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May 09 2017

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12:33 AM Deejay: moin
01:20 AM IchGucksLive: hi out of germany
01:21 AM DrippityDrops: mornin
01:29 AM DrippityDrops: i got my automatic tapping spindle running parts today
01:30 AM DrippityDrops: cam driven arm drive rack and pinion spindle into part and then servo turns tap as it rises and falls on the cam. 2 encoders, 1 servo
01:30 AM IchGucksLive: im off till later
04:19 AM gcardinal: Is there a good place to buy precut metals in Europe?..
04:19 AM jbail89-garage: Finals over, back to CNC dreams!
04:22 AM archivist_herron: gcardinal, companies are generally near you, one is within a mile of me right now
04:23 AM gcardinal: archivist_herron non in Norway. the only one I know off sells only in 3m bolts or 3x2m plates - price starting at around 1kEUR
04:24 AM archivist_herron: there are two types of distributor, bulk, and local
04:24 AM archivist_herron: find a local machine shop, ask where they buy from
04:25 AM gcardinal: their buy bulk and most ppl I know in Norway buy from aliexpress
04:25 AM gcardinal: so just wanted to check if there is a EU source
04:25 AM archivist_herron: plenty I am in the uk
04:26 AM gcardinal: archivist_herron do you know one with online shop or some ways of contacting them online?
04:27 AM archivist_herron: I drive to the local, they usually dont do online
04:27 AM gcardinal: Ok
04:27 AM archivist_herron: there are model engineer suppliers selling metals too
04:27 AM archivist_herron: but more expensive
04:28 AM archivist_herron: or ebay
04:29 AM Deejay: moin
04:29 AM gcardinal: archivist_herron ok I will try google with model engineer suppliers, thx
04:30 AM archivist_herron: gcardinal, http://www.ajreeves.com/bar-stock.html
04:30 AM archivist_herron: reeves is 20 miles from me
04:30 AM jbail89-garage: When I jog 15mm the actually distance moved is approximately 7mm; this means that my steps per revolution is configured incorrectly, right?
04:31 AM archivist_herron: http://www.glrkennions.co.uk/
04:31 AM archivist_herron: jbail89-garage, yes
04:32 AM jbail89-garage: archivist_herron: thank you -- Would my ballscrew/motor supplier be the place to find the correct information for that? I thought I had used what they told me but it's not even close to accurate
04:33 AM archivist_herron: looks like a factor of two just edit retry
04:35 AM archivist_herron: get used to measuring and editing the hal and ini files
04:36 AM jbail89-garage: Sounds good, will see what I can come up with -- are there any other settings that may affect it?
04:36 AM jbail89-garage: I've been using the configuration tool for the most part but I've been reading about HAL and would like to add a lot more features to my machine eventually; this software is amazing
04:39 AM archivist_herron: the tool is only for the starting config, best to edit from then on
04:40 AM archivist_herron: note never use the tool after hand editing, it trashes your edits
04:45 AM jbail89-garage: for sure, I have seen those commends in the hal and ini files
04:45 AM jbail89-garage: Are you guys familiar with the editor 'Geany' I've always been a huge fan of it and would recommend trying it
04:47 AM archivist_herron: a plain editor that uses linux/unix line ends
04:48 AM XXCoder: JT-Shop: hows quad
05:05 AM gcardinal: archivist_herron thank you!
05:07 AM XXCoder: jbail89-garage: making nice progress with cnc?
05:15 AM jbail89-garage: XXCoder: for sure, just ran my first test!
05:15 AM XXCoder: awesome :) so far its just leave ena- and + disconnected, adjust steps per distance settings?
05:16 AM jbail89-garage: It came out backwards so I just need to invert and change a few more things
05:16 AM jbail89-garage: XXCoder: I had to get a new Parallel card and it worked right away, it works with ENA- connected or disconnected but haven't tried with ENA+ connected
05:16 AM XXCoder: if it works it wasnt needed I guess
05:21 AM jbail89-garage: Yep guess so; I still have to do a lot of adjusting, and I'm not trammed correctly, my dial indicator is terrible so I need to get a new one in the morning
05:24 AM XXCoder: nothing else actually tying to use it tp expose its flaws.
05:29 AM jbail89-garage: absolutely, I'm having a lot of fun messing with it and hopefully I'll have it up and running correctly soon!
05:30 AM XXCoder: yep, I'm also working on mine
05:30 AM XXCoder: unfortunately im super lazy :(
05:30 AM XXCoder: so my cnc router has been in works for over a year :P
05:30 AM XXCoder: other person'd be done in a month
05:30 AM jbail89-garage: same but I'm done with school now so hopefully I can finish soon
05:31 AM jbail89-garage: I've had my machine for about a month but I've had a lot of issues with my orders so maybe only 10 days of actually being able to work on it
05:31 AM XXCoder: parts also take so long bleh
05:31 AM jthornton: morning
05:32 AM * Tom_L sets his clock
05:32 AM XXCoder: hey jthornton
05:32 AM XXCoder: hows your quad
05:32 AM jthornton: flew the Q100 again yesterday in the shop
05:33 AM Tom_L: don't kill the chickens
05:33 AM jthornton: lol they are safe
05:34 AM archivist_herron: be brave take it outside and kill pigeons with it
05:34 AM XXCoder: make harness for chicken fly her around withj it :P
05:34 AM jbail89-garage: If my cuts are coming out backwards do I need to invert step and direction or just direction?
05:34 AM XXCoder: seriosuly dont lol
05:34 AM XXCoder: dont be that douche
05:34 AM archivist_herron: just direction
05:34 AM XXCoder: yeah
05:34 AM jbail89-garage: I figured but wasn't sure, thanks!
05:35 AM * jthornton checks the chicken cam
05:36 AM jthornton: I need to get the esc's changed out on the Tweaker so I can fly it
05:46 AM jbail89-garage: welp, it's 4am, I should head to sleep so I can grab the new dial indicator in the morning
05:46 AM jbail89-garage: thanks again for the help guys!
05:47 AM jthornton: dang had to power cycle the forum
06:12 AM XXCoder: JT-Shop: im watching banned pokemon espode, and boy do i see why
06:12 AM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iDjg0RoFK8
06:12 AM XXCoder: jthornton:
06:15 AM IchGucksLive: hi all
06:15 AM XXCoder: hey ich
06:16 AM IchGucksLive: i see the problem roouter guy did connect
06:16 AM IchGucksLive: XXCoder: oiudt you help him
06:16 AM XXCoder: he fixed a lot of issues
06:16 AM IchGucksLive: coudt
06:16 AM XXCoder: only a little, its mostly arch
06:17 AM IchGucksLive: i see he did chane the parport
06:17 AM IchGucksLive: and the mashine did move instant
06:17 AM XXCoder: yeah seems old one was partially dead
06:17 AM IchGucksLive: as he is totaly out of my timezone it is up to you to gt the best out of his mashine
06:18 AM IchGucksLive: ;-)
06:18 AM XXCoder: hes largely out of mine too lol
06:18 AM XXCoder: maybe hour or 2
06:19 AM IchGucksLive: tell him to get a small relay 5V to Pin 14 and connect the ENA so he can make F2 work for a Estop as ell
06:19 AM IchGucksLive: The C10 can drive 50mA
06:20 AM IchGucksLive: so a small relay is good to go for it
06:20 AM IchGucksLive: or yust let him work his way throu as we all do
06:21 AM IchGucksLive: XXCoder: im off ;-)
06:21 AM XXCoder: later dunno if I'd remember that lol
06:21 AM XXCoder: would have to wait 22 hours including sleep in middle :P
06:33 AM nos: I'm getting an odd issue when combining G81, G10 and G91... I need to drill three holes in an equilateral triangle.
06:33 AM nos: G81 G99 X0 Y0 Z-10 R10 F10
06:33 AM nos: G91 G10 L2 P5 R-30
06:33 AM nos: Y60.622
06:33 AM nos: G91 G10 L2 P5 R90
06:33 AM nos: Y60.622
06:35 AM nos: Without G90 in front of Y60.622, the holes are made at max height.
06:35 AM nos: So it's as if G10 cancels the Z value obtained from G81 somehow.
06:36 AM nos: However, with G90, the last hole is a bit off to the right.
06:37 AM archivist_herron: The offset value will replace any current offsets in effect for the coordinate system specified.
06:38 AM archivist_herron: better read all of each code and make sure in the right order
06:38 AM nos: With G91 I'm supposed to be using incremental offsets.
06:46 AM archivist_herron: g10 did not clobber, you put it after the code you wanted it to apply to
06:49 AM nos: In the code... as a way to change rotation during a canned cycle.
06:51 AM archivist_herron: I use subroutines for that
06:53 AM nos: ah
06:53 AM nos: probably much safer that way...
07:20 AM nos: Oh, suroutines means Axis doesn't highlight what you lcikc on.
07:20 AM nos: ~click
07:24 AM archivist_herron: I use subroutines a lot for gear cutting
07:25 AM archivist_herron: cutting a gear on the end of a stick http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/DJCPD/PD/2012/2012_03_31_contrate_gear_prototype/IMG_1205.JPG
07:26 AM XXCoder: new fad: gear on stick
07:28 AM archivist_herron: that was this http://gears.archivist.info/gears/IMG_1214_hires.JPG
07:28 AM archivist_herron: drill and part off after cutting
07:29 AM jthornton: I like the matchstick for scale
07:30 AM XXCoder: use it as matchstick crown
07:33 AM nos: ~super tiny!
07:34 AM nos: http://pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=115347
07:35 AM nos: I tell it to G1 straight down and it does a diagonal... WHY :C
07:37 AM XXCoder: nos: wild guess x0 y0
07:37 AM XXCoder: and its not relivate mode
07:37 AM XXCoder: but abosute
07:37 AM XXCoder: could be wrong
07:37 AM XXCoder: anyway why is x0 y0 even there?
07:38 AM XXCoder: g1 dont require all axis position to be defined on moves, just ones you wanna change
07:38 AM nos: I added it to make sure it was explicit
07:38 AM XXCoder: again, why?
07:38 AM nos: oh right, absolute mode.
07:39 AM enleth: well, it was explicit, in a sense
07:39 AM XXCoder: I cant recall which 90 or 91 is absolute
07:40 AM XXCoder: first call it looks like 91 was last one explictly set
07:40 AM XXCoder: next 2 is 90
07:41 AM XXCoder: oh I missed a 90
07:41 AM XXCoder: so all 90
07:41 AM XXCoder: g90 is absolute
07:42 AM XXCoder: so since it is abosulute your explict x0 y0 means it goes there
07:42 AM XXCoder: I think, never used fnction call
07:49 AM Vitran: My Deckel has G70/G71 as absolute/incremental for no good reason
07:50 AM XXCoder: fancy
07:50 AM XXCoder: well laters
07:52 AM nos: http://pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=115349
07:52 AM nos: made some changes...
07:52 AM nos: Subrogram lives in incremental space.
07:54 AM nos: oh yay! needed G0 Z[-#1-#3]! not G0 Z[#1-#3]
08:05 AM gregcnc: Vitran, that is according to the european or C spec for many controls Fanuc is the same
08:19 AM gregcnc: russian multi axis machine turning non round shape keeping the turning tool oriented https://youtu.be/CHGtdu5iwOo?t=1m42s
08:28 AM sync: gregcnc: german company
08:28 AM gregcnc: metrom?
