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Feb 23 2017

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12:14 AM MacTab: Anyone try the supermicro j1900 board?
12:16 AM MacTab: X10sba
12:49 AM MacTab: Exciting
12:49 AM MacTab: Not...
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02:34 AM Deejay: moin
02:36 AM MacTab: Hi deejay
02:38 AM Deejay: hi mac
02:56 AM MacTab: Deejay having fun today?
05:14 AM jthornton: morning
05:14 AM XXCoder: hey jthornton
05:14 AM XXCoder: my 12v module arrived~
05:14 AM jthornton: nice
05:14 AM XXCoder: now to wait for 5v
05:15 AM XXCoder: yeah last 500 years was boring. now to wait 10 to 100 years for 5v one
05:24 AM XXCoder: hows your shop
05:26 AM jthornton: got just a little bit of itch to put up after framing up a few more 2x4's on the gable ends but that a low priority right now
05:26 AM jthornton: got a couple of small machines to get done for a local plastic injection place
05:27 AM jthornton: finally got the frame and base done yesterday and some of the milling done on the tool plate
05:28 AM XXCoder: nice
05:30 AM jthornton: got a bunch of people bugging me to get some of these done http://spyderstore.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=66&product_id=69
05:30 AM XXCoder: very expensive for few peices of metal.
05:31 AM jthornton: kind of a pia to make them fit right
05:32 AM jthornton: the only other option is to buy a $750 trailer hitch and put a carrier on it
05:53 AM XXCoder: lol https://youtu.be/55psWVYSbrI
05:56 AM jthornton: must be cold in there
05:56 AM XXCoder: maybe dunno
05:56 AM jthornton: gotta make a bunch of these I'm about out https://mesaus.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=70&product_id=80
05:57 AM MacGalempsy: Haha
05:58 AM MacGalempsy: They do come in handy
06:00 AM jthornton: my last stock was all different thickness so I had to sort them by size to get the chamfer right what a pain
06:00 AM XXCoder: looks like some sort of electrics holder?
06:02 AM jthornton: holds up most of the Mesa daughter cards on a din rail
06:02 AM XXCoder: ahh cool
06:03 AM MacGalempsy: You guys use the m350 micro itx case? It is din mountable
06:04 AM MacGalempsy: No pci riser though
06:04 AM XXCoder: hellriser
06:05 AM MacGalempsy: Whats that?
06:05 AM malcom2073: I've used that case, it's pretty cheap (in feel and quality), but it's pretty useful
06:05 AM XXCoder: a movie
06:06 AM MacGalempsy: Kicking around a new system and debating between the mini and micro itx formats
06:06 AM MacGalempsy: I like that the m350 is vesa compatible
06:08 AM malcom2073: Be aware, you have to secure it to the mount, *then* install the motherboard
06:09 AM MacGalempsy: Oh dang. The current monitor is not vesa comp... will have to pull it apart later
06:10 AM MacGalempsy: Or are you talking about the bracket?
06:11 AM malcom2073: Whatever you're mounting it to, be it a monitor, or a spacer bracket
06:22 AM Jymmm: Bah, he left. I was going to comment that it only has a 2.5" hdd bracket, not a 3.5" that it looks like.
06:24 AM XXCoder: oh well
06:26 AM Jymmm: It's not a bad little case
06:26 AM XXCoder: I evenually need a project box to hold my cnc router electrics
06:26 AM XXCoder: I just got my 12v dc-dc, now just need 5v to arrive.
06:27 AM Jymmm: pizza box
06:27 AM XXCoder: cheesy
06:27 AM XXCoder: im currently using candy box
06:28 AM XXCoder: no, soda box
06:28 AM XXCoder: its left over from days I worked at vend heh
06:28 AM Jymmm: Watchng a video of that case, he says it does get hot, heh.
