#linuxcnc | Logs for 2017-02-02

[00:18:44] <cncnoob> Is there any difference between inverting the direction pin and putting a negative sign in front of the SCALE value?
[00:19:49] <Wolf_> if you have it flipped by scale, you can end up with mirrored machine work
[00:27:18] <chopper79> Quick question..... I have a pc here running wheezy with preempt RT. Before I changed this to the RT version my monitor was fine and now it is not fine. I have a perfect looking screen in the top left corner (whole desktop showing) and the lower part of screen and right side screen is all pixiled and just odd looking
[00:27:28] <chopper79> Wish I could post a direct picture here
[00:27:32] <chopper79> any clues?
[00:27:51] <Wolf_> check to see what driver is running
[00:27:54] <Wolf_> if any
[00:28:03] <chopper79> If I go to displays.... monitor is not detected and can not change anything
[00:28:24] <Wolf_> go to terminal and do s lshw
[00:28:27] <Wolf_> i think
[00:28:28] <chopper79> gma500 driver
[00:29:23] <Wolf_> dunno, wheezy pissed me off so I went mint for my Q1900-ITX mobo
[00:30:43] <chopper79> I have restarted many times. Still no change. .... I will boot into the origanal kernel and check to see if it is better
[00:34:03] <chopper79> No driver in the standard release and screen is ok. Swiched back to preempt rt and the screen is junk and driver is gma500
[00:34:18] <chopper79> so I need to find a driver I guess
[00:35:06] <Wolf_> yeah, mine was the other way around, screen looked like ass and no driver loaded
[00:35:34] <cncnoob> It sure seems like negative scale and inverted pins do the same thing
[00:35:48] <Wolf_> it sorta does
[00:36:50] <Wolf_> inverted pin just swaps the motor direction vs what lcnc expects, scale will swap the motor and the readout
[00:37:45] <Wolf_> if I’m remembering correctly that is
[00:44:12] <chopper79> heck with it....bed time. Later everyone
[00:46:42] <cncnoob> Well I want to make chips so I guess I'll just have to figure out the why +/- go the wrong way on the Y and Z axis later
[00:47:32] <Wolf_> remember graphing from high school math?
[00:48:32] <Wolf_> on the x/y just need to make sure 0,0 is at a corner that makes sense that +x and +y go away from the 0 the way it would on a graph
[00:49:38] <Wolf_> Z, 0 home at the top. runs in to negatives when you move towards the table, after touch off going up will be positive numbers, and removing stock will be negative
[02:05:39] <CaptHindsight> http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/2/1/14468126/boston-dynamics-new-wheeled-robot-handle
[02:06:01] <CaptHindsight> “This is the debut presentation of what I think will be a nightmare-inducing robot,”
[02:07:04] <CaptHindsight> almost as disturbing as having a nightmare that all your machine tools have been replaced by repraps
[02:09:10] <CaptHindsight> http://www.theverge.com/2017/2/1/14479364/hydrogel-soft-robot-fish-claw-mit
[02:20:29] <Deejay> moin
[02:31:23] <IchGucksLive> Morning from Nice 5Deg C sunny Germany
[05:01:35] <jthornton> morning
[05:01:46] <XXCoder> yo
[05:06:42] <jthornton> windoze mach users are very much in the dark and a whiny bunch
[05:07:00] <XXCoder> not all of em
[05:07:19] <XXCoder> just curious what made you comment that heh
[05:17:10] <malcom2073> My bet is he has been reading the mach users group on yahoo again
[05:17:53] <XXCoder> maybe heh
[05:27:48] <jthornton> I spent 3 45 minute phone calls with one... just seems like every time I have to deal with a mach user it is painful
[05:30:44] <jthornton> things like "I thought it would be easy", "do you have any videos", "kinda looks like windoze but the menu is in the wrong place"
[05:31:28] <XXCoder> lol
[06:04:09] <pink_vampire> hi
[06:04:27] <XXCoder> hey pink of the night
[06:04:40] <pink_vampire> cute!
[06:05:32] <SpeedEvil> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLSIRflKtEo My new set of (wood) cutters. Look at the awesome quality of the edges.
[06:05:50] <pink_vampire> loading..
[06:06:10] <XXCoder> looks like it was used to cut metal.
[06:06:11] <pink_vampire> OMG
[06:07:23] <pink_vampire> SpeedEvil: look like high grade chinesium.
[06:07:26] <SpeedEvil> New out of box
[06:07:47] <XXCoder> ponk indeed
[06:08:30] <SpeedEvil> It seems to be mostly ground and smeared - needs touch up - which of course raises the question of metal quality
[06:08:52] <XXCoder> have belt sander? can check try sharped
[06:08:56] <XXCoder> see how metal changes
[06:09:32] <SpeedEvil> Unfortunately, with minor touch-up, they'll probably do for my task. I really should return these.
[06:20:09] <jthornton> where did you get them?
[06:22:07] <SpeedEvil> amazon
[06:22:23] <SpeedEvil> I can easily return them, and probably should.
[06:22:26] <jthornton> I'd send that back
[06:22:34] <jthornton> that is horrible
[06:22:51] <_methods> man those are some nasty ass plug cutters
[06:22:53] <_methods> wtf
[06:22:54] <SpeedEvil> yeah
[06:23:04] <_methods> harbor fright?
[06:23:42] <SpeedEvil> No, amazon
[06:23:44] <_methods> oh just read amazon
[06:23:47] <_methods> lol
[06:23:49] <_methods> jeebus
[06:23:52] <SpeedEvil> 'toolzone' is the brand
[06:24:10] <_methods> i'll have to stay out of that zone
[06:48:53] <jensor> I want to become more familiar with the use of the Show hal configuration in Axis. How do I force a listing showing "input" under the Pins menus tree?
[06:50:07] <jensor> Pins menu tree?
[06:52:59] <jthornton> I don't understand your question
[06:54:37] <jensor> For example If I want to see hal show me something when I move the mouse that I set up with loadusr
[06:54:55] <jthornton> add the pin to the watch window
[06:55:28] <jensor> Ultimate goal here is to setup a joypad
[06:58:24] <jensor> Wait I bit while I try some things here
[06:58:53] <jensor> I mean't wait a bit
[07:11:14] <jensor> For example have "loadusr -W hal_input -KRAL USB" in my hal file. USB is the name that I found as a result of "less /proc/bus/input/devices". In show hal configuration under pins I see a listing of the input pins for my mouse. However when I right click the mouse I would expect to see a pin changing from false to true or viceversa. But I see no change.
[07:21:58] <jensor> S o the question is how can I set up so I can see a change when I rt click the mouse inShow hal configuration?
[07:22:25] <jthornton> add the pin to the watch window
[07:22:38] <jensor> ok
[07:22:52] <jensor> I'll try that
[07:23:19] <Tom_L> JT-Shop, you should have a linuxcnc rate and a mach user rate
[07:23:32] <_methods> lol
[07:23:37] <Tom_L> 1.5x if they complain
[07:25:25] <jthornton> 2.5x
[07:25:43] <Tom_L> just hang up on em if they whine
[07:26:46] <Tom_L> or get a phone system with a lcnc option and mach option and play elevator music for 45 min on the mach line, kinda like the phone companies do...
[07:27:24] <Tom_L> reach the end of a series of options and hang up
[07:28:11] <MacGalempsy> good morning. please press 1.
