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Apr 14 2017

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12:00 AM chopper79: Looking for the location of all the RS274 language support parameters.... hope that is a bit more clear
12:02 AM enleth: that seems to live in src/emc/rs274ngc/, unsurprisingly
12:02 AM chopper79: lol.... Figures
12:02 AM chopper79: I looked and must have went right past it
12:02 AM chopper79: Thanks
12:10 AM chopper79: So it seems that G84 is not a synchronized motion. G33.1 is for rigid tapping, but G84 is not.
12:12 AM chopper79: G33.1 would be fine if it were a canned cycle like G84. Wonder if there is a way to insert that into the rs274 files somehow and make G84 synchronized? Other wonder is if G33.1 could be turned into a canned cycle?
12:13 AM chopper79: Maybe I will backup my config and give it a go to see what happens.
12:27 AM Crom: hmmm there is the spindle-at-speed signal. I'll have to read up on how to use that dynamicaly
01:02 AM MacGalempsy: there is a manual page that walks thru it
01:04 AM chopper79: MacGalempsy: I have looked for one and did not find anything about making G84 sync with motion or G33.1 a canned cycle
01:05 AM chopper79: Could you point to it?
01:06 AM MacGalempsy: i was talking to crom
01:07 AM MacGalempsy: i think it is already dynamic. you probably need to use the near component
01:07 AM chopper79: I fI could trun the accel and Decel on my VFD up then I could get over the G84 issue I am having where the Z axis begins its retract before spindle is up to speed. A dwell of 0.3 keeps it on track.
01:08 AM chopper79: I am using near and can not get it to make up that difference.
01:08 AM Crom: OH DAMN! D10 and D9 will do PWM 980. Ethernet shield uses pin D10... I might have to cut that and move it to D5? something
01:08 AM Crom: 980 hz
01:09 AM chopper79: Still hacking up your smoothie?
01:09 AM Crom: Mega...
01:09 AM MacGalempsy: i think if your spindle motion is synced then g84 should fall in line
01:09 AM Crom: mega2560
01:09 AM chopper79: I love that board
01:10 AM chopper79: Ramps
01:10 AM MacGalempsy: you may need a g64(?) if the acceloration is not perfectly dialed in
01:10 AM chopper79: MacGalempsy: Spindle motion works perfect with G33.1 just not G84
01:10 AM Crom: I have 2 MKS Gen 1.4's
01:10 AM chopper79: MacGalempsy: Good call I will try it real quick
01:13 AM Crom: MacGalempsy: fixing another problem right now...
01:13 AM MacGalempsy: chopper79: the cam does not typically know the lcnc settings, so i imaginge its similar to rounded corners
01:22 AM chopper79: True
01:23 AM chopper79: I gave it a go and it seems a bit better. using G64 P0.001
01:24 AM chopper79: I have a handful of 1/4-20 taps I will sacrifice on this in the next couple days. G33.1 works fantastic..... Just needs to be a canned cycle so it is much easier to write code
01:24 AM Crom: ok I fixed the pin 10 problem... bend it over and run a jumper wire to pin 53, done!
01:25 AM Crom: PIn D9 and D10 are now available for 980hz pwm for the spindle
01:28 AM Crom: pin 4 also fixed
01:29 AM chopper79: Well I am off to bed. Thanks for the help!!
01:31 AM skau: question about linuxcnc's trajectory planning.. g64 is it? is there a way to have it always set say, a 0.1mm tolerance on start up as opposed to having to put it into every gcode?
01:36 AM Crom: there is always patching the source..
01:36 AM Crom: I haven't gotten to looking at that yet.
01:37 AM chopper79: I put G64 in the rs274 startup string in the ini.
01:39 AM chopper79: Afer I did that I never had to put it in a gcode file again.
01:41 AM MacGalempsy: skau i think there is a startup script where you can set that. similar to starting in g20
01:41 AM Crom: sim.gmoccapy/gmoccapy_with_user_tabs.ini:[RS274NGC]
01:41 AM Crom: sim.gmoccapy/gmoccapy_with_user_tabs.ini:RS274NGC_STARTUP_CODE = G17 G21 G40 G43H0 G54 G64P0.005 G80 G90 G94 G97 M5 M9
01:41 AM MacGalempsy: yep. what chopper said :)
01:42 AM MacGalempsy: im going back to play roblox. lol
01:42 AM MacGalempsy: escape the iphone obby
01:43 AM Crom: at section 2.4 http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.6/html/config/ini_config.html
01:53 AM Crom: ugh... I have to install debian....
02:04 AM archivist: chopper79, use ocode routines to make your own "canned" cycles
02:05 AM Crom: tomorrow.. nite nite
02:25 AM wicki_: anybody awake?
02:26 AM IchGucksLive: morning from Germany
02:26 AM wicki_: ja, guten morgen ;-)
02:26 AM wicki_: and a nice carfriday
02:26 AM IchGucksLive: ;-
02:27 AM IchGucksLive: skau: ?
02:28 AM IchGucksLive: skau: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/config/ini-config.html#_rs274ngc_section
02:29 AM IchGucksLive: RS274NGC_STARTUP_CODE = G17 G20 G40 G49 G64 P0.1 G80 G90 G92 G94 G97 G98
02:29 AM IchGucksLive: as a example
02:29 AM IchGucksLive: G21 if mm
02:31 AM IchGucksLive: wicki_: eastern is different in parts of the world
02:31 AM Deejay: moin
02:31 AM IchGucksLive: even in parts of a contry
02:31 AM Deejay: hi Crom
02:31 AM wicki_: just had a stupid idea yesterday - and I need someone to talk about it...
02:32 AM IchGucksLive: on what theme
02:33 AM wicki_: about sending status of the parport by udp-packtes to a raspberry and use the gpio of the raspi as a linuxcnc-remote-port
02:34 AM IchGucksLive: why rasp
02:34 AM archivist: udp is not guaranteed
02:34 AM IchGucksLive: there is a atmel in component
02:34 AM IchGucksLive: for pendant or other use great
02:34 AM wicki_: because I have some ones unused here
02:35 AM archivist: wrong solution
02:35 AM IchGucksLive: make some gret procekts out of them
02:35 AM IchGucksLive: project
02:36 AM wicki_: even on 100Mbit network ist should be fast enought
02:37 AM IchGucksLive: im off
02:37 AM wicki_: as I said: its a stupid idea - but it should be possible
02:37 AM archivist: possible, but needs to be reliable for cnc
02:38 AM wicki_: with a rt-kernel on the raspi
02:39 AM archivist: you can do remote with a mesa card on ethernet, but single port and cable so there is no clashing
02:40 AM wicki_: I will make a test today: connect 2 axes directly to parport and 1 axis by udp-link
02:42 AM archivist: udp is for loss tolerating connections, this is not
02:42 AM wicki_: I wrote a client, which reads the 3x78 and sends the value by udp to the raspi-server. raspi puts the value on the gpio
02:42 AM wicki_: but its fast and its just a test
02:44 AM wicki_: no changes, no drivers on the linuxcnc-side - just a running background-job
02:46 AM wicki_: if it works, a udp-handshake should not be the problem
02:51 AM archivist: I think you are missing something, if a packet is lost how will the machine react
02:56 AM wicki_: first I want to see, if it works - and with which feedrates. a "counter-packet-counter-back", which stops the machine if a packet is lost. for example
03:01 AM wicki_: endless sending the port-status uses too much bandwidth - to send only changed portleves is much better now. I will connect it now to the controller. then we will see ;-)
03:04 AM archivist: data loss is an error in machining in that case
03:18 AM archivist: most working over some serial protocol have some form of timing and synchronisation
03:41 AM wicki_: hmmm.... my ta6560-controller has a 5v-level on the input-pin(!) when connected to the PC. (even if the both input-pins of this axis are not linked to the connector). its better, not to connect this pin to the raspi-gpio (3.3v logic)...
03:43 AM wicki_: I will take a look at signals on raspi and parport-side together first
03:55 AM wicki_: ok... not nice.... lost packets.... lets count them...
