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Apr 18 2017

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12:02 AM roycroft: that's right under the spindle
12:05 AM roycroft: most lathes are rough there - the carriage is never supposed to go over that far
12:05 AM XXCoder: ahh ok
12:05 AM Crom: gmoccspy has issues on which speed to display in which window
12:20 AM Crom: ok paused for the night...
12:29 AM Crom: roycroft: you get it?
12:30 AM Crom: ahh looks like you did... hit the kisses with a flapper wheel... give it that rounded old school look
12:31 AM XXCoder: old school LOL
12:31 AM XXCoder: what with all it being from school and all
12:32 AM Crom: XXCoder: can you see this? https://beta.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Sheldonlathe/photos/photostream/lightbox/1991681363?orderBy=mtime&sortOrder=desc&photoFilter=ALL
12:33 AM XXCoder: great have to confirm my ancient account
12:34 AM roycroft: i got it, crom
12:34 AM roycroft: did you see the pics?
12:34 AM Crom: looking at them now...
12:34 AM roycroft: he came down to $400
12:34 AM roycroft: it's a project
12:34 AM XXCoder: its refusing to allow me to see it!
12:34 AM roycroft: but i think it's a solid machine, and a good deal
12:34 AM XXCoder: it says must secure account but no option to not to
12:35 AM Crom: gotta figure out how to make tham publlic
12:36 AM XXCoder: so crom answer is nope, I cant see it
12:36 AM XXCoder: I refuse to give yahoo my mobile number
12:43 AM Crom: now to upload them
12:47 AM Crom: http://picpaste.com/Chuck_Keys-16cX13c.jpg http://picpaste.com/IMG_0362.jpg http://picpaste.com/IMG_0363.jpg http://picpaste.com/IMG_0365.jpg
12:53 AM Crom: http://picpaste.com/IMG_0370.jpg http://picpaste.com/Original_Belt.jpg http://picpaste.com/P2120338.jpg http://picpaste.com/Taper_Attachment.jpg http://picpaste.com/Tool_Post_and_DI.jpg
12:53 AM XXCoder: looking
12:55 AM XXCoder: interesting
12:56 AM Crom: http://picpaste.com/Jacob___mt2_taper_I_made.jpg http://picpaste.com/P2120360-19c_Lathe_Apron.jpg
12:57 AM Crom: yep... very dirty...
12:58 AM XXCoder: nah its very nice decoactive oxide coating
12:58 AM Crom: drive belt is a rachet strap...
01:00 AM Jymmm: beats pantyhose I guess
01:00 AM Jymmm: YAY, on gigabit router (again)!!!
01:00 AM Crom: before I got it home http://picpaste.com/Sheldon_Lathe.jpg
01:01 AM XXCoder: it was left outside
01:01 AM Crom: where do you think it got that decrotive patina?
01:02 AM XXCoder: indeed
01:03 AM Crom: before I got it all unlocked up
01:03 AM Jymmm: Crom: I thought you asked me to add slat water to it every three days?
01:03 AM Jymmm: salt*
01:04 AM Crom: need to take the motor apart and clean it as well the clutch is sticking...
01:05 AM Jymmm: Crom: white conegar is an EXCELLENT rust remover
01:05 AM Jymmm: vinegar*
01:05 AM archivist: wire brush
01:06 AM Crom: I'm looking for some brass to make some oilers for it as well
01:06 AM Jymmm: archivist: only after the vinegar removes the first few layers =)
01:06 AM XXCoder: if I recall white vingear also can delime stuff like shower head
01:06 AM Jymmm: XXCoder: yep
01:06 AM XXCoder: execellent, I bought a bottle for that usage.
01:07 AM archivist: vinegar is slow see http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=new+filing+machine
01:07 AM Jymmm: XXCoder: and you put in the water when poaching eggs to firm up the whites better
01:07 AM XXCoder: not much of a cook, I am lol
01:07 AM Jymmm: archivist: Yes, exactly. I've seen the jelly pit matal like a crater
01:07 AM XXCoder: I tend to just nuke burrito to eat, and drink soylent on work days.
01:08 AM Jymmm: XXCoder: it's people!
01:08 AM XXCoder: not working today, too sick. I will get my dead body to work if its last thing I do.
01:08 AM XXCoder: *tomorrow
01:09 AM Crom: I tend to get a gallon of white vinegar every 4 months...
01:09 AM XXCoder: nah, its soy stuff. book not movie :P
01:09 AM Jymmm: XXCoder: both are evil
01:09 AM Jymmm: Crom: I always have some on hand
01:09 AM XXCoder: ever read 1984?
01:09 AM XXCoder: you should if havent heh
01:09 AM Jymmm: I dont read
01:10 AM Crom: read more heinlein!
01:10 AM Jymmm: at least not fiction
01:10 AM Crom: heinlein has a bunch of non fiction
01:10 AM Jymmm: I god written 900 page tech manual, no problem. 100 page fiction, eh
01:10 AM Jymmm: good*
01:10 AM Crom: hehe... his political stuff...
01:10 AM XXCoder: I have couple of his books
01:11 AM XXCoder: meh
01:11 AM Jymmm: Crom: I just read tech/reference stuff
01:11 AM XXCoder: I tend to read hard scifi and some fantasy
01:11 AM Crom: Then read Asimov!
01:11 AM XXCoder: had.
01:12 AM XXCoder: I finish a bookj each 2 days
01:12 AM Crom: Asimov wrote a bunch of text books as well
01:12 AM XXCoder: so I have read tons of books.
01:12 AM Crom: I was finishing 2 books some days...
01:12 AM XXCoder: my physical book library is over 450 books, 600 ebooks
01:13 AM Crom: I've switched to storiesonline.net and others.... much cheaper...
01:13 AM XXCoder: opendns blocked
01:14 AM XXCoder: yep I can see why opendns blocks it lol
01:14 AM XXCoder: not much interest in that subject
01:16 AM Crom: I don't read that crap... I read the SciFi
01:16 AM gottaname|wurk: XXCoder can into piracy?
01:16 AM gottaname|wurk: :P
01:16 AM Crom: current chapter I'm reading http://storiesonline.net/s/13255/living-a-cap-based-present?ind=1
01:17 AM XXCoder: interesting story for you http://www.novelupdates.com/series/ascendance-of-a-bookworm/
01:18 AM XXCoder: charactor is rather.. socialpathic but writing is very good
01:18 AM XXCoder: theres hundreds of chapters but only 49 been translated so far.
01:19 AM Crom: been reading a story for over 12 years... Chapter 3400+ right now
01:20 AM XXCoder: crazy dang heh
01:20 AM XXCoder: biggest one I have so far is Worm
01:20 AM XXCoder: 12 million words
01:21 AM XXCoder: err 17 million words,m 6,273 pages
01:27 AM Crom: nice...
