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Apr 15 2017

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12:03 AM {HD}: I want to hang the pendant from the ceiling so I hit my head on it every time I use the machine.
12:05 AM Cromaglious_: ugh my shoulder is really starting to hurt.. gonna go lay down in the car until my wife is done with D-n-D
12:05 AM Cromaglious_: Yep... we're Geeking on Friday night...
12:05 AM chopper79: {HD}: sounds like fun and I am not with you on the hanging it from the ceiling. ;-)
12:07 AM chopper79: Need to figure out how to embed a tab inot axis. This tab needs to contain the tool table
12:07 AM chopper79: Have an idea in my head
12:07 AM chopper79: need to figure out how to get it out
12:09 AM Cromaglious_: tab?
12:10 AM Cromaglious_: oh... have like an MDI tab, but with the tool table..
12:10 AM chopper79: yes
12:10 AM chopper79: but have it right above backplot
12:10 AM Cromaglious_: Which is why I'm really like gmoccapy
12:11 AM Cromaglious_: it's a stepconf choice in 2.8.0
12:11 AM chopper79: Yeah I like gmoccapy also.
12:11 AM {HD}: I am not fimilar with gmo
12:11 AM chopper79: I find the gui is slow though (personally) when coming form axis.
12:13 AM chopper79: I get a good laugh when my machinie finishes its cycle and the plot is still moving when the machine is idle. This is only for a couple seconds max, but still funny that the guui can not keep up with the machine
12:13 AM chopper79: Axis is always spot on
12:16 AM chopper79: Love the features in gmoccapy, but like the stability of axis more
12:17 AM Cromaglious_: it's upper 60'sF
12:18 AM Cromaglious_: oh 55F
12:18 AM Cromaglious_: That's why I'm cold
12:18 AM XXCoder: lol 55f would be shirt weather to me
12:19 AM Cromaglious_: I wear a jacket even if it's 110 outside... more to keep the sun off me
12:19 AM chopper79: 65 here in central illinois.
12:19 AM Cromaglious_: Hope you're far enough away from the Peoples City Chicago
12:20 AM chopper79: 3hrs south
12:20 AM Cromaglious_: I'm more than a 1/2 state away from San Francisco
12:20 AM Cromaglious_: Beverly hills is bad enough...
12:20 AM XXCoder: im 2 states away lol
12:21 AM Cromaglious_: Ohio is my better that being near Chicago... Dayton is AWESUM!
12:22 AM Cromaglious_: Cincinnatti Meh....
12:22 AM chopper79: I do not like Chicago
12:22 AM Cromaglious_: I have a kid in Cincinnatti
12:25 AM Cromaglious_: $228 http://www.ebay.com/itm/US-Ship-3-Axis-CNC-Kit-425oz-in-Nema-23-Stepper-Motor-M542T-Driver-Hobby-CNC-/231603783895, but it's still not closed loop....
12:26 AM Cromaglious_: I need to finish up hooking up my Estop to the alarms on the motors
12:27 AM XXCoder: thats not bad
12:27 AM XXCoder: whats that in N/M?
12:28 AM XXCoder: ah 3 N/M
12:28 AM XXCoder: pretty strong
12:28 AM Cromaglious_: 142 is 1, 283 is 2, 425 is are 3nm\
12:28 AM Cromaglious_: around
12:29 AM Cromaglious_: one for $407 with 3 PS's, 3 drivers, and 3 1204ozin Nema34's
12:32 AM Cromaglious_: I'd rather go with this... $242 per axis.. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/86J12156EC-1000-3HSS2208H-High-efficiency-torque-spreed-smooth-accurate-full-closed-loop-hybrid-step-servo-motor/32614559296.html
12:33 AM Cromaglious_: 10nm
12:33 AM XXCoder: fancy thatys for sure.
12:33 AM XXCoder: also not aviliable
12:34 AM XXCoder: it dont say what nema standard it is
12:34 AM Cromaglious_: 34
12:34 AM XXCoder: hmm yeah makes sense
12:39 AM Cromaglious_: Damn! $300ish per axis 8nm! closed loop... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3-phase-NEMA-34-8N-m-1133ozf-in-Closed-loop-Stepper-servo-motor-driver-kit-JMC/32712581167.html
12:40 AM XXCoder: now, that'd move shit
12:40 AM XXCoder: biue red greer pairs lol
12:41 AM XXCoder: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1w54ULpXXXXarXFXXq6xXFXXXf/225643856/HTB1w54ULpXXXXarXFXXq6xXFXXXf.jpg?size=78868&height=528&width=863&hash=7e2ecda9d000e70b4b9956003384513b
12:41 AM Cromaglious_: That's $33 per nm
12:41 AM XXCoder: is it worth it?
12:41 AM XXCoder: I'd think its for rather large machine
12:41 AM Cromaglious_: Mine where $57 per 1nm
12:41 AM XXCoder: or steelcutting
12:43 AM Cromaglious_: so worth it...NEMA 42 20nm $358 at $18 per 1nm
12:43 AM Cromaglious_: 2830oz in motor
12:43 AM XXCoder: you have the power.
12:43 AM Cromaglious_: closed loop tooo... for flipping VW bugs around...
12:44 AM XXCoder: it might be able to be used as motors each wheel ;)
12:44 AM XXCoder: slow though
12:48 AM Cromaglious_: 1800rpm at 26" diameter tire 775 revs per mile 2.3mpg?
12:48 AM Cromaglious_: mph
12:48 AM XXCoder: 2.3 mph lol pretty slow allright
12:49 AM Cromaglious_: some how my math is screwy... 1 mile in 1 hour is 5260' in 60 minutes.
12:51 AM XXCoder: imperial suck
12:51 AM Cromaglious_: 775 revs per mile mile a minute is 60mph/// so 1800rpm would be 2.3 times 60
12:51 AM XXCoder: but is there enough power to feed 4 steppers of that size hhe
12:52 AM Cromaglious_: 139mph
12:52 AM XXCoder: thats insane
12:53 AM XXCoder: probably need lot more batteries than normal electric car needs?
12:53 AM Cromaglious_: 6.8amps per phas 3phase per motor
12:54 AM Cromaglious_: 82amps at 240 volts
12:55 AM Cromaglious_: ummm that's about 1/2 the power of an electric car
12:55 AM XXCoder: 82A 240watts for 4 3phase steppers?
12:55 AM Cromaglious_: Think EV west is running 250v 160amps
12:55 AM Cromaglious_: 240 volts
12:56 AM XXCoder: err v yea lol
12:56 AM Cromaglious_: my generator only does 34amps at 240
12:56 AM Cromaglious_: that's 16 horsepower deisel
12:56 AM XXCoder: would be funny if steppers did better job
12:58 AM Cromaglious_: gear them down to 1000rpm that' 77mph
01:01 AM Cromaglious_: heh.. you go from steppers to servo's they drop from 30nm to 2.39nm 750w 3000rpm
01:01 AM XXCoder: funny, I do wonder though lol
01:02 AM Cromaglious_: oh, 1.3kw NEMA42 4.2nm 3000rpm
01:04 AM Cromaglious_: hmmm 7.7nm at 2000rpm or 5nm at 3000rpm 1.5kw servo's 130mm57/25.4
01:04 AM Cromaglious_: 130mm NEMA 52 ish....
