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Mar 18 2017

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12:13 AM xxcodercnc: hmm
12:15 AM xxcodercnc: wonder why
12:15 AM os1r1s: I dunno
12:15 AM Wolf_: put a tool in, check the length when on the machine, then loosen it up turn it in the collet and tighten ut back up and check again
12:15 AM os1r1s: The funny thing is I've measured it twice with the hight sensor and I get the same result
12:16 AM os1r1s: But after I've adjusted the tool offsets in linuxcnc (even compared to the first tool), it is super repeatable.
12:16 AM Wolf_: could be the spindle nose throwing it off
12:17 AM Wolf_: the TTS holders might not be seating the same on the spindle as it does on the granite plate
12:17 AM os1r1s: Wolf_ The relative difference though shoudl be similar
12:18 AM Wolf_: try measuring from 3 different points on the granite
12:18 AM Wolf_: see if they all come out the same
12:18 AM os1r1s: Wolf_ I will try that next
12:19 AM Crom: is your spindle nose ground?
12:20 AM Wolf_: granite could be off, spindle nose part is easy to check, just sharpie it and see what the contact points look like if you spin the TTS some on it
12:20 AM Crom: are you using a TTS 3/4 collet?
12:20 AM os1r1s: Thing is, the all of the end mills measure with the offset great relative to each other
12:20 AM os1r1s: Its something with the haimer
12:20 AM os1r1s: Crom Yes
12:21 AM Crom: yes and yes?
12:21 AM {HD}: With stepper motor coils does it matter which you call A and B? or can you interchange them?
12:21 AM os1r1s: I'm not sure if the nose is ground ...
12:21 AM Crom: you have a 10th indicator?
12:22 AM os1r1s: 10th?
12:22 AM Wolf_: 0.0001"
12:22 AM Crom: sweep the face of the spindle 10,000 of an inch
12:24 AM Crom: 0.0025mm even a 0.01mm would be good enough
12:24 AM Wolf_: .001 would work as well, seeing that you are just looking for needle wiggle
12:25 AM Crom: true enough
12:25 AM Crom: I don't even know what my mm indicator is... DOH!
12:26 AM Wolf_: I don’t have a mm one
12:28 AM Wolf_: and my big height gauge only reads out to 00.0001” (digital)
12:32 AM Crom: hmmm a dremel in a vice with a grinding stone leveled as much as possible... and the empty spindle brought down and very lightly face it.. should do wonders, then angle the dremel down at 45 degree and ger the outside edge even as well
12:32 AM Crom: s/ger/grind/
12:32 AM Wolf_: yeah, thats pretty much what I would do as well
12:33 AM Wolf_: get a dremel holder for a lathe, lock it down in the mill vise
12:33 AM Crom: when leveled... maybe leveled on the side of tipping up.. then when you do the down angle it'll give you a nice even, level point
12:34 AM Wolf_: or if you have a tool post grinder like mine you can mount it on the mill table :)
12:34 AM Crom: level in going around the entire spindle
12:34 AM Wolf_: but my tool post grinder is worth more then all 3 of the machines I have right now lol
12:34 AM Crom: or that... I have a 6" grinder and a diamond dressing bit
12:35 AM Wolf_: http://i.imgur.com/WzFfTBL.jpg fkn beast
12:35 AM Crom: don't think I'd use an angle grinder though
12:36 AM Crom: that is a beast
12:36 AM Wolf_: $450 score =)
12:36 AM Crom: nice when you have money :(
12:37 AM Crom: damn VA!
12:37 AM Wolf_: I really should flip it but I can’t bring myself to
12:37 AM xxcodercnc: dang
12:37 AM Wolf_: yeah, don’t look up the new cost on that thing lol
12:38 AM Crom: you can use it as a quasi surface grind is what's nice about them as well as for grinding tapers on stuff
12:38 AM Crom: I think my car is cheaper
12:38 AM Wolf_: I have a car that is cheaper
12:39 AM Crom: I have2 at the moment... free and $2500
12:39 AM Wolf_: one I’m trying to sell for $2500 lol
12:39 AM Wolf_: themas J-7 new cost is $3500+ now
12:39 AM Wolf_: themac *
12:40 AM Crom: just the motor is 1750
12:40 AM Wolf_: yeah, its a custom casting
12:41 AM Crom: 7500 rpm nice!
12:41 AM Crom: I don't have hard drive that spin that fast
12:41 AM Wolf_: neat part, mine has a date on the paperwork from ’96 lol
12:42 AM Crom: spindle asemble $1600
12:42 AM Crom: get a mill for that!
12:42 AM Wolf_: heh yeah
12:44 AM Crom: well I've paid to go to the BarZ summer bash... 3rd year in a row
12:44 AM Wolf_: lucky
12:44 AM Crom: I maybe dead if the wife finds out it was $60 this time
12:45 AM Wolf_: heh
12:45 AM Wolf_: for the knowledge there, its well worth $60
12:46 AM Wolf_: I would go if it wasn’t on the opposite side of the country
12:47 AM Crom: I need to get to practicing the 4 jaw
12:50 AM Crom: Id love to go to the redbull Flutarg!
12:51 AM Wolf_: thats up north of me I think
12:58 AM Crom: flutag was in Long Beach... damn didn't know about it then
01:02 AM Crom: Flugtag
01:33 AM MacGalempsy: evening folks
01:35 AM MacGalempsy: anyone wonder how to make a 10x profit off a crappy little shack?
01:35 AM MacGalempsy: http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2017/03/multnomah_county_wants_to_ince.html
01:36 AM MacGalempsy: look at those things $75k for one
01:46 AM rue_shop3: if I recut the end of a drill bit, are the flues really the wrong shape to use it as a milling bit?
01:47 AM rue_shop3: all the edges are sharp, but it seems to be hammering its way along
02:05 AM XXCoder: wow'
02:06 AM XXCoder: program worked
02:06 AM XXCoder: it was my hacky setup that caused it to fail not program
02:06 AM rue_shop3: listening for details
02:07 AM XXCoder: I used t-nuts allthreads washers and nuts to hold part down
02:07 AM XXCoder: surficial part was too small so ends was bit bent down
02:07 AM XXCoder: it become its downfall
02:07 AM XXCoder: as part was being cut it loosened a little and turned
02:07 AM XXCoder: if I did secure it better it wouldnt be a problem
02:08 AM XXCoder: I need clamp stuff lol
02:10 AM XXCoder: rue_shop3: so what ya think lol
02:12 AM XXCoder: MacGalempsy: hey
02:16 AM evilren: taig cnc so awesome
02:17 AM evilren: its like this shit gets better as it gets older
02:17 AM XXCoder: taig?
02:18 AM XXCoder: and some materials DO get better as it ages
02:18 AM XXCoder: cast iron
02:18 AM Wolf_: taig is mostly aluminum
02:18 AM evilren: http://www.taigtools.com/Images/crmill1.JPG
02:18 AM evilren: wolf_: except that parts that are iron square tube
02:19 AM XXCoder: interesting
02:19 AM XXCoder: whats other alloys?
02:19 AM Wolf_: I have the lathe, with a few extra parts http://i.imgur.com/WFAo5Ye.jpg
02:20 AM evilren: column and y-axis ways are steel, the bed and carriage are aluminum, carriage has x-axis ways, table is anodized aluminum
02:20 AM Wolf_: I may have to cnc it for the hell of it =)
02:20 AM evilren: yeah i wouldnt mind a little taig lathe to convert
02:20 AM XXCoder: oh tiag is mill?
02:20 AM evilren: they make both
02:21 AM evilren: its more precise, more rigid than the aluminum extrusion gantry shit from china everybody running off arduinos
02:22 AM evilren: and less shitty than the china x2 conversion stuff
02:22 AM XXCoder: cool
02:22 AM Wolf_: somewhat, still doesn’t have the rigidness of a x2
02:23 AM evilren: like, totally sloppy, its prob +/-.002, tighten up the brass backlash nuts and its like +/- .001
02:23 AM Wolf_: but I did buy my X2 as parts lol
02:23 AM Wolf_: right to ball screws and cnc
02:24 AM evilren: omg cycle done bbl
02:28 AM XXCoder: evilren: so tiag mill is mostly alum metal
02:28 AM XXCoder: I guess it can mill alum stuff mostly
02:28 AM evilren: by volume probably, by mass, maybe not
02:28 AM rue_shop3: XXCoder, HUH
02:28 AM evilren: yes i noms 6061
02:29 AM evilren: steel you gotta get it right and baby the shit plus lots of coolant
02:29 AM XXCoder: ojh wolf was one who said mostly alum, probably not related to mill you linked
02:29 AM evilren: taig is mostly amuminum
02:29 AM XXCoder: rue_shop3: you said listening for details so I gave you an overall what happened lol
02:30 AM evilren: by weight my guess is its split 50/50 between iron/steel and aluminum
02:30 AM XXCoder: interesting
02:30 AM XXCoder: I guess its great for simple operations
02:30 AM Wolf_: they are light machines but very precise
02:31 AM XXCoder: an fairly cheap
02:31 AM XXCoder: fyll cnc 2.5k
02:31 AM evilren: z axis is anodized aluminum on steel, y axis is steel on machine block of cast aluminum, x is machined cast aluminum and anodized aluminum
02:31 AM XXCoder: 1k more if ballscrews
02:31 AM evilren: its like they thought about it
02:31 AM evilren: and taig just has normal screws, its like 1/2"-20 i think
02:32 AM evilren: not acme, not ball
02:32 AM evilren: yeah -20 makes sense, 200 step motors, 20 tpi screws, .00025" full step
02:32 AM Wolf_: fun part is you can buy it in parts, so you could get the spindle and whatnot and build the rest from steel/heavy linear rails and ballscrews
02:33 AM evilren: yeah i really like the headstock (spindle bearing and mount assembly)
02:34 AM Wolf_: yeah, I have 2 headstocks
02:34 AM XXCoder: upppploading
02:34 AM evilren: i had a spare because i upgraded from random collet spindle to er16, but i guess lost in a move or something
02:34 AM Wolf_: one is modded for larger bore
02:34 AM evilren: diff bearings?
02:34 AM Wolf_: because I was building a pool cue lathe
02:34 AM evilren: nice
02:34 AM Wolf_: but friends pool hall closed so now I just have spare parts lol
02:34 AM XXCoder: lol
02:34 AM XXCoder: dilios
02:35 AM XXCoder: or buttplugs :P
02:35 AM Wolf_: http://i.imgur.com/GwdFRh9.jpg http://i.imgur.com/DDBDQg1.jpg
02:35 AM Wolf_: no, its set up to live center a 5
02:35 AM Wolf_: foot cue
02:35 AM evilren: naw you cnc mill molds for sex toys
02:35 AM XXCoder: dang your ti-82 looks qyite old
02:36 AM Wolf_: it is lol
02:37 AM evilren: whats that stuff on the threads?
02:37 AM evilren: where to buy
02:37 AM evilren: just wax?
02:37 AM Wolf_: yeah just wax
02:37 AM XXCoder: and I thought my ti-84+ looked ancient
02:37 AM evilren: is 84+ the one with higher res and color?
02:37 AM Wolf_: one of the cue lathe companies I got the bearing steady rest and the other head
02:38 AM evilren: i paid the same price for my ti84 as the last 3 times
02:38 AM evilren: but this time, color and more px
02:38 AM evilren: i feel less ripped off than in 1998
02:40 AM XXCoder: evilren: mine certainly was not color heh
02:40 AM evilren: oh
02:40 AM evilren: mine is prob ti-84+ ultra or something
02:40 AM XXCoder: I got mine in umm 2004?
02:41 AM evilren: TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition
02:41 AM evilren: i guess its the C that makes it high res color
02:41 AM XXCoder: probably
02:42 AM evilren: https://img.gawkerassets.com/post/4/2013/02/giz5.jpg
02:42 AM evilren: i think its 320x240?
02:42 AM evilren: legit NES res
02:42 AM XXCoder: righ one looks like my sis in law's
02:43 AM XXCoder: mine dont look like either
02:43 AM evilren: thats the one i bought maybe 14 years ago
02:43 AM evilren: the one on the left i bought like 3 years ago
02:43 AM evilren: hmm no 2 years ago
02:44 AM evilren: i started school with one on right, then lost it
02:44 AM Wolf_: I think I have had mine since 95
02:44 AM evilren: thats when i bought my first
02:44 AM XXCoder: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/01/aplusautomation/vendorimages/8e4a73d7-c7dc-487e-9b01-5534bd2ddcf8.png._CB283442908_.png
02:44 AM evilren: its basically the same as the ti-84 plus
02:45 AM Wolf_: I’m not sure where the hell my original went
02:45 AM evilren: xxcoder: i had that in late 90s i think
02:45 AM Wolf_: sleep time…
02:45 AM XXCoder: im still using mine
02:45 AM evilren: the color display is the only time i didnt feel so ripped off
02:46 AM evilren: wolf_: note
02:46 AM evilren: nite
02:52 AM XXCoder: https://youtu.be/oQUSS9FO9kY
02:52 AM XXCoder: enjoy
02:56 AM XXCoder: so evilren what ya think heh
03:25 AM Deejay: moin
03:25 AM Crom: heh... by jun or jul 2018 80% receivers need to be engraved with a serial number and other info... Nothing is said about font or language. Braille is my choice
03:26 AM Crom: morning Deejay ... off to bed I go
03:26 AM XXCoder: hey Crom https://youtu.be/oQUSS9FO9kY
03:27 AM Deejay: gn8 Crom ;)
03:29 AM Crom: oh yeah clamp with grain not across, then it splits.
03:30 AM Crom: is that a 3020?
03:30 AM XXCoder: 3040
03:31 AM MacGalempsy: XXCoder: what's going on?
03:31 AM XXCoder: damn knew i forgot something. the setup was sucky, it'd fail even when right grain direction
03:31 AM XXCoder: https://youtu.be/oQUSS9FO9kY mac
03:31 AM Crom: nice... kinda aggressive feed rate
03:31 AM XXCoder: 1000 mm/m
03:31 AM XXCoder: 100 mm/m plunge
03:32 AM Crom: My steppers are crap... X is wigging out over 420mm/m this is at 27v 2.8A
03:32 AM XXCoder: 24v 2a my machine
03:32 AM Crom: Y I have a good one
03:33 AM MacGalempsy: wheres the shot of the final piece
03:33 AM Crom: I gotta find better steppers...
03:33 AM Crom: K nite nite Yo Mac!
03:33 AM XXCoder: mac its scrap
03:33 AM XXCoder: right side got loose and part turned
03:34 AM XXCoder: probably loose by cutting and cracking wood
03:34 AM XXCoder: you can see it start to crack halfway in
03:35 AM XXCoder: MacGalempsy: awesome thing is that everything was made by me, from made up design to final (but flawed) part
03:36 AM XXCoder: previous runs it was picture to engrave
03:42 AM MacGalempsy: the video shows 1 piece. link to final product pic?
03:42 AM XXCoder: ok lemme get it heh
03:51 AM XXCoder: picpaste seems broken
03:51 AM XXCoder: oh png over 7 mb
03:52 AM XXCoder: http://picpaste.com/pics/IMG_20170318_011717-sV0GcfHz.1489825336.jpg
03:52 AM XXCoder: middle crack happened as I was removing remaining attached wood
03:54 AM XXCoder: MacGalempsy:
04:12 AM MacGalempsy: the shape looks good. is it to spec?
04:12 AM MacGalempsy: 0.001"? heh
04:12 AM MacGalempsy: hey Crom. whats going on?
04:12 AM XXCoder: dunno I scaled it down lol
04:12 AM XXCoder: 90%
04:12 AM XXCoder: lemme see my orginial design
04:15 AM XXCoder: mm rad
04:15 AM XXCoder: 10mm
04:18 AM XXCoder: outside dims a little small inside dim little large
04:18 AM XXCoder: think tool isnt exactly 6 mm
04:19 AM archivist: or deflection
04:19 AM XXCoder: possibly I ran it pretty fast
04:20 AM XXCoder: 1000 mm/m
04:25 AM MacGalempsy: sounds like a case for some trial machining
04:25 AM XXCoder: it was that :)
04:26 AM XXCoder: I'm running stuff to learn how to do it
04:26 AM XXCoder: wood was scrap, and tool was 2 bucks
04:26 AM XXCoder: no great loss
04:26 AM XXCoder: so basically it cost me nothing since tool is still fine.
04:27 AM MacGalempsy: you could do it with the depth end of a caliper.
04:27 AM XXCoder: not sure what you mean?
04:29 AM MacGalempsy: you zero with an edge finder or probe. then tell it to move to x, and make a light cut. then measure and see if your cutter comp is right
04:29 AM XXCoder: ahh yea used that at work. didnt think for this one
04:29 AM MacGalempsy: take the difference and adjust your cutter comp
04:29 AM MacGalempsy: ah ok
04:30 AM XXCoder: its all so ad-hoc here lol
04:30 AM XXCoder: you see nylon pucks on sides? lol
04:30 AM XXCoder: I have 17 of those
04:30 AM XXCoder: you probably saw one of earlier videos where I try to make part with one and failed
04:31 AM MacGalempsy: lol. yeah.
