal files, it only over writes them
04:53 PM Crom: no... Stepconf wiz only uses the .stepconf file, then over writes the HAL and ini
04:54 PM cncnoob: humm
04:57 PM Crom: once you get a halfway working config, you bascally NEVER want to use step conf wiz again
04:57 PM XXCoder: unless its all "stock"
04:57 PM XXCoder: meaning conf only stuff, no manually added in
04:58 PM cncnoob: I always just back up my config, use the wizard, the diff the files to see what it changed
04:59 PM cncnoob: Then copy back the stuff I didn't want changed
05:00 PM Crom: yep... I have like 6 different .stepconf and the directories for each .stepconf
05:01 PM Crom: cnc3040, cnc3040-800, cnc3040-1600, cncMEGA (using arduino Mega over ethernet, not working yet), ....
05:02 PM Crom: cnc3040 was the first and stock from stepconf. 800 and 1600 were copied and hand edited for different steps per rev, home speeds etc...
05:33 PM cncnoob: If this guy is right I don't think X mode will work for me because my parallel port cannot be configured to SPP
05:33 PM cncnoob: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/9-installing-linuxcnc/32414-using-a-parport-in-x-mode#88891
05:45 PM JT-Shop: hmmm my magnetic switch has more than one off to on if you slide the magnet by...
05:47 PM JT-Shop: wow a hobby magnet works from 1" away
06:01 PM nubcake: Hey
06:04 PM andypugh: Made a start on my harmonic-drive 4th-axis: https://goo.gl/photos/3R4tGhQ3nqCJCK2x8
06:05 PM andypugh: (I got more catings than I needed)
06:05 PM XXCoder: making 4 4th axises?
06:05 PM andypugh: No, but a few other folks wanted a casting for their own.
06:06 PM andypugh: And I like to have a spare in case I mess up.
06:07 PM JT-Shop: wow that's a chunk of iron
06:07 PM andypugh: It’s a small mill
06:07 PM XXCoder: those iron is around size of hand?
06:08 PM andypugh: Rather bigger than that.
06:09 PM andypugh: About 12” high.
06:11 PM andypugh: (actually 230 mm)
06:35 PM LeelooMinai: I used that camotics thing few time too, but it seems still to be feature-poor.
06:36 PM LeelooMinai: For example, they have simulation and it can display g-code line number, but somehow it did not occur to them to show the current line in the g-code viewer also (highlight or something.)
06:41 PM LeelooMinai: I have just finished my canopy closing constraption: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100017731@N03/33796947444/in/dateposted-public/
06:43 PM LeelooMinai: Now I can finally mount the milling vise I got - not sure what I will do if it will not be flat in XY plane yet:)
07:03 PM JT-Shop: screen door return spring?
07:04 PM LeelooMinai: Right, low-tech,. but works:)
07:04 PM JT-Shop: well hell I've used 70% of my bandwidth for the month...
07:05 PM JT-Shop: nothing wrong with redneck tech
07:05 PM LeelooMinai: My mom watches TV by internet (since she needs Polish channels,) and eats the bandwith like there was no tomorrow - had to get the unlimited package, since 400GB/month was not enough...
07:25 PM Tom_L: andypugh i see your IKEA light in the pic... finally picked up a couple
07:26 PM andypugh: I need to bend them out of the way for photos.
07:28 PM Tom_L: you wired yours to 5v?
07:28 PM andypugh: Yes
07:28 PM Tom_L: not too hot for it?
07:29 PM andypugh: No. The supplied PSU is 4V, but then seem to have an internal regulator. I checked and current is constant up to 9V.
07:29 PM Tom_L: huh, good to know
07:47 PM XXCoder: LeelooMinai: yeah! and no way to set it to 100% speed! nor does it display animation % speed
07:47 PM XXCoder: that was really stupid.
07:48 PM XXCoder: all I know, that slow animation may be 1% speed or 10000%
07:51 PM LeelooMinai: For their sake I hope it's because they did not have time to add secondary features yet.
07:51 PM XXCoder: indeed. because for a sim it does not show if cutting speed is right speed or not.