04:06 AM wicki_: too much - 50% - ok, without a handshake is no good idea
04:10 AM wicki_: something for a long, cold winter evening
04:11 AM wicki_: and now to something completely diffrent:
04:13 AM wicki_: 2 axes are physically linked. if X moves, Y moves also. the Y-movement is unwanted. I wrote a .py-hal-script, which should move thy Y-axis against the unwanted direction, when X-movement is detected.
04:14 AM wicki_: but how to stop X-movement until the X-position is reached?
04:15 AM wicki_: JOG_xxx does not work in mdi-mode
04:36 AM archivist: that makes not a lot of sense
04:36 AM archivist: contradictory statements
04:38 AM wicki_: maybe... but how to solve this problem ?
04:38 AM archivist: well start by clarifying eg this is impossible"but how to stop X-movement until the X-position is reached?"
04:40 AM wicki_: a typo... "until the Y-position is reached"
04:41 AM archivist: dont command x until y is finished (exact stop mode)
04:43 AM archivist: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.6/html/gcode/gcode.html#sec:G61-G61_1 see that and g64
04:44 AM wicki_: yes, I know G61. but thats not the problem. an example: I move X from 0 to 10 - Y-position at start is 0. when X reaches "1", the Y is at 0.5
04:45 AM archivist: why, what is faulty
04:45 AM wicki_: so I must move Y back to 0 bevor X should move to "2" - the problem ist the mechanical construction of the mill
04:46 AM wicki_: it is impossible to move "X" whithout an movement of "Y"
04:46 AM archivist: this is that rotating thing?
04:47 AM wicki_: yes -
04:47 AM archivist: use a differential http://linuxcnc.org/docs/devel/html/man/man9/differential.9.html
04:48 AM archivist: or a some other maths comp
04:51 AM wicki_: ups.... another new one... with not too much documentation
04:52 AM archivist: you might just be adding a scaled offset to the other
04:56 AM wicki_: but isn't differential for servo-motors?
04:56 AM archivist: nah that was written for a robot wrist
04:57 AM archivist: so the sum and difference go to the right place
05:01 AM wicki_: only in 2.8, as I see? I'll take a look
05:02 AM archivist: it is very new
05:09 AM archivist: wicki_, see middle of picture where one is used in a mechanical system to fix a similar problem http://www.collection.archivist.info/hobbing.html
05:13 AM wicki_: when I try to loadrt differential I get:
05:13 AM wicki_: [Fr Apr 14 11:39:33 2017] motmod: Unknown symbol kinematicsType (err 0)
05:13 AM wicki_: [Fr Apr 14 11:39:33 2017] motmod: Unknown symbol kinematicsInverse (err 0)
05:13 AM wicki_: [Fr Apr 14 11:39:33 2017] motmod: Unknown symbol kinematicsForward (err 0)
05:16 AM wicki_: with parameters count=2 and names=X,Y I get
05:17 AM wicki_: count= and names= are mutually exclusive
05:17 AM archivist: you only need one
05:18 AM wicki_: whis only names =X,y I get [Fr Apr 14 11:48:08 2017] motmod: Unknown symbol kinematicsType (err 0)
05:19 AM wicki_: again...
05:19 AM archivist: I would advise against name= as none of the docs refer to comps used that way
05:19 AM archivist: again ONE not two of them
05:19 AM archivist: its outputs are to x and y
05:22 AM archivist: here you should write the maths to get your sum or differences of the two axes to separate the movement only then implement in hal
05:23 AM wicki_: it does not start. not with any combination of names and/or count
05:24 AM archivist: read error message
05:24 AM wicki_: as I said: [Fr Apr 14 11:51:35 2017] motmod: Unknown symbol kinematicsType (err 0)
05:24 AM archivist: you used name= so you renamed it!!!!!
05:25 AM archivist: so I told you dont use name = and you ignored
05:31 AM wicki_: I tried: names=, names=X, names=Y, names=X,y, nothing, count=1, count=2 and and name= and any other combination - I do not have any idea any more.....
05:32 AM archivist: stop using name= plase you are wasting time
05:32 AM archivist: use count=1
05:33 AM archivist: name= is not documented and is stupid 99.9% of the time
05:33 AM wicki_: loadrt differential count=1
05:33 AM wicki_: loadrt differential count=1
05:33 AM archivist: you only want ONE
05:34 AM wicki_: Error: could not insert module /home/ich/dummy/linuxcnc/rtlib/motmod.ko: Unknown symbol in module
05:35 AM wicki_: there is only one - was a wrong mouseclick
05:35 AM archivist: are you putting it in 2.7
05:35 AM wicki_:
05:35 AM wicki_: LINUXCNC - 2.8.0~pre1
05:38 AM archivist: from the same date or differing versions of 2.8
05:39 AM jthornton: morning
05:40 AM wicki_: it may be 3 oder 4 days old, I think
05:47 AM archivist: jthornton, is the name= syntax explained anywhere yet?
05:47 AM jthornton: not that I know of other than in each man page that allows it
05:49 AM archivist: it confuses the hell out of users as any page that allows it does not say what happens
05:51 AM jthornton: I'm confused too
05:51 AM XXCoder: heys
05:51 AM XXCoder: man work today was nasty
05:51 AM jthornton: hey
05:52 AM XXCoder: dizzy, light allegric reaction to pollen, coughing getting worse
05:52 AM jthornton: I've been making and ruining the same part for two days, got enough material left for two more tried
05:52 AM XXCoder: and work I run opffice mill, which is tiny but very messy machine
05:52 AM XXCoder: franjkly I prefer old fadal to om
05:54 AM XXCoder: jthornton: good luck man
05:54 AM XXCoder: what caused first 2 to fail?
05:55 AM jthornton: first one I used 1/16" end mill in the CAM and I only have 1/8" end mills so the hex came out too big
05:55 AM archivist: file the flats
05:55 AM jthornton: second one came out perfect except it was not positioned in the vise at the correct place
05:56 AM jthornton: in hurry
05:56 AM XXCoder: arch think "too big" is a hole thats too big
05:56 AM jthornton: file what flats?
05:56 AM jthornton: aye
05:56 AM archivist: on the hex
05:56 AM XXCoder: jt ow so there was uncut edge due to it being short of path
05:57 AM jthornton: no, the two hex openings and the through holes were off center :(
05:57 AM XXCoder: ouch
05:57 AM jthornton: so the other features on the other side could not be made... I'm getting much faster at sizing up Delrin :)
05:57 AM XXCoder: in least I didnt scrap anything today
05:58 AM XXCoder: this week monday was a nightmare
05:58 AM XXCoder: I didnt secure part properly, it flipped off and killed one tool
05:58 AM jthornton: they gave me a chunk big enough for 4 tries, was hoping to have some material left over
05:58 AM jthornton: ouch
05:58 AM XXCoder: job had no paperwork so we guessed on 3 flutes, and I missed chatter killing 3 parts
05:59 AM XXCoder: tool diameter was little off so those was undersized too.
05:59 AM XXCoder: in short I screwed up badly, but in least it was not tool impact screwup I had in 2015.
06:00 AM jthornton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFZ0jTgDdXU&feature=youtu.be
06:00 AM XXCoder: dammit
06:00 AM XXCoder: im too sensive to watch handcam videos. thankfully can have "slides"
06:00 AM jthornton: slides?
06:00 AM XXCoder: pause video and hit left arrow key
06:01 AM XXCoder: with few very brief plays to see speed of flight lol
06:01 AM XXCoder: speed seems very slow
06:01 AM XXCoder: helium or hyrodgen filled body?
06:01 AM jthornton: ah
06:01 AM jthornton: prob epp foam
06:02 AM jthornton: flying with full flaps and looks super light
06:02 AM XXCoder: yea
06:03 AM XXCoder: I was wondering if planes is more my speed
06:06 AM XXCoder: anyway
06:06 AM XXCoder: I STILL havent gotten parts bleh
06:06 AM XXCoder: I hate waiting.
