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Mar 23 2017

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12:28 AM Crom_: Let's see if this times out...
01:13 AM Crom_: Doing good so far.
02:37 AM MacGalempsy: good evening/morning
02:40 AM * archivist_ bets there is a crowd sipping afternoon tea
02:54 AM MacGalempsy: one lump or two?
02:56 AM MacGalempsy: whats going with you today archivist_?
02:57 AM archivist_: nuffink
03:09 AM MacGalempsy: just relaxing huh?
03:10 AM archivist: retired!
03:13 AM pfred1: a board I isolation routed on my CNC http://i.imgur.com/YyqiE9R.jpg
03:14 AM pfred1: it worked too http://i.imgur.com/wfzJ4PZ.jpg which is always a plus
03:15 AM archivist: a home made wart
03:15 AM pfred1: yes but regulated
03:15 AM pfred1: wall warts usually aren't
03:15 AM archivist: some warts were regulated
03:15 AM pfred1: in fact that's where that transformer came out of
03:16 AM pfred1: yeah i take a lot apart very few are
03:16 AM pfred1: there was just that transformer a little bridge and an inadequate filter cap in the one i just pulled apart
03:16 AM archivist: especially the newer switching warts
03:17 AM pfred1: well switchers are regulated
03:17 AM MacGalempsy: nothing going on here. they are working on the rig...
03:17 AM Wolf_: china finds ways around that
03:17 AM pfred1: but they probably are not smoothed very well on their outputs
03:17 AM MacGalempsy: watching reservoir dogs
03:18 AM pfred1: I made this PSU for my AVR transistor testers
03:19 AM pfred1: it slips in right under the stand
03:30 AM Deejay: moin
03:48 AM gonzo_: not sure when I last saw a linear psu wallwart
03:50 AM pfred1: I got a pile of them
03:50 AM pfred1: well box of them
05:03 AM XXCoder: hey JT-Shop '
05:08 AM jthornton: morning
05:09 AM XXCoder: whats up
05:11 AM jthornton: getting ready to head to Houma Louisiana on the Spyder
05:11 AM jthornton: hmmm it's a bit warmer than they predicted it's 46F not 40F
05:11 AM XXCoder: do you know what ASL sign for Louisiana is? heh
05:12 AM jthornton: ASL?
05:12 AM XXCoder: american sign language
05:13 AM jthornton: ah no I don't know any ASL
05:13 AM XXCoder: well it starts with one hand holding thumb of other, other hand is in fingerspell L shape
05:13 AM XXCoder: pull down thumb out of other hand and change change to fust but with thumb out
05:14 AM XXCoder: its similiar with crapping
05:14 AM jthornton: lol
05:14 AM XXCoder: crapping is same but with no initial L handshape
05:14 AM XXCoder: you can guess what general deaf view of that state is.
05:16 AM jthornton: the larger cities generally suck in some areas but the rural cities are pretty cool
05:17 AM jthornton: my buddy from Luling told me all the walmarts in metairie and kenner (next to New Orleans) have a cop car outside and one walking the aisles now
05:18 AM XXCoder: fancy
05:18 AM XXCoder: I havent been in walcrap for hmm3 years?
05:21 AM jthornton: we have 2 here one big one and a smaller one with just groceries but I usually shop at Krogers
05:23 AM XXCoder: here have somewhat newish one
05:23 AM jthornton: well time to shut down and take a shower... leaving in 50 minutes
05:23 AM XXCoder: 3 years ago i had to find a white shorts
05:23 AM XXCoder: walmart was only one that had it. bah
05:23 AM jthornton: see you Sunday evening
05:23 AM XXCoder: well later :) safe trips
05:26 AM pfred1: XXCoder if you ever kill someone don't go to Walmart for the post crime clean up supplies
05:26 AM pfred1: they got too many security cameras
05:26 AM XXCoder: ah I see. personal experence eh? how long was your prison term? ;)
05:26 AM pfred1: no I was watching this hting while i was having dinner of an idiot that did that
05:27 AM pfred1: he bought the suitcase he dumped the body in and latex gloves
05:27 AM XXCoder: dinner OF an idiot that did that? murder is bad, but why eat him?