07:52 PM XXCoder: for pretty long while animations always started backwards.
07:52 PM XXCoder: they fixed it recently
07:52 PM LeelooMinai: I have million ideas what could be added there - for example a small horizontal graph that you can put any variable on - say feed speed, and see how it changes over time. where tool changes occure - anything.
07:53 PM XXCoder: theresn only one dev i think
07:53 PM XXCoder: thats probably why dev is so slow.
07:53 PM XXCoder: not enough donations for full time
07:56 PM LeelooMinai: Ok, mounted the vise, now I have to square it: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100017731@N03/34599887596/in/dateposted-public/
07:56 PM XXCoder: so what ya making
07:59 PM LeelooMinai: everything and nothing:) I just got the wise, so need to mount it and then in theory I will be making a tiny RPI camera enclosure as first real milling test.
08:00 PM LeelooMinai: vise*
08:00 PM cncnoob: Have any of you ever noticed the Override limits box flickering when it is checked?
08:00 PM andypugh: cncnoob: No, never seen that
08:00 PM LeelooMinai: I guess I will have to pray that on the first milling I don't destroy those beautiful vise jaws;/
08:02 PM cncnoob: I noticed it when I was doing some rewiring of my control box
08:03 PM cncnoob: So I'm one pin short for my new tool length probe. I have 5 inputs. 3 used for home/min limit switches, 1 used for max limit switches (wired in series) and one for ESTOP in
08:04 PM cncnoob: I thought I would combine ESTOP in and the limit switches
08:04 PM cncnoob: So I wired up the max limit switches and the ESTOP big red button to ESTOP IN
08:05 PM cncnoob: But when I trip a switch or push the big red button AXIS goes flickers from powered on to powered off
08:05 PM cncnoob: HAL Meter confirms that
08:06 PM cncnoob: Seems like my C10 breakout board isn't correctly pulling the pins down
08:06 PM cncnoob: Or something is wrong with how LCNC is reading it
08:06 PM XXCoder: so basically if it hit any max it e-stops?
08:07 PM cncnoob: correct
08:07 PM cncnoob: that is how I have it wired
08:07 PM andypugh: If you set the home sequence up right then axes can share home switches. That’s lkely to be your best way to save a pin
08:07 PM cncnoob: I have 6 switches total
08:08 PM cncnoob: This is a HF Mini Mini mill conversion just so you know what I'm dealing with
08:09 PM cncnoob: What I'm getting at though is that AXIS thinks ALL of my switches are going between tripped/not tripped when they are actually tripped
08:10 PM cncnoob: That is the most concerning thing to me. I'm ok with sharing ESTOP and MAXLIMIT on a single pin though it isn't optimal
08:10 PM XXCoder: can always add another port for more pins
08:11 PM cncnoob: Yeah :/
08:11 PM XXCoder: most parallel cards has 2
08:11 PM cncnoob: But that still doesn't address the issue I'm having
08:11 PM XXCoder: yeah
08:11 PM XXCoder: I couldnt help you on that part
08:13 PM cncnoob: Do you have your switches wired so they are active in their default position? For instance, I wired mine up so they supply the breakout board pins with 5V when they are not tripped. When they are tripped the circuit opens. Makes it a bit more fault tolerant.
08:14 PM cncnoob: That way if a switch goes bad or a wire breaks it will read as a tripped switch
08:14 PM XXCoder: right now I manually home
08:14 PM XXCoder: I havent figured how to setup mine
08:28 PM andypugh: cncnoob: Don’t share e-stop.
08:28 PM andypugh: You can do all limits and all homes on a single input pin if you need to (it’s not ideal, but it works)
08:29 PM andypugh: You just can’t home axes that share a home pin simultaneously.
08:32 PM XXCoder: what about script that do one axis a time
08:32 PM XXCoder: so it knows what axis is triggered and home there, back off and do next axis?
08:36 PM andypugh: No need, it is already built-in
08:37 PM andypugh: But it is inherenlty impossible to home 2 axes _at_the_same_time_ to one pin.