01:28 AM XXCoder: yeah its superhero story
01:28 AM XXCoder: only ya know, more real people
01:33 AM roycroft: the chuck takes a 3/8" key
01:33 AM roycroft: so i can use a 3/8" ratchet and extension for now
01:33 AM XXCoder: not bad
01:33 AM XXCoder: if you has mill can make one?
01:33 AM roycroft: yeah, but i can buy one for like $15
01:33 AM Crom: mine is a 5/16"
01:34 AM roycroft: hardly worth the time to make one
01:34 AM XXCoder: guess so yeah
01:34 AM Crom: I don't have a mill yet
01:34 AM roycroft: i need a tool post before i can do anything with the machine other than clean it up a bit
01:35 AM roycroft: i really want to do some testing before i start seriously disassembling/cleaning/rebuilding
01:35 AM roycroft: so i know what i'm working with
01:35 AM roycroft: i need a dead center for the tailstock as well
01:36 AM Crom: if you have a hunk of AL you can use the drill press to make holes, then tap some holes for clamping and have a hole for your stud/bolt to the tnut
01:37 AM Crom: use washers or feeler guages to shim
01:37 AM roycroft: yeah, i can cobble something up if i really want to
01:38 AM roycroft: i also have a mini (0xa?) qctp for my mini lathe
01:38 AM roycroft: i could put a block under that and use it temporarily, as long as i take light cuts
01:38 AM Crom: the boring bar holder I had... was basically thatn...
02:00 AM roycroft: the parting tool holder is expensive for the create tool
02:00 AM roycroft: $72 plus shipping
02:00 AM enleth: roycroft: they are a bit softer than the swiss stuff, but still hard enough to last, and it's probably just because it's supposed to be softer than the toolpost - so they must have had done the holders soft if their toolposts aren't as hard as originals
02:01 AM roycroft: pewe is german, not swiss
02:01 AM IchGucksLive: im off Bye till 7pm Berlin
02:01 AM enleth: roycroft: I'm talking about the actual Multifix brand, not pewe
02:01 AM roycroft: http://www.ebay.com/itm/182483291852
02:02 AM roycroft: ciao
02:02 AM roycroft: i can't afford multifix brand
02:02 AM roycroft: not even remotely
02:02 AM enleth: well, yeah, try looking for a used post though
02:04 AM Crom: http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Jaw-x-8-Independent-Steel-And-Semi-steel-Metal-Lathe-Chuck-New-/191871116026
02:04 AM roycroft: pewe claim rockwell 55-60 for their multifix
02:04 AM XXCoder: 90 not too bad
02:04 AM enleth: what the hell is "semi-steel"?
02:05 AM Crom: non-ferros
02:05 AM roycroft: 1" through hole on that chuck
02:05 AM roycroft: pretty small
02:05 AM enleth: roycroft: so it's the same as CT, while the swiss holders are 63-65 AFAIR
02:05 AM roycroft: but i suppose a 4 jaw doesn't commonly need a big through hole
02:05 AM roycroft: aah, i wasn't sure about the ct ones
02:05 AM Crom: max jaw opening 3"
02:06 AM roycroft: so thy're all pretty equivalent
02:06 AM Crom: I don't think it's actually 8"
02:06 AM roycroft: maybe it's 8" circumference :)
02:06 AM Crom: it's a 4"
02:07 AM roycroft: a low end 8" 4 jaw can be had for about $150-$175
02:07 AM roycroft: a good one $450
02:07 AM roycroft: a really precise one $1500
02:07 AM roycroft: i'll be going for the low end at first
02:07 AM roycroft: unless i can get a good used one
02:08 AM Crom: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HD-Precision-4-Jaw-x-8-Independent-Metal-Lathe-Chuck-Plain-Back-M1062-New-/291987585766
02:08 AM Crom: 1.97" thru hole
02:08 AM XXCoder: its true that for precision point to move to left, dot for price moves to right lol
02:08 AM Crom: $143ish
02:09 AM Crom: free shipping and it's in Florida
02:10 AM enleth: which reminds me I need a 4-jaw for the ORAC
02:10 AM enleth: and that means replicating the weirdo adapter plate
02:10 AM Crom: Looks alot like mine... but bigger... it's a 4jaw... precission depends on your indicating it in..
02:10 AM roycroft: my spindle is allegedly really weird
02:10 AM roycroft: 65mm x 8tpi
02:10 AM Deejay: moin
02:11 AM enleth: for some reason, Denford decided it's a good idea to change the Emco spindle nose to some non-standard nonsense
02:11 AM roycroft: i bet that chuck has been on the spindle for 35 years
02:12 AM roycroft: it might be a challenge to remove it
02:13 AM enleth: AFAIR someone identified that spindle nose shape as a non-existent size of some obscure Japanese standard - that is, if there were a size smaller than the specified smallest one in that standard, it would be this
02:13 AM Crom: stick a BIG cresent wrench on a jaw and tap on it with a persuader
02:15 AM roycroft: i have a 450mm crescent wrench
02:15 AM roycroft: that should do
02:15 AM roycroft: it still might take a while
02:15 AM enleth: roycroft: do you have any ATF? helps get stuff move
02:15 AM roycroft: i don't think so
02:16 AM Crom: I put a strap wrench on the belt pulley and tap the wrench on the jaw
02:16 AM Crom: pb blaster...
02:17 AM enleth: don't forget to put a folded blanket or several layers of cardboard on the ways
02:17 AM roycroft: yeah, 'm sure i'll get it off
02:17 AM roycroft: i'll probably make some chuck cradles out of 2x6s
02:18 AM Crom: 2.55905511811023622047" 8tpi
02:18 AM roycroft: yes
02:18 AM roycroft: very strange, if that's what it really is
02:19 AM roycroft: i won't know for sure until i remove the chuck
02:19 AM roycroft: and my first project won't be making the backing plate for a 4 jaw
02:19 AM roycroft: it will be to replicate the spindle thread
02:19 AM roycroft: so i can test the backing plate i'll be making without having to take the chuck off the spindle all the time
02:20 AM Crom: get a 8tpi 2.5" nut sii if it'll fit...
02:20 AM Crom: s/sii/see/
02:22 AM roycroft: if that were to fit i'd be able to buy a tap for it
02:23 AM roycroft: but first i need to take the chuck off and see what i'm working with
02:24 AM Crom: what size is the lathe? 13x40?
02:25 AM roycroft: 12x36
02:34 AM roycroft: oh, i will not buy a tap for that backing plate
02:35 AM roycroft: a 2.5"x8tpi tap is $885
02:35 AM roycroft: i'll single point all day for that price
02:38 AM XXCoder: milled thread?
02:40 AM Crom: 1-3/4 8tpi nuts are a bit cheaper...