08:29 AM sync: yes
08:33 AM nos: Neat machine
08:37 AM gcardinal: Still unsure about my config - is there a sample config for metric mill of type sieg x2 or other hobby mill ?
08:39 AM archivist_herron: worth learning how to make your own config
09:28 AM TurBoss: Hello!
09:29 AM skunkworks: TurBoss, cool readout
09:30 AM TurBoss: sorry what do you mean?
09:30 AM TurBoss: :)
09:30 AM gregcnc: on YT
09:30 AM skunkworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLoqVHlIzq4
09:30 AM TurBoss: ah heheh
09:30 AM TurBoss: :D
09:30 AM TurBoss: thanks
09:31 AM TurBoss: do you like the idea?
09:32 AM skunkworks: it is neat - I would probably rather have servo torque instead maybe
09:33 AM TurBoss: my machine is with stepers
09:34 AM TurBoss: the displays are recycled from weigh measurement equips
09:49 AM IchGucksLive: hi al
09:59 AM TurBoss: hi
10:01 AM nos: hmm
10:02 AM nos: so a loop which doesn't terminate runs forever. That's inetersting.
11:02 AM LeelooMinai: I ordered the milling vise and in the meantime when I wait, I thought I will try making some covers maybe for the Z-axis, and wonder - can plycarbonate be milled?
11:03 AM Loetmichel: it can
11:03 AM Loetmichel: it needs a VERY sharp bit
11:04 AM LeelooMinai: I am googling, but I get mixed answers.
11:04 AM Loetmichel: like any "impact resitant" a.k.a springy ßplastic
11:04 AM Loetmichel:
11:04 AM LeelooMinai: Right, most of the mills I have are carbide, so in theory should be sharp.
11:05 AM Loetmichel: take a NEW mill bit (one flute or two flute) that never has seen any metal or wood.
11:05 AM LeelooMinai: I guess I need to be careful not to generate too much heat.
11:05 AM Loetmichel: preferably brandnew
11:06 AM Loetmichel: and if possible use tap water with a bit of dish detergent as cooling fluid
11:06 AM LeelooMinai: I think I have one strange bit even that is for plastics - looks like it has one flute and very big chip evacuation groove, whatever they are called, but it's I think 1/8 only
11:06 AM Loetmichel: oily cooling fluids can attack PC
11:07 AM roycroft: carbide is not very sharp - it's tough, but does not hold a good edge
11:07 AM Loetmichel: thats ok, i use 2mm bits for that stuff
11:07 AM roycroft: hss can be made much sharper than carbide
11:07 AM LeelooMinai: Loetmichel: I have compressed air too - directly from the compressor in the basement and chinese cooling thingy - I can get huge air flow there for cooling.
11:07 AM Loetmichel: carbide is ok for that job thougm, IF its brand new
11:07 AM Loetmichel: compressed air works even better
11:07 AM Loetmichel: but be prepared to have a REAL mess at your hands
11:08 AM roycroft: did you order a screw-type milling vise, leeloominai?
11:08 AM LeelooMinai: Right, well, I have sides and top cover already, so it won't fly in my room, but I still have some unprotected parts
11:08 AM roycroft: such as the ones i was linking to yesterday?
11:08 AM LeelooMinai: roycroft: Yes, that one you recommended.
11:08 AM roycroft: brilliant!
11:09 AM roycroft: you'll be happy, i promise
11:09 AM LeelooMinai: I decided to wait a bit for it.
11:09 AM roycroft: remember that the swivel base is a paperweight though :)
11:09 AM LeelooMinai: Right, I will detach it.
11:09 AM Loetmichel: LeelooMinai: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=13888&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
11:09 AM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=13891
11:09 AM LeelooMinai: Loetmichel: ....
11:09 AM LeelooMinai: Looks like a frosted cake.
11:10 AM Loetmichel: that was PMMA, not PC, but PC makes basically the same mess
11:10 AM LeelooMinai: It probably got charged electrostatically and clings to stuff or something.
11:10 AM Loetmichel: not only "stuff"
11:11 AM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=5077
11:11 AM * Loetmichel was not amused
11:11 AM LeelooMinai: lol
11:12 AM Jymmm: Loetmichel: Hey Frosty! Out on vacation?
11:12 AM Loetmichel: :-)
11:13 AM LeelooMinai: Hmm, since those are sheets, I kind of think that maybe for such milling a protective head on the spindle directly would work. Like a dome with some fringes on the bottom.
11:13 AM roycroft: i started shooting color on my chip pan yesterday
11:13 AM roycroft: i should be finished painting on thursday
11:14 AM Loetmichel: LeelooMinai: or something like that: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=4287
11:14 AM LeelooMinai: I thought something close: dn.com/kf/HTB1QapwIXXXXXb1XpXXq6xXFXXXS/Vacuum-Cleaner-Engraving-machine-font-b-Spindle-b-font-Dust-font-b-Cover-b-font-For.jpg
11:14 AM roycroft: the paint takes 7 days to fully cure, and i think it would be wise to let it fully cure before mounting my lathe on the new stand, so it looks like in about a week i'll have it moutned and ready to go
11:14 AM * roycroft is tired of this taking so long already
11:14 AM LeelooMinai: Er, https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1QapwIXXXXXb1XpXXq6xXFXXXS/Vacuum-Cleaner-Engraving-machine-font-b-Spindle-b-font-Dust-font-b-Cover-b-font-For.jpg
11:15 AM Jymmm: Loetmichel: Using Onsrud tooling, you don't get any of that on plastics
11:15 AM LeelooMinai: Loetmichel: Right, I guess similar idea. In fact I have something that kind of looks like two tubes sliding in each other - from some old PC case (it was on the side and was supposed to extend onto the CPU)
11:15 AM roycroft: getting the painting tent taken down on friday will be a big win though - i'll have general access to my shop again
11:15 AM roycroft: and it won't smell horrible all the time any more
11:17 AM Loetmichel: LeelooMinai: works great for Carbon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj8sGEf8Wf8
11:17 AM LeelooMinai: Wonderful - UPS just slapped 50CAD "brokerage fee" on a $70 part from Mesa:/
11:17 AM sync: hm, 7 days is quite long
11:17 AM LeelooMinai: And they wonder why people order from China...
11:18 AM roycroft: sync: it's a urethane enamel
11:18 AM roycroft: and yes, it's rather long
11:18 AM LeelooMinai: Loetmichel: Right, seems a good idea - you should have used that before taking the "snowman" picture:)
11:18 AM roycroft: i have mixed impressions of this paint so far
11:18 AM Loetmichel: couldt use it there, faced down a big slab of plastic with a 40mm mill bit, doesent fit the shoe
11:18 AM roycroft: it comes out of the gun almost stringy (and i reduced it more than recommended), and is very very sticky
11:19 AM sync: I usually use mipa pu 240 or similar
11:19 AM roycroft: it should hold up better under industrial conditions than automotive paint
11:19 AM roycroft: i.e. cutting oils, solvents, etc.
11:19 AM sync: it is ready to mount stuff to after 8h
11:19 AM roycroft: and it is supposed to be brushable, and i believe that it will be
11:19 AM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: they valued it at $200 https://www.ups.com/content/ca/en/shipping/cost/zones/customs_clearance.html
11:19 AM roycroft: which will be nice for machinery
11:20 AM sync: they also say 5-6 days until hard, but I just put in more hardener and heat stuff to 40°C
11:20 AM roycroft: dismantling my lathe and masking it off so that it can be spray painted would be rather difficult
11:20 AM Loetmichel: LeelooMinai: whole machine: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=4648&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
11:20 AM roycroft: this paint is hard in 5 hours, but takes a week to fully cure
11:20 AM roycroft: i can handle it in 5 hours with no problem
11:20 AM roycroft: but i think i'd rather wait for it to fully cure before setting a lathe on the newly-painted stand
11:20 AM Loetmichel: the gray waste water tube is goes to the vacuum
11:21 AM LeelooMinai: Jymmm: Hate those buggers:)
11:21 AM Loetmichel: s/waste water/drain
11:21 AM roycroft: i'm probably going to squirt some rtv blue on the bottom of the lathe mount, to keep oil from draining down through the mounting holes
11:22 AM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=4935&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 <- better pic
11:22 AM LeelooMinai: Loetmichel: All those tubes there are carbon?
11:22 AM Loetmichel: tubes where?
11:22 AM roycroft: i'm also going to use rtv blue around the permiter of the chip pan so that it doesn't vibrate while the lathe is under power - that kind of chattering sound drives me nuts
11:22 AM LeelooMinai: Above the machine - in storage.
11:22 AM Loetmichel: on top of the shellf?
11:22 AM Loetmichel: yes
11:22 AM LeelooMinai: What do you make from them?
11:23 AM Loetmichel: i worked for a model plane (parts) vendor back then
11:23 AM Loetmichel: that was stock to sell
11:23 AM sync: I would just put the lathe on, usually there is no real increase in hardness
11:23 AM LeelooMinai: A, ok - I think I read that milling carbon works fine, but the dust is not very good for health probably.
11:24 AM roycroft: i'll probably push it by at least a couple days
11:24 AM roycroft: i need to brew on the 20th, and i need my shop back by the 18th or so to be able to do that
11:24 AM sync: I mean what's the worst thing that can happen, a pressure spot where you can't see it :D
11:24 AM Loetmichel: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=9077&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 <. right one is my ex boss (left one a customer) on a model plane fair
11:24 AM roycroft: the chip pan will be done today
11:25 AM roycroft: then there's a piece of sheet metal to cover the top of the stand that isn't covered by the chip pan
11:25 AM roycroft: that's what is left, and it will bear no weight normally
11:25 AM roycroft: so attaching that before it's fully cured is no big deal
11:25 AM roycroft: and if i mount the chip pan this weekend, and mount the lathe then or on monday or so of next week that's almost the full week cure anyway
11:25 AM Loetmichel: the carbon dust (like glass dust) in a certain size is a carcinogen. hence the HEPA filters in the shopvac
11:26 AM roycroft: i've never used this product before, so i really don't know what to expect yet
11:26 AM roycroft: it's harder to apply than what i've been using
11:26 AM roycroft: i may have been better off with a 1.5mm nozzle - i used a 1.3mm, which i used with the old paint for years
11:26 AM LeelooMinai: Heh, too bad - making small parts from carbon could be fun.
11:27 AM roycroft: fortunately, my first experiment with it is a shop fixture, and so non-critical
11:27 AM Loetmichel: LeelooMinai: if you have a hepa filter in the vacuum and a good dust collection system its no health hazard
11:27 AM LeelooMinai: Or mill under water:)
11:27 AM Loetmichel: not a good idea
11:28 AM Loetmichel: fibre laminates tend to delaminate if they were underwater and get hot
11:28 AM LeelooMinai: A, ok, because of it being water or something else, like oil would work better?
11:28 AM Loetmichel: the water that will get drawn by capillary effects into the boards will steam out and "explode" the laminations
11:29 AM Loetmichel: oil is the same
11:29 AM Loetmichel: if anyting i would use IPA and put the parts in an 80°c oven for a few hours after milling if i want to use coolant
11:30 AM roycroft: yes, drinking an ipa while cooking your parts in an oven is a brilliant idea
11:31 AM roycroft: be sure to bake them for a long time, so you can enjoy multiple ipas
11:31 AM LeelooMinai: Is IPA harful even? I thought it's rather safe?