05:27 AM pfred1: they had him on security camera doingit and driving away too
05:27 AM XXCoder: lol http://www.earthporm.com/weirdest-childrens-books/
05:27 AM XXCoder: some of em is just...
05:27 AM pfred1: about all they didn't have was the murder on tape
05:28 AM XXCoder: jeez
05:29 AM pfred1: I'm just saying you have to be mindful of these sorts of things today
05:29 AM XXCoder: indeed. good thing I dont plan to murder anytime soon
05:30 AM pfred1: hey what if you bought the same suitcase though?
05:30 AM pfred1: then the cops might have a real case against you!
05:32 AM pfred1: Walmart snitches on their customers
05:36 AM XXCoder: they dont jail people for buying stuff that might be used to clean up crime scene
05:36 AM XXCoder: they need more proof than that
05:37 AM pfred1: XXCoder they've jailed people with no proof at all
05:38 AM pfred1: how about them kids down south with the satan trial?
05:38 AM pfred1: they jailed them just because they looked funny
05:38 AM pfred1: they were even going to put one of them to death!
05:39 AM pfred1: absolutely no proof whatsoever
05:39 AM pfred1: they're all out of jail now BTW
05:40 AM XXCoder: black?
05:40 AM pfred1: nope they were all white
05:40 AM pfred1: though there was a mysterious black man covered in blood in the bojangles estaurant that no to this day knows who he was or if he wasi nvolved
05:41 AM pfred1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Memphis_Three
05:42 AM JT-Shop: all right see you guys Sunday night
05:42 AM pfred1: CU
05:42 AM XXCoder: later jt safe trips
05:44 AM JT-Shop: thanks
05:44 AM JT-Shop: bye
05:44 AM pfred1: XXCoder the only physical evidence all seems to point to the mysterious black man
05:44 AM XXCoder: maybe maybe not I dont know about that
05:44 AM pfred1: but they never found him and they lost what little evidence they had anyways
05:45 AM pfred1: some police work is really bad
05:45 AM XXCoder: yeah that guy may be nonexistanmt
05:45 AM pfred1: oh no people saw him
05:45 AM pfred1: he left blood all up and down the walls
05:46 AM XXCoder: in any case i cant really comment, as I wasnt there
05:46 AM XXCoder: http://go.eliomotors.com/hs-fs/hubfs/HelmetsNewandOld.jpg?width=1000&height=355&name=HelmetsNewandOld.jpg
05:46 AM XXCoder: nice! 2 states finally changed over
05:47 AM XXCoder: I'd have to wear helmet in one and only one state.
05:47 AM XXCoder: kids at 4 states (like I'd drive to hawaii lol)
05:48 AM pfred1: we require riders to have a helmet on their bike but they don't have to wear it
05:48 AM XXCoder: bit weird. in elio it'd be even weirder/.
05:48 AM pfred1: or at least we did
05:48 AM pfred1: the rationale was if you went to a state that had a helmet law
05:48 AM pfred1: then you had one to wear
05:49 AM pfred1: but now with almost no states requiring helmets i don't know
07:03 AM Deejay: re
08:43 AM gimps_ is now known as gimps
09:10 AM {HD}: Doh! I cannot find an 'edge finder' for an er11 collet!
09:35 AM cradek: http://www.soigeneris.com/taig_1_4__shank_edge_finder__2228-details.aspx
09:35 AM cradek: there are some out there, but it'd probably be pretty terrible
09:36 AM cradek: this style of edgefinder works badly if it's not centered well
09:36 AM archivist: and cheap ER collets are not that well on center
09:36 AM {HD}: cradek: I have a few mechanical edge finders for my larger colletes and they work great. Are you saying that the smaller ones don't work as well?
09:37 AM cradek: you might try getting and modifying a starrett wiggler set instead. that style works equally well no matter how badly mounted the chuck part is
09:37 AM cradek: {HD}: look at the picture
09:37 AM j is now known as Guest73791
09:38 AM cradek: now imagine that huge thing sticking out of a tiny collet and waving around
09:38 AM {HD}: cradek: I am, its a crap picture. Took on top of a glass table or some shit...looks terriable!
09:38 AM {HD}: cradek: Oh, just the length of it...yep. Got it.
