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Apr 05 2017

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02:25 AM Deejay: moin
04:48 AM XXCoder: wow
04:48 AM XXCoder: got my pointy 30 20 15 and 10 degree v cutters
04:48 AM XXCoder: 10 is... scary pointy.
05:12 AM jthornton: morning
05:13 AM XXCoder: hey
05:14 AM XXCoder: I got the v tools :) cant wait to try those.
05:14 AM jthornton: cool
05:15 AM jthornton: I got the ESC's wired up to the motors and the PDB
05:18 AM jthornton: rained hard all night here
05:19 AM XXCoder: whats esc and pdb again
05:20 AM jthornton: electronic speed control and power distribution board
05:22 AM XXCoder: cool
05:22 AM jthornton: yea it'a pretty neat, I have some photos but it's raining outside so later I'll post them
05:23 AM XXCoder: its raining here though light. typical late spring weather
05:24 AM jthornton: it's supposed to be real nice tomorrow, thursday we are heading to the smokies
05:27 AM XXCoder: cool :)
05:27 AM jthornton: got preempt up and running on Linux Mint 18 64bit... installing LinuxCNC now
05:29 AM XXCoder: 64 bit linuxcnc nice
05:50 AM Tom_itx: cleared up here after it was too late to matter
05:53 AM jthornton: looks like you might get a touch more rain
06:23 AM XXCoder: cloud services? just say no! https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/04/iot-garage-door-opener-maker-bricks-customers-product-after-bad-review/
06:24 AM XXCoder: sure guys an asshole but..
06:31 AM jthornton: well crap, I'm stuck at the very end trying to build mint 18 deb...
06:33 AM * jthornton tries to build a RIP
06:36 AM jthornton: what's the magic command to check debian build dependencies?
06:44 AM XXCoder: no idea
06:45 AM XXCoder: heeey mtmwood is making new cnc router!
06:45 AM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpBcTm_58BI
06:45 AM XXCoder: its very rare video, it shows entire machine! always close up
06:51 AM XXCoder: lol tghought he showed face for first time. sope its someone else
06:51 AM XXCoder: though he briefly exposes part of face
07:30 AM Loetmichel_: GNAAAHH... just destroyed 260€ in company assets. Placed a 24" TF and its Steel back plate vertically on the steel frame with the EMI shield glass pane... edge of the backplate slips off and hits the glass :-( MAN that was totally avoidable :-(
07:35 AM XXCoder: yeah see my comment in reprap
07:35 AM XXCoder: sucks
07:58 AM Loetmichel_: XXCoder: co-worker managed to destroy 6 glass panes in a row onece... THEN the boss was angry ;I)
07:58 AM XXCoder: my worse day (not price-wise that was chuck cat50) was this
07:58 AM XXCoder: I was pretty sick that day, working
07:59 AM XXCoder: I kept making mistakes and scrapping part. scrapped 3 parts
07:59 AM XXCoder: then i said flip it and go home
07:59 AM XXCoder: it wasnt expensive thankfully but 3 was very bad
08:01 AM Loetmichel_: what pisses me off is the fact that i could have avoided tha by being more careful with heavy stuff above an 1.1mm thin glas pane...
08:01 AM XXCoder: indeed
09:34 AM Simonious: I've got a kiln I'd like to make computer controlled so I can set up a temperature profile over time. I *could* write something, but I'd rather find something, anyone seen anything like this?
09:35 AM archivist: often built into some commercial controllers
09:36 AM Simonious: archivist: indeed, the one on there is programmable, but the interface is unfun
09:36 AM Simonious: I'd rather something more interactive and intuitive.
09:37 AM archivist: PID loop and an arduino with a temperature sensor
09:38 AM Simonious: archivist: sure.. I can do that, but that's kindof starting over, isn't it?
09:39 AM archivist: I would call it re using blocks of code found on the internet
09:40 AM Simonious: fine, but that's a long road, I'd rather invest a little more money than time, say a raspi or beaglebone black and a monitor/keyboard, so I can have a nice interface and use some existing software to trigger the SSD.
09:40 AM Simonious: It'd take me a bit longer to assemble the arduino, buttons, screen and software.. IF an existing solution is at hand
09:40 AM archivist: PID will exist already as does keyboard and display code
09:41 AM Simonious: I suspect it exists, but one pretty much has to talk to someone who has actually used it/seen it to find it.
09:41 AM Simonious: You aren't wrong
09:41 AM * Simonious ponders
09:41 AM archivist: you need the same blocks regardless of platform
09:43 AM archivist: just googling raspberry pi kiln controller finds one
09:44 AM gregcnc: seems like a lot of work for something that already does it's job. how many different profiles do you need?
09:44 AM Simonious: wifi controlled..
09:44 AM Simonious: hadn't thought about that
09:44 AM Simonious: gregcnc: We do some testing with the FreeOpenScience organization in LENR, so.. we need to be flexible.
09:45 AM gregcnc: https://evenheat-kiln.com/?p=genesis-controller-showcase
09:45 AM Simonious: https://steemit.com/ecco/@mfmp/ecco-an-instant-on-off-ultrasonically-fluidised-dusty-plasma-new-fire-reactor
09:45 AM gregcnc: people seem to like this one
09:45 AM archivist: I cook bit of metal to blue them so just needed stability at T
09:46 AM Simonious: archivist: that raspi one supports wifi.. now that I'm dreaming about that I'm considering just using an ESP8266 with a web interface.. I'm not sure this is less work that the arduino would have been, but it's pretty and easy to monitor
09:46 AM * Simonious ponders
09:47 AM Simonious: actually.. arduino code can run on an esp8266
09:47 AM Simonious: I might find a solution ready to go AND be able to make it much prettier really fast.