[07:29:12] <jthornton> lol
[07:29:27] <archivist> to whine press 2
[07:30:09] <Tom_L> went to the eye doctor yesterday to pick up the Mrs contacts. was joking with the receptionist about giving me 2 left eyes. turns out i walked out with 2 rights....
[07:30:10] <_methods> if you thought this would be easy please press 3
[07:30:26] <Tom_L> nobody follows thru anymore
[07:31:29] <Tom_L> they didn't have the right ones in stock so she gave me a one eye sample. i just kinda looked at here
[07:31:39] <Tom_L> her*
[07:31:42] <MacGalempsy> hangup. curse. go to irc
[07:32:14] <Tom_L> so she finally coughed up a sample for both eyes. got back and one is wrong
[07:33:05] <Tom_L> .
[07:33:09] <Tom_L> back to the show...
[07:34:28] <MacGalempsy> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/PID_controller#/media/File%3APID_Compensation_Animated.gif
[07:36:02] <Tom_L> looks about right
[07:40:33] <MacGalempsy> it helped me understand P I D each effect output
[07:41:42] <MacGalempsy> now that the ripple is gone, its amazing how much cleaner the f-error curve is w only ff1 and p
[07:44:34] <jthornton> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPwz8pbZlpc
[07:46:00] <jthornton> dang the screen is too fuzzy... have to play with the recorder some
[07:46:54] <MacGalempsy> subscribed :)
[07:48:00] <jthornton> XXCoder: I fingered out how to add CC to a video
[07:50:47] <MacGalempsy> still cant get the menus to come up in mint 64-bit...
[07:51:25] <MacGalempsy> just use the rip-environment when needed to start
[07:55:15] <jthornton> Menu > Preferences > Main Menu uncheck each one then check them back
[07:55:46] <MacGalempsy> already tried that. no cnc selection available
[07:56:00] <jthornton> did you install the deb?
[07:56:35] <MacGalempsy> pretty sure. $make $make install-menus
[07:57:27] <MacGalempsy> a clue on how to check the deb?
[07:58:03] <jthornton> did you build a deb?
[07:58:53] <jensor> I have "loadusr -W hal_input -KRAL USB" in my hal file. USB is the name for my mouse that I found as a result of "less /proc/bus/input/devices". In Axis Show hal configuration under Pins I see a listing of the input pins for my mouse. My mouse really has a right button, left button, optical sensor, and wheel. Why does Show hal configuration - Pins - Input - 0 show an excess of 50 pins. Which ones are real? I've tried loading a numbe
[07:59:36] <MacGalempsy> just followed the instructions.
[08:00:52] <jensor> into the watch panel especially those identified as btn but get see no response when I press on the left or right button. Why not?
[08:02:01] <jensor> I am trying to learn my way around and hopefully get a joypad working
[08:03:10] <MacGalempsy> jt lcnc runs. but apparently something is missing. will readup on the deb situation
[08:03:18] <jensor> Once I can see the result of the mouse I will have more confidence on looking for joypad pins
[08:12:42] <archivist> I would have expected the mouse to be captured upstream by the OS, not sure if that could work
[08:22:44] <IchGucksLive> hi
[08:23:44] <IchGucksLive> jensor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzHJTjuLlWg here is my tutorial
[08:36:55] <jensor> xlog
[08:37:20] <pcw_home> I had a ~45 minute call (just one so far) from the same guy I think
[08:37:21] <pcw_home> whining about how hard is all was ( "I've never had to change BIOS setting in 15 years with Windows/Mach etc etc"
[08:39:16] <archivist> hard to tell that sort that linuxcnc tries harder to get the timing right unlike the bag of .... he has been using
[08:39:45] <pcw_home> And that was meant to be private... sigh
[08:40:56] <cradek> pcw_home: we appreciate you
[08:41:27] <jensor> how do I acces the chat log?
[08:41:47] <pcw_home> Its kind of like someone visiting different country where people live completely different lives and the visitor dislikes everything thats not the same as home
[08:42:53] <cradek> in 40 years I've never had to drive on the left side!
[08:42:55] <cradek> never!
[08:42:57] <gregcnc> well, mach has following for that reason alone
[08:44:33] <pcw_home> Of course I have the same issue since I assume every technical person is comfortable with the unix command line
[09:05:17] <MacGalempsy> please press 3 for esperanto
[09:28:48] <JT-Shop> pcw_home: yep that's the same guy
[09:30:52] <pcw_home> yeah sounded similar
[09:31:16] <Nick001> <pcw_home>is this any good with LNC ASRock Q1900B-ITX Intel Celeron J1900 2.0GHz Mini ITX Motherboard
[09:33:11] <pcw_home> in general the J1900s are fine for linuxCNC
[09:34:15] <pcw_home> (maybe not ideal for software stepping I think ~35000 ns latency is possible with RTAI)
[09:36:34] <Nick001> using it to drive some of the servo card I have from mesa and as a test comp for some of the steppers. Is there a way of getting the latency down
[09:39:21] <pcw_home> mainly turning all power management off in the BIOS
[09:40:01] <pcw_home> 35000 ns is fine if you are not doing software stepping (even 100000 is probably OK)
[09:40:15] <Nick001> aw gee - bios setting - do I have to :-)
[09:41:08] <Nick001> using 5i76 ?
[09:45:04] <Nick001> what 120 gig SSD is recommended and do I have to doctor it like a memory card
[09:45:20] <SpeedEvil> Basically any SSD.
[09:45:48] <SpeedEvil> You almost can't buy 'bad' SSDs from this perspective now. Linuxcnc doesn't need speed.
[09:48:28] <Nick001> I'm using a Kingston SSD and wondering if I should be doing things to it. If it's reliable-I have other comps to change over as I/m getting a stack of old mechanical HD's that are bad.
[09:51:34] <Nick001> which is the better one uv400 vs v300
[09:52:42] <sync_> I have been throwing the currently cheapest ssds in every machine that still has spinning rust here
[09:52:55] <sync_> for unimportant stuff it just doesn't really matter
[09:53:02] <gregcnc> Hah, bought some 8Gb ssd for 6 or 8USD for my machines I have 2 machines with 4Gb compact flash
[09:54:02] <Nick001> Do you have to do some write disabling?
[09:54:15] <gregcnc> for CF i did
[09:54:26] <gregcnc> it's in the wiki
[09:54:34] <SpeedEvil> Modern SSDs, it 'doesn't matter' in practice.
[09:54:59] <SpeedEvil> If the SSD is going to die, then unless you're doing something really, really wierd, it's not going to die due to write limits
[09:56:35] <Nick001> I guess write disabling is for the smaller cards and compact flash
[09:58:31] <jensor> Using the command "less /proc/bus/input/devices" does not find my usb joypad. The instructions say create a file: SUBSYSTEM== ... and save it in /etc/udev/rules.d. I do not have a path to that location. Am I supposed to create those directories and then save the file there?
[09:59:00] <SpeedEvil> Nick001: SD cards and CF are similar to SSDs of a decade or so ago.
[09:59:05] <sync_> I have a few G CF cards, that have writes enabled
[09:59:09] <sync_> so far no failure
[09:59:25] <SpeedEvil> The controllers are tiny microcontrollers (in general) that have very bad wear leveling and correction algorithms.