09:41 AM cradek: http://www.starrett.com/metrology/product-detail/1-Precision-Measuring-Tools/11-Precision-Hand-Tools/1116-Precision-Shop-Tools/111603-Edge-and-Center-Finders/S828HZ
09:42 AM cradek: this is what I'd consider starting with if I had to make something to work
09:42 AM cradek: the shank is probably case hardened though - might not be very easy to modify well
09:44 AM archivist: you can get cheap ones http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RDGTOOLS-5PC-WIGGLER-CENTRE-FINDER-SET-/260346727713
09:44 AM archivist: less hard being chinesium
09:46 AM cradek: the disc pointer looks totally wrong
09:49 AM cradek: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lot-of-4-VINTAGE-WIGGLER-CENTER-FINDER-MACHINISTS-TOOLs-FLYNN-MFG-CO-Craftsman-/262894109023
09:50 AM cradek: sweet, I've never seen one with a ball AND point
09:51 AM archivist: heh claim it fits Myford and sell the chinese one for many times the price http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Centre-Finder-or-Wiggler-Set-Work-Edge-Centre-Finding-Machine-lsthe-ML7-427707-/141031570731
09:52 AM cradek: 4 available 321 sold (!?)
09:52 AM cradek: that's twice what the starrett set costs. there are not 321 people who bought it. wonder what the deal is.
09:53 AM archivist: I spotted that too, something fishy or a lot of idiots
09:54 AM cradek: in a real pinch this might be useful: http://www.sherline.com/pages/tips/tip29.htm
09:57 AM archivist: I tend to do it with the tool I am about to use stationary with a magnifier as I have no toolchange
10:00 AM cradek: yeah I regularly center a tool over a spot with a loupe. you can very easily see .1-.2 mm
10:01 AM cradek: sometimes flashlight + loupe :-/
10:02 AM archivist: its side cutting with a gear cutter for me
10:02 AM archivist: and even then odd offsets to the centerline for an escape wheel
10:28 AM R2E4_bevins_2: mornin, evening
10:30 AM archivist: 3pm where is my afternoon coffee?
10:30 AM R2E4_bevins_2: oops, I forgot afternoon
10:30 AM * roycroft just made his morning cappuccino
10:31 AM R2E4_bevins_2: hey guys, I am working on a M6 remap which is working but when I start linuxcnc, it runs the remap code. I cant find anything I am doing wrong.....any ideas?
10:32 AM R2E4_bevins_2: If I start linuxcnc without a T1 M6, it starts ok everything normal. As soon as I have a Tx M6 in the gcode it starts the remap.
10:32 AM R2E4_bevins_2: Is there something I missed?
10:34 AM R2E4_bevins_2: I have the remap in the ini, the io tool change loopback, removed the manual toolchange in hal...... I dont know why it runs it. Do I have to take care of this in my remap main loop?
10:38 AM {HD}: roycroft: Sounds fancy. I just drink black coffee to avoid the caloris of the dairy.
10:41 AM R2E4_bevins_2: aaarrrgggg!!
10:44 AM roycroft: i have one per day
10:44 AM roycroft: i used to drink toddy, but i really like espresso drinks
10:44 AM roycroft: cappuccinos have less milk than lattes
10:44 AM roycroft: but yes, there are some contributed calories
10:57 AM R2E4_bevins_2: I hate it when you cant find infoprmation
11:10 AM {HD}: This is a pretty funny one if you like ThisOldTony... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycoCwoplU6Y
12:04 PM roycroft: well i think i have my car situation sorted out
12:04 PM roycroft: my bank are going to fold the cost of a new engine into my car loan, which is at 2.49%, so that's pretty affordable
12:04 PM roycroft: and i just got approved for a new credit card with 0% on purchases for 21 months
12:05 PM roycroft: i'll use that to cover the cost of the labor, which is going to be $1500
12:05 PM roycroft: i can handle $100/month extra for a while
12:06 PM roycroft: my mechanic found a used engine for $600 with a 1 year warranty, but i think i'm going to get a rebuilt one instead, which will be more like $1500 with a 3 year warranty
12:06 PM roycroft: with labor being the same for either a rebuilt makes more sense than used
12:07 PM roycroft: this all means, though, that i'll be upside down on the car pretty much for at least the next 3 years :(
12:07 PM * roycroft does not like that
12:08 PM {HD}: roycroft: Add a lathe to that new CC of yours!