09:47 AM archivist: I never bothered with a case http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=bluing+kiln
09:48 AM archivist: gravity fixed
10:04 AM Jymmm: jthornton: I know you have limited bandwidth, but I think you might appreciate this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhgZ4hBGJkY
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10:57 AM DavenportGuy: anyone use http://inmotionhosting.com ?
10:57 AM DavenportGuy: im looking for a godaddy alternative
11:03 AM JT-Shop: webhost4life.com is good
11:08 AM Simonious: namecheap
11:08 AM Simonious: that's what I use
11:08 AM Simonious: though.. I'm not a power user.. I don't do much with it.
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12:27 PM IchGucksLive: hi from Germany
12:27 PM Deejay: hi to germany
12:28 PM IchGucksLive: is bei dir heute sonne
12:28 PM Deejay: yes, sunny here
12:28 PM Deejay: with some wind
12:43 PM IchGucksLive: heute nur deutsche hier ;-)
12:55 PM robi_ is now known as Crom
01:10 PM Crom: now with quassel here at the house I can connect to one machine from many clients
01:13 PM IchGucksLive: Why do you eed to connect to the mashine by multiple PC
01:20 PM IchGucksLive: im off GN8
01:21 PM Crom: I'm running quassel client on 2 machines... right now I'm on linuxcnc machine
01:23 PM Crom: and I just walked to the front of the house and now Im on my laptop in the living room
01:23 PM Crom: without using different nicks
01:27 PM Crom: darn no Android version
02:38 PM Crom: Damn VA!
04:07 PM Deejay: gn8
04:32 PM Crom: sitting here with inkscape open designing a touch probe
04:44 PM andypugh: The D1-4 nose for my harmonic drive came out nice and shiny: https://goo.gl/photos/knzQAzkvyskssxhf8
04:47 PM cpresser: andypugh: shiny!
04:48 PM andypugh: One nice feature of using high quality steel. That’s EN24 or (as they have been calling it since about 1974, 8i7M40)
04:49 PM rob_h: aah non of us like the new numbers ;)
04:50 PM sync_: did you heat treat it?
04:50 PM sync_: ah 1.6582, yeah that's a nice steel
04:51 PM andypugh: Not yet. It needs the holes boring for the cams, but I can’t do that without it mounted on the boring-head. And I can’t do that until I have the castings back and machined for the mounting bracket.
04:51 PM andypugh: Once that is done I will have it nitride-hardened, I think.
04:52 PM Crom: hmmm 0920 in London
04:53 PM Crom: , Kiribati and it's tomorrow
04:53 PM andypugh: I suddently have quite a lot of 8i7M40: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/817M40-T-EN24-Steel-Bar-1-pallet-with-115-125-126-150-155-160-165mm-dia-/232248926345?hash=item36131d6089%3Ag%3ArWcAAOSwWxNYrWGf&nma=true&si=KwulmQE9GOUAokJXVsGWo2ZRHeY%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
04:55 PM andypugh: (Went halves on that pallet with a friend)
04:55 PM rob_h: if you ever want smaller stock bar ends from barfeed i tend to have alot of 1" , 3/4" 1/2" and 1 1/8" in 24t i normaly get raided by the local model makers now and then
04:58 PM Crom: nice pallet!
04:58 PM Crom: Steel end drops are nice too
04:58 PM sync_: yeah plasma nitriding would be ideal for it
05:00 PM Crom: Man-O-man! That 160mmx35mm would make a nice back plate for a 6" chuck
05:13 PM Crom: steppers are in Salt Lake City, Utah
05:13 PM Crom: hmmmm do I start breaking down the cnc before they get here?
05:17 PM andypugh: Crom: Yes, some of the discs are being very much looked at as backplates. I have a nice 200mm chuck with 2-piece jaws but no back-plate that I need to get usable.
05:18 PM andypugh: I _think_ the register is small enough.
05:24 PM rob_h: would ethercat offer any advantage if any over good old analog +/-10v control, in terms of driving the motor from linuxcnc
05:26 PM sync_: yes, you can have the control loop closed in the drive
05:26 PM sync_: and just use it in position mode
05:27 PM rob_h: does PID with in linuxcnc have that much overhead on the system
05:28 PM rob_h: just gauging up what way to go with a new retrofit thats all
05:29 PM rob_h: going to convert my 5axis matsuura VMC
05:29 PM sync_: no, but there is no reason why you would not use position mode
05:38 PM Tom_itx: andypugh what is postage on that?
05:38 PM Tom_itx: or was it local pickup
05:56 PM Crom: hmm nope inverters won't work,,, gotta use 2n2222's
06:01 PM andypugh: Tom_itx: Postage was included. In practice the steel was in Welshpool and my friend who took delivery was in Dudley, so the steel actually arrived distributed around the interior of the vendors Mondeo :-)
06:01 PM andypugh: Tom_itx: Postage was included. In practice the steel was in Welshpool and my friend who took delivery was in Dudley, so the steel actually arrived distributed around the interior of the vendors Mondeo :-)
06:02 PM andypugh: Tom_itx: Postage was included. In practice the steel was in Welshpool and my friend who took delivery was in Dudley, so the steel actually arrived distributed around the interior of the vendors Mondeo :-)
06:02 PM andypugh: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/dir/welshpool/dudley/@52.6084799,-3.1237837,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x4865554af78167ad:0x7c69a13d58b3a184!2m2!1d-3.146407!2d52.660348!1m5!1m1!1s0x4870855155e1a701:0x976870029f16c9e2!2m2!1d-2.081112!2d52.512255
06:03 PM Crom: MPQ2222 $4.41USD
06:05 PM Tom_itx: can't beat that
06:06 PM Simonious: Where do people put solidworks models they want to share?