04:31 AM XXCoder: I need shorter allthreads
04:31 AM XXCoder: I have too long and too short
04:31 AM XXCoder: and I need wood clamps
04:34 AM MacGalempsy: dremel time?
04:34 AM XXCoder: nah ill make em by cnc
04:35 AM MacGalempsy: do you mess w drones
04:35 AM XXCoder: like quadcoper?
04:35 AM MacGalempsy: yea. yhe opensource software dronin
04:35 AM XXCoder: heh I have x5sw quadcoper
04:36 AM XXCoder: playing around with it]
04:36 AM XXCoder: but not serious
04:36 AM MacGalempsy: these guys out here have been messing w drones. its funny what ppl get to play with out here
04:36 AM MacGalempsy: the video was only 30fps, so kind of choppy
04:37 AM XXCoder: my video or theirs?
04:37 AM MacGalempsy: theirs
04:37 AM MacGalempsy: plus the def was too high for their laptop
04:39 AM MacGalempsy: the dronin software seems to be able to control quads, planes, helos, just about everything
04:40 AM MacGalempsy: and it runs on arduino code
04:40 AM XXCoder: interesting
04:40 AM MacGalempsy: well the flight controller does
04:41 AM XXCoder: I always wanted to try drones but expensive
04:41 AM MacGalempsy: yeah. the controller is $60
04:42 AM XXCoder: quality drone that can resist wind is 1000 bucks
04:42 AM MacGalempsy: i might throw the numbers together and see what it comes to
04:42 AM XXCoder: my qud cant stand to light win lol
04:42 AM XXCoder: wind
04:43 AM MacGalempsy: the camera seems to be the priciest part
04:45 AM MacGalempsy: www.dronin.org
04:46 AM XXCoder: droning on droning ;)
04:46 AM MacGalempsy: the controller that seems to be the most versitile is the dtf seppuku
04:48 AM XXCoder: down to fuck seppuku
04:48 AM XXCoder: sounds like fucked up honor sucuide
04:49 AM MacGalempsy: lol. death by selfie throat slash
04:50 AM MacGalempsy: selfie drone propeller throat slash
04:59 AM jthornton: morning
04:59 AM XXCoder: hey jt
04:59 AM XXCoder: check out video https://youtu.be/oQUSS9FO9kY
05:00 AM XXCoder: it wasnt too big a success but it worked
05:01 AM XXCoder: well till stock turned and killed part lol
05:02 AM MacGalempsy: looks like dronin has a gopro interface built in
05:02 AM jthornton: I thought it was going to leave tabs
05:02 AM XXCoder: it is
05:02 AM XXCoder: just bottom 5 mm out of 20
05:02 AM MacGalempsy: they have a freenode channel, guess its time to check it out.
05:02 AM MacGalempsy: hi jt
05:02 AM jthornton: morning mac
05:04 AM jthornton: might be less vibration if you used HSM instead of just a profile
05:04 AM jthornton: also rig up and air nozzle to keep the chips out of the way so no recuts
05:05 AM XXCoder: HSM that circular cutting pattern?
05:05 AM jthornton: yea
05:05 AM XXCoder: and yeah my machine is still quite barebones
05:06 AM XXCoder: there was virtually no vibrations that I can feel
05:07 AM XXCoder: I think I'll make it 800 mm/m next time
05:07 AM XXCoder: 1000mm/m was little fast I think
05:07 AM XXCoder: some wood chatter
05:07 AM XXCoder: not a lot but its there
05:07 AM XXCoder: oh pic http://picpaste.com/pics/IMG_20170318_011717-sV0GcfHz.1489825336.jpg
05:08 AM XXCoder: it broke in half as I was removing it from rest of wood
05:09 AM XXCoder: 1.4 oz
05:09 AM XXCoder: I wonder if thats light enough for quadcoper LOL
05:09 AM jthornton: if you put big enough motors on it yea
05:10 AM XXCoder: 1.4 oz is virtually weightless
05:10 AM XXCoder: x5sw wind bug fix is 7 oz lol
05:11 AM jthornton: the taranis plus is a cool xmitter http://alofthobbies.com/frsky-taranis-plus-transmitter-with-travel-case.html
05:11 AM MacGalempsy: get some sheet carbonfiber and cut
05:11 AM jthornton: you can program it on your pc
05:12 AM XXCoder: fancy
05:12 AM jthornton: yea the telemetry modules are cool
05:12 AM MacGalempsy: nice. so you can program additional io? like a graping hook?
05:12 AM jthornton: I can tell what the voltage of the flight pack is
05:13 AM MacGalempsy: have you used dronin? its linux based flight control software
05:13 AM jthornton: no, I just have a foamy
05:13 AM MacGalempsy: says it can control rc planes wings helos etc...
05:14 AM jthornton: http://alofthobbies.com/smart-port-mini-lipo-voltage-sensor.html
05:14 AM XXCoder: im wondering if cheap plane with point of view camera would be better for me
05:15 AM MacGalempsy: the seppuku even supports can bus
05:15 AM MacGalempsy: $60 controller
05:16 AM jthornton: got a link to the controller?
05:16 AM MacGalempsy: let me get it
05:20 AM MacGalempsy: https://www.airdtf.com/shop/seppuku
05:21 AM jthornton: pretty cool
05:22 AM jthornton: but not available yet
05:22 AM MacGalempsy: oh? hmmm
05:22 AM MacGalempsy: preorder...
05:23 AM MacGalempsy: they have a channel here #dronin
05:23 AM MacGalempsy: someone there might know a ship date
05:25 AM MacGalempsy: the forums has a thread for it, sounds like the boards are being built
05:27 AM Granath__: Hi, anyone here willing to help me sort out why i can't install "linuxcnc-dev"?
05:28 AM Granath__: guessing it's a sourcelist issue
05:28 AM jthornton: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/naze32r6-set-pcb-wire-pins.html
05:31 AM jthornton: http://www.banggood.com/DALRC-NAZE32-REV6-MPU6050-32-bit-6-DOF10-DOF-Flight-Controller-for-Multicopter-p-1020774.html
05:31 AM jthornton: Granath: what is the error?
05:32 AM Granath__: I get this when i try to install it thru the terminal
05:32 AM Granath__: Package linuxcnc-dev is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source
05:32 AM Granath__: E: Package 'linuxcnc-dev' has no installation candidate
05:33 AM MacGalempsy: even better for a starter price
05:33 AM jthornton: hmmm, I've seen that before, I need to wake up and remember what that is
05:33 AM Granath__: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
05:34 AM Granath__: i manage to get linuxcnc running with the livecd and installed linuxcnc-dev but i have now switched to Mesa cards so had to reinstall for the RT kernel and now i can't get it to work
05:34 AM jthornton: what OS are you using
05:34 AM jthornton: the livecd is the RTAI kernel
05:34 AM jthornton: which mesa card?
05:34 AM Granath__: Debian Wheezy amd64 Preempt-RT 2.7
05:34 AM Granath__: 7i76E
05:35 AM jthornton: ah yes you need preempt and uspace
05:35 AM jthornton: deb-src http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/ precise 2.7-rt
05:35 AM jthornton: is that in your sources?
05:35 AM Granath__: and i followed the guide for installing the Preemt-RT, but i don't know if i have messed up the sourcelist
05:36 AM Granath__: ok will post
05:36 AM jthornton: use http://paste.ubuntu.com/
05:36 AM jthornton: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/getting-started/getting-linuxcnc.html#_installing_on_debian_wheezy_with_preempt_rt_kernel
05:37 AM Granath__: thanks
05:37 AM jthornton: you following the documentation guide or some other guide?
05:37 AM Granath__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24200583/
05:37 AM Granath__: documentation guide
05:41 AM * jthornton installs debian wheezy on a blank hd to see what is wrong
05:41 AM jthornton: this will take a bit of time
05:41 AM XXCoder: hey jt is there a way to install linuxcnc on linux that wont run a machine>?
05:41 AM XXCoder: so no rt needed
05:42 AM jthornton: pure simulator aye
05:43 AM Granath__: i added the buildbot to sourcelist but i got this when i tried to do apt-get update http://paste.ubuntu.com/24200595/
05:44 AM XXCoder: unfortunately so far all guides is ancient
05:48 AM jthornton: http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/
05:49 AM * jthornton wonders why no wheezy 2.7-sim?
05:52 AM malcom2073: Granath__: That's a warning, not an error (It has a W: on the front)
05:52 AM malcom2073: It should still work, it will just complain about signatures
05:53 AM Granath__: Ok,
05:53 AM malcom2073: You can fix that by adding their key with: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://keys.gnupg.net --recv-key 3cb9fd148f374fef
05:53 AM malcom2073: But it's not required
05:54 AM Granath__: got this when trying to run the keyring command http://paste.ubuntu.com/24200634/
05:55 AM XXCoder: jthornton: would those also install rt kernel? because my main computer dont need that
05:56 AM jthornton: no, none of them install a kernel
05:56 AM XXCoder: ok thanks
05:56 AM XXCoder: is those ubuntu version names?
05:56 AM XXCoder: mine wseem to be based on trusty
05:59 AM jthornton: wheezy and jessie are debian lucid is ubuntu and IIRC precise is also ubuntu
06:01 AM malcom2073: Granath__: That's odd, looks like you already have the key. Don't know... but again, shouldn't negativly affect it
06:02 AM Granath__: Ok,
06:02 AM XXCoder: jt yeah Im wondering whats best compitable version
06:02 AM XXCoder: since I has x86_64 architecture and trusty based ubuntu
06:05 AM Granath__: Any idea why i get this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/24200660/
06:06 AM jthornton: not yet still installing debian wheezy on a hard drive
06:06 AM XXCoder: ah trusty is close to jessie
06:10 AM XXCoder: hm same thing for me
06:11 AM XXCoder: Package linuxcnc is not available, but is referred to by another package.
06:11 AM XXCoder: '
06:12 AM Granath__: Hmm.. getting linuxcnc-dev should be a simple process right? :D
06:12 AM jthornton: should be but I've had that error before and forget atm how I fixed it
06:13 AM Granath__: Ok, thanks for going thru the trouble to trying to help me!
06:17 AM Granath__: found this: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/9-installing-linuxcnc/26117-linuxcnc-dev-repository
06:20 AM XXCoder: ancient
06:20 AM Granath__: yeah, but i guess i'm having a similar problem missing the right repositorys?
06:21 AM XXCoder: still figuring also
06:22 AM XXCoder: apt-cache search linuxcnc
06:22 AM XXCoder: it shows packages aviliable
06:23 AM XXCoder: and none are linuxcnc or linuxcnc-dev but there is few possibilities. installing one.
06:24 AM Granath__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24200727/
06:24 AM XXCoder: installing linuxcnc-sim now. thats what i wanted
06:25 AM XXCoder: whoa
06:25 AM XXCoder: tons of umm options. not too sure what tp coose.
06:30 AM Granath__: brb
06:32 AM XXCoder: heh my test gcode didnt work well till I added g21 to em
06:32 AM XXCoder: inches virtual machine
06:32 AM XXCoder: this beats camotics hollow.
06:32 AM XXCoder: for one, I can set speed to exactly 100%
06:32 AM XXCoder: camotics speed controls dont make sense.
06:41 AM XXCoder: Granath_: you there?
06:41 AM Granath_: yes!
06:41 AM XXCoder: you want to install to sim or to control real machine?
06:41 AM Granath_: control real machine
06:42 AM XXCoder: already has rt kernel right?
06:43 AM Granath_: i installed the live cd and got a simple db25 bob working, but i had some problems so got and Mesa 7i76E and reinstalled from scratch with amd64, Preempt-RT and 2.7
06:44 AM Granath_: and i managed to get linuxcnc-dev earlier but now i can't get for some reason
06:44 AM Granath_: earlier meaning with the last live-cd install
06:44 AM XXCoder: yea
06:45 AM XXCoder: my linuxcnc computer I just installed from linuxcnc flash drive and done
06:45 AM Granath_: it worked?
06:45 AM XXCoder: yeah
06:45 AM Granath_: typicall lol
06:45 AM Granath_: Preempt-rt?
06:45 AM XXCoder: this computer I had more diffulities because this isnt linuxcnc image disk but xfce mint
06:46 AM XXCoder: an its just to sim here so no rt
06:46 AM Granath_: ok, mind comparing your source list to mine?
06:46 AM XXCoder: second
06:47 AM XXCoder: how do you do that ubuntu paste command
06:47 AM XXCoder: forgot it, already has command installed
06:47 AM Granath_: http://paste.ubuntu.com
06:48 AM XXCoder: oh its pastebin
06:52 AM XXCoder: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24200942/
07:01 AM Granath_: XXXCoder did you check? :)
07:01 AM XXCoder: whos is this hard porn coder?
07:01 AM MolotovCocktease is now known as insomnia
07:01 AM XXCoder: ikm soft porn coder
07:02 AM R2E4_bevins1: Shit, my software post has no ATC for EMC2
07:02 AM R2E4_bevins1: arrrggghhh!!!
07:04 AM archivist: probably has something close you can copy and modify
07:06 AM R2E4_bevins1: G43H1 that will use offset from tool !?
07:07 AM R2E4_bevins1: I dont know what linuxcnc needs for toolchange Just Tn M6?
07:07 AM Granath_: G43 activates tool height compensation, H1 will be tool height register 1
07:08 AM R2E4_bevins1: from tool 1?
07:08 AM Granath_: for tool change you will need M6 and T# (T1, T2, T3)
07:08 AM * archivist recommends some doc reading
07:08 AM R2E4_bevins1: [N]G43H[T] shoulld give me what I need
07:09 AM Granath_: usualy tool number and tool height register are seperate. but it's recommended you enter tool height lenght for tool number 1 in tool height register 1
07:09 AM R2E4_bevins1: Ah ok......
07:09 AM archivist: tool table hold all info for a tool
07:10 AM R2E4_bevins1: my cam has post for emc2, been using it fir years, now I am doing a toolchanger on a new machine, so I have to modify the post
07:11 AM Granath_: yeah you will need it to post M6 code and T# for tool number and also G43 with H#
07:11 AM archivist: http://linuxcnc.org/lucid/docs/2.5/html/gcode/tool_compensation.html
07:14 AM R2E4_bevins1: OK got it.......
07:15 AM R2E4_bevins1: Just dont know what it will do on the machine....
07:15 AM R2E4_bevins1: It seems to post properly, can you check my gcode to see if it looks legit?
07:16 AM Granath_: you usually need a script on the machine that handles the toolchanger
07:19 AM Granath_: Any new ideas why i cant install linuxcnc-dev?
07:19 AM R2E4_bevins1: http://pastebin.com/cqA0RUka
07:20 AM R2E4_bevins1: oh thats not right
07:24 AM R2E4_bevins1: Can someone post a gcode with tool change in it? Does linuxcnc just need the Tx M6? thats it?
07:26 AM Granath_: Linux needs M6 T1 for tool 1. but your machine still needs to know what to do with the M6 command
07:29 AM _methods: so you probably want a tool length offset in there for safety on tool 1 also
07:29 AM _methods: like the call for t2
07:30 AM R2E4_bevins1: http://pastebin.com/3z72dUKj
07:30 AM R2E4_bevins1: ok
07:32 AM R2E4_bevins1: G43H[T]
07:32 AM jthornton: I always do Tn M6 G43
07:32 AM XXCoder: g43 does need h correct?
07:32 AM R2E4_bevins1: Hey John, did Tracey order his cards?
07:33 AM jthornton: not yet, he wanted a quote...
07:34 AM R2E4_bevins1: Dont know what he is waiting for.
07:34 AM jthornton: I'm out of stock on the 3.7 DIN rail mounts, they are in production now.
07:35 AM R2E4_bevins1: I gave him a lcnc config bare bones that works also....
07:35 AM R2E4_bevins1: fir his cards
07:35 AM R2E4_bevins1: The other guy I am configuring his machines so he should order also when I am done\
07:36 AM jthornton: thanks
07:36 AM R2E4_bevins1: All three of us has the same exact machines....lol so my configs should work on there's
07:36 AM jthornton: I have 350 3.7 DIN rail mounts in production!
07:36 AM R2E4_bevins1: and mine is working except ATC which I am working on now.
07:37 AM jthornton: that's a huge help
07:37 AM _methods: yeah and make sure your tool length offset callout is below that g49
07:37 AM _methods: or you'll just cancel it out
07:37 AM R2E4_bevins1: Yeah I told him to order those cause they are really nice. no fuss no muss, just fits right on the din rails.
07:38 AM R2E4_bevins1: oh shit, why would they put the G49 there?
07:39 AM XXCoder: because people is evil
07:39 AM Granath_: to cancel out previus tool leangth compensation
07:39 AM R2E4_bevins1: That cancels the tool length offset.........