[09:59:35] <Nick001> I did get sata adapters for 8 gig memory cards and another for 2 gig compacts - loaded up wheezy and it worked, Just pulled them over life expectancy concerns and linux doesn't clone to easy
[10:01:59] <jensor> Just found that subdirectory!
[10:17:59] <MacGalempsy> hi gregcnc
[10:18:04] <MacGalempsy> cold up there today?
[10:18:26] <gregcnc> -9°C, 16°F
[10:18:46] <gregcnc> again tomorrow
[10:18:54] <MacGalempsy> it cooled down here too, not even going to put the garage door up today
[10:19:01] <gregcnc> but it's been a mild winter so there is nothing to complain about
[10:19:47] <gregcnc> I'm running around like a fool trying to get tools, design product, and set it up on the lathe
[10:19:55] <gregcnc> told my wife she may not see me for a week
[10:20:30] <MacGalempsy> we'll have to see what Punxsutawney Phil has to say about things today
[10:21:32] <MacGalempsy> what tools are you getting?
[10:21:40] <gregcnc> our local groundhog predicts more winter http://www.nwherald.com/2017/02/02/groundhog-day-6-more-weeks-of-winter-after-woodstock-willie-sees-his-shadow-with-video/a4ncgm2/
[10:21:52] <gregcnc> vdi tool holders
[10:22:41] <gregcnc> today have to make some special hard jaws for the lathe
[10:25:13] <gregcnc> macgalempsy did you read that article I posted the other day?
[10:25:48] <MacGalempsy> i meant too, but with all the machine stuff going on here and getting sick, it totally slipped my mind
[10:26:30] <MacGalempsy> MacGalempsy
[10:26:31] <gregcnc> the basic idea is to steal kickstarter ideas and put them to market faster than those who came up with it
[10:26:44] <MacGalempsy> oops supposed to hit find first
[10:27:07] <gregcnc> http://www.cnbc.com/2017/01/30/a-24-year-old-made-345000-by-beating-kickstarters-to-market.html
[10:29:11] <jensor> In subdirectory /etc/udev/rules.d when I issue command cat > 51-plugdev.rules, I get permission denied. How can I get permission to do that?
[10:29:47] <jensor> I even used sudo ahead of the commandand that didn't work
[10:30:21] <MacGalempsy> bwahahahahaaa
[10:30:26] <MacGalempsy> Jacked is more like it
[10:32:01] <gregcnc> i always thought kickstarter is ridiculous if you can't deliver fast enough
[10:32:29] <MacGalempsy> for sure. and there are some good ideas, but they probably dont have the patent $$$ yet
[10:33:32] <MacGalempsy> wow. $4M
[10:34:32] <jensor> PC doesn't recognize joypad. Can anyone help?
[10:35:39] <gregcnc> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/423195318/tiscribe-bolttm-ultimate-titanium-bolt-action-fidg
[10:37:19] <MacGalempsy> that looks pretty cool. I guess its time to start trolling kickstarter and friends
[10:38:16] <MacGalempsy> man you could pound those out on your lathe with a barfeeder in no time
[10:38:50] <gregcnc> he shows it all on YT and instagram
[10:40:45] <MacGalempsy> nothing like the trade secrecy of the postindustrialization world
[10:40:59] <MacGalempsy> now its more like social industrialization
[10:43:36] <gregcnc> it's part of the draw these guys get a following that way
[10:44:22] <gregcnc> anyway off to try to do the same
[10:45:51] <MacGalempsy> https://cuttingedgebullets.com/223-65gr-mth-match-tactical-hunting
[10:46:15] <MacGalempsy> $1.28 each.
[10:46:33] <MacGalempsy> how long do you think the cycle time is with a bar feeder?
[10:47:52] <MacGalempsy> sorry $.78 each
[10:48:59] <MacGalempsy> and over half their stuff is backordered.
[10:50:54] <gregcnc> yeah buddy of mine suggested looking at that
[10:53:29] <MacGalempsy> market price on copper is $0.00744, making one of their bullets $0.4836, so the margin is slim
[10:53:45] <CaptHindsight> volume
[10:53:46] <MacGalempsy> copper/g
[10:54:10] <MacGalempsy> so roughly .30 profit each without machine cost
[10:55:24] <CaptHindsight> can you import them from China without becoming an arms dealer?
[10:55:46] <CaptHindsight> plus you don't have to use pure copper
[10:55:58] <MacGalempsy> not sure. I dont see how a slug differs from a bolt
[10:56:08] <MacGalempsy> or a dowel pin
[10:56:10] <CaptHindsight> pot metal/copperish alloy
[10:59:14] * MacGalempsy heads out to visit Mac-Mill
[11:02:07] <jensor> How do I get permission to put a file in the /etc/udev/rules.d subdirectory. sudo hasn't worked.
[11:02:29] <JT-Shop> sudo some file manager or editor
[11:03:23] <jensor> i'll try it that way.
[11:06:25] <Roguish> jensor: thats what i do. works good.
[11:06:46] <Roguish> sudo nautilus
[11:07:21] <jensor> Tried but didn't work :jack@debian:/etc/udev/rules.d$ sudo gedit [sudo] password for jack: (gedit:4173): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to store changes into `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: Failed to create file '/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel.LXV9UY': No such file or directory (gedit:4173): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to set the permissions of `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: No such fil
[11:09:29] <jensor> even lost command promt with that
[11:10:56] <jensor> got it back with ctrl c
[11:10:59] <JT-Shop> jensor: open the file manager and help about and see which one you have
[11:11:11] <jensor> gedit
[11:11:38] <JT-Shop> the file manager not the editor
[11:12:31] <Roguish> use 'sudo filemanagername'. gets u a file manager withroot privliges. very dangerous. be careful.
[11:13:12] <jensor> Thunar 1.2.3
[11:13:48] <Roguish> ok. type 'sudo thunar'
[11:14:12] <jensor> Just trying to folow instructions to find my joypad.
[11:28:03] <jensor> I created the file per instructions. Still pc refuses to find usb joypad. Could it be a joypad that it won't find. Should I look for anothere brand?
[11:28:45] <Wolf_> not showing up under the usb device list?
[11:29:50] <jensor> Not under this command:jack@debian:~$ less /proc/bus/input/devices
[11:31:34] <jensor> Could there be another command to find it?
[11:31:39] <Wolf_> lsusb
[11:32:15] <jensor> command not found
[11:32:57] <Wolf_> weird…
[11:33:21] <Wolf_> lshw
[11:33:53] <jensor> command not found
[11:34:23] <Wolf_> does weezy not have all the LS commands?
[11:34:52] <jensor> Don't know.
[11:38:49] <Wolf_> sudo apt-get update
[11:38:51] <Wolf_> sudo apt-get install usbutils
[11:38:59] <Wolf_> then try lsusb
[11:39:45] <Wolf_> joypad is usb based right?
[11:39:58] <jensor> yes
[11:40:54] <jensor> I'll try the update suggestion
[11:41:41] <Wolf_> update is just good practice I think, install is attempting to fix the missing slush command
[11:41:49] <Wolf_> lsusb
[11:42:44] <Wolf_> the lsusb will list all the usb device numbers and ID numbers
[11:44:25] <Wolf_> this seems vaguely familiar to me from when I set up my usb joypad on my lcnc box
[11:45:20] <archivist> lsusb worksforme
[11:45:38] <cradek> $ dpkg -S lsusb
[11:45:38] <cradek> usbutils: /usr/share/man/man8/lsusb.8.gz
[11:45:38] <cradek> usbutils: /usr/bin/lsusb
[11:45:42] <jensor> After installing usbutils, it worked!