01:05 AM chopper79: Just putting this out there..... Who can develop a gui for lcnc with custom features? Looking to have conversational programming, probing routines, etc. All these need visuals to go wit them. Think path pilot
01:06 AM chopper79: I am not good at doing programming of this nature.
01:06 AM Cromaglious_: which is what I'm kinda trying with NativeCAM
01:06 AM Cromaglious_: it's not integrated though yet...
01:08 AM Cromaglious_: neither am I anymore...
01:08 AM chopper79: I seen that.... I have never been good at programming stuff like guis. Willing to discuss options and pay.
01:08 AM Cromaglious_: I've always been a procedural programmer... net did the GUI... just the nuts and volts..
01:09 AM Cromaglious_: never did the gui
01:09 AM Cromaglious_: did the code, that talked to the video card....
01:10 AM chopper79: I tried using glade to create my own screen, but everytime I add a item in glade it crashes
01:10 AM Cromaglious_: I haven't even looked...
01:14 AM Cromaglious_: my linux machine here.. doesn't have a moanytor
01:14 AM Cromaglious_: Atholon X2 64 wooooo NOT!
01:15 AM Cromaglious_: hmmm ZIP100 drive... time for a bounce test
01:16 AM Cromaglious_: it fell apart
01:18 AM Cromaglious_: OMG what a farging POS! amaing they lasted a year...
01:18 AM XXCoder: click of death
01:18 AM XXCoder: COD is whar killed zip drive company
01:18 AM XXCoder: what made it worse is that it spread like std
01:19 AM XXCoder: disks used in COD drive can make other zip driv COD
01:19 AM XXCoder: damage would be much less if not for that
01:19 AM Cromaglious_: No looking at the "voice coil" head positioner....
01:19 AM XXCoder: oh dunno about that
01:22 AM Cromaglious_: hehe... tape held the head drive asmbley together
01:22 AM XXCoder: geez
01:22 AM XXCoder: zip drive was chinese before chinese
01:22 AM XXCoder: hipser company
01:23 AM Cromaglious_: NEC... Took the Japanese to teach the chinese how to make Chineseum
01:26 AM Cromaglious_: Just looking at the parts.. the head carriage it self would make a pretty cool steampunk thingy... but I'm not Christian...
01:27 AM XXCoder: whats religion got to do with steampunk
01:27 AM Cromaglious_: it's in the shape of a cross...
01:27 AM XXCoder: ahh
01:27 AM Cromaglious_: I'm Buddhist...
01:27 AM XXCoder: cool
01:28 AM Cromaglious_: Karma dude!
01:33 AM chopper79: I am gonna pass out. Have a good one
01:34 AM XXCoder: puzzle pattern side table, nice
01:34 AM XXCoder: though gaps means dirt in em later lol
01:40 AM Cromaglious_: just cover it in a thick coat of epoxy resin...
01:40 AM XXCoder: yeah
01:43 AM XXCoder: telsa truck coming
01:43 AM XXCoder: I wonder if people would coal roll it :P
01:52 AM Cromaglious_: Just had to show a youngster how to tighten a sledge handle
01:52 AM Cromaglious_: They don't teach shit in schools anymore...
01:53 AM Cromaglious_: I was replacing hammer handles at age 8....
01:54 AM XXCoder: schools is underfunded
01:54 AM XXCoder: WAY underfunded.
01:54 AM XXCoder: I was in LAST wood shop class, literally, for that school I went to.
01:54 AM XXCoder: mr. hammer died by heart attack, and they decided to save money and not hire anyone and close wood shop.
01:54 AM Cromaglious_: Really started replacing alot of them in high school... we'd tend to break 1 or 2 a month there for awhile...
01:55 AM XXCoder: yes my wood shop teacher last name was hammer.
01:55 AM Cromaglious_: wonder how much of the machinery went to other teachers houses.
01:55 AM XXCoder: thats stealing goverment properity
01:55 AM XXCoder: federial crime
01:55 AM Cromaglious_: I had a english teach Hamner...
01:56 AM XXCoder: I didnt go to regular mainstream school, being deaf. I went to deaf school
01:56 AM Cromaglious_: actually... state crime...
01:56 AM XXCoder: hm yea
01:56 AM XXCoder: hey ich
01:56 AM IchGucksLive: morning from Germany
01:56 AM Cromaglious_: Evening from Peoples Republic of Kalifornistani
01:57 AM XXCoder: evening from ever-washing-ton state
01:57 AM Cromaglious_: state want $153 for my Cadillac registration + a smog check... or I just leave it where it's at another year
01:58 AM IchGucksLive: XXCoder: you are liviung in the best state lots of miles to the capitol
01:58 AM XXCoder: wrong washington heh
01:58 AM XXCoder: I live at very far northwest state, not washington dc, center of usa goverment
01:58 AM Cromaglious_: Spokane? That's a great town!
01:58 AM Cromaglious_: hehe
01:58 AM IchGucksLive: thats what i tried to say
01:59 AM XXCoder: only visited spokne few times
01:59 AM IchGucksLive: lots of miles between you and the trump show
01:59 AM XXCoder: ahh misunderstood you
01:59 AM XXCoder: yea
01:59 AM Cromaglious_: Best state... furthest from DC in the lower 48
01:59 AM IchGucksLive: does he even know that you exist
01:59 AM XXCoder: many millions of people in usa? nah lol
02:00 AM XXCoder: worse thing is he has serious case of ableism
02:00 AM XXCoder: he'd think im a retard
02:00 AM XXCoder: just because I cant verbally talk lol
02:00 AM IchGucksLive: is washington mainly a REP state
02:00 AM IchGucksLive: as bulldog came from there as i remember
02:00 AM XXCoder: well yes and no
02:00 AM XXCoder: west side is democrat usually, east republican.
02:01 AM IchGucksLive: dident even remeber her real name
02:01 AM XXCoder: southwest wa half hald
02:01 AM Cromaglious_: No We have to do something about North Korea You know, that Country that's always talking big, has that really rich fat guy leader with the crazy hair! Umm hang on... Never Mind....
02:01 AM XXCoder: half half
02:01 AM XXCoder: lol crom
02:01 AM IchGucksLive: from his statpoint it is all good
02:01 AM XXCoder: ich sorry for upcoming war
02:01 AM Cromaglious_: Riverside county is mostly Rep....