06:06 PM Tom_itx: grabcad
06:08 PM Crom: nice speeds to 100mhz nice! 500ma per collector (650mW per transistor)
06:13 PM andypugh: My friend who bought the other half does this sort of thing. You need to follow several pages, bit he goes from a block of steel to a new part for a 1914 lorry using a combination of wire-erosion, shaping on a 1916 shaper and milling on a 1970 undersized milling machine: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?47662-1914-Dennis-Lorry&p=462754#post462754
06:59 PM micges: hi guys
07:00 PM andypugh: Ho
07:00 PM micges: how can I make cone thread on lathe?
07:06 PM JT-Shop: I think G33 does that
07:10 PM micges: ok, but I need g76 functionality
07:11 PM andypugh: G33 in a wrapper loop is equivalent.
07:12 PM andypugh: Guess what this is: https://goo.gl/photos/Pg9CiXeBWXdSeSca6
07:12 PM micges: yeah I think I;ll do that
07:13 PM micges: andypugh: no idea
07:14 PM andypugh: Someone has been working on tapered G76. We ended up fighting over the only remaining letter available. He wanted to use it for the taper. I wanrted to us it to choose the spindle that you are cutting on.
07:16 PM micges: both usages seems important
07:17 PM micges: heh I didn't know g76 have so many letters :D
07:18 PM andypugh: The only spare letter in G76 is “D”
07:19 PM micges: making my first lathe retrofit, and I used g76 for the first time in 10 years :D
07:22 PM andypugh: I am a lathe guy, I really enjoy running a lathe, but a mill just feels like a means to an end. I can’t really explain it.
07:24 PM micges: hehe Im in totally oposite situation
07:25 PM micges: I hope to like lathes more after this work
07:25 PM andypugh: You should see a doctor about that :-)
07:26 PM malcom2073: +1 to opposite: I enjoy milling, but I feel like the lathe is a tool, not a toy
07:26 PM Cromaglious_: Fudge no bt keyboard
07:26 PM andypugh: More seriously, I have heard the same from a lot of people. With a lathe you can see what is happening better, and things go wrong more mildly and more slowly.
07:27 PM malcom2073: Looking around hobby machinist shows around here I'd agree with you: People seem to enjoy turning more than milling
07:27 PM andypugh: malcom2073: OK, so right now it is 2:1 against me
07:27 PM Cromaglious_: Malcom so true... Now I get on the wood lathe for fun
07:28 PM andypugh: Yes, wood turning is _much_ nicer than hand-routing.
07:28 PM malcom2073: Pretty much *every* project I see there have superfluous ornately rounded parts
07:30 PM andypugh: Wood turning is just pure fun, I have not had the reason to do nearly enough of it.
07:35 PM Cromaglious_: Half the fun is getting covered in chips
07:38 PM Cromaglious_: Sitting in the waiting room, waiting for my wife to get her daily radiation treatment
07:39 PM Cromaglious_: She has to be bursting at the seams.... So she drinking as fast she can
07:46 PM andypugh: That sounds… Less than great
07:46 PM Cromaglious_: Its life...
07:46 PM andypugh: I am guessing this is not a recreational activity.
07:47 PM Cromaglious_: Nope...
07:47 PM andypugh: I hope it has all the desired effects.
07:47 PM andypugh: (and as little as possible of the others)
07:49 PM Cromaglious_: She hasn't completely lost her hair, it's pretty darn close though. Noxious since we start the radiation
07:50 PM andypugh: Some women really rock the no-hair look.
07:52 PM Cromaglious_: So true, my sweety is not one of them
07:56 PM Wolfmetalfab is now known as Wolf_
07:59 PM andypugh: OK, so maybe get into historical re-enactment and powdered horsehair wigs :-)
08:00 PM Cromaglious_: Yes and no
08:01 PM Cromaglious_: We do http://shakespeareinthevines.org she's on the board.
08:02 PM Cromaglious_: We also did ren faire and sca and adria for over 20years
08:03 PM Cromaglious_: We also do steampunk faires
08:05 PM andypugh: Cromaglious_: Did you see: https://goo.gl/photos/Pg9CiXeBWXdSeSca6
08:05 PM andypugh: Max-steampunk bit actually a real thing
08:06 PM gregcnc: pop rivet gun?
08:06 PM gregcnc: no clue
08:07 PM zeeshan: are the front of shingles supposed to be glued down?
08:07 PM * zeeshan always asks random qs
08:08 PM gregcnc: Did trump ban google in canada?
08:08 PM andypugh: Clue: It has inputs for air, oxygen and acetylene and a wire feed into the back….
08:10 PM Cromaglious_: Not coming up on my phone
08:10 PM Cromaglious_: Zeeshan most asphalt shingles have a line of goo that softens sns stick the fro g to the lower course
08:11 PM zeeshan: ah
08:11 PM zeeshan: so mine are not stuck yet
08:11 PM zeeshan: it was just put on
08:11 PM zeeshan: needs some hot days i guess
08:11 PM Cromaglious_: Yep... By the end of summer they'll be stuck
08:12 PM zeeshan: andypugh: looks like a mig torch
08:12 PM andypugh: Use a watering can of gasoline and a match, That will stick them down. If you get the parameters right,
08:12 PM Cromaglious_: We got zappied yay...