[11:45:45] <cradek> if you do not have lsusb, install the usbutils package
[11:46:11] <jensor> I now have lsusb
[11:46:30] <jensor> success so far
[11:48:18] <IchGucksLive> hi
[11:48:53] <IchGucksLive> jensor: did you look on the Vido tutorial i gave you
[11:50:48] <IchGucksLive> Q is panxatonie Phil every year the same animal
[11:53:26] <IchGucksLive> jensor: what joypad is it
[11:55:24] <IchGucksLive> nmide: how is the weather up in canada
[11:57:21] <nmide> predictably cold and snowy
[11:58:06] <nmide> so i was experimenting with linuxcnc - seems like a fascinating set of tools, however what I was looking for (and couldn't find) was the part of the package that uploads g-code to machines via rs232
[11:58:23] <cradek> that's not what linuxcnc is for
[11:58:34] <nmide> i can see that, however, does any portion of linuxcnc do that?
[11:58:36] <cradek> it's a machine control, not a drip feeder
[11:58:43] <cradek> no
[11:58:51] <cradek> it takes in gcode and gives you motion
[11:59:02] <cradek> it does not use any other old control
[11:59:33] <Loetmichel_> cradek: you could define LPT ports as "old"
[11:59:42] <Loetmichel_> its legacy hardware after all ;)
[11:59:44] <cradek> that has nothing to do with the question
[12:00:20] <cradek> nmide is asking about feeding an entire existing machine control
[12:00:30] <Loetmichel_> i have understood him
[12:00:38] <Loetmichel_> i just wanted to make a bad joke
[12:00:45] <IchGucksLive> nmide: look into RAMPS 3D print that is the base to start as it uploads packiges of G-code to the AT
[12:01:01] <cradek> possibly I've misunderstood
[12:01:02] <Loetmichel_> IchGucksLive: wrong direction
[12:01:08] <cradek> nmide: can you tell us more about what you are trying to do
[12:01:34] <nmide> well, linuxcnc still looks like a cool way to ressurrect old machines without wworking controls, and i may use it for that
[12:01:47] <nmide> however right now i just need to upload g-code to old machines that can only talk via rs232 ports
[12:01:51] <cradek> yes that's a super great thing to do with it
[12:02:09] <cradek> sounds like you simply want a serial terminal program
[12:02:27] <nmide> well yes, but i need a friendly serial program that my manufacturing users can use
[12:02:32] <nmide> point and click like smartCAMcnc
[12:02:49] <nmide> thats basically what i was lookign for - they came to me with an old laptop with windows 98 and asked me to "fix it"
[12:02:58] <nmide> i appreciate answering my questions
[12:03:34] <nmide> i'm really glad i found this tool/group because my dad has a ton of old cnc machines some without working controls
[12:03:41] <archivist> a minor script copying the file to tty
[12:03:46] <nmide> looks like a promising/fun way to resurrect them
[12:04:21] <nmide> is that how cnc machines work? you just "copy" files over the serial cable ? pardon my ignorance
[12:04:27] <nmide> haven't had to do anything like this before
[12:04:40] <cradek> the answer is probably "it depends" (on the control)
[12:04:44] <archivist> just make sure the handshake works
[12:05:04] <nmide> anyway we're getting outside linuxcnc area of questions here, i appreciate the help
[12:05:08] <Loetmichel_> nmide: that depends entirely on the control that machine is using
[12:05:14] <cradek> I had one that used a serial terminal as an editor, so to "upload" you'd give "editor" commands like clear the buffer and insert text now and then save
[12:05:18] <archivist> there are two handshake systems out there, hardware and XON XOFF
[12:05:33] <cradek> that machine's running linuxcnc now instead
[12:05:53] <nmide> well i would love to replace the old controls with linuxcnc but i think i won't get approval to do that haha
[12:06:02] <cradek> so you will probably have to study what you have, probably there's no answer to be found here
[12:06:11] <Loetmichel_> some can do just a serial "copy", some want a protocol lkike xmodem and some have propertiary(sp?) protocols that only the manufacturer of the control knows how to speak
[12:06:47] <cradek> some might need you to emulate a paper tape reader quite closely
[12:07:18] <cradek> you should probably fix the win98 laptop :-/
[12:07:35] <archivist> tape reader should be simple hardware handshake
[12:07:39] <Loetmichel_> cradek: i use the CNC at the company remotely with LinuxCNC ;)
[12:07:54] <Loetmichel_> directly from the cad workstation
[12:08:27] <Loetmichel_> i just copy the files over the net and then have the whole GUI of the machine on the cad workstation via VNC.
[12:08:36] <cradek> archivist: I was thinking about how some only feed the tape when they want to read the next block (they can't read in the whole program)
[12:09:38] <archivist> cradek, the handshake stops it reading until ready
[12:09:49] <cradek> ahh I can see that
[12:09:59] <cradek> cts/rts
[12:10:09] <archivist> and dtr
[12:10:16] <Loetmichel_> <- lazy ass that dont want to wear the hearing protection when at the CNC more than absolutely neccessary.
[12:10:44] <archivist> I even have old tape reader manuals here :)
[12:11:47] <nmide> ok thank you
[12:12:12] <nmide> its not a big deal if i can't create a solution for them i can go back to the original vendor, its just going to be probably somewhat significant cost
[12:13:04] <archivist> nmide, I use an old HP serial analyzer to see check serial protocols
[12:13:42] <cradek> $ apt-cache search serial|grep snoop
[12:13:43] <cradek> snooper - Captures communication between two external serial devices
[12:13:43] <cradek> ttysnoop - allows you to spy on telnet+serial connections
[12:13:56] <cradek> there are also some software packages in debian for that task
[12:15:03] <IchGucksLive> i did that on trhe Telescopes years ago and it worked perfect greppt all the old controler code and wrote a android app to control by bluetooth HC05
[12:15:32] <archivist> cradek, I use the HP as it captures the handshake too :)
[12:19:54] <jensor> It now doesn't like the line in hal file: loadusr -W hal_input -KRAL Blaze2 No input devices could be opened. This usually indicates a misconfigured system. Please read the section 'PERMISSIONS AND UDEV' in the hal_input manpage
[12:21:32] <JT-Shop> jensor: what instructions are you reading?
[12:24:04] <JT-Shop> this is the one I used http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Simple_Remote_Pendant
[12:24:25] * JT-Shop heads to the industrial park to help a buddy
[12:24:37] <jensor> Simple Remote Pendant using a $10-20 joypad with halui and hal_input
[12:25:32] <jensor> Yes, the same one
[12:26:14] <JT-Shop> I need to do that again with a newer OS that was with Ubuntu 10 I think
[12:28:00] <jensor> I just am trying to get my system going again after a a Motherboard failure. I was running EMC2 and now that I have it going again with another PC want to add the joypad
[12:28:29] <jensor> I updated using the latest live CD
[12:28:44] <jensor> to install on the new PC
[12:29:04] <jensor> It's been quite a challenge.
[12:29:29] <IchGucksLive> do yopu need the HAL example i have made
[12:31:28] <jensor> Hi - I watched the very good video you made. It is quite helpful. Thanks much.