08:39 PM XXCoder: yeah but then little additional time would be fine for me I guess
08:58 PM cncnoob: My axis' currently home one at a time when I press home all anyways
08:59 PM cncnoob: I think I originally tried to put them all on less pins than I have now, but that didn't work for some reason
08:59 PM andypugh: There are INI settings for HOME_IS_SHARED and HOME_IGNORE_LIMITS that need to be set up.
09:00 PM cncnoob: Yup, that sounds familiar
09:15 PM cncnoob: @andypugh I'm not sure that will work for me though since my X and Z home switches are also MIN switches and my Y home switch is a MAX switch
09:17 PM cncnoob: Are you thinking that setting them on a single pin is possible even with 6 switches?
09:17 PM cncnoob: I'm currently using 4 pins for homing and limits
09:18 PM andypugh: Yes. In theory you could use a single input pin to be the home, max and min of all nine axes.
09:18 PM andypugh: But: You can’t then tell _which_ axis is on the limit, or which limit.
09:19 PM andypugh: But then, if you are homing, the axes should never get to the limits anyway.
09:21 PM cncnoob: Yeah
09:21 PM cncnoob: The "which" part doesn't matter to me
09:22 PM cncnoob: I guess I just have to wire all 6 of my switches in series then, normally closed?
09:22 PM XXCoder: or all home all max
09:22 PM cncnoob: Then invert which ever pin I use and set it to "All limits + home"?
09:22 PM XXCoder: 2 pins
09:26 PM andypugh: cncnoob: I don’t know how to do it in stepconf, I tend to hand-write my HAL, but that sounds about right.
09:29 PM cncnoob: I already was using HOME_IGNORE_LIMITS, but you think I will need HOME_IS_SHARED as well?
09:30 PM andypugh: I think so. Check the INI docs
09:30 PM cncnoob: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config/ini-homing.html#_home_is_shared
09:31 PM andypugh: Yes, that.
09:31 PM cncnoob: I read it and I think I might need it, but I'm not 100% sure
09:31 PM andypugh: try it both ways then :)
09:32 PM andypugh: Anyway, 3am is my bed time :-)
10:17 PM TurBoss: could a 3 way switch be wired to have 3 positions?
10:17 PM TurBoss: it has I O II
10:17 PM TurBoss: the O position does nothing
10:17 PM TurBoss: so i gues no
10:18 PM XXCoder: 2 + and ground
10:18 PM TurBoss: what?
10:18 PM XXCoder: yea 0 is "nothing is on"
10:18 PM TurBoss: no contact on O
10:18 PM XXCoder: otherwise you;'d be unable to make something completely off ;)
10:24 PM XXCoder: at that kickstarter: "I have been printing on my Kickstarter RepRap Base & HT Plates (almost non-stop) for over a month now. and I swear by your products!!!!!!!!!"
10:25 PM XXCoder: Terry wrote about ifew times: "Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind."
10:25 PM XXCoder: "Multiple exclamation marks,' he went on, shaking his head, 'are a sure sign of a diseased mind.'"
10:25 PM XXCoder: few discworld books heh
10:39 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, say you have a surface plate and want to use it to measure something - how do you keep indicators in place? Are there some "plates" you can buy for them, since magnetic base, well, is rather useless in this case?
10:41 PM XXCoder: theres gauge heights
10:41 PM XXCoder: those tend to be fairly expensive though
10:41 PM XXCoder: havent used anything else besides that at work lol
10:41 PM XXCoder: for rock measurements anyway
10:42 PM LeelooMinai: Right, I saw those.
10:45 PM XXCoder: TurBoss: funny thing the ship[ print failed, but whats there I like look of. will try again later
10:46 PM TurBoss: :(
10:56 PM TurBoss: a model failure ?
10:56 PM TurBoss: I mean is the model wrong?
10:59 PM Crom: LeelooMinai on surface plates you are only measuring from the plate to the top. you only care about Z, X and Y mean nothing
11:00 PM LeelooMinai: Right, was just wondering if one can use normal indicator with some kind of stand.