06:06 AM jthornton: me too, been waiting for plastic stand offs for the quad forever
06:07 AM XXCoder: I saw x5sw parts sale
06:07 AM XXCoder: 5 sets of different color fins protectors legs
06:07 AM jthornton: what is a x5sw?
06:07 AM XXCoder: cheap model of qudcoper
06:07 AM jthornton: ah
06:08 AM jthornton: https://www.amazon.com/Real-time-2-4GHz-Quadcopter-Drone-Camera/dp/B00Y3GO1G6
06:08 AM XXCoder: theres billion of replacement parts for it
06:08 AM XXCoder: you can even buy parts and build one lol
06:08 AM XXCoder: yeah
06:09 AM XXCoder: one negative is its bit weak against wind, and wind bug :(
06:09 AM jthornton: I'd bet, my foamy is sensitive to any wind
06:09 AM XXCoder: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01JOL9R5Y/
06:10 AM XXCoder: I think mine will be blue back white front
06:10 AM jthornton: https://twistedhobbys.com/th-32-epp-edge-540-gh-w-hd-landing-gear/
06:10 AM XXCoder: or maybe opposite, depebds on how well I can see it when its in flight
06:10 AM jthornton: you have one on the way?
06:10 AM XXCoder: the parts yeah
06:11 AM XXCoder: I already has quad. waiting for summer.
06:11 AM jthornton: http://gnipsel.com/images/tweaker-5/Tweaker-5-02.jpg
06:12 AM jthornton: got a little more done on the tweaker
06:12 AM XXCoder: looks like cheering guy
06:12 AM XXCoder: paint that on bottom. now.
06:12 AM jthornton: lol
06:12 AM XXCoder: do it.
06:12 AM XXCoder: ;)
06:13 AM jthornton: I've got the fc mostly configured and made the motors spin up but need standoffs to raise the pdb and fc up to fit the rx under them
06:15 AM archivist: are you going to put that in a cat?
06:15 AM archivist: https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/320/cpsprodpb/DCFB/production/_90617565_cat.jpg
06:16 AM XXCoder: yeah saw that. jeez
06:18 AM gefu: hallo, bisher hatte ich meine Gcode-Datei mit Cambam als NC-Datei erstellt. Kann LINUXCNC diese Datei verarbeiten?
06:18 AM XXCoder: hey
06:18 AM XXCoder: theres few german language people but dunno if any is in now
06:18 AM archivist: try english more chance of reply
06:19 AM jthornton: Deejay: speaks german
06:19 AM XXCoder: ich but hes always in for short time only. very busy guy!
06:27 AM jthornton: wish I could figure out why I can't build a 2.8 deb on linux mint 18
06:31 AM XXCoder: what happens anyway
06:32 AM jthornton: I keep getting some kind of dependency error
06:33 AM archivist: fix the dependency then
06:33 AM jthornton: lol
06:34 AM jthornton: if it was that simple I would have done it long ago
06:34 AM archivist: but but...
06:36 AM jthornton: and for some reason there are no debian rules and I can't figure out why
06:43 AM archivist: hehe prize chinglish "melt with scientific element and humanization design" in an LED lamp replacement leaflet
06:54 AM XXCoder: you win
07:08 AM wicki_: oki.... after new git clone of 2.8.0_pre and after removing the wrong check_config.tcl 2.8.0 ist running with deifferentail now.
07:08 AM wicki_: 6 float IN 1 differential.0.motor0-fb
07:08 AM wicki_: but how do get it to work now ?
07:13 AM archivist: you now need to use it (or other comps) to sum in the scaled inverse to Y when moving X
07:14 AM wicki_: by a python-hal-script?
07:14 AM archivist: no in hal
07:15 AM archivist: as I said earlier, you need to define the maths first before deciding the exact hal
07:17 AM archivist: and as we said the other night, a rotating axis is not called x or y
07:18 AM XXCoder: a b or c
07:19 AM wicki_: its just a name. at the moment, the machine should not know, that this axis rotates.
07:20 AM archivist: linuxcnc does though and you confuse yourself and others if using the wrong name
07:22 AM archivist: names have a meaning in a context of axes on a milling machine
07:22 AM archivist: I still have no clue what the machine is supposed to do though
07:23 AM wicki_: I know - but at the moment, I must know, how to tell linuxcnc to move an axis by differential.
07:24 AM archivist: people can help better if they know the action and purpose
07:24 AM wicki_: now I have differential-hal-pins - but I do not know, how to move the Y-axis in this way
07:24 AM wicki_: it should engrve the upper or inner side of a ring
07:24 AM archivist: currently only you know the maths needed, I just gave you a possibility to do differential work
07:26 AM wicki_: therefore it does not matter, if the X-axis is linear or rotating
07:27 AM archivist: we have seen and recommended use of x to pretend the outer of a cylinder is flat, which is what you are doing
07:27 AM wicki_: so the problem is the same as 2 hours ago: how do I move the Y-axis....
07:28 AM wicki_: yes
07:28 AM archivist: the problem is the maths to add the Y offset if doing a straight line in X
07:29 AM archivist: measure the offset for one whole rev
07:30 AM wicki_: yes... but _how_ do I change the offset?
07:30 AM wicki_: is it joint.0.motor-offset ?
07:30 AM archivist: you add a proportion to Y
07:31 AM archivist: or subtract depending of rh/lh thread
07:32 AM archivist: so yout=yin +-proportion of x
07:33 AM wicki_: yes, thats all clear. what I do not know is: write it to which target-pin? - rh/lh-thread ?
07:34 AM archivist: lh/rh left hand/right hand thread on X
07:34 AM archivist: your Y pin going to mill
07:34 AM archivist: some detail I cannot know
07:35 AM wicki_: you talk about hal-pins?
07:35 AM archivist: yes, am I to guess all your pins that you have
07:37 AM archivist: yin(from motion) to (your function/differential/whatever), yout to your motor
07:38 AM archivist: also I dont know if servo/stepper etc
07:38 AM archivist: details you fill in
07:41 AM * jthornton give up trying to build a deb on linux mint 18.1
07:45 AM skunkworks: http://electronicsam.com/images/matsuura/20170414_070959.jpg
07:45 AM XXCoder: aw, a file, ruined.
07:46 AM skunkworks: that file was already ruined... :)
07:47 AM XXCoder: so pre-ruined ruined file
07:47 AM archivist: now a tiny hole through a bit of carbide
07:48 AM wicki_: it is a standard-config with simple steppers... is anywhere an example-hal-file which uses differenatial ?
07:49 AM skunkworks: differential? do you mean quadrature?
07:49 AM archivist: I doubt it as it is new for a robot
07:50 AM archivist: skunkworks, no the new hal comp
07:50 AM skunkworks: oh
07:50 AM archivist: he needs a proportion of x removing from Y
07:51 AM archivist: a trick that comp can probably do and other hal comps might also
07:52 AM archivist: like http://linuxcnc.org/docs/devel/html/man/man9/sum2.9.html
07:53 AM archivist: sum2 might be better for this
07:56 AM wicki_: I just need to know, where to put the changes into the hal-chain. between stepgen, joint, motor, axis, cmd, fb, offset or where else.... just an example-hal-file would be helpful. manpages are not really helpfull without deeper experiences
08:01 AM archivist: first get it going as plain 3 axis, then add the function in series with Y adding/subtracting a proportion of X
08:11 AM wicki_: here in the hal file seems to be a possible place, to put it in:
08:11 AM wicki_: net xpos-cmd joint.0.motor-pos-cmd => stepgen.0.position-cmd
08:11 AM wicki_: net xpos-fb stepgen.0.position-fb => joint.0.motor-pos-fb
08:11 AM wicki_: or not?
08:12 AM archivist: xpos is your x position you want a proportion of that going to y
08:13 AM wicki_: one other idea: it is possble, to move the whole coordinate system for one axis?