[12:32:38] <jensor> Now my system doesn't like the command: loadusr -W hal_input -KRAL Blaze2
[12:33:05] <IchGucksLive> it might not be called blaze2
[12:33:17] <jensor> It says devices cannot be opened.
[12:33:42] <IchGucksLive> blaze2 is maybe the GROfics driver also
[12:33:52] <jensor> Do you think the latest version of linuxcnc can't handle that?
[12:34:38] <IchGucksLive> yes i be testing right now
[12:34:50] <MacGalempsy> got the menu thing finally figured out. the problem was that the .desktop files had to be copied to /usr/share/applications
[12:35:22] <jensor> The name that lsusb yeilded was: GreenAsia Inc. MaxFire Blaze2
[12:36:17] <jensor> I tried GreenAsia
[12:36:31] <jensor> I tried MaxFire
[12:36:41] <jensor> I tried Blaze2
[12:36:50] <jensor> All have same result
[12:37:30] <IchGucksLive> i need to make new video on that
[12:40:33] <Holzwurm> Hallo Ich GucksLive, das mit num_dio = 16 in der Zeile EMCMOD hat funktioniert und ich kann 16 Out puts mit M64 PXX in- und mit M65 PXX ausschalten.
[12:49:45] <IchGucksLive> jensor: All fine here just loaded it into hal_input
[12:50:11] <IchGucksLive> -KRAL is not used animore tri it
[12:50:30] <IchGucksLive> loadusr -W hal_input Blaze2
[12:50:39] <IchGucksLive> in the Mashine HAL
[12:51:08] <IchGucksLive> Holzwurm: sag ich doch
[12:52:08] <IchGucksLive> jensor: you got the HALUI = halui in side the ini without it wont work
[12:52:39] <jensor> yes I have that in the ini file
[12:53:04] <IchGucksLive> here it took one minutes on a frech PC with 2.7.8
[12:53:10] <IchGucksLive> no problem at all
[12:53:27] <IchGucksLive> no treading on rules needed on Debian
[12:53:54] <jensor> now when I run the new command:loadusr -W hal_input Blaze2 I get:No input devices could be opened. This usually indicates a misconfigured system. Please read the section 'PERMISSIONS AND UDEV' in the hal_input manpage
[12:56:06] <IchGucksLive> jensor: less /proc/bus/input/devices
[12:56:22] <IchGucksLive> wgat does this saing on the joystick
[12:57:01] <IchGucksLive> js0 is the game maker
[12:57:27] <MacGalempsy> tom what is the easiest way to search the zlog site?
[12:57:47] <MacGalempsy> Tom_L: ^
[12:58:45] <jensor> I tried: less /proc/bus/input/devices it doesn't dicover the joypad. lsusb does find it and names it.
[12:58:46] <CaptHindsight> I still haven't found my air bearing lathe on CL for <$3k yet
[12:59:12] <IchGucksLive> jensor: there we got our problem
[12:59:24] <IchGucksLive> no input found
[12:59:33] <jensor> It's brand name is "snakebyte"
[12:59:39] <IchGucksLive> jensor: please do a unplug
[12:59:51] <jensor> by Immersion
[13:00:01] <IchGucksLive> replug to a diferend USB
[13:00:15] <IchGucksLive> wait 30sec to proced
[13:00:30] <IchGucksLive> less /proc/bus/input/devices
[13:00:42] <Tom_L> MacGalempsy, just go to the main page and select another date
[13:00:42] <IchGucksLive> you need to have it here
[13:00:55] <Tom_L> MacGalempsy, as far as search engines, none are implemented
[13:01:11] <MacGalempsy> ok. thanks.
[13:01:29] <Tom_L> if you need something, this pc keeps a running log too
[13:01:54] <jensor> I have already tried all usb ports (7) with that command. Keyboard uses the 8th one
[13:02:26] <Tom_L> http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~tom-itx/irc/logs/%23linuxcnc-devel/index.html
[13:02:28] <IchGucksLive> did you do a rstart after the rule sudo placement
[13:02:50] <Tom_L> i need to move 2016 out of there
[13:04:23] <jensor> less /proc/bus/input/devices finds keyboard, mouse, and Power button only
[13:04:28] <miss0r> anyone in here know the name of that german place, that makes kanthal heating coils?
[13:05:30] <jensor> no
[13:05:30] <IchGucksLive> jensor can you output the lsusb to pastebin please
[13:05:32] <Tom_L> http://www.kanthal.com/
[13:05:44] <jensor> ok
[13:06:54] <miss0r> Tom_L: looks promising, thanks
[13:07:37] <jensor> http://pastebin.com/0h3aWbGz
[13:08:56] <IchGucksLive> jensor: 004 mans there are 2 more in the system that blocking the js0
[13:10:34] <jensor> device 004 is the joypad
[13:11:55] <IchGucksLive> ok i got it with Bus 007 Device 002: ID 0079:0006 DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick
[13:12:04] <jensor> device 2 is the mouse
[13:12:17] <IchGucksLive> did you do the ruling
[13:12:28] <IchGucksLive> 99-joystick.rules into /etc/udev/rules.d directory.
[13:12:29] <jensor> ruling?
[13:13:41] <jensor> i put 51-plugdev.rules there
[13:14:22] <IchGucksLive> this is your ruling
[13:14:25] <IchGucksLive> KERNEL=="event*", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0e8f", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0003", MODE:="0644"
[13:16:02] <jensor> ok, give me time to create it and get it in there. Should I remove 51-plugdev.rules?
[13:16:41] <IchGucksLive> so sudo mousepad 51-plugdev.rules TRY it
[13:17:48] <MacGalempsy> http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/robots/a25002/behold-bat-bot/?zoomable
[13:18:49] <IchGucksLive> jensor: what files are inside "/etc/udev/rules.d
[13:19:32] <IchGucksLive> the cd the net and the rtai rules
[13:20:13] <jensor> I get: SUBSYSTEM=="input", mode="0660", group="plugdev"
[13:20:48] <jensor> after entering
[13:21:21] <IchGucksLive> Dont do to mutch
[13:21:29] <jensor> : sudo mousepad 5--plugdev.rules
[13:21:45] <IchGucksLive> only 5 not 51
[13:21:56] <jensor> sudo mousepad 5-plugdev.rules
[13:22:17] <jensor> sudo mousepad 51-plugdev.rules
[13:22:59] <IchGucksLive> you are in /etc/udev/rules.d
[13:23:32] <IchGucksLive> sudo mousepad /etc/udev/rules.d/51-plugdev.rules
[13:23:49] <jensor> no at root, I'll change
[13:25:39] <jensor> I'm there in /rules.d
[13:26:15] <IchGucksLive> on debian its more simple as on ubuntu non of my joysticks here need rules plug and work
[13:26:44] <IchGucksLive> jensor: please go back to a standard cd \
[13:27:01] <IchGucksLive> we make everything from a base
[13:27:07] <IchGucksLive> not inside the system
[13:27:09] <jensor> ok
[13:27:22] <jensor> i'm there
[13:27:41] <jensor> I'm at /
[13:28:15] <IchGucksLive> sudo mousepad /etc/udev/rules.d/51-plugdev.rules
[13:28:16] <IchGucksLive>
[13:28:21] <jensor> I'm at: jack@debian:/$
[13:28:42] <IchGucksLive> do that last command
[13:28:52] <jensor> ok
[13:28:55] <IchGucksLive> is there somthing in it
[13:29:37] <jensor> I get: SUBSYSTEM=="input", mode="0660", group="plugdev"
[13:29:53] <IchGucksLive> delete the line
[13:29:57] <IchGucksLive> and save
[13:30:13] <IchGucksLive> is there anything else
[13:30:18] <jensor> you mean have an empty file?