02:02 AM IchGucksLive: but nowone on the playground talks to the fat boy
02:02 AM XXCoder: good chance usa will start one
02:02 AM XXCoder: we bombing all damn over now
02:02 AM IchGucksLive: the blond guy got only 5 friends
02:02 AM IchGucksLive: one cole
02:03 AM IchGucksLive: one bullit maker
02:03 AM XXCoder: probably so we are disracted by his bottoming out rating
02:03 AM XXCoder: *from
02:03 AM IchGucksLive: time will show
02:04 AM XXCoder: yeah
02:04 AM IchGucksLive: for me i see raising prices on ebay from china in the us
02:05 AM IchGucksLive: as here i search for dot com
02:05 AM IchGucksLive: and bit prices are stacking up
02:05 AM IchGucksLive: last week my charche of V groove arived
02:05 AM IchGucksLive: at a price 1.8USD etch
02:06 AM IchGucksLive: and yesterday someoen got interest
02:06 AM IchGucksLive: i looked at my supply and the same is 5.22 in the usa
02:06 AM IchGucksLive: from HK
02:06 AM IchGucksLive: via Malaysia
02:06 AM XXCoder: banggood pretty cheap
02:07 AM XXCoder: bought tiny crappy lathe for 37 bucks
02:07 AM IchGucksLive: good price
02:07 AM IchGucksLive: can itr handle brass
02:07 AM XXCoder: its barely foot long
02:07 AM XXCoder: doubtful lol
02:07 AM XXCoder: but them im no manual lathe professonal lemme link you
02:07 AM IchGucksLive: max diameter of part
02:08 AM XXCoder: they repeated sale apparently. http://www.banggood.com/DC-24V-Mini-Lathe-Beads-Machine-Polish-Woodworking-DIY-Tools-80-100W-p-1121255.html
02:08 AM Cromaglious_: heh, this morning... took me three trys to finally get a bushing made... first one, flew off somewhere when the grinder grabbed it..., 2nd some thing.. 3rd time.. I was able to keep it from flying..
02:09 AM XXCoder: I dont know how strong brass is compared to wood
02:09 AM Cromaglious_: Some wood is harder than brass
02:09 AM IchGucksLive: is this only for drilling
02:09 AM CaptHindsight: scent or tensile?
02:09 AM XXCoder: cool. once I get that
02:09 AM IchGucksLive: i do not see a X axis
02:09 AM XXCoder: I plan to try brass then. only thinner diameter
02:09 AM XXCoder: IchGucksLive: its manual
02:10 AM IchGucksLive: there are better ones real mashines on 150USD
02:10 AM XXCoder: yeah yeah I dont really need lathe
02:10 AM XXCoder: I just got this for shits and giggles
02:11 AM Cromaglious_: it's basically a tiny wood lathe... tool rest is basically a pick of angle aluminumn
02:11 AM XXCoder: yeah
02:11 AM IchGucksLive: ok im off planting 100ar corn today is on the list
02:11 AM XXCoder: if im bored I might convert it to cnc for shit and giggles
02:12 AM Cromaglious_: HAH... bed is a section of my 3040 table...
02:12 AM XXCoder: yep
02:12 AM XXCoder: hey i wonder a little
02:12 AM IchGucksLive: bye
02:12 AM XXCoder: can remove bed and put in wood one?
02:12 AM XXCoder: later ich
02:12 AM IchGucksLive: Gn8 for you im awake
02:13 AM XXCoder: crom I would use one of old ballscrews, add tiny ACME setup for x axis
02:13 AM XXCoder: see if it works lol
02:14 AM Cromaglious_: heh
02:14 AM XXCoder: nema17s lol
02:15 AM Cromaglious_: 6560's would work for drivers
02:15 AM XXCoder: know what
02:15 AM XXCoder: I can use old Z block for my cnc router for that
02:15 AM Cromaglious_: hell a RAMPS 1.4 board
02:15 AM XXCoder: its setop to hold rods and has interface for connecting ballscrew to lol
02:15 AM Cromaglious_: yep...
02:17 AM XXCoder: I already has tb6560
02:18 AM XXCoder: been useless whole its damned life
02:18 AM XXCoder: theres been lot trends of sub-$200 machines
02:18 AM XXCoder: theres new cnc router design thats $130 plus $100 shipping
02:21 AM XXCoder: of course might be able to cut wood and little else lol
02:23 AM XXCoder: if courious https://www.aliexpress.com/item/CNC-1310-diy-cnc-engraving-machine-mini-PVC-PCB-Milling-Machine-Wood-Carving-machine-cnc-router/32778332365.html
02:23 AM XXCoder: lol
02:48 AM Crom: sheeshza
02:52 AM XXCoder: yo
02:53 AM Crom: heh1310
02:53 AM XXCoder: was you curious about that cheap cnc router? doubted it but you timed out lol
02:53 AM Crom: bushings... nema17's rc brushed motor
02:53 AM Crom: home now...
02:55 AM XXCoder: cool
02:55 AM Crom: I think it would be PCB's
02:55 AM Crom: would do pcb
02:55 AM XXCoder: yeah
02:55 AM XXCoder: some wood too
02:56 AM Crom: 25mm of z?
02:57 AM XXCoder: not much height heh and I thought mine was shory
03:10 AM MacGalempsy: yo
03:10 AM XXCoder: hey big mac
03:11 AM MacGalempsy: enjoying your friday night?
03:11 AM XXCoder: not really
03:11 AM XXCoder: not feeling well
03:11 AM Crom: #9 #10 in smartprobe.ngc is confusing me
03:12 AM MacGalempsy: sorry to hear that. ive been feeling down today too
03:13 AM Crom: ahhh they are counters
03:13 AM MacGalempsy: atleast southpark is cracking me up
03:21 AM Crom: sheeshz... take awhile for linuxcnc to figure a 240x240 array...
03:22 AM XXCoder: array for?
03:22 AM Crom: smartprobe.ngc
03:23 AM archivist: to measure or to calculate?
03:24 AM Crom: probing a US Dime
03:24 AM Crom: on .1mm centers
03:25 AM XXCoder: digitalizing it?
03:25 AM XXCoder: tsk tsk forgery ;)
03:25 AM Crom: playing with mmy cheesy probe
03:26 AM XXCoder: cool
03:26 AM XXCoder: I want to have a probe but still figuring how to do it.
03:26 AM XXCoder: height is short.
03:27 AM archivist: the movement has to be slow to get an accurate measurement position
03:28 AM Crom: using 90% of cpus
03:30 AM Crom: sure takes it awhile go figure 57600 points
03:34 AM Crom: just clicked run.... still waiting for it to start
03:35 AM XXCoder: maybe its just dismayed with amount of work it has to do.
03:36 AM archivist: there is a run through/syntax check before a run
03:36 AM Crom: My Probe... I have 15 minutes into it... basically a set of points... moves down opens points... moves up closes points, retracts go to next spot. repeat
03:37 AM Crom: turned a screw to have a 60degree point
03:37 AM Crom: using 20% CPU so it's figuring something...
03:53 AM Crom: what the heck.. let x=x+.1 doesn't work...
