#linuxcnc | Logs for 2017-01-16

[00:00:01] <XXCoder> so tempted heh but would they be offended by lowball offer :P
[00:00:02] <MacGalempsy> yeah that one like mine is in el paso
[00:00:09] <MacGalempsy> all they can say is no
[00:00:28] <MacGalempsy> If they accept your first offer, then you just paid too much :)
[00:00:34] <XXCoder> nah cant do it anyway
[00:00:45] <XXCoder> house is 1970s, it cant supply that much power
[00:00:56] <MacGalempsy> which machine?
[00:01:08] <XXCoder> that faunc one
[00:01:40] <XXCoder> I wonder why quite a bunch of faunc robodrills on sale
[00:01:48] <MacGalempsy> yeah. one reason I got this one is because it runs off 230v 20A
[00:02:09] <XXCoder> heh house would probably get on fire on 30a
[00:02:29] <XXCoder> hell my cnc router 500w "spindle" causes dims when starting
[00:02:38] <MacGalempsy> look for the teaching models, usually they are easier to power
[00:02:45] <MacGalempsy> lol
[00:03:02] <XXCoder> im still waiting on 400w spindle order to arrive
[00:03:18] <XXCoder> its pwm, I FINALLY found 400w pwm spindle kit
[00:03:28] <XXCoder> that is also 52mm diameter spindle
[00:03:31] <MacGalempsy> with that small diameter?
[00:03:34] <MacGalempsy> nice
[00:03:41] <XXCoder> indeed.
[00:03:51] <MacGalempsy> i remember you having trouble finding the right one
[00:03:57] <XXCoder> took me damned forever
[00:04:20] <XXCoder> sadly then I bought a tach that dont work for me lol I gonna buy proper one later
[00:04:31] <MacGalempsy> oops
[00:04:46] <MacGalempsy> my next investment is a cnc lathe
[00:05:05] <MacGalempsy> just need to find the right one
[00:05:15] <XXCoder> small one or larger?
[00:05:27] <XXCoder> http://www.ebay.com/itm/301641324807
[00:05:31] <MacGalempsy> it doesnt need to be that big
[00:06:09] <XXCoder> I'm thinking I can maybe use .001" shim to get spindle runout lower
[00:06:13] <XXCoder> set screw there
[00:06:31] <XXCoder> have to have it in hand to test that
[00:06:49] <MacGalempsy> ]http://www.ebay.com/itm/Southbend-cnc-magnaturn-lathe-/142244910598?hash=item211e751606:g:xawAAOSw2xRYat6n
[00:06:55] <MacGalempsy> this one looks about the right size
[00:07:03] <MacGalempsy> and the right price
[00:07:11] <XXCoder> decent
[00:07:29] <XXCoder> company i work at is apparently unusual that it has so many lathes
[00:07:37] <XXCoder> at last count 11 of em
[00:07:42] <MacGalempsy> wow
[00:07:45] <XXCoder> no
[00:07:47] <XXCoder> 14
[00:07:48] <MacGalempsy> sounds like a lot of work
[00:07:55] <XXCoder> forgot that mini lathes group
[00:08:02] <MacGalempsy> you guys a production facility or job shop?
[00:08:17] <XXCoder> not really day shift has 5 lathe operatiors, and 2nd shift has 3 (way understaffed..)
[00:08:21] <XXCoder> production
[00:08:33] <MacGalempsy> what kind of stuff do you make?
[00:08:41] <XXCoder> a61, the cell I run, makes so many different parts
[00:08:57] <XXCoder> heh usually no idea at all.
[00:09:03] <XXCoder> prints never have any hint
[00:09:21] <XXCoder> sometimes it says something general, like this is for XXX model plane
[00:09:57] <MacGalempsy> ah, ok.
[00:10:17] <XXCoder> you'd b surpised how rarely anyone know what its for :P
[00:10:26] <MacGalempsy> ha. top secret
[00:10:37] <XXCoder> nah just not explained at all
[00:10:53] <XXCoder> though bunch is "usa onlky" info, usually boeing
[00:11:17] <MacGalempsy> i bet
[00:11:41] <XXCoder> http://www.ebay.com/itm/231637326487
[00:11:47] <XXCoder> bad buy. oh well heh
[00:12:12] <MacGalempsy> that is what you got
[00:12:32] <XXCoder> I suppose I can use it temp to know what speed its going below 10k rpm, till I can get version that actually can connect to board for feedback
[00:12:41] <XXCoder> yeah
[00:13:18] <MacGalempsy> perhaps an arduino?
[00:13:29] <XXCoder> nah just BOB
[00:13:38] <MacGalempsy> the sensor is pretty generic
[00:13:41] <XXCoder> other kind has data out so can connect
[00:13:50] <MacGalempsy> oic
[00:14:00] <XXCoder> yeah but this just displays, other kind can connect to baord to send speed signal
[00:14:32] <MacGalempsy> the back of that one shows a tx rx
[00:15:08] <XXCoder> I see it
[00:15:09] <XXCoder> hmm
[00:15:29] <MacGalempsy> has it arrived yet?
[00:15:34] <XXCoder> not for while
[00:15:47] <MacGalempsy> lol. order today, next month it shows up
[00:15:47] <XXCoder> spindle will arrive much earlier, being from usa
[00:16:00] <MacGalempsy> are you using a mesa?
[00:16:12] <XXCoder> BOB, with 3 tb6600s
[00:16:19] <XXCoder> I n eed to finish wiring em
[00:16:50] <MacGalempsy> ah. ok
[00:19:07] <MacGalempsy> http://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/bfs/5949944295.html
[00:19:39] <XXCoder> not bad if you plan to fix parts a time
[00:20:04] <MacGalempsy> sounds like enough parts to get at least one going
[00:20:16] <MacGalempsy> I wonder if the controller just went out
[00:20:54] <MacGalempsy> idk they make such lame cars, i'd be afraid of using their cnc lathe
[00:24:57] <MacGalempsy> http://houston.craigslist.org/for/5917015111.html
[00:25:37] <MacGalempsy> too late, already scrapped
[00:25:58] <XXCoder> too damned bad
[00:26:46] <MacGalempsy> I bet a lot of the tools in Houston are worn pretty good from all the oil patch stuff
[00:27:22] <XXCoder> wow many many many machinist jobs
[00:27:24] <XXCoder> wa
[00:27:39] <XXCoder> pretty lot of it is $1,000 signing bonus :P
[00:27:53] <MacGalempsy> thats it?
[00:29:42] <MacGalempsy> only bad part is uncle sam gets like $350 of that
[00:30:29] <MacGalempsy> plasma tables seem to go for a lot
[00:30:39] <MacGalempsy> like easily in the 10-11k range
[00:31:09] <XXCoder> uncommon I guess
[00:31:31] <MacGalempsy> my cousin-in-law wants one to make metal signs for craftshows
[00:31:57] <MacGalempsy> http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/bfs/5921879978.html
[00:32:12] <MacGalempsy> they look pretty simple
[00:33:22] <XXCoder> thats made from 8020 extrusions
[00:33:29] <XXCoder> you can easily do it yourself.
[00:34:03] <MacGalempsy> yeah. once he gets his shop built, i'll probably offer to help him out
[00:34:08] <XXCoder> but $6k may b worth it if you dont wanna do all that work
[00:34:40] <XXCoder> its decent enough can buy convert it to cnc router lol
[00:34:46] <MacGalempsy> lol
[00:34:49] <XXCoder> hell you can buy same spindle I did for light work
[00:34:57] <XXCoder> make it swappable head
[00:35:13] <MacGalempsy> my dad lives in Bend and works for a Mandolin maker
[00:35:49] <MacGalempsy> they use to do the tops just by roughing, then he talked them into changing the tolerances. now they literally sounds better than anything he's heard
[00:36:14] <MacGalempsy> and there is basically zero finishing work
[00:38:05] <XXCoder> nice
[00:38:27] <MacGalempsy> http://webermandolins.com/
[00:38:35] <MacGalempsy> heh. he is the guy on the far left
[00:38:59] <XXCoder> fancy
[00:39:12] <XXCoder> so they mill out wood stuff for music
[00:39:21] <MacGalempsy> yeah he just picked one up that retails for over $8k
[00:39:58] <MacGalempsy> oh yeah. its the way they get the same great tone out of all of them
[00:40:32] <MacGalempsy> there is still a lot of fitting processes and stuff that is done by hand,
[00:41:09] <MacGalempsy> I want to say this is the one he just got http://webermandolins.com/instruments/limited-editions/yellowstone-f-15498707
[00:41:46] <XXCoder> former. interesting
[00:41:54] <MacGalempsy> notice the retail price
[00:42:14] <MacGalempsy> its like buying a car, you start out basic and keep adding to the sky
[00:42:36] <XXCoder> hh I see it now
[00:47:57] <MacGalempsy> www.hotrodfab.com
[00:48:18] <MacGalempsy> that seems like the best way. get the brackets and a BOM
[00:48:51] <XXCoder> yeah
[00:49:09] <XXCoder> it says $1000 does not include electrics
[00:49:25] <MacGalempsy> check out the purchase link
[00:49:35] <MacGalempsy> they get a little more detailed on the gantry
[00:51:03] <XXCoder> interesting
[00:51:17] <XXCoder> if get gantry just need compately chjeap stand table
[00:51:58] <MacGalempsy> yeah. get the 4' wide one, and weld up a table
[00:52:49] <MacGalempsy> the z axis doesnt look that complex
[00:53:31] <XXCoder> know what I want?
[00:53:34] <XXCoder> farmbot lol
[00:53:40] <XXCoder> but they ask for crazy price
[00:54:02] <MacGalempsy> lol wth!
[00:54:22] <XXCoder> $3,275
[00:54:53] <MacGalempsy> thats a damn small garden
[00:55:20] <XXCoder> but then its near totally automated
[00:55:35] <MacGalempsy> I wonder if you can program it to weed
[00:55:41] <XXCoder> lol watch it
[00:55:52] <XXCoder> your questions betray your ignorance ;)
[00:56:16] <MacGalempsy> im watching now!
[00:57:43] <MacGalempsy> ah hahahahaha
[00:58:55] <MacGalempsy> we've got a row of purple kush, a row of northern lights
[00:59:11] <MacGalempsy> and interspread girlscout cookit
[01:00:23] <MacGalempsy> well, heck its open source, just build your own
[01:00:27] <XXCoder> it is.
[01:00:43] <XXCoder> if I go for it, I would use sealed induction sensors for homing
[01:00:58] <XXCoder> induction works though plastic.
[01:01:29] <MacGalempsy> well there you go
[01:01:39] <XXCoder> know whats funny?
[01:01:51] <XXCoder> it uses arudino mega 2560
[01:01:51] <MacGalempsy> ?
[01:01:57] <MacGalempsy> yeah with ramps
[01:01:57] <XXCoder> same as my 3d printer
[01:02:09] <MacGalempsy> thats what I was thinking while the video was on
[01:02:09] <XXCoder> if I decide to build delta with smoothieboard
[01:02:17] <XXCoder> I can recycle that board.
[01:03:38] <MacGalempsy> looks like a vacuum pump
[01:03:56] <MacGalempsy> but the hardest part is already done. the programming
[01:06:49] <XXCoder> yeah vacuum part is where im unsure
[01:07:11] <MacGalempsy> you would need to turn it on, then use a solenoid
[01:08:29] <MacGalempsy> looks like the water just comes off a tap, but you could use a cistern
[01:09:37] <XXCoder> nope
[01:09:41] <XXCoder> its illegal in washington
[01:09:54] <XXCoder> yep its illegal to collect rain water
[01:09:58] <MacGalempsy> wow.
[01:10:07] <XXCoder> wow is not word I'd use
[01:10:27] <MacGalempsy> one more reason I love living in Arkansas
[01:10:40] <XXCoder> I still dont know why it is so
[01:10:51] <XXCoder> ark bleh lived there couple years, hated it
[01:10:58] <XXCoder> only thing I liked was ASD
[01:11:00] <MacGalempsy> which part did you live in?
[01:11:03] <XXCoder> ark school for deaf
[01:11:08] <XXCoder> nowhereville
[01:11:18] <XXCoder> school is at little rock
[01:11:26] <MacGalempsy> well, that explains it
[01:11:45] <MacGalempsy> I live up in the NW corner, by Fayetteville
[01:12:58] <XXCoder> look at this https://farmbot-genesis.readme.io/docs/bill-of-materials
[01:13:22] <XXCoder> electrics and wiring and 3d prints is huge oart of it
[01:13:48] <MacGalempsy> heh. vacuum pump and solenoid
[01:14:49] <MacGalempsy> if you took a while and tried to really do it on the cheap, you could probably half the cost
[01:16:23] <MacGalempsy> damn, you see th eprice of the 2d prints?!
[01:16:26] <MacGalempsy> 3d!
[01:16:37] <XXCoder> that made me laugh yeah
[01:16:47] <XXCoder> 800 bucks basically
[01:17:04] <MacGalempsy> shit, you could get a printer and the filament for that
[01:20:09] <MacGalempsy> the 8020 and the fasteners are about stuck on pricing
[01:20:43] <XXCoder> my printer is $220, filiment $32 each (atomic)
[01:20:51] <XXCoder> I probably would need 2 reels
[01:20:59] <XXCoder> still cheaper
[01:21:08] <MacGalempsy> you going to start printing stuff?