11:31 AM LeelooMinai: I use wd40 and IPA for everything.
11:34 AM FinboySlick: LeelooMinai: I had decent results with polycarbonate, but you really need to keep it from warming up and gumming to the endmill.
11:34 AM LeelooMinai: I also have a panel like this, that I bought to try to mill shapes from it: https://www.lowes.ca/ceiling-tiles/genesis-2-ft-x-4-ft-smooth-pro-white-lay-in-ceiling-tile-common-48-in-x-24-in-actual-475-in-x-235-in_g2461413.html?searchTerm=ceiling-panel
11:34 AM LeelooMinai: It's PVC that is hard on the outside, but grainy inside.
11:34 AM FinboySlick: For me, air was enough but the cycle was relatively short.
11:35 AM FinboySlick: You really don't want re-cutting.
11:36 AM LeelooMinai: FinboySlick: And what endmill did you use?
11:36 AM LeelooMinai: I assume small speeds and probably a lot of CPT?
11:37 AM Loetmichel: roycroft: isopropyl alcohol
11:37 AM Loetmichel: you dont want to drink THAT ;)
11:40 AM LeelooMinai: I will go low-tech and use reversed transparent plastic cup for first tests.
11:40 AM LeelooMinai: As a cover that is.
11:41 AM roycroft: IPA is india pale ale :)
11:42 AM Loetmichel: i use about 10krpm for a 2mm 2 flute "aluminium" mill bit and about 1200mm/s feed at maximum 1mm DOC
11:42 AM archivist: long lasting so it can be shipped from here in the UK
11:42 AM LeelooMinai: Loetmichel: Er, what:)
11:42 AM Loetmichel: for cutting PC
11:42 AM roycroft: yes, that is the history of it
11:42 AM Loetmichel: and i cut it dry, without cooling
11:43 AM LeelooMinai: Loetmichel: What on earth machine can even do that...
11:43 AM Loetmichel: AH
11:43 AM roycroft: it was brewed to a higher alcohol level than the standard domestic stuff and hopped more heavily so that it would survive the long boat ride to india
11:43 AM Loetmichel: 1200mm/MIN
11:43 AM Loetmichel: not per second
11:43 AM Loetmichel: sorry
11:43 AM roycroft: now it's just an excuse for people to get drunk faster
11:44 AM LeelooMinai: Loetmichel: I was thinkind "damn, my machine is slow":)
11:45 AM LeelooMinai: Loetmichel: That DOC that's radial, right? You use the whole flute length for axial?
11:45 AM sync: LeelooMinai: 1.2m/s is only 72m/min
11:45 AM sync: that is not incredibly fast for cnc machines
11:46 AM LeelooMinai: sync: For cutting?
11:46 AM Loetmichel: LeelooMinai: i tend to mill full widht of the mill bit
11:46 AM gregcnc: 72m/min would be fast for a 6040
11:46 AM sync: yeah, people are cutting at that speed as well
11:46 AM Loetmichel: DOC is Depth of cut in Z
11:46 AM LeelooMinai: sync: But what, foam? :)
11:46 AM sync: nah, usually aluminium
11:46 AM sync: or plastics
11:47 AM Loetmichel: gregcnc: a fine tuned 6040 can do about 90mm/s
11:47 AM Loetmichel: not much more
11:47 AM LeelooMinai: I saw DOC, WOC, RDOC, ADOC - all sorts of weird things, so I don't assume anything any more:)
11:47 AM Loetmichel: and thats without any load
11:48 AM LeelooMinai: sync: Let me guess - it's again this "but at NASA they do this and that" argument? :p
11:48 AM sync: no
11:48 AM gregcnc: just discussion about machines
11:48 AM sync: I mean, my X axis runs at 68m/min
11:49 AM LeelooMinai: Ok, but when I imagine cuttiong 1m of alu in one second, thats a bit... disturbing.
11:50 AM sync: not really, you calculate the chip thickness you want, look in the torque/rpm diagram of your spindle and then you get a result
11:50 AM sync: and cutting speeds of 30-60m/min are not really that uncommon
11:50 AM sync: in steel, probably, but in non ferrous material not so much
11:51 AM sync: where you really notice the difference is in the non cutting moves
11:52 AM LeelooMinai: Yes, I have no problem imagining that.
11:52 AM LeelooMinai: with servose, etc.
11:52 AM LeelooMinai: servos*
11:53 AM sync: I think the market is currently undecided, there are linear motor machines and fast screw driven machines
11:54 AM sync: the problem with screws is the polar inertia with screws large enough not to strech during accel/decel
11:54 AM LeelooMinai: Linear motor is working on flat bar?
11:56 AM sync: you put the magnets into the axis and the coils into the bed
11:56 AM LeelooMinai: Googling some pics - seems like it works like a flattened stepper motor.
11:56 AM LeelooMinai: Interesting I guess, but probably not cheap.
11:57 AM LeelooMinai: But I imagine those things can get fast - like a maglev:)
11:57 AM archivist: linear induction motor
11:58 AM gregcnc: induction?
12:00 PM archivist: linear motors on flat bar are just unwound induction motors
12:01 PM LeelooMinai: I was going to ask this - are there some systems that can measure the forces on the endmill in real time, when it's working? At least torque.
12:01 PM archivist: yes
12:01 PM LeelooMinai: And how do they work?
12:02 PM archivist: some measure current in the spindle (cheaper) others strain gauge on the mount or spindle, more expensive
12:03 PM LeelooMinai: Right, I was thinking strain gauges would be probably best.
12:04 PM pcw_home: Some use Piezoelectric tool holders as sensors/drivers to resist chattering
12:04 PM LeelooMinai: I got sdome from china (just the sticker part) for cheap and have some plans to use them on the machine one day, to do experiments with measuring forces at some points.
12:05 PM LeelooMinai: Also thought about vibration sensors - could be nice to have vibration data for each operation.
12:05 PM sync: kistler makes piezo platforms exactly for that
12:06 PM sync: they are being used to monitor tool wear
12:06 PM sync: suprisingly expensive as well, but that's kistler for you
12:06 PM LeelooMinai: sync: I was just typing "with that german name it's probably $$$$, as always with you"
12:07 PM sync: well
12:07 PM sync: not really
12:07 PM LeelooMinai: I would think just slap piezzo sensor for $1 on the machine and that's all:)
12:07 PM sync: the problem with them is that they have patents on all of that stuff
12:07 PM sync: and just ream people
12:08 PM sync: also kistler is swiss
12:08 PM gregcnc: isn't that what patents are for?
12:10 PM LeelooMinai: Right, that's why I also need to design 3D probe - I already did some experiments with phototransistors + fiber optics and I could detect 1 micron displacements, but got sidetracked as always.
12:10 PM sync: https://www.kistler.com/?type=669&fid=60799&model=document
12:10 PM sync: https://www.kistler.com/?type=669&fid=63434&model=document&callee=frontend
12:11 PM LeelooMinai: I know the simpler is the Renishaw patent one, but it bothers me that people who try that often end up with problems on the contacts - like pits, sticking of the probe, etc.
12:11 PM archivist: LeelooMinai, a few months ago I used one of the cheap strain gauges to measure probe force
12:11 PM LeelooMinai: archivist: For one time I would just use one of those jeweler scales;)
12:12 PM archivist: renishaw measure the change in resistance rather than open/closed
12:13 PM LeelooMinai: I saw one guy on youtube using that patent, but he ended up with submerging the contact in something that was preventing oxidation, because otherwise it was unreliable after some time.
12:13 PM archivist: even renishaw probes go high resistance
12:14 PM LeelooMinai: I got some ceramic balls and carbide rods and plan to use that, but not base it on contacts (obviously), but use optics to detect changes.
12:14 PM archivist: I look at the change with an arrrrguino http://www.archivist.info/cnc/Arduino_Probe_Interface/
12:15 PM LeelooMinai: Right, the problems you list there is exactly what I want to eliminate.
12:16 PM LeelooMinai: I also thought about other sensors, but seems to me light inside is the best as it's unaffected by any outside intrference.
12:16 PM LeelooMinai: I try magnetic sensor and it could detect micron changes too though.
12:16 PM LeelooMinai: tried
12:17 PM LeelooMinai: With proper circuit
12:18 PM LeelooMinai: I also want to try simple photo-interrupter + something that sits there half-obstructing it and then using good op-amp, etc. and see how it can do in terms of detection - that would be easiest to make.
12:19 PM TurBoss: touch probe WIP : https://jauriarts.org:8448/_matrix/media/v1/download/jauriarts.org/JawHgJtuYWhzPafpZrZwvEyA & https://jauriarts.org:8448/_matrix/media/v1/download/jauriarts.org/JmmwPCCTCMwCfGLeMnTFKmYJ
12:19 PM LeelooMinai: And there will be no problems with sticking I hope on the carbide rods + ceramic balls contact (?) - or at least I hope.
12:21 PM LeelooMinai: This always makes me lol: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-uAC3Wh6xT-Q/T4C3UfVUUAI/AAAAAAAAAE4/59j3ddacjh8/s1600/insideview.JPG :)
12:21 PM TurBoss: as cheep as free
12:22 PM LeelooMinai: I would at least turn those screws so they use the better edges:)
12:22 PM LeelooMinai: It probably even works.
12:23 PM IchGucksLive: hi
12:23 PM IchGucksLive: hi
12:24 PM LeelooMinai: IchGucksLive: When you say hi and then answer yourself - I don't know... sounds weird:)
12:25 PM IchGucksLive: TurBoss: use crocodile clamps on tooling
12:25 PM IchGucksLive: the irc chatzilla saiing not send
12:25 PM IchGucksLive: ROFL
12:26 PM IchGucksLive: LeelooMinai: you know only yourself is yourselfs best friend
12:26 PM LeelooMinai: For now I measure Z offset/do touch with this contraption: http://i.imgur.com/4gnya1T.jpg
12:26 PM LeelooMinai: The only plus is that it required 0 effort to make:)
12:27 PM Jymmm: wut da hell is (was) that?
12:27 PM IchGucksLive: LeelooMinai: is this a laser weapon
12:28 PM IchGucksLive: LeelooMinai: you nead this showing Video in action
12:28 PM LeelooMinai: I bought 2 of those one for super-cheap for cables actually that came with them - as they fit into callipers and I was writing protocol decoder for them on FPGA. Don't know what they are from - they shop had "we have them, have no idea what they are for, but, we sell them" :)
12:29 PM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: oh so basically the "guts" of digital calibers?
12:29 PM LeelooMinai: Well, does not seem so - as they have this mount on the side and are short.
12:30 PM Jymmm: fair enough
12:30 PM LeelooMinai: I mean kind, of, but they must have been on some machinery.
12:31 PM LeelooMinai: Or some weird gauge maybe, I don't know, but, this is temporary for now.
12:32 PM LeelooMinai: Should attach something flat to the top, but I don't know what is flat that I could use and will not scratch by carbide.
12:32 PM LeelooMinai: Round granite piece with hole inside? :)
12:33 PM LeelooMinai: Something ceramic? Are there materials that are unscratchable by carbide mills?