12:12 PM roycroft: NO!
12:12 PM roycroft: i'll find other means to get the lathe
12:12 PM roycroft: this is already pushing my debt comfort level
12:12 PM roycroft: i am not going to get significantly uncomfortable
12:13 PM roycroft: i had a somewhat fortunate coincidental circumstance that helps with this whole problem
12:13 PM archivist: you can get a complete car for less
12:13 PM roycroft: my laptop needs repair, and the extended warranty is almost expired
12:13 PM roycroft: so i have to take it in for repair today or tomorrow, and it will be gone for a week and a half
12:13 PM roycroft: i've arranged to work from home during that time, as my laptop is my work computer and i would not be able to work from the office
12:14 PM roycroft: so that means no commuting for a while
12:14 PM roycroft: archivist: i just bought this car, and have a loan on it
12:14 PM roycroft: i don't like investing this much money in it, but it's either that or buy another car and make two loan payments
12:14 PM archivist: why does it need an engine so soon
12:14 PM roycroft: and my bank requires me to carry full insurance on the prius until the loan is paid off, even if it's not drivable
12:14 PM roycroft: it's a used car
12:14 PM roycroft: and it threw a rod
12:15 PM archivist: ew
12:15 PM roycroft: my mechanic looked at it and thinks one of the rod cap bolts broke
12:15 PM roycroft: there is a hole in the side of the engine block
12:15 PM roycroft: since the rod went sideways instead of up and down
12:15 PM roycroft: i'm not at all happy about this - i've only had the car for 4 months
12:15 PM roycroft: but oh well
12:16 PM roycroft: it will have a new engine in it
12:16 PM roycroft: i should not have more engine problems ever, as i'll get rid of it before i put too many miles on that engine
12:17 PM archivist: I have a new to me car which I got in the last couple of weeks
12:18 PM roycroft: my car is in good condition and comfortable to drive
12:18 PM roycroft: everything works
12:18 PM roycroft: except for that hole in the side of the engine
12:18 PM roycroft: once repaired it should be a good, reliable vehicle for some years
12:20 PM roycroft: the engine still runs, btw
12:20 PM roycroft: it is kind of noisy, but it runs
12:20 PM archivist: the car I just got has 36k on the clock, never owned a car that "new" it is actually built in 2002 just lady/old man users previously
12:22 PM archivist: you could clip the journal to stop oil pressure loss glues up the side and carry on
12:22 PM roycroft: 36k miles is nice
12:22 PM roycroft: my prius has 173k miles on it
12:23 PM archivist: revolting red small town car
12:23 PM archivist: toymotors are made 10 miles from me
12:23 PM roycroft: i get 42mph with the prius while commuting to work and back, and i'm driving in hills and over a pass during my commute
12:23 PM roycroft: so i'm pretty happy about that
12:24 PM archivist: I think the factory is mainly Avensys model
12:24 PM roycroft: my primary concerns for a vehicle are safety and fuel economy
12:24 PM jdh: I got 17mpg avg driving to florida and back. happy enough with that
12:25 PM roycroft: that's about what my pickup, which i'm driving currently, gets
12:25 PM roycroft: which is why not having to commute for the next week and a half will be nice
12:25 PM jdh: yukon xl
12:25 PM roycroft: my pickup is an '88 toyota
12:25 PM roycroft: 22r
12:26 PM roycroft: old but reliable
12:26 PM roycroft: i got it for a song, and it had a warped head when i bought it
12:26 PM roycroft: i spent $350 on a new head and it works fine now
12:26 PM roycroft: it's rough and beat up
12:26 PM roycroft: but it's a pickup
12:27 PM roycroft: it has big, fat knobby tires on it
12:27 PM roycroft: i could replace the tires and steering would be a lot easier, and i'd get better fuel economy
12:27 PM roycroft: but the big fat tires help when i'm driving it in rough terrain
12:28 PM roycroft: and since normally i only drive it a few hundred miles/year, fuel economy is not my biggest priority with that vehicle
12:28 PM roycroft: remembering to put fuel conditioner in so that the gas does't get wonky and varnish up the carburettor is a bigger concern
12:36 PM R2E4_bevins_2: 'ld someone know why oir give a hint where I can look at the problem that when I start linuxcnc or load a program with aTx M6 in it it runs the remap?