03:59 AM archivist: let... there aint no BASIC syntax
04:07 AM Crom: let "x=x+1" ; export d=`echo "scale=3| $x/100" | bc`
04:08 AM Crom: let "x=x+1" ; export d=`echo "scale=3; $x/100" | bc`
04:08 AM Crom: oops
04:20 AM Crom: while [ $y -lt 240 ] ; do let "y=y + 1"; while [ $x -lt 240 ] ; do ; echo blah; let "x=x + 1" ; done; done
04:20 AM Crom: x loops, after that y exits out...
04:20 AM Crom: $y -lt 240 is true... why isn't it looping?
04:21 AM XXCoder: i dont know that language structure
04:21 AM Crom: bash
04:21 AM XXCoder: but it seems to me to be two seperate loops not nested?
04:21 AM Crom: x is nested in y
04:22 AM XXCoder: ahh done done
04:22 AM XXCoder: so it is
04:22 AM Crom: x counts to 239 like it's supposed to..
04:23 AM Crom: while [ $y -lt 240 ] ; do while [ $x -lt 240 ] ; do ; echo blah; let "x=x + 1" ; done; let "y=y + 1"; done
04:23 AM XXCoder: but y does not?
04:23 AM Crom: I've tried it both ways
04:23 AM Crom: while [ $y -lt 240 ] ; do while [ $x -lt 240 ] ; do echo blah; let "x=x + 1" ; done; let "y=y + 1"; done
04:24 AM XXCoder: laxt one better structure
04:24 AM XXCoder: didnt work?
04:24 AM Crom: that's my original structure
04:25 AM XXCoder: does bash support ( ) ?
04:25 AM XXCoder: or { }
04:25 AM XXCoder: grouping code inside
04:26 AM Crom: let d=0; let x=0; let y=0; echo "(PROBEFILE jnk.points)"; while [ $y -lt 240 ] ; do let "y=y + 1"; while [ $x -lt 240 ] ; do; export d=`echo "scale=3; $x/10" | bc`; export e=`echo "scale=3; $y/10" | bc`; echo G0 X${d} Y${e}; echo G38.2 Z-15; echo 38.5 Z0; let "x=x + 1"; done; done ; echo "(PROBECLOSE)"
04:27 AM Crom: let d=0; let x=0; let y=0; echo "(PROBEFILE jnk.points)"; while [ $y -lt 240 ] ; do while [ $x -lt 240 ] ; do; export d=`echo "scale=3; $x/10" | bc`; export e=`echo "scale=3; $y/10" | bc`; echo G0 X${d} Y${e}; echo G38.2 Z-15; echo 38.5 Z0; let "x=x + 1"; done; let "y=y + 1"; done ; echo "(PROBECLOSE)"
04:27 AM Crom: also
04:31 AM Crom: DOH!
04:31 AM XXCoder: spotted a error?
04:31 AM Crom: let d=0; let x=0; let y=0; echo "(PROBEFILE jnk.points)"; while [ $y -lt 240 ] ; do while [ $x -lt 240 ] ; do export d=`echo "scale=3; $x/10" | bc`; export e=`echo "scale=3; $y/10" | bc`; echo G0 X${d} Y${e}; echo G38.2 Z-15; echo 38.5 Z0; let "x=x + 1"; done; let "y=y + 1"; let "X=0"; done ; echo "(PROBECLOSE)"
04:32 AM Crom: after x exits, it's need to be reset to 0
04:32 AM XXCoder: ah yes
04:32 AM XXCoder: variable resetting
04:32 AM XXCoder: so next x loop works
04:33 AM archivist: I think someone is using let like in basic and not like in bash
04:34 AM Crom: echo "(PROBEFILE jnk.points)"; let y=0; while [ $y -lt 240 ] ; do let x=0; while [ $x -lt 240 ] ; do export d=`echo "scale=3; $x/10" | bc`; export e=`echo "scale=3; $y/10" | bc`; echo G0 X${d} Y${e}; echo G38.2 Z-15; echo 38.5 Z0; let "x=x + 1"; done; let "y=y + 1"; done ; echo "(PROBECLOSE)"
04:34 AM Crom: more correct
04:35 AM XXCoder: yeah less code to become bug
04:36 AM archivist: let returns a true/false it is not for assignment like in basic "The let builtin command evaluates each supplied word from left to right as an arithmetic expression and returns an exit code according to the truth value of the rightmost expression."
04:38 AM Crom: let "Y+=1" is just as valid
04:38 AM archivist: remove the let itself leave x=x+1
04:39 AM archivist: you want an assignment to x not a test of x=x+1
04:40 AM XXCoder: heh in c its easier. x==x+1 = compare, x = x+1 assign
04:41 AM Crom: x=x+1 == echo $x returns 'x+1'
04:42 AM archivist: string v variable
04:43 AM Crom: x=$x+1 == X+1+1+1+1+1+1 down the road...
04:45 AM Crom: x=0; for h in 1 2 3 4 ; do let 'x=x+1'; done ; echo $x returns 4; x=""; for h in 1 2 3 4; x=x+1; done; echo $x returns x=1
04:46 AM Crom: err returns "x+1"
04:49 AM archivist: two methods here http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO-7.html
04:49 AM Crom: x=""; for h in 1 2 3 4; do x=$x+1; done; echo $x returns +1+1+1+1
04:51 AM Crom: x=""; for h in 1 2 3 4; do let x+=1; done; echo $x returns 4
04:51 AM Crom: x=""; for h in 1 2 3 4; do x+=1; done; echo $x returns 1111
04:53 AM Crom: well I gotta get up in the morning.. nite nite
04:55 AM Crom: -rw-r--r-- 1 robi robi 808249 Apr 15 02:24 jnk.ngc; last g0 x line == G0 X9.200 Y17.600
04:56 AM Crom: it'll be over 2MB's I think
04:56 AM archivist: trying to write a .ngc? easier to loop in the code
04:57 AM Crom: trying to see how big it would be as a flat file, not a loop
04:58 AM Crom: I've been sitting here 2 hours waiting for it to start probing... the loop is loaded
04:58 AM XXCoder: 1,036,800 bytes,
04:58 AM Crom: it's running and not paused
04:58 AM archivist: I stopped creating flat .ngc files in about 2007
04:58 AM XXCoder: assuming each and each line is 18 charactors long
04:59 AM XXCoder: and theres no additional lines besides
04:59 AM Crom: around 37 chars per interation
05:00 AM XXCoder: 2131200 plus header and footer
05:00 AM Crom: g0 x y; g38.2 z-5, g38.5 z0;
05:01 AM Crom: might have to add a g0z0 line as well
05:01 AM XXCoder: theres z0 already
05:01 AM Crom: g38.5 z0 stops on close... it's not at z0
05:01 AM XXCoder: might want to make z move first though
05:02 AM XXCoder: ah g38.5 dunno that
05:02 AM Crom: it's heading for z0
05:02 AM Crom: g38.2 z-5 probe down towards z-5, stop on open, g38.5 probe to z0 stop on close
05:03 AM Crom: so I need a g0z0
05:03 AM Crom: another 5 chars per interation
05:04 AM Crom: hmmm could be g0z0
05:04 AM Crom: X12.3 Y45.6
05:04 AM Crom: g38.2z-5
05:08 AM Crom: ok nite nite... it's running... and it's generating jnk.ngc as well
05:08 AM archivist: also fix your pitch to match the probe tip radius
05:10 AM Crom: it's about the same...