12:35 PM LeelooMinai: Right, I have too many ideas aroud this machine - that's why probably I did not use it for anything yet.
12:37 PM archivist: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Digital-Indicator-10mm-0-4-Plunger-DTI-Gauge-Sprung-Loaded-Measure-Machine-DRO-/252759405986
12:38 PM LeelooMinai: archivist: O, you see - that's probably what this is from, but I did not have the nice outer shell (but I had the box + cable)
12:38 PM LeelooMinai: Maybe I have some prototypes:)
12:39 PM archivist: I have seen add on digital readouts made vernier style in a few places
12:39 PM LeelooMinai: Heh, just looked at my box - it's iudentical.
12:41 PM LeelooMinai: archivist: I have them on my all axis - the cheap vernier-like ones, with 10 micron resolution
12:42 PM LeelooMinai: Glass ones are nicer, but $$$
12:43 PM LeelooMinai: The ones I have you can cut to length with a hacksaw - as long as you do it at the correct side:)
12:44 PM LeelooMinai: Ali hax 1 micron glass ones, for $200
12:44 PM LeelooMinai: has*
12:44 PM LeelooMinai: well, $150
12:44 PM sync: you can also just cut the glass ones
12:45 PM LeelooMinai: I did not look at their construction - not sure what's the main difference even.
12:45 PM sync: they work entirely different
12:46 PM LeelooMinai: On what principle?
12:46 PM sync: the calipers are capacitive, the glass scales are basically a rotary encoder just rolled flat
12:47 PM LeelooMinai: A, I see, that's probably why longer callipers usually loose precision at longer openings
12:47 PM sync: there are also magnetic ones, they are relatively cheap but the performance is worse than the glass ones
12:47 PM sync: no, that is only if they are made badly
12:48 PM LeelooMinai: So the "glass" is probably etched with some notches and that's the expenive part?
12:48 PM FinboySlick: LeelooMinai: (sorry, was out for lunch) I used a 2 flute 1/8 coated carbide.
12:48 PM FinboySlick: Around 8000rpm
12:48 PM sync: it is glass
12:49 PM LeelooMinai: Right, but it needs some etched marks to act as encoder, no?
12:49 PM sync: usually with chromium sputtered on and then etched
12:49 PM LeelooMinai: Right, ok.
12:49 PM sync: just like encoders
12:49 PM LeelooMinai: Well, mine have aluminum disk apparently.
12:50 PM LeelooMinai: But are only 400 pulses
12:50 PM sync: yeah the cheap low res have machined discs or etched stainless foils
12:50 PM LeelooMinai: FinboySlick: You remember CPT you used?
12:50 PM LeelooMinai: Right, maybe the disk is steel - not sure.
12:50 PM FinboySlick: LeelooMinai: Pretty sure it was 0.001, but I'd have to look it up.
12:50 PM sync: should be very obvious
12:51 PM FinboySlick: LeelooMinai: It wanted to gum up any time I went deep.
12:51 PM FinboySlick: But most of the part was contour.
12:51 PM LeelooMinai: I am not using 1mil CPT any more - I think that's too little and did not make cuts in aluminum but displacements:)
12:52 PM LeelooMinai: I think it's worse than making it too big:/
12:52 PM FinboySlick: LeelooMinai: The endmill was sharp enough to shave it off at that thickness and it made blowing them away easy.
12:52 PM LeelooMinai: Right, well, I guess I will have to make test cuts anyways.
12:52 PM FinboySlick: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
12:53 PM LeelooMinai: No snow - I will put a plastic cup over the spindle:)
12:53 PM FinboySlick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX6bvPdfElE is me thread-milling the part.
12:54 PM FinboySlick: Sorry, I didn't catch video of the cutting itself.
12:54 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, was that end bit like disk in pipe cutter? It does one thread at a time?
12:55 PM LeelooMinai: Never saw those things...
12:55 PM FinboySlick: Yeah, it's a single point thread mill. This was a 5/16-32 thread so not very standard.
12:56 PM LeelooMinai: Interesting... so maybe that's the solution for a spindle that cannot do tapping? Or not... Can you do tiny m3 threads with those?>
12:56 PM sync: yes
12:56 PM FinboySlick: You can do any pitch/size so long as it's 60°
12:57 PM LeelooMinai: Is it at some angle already? I guess it must be...
12:57 PM FinboySlick: Obviously, if you're going to thread an M3 hole, you'll need a much smaller one.
12:58 PM FinboySlick: https://shop.kyoceraprecisiontools.com/products/98m80-1250-4fb1-standard-length-micro-thread-mill-m8-x-1-25-series-98m-uncoated-5-95mm-diameter-6mm-shank-12-70mm-loc-64mm-oal is what I used.
12:58 PM LeelooMinai: I wish I knew such things existed and ordered them from ali in some past.
01:00 PM FinboySlick: They tend to limit you on hole depth too.
01:01 PM LeelooMinai: To what distance?
01:01 PM FinboySlick: Certain ratio of diameter. If you want to do M3, let's see...
01:02 PM FinboySlick: about 4mm deep.
01:02 PM LeelooMinai: Right, that's not that great... Any idea from what this limit comes?
01:02 PM FinboySlick: The neck of the tool.
01:03 PM sync: you can just clearance them
01:04 PM FinboySlick: Yeah, it's a compromise in rigidity. For plastic I guess you could get away with a longer neck.
01:05 PM LeelooMinai: FinboySlick: Was that you who had spindle that cannot go under 8k RPM?
01:05 PM FinboySlick: Yeah, that's the one in that video.
01:05 PM LeelooMinai: Right, so you cannot tap anything with that.
01:05 PM Cromaglious_: Grr. On the tom-tom gps you could get the jewish grandma english voice. Can"t find pn for google tts voice
01:06 PM LeelooMinai: ...
01:06 PM LeelooMinai: Cromaglious_: I bet some people wish they had problems like you:)
01:07 PM Cromaglious_: Nothing under 8krpm darn that's pretty much worthless on metal....
01:07 PM IchGucksLive: FinboySlick: there are screws M1- M1.2 M1.5
01:07 PM LeelooMinai: Right, there are - I just ordered a box of M2 from Ali for the RPI camera pcb
01:07 PM FinboySlick: There are thread mills for those too... But that's needle-tiny.
01:07 PM LeelooMinai: Nanorobot mills
01:08 PM Cromaglious_: Hmm. Could use the to drive a power head spindle at a decent reduction
01:08 PM IchGucksLive: LeelooMinai: As long as it not ATOM based
01:08 PM FinboySlick: LeelooMinai: Kyocera goes down to M0.5 on thread mills.
01:09 PM LeelooMinai: I guess with such tiny threads one can probably just use the screw to make the thread in alu:)
01:09 PM archivist: use a tap
01:09 PM LeelooMinai: I onced used a machine screw in hardwood and it self-tapped itself.
01:10 PM Cromaglious_: Heh... Travis "Doc" Taylor has a good series on nanobots. "Warp Speed"
01:10 PM archivist: cheap soft screw will seize in aluminium
01:11 PM LeelooMinai: archivist: I know, I already have the tap set for ridiculous sizes like that - got it from ali.
01:12 PM LeelooMinai: You never know if you are going to use 1mm tap
01:12 PM Cromaglious_: I have a hunk of AL on top of my piano (warmest spot in the house) soaking in Alum and water erroding a broken tap out
01:13 PM LeelooMinai: That sentence broke my brain.
01:15 PM Cromaglious_: I'm good at that...
01:20 PM Vitran: This is going to sound really dumb, but does anyone have a chart to identify when a tool is worn out? I know worn tools, and new tools, but they are my own opinions of what a worn tool looks like.
01:21 PM Vitran: Nothing really good to go on
01:23 PM LeelooMinai: Just got two endmills from china in the mail - probably ordered ages ago, not sure what for - 4 flute HSS, but with weird not ches at the end.
01:23 PM LeelooMinai: notches
01:24 PM LeelooMinai: Are those normal for 4 flutes, or there's some extra reason there? http://i.imgur.com/yYVaIL3.png
01:25 PM Loetmichel: that looks a bit like soldered in carbide tips
01:27 PM LeelooMinai: When I look, doesn't seem so... It seems like those notches were made as an extra step for some reason.
01:28 PM LeelooMinai: http://i.imgur.com/UkbcVBv.png
01:29 PM LeelooMinai: Probably something with chip evacuation (?)
01:31 PM LeelooMinai: Found them on ali: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4-Flute-1-4-X-1-4-Cutting-Slotting-End-Mill-Router-Bit/32768775847.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.hwnFSy
01:31 PM LeelooMinai: lol at the price - I am cheap
01:34 PM LeelooMinai: Though I read that for alu 4 flutes are not the best - most people recommend 2 or 3 for better evacuation.
01:35 PM LeelooMinai: Can you mill steel with HSS bits?
01:35 PM Loetmichel: mild steel: yes
01:35 PM Loetmichel: hardened one: not so much
01:35 PM LeelooMinai: Right, thought so
01:36 PM LeelooMinai: I know that are hardness ratings like HC50, etc. - are they only for steel or other materials, like alu too?
01:36 PM kcj: I'm about to try and mill a keyway in my lathe tailstock quill with HSS. Whish me luck!
01:37 PM IchGucksLive: kcj: you can do it
01:37 PM LeelooMinai: If you need luck, that's a bad sign imo:)
01:37 PM IchGucksLive: im off GN8
01:37 PM Cromaglious_: May the farce be with you
01:37 PM LeelooMinai: Or torque
01:38 PM kcj: And cutting oil! Thanks
01:39 PM Cromaglious_: A lot of Mel Brooks never hurts.
01:45 PM roycroft: but mel gibson always hurts
01:45 PM roycroft: even the tiniest dose of mel gibson hurts
01:45 PM Vitran: The first cut is the deepest
01:45 PM roycroft: except back in the early days, when he was australian, and not just a jackass
01:46 PM Loetmichel: hmmm
01:47 PM Loetmichel: i liked him in the first lethal weapon
01:47 PM roycroft: it was all downhill after the mad max films
01:47 PM LeelooMinai: I liked him until he started to tell jokes about jews etc.:)
01:51 PM roycroft: which was early-post-braveheart, iirc
01:51 PM roycroft: but braveheart was when i started having problems with him
01:51 PM roycroft: he made a horrible scotsman :(
01:53 PM roycroft: william wallace is still spinning in his grave, what bits of him were left after he was eviscerated, drawn, quartered, and beheaded
01:53 PM roycroft: so i guess his hollow torso is spinning in its grave
01:54 PM Loetmichel: hrhr
01:54 PM LeelooMinai: They did not have TV at those times, so needed some form of entertainment:)
01:55 PM Loetmichel: the only scots i can compare him to were some fishermen/wrorkers in a dundee pub i met when i was there with the german navvy
01:55 PM Loetmichel: ;-)
01:55 PM Loetmichel: was a nice brawl though ;)
01:58 PM roycroft: what's most distressing is that the "freedom" statue at the sterling bridge monument allegedly depicting william wallace is really a statue of mel gibson
01:59 PM roycroft: fortunately, after repeated vandalisms, even after a cage had been built around it, it was finally removed and locked away
02:02 PM Loetmichel: hrhr
02:02 PM Loetmichel: who did that statue?
