#linuxcnc | Logs for 2017-01-06

[02:26:46] <Deejay> moin
[04:33:13] <minibnz> hi all.. can anyone point me to a channel to ask about co2 lasers? in particular i want to know about NST's and if the self adjusting ones are any good.
[04:35:24] <minibnz> end goal is to make a co2 laser that will cut metal..
[04:38:19] <minibnz> on a side note i am really finding it hard not to purchase a 50w laser cutter/engraver off ebay, for $1000 that will only cut wood and plastics but could be a good platform to use ifi change out the laser for a 400+W tube.. and i need to upgrade the Power supply would like to know more before i go spending too much $$$
[04:41:03] <minibnz> I have found sams laser faqs to be very helpful but there is so much on there i have trouble finding what i am exactly after, i always get sidetracked reading something slightly relevant still usefull and relevant but not what i was going for...
[04:43:21] <archivist> research the safety aspects, one user in here burnt his house down
[04:44:15] <minibnz> oh wow thats a neat trick..
[04:45:41] <minibnz> i have me a fire extinguisher on hand and laser safety googles ready..
[04:45:48] <minibnz> thats all i have so far.. :)
[04:46:01] <minibnz> oh and a vague plan..
[04:46:31] <archivist> he left the room for a bit
[04:46:45] <minibnz> thinking eventually i will end up with a four tube folded design.. will start with a simple one tube to start with though..
[04:47:21] <minibnz> oh dang.. maybe i will thinks about a deadmans switch..
[04:47:32] <minibnz> i get a little forgetful at times.
[04:48:02] <minibnz> one i have it cutting metal it will be moved to a workshop where it cant really do too much damage..
[04:48:10] <minibnz> once
[04:51:02] <DaViruz> he didn't have a fire extinguisher to hand, that would probably have saved the situation.
[04:52:00] <evilren> youre going to dead mans switch a fire extenguisher?
[04:52:24] <archivist> the laser we hope
[04:52:25] <minibnz> oh i have woken up to a kicthen full of smoke and a pan full of noodles burning away.. so now i have smoke detector in just about every room.. and i eat out when i am drunk..
[04:52:26] <evilren> that is like an awesome level of safety, respect
[04:52:35] <minibnz> hehehehehehe
[04:54:28] <minibnz> i have my little sieg x3 mill almost where i want it.. just gotta build a tool platter and it should be just about "finished".. i purchased a SC3 lathe to go with it.. while its not a beast its pretty good so far.. i keep looking at it wondering how i am going to CNC it..
[04:56:09] <minibnz> went on a bit of a ebay bender last night.. spent $200au on assorted lengths and diameters of acetal rods.. i have a selection of alu rods... and few odds of brass and copper bars..
[04:56:26] <archivist> I use lathes manually far more than cnc
[04:56:35] <evilren> omg yes, acetal plastic is best plastic
[04:56:48] <minibnz> i enjoy turning be it wood or metal its rather theraputic..
[04:57:35] <minibnz> sometimes its a bit of a chore.. if you want repeatability..
[04:59:02] <minibnz> my goal on my CNC converstion of the X3 mill was to keep the hand controls.. so far i have been able to. i needs find a way to remove the backlash from my Z axis but keeping the hand controls seems to be the root cause of the BL thats left.. so if i CNC the lathe i would have to find a way to keep the handles..
[05:02:38] <XXCoder> im unalive!!
[05:03:20] <minibnz> tonight i might try and fix the 2nd hand air rifle i recently got. i think it needs a new seal, i could probably replace the leather seal it has or make me nice double O-ring seal for it..
[05:03:50] <minibnz> ATM when i fire it the slug gets stuck about two inches from the end of the barrel.
[05:04:16] <archivist> rusty barrel
[05:05:00] <minibnz> thats what i thought at first too. so i scrubbed the crap out of it and its all nice and shiny, not as nice as the new .223 barrel but its not too bad.
[05:05:24] <gonzo_> Spring gun or pre-charged?
[05:05:47] <minibnz> at first the rounds would get stuck about five inches from the breach. then after cleaning/scrubbing it makes it to the end
[05:05:54] <minibnz> spring break barrel.
[05:06:32] <gonzo_> does the piston sound/feel like it's doinbg it's job?
[05:07:03] <minibnz> I also i have a PPC.. FC monsoon, i have thrashed that so bad i need to rebuild that too.. i have fired 5000rnd that were too heavy and i have worn out the mech and need to replace a fair chunk of metal..
[05:08:27] <minibnz> when i looked at the seal it was crusty as hell, so i soaked it in leather conditioner and that helped.. but it appears to be shreading everytime i fire it, i pulled it apart a few times and there is always shavings of leather ahead of the pistion
[05:08:34] <minibnz> FC=FX
[05:09:14] <gonzo_> i'm supprised that heavy pellets in a pre charged would cause damage/wear!?
[05:09:41] <gonzo_> does sound like a full service req on the springer
[05:09:47] <minibnz> i had to clean up and hone the walls of the cylinder walls as they were rusty as hell...