[13:30:23] <IchGucksLive> yes
[13:30:53] <jensor> ok, done
[13:31:05] <IchGucksLive> sudo mousepad /etc/udev/rules.d/99-joystick.rules
[13:31:24] <IchGucksLive> put this in
[13:31:27] <IchGucksLive> KERNEL=="event*", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0e8f", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0003", MODE:="0644"
[13:32:11] <IchGucksLive> SAVE and restart the SYSTEM without the Joystick pluged
[13:32:23] <jensor> when I sudo mousepad ..... I got jack@debian:/$ /etc/udev/rules.d/99-joystick.rules bash: /etc/udev/rules.d/99-joystick.rules: No such file or directory jack@debian:/$
[13:32:55] <jensor> ok you are ahead of me - let me catch up
[13:33:15] <IchGucksLive> sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/99-joystick.rules
[13:33:22] <IchGucksLive> thy a othere editor
[13:34:14] <jensor> I think a file manager will work better for this
[13:34:49] <IchGucksLive> jensor: NO
[13:35:03] <jensor> ok
[13:35:22] <IchGucksLive> there is somthing wrong at your lace here i tried mousepad and it wored
[13:35:53] <jensor> ok I have opened gedit
[13:36:08] <IchGucksLive> close it
[13:36:24] <IchGucksLive> or did you do sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/99-joystick.rules
[13:36:44] <IchGucksLive> you need to be inside that command gedit
[13:36:45] <jensor> yes i did, now I just closed it
[13:36:55] <IchGucksLive> :-)
[13:37:12] <IchGucksLive> do it again best practis
[13:37:52] <jensor> ha-ha, I'm back there again, its open nothing there
[13:38:15] <IchGucksLive> KERNEL=="event*", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0e8f", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0003", MODE:="0644"
[13:38:19] <IchGucksLive> THIS goes in
[13:38:44] <jensor> then save?
[13:39:16] <IchGucksLive> yes
[13:39:43] <jensor> next?
[13:40:04] <IchGucksLive> udevadm control --reload-rules
[13:41:10] <jensor> No command prompt now
[13:41:23] <IchGucksLive> :-)
[13:41:45] <jensor> is that ok?
[13:41:47] <IchGucksLive> udevadm trigger --attr-match=subsystem=joystick
[13:42:12] <jensor> do this without a command prompt?
[13:42:31] <IchGucksLive> in the treminal
[13:43:50] <jensor> I'm in the terminal where i last saved the file and closed the editor window and never got back to a command prompt. I can close this termional window and open another one
[13:44:17] <IchGucksLive> ok so last one
[13:44:31] <IchGucksLive> " /etc/init.d/udev start
[13:45:54] <IchGucksLive> now replug the joystick
[13:46:13] <IchGucksLive> less /proc/bus/input/devices
[13:47:03] <IchGucksLive> ok i need to close here for today
[13:47:44] <jensor> ok I thank you for your help
[13:47:45] <IchGucksLive> if nothing there please Reboot without the joystick and replug and try again
[13:47:52] <jensor> ok
[13:47:59] <IchGucksLive> maybe someone can take over
[13:48:11] <IchGucksLive> its late in -germany
[14:46:06] <jensor> When I open linuxcnc I get the following:emcTaskOnce: Python plugin configured emcTaskOnce: extract(task_instance): KeyError: ('task',) emcTaskOnce: no Python Task() instance available, using default iocontrol-based task methods
[14:46:54] <jensor> I see KetError: ('task',) is this normal?
[14:47:15] <jensor> I see KeyError: ('task',) is this normal?
[15:33:50] <lunada> anyone know if the classicladder program is floating around for this: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?CarouselToolChanger
[15:37:17] <roycroft> i believe JT has some classic ladder code for a tool changer, and macgalempsy is also working on such code
[15:37:24] <roycroft> both are members of this channel
[15:37:31] <roycroft> i don't know any details about their work though
[15:38:07] <roycroft> you might chat with them when they are about
[15:39:29] <lunada> yea i saw JT's, the description of this one was exactly what mine is so it would have been cool to check it out.
[15:40:46] <lunada> i'm having trouble with andy's carousel component... it isn't making either of the direction output pins true when i attempt a toolchange
[15:41:20] <lunada> not sure what i'm missing...
[15:41:43] <roycroft> i'm not able to help with that
[15:41:55] <roycroft> but both of the above mentioned folks might be helpful
[15:45:08] <lunada> thanks
[15:48:10] <roycroft> my drives and motors just shipped today
[15:48:18] <roycroft> so i don't even have a bench cnc system working at this point
[15:50:07] <lunada> nice. stepper or servo?
[15:56:43] <roycroft> steppers
[16:00:53] <roycroft> i think steppers will work fine on the machine i'm currently converting, and i want experience with them
[16:01:07] <roycroft> on the next machine i'll probably use servos
[16:01:51] <lunada> yea steppers work fine for a lot of machines.
[16:03:10] <roycroft> steppers vs. servos is a semi-religious topic
[16:03:31] <roycroft> and i am not a religious person
[16:03:56] <roycroft> so the prudent thing to do from my point of view is try both and weigh the pros and cons of each myself
[16:04:19] <lunada> i've ran both
[16:04:28] <roycroft> i find that when i jump on bandwagons i often fall off and hurt myself
[16:04:33] <lunada> lol
[16:04:53] <lunada> is it a desktop machine?
[16:05:02] <roycroft> it's a mill-drill
[16:05:05] <roycroft> x3 clone
[16:05:16] <roycroft> so medium bench-top
[16:05:37] <roycroft> i think steppers will do fine
[16:06:05] <roycroft> most of the x3 conversion builds i've seen use ~425oz/in steppers for x and y, and slightly larger for z
[16:06:31] <roycroft> and some of those use the stock acme thread screws
[16:06:35] <roycroft> i'll be installing ball screws
[16:06:41] <roycroft> and i'll be scraping the gibs and ways
[16:06:50] <roycroft> i'm not worried about the motors
[16:15:29] <Deejay> gn8
[16:32:16] <XXCoder> JT-Shop: nice! :) gonna go though oh well
[16:50:53] <roycroft> i'm considering making my own pendant as part of this project
[16:51:09] <roycroft> does anyone have pointers to enclosures suitable for pendants?
[16:51:36] <roycroft> most of the enclosure sources i've used in the past do rectangular boxes
[16:51:42] <roycroft> and not pendant-shaped things
[17:11:12] <MacGalempsy> well. tuning was going well at 50ipm, but when I cranked it up to 200ipm....following error...