08:13 PM andypugh: zeeshan: close…
08:14 PM zeeshan: calcium carbide welding torch? :D
08:14 PM andypugh: It was found by accident on eBay by a friend who works here: https://metallisation.com/process/
08:15 PM zeeshan: very cool
08:15 PM andypugh: It’s a _very_ early example of one of their sprayers.
08:15 PM zeeshan: next time you meet him
08:15 PM zeeshan: could you ask him his opinion on metallizing vs hard chrome
08:15 PM zeeshan: for wear resistance
08:16 PM andypugh: He actually found it with an eBay search for Rotherhams greasers! (it has one)
08:17 PM andypugh: I suspect he would say it depends on the application, but generally chrome is better. He is always very clear about what metal spraying _isn’t_ good for.
08:17 PM Tom_itx: zeeshan typically they're supposed to self stick
08:18 PM Tom_itx: occasionally they will add adhesive if the climate is too cold
08:18 PM zeeshan: andypugh: good to know
08:19 PM andypugh: Why do you persist with your efette shingles when slabs of stone are so much less likely to blow away?
08:20 PM zeeshan: cause they build hjouses like shit here
08:20 PM zeeshan: as cheap as possible
08:20 PM zeeshan: if it was up to me, i'd build out of concrete blocks
08:20 PM zeeshan: or possibly metal
08:20 PM zeeshan: :)
08:20 PM Tom_itx: container house
08:20 PM andypugh: Anyway, should be asleep.
08:21 PM zeeshan: i lost 75% of my roof
08:21 PM Tom_itx: how?
08:21 PM zeeshan: shingles only..
08:21 PM zeeshan: wind storm
08:21 PM zeeshan: they fixed it today
08:21 PM zeeshan: Tom_itx: so im flying to seattle monday :D
08:21 PM zeeshan: where are you again?!
08:21 PM Tom_itx: were they stuck to begin with?
08:22 PM Tom_itx: center of the US
08:22 PM Tom_itx: no where near seattle
08:22 PM zeeshan: kingdom of united states!
08:23 PM Tom_itx: take an umbrella
08:23 PM zeeshan: why
08:23 PM Tom_itx: rains nearly every day
08:24 PM Tom_itx: although this week we've had our share of that
08:25 PM zeeshan: we're getting hit tonight again
08:25 PM zeeshan: about 5 inches of rain
08:25 PM Tom_itx: river is about half full
08:25 PM Tom_itx: i've seen it overflow
08:25 PM zeeshan: hehe
08:25 PM zeeshan: i was looking at our local creeks
08:25 PM Tom_itx: we have a floodway system here too
08:25 PM zeeshan: they've been gushing
08:25 PM zeeshan: like a spillway?
08:25 PM Tom_itx: routes the water around the town
08:26 PM Tom_itx: along with the river
08:26 PM Tom_itx: i've seen them both full
08:26 PM Tom_itx: one time
08:26 PM zeeshan: go fishing!
08:27 PM zeeshan: any of you guys use miteebite fixture clamps
08:27 PM zeeshan: the brass hexagon ones
08:27 PM zeeshan: w/ cam screw
08:27 PM Tom_itx: i've seen em but not used them
08:28 PM zeeshan: same
08:28 PM zeeshan: i wanna design some fixtures for work
08:28 PM zeeshan: to make life easier for the guys
08:28 PM Tom_itx: cam clamps?
08:28 PM zeeshan: https://www.miteebite.com/products/fixture-clamps/
08:29 PM Tom_itx: yeah my bud had some
08:29 PM zeeshan: i got a 48" hemi-circlular plate
08:29 PM zeeshan: 3/8" thick ss
08:29 PM zeeshan: we gotta drill holes and face it to .355" thick
08:29 PM zeeshan: +/- 0.005
08:29 PM zeeshan: i was thinking of having a line of dowels which the flat part of the semi-circle would butt up against
08:30 PM zeeshan: and then like 8-10 miteebite clamps all around the circumference
08:30 PM zeeshan: it feels like it'd hold it :)
08:30 PM Tom_itx: do their specs show holding force?
08:30 PM zeeshan: yes
08:30 PM zeeshan: the clamps im looking at say 800lb clamping force
08:30 PM zeeshan: per clamp
08:30 PM Tom_itx: you're a math guy..
08:30 PM zeeshan: (5/16" bolt
08:30 PM zeeshan: )
08:31 PM zeeshan: im not as worried about regular clamping force
08:31 PM zeeshan: my worry is its 304 ss plate
08:31 PM zeeshan: and asap you break through the top layer
08:31 PM zeeshan: it'll spring up
08:32 PM Tom_itx: yeah
08:32 PM zeeshan: http://i.imgur.com/tsuwKGQ.jpg
08:32 PM zeeshan: this is the concept that i was trying to suggest
08:32 PM Tom_itx: vaccum fixture
08:33 PM zeeshan: not really a choice
08:33 PM zeeshan: cause we have about 923023980 variations of this plate
08:33 PM zeeshan: but the od stays same
08:33 PM Tom_itx: the engineers did that for job security
08:33 PM zeeshan: ROFL
08:34 PM Tom_itx: so why not mill a general shape recess for it?
08:35 PM zeeshan: its laser cut
08:35 PM zeeshan: so plate varies a bit
08:35 PM zeeshan: raw profile is laser cut i mean
08:35 PM Tom_itx: yeah i got that
08:35 PM zeeshan: also what you dont see fully ther eis
08:35 PM zeeshan: theres also 2 quadrants
08:35 PM zeeshan: that im tryhing to utilize the same fixture plate for
08:36 PM Tom_itx: the centerline?