[05:10:47] <gonzo_> I have one on the bench at the mo, it's a pre-war BSA. Nothing special, but interesting enough to get going again. Have a few pins to turn up too, as it has bits of scres/nails in some places
[05:11:12] <gonzo_> hmmm, that will eat up the piston seals
[05:11:43] <minibnz> the FX monsoon is a semi-automatic PPC air rifle. what has happened on that is the hammer for the poppet kicks up when the trigger sear catches, this kicking up has worn the aluminium above the poppet hammer and it no longer catches. that needs a "Real" machinist to fix that..
[05:14:00] <minibnz> this one is a old beast from somewhere european.. i forget where.. the barrel pivot bolt was snapped when i got it.. i have replaced that with a new one. cleaned up all the internals and will hit the outside more once it works then i will either blue it or paint it..
[05:14:20] <gonzo_> I did look at pre-charged a while ago. But to get a half decent rifle, then the bottles and fill kit (plus having to get the bottle re-certified every few years) you are looking at the £1000 level
[05:14:44] <XXCoder> blue as in hardening metal to blue color?
[05:14:49] <minibnz> it was sold to someone along with the fish shop, but the guy never transfered them into his name so the original owner sold them to me for two cartons of beer.
[05:14:53] <gonzo_> you can buy a lot fo rimfire for £1000 !
[05:15:32] <XXCoder> guy never transferred fish shop and machine?
[05:15:35] <minibnz> XXCoder blue as in cold-blueing, it was already blued once..
[05:15:44] <XXCoder> thats new to me interesting
[05:15:47] <gonzo_> hehe, I was just typing that
[05:16:03] <minibnz> XXCoder never transfered the rifles into the new owners name, so old owner sold them to me...
[05:16:32] <gonzo_> I have tried chromate blacking. Quite a frightening process, but very nice result
[05:16:36] <XXCoder> interesting. wouldnt supposely new owner want em? guy paid after all
[05:17:02] <gonzo_> what country are you minibnz ? To have to regoster airguns?
[05:17:06] <minibnz> gonzo_ my FX cost me $2500au for the rifle only then i spent another $750 on a bottle and scope.. so yeah they are expensive, but this thing is aweasome..
[05:17:17] <minibnz> gonzo_ australia..
[05:17:58] <XXCoder> yeah OZ is one of countries republicans say if gun is banned in usa they will move to... country with much more strict gun laws lol
[05:18:03] <minibnz> i am damn lucky to have a semi-auto anything.. they usually require a class C license with is restricted for profesionals that can domonstrate a real reason to have a semi auto..
[05:18:06] <gonzo_> the uk allow <12ft-lb without a licence. Above that it's a firearm
[05:18:27] <minibnz> oh.. pfft.. i had to register my two bb guns...
[05:18:47] <minibnz> yeah you read that right.. my friends....
[05:18:52] <minibnz> BB Guns...
[05:19:29] <gonzo_> scotland have registration of airguns now, so not sure how long before it happens here
[05:19:45] <minibnz> was away with the nephew and niece camping.. took the BB guns and the ranger laughed at me when i pulled them out for inspection...
[05:19:54] <XXCoder> not anytime soon in usa. yusa usa usa guns guns eagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111oneone :P
[05:20:25] <gonzo_> <1Joule BB guns are classed as toys here still. But as realistic replicars, they may get some attention at some point
[05:21:05] <minibnz> while it would be nice to be able to have just about any gun i desired.. i enjoy being able to have me a gun, leave it at home and still walk down the street and not get my ass shot for 'looking' at someone..
[05:21:29] <gonzo_> you want switzerland then
[05:21:46] <minibnz> yeah except i dont like the cold (
[05:22:20] <XXCoder> well switzerland is odd one
[05:22:35] <XXCoder> they have REEEEEEALY strict laws on gun security
[05:22:49] <minibnz> i dont mind the gun laws here.. they are pretty sensible.. except for western australia. the state all the way over the other side where if the cop says he is scared of the look of you gun he gets to take it there and then...
[05:23:01] <minibnz> we do too..
[05:23:09] <XXCoder> and you must be trained in order to have a gun. you are expected to be trained and know how to use a gun by certain age if I recall
[05:23:30] <minibnz> 6mm bolted down safe for handguns and semi's 4mm for long arms..
[05:23:51] <gonzo_> yep every man of servinbg age is required to be in the militia. And ahve their service rifle at home. (Ammo is optional or controled I believe)
[05:24:02] <minibnz> we have the saftey tests too.. its a one or two hour course for long arms and 6hour for hand guns.
[05:24:06] <XXCoder> gonzo_: home or one of gun depots they have
[05:24:16] <XXCoder> if i was citzen I'd leave it at depot
[05:24:26] <gonzo_> that is pretty much the security req in the UK. But pistols got banned a while ago
[05:24:53] <gonzo_> last I heard, the swiss kept they guns at home
[05:25:02] <XXCoder> thats an option yeah
[05:25:02] <minibnz> long arms need you to visit or use your license 4 times a year and pistols 6 times a year..
[05:25:16] <minibnz> pistols cannot be used in anyway shape or form of hunting...
[05:25:39] <gonzo_> ditto
[05:25:55] <minibnz> which it one bit i dont like. while not the primary weapon on a hunting trip its much easier to put down a pig while you are on top of it with a pistol than a rifle..