[17:16:30] <Tom_L> roycroft, http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/pendant/pendant1.jpg
[17:17:47] <Tom_L> roycroft, rue_mohr printed one too
[17:20:19] <roycroft> i'd like something that's a bit easier to hold in one's hand
[17:20:34] <roycroft> and i'm hoping to avoid getting a 3d-printed enclosure
[17:20:38] <roycroft> 3d printing is so ugly
[17:20:43] <roycroft> and i don't want to paint the pendant
[17:21:01] <Tom_L> hammond has some enclosures
[17:21:15] <roycroft> the one you linked to seems like it would be a bit wide to comfortably hold
[17:21:35] <roycroft> i haven't spent much time looking yet
[17:21:42] <Tom_L> it's not bad
[17:21:46] <roycroft> i thought i'd ask here what other folks use first
[17:22:25] <roycroft> hammond do have some 't' displays
[17:22:33] <roycroft> which are basically the kind of thing i want
[17:22:41] <roycroft> fairly narrow at the bottom for an easy grip
[17:22:50] <roycroft> and wider at the top so i can cram more stuff in it
[17:24:47] <malcom2073> My dad jsut got a USB shuttle controller running on lcnc, it's actually really slick
[17:25:06] <malcom2073> Definently not perfect though, I'm starting to work through designing a good pendant
[17:25:20] <malcom2073> A single handed one
[17:25:43] <roycroft> for this current project a pendant might not be all that useful
[17:25:48] <roycroft> it's a mill-drill
[17:25:58] <roycroft> i can keep the console close enough to the spindle to do most things from the console
[17:26:15] <roycroft> if it were a bit plasma cutter or router i can see the benefit of a pendant
[17:26:38] <Tom_L> they are useful no matter the cnc
[17:26:44] <roycroft> hard to manually home when you're standing 2m away
[17:26:51] <malcom2073> heh
[17:26:53] <roycroft> sure
[17:26:54] <malcom2073> https://www.amazon.com/Contour-Design-Shuttle-Xpress-Multimedia-Controller/dp/B0001DBEKG
[17:26:57] <malcom2073> That's the one my dad got
[17:27:12] <roycroft> i'm jsut saying for some applications they're more necessary than just useful
[17:28:32] <roycroft> something that looks more like this is what i'm thinking about:
[17:28:34] <roycroft> https://www.amazon.com/SHINA-Wireless-Pendant-Handwheel-Mac-Mach/dp/B00D844WR2%3FSubscriptionId%3DAKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q%26tag%3Dduckduckgo-osx-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165953%26creativeASIN%3DB00D844WR2
[17:29:48] <roycroft> but i absolutely do not want that one
[17:30:11] <roycroft> it's just an example of the general shape/layout i'm considering
[17:31:50] <MacGalempsy> malcom2073: that one looks pretty cool
[17:33:31] <MarkusBec> it take 3 weeks to drain the battery
[17:33:39] <MarkusBec> if you dont switch it off :P
[17:37:56] * roycroft dislikes websites that require regsitration to get pricing, and dislikes even more websites that require registration just to visit the site
[17:38:11] <roycroft> so those folks lose
[17:38:39] <alex__> hi guys, i am having some trouble with a custom 5 axis kinematics, i need the pivot length + tool length to move the machine in a correct way, the problem is as soon as I use G43 for tool length compensation I get a follow error in the Z axis
[17:38:50] <MarkusBec> forum how need to login to see pictures
[17:39:22] <cradek> you should put tool lengths in W and make W point along the tool vector in your kinematics
[17:39:26] <roycroft> i don't like sites like that either, markusbec
[17:39:38] <roycroft> but they're more tolerable than the vendor sites that require registration
[17:39:39] <cradek> you can NOT just change the tool length with a hal pin into kinematics or something like that, since you get step changes then
[17:40:17] <alex__> thanks cradek
[17:40:27] <alex__> i will dig into this
[17:41:13] <alex__> i am also experiencing some other weird issues but i am not shure if is not because of bad tuning of the servo drives
[17:41:55] <alex__> using halscope everything seems to be fine there...
[17:42:00] <cradek> are you using known good kinematics?
[17:42:14] <cradek> you can get wonkyness if they are wrong (a common problem is that forward and inverse don't match)
[17:43:26] <alex__> the thing is, it works fine as long as i don't stop the motion or inverse the direction
[17:44:17] <alex__> ´when i try rotating the b axis the very first thing i notive is a small movement in x and when motion stops at + or - 90 degrees in B axis i get a similar motion in Z
[17:44:42] <alex__> could you look over my kinematics?
[17:44:56] <alex__> unfortunally everything is new
[17:45:00] <cradek> I can give a brief look but I don't have a lot of time right now
[17:45:08] <alex__> it is a xyz BC configuration
[17:45:14] <cradek> I like to compile and test kins outside of linuxcnc
[17:45:25] <alex__> a gantry router with a rotating and tilting spindle
[17:45:25] <cradek> run some various numbers forward and inverse and see if you get what you started with
[17:45:46] <alex__> that should be ok, i think
[17:46:13] <alex__> the kinematics also has some compensation for a not very good alligned B axis
[17:46:25] <cradek> oof
[17:46:34] <cradek> that's a lot of things to start with
[17:46:44] <cradek> let me see what you've got
[17:47:04] <alex__> #include "kinematics.h" /* these decls */ #include "posemath.h" #include "hal.h" #include "rtapi.h" #include "rtapi_math.h" #define d2r(d) ((d)*PM_PI/180.0) #define r2d(r) ((r)*180.0/PM_PI) struct haldata { hal_float_t *tool_length; hal_float_t *pivot_length; } *haldata; static PmCartesian s2r(double r, double t, double p ) { PmCartesian c; double dx = -0.63; double dy = -0.04; t = d2r(t), p = d2r(p)
[17:47:15] <cradek> pastebin!
[17:47:24] <alex__> pastebin!
[17:47:25] <alex__> ?
[17:47:27] <cradek> please do not paste lots of code here
[17:47:39] <alex__> ok, where could i post it?
[17:47:39] <cradek> go to a site like pastebin.com and paste there, then give us the url here
[17:47:47] <alex__> ok, one moment
[17:50:20] <alex__> does this work? http://pastebin.com/F38XiqYE
[17:50:31] <cradek> yes
[17:50:54] <alex__> super
[17:52:28] <cradek> a bare atan() with no quadrant fixups seems wrong, you virtually always want to use atan2()
[17:52:41] <cradek> (not that I follow your math without study)
[17:53:08] <cradek> and yes the way you are trying to do tooloffset is wrong, for the reason you found
[17:53:53] <cradek> this is why the original 5axiskins adds pos->w right into the radius
[17:54:12] <alex__> ok, i will dig into it
[17:54:19] <alex__> thanks for the atan2 advice
[17:54:46] <cradek> if your tool table has T1 W1 then you can load G43H1 and then issue the move G0W0 and you'll move an inch along the tool vector to compensate
[17:55:28] <cradek> remember issuing G43 should never cause motion itself! it just changes coordinates so subsequent moves are compensated correctly
[17:55:58] <alex__> yes, this is the problem with my current kinematics g43 issues movement
[17:56:11] <alex__> thanks for the advice
[17:56:18] <cradek> welcome!
[17:56:20] <cradek> hope you get it
[17:57:15] <alex__> i should do it
[17:57:28] <alex__> it should not be so hard
[17:57:50] <alex__> if anybody needs it, i would be glad to offer the code
[17:58:13] <alex__> it should help for home-made BC axis
[17:58:43] <alex__> cradek, if i may ask, with this configuration, i have encountered other currious behaviour
[17:59:04] <alex__> in joint mode, all axis move with maximum speed lets say 12.000 mm/min
[17:59:45] <alex__> in world mode, i get following errors on all axis even if B and C are 0 if i move faster than aprox. 6000 mm/min
[18:00:21] <alex__> everything is related to default acceleration and acceleration values set for the individual axis
[18:00:28] <cradek> you need to set axis constraints in such a way that your joints don't get overspeeded
[18:00:34] <cradek> this can be tricky
[18:00:48] <cradek> in world mode, vel and acc are limited by the AXIS constraints only
[18:00:59] <alex__> ok...