06:28 AM Jymmm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rXagyQ-g6E
06:30 AM XXCoder: I laughed my ass when guy said this is fake news, because "they're ugly" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8T-gnZevlaY
06:30 AM XXCoder: video I just linked to is proof :P
06:30 AM XXCoder: that it does exist
06:42 AM Tom_itx: dubai ain't got nuthin on those fish
06:42 AM Tom_itx: building islands..
06:43 AM Jymmm: destroying coral reefs =(
06:46 AM Tom_itx is now known as Tom_L
06:48 AM Tom_L: did you want to eat them?
06:48 AM Tom_L: we destroy everything else
06:48 AM Jymmm: Me? No. Just that the Great Barrier Reef is being destoryed and is dying off little by little.
06:48 AM Jymmm: and many other reeefs too, sadly.
06:48 AM Jymmm: I think coral reefs are frickin awesome, I'm in awe of them
07:06 AM _methods: http://www.ripsawtank.com
07:06 AM _methods: i want one of those
07:06 AM _methods: so i can drive over coral reefs
07:08 AM * Jymmm sends a school of toothed fish to _methods' testicles
07:09 AM * _methods drives over Jymmm and his puny fish
07:09 AM _methods: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/861/text
07:09 AM _methods: F your reefs
07:10 AM _methods: and F the planet
07:10 AM _methods: let's melt this bitch down and turn it into gold tooths
07:10 AM _methods: nasa just found 7 more planets so we got extras
07:12 AM Jymmm: KY, MS, GA, so I'm guessing it's mining/logging rights their after?
07:13 AM _methods: once we cut nasa budget we'll have even more money to spend on gold teeths
07:13 AM _methods: The Environmental Protection Agency shall terminate on December 31, 2018.
07:13 AM _methods: classic lol
07:17 AM archivist: would you like to re run your presidential election again yes/no
07:18 AM Jymmm: No, but I really wish there was an alien abduction.
07:19 AM Jymmm: illegal or extraterrestrial is fine with me.
07:19 AM gonzo_: i thought there already had been
07:20 AM Jymmm: I'd pay them to use their anal probe!!!
07:20 AM _methods: hahahah
07:20 AM _methods: trumpet probe
07:20 AM Jymmm: Ivana probe
07:21 AM _methods: that sounds like it might sell better
07:21 AM _methods: or at least look better
07:21 AM Jymmm: Oh, and I bet she would finance it in full too
07:21 AM _methods: apparently that brand doesn't sell very well
07:21 AM _methods: http://www.mid.ru/en/nedostovernie-publikacii
07:22 AM _methods: thank god
07:22 AM _methods: someone trustworthy to identify fake news for the world
08:37 AM Tom_L: if you trust someone else's 'word for it' you have no mind of your own
08:43 AM ktchk: Hi is a Haas OM-2a good for linuxcnc?
08:43 AM gregcnc: why would you replace that control?
08:44 AM gregcnc: is it defective or missing?
08:45 AM ktchk: Have to replace some boards or change the control
08:45 AM ktchk: the hd usb board does not read and load
08:46 AM Tom_L: cute
08:46 AM gregcnc: did you get a quote?
08:47 AM ktchk: the local service said it is an old model does not like to help
08:48 AM Tom_L: 12 x 10 x 12" box isn't much
08:48 AM sync_: that's a cute mill
08:48 AM gregcnc: plenty if your parts are tiny
08:48 AM Tom_L: yeah
08:48 AM Tom_L: or lab prototypes
08:49 AM ktchk: The problem is enet/zip/hdd board and usb
08:49 AM Tom_L: add a vise and any tool length and that goes to zero real quick
08:49 AM Tom_L: i'd get a board quote first
08:49 AM gregcnc: people who use them like them
08:50 AM ktchk: how to check usb read?
08:50 AM Tom_L: plug a thumbdrive in it and read it?
08:50 AM ktchk: does not loaf
08:50 AM ktchk: load
08:51 AM archivist: a fresh one, sometimes they die
08:51 AM gregcnc: how old is it, i thought these are max 10yo?