[05:26:08] <gonzo_> but the admin sustem is a mess. So it's not easy for the police to check up on how often you use them.
[05:26:31] <minibnz> as far as i am aware you cant even take a pistol to a farm for target practice its gotta be at a approved range..
[05:27:31] <gonzo_> too populated here for much hunting. vermin control on farms is a poss, but anything biger and you have to book a shoot on one of the estates. Which is not cheap
[05:28:02] <XXCoder> bb gun for hunting em?
[05:28:05] <minibnz> our gun club the SSAA looks after that.. in march we get a letter saying you are required to do X you have only done Y come in and get a tick in the book. they have a 'range' rifle, you pay $20 and you get 5rnds of 22lr and a tick in the book.. if you need more ticks you just go again, can even be the same day if you wanted
[05:28:17] <gonzo_> they banned pistols and semi auto rifles a while ago. But there are loopholes that make the law look a bit daft
[05:28:38] <minibnz> the bb guns were to keep them occupied while me and their dad went to look for rabbits.
[05:30:03] <minibnz> i am working on getting a few references from landowners so i can get the class C license, then i can charge people to shoot pests, shoot them out of season, take the meat and sell it, and also i get semi-autos with silencers.. if i do all the paper work
[05:30:07] <gonzo_> you can take vermin with <12ft-lb airgun, but has to be a clean headshot. Otherwise it';s 22lr. Fox needs 223 or similar to be humane. Deer needs at least 223, and lots of money
[05:30:54] <minibnz> oh deer here in new south wales require a .270 except for hog deer but there are none of those in nsw..
[05:31:23] <XXCoder> usa deers depends on how many deers there are
[05:31:40] <gonzo_> 223 is the min ny law, but gentlemans agreement is 270 min
[05:31:43] <XXCoder> too many more licenses too few there is no deer season
[05:31:54] <XXCoder> "bag limit" adjusted according
[05:32:54] <minibnz> i have been out with my .22 air rifle and saw a fox about 20mtrs away and i put a hunting slug in his chest but he ran far far too far, the day i got home i ordered a little badger .22mag folding rifle to supplement the air rifle.. it weighs only 1kg and the barrel dont get caught or pluged with dirt..
[05:33:34] <gonzo_> all land is privatly owned and the deer herds are all managed. They sell the shooting rights as part of the business. You would go out for a day with the guillie and he would select the beast to shoot and when you may take the shot. So you have a lot to pay for
[05:33:56] <minibnz> i cant recall if there is a bag limit on deer, for the life of me i couldnt care less after i get the first one.. that will be plenty to carry out...
[05:34:41] <XXCoder> killing too many gets one in deep trouble here
[05:34:46] <XXCoder> pretty big fee
[05:35:10] <XXCoder> as I have never hunted I'm not too sure on specifics but yeah
[05:35:14] <minibnz> gonzo_ my mates father inlaw lets us go shooting on his blocks anytime, he owns a saw mill that is right next door to a deer farm so its pretty easy for us if we want to be lazy...
[05:35:17] <gonzo_> You would probably pay for the gralloching and I'm not sure if you would even get to keep the meat.
[05:35:51] <jthornton> morning
[05:36:03] <gonzo_> morning
[05:39:41] <minibnz> this old break barrel is a Lj-22 made in the USSR..
[05:40:37] <XXCoder> hey
[05:41:20] <Tom_L> hey
[05:42:06] <minibnz> its a baikal brand..
[05:49:23] <minibnz> turns out you could buy this air rifle in kmart back in the 70's... its older than i am..
[05:49:30] <jthornton> printed some atomic PETG CF with cura 2.3.1 and it came out nice
[05:49:47] <XXCoder> nice!
[05:50:03] <minibnz> well done...
[05:50:21] <jthornton> had to go to advanced settings and set something... hmmm what was that
[05:50:50] <jthornton> ah yea coasting
[05:51:22] <XXCoder> yeah that can fix one aspect of blob
[06:44:14] <XXCoder> jthornton: check this out https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IA9R2TY/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk
[06:44:29] <Wolf_> morning
[06:44:47] <XXCoder> yo
[06:48:17] <jthornton> dang 2.4 beta download is an appleimage? https://ultimaker.com/en/products/cura-software/list
[06:48:36] <XXCoder> im surpised you like cura
[06:49:05] <XXCoder> aw elio stock is crashing so far :(
[06:49:19] <XXCoder> makes me wonder if I will ever get my elio.