05:10 AM Crom: 0.1mm
05:37 AM jthornton: morning
05:37 AM XXCoder: hey jt
05:37 AM XXCoder: man i love being sick
05:37 AM XXCoder: all the pain
05:37 AM XXCoder: :P
05:38 AM XXCoder: hows ya
05:40 AM jthornton: not bad got to finish the machine and taxes lol
05:40 AM XXCoder: really? I finished mine ages ago
05:40 AM XXCoder: when do they send refunds anyway
05:40 AM jthornton: dunno
05:41 AM XXCoder: hm ok
06:11 AM malcom2073: Ugh taxes
06:11 AM malcom2073: I owe significantly less than I thought I would this year, so yay
06:12 AM jthornton: I'd rather pay a lot of taxes...
06:12 AM malcom2073: It would've been cheaper for me to live in one of those 60% tax countries and get free healthcare
06:13 AM malcom2073: I make too much to benefit from all the fancyness, but not enough to actually afford to live without it :-P
06:14 AM XXCoder: the whole usa healthcare is utterly broken
06:14 AM malcom2073: But! Not owing as much as I thought I would, I might be able to afford to buy some metal and actually get some projects done soon!
06:15 AM malcom2073: I got a couple things queued up I wanna do
06:15 AM XXCoder: I think I'll hit college loan with tax
06:15 AM XXCoder: I want one loan thats almost gone to be gone
06:15 AM malcom2073: Nice!
06:15 AM XXCoder: so I can grind away on remaining 2 in that group
06:16 AM XXCoder: I never decrease payments when loans get paid off.
06:16 AM malcom2073: Progress is good
06:16 AM malcom2073: That's smart, I'm doing that with car payments. When my bike was paidoff,I bought the wife a used car and rolled over the payments into that, when that is paid off that money will go into a savings account for if it breaks heh
06:16 AM XXCoder: I think orginial payment total was $185 something with all 4 loans in that group
06:17 AM malcom2073: s/if/when
06:17 AM XXCoder: I paid 200, focusing on highest interest but low amount loan
06:17 AM XXCoder: that loan has been long since gone, and second only $800 or so left to go
06:18 AM SpeedEvil: yay
06:18 AM XXCoder: boring.
06:18 AM XXCoder: last loan is quite fat but lower interest
06:20 AM XXCoder: I cant wait to be all done with those 4
06:20 AM XXCoder: so i can work on earlier set of 3 loans
06:20 AM XXCoder: all those is early so interest is much lower
06:20 AM XXCoder: still just oaying $100 on those set, just barely above minium lol
06:23 AM XXCoder: I guess once all gone I can roll the amount into my car
06:23 AM XXCoder: making payment twice as fast
08:01 AM JT-Shop: finally figured out how to cut out panels for the HMI without vibration on the lid
08:11 AM Tom_itx: tape or vaccuum fixture
08:20 AM JT-Shop: http://gnipsel.com/images/nut-setter/nut-setter-07.jpg
08:22 AM Tom_itx: scratch that i dea
08:22 AM archivist: remove box, place wood, then lid then clamp
08:23 AM Tom_itx: fill with water, freeze, mill :D
08:23 AM archivist: rofl
08:23 AM Tom_itx: i bet it would work
08:24 AM archivist: heavy to lift on and off mill
08:24 AM Tom_itx: this is jt we're talking about... i bet he has a lift
08:24 AM Tom_itx: or three
08:25 AM JT-Shop: I have wood with a foam strip inside and the angle clamps the lid tight
10:42 AM {HD}: If you make your own mpg/wheel what interface do you use? Another parport, serial, usb?
10:46 AM skunkworks: yes?
10:47 AM skunkworks: parport would be the easiest.. You just use 2 pins for quadature..
10:59 AM wicki_: re.....
11:01 AM wicki_: linuxcnc on a raspberry. has anybody tried to use the gpio directly? is there an existing driver ?
11:03 AM wicki_: are the 3.3v-output enough for a standard-ta6560-controller ?
11:11 AM {HD}: What is the jitter count on raspi?
11:16 AM wicki_: servo-thread 529207
11:16 AM wicki_: base-thread 62762
11:19 AM wicki_: I just want to know how it works. but there an no gpio-components for a raspi. or ?
11:26 AM archivist: look at the user mailing list for one users long story of getting a pi3 running, no idea what drivers he used
11:31 AM wicki_: I've just seen it.
11:31 AM wicki_: Stepper drives are ST L6470 types, interfaced directly to the Pi's GPIO header, no additional hardware.
11:32 AM wicki_: but I have not found the driver yet
11:34 AM wicki_: ah... maybe this one? hal/drivers/mesa-hostmot2/hm2_rpspi.c
11:40 AM IchGucksLive: hi all
11:41 AM IchGucksLive: wicki_: why the old one there is a new tb6600
11:48 AM wicki_: l6470 is not my project - this line is pasted from linuxcnc-forum - but so a working raspberry-gpio-driver must exist. but where? the hm2_rspi isn't it
11:50 AM wicki_: https://github.com/machinekit/machinekit/blob/master/src/hal/drivers/hal_gpio_demo.hal
11:52 AM wicki_: looks god... lets see.. ;-)
11:53 AM IchGucksLive: that is the standard for parport
11:55 AM wicki_: thas does not look like a parport: uint32_t value = bcm2835_peri_read(paddr);
12:00 PM IchGucksLive: wicki_: more like this https://github.com/machinekit/machinekit/blob/master/src/hal/drivers/hal_gpio_demo.hal
12:00 PM IchGucksLive: oh sorry
12:01 PM IchGucksLive: micha has also a new image for the RP
12:02 PM IchGucksLive: "This driver is for the Raspberry and Raspberry2 platforms only"
12:02 PM IchGucksLive: so no Ri3
12:03 PM IchGucksLive: "// Raspberry2/3:
12:04 PM wicki_: you now machinekit?
12:04 PM _methods: has anyone made it so i can use a smartwatch to run linuxcnc yet
12:05 PM _methods: we really need to make that happen
12:06 PM wicki_: yeah! 640kb will be enough for erveryboy
12:06 PM * archivist whacks _methods
12:06 PM _methods: lol
12:06 PM wicki_: mchinekit sount a little bit strange: checking for cython... no
12:07 PM _methods: oh whack me harder plz
12:07 PM wicki_: what the fuck is cython?