02:41 AM gcardinal: shoot in the dark - anyone here with wabeco F1210-C hs or other wabeco machine with ballscrews and factory installed motors? can't figure out proper ration on axis
03:14 AM archivist_herron: gcardinal, just measure a distance,
03:15 AM XXCoder: gcardinal: you have part number of ballscrew? like say 1604 or something
03:15 AM gcardinal: archivist_herron yes, doing it now
03:15 AM archivist_herron: move an amount, measure result d1/d2 and you can a ratio of actual to wanted
03:15 AM archivist_herron: XXCoder, easier to measure
03:16 AM gcardinal: XXCoder nopp, factory installed unknown parts
03:16 AM XXCoder: yeah looks like measure and ratio method then
03:16 AM archivist_herron: he will have step number etc as well in the mix
03:16 AM XXCoder: arch if part number is known its far easier to calculate
03:16 AM XXCoder: mine is 1204 so I know 4 mm per rotation
03:17 AM * archivist_herron giggles as assumptions of partnumbers
03:17 AM XXCoder: huh
03:17 AM archivist_herron: as/at
03:18 AM XXCoder: no, it is that. probably not "part number" but ballscrew definition, ballscrew diameter and distance for one rotation
03:18 AM archivist_herron: could be two start
03:19 AM archivist_herron: measure observe
03:19 AM XXCoder: it makes initial setup easy
03:21 AM archivist_herron: 90% of people retrofitting wont know without some measuring
03:21 AM XXCoder: its great when has info but yeah if no info
03:29 AM The_Ball: I'm going down the path of making a tool changer work, is classic ladder the recommended way, or make a custom HAL module, or something different all together?
03:57 AM XXCoder: fanastic
03:57 AM XXCoder: fixed that damned shower
03:57 AM XXCoder: hour in vingear bath fixed the showerhead
04:28 AM gcardinal: archivist_herron jupp, but when you order parts its kinda easier to know what they are. on cnc-ready machine there is just "stuff" :) unknown that is
04:29 AM XXCoder: my cnc frame was "cnc ready". it included ballscrew ingp
04:29 AM XXCoder: info
04:31 AM archivist_herron: gcardinal, and stuff can be english or metric even when from china
04:31 AM archivist_herron: whitworth threads on a cheap clamping set
04:33 AM gcardinal: here is my machine btw https://www.wabeco-remscheid.de/catalog/product/view/id/5779/s/bohr-und-fraesmaschine-f1210-c-hs/
04:33 AM XXCoder: pretty nice
04:34 AM gcardinal: ty - has yeat to run it
05:24 AM jthornton: morning
05:24 AM XXCoder: hey jthornton
05:24 AM Tom_itx: tis that
05:24 AM XXCoder: I fixed my showerhead lol
05:24 AM XXCoder: used vingear
05:25 AM Tom_itx: i bet you smell funny now :D
05:25 AM jthornton: to clean it?
05:25 AM XXCoder: maybe
05:25 AM XXCoder: nah delime it
05:25 AM XXCoder: it now sprays cleanly
05:27 AM Tom_itx: ok, after not changing a thing (it's been sitting idle) my 10.04 ubuntu has no GUI now
05:27 AM Tom_itx: no idea how to fix it
05:27 AM Tom_itx: not a linux guru...
05:28 AM XXCoder: even after reboot?
05:28 AM Tom_itx: yep
05:28 AM XXCoder: theres shortcut to go to termal
05:28 AM XXCoder: you using that computer to be here?
05:28 AM Tom_itx: i get some low res screen warning and none of the options work
05:28 AM Tom_itx: no
05:29 AM XXCoder: sounds like display setting problem
05:29 AM XXCoder: can your mouse go way off screen area?
05:29 AM Tom_itx: it never gets that far
05:30 AM Tom_itx: anyway, i've no time to mess with it right now
05:30 AM Tom_itx: just another pita to add to the list
05:35 AM XXCoder: sucks
05:39 AM jthornton: I hate pita things
05:39 AM jthornton: moved the chicken condo yesterday to the garage
06:03 AM XXCoder: https://boingboing.net/2017/04/17/how-to-make-a-real-life-minecr.html
06:03 AM XXCoder: this looks awesome
07:45 AM Longbow: hello, I am running out of IO. I was thinking to add a 7i64 card to my 6i25+7i77. Is it possible?
07:46 AM XXCoder: should be possible, as long as there is I/O address to be used for new parallel card
07:46 AM XXCoder: know what your computer already use and whats aviliable and find compitable card
07:47 AM Longbow: The 7i77 card should have a RS-422 interface (TB6) to witch I should connect the 7i64? am I right?
07:48 AM XXCoder: sorry too tired to think clearly lol gonna go bed
07:49 AM Longbow: no problem :)
07:58 AM Todd_Z: A 7i84 is a lot cheaper, and would interface with the ss port on the 7i77 the same way as the 7i64.
07:59 AM Longbow: 7i64 output drivers are switches(mosfets)? - one output has two pins one for Vin and another for Vout?
07:59 AM Longbow: 7i84? let me take a look
08:01 AM Longbow: it only has 300mA per output or less.
08:01 AM gcardinal: really looking forward getting set of Leadshine EM806 - do hope that I will not be disappointed. Had some polish drivers before, but setup is quite time consuming
08:01 AM Longbow: The 7i64 has 2.5A per output ... in this way I would not need additional relays. Bercause I need 0.8A - 1.5A on the outputs to power up the hydraulic actuators
08:04 AM Todd_Z: I think the 7i84 is the same as the field io on your 7i77. If you need more power than you have there then you may want the 7i64.
08:06 AM Longbow: yep. I had trouble with 7i77 with outputs reaching their current limit. => I used relays. With the 7i64 I should not have this problem:) ?
08:10 AM archivist_herron: may want the isolation of relays anyway
08:11 AM Longbow: Why?
08:11 AM Longbow: If this is the case then=> the 7i84 would be a better option
08:13 AM Longbow: 7i64 uses optoisolators
08:21 AM archivist_herron: a relay is an isolator as well as handles more current
08:22 AM archivist_herron: choices, a relay coil is not so nice to drive as an LED in an opto
08:32 AM skunkworks: I like the 7i59...
08:32 AM skunkworks: http://electronicsam.com/images/matsuura/20170121_153520.jpg
08:32 AM skunkworks: + opto 22 boards.
08:34 AM Longbow: hmm interesting
08:35 AM Longbow: which boards are that opto22??
08:35 AM skunkworks: umm..
08:36 AM JT-Shop: 7i59? looks like a 7i69 to me...
08:36 AM skunkworks: they are 24 slot - with 50 pin connectors compatible with mesa
08:37 AM skunkworks: yes - 7i69 sorry
08:38 AM skunkworks: like http://www.ebay.com/itm/OPTO-22-G4-PB24-Terminal-Board-24-Channel-/291908651616?hash=item43f71c8a60:g:8dkAAOSwzaJX~nl0
08:38 AM skunkworks: you can get them cheaper if you keep your eyes out
08:39 AM Longbow: I see
08:39 AM skunkworks: http://www.ebay.com/itm/OPTO-22-TERMINAL-BOARD-005131D-G4PB24-/272530509574?hash=item3f74158f06:g:SkgAAOSwA3dYg-7C
08:39 AM Longbow: Im from europe :)
08:39 AM skunkworks: Hello from Wisconsin ;)
08:40 AM skunkworks: looks like G4B24 is what you want to search for
08:40 AM skunkworks: or G4PB24
08:40 AM skunkworks: as anything - there are hundreds of ways to skin the cat
08:41 AM Longbow: I see
08:41 AM Longbow: But I still dont understand how a relay is that better than optoisolated MOSFETs?