08:14 AM archivist: I dont think so
08:14 AM archivist: offsetting Y by a proportion of X is doing that anyway
08:19 AM JT-Shop: nice usps rates doubled to uk but their software does not apply that rate to my store
08:20 AM archivist: seems strange the post costs usa to uk when other countries send a lot cheaper
08:21 AM XXCoder: postage is crazy
08:21 AM XXCoder: I have sent heavy packages to canada cheaper than light packages from canada to canada.
08:21 AM XXCoder: im at usa
08:23 AM archivist: free from china, elebenty bazillion dolla from usa
08:23 AM XXCoder: china cheat kinda, they just slowboat it here
08:23 AM XXCoder: usa dont have that
08:24 AM XXCoder: if someone made slowboat transit from usa to china for postage same as china to usa has
08:24 AM XXCoder: we would finally have cheap postage back
08:24 AM archivist: ebay global shipping is one is the cheapest from usa at the moment
08:29 AM JT-Shop: small package to uk the other day $13.50 today $22
08:30 AM XXCoder: just glad I dont ship stuff nowdays
08:31 AM SpeedEvil: Small packages used to be really economic a decade or so ago.
08:32 AM SpeedEvil: they've now gone up ridiculously from US-UK
08:33 AM XXCoder: usps is still trying to cover retirement law requirements
08:33 AM XXCoder: so prices will still go up
08:34 AM archivist: uk postage got hiked too when it was privatised to make it profitable
09:15 AM JT-Shop: yea it's Friday only two work days left in this week
09:16 AM chopper79: Then start again Monday
09:20 AM JT-Shop: yup
09:25 AM JT-Shop: finally got the first op done on that damn delrin part at least I have 2 practice parts for the rest of the ops
09:42 AM JT-Shop: yea that worked
10:27 AM wicki_: archivist: done! it works. X is rotating and Y holds its position ;-) just with the offset-component and a python-script (and a stupid halcmd-call). I'll change it in the next days. thx!
10:29 AM archivist: you probably dont need python at all
10:29 AM archivist: but you have the idea now
10:31 AM archivist: one of the things here is that there is nearly always more than one way of doing something
10:36 AM wicki_: yes - and several versions of each way... 2.7.x, 2.8.x... btw. the check_config.tcl of 2.8.0_pre seems to have a bug near line 84
10:37 AM archivist: I dont know who is making that check_config, he needs to know
11:07 AM jst is now known as jstenback
11:15 AM {HD}: Hey, I am starting to use Solidworks almost exclusively for my modeling but I don't have a CAM solution for it yet. I see solidcam, camworks, mastercam, hsmworks, or anything that I have missed. What do you guys recommend?
11:19 AM FinboySlick: I quite like hsmworks personally.
11:19 AM CaptHindsight: spend the extra $20K for NX with the CAM package :)
11:19 AM archivist: be a cheapskate and hand code your gcode
11:20 AM JT-Shop: I use OneCNC with SW...
11:20 AM FinboySlick: CaptHindsight: BTW, I ended up getting nx11 wo work under my bastardized gentoo workstation.
11:20 AM {HD}: CaptHindsight: I am willing to drop some $$$ but 20k might be pushing it.
11:20 AM FinboySlick: The MOTIF interface is pretty horrible.
11:22 AM CaptHindsight: mastercam is similarly priced
11:22 AM CaptHindsight: FinboySlick: yeah you were telling me
11:22 AM JT-Shop: what ever you get run like hell from BobCrap
11:23 AM wicki_: how is it possible to set a hal-signal directly from python?
11:23 AM roycroft: motif?
11:23 AM FinboySlick: I wish smart people like the xiph guys were working on implementing a proper replacement for OpenCASCADE, we'd get decent CAD under linux.
11:23 AM roycroft: is it 1992 again?
11:23 AM FinboySlick: roycroft: According to Siemens, yes.
11:23 AM roycroft: groovy
11:23 AM roycroft: i'm going to register a buttload of domains right now
11:23 AM {HD}: JT-Shop: Alright I got an X through BobCrap
11:23 AM roycroft: they'll be worth a fortune soon!
11:24 AM roycroft: and they're still free at the moment
11:25 AM CaptHindsight: FinboySlick: I think it's too much work for open source at this point
11:26 AM CaptHindsight: it would have to be funded somehow
11:26 AM FinboySlick: CaptHindsight: With modern OpenGL, it'd be a bit less work... But yeah, it's not a trivial project.
11:27 AM CaptHindsight: maybe like kicad where there are free and paid versions
11:28 AM sync_: FinboySlick: I don't think the 3d part is the problem, more or less the core that represents the model
11:29 AM CaptHindsight: I tried freecad and a few others
11:29 AM FinboySlick: Freecad is based on OpenCASCADE, no?
11:30 AM CaptHindsight: mostly to view models before I use a real CAD system
11:31 AM CaptHindsight: why they need to understand is that people will want to create drawings or models and not PROGRAM
11:33 AM CaptHindsight: how much of the user interface is under patent?
11:33 AM CaptHindsight: if you have the top 20 tools in a toolbox with an icon for each is that patented?
11:34 AM archivist: <CaptHindsight> maybe like kicad where there are free and paid versions what paid version!!!!
11:34 AM CaptHindsight: or am I thinking of eagle?
11:35 AM CaptHindsight: I don't use either
11:36 AM archivist: eagle did/does have a free and paid but is going down a rabbit hole after autocrap bought it
11:36 AM roycroft: i just hope ixsystems can salvage the freenas product after this rollout fiasco
11:36 AM archivist: kicad usage is accelerating as a result
11:37 AM roycroft: ack, mischan
11:56 AM {HD}: Do you like the stepper to ballscrew couplers that are spirial cut or that have the plastic inserts? http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/eukAAOxy43FRbAQw/s-l1600.jpg vs http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/NysAAOSwmfhX28UO/s-l1600.jpg
11:57 AM archivist: plastic insert has some damping, the cut ones are more rigid and break
11:59 AM archivist: there is another plastic insert type as well, oldham coupling
12:00 PM CaptHindsight: I stopped using the cut ones since they broke too often
12:00 PM CaptHindsight: I think mine we made from Chinaluminium
12:00 PM archivist: also a bellows but they are a bit torque limited
12:01 PM CaptHindsight: an alloy of aluminum and whatever was handy that day
12:01 PM archivist: often use bellows on encoders
12:02 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.ruland.com/ps_couplings_oldham.asp#about
12:02 PM {HD}: CaptHindsight: Well I currently have the spirial kind so, I guess Ill see how long they last.
12:03 PM archivist: oldham can deal with more offset
12:03 PM CaptHindsight: you'll find oldham used in just about any decent linear positioner
12:05 PM archivist: oldham is easier to mix and match for shaft sizes within each size range
12:06 PM {HD}: The oldhams are modular? You guy shaft size 1 and coupler and shaft size 2?
12:07 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.mcmaster.com/#oldham-couplings/=1771lxs
12:07 PM {HD}: guy = buy
12:08 PM archivist: http://www.arceurotrade.co.uk/Catalogue/Stepper-Motors/Oldham-Couplings
12:08 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.huco.com/products.asp?cat=57
12:08 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.oepcouplings.com/content/oldham_couplings/oldham_couplings.html
12:08 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.couplingtips.com/oldham-couplings/
12:10 PM CaptHindsight: http://heli-cal.com/
12:11 PM CaptHindsight: when these are made properly they last http://heli-cal.com/servo-couplings/
12:11 PM CaptHindsight: avoid the Chinesium knock-offs
12:13 PM {HD}: I guess I will run them through some stress tests before I start any large expensive projects.
12:16 PM Crom: I really like the Oldham couplers. They don't tolerate misalignment well, they handle off center really well
12:17 PM Crom: Shafts have to be parallel, alignment not so critical
12:18 PM IchGucksLive: hi all
12:19 PM IchGucksLive: {HD}: still on
12:19 PM IchGucksLive: CaptHindsight: did you check estlcam as well
12:23 PM {HD}: Still on what?