07:39 AM Granath_: so you don't run with an old compensation active
07:39 AM R2E4_bevins1: but it cancels the tlo you just set
07:40 AM Granath_: for instance if you run a program with compansation active and then you switch to a program were you haven't used compensation you might crash. always start a program with canceling compansations etc.
07:41 AM Granath_: you want your G43 after the G49
07:41 AM R2E4_bevins1: I'll get ATC running, then deal with that
07:41 AM jthornton: yea a good preamble sets up the environment
07:42 AM Granath_: JT, i think i got the linuxcnc-dev working
07:42 AM Granath_: i was able to compile my toolerator component
07:42 AM R2E4_bevins1: preferably the g49 before the Tx M6?
07:43 AM Granath_: yeah sure, before first axis movement
07:43 AM R2E4_bevins1: G49 then Tn M6 then G43?
07:43 AM Granath_: yes
07:43 AM R2E4_bevins1: ok cool thanks
07:44 AM R2E4_bevins1: when you run the Tx M6, it uses the tlo in the tool table? Why use G43 then?
07:44 AM jthornton: Granath: I just got debian wheezy loaded here
07:44 AM jthornton: http://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/g-code/gen01.html
07:45 AM jthornton: R2E4_bevins1: ^^
07:45 AM R2E4_bevins1: yeah, Im reading it
07:45 AM Granath_: JT, i still have the same message as before when trying to run install linuxcnc-dev but i was able to compile the .comp file so i guess everything is good now?
07:56 AM jthornton: I'm having the same problem trying to install linuxcnc-dev on debian wheezy
07:57 AM Granath_: kinda strange, it finds other linuxcnc packages so the link to repositorys should be ok
07:58 AM XXCoder: jthornton: use search you will find packages
07:58 AM XXCoder: but none of direct linuxcnc or linuxcnc=dev
08:09 AM jthornton: I give up :(
08:09 AM jthornton: I've tried everything I can think of can't linuxcnc-dev to install!
08:10 AM XXCoder: jthornton: try apt-cache search linuxcnc
08:10 AM Granath: haha
08:10 AM XXCoder: you will get list of packages
08:11 AM Granath: i have gone bust to.
08:11 AM XXCoder: I installed linuxcnc-sim becaue I want sim
08:11 AM Granath: but since i was able to compile my .comp file i'm a little curious whats going on
08:12 AM jthornton: it's quite possible we need to do sudo apt-get install linuxcnc-uspace-dev
08:13 AM jthornton: and not linuxcnc-dev
08:13 AM Granath: okey!
08:13 AM jthornton: thanks to the tip by XXCoder
08:13 AM Granath: sounds about right
08:14 AM jthornton: seems to be working for me
08:14 AM Granath: i installed that component thru the package manager..
08:14 AM Granath: must been then i was able to do the halcompile
08:16 AM Granath: Thanks for clearing this out then! busting my head for four hours now :D
08:16 AM Granath: time to go out to the lathe and wire this sucker up! https://1drv.ms/i/s!AnY9CcWCLBtanC6xKAO83P9mIPCK
08:24 AM XXCoder: yay :)
08:25 AM Granath: Let's hope i don't see any magic blue smoke!
08:26 AM XXCoder: smurf smoke?
08:26 AM Granath: yeah nasty stuff!
09:17 AM * jthornton hums the final jeopardy tune while waiting on the cloner
09:18 AM Jymmm: jthornton: while you are humming, what did you use behind your wood stove for a heat shield?
09:23 AM R2E4_bevins1: If I have an input energizing an output but need to tie a motion.digital-out-01 to it how is this done?
09:24 AM JT-Shop: Jymmm: nothing
09:25 AM R2E4_bevins1: re: net mag-open hm2_5i25.0.7i84.1.3.input-16 hm2_5i25.0.7i71.1.2.output-38 I need motion.digital-out-01 to follow the output-38
09:31 AM mutilator: hey all
09:31 AM mutilator: anyone have any dxf/svg collections they'd share?
09:31 AM jthornton: join them with the signal
09:32 AM jthornton: I have a dxf of a dog turd
09:32 AM jthornton: welded it to a 60d nail to mark the location of the septic tank cleanout cover
09:32 AM R2E4_bevins1: if I net hm2_5i25.0.7i71.1.2.output-38 motion.digital-out-01, can I link the ouput-38 to a signal with an input?
09:33 AM jthornton: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/hal/basic-hal.html#_net
09:33 AM jthornton: best to show you the diagram
09:33 AM Jymmm: jthornton: Oh! hmmm, ok.
09:44 AM R2E4_bevins1: ok so can I net an output pin to an io pin then net signame input-pin output-pin?
09:45 AM R2E4_bevins1: I need a button to open magazine cover but I need digital io to open it also
09:46 AM R2E4_bevins1: for remapping
09:46 AM R2E4_bevins1: ah, that link says I cannot.
09:50 AM JT-Shop: Jymmm: the cast iron stove is 24" from the wall at the closest point
09:51 AM JT-Shop: R2E4_bevins1: use or2 for that
09:53 AM JT-Shop: be back in a bit
09:53 AM R2E4_bevins1: Ah yes
09:57 AM R2E4_bevins1: thats two inputs for one output
09:57 AM R2E4_bevins1: one or the other input gets the output
10:00 AM zeeshan: man sorry vent
10:00 AM zeeshan: but i can't believe how good linuxcnc in comparison to "modern" cnc controls.
10:01 AM zeeshan: yes it lacks some features, which can easily be brought back through programming and making your own interfaces
10:01 AM zeeshan: but the shear pain in the ass to use of regular controllers in mind bending
10:01 AM zeeshan: *is
10:01 AM zeeshan: like for example, the live black plot
10:01 AM zeeshan: *back
10:01 AM zeeshan: in mazak nexus 2 its frigging buried.
10:07 AM Jymmm: JT-Shop: Ah, gotcha.
10:10 AM gregcnc: zeeshan why is live backplot interesting?
10:11 AM zeeshan: because you can look in the xy plane
10:11 AM zeeshan: and figure out where you are
10:11 AM zeeshan: then do a program restart
10:11 AM zeeshan: its like sensing how fast you're going on the highway
10:11 AM zeeshan: vs looking at a speedo which tells you how fast youre going
10:12 AM gregcnc: so progress bar onthe program cycle
10:12 AM zeeshan: yes
10:12 AM zeeshan: its really buried
10:12 AM gregcnc: i don't see any value
10:12 AM zeeshan: im going through the manuals to figure this crap out!!
10:13 AM zeeshan: i also use that program trace sometimes
10:13 AM gregcnc: for a very long program it might be nice, but I always restart at the last tool change
10:13 AM zeeshan: when i've forgotten where i set my work piece offset
10:13 AM zeeshan: so i quickly manually move the machine to the extends of the tool path
10:14 AM zeeshan: to make sure im actually on the work piece
10:14 AM malcom2073: +1 to that zeeshan, I do the same thingheh
10:14 AM zeeshan: *extents
10:14 AM zeeshan: hehe malcom2073 :D
10:14 AM zeeshan: its useful!
10:14 AM malcom2073: Also sanity checking clamping, to make sure I didn't clamp part of a long piece outside the work area :-P
10:14 AM zeeshan: yes
10:15 AM zeeshan: also to check if youre going to hit a clamp
10:15 AM zeeshan: sometimes the clamp is very damn close
10:15 AM gregcnc: ok i do all that in cad
10:15 AM zeeshan: cad doesn't mimic real life always
10:15 AM gregcnc: before any code is written
10:15 AM zeeshan: :)
10:15 AM zeeshan: especially toe clamp position
10:15 AM zeeshan: when it's really close
10:15 AM gregcnc: i make sure it does
10:15 AM malcom2073: Congrats?
10:15 AM zeeshan: you must spend a lot of time in CAD then :)
10:15 AM malcom2073: I do a lot of CNC stuff that isn't CAD'ed
10:16 AM gregcnc: probably too much time in CAD, but then there is no surprise
10:17 AM zeeshan: i actually got my work laptop on me
10:17 AM zeeshan: i need to post some screenshots!
10:18 AM gregcnc: I started with axis a long time 10+ years ago, going "backward" to fanuc 0 was no loss
10:18 AM zeeshan: i love linuxcnc!!!!!!!!
10:19 AM gregcnc: i do to and have to get around to finishing my lathe
10:20 AM malcom2073: I've never used anything newer than mid 80's commercial CNC control, so linuxcnc is amazing to me lol
10:20 AM zeeshan: malcom2073: im helping the guys with modern controls at work
10:20 AM zeeshan: theyre no good
10:20 AM zeeshan: like they get the job done
10:20 AM zeeshan: but they're not friendly at all
10:20 AM gregcnc: what else should they do?
10:21 AM zeeshan: make it more user friendly
10:22 AM gregcnc: what kind of problems are they having?
10:22 AM zeeshan: lack of use of cam
10:22 AM zeeshan: efficiency
10:23 AM zeeshan: automating
10:23 AM gregcnc: are you talking operators or programmers?
10:23 AM gregcnc: setup?
10:23 AM zeeshan: both
10:23 AM zeeshan: doing unnecessary steps
10:23 AM gregcnc: like?
10:23 AM zeeshan: lemme post some screenshots
10:24 AM zeeshan: i can give one example without a screenshot
10:24 AM zeeshan: we make a lot of parts in quantities of 1-10
10:24 AM zeeshan: ocassionally itll go to 1000
10:24 AM zeeshan: we're an OEM manufacturer, plz keep that in mind
10:25 AM zeeshan: we make all our machines' components
10:25 AM zeeshan: a lot of the times, parts will have a different part number
10:25 AM zeeshan: but the program is the exact same to make the part
10:25 AM zeeshan: cause it's the exact same part, but its used in a different machine
10:25 AM zeeshan: right now the guys have to reprogram it
10:25 AM gregcnc: reprogram what?
10:26 AM zeeshan: the part
10:26 AM zeeshan: because it has a different part number
10:26 AM zeeshan: even tho they made the same part 2 weeks ago
10:26 AM gregcnc: don't you store programs?
10:26 AM zeeshan: part number 12345-abc and part number 12345-def
10:26 AM zeeshan: are the exact same part
10:26 AM zeeshan: but they have to rely on their memory to know they're the same
10:27 AM zeeshan: or compare the drawings which takes itme
10:27 AM zeeshan: *time
10:27 AM gregcnc: that's an office problem
10:27 AM zeeshan: i agree
10:27 AM gregcnc: i don't see how the contorl changes anything
10:27 AM zeeshan: but even if they recognize it's the same
10:27 AM zeeshan: they end up reprogramming it
10:27 AM gregcnc: they are paid to do that
10:28 AM gregcnc: if you get a guy with a good enough memory, he should get a bonus
10:28 AM zeeshan: the control isn't bad.
10:28 AM gregcnc: then don't complain about it
10:28 AM zeeshan: there are limitations, but its not inherently the control itself
10:28 AM zeeshan: it's how they're using it
10:28 AM gregcnc: it always how you use it
10:28 AM zeeshan: don't tell me what to do
10:28 AM zeeshan: and what not to do
10:28 AM zeeshan: you're not in my position.
10:28 AM zeeshan: to make that call
10:28 AM zeeshan: thx.
10:29 AM gregcnc: K
10:29 AM zeeshan: you really want to know how bad the control is?
10:29 AM zeeshan: MAZATROL! the holy grail of conversational programming!
10:30 AM gregcnc: dude my father is on a shop florr with a bad office
10:30 AM gregcnc: iv'e heard this crap for years
10:30 AM zeeshan: it took the application engineer 1.5 hours
10:30 AM gregcnc: every place has theri issues
10:30 AM zeeshan: to program the same program i programmed in cam in 10 minutes!
10:30 AM zeeshan: that is definitely a CONTROL thing!
10:31 AM zeeshan: cam vs conversational is a joke to compare for a majority of the parts we do
10:31 AM gregcnc: if management can't recognize this as a problem they are the one's who need to be replaced
10:31 AM zeeshan: it's not black and white.
10:31 AM gregcnc: it never is
10:31 AM zeeshan: theres multiple levels of issues
10:31 AM zeeshan: the only thing i can see happening from the office right now
10:31 AM gregcnc: this is how we've always done it is standard opartating procedure
10:31 AM zeeshan: is the multiple part numbers for the same thing
10:31 AM zeeshan: that's an easy fix.
10:31 AM zeeshan: when they copy parts in the future, the cam tool paths will carry over.
10:32 AM zeeshan: the programming can open the file, regen
10:32 AM zeeshan: and verify
10:32 AM zeeshan: and post and call it a day
10:32 AM zeeshan: no more trying to reprogram the part using conversational
10:32 AM gregcnc: so the whole place is behind the curve on what their software can do, sounds like training?
10:32 AM zeeshan: wasting 1.5 hours of valuable time
10:32 AM zeeshan: that is what i am doing right now
10:32 AM zeeshan: opening peoples eyes
10:32 AM zeeshan: change is hard to bring.
10:32 AM zeeshan: people are set in their own ways
10:32 AM gregcnc: not when money talks
10:32 AM zeeshan: this isn't even my job to be doing this
10:33 AM zeeshan: but i got involved into it because they know i have my own shop and have been doing this sort of stuff at other jobs
10:33 AM zeeshan: =/
10:33 AM gregcnc: dude you'll quit this comany in another year for a place that values and pays you efforts
10:33 AM zeeshan: i love my job!!!!!!!
10:33 AM zeeshan: i get to design and quote big ass machine upgrades!!
10:34 AM zeeshan: that is kind of why i want to help out with this thing
10:34 AM zeeshan: cause it directly effects me and my colleagues
10:34 AM zeeshan: if we can make parts faster, (ie a shaft that has one key way in it takes 5 weeks right now)
10:34 AM zeeshan: we can be more competitive on pricing and decrease lead times
10:35 AM zeeshan: ive worked at a bunch of diff jobs now, i know the potential of this place
10:36 AM gregcnc: any place that is inefficient can do better, it's just about how many toes you have to step on to do it and if they are willing to trim the fat
10:36 AM zeeshan: and they treat me good!
10:36 AM zeeshan: so far i have gotten the support from the plant manager, my boss, and the president
10:36 AM gregcnc: that's awesome
10:36 AM zeeshan: and ive built trust with the guys on the floor
10:36 AM zeeshan: the other day we were pushing a cutter in 304
10:36 AM zeeshan: to about 3-4 times faster than usual
10:37 AM zeeshan: the machinist was plowing rather than cutting
10:37 AM zeeshan: so he was going through inserts every 10 mins of cutting
10:37 AM zeeshan: vs now every 3 hours
10:38 AM zeeshan: im really trying to hard to bring in dynamic tool paths in the jobs we do
10:38 AM zeeshan: cause right now they use lots of conventional for roughing
10:38 AM gregcnc: engineering doesn't keep up with things?
10:39 AM zeeshan: so .1 doc , .375 woc with a 1/2" indexable end mill
10:39 AM gregcnc: or is this because they end up programming at the machine?
10:39 AM zeeshan: they end up programming at the machine
10:39 AM zeeshan: engineering already has too much on their plate in designing stuff
10:40 AM zeeshan: they dont need to be programming in cam
10:40 AM zeeshan: i think that's the programmers job
10:40 AM gregcnc: Ok so there are programmers that do nothing?
10:40 AM zeeshan: noo the programmers program on the actual machine
10:40 AM zeeshan: using conversational
10:40 AM gregcnc: but CAM is available
10:40 AM zeeshan: there are some parts they just cant do on conversational
10:41 AM zeeshan: they have had mastercam for a while on the floor
10:41 AM zeeshan: but it cant post to our new machines
10:41 AM gregcnc: lol
10:41 AM zeeshan: they will ocasionally use it to program weird shaped parts
10:41 AM gregcnc: how do you do two jobs in one shift
10:42 AM zeeshan: i dont
10:42 AM zeeshan: ive been going there once a week lately
10:42 AM zeeshan: on monday is the first time
10:43 AM zeeshan: we're going to machine some parts using a plan i've come up with
10:43 AM zeeshan: i really hope it goes well
10:43 AM zeeshan: because it will serve as proof for what i've been talking about
10:43 AM zeeshan: currently this part takes us 2 h 48 minutes
10:43 AM zeeshan: maybe even 3 hours
10:57 AM zeeshan: im suprised at the line number limitation on a controller from 2016!!
10:57 AM zeeshan: 99,999 max sequence numbers
10:57 AM zeeshan: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aqbgi0ba5kmua33/4275920.eia?dl=0
10:57 AM gregcnc: you can probably just roll them over
10:58 AM zeeshan: im worried about when i do a program restart from a sequence number
10:58 AM zeeshan: it might act all weird
10:58 AM zeeshan: like u said earlier
10:58 AM zeeshan: more than likely you want to start at a tool change
10:58 AM gregcnc: yes that could be a problem
10:58 AM zeeshan: i change the post processor to output the moves
10:58 AM zeeshan: so if its plunging it outputs plunging
10:59 AM zeeshan: so im only putting line numbers on lead in or tool change moves
10:59 AM zeeshan: that has helped decrease the line numbers a lot
10:59 AM zeeshan: take a look at that code please!