08:42 AM Longbow: should be kind of the same
08:42 AM Longbow: I use the 7i64 - one card only and Im done?
08:43 AM skunkworks: Sure - that looks like a cool card too.
08:56 AM DrippityDrops: Longbow: those module based cards are great, so you can swap out those white inputs for yellow ones which can take something like 220AC as an input. Or you can swap the red ones with black and do like an ac120v output.
09:02 AM DrippityDrops: This looks like a good way to hurt yourself. http://www.garrettwade.com/flex-shaft-with-chuck.html
09:04 AM DrippityDrops: they got giant drill, like 1/4 drill bit and this little tiny grip to hold onto. I could see this thing getting away from people, just seems like too much torque in your hand.
09:57 AM roycroft: i really need to take that chuck off and check out the spindle
09:57 AM roycroft: i've seen a lot of posts suggesting the spindle is mt5
09:58 AM roycroft: which would be nice
10:07 AM archivist_herron: to undo really stuck threads with NO visible damage I have used a long bar and rope, double the rope leaving a loop, wind it around the object four or more times, then bar through loop, lean bar against object in the undo direction, using the wound rope as a cushion
10:07 AM archivist_herron: have broken ropes :)
10:09 AM roycroft: my more immediate issue is that my lathe has no stand, and is sitting on the floor
10:09 AM roycroft: i am old enough and my back worn out enough that bending over to work on it is uncomfortable
10:10 AM roycroft: so rigging up even a temporary stand and moving it onto the stand is the first priority
10:10 AM roycroft: that sounds like a good technique for removing the chuck though
10:12 AM roycroft: the guy from whom i purchased the lathe gave the manual (which is very difficult to source) for copying and told me to take my time doing so - he works close to my house and said he could pick it up whenever i'm done
10:12 AM roycroft: he just emailed me saying he wants it back today
10:12 AM roycroft: so i guess i need to head to the printer room and start copying
10:12 AM roycroft: i will scan, actually
10:12 AM roycroft: so i can retain an electronic version, and print it out later
10:13 AM roycroft: someone else is saying the spindle thread is 60mm x 8tpi
10:14 AM gregcnc: did you buy that jet?
10:23 AM roycroft: i did
10:23 AM roycroft: www.roycroft.us/Jet1236PY
10:23 AM roycroft: it's beat up more than i wanted to see, but the guy lowered the price to $400, so hopefully it will work out well
10:24 AM roycroft: there's no chuck key, and he wasn't terribly helpful, so i could not do any testing since i could not chuck up a test rod
10:24 AM roycroft: but it has hardened ways that did not look worn
10:24 AM roycroft: and for the price i took a gamble that i think i'll win
10:25 AM roycroft: i might cobble together a wooden stand for now, and worry about a proper stand later on
10:25 AM gregcnc: the chuck has been crashed into the carriage much less then my Clausing which came from a school
10:26 AM roycroft: the power feed is not working, and i suspect i have a shear pin to replace in order to fix that
10:26 AM roycroft: one thing i like is that i don't have to deal with change gears at all unless i want to switch to metric threading and back
10:27 AM roycroft: a lot of smaller lathes cut a family of gears without moving gears around but still require switching when moving out side the "family"
10:28 AM roycroft: and power cross feed is an important feature to me, which this has (once i fix it)
10:30 AM gregcnc: hopefully you can find all the accessories you need without breaking the bank, but 400 is a decent price
10:31 AM archivist_herron: chuck key is a few minutes with a file, or ten if you mill a square on t end of a bit of bar
10:31 AM archivist_herron: or find a socket set extension to fit
10:33 AM roycroft: it's a 3/8" square hole - i used a ratchet with short extension bar last night
10:34 AM roycroft: and when i get a 4 jaw, it might come with a chuck key and that might fit the 3 jaw as well
10:34 AM roycroft: which is why i've decided to wait until i get a 4 jaw before worrying about a chuck key
11:37 AM roycroft: manual scanned/copied
11:37 AM roycroft: i did a high resolution scan, and will probably collate the scans together and cut the resolution down and put it online
11:38 AM roycroft: it seems to be a very scarce manual, and lots of folks have asked for it over the years
11:38 AM * roycroft likes archiving documents like this
11:39 AM roycroft: it's one reason my paperwork reduction plan has taken so long - i just can't bring myself to tossing old technical documents without scanning them first
11:39 AM archivist: keep res high for best readability
11:39 AM roycroft: yes, i will definitely keep the high res version
11:39 AM archivist: I use 400 dpi for middling stuff
11:39 AM roycroft: but right now the main operator's manual is 37MB of scans
11:39 AM roycroft: i did this at 600dpi
11:40 AM roycroft: i have a nice commercial copier/scanner/printer
11:40 AM roycroft: and was able to scan the 11x17 pages in duplex with the document feeder
11:40 AM roycroft: i'm printing a hard copy before returning the original
11:40 AM roycroft: and am already making an off-site backup of the scans
11:41 AM DrippityDrops: roycroft: doing a ballscrew+servo retrofit?