12:24 PM CaptHindsight: IchGucksLive: check it for what?
12:25 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.estlcam.com/
12:25 PM Todd_Z: I don't like Oldham couplers (get loose too quick) same goes for poly spider couplers
12:26 PM {HD}: Todd_Z: So, what do you like?
12:26 PM Todd_Z: spiral cut are good for light apps.
12:26 PM CaptHindsight: estlcamferdermodelmakinandpartscutting
12:26 PM Todd_Z: these are my favorite couplers right now https://www.zero-max.com/ab-servoclass-couplings
12:26 PM IchGucksLive: {HD}: did you consider a timingbelt gear to get BEST Torque max speed at best precision as best performence
12:27 PM IchGucksLive: {HD}: 20/25 is I1.25
12:27 PM CaptHindsight: timing belts wear
12:27 PM IchGucksLive: that 400steps Vs 500
12:28 PM IchGucksLive: {HD}: i made a animatio nto get more graphics http://foengarage.de/gears2.html
12:28 PM CaptHindsight: you typically get more surface area with a belt
12:28 PM archivist: I have yet to see an accuracy specification for timing belts
12:28 PM {HD}: I am not interested in using belts. I would not mind, in the future, going with rack and pinion but not now.
12:29 PM CaptHindsight: my super high precision rotary tables use a flex coupling with a timing belt and worm gear
12:30 PM CaptHindsight: but they are low speed and low to moderate loads
12:30 PM IchGucksLive: on the ballscrew the nut takes 80% of the load
12:33 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.newport.com/p/RV350HAHLT what they use inside ^^
12:35 PM sync_: hmm Todd_Z I very rarely have had the spider ones go limp
12:35 PM CaptHindsight: http://ph.parker.com/us/en/406xr-ballscrew-driven-square-rail-guided-high-precision-linear-positioner use Oldham
12:35 PM sync_: only when I used them at the edge of their load capacity
12:36 PM CaptHindsight: spider for steppers, never servo
12:37 PM CaptHindsight: maybe that's why some people have trouble tuning their servo setups?
12:38 PM sync_: unlikely
12:41 PM chopper79: Every servo company I have worked with has always pushed towards using spider couplers. These companies are Yaskawa, Panasonic, and Teknic.
12:43 PM Todd_Z: If your alignment is good I suppose spiders and Oldham are ok, but if you have poor alignment they wear out fast.
12:44 PM chopper79: I like to use Diaphragm couplers on servos as well
12:44 PM sync_: well the alignment should be well within 0.05mm
12:44 PM sync_: I noticed the spiders getting really hot at 8000rpm with some misalignment
12:45 PM sync_: not suprising as they flex a lot
12:45 PM chopper79: I would imagine so
12:45 PM Tom_itx: what's a good laptop cpu / gpu to consider when buying?
12:45 PM chopper79: What are you using them on that is turning at 8K
12:45 PM chopper79: ?
12:45 PM Tom_itx: haven't had to get one in quite a while
12:45 PM sync_: linear actuator
12:46 PM chopper79: got ya
12:46 PM sync_: http://sync-hv.de/projects/3phase_troller/handlingachse2.mp4
12:46 PM sync_: running at 65m/min there
12:47 PM sync_: with the coupler aligned well I can get more as the power loss is lower
12:47 PM chopper79: Most servo applications are spinning at about 2500rpm so I could see how 8k would be a bit much
12:47 PM sync_: that really depends on the application
12:47 PM chopper79: Where did you get the linear extrusion housing?
12:48 PM sync_: it is a tiwanese linear actuator, I'd have to look the maker up
12:49 PM sync_: works suprisingly well
12:49 PM sync_: but I'm starting to hit the critical speed of the screw
12:50 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.ruland.com/ps_couplings_jaw_spider.asp by Spider coupling do you mean this type?
12:51 PM sync_: yes
12:52 PM CaptHindsight: and in a servo positioning application?
12:52 PM sync_: sure
12:53 PM sync_: http://sync-hv.de/projects/3phase_troller/stmblv4.mp4 chopper79 test servo hitting +-6000rpm six times a second
12:55 PM CaptHindsight: the +- is the accuracy? :)
12:55 PM sync_: no
12:55 PM CaptHindsight: kidding
12:56 PM CaptHindsight: or 6krpm in < 1/12 of a second?
12:56 PM sync_: yes
12:56 PM sync_: it can do even more now after some tuning
12:57 PM sync_: but then all the torques it can generate are spent in the rotor inertia
12:57 PM CaptHindsight: on a ball screw?
12:58 PM sync_: probably similar
12:58 PM sync_: didn't have time to test a lot
12:59 PM CaptHindsight: what material is the spider made from?
01:00 PM IchGucksLive: isent 3k rpm the max alowed on 5mm pitch
01:00 PM sync_: http://sync-hv.de/projects/3phase_troller/lehmann.mp4 60:1 gear ratio in that one
01:01 PM IchGucksLive: i use for max load 30:1
01:01 PM IchGucksLive: as 350kg YZ axis
01:01 PM IchGucksLive: 400steps/stepper Times 30:1 gear
01:01 PM sync_: nsk says 5000rpm for 5mm
01:02 PM IchGucksLive: matches T10 Z12
01:02 PM IchGucksLive: so 12000steps meet 120mm
01:02 PM IchGucksLive: gets you a 0,01 accuracy
01:03 PM IchGucksLive: at max speed as halfstepping and max torque on hafstepping
01:03 PM IchGucksLive: never used a servo
01:03 PM IchGucksLive: i tried realy but spend more then 2500usD
01:03 PM IchGucksLive: and never saw a rotation
01:03 PM JT-Shop: one more op on this pia delrin part and I'm done... I hope I don't mess up now!
01:03 PM IchGucksLive: some single steps
01:05 PM JT-Shop: yea it inserts two 10-24 nuts into a part and has magnets and proxes as well
01:05 PM CaptHindsight: JT-Shop: that only happens on the last tap of the day :)
01:06 PM JT-Shop: I think I cut one of the scrap parts first lol
01:06 PM sync_: in theory the axis will resolve to 766nm on a 120mm radius
01:06 PM Tom_itx: JT-Shop, there's always that slim chance the day will go as planned...
01:07 PM Tom_itx: this for me isn't one of those
01:07 PM sync_: (about 14bit of angular resolution is extracted from the resolver)
01:07 PM JT-Shop: I'm hoping so the last two days have not been good
01:07 PM JT-Shop: although I've learned how to rapidly size up rough cut delrin to size
01:10 PM {HD}: Ebay is funny. "New 90 Degree CNC Engraving 3D V Groove Router Bit Portable"...um...portable? okay...
01:11 PM IchGucksLive: mine arived this wek as fast as never
01:11 PM IchGucksLive: 12Days
01:11 PM IchGucksLive: from china to Germany
01:12 PM CaptHindsight: Polymer spiders with compliance and zero backlash. That's like cold heat or is is hot cold
01:13 PM CaptHindsight: what's not mentioned is time
01:13 PM sync_: well, they do not have lash so to say
01:14 PM sync_: they are oversize for the prongs
01:14 PM sync_: but the material has a hardness so they deform slightly under torque
01:14 PM CaptHindsight: like a spring
01:15 PM Todd_Z: That is one reason I like the flexible steel disk couplers. very stiff.
01:16 PM sync_: yeah, I usually use bellows then
01:16 PM sync_: or just rigid mounts
01:16 PM IchGucksLive: {HD}: some wood carving on 90 deg bits http://heimwerkermarkt-tretter.de/hs_2.jpg
01:17 PM IchGucksLive: {HD}: at 60deg http://heimwerkermarkt-tretter.de/VG_wa.jpg
01:19 PM CaptHindsight: tip #37 don't confuse season salt for brown sugar when sweetening tea/chai
01:19 PM IchGucksLive: some salt corns in mik tea is quite a tast
01:19 PM CaptHindsight: ask me how I know
01:20 PM CaptHindsight: IchGucksLive: this was 100x the salt you'd most likely want
01:21 PM IchGucksLive: then the taste is quite different :O
01:23 PM FinboySlick: BTW guys, good news! I'll have a concrete floor (and the rest of a house) to put my crappy mill on this summer!