11:00 AM zeeshan: im hoping by highlighting lead in
11:00 AM zeeshan: we can start part way through an adaptive cut
11:00 AM zeeshan: http://imgur.com/a/KFHsZ
11:00 AM gregcnc: why is accuracy so high for dynamic paths?
11:00 AM zeeshan: its stainless
11:00 AM zeeshan: i dont want the chording to show up on the part
11:00 AM zeeshan: for finishing
11:01 AM zeeshan: this part takes us ~3 hours
11:01 AM zeeshan: cam says itll take 18 minutes
11:01 AM zeeshan: even if it takes 1hr im happy!
11:02 AM zeeshan: idea is to take the raw block, deburr the ends manually
11:02 AM zeeshan: put it in the block in the vise on parallels
11:02 AM zeeshan: (6 of em)
11:02 AM zeeshan: 6 parts per cycle
11:03 AM zeeshan: face, carbide drill holes, counterbore hole, adaptive rough, finish
11:03 AM zeeshan: machine softjaws , flip part over in soft jaws
11:03 AM zeeshan: machine off holding stock
11:04 AM zeeshan: i think this stuff to this room is standard procedure
11:04 AM zeeshan: but its new to our shop :o
11:04 AM gregcnc: this would be standard procedure in any shop trying to make money no?
11:04 AM zeeshan: EXACTLY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!
11:04 AM zeeshan: i feel like ive been talking to a wall at work
11:04 AM zeeshan: thank you for saying that!!!!!!!!
11:04 AM gregcnc: they are just behind the times, way behind
11:05 AM zeeshan: we didnt even have the orange vises
11:05 AM gregcnc: all you need is to show a bunch of YT videos
11:05 AM zeeshan: till a couple months ago!!!!!!
11:05 AM zeeshan: the feed and speed on that stainless roughing cut
11:05 AM zeeshan: is 580 SFM
11:05 AM zeeshan: .020 step over
11:05 AM zeeshan: 168 ipm
11:06 AM zeeshan: 5/8 cutter
11:22 AM yasnak: lol
11:22 AM yasnak: what DOC?
11:25 AM zeeshan: 1.06
11:25 AM zeeshan: its a reduced neck end mill
11:25 AM zeeshan: part is 2.14 high
11:25 AM zeeshan: 5 FL
12:05 PM BeachBumPete: WHOOOOAAAAHHHHHh!! :)
12:05 PM zeeshan: ?!?!
12:05 PM jdh: woah.
12:06 PM BeachBumPete: just bustin chops man ignore me hehe
12:13 PM * jdh waves at Pete
12:14 PM jdh: never got your address so I guess I have to find a hotel
12:14 PM BeachBumPete: me?
12:14 PM BeachBumPete: you need a place to stay man? LOL
12:15 PM jdh: in Boynton at the moment
12:15 PM BeachBumPete: ah cool
12:15 PM BeachBumPete: that is like an hour south or so
12:15 PM BeachBumPete: I bought me some new cutters they just arrived yesterday
12:15 PM BeachBumPete: funny how that makes me happy LOL
12:16 PM BeachBumPete: couple of ball endmills and a new 1/2 inch 2 flute solid carbide champfer mill from online carbide
12:16 PM BeachBumPete: Looking forward to trying this on the rails parts I make to see if the champfers look nicer possibly.
12:17 PM jdh: new tooling day!
12:17 PM BeachBumPete: YAY!
12:17 PM jdh: almost as good as new bike day
12:17 PM archivist: use a file like the old timers!
12:17 PM jdh: chisel
12:17 PM BeachBumPete: I am also working on my RWS54 short stroke 12ftlbs conversion
12:18 PM BeachBumPete: yeah I would but eh no...
12:18 PM archivist: angle grinder for the rough buggers
12:19 PM BeachBumPete: http://i.imgur.com/rDnwtVp.jpg
12:20 PM BeachBumPete: LOL I have been using an angle grinder with an aggressive flap wheel lately in installing cabinets...works great!!
12:20 PM BeachBumPete: mostly back bevelling scribes and removing offending bits/screws etc.
12:21 PM jdh: flapper wheel works great on a lot of things
12:21 PM BeachBumPete: behold the new prototype Air Arms EV2 scope riser rail on its first customers rifle.
12:22 PM BeachBumPete: Oh it also has the side benefit of the angle grinder working good for cutting tile on walls and floors with a diamond blade
12:22 PM BeachBumPete: never thought my angle grinder would be part of my cabinet work LOL
12:32 PM zeeshan: what brand cutters are they BeachBumPete
12:32 PM zeeshan: that rail looks bad ass
12:33 PM BeachBumPete: which ones? The champfer bit is from onlinecarbide. Never bought from them before but they are the only one I could find that had a 2 flute model everyone else incluidng my usual Maritool has only 4 flute models
12:34 PM zeeshan: are you using 2 flute
12:34 PM zeeshan: to reduce chatter?
12:34 PM BeachBumPete: thanks I appreciate it I try to make all my rails look "Bad ass" LOL
12:34 PM BeachBumPete: honestly no
12:34 PM BeachBumPete: if you look at the center of that part
12:34 PM BeachBumPete: you can see the champfer is considerably deeper than the rest of the edges
12:34 PM zeeshan: yes
12:35 PM BeachBumPete: I make that in a single pass
12:35 PM BeachBumPete: I felt it required better chip clearance so I use a 2 flute cutter for that
12:35 PM zeeshan: so you need lots of chip evacuation?
12:35 PM zeeshan: ahhhhh
12:35 PM zeeshan: got you
12:35 PM BeachBumPete: so far it works
12:35 PM zeeshan: i can imagine how much effort going into making that piece
12:36 PM zeeshan: lots of crazy tool paths! :D
12:36 PM BeachBumPete: I have several 45 degree champfer cutters but the one that had been working for some time has been believe it or not a 2 flute 45 degree router bit
12:36 PM zeeshan: router bits work great on aluminum!
12:37 PM BeachBumPete: it worked okay but I found it gets little burrs or something in the leading edge which leaves lines in the champfer edges that I have to then remove manually
12:37 PM zeeshan: BeachBumPete: have you done any winch recovery
12:37 PM BeachBumPete: I am hoping this 2 flute solid carbide cutter will not suffer from the same problem
12:38 PM BeachBumPete: never on a milling machine ;)
12:38 PM zeeshan: haha
12:38 PM zeeshan: i thought you might have with the bronco
12:38 PM BeachBumPete: yeah plenty
12:38 PM zeeshan: if i wanna practice
12:38 PM zeeshan: whats the best way
12:38 PM zeeshan: join a club?
12:38 PM BeachBumPete: get stuck LOL
12:38 PM zeeshan: i did man
12:38 PM zeeshan: i learned my lesson hard
12:38 PM zeeshan: i was stuck for a couple hours in the middle of no where
12:38 PM zeeshan: some snowmobilers saved my ass
12:38 PM zeeshan: i was by myself..
12:38 PM BeachBumPete: perfect
12:38 PM zeeshan: thats why i want to practice now
12:39 PM zeeshan: cause i have a lot more trips planned like that
12:39 PM BeachBumPete: did you have a winch?
12:39 PM zeeshan: but im not sure where i can go
12:39 PM zeeshan: no
12:39 PM zeeshan: i just started buying all the stuff now
12:39 PM zeeshan: its $$$$$
12:39 PM zeeshan: winch, bumper, accessories like like 5k
12:39 PM zeeshan: er
12:39 PM zeeshan: 3k
12:39 PM zeeshan: but they are all useless
12:39 PM BeachBumPete: a great option to bring is a come a long and cable/straps
12:39 PM zeeshan: if i dont know how to use em
12:40 PM BeachBumPete: also a high lift jack is a good tool to have
12:40 PM BeachBumPete: it can be used as a winch also manually
12:40 PM zeeshan: i feel like if i had a winch in the situation i was in
12:40 PM zeeshan: i coulda done a reverse winch
12:40 PM zeeshan: or forward
12:40 PM zeeshan: and been saved
12:40 PM BeachBumPete: if you live where there are not many trees around a winch anchor can be tig welded up easily
12:40 PM zeeshan: cause one of the tires got buried
12:40 PM zeeshan: lots of trees up here
12:40 PM zeeshan: or big bolders
12:41 PM zeeshan: do you think i need an aux battery
12:41 PM zeeshan: for the winch
12:41 PM BeachBumPete: I once saw this wheel mounted hub that you screw onto your wheel and it acts as a wince
12:41 PM BeachBumPete: winch
12:41 PM zeeshan: LOL
12:41 PM zeeshan: that sounds awesome
12:41 PM zeeshan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY4cKc4FKSM
12:41 PM zeeshan: ROFL
12:42 PM BeachBumPete: I only had a spare battery in my old Bronco. It came that way
12:42 PM Roguish_ is now known as Roguish
12:42 PM BeachBumPete: my Suzuki samurai rock crawlers I built all just had a single battery
12:42 PM BeachBumPete: its only an issue if you cannot run the engine for some reason when you are winching
12:42 PM zeeshan: i hope im not cheaping out
12:42 PM zeeshan: if i cant run the engine
12:42 PM zeeshan: im screwed anyway
12:42 PM zeeshan: lol
12:44 PM BeachBumPete: for the first several years of wheeling my Suzuki Samurai I did not have a winch just the come a long and the high lift. Only time I needed the winch was when I went deep mudding with some friends and I got pulled out with thier winch
12:44 PM zeeshan: fuck man
12:44 PM zeeshan: i wish you told me about the bush winch before
12:44 PM zeeshan: i woulda saved a lot more money
12:44 PM zeeshan: lol
12:44 PM Jymmm: BeachBumPete: that's what backup batteries are for =)
12:44 PM zeeshan: it looks like it REALLY woulda worked in my situation!!!!!!!!!!
12:44 PM Jymmm: C Y A
12:44 PM BeachBumPete: never really needed it man
12:44 PM BeachBumPete: but yeah that wheel winch is kinda cool
12:45 PM BeachBumPete: it has the added plus of being able to pull from any corner of the vehicle you want
12:45 PM BeachBumPete: I would imagine you could build one pretty easily
12:46 PM zeeshan: yea
12:46 PM zeeshan: looks like an excellent idea
12:47 PM BeachBumPete: if all that fails Harbor Freight sells some inexpensive winches that seem to work quite well
12:47 PM Jymmm: BeachBumPete: but a samuri you could just flip other by yourself (no tools needed) and use the roof as a skid =)
12:47 PM Jymmm: over*
12:47 PM BeachBumPete: Jymm ya know that is what I used to think too
12:47 PM BeachBumPete: but when I flopped mine on its side out in the trees it was a BITCH to flip back onto its wheels
12:47 PM Jymmm: BeachBumPete: Mayne not with rock crawlers on it
12:48 PM Jymmm: BeachBumPete: well, got from on it's side to on it's roof and then slide it out =)
12:48 PM BeachBumPete: we winched from the side to a large tree and I was amazed at how much strain it took to bring it up
12:49 PM BeachBumPete: imagine a jeep or bronco would be very difficult
12:49 PM BeachBumPete: yet with a large enough winch people do it all the time
12:49 PM Jymmm: BeachBumPete: using cable or straps?
12:49 PM BeachBumPete: both
12:49 PM zeeshan: i didnt wanna take a risk
12:49 PM Jymmm: BeachBumPete: have you seen that obscene sytn rope?
12:50 PM BeachBumPete: we went slow and kept re rigging to ensure it did not fall
12:50 PM zeeshan: so i ended up going with warn
12:50 PM BeachBumPete: warn is nice but there are others just as good
12:50 PM BeachBumPete: but the 8274 is a BEAST winch
12:51 PM Jymmm: BeachBumPete: Amsteel Rope, stronger than steel, but if it snaps no whip action... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcifJkhXpMM
12:52 PM BeachBumPete: yeah man I have seen that stuff and others like it. nice
12:53 PM Jymmm: BeachBumPete: beats the dangers of cable/chain any day
12:53 PM BeachBumPete: yeah in more ways than might seem obvious. it is quite light weight
12:53 PM Jymmm: That too
12:53 PM BeachBumPete: pulling out the cable is not easy when covered in mud
12:53 PM zeeshan: the vf10s was 770$ usd
12:53 PM Jymmm: but tensioned cable snap.... yeah... NOT!
12:53 PM BeachBumPete: and when you have to climb up a long hill to find your anchor point
12:54 PM BeachBumPete: it can wear you out
12:54 PM Jymmm: Better you than me =)
12:54 PM BeachBumPete: I had cable on my used winch when I got it but I have pulled the rope on other rigs and it is quite nice
12:55 PM Jymmm: AmSteel is the only one *I* know of,
12:55 PM Jymmm: I don't do enough to buy anything other than a regular tow strap
12:55 PM Jymmm: and maybe a come along
12:56 PM BeachBumPete: well for me I had like five different suzuki samurai's in Tennessee all of which I modified for offroad in one manner or another
12:56 PM BeachBumPete: spent time in Tellico, Royal Blue, and several other offroad parks in the area for quite a few years
12:56 PM BeachBumPete: lots of fun times
12:57 PM Jymmm: I dont even have a 4x4, though need it for this area in the winter snow
12:57 PM BeachBumPete: camping out in the middle of nowhere
12:57 PM zeeshan: hehe
12:57 PM BeachBumPete: I love 4x4
12:57 PM zeeshan: awesome dude
12:57 PM zeeshan: i need to frigging practice
12:57 PM zeeshan: but none of my friends are into it
12:57 PM BeachBumPete: find some other friends ;)
12:57 PM zeeshan: i will try to join a club
12:58 PM BeachBumPete: there are many clubs for offroading and it is a great way to meet people and learn
12:58 PM BeachBumPete: make sure you take some spare parts that are typical break points in your vehicle/rig
12:58 PM BeachBumPete: also typical engine spares
12:58 PM zeeshan: i got 3 d-rings, 3 tree savers, 3 snatch blocks!!!!!!!!
12:58 PM zeeshan: im not doing hardcore wheeling tho
12:59 PM BeachBumPete: make sure you have a good spare tire of course
12:59 PM zeeshan: i just need to learn the basics of winching
12:59 PM Wolf_: u-joints, hub, real spare tire
12:59 PM zeeshan: im a loner, i like to go into the middle of no where by myself :)
12:59 PM Wolf_: tools
12:59 PM BeachBumPete: that is generally NOT a good idea
12:59 PM BeachBumPete: definitely need some tools
12:59 PM Wolf_: wood blocks, spare truck, high lift jack
12:59 PM zeeshan: tools , spare tire i have
01:00 PM gregcnc: just take a helicopter to your destination
01:00 PM BeachBumPete: make sure you take a way to call for help if you intend to go alone at the very least. preferrably something that does not rely on cell phone service :)
01:01 PM Wolf_: mall crawler http://i.imgur.com/f510LLs.jpg?1
01:01 PM gregcnc: exploder
01:02 PM zeeshan: fun :D
01:02 PM BeachBumPete: actually the old explorers are quite capable especially with a solid front axle swap
01:02 PM Wolf_: not after the 2nd transmission
01:02 PM Wolf_: mine is a solid front swap + v8 swap w/ twin stick atlas t-case
01:02 PM zeeshan: http://i.imgur.com/sL2dVbc.jpg
01:03 PM zeeshan: this is what most of the trails look like
01:03 PM zeeshan: minus the snow
01:03 PM zeeshan: lots of trees for help
01:03 PM zeeshan: http://i.imgur.com/Oc9qdyg.jpg
01:03 PM gregcnc: you need truck snowshoes
01:04 PM zeeshan: the idea this summer is to do that
01:04 PM zeeshan: and camp from the buck of the truck cap :D
01:06 PM BeachBumPete: deep snow can be a bitch
01:06 PM zeeshan: that is what i got stuck in :(
01:07 PM archivist: have shovel dig, carry on
01:07 PM zeeshan: i did dig
01:07 PM zeeshan: :)
01:08 PM zeeshan: you always carry a shovel!
01:08 PM zeeshan: how else do you poop out there :D
01:08 PM BeachBumPete: I see your problem
01:08 PM BeachBumPete: You needed one of these :) http://i.imgur.com/tfJuK1W.jpg
01:08 PM zeeshan: haha
01:08 PM zeeshan: :D
01:09 PM BeachBumPete: http://s618.photobucket.com/user/jtbentzen/media/LWBathome7-21-04029.jpg.html Or better yet one of these :)
01:10 PM zeeshan: might get a little cold in that :)
01:11 PM BeachBumPete: oh they make a softtop
01:11 PM zeeshan: http://i.imgur.com/TJqZR6O.jpg
01:11 PM BeachBumPete: heater kicks azz
01:11 PM zeeshan: this is wtf i was stuck in
01:11 PM zeeshan: i walked down the ditch
01:11 PM zeeshan: snow was up to my stomach
01:11 PM BeachBumPete: at least you were all nice and comfy in that luxury SUV
01:11 PM zeeshan: that hunched over tree woulda been perfect if i had a winch
01:12 PM zeeshan: http://i.imgur.com/NWtGnHX.jpg
01:12 PM zeeshan: winter camping is awesome!!