08:51 AM Tom_L: http://www.cnczone.com/forums/haas-mills/105143-usb-flash-drive-issue.html
08:51 AM ktchk: it is the recover usb
08:53 AM gregcnc: haas factory won't help?
08:53 AM Tom_L: i bet they wouuld
08:53 AM Tom_L: they come to the uni here on a regular basis
08:53 AM Tom_L: the uni gets free hass mills in return for showcasing them for potential clients
08:54 AM ktchk: the service in hong kong is from china, the machine is donated to a training centre
08:55 AM gregcnc: ah, i figured this wasn't in the US
08:55 AM Tom_L: any error messages?
08:55 AM Tom_L: error log file etc
08:55 AM gregcnc: i'd try the haas forum on practicalmachinist
08:56 AM ktchk: no error message only the disk not load
08:56 AM Tom_L: exhaust your resources on the control and if you don't get anywhere rip it out
08:56 AM Tom_L: we've got excellent customer support for linuxcnc here
08:57 AM Tom_L: it would be a longer road getting it up and running though
08:57 AM ktchk: can linuxcnc replace it
08:58 AM ktchk: cut the pc-104 out ??
08:58 AM archivist: for what definition of replace
08:59 AM ktchk: connect linuxcnc throught gpio
08:59 AM gregcnc: not as simple as replace motherboard and load Linuxcnc
09:00 AM ktchk: mesa ?
09:00 AM Tom_L: of course
09:00 AM ktchk: possible?
09:00 AM Tom_L: sure
09:00 AM ktchk: any tutor page
09:01 AM gregcnc: possible, vs down time, time sorting all the logic, etc.
09:01 AM gregcnc: but if you're teaching Haas controls it won't be haas anymore?
09:03 AM ktchk: the trailing centre is small router kit and linuxcnc Haas is not major
09:05 AM ktchk: On the enat/zip/hdd board no usb port but a serial port is it the usb read there
09:10 AM gregcnc: http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/haas/ see if anyone can help you here with the haas issues. if there is no practical solution, maybe retrofit will be worth the effort
09:10 AM ktchk: thank
09:13 AM archivist: find/download the service manuals
09:17 AM gregcnc: huh haas has them available for download for free even https://diy.haascnc.com/customer-service-center-categories/manuals-documentation/1356#gsc.tab=0
09:17 AM archivist: no need to guess then :)
09:19 AM archivist: strange way to organise them
09:20 AM ktchk: thanks I download the service manual see if i can repair the board
09:20 AM ktchk: but i hope to modify it for linuxcnc
09:20 AM gregcnc: regardless of organization, many mfg want $$$ for any sort of manual
09:21 AM gregcnc: assume what a few hundred hours for retrofit?
09:22 AM ktchk: any experience?
09:25 AM archivist: you that needs the experience :)
09:25 AM ktchk: first time trying to play with Haas
09:27 AM gregcnc: if at all possible use the original control. retrofit is last resort in my mind
09:30 AM gregcnc: if someone gave me a OM-2 with this problem i'd fix it. the original control is very capable, we aren't talking a 1980's control here
09:31 AM ktchk: right first see if the usb problem I can fix. other then the usb all other control looks ok
09:32 AM ktchk: thanks
10:56 AM Deejay: re
10:57 AM enleth: anyone from SF Bay Area around here?
10:58 AM _methods: Jymmm is pretty fruity so i bet he is
11:02 AM enleth: I've got an old servo drive from the Bridgeport, it still has some market value, but mostly for US buyers. A friend of mine is going to be in the SF area by the end of March. So I'll be looking for someone willing to hold onto that servo drive and expedite it after I find a buyer, with a fee for the trouble I suppose.
11:04 AM enleth: those drives sell for $200-$250, 3-4 per quarter, people buy them to keep their stuff going as it's impossible to replace them with something modern without a major electrical overhaul of the machine
12:02 PM * Jymmm turns _methods into a fruitcake.