[01:21:27] <XXCoder> nah not when I dont own land
[01:21:43] <MacGalempsy> your place does not have a yard?
[01:22:00] <Wolf_> I bet half the 3d printed parts could be milled alum
[01:22:12] <XXCoder> wolf yeah
[01:22:25] <XXCoder> once cnc rpouter is working I plan to look and see what i can do with it.
[01:22:26] <MacGalempsy> probably, but it would add to the price
[01:22:32] <XXCoder> and I bet some of printed stuff really isnt needed
[01:22:45] <Wolf_> lmao like 19 cable carrier supports for $236
[01:23:05] <Wolf_> you could use alum L stock to do the same thing for cheaper
[01:24:11] <MacGalempsy> 30 v wheels are $108
[01:24:37] <XXCoder> 3.33 each v wheel
[01:24:40] <XXCoder> approx
[01:25:12] <MacGalempsy> so it would be interesting how cheap it could be done if everything came from hong kong
[01:25:21] <MacGalempsy> farmbot would be like $100
[01:25:38] <XXCoder> nah
[01:25:49] <XXCoder> cant be that cheap even from there
[01:25:51] <MacGalempsy> being facecious
[01:25:53] <Wolf_> print price is shapeways price...
[01:26:00] <XXCoder> pure raw m,aterials maybe $200
[01:26:34] <MacGalempsy> they are using encoder feedback, which probably was the best, but necessary?
[01:27:26] <MacGalempsy> XXCoder: did you see the plasma cutter mod?
[01:27:34] <MacGalempsy> :)
[01:27:35] <XXCoder> "If you're thinking about building a FarmBot yourself, be aware that the prices in the tables above and below do not take into account shipping fees, taxes, minimum order quantities, and waste. If you build one FarmBot on your own, expect to pay 20-25% more for the components than these tables indicate."
[01:29:31] <MacGalempsy> I will admit it sounds more interesting as I look through it
[01:29:44] <XXCoder> the extrusion price is actually reasonablke
[01:29:55] <XXCoder> https://www.amazon.com/V-Slot-Linear-Rail-1500mm-Length/dp/B00YCOQO2S/
[01:29:59] <XXCoder> it says 21 dollars
[01:31:41] <XXCoder> track end plates $20 for 4
[01:31:43] <Wolf_> http://openbuildspartstore.com/v-slot-linear-rail/ direct
[01:32:05] <Wolf_> and you can find the wheels on ebay from china for less I think
[01:32:05] <XXCoder> 3 dollar
[01:32:09] <XXCoder> sle it seems
[01:32:12] <MacGalempsy> that is for black on their site
[01:32:41] <XXCoder> its same price as on amazon
[01:32:49] <MacGalempsy> i would be afaid some reprapper would see my farmbot and steal it to make their printer!
[01:33:09] <Wolf_> yeah, thats cause amazon listing is from openbuilds lol
[01:33:17] <XXCoder> security cameras
[01:33:30] <MacGalempsy> I need a scarecrow bot
[01:33:34] <XXCoder> add "Smile, you on camera"
[01:33:42] <MacGalempsy> it targets birds with a sentry bb gun
[01:33:47] <Wolf_> I’ve been looking at the openbuild stuff my plasma table gantry
[01:34:09] <MacGalempsy> hopefully it doesnt shoot down a bald eagle
[01:34:11] <XXCoder> mac make it target moving anything unless codeword is sent to disable it :P
[01:34:23] <MacGalempsy> :D
[01:34:37] <MacGalempsy> it shoots seeds
[01:35:05] <XXCoder> lol you can blame nature if bald eagle gets shot with seed :P
[01:35:43] <XXCoder> they use thick Al plates for adding cnc farm to farm box
[01:35:50] <XXCoder> and I do mean thick
[01:36:19] <Wolf_> 21mm?
[01:36:33] <XXCoder> 5 mm thick apparent;y
[01:36:52] <Wolf_> thats not thick, not even 1/4”
[01:37:11] <XXCoder> guess noy
[01:37:25] <XXCoder> though it can be real cheap if has plenty steel and has cnc that can cut it
[01:37:35] <XXCoder> grab scrap steel thinner than that cut it
[01:38:59] <MacGalempsy> voila https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7YgINEh7i8
[01:39:25] <MacGalempsy> might need a little beefier gantry on the farmbot
[01:40:03] <Jymmm> farmbot? it milks bulls?
[01:40:20] <XXCoder> fancy mac heh add some scarecrow design to it
[01:40:20] <MacGalempsy> that would be a popular mod
[01:40:50] <MacGalempsy> "you can pretty much milk anything with nipples"
[01:41:25] <XXCoder> including males? heh
[01:41:44] <MacGalempsy> I think thats the way Robert Deniro put it in Meet the Fockers
[01:42:04] <XXCoder> Jymmm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq_vqDtWRLY
[01:42:46] <MacGalempsy> alright, i got to hit the hay. the wife calling me out on laughing too hard while she tries to sleep.
[01:42:53] <XXCoder> wow messy quality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4Fc-emlIHo is better
[01:42:57] <MacGalempsy> ttyl
[01:43:02] <XXCoder> later mac
[01:51:58] <Jymmm> XXCoder: lol
[01:52:09] <XXCoder> that was kids show, imange that
[02:34:44] <Deejay> moin
[02:35:29] <XXCoder> yo
[03:03:01] <rodw> anybody home?
[03:03:24] <XXCoder> nope
[03:03:54] <XXCoder> 1/128 of people in here is at my home
[03:04:56] <rodw> first time here
[03:05:53] <rodw> Rod Webster
[03:06:17] <XXCoder> first time in irc?
[03:06:48] <rodw> YEs, wondered whathappened to the forum
[03:07:04] <XXCoder> dunno I dont use forum
[03:07:24] <rodw> Thats all I've been using
[03:09:32] <XXCoder> they will evenually fix forum
[03:10:32] <rodw> Sure they will. Nice chatting. Got to go
[03:11:49] <XXCoder> np later
[04:21:17] <gonzo__> no one home, but the lights are on
[04:21:35] * XXCoder enters to rob place
[05:23:25] <deargonaut> Hello! Is it possible to get the motor driver 'working' state as input on linuxcnc?
[05:25:28] <archivist> define working state
[05:25:54] <archivist> servo or stepper or what
[05:53:02] <Tom_itx> if it has an enable signal you could use that
[08:30:21] <max___> Newb question: to run linuxcnc from a Live CD is only for simulations, isn't? To really control my mill, I have to install linuxcnc as well as debian (or ubuntu) physically into my PC, right?
[08:30:41] <jdh> no, you can run from live
[08:31:52] <max___> thanks, got you!
[08:32:21] <archivist> makes more sense to install because you may want to save settings etc
[08:35:37] <Tommylight> ????
[08:35:51] <max___> in debian file system, I can see my windows file system. can I save my settings in windows directory?
[08:36:14] <Tommylight> Is forum dead or is it just me?
[08:36:31] <Tommylight> What setings?
[08:37:10] <max___> linuxcnc settings.
[08:37:16] <Tommylight> Yes
[08:40:55] <ToddZ> I can't acces the forum either.
[08:41:20] <Tommylight> Oh well the wait goes on
[08:41:28] <Tommylight> Hi Todd
[08:43:34] <ToddZ> Howdy
[08:45:05] <Tommylight> What's coockin?
[08:46:09] <archivist> fried arduinos and chips
[08:46:33] <Tommylight> Tastyyyy
[08:46:43] <Tommylight> Or toastyyyy?
[08:46:48] <Tommylight> Lol
[08:48:59] <max___> thanks guys for the replys (jdh, archivist, tommylight). I just got a small mill, CNC kit and downloaded linuxcnc 2.7. anxius to make them work.
[08:49:42] <Tommylight> Welcome to the club, max
[08:54:03] <Tommylight> Brb
[09:19:36] <tommylight> i am back
[09:19:56] <tommylight> any info on what is going on with the forum?
[09:20:59] <JT-Shop> not yet
[09:27:23] <tommylight> thnx
[10:19:19] <pfred1> I just got my ER11 collet set that I ordered. They're so cute!
[10:20:09] <DaPeace1> but a little small :-D
[10:20:41] <pfred1> I just have an engraver
[10:21:04] <DaPeace1> ah ok.. so big enough for your jobs..
[10:21:24] <pfred1> so the biggest collet is really pushing it
[10:21:42] <DaPeace1> you bought in china or did you buy a better value?
[10:21:53] <pfred1> I did a test the other day and it can run a 1/8th ball mill pretty good
[10:22:14] <pfred1> yeah just cheap Chinese collets
[10:22:50] <pfred1> these plastic boxes the collets came in have got to go
[10:23:04] <pfred1> I can't get one open!
[10:23:25] <DaPeace1> i use that kind of collets too.
[10:23:33] <pfred1> I donno these collets look OK to me
[10:24:03] <pfred1> better than I expected really
[10:24:46] <pfred1> I'm going to make a fitted box for all of them
[10:27:11] <DaPeace1> i need to create a box for all of my stuff too.. i have enough space under my portal.. only need to be sure dust stays out..
[10:28:34] <tommylight> It works!!!! Just got the inputs mesa 7i70 and outputs on mesa 7i71 working through a mesa 7i74
[10:28:49] <tommylight> More fun with MESA
[10:30:06] <tommylight> already have 7i77 working through 6i25, so i got 80 inputs and 64 outputs to play with.........for now
[10:30:21] <pfred1> tommylight sweet!
[10:30:31] <pfred1> its great when stuff works
[10:30:43] <Wolf_> nice
[10:30:44] <tommylight> yup yup
[10:30:55] * Wolf_ looks to see what a 7i74 is
[10:31:36] <tommylight> i need to set up that 7i74 for 4 SSI and 4 SSerial
[10:31:38] <DaPeace1> i use beckhoff for input/output but mesa was always a little better for step-generation
[10:33:35] <Wolf_> I need to get a 7i92 and 7i77 to play with
[10:34:40] <tommylight> i already have another 7i92 7i77 combo......and a 7i76E and another 6i25 and 2x 5i25 and......
[10:35:35] <Wolf_> sweet, the 7i92 works good?
[10:35:36] <tommylight> best thing about 7i92 7i77 is.....no cable !!! i got the M version of 7i92 so i attached it directly to 7i77
[10:35:44] <tommylight> yes, very good
[10:36:01] <Wolf_> yeah, that was my thought at well, just one cat5 run to the lcnc box
[10:36:16] <tommylight> roughly 10 minutes to set it up and have it working
[10:36:26] <tommylight> yup
[10:37:27] <Wolf_> for a cnc plasma table build so I don’t want the computer too close, and at the same time I want the servo drivers on the table
[10:38:35] <tommylight> you will need a cat6 cable for that
[10:38:56] <tommylight> plasma makes a lot of interference
[10:39:07] <Wolf_> yeah, true
[10:41:39] <pfred1> these collets seem really decent to me
[10:42:00] <tommylight> i have ER20 on ELTE spindles
[10:42:11] <tommylight> 2 of them
[10:42:21] <tommylight> not using them at all
[10:42:29] <pfred1> I have one of them cheap 500W air cooled spindles
[10:42:38] <tommylight> to many projects, not enough time
[10:42:40] * Wolf_ needs more ER tool holders…
[10:42:42] <pfred1> it's small quiet and light
[10:42:58] <pfred1> kind of doesn't spin very fast thuogh
[10:43:25] <tommylight> mine do 24000 rpm
[10:43:33] <pfred1> I wish it did higher RPM
[10:43:42] <pfred1> mine claims 12500
[10:43:44] <roycroft> i'm going to get a water cooled spindle for my wood router project
[10:43:47] <tommylight> but they are very picky about VFD
[10:44:02] <roycroft> folks say they are way way more quiet than the air cooled ones
[10:44:16] <tommylight> have a EUROTHERM 1.5KW one, they wont work with it
[10:44:23] <pfred1> well compared to the router I was usingthe air cooled spindle is whisper quiet
[10:45:31] <pfred1> but the router was much more powerful
[10:46:22] <roycroft> i'll be getting a 2.2kw spindle
[10:46:33] <roycroft> it should be fairly equivalent to the router i'm currently using
[10:46:47] <pfred1> the router I was using was only 600W
[10:46:55] <roycroft> honestly, the main reason for getting it is so i can have remote speed control
[10:47:16] <pfred1> I run my spindle full out
[10:47:17] <roycroft> i don't want to have to bend down and open up the router table every time i use a large diameter tool to slow the thing down
[10:47:25] <roycroft> i run it at the appropriate speed for the job
[10:47:36] <pfred1> full out is too slow
[10:47:47] <roycroft> it depends on what you're doing
[10:48:02] <roycroft> i'm not going to run a 3-1/2" diameter panel raising tool at 22k rpm
[10:48:26] <pfred1> yeah I'm not going to run a 3-1/2" diameter panel raising tool
[10:52:47] <roycroft> anyway, i found some 2.2kw spindles that look like they'll do the job decently
[10:52:52] <Wolf_> I’m still trying to figure out what to use to move the axis on the plasma table, chain, belt, gear rack without going broke in the process seeing I want the long axis to have 8 foot min cutting envelope...