11:42 AM roycroft: that is not my current plan
11:42 AM roycroft: i might get a smaller lathe to cnc at some point - like a 10x24
11:42 AM archivist: roycroft, I got a new to me epson GT-15000 just over a week ago
11:42 AM roycroft: nice
11:43 AM archivist: fed up with stitching scans
11:43 AM roycroft: that's a pretty worthy scanner
11:44 AM archivist: a few k manuals I get requests for, so needed it
11:44 AM roycroft: i have a konica c220
11:45 AM roycroft: i used to have a "fleet" of printers - 8-1/2x11 color duplex laser, 11x17 b&w duplex laser, and 11x17 simplex color laser
11:45 AM roycroft: all of them were large beasts
11:45 AM roycroft: and all getting pretty old
11:45 AM roycroft: i replaced them all with the konica
11:45 AM roycroft: there's also an e-size plotter in that room
11:46 AM roycroft: plus a couple thousand books, and a small equipment rack full of computers
11:46 AM roycroft: all this in a tiny room
11:46 AM roycroft: oh, there's also a ream cutter and folding machine in that room
11:46 AM roycroft: and a comb binder
11:46 AM gregcnc: i have an OCE scanner and printer
11:46 AM roycroft: and on a good day, enough room to walk in and access some of the stuff :)
11:47 AM archivist: I ended up with every thing in boxes, barcodes and a map to find stuff
11:49 AM roycroft: i used to have a dozen or fifteen file boxes full of paperwork in that room, but now i'm down to 2 boxes
11:56 AM archivist: stacks of boxes http://www.collection.archivist.info/shelfview.php?src=artitle&locid=72
11:57 AM archivist: i wonder why I have a few cracks in the building
12:02 PM roycroft: -rw-r--r-- 1 sgd earthclick 31870068 Dec 15 09:03 Salsa Banner v2.psd
12:02 PM roycroft: ack
12:02 PM roycroft: wrong link
12:03 PM roycroft: http://www.roycroft.us/Jet1236PY/Jet1236PYInspectionRecord.pdf
12:03 PM roycroft: that's better
12:03 PM roycroft: that is a few sn's off of mine, but should be a good example of the tolerances of my lathe
12:19 PM IchGucksLive: hi from cold snowing germany
12:19 PM roycroft: sunny here today :)
12:19 PM IchGucksLive: Salsa Banner
12:19 PM roycroft: and 11 degrees so far
12:19 PM IchGucksLive: do you go for graphics
12:20 PM roycroft: the company i work for runs a print shop as well as the isp
12:20 PM roycroft: that was a mispaste of something from the print shop file server that i've been working on
12:20 PM roycroft: but i do a fair amount of graphics work myself
12:20 PM roycroft: ooh
12:20 PM roycroft: the new forecast for today is for a high of 18
12:21 PM roycroft: downright balmy :)
12:22 PM archivist: an isp?....
12:22 PM roycroft: that's what i do for a living
12:23 PM roycroft: i run an isp and manage a municipal fiber optic/wifi network
12:23 PM roycroft: and do fiber optic design for other government entities
12:26 PM archivist: I want a sensible one in the UK fed up with the brochure ware on most of them, hard to choose
12:32 PM {HD}: Filing for a building/accessory permit sucks. How many different agencies and permits/certifictes do I need for a shed! I think I am up to 5 now...
12:36 PM archivist: real sheds have no restrictions here generally if behind the house...but this would need some permission http://www.collection.archivist.info/Dads_Shed.JPG
12:37 PM FinboySlick: roycroft: Get one of these and make a stand out of a large granite boulder. http://en.stihl.ca/STIHL-Products/Construction-Machines/Concrete-cutter/22103-1607/GS-461.aspx
12:37 PM FinboySlick: (for the lathe)
12:38 PM FinboySlick: roycroft: We have a similar job except that I don't get to play with fiber because we're too poor and myopic.
12:40 PM IchGucksLive: FinboySlick: german motorsaws chip the world
12:41 PM FinboySlick: IchGucksLive: They're great saws.
12:41 PM FinboySlick: IchGucksLive: If your sense of humour was half as good as your engineering... ;)
12:41 PM IchGucksLive: agree MS170
12:42 PM FinboySlick: Luckily, the Swedes have both.
12:42 PM IchGucksLive: they also got lots of tree
12:42 PM archivist: loads of scrap stihl on ebay here
12:44 PM FinboySlick: IchGucksLive: One of my first memory of mechanical work was at my uncle's shop where they repaired chainsaws.
12:45 PM IchGucksLive: swedes now own harvesters
12:45 PM * FinboySlick disassembled his first chainsaw at 5. Which would be more impressive if he had learned to put it back together ;)
12:46 PM archivist: kit creation
12:47 PM archivist: when we got boxes of bits at the clockworks we said it was "customer participation"
12:56 PM IchGucksLive: FinboySlick: i think in the USA the most firer brigades own a stihl concrete cutter
12:56 PM FinboySlick: It would make sense.
01:01 PM archivist: nothing says "reliable" like http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Job-Lot-21-X-Strimmer-Spares-Or-Repair-Strimmers-/311847979547
01:06 PM IchGucksLive: FinboySlick: im living in a forest area the town needs to spend 11.000qm for the gov avery year the area is at 229.000qm a year
01:06 PM IchGucksLive: so brigades or Romanians polens chechs are here to harvest
01:07 PM IchGucksLive: and a Super Blond 25Year old girl on a wirer crane
01:07 PM IchGucksLive: she is married to a Norwegian
01:07 PM IchGucksLive: 2 childes as she say a jobaccident
01:07 PM IchGucksLive: cold nights and lonly jobs
01:08 PM FinboySlick: They allow blondes on cranes? ;)
01:08 PM IchGucksLive: her vioce is more like a 80year old steel worker
01:08 PM IchGucksLive: and new teeth only for the marrige
01:18 PM IchGucksLive: ok im off Gn8 have a non bitbreaking day
01:38 PM * Loetmichel_ got a hoodie from my wife some time ago, and because its cold here atm i am wearing it the first time ... MAN, she definetly bought that with me "growing" in mind... its more like a skirt than a hoodie... -> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=16552&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 (the print under the sheep says "wollschlank" ("wool skinny"), which is a cacography of "vollschlank"
01:38 PM * Loetmichel_ ("full skinny") which in turn is a polite german term for being a Fatty.
01:40 PM CaptHindsight: polite and German, I don't understand :)
02:37 PM Crom: uploading video of cutting my linear bear pockeys for my spindle mount
02:44 PM Crom: If you can sleep... you can always watch this... it'll put you right to sleep... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SuDGd453Fc
02:44 PM Crom: can't dleep
02:45 PM Crom: 25 minutes or so until pocket machining uploads
02:49 PM Crom: ouch... $876 https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=DChcSEwiC4LGv3K7TAhUOCbwKHZqIDEgYABAWGgJ0Zw&sig=AOD64_2SlvMwC8qmgnXMNulZvYL0Gwa3vA&ctype=5&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjVrquv3K7TAhVIhlQKHfSED5kQ2CkIvQIwBQ&adurl=
02:51 PM Crom: https://machinetoolproducts.com/newall-dp500-2-axes-12-x-36-travel-mill-dro-kit/?gclid=Cj0KEQjw8tbHBRC6rLS024qYjtEBEiQA7wIDeZHZl4t0nKeqnrd5WhIixmBlw7EeHiQL1qvgwfzof8saAjxo8P8HAQ
02:51 PM sync_: I don't like the measurement principle, but it's not terribly expensive
02:53 PM * roycroft can use a dial indicator and a micrometer to measure things on his lathe for now
02:55 PM Crom: I'm watching Abom79's DRO install video
02:56 PM roycroft: a dro? oh, i say, we are grand, aren't we? oh, no more buttered scones for me, i'm off to play the grand piano. pardon me while i use my dro!s
02:56 PM Crom: I need to get some tap handles
02:57 PM Crom: hehe
02:58 PM FinboySlick: roycroft: Says the man splurging 400$ on a lathe ;) The opulence!
02:59 PM Crom: I paid $0 for my lathe... I'll gladly see it to you for a mear $1500
02:59 PM Crom: s/see/sell/
03:00 PM roycroft: is it odd to put a $300 toolpost holder on a $400 lathe?