12:07 PM _methods: nm that will make jym show up
12:08 PM wicki_: wow... cython - C-Extensions for Python
12:25 PM Cromaglious_: morning... for what ever reason.. the loop didn't work.. the flat file did...
12:25 PM Cromaglious_: so it's probing right now... 1.9MB flat file.. so it'll take awhile
12:32 PM IchGucksLive: 3d digitalisier
12:34 PM Cromaglious_: probe tip moves a bit laterally
12:54 PM IchGucksLive: im off Gn8
12:55 PM CaptHindsight: freezing one day, 80 the next
12:57 PM Cromaglious_: yep.. last night I was chilled at 55...
12:58 PM pcw_home: 45F and clear here last night (tiny bit of frost on the roof)
12:59 PM Cromaglious_: 68 today, high projected of 79, low will be 48 again
01:06 PM Cromaglious_: ( echo F180; echo G0Z0; echo X0; echo Y0; echo "(PROBEFILE jnk.points)"; let y=0; while [ $y -lt 240 ] ; do let x=0; while [ $x -lt 240 ] ; do export d=`echo "scale=3; $x/10" | bc`; export e=`echo "scale=3; $y/10" | bc`; echo G0Z0; echo X${d}Y${e}; echo G38.2Z-15; echo G38.5Z0; let "x+=1"; done; let "y+=1"; done ; echo "(PROBECLOSE)" ) >
01:06 PM Cromaglious_: probe24x24.ngc
01:27 PM Cromaglious_: hmmm readline5.dll grrr
01:34 PM Cromaglious_: ok got it..
01:47 PM Cromaglious_: 2991944 probe.ngc as created by qb64 on win10
01:48 PM Cromaglious_: X 23.95005 Y 24.95006 it has problems adding evedently..
02:02 PM Cromaglious_: bash is still working...
02:23 PM djdelorie: sigh, discovered a loose power connection on one of my driver boards, I assume that stopping that axis caused both back-EMF *and* vibrations leading to an open, so the EMF had nowhere to go.
02:24 PM djdelorie: that was the only driver board that had shiny spots under the heatsink, and didn't work on the test bench.
02:24 PM djdelorie: also explains the "pop" and magic smoke... :-P
02:27 PM djdelorie: despite being rated at 600V and running at 120V...
02:40 PM Cromaglious_: heh... true
02:44 PM Cromaglious_: While I'm here at the maker space, I might as well get in some fusion 360 time
02:49 PM enleth: do you have any interesting experiences in using chinese insert tooling with non-chinese inserts?
02:50 PM Cromaglious_: One would have to have had non chinesium inserts to do that, so not yet..
02:50 PM enleth: I'm wondering if, for inserts with simple seat geometry, like TCMT, there's really any important difference between a chinese tool and a Sandvik, or whatever
02:51 PM Cromaglious_: carbide IS different.. sandvik grain structure is smaller
02:51 PM enleth: well, I'm not asking about inserts
02:51 PM _methods: probably just pocket life after insert failure
02:51 PM Cromaglious_: probably.. not...
02:52 PM enleth: I'm specifically interested in the tool itself, assuming I start buying brand name inserts after the chinese ones wear out
02:52 PM _methods: yeah i use sandvik inserts in my cheap chinese tool bodies
02:52 PM _methods: works just fine
02:52 PM Cromaglious_: ugh... fusion update....
02:54 PM enleth: I can get a set of 5 TCMT tools for a price of a single non-chinese one, then start buying brand name inserts, they're not that expensive
02:54 PM Cromaglious_: I saw a CCMT set with a boring bar, I think I'm gonna get...
02:55 PM enleth: I imagine things might be somewhat different with the more complex insert styles that require reliefs in the pocket
02:55 PM _methods: if the tool says it takes a certain insert then i would expect it would work fine with any insert of that geometry
02:56 PM _methods: i've never tried a R390 chinese cutter though before
02:56 PM enleth: Cromaglious_: CCMT is also reliefed on the insert, so I'd assume it's the same situation as TCMT
03:00 PM Cromaglious_: http://www.ebay.com/itm/371668995042 4pcs set CCMT 09T3
03:00 PM Cromaglious_: $24ish...
03:10 PM CaptHindsight: he the USPS has gotten faster, 2 days from CA to IL except when it's a check then it takes 9 days :)
03:11 PM Cromaglious_: heh... Waiting on a Wisconsin to California DVD via USPS
03:12 PM Cromaglious_: mailed "Apr 13th"
03:12 PM CaptHindsight: I ordered a power supply from Jameco on ebay Thursday and it's already here via 1st Class
03:13 PM Cromaglious_: I'm scared to death of it getting here broken... I've waited almost a year for this DVD
03:13 PM CaptHindsight: well it's important so it will take a few extra days
03:19 PM CaptHindsight: sometimes I fool the package by pretending I don't need it, then at least it arrives on time
03:20 PM * Spida tries to imagine CaptHindsight sneaking up on the package in the delivery truck, pointing with a finger at it, jumping up and down while shouting "I don't need you!"
03:20 PM Spida: :-)
03:37 PM Cromaglious_: heh...
03:54 PM * djdelorie orders another driver chip... sigh.
03:59 PM Cromaglious_: djdelorie, which driver?
03:59 PM djdelorie: FNB41560
04:00 PM djdelorie: goes on http://www.delorie.com/electronics/bldc/
04:38 PM Cromaglious_: not loading http://www.delorie.com/electronics/bldc/
04:38 PM djdelorie: hmmm... do you mean you're choosing to not load it, or there's a problem loading it?
04:39 PM djdelorie: (it loads for me, but then again, it's in my basement...)
04:42 PM Cromaglious_: www.delorie.com took too long to respond. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT
04:42 PM djdelorie: odd...
04:44 PM djdelorie: works on my cell phone too (without wifi), and the logs show others are getting through...
04:45 PM Cromaglious_: I can ping it
04:47 PM Deejay: gn8
04:51 PM XXCoder: wow that graffee finally gave birth
04:54 PM Cromaglious_: That was days ago...
04:54 PM XXCoder: hours agio
04:55 PM Cromaglious_: another one?
04:55 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dz_errIBq3Y
04:55 PM XXCoder: I was watching it live yeserday, too tired to stay on so went to bed
04:56 PM andypugh: djdelorie: Looks nice, but possibly covering the same ground as STMBL?
04:56 PM enleth: TIL: there's a multifix size Aaa
04:56 PM enleth: even smaller than Aa on my ORAC
04:56 PM enleth: and it doesn't even appear in the old catalogs and brochures
04:57 PM andypugh: djdelorie: Have you seen STMBL? Connects to LinuxCNC with Smart Serial (as one of many options)
05:01 PM JT-Shop: andypugh: http://gnipsel.com/images/nut-setter/nut-setter-02.jpg
05:01 PM JT-Shop: http://gnipsel.com/images/nut-setter/nut-setter-03.jpg
05:01 PM JT-Shop: http://gnipsel.com/images/nut-setter/nut-setter-04.jpg
05:01 PM JT-Shop: http://gnipsel.com/images/nut-setter/nut-setter-05.jpg
05:02 PM JT-Shop: http://gnipsel.com/images/nut-setter/nut-setter-06.jpg
05:03 PM andypugh: Looking at the “thing” I am struggling to see why those holes had to be at an angle at all.