[10:53:26] <roycroft> i'll get a 4kw vfd for it - i like to size the vfd capacity slightly larger than the motor it's driving
[10:53:47] <pfred1> chain drive can be pretty impressive
[10:53:49] <roycroft> er, 3kw, not 4kw
[10:53:58] <roycroft> s/impressive/impressive and expensive/
[10:54:13] <roycroft> it's almost cheaper to buy a small 3d printer and print your own chain than to buy one
[10:54:14] <roycroft> :)
[10:54:30] <pfred1> metal chain?
[10:54:35] <Wolf_> like #25 roller chain
[10:54:38] <roycroft> oh, you mean the axis drive chain
[10:54:40] <roycroft> never mind
[10:54:41] <Wolf_> not the cable chain
[10:54:43] <roycroft> i was thinking the cable chain
[10:54:45] <Wolf_> :)
[10:55:44] <pfred1> chain seems to have good resolution and great speed
[10:55:58] <Wolf_> only need 10 foot of cable chain for the whole thing
[10:56:21] <pfred1> have you watched video of chain drive machines running?
[10:56:52] <pfred1> you'd think they wouldn't be too accurate but I don't know
[10:57:40] <tommylight> you are talking bout 2 diferent types of chain
[10:58:21] <tommylight> metal chain or bycycle chain to drive an axis is no good
[10:58:28] <tommylight> to much vibration
[10:58:46] <tommylight> cable chain is for cable management
[10:59:36] <Wolf_> no I haven’t, how accurate the pitch is on the chain is what has me wondering, how close to 0.25 the pin spacing actually is http://www.rollerchain4less.com/25-1R-X-50FT-Standard-Roller-Chain_p_797.html
[11:00:07] <Wolf_> vibration shouldn’t be too big of a issue on the plasmas
[11:00:13] <Wolf_> plasma*
[11:00:20] <pfred1> even if it isn't as I understand it you can map leads in LinuxCNC
[11:00:29] <tommylight> but it is, you get ugly toothed cuts
[11:00:34] <pfred1> but i bet plain old chain is close enough
[11:01:36] <Wolf_> if its tensioned and has proper idlers I don’t see why it would jump
[11:02:22] <pfred1> well if this guy's video is any indication of their technical competence then I'd say they did OK with their machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5L203eeEZ4
[11:02:45] <pfred1> it looks like it is doing the CNC thing to me
[11:03:53] <Wolf_> guy needs to lrn2 horizontal video
[11:04:00] <pfred1> hehe yeah
[11:04:09] <tommylight> iphone owners
[11:04:19] <pfred1> I'm trying to find someone cutting with a chain drive so we can see some output
[11:04:28] <tommylight> i did one vertical with a samsung
[11:04:32] <tommylight> shame on me
[11:04:49] <Wolf_> I have done that oops as well lol
[11:05:05] <pfred1> here we go these machines are pretty cool but he's not cutting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MHl2N8viKc
[11:05:42] <Wolf_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vETkf1sqo3M also chain run
[11:05:46] <pfred1> they don't wrap the chain they just stretch the hell ut of it and use the chain like a rack
[11:06:16] <Wolf_> umm., that wraps
[11:06:51] <pfred1> if i had it to do all over again I'd give chain serious consideration myself
[11:07:24] <pfred1> that sucker is zipping along Wolf_
[11:07:35] <Wolf_> I want to go gear rack but stupid $$$ for 8 feet x2
[11:07:51] <pfred1> yeah i donno chain seems to do the job to me
[11:08:00] <pfred1> oh this is a timing belt
[11:08:28] <pfred1> I don't know about rubber belts and plasma sparks
[11:08:39] <Wolf_> for the X being just over 5 foot I can do gear rack on it
[11:09:20] <Wolf_> y axis wanting to be 8.5 foot on the other hand with drive on both sides…
[11:11:52] <pfred1> I like how he twangs the spring
[11:12:55] <Wolf_> guess I should have watched that whole vid lol
[11:13:20] <pfred1> it was an interesting machine
[11:13:30] <Wolf_> I have shitty 8mm 4 start lead screws that I can use for my Z
[11:13:33] <pfred1> poor thing lives out in the rain
[11:15:16] <pfred1> here's a rough and ready chain drive machine cutting materials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9MY-EDCpPs
[11:16:39] <pfred1> guy must be running that machine on a crad table or something
[11:16:44] <pfred1> card even
[11:17:04] <Wolf_> lol yeah
[11:18:46] <pfred1> I wish people would pan out so you can see the whole machine
[11:21:22] <Wolf_> thinking using 80/20 for the gantry + open rail
[11:22:27] <Wolf_> or something similar
[11:22:35] <pfred1> extrusion
[11:23:04] <Wolf_> yeah, 80/20 is a brand of it
[11:23:31] <pfred1> I hear a lot about 6040 now
[11:24:06] <Wolf_> you are thinking of the china routers :P
[11:24:12] <pfred1> yes
[11:24:32] <Wolf_> https://www.8020.net/
[11:24:32] <pfred1> they're popping up like weeds
[11:25:09] <pfred1> thise people all seem to run chillipepr on their machines too
[11:26:43] <pfred1> last collet to unwrap
[11:27:13] <Wolf_> thats not what I was talking about lol
[11:27:56] <roycroft> 80/20 have deflection tables
[11:28:00] <roycroft> their extrusions are not very stiff
[11:28:13] <roycroft> so make sure you consult their tables and can live with the sag
[11:28:27] <pfred1> as far as Chinese collets go I think these are good ones
[11:28:27] <Wolf_> yeah, its only the gantry run
[11:28:33] <CaptHindsight> dey have different versions with variying degrees of stiffnesesesss
[11:28:47] <archivist> add gussets
[11:28:53] <CaptHindsight> light, regular and heavy
[11:28:58] <Wolf_> so maybe 5.5 foot run
[11:29:53] <CaptHindsight> Wolf_: across the width of the gantry?
[11:30:00] <Wolf_> yeah
[11:30:22] <Wolf_> rest of the table will be steel tube and plate
[11:32:03] <CaptHindsight> maybe 2x 2" x 2" heavy or use a 2" x 4", how much load is the spindle?
[11:32:18] <Wolf_> zero load
[11:32:22] <CaptHindsight> how fast will the spindle travel in X and Y?
[11:32:28] <Wolf_> plasma table
[11:33:01] <Wolf_> I’ll have to pull up the feed rate table for my cutter
[11:33:17] <roycroft> oh, this is a plasma cutter?
[11:33:18] <CaptHindsight> slow
[11:33:40] <CaptHindsight> was concerned if it was over 1g accel decell
[11:33:41] <roycroft> no worries about a few thousandths deflection then
[11:33:50] <JT-Shop> I built mine to go 500IPM
[11:34:13] <roycroft> i want mine to go ONE MILLION IPM!
[11:34:15] <roycroft> *vroom*
[11:34:28] <CaptHindsight> I keep the heavy 2 x 2 around for smaller machines
[11:34:49] <JT-Shop> http://gnipsel.com/shop/plasma/plasma.xhtml
[11:35:00] <pfred1> warp 2 engage!
[11:35:37] <CaptHindsight> looks like ~ 2x2" in the pics
[11:35:40] <Wolf_> you did yours weird lol
[11:35:54] <Wolf_> 1.5” 80/20?
[11:37:22] <MacGalempsy> JT-Shop what ki d of stuff have you made with that?
[11:37:47] <JT-Shop> everything lol, last project was my blast cabinet
[11:38:14] <Wolf_> that thing stepper based?
[11:38:15] <JT-Shop> me, yes 1 1/2" sq frame world for the frame
[11:38:19] <JT-Shop> yep
[11:38:36] <Wolf_> hmm, think servo would be overkill?
[11:38:48] <JT-Shop> thickest parts I've cut is 5/8"
[11:39:05] <JT-Shop> if I can go 500IPM I don't need any more
[11:39:09] <tommylight> Hi JT
[11:39:12] <MacGalempsy> cool. any clue on the completed price?
[11:39:36] <Wolf_> nice, what plasma box are you using on that?
[11:39:57] <CaptHindsight> https://8020.net/shop/2020-s.html
[11:40:05] <JT-Shop> no idea on price I have a Hypertherm 1250 with a machine torch
[11:40:12] <CaptHindsight> or https://8020.net/shop/3030-s.html
[11:40:23] <JT-Shop> I made all the parts on my BP knee mill
[11:40:40] <Wolf_> ok cool, I’ll be running a hyperthem 1000 with machine torch
[11:41:02] <Wolf_> I was planning on 1/2” max w/ piercing
[11:41:07] <JT-Shop> I put a water heater tank below to fill/drain the water table
[11:41:17] <CaptHindsight> https://www.8020.net/university-tslot beam deflection
[11:42:36] <JT-Shop> http://gnipsel.com/images/blast-cabinet/
[11:43:11] <JT-Shop> made some of my splitter parts on it too http://gnipsel.com/images/splitter/
[11:43:31] <Wolf_> going to guess you are using a mesa THC? lol
[11:43:34] <JT-Shop> the occasional fire ring too lol
[11:43:57] <JT-Shop> yea, it's my bugging Peter so much he made them lol
[11:44:06] <MacGalempsy> fantasic quality on the blast cabinet
[11:44:13] <Wolf_> haha
[11:44:22] <JT-Shop> thanks
[11:44:37] <Wolf_> cool, I know who the bug when I start putting mine together
[11:44:43] <JT-Shop> yogurt cup is licked clean so back to work for me
[11:44:58] <Wolf_> wiring should be the same on my hyperthem as your 1250
[11:45:24] <JT-Shop> one design feature was to be able to put a sheet in that was longer than the table so there is 1/4" between the steel and extruded
[11:45:56] <Wolf_> yeah, that was a design thought on my table as well
[11:46:11] <MacGalempsy> JT you have all the cool toys, but do you have a farmbot?
[11:46:33] <Wolf_> but 4x8 is usually max size plate I’ll be dealing with, unless I need to cut up a 5x10’ for some odd reason
[11:46:51] <CaptHindsight> why do people bring their dogs to industrial work places?
[11:47:10] <MacGalempsy> they get lonely?
[11:47:28] <tommylight> PCW are you around? The config works, just flashed it again and changed the cables between 7i77 and 7i74. Thank you
[11:47:28] <CaptHindsight> for 8-10 hours?
[11:48:24] <MacGalempsy> is there a phoenix type connector that converts to a rj45 (for the 7i77)
[11:48:27] <CaptHindsight> I have to go unpack 173 boxes and hook up several machines
[11:48:45] <CaptHindsight> moving was fun
[11:49:06] <MacGalempsy> pics of new shop?
[11:49:56] <JT-Shop2> MacGalempsy: what is a farmbot?
[11:50:24] <tommylight> farming robots ?????
[11:50:28] <tommylight> LOL
[11:50:30] <MacGalempsy> yea!
[11:50:49] <tommylight> seen those, people are lazy
[11:51:04] <MacGalempsy> www.farmbot.io
[11:51:06] <CaptHindsight> JT-Shop2: gantry robot made from t-slot that covers a few sq ft
[11:51:20] <roycroft> you mean those state-of-the-art combines that have 4 season climate control, cushy heated seats, cup holders, high fidelity sound systems, and automated gps navigation?
[11:51:23] <CaptHindsight> but but but it's a robot
[11:51:55] <CaptHindsight> and it's controled by anRpi!
[11:52:30] <MacGalempsy> there was extensive conversation in here last night.
[11:52:32] <tommylight> that is cool
[11:52:46] <tommylight> does it prepare food ??? :)
[11:52:56] <CaptHindsight> salads
[11:53:02] <MacGalempsy> and it got me in trouble w the wife because of laughing too hard
[11:53:04] <CaptHindsight> worms
[11:53:25] <MacGalempsy> at 1am :)
[11:53:56] <MacGalempsy> worms yes
[11:55:08] <pcw_home> tommylight: glad its working , the reload issue is probably the fault of the
[11:55:09] <pcw_home> 5i25_7i74_7i77 config as it too old to have the reload function
[11:55:11] <pcw_home> (and reload depends on the _previously_ loaded config)
[11:57:32] <tommylight> PCW that is no big deal, i power cycled everything and it works, thank you very much
[11:58:04] <tommylight> now to make those SAE encoders work and actualy display anything
[11:58:08] <pcw_home> reload should work on the new SSI_SS file
[11:59:24] <tommylight> What is the voltage tolerance on 7i74 connectors, namely the SSI in/out?
[11:59:35] <tommylight> the encoders take 24V
[12:00:13] <tommylight> but i have yet to check what is the voltage on the clock and data lines
[12:00:36] <IchGucksLive> hi
[12:00:58] <tommylight> Hallo IchGlucks
[12:01:05] <tommylight> was gibst?
[12:01:20] <IchGucksLive> viel arbeit wenig lohn
[12:01:47] <tommylight> Die selbe bei mir
[12:01:59] <tommylight> und wenig ceit
[12:02:02] <tommylight> zeit
[12:02:13] <pcw_home> SSI are usually 5V differential (regardless of power)
[12:02:29] <pcw_home> (but measure with a voltmeter)
[12:02:51] <tommylight> will do that and report back
[12:02:54] <pcw_home> clock comes from 7I74 (5V diff)
[12:03:45] <tommylight> nice, will check tomorrow, as i am freezing my beehind here
[12:04:10] <tommylight> it is 18:35 PM here
[12:04:40] <tommylight> i need some rest, was up till 4 AM last night trying to make a working config
[12:05:17] <tommylight> PCW, utmost respect for you continued support
[12:06:08] <Banenan> hi
[12:06:19] <tommylight> Hi Banenan
[12:07:12] <Banenan> can someone help me with the installation of the LinuxCNC 2.7.8 get the error server terminated
[12:07:34] <Banenan> am besten deutsch *g
[12:07:48] <IchGucksLive> drück doppelt auf meine nick
[12:18:35] <tommylight> forum still offline?????????