12:36 PM R2E4_bevins_2: starting linuxcnc with a tx M6 in it, lcnc starts but runs the remap.
12:37 PM R2E4_bevins_2: it goes inro ruin mode
12:43 PM archivist: none of us wrote your remap code
12:44 PM Deejay: dont ruin it
12:44 PM archivist: put some tracing into it and halscope it
12:46 PM skunkworks: R2E4_bevins_2, can your replicate it with on of the remap sample configs?
12:47 PM skunkworks: wow
12:47 PM skunkworks: R2E4_bevins_2, can you replicate it with one of the remap sample configs?
12:56 PM R2E4_bevins_2: I didnt try, but it doesnt do it in the sim with the examples
12:58 PM R2E4_bevins_2: archivist: I understand that, I am new to programming, so if it is in my code then I will try and fix it but I need to find out how it is running the program. I certainly didnt tell it to run.
12:58 PM R2E4_bevins_2: I did my remapping from code examples and trying to learn.
01:04 PM R2E4_bevins_2: but it is not really evident on how to do it.
01:08 PM archivist: I would have expected some form of reset at the start
01:08 PM archivist: to get to a known condition of some sort
01:09 PM R2E4_bevins_2: I was reading a bit about self.task to get status. But no where in any of the docs and examples I see has this in the remap files. Nowhere
01:44 PM {HD}: Do I need to worry about cross talk between my step and dir wires from break out board to drivers? I was thinkink of using shieleded twisted pair from the B.O.B to Drivers...
01:44 PM {HD}: What do you guys think?
01:57 PM evilren: like seperate ones?
01:57 PM evilren: so signal twisted with ground and then a shield connected on one side?
01:58 PM evilren: thats prob fine if the cable capacitance isnt eating up the signal instead of just cleaning it up a bit
01:58 PM DaPeace: crosstalk of that wires is not really a problem.. i use unshielded.. only thing i dont have inside my electrical cabinet is the inverter for the spindle.. that could be a bigger problem for the drivers..
01:58 PM evilren: and no i dont know if you need to worry about xtalk
01:59 PM evilren: i dunno what the inside of my parport cable is like, and from the panel to the board its ribbon
01:59 PM evilren: so maybe its alternating ground and signal, shrug
02:01 PM evilren: putting both signals on one twisted line and using the shield as the ground return is kind of asking for issues
02:02 PM evilren: besides the crosstalk, the shield wont be so effective, compared to only having it connected on one end
02:03 PM evilren: and if you get shit in your grounds on the far side of the cable, the capacitive coupling between the shield and signals can actually make interference issues worse
02:03 PM evilren: or not
02:03 PM evilren: EM is kinda silly like that
02:03 PM Wolf_: attached at both ends its not even a shield anymore
02:04 PM evilren: well, it might make things better compared to nothing
02:04 PM Wolf_: or just work as a inductive element
02:04 PM evilren: but yeah its kind of like a tubular antenna focused on your signals
02:05 PM evilren: right, you might want to put some buffer resistors on both sides to kill ringing
02:05 PM evilren: because whatever your load is, its prob not the impedance your cable was made for
02:05 PM Wolf_: really thought, whats the distance from the BOB to the drivers, I think most setups are under a few feet
02:06 PM evilren: but, using two shielded cables, grounded on the near side, using one line as ground return, thats prob cool
02:06 PM evilren: right you could prob just use hookup wire
02:06 PM evilren: random angles in the air
02:07 PM Wolf_: thats what I do, 22ga hookup wire, twisted with a drill
02:07 PM evilren: this guys gets it
02:07 PM evilren: thats what i use for speaker cable when i dont use SJOOW
02:07 PM Wolf_: thats where I learned that trick lol
02:08 PM Wolf_: worked in a car audio shop, lead tech there use to build the demo cars for polk audio
02:08 PM evilren: polks legit, they have a klipper
02:08 PM * evilren has low standards
02:08 PM evilren: er
02:08 PM evilren: klippel
02:09 PM evilren: a this: https://www.klippel.de/our-products/rd-system.html
02:09 PM Wolf_: but he almost never used any out of the box cables, everything was twisted hookup wire lol