05:04 PM JT-Shop: the holes had to line up with the flat of the nut so the magnet could hold the nut in the guide
05:04 PM XXCoder: yay got magnets today
05:05 PM XXCoder: for my cnc router tachmeter
05:06 PM JT-Shop: col
05:06 PM JT-Shop: cool
05:06 PM XXCoder: coool
05:07 PM andypugh: JT-Shop: You could have gone in from the end to another flat…
05:07 PM XXCoder: yay it stands up
05:07 PM XXCoder: the video is pretty cool
05:08 PM JT-Shop: the proxes come in from the end
05:13 PM Tom_itx: JT-Shop, what you workin on?
05:15 PM andypugh: XXCoder: Baby giraffes seem to spend an awfully long time half-way out. I think human babies would die in that situation.
05:15 PM JT-Shop: the other half of the pole saw cover tester/nut inserter
05:16 PM XXCoder: andy yeah. and that 2-3 feet drop
05:16 PM XXCoder: basically first thing baby sees after offical birth, is oncoming floor.
05:16 PM Tom_itx: ahh, paying job..
05:17 PM JT-Shop: yea :)
05:18 PM andypugh: XXCoder: Could be worse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkBSkFyUyv0
05:20 PM XXCoder: wow
05:20 PM XXCoder: ducks wings is way undersized foe that use lol
05:20 PM XXCoder: so theyre basically basejumping
05:21 PM andypugh: Luckily giraffes don’t nest in trees. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJfPV7HU1IM
05:22 PM XXCoder: shadows on background lol
05:22 PM XXCoder: autocaptions dont translate well
05:24 PM andypugh: I will find you a transcript, it’s hillarious. http://www.montypython.net/scripts/flysheep.php
05:24 PM XXCoder: thanks
05:25 PM XXCoder: http://www.montypython.net/scripts/flysheep.php
05:25 PM XXCoder: ah its same link lol
05:25 PM XXCoder: it just shows list even at same url
05:30 PM XXCoder: andy thanks. definitely funny. reading some others
05:30 PM XXCoder: too bad many of monty videos are lost, just like doctor who
05:48 PM XXCoder: wow
05:48 PM XXCoder: tachmeter is magnetic pole sensive
05:48 PM XXCoder: meaning I have to expoxy it in right direction or it wont work
06:10 PM djdelorie: andypugh: yes, similar, but I built mine in 2011, looks like three years before stmbl
06:12 PM djdelorie: the FNB chip can do 600V at 15A if you water cool it, which is 9000 watts. I run it at 120V/8A = 960W with passive cooling
06:12 PM andypugh: I have an stmbl turning a motor next to me right now. Command from LinuxCNC, plotting the internal HAL (modelled on LinuxCNC) via USB on my Mac. It’s pretty well developed.
06:12 PM djdelorie: and I have CAN, serial, and step/dir inputs
06:12 PM djdelorie: there's room for more than one open driver board :-)
06:13 PM andypugh: Ah, OK, so it’s already finished and working? I was just trying to save you some effort if you were still at the PCB stage
06:13 PM djdelorie: no, I'm at the "it's old and I burned out a driver, crap" stage
06:14 PM djdelorie: just finished replacing the metric timing pulleys with new imperial ones (so no longer off center), was ramping up the accel settings to tune it, and POP! went the magic smoke
06:14 PM djdelorie: IIRC I talked about my board, here, way back when I was building it.
06:15 PM djdelorie: photos: http://www.delorie.com/photos/cnc/
06:19 PM sync_: oh, no over current limit?
06:20 PM sync_: (although the stmbl currently doesn't have shortcircuit protection because I'm lazy)
06:22 PM djdelorie: sync_: I do current limiting in software, and thermal limiting on-chip
06:23 PM djdelorie: I think the POP was due to a loose power connector - when the motor was stopped, the EMF and the vibrations hit at the same time, nothing to absorb the back-emf, and it went past the 600V limit really quick...
06:27 PM sync_: hmm
06:27 PM sync_: that would be a strange error
06:31 PM djdelorie: not so strange after you discover the loose power connector ;-)
06:31 PM * djdelorie probably just forgot to tighten those screws :-P
06:32 PM sync_: well it should survive that
06:33 PM djdelorie: given that this machine is 100% made by *me*... "should" becomes a funny concept :-)
06:34 PM djdelorie: maybe I "should" add a 600v zener to the next design? ;-)
06:46 PM sync_: tvs would be fine, but it is suprising that it dies
06:47 PM djdelorie: I was surprized when it happened too :-)
06:54 PM XXCoder: well
06:54 PM XXCoder: magnets expoxied to spindle fan
06:54 PM XXCoder: works fine yay
06:54 PM XXCoder: I used magnets to place magnets inside at good place lol
06:54 PM XXCoder: handy to have more magnets than needed
07:00 PM enleth: andypugh: how exactly is that stmbl connected? extra expansion connectors on a 5i25/6i25?
07:01 PM andypugh: This particular one is connected via a starnge combination of Mesa cards I had available. PC to Ethernet to 7i80DB to 7i76 to Smart serial to STMBL.
07:02 PM andypugh: I think you can drive the stmbl with step/dir or analogue voltage too, this was just the way tha worked for the things I wanted to test.
07:03 PM enleth: andypugh: smart serial on the RS-422 interface?
07:03 PM andypugh: Yes, that’s pretty much what the RS422 on the 7i76 is intended for.
07:04 PM enleth: does it work with more than one off the same bus?
07:04 PM XXCoder: andy you ever used tachmeter for sp-indle?
07:08 PM andypugh: enleth: No, one card per port. But you can add 8 ports to the spare DB25 header. The 7i80DB has 4 x DB25, so that could be 32 sserial poerts, for 3072 GPIO points.
07:09 PM andypugh: XXCoder: No, I have only ever used encoders.
07:09 PM XXCoder: drat ok lol
07:09 PM XXCoder: im waiting till tomorrow for magnet expoxy to be fully cured
07:09 PM andypugh: You only have one channel? That will still work with the software or Mesa encoder counters.
07:14 PM sync_: andypugh: while you can use analog, that is not a supported way of commanding the stmbl
07:14 PM enleth: andypugh: OK, all clear now, thanks
07:15 PM enleth: XXCoder: actually I've got the same problem now - the ORAC's spindle "encoder" is actually a tacho with index
07:16 PM andypugh: sync_: I am confused by “you can” and “not supported” in the context of an open-source project that doesn’t guarantee support
07:16 PM sync_: sure, you can code it it, but you have to do it
07:17 PM sync_: it is not something we want to do :D
07:17 PM enleth: XXCoder: I haven't configured it yet but I don't expect the dedicated spindle encoder quadrature input on the 7i76e to play well with a single channel tacho
07:17 PM XXCoder: dunno, mine is pretty simple lol
07:17 PM XXCoder: 2 magnets opposited inside fan, single sensor.