[12:18:39] <IchGucksLive> so trump gone change all exchange of parts
[12:20:04] <tommylight> I am off, laterz
[12:20:13] <JT-Shop2> Banenan: are you trying to download the LiveCD?
[12:20:14] <IchGucksLive> keep warm
[12:20:28] <IchGucksLive> he is running
[12:20:39] <MacGalempsy> he cut it off to promote US based robotics
[12:20:41] <tommylight> going to hug my fireplace
[12:20:50] <IchGucksLive> JT-Shop the md5 is wrong
[12:20:50] <Patrick_> The forum is off line for me.
[12:21:06] <tommylight> same here Patrick
[12:21:08] <JT-Shop2> for everyone
[12:21:46] <JT-Shop2> IchGucksLive: md5sum for linuxcnc-2.7-wheezy.iso?
[12:21:57] <IchGucksLive> yes
[12:21:58] <Wolf_> yay for hyperthem, they have the service manuals online for the powermax
[12:22:17] <IchGucksLive> Wolf_: there are the best i got 2
[12:22:33] <JT-Shop2> what about the sha256sum?
[12:22:42] <IchGucksLive> dident ask for
[12:22:59] <IchGucksLive> he is downloading right now
[12:23:07] <Wolf_> yes they are, back when I first got mine, I had a fault issue and the tech support walked me through a full field test of it
[12:23:18] <Wolf_> over the phone
[12:23:25] <IchGucksLive> cool
[12:24:03] <IchGucksLive> i had some problems with Eagle THC on it but solved as magic
[12:24:15] <Wolf_> which was a surprise to me lol, open your machine up, turn it on and start probing the inside of the thing
[12:24:45] <pfred1> Wolf_ if anything went wrong that'd be one way to get rid of you
[12:25:04] <Wolf_> lol yeah really
[12:26:48] <Wolf_> I really think my current problem is in the torch lead, from someone dropping something on it
[12:27:23] <pfred1> Wolf_ they pinched the lead and now current can't flow?
[12:27:49] <Wolf_> I think its shorting out the cap sensor wire
[12:34:15] <Tommylight> Back again
[12:34:32] <IchGucksLive> so did you find a heated place
[12:34:40] <IchGucksLive> with I-net
[12:34:44] <Tommylight> What did i miss?
[12:34:55] <Tommylight> Yes i did
[12:35:11] <Tommylight> Not my fireplace yet
[12:35:33] <Tommylight> Stoped on my way home to grab a coffe
[12:35:33] <IchGucksLive> best to burn other people wood storige
[12:36:37] <Tommylight> I own some land with plenty of wood, but i buy wood for burning
[12:37:06] <Tommylight> Not much wood left in my country
[12:38:35] <Tommylight> Any good ideas floating around?
[12:41:22] <Tommylight> PCW, bye bye and welcome back
[12:41:48] <Tommylight> Smileys do not work here,
[12:42:34] <Tommylight> My mailbox if feeling lonely
[12:45:39] <pfred1> 8^D
[12:49:47] <Tommylight> terkaa ???????
[12:50:19] <Tommylight> Are you around??
[12:50:33] <Tommylight> Am pm
[12:50:57] <Tommylight> Am on the phone so i can not see who is om
[12:52:29] <pfred1> Tommylight whois terkaa?
[12:53:04] <pfred1> I mean /whois terkaa
[12:53:16] <pfred1> 13:21 -!- There is no such nick terkaa
[12:53:33] <pfred1> you can info people with nickserv too
[12:53:39] <pfred1> /msg nickserv info terkaa
[12:53:53] <pfred1> 13:21 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- terkaa is not registered.
[12:54:01] <Tommylight> Pfred he is a forum member
[12:54:35] <pfred1> with this network registration has its privleges
[12:54:44] <Tommylight> Here you can use diferent nicks
[12:56:06] <Tommylight> Thank you
[12:56:26] <Tommylight> For the info
[12:56:37] <pfred1> I was coming here when it was OPN
[12:57:12] <Tommylight> Nice
[12:57:24] <pfred1> before the fascist takeover
[12:57:36] <Tommylight> I never used this, today is my second round
[12:58:19] <pfred1> someone turned me onto iRC early in my Internet days
[12:58:35] <pfred1> though this wasn't the first IRC network i ever used
[12:58:45] <pfred1> I used to hang out on ZAnet
[12:58:56] <pfred1> a south african IRC network
[12:59:18] <Tommylight> I wasted 3 months when paltalk started, never before or after
[12:59:35] <Tommylight> Since the days of BBS
[12:59:36] <pfred1> IRC is OK
[12:59:57] <pfred1> I knew the BitchX crew on EFnet
[13:00:11] <pfred1> they were a fun bunch
[13:00:34] <pfred1> I can only remember fudd now though
[13:00:53] <Tommylight> Its been a while
[13:00:56] <pfred1> but EFnet is a pretty rough network
[13:01:04] <Tommylight> Or we are geting old
[13:01:06] <pfred1> you get port scanned on join
[13:01:21] <Wolf_> I’ll go with its been a while lol
[13:01:32] <pfred1> I was there the night teardrop was discovered
[13:01:50] <Tommylight> Teardrop???
[13:01:59] <pfred1> and we had the syn flood war
[13:02:14] <pfred1> yeah an especially nasty exploit
[13:02:27] <Tommylight> Oh that i remember
[13:02:40] <pfred1> poor Windows users they never did get a patch
[13:03:05] <Tommylight> I had no such problems, use linux from the time of cli
[13:03:06] <pfred1> that was the last night for more than a few NT boxen
[13:03:35] <pfred1> I got bounced offline but then I patched my kernel against it
[13:03:52] <Tommylight> Man i had to use windows as i owned compter shops
[13:04:10] <pfred1> Windows is good for that business
[13:04:21] <Tommylight> But personaly i hated it from wi 3.11
[13:04:31] <Tommylight> Win*
[13:04:49] <jesseg> I have a love-hate relationship with windows. I love to hate it :P
[13:04:54] <IchGucksLive> !seen Holzwurm
[13:04:54] <the_wench> last seen in 2017-01-16 14:07:53GMT 04:24:58 ago, saying Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 50.1.0/20161208153507]
[13:05:02] <pfred1> ah a bot bang
[13:05:03] <Tommylight> Yup nasty relation
[13:05:23] <pfred1> starting a line with a ! is called a bang
[13:05:38] <pfred1> it triggers chan bots
[13:05:45] <Tommylight> Ichguck he was here earlier
[13:05:57] <pfred1> Mon Jan 16 13:35:51 EST 2017
[13:06:58] <pfred1> just like a half an hour ago it seems
[13:07:04] <Tommylight> Did some work on chatbots for yahoo chat back then
[13:07:40] <Tommylight> For about 2 weeks and got bored
[13:08:34] <Tommylight> Should we stay on topic? Or someone will give us a spank...
[13:09:06] <pfred1> if someone mentions a LinuxCNC related item but IRC is topical for IRC
[13:09:54] <Tommylight> Cool
[13:10:33] <pfred1> sometimes in the channel topic it says machine related chat or something to that effect
[13:10:47] <pfred1> the topic ATM is pretty bland though
[13:10:54] <Tommylight> I could use a working config for serial absolue encoders wired to 7i74
[13:10:59] <Wolf_> this place can be kinda random at times
[13:11:36] <Tommylight> Keeps it interesting
[13:12:00] * pfred1 knows zip about Mesa hardware
[13:12:27] <pfred1> I'm a parallel port kind of a guy
[13:12:59] <IchGucksLive> pfred best to go
[13:13:18] <pfred1> parallel ports are getting harder to find today though
[13:13:28] <IchGucksLive> http://foengarage.de/4achs_elek.jpg
[13:13:33] <pfred1> add in boards aren't even easy to find
[13:13:42] <Tommylight> I use a lot of parallel, got over 1800 euro worth of Mesa hardware and it is worth every cent
[13:14:02] <pfred1> yeah Mesa is a lot faster
[13:14:03] <djdelorie> do euros use cents?
[13:14:16] <pfred1> cents are metric
[13:14:19] <Tommylight> Yes
[13:14:29] <Jymmm> djdelorie: Euros have no sense ;)
[13:14:32] <Tommylight> Lol at metric
[13:14:41] <djdelorie> pfred1: I hope there are no centi-quid though
[13:14:46] <pfred1> hey DJ I got KiCAD to build
[13:14:52] <djdelorie> er, yay?
[13:15:03] <Tommylight> Had a war about imperial and metric on a forum some years ago
[13:15:09] <pfred1> I had such a time with WxWigets and WXPython
[13:15:16] * djdelorie uses milli-inches, so there! ;-)
[13:15:21] <pfred1> I could strangle whoever developed that stuff
[13:15:24] <jesseg> What I really want to do is built a PID motor control unit with H-Bridge driver entirely in an FPGA then interface it with USB
[13:15:24] * djdelorie has nothing to do with kicad
[13:15:27] <IchGucksLive> MESA Cabinet http://heimwerkermarkt-tretter.de/schrank.jpg
[13:15:37] <pfred1> djdelorie I saw that
[13:16:09] <pfred1> I still haven't made a board with it yet
[13:16:37] <Tommylight> Ichguck that looks neat
[13:17:00] <Tommylight> I have some 400 wires to connect and program
[13:17:01] <pfred1> wow very orange
[13:17:11] <djdelorie> jesseg: I did a usb->mcu->h-bridge pid motor control, don't know if that helps you, but feel free to steal from it ;-)
[13:17:27] <pfred1> those PSUs look familiar
[13:17:58] <IchGucksLive> 75V
[13:18:12] <Jymmm> djdelorie: Did it have mid-band compensation?
[13:18:13] <pfred1> mine is only 36V
[13:18:16] <Tommylight> Have a look at my youtube channel for some 20 euro servo drives
[13:18:24] <Tommylight> For 2 motors
[13:18:33] <djdelorie> Jymmm: if it did, it was by accident
[13:18:39] <Jymmm> djdelorie: lmao
[13:18:46] <jesseg> djdelorie, cool! thanks! I did one too using RS232->PIC18F1320->H-Bridge pid motor control, works great, but a little bandwidth limited due to the speed of the micro. I've played aruond with FPGA and it's an amazing experience, and super good for reading encoders and producing PWm waveforms
[13:19:12] <Jymmm> IchGucksLive: what size is that cabinet?
[13:19:28] <IchGucksLive> 600x600x250
[13:19:32] <pcw_home> We have a full multi-axis motion controller in FPGA (SoftDMC)
[13:19:34] <jesseg> I think it tops out at 20 to 40Khz on the encoder signals, and its PID loop runs at 1Khz so it's not a high speed system
[13:19:34] <pcw_home> and it works over USB on USB interfaced FPGA cards
[13:19:36] <pcw_home> Though USB is general is a dreadful interface
[13:19:55] <djdelorie> jesseg: I used an RX62T which has about 100 mips or so (32 bit 80 mhz, single-cycle hardware fpu) so processing power wasn't an issue
[13:20:06] <jesseg> pcw_home, yeah, usb is dreadful
[13:20:27] <pcw_home> SoftDMC will run 4 axis at about 75KHz on newer FPGAs
[13:20:31] <djdelorie> it had a 20 KHz pid loop, fast enough to do every pwm cycle :-)
[13:20:33] <jesseg> djdelorie, what's the IRQ latency on that? I've noticed that a lot of the 32 bit micro's have a surprisingly high irq latency
[13:21:01] <jesseg> djdelorie, sounds pretty sweet
[13:21:11] <djdelorie> dunno, most of the work was done by motor control peripherals in the chip, and hardware synchronized, so as long as I had the next cycle's values staged it didn't matter
[13:21:27] <djdelorie> http://www.delorie.com/electronics/bldc/
[13:21:36] <jesseg> cool - irq latency doesn't matter if you have motor control hardware built in :D
[13:22:05] <jesseg> djdelorie, that is super cool looking!
[13:22:08] <djdelorie> I got an irq when the adc's auto-trigger from the pwm was done, I had until the next pmw cycle to fill in a few registers
[13:22:42] <djdelorie> used in this: http://www.delorie.com/photos/cnc/
[13:23:11] <djdelorie> but it broke, something went wrong last time I used it and I blew the main motor power supply. New fuse, motors acting funny, need to debug it.