02:09 PM evilren: speaker cable is kind of a scam
02:09 PM evilren: i dont like twin lead zip cable
02:10 PM evilren: it falls apart, and the clear shit is tacky and the insulation is almost gelly
02:10 PM Wolf_: low oxygen free copper for better sound? =)
02:10 PM evilren: jelly? ya
02:10 PM evilren: would piss me off when the lab or project managers would buy that shit
02:11 PM evilren: like, bitches we could have got 250ft of teflon insulated stranded sex for that
02:12 PM evilren: tho as shit as monster tacky overmolded end cables are, they honor their warranties and they give industry and artists mad discounts
02:12 PM Wolf_: I refuse to buy anything monster cable branded
02:12 PM evilren: i know engineers who love the shit because theyve never paid full price for it, so buying new shit every other year isnt a big deal
02:12 PM evilren: right thats kind of my policy
02:13 PM Wolf_: look up monster cable trademark cases…
02:13 PM evilren: go to lowes, get some sjoow 14/2, put some pomona MDP or neutrik speakon ends, heatshrink for the pro look
02:14 PM evilren: wolf_: ya lame
02:14 PM Wolf_: they go around and sue anyone that has Monster in their name, kill small mom & pop companys even BS shit like mini golf place
02:14 PM Wolf_: they even tried to sue disney over monsters inc
02:15 PM Wolf_: that didn’t play out well lol
02:26 PM Wolf_: stupid imgur wouldnt load all this time, http://i.imgur.com/iAeCFWH.jpg signal and motor wires arent that complex
02:32 PM jdh: what are the blue boards? db to steppers?
02:32 PM Wolf_: I went overboard with voltage and amp displays lol
02:32 PM Wolf_: http://i.imgur.com/l7KoMTm.jpg
02:34 PM jdh: oh yeah
02:35 PM Wolf_: current meters are nice, the 3 volt meters are a bit redundant, is fun to watch the voltage drop between them when its running though
02:37 PM jdh: get some adc's and log current/voltage with gcode line and tool engagement
02:38 PM evilren: wolf_: NICE!
02:45 PM {HD}: Wolf_: Awesome. Those 2 black screw heads on the bottom would always catch my attenation if that were in my shop.
02:46 PM Wolf_: pile of crap on the desk hides them
02:48 PM {HD}: My control box is on V1.0 so when I get around to making it final I will include some of your ideas. I like the monitoring you have.
02:48 PM Wolf_: yeah, just don’t put a v meter on each stepper driver lol
02:50 PM {HD}: I think I might just make serial monitor to pull data like that from. Just have it on monitor with the other software.
02:50 PM skunkworks: http://electronicsam.com/images/KandT/conversion/panel/electricalbox.jpg
02:50 PM Wolf_: seemed like a good idea when I was doing the cad of the panel, when I was putting the stuff in it I was looking at it going wtf was I thinking lol
02:51 PM {HD}: skunkworks: Holy shit that seems complicated!
02:51 PM skunkworks: it is a little messier than I would like ;)\
02:52 PM {HD}: skunkworks: Zoom in! I wanan see more details.
02:52 PM skunkworks: you can
02:52 PM {HD}: Not far enought. I wanna be able to read what you wrote on those things.
02:53 PM skunkworks: (that was a stiched together photo (why it looks a bit wonky)
02:53 PM skunkworks: heh
02:53 PM skunkworks: I don't think I wrote on those relays.. That is the opto22 writing
02:54 PM skunkworks: 72 i/o and 10 axis of analog servo control
02:55 PM skunkworks: (not all the axis channels are used up)
02:55 PM {HD}: skunkworks: and what does it control? an ammusment park?
02:56 PM skunkworks: http://electronicsam.com/images/KandT/oldkandt.JPG
02:57 PM skunkworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39q6kvrSBSk
02:58 PM {HD}: "focus you fak"
03:00 PM Deejay: ave-speak detected
03:01 PM Wolf_: skookum looking machine
03:01 PM Deejay: seems to cooch
03:01 PM {HD}: skunkworks: Wow! That is a big peice of equipment.
03:02 PM skunkworks: 60's vintage... Early NC controlled machine. When men were men..
03:03 PM skunkworks: very well built
03:03 PM skunkworks: X axis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgOqEz5Tk-Y
03:05 PM skunkworks: The main drawback - no coolant control ;)
03:06 PM {HD}: Very cool, I think I landed an apprenticeship with an old machinist today. He has some awesome equipment that I hope to be working with but its all manual.