[06:50:41] <Wolf_> just make one, get a can-am spyder and put a body on it ;P
[06:50:48] <XXCoder> lol
[06:51:07] <XXCoder> or get reliant robin and turn driver and seat around
[06:51:14] <XXCoder> make it 2 wheel front
[06:52:40] <jthornton> just get a slingshot
[06:52:55] <jthornton> I'll try anything to get a good print lol
[06:53:08] <XXCoder> including buying better one? ;)
[06:53:51] <jthornton> make a better one maybe, I have two linear slides with ballscrews in them
[06:53:57] <XXCoder> checked slangshot no thanks
[06:54:25] <XXCoder> print is pretty sensive to jerk and acceration
[06:54:55] <XXCoder> making it lighter helps but I wonder if more rigid frame would allow faster prints anyway
[06:55:18] <jthornton> I'd think so
[06:55:27] <Wolf_> should
[06:55:39] <jthornton> the z axis can be slow and very rigid with my slides
[06:55:42] <XXCoder> probably how pink did it
[07:56:24] <jthornton> finally figured it out... link = re.compile('(<a href=.http.*?)(>)') z = re.sub(link, r'\1 target="_blank">', x)
[07:56:28] <jthornton> shower time now
[08:57:49] <IchGucksLive> hi
[08:58:40] <IchGucksLive> 11mio euros to the town where jesos alos is maybe he got also luck
[08:59:30] <IchGucksLive> tom_l where is the lock the new one
[09:00:41] <IchGucksLive> im off till later
[12:07:50] <MacGalempsy> anyone else get snow last night?
[12:09:13] <roycroft> we got cold last night
[12:09:19] <roycroft> snow was on wednesday, but it's not melted
[12:09:40] <roycroft> that is extraordinarily rare around here - on the rare occaions that it snows it's almost always gone by the next day
[12:10:03] <roycroft> and it looks like we won't get above freezing today, with an ice storm tomorrow
[12:10:43] <jdh> we are supposed to get some tomorrow
[12:11:08] <jdh> it has been a year or two
[12:16:18] <JT-Shop> yea we got a dusting of snow up here
[12:19:03] <MacGalempsy> just a 1-3" dusting here. just enough to keep us inside.
[12:20:10] <MacGalempsy> https://flic.kr/p/QpqFtE
[12:30:26] <IchGucksLive> hi
[12:44:59] <MacGalempsy> hi
[12:48:49] <IchGucksLive> ;-)
[13:04:01] <IchGucksLive> Tom_L: are yoiu on
[13:25:51] <IchGucksLive> getting cold tonight here near -20C expected
[13:44:26] <IchGucksLive> Gn8
[13:57:01] <Wolf_> archivist: http://i.imgur.com/YkpeHoc.jpg now to figure out if it has any thing active inside
[14:16:59] <MacGalempsy> Wolf_ strain gauge?
[14:17:34] <Wolf_> feels like simple ball and rod contacts
[14:18:53] <MacGalempsy> ive got the tp1s and it required a signal amplifier to sent the signal
[14:22:52] <Wolf_> tp1 is strain ?
[14:24:32] <MacGalempsy> i think so https://www.metrologyparts.com/renishaw-tp1s-tp1sm-cmm-touch-probe-new-in-box-with-full-factory-warranty-a-1041-7540-a-1041-7541/?matchtype=298246215&gclid=Cj0KEQiAnb3DBRCX2ZnSnMyO9dIBEiQAOcXYH944V9a9w998TN6kyBUChAwOufzeF0FCRxTRAca9I1oaAke88P8HAQ
[14:25:46] <MacGalempsy> is that one broken? mine wouldnt work, so i pulled an allen and filled the head with electrical conact cleaner, shook, drained, and voila
[14:26:03] <Wolf_> was listed as working
[14:26:17] <Wolf_> grabbed it off ebay for $110 shipped
[14:26:26] <MacGalempsy> do you have the box that goes with it?
[14:26:34] <MacGalempsy> nice score
[14:26:42] <Wolf_> just whats in the pic
[14:29:01] <Wolf_> but its a 3/4” shank so that works out great for me running the TTS stuff
[14:29:03] <MacGalempsy> you will need a mi5 to get it to work
[14:29:40] <MacGalempsy> i recall someone showing a cheap alt
[14:30:10] <Wolf_> yeah, gonna say I wonder if a cheap mcu can be made to work as a amp
[14:31:10] <MacGalempsy> i belive it is a strain gauge amplifier, iirc
[14:31:16] <Wolf_> http://i.imgur.com/X1ozLpw.jpg
[14:31:31] <Wolf_> pretty sure this has the same innards
[14:32:07] <MacGalempsy> http://www.robotshop.com/en/strain-gauge-load-cell-amplifier-shield-2ch.html
[14:32:30] <Wolf_> this isn’t load cell inside
[14:42:47] <Wolf_> both of my renishaw are old school NC contact probes
[14:47:06] <Loetmichel> hrhr, i got a new Tshirt for christmas. My brother in law seems to know me pretty well... -> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=16441&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 ("careful being you must. One dark side the sausage (already) has")
[14:50:36] <Wolf_> yup, I can see the probe trigger on DMM
[16:16:51] <Deejay> gn8
[16:54:44] <cyborg_ar> roycroft, did your dell order get cancelled too? looks like they found out they messed up the price on those ssds
[16:54:51] <roycroft> yes
[16:54:59] <roycroft> and i am thankful
[16:55:13] <roycroft> i've been avoiding dell for about 20 years because their customer service went down the tubes
[16:55:21] <roycroft> this is my first order from them in all that time
[16:55:31] <roycroft> their rejection confirmed that their customer service sucks
[16:55:39] <roycroft> so now i can avoid them for another 20 years
[16:56:20] <cyborg_ar> haha
[16:56:35] <roycroft> i was dubious when i ordered
[16:56:41] <roycroft> but for that price i decided to give them a go
[16:56:49] <roycroft> now i'll have to endure spam
[16:57:03] <roycroft> until i blacklist them, which will probably be later on today
[16:57:05] <MacGalempsy_> I recall working retail and screwups like that were honored.