[13:23:21] <djdelorie> probably just going to fast
[13:23:34] <pfred1> I had a problem it turned out to just be a loose wire
[13:24:00] <djdelorie> My main problem there, is that my scope is at a friend's lab :-P
[13:24:19] <jesseg> yeah it's great when friends have labs, but not w hen you test gear end up stuck there :P
[13:24:20] <Wolf_> BLDC can be a pain on decelleration
[13:24:28] <pfred1> sounds like a good excuse ot get a new scope to me
[13:24:35] <djdelorie> but I might move all the underbelly electronics to a more readily accessible cabinet, like the photo IchGucksLive just posted
[13:25:08] <djdelorie> Wolf_: I *way* over-spec'd the power supply to absorb the back-EMF, but... who knows. Regenerative braking :-)
[13:25:13] <IchGucksLive> use dso138 always at hand at 20USD
[13:25:20] <pfred1> djdelorie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNou_H-kHZY&t=634s
[13:25:30] <djdelorie> pfred1: it *is* a new scope, I was just using it more at his place than mine for a while
[13:25:31] <jesseg> yeah it's neat to have everything hidden away... but.. eventually something will need some attention then it's a pain
[13:26:00] <pfred1> this guy's a riot
[13:26:26] <Wolf_> yup, I kinda went with off the shelf servo drives for that reason (plus I don’t know how to build that sorta thing either)
[13:26:38] <IchGucksLive> im off Gn8
[13:26:45] <djdelorie> jesseg: it wasn't really a problem until I added the base and wheels, see http://www.delorie.com/photos/cnc/img_2600.html
[13:26:59] <pfred1> DJ's servo drive is pretty ah complicated?
[13:27:07] <djdelorie> Wolf_: "building that sort of thing" is the fun part for me
[13:27:29] <djdelorie> pfred1: the software is complicated, but the hardware not so much. It's really just "connect everything to the MCU"
[13:27:32] <jesseg> djdelorie, oh yeah I see, yeah
[13:27:59] <Wolf_> Its fun for me as well, but I can’t code worth a darn nor EE stuff lol
[13:28:25] <djdelorie> well, to each their own. My ability to build cnc machines out of metal is obviously lacking ;-)
[13:28:28] <pfred1> yeah I can't code my way out of a soggy paper bag
[13:28:55] <Wolf_> yeah, I win on that side, cert welder w/ a fab shop lol
[13:28:56] <pfred1> djdelorie I made my machine out of wood because it is cheap and easy
[13:29:48] <pfred1> though I did have some shrinkage issues with the X trolley fram
[13:29:53] <djdelorie> I like wood too. The guy who helped me build it was kinda amazed that he'd mention a part we needed, and next thing you know I was handing it to him... no plans, just cut it out of whatever was handy
[13:30:16] <djdelorie> although you can measure the deflection in inches
[13:30:26] <jesseg> I suppose with a wooden machine you'd waint to maintain constant temperature and humidity
[13:30:42] <djdelorie> plywood, not so much
[13:30:47] <jesseg> or model them really well in software :D
[13:30:53] <Tommylight> And keep away holzwurm's
[13:30:59] <Tommylight> Lol
[13:31:22] <jesseg> "Ahh blah there are termites eating my 5 axis milling machine :P"
[13:31:37] <Tommylight> Yup yup
[13:31:47] <pfred1> here's my wooden wonder http://i.imgur.com/KXrsIpm.jpg
[13:31:58] <jesseg> Call up Gene Haas "Hey what do you suggest about termites boring holes in my ways?" "Run for your life!"
[13:32:22] <jesseg> pfred1, niec
[13:32:24] <jesseg> nice
[13:32:35] <pfred1> jesseg thanks yeah it is as simple as i could think of
[13:32:54] <jesseg> are those drawer roller ball slides? :D
[13:32:58] <jesseg> excellent
[13:33:02] <pfred1> Accurides
[13:33:04] <Tommylight> Pfred, drawer slides......ah memories lol
[13:33:12] <pfred1> hey they work
[13:33:37] <Tommylight> Yup they do
[13:34:01] <Tommylight> I used some for plasma floating head
[13:34:25] <pfred1> this is the first thing I plotted and i had the CAM software misconfigured to "cut" in stages so the machine traced over every line 3 times http://i.imgur.com/YjsaF5g.jpg
[13:34:26] <roycroft> so i'll be looking for stepper motors now
[13:34:27] <Tommylight> One day one of them just dismanteled by itself
[13:34:38] <roycroft> any advice/caveats on the ones i'll find online?
[13:34:48] <roycroft> recommendations for a good vendor?
[13:35:13] <djdelorie> roycroft: first, go price servos, so you won't mind paying extra for quality steppers afterwards :-)
[13:35:16] <roycroft> i'll be getting a couple nema23 and one nema 34 motor
[13:35:30] <pfred1> yeah Vexta motors are really nice
[13:35:32] * roycroft puts djdelorie on /ignore
[13:35:37] <roycroft> :)
[13:35:49] <djdelorie> blah blah blah roycroft blah blah blah ;-)
[13:35:50] <pfred1> they're ike real stepper motors
[13:36:13] <pfred1> I got a couple little vextas they just ooze quality
[13:36:26] <Tommylight> Vexta are not cheap, but realy nice
[13:36:29] <roycroft> i am not planning on paying $22.50 for three motors, including delivery
[13:36:35] * djdelorie had mixed feelings when the clearpath servos came out - didn't I just make something like that?
[13:37:18] <pfred1> Tommylight by the time you're done shipping cheap motors how much difference is there?
[13:37:42] <Tommylight> 22.50?????? Man i payed 149 for sanyo denki nema 24
[13:37:49] <Tommylight> 5amp ones
[13:37:59] <pfred1> sanyo denki are nice
[13:38:17] <Tommylight> Yup and japan servo
[13:38:37] <Tommylight> I use only high quality ones
[13:38:50] <Tommylight> No chinese
[13:39:31] <pfred1> well ship a cheap chinese motor it will cost
[13:39:36] <Wolf_> odd my servos cost me like $75 for 3
[13:39:56] <roycroft> vexta motors are not very expensive
[13:40:01] <Wolf_> granted they were surplus
[13:40:07] <Tommylight> I did buy some old photocopiers for 25 euro a piece, best investment ever
[13:40:19] <Tommylight> Can not find them anymore
[13:40:26] <pfred1> I'd like to get an off lease commercial copier to strip down
[13:40:40] <roycroft> i see a lot of 3 425 oz/in motors for $88.88 with free shipping (from the us) one bay
[13:40:49] <pfred1> I almost grabbed one at a yard sale for free
[13:41:14] <Wolf_> KOLLMORGEN SILVERLINE… so don’t know how good they are being german made i think
[13:41:22] <pfred1> roycroft don't get sucked in by holding torque values
[13:41:34] <Tommylight> Old big ones are a gold mine0
[13:41:38] <pfred1> it is torque moving that matters
[13:42:22] <Tommylight> Yeah torque curve is relevant
[13:42:22] <djdelorie> servos never miss steps... or, in my case, miss all of them :-P
[13:42:43] <pfred1> the generic motors usually won't give you a curve
[13:43:03] <roycroft> i've made it really clear that i do not wish to engage in any servo vs. stepper "conversations" here
[13:43:11] <roycroft> i am not interested in religion
[13:43:25] <pfred1> well servos are getting more competitive these days
[13:43:32] <Tommylight> I have some smal servos with pwm drives controled by linuxcnc so when they miss i get a warning and it stops
[13:43:34] <jesseg> roycroft, me neither that's why I put encoders on steppers :P
[13:43:35] <djdelorie> I'm just joking, given that my machine is currently broken
[13:43:46] <roycroft> i shall consider any further discussion of servos in the context of my query to be trolling, and will treat it as such
[13:44:19] <roycroft> best thing for steppers is to set things up such that they do not miss steps
[13:44:36] <jesseg> yeah by putting encoders on them and running them as BLDC motors :D
[13:44:52] <Tommylight> Even at 20 euro for 2 drives?????
[13:44:53] <Wolf_> screw religion, Use both =p http://i.imgur.com/rMK9yC1.jpg
[13:45:00] <djdelorie> roycroft: I did look at stepper drive packages from omc-stepperonline.com and even their most expensive complete cnc package was only $400, which is about what ONE clearpath servo costs
[13:45:09] <jesseg> then dynamic torque is almost as good as holding torque and they can't lose step
[13:45:18] <pfred1> djdelorie get yourself some of these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/TB6600-4-5-A-stepping-motor-drive-stepper-motor-driver-board-single-axis-controller/32512333818.html?spm=2114.01010208.3.37.yp8x9i&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_9,searchweb201602_4_10017_10005_10006_10034_10021_507_10022_10020_10018_10019,searchweb201603_1&btsid=19a96d07-30e9-4e1b-9633-26e9fd14f070
[13:45:20] <roycroft> hmm, i just found some nema 24 steppers
[13:45:32] <roycroft> that would be interesting
[13:45:53] <djdelorie> pfred1: I can't tell what that is, there's a big heatsink in the way... ;-)
[13:45:56] <roycroft> they conform to a standard that does not yet exist!
[13:46:01] <pfred1> ah so Sorry, this item is no longer available!
[13:46:11] <pfred1> djdelorie they're legit
[13:46:13] <Wolf_> cheap steppers? https://www.dropbox.com/s/jmk8yg0of0q5jpu/noobegg.png?dl=0
[13:46:14] <pfred1> I got them
[13:46:15] <roycroft> or is that a real, but obscure spec?
[13:46:30] <roycroft> the claim is that it is an obscure spec
[13:46:32] <Wolf_> I don’t think some of ya all were around for that =)
[13:46:42] * roycroft will pass, real or not
[13:47:10] <pfred1> djdelorie this on the other hand is bogus https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Upgrade-Plate-4257-TB6600-TB6560-stepper-motor-driver-drives-the-plate-4A-32-segments/32614148725.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.tIL0EC
[13:47:37] <pfred1> under that heatsink is a little surface mount IC
[13:48:49] <djdelorie> heh, the driver chip I used is rated for 15 amps at 600 volts - IF you water cool the darn thing.
[13:48:52] <jesseg> I found that running a stepper like a BLDC works good. Essentially you limit the advance to +/-90 degrees below a certain speed, but above that speed you limit it to +/-180 degrees. Turns out steppers run great advanced 180 degrees. They run either way but since it switches to 90 degrees below a certain speed, it works fine.
[13:49:31] <pfred1> djdelorie yeah but these drives are like $8 plug it in and go
[13:49:55] <djdelorie> duh :-) That driver chip is $8 itself qty 1000
[13:49:58] <pfred1> I can't even make a drive for that cheap in parts
[13:50:11] <djdelorie> I figure I paid $200 per driver board overall
[13:50:35] <djdelorie> maybe $100. It was long ago
[13:50:38] <pfred1> for dirt cheap stepper drives the TB6600 is the top dog
[13:52:02] <roycroft> i've heard that the tb6600 blows up real good
[13:52:27] <pfred1> roycroft I've had a wire fall off one
[13:52:59] <roycroft> i'm researaching drives and motors simultaneously
[13:52:59] <pfred1> my boards say 32V on the silkscreen so that's all I feed them
[13:53:23] <roycroft> i'm planning on getting 80v drives
[13:53:39] <roycroft> my ps puts out 52.3 volts without a load
[13:53:56] <pfred1> yeah that's too high for these drives
[13:54:08] <pfred1> get geckos
[13:54:17] <Wolf_> any more of those psu on ebay?
[13:54:34] <JT-Shop> yea, the G203V is an awesome stepper drive
[13:54:39] <roycroft> hmm
[13:54:51] <roycroft> i wasn't planning on paying $150 each for my motors
[13:54:54] <pfred1> yeah marriss makes good drives
[13:54:55] <jesseg> Is Gecko still doing their PID in analog?
[13:55:05] <roycroft> that would really stress the budget
[13:55:08] <JT-Shop> what I like about them the most is they morph from 10 micro steps to full steps
[13:55:23] * Wolf_ needs cheap power supply >40v
[13:55:35] <roycroft> the one i got is still available on dbay
[13:55:36] <roycroft> ebay
[13:55:46] <roycroft> you can get one for ~$110-$150
[13:55:48] * JT-Shop goes to the other shop to resume hanging itch in the roof
[13:55:51] <roycroft> i don't know if you consider that cheap
[13:55:54] <Wolf_> seeing my servo drive need min of 40v
[13:56:08] <pfred1> my next electronics project is going to be experimenting with SMPS
[13:56:13] <Wolf_> I really need 150-160v
[13:56:36] <pfred1> I got a shole bunch of TL494 ICs to burn up over here right now
[13:56:47] <roycroft> is your bed the size of a football field?
[13:57:11] <pfred1> I saw a vinyl cutter the size of a basketball court once
[13:57:44] <Wolf_> roycroft: no, the motors are high volt https://www.dropbox.com/s/yis13tmyj1e599s/silverlinedp.pdf?dl=0
[13:57:46] <roycroft> http://www.ebay.com/itm/C-I-Transformer-Co-PS-1478-Power-Supply/191842173594?_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D40757%26meid%3Dc208448e34b3494991eb5cc236c5c86b%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26sd%3D302166459281
[13:57:47] <pfred1> it was freaking huge
[13:57:50] <roycroft> there's some more of what i got
[13:59:14] <pfred1> here's the ultimate stepper drive http://i.imgur.com/L0AMzq8.jpg
[13:59:42] <pfred1> lots of current
[14:08:19] <jesseg> hey speaking of DIY motor drivers, I discovered something..
[14:08:58] <jesseg> Using really really thing PCB material that's double sided has many drawbacks but the big advantage is you get really good isolated heatsinking to the ground plane on the back LOL
[14:09:37] <jesseg> was trying to solder to pads and it made the whole board hot because it transferred heat through the thin fiberglass and resin to the ground plane on the back
[14:10:25] <Wolf_> yup, also makes it easy to reflow solder on a hotplate
[14:13:15] * MacGalempsy_ is laying out the aluminum panel to mount the electronics back in the cabinet, in a more orderly fashion.
[14:17:22] <pfred1> sumpfralle you work on OpenSCAD?