01:24 PM IchGucksLive: so you will make parts in the winter
01:25 PM FinboySlick: I'll probably be spending the winter building the inside of the house, but at least I'll have room to rebuild the mill and make it hopefully less crappy.
01:25 PM IchGucksLive: is there now tax on china parts from the us by trump as the part prices for bits double
01:26 PM IchGucksLive: i payed 1.82 Euros for one groove 60deg at 20mm wide
01:26 PM IchGucksLive: and i see now prices at 5usd and more
01:28 PM IchGucksLive: hi brauncnc
01:28 PM IchGucksLive: german ?
01:29 PM IchGucksLive: i got a coustomer nearby that has this name
01:29 PM brauncnc: hi.. no u.s. german heritage
01:29 PM IchGucksLive: as near 40% of the us sitecense
01:30 PM IchGucksLive: US population
01:32 PM brauncnc: just joined channel. been putting together hobbiest cnc router like table. linuxcnc says this is a good channel to hang around
01:32 PM IchGucksLive: we all agree
01:33 PM IchGucksLive: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmwhCL92ZQRSVqFe3jGwJSQ My channel on basic ground infos
01:34 PM IchGucksLive: brauncnc: did you already mounted the mashine together
01:35 PM IchGucksLive: ok ist late Happy eastern to all Gn8 from Germany
01:38 PM brauncnc: rats missed him lol
01:44 PM brauncnc: I am curious about information on info about creating g-code on a 4axis mill. For instance can the average guy create code for say a statue model. I have done alot of studying on my own for the past 6 months and have 3axis working just fine.
01:45 PM brauncnc: It's been hard for me to find much on using the 4th rotary axis for doing work like that
02:04 PM Crom: I haven't really seen any 4th axis CAM on opensource yet
02:05 PM Crom: I have a 4th axis, I've yet to use it in anything...
02:09 PM brauncnc: Yeah that's what i've been seeing
02:09 PM brauncnc: looks like i can use it to etch on cylinders pretty easily
02:38 PM Crom: substituting like X for A.... yeah...getting the cartesian to polar, there's the rub...
02:39 PM Crom: Roger Webb in Tasmania seems to be like artcam
02:40 PM Crom: seems like I will be getting a Winbloz laptop in the future...
02:41 PM Crom: I want to make these http://www.artcam.com/images/homepage/artcam-case-study1-camcraft.png
02:41 PM brauncnc: i've been noticing alot of development going on lately with freecad and pycam maybe in the future
02:44 PM Crom: been trying to get NativeCAM going...
02:48 PM Crom: made a hinky probe... woo... I can take a set of car distributor points and make a probe out of that.
02:52 PM brauncnc: i should try to get that going if i have time tonight. currently compiling heekscad
03:46 PM Crom: Cheesy Probae https://goo.gl/photos/vXzswh12jaiQz4YAA
03:55 PM Todd_Z: Any one ever try out this version of Linuxcnc on Puppy? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byia5Mkbjfied3JpUHB0YWQ1M1E/view
03:55 PM Todd_Z: Someone pointed it out to me but I can't get the iso to work for me.
03:57 PM Crom: Puppy? debian or ubuntu?
04:22 PM Deejay: gn8
04:38 PM dan1705: hi guys, i am trying to rebuild an old "kosy" cnc machine with a tb6560 controller. first tests went good but i got a problem with the reference swiches. here are two pictures to my probem:
04:38 PM dan1705: http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4691/trzcaonl_jpg.htm
04:38 PM dan1705: http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4691/m68ewirb_jpg.htm
04:39 PM dan1705: my ref-switch is on the let side (-) but the machine always searches for the switch on the right side (+), how can i change this?
04:41 PM XXCoder: pretty small steppers fgor machine thats more heavy dity than mine
04:45 PM dan1705: the steppers are the original by the manufactor of the machine. but i dont like the original cam/cad so i am trying to bring the machine with tb6560 and linuxcnc to work.
04:45 PM XXCoder: ehh I'd avoid tb6560
04:45 PM XXCoder: and go for tb6600s
04:45 PM XXCoder: much better for some more money.
04:46 PM XXCoder: and I do mean MUCH better.,
04:46 PM XXCoder: cool yours may be smaller but probably much higher quality and strong.
04:50 PM dan1705: ok, nice advice but already have the tb6560 and the motors are working http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4691/mh6oyrim_jpg.htm
04:51 PM XXCoder: hey if it works it works :)
04:51 PM dan1705: my problem s that when i make a reference run the machine searches for the ref-switch on the wrong side
04:51 PM XXCoder: one thing I like about using BOB and tb6600s is its easier to add tachmeter and spindle stuff
04:51 PM XXCoder: ahh need to reverse that axis direction
04:51 PM XXCoder: its in HAL
04:53 PM XXCoder: if you havent added custom stuff to your HAL
04:53 PM XXCoder: just use stepgen configuration, click inverse on that axis dir pin
04:53 PM dan1705: there is no custom stuff, you mean invert direction like in the config http://woodworkerb.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/StepperConfigScreen.jpg ?
04:53 PM XXCoder: yeah
04:54 PM dan1705: i thought i have already tryed, but i am not sure, so i will try it now.
04:56 PM gregcnc: dan1705 http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/config/ini-homing.html
05:05 PM dan1705: invert of the axis was not the solution, the axis runs now to the switch. but the movement of the axis is inverted to the preview window in linuxcnc.
05:09 PM XXCoder: ahh
05:09 PM XXCoder: so your endstop is at max?
05:14 PM dan1705: i only got one switch (home) for each axis, at the x axis this switch is on min (left). i have tryed to draw these infos in the first picture.
05:16 PM XXCoder: so configure that motion towards zero is towards switch
05:16 PM JT-Shop: dan1705: to change the search direction change the sign of the search velocity
05:16 PM XXCoder: and like jt said
05:17 PM JT-Shop: hey XXCoder got my 12" tarot 680 props in today
05:17 PM XXCoder: yeah?
05:17 PM XXCoder: I got tons printer upgrades today lol
05:17 PM JT-Shop: yea that thing will be huge
05:17 PM XXCoder: aaaand bowden connectors dont fit :(
05:17 PM JT-Shop: cool, what did you get
05:18 PM JT-Shop: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157281&ignorebbr=1
05:18 PM JT-Shop: is that a good mb for a desktop workstation in windblows?
05:18 PM XXCoder: two bowden tubes, 2 nema17 holders, few wires, bowden connectors and fan for coldend connector
05:18 PM XXCoder: no idea
05:19 PM XXCoder: coldend fan dont fit but I dont care, it wasnt even half dollar.
05:19 PM XXCoder: think it fits real e3d v6
05:19 PM dan1705: JT-Shop: that worked!!! :)
05:19 PM JT-Shop: yea they are a bit different from the one's we got
05:19 PM JT-Shop: of course :)
05:21 PM dan1705: XXCoder, gregcnc, JT-Shop: thank you
05:21 PM XXCoder: no problem
05:22 PM JT-Shop: XXCoder: got that delrin part done finally!
05:22 PM XXCoder: pics or it didnt happen ;)
05:22 PM JT-Shop: heh
05:33 PM JT-Shop: dang I had to boot the windblows pc so it could find it's ass with both hands
05:34 PM XXCoder: you forgot to give it camera pointint up ass so it can find it faster
05:35 PM JT-Shop: yea
05:35 PM JT-Shop: the baby chicks look dead when sleeping
05:42 PM JT-Shop: XXCoder: http://gnipsel.com/images/nut-setter/
05:43 PM XXCoder: advanced.
05:43 PM XXCoder: interesting
05:44 PM JT-Shop: it's a low budget project lol
05:45 PM XXCoder: so its machine to0 create nut set holes eh
05:46 PM JT-Shop: the operator puts the part in and loads two nuts and if all the proxes are made ie parts in position it inserts the nuts
05:48 PM XXCoder: it pushes nuts in?