01:12 PM zeeshan: http://i.imgur.com/hT80aOS.jpg
01:12 PM zeeshan: :D
01:12 PM Wolf_: i can relate to the stuck in the snow http://i.imgur.com/DavcHSw.jpg
01:12 PM BeachBumPete: I still have my zero degree sleeeping bag somewheres
01:13 PM zeeshan: BeachBumPete: you aint got time for snow now
01:13 PM zeeshan: mr florida man
01:13 PM zeeshan: wolf ROFL
01:13 PM zeeshan: nmice
01:13 PM BeachBumPete: no but one of the best stucks I ever had was in sugar sand here in florida LO
01:13 PM BeachBumPete: I was in my old Jeep Wrangler YJ
01:13 PM Wolf_: ended up waiting till the next day to get the winch from my moms garage to pull the truck out
01:13 PM BeachBumPete: buried that bitch up to the axles
01:13 PM BeachBumPete: in the dark
01:14 PM BeachBumPete: had to have a "SPECIAL" recover truck come get me out
01:14 PM zeeshan: wolf you have a portable winch?
01:14 PM zeeshan: lol nice BeachBumPete
01:15 PM Wolf_: 10k on a receiver plate
01:15 PM BeachBumPete: well back to my RWS54 project. good luck folks
01:15 PM zeeshan: i didnt go with the receiver plate style winch
01:15 PM zeeshan: cause i feel like osmeone will steal it
01:16 PM Wolf_: well, was lucky for me, truck had to come out backwards
01:17 PM zeeshan: have you seen the reverse winch??
01:18 PM Wolf_: winch setup is something my dad bought, I’ve been planning on putting a winch bumper on that truck with a hydraulic in it
01:18 PM Wolf_: reverse winch?
01:19 PM zeeshan: https://youtu.be/_4tI3HtgdCY?t=254
01:19 PM zeeshan: aussies know their off roading!
01:20 PM Wolf_: great unless you only have one tree lol
01:21 PM zeeshan: haha
01:21 PM zeeshan: my main worry about the summer is
01:21 PM zeeshan: i get in but i cant get out
01:22 PM zeeshan: cause i've been rained in
01:22 PM zeeshan: and everything is crazy slipper
01:22 PM zeeshan: i hope the winch saves me in that situation!!!!!!!
01:22 PM Wolf_: i hate mud
01:28 PM sigi_: hallo
01:30 PM sigi_: habe probleme mit den zusatzbutton in gmoccapy unter midi
01:33 PM sigi_: habe alles so gemacht wie in der readme also maro ordner eintrag in der ini auch wo sie liegen einige funktioniern auch aber zb go to position bringe ich nicht zum laufen
01:35 PM sigi_: habe die ngc datei von einer simulierten cnc in den ordner gepackt auch den namen in die ini eingetragen aber läuft nicht in der simulation schon
02:24 PM insomnia is now known as MolotovCocktease
02:29 PM IchGucksLive: hi
02:29 PM IchGucksLive: rainy day in Germany
02:34 PM IchGucksLive: theNew Maschine elektronik cabinet position check http://foengarage.de/hf_ea.jpg
02:34 PM JT-Shop: IchGucksLive: do you know anything about gmoccapy? sigi_ was asking about it in German
02:34 PM IchGucksLive: i will mirror for better cabeling
02:35 PM IchGucksLive: JT-Shop: its the new interface with self adusting Widgets
02:36 PM IchGucksLive: sigi_: bist du noch da
02:36 PM JT-Shop: I know what it is but I don't speak German
02:36 PM IchGucksLive: JT-Shop: michi and deejays are also german
02:36 PM sigi_: ja bin noch hier
02:37 PM Deejay: indeed. there he is!
02:37 PM IchGucksLive: drück mal doppel auf meine Nick
02:37 PM Deejay: aber sanft drücken
02:38 PM JT-Shop: ah forgot about Deejay
02:38 PM Deejay: :(
02:38 PM * Deejay doesnt want to be forgotten
02:39 PM JT-Shop: well I just forgot Deejay speaks German
02:39 PM Deejay: hehe
02:43 PM IchGucksLive: Deejay: you need to make more noice
02:54 PM MolotovCocktease is now known as insomnia
02:55 PM jst_ is now known as jst
03:15 PM Granath_: Best way to change to back tool post coordinate system in Linuxcnc?
03:18 PM IchGucksLive: use G55
03:19 PM Granath_: G55? ins't that just a offset?
03:19 PM Granath_: my issue is i have slant bed lathe with tool's above spindel. so when i move the tool closer to the spindle i want linuxcnc to count negative to zero
03:20 PM Granath_: for now it's counting posetive so the closer i go to the chuck the higher the position goes
03:21 PM IchGucksLive: with lathe im off
03:21 PM IchGucksLive: i do not own one
03:21 PM Granath_: aha ok
03:29 PM skunkworks: was it rotate the coordinate system? I think there are threads on it in the forums
03:30 PM Granath_: found this: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?BackToolLathe
03:31 PM Granath_: and some threads from 2012 that linuxcnc did not have a good support for it. and how they should solve it
03:38 PM JT-Shop: robh has some back tool lathes
03:42 PM Granath_: JT, any offical Linuxcnc solutions? must be plenty people now running slant bed lathes?
03:43 PM gregcnc: granath this was no trouble
03:44 PM Granath_: Ok, please explain
03:50 PM JT-Shop: gommacappy or however it is spelled has support for back tool lathes and I think you can set the gemoetry in the display secion for axis to get a proper display of back tool
03:51 PM JT-Shop: if the direction is wrong you need to change the sign of scale and the feedback if a servo
03:52 PM Granath_: if i press down arrow the spindle goes down. but DRO value increases
03:53 PM Granath_: sorry not spindle turret
03:53 PM Granath_: haha
03:54 PM gregcnc: this is not related to the issue you read about, that is machine configuration
03:57 PM Granath_: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?BackToolLathe
03:57 PM Granath_: this looks like it will solve it
03:58 PM JT-Shop: yea that is robh's work
04:01 PM Granath_: seams to work fine!
04:02 PM gregcnc: that alone fixed the readout?
04:03 PM * JT-Shop needs to add that to the docs
04:04 PM Granath_: yeah gregcnc
04:04 PM Granath_: added a file .axisrc in the home dir with that code
04:04 PM gregcnc: ok i don't remember anymore but I must have found that before I set up my lathe so never had any trouble
04:04 PM Granath_: would be great if it could be added to the docs and in the future perhaps an option in pncconf?
04:05 PM JT-Shop: I can add that to the docs but I don't work on pncconf
04:15 PM Granath_: brb
04:42 PM R2E4_bevins2: hey guys I am getting a syntax error in the stdglue.py
04:43 PM R2E4_bevins2: SyntaxError: ('invalid syntax', ('/home/bob/linuxcnc/nc_files/python/stdglue.py', 164, 8, ' self.params["selected_pocket"] = self.selected_pocket\n'))
04:43 PM R2E4_bevins2: This change in 2.8 pre?
05:08 PM XXCoder: zeeshan: ya in?
05:21 PM zeeshan: sup
05:26 PM XXCoder: check this out
05:26 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6t5poqIZ3M
05:26 PM XXCoder: pretty amazing
05:26 PM XXCoder: though useless unless youre into rituals or something lol
05:38 PM zeeshan: lol
05:38 PM zeeshan: too exotic for me
05:38 PM zeeshan: i like simple knives
05:38 PM XXCoder: yeah too evil ritualish for me too
05:38 PM Deejay: gn8
05:39 PM XXCoder: looks really fancy though
05:42 PM {HD}: Whats your favorite heatshrink tubing? I just bought some harbor freight stuff and it SUCKS!
05:42 PM zeeshan: raychem
05:45 PM {HD}: of course its not amazon prime. I need something yesterday. (ie amazon primable)
05:46 PM XXCoder: frys, lowes or home depot?
05:46 PM {HD}: I have a lowes and home depot within an hour.
05:46 PM {HD}: no frys
05:47 PM XXCoder: here frys in hour and half
05:50 PM jdh: I use HF stuff all the time. it works fine for everything I need.
05:50 PM jdh: HF heat shirink
05:51 PM jdh: the marine stuff is also good
05:55 PM {HD}: jdh, I have used the marine stuff and liked it but in this application I don't want the glue.
05:55 PM {HD}: I bought the 8' roll of HF stuff and it doesnt shrink worth a damn.
05:56 PM {HD}: I have some other stuff that is thick wall and shrinks like 3:1 but, I don't know where I got it.
05:56 PM XXCoder: try direct flame
05:56 PM jdh: I usually luse the little box of cut pieces. but I have some giant rolls of various sizes that seem to shrink fine.
05:56 PM malcom2073: Waytek wire has good stuff
05:56 PM jdh: hot-air rework station works great for heat shrink.
05:56 PM jdh: which is all I have ever used it for.
05:56 PM {HD}: Ill check amazon prime for waytek
05:56 PM malcom2073: No, it's a website
05:56 PM malcom2073: it's not a brand
05:56 PM malcom2073: You're probably not gonna find any decent stuff on amaon heh
05:57 PM {HD}: Oh, its a store... Amazon HAS to have something!
05:57 PM XXCoder: {HD}: im sure you did, but you tried direct flame on strunk tube right?
05:57 PM malcom2073: Something sure, decent? :-P
05:57 PM XXCoder: just quick pass
05:58 PM malcom2073: HD: You in the USA? home depot/lowes has alright stuff
05:58 PM malcom2073: Also, are you using a flame or a heatgun to shrink it?
05:58 PM {HD}: XXCoder: I did direct flame and hotair rework station. I think I got a bad batch it barely shrinks.
05:58 PM malcom2073: flame doesn't usually work very well
05:59 PM XXCoder: that suck
05:59 PM {HD}: I have other stuff here that is wonderful, I just don't have enough of it to finish my project.
05:59 PM cncnoob: Hey all
05:59 PM XXCoder: hey
06:03 PM cncnoob: @XXCoder, When I'm using 123 blocks like we were like we were discussing earlier should I have "Tool touch off to fixture" selected in the machine menu instead of "Tool touch off to workpiece"?
06:03 PM cncnoob: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gui/axis.html#_menu_items
06:03 PM XXCoder: I dont use tool touchoffs on linuxcnc so researching now
06:03 PM cncnoob: Also, is selecting one of those options any different than selecting the Zero coordinate system (one the same menu) as G59.3 or G54 respectively?
06:04 PM XXCoder: touchoff to fixture
06:05 PM XXCoder: should use machine coord to touch off stuff
06:06 PM XXCoder: yep definitely tool touchoff to fixture
06:06 PM XXCoder: that one uses machine coord
06:08 PM zeeshan: both are relative to a wcs
06:08 PM XXCoder: oh what should he use then?
06:08 PM cncnoob: When I touch off Z with my edge finder with is 2.1" long using side 1 of 123 block and what would you expect I enter for the coordinate in the touch off dialog?
06:08 PM zeeshan: i personally leave g59.3 x y z 0 0 0
06:08 PM zeeshan: so it is the machine coordinates then
06:08 PM XXCoder: ahh
06:08 PM zeeshan: and also it ignores g92
06:09 PM zeeshan: so when you touch off with a 123 block from the work piece
06:09 PM XXCoder: so its best to always use g59.3 as machine coord
06:09 PM zeeshan: you get all the tools touching off from the same plane
06:09 PM XXCoder: yeah taught him about using common reference point
06:09 PM zeeshan: i honestly dont understand why its like the way it is.
06:09 PM cncnoob: dog just threw up :( brb
06:09 PM XXCoder: but linuxcnc well im not familiar to, since I never use tool touchoffs
06:09 PM zeeshan: i'd think you'd always want to touch off relative to machine coordinates
06:10 PM XXCoder: thats how its done at work, in various methods but all same concept
06:10 PM zeeshan: yea
06:10 PM zeeshan: its a bit wonky in linuxcnc
06:10 PM zeeshan: it confused me for a while
06:11 PM {HD}: cncnoob: ewww
06:11 PM XXCoder: life with pets
06:12 PM cncnoob: All is well, he ate to many sticks I guess
06:13 PM XXCoder: :) well zee helped quite a bit
06:13 PM XXCoder: just keep g59.3 coord zeros
06:13 PM XXCoder: so it will be effectively machine coord
06:14 PM cncnoob: can you help me understand the workflow in cnc dummy talk?
06:14 PM cncnoob: Where would I actually touch off at?
06:14 PM zeeshan: are you using a mill
06:14 PM XXCoder: like I said before
06:14 PM cncnoob: true machine zero with Z all the way up?
06:14 PM XXCoder: you decide where common reference point is. most common is top of 123 block on table
06:15 PM cncnoob: Ok, I'll use 1 of the 123
06:15 PM XXCoder: now thats done
06:15 PM gregcnc: the basic idea to understand that it doesn't matter where you touch off as long as all the tools are touched at the same place in machine space on the same coordinate system
06:15 PM XXCoder: yep greg
06:15 PM zeeshan: greg but doesnt the wcs
06:15 PM zeeshan: throw crap off
06:16 PM zeeshan: so imagine you've touched off 59.3 at the top of your work piece
06:16 PM gregcnc: depends how you do things
06:16 PM zeeshan: while you've been touching off relative to table
06:16 PM zeeshan: when you go and setup a new tool now
06:16 PM zeeshan: the work piece is gone
06:16 PM zeeshan: youve essentially lost your zero plane
06:17 PM gregcnc: touching off something permanent is a good choice
06:17 PM gregcnc: but not the only
06:17 PM zeeshan: gregcnc: http://www.kennametal.com/hi/products/20478624/57493250/1522849/44814260/44814782/100004038.html
06:17 PM zeeshan: im trying out these end mills at work
06:18 PM zeeshan: ever use something like that
06:18 PM gregcnc: cool i saw those on YT
06:18 PM zeeshan: id think its a lot stronger
06:18 PM zeeshan: cause they dont have the flutes going all the way
06:18 PM zeeshan: you lose your ap
06:18 PM zeeshan: but you still get the reach
06:18 PM XXCoder: interesting
06:18 PM cncnoob: I still have the same question I had earlier though. WI touch off Z with my edge finder with is 2.1" long using side 1 of 123 block and what would you expect I enter for the coordinate in the touch off dialog and what coordinate system would I pick? Note that unlike the image in the manual, "T Tool Table" is not in my options list for some reason
06:18 PM cncnoob: .
06:18 PM cncnoob: http://linuxcnc.org/lucid/docs/2.5/html/gcode/tool_compensation.html#_touch_off
06:19 PM Granath_: Hi, having some trouble configuring the spindle on my 7i76E, looks like spindle enable prevents the signal from m4 command
06:19 PM gregcnc: I hae a couple to play with, but I' don't cut anything hard and don't have much power to work with in my machine
06:20 PM Granath_: if i comment out spindle enable in .hal i can do m4 command but not m3. and if i don't comment it out i can do a m3 command but m4 does not work
06:20 PM gregcnc: pncconf doesn't setup reverse spindle iirc
06:20 PM XXCoder: cncnoob: remember this (common reference) - (workpeice z)
06:20 PM XXCoder: err other way (dammit I always switch those around)
06:20 PM cncnoob: workpiece z - common ref then?
06:21 PM cncnoob: that is what you meant?
06:21 PM XXCoder: yeah
06:21 PM XXCoder: suppose common reference is -4.25 and workpeice is -5.12
06:22 PM XXCoder: so it is -5.12 - (-4.25)
06:22 PM XXCoder: change it to -5.12 + 4.25
06:23 PM cncnoob: Just a sanity check, in your example the workpiece would be below the common ref correct?
06:23 PM XXCoder: so part z is -0.87
06:23 PM XXCoder: yep
06:23 PM cncnoob: I think I get that bit, but that is further along than I am now
06:23 PM Granath_: when i do a m3 command both spindle-enable and spindle-cw is active. that work since enable and cw command seams to be mapped to same pin. but when i run m4 both enable pin (cw cable) and ccw pin/ cable is active so vfd gets both fwd and rev signal)
06:23 PM cncnoob: Oh wait, maybe something just clicked
06:24 PM cncnoob: Do I not press touch off when I am on top of the 123 block?
06:24 PM cncnoob: I just get the number?
06:24 PM XXCoder: for part z yep
06:24 PM cncnoob: Then move to top of work piece
06:24 PM cncnoob: then do math
06:24 PM XXCoder: thats it basically
06:24 PM cncnoob: then press touch off and enter the sum of my math
06:24 PM cncnoob: omgz
06:24 PM XXCoder: nah dont need touchoff at all
06:24 PM cncnoob: I was pressing touch off on top of the 123 block
06:24 PM XXCoder: oh yeah
06:24 PM XXCoder: yeah you do lol
06:24 PM cncnoob: christ
06:25 PM cncnoob: Ok, I'm going to try this now
06:25 PM XXCoder: sorry work machines I just input in coord list directly
06:25 PM cncnoob: I knew I was missing something fundamental
06:25 PM XXCoder: go slow!!