08:36 PM zeeshan: but that isn't big of a deal cause i guess you could have different levels
08:36 PM zeeshan: if you do the recess method
08:37 PM Tom_itx: the profile doesn't get milled right?
08:37 PM zeeshan: yes
08:37 PM zeeshan: it doe snot
08:37 PM zeeshan: only holes, slots , pockets
08:37 PM zeeshan: and then face
08:37 PM Tom_itx: so recess and slap some tape on the back
08:38 PM zeeshan: i gave the guy my ajx cutter to try out
08:38 PM zeeshan: he's going to try facing the part at 250 ipm
08:38 PM zeeshan: .030 deep
08:38 PM zeeshan: 1000 rpm
08:38 PM zeeshan: :D
08:38 PM zeeshan: 304 SS!!!
08:38 PM zeeshan: (i could never do that on my machine!)
08:38 PM Tom_itx: work hardening is a problem with 304
08:39 PM zeeshan: honestly i came up with a good recipe that's been working so far
08:39 PM zeeshan: we're machining 304 about 3.5 times faster
08:39 PM zeeshan: than before
08:39 PM zeeshan: mostly by using adaptive tool pathjs
08:39 PM zeeshan: and gained a lot of tool life too
08:39 PM zeeshan: i wish i had more time for the shop
08:39 PM zeeshan: :(
08:40 PM zeeshan: the guys who actually make the damn actual thing don't get attention
08:40 PM Tom_itx: nobody probably took the time to figure the cutting loads
08:40 PM zeeshan: well the way he was doing it before was
08:40 PM zeeshan: 0.1 doc, .75 woc
08:40 PM zeeshan: with a 1" cutter
08:41 PM Tom_itx: and now?
08:41 PM zeeshan: now we're doing 1.25" doc, .030 woc at 2.5 the feed and 4x the speed
08:41 PM zeeshan: 2.5x
08:41 PM Tom_itx: yeah i figured would go full depth
08:41 PM zeeshan: when you compare the simulation time
08:41 PM Tom_itx: you would*
08:41 PM zeeshan: (which by the way i verified in real life)
08:42 PM zeeshan: its 35min vs 140min
08:42 PM Tom_itx: tell em you'll take that time savings as a direct deposit
08:42 PM zeeshan: and we're now replacing the tool every 20-25 parts
08:42 PM zeeshan: vs every 5 parts
08:42 PM zeeshan: rofl
08:42 PM gregcnc: normal toolpaths can overload the tool, which is the big advantage of adaptive
08:43 PM zeeshan: dude what i get out of it is seeing the smile on the machinist's face
08:43 PM zeeshan: cause not only have we sped things up
08:43 PM zeeshan: we've got fixturing now
08:43 PM zeeshan: so it makes it so much easier for him
08:43 PM zeeshan: he loads up the parts, cycle start, can actually go to the washroom now
08:43 PM zeeshan: before he'd be running around like nuts
08:45 PM Tom_itx: material thickness?
08:45 PM Tom_itx: 1.25" ?
08:45 PM zeeshan: no
08:45 PM zeeshan: 2.5"
08:45 PM zeeshan: is the actual total depth we gotta cut
08:45 PM zeeshan: we remove like 75% of the material
08:46 PM zeeshan: and we've got about .1875" clamping in the vise
08:46 PM Tom_itx: crane loaded?
08:46 PM zeeshan: yes
08:47 PM gregcnc: that's not the half donut part...?
08:47 PM zeeshan: gregcnc: no
08:47 PM zeeshan: thats a light part
08:47 PM zeeshan: like 60lb
08:47 PM zeeshan: or something
08:47 PM zeeshan: i forget
08:48 PM zeeshan: Tom_itx: latest job for the home shop: http://i.imgur.com/zGD8TBB.jpg
08:48 PM zeeshan: waterjet the damn parts
08:48 PM zeeshan: machine some counterbores
08:48 PM zeeshan: i need more easy work like that
08:48 PM zeeshan: :D
08:48 PM Tom_itx: towel rack?
08:48 PM zeeshan: i think someone else asked me that last time
08:48 PM zeeshan: lol
08:48 PM Tom_itx: heh
08:48 PM zeeshan: i dont know what it is, i think it goes on a helicopter for a rescue basket
08:49 PM zeeshan: its the backbone of the basket?
08:49 PM zeeshan: i think.
08:49 PM zeeshan: i dont know
08:49 PM zeeshan: im just the monkey making the part
08:49 PM zeeshan: welcome to reality :(
08:49 PM zeeshan: how has our society gotten like this?!
08:49 PM zeeshan: the people doing the actual work get shat on
08:50 PM zeeshan: but the guys who are making the big calls are living the dream ;/
08:50 PM Tom_itx: we used to get rolls of prints and literally tear out the pieces we were milling
08:50 PM zeeshan: lol
08:50 PM Tom_itx: from much larger assemblies
08:50 PM zeeshan: after seeing how a cnc machinist has to work in the real world
08:50 PM zeeshan: i'll never become one
08:50 PM zeeshan: its a frigging stressful job
08:50 PM Tom_itx: no it wouldn't be a permanent job for me either
08:50 PM Tom_itx: i do enjoy it though
08:51 PM zeeshan: its enjoyable when you can take your time doing it
08:51 PM zeeshan: but when you're forced to make parts in impossible time frames
08:51 PM zeeshan: and then you miss a coordinate because your management hasn't provided you with a cam software
08:51 PM Tom_itx: i've never seen a shop that didn't have a deadline on parts
08:51 PM zeeshan: and youre using some shithole conversational
08:51 PM zeeshan: well theres realistic deadlines
08:52 PM zeeshan: and then there is unrealistic deadlines
08:52 PM zeeshan: see the plate i posted?