12:02 PM _methods: heheh
12:03 PM * SpeedEvil turns _methods into __methods.
12:03 PM _methods: damn you
12:03 PM _methods: 🍆
12:24 PM Jymmm: Oh man, it's warmed up outside big time... 32F now. When I working outside earlier it was 29F
12:25 PM Deejay: about 44°F here in good old germany
12:25 PM Deejay: with lots of wind
12:30 PM CaptHindsight: I'm trying to find a thermal insulator that is strong enough to hold ~20lbs to isolate an oven from bearings
12:31 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.morganthermalceramics.com/media/3004/trr_2000-sl_structural_block_insulation.pdf
12:33 PM SpeedEvil: What temperature
12:33 PM _methods: !weather
12:34 PM _methods: !wz
12:34 PM _methods: no weather bot
12:34 PM _methods: jthornton: is slackin
12:35 PM CaptHindsight: SpeedEvil: good to maybe 200-250C
12:35 PM SpeedEvil: pretty much any sort of ceramic block insulation - like
12:35 PM CaptHindsight: rules out most plastics
12:35 PM archivist: some firebrick is good at that
12:36 PM archivist: the magic search term is Vermiculite
12:37 PM SpeedEvil: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CALCIUM-SILICATE-BOARD-1000C-SKAMOL-NARROWBOAT-STOVES-215x1000x65mm-Misc-/262341395029?hash=item3d14c40255:g:fqAAAOxy4fVTDej~
12:37 PM _methods: isbn't that stuff what australians eat
12:37 PM archivist: that is vegemite
12:37 PM _methods: hahahha
12:38 PM archivist: UK equivalent Marmite as far as I know
12:38 PM _methods: not to be confused with marmots
12:41 PM archivist: which reminds me, out of Twiglets error!
12:45 PM CaptHindsight: SpeedEvil and archivist http://www.promat-hpi.com/downloads/get/en/8D778F21B04244AEA2A141C9F5E3DD46 Promasil
12:46 PM archivist: CaptHindsight, I used the Vermiculite as cheap on fleabay to encase my bluing oven
12:47 PM CaptHindsight: since it has to support an oven on linear bearings
12:47 PM CaptHindsight: a static application is easy with firebrick or similar
12:48 PM SpeedEvil: the above is nice and light, which is often a plus.
12:50 PM CaptHindsight: Tensile strength N/mm2 32
12:50 PM CaptHindsight: Cold compressive strength N/mm2 60
12:51 PM CaptHindsight: Bending strength N/mm2 109
12:52 PM CaptHindsight: Thermal conductivity W/m K 0.55
12:53 PM Jymmm: FARK.... it's so cold that my glasses friosted over and I blew a hole thru the drum with the welder! ARGH!!!!
12:54 PM Jymmm: The lesson for today boys and girls is don't weld in 32F weather, mkay!
12:57 PM SpeedEvil: Or move your head closer so the weld keeps it hot
12:57 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.promat-hpi.com/en-us/products/calcium-silicates/monolux-products
12:58 PM Jymmm: SpeedEvil: I tried that, but the molten metal kept putting blisters on my eyeballs
12:59 PM CaptHindsight: Jymmm: I'd wait for nicer weather
01:00 PM Jymmm: oh great, the high for today is 40F <rolls eyes>
01:00 PM Jymmm: CaptHindsight: Sadly, this *IS* "nicer weather", as in no rian for 5 days straight and no snow/hail
01:00 PM CaptHindsight: Jymmm: have you ever thought of relocating to a more hospitable area?
01:01 PM _methods: he's not allowed to leave his state
01:01 PM _methods: court order
01:01 PM CaptHindsight: ah forgot
01:01 PM _methods: and upon relocation he has to immediately notify authorities
01:01 PM Jymmm: _methods: get your ass back in your cage!