05:49 PM JT-Shop: yea
05:50 PM XXCoder: cool
05:50 PM XXCoder: I guess its irrversable
05:50 PM JT-Shop: naw you can push them back out with a screw
05:52 PM XXCoder: interesting
05:55 PM Crom: XXCoder: hehe if axis is backwards using steppers... I just switch wires on the stepper like on A coil.
05:56 PM Crom: my new integreated steppers... I just flip a switch
05:56 PM XXCoder: interesting
05:59 PM Crom: XXCoder: you see my cheesy probe?
05:59 PM Crom: https://goo.gl/photos/vXzswh12jaiQz4YAA
06:00 PM XXCoder: cant really see it lol
06:01 PM XXCoder: wood stick, knife, bolt at end, clipped wire
06:01 PM Crom: not knife.. pieces of File folder hanger
06:01 PM XXCoder: why did have to do that?
06:02 PM XXCoder: I'd just do tool and paper
06:04 PM Crom: paper insulates the 2 pices oc metal except for where the need to touch., wood, keep the bottom pice of metal from bending. Top piece with clip has a bit of spring tensiopn pushing down onto the metal on top of the wood and it's insulated at the other end. screw at tip is to give it a small point.
06:09 PM XXCoder: talking about windy os, JT-Shop https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/04/new-processors-are-now-blocked-from-receiving-updates-on-old-windows/
06:09 PM XXCoder: Crom: sure but why?
06:10 PM XXCoder: is it to prove entire thing or just one point?
06:10 PM Crom: trying to get probe-arry working from nativecam
06:11 PM Crom: probe-array
06:11 PM JT-Shop: interesting
06:12 PM XXCoder: CMM ?
06:12 PM JT-Shop: I'll be using my old CPU so I'm safe from the WindBlows dealings for a while
06:13 PM XXCoder: too bad so many cams need windows
06:14 PM * JT-Shop makes pad Thai for dinner
06:14 PM XXCoder: talking about cams
06:15 PM XXCoder: I need to pay for estlcam
06:15 PM XXCoder: its decent enough
06:16 PM Crom: I'mm be getting a new winbloz lappy, when I get money.
06:16 PM JT-Shop: I got one a few months ago with win7
06:21 PM JT-Shop: say goodnight Gracie
06:21 PM XXCoder: later
06:31 PM Crom: goodnight Gracie
06:32 PM Crom: son of a Pedley!
06:33 PM Crom: fresh install of nativecam, generated file with metric. all variables are there and no linuxcnc is locked up
06:33 PM Crom: s/ no / now /
06:34 PM XXCoder: doh
06:49 PM XXCoder: wish more people captioned videops
06:51 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-S4RXMdlrY
06:52 PM XXCoder: some material wastage
06:53 PM malcom2073: Wow, he built his own VMC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-Yl2MT2xPE
06:55 PM XXCoder: little bit of WTF programming
06:55 PM XXCoder: it digs a hole and pushes it out of wall
06:55 PM XXCoder: why not just move in from outside in
07:07 PM XXCoder: that videos pretty nice, just odd cam decisons
07:11 PM XXCoder: that guy is NUTS
07:12 PM XXCoder: after test tool length, do a rapid to touch jaw top
07:12 PM XXCoder: if there was some sorta error, crashy
07:12 PM {HD}: Crashy...my favorite
07:15 PM XXCoder: remember, crashy is not your friend
07:15 PM XXCoder: unlike guns, which is your friend as long as its safety is on, crashy is NEVER your friend.
07:17 PM dan1705: success http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4692/5enjhd9b_jpg.htm
07:19 PM dan1705: i got a max jitter of 996060, but i can only type in max 50000. means this my old laptop is to slow for linuxcnc?
07:22 PM cradek: not too slow, but the jitter is too high
07:22 PM cradek: laptops often stop running your software to do their own thing, like adjust their power-saving stuff
07:22 PM XXCoder: ... you beat mine lol
07:22 PM cradek: linuxcnc can't tolerate that
07:23 PM XXCoder: my laptop had 250k jitter
07:23 PM cradek: most laptops are just unsuitable
07:23 PM XXCoder: laptops just cant do cnc
07:23 PM cradek: where almost any desktop board is fine, even an old PIII is pretty good
07:23 PM XXCoder: compare it to my 10 year old computer, it has 16k jitter
07:23 PM {HD}: My old desktop had 200k
07:23 PM XXCoder: no
07:23 PM XXCoder: 9k
07:23 PM XXCoder: I just put in 15k because safer
07:24 PM {HD}: Old dell 8200 = 200k
07:24 PM XXCoder: I used HD youtube movie, 3 glxgears, some other stuff
07:24 PM cradek: on desktop boards, often latency problems can be fixed by fixing bios settings
07:24 PM XXCoder: I moved one glxgears windows around pretty rapidly
07:25 PM XXCoder: very good video card helps also, offload gfx stuff off cpu
07:25 PM {HD}: cradek: what kind of settings?
07:26 PM dan1705: thats a pity, the laptop nice because of its size :(
07:27 PM {HD}: dan1705: use mach3
07:27 PM * {HD} runs and hides
07:27 PM XXCoder: dan1705: try enter laptop bios and kill all power saving stuff
07:28 PM XXCoder: you dont need that for cnc
07:28 PM XXCoder: im sure linux has some settings related to power saving. kill em all
07:28 PM XXCoder: then MAYBE it will get below 50k
07:29 PM dan1705: xxcoder ill take a look that, but tomorrow, its 2am here :)
07:29 PM XXCoder: night
07:53 PM {HD}: Anyone have a pitbike they recommend under 1k$?
07:54 PM {HD}: I want something to scoot around my yard with. Drive it out the shop on the back half.
07:54 PM XXCoder: yeah
07:54 PM XXCoder: buy used
07:54 PM XXCoder: expecially if you can fix em yourself
07:54 PM {HD}: XXCoder: used!? How do I know it is not all messed up? I can do basic maintenance but I am no motorcycle mechanic.
07:55 PM XXCoder: too bad
07:55 PM XXCoder: cant too. lol
08:06 PM {HD}: I want like a 125cc, manual...
08:15 PM Crom: I miss my 650... but I'll take a CT50...
08:16 PM {HD}: I currently have a klr650 that I am looking to get rid of. I want to replace it with something to scoot around my property on.
08:16 PM {HD}: Crom: I would rock a Honda CT50!
08:17 PM {HD}: Not exactly the style I want but they are cool.
08:17 PM XXCoder: for me its faster to walk anywhere in yard than start something and ride there. :P
08:18 PM {HD}: 10 minute walk to the shop in the back yard and it sucks when I have to carry something. Ide make a little trailer for the pitbike.
08:18 PM Crom: yeah the early 200's kid 50 was pretty nice. get the 80cc kit, longer forks, longer swing arm...
08:18 PM {HD}: Its at least flat.
08:19 PM Crom: non non non... no trailer! Side hack! or Side Card
08:19 PM Crom: non non non... no trailer! Side hack! or Side Car
08:20 PM {HD}: 4x8 sheet of plywood in a sidecar?!
08:20 PM Crom: I've seen cool ones made out of grocery trolleys
08:20 PM Crom: HD sure... verticle carrier like the home depot cart
08:21 PM Crom: A frame it a bit and lean towards the bike a bit...
08:21 PM {HD}: Seems like a side carrie would take longer to attach/detach.
08:21 PM {HD}: carrier*
08:21 PM Crom: leave it on
08:22 PM Crom: put a dog bed in it at other times and let poochie ride with you'
08:22 PM {HD}: =( I don't carry things back there everyday...
08:22 PM {HD}: lol
08:23 PM Crom: you rig the side car right and it's 2 pins...
08:24 PM Crom: and a plug if you get fancy
08:32 PM XXCoder: myfordboy cnc router looks so different now.