06:25 PM XXCoder: dry run
06:25 PM XXCoder: air is infinitely soft and does not break tool :)
06:26 PM cncnoob: Yeah, I Don't even need to cut anything to see if it works or not
06:26 PM XXCoder: indeed.
06:26 PM cncnoob: when I press play it is easy to see if the tool is in the right place
06:26 PM XXCoder: I have seen workers just hit play after first setup.
06:26 PM XXCoder: even with untested program! I cringe on that
06:27 PM cncnoob: I've broken 7 bits so far, but they were all real small and because I had my feed too fast
06:27 PM cncnoob: none broken due to collision (yet)
06:27 PM gregcnc: I was doing a dry run very slowly in my emco the other day, some bit got stuck somehwer and the program clearly showed Z1. but it was moving some random Z- like nothign was wrong
06:28 PM cncnoob: It is like these machines have no sense of self preservation :p
06:28 PM XXCoder: it has no "self sense" unless you have encoders
06:28 PM XXCoder: with encoder it will go "oh shit we are not going when we should be" and stops
06:29 PM XXCoder: but if it cuts in wrong spot it just keeps going lol with broken tool or whatever
06:30 PM XXCoder: thats why you dont just press play and go
06:30 PM XXCoder: expecially with unproven multi-tool program. option on and go slow each tool in case you mess up tool setup
06:31 PM {HD}: Why is all the 3:1 heat shrink adhesive?
06:31 PM gregcnc: crank down overrides and watch distance to go
06:32 PM XXCoder: on ye olde dadal 88 I have to hit pause to see distance left to go
06:32 PM XXCoder: *fadal
06:32 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbwSZjeqSZo
06:33 PM XXCoder: ugh someone stabilized video
06:33 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33LXofWlbOU you can see more of machine
06:33 PM XXCoder: wow that ones so clean
06:35 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVqKSMpTnJU yet another clean fadal 88 lol
06:35 PM XXCoder: one at work is so worn
06:37 PM XXCoder: heyy it DOES have direct input, i had to write down and edit coords in myself
06:38 PM XXCoder: "man type light fixture" yeah gonna love autocraps.
06:49 PM XXCoder: hey cncnoob how did it go
06:54 PM cncnoob: still working on it
06:54 PM cncnoob: I re-measured the bits I was using
06:55 PM cncnoob: using the 1 of the 123
06:55 PM XXCoder: cool
06:55 PM XXCoder: g59.3 is all zeros correct?
06:55 PM cncnoob: I entered the machine value shown on DRO when I was on 1 of the 123 into the z columns of the tool table
06:55 PM cncnoob: yes
06:56 PM cncnoob: that is what I stared with
06:56 PM cncnoob: I homed machine then set coordinate system to G59.3
06:56 PM cncnoob: then touched off all 3 axises
06:56 PM cncnoob: without moving machine
06:56 PM cncnoob: so touched off at home in G59.3
06:56 PM cncnoob: just to be clear :)
06:57 PM XXCoder: okay though 0 is default so basically dont have to :)
06:57 PM XXCoder: but why not be really sure :)
07:05 PM cncnoob: ok I'm getting touch off z
07:06 PM cncnoob: I have the edge finder at the top of the stock now
07:06 PM cncnoob: when I touched it at the top of 1 of the 123 the DRO read -7.225
07:06 PM cncnoob: now on top of stock it reads -3.6497
07:06 PM cncnoob: so using your formula I get 3.5753
07:07 PM XXCoder: so part top is 3 inches higher than ref point
07:07 PM XXCoder: more than
07:07 PM cncnoob: yes 3.5 ish
07:08 PM XXCoder: so top is 3.5753 z
07:09 PM cncnoob: so I will press the touch off button (not tool touch off)
07:09 PM cncnoob: I will stay in G54
07:09 PM cncnoob: I will enter 3.5753
07:09 PM cncnoob: correct?
07:09 PM XXCoder: that part im uncertain but try
07:10 PM cncnoob: haha
07:10 PM cncnoob: That is the part that keeps messing up
07:10 PM cncnoob: What would you do at this point
07:10 PM XXCoder: I dont do it this way with linuxcnc unfortunately, my machine has no toolholder with repeatable length
07:10 PM XXCoder: and at work I just do math and directly input z myself
07:11 PM XXCoder: I THINK inputting that number is correct, as it should be set to z
07:13 PM cncnoob: Ok I did that and the image LCNC is showing me is not correct. this is actually what I expected
07:13 PM cncnoob: It shows the tool about 3.5" above the stock
07:13 PM XXCoder: hmm yeah then try touch off again, but input 0
07:13 PM cncnoob: At least this time the tool table didn't magically get edited
07:13 PM cncnoob: ok
07:15 PM cncnoob: That shows the tool in the correct position relative to the workpiece, but the workpiece is now much higher in the image's envelope than it is in real life
07:16 PM XXCoder: strange. I wonder if its configuration issue
07:17 PM XXCoder: try dry run see if it attempts to cut at correct place
07:17 PM cncnoob: ok
07:17 PM XXCoder: remember the safety heh
07:17 PM gregcnc: do you have a value entered Z in the tool table?
07:17 PM cncnoob: program exceeds machine minimum on Z
07:18 PM cncnoob: @gregcnc what value?
07:18 PM gregcnc: tool offset Z
07:18 PM XXCoder: method is correct but maybe we are doing it wrong on linuxcnc side
07:18 PM cncnoob: I have the z values for the 2 tools I'm using plus the value of my edge finder
07:18 PM XXCoder: as in inputs and so on
07:19 PM gregcnc: did you call g43 for the tool?
07:19 PM cncnoob: I believe so, let me check my code
07:19 PM cncnoob: G43 Z.1 H01
07:21 PM gregcnc: Z0. of your toolpath at top or bottom of stock?
07:22 PM XXCoder: yay update to bad obsession motorsport
07:22 PM XXCoder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hViplB84We4 that guy is nuts
07:23 PM cncnoob: Z0 is at the top of my stock
07:23 PM cncnoob: origin of my stock is top front left
07:27 PM gregcnc: if using a tool with a Z offset to touch off the work piece you have to call g43 before doing so
07:28 PM XXCoder: ahh so thats missing
07:28 PM XXCoder: I guess if z was directly input it wouldnt be a problem
07:29 PM gregcnc: only z offset for that tool was 0
07:29 PM XXCoder: so basically g43 h(n)
07:29 PM XXCoder: then nlinuxcnc does math itself
07:30 PM gregcnc: my emco fauxnuc is the same
07:30 PM XXCoder: cncnoob: great news it seems. you dont have to do math
07:31 PM XXCoder: just g43 h(tool #), then touch off
07:37 PM cncnoob: ok
07:37 PM XXCoder: though I bet you that once you set it, g54 coord z would be 3.57xx
07:38 PM cncnoob: my program has G43 in it, and when it calls for the tool change I'm not given the option to touch off
07:38 PM cncnoob: so How do I get around that?
07:38 PM XXCoder: use mdi
07:38 PM XXCoder: dont run program just use mdi g43 hx
07:39 PM XXCoder: though be really sure it's cleared out when setting tool lengths!
07:40 PM Roguish: JT-Shop: hey, you around?
07:41 PM cncnoob: So I'm need to do a G43 T99 for my edge finder
07:41 PM cncnoob: then use touch off (not tool touch off) on top of my stock
07:41 PM XXCoder: apparently yeah
07:41 PM cncnoob: At that point LCNC should use my tool table values?
07:42 PM {HD}: What kind of connector do you guys use for wire to steppers? Molex?
07:42 PM XXCoder: it makes sensor to me now why your workpeice appears so high up in linuxcnc, tool length was not enabled when you was touching it off
07:42 PM XXCoder: *sense
07:44 PM {HD}: or maybe terminal blocks
07:44 PM {HD}: ?
07:45 PM XXCoder: heh I used strip connectors but thats short term
07:45 PM XXCoder: I probaboly would solder and heat strunk later
07:45 PM {HD}: XXCoder: Solder to what? Molex 4 pins?
07:45 PM XXCoder: no wire-wire solder
07:46 PM XXCoder: maybe not though I have no firm plans yet
07:46 PM XXCoder: I have yet to figure what to use for inside electrics box - outside connectors
07:46 PM {HD}: XXCoder: I have a machine that is hardwired and I am building up this new one and I don't think I want to do that again.
07:46 PM {HD}: XXCoder: Yea, that is what I am trying to decide.
07:46 PM XXCoder: theres plenty of 4 point connectors
07:47 PM XXCoder: molex is pretty good
07:47 PM XXCoder: theres one bolt on connectors that has 4 pins but I cant remember name of it, im looking for that also.
07:47 PM XXCoder: molex isnt waterproof thats its flaw
07:48 PM {HD}: Hum, I guess I did not consider that. There is a slight chance of coolent interaction.
07:48 PM XXCoder: heat strunk molex? heh
07:49 PM {HD}: Lets see what mouser has to say.
07:49 PM XXCoder: heyyy
07:49 PM XXCoder: http://cnc-plus.de/en/CNC-Electronics/Connectors/4-Pin-Cable-Male-Connector--Stepper-Motor-Connector-3A---40V-.html
07:49 PM XXCoder: http://cnc-plus.de/en/CNC-Electronics/Connectors/4-Pin-Cable-Male-Connector--Stepper-Motor-Connector-3A---40V-.html
07:49 PM XXCoder: there is stright version alspo
07:50 PM {HD}: Where is the female?
07:50 PM XXCoder: I just linked it
07:50 PM XXCoder: oh copy fail sorry
07:50 PM {HD}: Those are the same links...But, I did find it at the bottom.
07:50 PM XXCoder: http://cnc-plus.de/en/CNC-Electronics/Connectors/4-Pin-Cable-Male-Connector--Stepper-Motor-Connector-3A---40V-.html
07:51 PM cncnoob: Ok that seems to have worked I think
07:51 PM XXCoder: wtf url didnt change when I clicked female version. well you found it in least
07:51 PM gregcnc: i hope that's how it should work
07:51 PM cncnoob: At this point I don't think I'l be sure for at least another month!
07:51 PM XXCoder: cncnoob: nice! in proper workspace position now?
07:51 PM {HD}: XXCoder: They even have the chassie mount...I like the look of those.
07:52 PM cncnoob: @XXCoder, I think so, but I also think the envelope shown to me has shrunk after the G43. That is, it isn't as tall
07:52 PM XXCoder: yeah im considering it
07:52 PM cncnoob: Should the envelope change like that?
07:53 PM XXCoder: maybe if its z height limited
07:53 PM XXCoder: tool would hit table sooner
07:53 PM cncnoob: When I had my edge finder loaded, before I started the program, the LCNC image showed it at the top of the envelope
07:53 PM XXCoder: besides that good question, I never use linuxcnc that way
07:54 PM XXCoder: dang {HD} I cant find what it is called
07:54 PM cncnoob: When I started the program it asked me to load T01
07:54 PM XXCoder: like molex is named molex
07:54 PM XXCoder: it just says "connector"
07:54 PM cncnoob: When I did it also showed it at the top of the envelope even though it is considerably longer than my edge finder
07:54 PM {HD}: XXCoder: I moved to ebay...
07:54 PM {HD}: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=4+pin+connector&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.X4+pin+threaded+connector.TRS1&_nkw=4+pin+threaded+connector&_sacat=0
07:55 PM XXCoder: cncnoob: yeah the tip of tool is the zero point when its all way up (machine coord) when g43 is on
07:55 PM XXCoder: if you cancel g43 it would be back to where it is in whole workspace volume
07:56 PM XXCoder: err not explaining well
07:56 PM {HD}: XXCoder: getting closer... http://www.ebay.com/itm/5Pcs-Aviation-Plug-4-Pins-Male-Female-Panel-Metal-Wire-Connector-16mm-GX16-4-NEW/322308964151?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20131003132420%26meid%3D5ef4756bdf9747d9917091c55f02079c%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D371820092068
07:56 PM XXCoder: what I mean is that it is highest point
07:56 PM XXCoder: since tool cant clear any higher, the bounds is updated to show that
07:56 PM cncnoob: Ok, that makes sense
07:57 PM cncnoob: I'm going to restart and reload a few times with a few different programs to make sure I can repeat this process
07:57 PM XXCoder: yeah
07:57 PM cncnoob: Is there anyway to request a touch off in gcode after G43?
07:57 PM XXCoder: just dont forget to cancel g43 if youre setting more tools!
07:57 PM XXCoder: you dont need to
07:57 PM cncnoob: So I can start the program and touch off when prompted?
07:57 PM XXCoder: its already set up
07:58 PM cncnoob: What I mean is, I will have to MDI every program I run
07:58 PM XXCoder: you just have to swap tool then off it go
07:58 PM cncnoob: If it were in my code and I could be prompted I would possibly never have to go to MDI tab
07:59 PM XXCoder: assuming all tools is already set (with no tool comp!), then you do need to choose whatever tool, then g43 h99 (assuming tool 99) then set part z
07:59 PM XXCoder: you will always need to set part coord
07:59 PM gregcnc: without a too touch sensor you manually set the tool table
08:00 PM XXCoder: even with that you will always need to set part coord
08:00 PM gregcnc: only if homing is terrible
08:00 PM XXCoder: only time you dont have to is setup where you repeatively run more than one part
08:00 PM XXCoder: (same part)
08:00 PM cncnoob: I realize I have to set the workpiece coordiante
08:00 PM cncnoob: I just don't want to have to MDI everytime as well
08:01 PM gregcnc: i power down and rerun without doing anything
08:01 PM os1r1s: XXCoder Ran the mill this afternoon. Tool offsets worked well
08:01 PM cncnoob: With the workflow that appears to be working it seems I would have to G43 each time
08:01 PM cncnoob: maybe that isn't the case
08:01 PM XXCoder: os1r1s: awesome
08:01 PM cncnoob: I'll power down and see what happens
08:01 PM gregcnc: tool table is stored
08:02 PM os1r1s: XXCoder feeds/speeds were a bit off. But the tooltables worked
08:02 PM gregcnc: the real problem is if homing isn't accurate, then the machine can't repeat if powered down
08:02 PM XXCoder: yeah tool lengths dont have to be set, but g43 hxx seems required to find part z
08:02 PM os1r1s: gregcnc Do you have a touch sensor on yours?
08:02 PM gregcnc: no
08:02 PM XXCoder: os1r1s: forgot what your orginial question was? lol
08:02 PM gregcnc: that is no touch sensor
08:03 PM os1r1s: XXCoder The G92 offsets were making my movements be off
08:03 PM os1r1s: XXCoder I was trying to figure out why I was getting the joint limit exceeded error
08:03 PM gregcnc: work offsets are also stored so unless it's changed you don't need to touch off again
08:03 PM XXCoder: {HD}: awesome connectors just wondering what cable to use wioth it
08:04 PM XXCoder: ahh yeah g92 needed to be cleared, glad you solved that
08:07 PM os1r1s: So a .5 in step down for a .375 in roughing alum end mill seems like a ton ....
08:07 PM {HD}: XXCoder: I am running cable that I know I am going to need to replace in a year or so. It is not made for constant flex.
08:07 PM XXCoder: im using speaker cables atm lol
08:07 PM {HD}: I was looking at cables designed to be moved constantly and they are EXPENSIVE!
08:08 PM {HD}: Like I could spend as much in cabling as I paid for my 4 nema 34s
08:08 PM XXCoder: heh I ordered 3 of those bundles.. and as it turns out I could rewire everything with it and still has 1.9 left to go
08:08 PM {HD}: speaker cable =0
08:08 PM XXCoder: yeah 18 awg enough for steppers I use
08:08 PM {HD}: 3 of what bundles?
08:09 PM XXCoder: lemme get link heh
08:09 PM XXCoder: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01C37NDYW/
08:10 PM cncnoob: I loaded 3 different programs and restarted LCNC each time and manually entered the G43 code each time and it worked every time, so at least I have a path forward
08:10 PM cncnoob: It isn't optimal IMO, but I can work with it
08:10 PM XXCoder: yeah working is good
08:11 PM XXCoder: hey hey
08:11 PM XXCoder: do the math again, see if it matches z in g54 heh
08:11 PM cncnoob: Guess having a touch sensor is the best way around this
08:11 PM cncnoob: ok one sec
08:13 PM os1r1s: Do ya'll mill raw stock into a square before you cut it?
08:13 PM XXCoder: depends
08:13 PM XXCoder: if its cutpout or snap off then nah
08:14 PM XXCoder: if you do mill one side then use special fixture for other side, also nah since everythng would be milled off anyway
08:15 PM XXCoder: though if you cant use facemill then yeah in least top surface?