08:52 PM Tom_itx: call the assholes down and let them try to meet them
08:52 PM zeeshan: the guy has to program that using conversational
08:52 PM zeeshan: rofl
08:52 PM gregcnc: this si why shit's expensive
08:52 PM Tom_itx: they don't post the code for them?
08:53 PM zeeshan: so to make a point, i gathered a meeting and showed everyone how GOOD hsm is
08:53 PM zeeshan: i programmed the part in front of everyone in 8 minuters
08:53 PM zeeshan: (minutes
08:53 PM zeeshan: )
08:53 PM gregcnc: it's your own product or some other sop would have won the bid
08:53 PM gregcnc: SHOP
08:53 PM zeeshan: gregcnc: its our own product
08:53 PM gregcnc: that's my point
08:53 PM zeeshan: and we're outsourcing this stuff cause it's cheaper to get it done at other local shops
08:53 PM zeeshan: rofl
08:54 PM gregcnc: sad thing is any savings will go into owners pockets
08:54 PM zeeshan: and you figure those shops are at least charging you 30% margin
08:54 PM zeeshan: i know man
08:54 PM zeeshan: ive tried so hard to convince
08:54 PM enleth: funnily enough, I actually miss conversational and consider the lack of it OOTB a major usability problem of vanilla linuxcnc
08:54 PM zeeshan: but im just the young yapper
08:55 PM zeeshan: i dont even know why im trying to convince
08:55 PM zeeshan: i should just mind my own business
08:55 PM zeeshan: just have a hard time sitting around and seeing shit like this
08:55 PM zeeshan: because you get enough of this, and eventually the company goes under
08:55 PM gregcnc: if you do a good enough job you'll wind up in management
08:55 PM Tom_itx: and become one of 'them'
08:56 PM zeeshan: i really like technical sales and design though
08:56 PM zeeshan: i dont want to get into management
08:56 PM enleth: today I machined a couple pneumatic fittings fot some airsoft guys, and except for some g92s I did it completely manually because I couldn't be arsed to program the things
08:57 PM zeeshan: enleth as an oem
08:57 PM zeeshan: even simple parts should be done in cam
08:57 PM zeeshan: you know why?
08:57 PM zeeshan: traceability
08:57 PM zeeshan: accountabiliy
08:57 PM zeeshan: responsbility
08:57 PM enleth: that was a 100% prototype run
08:57 PM zeeshan: conversational eliminates all those 3 things
08:57 PM Tom_itx: iso9001
08:57 PM CaptHindsight: bilitybility
08:58 PM enleth: zeeshan: probably why I'm not inclined to be an OEM, just doing prototype parts for startups
08:58 PM zeeshan: enleth: i do the same in the home shop
08:58 PM * Tom_itx goes back to coding
08:58 PM zeeshan: but man i wish i could become an oem
08:58 PM zeeshan: $$$$$$
08:58 PM zeeshan: :D
08:59 PM zeeshan: Tom_itx: whare you coding
08:59 PM zeeshan: *what
08:59 PM enleth: fair enough
08:59 PM Tom_itx: dbf stuff for me
08:59 PM enleth: I'd probably settle for consulting after the prototype stage, though
08:59 PM zeeshan: that'd be even better!!!
09:00 PM zeeshan: you get to tell people how they're screwing up
09:00 PM zeeshan: on their own dime!
09:00 PM zeeshan: :D
09:00 PM gregcnc: there are one man jobshops and one man biz designing/producing their own product
09:00 PM jdh: can anybody export an stl to dxf?
09:00 PM Tom_itx: why not?
09:00 PM enleth: still, I need to install those nifty pyvcp macros that emulate conversational
09:01 PM Tom_itx: jdh
09:01 PM Tom_itx: SW should be able to do that
09:01 PM jdh: but, I don't have SW
09:02 PM Tom_itx: post it somewhere
09:02 PM Tom_itx: whilst i reboot
09:04 PM Tom_itx: i dislike stl
09:05 PM jdh: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz5kbenmrw4VeWtMWlJEZDd0Q0E/view?usp=sharing
09:05 PM enleth: to be honest, if I were to actually work as a machinist, I'd prefer something closer to what Abom79 does than the modern CNC programming and operation
09:05 PM jdh: yeah, I got it from a 3d printer site. I just need the spline sort of part of it
09:06 PM gregcnc: enleth i don't know how many people can make a living doing work like that anymore
09:06 PM enleth: I guess I'm really somewhere inbetween
09:07 PM enleth: gregcnc: seeing how often he gets to fix someone else's botched repairs - maybe not many but there's still a shortage of those who can do it properly
09:08 PM Tom_L: this stl model has too many surfaces
09:09 PM zeeshan: he does good quality work
09:09 PM jdh: is that why a simple part is a huge file?
09:09 PM enleth: besides, the really big heavy stuff, like hydraulic parts for mining and smelting industries, are still being made more or less that way
09:09 PM Tom_itx: probably
09:09 PM jdh: can you just get the spline looking part?
09:09 PM enleth: and it doesn't look like it's about to change anytime soon
09:09 PM zeeshan: enleth: i agree
09:10 PM zeeshan: it's crazy how a simple drywall piece
09:10 PM zeeshan: requires such crazy machines
09:10 PM zeeshan: and to upkeep those machines, you need some goddamn expensive parts
09:10 PM zeeshan: !