11:00 PM Crom: surface plate stand
11:03 PM XXCoder: TurBoss: nah
11:03 PM TurBoss: oh was worried
11:03 PM XXCoder: its printer issue, I forgot to achocol clean new pei sheet
11:03 PM TurBoss: ahhhh
11:03 PM Crom: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HFS-Tm-Hand-Tools-GRANITE-SURFACE-CHECK-COMPARATOR-STAND-PLATE-6-6-2-10-/302307560915
11:04 PM XXCoder: AND I fixed extrusion to 94 - but then flashed it again which reverted it to 156
11:04 PM XXCoder: Crom: yeah that things nice. and reasonably cheap
11:04 PM XXCoder: new one is arounf $120 or so?
11:05 PM LeelooMinai: Crom: So you put a surface plate on another surface plate?
11:06 PM Crom: yep... as long as they are both clean...
11:06 PM LeelooMinai: O, right, how do you clean surface plates anyways - is IPA ok?
11:06 PM XXCoder: work we use kleensurf
11:07 PM XXCoder: whatever the heck that is
11:07 PM Crom: This is the other style http://www.ebay.com/itm/STARRETT-No-56-TOOLMAKERS-SURFACE-GAGE-SNUG-4-POST-hardened-machinist-tools-/382081759948
11:07 PM XXCoder: Crom: that ones bit hard to find
11:07 PM XXCoder: used it only once, it was coworker thats 65 yr old or so
11:08 PM Crom: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-MINI-BROWN-SHARPE-SURFACE-GAGE-In-Box-620-NO-RESERVE-/391780533778?hash=item5b37f08612:g:SHoAAOSwblZZE8BG
11:08 PM XXCoder: and its pretty nice
11:08 PM Crom: and another http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-MINI-BROWN-SHARPE-SURFACE-GAGE-In-Box-620-NO-RESERVE-/391780533778
11:09 PM LeelooMinai: That could be used on one of those shows where they show some object and the contestants have to guess what it is...
11:09 PM XXCoder: that coworker had better version
11:09 PM XXCoder: had no labels so dunno what brand it was
11:10 PM Crom: BarZ stan has a hieght guage where he can measure X in a z direction pass...
11:10 PM Gene_home: yo xxcoder, tell me more about https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/016/133/983/e341df55e9e8d36b7a208d9d1838df4e_original.png?w=680&fit=max&v=1491334202&auto=format&lossless=true&s=4e73b8da9f8b84a59fe12a0df405c271
11:10 PM XXCoder: its current kickstarter
11:10 PM Gene_home: whoops... I see the kickstart now...
11:10 PM XXCoder: yeah. dunno if any good but probably is for certain user cases.
11:10 PM LeelooMinai: Like milling styrofoam:)
11:11 PM XXCoder: alum actually from what they say
11:12 PM Crom: yeah 0.2mm DOC with a .04mm chip load.. maybe...
11:12 PM Crom: is it 12mm or 8mm rod?
11:12 PM XXCoder: considering scale, probably 8
11:12 PM Crom: tiny milling area
11:13 PM Crom: unsupported rods SUCK
11:14 PM Crom: that's my problem on my 3040... 12mm rods.. 2 40cm and 2 30cm...
11:16 PM Crom: I get 1mm or more deflection in Z in -y and 1 to 2mm deflection on Z in +Z direction
11:18 PM Crom: the Z+ is the X rods, the bottom one flexes forwards and the top to the back
11:18 PM XXCoder: Gene_home: ic curious https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rp3d/the-micromill-a-desktop-cnc-milling-machine
11:19 PM LeelooMinai: Crom: Change to imperial units - 1mm deflection will look smaller:)
11:20 PM Crom: can't... I've gone metric in machining... though my lathe only cuts imperial threads
11:20 PM XXCoder: UNAMERICAN!!
11:22 PM Crom: imperial is un earthling!!
11:22 PM TurBoss: metric!
11:22 PM TurBoss: :D
11:28 PM XXCoder: https://youtu.be/LuWhW0jz0gs
11:28 PM XXCoder: interesting