08:18 PM cncnoob: @XXCoder yeah math works!
08:18 PM os1r1s: XXCoder I'm trying to cut one side, flip it and cut the other side
08:18 PM os1r1s: XXCoder But I've had issues with offsets
08:18 PM XXCoder: yeah thats what I thought. just linuxcnc its automated if you use g43 hxx
08:18 PM XXCoder: or you could just skip that and use math and input yourself
08:18 PM XXCoder: whatever easier.
08:19 PM cncnoob: I have a system that works now so I'll stick with it until I get the touch sensor figured out
08:19 PM cncnoob: That is for a later day
08:19 PM XXCoder: os1, both positions has coord in common?
08:19 PM cncnoob: Right now I'm just going to bask in the glory of repeatability.
08:19 PM XXCoder: awesome!
08:19 PM os1r1s: XXCoder Its a 1" thick, 2 inch wide, 1.5 inch deep part
08:19 PM cncnoob: Thanks for all your help guys
08:20 PM XXCoder: no problem :)
08:20 PM os1r1s: And I'm taking about an 1/8" off each side. Cutting the top .55"
08:20 PM os1r1s: Then turning it over and cutting the bottom .55
08:20 PM XXCoder: I learned a bunch about linuxcnc aspect
08:20 PM os1r1s: (.5 overlap)
08:20 PM cncnoob: It is interesting (and kinda frustrating) that there are so many different ways to use it
08:20 PM os1r1s: Obbviously there is an X/Y shift. So I try to reset the work coordinates
08:20 PM os1r1s: But its not perfect.
08:21 PM os1r1s: And even .02 is very obvious
08:21 PM XXCoder: well you need a way to use same coord for both sides
08:21 PM XXCoder: so its not moved
08:21 PM XXCoder: and a way to set reference hold
08:21 PM XXCoder: for example pins on tabs on part that you later cut off
08:21 PM os1r1s: With Y I can kind of do that
08:22 PM os1r1s: But with X I have to reset. (vise is sideways)
08:22 PM XXCoder: or a stop for x since you has y
08:22 PM XXCoder: you dont use stop?
08:22 PM os1r1s: I 'm using the stop for Y
08:22 PM os1r1s: For X, the fixed jaw is static
08:22 PM os1r1s: But since I'm gripping the milled part it shifts
08:23 PM XXCoder: hmm that one im not certain
08:23 PM os1r1s: Short of making a fixture, I'm not sure there is an easier way
08:24 PM XXCoder: if youre making those a lot
08:24 PM XXCoder: it is worth time
08:24 PM XXCoder: but otherwise dunnp
08:25 PM os1r1s: Next I need to figure out touch sensors
08:25 PM XXCoder: I want to add limit switches but I still has no diea how to. lol
08:26 PM XXCoder: im pretty good on cnc machining but im so bad on manual and hand stuff
08:26 PM os1r1s: I just added home switches to mine
08:26 PM os1r1s: That makes it soooooo much nicer
08:27 PM XXCoder: I have cheaty method to set my machine home
08:27 PM XXCoder: very cheaty
08:27 PM XXCoder: I just manually jog to close zeros
08:27 PM XXCoder: turn steppers off and manually move it in
08:27 PM XXCoder: done
08:28 PM XXCoder: well touch then do 1/6 turn off edge
08:28 PM XXCoder: that leaves I guess 1.5 mm or so
08:31 PM XXCoder: {HD}: hmm I may have a idea
08:31 PM {HD}: Thats dangerous!
08:31 PM XXCoder: expensive cables only at exact section where it moves a lot
08:31 PM XXCoder: so much shorter cables
08:31 PM XXCoder: rest of it can be more regular cables
08:31 PM {HD}: So, just more splices to possibly fail.
08:31 PM XXCoder: thats side effect yeah
08:32 PM XXCoder: connectors
08:32 PM {HD}: I think Ill just be willing to rewire my machine every so often. I could rewire for like 10 years buying speaker cable vs superflex
08:32 PM XXCoder: yeah speaker cable is pretty cheap
08:33 PM {HD}: Well, I am not using speaker cable. I am using some shielded stranded 4 conductor stuff I found on mouser for pretty cheap
08:36 PM XXCoder: I found avaivation 4 pin connectors 12.5 buck for 10
08:36 PM XXCoder: http://www.ebay.com/itm/5-Pairs-4-Conductor-4Pin-Waterproof-Power-Cable-Set-DC-Connector-Male-Female-LED-/182114481886
08:37 PM {HD}: XXCoder: no shielding...I like the idea of the metal ones because I can passs ground through the connnector
08:38 PM cncnoob: If you don't mind soldering cable to your motors automation technologies has 12 ft 4 pin cables which come with bulkhead mount. I have them and they are high quality.
08:38 PM cncnoob: https://www.automationtechnologiesinc.com/products-page/stepper-nema23-3-axis-kits/motor-cable-with-connector-12
08:38 PM {HD}: I wish I could find 16-4 butt joints for as cheap as the panel mount.
08:39 PM cncnoob: @XXCoder the limit switches are easy
08:39 PM {HD}: cncnoob: Looks nice. That is what I am going for. but diy.
08:39 PM cncnoob: I didn't have enough pins on my C10 board for a limit switch on the end of each axis, so I wired them in series
08:39 PM cncnoob: and configured LCNC to think it was the X limit swithc
08:40 PM os1r1s: XXCoder I can indicate to the inside of the vise
08:40 PM cncnoob: The home/limit switches are combined on the other end of the axis
08:40 PM os1r1s: That solves my X problem, doesn't it?
08:54 PM MacGalempsy: evening
08:54 PM {HD}: The cheapest aviation butt plug is http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=gx16-4+male&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xgx16-4+butt.TRS0&_nkw=gx16-4+butt&_sacat=0
08:54 PM {HD}: at least that I could find.
08:54 PM {HD}: WHOOPS!!! Aviation butt joint connector plug...
08:54 PM {HD}: Not 'butt plug'...
08:54 PM MacGalempsy: do you insert that before the TSA checkpoint or after?
08:55 PM {HD}: MacGalempsy: lol
08:57 PM roycroft: they insert it at the point of inspection
08:57 PM roycroft: it is, in fact, a point of inspection
08:58 PM XXCoder: cncnoob: yeah just that physical part of it dunno lol
08:58 PM roycroft: and if microwave ovens can be cameras, aviation plugs can be cameras
08:58 PM XXCoder: heh
08:58 PM MacGalempsy: that's cool that they insert it for you. hopefully they use some jet oit
08:59 PM MacGalempsy: oil
08:59 PM roycroft: they are cheap
08:59 PM roycroft: they use mist lube, not flood lube
08:59 PM XXCoder: MacGalempsy: roycroft https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Uploads/Graphics/001-0420103721-TSA-Health-Tip.jpg
08:59 PM MacGalempsy: this whole drone opensource controller stuff is cool. got to go get my sketchbook
09:00 PM MacGalempsy: lol
09:01 PM MacGalempsy: now to find an opensource jet engine
09:02 PM malcom2073: MacGalempsy: Ardupilot?
09:02 PM MacGalempsy: dronin
09:03 PM MacGalempsy: they dont seem to have any io capabilites thou
09:03 PM MacGalempsy: like generic ios
09:04 PM roycroft: i should get back to slobbering hammerite
09:08 PM MacGalempsy: malcom2073 anything new on you parts pick & placer
09:08 PM malcom2073: Nah, got it running
09:09 PM malcom2073: It works alright, we're doign down to 0402 parts
09:10 PM MacGalempsy: what kind of home hobby stuff have you been working on?
09:12 PM malcom2073: Eh not much fun
09:12 PM malcom2073: You saw the pictures of the generator
09:14 PM {HD}: XXCoder: I order a 5 pack of gx16/4 to try out.
09:14 PM XXCoder: cool
09:18 PM MacGalempsy: i dont recall. whats the latest on the gen?
09:19 PM malcom2073: Pulled the injector out, cleaned it up, helped a tiny bit but not much. Started taking apart the cowling, it was cluttered with rats nests and all sorts of stuff, probably overheated at some point
09:19 PM malcom2073: So tore it down to clean, haven't gotten around to putting it back together
09:20 PM XXCoder: any pics? curious
09:20 PM MacGalempsy: damn dirty rats!
09:20 PM XXCoder: damn dirty wires eating rats
09:20 PM malcom2073: https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16406475_1537050719642637_5459837476782688973_n.jpg?oh=bf0174b879bf3382be3a41709e6b25e8&oe=5956B117
09:21 PM malcom2073: https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/17103770_1567001386647570_6187643453405529179_n.jpg?oh=849f9a795998af735c74e470e851cc8b&oe=5954293A
09:21 PM XXCoder: dang whats you do, dig it up from bottom of dump?
09:21 PM malcom2073: https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15823099_1498028143544895_1656011273171026318_n.jpg?oh=c2a8274ddb902622841474c6acf4cf86&oe=596CB106
09:21 PM malcom2073: Heh, most of these gensets sit for *years*
09:21 PM malcom2073: they're military
09:22 PM XXCoder: definitely bunch of work to get it to work
09:24 PM malcom2073: Yeah it's a project heh
09:25 PM MacGalempsy: these drone guys crack me up
09:25 PM XXCoder: where you at?
09:26 PM XXCoder: because #multimotors is silent
09:26 PM XXCoder: excepting maybe one guy in my ignore because he constually talks
09:26 PM MacGalempsy: #dronin
09:26 PM malcom2073: Oh cool openpilot based
09:27 PM malcom2073: Ardupilot is better :-P
09:29 PM malcom2073: I don't actually know that, it's been years since I've worked with it
09:29 PM MacGalempsy: its all new to me, so just stumbled into it
09:30 PM MacGalempsy: there is defintely a lack of imagination
09:31 PM malcom2073: Imagine someone coming in here, and talking about building a CNC machine from scratch with 8020 capable of milling steel, having never touched a machine tool in his life
09:31 PM malcom2073: fwiw
09:31 PM malcom2073: :-P
09:31 PM MacGalempsy: lol. true
09:31 PM MacGalempsy: i just asked if anyone had done it
09:32 PM malcom2073: Also fwiw, if he's one of the main devs on that project, he's way smarter than you or I
09:33 PM malcom2073: :-P
09:33 PM MacGalempsy: lol. yeah
09:33 PM XXCoder: 3d printers its olvious what happened mal
09:34 PM XXCoder: because its all kinds of weird
09:34 PM XXCoder: like someone read some specs and designed 3d printer
09:34 PM XXCoder: but getting many stuff wrong
09:34 PM t12: every software dev ever
09:34 PM t12: deciding that because they can write software they're also ME, EE
09:34 PM t12: + some startrek futurism
09:35 PM t12: i was there once i guess
09:35 PM MacGalempsy: image big and be satisfied with mediocre results
09:36 PM XXCoder: .1mm precision is considered good on 3d printing
09:36 PM malcom2073: .1mm is enough on 3d printing
09:36 PM MacGalempsy: yep
09:36 PM Crom: back...Long day at Iron Horse... Robbed a train... Watched Poplock Holmes...
09:37 PM MacGalempsy: sounds interesting. anything good from the train job?
09:40 PM malcom2073: Hey Mac: First step to making your own jet turbine engine: Get yourself some balistic glass
09:40 PM XXCoder: heh saw spmeone make jet engine using vacuum mug
09:40 PM XXCoder: was very effective
09:40 PM malcom2073: I saw a 3d printed "jet engine", ran on air power
09:40 PM malcom2073: spin really freaking fast
09:41 PM Crom: no chocolate! durn it! Got a cookie though
09:44 PM {HD}: Whats the cheapest fastest diy way to tram a spindle?
09:45 PM XXCoder: I really need to do that, was roo lazy to lol
09:46 PM Wolf_: {HD}: you can’t pick all three, only get one, cheapest, fastest or diy
09:46 PM {HD}: Well I guess DIY then...since Im going to be doing it.
09:47 PM Crom: indicator on a mag base.. sweeping the table...
09:47 PM {HD}: crom thats not tramming the spindle tho...That leveling the bed.
09:47 PM Crom: to actually tram.. you need shims...
09:48 PM Wolf_: fastest would probably be a cylinder gauge, indicator mounted in the collet
09:48 PM Crom: you want the spindle perpendicular to the table
09:48 PM Wolf_: or are you talking about the actual moving the column of the machine?
09:49 PM XXCoder: i dare all of you make all mechisms in http://507movements.com/
09:49 PM Wolf_: btw you can’t level a milling machine bed by sweeping it with a indicator, its not a 3d printer
09:50 PM Crom: so you need to mount the indicator to the spindle... sweeping the table will tell you if your in tram.
09:51 PM {HD}: Wolf_: You can level the bed by sweeping the spindle...But you cannot tram the head. You need an indicator in the spindle at an offset..."Trammel"
09:51 PM {HD}: and shims
09:51 PM Crom: then you mount a straight rod in a collet, then run your Z up and down and check from the table to the rod, if the indicator mores... the spindle isn't square to the column and the column is not square with the table
09:51 PM Wolf_:
09:51 PM malcom2073: Our mill at work needs to be trammed
09:52 PM malcom2073: they won't buy me a second indicator
09:52 PM Crom: s.mores/moves/
09:52 PM Crom: malcom2073, only need one... 2 makes it quicker
09:52 PM Wolf_: you can do the same thing as the dual mount with a single
09:53 PM MacGalempsy: ballistic glass for when it blows up?
09:53 PM malcom2073: I'll have to look that up
09:53 PM malcom2073: MacGalempsy: Yes
09:53 PM Wolf_: actually quicker if you use a back plunge start
09:53 PM XXCoder: I have dial indictor but I have no way to hold it on spindle
09:53 PM Wolf_: starrett *
09:53 PM MacGalempsy: lol. safety definitly first
09:53 PM XXCoder: I dont have home dial test indictor
09:53 PM Crom: XXCoder, c clamp works too
09:53 PM XXCoder: havent found a cheaper one
09:55 PM XXCoder: clamp hmm ok
09:55 PM Wolf_: http://a.co/eWDEvMq
09:55 PM Wolf_: are pretty handy
09:56 PM Crom: $40 http://www.ebay.com/itm/MHC-Industrial-Supply-Dial-Indicator-0-001-1-0-with-Magnetic-Base-BONUS-/162413493762
09:56 PM Crom: harbor freight has a cheaper one
09:56 PM XXCoder: I have those already
09:57 PM XXCoder: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M7TGIQ3 want one of those but not hundred bucks
09:57 PM MacGalempsy: cant you tram with a single indicator on a offset shaft?
09:58 PM Wolf_: yeah...
09:58 PM {HD}: So, I just need to weld up an offset shaft.
09:58 PM MacGalempsy: no bend
09:58 PM XXCoder: just need to be nicely rigid
09:58 PM XXCoder: flex = your results is no good
09:58 PM MacGalempsy: like 1/4 bar
09:59 PM {HD}: MacGalempsy: I was thinkg of using 1/2" for less flex
09:59 PM MacGalempsy: heh. perfect
09:59 PM Crom: $28 or so,,, http://www.harborfreight.com/multipositional-magnetic-base-with-fine-adjustment-5645.html http://www.harborfreight.com/1-inch-travel-machinists-dial-indicator-623.html
10:03 PM Wolf_: http://i.imgur.com/p04EazK.jpg I use this to tram
10:03 PM MacGalempsy: cant seem to find it, but mine came the a double 90 deg bend that is put in the chuck and has about a 2" sweep
10:04 PM {HD}: Wolf_: Your missing a peice!
10:04 PM MacGalempsy: hardest part is reading the face on when is towards the back
10:04 PM Wolf_: my last word kit has a nice bar
10:04 PM XXCoder: MacGalempsy: I love my starret C holder for test indictor
10:04 PM XXCoder: cost me 80 bucks jeez
10:04 PM Wolf_: yeah, missing bar is out in the shop
10:04 PM XXCoder: too bad its way too long for my cnc rpouter lol
10:05 PM Wolf_: that whole set there cost me $80
10:05 PM XXCoder: cheap version https://www.amazon.com/INSIZE-6291-2-Indicator-Centering-Holder/dp/B01GRNQFSE/
10:05 PM {HD}: Wolf_: I cannot quite imagin how that set works...peice 2 goes in the collet, peice 1 connects to that?
10:06 PM Roguish: XXCoder: and all. look at msc industrial supply. they recently acquired Enco. and have pretty good pricing
10:06 PM XXCoder: ok
10:06 PM Roguish: https://www.mscdirect.com/
10:06 PM XXCoder: just want cheap one for home
10:06 PM XXCoder: I have 200 and 100 bucks dial test indictors heh
10:07 PM Roguish: they carry both high end and bargin.