03:00 PM Crom: nope... it's like putting a $5000 stereo into a $2000 car...
03:00 PM FinboySlick: You guys are so lucky. Even if I did find used machines in that price range, they'd be thousands of km away.
03:00 PM roycroft: i've pretty much decided to fabricate a stand for the lathe
03:01 PM FinboySlick: roycroft: Chainsaw and granite boulder, I tell you!
03:01 PM roycroft: an advantage of that is that i can make it open frame, so it's easier to get a cherry picker underneath it to install the lathe
03:01 PM roycroft: and then i can build cabinets to slide underneath the stand
03:01 PM Crom: There are carbide stone cutting blades for chain saws
03:02 PM FinboySlick: Crom: Yeah, I linked one earlier.
03:02 PM roycroft: it will also be easier to level with a unified frame with four leveling points, instead of the typical two cabinet system with four feet on each cabinet
03:03 PM Crom: Yep... I hate the way my frame is...
03:04 PM roycroft: plus, i can fabricate the stand fairly quickly
03:04 PM roycroft: and then build the cabinets as time permits
03:04 PM roycroft: i forgot to get the chip tray for my lathe yesterday, but the guy is dropping it off today
03:05 PM roycroft: i figure i can build the stand with the top open as well as the sides
03:05 PM roycroft: weld in some reinforcements where the lathe bolts down
03:05 PM roycroft: and use the chip tray as the top
03:05 PM roycroft: i'll probably use 1-1/2" square tubing - that should be plenty sturdy, especially if use 0.120" wall thickness
03:06 PM Crom: yep... about what I was thinking of using...
03:10 PM Crom: I have 3/8 hot rolled plate I'm going to be using for the bottoms of the legs so I can drill and tap them for the adjusters
03:12 PM Crom: hmmm or my 1/2" cold Rolled
03:12 PM FinboySlick: roycroft: It's not a very big lathe but I suggest you take the vibration behaviour of the stand into consideration. Fabricated frames often act like big tuning forks.
03:14 PM Crom: the plate with the adjuster will have a pipe and cap welded to the top and the the legs get filled with washed gravel
03:17 PM Crom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVrpO5a0LAg
03:19 PM FinboySlick: That sounds like it's struggling. Hefty chunk of anumnum, btw.
03:20 PM root-x: https://youtu.be/Jk4fhQvNoaM
03:20 PM root-x: interesting machine
03:21 PM Crom: running s4406 F25 cutting real chips
03:22 PM FinboySlick: root-x: I remember a 'grafiti machine' that was a 2D version of this.
03:23 PM Crom: crappy spindle... 400w DC once I get the spindle mount made I can go to a 2.2kw spindle with a ER20 collet
03:25 PM FinboySlick: Crom: That whole puck is your spindle mount? Got a drawing of what it'll look like?
03:25 PM Crom: I have enough 3.5' x 1/2" AL to make a new back, then I can go to supported rails
03:26 PM Crom: think a 100mm hole in the front for the spindle.. it'll be about 130mm wide
03:27 PM Crom: I can cut it out on the band saw
03:28 PM FinboySlick: Crom: Um... What's the 'rounded star' part then?
03:29 PM FinboySlick: (that you're milling in that video)
03:30 PM Crom: it's a end cap 40mm thick off something i got a the scrap yard
03:30 PM Crom: I got 2
03:31 PM FinboySlick: Oh, ok. I though that was the part you were making.
03:35 PM Crom: at line 2238 in the file
03:36 PM Crom: it's a 14698 line file
03:43 PM * roycroft thinks he'll try bleeding and topping off his cherry picker ram before investing in a new one
03:43 PM roycroft: if a dollar's worth of hydraulic fluid fixes the problem that's a lot better than an $80 ram
03:43 PM FinboySlick: Heh, at least with cnc, making many passes to compensate for lack of rigidity is less painful.
03:44 PM FinboySlick: Imagine having to crank those handles on a sherline.
03:44 PM roycroft: i found a spare l6-20 plug in my electrical bin, so i can power the lathe up today and do a little testing of things
03:53 PM Crom: filming time lapse..
04:03 PM XXCoder: my 27 bucks lathe arrived
04:03 PM XXCoder: yep its that small lol
04:03 PM XXCoder: bit surpsing heavy
04:05 PM Crom: dang you're supposed yo yhums up the video! hehe
04:24 PM Deejay: gn8
04:24 PM XXCoder: Crom: lol
04:24 PM XXCoder: too busy to do anything till weekend
04:36 PM Crom: at line 3802 of 146??
04:37 PM Crom: at -9.1mm
04:44 PM dmitry: anyone here using VistaCNC P4-SE? is it as good as it looks on video?
04:44 PM Sabotender: XXCoder: o/
04:44 PM Sabotender: did you get my messages yesterday
04:56 PM Crom: sped things up to F200 from F27
04:59 PM Crom: slowed things down to F120
05:00 PM {HD}: XXCoder: link or pics?
05:13 PM Crom: yep F120 at s6000 is giving nice chips
05:17 PM Tom_itx: mm?
05:18 PM {HD}: nice chips = https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51r56y1yJ%2BL.SX386_SY500_CR,0,0,386,500_PIbundle-24,TopRight,0,0_SX386_SY500_CR,0,0,386,500_SH20_.jpg
05:26 PM Crom: mm/m
05:27 PM Tom_itx: ~5ipm?
05:33 PM roycroft: i just fixed the power feed problem
05:33 PM roycroft: by engaging the power feed lever :)
05:33 PM {HD}: lol
05:33 PM roycroft: last night when i was buying it the guy said that the power feed did not work, and i engaged the z and x lever
05:33 PM roycroft: and he said he had engaged the power feed lever, but he obviously had not
05:33 PM roycroft: so he just did not know how to operate a lathe
05:34 PM roycroft: may all my problems be solved this easily :)
05:36 PM Sabotender: {HD}: those are definitely tasty, but they are VERY expenisve
05:36 PM Sabotender: they are premium crisps
05:48 PM {HD}: Sabotender: Agreed
05:49 PM {HD}: Has anyone here dealt with getting a permit for a storage/shipping container?
05:49 PM Sabotender: {HD}: they are sold about 5USD/bag here
05:49 PM Sabotender: huh what do you mean? what kind of permit?
05:50 PM {HD}: A accessory building permit...permission to have one on my property essentially
05:52 PM Crom: at -14.5 about ready to change the bit...
05:53 PM Crom: They don't allow them inside city limits long term... just short term...
05:54 PM Crom: here
05:54 PM Sabotender: {HD}: I think you can speak with...hmm city hall should have information regarding permits
05:54 PM {HD}: Yea, I am WAY outside a city. But, I am still getting the run around.