03:09 PM skunkworks: (why I love linuxcnc so much.. It is so powerful)
03:10 PM skunkworks: and 'just works'
03:12 PM roycroft: be prepared to be doing a lot of cleaning up and lubricating, {hd}
03:12 PM roycroft: and not much machining for a long time
03:13 PM {HD}: roycroft: The guy is retired and I am going there for an apprenticeship specifically to learn using this bigger equipment.
03:13 PM {HD}: roycroft: I am not afraid to clean though...
03:21 PM skunkworks: There you go...
03:21 PM skunkworks: http://www.centroidcnc.com/centroid_diy/acorn_cnc_controller.html
03:21 PM skunkworks: centroid trying to get into the hobby market
03:34 PM FAalbers: Wow ! Dozed off for 1.5 hours in front of my computer ...
03:35 PM Deejay: dont let you head fall on the keyboard
03:35 PM Deejay: *your
03:43 PM LexLuthor is now known as insomnia
03:48 PM {HD}: FAalbers: you must have a comfortable chair.
03:52 PM Deejay: hrhr
05:23 PM andypugh: My mill is “universal”. It has a swinging table. But I don’t really see what that achieves.
05:24 PM sync_: you can have less stiffness
05:24 PM {HD}: you can mill vertical parts
05:24 PM {HD}: long vertical parts
05:24 PM andypugh: Because the drive rotates too. SO you don’t cut angles or anything.
05:25 PM andypugh: {HD} I don’t think I explained clearly enough
05:25 PM Deejay: gn8
05:27 PM {HD}: andypugh: That sounds odd...what is the point then?
05:29 PM gregcnc: andypugh which machine?
05:29 PM andypugh: This ons
05:29 PM andypugh: https://goo.gl/photos/sysBEie5BMPrWzwK7
05:30 PM andypugh: The whole table and feed screw swings if you loosen the bolts.
05:30 PM andypugh: But that doesn’t really achieve very much.
05:31 PM gregcnc: compound angles?
05:31 PM andypugh: It is actually _ideal_ for hobbing gears, which I do a far bit of. But I don’t think that was the design intent.
05:48 PM sync_: well, I think the idea is that you can mill akward shapes more easily
05:48 PM sync_: but I have discussed this at length with some other people
05:48 PM sync_: and we generally have found it to be useless
05:49 PM os1r1s: andypugh After setting the limits to .0001 above the max or below the min, I've not had a problem since.
05:49 PM Loetmichel: hmm.
05:49 PM os1r1s: andypugh Its a quirky requirement, but that helped immensely
05:50 PM * Loetmichel has to reduce the x limit of his CNC at the company for 2 years now... EVERY time i run into the right boundary i swear to myself i will edit the config file...
05:50 PM Loetmichel: ... and every time i forget it ;)
05:51 PM andypugh: Do it now
05:54 PM Loetmichel: cant
05:54 PM Loetmichel: i am at home. no Remote to the machine ;)
05:56 PM Loetmichel: its only a CNC 6040 though, with 3A steppers... and its only about 0.2mmm to much
05:56 PM Loetmichel: it runs on "block" and hops 4 full steps back
05:56 PM Loetmichel: thats it
05:57 PM Loetmichel: no harm done
05:57 PM Loetmichel: but the it sounds like i have to repair at least the ballscrew every time ;)
05:57 PM Loetmichel: (no, there is NO limit switch there)
05:58 PM Loetmichel: s/it/hit
06:33 PM JT-Mobile: what's up tonight?
06:34 PM JT-Mobile_ is now known as JT-Mobile
06:35 PM JT-Mobile- is now known as JT-Mobile
06:36 PM JT-Mobile: XXCoder, we made it to Houma La
06:38 PM Wolf_: i’ve been there
06:38 PM Wolf_: not much there lol
06:40 PM JT-Mobile: lots of good eats and fun times
06:40 PM {HD}: http://i.imgur.com/Tv6Uq7n.jpg only a few more wires!
06:40 PM JT-Mobile: time for some cajun food
06:40 PM Wolf_: that there is
06:40 PM JT-Mobile: 250 spyders are here
08:09 PM {HD}: Woohoo I am done for the day! Time to relax!