[16:57:30] <cyborg_ar> i wonder if there is an easy way to make releasing the estop turn on the machine, probably not best practice safety wise but it is required due to limited IO
[16:57:50] <cyborg_ar> MacGalempsy_, it was a really BAD screwup
[16:57:58] <roycroft> actually i was slightly annoyed
[16:57:58] <MacGalempsy_> how bad?
[16:58:03] <cyborg_ar> they were selling that ssd at like hald cost
[16:58:07] <roycroft> because i intend to use an ssd as soon as i get one
[16:58:07] <cyborg_ar> half*
[16:58:16] <cyborg_ar> $80 ssd retail for $20
[16:58:17] <roycroft> so now i've wasted several days waiting on dell
[16:59:01] <roycroft> "retail" and "dell" are orders of magnitude differences in order quantity
[16:59:06] <cyborg_ar> and free shipping on to of that
[16:59:09] <roycroft> you sold 20 at a lost retail to honor the price
[16:59:17] <roycroft> they would have probably sold 10,000
[16:59:31] <cyborg_ar> people who found out were probably thousands
[16:59:31] <cyborg_ar> yes
[16:59:56] <roycroft> when i mentioned on another channel that my order was cancelled another channel member immediately said "the wd blue? you're the fifth person today whose told me that"
[17:00:20] <roycroft> oh well
[17:00:26] <MacGalempsy_> heh. word got out fast. I wonder if they shipped any before figuring it out
[17:00:33] <roycroft> so what's a good size for linuxcnc and a bunch of ancillary lcnc stuff?
[17:00:37] <roycroft> 32GB big enough?
[17:00:52] <cyborg_ar> sounds good enough
[17:00:52] <roycroft> or would 64GB be more advisable
[17:00:55] <MacGalempsy_> yeah. I run a 10gb virtual drive and that seems to be enough
[17:01:05] <roycroft> i know lcnc runs on 8GB just fine by itself
[17:01:11] <cyborg_ar> linuxcnc is pretty tiny, just make sure you set it up right so it doesnt wear it out
[17:01:17] <roycroft> i want to be able to install other software with it
[17:01:20] <cyborg_ar> the smaller the SSD the faster it wears out
[17:01:32] <MacGalempsy_> wonder if you could just use a high end 16gb thumbdrive
[17:01:37] <roycroft> yes, i would only use half of the drive, and map the other half for spares
[17:01:46] <roycroft> that would be insanely slow, macgalempsy_
[17:01:52] <roycroft> and not very reliable
[17:01:57] <cyborg_ar> usb3.0 is pretty fast
[17:01:59] <MacGalempsy_> even usb 3?
[17:02:04] <roycroft> my preference would be for an enterprise class ssd
[17:02:15] <MacGalempsy_> I have two of those in my workstation
[17:02:19] <MacGalempsy_> zeusiops
[17:02:22] <cyborg_ar> get a pcie one
[17:02:27] <roycroft> i found a kingston enterprise class with 80+k iops read/write for $65
[17:02:31] <roycroft> 128GB
[17:02:40] <cyborg_ar> much faster than sata and not too much more expensive at small sizes
[17:03:13] <MacGalempsy_> the zeusiops are sas scsi interface, so I had to get a controller card
[17:03:32] <roycroft> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=2BN-001M-00007&cm_re=enterprise_ssd-_-2BN-001M-00007-_-Product
[17:03:38] <roycroft> that's what i'm thinking of
[17:03:52] <roycroft> when i ordered the ones from dell, i needed one for lcnc
[17:04:00] <roycroft> but at that price i decided to get a couple
[17:04:39] <MacGalempsy_> been waiting for this dang job to post and it was supposed to be up yesterday...
[17:04:48] <MacGalempsy_> I feel like an employment troll
[17:05:09] <roycroft> the system board i have has a pci bus, not pcie
[17:05:20] <roycroft> which is fine
[17:05:40] <roycroft> a pci mesa card costs less than an equivalent pcie mesa card
[18:09:10] <MacGalempsy_> hey pete
[18:09:39] <BeachBumPete> Hey mac
[18:10:03] <MacGalempsy_> you're not missing much in the upper south today. just pure coldness
[18:10:14] <BeachBumPete> that is what I hear man
[18:11:43] <BeachBumPete> actually my son and my daughter are heading down here right now. My son is on leave from the Navy and we are going to have a kinda after Christmas Christmas.
[18:11:56] <BeachBumPete> they are going to stay here for a week or so
[18:12:23] <BeachBumPete> funny thing is we are expecting some colder weather this weekend along with high winds so kayak fishing will have to wait until later in the week maybe.