05:54 PM Sabotender: building permits, your city's website
05:54 PM Sabotender: county website
05:55 PM Sabotender: if you are outside the city limits I think that falls under the county jurisdiction
05:56 PM Crom: changine endmill
05:56 PM {HD}: Yea, I have talked to county...they are not really helpful. They said something to the effect that I would need to have a structural engineer come out and draw up, analyze and approve the container...I said it is an ISO container that exceeds all US building codes...
05:57 PM roycroft: 60.0mmx8tpi
05:57 PM roycroft: it is, indeed, a frankenstein thread
05:58 PM roycroft: and with an inch dial caliper i measured 2.358", which is close enough to 60.0mm that i'm sure that's the size
05:58 PM roycroft: the chuck came off quite easily - i was surprised
05:58 PM roycroft: and the spindle threads are very clean and well lubed
05:59 PM roycroft: so now i know what i have to make
06:01 PM Sabotender: {HD}: it is the county's responsibility to provide information regarding permit issue. they should not give you the run around. The money you pay for a permit partially goes toward having getting someone sent out to inspect whatever you have on your property.
06:02 PM Sabotender: {HD}: I would send a written AND faxed request, they are required by law to respond to all proper written requests, that way you can create a paper trail
06:02 PM {HD}: Sabotender: They told me they dont recognize ISO Standards...
06:02 PM Sabotender: well find out what standards they recognise
06:03 PM Sabotender: they should be able to tell you EXACTLY what they require
06:03 PM gregcnc: 2.358" is just over the min major dia for 2 3/8"-8
06:05 PM Sabotender: {HD}: remember to make the law work for you. Get everything in writing
06:06 PM roycroft: i'll need to cut a single point inside thread anyway
06:06 PM {HD}: Sabotender: I got information but it was not good info. They said 'we dont recognize ISO standards' and 'You need to have a structural engineer draw up, analyze, and approve' the container
06:06 PM roycroft: so i suppose in the end it really doesn't matter if it was orignally american customary or metric
06:06 PM roycroft: if i make the test shaft 2.358" and use it to fit the backing plate i should be good
06:07 PM roycroft: but the metric dial indicator measured 60.0mm exactly
06:07 PM roycroft: and i consider it a bit more accurate than the inch indicator i was using
06:07 PM gregcnc: That would be oversize for a M60
06:07 PM roycroft: it is?
06:07 PM roycroft: that's my spindle measurement
06:07 PM roycroft: so the outside thread
06:08 PM Sabotender: {HD}: that doesn't sound quite right. They have specific requirements for building structures.
06:08 PM roycroft: i thought major diameter was nominal diameter
06:08 PM roycroft: for an outside thread
06:08 PM gregcnc: no that's right, but it's the max
06:08 PM roycroft: ok
06:08 PM gregcnc: in practice it never happens
06:09 PM Sabotender: ohai greg
06:09 PM roycroft: 60.0mm is 2.3622" plus change
06:09 PM roycroft: so if that metric indicator is correct it's larger than the max for 2-3/8"
06:09 PM gregcnc: oops looked at internal. External thread major dia are always under nominal
06:10 PM roycroft: and keep in mind this spindle was made in taiwan in 1983
06:10 PM roycroft: frankenstein threads are entirely possible
06:10 PM gregcnc: like you said if making a mating part it doesn't matter
06:10 PM roycroft: right
06:10 PM roycroft: and that's what i'm going for
06:10 PM roycroft: i don't want to keep taking my chuck off while cutting the internal threads
06:11 PM roycroft: i wouldn't be able to anyway and have a chance of cutting a good thread
06:11 PM roycroft: so i need to replicate the spindle end to test the backing plate
06:11 PM gregcnc: I just did the math last time I made a backplate it all worked out fine without a gage
06:11 PM roycroft: but the very next thing i need to do is get the damn thing up off the floor
06:12 PM roycroft: it will be absolutely impossible to do any work with it on the floor
06:12 PM roycroft: i've never made a backplate, and haven't cut single point threads in a long time
06:12 PM roycroft: i can do the math
06:12 PM roycroft: but i really want a gage to make sure it's right
06:13 PM roycroft: i'll probably cut a few internal threads in scrap for practice before i attempt the backing plate
06:13 PM * roycroft is very much looking forward to turning again
06:13 PM gregcnc: sure, it's not much work
06:13 PM roycroft: and finally with something approaching a real lathe, outside the school shop
06:14 PM roycroft: that harbor freight mini lathe can do a few things, but it's really not capable of doing much work at all
06:14 PM gregcnc: I was happy with the ballscrew end I cut today
06:15 PM roycroft: cool
06:15 PM roycroft: and with this new lathe i'll be able to cut the ball screw ends for my mill cnc conversion
06:16 PM sync_: I think I had my lathe on the floor for a year before I was motivated enough to build a stand for it
06:16 PM roycroft: i would be willing you're not nearly as old as me :)
06:16 PM roycroft: mine's been on the floor since last night and i'm ready to build the stand now
06:16 PM roycroft: powered up for the first time less than an hour ago
06:17 PM roycroft: i'm not getting the chip pan today though - the guy can't make it
06:17 PM roycroft: and i can't finish the stand design until i have the chip pan, so i can get my dimensions right
06:17 PM roycroft: but i'll probably build the stand this weekend
06:18 PM roycroft: hopefully i have some leveler feet in stock
06:18 PM roycroft: if not that will be a minor delay
06:18 PM {HD}: I want a lathe and I have been watching CL for about 6 months and nothing has come up that is not way overpriced or taked by the time I call.
06:19 PM roycroft: i've been watching for over a year, {hd}
06:19 PM roycroft: and every time something good gets posted i'm caller number two
06:19 PM roycroft: and caller number one always takes it
06:19 PM gregcnc: http://www.lathe.com/spindles.html I could have sworn there was a sheldon with 2 3/8-8 but the jet is listed here as an odd thread
06:19 PM roycroft: finally, i was caller number one
06:20 PM {HD}: roycroft: How did you get your lathe home? One of the ones I was looking at was HUGE and I decided not to take it because I had no way to transport it.
06:20 PM roycroft: in my pickup
06:20 PM roycroft: which is a short bed toyota
06:20 PM roycroft: the bed is 72" deep
06:21 PM roycroft: the lathe is 70" long
06:21 PM roycroft: the jet 1236P is listed as 2.350"x8tpi on that chart
06:21 PM roycroft: i have the 1236PY
06:21 PM {HD}: And you lifted it in? or did he have forklift? Another problem is I don't have 3phase power out to shop so that limits my options.
06:21 PM gregcnc: VFD
06:21 PM roycroft: i used a cherry picker
06:22 PM roycroft: and this machine is single phase
06:22 PM roycroft: my plan was to put a 3 phase motor and vfd on it
06:22 PM roycroft: but it has a speed range of 60-1240rpm, and that's pretty good for now
06:22 PM roycroft: i can live with it
06:22 PM {HD}: I have a 2.2kw VFD for an old spindle laying around somewhere.