[18:01:25] <cradek> but moving one axis will cause several joints to move, and you must not cause the joints to go too fast or accelerate too hard
[18:01:53] <cradek> also consider that this effect can even change as your tool length changes, for some machine configurations
[18:02:05] <cradek> if B tips the head yours is one of those
[18:02:05] <alex__> ok, what i noticed is that in world mode the max velocity under axis is ignored?
[18:02:18] <cradek> since moving B moves joint 0 (the table left and right) as well
[18:02:26] <roycroft> http://www.boxenclosures.com/category/product_details.html?product__id=259001
[18:02:30] <roycroft> that's getting close to what i want
[18:03:04] <cradek> no I don't think that's true - in world mode the maxvel of the JOINT is ignored for planning (but it will generate a ferror if it is exceeded)
[18:03:25] <alex__> yes you are right,
[18:03:36] <cradek> yeah that is expected
[18:03:49] <cradek> your only defense is to set the AXIS_ constraints correctly
[18:03:57] <cradek> and unfortunately that can be tricky
[18:04:13] <alex__> ok... i have to limit the axis_ velocity
[18:04:30] <alex__> i think this i will do by test and error
[18:04:43] <Tom_L> roycroft, http://www.hammondmfg.com/1553T.htm
[18:05:45] <Tom_L> http://www.hammondmfg.com/dwg7.htm
[18:06:11] <roycroft> yeah, those are a little small
[18:06:17] <roycroft> not deep enough to hold a pendant
[18:06:22] <alex__> just one more thing, did anybody try to use can bus drivers with linuxcnc?
[18:06:22] <roycroft> er, an mpg
[18:06:40] <Tom_L> most of it is on top
[18:06:43] <cradek> I don't know but I have a bad feeling about it
[18:06:44] <Tom_L> i think it would be
[18:07:07] <cradek> canbus/ethercat/etc often have weird licensing problems and we can't distribute code that uses them as part of linuxcnc
[18:07:24] <cradek> best to use traditional unencumbered interfaces where you can
[18:07:25] <roycroft> i haven't designed the pendant at all yet
[18:08:15] <roycroft> the mpg i have sitting here (which is for my console) is 42mm deep
[18:08:29] <roycroft> i'll probably use something smaller in the pendant
[18:08:42] <alex__> yes this is an issue, i manufacture my own step/dir bldc drivers but wanted to use also some can bus drivers, this 5 axis machine is built with mitsubishi step/dir drives
[18:09:40] * roycroft &
[18:10:43] <cradek> I bet someone else can give better advice about that. All I have for you is the uneasy feeling.
[18:11:43] <Tom_L> http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-HB04-Wired-USB-Handwheel-MPG-Pendant-For-Mach3-CNC-3-4-Axis-router-machine-/262294681425?hash=item3d11fb3751:g:R~UAAOSwG-1WxD0S
[18:12:33] <alex__> thanks cradek, this really helped
[18:12:59] <Tom_L> http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/262318973570?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true
[18:13:10] <Tom_L> roycroft, that's the mpg i have i think
[18:13:15] <cradek> welcome!
[18:19:58] <Tom_L> http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1964013
[18:20:05] <Tom_L> roycroft, that's rue's
[18:23:36] <lunada> figures, just as i made some progress with my toolchanger programming, the gears blow apart in the gear motor
[18:24:22] <lunada> the motor that rotates the magazine
[18:27:15] <MacGalempsy> sounds like my kind of luck
[18:38:33] <Tom_L> if i didn't have bad luck i wouldn't have any at all
[18:39:21] <lunada> lol
[18:40:45] <lunada> can anyone look at my hal file and see where i screwed up in my toolchanger logic? If i have the iocontrol.0.tool-changed pin in the hal file whatsoever, it goes true before it gets halfway through the toolchange process.
[18:40:47] <lunada> https://filebin.net/6guwkpq7kedu61a6/lagunmatichal.txt
[18:43:18] <andypugh> alex__: Have you seen the new 5-axis kins in Master, and the rather detailed docs?
[18:43:42] <andypugh> alex__: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/devel/html/motion/5-axis-kinematics.html
[18:44:17] <lunada> andy, i figured out why i couldnt get the carousel component to work... forgot to add it to the servo thread lol
[18:44:39] <andypugh> lunada: That rarely helps.
[18:44:56] <lunada> it worked in all it's glory once and then the gearmotor driving the carousel blew up
[18:44:56] <andypugh> Easily done, though.
[18:45:08] <andypugh> Bah!
[18:45:31] <lunada> found the exact one on ebay
[18:45:38] <lunada> but still... sucks.
[18:45:51] <andypugh> You may not want the exact one. They blow up, apparently.
[18:46:04] <lunada> haha. well it worked ok since 1995
[18:47:03] <lunada> i still can't get the damn iocontrol.0.tool-changed pin to stop going true in the middle of a toolchange though
[18:50:01] <andypugh> lunada: I really can’t see any reason for that to be the case, and I would imageing we would have heard if it was a common problem.
[18:50:49] <lunada> oh im sure its something i'm doing wrong, not an issue with linuxcnc
[18:51:30] <lunada> it's gotta be in the hal file
[18:53:07] <andypugh> If that is the entirity of your HAL files, then I failed to spot a problem.
[18:53:30] <andypugh> I am wondering if you have some sort of toolchange abort / timeout thing going on.
[18:54:24] <lunada> there are several hal files, but they are blank
[18:55:24] <lunada> abort/timeout? there's definitely nothing in my ladder like that
[19:03:34] <andypugh> When you say “iocontrol….. in the file anywhere” do you mean literally that, or only if connected to a signal and the ladder?
[19:04:43] <andypugh> I shouldn’t have asked that, as I am about to log off without waiting for an answer.
[19:04:43] <lunada> literally deleted from the ladder
[19:05:01] <andypugh> Halscope might be useful.
[19:05:10] <andypugh> You can log the exact sequence.
[19:05:15] <lunada> yea good point
[20:55:58] <BeachBumPete> Well I just placed my first Mcmaster Carr order from our new home in Florida, In tennessee it often was delivered the very next day. We shall see how it works for Floridians now ;)
[21:02:32] <roycroft> how close is your nearest warehouse?
[21:02:39] <roycroft> the closest to me is reno
[21:02:46] <roycroft> and that's sometimes one day but often two days away
[21:03:34] <BeachBumPete> no idea
[21:06:27] <roycroft> i'm impressed because i get things from mcmaster even in the winter in 1 or 2 days
[21:06:42] <roycroft> and crossing the sierras in the winter is treacherous at best
[21:08:20] <BeachBumPete> I ran out of the little SHCS screws I use for my rails. I ordered several boxes awhile back and just went thru them recently. It sure is nice they deliver so quickly
[21:22:53] <jdh> atlanta
[21:29:42] <roycroft> you lose
[21:29:54] <roycroft> it takess a day just to get the truck outside the atlanta metro area :P
[21:30:35] <roycroft> oh, he left - i guess he'll find that out himself in a couple days
[21:51:42] <jdh> nah
[21:52:18] <jdh> he will probably still get one day