02:02 PM JT-Shop: what size solar panel would be needed to keep a small 12v battery charged like this one https://www.amazon.com/ExpertPower-EXP1250-Alarm-Battery-Terminals/dp/B0010Z4MDK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1494354724&sr=8-1&keywords=12v+battery+ah
02:02 PM roycroft: hmm, i just read that the statue has been returned to its sculptor
02:02 PM Loetmichel: wasnt that to be expected to get vandalized by scottish patriots?
02:03 PM roycroft: a guy named tom church
02:03 PM LeelooMinai: JT-Shop: I would say it depends how it's being drained at the same time:)
02:03 PM Loetmichel: JT-Shop: depends on what continous loads you have on that
02:03 PM roycroft: it now lives in church's garden
02:03 PM Loetmichel: and where you place that panel
02:03 PM JT-Shop: going to open and close a chicken door and keep an arduino running
02:03 PM Loetmichel: on this planet
02:03 PM JT-Shop: open once a day and close once a day
02:03 PM LeelooMinai: And if you are on antarctica, or on Africa, etc.
02:04 PM JT-Shop: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01E9VTL0A/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
02:04 PM JT-Shop: it will run that motor for 30 seconds twice a day...
02:05 PM Loetmichel: rough guess would be a 5 to 10 W panel, providing that you are NOT at the north ot south pole AND the periods with rain/cloudy weather are no longer than a week or so
02:05 PM LeelooMinai: So sai it draws 2 watts
02:06 PM JT-Shop: I'm in the middle of USA and get average rain
02:06 PM Deejay: sounds somewhat egocentric ;)
02:07 PM roycroft: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e9/William_Wallace_Statue.JPG
02:08 PM roycroft: the abomination :)
02:08 PM LeelooMinai: I googled something about 5kW per m squared per day - so that's something to go with + efficiency, I don't know, maybe 15% to be safe?
02:08 PM sync: so what
02:09 PM Loetmichel: LeelooMinai: midday summer its about 300W per square meter
02:09 PM Loetmichel: in the winter at the same place its less than 30
02:09 PM Loetmichel: W
02:10 PM LeelooMinai: kWh
02:10 PM Loetmichel: and in the winter you also have less time a day full sunlight
02:10 PM Loetmichel: 5kwh per day is bold
02:10 PM LeelooMinai: So, say 500kWh per day?
02:10 PM Loetmichel: maybe in the sahara
02:11 PM LeelooMinai: 500Watt*
02:11 PM Loetmichel: i would estimate about 2kwh on a good summer day and less than 100wh on a bright winter day
02:11 PM LeelooMinai: To play save I would take 1/10th of that 5kWh
02:11 PM Loetmichel: even less than that if its cloudy
02:11 PM Loetmichel: per square meter
02:12 PM gregcnc: http://www.apricus.com/html/solar_collector_insolation.htm
02:12 PM roycroft: overcast conditions do not negatively impact insolation
02:12 PM Loetmichel: roycroft: depends on the type of module
02:12 PM LeelooMinai: Ok, but that motor, it's only 2 watt per minute so like 30mWh per day
02:13 PM Loetmichel: cant remember which is which but either amorph or mono-crystalline copes very bad with diffuse light but peaks a lot higher with direct sunlight
02:13 PM roycroft: axial tilt is a much bigger influence
02:14 PM Loetmichel: LeelooMinai: most likely the motor and the ardunio is neglectible
02:15 PM Loetmichel: the self discahrge of that battery is probably 10 times higher
02:15 PM LeelooMinai: Right, one cand do calculations, but probably any small panel could do.
02:16 PM Loetmichel: i still stand by my estimate that a 10W panel should do unless there are some REALLY dark days in a row
02:16 PM Loetmichel: s/estimate/gut feeling
02:17 PM LeelooMinai: You can spend half a day calculating and then find out you are off 50%:)
02:17 PM LeelooMinai: So I would test it with a bit over the top panel maybe.
02:18 PM LeelooMinai: And you can use extra to, I don't know, add camera to monitor the chicken or what it is about.
02:18 PM LeelooMinai: Somehow when I see JT-Shop I think "chicken guy" :)
02:18 PM LeelooMinai: Or was it someone else that has chickens...
02:19 PM Loetmichel: "why did the chicken cross the road?" "to get out of the range of the government video surveillance"
02:19 PM Loetmichel: :-)
02:21 PM Loetmichel: as a comparsion: the usual "solar garden lights" have a 20mW led in it. and a single 300mAh AAA niMh
02:21 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, that reminds me, yesterday I got from china a small panel that is flexible - I ordered it long time ago for who knows now what, but it looks neat - maybe a feet by a half, so small, but one day I should test how good it works.
02:21 PM Loetmichel: ... and a solar cell that puts out less than 50mA on a BRIGHT midday
02:22 PM Loetmichel: and those run for about 6 hours each day on that charge
02:22 PM Loetmichel: if it was a sunny day
02:22 PM Loetmichel: and less than an hour if it was a cloudy day
02:24 PM LeelooMinai: It's this one, 0.5watt sub $10 apparently: https://goo.gl/gtiMJm
02:24 PM LeelooMinai: Not sure what I will do with it, but it looks pretty strong and indeed flexible - you can bend it into a loop with no problem.
02:25 PM miss0r: EDM comming along nicely: http://picpaste.com/pics/20170509_205256-ga4d5O4K.1494356073.jpg
02:26 PM LeelooMinai: miss0r: Great (*googles EDM*)
02:26 PM miss0r: don't do that :) you'll get electronic dance music... its electric discharge machining
02:26 PM Loetmichel: electric discharge machining
02:26 PM LeelooMinai: I , I know, it's one of those metal zapper things.
02:26 PM miss0r: yeah
02:26 PM FinboySlick: LeelooMinai: Very very slow plasma cutting ;)
02:27 PM LeelooMinai: I saw a video once of it - was slow though (the process)
02:27 PM Loetmichel: MUUUCH more precise than plasma tho
02:27 PM miss0r: yeah :)
02:27 PM LeelooMinai: It was under some liquid too as I remember.
02:27 PM LeelooMinai: For oxidation control ro something?
02:28 PM miss0r: yeah. a dielectric fluid
02:28 PM Loetmichel: miss0r: that electric enclosure looks voerly complicated
02:28 PM miss0r: cooling, removing debree and insulating
02:28 PM FinboySlick: LeelooMinai: The part and the wire/tool are the two electrodes of a capacitor, and you cause it to fail repeatedly ;)
02:28 PM Loetmichel: i did EDM a tap out of a aluminium block once with 2 caps, a transformer and a halogen bulb
02:28 PM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: if it was 12V, you could use it as a dlaot charger for your car
02:28 PM Jymmm: float
02:28 PM Loetmichel: (and a piece of small copper tube in the slow totating drill press)
02:29 PM LeelooMinai: Jymmm: No, I couldn't - I don't have a car:p
02:29 PM Loetmichel: and even if you had: 50mA will do no good
02:29 PM miss0r: yeah. you can do all sort of stuff. and also very simple solutions. The reason this is so complicated is I have no idea what I am doing, so all the variables; voltage, amperage, spark frequency ect ect. can be programmed with the touchscreen in the front, so I can dial it in
02:29 PM Loetmichel: usual self discharge for modern car batterys is on the 500mA range
02:30 PM LeelooMinai: Souinds sad.
02:30 PM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: Ok, to recharge your flip-flops
02:30 PM Loetmichel: you would need at least 30 times that panel (at 18V minium) to even hold the charge constant
02:31 PM Jymmm: Loetmichel: Eh, mine is 12V@15W
02:31 PM Loetmichel: Jymmm: that would barely work
02:31 PM LeelooMinai: I can see using it for some autonomous sensor - just wrap the thing around the case and have it outside somewhere, but who has time for projects like this.
02:31 PM Loetmichel: as a float charger
02:31 PM Jymmm: Loetmichel: RATED, not actual.
02:31 PM Loetmichel: but her modules were 0,5W 2V
02:31 PM Jymmm: Loetmichel: as in 12, 24, 48, etc
02:31 PM sync: aww miss0r, just the good old resistor power supply?
02:31 PM Loetmichel: i meant the 15W
02:32 PM Loetmichel: not the 12V
02:32 PM sync: I want to see someone making a nice fast smps for edm
02:32 PM Jymmm: Loetmichel: Nah, mine full sun gets me around 23V
02:32 PM Jymmm: sometimes higher
02:32 PM Loetmichel: i imagined that its intended to charge car batterys so it will have nearly 24V for open circuit voltage
02:32 PM Jymmm: Loetmichel: military comms
02:32 PM miss0r: sync: not exactly. They are just there as failsafes :) its an IGBT transistor psu(simular to a switchmode), where I pulse charge the caps
02:33 PM miss0r: So I can ajust the cap voltage from 0-~250 volts
02:34 PM FinboySlick: I wish I understood electronics better.
02:34 PM miss0r: one of them is there to make sure I do not exceed 50 amps if I manage to short the electrode to the workpeice. the two others are there in series, so that I do not exceed 15 amps on the charging circuit
02:34 PM Jymmm: FinboySlick: whats to know, electrons go in one side, come out the other.
02:34 PM LeelooMinai: FinboySlick: You have whole internet at disposal - nowadays it's simple to self-tech oneself.
02:34 PM miss0r: both output and input current is measured and fed into the PLCs
02:35 PM miss0r: FinboySlick: Yeah, its easy - this is the first ever switchmode psu i've ever made.
02:35 PM miss0r: basically i just ripped a VFD apart, and used most of the components from there
02:35 PM * Jymmm self teaches by placing KNO2 under LeelooMinai's butt and appling brake fluid.
02:35 PM FinboySlick: When I'm done building the house and re-building the mill ;)
02:36 PM sync: sure, but the commercial generators I have seen do not use a cap in the output
02:36 PM miss0r: bleh. you're never gonna finish the house - take my word on that
02:36 PM miss0r: sync: the caps are not realy the output stage. theres also an igbt transistor after them, so I can pulse the output
02:37 PM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: Your Google-Fu is too slow!
02:37 PM Deejay: gn8
02:38 PM LeelooMinai: Jymmm: Chemistry is not really my forte, but I know what symbol is what element, so did not have to google much:)
02:39 PM FinboySlick: Potassium nitride?
02:39 PM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: I know enough chem to barely keep me out of trouble... barely (or at least know when I should RUN LIKE HELL =)
02:39 PM Jymmm: FinboySlick: Yes, aka stump remover.
02:40 PM Jymmm: FinboySlick: Also, one ingrediant in gun poweder
02:40 PM FinboySlick: You're going to wake up our local NSA spy again, Jymmm.
02:41 PM Jymmm: eh, job security?
02:41 PM sync: well, it still significantly limits the bandwidth of your voltage miss0r
02:41 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, they sent the 6 ton bottle jack it seems - I wonder if I will win a Darwin award trying to use it to lift my CNC an inch:)
02:43 PM miss0r: sync: absolutly. But as I pointed out earlier - I have no idea what I am doing :) if I have to change the caps, so be it. for the time being i'll just have to see what results this setup yeilds. When it was just a bunch of wires on the work bench, I managed - with this setup - to spark eride a hoel through a 1.2mm thick stanley knifeblade in little over 12 seconds. A 100 hole, mind you
02:43 PM Jymmm: LeelooMinai: You might have a chance if you do it only wearing body paint
02:43 PM miss0r: 10mm*
02:44 PM miss0r: I ran that at 250hz. I should be able to run around 2khz with these transistors.