01:01 PM _methods: hahahah
01:01 PM gregcnc: you need more practice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COAUH9Piy9I
01:02 PM Jymmm: gregcnc: lol
01:03 PM _methods: heheh
01:04 PM _methods: how'd you find that video of Jymmm welding
01:04 PM gregcnc: google watches him
01:04 PM _methods: police too
01:07 PM Jymmm: Yes, because that's what cops do, video people welding. At least TRY to smacktalk _methods
01:07 PM Jymmm: _methods: go ahead try it agian...
01:08 PM _methods: hehehe
01:08 PM _methods: hold on i'm trying to think of something
01:11 PM * Jymmm tosses _methods a cookie and closes the cage door.
01:16 PM _methods: heheh thx Jymmm
01:25 PM R2E4_bevins: Hi yall!!
01:25 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.grizzly.com/products/12-x-36-Gunsmithing-Lathe-with-Stand/G4003G?utm_campaign=zPage&utm_source=grizzly.com someone has this for $2500 used and 3 months old
01:26 PM CaptHindsight: still not sure if it's worth it
01:26 PM R2E4_bevins: thats like a 4000 machine
01:26 PM CaptHindsight: looks like the Enco's I got rid of
01:26 PM CaptHindsight: maybe if it's new and he got a good one
01:27 PM R2E4_bevins: lol, theres good ones and bad ones?
01:27 PM CaptHindsight: R2E4_bevins: current list price is $3400
01:27 PM R2E4_bevins: I gues its like cars, you can happen to get a lemon.
01:27 PM CaptHindsight: yes
01:27 PM gregcnc: https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/for/6015957753.html
01:27 PM R2E4_bevins: yeah, canadian is more......
01:27 PM CaptHindsight: the Chinaco motto
01:28 PM R2E4_bevins: IS there a daughter card for the 5i25 that does RS-485?
01:28 PM gregcnc: i guess that's the new SB
01:31 PM CaptHindsight: yeah Taiwan version
01:31 PM CaptHindsight: 12 x 36
01:32 PM CaptHindsight: https://racine.craigslist.org/tls/6015534682.html $2500
01:33 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8grhpoW0PM nice lathing gloves
01:35 PM roycroft: that's a good price on the 4003g
01:35 PM roycroft: if there were one here for $2500 i'd snap it up in an instant
01:36 PM gregcnc: video was made 3.5 years ago?
01:37 PM JT-Shop: R2E4_bevins: most daughter cards for the 5i52 have RS-485 smart serial if that's what your asking
01:37 PM CaptHindsight: roycroft: do they need some TLC to get them true and square?
01:37 PM R2E4_bevins: JT-Shop: Yeah I just saw the 7i74 is either RS422 or RS485.
01:38 PM CaptHindsight: are the oil ports drilled through etc?
01:38 PM R2E4_bevins: But cant be both?
01:38 PM roycroft: i don't have one
01:38 PM roycroft: but the answer is certainly yes
01:38 PM roycroft: machinery imported from asia should be considered delivered in kit form
01:39 PM JT-Shop: I assume no
01:39 PM roycroft: yes to the "tlc" question
01:39 PM roycroft: i hadn't read the second question yet when i responded
01:40 PM CaptHindsight: High-quality NSK spindle bearings - better than the old wood ones
01:40 PM JT-Shop: R2E4_bevins: what are you trying to do?
01:40 PM R2E4_bevins: because if Lcnc can talk to the Biesse rs-485 IO, then I can drop the retropfit price cause it should only take a week or so, because I would have already have the configs.
01:41 PM JT-Shop: good question for pcw_home
01:41 PM CaptHindsight: the south bend and the grizzly have near identical specs
01:42 PM R2E4_bevins: Drop the retrofit time from 3-4 weeks down to 1 week, then it is more like to get customer interest and not having to pay 10,000 for a machine you can get for 10000.