[18:14:37] <MacGalempsy_> that sucks. I guess youll need to take the yacht out ;)
[18:15:26] <BeachBumPete> hehe I just need the keys ;)
[18:15:59] <BeachBumPete> honestly I am far more of a big beautiful sailboat guy
[18:17:14] <BeachBumPete> The good news is I took the whole week off from work to spend time with them so I am off until next mondy. However due to an "EMERGENCY" I have to work tomorrow on a cabinet install LOL
[18:21:15] <MacGalempsy_> lol
[18:21:33] <MacGalempsy_> what kind of cabinet?
[18:22:04] <BeachBumPete> actually it is a sort of room full of desk
[18:22:32] <MacGalempsy_> one of those multi thousand dollar corporate thing?
[18:23:03] <BeachBumPete> basically like seven 28.5 inch tall base cabinets and a couple wall cabinets with counter top going all around the room
[18:23:13] <BeachBumPete> naah this is just for a homeowner
[18:23:44] <MacGalempsy_> even better.
[18:23:46] <BeachBumPete> not sure what constitutes it to be an emergency but heh
[18:24:01] <BeachBumPete> they are nice people I was there for like 3 hours today
[18:24:32] <BeachBumPete> I am hoping to get some more work done on my CNC lathe retrofit this week
[18:24:45] <MacGalempsy_> the emergency is that THEIR kids are coming over next week too
[18:28:30] <BeachBumPete> hehe could be
[18:30:34] <MacGalempsy_> did you make any big catches on the last kayak outing?
[18:34:11] <BeachBumPete> actually no not really
[18:34:19] <BeachBumPete> I caught a couple small snapper
[18:34:32] <BeachBumPete> but we put in at the Fort Pierce Inlet
[18:34:41] <BeachBumPete> and the current going out the inlet was huge
[18:34:49] <BeachBumPete> so we had to anchor
[18:35:08] <BeachBumPete> and the tide was taking out massive amounts of seaweed and seagrass which kept fouling our lines
[18:35:27] <BeachBumPete> it was gorgeous that day other than that tho
[18:43:15] <jdh> have you seen the forcast for murville this w/e?
[18:44:18] <BeachBumPete> no but can I presume it involves large amounts of low temps and frozen moisture?
[18:44:31] <jdh> cold anyway.
[18:45:38] <jdh> 18 here tomorrow and back in 70's next week
[18:46:03] <Tom_L> about the same here
[18:46:11] <BeachBumPete> SC?
[18:46:18] <jdh> NC
[18:46:33] <BeachBumPete> We are supposed to get into the 50's apparently this weekend with some highish winds
[18:46:41] <BeachBumPete> so no kayakin' unfortunately
[18:46:43] <jdh> brrr
[18:46:49] <Tom_L> 16F
[18:46:51] <BeachBumPete> IKR!!
[18:49:14] <MacGalempsy_> 13°F
[18:49:28] <MacGalempsy_> and dropping...supposed to go down another 5
[18:49:46] <BeachBumPete> sheeit
[18:50:04] <Tom_L> yeah about the same here
[18:50:07] <BeachBumPete> I once saw 9 degrees in Tennessee and that shit was COLD
[18:50:12] <Tom_L> then ~50 on Tues
[18:50:29] <MacGalempsy_> here is this morning https://flic.kr/p/QpqFtE
[18:50:29] <Tom_L> we had -10 couple weeks ago
[18:50:54] <MacGalempsy_> we wanted to go see the new underworld, but the road comes to a T with a house right across the street
[18:51:03] <BeachBumPete> LOL I used to think pictures like that were SOOO Pretty
[18:51:17] <BeachBumPete> I want to go see Rogue one
[18:51:37] <MacGalempsy_> I really hate the cold...my retirement plans will involve the equator
[18:52:14] <BeachBumPete> now they just look miserable to me. Like I know how that cold feels and I don't enjoy it.
[18:52:28] <BeachBumPete> the equator? Like literally?
[18:53:04] <Tom_L> it would be warmer there.. no?
[18:53:16] <MacGalempsy_> yeah, somewhere 1. that is hot year round. and 2. has not daylight savings
[18:53:42] <BeachBumPete> yeah and poor/socialist/possibly infested with guerillas
[18:54:22] <BeachBumPete> The Doctor my wife worked with in Tennessee is actually buying a large farm in South America where he plans to retire
[18:54:53] <BeachBumPete> I think hes nutz but he swears it is paradise
[18:55:02] <MacGalempsy_> si. pero mi espanol no es sufficiente ahora
[18:55:13] <BeachBumPete> in Panama
[18:55:33] <MacGalempsy_> I hear Belize is nice
[18:55:44] <MacGalempsy_> Costa Rica is supposed to be fair for expats
[18:55:45] <Tom_L> only downside is all the critters are supersized
[18:56:16] <MacGalempsy_> that is true
[18:56:18] <BeachBumPete> yeah and venomous/poisonous/constrictous/and lots of other ous'
[18:56:32] <BeachBumPete> Kinda like Auz
[18:56:47] <BeachBumPete> you can't shake a stick at all the shit that will kill you there
[18:56:55] <MacGalempsy_> in the states those critters live in the house next door
[18:57:08] <BeachBumPete> or in the Airports
[18:57:30] <MacGalempsy_> and they walk on two legs
[18:57:42] <BeachBumPete> that's debatable
[18:58:49] <MacGalempsy_> it is nice to be able to go swimming and only have to worry about water moccisans
[18:59:18] <BeachBumPete> I never really worried about swimming here but in reality there are some dangers
[18:59:28] <BeachBumPete> I used to surf every day when I was a kid
[18:59:40] <BeachBumPete> snorkeling, diving, skiing
[18:59:57] <MacGalempsy_> nice
[19:00:40] <MacGalempsy_> I like snorkeling and diving. when we went to San Salvador Island, Bahamas. That place seemed like a good get away
[19:00:48] <MacGalempsy_> but we only stayed a few weeks, not a life time
[19:01:06] <BeachBumPete> I have only been to the bahamas once believe it or not
[19:01:24] <BeachBumPete> but I have been to MOST of the islands in the Carribean when I was in the Coast Guard.