02:44 PM LeelooMinai: Besides those anti-vibration pads I need probably to looks at some other strategies to dumpen vibrations. I even thought if I attached some shock-like springs between the frame and the wall studs, if that would do anything - but don't know.
02:45 PM FinboySlick: LeelooMinai: Darwin winners can survive. Just use the diameter of your testicles as a height gage.
02:47 PM FinboySlick: LeelooMinai: What sort of floor is it on?
02:47 PM LeelooMinai: I also wondered - if one attached a puck made from three layers, 1) a weight layer, 2) inner ruubber or cork, 3) somelayer that would be attached to the CNC frame, If that would work by itself as a dupener? and put a lot of those at strategic places maybe?
02:48 PM LeelooMinai: FinboySlick: Just normal plywood floor, but I put 2 inch thick cedar planks on it where my CNC and drill press stand.
02:48 PM LeelooMinai: Because I was scared that one day it falls on my moms head as she sits watching TV directly under that place...
02:49 PM FinboySlick: LeelooMinai: Is it a gantry-style thing?
02:50 PM LeelooMinai: With the puck thing, my thinking was that the weight part + cork would absorb enrgy if anything vibrates, but don't know.
02:50 PM LeelooMinai: FinboySlick: Yes, fixed gantry, movable bed.
02:50 PM gregcnc: 500 lbs of granite and rigidly mount it
02:50 PM LeelooMinai: gregcnc: lol, sure
02:52 PM LeelooMinai: I have sand in all the beams in the CNC - not sure if it does much, but when I was building it I read that it may, and it also made the beams cheaper.
02:52 PM FinboySlick: LeelooMinai: Inertia and flexible floors don't go together well.
02:53 PM FinboySlick: My mill feels like a jack-in-the-box when it's doing rapid Z. It's a bit scary.
02:53 PM LeelooMinai: Sure, I know what ideal conditions are, but I think I can make it vibrate less if I do some additions.
02:54 PM LeelooMinai: I settled on 120mm/s rapids - seems that's what I can do with my setup. On all axis.
02:54 PM LeelooMinai: And I think 600 m/s/s acceleration
02:56 PM LeelooMinai: These are the pads I have and plan to put under the CNC stand - between it and the floor: https://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/4-in-square-anti-vibration-pads-with-cork-center/A-p8702938e
02:57 PM LeelooMinai: So, those thigs work between floor and the machine, but would a construction like this work, if they were attached to the machine, but the other side would just have some weight attached "floating" in air?
02:58 PM gregcnc: tuned damper?
02:58 PM LeelooMinai: My thinking was it would have some intertia (that weight) and it would maybe act as a dumpener?
02:59 PM LeelooMinai: Or dampener even, yes
02:59 PM gregcnc: onthe machine frame? to reduce virbation of what?
02:59 PM LeelooMinai: Ok, maybe I am OCDing here - I should probably think about it after I have some vibration sensors...
03:00 PM LeelooMinai: gregcnc: Frame, where there is chatter, etc.
03:00 PM gregcnc: lipstick on a pig is sometimes effective
03:01 PM LeelooMinai: So frame = whole CNC basically.
03:02 PM LeelooMinai: gregcnc: Well, I could also connect the frame to the wall studs rigidly, but, would that be better?
03:02 PM gregcnc: i'd start making things see if/where problems exist and how to work around them with cutting parameters etc.
03:03 PM LeelooMinai: Right, I am just trying to have in mind what works and not for improvements./
03:03 PM gregcnc: people make thing with those type of machines. It's a combination of everything that makes it effective
03:05 PM LeelooMinai: gregcnc: Ok, but in general - would you connect a machine to the wall rigidly or through some dampening connection?
03:08 PM gregcnc: me, no. i'd bolt it to a piece of granite counter top or similar.
03:09 PM gregcnc: even pour concrete block for it
03:12 PM LeelooMinai: It's a bedroom cnc: http://i.imgur.com/MwmElVY.jpg
03:12 PM roycroft: mass is your friend when dampening vibration
03:12 PM LeelooMinai: Not going to pour concrete there:)
03:14 PM gregcnc: http://www.dieselrc.com/x/temp/mill2.jpg this has worked for me for 10+years. the manmade countertop is too light, but I still haven't gotten around to reinforcing it.
03:15 PM LeelooMinai: I have this steel stand I found in the basemend, made by my dad in the past, so I used it - I kind of need to work around it, since replacing it with something else is probably too costly.
03:16 PM roycroft: put a big beefy shelf on the bottom of it and load sandbags on the shelf
03:16 PM LeelooMinai: That's why I am talking about walls - my thinking was that that would stiffen the whole construction.
03:17 PM roycroft: or transmit all the vibration to the walls, making a very annoying sound :)
03:17 PM gregcnc: the house moves with temperature,e tc.
03:17 PM LeelooMinai: That's why I mentioned dampeners between wall and the frame mabe - stiff, but eating high frequencies?
03:17 PM roycroft: 250kg of sandbags would really do a lot to dampen vibration
03:18 PM LeelooMinai: This is the first floor - I don't know if I can put that much weight around rooms like that?
03:19 PM gregcnc: there are people who weigh more walking around in building like that
03:19 PM LeelooMinai: I read somewhere that aquarium guys have to be careful for example - sometimes they need to modify their house:)
03:19 PM LeelooMinai: gregcnc: Maybe in US:)
03:20 PM LeelooMinai: But I guess huige aquarium will be more than 250kg
03:20 PM gregcnc: dead load of buildings is not somethign i know too much about, but water is heavy
03:20 PM LeelooMinai: Well, 1 meter cube would be 100kg already
03:20 PM LeelooMinai: 1000
03:22 PM LeelooMinai: Ok, I "autismed" enough - I forgot to eat my dinner even. Time to fix that.
03:29 PM jbail89-garage: I'm trying to dial in my steps per revolution and I'm not getting very consistent results; any pro tips?
03:30 PM TurBoss: what kind of motor?
03:30 PM TurBoss: nema
03:30 PM jbail89-garage: NEMA 23
03:30 PM TurBoss: 200 could be
03:30 PM TurBoss: 1.8º per step
03:30 PM jbail89-garage: I'm around 830 right now, does that mean I have something else configured wrong?
03:31 PM TurBoss: driver micro steps
03:31 PM TurBoss: how many
03:31 PM TurBoss: ?
03:31 PM jbail89-garage: 320
03:31 PM jbail89-garage: 2
03:31 PM jbail89-garage: my bad
03:31 PM TurBoss: 1 2 8 16?
03:31 PM TurBoss: 12
03:31 PM TurBoss: sorry
03:31 PM TurBoss: 2
03:31 PM TurBoss: the put 200 step per rev and 2 in driver micro steps
03:31 PM TurBoss: the do te test axis
03:31 PM jbail89-garage: testing now
03:32 PM TurBoss: :)
03:32 PM jbail89-garage: moved .34mm for what was supposed to be 5mm
03:33 PM TurBoss: hmmmm
03:33 PM TurBoss: what kind of drivers?
03:33 PM jbail89-garage: DM556(CCK5560)
03:34 PM jbail89-garage: oh I think my dipswitches are wrong
03:34 PM jbail89-garage: let me take a look at them
03:35 PM jbail89-garage: Is there a rule of thumb for microstepping? do I want more or less? I'm not actually sure what it means
03:35 PM TurBoss: first 1:1
03:35 PM TurBoss: i have at 16
03:35 PM TurBoss: but is overkill
03:35 PM TurBoss: motor goes at 10% torque
03:37 PM jbail89-garage: I was configured for microstepping 2 but my switches were at 16
03:37 PM TurBoss: the put 16 at stepconf
03:37 PM TurBoss: and try
03:37 PM TurBoss: or change the switchs
03:39 PM jbail89-garage: 8.55mm movement for 5mm change
03:39 PM jbail89-garage: thats at 16 microstepping; I'm going to change the switches to 2 real quick
03:39 PM TurBoss: ok
03:42 PM TurBoss: jbail89-garage: what are your timming parameters?
03:43 PM jbail89-garage: 2500,2500,10000,5000
03:43 PM TurBoss: fine
03:43 PM TurBoss: 10000 shoud be 5000 too ?
03:45 PM jbail89-garage: the driver timing page says 10000 but I can try 5000
03:46 PM jbail89-garage: I am at 4.98mm for 5mm movement with 2 microstepping and 400 steps per rev
03:47 PM jbail89-garage: that might even bee because im not trammed yet
03:56 PM TurBoss: sorry got internet failure
03:57 PM TurBoss: from the pdf
03:57 PM TurBoss: a)t1: ENA must be ahead of DIR by at least 5μs. Usually, ENA+ and ENA- are NC (not connected). See “Connector P1 Configurations” for more information. b)t2: DIR must be ahead of PUL active edge by 5μs to ensure correct direction; c)t3: Pulse width not less than 2.5μs; d)t4: Low level width not less than 2.5μs.
03:57 PM jbail89-garage: no worries
03:57 PM TurBoss: arghhh
03:57 PM TurBoss: http://dpaste.com/1XDRFB9
04:00 PM jbail89-garage: 4.99mm w/ 5000, 400 steps per rev and 2 microstepping
04:00 PM jbail89-garage: getting close!
04:01 PM jbail89-garage: I think that .01mm is due to tramming
04:01 PM TurBoss: whats tramming?
04:01 PM LeelooMinai: I have 64 microstepping - read that it creates less vibrations.
04:01 PM TurBoss: amazing
04:02 PM XXCoder: lee 64 well sometimes it dont actually move
04:02 PM TurBoss: sure
04:02 PM TurBoss: 16 does
04:02 PM TurBoss: not
04:02 PM XXCoder: my machine uses 1/4 its effective enough
04:02 PM LeelooMinai: I guess a lot depends on the drivers
04:03 PM jbail89-garage: tramming is where you make everything square an level to ensure accuracy and repeatability
04:03 PM TurBoss: thanks
04:03 PM TurBoss: but i'm unsure with the 400 steps
04:03 PM TurBoss: could be?
04:03 PM TurBoss: a nema23 with 400?
04:03 PM LeelooMinai: You have 0.9 deg step?
04:04 PM LeelooMinai: Most are 1.8
04:04 PM TurBoss: not me
04:04 PM TurBoss: mine are 1.8
04:04 PM jbail89-garage: I'm not sure; let me see if I can get some information from the supplier
04:04 PM LeelooMinai: I saw 0.9 ones, but they are more exotic
04:04 PM TurBoss: I asked mine for the datasheet
04:04 PM TurBoss: they send me the pdf via email
04:06 PM jbail89-garage: My supplier has not given a single peice of correct information yet :\
04:07 PM LeelooMinai: You cannot google the model:?
04:07 PM LeelooMinai: There mey be some specs on the internet.
04:07 PM TurBoss: they have any number on it?
04:07 PM TurBoss: s57...