01:42 PM R2E4_bevins: But for now, will use the standard boards I used....5i25 ......etc
01:44 PM CaptHindsight: 20 year old SB vs 3 month old Grizzly
01:45 PM JT-Shop: 11/15 to 2/17...
01:46 PM CaptHindsight: ah 2015 vs 2016
01:48 PM CaptHindsight: been waiting for a nice Hardinge
01:49 PM CaptHindsight: so if I get one of these a nice one will show up the following week on CL
01:49 PM roycroft: i'm planning on heading up to bellingham for the grizzly tent sale in may
01:49 PM roycroft: i'm hoping to find a 12x36 for a good price there
01:49 PM roycroft: some of their scratch and dent stuff is 1/2 off
01:49 PM CaptHindsight: Boeing looks like they are cleaning house on big iron
01:49 PM roycroft: my pickup is only 1/2 ton
01:50 PM roycroft: i would not make it out of south seattle with a big iron boeing machine :)
01:50 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mazak-Mazatech-H-1000-3-Axis-Horizontal-Machining-Center-2-Pallet-CNC-Mill-1000Q/401277413451
01:50 PM CaptHindsight: 70k lbs
01:50 PM CaptHindsight: $20k for rigging
01:51 PM roycroft: that machine is a bit more ambitious than i would ever be able to handle
01:51 PM CaptHindsight: 2 hours left, now at $1034
01:51 PM roycroft: not to mention i have no use for anything like that
01:52 PM CaptHindsight: $500 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mazak-AJV-35-60-CNC-Mill-3-Axis-Vertical-Milling-Machine-w-Mazatrol-M-32-Control-/201821807629?hash=item2efd84640d:g:IBUAAOSw4CFYphvR
01:52 PM SpeedEvil: roycroft: ensuring your shop won't blow away
01:52 PM CaptHindsight: not worth $4k for riggers that they have to approve of
01:53 PM gregcnc: another case of pay us to make room in our building
01:53 PM SpeedEvil: I do wonder if tehre is >1 approved rigging company
01:57 PM SpeedEvil: http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/dykAAOSwWxNYphrk/s-l1600.jpg - on toolchangers
01:57 PM gregcnc: curious milling? vise www.ebay.com/itm/192103668568
02:06 PM JT-Shop: cool reversible jaws
02:21 PM Deejay: ha, german! ;)
02:23 PM MacGalempsy: good afternoon
02:48 PM chopper79: Hello
02:50 PM chopper79: CaptHindsight: I see you are still looking at mills.
02:54 PM chopper79: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Makino-MC65-4-Axis-Horizontal-Machining-Center-No-Reserve-/222415834359?hash=item33c9044cf7:g:BLYAAOSwr~lYqvl0
02:54 PM chopper79: theres one for you
03:03 PM nallar is now known as Ross
03:09 PM Roguish: a friend of mine had a couple of large horizontals, each with over $100k in tooling in there changers.....
03:12 PM nallar is now known as Ross
03:29 PM Jymmm: OF COURSE the sun is out and it starts to SNOW!!!
03:29 PM Loetmichel_: hmmm
03:30 PM Jymmm: Loetmichel_: ...while I've been trying to finish some welding outdoors
03:30 PM Loetmichel_: its 22:00 over here... and still 13°C... no snow for 2 months now ;)
03:30 PM Jymmm: 1300 @ 40F atm
03:30 PM Loetmichel_: Jymmm: so the usual campfire feeling? roasted front, frozen ass?
03:31 PM Jymmm: Loetmichel_: Earlier it was 32F and my glasses fogged up and I blew a hole thru the barrel wth the welder.
03:32 PM Jymmm: ...almost finished repairing the hole and it starts to snow. I'm done.
03:35 PM jdh: it's 75f and sunshine
03:36 PM Jymmm: jdh: whats it in the summer? 104F and 90% humidty?
03:37 PM Jymmm: Eeeesh, snow not even predicted for today.