[14:19:09] <Banenan> hi can i do the online updates or is there any problem ?
[14:19:45] <pfred1> I heard the server was down
[14:20:07] <Banenan> i try
[14:20:25] <Banenan> working
[14:20:35] <Banenan> so i hope it will work after *g
[14:23:30] <MacGalempsy_> I think this guy needs to get a CNC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJGpC_Qgo5E
[14:23:53] <MacGalempsy_> maybe you germans can hook him up
[14:24:21] <JT-Shop> just the forum is down not the rest
[14:26:18] <pfred1> I'm looking for myself in the crowd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=204N0adkXUk
[14:36:49] <Frank_6> jt
[14:36:50] <Frank_6> hi
[14:37:50] <Frank_6> little question: 7i76 manual says that step/dir signals are 5v buffered differential pairs. this remains the same if i apply 24v to the field poweR?
[14:40:21] <pcw_home> Yes, step/dir are always 5V
[14:40:40] <pfred1> pcw_home sounds logical
[14:41:22] <Banenan> any germans her ?
[14:42:12] <pcw_home> The field I/O is completely separate (and isolated) from the 5V logic side
[14:47:57] <Banenan> how can i config the pwm output now i have my 100% in 0-1000 but i can go to 3000
[14:48:10] <JT-Shop2> hi Frank_6
[14:48:14] <Banenan> 1000-3000 no chANGE
[15:06:01] <JT-Shop> yea my Lalvin EC-1118 and RC 212 showed up today
[15:20:43] <roycroft> yeasties!
[15:21:17] <JT-Shop2> yep my buddy picked me a bunch of elderberries this year
[15:21:26] <roycroft> elderberry mead?
[15:21:32] <roycroft> elderberry wine?
[15:21:41] <roycroft> delicious either way!
[15:21:44] <JT-Shop2> a dry red and a blush from the second run
[15:22:07] <JT-Shop2> I get two batches from each sack-o-berries
[15:22:13] <roycroft> holy moly
[15:22:20] <roycroft> it's almost one o'clock
[15:22:29] <roycroft> i enjoy lacing cables too much - i lose track of time
[15:22:32] * roycroft heads off to lunch
[15:22:49] * JT-Shop2 goes to get his 3 o'clock monkey pickle
[15:32:49] <rob_h> any one here retrofitted Yaskawa CACR-IR Servo drives??
[15:35:37] <Frank_6> pcw_home: received and clear. Thanks peter. very much appreciated. sorry for my late response. over-
[15:55:52] <roycroft> so does anyone here use a haimer 3d sensor?
[15:56:18] <roycroft> it seems to me that with a bit of experience, it would be as fast and easy to index a workpiece with a haimer than an electronic probe
[15:56:24] <roycroft> possibly even faster
[15:56:38] <roycroft> am i missing something?
[15:56:52] <Wolf_> how, renishaw would be button press
[15:57:17] <Wolf_> on the faster part
[15:57:44] <roycroft> doesn't it require some kind of electrical connection?
[15:58:10] <Wolf_> interface box to lcnc breakout
[15:58:43] <roycroft> so there's the time to connect that
[15:59:13] <roycroft> that probably offsets the time to do the manual fine jogging of the haimer
[15:59:19] <roycroft> so similar
[15:59:39] <sync_> you can also just get an omp40 and do it wirelessly
[15:59:41] <roycroft> not that shaving a second or two makes a big difference, as a part usually only needs to be indexed a couple times at most
[15:59:50] <sync_> you are not really faster with a haimer
[16:00:06] <roycroft> they should be similarly accurate, though, should they not?
[16:00:31] <Wolf_> http://imgur.com/iXlVnfa 5 pin plug…
[16:00:31] <roycroft> i'm not trying to make an argument for or against haimer
[16:00:41] <roycroft> i'm just trying to gain a better perspective it
[16:01:06] <roycroft> although my general bias is towards a mechanical device vs. an electronic one, all other factors being equal
[16:01:11] <sync_> it doesn't really matter if you are not doing production work
[16:01:20] <Holzwurm> Hello, i write "net pause <= hm2_5i25.0.7i77.0.0.input-04 halui.mode.auto halui.program.pause" in my custom.hal. Does some knows in what kind of way i can switch resume with the same switch?Thanks Hans
[16:01:25] <sync_> you are more prone to crash the haimer tho
[16:01:30] <roycroft> just because mechanical devices are generally less prone to damage, and easier to repair
[16:01:36] <sync_> although that happens often enough with all of them
[16:01:41] <roycroft> yes, if unskilled or lazy i can see that
[16:01:44] <sync_> no
[16:01:47] <sync_> it happens
[16:01:49] <sync_> to everybody
[16:02:19] <sync_> you can have the most skilled operator on the machine and he will crash it at some point if you have a hand wheel
[16:02:28] <sync_> that is why people are getting rid of them and use automated probing cycles
[16:02:37] <sync_> and even then you can crash the fuck out of them
[16:02:43] <sync_> or the atc throws them around
[16:02:56] <Wolf_> hint https://saundersmachineworks.com/collections/all/products/it-has-been-days-since-we-broke-a-haimer-tip :P
[16:03:01] <roycroft> i've never crashed a machine or an edge finder
[16:03:06] <roycroft> i do not do production work though
[16:03:14] <gregcnc> you will
[16:03:22] <roycroft> yes, i'll do production work :)
[16:03:29] <roycroft> that saunders guy is kind of cocky
[16:03:49] <roycroft> i would imagine his counter should be hours, not days, since breakage
[16:05:03] <roycroft> so you folks who say i would break the tips all the time
[16:05:12] <roycroft> do any of you actually have any experience with haimer?
[16:05:15] <Wolf_> big plus IMO for electronic probe is it takes the operator out of the loop for setting touch offs so less chance of error
[16:05:21] <roycroft> or are you reciting "common knowledge"?
[16:05:44] * roycroft finds it almost impossible to ask questions here without getting religious answers
[16:05:49] <Wolf_> mostly figure more crash when you are jogging the machine
[16:05:58] <gregcnc> roycroft life is like that
[16:06:00] <Wolf_> more chance of +
[16:06:10] <roycroft> moreso of late than ever before, sadly
[16:06:19] <gregcnc> no not at all
[16:07:24] <gregcnc> been thinking about a haimer, but until I end up doing a lot of different setups, it won't save time
[16:08:00] <sync_> I have used one and it is pretty handy
[16:08:17] <sync_> I'd probably get one to compliment my omp40
[16:08:26] <Wolf_> I was thinking about a haimer as well if I get manual mills
[16:08:28] <Banenan> http://www.ebay.de/itm/1Pcs-Spannung-Zum-Pwm-Konvertermodul-0-5V-0-10V-Zum-0-Neuen-Ic-I-/232134089440?hash=item360c451ae0:g:F~IAAOSwMVdYHUeR
[16:08:38] <roycroft> my sense is that using an automated probe would be more prone to crashing when jogging, because the controller would have no idea that the probe is approaching the work until it touches the work
[16:08:39] <Banenan> do someone know if this is working wit the pwm
[16:08:52] <andypugh> I have smashed a Renishaw stylus. And the probe. Had a moment of brain fade and pressed “tool release” without being hold of the probe. It broke the pegs that sit on the balls as well as the stylus. Luckily the pegs were still _just_ longe enough to still work with a bit of fiddling.
[16:09:12] <roycroft> whereas if one is using a haimer and indexing manually, one could fast jog while apporoaching the work and step at the end
[16:09:31] <roycroft> how much is a reinshaw replacement probe?
[16:09:32] <Wolf_> you don’t jog the electronic probe
[16:09:36] <roycroft> haimer is about US$40
[16:09:43] <roycroft> no, the machine does, doesn't it?
[16:09:49] <roycroft> or does it creep the whole way?
[16:10:02] <sync_> renishaws are about the same
[16:10:09] <sync_> you can run them pretty fast
[16:10:13] <roycroft> ok, so that's essentially a wash
[16:10:16] <sync_> they have a lot of travel
[16:10:25] <sync_> I have seen probing cycles at 3m/min
[16:10:41] <andypugh> Banenan: That converts voltage to PWM. Is that what you want?
[16:10:44] <Wolf_> well, the renishaw has 17.5° probe travel?
[16:10:53] <roycroft> it depends on how fast you can stop as well
[16:11:17] <Wolf_> software is telling it to stop when trigger is sensed
[16:11:32] <Wolf_> then usually back off and slow probe it
[16:12:13] <sync_> sure, but you can calculate how fast you can go based on your max accel
[16:12:36] <roycroft> max decel?
[16:12:57] <sync_> same thing, different sign
[16:13:39] <roycroft> stepper/servo acceleration is always exactly the same as deceleration?
[16:14:45] <sync_> yes
[16:19:39] <MacGalempsy_> wolf_ are you going to make a tool setter?
[16:19:51] <Wolf_> thinking about it
[16:19:55] <Frank_6> guys, excuse my stupidity but i have a stupid question to ask :), im 95% positive im right, but.. 5% of the time i will be throwing magic smoke to the atmosphere here it goes: do i need a relay for the 7i76 to drive an output to a servodriver, like servo on, and alarm clear. or the 7i76 acts exactly as a relay when i command on the gui to clear an alarm or energize de motors? sry and thanks :D
[16:20:18] <Wolf_> using a load cell and spring loaded pad
[16:21:31] <Frank_6> heres a pic of the servodriver circuit for the signals im talking about: http://imgur.com/a/jSxum
[16:21:33] <roycroft> the renishaw probes are very expensive
[16:21:35] <MacGalempsy_> I think that gemma and 433mg transmitter maybe the right thing
[16:21:52] <Wolf_> mine cost me $200
[16:22:16] <roycroft> it looks like they go for well into 4 figures on ebay
[16:22:28] <Frank_6> (7 in the pic is com+)
[16:23:09] <MacGalempsy_> I want to do 2 wireless setups. one for the probe and the other for a tool setter
[16:23:30] <roycroft> i haven't read anything here that convinces me that there's an appreciable difference between a haimer and a renishaw in terms of performance
[16:23:32] <roycroft> or reliability
[16:24:01] <MacGalempsy_> in linuxcnc, dont the probe and the toolsetter work on the same channel?
[16:24:22] <JT-Shop> there is only one probe input
[16:24:43] <JT-Shop> use it for what ever you like, I use it to touch off the plasma
[16:24:46] <roycroft> i assume that if i use a mechanical probe i just measure the height of it just like i do for tooling, and store that in linuxcnc
[16:25:05] <Wolf_> do that with both type probes
[16:25:20] <roycroft> yes, i guessit would be necessary for an electronic one too :)
[16:25:22] <pcw_home> Frank_6: that should work with pin 7 as COM-
[16:25:34] <roycroft> "i touched off"
[16:25:40] <roycroft> "fine, but where the hell are you?"
[16:25:52] <roycroft> that would not be a useful conversation
[16:26:09] <MacGalempsy_> so to use the tool setter, one would just run both to the same channel, then turn one off when not in use?
[16:26:49] <roycroft> unless your last name happens to be heisenberg
[16:27:00] <roycroft> in which case it could be fun conversation
[16:27:02] <Wolf_> just sees the “probe” as a switch
[16:27:23] <Wolf_> or open/closed signal
[16:27:45] <Frank_6> pcw_home: that should work means no relay right? heh thanks
[16:28:29] <pcw_home> only a few MA so no relay
[16:28:56] <Wolf_> MacGalempsy_: like this mi5 box, probe output is just a relay
[16:29:34] <MacGalempsy_> that is what is up with this PI4 I use
[16:32:00] <MacGalempsy_> http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-433MHz-SYN115-Transmitter-or-SYN480R-Receiver-Module-ASK-Wireless-Module-/332049730584?var=&hash=item4d4fb4cc18:m:mJqZOkjAYTjuOh_2ZLyR-mw
[16:32:19] <MacGalempsy_> and the gemma should bee all one needs
[16:33:14] <Frank_6> pcw_home: i wonder why my manual/servo has it the other way around, beeing pin 7 as COM+. The 7i76 outputs source +dc right?
[16:33:17] <Wolf_> really, you should be able to get away with a hardwired tool setter
[16:33:55] <MacGalempsy_> I was thinking if there are two transmitters, then both can talk to the same reciever
[16:34:02] <pcw_home> 7I76 digital outputs are +24V sources so common must be 0V
[16:34:23] <MacGalempsy_> then when it is tool touchoff time, turn on the setter
[16:42:58] <Deejay> gn8
[17:21:54] <MacGalempsy> any ideas of when the forums will be back online?
[17:26:33] <JT-Shop2> nope
[17:26:59] <Tom_itx> i suppose those in charge are aware of it
[17:27:38] <JT-Shop2> jepler is out of the country and sam knows about it
[17:27:48] <JT-Shop2> dunno if he has the keys or not
[17:27:55] <JT-Shop2> I know I don't have the keys
[17:28:51] <Wolf_> lock picks?
[17:34:10] <Frank_6> T_T im going crazy, i dont know why my panasonic servo has com- signal inputs
[17:34:20] <Frank_6> anyone has anything similar?
[17:34:38] <Wolf_> any idea what encoder is on it
[17:35:18] <Frank_6> im talking about the driver, the motor itself has an incremental encoder
[17:35:45] <Frank_6> specifically servo-on and alarm clear inputs have that circuit
[17:36:20] <Frank_6> while the 7i76 supplies com+/24vdc not com-
[17:36:27] <sync_> do you mean it has differential inputs?