04:08 PM jbail89-garage: step angle is 1.8 per the manufacturer
04:08 PM TurBoss: the 200
04:08 PM TurBoss: *then
04:08 PM LeelooMinai: so that's 200
04:08 PM jbail89-garage: I'm 50% off at 200 steps per revolution; what should I check? microstepping still?
04:08 PM TurBoss: siwtchs
04:08 PM TurBoss: mdouble check
04:09 PM TurBoss: put in 1:1
04:09 PM LeelooMinai: Screw pitch?
04:09 PM jbail89-garage: 5mm
04:11 PM XXCoder: (steps for one rotation * microsteps) / distance per rotation
04:13 PM jbail89-garage: going to change my switches to 1 real quick
04:18 PM jbail89-garage: switches to 1, microstepping 1 in configuration, 200 steps per rev, 2.50 movement for 5mm change
04:18 PM jbail89-garage: maybe they are .9?
04:18 PM XXCoder: maybe
04:19 PM XXCoder: try 400 steps per rotation
04:19 PM LeelooMinai: jbail89-garage: You could post the .ini, maybe something is weird there that could be spotted
04:19 PM XXCoder: yeah good idea
04:19 PM jbail89-garage: the documentation I am seeing says 1.8
04:20 PM jbail89-garage: with 400 steps per rev it's almost spot on
04:20 PM jbail89-garage: https://pastebin.com/cFSXgsJi
04:22 PM jbail89-garage: http://www.jss-motor.com/product/nema23-57HS-2-phase-1.8%C2%B0-hybrid-stepper-motor.html motor page -- my motor is a 57HS112-3004
04:24 PM TurBoss: is the bipolar wiring right?
04:24 PM TurBoss: black green red blue?
04:25 PM XXCoder: tur it moves it should be fine
04:25 PM XXCoder: just wrong distance which is kinda odd
04:25 PM TurBoss: ya
04:25 PM XXCoder: jbail89-garage: you sure your is 5 mm per rotation?
04:25 PM XXCoder: the ballscrews or whatever it uses
04:25 PM jbail89-garage: I have A+ Red, A- Green, B+ Yellow, B- Blue
04:26 PM jbail89-garage: I am not 100% sure but they are listed as 5mm pitch
04:26 PM XXCoder: my ballscrew is 1204
04:26 PM XXCoder: it means 12mm diameter, 4mm per rotation
04:26 PM TurBoss: your wiring seems grown to me
04:26 PM XXCoder: you see that number somewhere
04:27 PM jbail89-garage: 3 x Ball screw 16mm pitch 5mm (C7)
04:27 PM TurBoss: A+ blk, A+ GREEN , B+ RED B- BLUE
04:27 PM XXCoder: so 1605 type
04:28 PM TurBoss: yellow and white unconected
04:28 PM TurBoss: you are exciting only half coil
04:29 PM TurBoss: http://www.jss-motor.com/uploadfiles/
04:29 PM LeelooMinai: I am not sure about that scale=40.0 there - imo this should be how many pulses are needed to make one revolution
04:29 PM jbail89-garage: http://www.cncelectronicskit.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/stepper-motor-wirring.png
04:29 PM jbail89-garage: this is the wiring diagram I was provided
04:30 PM XXCoder: TurBoss: 6 wire acts as 4 wire stepper if right wires is left disconnected
04:30 PM XXCoder: in this case, yellow and white.
04:30 PM jbail89-garage: I only have 4 wires
04:30 PM LeelooMinai: Or maybe pulses per unit, hmm, I think per unit, so pulses per 1mm
04:30 PM TurBoss: not &?
04:30 PM TurBoss: 6?
04:30 PM jbail89-garage: not 6
04:30 PM TurBoss: ok the should be good
04:31 PM LeelooMinai: So 200 pulses per 5mm, so 40 per mm, ok, that seems correct
04:31 PM XXCoder: lee yeah, it should be steps per rotation * microstep
04:31 PM XXCoder: for example for 4 microsteop, (200 * 4) / 5
04:31 PM LeelooMinai: Docs are unclear, as alwys
04:32 PM jbail89-garage: yeah, my documentation is terrible :\
04:32 PM LeelooMinai: They write there "he following are custom INI file entries that you may find in a sample INI file or a wizard generated file. These are not used by the LinuxCNC software. "
04:32 PM LeelooMinai: And then all stepper settings follow I I have no idea which is used by linuxcnc and which is not:)
04:33 PM jbail89-garage: are the driver switches and microstepping in the configuration supposed to be the same?
04:33 PM LeelooMinai: jbail89-garage: What do you mean - you wrote those docs?
04:33 PM XXCoder: jb yeah they have to agree
04:33 PM jbail89-garage: LeelooMinai: I used the wizard
04:34 PM jbail89-garage: they match, I was just making sure
04:34 PM LeelooMinai: jbail89-garage: When you wrote "mu documentation is terrible", I thought you meant you wrote the linuxcnc docs:)
04:34 PM jbail89-garage: oh no, the documentation for the hardware I purchased
04:35 PM LeelooMinai: Hmm, what are the drivers?
04:35 PM jbail89-garage: DM556
04:35 PM jbail89-garage: http://www.leadshine.com/UploadFile/Down/DM556m.pdf
04:36 PM LeelooMinai: And wich switches you have on?
04:36 PM jbail89-garage: they are labelled as CCK5560 so it took me forever to find out what I actually had
04:36 PM XXCoder: laters, off to convert my time to money.
04:36 PM jbail89-garage: 3 and 4 off, all other on
04:37 PM XXCoder: jbail ich wanted to say something to you but cant remember. oh well maybe can look up at log - look at hour after you left.
04:37 PM XXCoder: this log
04:37 PM XXCoder: laters
04:38 PM TurBoss: sw 3 and 4 are not micro step related
04:38 PM TurBoss: sw 5 678
04:38 PM LeelooMinai: jbail89-garage: I think the default setting is "saoftware configured" and may be weird - so maybe use explicit steps, say 2, so switch the sw5 off
04:39 PM LeelooMinai: Then you have scale 80 I guess
04:39 PM LeelooMinai: Because 5678 on seems to me as "something - who knows what"
04:39 PM jbail89-garage: I had them at 2 and then 400 steps per rev and it was pretty accurate
04:40 PM LeelooMinai: 5678 on that is
04:40 PM jbail89-garage: Is that an appropriate way to have it configured?
04:40 PM LeelooMinai: Right, so, 2 is fine and will be 400 steps and scale 80, yes, nothing wrong with that, unless you want more steps that is - I have 64 set and 1280 as scale and works well too
04:41 PM LeelooMinai: I also have 5mm ballscrews
04:41 PM jbail89-garage: just switch them back, I'll take a look at the accuracy again
04:43 PM jbail89-garage: it's perfect, getting exactly 5mm with 5mm jog!
04:44 PM * roycroft will be able to get back to the cnc conversion of his mill-drill after his new lathe is all set up, and can get back on-topic here
04:44 PM LeelooMinai: I think I have similar drivers - they all seem to be some Leadshine clones or related to them anyways.
04:44 PM roycroft: a big reason i have been pushing hard to find a new lathe is that i need to machine the ends of the ball screws for my cnc conversion
04:47 PM LeelooMinai: Anyone did anything around the "Glade" panel?
04:47 PM LeelooMinai: Not sure if that's what I should use nowadays for my panel or what.
04:47 PM TurBoss: I just use pyvcp
04:48 PM LeelooMinai: Right, I did some basic things with it, but now I see that there's this Glade thing and it has a GUI to actually design the placement of everything visually.
04:49 PM LeelooMinai: Editing XML by hand and reloading to see what happened was a bit... archaic.
04:51 PM LeelooMinai: I wonder why axis in Linuxcnc have collors that are not "normal"...
04:52 PM LeelooMinai: Everywhere else it's RGB -> XYZ
05:54 PM Cromaglious_: Roycroft. My lathe is good for that
05:55 PM Cromaglious_: Which why i ordered a generic one
06:01 PM Cromaglious_: There was the guy that added extra rods across X to minimize the X linear rod flexing.
06:03 PM Cromaglious_: On his 3040
06:34 PM zeeshan: hey everyone
06:34 PM zeeshan: :D
06:35 PM zeeshan: man i got a lot of machining to do over the next two weeks before my vacation
06:35 PM zeeshan: =/
06:36 PM Tom_L: hey
06:36 PM zeeshan: hi
06:39 PM Tom_L: whadda you got to machine?
06:39 PM zeeshan: my truck stuff
06:39 PM zeeshan: and then i got a couple of welding fixtures to make for a customer
06:42 PM Vitran: What are you adding to your truck now? Highbeams above the cab?
06:42 PM zeeshan: roof rack
06:42 PM zeeshan: dual battery
06:42 PM zeeshan: water pump for shower =D
06:43 PM Vitran: You need to make an off-road racing car
06:43 PM zeeshan: one day!
06:43 PM zeeshan: Tom_L: http://i.imgur.com/MzfurN4.jpg
06:44 PM zeeshan: they need 4 of those
06:44 PM zeeshan: lots of machining
06:44 PM Vitran: Not watercut?
06:44 PM sync: you need to finish the v8 first
06:44 PM Tom_L: customers before toys
06:44 PM zeeshan: sync the v8 has been running
06:44 PM zeeshan: for the last 2 months
06:44 PM zeeshan: you're late to the party!
06:44 PM sync: does it drive
06:44 PM zeeshan: yea
06:44 PM sync: nice
06:45 PM zeeshan: ive been driving it on and off for the last 2 months
06:45 PM zeeshan: weather has been pretty crap
06:45 PM zeeshan: is your DSM running
06:45 PM sync: is that a welding fixture?
06:45 PM sync: yes
06:45 PM sync: of course
06:45 PM sync: leaking oil and coolant, #dsmlyfe
06:45 PM sync: but it runs
06:46 PM zeeshan: Vitran: lots of tight tolerances
06:46 PM zeeshan: and surface finish requirements
06:46 PM Vitran: dang
06:46 PM zeeshan: look at this for example
06:46 PM Vitran: a weld fixture with tight tolerances?
06:46 PM zeeshan: lol tell me about it :p
06:46 PM zeeshan: they make titanium parts
06:47 PM zeeshan: =D
06:47 PM zeeshan: http://i.imgur.com/0DmrH5Z.png
06:47 PM zeeshan: all those .xxx are +/-.002
06:47 PM sync: lol what a shitty drawing
06:48 PM zeeshan: they went nuts with the tolerance requirements
06:48 PM zeeshan: its ok
06:48 PM zeeshan: i charge accordingly
06:48 PM Vitran: Sounds like someone in CAD is paid by the drawings/hr
06:48 PM Tom_L: better charge em a bit more for that shitty drawing
06:48 PM zeeshan: they gave me solid models
06:48 PM zeeshan: so i dont really care much about the drawing other than seeing critical tolerances
06:49 PM zeeshan: and using it for inspection :D
06:49 PM Vitran: I got chewed out from a laser cutter today for putting .63" instead of .625" because they didn't know what .63" was when there is a +-0.01" on the drawing
06:49 PM zeeshan: lol
06:49 PM Tom_L: the only reason they're all 3 place decimals is because the idiot didn't know how to change it in cad
06:49 PM Vitran: I was going... but... why?