03:38 PM Jymmm: just partly cloudy, but it seems to be sticking... weird ass weather, betcha I'll have to wear shorts in an hour
03:42 PM MacGalempsy: 80+F here in central ok
03:44 PM jdh: jymm: usually a few days in august like that
03:47 PM Jymmm: jdh: The saddest part is I'm trying to weld a wood heater I'm making =)
03:48 PM jdh: a/c on yesterday
03:49 PM roycroft: we had freaky weather yesterday
03:49 PM roycroft: when i walked out of the office the sky was almost clear
03:50 PM roycroft: by the time i crossed the parking lot ice was falling out of the sky so heavily i could hardly see ahead of me
03:50 PM roycroft: by the time i got out of town (it's a tiny town - about 3 minutes) there was a good centimeter of ice covering the roads
03:50 PM roycroft: today the sky is clear again
04:15 PM Deejay: gn8
04:22 PM XXCoder: its making for one of hottest feb ever
04:22 PM XXCoder: looks like we are back to breaking record each month
04:40 PM MacGalempsy: in archean time the surface of the earth was molten
05:26 PM pcw_mesa_ is now known as pcw_mesa
05:49 PM CaptHindsight: chopper79: thanks
05:52 PM CaptHindsight: Makino Model MC65 the ad says 6k rpm spindle yet other have 15k rpm
05:54 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WFopFBmhLg&feature=youtu.be hmmm 4 axis HMC
05:58 PM CaptHindsight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXYFnsvHiVo
06:00 PM rob_h: dont you just want that A40 after that vid ;)
06:23 PM JT-Shop2: wow there were 4 deer at the feeder
06:23 PM MacGalempsy: CaptHindsight: on that roller assembly you showed me for the sls, do you know where one could source a sleeve?
06:24 PM MacGalempsy: how big of deer?
06:27 PM JT-Shop2: couple pretty big one med and one small
06:28 PM chopper79: Well... It is time to go work on a Grizzly G0463 conversion now. Little bit more and I can get this one out of my hair.
06:30 PM CaptHindsight: MacGalempsy: what part are you looking for? A powder supply piston and build stage piston?
06:32 PM CaptHindsight: MacGalempsy: you can purchase matching pistons and sleeves for automotive https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mel-csl332f
06:48 PM CaptHindsight: MacGalempsy: or the spreader itself? http://www.vxb.com/Hollow-Shaft-Pipe-20mm-12-Long-Linear-Motion-p/Kit7714.htm
06:50 PM CaptHindsight: http://www.vxb.com/Hollow-Shaft-Pipe-30mm-12-Long-Linear-Motion-p/kit7712.htm
07:30 PM MacGalempsy: sorry. had to run to wally world. i was meaning the fabric sleeve that is used for spreading and compacting
07:31 PM MacGalempsy: was thinking a 6" dia teflon sleeve, but only have seen sheets
07:33 PM MacGalempsy: i guess if its done right the seem could end up off stage
07:46 PM enleth: finally, I forced myself to do the mill tramming
07:47 PM enleth: tramming itself was OK, but removing all the panels and covers to get to the bolts and the eccentric nut isn't
07:47 PM enleth: got it within 0.015mm over 41cm
07:51 PM enleth: which is almost the full X travel range
08:04 PM MacGalempsy: sounds like a good go
09:01 PM os1r1s: Anyone use a stationary toolsetter with linuxcnc?
09:09 PM MacGalempsy: It has been done
09:12 PM gregcnc: enleth https://www.facebook.com/MemesPL/photos/a.338169789602659.80444.338158816270423/1298188403600788/?type=3&theater
09:14 PM os1r1s: MacGalempsy I want to mount the probe in the same spot and have it auto set the tool length after changing tools
09:15 PM MacGalempsy: Did you look in the forums?
09:16 PM os1r1s: MacGalempsy Yes. I found lots of probing routines I can use. But it isn't clear how it knows the X/Y position of the probe
09:17 PM os1r1s: And the safe z-height
09:18 PM MacGalempsy: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/config/ini-config.html#_emcio_section
09:19 PM MacGalempsy: This may help. You might need to write a custom subroutine
09:19 PM os1r1s: So the tool change location is directly above the probe?