[19:01:46] <MacGalempsy_> which was your favorite?
[19:02:12] <BeachBumPete> I liked Curacao and the Dominican republic
[19:02:33] <BeachBumPete> Domrep is quite beautiful actually
[19:02:44] <BeachBumPete> they call it the Hawaii of the Carribean
[19:03:53] <MacGalempsy_> I could probably deal with Puerto Rico for a while
[19:04:19] <MacGalempsy_> I liked the aspect that banking and cell phones were connected to the main land
[19:04:48] <BeachBumPete> I was in the Old City briefly and it LOOKED nice. There is an Air Station in Borinquen,PR and it is supposed to be very nice but never been there.
[19:05:57] <MacGalempsy_> Spent 2 weeks cruising the island a year or two ago, and it was pretty cool. Rincon would be a nice place to be, or somewhere on the NW coast
[19:06:50] <BeachBumPete> that sounds sweet
[19:07:27] <MacGalempsy_> I believe one benifit is that there is either no state tax or federal tax
[19:07:46] <MacGalempsy_> and no customs going back and forth
[19:09:48] <BeachBumPete> hehe
[19:34:19] <MacGalempsy_> alright guys, I will catch ya later.
[21:31:37] <tiwake> https://infogalactic.com/info/Main_Page
[21:32:17] <tiwake> "Infogalactic is [a fork of wikipedia] designed around the idea that the user should be permitted to decide what information is relevant to him, not 500 ideologically-driven thought police."
[21:48:57] <roycroft> modern journalistic theory is that it is impossible to completely remove bias, so journalists should state their bias up front, all the while striving to present complete, factual, and fair reporting
[21:49:24] <roycroft> the bias should not manifest itself by intentionally omitting information about a topic
[21:49:37] <roycroft> or by hyperbolic or false claims
[21:50:38] <roycroft> but if a person is going to present information, the person *always* makes a judgement on what topics to study
[21:51:53] <roycroft> the only way the reader can decide what information is relevant is for the reader to have some understanding of the peresenter's point of view
[21:52:43] <tiwake> roycroft: sure... when I try to say as much to other people all I get is "wut" or some sort of denial
[21:53:18] <roycroft> then those people have not developed or are otherwise not using critical thinking skills
[21:53:20] <tiwake> (about the all reports are biased to some extent part)
[21:53:40] <tiwake> and yeah
[21:53:43] <tiwake> it bothers me
[21:53:53] <tiwake> so I generally don't talk to many people
[21:54:14] <tiwake> #linuxCNC and ##guns is pretty much it
[21:54:25] <roycroft> i'm going to get controversial, because i'm wont to do so :)
[21:54:30] <tiwake> well, about any given topic
[21:54:31] * Wolf_ likes guns
[21:54:40] <roycroft> people say msnbc is a "left wing" channel
[21:54:47] <roycroft> and fox news is a "right wing" channel
[21:54:52] <tiwake> no, not really
[21:54:56] <roycroft> and that they are essentially equivalent
[21:55:01] <tiwake> I don't watch TV for good reasons
[21:55:07] <roycroft> there is a profound difference between the two
[21:55:25] <roycroft> msnbc is very truthful and complete in its reporting, for the most part
[21:55:40] <roycroft> and when they do screw up they make retractions very publily
[21:55:44] <roycroft> publicly
[21:56:04] <roycroft> fox news promotes known falsehoods all the time
[21:56:13] <roycroft> it cannot be trusted for any reliable information
[21:56:16] <tiwake> I just don't like people talking... talk is too cheap
[21:56:17] <Wolf_> that CNN with the fake news
[21:56:19] <roycroft> however
[21:56:33] <roycroft> that does not mean that msnbc offers balanced reporting
[21:56:43] <tiwake> easy to do, easy to point fingers
[21:56:45] <roycroft> they choose carefully which stories to report
[21:56:47] <tiwake> action is what matters
[21:56:53] <roycroft> when they do report they do so honestly
[21:57:01] <roycroft> but there is a bias on that network
[21:57:13] <roycroft> so msnbc are truthful and biased
[21:57:16] <roycroft> fox are liars and biased
[21:57:24] <roycroft> it's a huge difference
[21:57:30] <Wolf_> there is bias on ALL the fucking liars I mean news outlets
[21:57:48] <roycroft> it is inherent
[21:57:53] <roycroft> this is the point i'm making
[21:58:00] <roycroft> it's impossible to be devoid of bias
[21:58:06] <Wolf_> pls cite fox news lies
[21:58:11] <roycroft> it is more responsible to be honest about your bias
[21:58:16] <roycroft> than to pretend you are not biased
[21:58:32] <roycroft> no, i'm not going to even start to go down that road
[21:58:51] <roycroft> every single day they tell falsehoods that are immediately and widely deubnked
[21:58:54] <roycroft> debunked
[21:58:56] <Wolf_> then STFU about it please, well at least in here...