10:07 PM Roguish: bargain
10:07 PM XXCoder: fluid power looks inrteresting, I do want water pump for my machine
10:07 PM XXCoder: "holemaking" lol
10:07 PM Wolf_: yeah I actually use a block of aluminum that has holes threaded at 90° use the two rods with threads on the end to get the DTI down and out from the spindle and sweep the bed in a circle
10:11 PM Wolf_: I think Mr Pete has a vid of how to tram a bridgeport in that way
10:15 PM {HD}: found this http://www.cnccookbook.com/CCMillTramming.html
10:16 PM Wolf_: thats the vid I was talking about, using the same back plunge starrett
10:17 PM {HD}: I think Ill make something like this indicator holder in the morning.
10:20 PM XXCoder: wow thats weird indictor
10:20 PM XXCoder: i want one heh
10:20 PM Wolf_: which?
10:20 PM XXCoder: one shown at this time https://youtu.be/JfANyiS8Hs4?t=274
10:21 PM Wolf_: thats the one I just linked a pic of lol
10:21 PM Wolf_: http://i.imgur.com/p04EazK.jpg I use this to tram << that
10:21 PM XXCoder: back plunge eh
10:23 PM Wolf_: http://i.imgur.com/5laFwsq.jpg http://i.imgur.com/PPnv9Lc.jpg
10:24 PM XXCoder: 40 bucks for that you said?
10:24 PM XXCoder: im not sure how trimmable my cnc router s
10:24 PM Wolf_: $80 off ebay
10:26 PM Wolf_: but I spent like almost 2 years collecting the metrology gear I have now
10:26 PM XXCoder: heh thats almost as long as I have worked at current job.
10:30 PM Wolf_: http://i.imgur.com/Sbd6BWE.jpg those 3 cost me… fuck I don’t remember lol I think it was $200
10:30 PM XXCoder: lol my mitoyo caliper and mic is same as yours
10:31 PM XXCoder: 300 bucks for those 2, and another 200 bucks for dial test indictor
10:31 PM Wolf_: yeah, now that I think back I think it was $275 for all 3
10:31 PM XXCoder: when dinos roamed the land? ;)
10:33 PM Wolf_: got it from one of the FB sales groups in 2015
10:33 PM XXCoder: my other tools is 1950s starret mic, and fowler 1980s? caliper dial
10:34 PM XXCoder: digital ones was recrtified last week, and non-dogital ones need to be recertified in may
10:35 PM Wolf_: mine are both due lol
10:35 PM XXCoder: thats why I have two sets
10:35 PM XXCoder: and man do I use that 1950s mic a lot
10:36 PM Wolf_: http://i.imgur.com/GRfkcl7.jpg i have som old stuff
10:36 PM XXCoder: dang thats well worn mic
10:38 PM Wolf_: note some of the calipers there are from Athol machine Co, pre Starrett stuff
10:38 PM XXCoder: not surpised, starrett invented that mic design in what 1880s?
10:39 PM XXCoder: so those must be older, or was still made after starrett started
10:39 PM Crom: Harbor Feight indicator 0.001', ebay 0.1mm indicator, B&S 0-1" micrometer, harbor freight 6" digital caliper, B&S 6" veneer caliper
10:39 PM Wolf_: i forget, the history is online, i read it once
10:40 PM Crom: starrett 0-0.100 stock caliper
10:40 PM {HD}: Wolf_: How do you like those ball screws? I am looking at some that seem similar.
10:41 PM Wolf_: they seem ok
10:41 PM Wolf_: keep in mind they all look the same from china lol
10:41 PM {HD}: Yea, I guess that is true.
10:44 PM gregcnc: so has anyone tried one of these yet? http://tinyurl.com/hm9khfb
10:45 PM XXCoder: mrpete222 videos is pretty nice
10:45 PM Wolf_: lol gregcnc
10:46 PM XXCoder: "Plutonium not Available at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Please contact your local supplier."
10:46 PM MacGalempsy: gregcnc: i already knew you were going to ask that
10:46 PM XXCoder: drat
10:46 PM XXCoder: so I really do need to contact local terrorists
10:46 PM malcom2073: XXCoder: You contact the libyans?
10:46 PM XXCoder: yeah looks like I have to
10:46 PM MacGalempsy: you are better off w Mr Fusion
10:46 PM MacGalempsy: plutonium is so 1985
10:47 PM XXCoder: meh I'll just jig up a thunder kit
10:47 PM XXCoder: go to future, buy mr fusion
10:47 PM XXCoder: less contact with terrorists
10:48 PM MacGalempsy: agreed. make not to pickup a sports almanac
10:48 PM MacGalempsy: not = note
10:48 PM Crom: spent all day with Lenny, the owner of a 1981 De Lorean Time machine Plutonium with 1955 lightening hook
10:49 PM XXCoder: I have this spindle http://www.ebay.com/itm/301641324807
10:49 PM gregcnc: the current De Lorean was based in town
10:50 PM gregcnc: was/is
10:50 PM Crom: On the train I was Du Mass his younger brother
10:50 PM XXCoder: I wonder what good tool would be to use to hold spindle as I loosen nut
10:50 PM MacGalempsy: http://www.ebay.com/itm/132121610847
10:50 PM Wolf_: wrench
10:50 PM gregcnc: doesn't the spindle have flats?
10:50 PM XXCoder: it has it, I dont have good tool for it
10:50 PM MacGalempsy: 8kg thrust x 4 would be awesome
10:51 PM gregcnc: mac what are you doing with that?
10:51 PM XXCoder: wrench ok will see if has it
10:51 PM Crom: 13mm wrench for the flats on the spindle shaft
10:51 PM MacGalempsy: lol. dreaming about a quad jet drone
10:51 PM Wolf_: lol mac
10:51 PM XXCoder: Crom: is there a way to buy one?
10:51 PM MacGalempsy: getting shot down by the drone guys
10:51 PM Crom: adjustable spanner (Cresent Wrench)
10:51 PM XXCoder: I dont relly want that one but yeah looks like
10:52 PM gregcnc: https://youtu.be/KEDrMriKsFM?t=36s
10:52 PM Wolf_: better to do a traditional heli with turbine and add adru pilot to it IMO
10:52 PM MacGalempsy: need to start drawning it up in fusion360
10:52 PM Crom: Oreilly's, napa, sears, ace, orchard supply, ... 13mm open end wrench, 17 mm for the nut
10:52 PM XXCoder: I have nice tool for nut
10:52 PM XXCoder: but nothing for spindle flat spot. good iduea though, easy to buy single one
10:53 PM MacGalempsy: gregcnc: hell yes!
10:53 PM Crom: it should come with a cheesy stamped steel wrench
10:53 PM Wolf_: pawn shop or check yard sales, get cheap wrench, keep with machine
10:53 PM XXCoder: mine didnt, Im usign stamped one from my grinder
10:54 PM MacGalempsy: Wolf_ god did not send me images in my sleep of converted helos
10:54 PM Wolf_: lol
10:54 PM Crom: i use a 12mm x 13mm double open end wrench... 12mm sort fits the 7/16" hold down nuts
10:55 PM MacGalempsy: quad jets plus this http://www.airsoftgi.com/mobile2016/product_info.php?products_id=16377
10:56 PM MacGalempsy: its only 25lbs
10:56 PM XXCoder: heyy this isnt bad https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/00468397
10:56 PM Wolf_: 25lbs, that would fit under my octo
10:56 PM XXCoder: I would love to have rotating dial test indiction! some steups would be so much easier.
10:56 PM Crom: http://www.ebay.com/itm/S-K-86511-open-end-both-ends-11mm-x-13mm-wrench-USA-Made-A043-/232145634412
10:56 PM XXCoder: and less back breaking
10:56 PM XXCoder: lol I'll just buy em locally
10:57 PM Wolf_: ebay for that Crom
10:57 PM Wolf_: take 100 off the price
10:57 PM XXCoder: just buy whole kits and sell em singly on ebay ;)
10:58 PM MacGalempsy: isnt that an ignition wrench?
10:58 PM Crom: Love this ad I just read.. Ceiling Fan installation with pre existing box and wiring $55
10:58 PM Wolf_: oops. that was XXCoder’s link
10:59 PM gregcnc: www.ebay.com/itm/282007635907 two of these?
10:59 PM XXCoder: lol
10:59 PM XXCoder: I wpouldnt buy ebay stuff for work, unless its older tools like my 1950s mic
10:59 PM Crom: gregcnc, HAH yep...
11:00 PM XXCoder: interesting size combo
11:00 PM gregcnc: www.ebay.com/itm/252720747689 i got single ended for my spindle, that way it won't get put somewhere else
11:01 PM XXCoder: thats good one
11:01 PM gregcnc: anyway good night
11:06 PM Crom: Gregcnc dang it! that wrench was 30 miles from me
11:06 PM {HD}: is this type of bearing:
11:06 PM {HD}: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Set-20-600-1500-15-wbr-00mm-6x-Linear-Guideway-Rail-12x-Square-carriage-bearing-block-/331995275007?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
11:06 PM {HD}: Better than:
11:06 PM XXCoder: sorry it'll be washington state tool heh
11:06 PM {HD}: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SBR12-1400mm-12MM-LINEAR-SLIDE-GUIDE-SHAFT-2-RAIL-4SBR12UU-Bearing-Block-CNC-set-/332025879427?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
11:07 PM XXCoder: I still have bunch of sbr rails dunno what to do with em lol
11:08 PM {HD}: XXCoder: So you don't like sbr?
11:08 PM XXCoder: nah just changed plans
11:08 PM XXCoder: I was planning to make crappy wood router to make parts for better cnc router
11:09 PM XXCoder: but then I got job and could just directly buy 2040 frame
11:09 PM Crom: hmm 55 inches... for a 48 travel that leaves you a 7" out spread of the bearing
11:09 PM {HD}: Crom: I am not sure what you mean.
11:10 PM Wolf_: I’m trying to figure out if I should build my small laser engraver from open build or hiwin 12mm rail
11:11 PM Crom: 1400mm track is just over 55 inches long. With a gantry with the bearings spread apart the outside to outside spread of the bearings can be 7" to get a 48 total travel
11:11 PM Crom: if the bearings are 2.5" long, then you'd have 2" gap between them
11:12 PM {HD}: Crom: That doesnt sound like the best...
11:13 PM os1r1s: XXCoder Still having the limit exceeded error
11:13 PM Crom: that's ok with a low Z height or Y rails are raised above table
11:13 PM os1r1s: Bout to disable min and max limits
11:13 PM XXCoder: os1r1s: not sure whats going on there
11:14 PM Crom: os1r1s, true using a total travel dimension .1 bigger than your largest offset on on the part
11:15 PM os1r1s: On Y its telling me max positive limit and X its going min negative limit
11:15 PM os1r1s: Its squirrely
11:15 PM Crom: I had my x limits set to -6 to 270m g0x270 would fail. x limits set to -6 to 270.1, g0X270 would work
11:16 PM os1r1s: Crom Not following
11:16 PM Crom: you have softlimits set. the g code is telling the machine to move outside those limits
11:17 PM XXCoder: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SWIVEL-ADAPTER-FOR-DIAL-TEST-INDICATORS-INDICATOR-HOLDER-/142317016319 this is riciously expensive
11:17 PM Crom: try making soft limits larger than largest g1xXXX number
11:17 PM XXCoder: but then it would enable me to buy and use those $10 dial indictor
11:18 PM Crom: in linuxcnc goto TO the limit is the same as going past the limit
11:18 PM os1r1s: Crom min and max should only apply to machine coordinates
11:18 PM os1r1s: But it sounds like you are saying they might apply to work coordinates too
11:19 PM Crom: on mine Y374.4 is physical max, my softlimit setting is 374.41
11:19 PM XXCoder: would that allow machine to impact end?
11:19 PM Crom: if the work coord's -- actual machine limits are met or passed, itll fail
11:20 PM os1r1s: XXCoder On the neg side I have a homing switch
11:20 PM os1r1s: I'm assuming it would fault if it hit that
11:20 PM Crom: it won't gotp 374,41, it'll only go to 374.409
11:20 PM Crom: homing switch only active on homing
11:21 PM os1r1s: Crom Well that sucks ...
11:22 PM Crom: move has to be < (less than) actual , not <= (Less than or equal) actual
11:22 PM Crom: home + limit activeat all times
11:23 PM Crom: limit active at all times
11:23 PM XXCoder: 35 bucks for sine not bad, keep that in mind
11:23 PM os1r1s: I guess I need to map it to homing and min limit
11:23 PM Crom: plus a bit +0.001 is good
11:31 PM chopper79: Evening all
11:31 PM XXCoder: hey
11:31 PM MacGalempsy: so my day hand sent off his 80/20 15series f150 camper shell off to 80/20 for pricing today. it will be interesting to see the price breakdown
11:31 PM MacGalempsy: it didnt look cheap
11:32 PM roycroft: it will cost ONE MILLION DOLLARS
11:32 PM MacGalempsy: probably. i asked him if he was ready for sticker shock
11:32 PM chopper79: Said in your best Dr. Evil voice
11:32 PM roycroft: he could almost buy a "laser" for that much money
11:33 PM MacGalempsy: the design was so simple he could get it tig welded up for a fraction, but he is dead set on it
11:33 PM roycroft: 80/20 is nice
11:33 PM roycroft: but i would only use it when i needed it
11:34 PM roycroft: and it is not needed to fab a camper shell
11:34 PM MacGalempsy: all the panels are hdpe.
11:34 PM Wolf_: I agree, its nice for something, but holding a shell together, nope
11:34 PM roycroft: if he wants bling, tell him to save the money on the 80/20 and get some curb feelers
11:35 PM MacGalempsy: he is pretty strong willed about it. his sketchup drawing was cute
11:35 PM XXCoder: crazy
11:35 PM XXCoder: hey i think i have an idea heh
11:35 PM roycroft: maybe some fuzzy dice as well
11:35 PM chopper79: https://fiberfixnow.com/thevideo
11:35 PM XXCoder: build a camper kit for people who can only use wrenches
11:35 PM MacGalempsy: he is from Texas, so he'll probably do it just because
11:35 PM XXCoder: roycroft: free fuzzies or no buy!
11:37 PM XXCoder: chop its cool but once you open you have to use all of it
11:37 PM XXCoder: so yeah no
11:37 PM Wolf_: hell, I’m doing my laser cnc build frame out of 1/2
11:37 PM chopper79: Build camper shell in one shot
11:37 PM Wolf_: “ steel tube
11:37 PM Wolf_: 80/20 cost to much
11:37 PM XXCoder: aliexpress heh
11:37 PM roycroft: http://www.roycroft.us/StupidTexasSong.mp3
11:38 PM chopper79: I really only like the video... I would not use that fiberfix on anything really
11:38 PM XXCoder: dont go over 550mm
11:38 PM roycroft: that describes texans very well :)
11:38 PM roycroft: the band are from texas, btw, so they are allowed to make fun of texans
11:38 PM XXCoder: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SWIVEL-ADAPTER-FOR-DIAL-TEST-INDICATORS-INDICATOR-HOLDER-/142317016319
11:39 PM XXCoder: that plus some $10 dial test indictor
11:40 PM MacGalempsy: lol. nice video. it absence in the second rolled car was noticable
11:41 PM MacGalempsy: i bet when he gets the 80/20 custom estimate, he will begin looking for a prefab shell
11:41 PM XXCoder: what is missing
11:41 PM roycroft: because my estimate is not far off :)
11:42 PM MacGalempsy: the narrorator said the first car driver was a dummy doll
11:42 PM MacGalempsy: he wasnt in the second car either
11:47 PM chopper79: I would not be in either of them either
11:47 PM XXCoder: yeah
11:48 PM XXCoder: interesting one http://507movements.com/mm_216.html
11:49 PM chopper79: I always liked this one https://youtu.be/mkQ2pXkYjRM
11:50 PM XXCoder: I think its from same book
11:51 PM chopper79: Awesome stuff
11:52 PM MacGalempsy: ok. so sketching it out, the 15series with no connectors is about $920
11:52 PM Wolf_: lol
11:52 PM MacGalempsy: no cuts either
11:52 PM MacGalempsy: that is just 97" bars
11:52 PM XXCoder: and connectors is 10 times price of extrusions ;)
11:52 PM Wolf_: having it welded from stainless steel would be cheaper
11:52 PM MacGalempsy: yeah. plus custom shapped panels
11:53 PM MacGalempsy: thats what i said.
11:53 PM os1r1s: So is it machine coordinate + G54 offset - Tool Length Offset?
11:53 PM MacGalempsy: put it more along the lines of, for shits and giggles you should ask a fab shop to easimate a welded frame
11:54 PM XXCoder: os1r1s: don't use tool length offsets when measuring tool lengths
11:54 PM XXCoder: use a common reference point like I told cncnoob
11:54 PM MacGalempsy: he blew that off like a 2 dollar whore given 3 bucks
11:54 PM os1r1s: XXCoder I do. But I'm trying to figure out the logic
11:55 PM XXCoder: well basically its this, tool lengths and part coordite z must agree
11:55 PM XXCoder: to do that you use common point, specifically reference point
11:55 PM XXCoder: you decide where that is, suggest easy one to repeat