06:50 PM zeeshan: just cause of the toleracing
06:50 PM zeeshan: i have to machine it pretty much
06:50 PM zeeshan: otherwise it could have been profiled on the waterjet
06:50 PM sync: I wonder how much ti moves during welding
06:50 PM sync: those fixtures are not really stiff
06:51 PM Tom_L: like the .008" flat between the arcs
06:51 PM Tom_L: seriously....
06:51 PM zeeshan: ROFL
06:51 PM Tom_L: you better get that right cause i'm gonna check it
06:51 PM zeeshan: they're pretty tight on quality tho
06:51 PM zeeshan: i was out by 4 thou
06:52 PM zeeshan: on overall size for an angle bracket before
06:52 PM zeeshan: and i had to remake 15 of them
06:52 PM zeeshan: i broke even on that job
06:52 PM zeeshan: he sent me a cmm inspection sheet
06:52 PM Tom_L: they called you back cause they found a sucker
06:52 PM zeeshan: :-)
06:52 PM Tom_L: i wonder how many shops laughed at em
06:53 PM Tom_L: don't forget that 1" arc .072" long
06:54 PM Tom_L: which is more than .072 because it's measured on the waterline
06:55 PM Tom_L: i couldn't even tell you what the 5.084 is
06:55 PM sync: yeah I would not touch that
06:55 PM zeeshan: you would for 500 bux each
06:55 PM zeeshan: :)
06:55 PM zeeshan: its a simple part
06:55 PM zeeshan: for a cnc
06:55 PM Tom_L: they would clarify the drawing via eco before i would even at that
06:56 PM zeeshan: the way im doing this part is profiling the outside and doing the .240 hole
06:56 PM Tom_L: the 68deg on the .008" flat is critical too
06:57 PM zeeshan: drilling the tap dril lfor the m6 (.787 apart)
06:57 PM zeeshan: flipping it on the 22 degree face
06:57 PM Tom_L: other than the stupid drawing, it's an easy part to make
06:58 PM sync: yeah it is not too bad overall, but usually the customers that supply something like that are cray
06:58 PM zeeshan: that part coulda been like 120
06:58 PM Tom_L: i doubt they are equipped to mesaure it anyway
06:58 PM zeeshan: if i could profile it and do the tap holes
07:00 PM zeeshan: Tom_L: whats new
07:00 PM zeeshan: sync: been racing yet?
07:01 PM sync: yes
07:02 PM zeeshan: drag?
07:05 PM Vitran: I got a foolish question. I got the final parts so I can start taking out the PLC of a Fanuc 6T and putting in the Mesa. What and how should I be taking the PLC apart? What do people want from a PLC?
07:07 PM zeeshan: label all wires
07:07 PM zeeshan: :D
07:08 PM Vitran: Do people want the PLC wires? I don't know
07:08 PM zeeshan: usually its MTW wire
07:08 PM zeeshan: not the garbage you can buy at princess auto
07:08 PM zeeshan: so i scavenged and reused mine
07:08 PM zeeshan: as long as it was in good condition ofcourse
07:09 PM Vitran: All the wires I see are the input wires in D-sub
07:09 PM zeeshan: thats another thing
07:09 PM Vitran: then the pluggs
07:09 PM zeeshan: there is likely a shield around the whole thing
07:10 PM zeeshan: with the mesa you'd prolly cut off the d-sub and solder a wire to the shielding and route that to a single ground point
07:10 PM zeeshan: and then reuse the wires inside the cable and route them to the mesa
07:10 PM Vitran: I got d-sub breakouts with grounding
07:10 PM zeeshan: do you have a list made up to explain what each wire is in each cable?
07:10 PM zeeshan: oh!
07:10 PM zeeshan: yes, i forgot you told me that
07:11 PM Vitran: $9 each, so I got a bunch
07:11 PM zeeshan: that'll make life easier
07:11 PM Vitran: that's the goal. I'll put a barrier strip on one side for power, ground on the other, and the MESA in the middle with fingertraps all around
07:12 PM zeeshan: what are fingertraps
07:12 PM sync: of course not zeeshan
07:12 PM zeeshan: sync: why not
07:12 PM zeeshan: afraid to blow it up? :D
07:12 PM sync: no
07:13 PM sync: because there are no drag strips here
07:13 PM zeeshan: o
07:13 PM Vitran: zeeshan: http://img.directindustry.com/images_di/photo-m2/61333-2720223.jpg
07:14 PM zeeshan: oh cable trays
07:14 PM zeeshan: :D
07:14 PM sync: and drag racing is boring
07:14 PM zeeshan: thats what slo people say
07:14 PM zeeshan: :)
07:14 PM * zeeshan hides
07:15 PM sync: you come over and lap the ring in sub 8min
07:16 PM sync: and then tell me that drag racing is fun
07:16 PM zeeshan: :F
07:16 PM malcom2073: Both are fun, but in different kinds of machines
07:18 PM sync: it is not particularily fast, but 200hp/ton is ok for some brapings
07:19 PM malcom2073: If I ever get a truck built I'm gonna take it to the drag strip, 6200lbs ftl
07:20 PM malcom2073: I try to take every vehicle at least once, which is the great thing about drag racing: any vehicle can do it.
07:20 PM sync: and it will do 140mph all the way down the autobahn until the fuel runs out zeeshan :P
07:21 PM sync: yeah, that is about the only good thing I can see about drag racing, it takes almost zero investment
07:22 PM malcom2073: I do wish I could invest in a real race car... maybe someday. There are a few decent tracks fairly close to me that have track days
07:23 PM sync: well, you don't really need a race car
07:23 PM malcom2073: By real race car, I mean a vehicle that wouldn't just get in other peoples way
07:23 PM sync: everything with irs will handle ok if it is not completely clapped out
07:23 PM zeeshan: i like both
07:23 PM Vitran: I know it is tangential, but canada made speed racing news. Pedal powered bike going 144km/h
07:23 PM Vitran: http://www.cbc.ca/sportslongform/entry/the-worlds-fastest-human-is-canadian
07:24 PM Cromaglious_: I want to race 1/4 mile dirt track in a fwd honda civic/ford festiva type class
07:25 PM Cromaglious_: 4cyl automatic NA class 2wd
07:25 PM sync: the cheapest way to get a decent track car is an e36 or e46 328
07:26 PM Cromaglious_: Vitran without a car in front as a wind break?
07:26 PM Vitran: Well, it is a special bike
07:27 PM Vitran: The same team is also making a pedal powered helicopter
07:27 PM Cromaglious_: Guy did 150mph back in the 50's with a car wind break
07:28 PM Vitran: Must have been dangerous to pedal at that speed. Don't know what gearing they would need
07:28 PM Cromaglious_: It was a midget with a horse trailer front grafted on as a wind break
07:29 PM Cromaglious_: Front sprocket was over 12"
07:29 PM Cromaglious_: Bigger that the pedels spread
07:30 PM sync: ah it is a recumbent
07:30 PM Cromaglious_: So probably over 20"
07:30 PM sync: well that is cheating
07:30 PM Cromaglious_: Easier to put power into the pedals
07:31 PM roycroft: i used to draft trucks at 50+mph when i was training, back in a previous lifetime
07:31 PM roycroft: dangerous as hell
07:31 PM roycroft: but i was young and foolish
07:31 PM sync: https://www.classicdriver.com/sites/default/files/styles/full_width_slider/public/import/articlesv2/images/_de/8413/Porsche_935_Bike_02pop.jpg?itok=G3s_5-45
07:31 PM SpeedEvil: I find hte 'pedal powered helicopters' annoying. It's not a helicopter if it can't fly out of ground effect, it's a hovercraft.
07:31 PM Cromaglious_: Young, dumb, full of c?m
07:31 PM sync: drafting semis is suprisingly easy, yeah
07:31 PM roycroft: i'll stick with young and foolish
07:32 PM roycroft: it is, as far as effort expended
07:32 PM roycroft: it's difficult to spin the pedals at 150rpm or so
07:32 PM roycroft: that's the point of doing that kind of drafting
07:32 PM roycroft: to be able to spin that fast
07:32 PM SpeedEvil: Well, no. It's to reduce drag.
07:32 PM roycroft: it makes normal spinning go a lot smoother
07:32 PM SpeedEvil: Otherwise you can't hope to generate the power
07:33 PM roycroft: yes, but when training (i was a competetive long-distance cyclist) the point was to be able to spin fast
07:33 PM roycroft: eliminating drag was just a means to being able to do that
07:33 PM Cromaglious_: Get home and see if i can get that tap out
07:33 PM SpeedEvil: For training, sure.
07:33 PM roycroft: and just spinning fast in lower gears doesn't accomplish the goal
07:33 PM roycroft: because one needs to be pedalling both hard and fast
07:34 PM SpeedEvil: yeah, you'd need to find a steep hill
07:34 PM roycroft: but if i'm honest, part of it was just showing off too
07:34 PM roycroft: and in chicago, where i grew up, there are no hills
07:34 PM SpeedEvil: and hills that long aren't very common
07:34 PM roycroft: :)
07:35 PM Cromaglious_: What was that cycling shirt you could hook to your saddle so you could extra pressure on the pedals...
07:38 PM Cromaglious_: Could put extra
07:40 PM LeelooMinai: I don't think shirt would help with that.
07:45 PM LeelooMinai: Ok, I got my bottle 6 ton jack and investigated how those things work, so I am not clueless - seems it will have 6x the force multiplication from the level, and say 50x from the piston areas, so thats 300x 20kg from human.
07:45 PM LeelooMinai: lever*
07:46 PM LeelooMinai: Now if I want to squash anything at home, I will be able to:)
08:05 PM Cromaglious_: B17 just flew over us
08:06 PM Cromaglious_: War bird
08:08 PM * SpeedEvil buys MRE futures.
08:45 PM R2E4_bevins1: forum down?
08:55 PM TurBoss: does anyone know why realtime kernel gives a lot of packet loss on ping?
08:55 PM TurBoss: i'm using 3.4 rt patch
08:56 PM TurBoss: I can't ssh to the box
08:56 PM TurBoss: just vga
08:58 PM malcom2073: TurBoss: Is your CPU pegged?
08:58 PM TurBoss: is A20
08:58 PM TurBoss: pegged?
08:58 PM malcom2073: At 100% utilization
08:59 PM TurBoss: ah
08:59 PM TurBoss: sek
08:59 PM TurBoss: no its 1/3 %
08:59 PM TurBoss: 1% or 3 %
08:59 PM malcom2073: Hmm, dunno then
08:59 PM TurBoss: thanks
09:00 PM malcom2073: I'm out of ideas :-P I've seen high cpu utilizationo n realtime kernels kill the network
09:00 PM TurBoss: its dual core and stay idle
09:41 PM CaptHindsight: TurBoss: Allwinner A20 or?
09:43 PM CaptHindsight: http://linux-sunxi.org/A20 http://www.allwinnertech.com/index.php?c=product&a=index&id=45
09:48 PM CaptHindsight: http://linux-sunxi.org/Ethernet#Performance_issues
09:55 PM zeeshan: !seen rob_h
09:55 PM the_wench: last seen in 2017-05-09 23:57:54GMT 03:26:07 ago, saying Ping timeout: 264 seconds
09:55 PM zeeshan: Dear Rob_h please help mr. Vitran by sending your tool changer files :-)
09:55 PM zeeshan: and config!