09:10 PM zeeshan: and those expensive parts need to be rebuilt or replaced , ===== jobs!
09:11 PM enleth: so being a heavy machinery manufacturing machinist pretty much means you're doing a lot of manual/traditional machining
09:11 PM Tom_itx: ok i got it in in graphic mode
09:12 PM zeeshan: man
09:12 PM zeeshan: ohio is getting raped
09:12 PM zeeshan: according to the weather radar
09:14 PM Tom_itx: jdh, it doesn't like that file
09:15 PM gregcnc: big rollers etc, often on call any time of day and the machine sits for months before you get another call
09:15 PM jdh: how about: http://www.thingiverse.com/download:2967979
09:15 PM Tom_itx: acad wouldn't import the dxf either
09:15 PM jdh: there is a .step version also
09:19 PM Tom_itx: it didn't like either one
09:19 PM Tom_itx: i can import them
09:20 PM jdh: oh well...thanks.
09:23 PM Tom_itx: you could probably pick out surfaces etc but it's not a simple in -> out conversion
09:23 PM Tom_itx: will one of the reprap tools save as dxf?
09:26 PM Tom_itx: jdh
09:26 PM Tom_itx: what about this:
09:26 PM Tom_L: https://grabcad.com/library/shimano-hollowtech-ii-tool-tl-fc16-1
09:27 PM jdh: sure.
09:27 PM jdh: I think that is the .stl
09:27 PM Tom_itx: it said solidworks
09:28 PM jdh: there is a sldprt also... taht's where I got the original stl
09:28 PM Tom_itx: i just grabbed it
09:29 PM Tom_itx: find the other one while i see if i can convert it
09:29 PM jdh: your grabcad link above is where I got the first .stl
09:29 PM Tom_itx: i got the sw file though
09:34 PM Tom_itx: still not having much luck
09:35 PM Tom_itx: sw brings it in fine
09:38 PM Tom_itx: trying to import it to acad as iges
09:41 PM Tom_itx: maybe this will work..
09:47 PM Tom_itx: jdh, still here?
09:47 PM jdh: yep
09:47 PM Tom_itx: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/JDH/
09:47 PM Tom_itx: try that one
09:47 PM Tom_itx: acad opened it
09:47 PM Tom_itx: now find the other file...
09:48 PM Tom_itx: that was saved as acad 2013
09:48 PM Tom_itx: i had to convert it to iges first
09:49 PM jdh: wow, that's a whole lotta lines!
09:49 PM jdh: thanks!
09:49 PM Tom_itx: now let's find the other one..
09:49 PM Tom_itx: i could have converted it to a solid if you want
09:49 PM jdh: that was the only one I saw with a solidworks file.
09:50 PM jdh: I want to drop-cut it so I need it flattened out
09:50 PM Tom_itx: want a dwg instead?
09:50 PM Tom_itx: probably not..
09:51 PM jdh: nah, dxf is fine. I'm guessing the outer part of the center section is what I need.
09:51 PM Tom_itx: lemme try something with the other file
09:55 PM Tom_itx: nope that won't work
09:55 PM Tom_itx: tried to export the stl as iges
09:55 PM Tom_itx: unless you can find a sldprt file
09:57 PM jdh: nah.
09:57 PM Tom_itx: acad won't directly import stl either
09:57 PM jdh: wonder if inventor will. I have it at work.
09:57 PM Tom_itx: if you can't get it to dxf try iges to dxf
09:58 PM Tom_itx: catia just laughed at it
09:58 PM Tom_itx: it has much fewer options for importing
09:59 PM jdh: I pulled the center section out into a new .dwg and tried to bring it into cut-2d and it shows up as a really weird set of tons of vectors
10:00 PM Tom_itx: that's what stl does
10:00 PM Tom_itx: i hate it
10:01 PM Tom_itx: luckily my kid is learning acad 2017 right now
10:01 PM Tom_itx: he showed me how to convert it to a solid or other if you need
10:02 PM Tom_itx: but i still bet it will have stl attributes
10:03 PM jdh: I could give up and try to draw it. I have no way to measure the notches though.
10:03 PM jdh: I do have the physical tool though.
10:10 PM Tom_itx: why do you need the dxf if you have the tool?
10:10 PM jdh: I want to make a different tool that fits the same thing
10:10 PM Tom_itx: should be easy enough to measure
10:11 PM Tom_itx: got any radius tools?
10:11 PM jdh: nope
10:11 PM Tom_itx: bar stock?
10:11 PM Tom_itx: drill bits...
10:11 PM Tom_itx: find one that fits it
10:11 PM jdh: no metric drills, but probably close enough
10:11 PM Tom_itx: then you've got your radius
10:11 PM Tom_itx: OD, array and done
10:12 PM jdh: yeah, I'll make it out of plastic so it doesn't have to be perfect
10:12 PM Tom_itx: ID for the radius tangent
10:14 PM Tom_itx: problem with exporting the stl is it comes in sw as a graphic file and there are no entities to process
10:15 PM Tom_itx: there may be a way to explode it but i don't know how in SW
10:22 PM Tom_itx: hah, you can buy one on newegg for $1.86
10:24 PM jdh: sure, or they come with other parts
10:24 PM Tom_itx: is the other file just a modified version of it?