[17:36:30] <sync_> that is quite common
[17:36:54] <Wolf_> I hope you mean 7i77
[17:37:22] <Frank_6> 7i76 with dir/step servo
[17:37:27] <pcw_home> COM- on the drive is what a 7I76 wants (since its source only)
[17:37:37] <Wolf_> oh ok
[17:38:55] <Wolf_> servo-on might be enable?
[17:39:08] <Frank_6> but the servodrives wants the com- switched, not the 24vdc, i think its meant to be hand switched?
[17:39:33] <Frank_6> http://imgur.com/a/jSxum pin 7 is com+
[17:39:56] <pcw_home> or COM-
[17:40:15] <Frank_6> that circuit is for inputs like alarm clear, servo on, input prohibition command
[17:40:33] <Frank_6> but then i should supply com+ to pin 7?
[17:40:41] <pcw_home> NO
[17:40:43] <Frank_6> lol
[17:40:49] <Frank_6> i mean com-
[17:40:53] <Frank_6> this is confusing me
[17:41:22] <pcw_home> if pin 7 is the shared input common, it should be connected to 24V common
[17:42:09] <pcw_home> is pin 7 a shared common pin
[17:42:13] <pcw_home> ?
[17:42:29] <Wolf_> that one pic lacks context
[17:42:57] <pcw_home> 24V COM = COM- = 0V
[17:43:09] <Frank_6> i uploaded another pic, wired enough the manual has it wrong and pin 7 is actually pin 1
[17:43:10] <Frank_6> http://imgur.com/a/jSxum
[17:44:04] <Wolf_> surplus drive?
[17:46:17] <pcw_home> you need the other page ( that lists the enable inputs etc )
[17:46:21] <Frank_6> pcw_home: i believe it is, manual says pin 7(actually pin 1) is com+
[17:46:49] <tommylight> howdy ppl
[17:47:21] <pcw_home> Thats not very helpful, you need the page that shows the control inputs
[17:47:41] <Wolf_> or just link the whole manual…
[17:47:58] <pcw_home> yes
[17:48:38] <Frank_6> right away
[17:48:51] <Frank_6> https://www.panasonic-electric-works.com/cps/rde/xbcr/pew_eu_en/mn_63789_0700_en_minas_liqi_specifications.pdf
[17:49:34] <Frank_6> page 11 and around
[17:50:41] <Frank_6> wolf_: that was smart.
[17:51:22] <Wolf_> imo these manuals aren’t written for non-EE lol
[17:52:16] <Frank_6> yeah they are $#I/
[17:52:48] <Frank_6> i started reading some manuals from more expensive drives from panasonic
[17:53:42] <JT-Shop2> Frank_6: if you get stuck, my buddy is a Panasonic drive rep
[17:54:56] <Frank_6> really? that is cool, i will ask the company that sells them how they wire those inputs, they have used this ones too for their routers
[17:55:21] <Frank_6> if i have no success i will kindly ask for your help :D
[17:58:37] <tommylight> any news about the forum?
[17:58:44] <JT-Shop2> nope
[17:59:47] <tommylight> who is admin there, server admin ?
[18:00:06] <Frank_6> tommy, nice to see you, i've read a lot of you from cnczone
[18:00:13] <Frank_6> back when i was learning cncplasmas
[18:00:53] <tommylight> Hi Frank, have not been active lately there, just check in sometimes
[18:01:03] <Frank_6> yeah me neither
[18:02:19] <tommylight> what you been up to lately?
[18:02:28] <Frank_6> do you recommend something in particular for thin steel and plasma? thc
[18:02:43] <Frank_6> im building a cnc router
[18:02:51] <tommylight> nice
[18:04:11] <tommylight> well plasma cutting thin sheets is a sport, it has to be done fast or you end up with a lot of holes
[18:04:30] <Frank_6> yeah, as fas as i know the problem is the height control too
[18:04:44] <Wolf_> mesa makes a THC
[18:04:45] <Frank_6> the cheap ones i've read about are slow for that
[18:04:50] <Frank_6> rly?
[18:05:02] <tommylight> Thc? i would recomend THCAD fromMesa
[18:05:20] <Wolf_> yeah, you missed the 2 hours of chat about cnc plasma about 6-7 hrs ago lol
[18:05:22] <Frank_6> look at that, i didnt knew mesa had a thc
[18:05:29] <Frank_6> T_T
[18:05:36] <tommylight> or Proma Elektronika 150
[18:05:57] <Frank_6> anyone knows the price of a fiber laser psu? like ipg?
[18:08:36] <Frank_6> com+ would be 24vdc and com- 0v?
[18:08:46] <Frank_6> on a 24vdc switching psu
[18:09:12] <Banenan> hi how can i change the position of the spindel speed window
[18:09:38] <tommylight> MESA makes THCAD, and in the rush to order a lot of mesa boards, i forgot to order 1 of them. have to wait till next order
[18:10:38] <Frank_6> hehe, it happens, specially to me when im excited to get some specific product
[18:10:42] <JT-Shop2> tommylight: I'm a Mesa reseller and ship world wide
[18:10:48] <tommylight> Banenan, a bit of editing, but forum is down so no links
[18:11:03] <JT-Shop2> http://mesaus.com/
[18:12:11] <tommylight> JT i am aware, i hadnto order from portugal to austria, then have a friend bring them to me
[18:12:29] <tommylight> frank what amperage?
[18:12:38] <JT-Shop2> why did you have to do that?
[18:13:24] <Frank_6> mmm it changes with the amperage?
[18:13:25] <tommylight> i live in Kosovo, although i got the imigration papes for U.S
[18:14:33] <tommylight> Got the papers last year, but brother that lives there messed up the paperwork
[18:15:15] <tommylight> so i am half way to becoming a U.S citizen
[18:15:36] <Frank_6> ur moving there?
[18:16:14] <chopper79> Hello everyone.... Just a quick question. Are the LCNC forums down? I can not access them from any device.
[18:16:16] <tommylight> yup Frank
[18:16:45] <tommylight> Hi chopper, yes they are down .....and under...
[18:16:47] <tommylight> lo
[18:16:57] <tommylight> lol
[18:17:32] <tommylight> sorry big fingers smal screen, no keyboard
[18:17:50] <chopper79> Excellent.... Glad I am not just going nuts then. (well that is still questionable really)
[18:18:06] <tommylight> lol @ chopper
[18:18:28] <JT-Shop2> tommylight: good luck getting your paperwork correct
[18:18:48] <tommylight> Thank you very much JT
[18:19:17] <chopper79> Trying to get some pictures up on my Matsuura Mc-500v2 retro. Almost ready to take the plunge and for some reason I am very overwhelmed by the vast amount of wires.
[18:19:59] <Wolf_> depending on how you retrofit it, you might not have many wires left lol
[18:20:06] <chopper79> true
[18:20:23] <tommylight> chopper, welcome to the club, i am retrofiting an Elumatec SBZ130/01
[18:20:40] <tommylight> lol @wolf
[18:21:08] <Frank_6> guys servo on and alarm clear inputs on the servo are meant to be run with hardware or software connected to e.g mesa cards
[18:21:17] <chopper79> Thanks.... this will be my 3rd retrofit and it is by far the one I am worried about the most
[18:21:52] <Frank_6> upload and share those picssss
[18:22:46] <chopper79> Ordering my 7i77 and other mesa candy this week. Biggest thing right now is just finding all the servo, encoder, and spindle wires I need.
[18:23:35] <tommylight> Frank i dont know if you were refering to me or chopper, but i did upload some 2 nights ago
[18:23:44] <chopper79> Same here
[18:23:56] <chopper79> I was gonna upload a couple moe tonight but forum is down.
[18:24:07] <Frank_6> okey no pics for me then :(
[18:24:25] <Frank_6> you uploaded to the forum?
[18:24:52] <chopper79> My intention is to document all I can on the forum and then once complete upload my config files for all to have.
[18:25:14] <chopper79> Yes-uploaded on my thread the other night.
[18:25:21] <tommylight> frank, install "line" so i can send you some, if you want
[18:26:38] <chopper79> gonna try my hand at ethernet and a 7i77. I usually always default to using a 5i25 and 7i77.... Going to change it up this time.
[18:27:04] <Wolf_> 7i92 and 7i77 sounds fun
[18:27:19] <chopper79> @wolf.... I agree
[18:27:20] <tommylight> chopper, i also have a 7i92 7i77 combo to play with
[18:27:24] <Frank_6> its fine ill check them later!
[18:27:29] <Frank_6> thanks thou!
[18:27:44] <tommylight> cool, you are welcomed
[18:28:04] <Wolf_> I’m just not sure what machine to use my servo setup on lol
[18:28:16] <chopper79> @tommylight...nice. It will be fun to do. Well once I get all these wires figured out and then the ladder logic for the tool changer.
[18:30:37] <tommylight> chopper, on that retrofit i have a 6i25 7i77 7i74 7i70 7i71 setup with another 5i25 as backup, and one more of 5i25 and 6i25 each in bags just ot be safe
[18:31:07] <tommylight> 7i92 7i77 is just for fun
[18:31:14] <chopper79> why so many?
[18:31:33] <chopper79> Figured a 7i77 would hanlde everything needed
[18:31:51] <tommylight> <<<<<grining like a kid who s done something wrong
[18:32:49] <chopper79> fair enough
[18:34:00] <roycroft> if your cnc machine is down how many people will die and how quickly?
[18:34:02] <tommylight> on the machine 5 servos, 1 of them AC spindle, serial absolute encoders, 8 tool tool changer , way to much brakes, pneumatic etc
[18:35:21] <tommylight> roycroft, was that a retorical question? or just plain fun?
[18:35:34] <roycroft> i'm a belt and suspenders guy
[18:35:39] <roycroft> and i like to keep spares
[18:35:45] <roycroft> but spares of spares of spares?
[18:35:51] <Frank_6> okey now i really wanna see it heeh
[18:35:58] <Frank_6> its a milling machine?=
[18:36:07] <roycroft> it seems that your application is extremely critical if you put that much money into sparing
[18:36:28] <chopper79> I keep spares also..... Just was not sure if all those were required to operate his machine.
[18:36:34] <chopper79> only one though
[18:36:38] <tommylight> naaaah not gona be spares for long, not my machine so the above mentioned setup stays there
[18:36:44] <roycroft> so it was kind of poking fun, but kind of curious as to what you're doing that is that critical
[18:37:29] <tommylight> ok here it goes
[18:37:52] <roycroft> my approach, when i have a proper budget, is to get a spare of everything that might fail
[18:38:09] <tommylight> 5i25 or 6i25 with 7i77 is obligatory
[18:38:12] <roycroft> when budget is tight, i get spares of things that either take long to replace or that are the most likely to fail
[18:38:31] <tommylight> 7i74 can be made to read absolute encoders
[18:38:33] <roycroft> when budget is really tight, i buy what i need to get the project going and start buying spares asap out of the maintenance budget
[18:38:54] <tommylight> and 7i70 7i71 for inputs and outputs
[18:39:33] <roycroft> i'm in the last situation right now with my cnc build
[18:39:45] <tommylight> i like to keep things separate as much as possible
[18:40:00] <roycroft> the plan is to get the thing built, then invest every penny of revenue i generate with it towards spares, not paying myself at all, until i have proper sparing
[18:40:43] <tommylight> also makes wiring a lot less messy
[18:41:43] <chopper79> @tommylight.... I can understand and agree with that. I was not aware that I could use all those additional card like that
[18:41:46] <tommylight> roy that is a nice way of doing things, i had the first case
[18:42:06] <chopper79> How is all the data passed to the additional cards?
[18:42:49] <tommylight> chooper, i read a lot and i ordered all that with absolutely no experience with mesa cards
[18:42:58] <tommylight> sserial
[18:44:32] <chopper79> Ok... so you are using the 7i74 to connect to the 7i70 and 7i71.
[18:44:36] <tommylight> chopper, sserial communication between cards
[18:44:53] <tommylight> yes and serial encoders
[18:45:09] <chopper79> ok
[18:45:44] <tommylight> PCW made a firmware where i can use 4 ports as SSI and 4 as SSerial
[18:46:30] <tommylight> so i can add two more of 7i70 or 7i71 or 7i72
[18:46:51] <chopper79> I will have to give mesa a call tomorrow and double check what I am about to order to make sure it will be ok. I do not have a ton of spare money to spend so I can not afford to order what I do not need. Plus I have to get this machine up and running asap.
[18:47:17] <tommylight> Rodw, good morning
[18:47:31] <chopper79> Well everyone.... I heard the dinner bell. Homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade egg noodles and homemade rolls. I will check back in on the forum later to see if it is up. Have a wonderful evening to all.
[18:47:49] <tommylight> you to chopper
[18:48:08] <chopper79> Thank you
[18:48:16] <tommylight> welcomed
[18:48:44] <tommylight> rodw........are you awake or just sleepwalking?
[19:06:37] <tommylight> well i am off for now
[19:06:48] <tommylight> later
[19:11:19] <zeeshan> hi
[19:11:29] <zeeshan> whats the best linux distro to run for the latest linuxcnc versions?
[19:11:35] * zeeshan is going to upgrade motherboard
[19:11:51] <roycroft> my understanding is that you need to stick to wheezy for rt
[19:12:01] <Wolf_> false
[19:12:12] <Wolf_> you can build other things for RT as well
[19:12:13] <roycroft> jessie works now?