06:22 PM roycroft: very few of those lathes go down that slow
06:23 PM roycroft: most go down to 120rpm or so
06:23 PM roycroft: and i really like slower speeds for some things
06:23 PM roycroft: like using form tools, parting tools, and coarse threading
06:23 PM Crom: ugh... I have possible collisions... grrr
06:24 PM roycroft: i should measure the shoulder on my spindle
06:24 PM {HD}: Like this is a good price but its huge! http://imgur.com/a/iOG5i
06:25 PM Crom: I have definate collsions...
06:26 PM roycroft: 3.450"
06:26 PM roycroft: the 1236P on the chart is 3.545"
06:26 PM roycroft: so i don't think it's the same spindle
06:27 PM roycroft: i can see them varying by a few thousandths, but not by 95 thousandths
06:46 PM Crom: ugh... getting arc error... Doesn't give me line number, actual line contents...
06:52 PM Crom: fixed collision... now i have arc error
07:21 PM Crom: roycroft: what's root of thread size?
07:22 PM Crom: {HD}: nice turrent
07:24 PM Crom: Radius to end of arc differs from radius to start: start=(X0,Y11.8391) center=(X-7.3680,Y11.8021) end=(X-10.8080,Y11.5730)
07:24 PM Crom: What the hell am I looking for?
07:33 PM gregcnc: the two end points are not at the same radius from center, programming error or CAM issue
08:07 PM Jymmm: Crom: Your long lost virginity, reward if found.
08:09 PM malcom2073: Crom: A reason to go on. How about Jeebus?
08:14 PM Jymmm: Crom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ_BtZ-5O60
08:15 PM Crom: cam issue
08:16 PM Crom: it was running fine... until i fixed some collisions
08:30 PM Crom: boners until death
08:37 PM Crom: https://pastebin.com/Cr5sG9y7
08:38 PM roycroft: folks, i'm still interested in the german (pewe) multifix clones
08:38 PM roycroft: they actually spec out harder than the create ones
08:38 PM roycroft: but i'm having trouble finding a parting tool holder for them
08:38 PM roycroft: does anyone know if the multifix clone tool holders are generally interchangeable with genuine multifix and the other clones?
08:39 PM roycroft: the ct toolpost specs at 50 rockwell, while the pewe is 55-60 rockwell
08:39 PM roycroft: as a home machinist who does not do production work all day long there's probably no practical difference - i will not e slamming tool holders on and off the toolpost
08:43 PM sync_: roycroft: usually they all fit together
08:43 PM roycroft: yeah, thanks
08:43 PM roycroft: i just found an article about fitting ct tool holders to a genuine multifix toolpost
08:44 PM roycroft: and it looks like it's a pretty good fit
08:44 PM roycroft: i may just go with the ct anyway
08:44 PM roycroft: it's a wee bit less expensive
08:44 PM roycroft: and as i said, i'll probably never notice the difference
08:44 PM roycroft: oddly, i can't seem to find a pewe parting tool holder no matter where i go - it's not just ebay
08:45 PM roycroft: and i realised that my harbor freight tailstock is mt2, the same as my new lathe, so i have a live center, dead center, and drill chuck for now (until i sell the hf thing)
08:45 PM sync_: it is possible that they just don't make one
08:46 PM roycroft: yes it is, but that is what would be odd
08:46 PM sync_: a lot of the holders are crap tho
08:46 PM roycroft: it's a fairly standard thing to use
08:46 PM sync_: I bought an iscar holder and blade
08:51 PM Crom: anyone know the global in linuxcnc source for the current line of the file being checked?
08:51 PM roycroft: hmm, i see discussion of multifix internal and external retractable threading tool holders, that are supposed to semi-automate threading
08:51 PM roycroft: i've not heard of such things
08:52 PM roycroft: i wonder if i should be interested in them
08:52 PM roycroft: there are apparently no clones, so they would be expensive, and perhaps for that reason alone i should try not to be interested
08:52 PM roycroft: but i think i'd like to find out how they work
09:01 PM sync_: it's just a cam
09:01 PM roycroft: yes, i see now that it just backs it out for you
09:01 PM sync_: they are useful but not something one really needs
09:01 PM roycroft: i know how to turn the compound handle in reverse :)
09:02 PM roycroft: i might just get a phase ii aloris-style setup for now
09:02 PM roycroft: i'm finding some good prices on that
09:02 PM roycroft: multifix would come later, and i could sell phase ii or use it on something else
09:03 PM Crom: roycroft: I have the Shars Phase II style... Size 100 (AXA) works good.
09:03 PM roycroft: we had phase ii when i was making machining classes
09:04 PM roycroft: they worked fine
09:04 PM roycroft: axa is the size for my lathe
09:04 PM roycroft: 1.133" from top of compound to center of spindle
09:04 PM roycroft: compound is ~3" wide
09:04 PM roycroft: and it's 2hp
09:04 PM roycroft: all that says axa to me
09:05 PM roycroft: i really like the idea of the multifix though
09:05 PM roycroft: i wish i knew someone who had one that i could try out
09:09 PM roycroft: the shars aloris style is really cheap
09:12 PM roycroft: it's time to make dinner now
09:12 PM roycroft: i'll decide what to get after dinner
09:12 PM * roycroft makes better decisions on a full stomach
09:13 PM Crom: there's 2 styles of Shars.. the button and wedge.. DO NOT GET the button style
09:19 PM djdelorie: because of the button, or because of the shars?
09:20 PM Crom: The button style is crap
09:20 PM Crom: edge style will register alot better...
09:20 PM Crom: wedge style will register alot better...
09:21 PM djdelorie: noted. I have a non-shars button style, but it came with the lathe
09:22 PM Crom: wedge style pulls down and to the rear...
09:23 PM Crom: button pushes out and if's it's racked a bit... it doesn't register as well
09:28 PM roycroft: i will not get the piston style no matter what
09:28 PM roycroft: it will be wedge style if not the multifix
09:32 PM Crom: ugh... out of 4mm end mills... have to order more
09:51 PM Crom: 8000rpm bt30 power head spindle $365 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Taper-BT30-Spindle-Unit-Power-Head-7-24-3000-6000-8000rpm-Drawbar-for-Drill-Mill-/192134817806
09:52 PM Crom: wondering how hard it is to use bt30 as a tool changer spindle...
09:55 PM Crom: MT3 can be reground to R8.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/370W-Induction-Motor-MT3-Spindle-Unit-Power-Head-Set-8000rpm-V-Belt-CNC-Router-/201772321088
09:58 PM Crom: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Spindle-Unit-MT3-8000rpm-Power-Head-4Bearings-with-Drawbar-CNC-Router-/192126115373?hash=item2cbb9bde2d:g:r~4AAOSwYXVYyO1m
10:30 PM roycroft: i think i'm going to get the phase ii aloris style toolpost for now
10:30 PM roycroft: and try to find a multifix to play with, and get that later on