10:24 PM jdh: looks like it. same huge file
10:24 PM Tom_itx: the end looks similar
10:25 PM Tom_itx: one is the round tool you have and the other is a small square tool with the spline on the end
10:25 PM jdh: yeah. I just need the spine part
10:25 PM jdh: the rest will be different. (2" square flat part staring at the centerline of teh spline)
10:26 PM jdh: starting
10:29 PM Tom_itx: the ID tangent circle is .079
10:29 PM Tom_itx: the radius is .138
10:30 PM Tom_itx: the OD is .591
10:30 PM Tom_itx: wait, the tangent ID arc is .481
10:30 PM Tom_itx: .482 sry
10:31 PM Tom_itx: the tooth arcs are .03927
10:43 PM DrippityDrops: Anyone want to start a business? I got the best idea evarrrr. Gonna make so much money.
10:45 PM DrippityDrops: Check it out..... an ip cam..... for... indicators! you can put it on your indicator and then it looks at the dial and sends it back to your cell phone or to pc with
10:45 PM DrippityDrops: wifi*
10:46 PM DrippityDrops: no? genius?! maybe?
10:46 PM CaptHindsight: will it work with digital indicators?
10:46 PM DrippityDrops: yeah its a camera!
10:46 PM DrippityDrops: it works without indicators
10:47 PM CaptHindsight: so anything a camera can see it can send to a cellphone or a PC?
10:47 PM DrippityDrops: yeah its just a regular camera
10:47 PM DrippityDrops: but its made to focus up close on an indicator
10:47 PM Wolf_: and cheap?
10:47 PM DrippityDrops: yah totally
10:47 PM CaptHindsight: so a camera with a lens that can focus up close
10:48 PM DrippityDrops: i mean people pay like 300 for their super duper carbide tipped .00001 shits anyhow
10:48 PM DrippityDrops: yeah
10:48 PM DrippityDrops: but like MARKETED to machinists
10:48 PM CaptHindsight: how close we talkin here?
10:48 PM DrippityDrops: you know like 1 inch
10:48 PM CaptHindsight: few microns, nanometers or cm?
10:48 PM DrippityDrops: people pay super high prices for their gauges
10:49 PM DrippityDrops: so they would pay the money to have a camera that could attach to their indicator
10:49 PM CaptHindsight: so do I hold the camera up to the indicator and then it sends the video to a cellphone?
10:49 PM DrippityDrops: even if I put a camera on a separate indicator stand it would work
10:49 PM DrippityDrops: yeah
10:49 PM Wolf_: some, most will say their mirror works fine
10:49 PM Tom_itx: jdh still here?
10:49 PM DrippityDrops: that way you can lock it down in those crazy to get to places and let it run coolant over it
10:49 PM DrippityDrops: and you can still see it!
10:50 PM DrippityDrops: I meqan think about it, once the indicator is in the machine and coolant is running you cant see
10:50 PM DrippityDrops: but if the cam is over the indicator face it can see for you
10:50 PM CaptHindsight: how does the camera see through the coolant?
10:50 PM DrippityDrops: and it keeps the indicator clean
10:50 PM DrippityDrops: ok
10:50 PM Tom_itx: jdh, http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/JDH/Shimano.jpg
10:50 PM DrippityDrops: imagine a cup shape
10:50 PM DrippityDrops: the cup goes over the indicator
10:50 PM DrippityDrops: inside the cup
10:51 PM DrippityDrops: is a camera
10:51 PM DrippityDrops: its stupid simple
10:51 PM Wolf_: I can’t think of any time I would have coolant going and indicator mounted at the same time
10:51 PM CaptHindsight: why not an indicator that just has a remote readout?
10:51 PM DrippityDrops: because cams are $20 and work on everything
10:51 PM CaptHindsight: Wolf_: how about when you are measuring a part while the spindle is cutting?
10:52 PM Wolf_: usually not lol
10:52 PM DrippityDrops: thats some expensive item you are talking about but they make them
10:53 PM DrippityDrops: the machines adjust on their own after each cycle
10:53 PM CaptHindsight: so this is just a waterproof housing that attaches to a camera and indicator
10:53 PM DrippityDrops: yah
10:53 PM DrippityDrops: basically
10:55 PM DrippityDrops: your talking an item with like a 800% markup
10:55 PM CaptHindsight: what person/s measure while coolant is running over the part?
10:55 PM DrippityDrops: anyone using a remote probe
10:56 PM CaptHindsight: how do we get people to measure parts while machining?
10:57 PM DrippityDrops: the machine does it automatically in these cases
10:57 PM DrippityDrops: but this is very new tech and used on high volume production machines
10:57 PM DrippityDrops: not like, a mill
10:58 PM Wolf_: 0.o
10:58 PM DrippityDrops: http://todaysmachiningworld.com/magazine/how-it-works-automated-measurment/
10:58 PM DrippityDrops: I guess if you care you could start there
11:00 PM DrippityDrops: this stuff is for multimillion cycle jobs in many cases, justifying the technology I suppose
11:02 PM CaptHindsight: I was working on a silent corduroy for the military, so soldiers could wear cords and sneak up on the enemy without making that zip-zip sound
11:15 PM DrippityDrops: you serious?
11:16 PM DrippityDrops: i feel like you are not hahaha
11:17 PM DrippityDrops: though, they did have a silent velcro so I would hate to be wrong
11:18 PM roycroft: soak the trousers in olive oil before putting them on
11:18 PM roycroft: no noise
11:35 PM Tom_itx: jdh, still around?
11:54 PM CaptHindsight: hah "default Ubuntu desktop back to GNOME for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS"
11:54 PM CaptHindsight: https://betanews.com/2017/04/05/canonical-killing-unity-for-ubuntu-linux-will-switch-to-the-superior-gnome/
11:57 PM CaptHindsight: I think the devs are planning on sticking with Debian anyway but what a mess
11:58 PM Tom_itx: keep the midnight oil burning.. till tomorrow, i'm out