09:20 PM MacGalempsy: I guess it depends on the setup
09:21 PM MacGalempsy: You are doing a manual change?
09:21 PM os1r1s: Yep
09:21 PM MacGalempsy: That could work.
09:22 PM MacGalempsy: Are you doing it for ware on the bit?
09:23 PM os1r1s: No, I want to be able to autoprobe without setting up tooltables
09:23 PM os1r1s: So if I change the bit in the collet, it will just go back to the location and set the right offset
09:23 PM MacGalempsy: What about diameter?
09:24 PM os1r1s: That will be set in the CAM software
09:24 PM gregcnc: if not using radius comp that works
09:25 PM MacGalempsy: Greggggg what are you doing?
09:26 PM Jymmm: MacGalempsy: I did a pre-test, the results weren't too good
09:26 PM MacGalempsy: More engineering or more testing needed?
09:26 PM gregcnc: you set X,Y in machine coordinates in the tool touch sub
09:28 PM os1r1s: gregcnc I'm not using G40, 41, or 42 in my gcode
09:28 PM gregcnc: doing? not very productive today. Thought I would turn some parts, but will have to wait til morning
09:28 PM Jymmm: MacGalempsy: I'll do one more test tomorrow) if the wx isn't fucking with me), but didn't get past 315F =(
09:29 PM gregcnc: then you don't have to worry about tool diameter, though this is bad practice if you ever have the need for rad comp
09:30 PM MacGalempsy: Jymmm: pics?
09:30 PM os1r1s: gregcnc I've gone the route of having lots of toolholders before and I'm looking to avoid that this time. I don't run the same repetitive jobs, so I almost never have enough
09:30 PM Jymmm: MacGalempsy: none right now, too tired, and a little disappointed.
09:32 PM MacGalempsy: Don't get down. It's science, trial & error is part of life
09:33 PM gregcnc: for manual tool change auto length touch off would be handy, I should set it up for my frankenmill
09:33 PM Jymmm: MacGalempsy: Already been 5 trials and failures, way too much time, energy, and effort
09:34 PM gregcnc: jymmm what's this?
09:34 PM Jymmm: gregcnc: wood heating the garage
09:34 PM MacGalempsy: At least you know 5 methods that dont work
09:34 PM gregcnc: the rocket heater didn't work out?
09:35 PM Jymmm: gregcnc: never got above 315F in a pre-test.
09:36 PM gregcnc: too much draft or combustion was weak?
09:36 PM os1r1s: Jymmm We did a waste oil heater for the hackerspace some time back which worked ok
09:37 PM Jymmm: gregcnc: temp needs to get up to 550F minimum. And yes a bit too weak, but I kinda knew that going in, just expect a bit more than what I got.
09:37 PM MacGalempsy: More mass in the refractory?
09:38 PM Jymmm: the reason for THIS design is to have a flue cool enough so there's no risk of fire from the fluepipe.
09:38 PM Jymmm: And it IS cool to the touch, you can hold it no problem.
09:40 PM gregcnc: os1r1s seeline 116 G53 X Y this tells the machine where the probe is on the table https://github.com/koppi/mk/blob/master/linuxcnc/nc_files/tool-change.ngc
09:41 PM gregcnc: that's all folks time for reboot and some zzzz
11:26 PM MacGalempsy: Anyone still around?
11:33 PM tiwake: no
11:33 PM tiwake: ded
11:34 PM MacGalempsy: Yea. Totally
11:34 PM MacGalempsy: Wishing I had access to fusion360
11:34 PM MacGalempsy: Bored. ..
11:56 PM SpeedEvil: http://imgur.com/gallery/mJMh2V0
11:59 PM MacGalempsy: No YouTube on the company Internet. ..