07:18 PM XXCoder: I suppose if I make it off opposite, one side being shorter than other it can actually tell what direction spindle is going lol
07:18 PM enleth: yeah, if you don't need any synchronized moves, it will be fine
07:19 PM enleth: I have to swap that tacho on the ORAC for something more suited for the job
07:19 PM XXCoder: if 180 degrees it cant tell, but say if one is say 130 degrees
07:19 PM XXCoder: call the short side A and long side B
07:19 PM XXCoder: sensor would see ab ab ab ab ab or ba ba ba ba
07:19 PM XXCoder: so it knows direction
07:19 PM enleth: I don't trust an opto on a 48-position slit wheel for threading on a lathe
07:20 PM andypugh: The Mesa and software encoders can be set to “counter mode” and then work without quadrature.
07:21 PM enleth: andypugh: ok, thanks for the hint, I'll try
07:21 PM enleth: still, I should replace it with a proper encoder
07:22 PM enleth: or at least with something that has a better resolution
07:22 PM XXCoder: is there a source of small acme screws and small unsupported rods?
07:22 PM XXCoder: im thinking of making bad lashup of tiny lathe cnc-ize heh
07:26 PM enleth: look up designations on McMaster, see if someone else sells them
07:27 PM XXCoder: lol nah it'll have to be super cheap
07:27 PM XXCoder: I might as well as use old Z sbr rails
07:27 PM enleth: I didn't say buy from McMaster - unless you like being robbed in broad daylight
07:27 PM XXCoder: and screw for it. nothings cheaper than "already have'
07:28 PM enleth: but they're invaluable for finding out whether something even exists and under what part numer
07:28 PM enleth: *number
07:28 PM XXCoder: indeed
07:39 PM enleth: BTW, is there any actual advantage or other significant reason for many lathe toolholder screw to have external square heads instead of just a socket head?
07:40 PM XXCoder: sometimes its not about effecivoty but standards
07:41 PM XXCoder: and history
07:41 PM enleth: for one, it's a PITA to use without a dedicated key
07:41 PM enleth: I swapped them for socket heads on my multifix holders
07:45 PM djdelorie: can you apply more torque to a square head before it strips?
07:52 PM XXCoder: hey loet
07:57 PM {HD}: I think I am going to build my own MPG...I thought I was just going to buy the $70 HB04 but it has too much stuff on it. I could get away with something much smaller/simpler.
08:41 PM Cromaglious_: how the heck do you set origin in fusion
08:42 PM miek: Cromaglious_: in the setup properties
08:43 PM gregcnc: XXcoder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1Tbt0I2JDA
08:49 PM XXCoder: looking
08:50 PM XXCoder: stepper as spindle
08:50 PM XXCoder: surpising fast
08:50 PM gregcnc: i think it was a servo
08:51 PM XXCoder: interesting
08:51 PM gregcnc: short sections of larger linear guides can be pretty cheap on thebay
08:52 PM XXCoder: yea
08:52 PM XXCoder: banggood has realllly cheap leadscrews
08:52 PM XXCoder: I dont plan to worry much about accuracy, as its for shit and giggles.
08:54 PM XXCoder: anyway i dont plan to cnc it till I have a few gos on manually using it
08:54 PM gregcnc: it's hard to be very useful at that size
08:54 PM XXCoder: indeed
08:56 PM gregcnc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jmOk86-jgM this guy did a good job turret and all, but again not sure about applications
08:57 PM XXCoder: guy grvved chips ow
08:57 PM XXCoder: grabbed
08:58 PM XXCoder: is that linuxcnc rook?
08:58 PM XXCoder: ah bullet or small dilio
08:59 PM djdelorie: how else are you going to make #0 screws? ;-)
08:59 PM gregcnc: certian many way to build a small lathe
08:59 PM Cromaglious_: still looking...
09:00 PM djdelorie: just yesterday I was making a replacement shaft for a clock - 1/8" round, 0.5" long... small cnc could have done it
09:01 PM XXCoder: theres few lathes on aliexpress and like
09:01 PM XXCoder: including one uber crappy one I bought lol
09:01 PM gregcnc: by the time you boot the CNC you'd be done for a simple shaft on a manual machine
09:01 PM XXCoder: magnets is first banggood good that arrived for me
09:02 PM XXCoder: cant wait to get rest
09:02 PM djdelorie: gregcnc: perhaps, but I'm not that good at either yet ;-) (did it by hand on the 13" SB)
09:03 PM djdelorie: the part that took the longest was shaping and sharpening the right tool bit
09:04 PM gregcnc: well if you're learning your'e learning, took me forever to get something done on the CNC mill this week and it still isn't quite right, but CNC lathe is new to me
09:04 PM gregcnc: CNC lathe that is
09:04 PM djdelorie: I think there are no shortcuts if you're only doing one
09:05 PM Cromaglious_: Found it! Thanks
09:06 PM gregcnc: yeah, why prototyping ends up costing so much
09:06 PM djdelorie: and since it's a hobby, I rarely do more than one of anything anyway
10:46 PM archivist: djdelorie, clock parts are almost always faster hand turned :)
10:46 PM XXCoder: unless you need to make 100 of em
10:46 PM djdelorie: although it was a bit weird turning such a tiny part in such a large machine :-)
10:50 PM XXCoder: lol I used to make 2"x2" parts on cnc ruter that you could park car in workspace.
10:50 PM XXCoder: program complete homing takes so long.
10:55 PM djdelorie: not going to do the math, but... 1/8" part in 1,000lb 13" 95-year-old lathe :-)
10:55 PM djdelorie: don't know who wins, but we're both on the same silly scale :-)
10:56 PM archivist: similar scale if I so a watch pivot in a clock lathe
10:57 PM djdelorie: do we have to redefine "normal" again? ;-)
10:57 PM archivist: there aint no sanity clause
10:58 PM XXCoder: sanity?
10:58 PM XXCoder: who needs sinkin' sanity!
10:58 PM XXCoder: *stinkin'
10:58 PM djdelorie: Millenium hand and shrimp!
11:36 PM enleth: djdelorie: it's all fine until your target diameter is less than the lathe's runout
11:36 PM djdelorie: 0.0005 TIR on the chuck I was using...
11:37 PM djdelorie: (or so, maybe less, it came out pretty good :)
11:37 PM enleth: ah, well maintained vintage machine
11:37 PM enleth: always nice to work with
11:37 PM djdelorie: yup. Was my father-in-laws, before that, his friend's, since WWII
11:38 PM djdelorie: http://www.delorie.com/photos/southbend-lathe/img_3184.html
11:45 PM djdelorie: the collet chuck is new, though