[19:12:29] <zeeshan> can i just download the wheezy live cd
[19:12:30] <roycroft> as of last week it did not
[19:12:31] <Wolf_> few people here are running Mint builds
[19:12:32] <zeeshan> and then upgrade to 2.7.8
[19:12:52] <zeeshan> i gotta remember to backup all my configuration files
[19:13:10] <zeeshan> i have an old back up somewhere , but forgot if i made changes :p
[19:13:34] <roycroft> just toss a new ssd in the machine and build it on that
[19:13:40] <roycroft> that way you can recover from the old disk if need be
[19:13:52] <zeeshan> or i can image the whole hard drive :D
[19:13:54] <Wolf_> there is a thread about linux mint kernel build, but…
[19:13:56] <zeeshan> i dont have an extra SSD
[19:17:45] <Wolf_> zeeshan: there is a thread on teh forum about building Mint 17.3 to run linuxcnc
[19:17:55] <zeeshan> i think ill just do the livecd
[19:18:00] <zeeshan> least amount of f'ing around
[19:18:21] <Wolf_> chicken, I dont even know how to linux and I managed to build it :P
[19:18:33] <zeeshan> ive built a lot of crap on linux
[19:18:36] <zeeshan> its tedous work
[19:18:38] <zeeshan> tedious
[19:18:44] <Wolf_> was my first time
[19:20:28] <Wolf_> all my hardware now works, so I’m happy
[19:20:33] <zeeshan> :]
[19:21:56] <zeeshan> im trying to design a bushcraft knife
[19:21:58] <zeeshan> for this summer
[19:22:11] <zeeshan> all these damn knife makers use crazy blends of steel
[19:22:17] <zeeshan> what about good old HSS!?!?! :(
[19:22:30] <Wolf_> not fancy enough
[19:22:33] <zeeshan> lol
[19:22:37] <zeeshan> im just going to use o1
[19:22:44] <zeeshan> harden it to 65 hrc
[19:22:51] <zeeshan> and then temper to around 59
[19:22:57] <zeeshan> maybe even down to 55
[19:23:04] <Wolf_> circular saw blade imo lol but I’m simple
[19:23:08] <zeeshan> lol
[19:23:14] <zeeshan> that works too!
[19:23:20] <zeeshan> from all the vapes i made
[19:23:31] <zeeshan> i have all this hybrid wood
[19:23:48] <Wolf_> lol oh yeah, might make cool scales
[19:25:48] <Wolf_> how about folded o1 :p
[19:25:56] <zeeshan> now youre getting fancy
[19:26:01] <zeeshan> :P
[19:26:06] <zeeshan> first knife will be simple!
[19:26:19] <zeeshan> prolly full tang
[19:26:29] <zeeshan> scandi grind
[19:26:40] <zeeshan> only thing fancy will be the handle
[19:27:14] <Wolf_> doesn’t help that I know some of the guys from the shop thats doing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I8DgCJJ5AI
[19:28:00] <zeeshan> nice!
[19:29:10] <zeeshan> since i dont have hand skill
[19:29:13] <Wolf_> I haven’t visited the new shop with all the cool toys tho
[19:29:14] <zeeshan> ill replace w/ cad and CNC!!!
[19:29:14] <zeeshan> :D
[19:29:21] <Wolf_> haha
[19:29:38] <Wolf_> they use fusion and cnc for somethings there
[19:35:34] <pfred1> oh here we go a knife maker
[19:36:02] <pfred1> they got bins of knives in thrift stores jsut going begging for pocket change
[19:37:17] <pfred1> you should see this nice Henckels carving fork i picked up
[19:38:00] <zeeshan> i need a project to do
[19:38:02] <zeeshan> for myself on the cnc
[19:38:07] <zeeshan> ive been doing too much crap for others!
[19:38:14] <zeeshan> and i like knives:D
[19:38:33] <sync_> finish the lathe
[19:38:58] <zeeshan> why
[19:39:03] <Wolf_> make knife on lathe...
[19:39:04] <malcom2073> Because it's a project
[19:39:10] <pfred1> what makes one knife better than others is not something CNC changes
[19:39:12] <zeeshan> i need a machining project
[19:39:15] <zeeshan> not a machine building project
[19:39:28] <zeeshan> pfred1: what makes one knife better than the other is
[19:39:29] <zeeshan> i've made it
[19:39:30] <Wolf_> make lathe in to knife
[19:39:30] <malcom2073> zeeshan: Make me some tank tracks
[19:39:32] <zeeshan> no one else
[19:39:43] <zeeshan> as long as it can cut some wood
[19:39:44] <Wolf_> lol malcom2073 what for
[19:39:52] <malcom2073> Wolf_: Why not? haha
[19:39:55] <zeeshan> you cant convince me otherwise!
[19:39:55] <zeeshan> :P
[19:40:03] <malcom2073> Wolf_: Someday I want to have a crawler
[19:40:37] <Wolf_> funny you should mention them
[19:40:38] <pfred1> nah you want these guys to make it http://www.worldknives.com/images/henckels1903.jpg
[19:41:30] <sync_> machine knives with the lathe
[19:42:44] <pfred1> my favorite knives are made in Solingen Germany
[19:43:01] <Wolf_> malcom2073: http://i.imgur.com/zopaNzd.jpg
[19:43:26] <malcom2073> Wolf_: Lol, cute
[19:44:11] <zeeshan> http://i.imgur.com/VYc1yCb.png
[19:44:15] <zeeshan> 1 min sketch
[19:44:15] <zeeshan> lol
[19:44:23] <zeeshan> i dunno where the hell that came from
[19:44:28] <zeeshan> i was drawing random splines
[19:45:27] <Wolf_> malcom2073: 4.5” wide table top chain, I bought 40 feet of it to make RC tank :D
[19:45:37] <malcom2073> Wolf_: Ahhh, nice!
[19:45:40] <malcom2073> Plastic?
[19:45:44] <Wolf_> yeah
[19:45:50] <malcom2073> Looks pretty duralbe
[19:46:09] <Wolf_> well, its commercial conveyor chain
[19:46:18] <malcom2073> Ah then it would be heh
[19:46:43] <Wolf_> also ended up with 200 assorted gears for $50...
[19:46:50] <malcom2073> Oh nice, auction?
[19:47:00] <Wolf_> guy buys auction lots
[19:47:15] <Wolf_> had enough of the gears lol
[19:48:13] <Wolf_> malcom2073: http://i.imgur.com/WzFfTBL.jpg he has this sitting as well
[19:48:15] <malcom2073> Nice
[19:48:28] <malcom2073> Ooohhhh, nice!
[19:49:06] <Wolf_> this came home from his place a few nights ago $80 http://imgur.com/a/VvHc3
[19:49:19] <Wolf_> mic is DOA tho
[19:50:07] <pfred1> you take it apart?
[19:50:23] <Wolf_> electronic, not much to take apart
[19:51:00] <malcom2073> Damn nice find
[19:51:09] <pfred1> well you changed the battery right?
[19:51:38] <Wolf_> yeah, new battery, its kicking a error code which means the encoder is fucked
[19:51:41] <malcom2073> Did you try turning it off, and back on again?
[19:51:55] <pfred1> unplug it and plug it back in
[19:52:20] <Wolf_> still have 4 more Kennedy boxes to pick up for $500
[19:52:25] <pfred1> spray the hell out of it with WD-40 then let it dry
[19:52:35] <pfred1> wth the battery out
[19:52:54] <Wolf_> electronic mic, oil/coolant is ususally what breaks them
[19:53:09] <pfred1> yeah just probably has goop in it
[19:53:25] <Wolf_> its dry, I don’t think its been used
[19:53:39] <pfred1> huh
[19:53:48] <Wolf_> but the boxes were sitting in a car port for a few years
[19:54:06] <pfred1> something had to have killed it
[19:54:37] <Wolf_> corroded encoder
[19:55:52] <pfred1> I got mics I don't use them much though
[19:56:00] <pfred1> I do use calipers a lot
[19:56:45] <Wolf_> yeah, my calipers live on my desk, I have another mitsu mic that works as well
[19:56:49] <sync_> well, another c clamp for the pile Wolf_
[19:57:00] <pfred1> sync_ yup
[19:57:08] <Wolf_> sync_: http://imgur.com/a/NsqfM clamps covered
[19:58:07] <pfred1> I donno why they call them kant twist the ones we had in a shop were all twisted up
[19:58:44] <pfred1> but we used to use them to clamp 20 foot long bars of steel together on the saw table
[19:58:44] <sync_> yeah I have to get me some
[19:58:44] <Wolf_> lol yeah. .some of these are that way
[19:59:04] <pfred1> they still worked
[19:59:29] <Wolf_> these came from Bethlehem steel in baltimore
[19:59:54] <Wolf_> which is now a Amazon warehouse...
[20:00:59] <pfred1> a nation of consumers
[20:01:21] <malcom2073> nom nom nom
[20:01:39] <pfred1> I got a shipment in from China myself today
[20:01:48] <Wolf_> malcom2073: that last link also has pic of some of the other shit the guy has
[20:02:07] <Wolf_> just the sandpaper and abrasives lol
[20:02:08] <malcom2073> Guy is an auction hound eh?
[20:02:18] <Wolf_> its his hobby...
[20:02:41] <Wolf_> retired from owning a cardboard box company
[20:03:05] <malcom2073> Heh
[20:03:07] <Wolf_> doesn’t really know shit about industrial control systems or tooling
[20:03:49] <Wolf_> found 3 VFDs in the pile of stuff
[20:04:07] <Wolf_> only 1h and 0.5hp
[20:04:52] <pfred1> be neat to put on a grinder
[20:05:05] <pfred1> for them slow speed cool grinds
[20:05:19] <Wolf_> I have a nice 3ph 1ton chain fall that needs one
[20:06:30] <malcom2073> There ya go
[20:08:46] <Wolf_> you saw the arduino probe thing archivist has been working on?
[20:09:02] <pfred1> I got a couple arduinos
[20:09:18] <pfred1> I was trying to make a laser tach with one
[20:09:45] <pfred1> I want a tach on my mill
[20:10:02] <pfred1> but they're so cheap to buy
[20:10:22] <Wolf_> http://imgur.com/a/OoPHE probe stuffs
[20:14:10] <pfred1> heh a LM311 op amp comparator I believe?
[20:14:33] <pfred1> that's worth at least 3 cents
[20:14:54] <Wolf_> on which
[20:15:02] <pfred1> on that probe dingus
[20:15:28] <Wolf_> oh thats the IR pickup for the renishaw MP9
[20:15:35] <pfred1> let's see what an LM311 really osts
[20:15:55] <Wolf_> that stupid thing is like $300+ on ebay
[20:16:04] <pfred1> 39 cents in single volume
[20:16:28] <pfred1> they're real dirt chips
[20:18:22] <Wolf_> just a small part of the thing
[20:23:22] <pfred1> there's an espensive chip a SN75158P RS-422 Interface IC Dual Diff Line Rec It's like 3 bucks
[20:24:07] <Wolf_> yup, not paying for the parts alone tho, mostly the name on it :p
[20:26:01] <Wolf_> good example is this stupid Mi5 box that sells for $200-400 on ebay, archivist made pretty much the same thing with a $5 arduino
[20:32:52] <Frank_10> forum is upppp
[20:59:35] <pfred1> Wolf_ repeat after me, everyone loves money
[21:02:10] <Wolf_> I seem to hate money… but love tools lol
[21:03:23] <pfred1> well loving money don't bring it to us
[21:03:42] <pfred1> but when folks see a shot they take it
[21:04:25] <pfred1> if they can soak someone $200 for $5 worth of electronics and get away with it you'd better believe they're all over it too
[21:05:17] <pfred1> that is the rule in electronics
[21:06:03] <pfred1> as long as i live I'll never forget when opened up my MRX+ distortion pedal and saw about $2 worth of parts inside of it
[21:07:27] <pfred1> guess the switch and box itself cost a lot though
[21:37:35] <FloppyDisk5_25> It's not what it costs, but what people will pay...
[21:37:44] <FloppyDisk5_25> Or the value it brings...
[22:17:14] <MacGalempsy> well that was a good push. the panel is installed with everything mounted to din rail
[22:19:49] <MacGalempsy> tomorrow, ill make all the connections and hopefully start tuning
[22:51:18] <MacGalempsy> zzzz
[22:51:29] <BeachBumPete> zzzz
[22:51:43] <Wolf_> zzzz
[22:51:43] <MacGalempsy> bored too huh?
[22:51:59] <BeachBumPete> just tired
[22:52:17] <MacGalempsy> long day huh?
[22:52:37] <BeachBumPete> meh just a monday
[22:53:40] <MacGalempsy> heh. i spent most of the day standing in the garage. my feet r sore
[22:55:17] <MacGalempsy> i guess shoes would be good, but it is Arkansas
[22:55:27] <BeachBumPete> hehe
[22:57:05] <MacGalempsy> hoping tomorrow the machine will be up and ready
[22:57:30] <MacGalempsy> going to set it up in metric this time
[22:59:16] <MacGalempsy> the factory setup was 200ipm rapids. i wonder what factors prevent me from doubling that?
[22:59:45] <BeachBumPete> good luck man headin ta bed
[23:10:26] <srdc> Does anybody have any experience replacing an old spindle controller/drive with a VFD?