09:10 PM jdh: that's a lotta PSU
09:11 PM Wolf_: what you do, get 4 5A psu?
09:28 PM jdh: https://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/6047124650.html
09:29 PM jdh: didn't someone here have some of those last week?
10:05 PM {HD}: jdh: Yea, I saw those in a link some time ago.
10:24 PM {HD}: I want to find a video os 80/20 being extruded.
10:25 PM Wolf_: {HD}: whats with all the psu on that setup?
10:26 PM {HD}: Wolf_: More POWER!
10:26 PM {HD}: ...thats just what I ended up with that worked.
10:26 PM Wolf_: what PSU and steppers?
10:28 PM {HD}: They are both Wantai...I don't have the model info on hadn.
10:28 PM {HD}: hand*
10:30 PM {HD}: they are rated at 10amps but I have the drivers set to 6amps for the steppers I am currently driving.
10:32 PM Wolf_: running nema 34 steppers?
10:32 PM {HD}: Yep
10:32 PM Wolf_: ok, that makes sense then lol
10:34 PM {HD}: I don't claim to know what I am doing.
10:34 PM oskar1960_ is now known as oskar1960
10:35 PM {HD}: I built a machine a few years ago that turned out to be way underposered...so, this time I did not want to risk it so I went biggerish.
10:35 PM Wolf_: lol, I’ve been known to overkill things as well, like my x1 mill with ~425oz/in steppers on it
10:36 PM {HD}: Wolf_: I am not fimiliar with the x1 but I am guessing it is a smaller mill.
10:36 PM Wolf_: micro mill, mt2 spindle
10:38 PM Wolf_: http://i.imgur.com/XgBhOjG.jpg
10:39 PM {HD}: oh wow, you wernt kidding. Those steppers are as big as the machine table.
10:40 PM {HD}: Wolf_: That PSU in the edge looks like mine =)!
10:40 PM Wolf_: I think its a 10A 40v
10:40 PM {HD}: You have that gamepad rigged up?
10:41 PM Wolf_: yeah, thats my wireless pendent
10:41 PM {HD}: I like it. Whats its primary use?
10:41 PM {HD}: the machine not the gamepad
10:42 PM Wolf_: training unit for myself lol
10:44 PM {HD}: Cool, I hope to fix my old machine to the point where it is good enough to make my new machines parts...
10:45 PM Wolf_: yeah, I use the x1 to make parts for the x2 build, x2 will be used to make parts for my cnc plasma and real mill if I ever get one
10:48 PM {HD}: How do you like the x1? I have been looking at the HF Bench Lathes just for something to get me by...
10:48 PM Wolf_: it works, mostly, seig x1 is too light tho
10:49 PM Wolf_: 7x10 lathe can be to short at times as well
10:49 PM sirukin: Howdy
10:49 PM Wolf_: x1 might be getting some work soon http://i.imgur.com/Tme8BYH.jpg
10:49 PM sirukin: Who is jthornton?
10:50 PM Wolf_: you managed to pick the one time that I can think of that he is out of town lol
10:51 PM sirukin: Shit, cause I think he has the same 3d printer I do.
10:51 PM {HD}: Wolf_: Do you like the block bearings better than round supported rail bearings?
10:51 PM sirukin: According to google anyway
10:51 PM sirukin: IRC logs point here
10:54 PM Wolf_: {HD}: only ones I have right now are THK sr15, which should blow most china rails out of the water, I have some MGN12 550mm otw tho
10:54 PM Wolf_: see how they are when they get here
10:55 PM Wolf_: {HD}: btw thats a nema 17 on that to get a idea of scale lol
10:55 PM {HD}: I have been hesitant to buy the bearings and screws for my new machine.
10:56 PM {HD}: Wolf_: Tiny, what will that be too?
10:56 PM {HD}: to*
10:56 PM Wolf_: 2.5w blue laser
10:56 PM {HD}: That will be cool!
10:57 PM {HD}: I really like the look of laser cut wooden parts...
10:57 PM Wolf_: next build after the 2.5w is a 100w co2
10:58 PM {HD}: I don't even want to start thinking about lasers! I gotta get the projects I have started completed first...
11:01 PM {HD}: Whoops, bed time! Later.