09:04 PM Cromaglious_: at the maker space
09:31 PM {HD}: Why can't I add 'surface plate' as a CL RSS feed?
09:51 PM Cromaglious_: dunno, oh Craigslist RSS feed
10:05 PM {HD}: Yea, I have 4 other CL RSS feeds setup but for some reason Surface Plate does not auth...
10:14 PM Cromaglious_: limit on feeds?
10:36 PM {HD}: Nope because I just added another one...
10:37 PM {HD}: I want to buy a mpg/pendant/remote-control to use with Linux CNC. Anyone have a recommendation for something that is known to work?
10:43 PM XXCoder: theres one yeah not too bad, but you can nake one MUCH cheape.r
10:43 PM XXCoder: step generator wheel is few bucks for one
10:43 PM XXCoder: 2 knobs for selector and speed
10:43 PM {HD}: XXCoder: i have not thought of that.
10:45 PM XXCoder: displays and stuff is nice but if you has linuxcnc display easily readable its not really needed
10:47 PM XXCoder: cant remember name for it
10:47 PM XXCoder: too sick lol
10:53 PM {HD}: Eww. Whats wrong with you?
10:59 PM XXCoder: not too sure, thoat sore coughing
11:21 PM Cromaglious_: heh, use an Arduino mega, to report interrupt 0,1 for Encoder #1 (JOG Wheel), Int02,03 for Encoder #2 (RATE SELECTION), INT 04 05 for inc/dec buttons
11:22 PM XXCoder: crom I wonder about one thing though
11:22 PM XXCoder: in machines encoder jog wheel response time is pretty much instant
11:23 PM XXCoder: but pendants seem to lag or miss steps
11:23 PM Cromaglious_: Which is Why I'm saying use interrupts to read them.
11:23 PM XXCoder: office mill it seems to be same. I wonder whats difference between those 2
11:23 PM XXCoder: ah ints
11:24 PM XXCoder: is there any documented designs?
11:25 PM Cromaglious_: Will be soon as I'm done... heh
11:25 PM XXCoder: cool. pendant or joh wheel delay and missing bugs me so much that I dont plan to get one till I get one like those machines
11:25 PM XXCoder: instant, no missing
11:26 PM Cromaglious_: like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/112063982070
11:26 PM XXCoder: I orginially wanted https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Pendant-Handwheel-Mac-Mach-Wholesale/dp/B00PI9XS3Y/
11:27 PM XXCoder: hmm maybe we arent talking about same thing
11:27 PM Cromaglious_: http://www.ebay.com/itm/262906569924
11:28 PM Cromaglious_: This is the encoder that the Arduino mega reads... you put a spinny handle on it... and stick a switch under it so you can press it as well
11:28 PM XXCoder: is there step clicks?
11:29 PM Cromaglious_: if you want... all you do is put some detents on the bottom of the wheel and have a spring loaded ball click in the detnets
11:31 PM Cromaglious_: your want this kind of speed http://www.ebay.it/itm/Cincinnati-Milacron-Acramatic-A2100-Motion-Control-Pendant-CNC-/322463576990
11:32 PM Cromaglious_: but not at that price
11:34 PM XXCoder: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/CNC-electronic-hand-wheel-diameter-60m-5v-4-pin-hand-wheel-lathe-accessories-systems-MPG-handwheel/32728346349.html
11:35 PM XXCoder: bit cheaper https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hand-wheel-Pulse-Encoder-100PPR-CNC-Mill-Router-Manual-Control-For-CNC/32750588954.html
11:35 PM Cromaglious_: Oh cool!
11:36 PM XXCoder: {HD}: see above
11:36 PM Cromaglious_: looks to be 24v
11:36 PM XXCoder: yeah saw another
11:36 PM XXCoder: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/CNC-electronic-hand-wheel-diameter-60mm-input-DC-5v-6-pin-hand-wheel-siliver-color/32729042250.html
11:36 PM XXCoder: more money but 5v
11:37 PM Cromaglious_: listing says 5v...
11:37 PM XXCoder: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1wi10NXXXXXc.XXXXq6xXFXXXj/202105459/HTB1wi10NXXXXXc.XXXXq6xXFXXXj.jpg
11:37 PM XXCoder: odd
11:39 PM Cromaglious_: oh crappy listing.. it's a 5v vcc, grd,A, B NPN 100 pulse rev
11:39 PM XXCoder: typical chinese listing sadly
11:39 PM XXCoder: sometimes they throw everything there
11:40 PM XXCoder: like cnc mill router 3d printing lathe - for cnc router :P
11:40 PM Cromaglious_: freeshipping http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hand-wheel-Pulse-Encoder-100PPR-CNC-Mill-Router-Manual-Control-For-CNC-System-5v-/291614678633?hash=item43e596de69:g:iUoAAOSwLzdWREwt only $14.48
11:40 PM {HD}: Hum
11:41 PM Cromaglious_: http://www.ebay.com/itm/100PPR-6-Terminal-Eletronic-Hand-Wheel-Manual-Pulse-Encoder-Generator-CNC-Lathe-/351989946193?hash=item51f43c5751:g:3NEAAOSwax5YrsOR
11:41 PM {HD}: I like the look of the HB04
11:41 PM Cromaglious_: PNP or NPN looks like
11:42 PM Cromaglious_: wish they had one with an index...
11:42 PM XXCoder: why?
11:43 PM Cromaglious_: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-CNC-5V-100PPR-Electronic-Hand-Wheel-Router-Manual-Pulse-Generator-Encoder/252512250470?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D40130%26meid%3Ded6ef39a5ee4416985a55475b07a255f%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D351989946193
11:43 PM Cromaglious_: nice...
11:43 PM XXCoder: {HD}: its pretty poor on handwheel.
11:43 PM XXCoder: by "poor
11:43 PM XXCoder: " I mean it sucks
11:43 PM Cromaglious_: one with an index, you could figure out when it's at labeled 0
11:44 PM XXCoder: never used machine that had that
11:44 PM XXCoder: even a61
11:45 PM Cromaglious_: sheeshz $115 for a 4 axis 200khz ethernet smooth stepper
11:45 PM XXCoder: {HD}: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7aLiMDHQrM
11:46 PM {HD}: Watching
11:47 PM {HD}: Oh yea. Ive watched that.
11:48 PM chopper79: Evening
11:48 PM XXCoder: hey
11:48 PM chopper79: Anything exciting going on?
11:48 PM XXCoder: chatting about handwheels and pendants
11:48 PM chopper79: Cool.... I have been looking at them myself for my mill retrofit
11:49 PM Cromaglious_: reading up on probing... found a smartprobe.ngc which loos to be pretty easy to edit for required limits
11:49 PM XXCoder: xhc one has pretty bad latency issues
11:49 PM XXCoder: I probably would make one myself
11:49 PM {HD}: I like the wires hb04
11:49 PM chopper79: I am with HD on that one
11:50 PM {HD}: Wired*
11:50 PM chopper79: I need just the wheel for my setup.
11:50 PM XXCoder: I linked to some above
11:52 PM {HD}: Yea about $75 and I read linuxcnc has the drivers built in.
11:53 PM chopper79: I have been looking for used wheels off a haas, fadal, mazak, etc. Not sure if it would be worth it or just buy one of those china jobs for a $20
11:54 PM {HD}: What are you looking at for $20?
11:56 PM Cromaglious_: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hand-wheel-Pulse-Encoder-100PPR-CNC-Mill-Router-Manual-Control-For-CNC-System-5v-/291614678633
11:56 PM chopper79: Crom beat me to it.
11:56 PM chopper79: I had to log into ebay to see my watch list
11:58 PM {HD}: But with just a wheel you still have to build something.
11:58 PM Cromaglious_: heh.. It's $15...
11:58 PM {HD}: Or $75 and its done...
11:58 PM chopper79: I have a control panel it will be mounted to
11:59 PM chopper79: Retrofitting a old matsuura and want to keep all the controls on the floating cabinet.