[21:59:12] <roycroft> if you're going to ask me for proof then you are either an idiot or you are trying to promote your bias
[21:59:29] <tiwake> roycroft: not if its in a PM
[21:59:43] <roycroft> i'm not saying that the bias of msnbc is correct or better than that of fox
[21:59:56] <roycroft> i'm saying that they report what they report honestly, and fox do not
[22:00:14] <roycroft> bias/dogma and honesty are completely unrelated
[22:00:44] <roycroft> the christian science monitor, as an example, has a right leaning bias, as does fox
[22:00:53] <roycroft> but the csm are a lot more honest about their reporting than fox
[22:01:24] <roycroft> do not attempt to conflate my denunciation of fox news' methodology with a rejection of their ideology
[22:01:40] <Wolf_> now… if you are mixing up commentary shows with the news on fox news channel, I can see where you are getting the lies part… but I’m totally lost on the rest of your rant
[22:01:58] <roycroft> i'm not sure what i've said qualifies as a "rant"
[22:02:11] <tiwake> information gathering in its self not necessarily biased, other than its inherently linear method that all information gathering is bound to
[22:02:20] <roycroft> but i can see that even broaching the subject as objectively as i can bothers you, so i'll let it go now
[22:11:08] <Wolf_> there is one funny thing, semi related to all of that… Megan Kelly from fox news got fished over to NBC
[22:14:27] <roycroft> what do you mean by "got fished over"?
[22:16:12] <Wolf_> she declined $20mill/year to stay on at fox
[22:17:09] <Wolf_> damn, don’t you pay attention to the news?
[22:20:23] <roycroft> i did not understand the point you were trying to make
[22:20:26] <roycroft> i'm aware that she left fox
[22:20:51] <roycroft> she did so because she got no support from fox management when she was sexually harassed there, and decided enough was enough
[22:21:28] <roycroft> i'm aware of the facts
[22:21:39] <roycroft> i did not and do not understand what "got fished over" means
[22:22:38] <dioz> sup Wolf_ ?
[22:23:41] <Wolf_> I actually didn’t have a point, I wasn’t really paying attention.. working on rewireing a LCR meter kelvin clip setup
[22:24:26] <roycroft> well, i wasn't disagreeing with you, nor was i ignorant
[22:24:32] <roycroft> i just didn't understand you
[22:30:06] <Wolf_> dioz: not much here.. you?
[22:30:30] <Wolf_> I dont understand myself some days…
[22:40:02] <Wolf_> I need to get my mill done so I can mess with http://i.imgur.com/YkpeHoc.jpg
[22:41:07] <Flipp_> newbie machining question: say I cnc a complex part in a vise, but there's some stock left over the vise was holding onto. what's the most reasable/accurate way to get rid of the remaining stock?
[22:41:12] <Flipp_> *reasonable
[22:42:53] <Wolf_> machine it off
[22:43:16] <tiwake> Flipp_: flip it over and mill the bottom off
[22:43:36] <tiwake> custom fixturing may be necessary
[22:43:44] <tiwake> (soft jaws)
[22:44:11] <Wolf_> this is when you find out that you need to plan 10 steps ahead when doing the cam layout
[22:44:28] <tiwake> it only comes with years of experience
[22:44:29] <tiwake> heh
[22:44:58] <tiwake> what machine to use, what kind of stock material, tools, what order to use those tools in...
[22:45:33] <Flipp_> yup, that why I figured I'd ask the pros :)
[22:45:44] <Flipp_> soft jaws is one way, but thatbut what if the part is round (say, like
[22:45:47] <Flipp_> ack!
[22:46:02] <Flipp_> soft jaws is one way, but what about a one-off part that is odd to hold in a vise?
[22:46:06] <Flipp_> (let me get an example...
[22:46:08] <roycroft> sometimes you can machine the part so that there are tabs left which were used to hold the part down
[22:46:14] <dioz> Wolf_: contemplating taking a $10,000/month pipeline job
[22:46:16] <roycroft> and you remove the tabs by hand after the machining is complete
[22:46:23] <dioz> fuck fight and trip some pipe
[22:46:34] <Wolf_> I must have been a cnc operator in a past life then, I thought about flipping part and holding for 3rd op on the first part I cam and cnc milled...
[22:46:35] <dioz> been a while since i done it
[22:47:11] <Wolf_> burning rod?
[22:47:30] <dioz> naw just labouring
[22:47:42] <tiwake> its pretty common to have parts that cant really have a secondary operation cause no nice way to grab onto it... the only answer is to not machine all the typical first-operation stuff, and save some of the machined features for a later operation
[22:47:47] <Wolf_> if I was smart I would do pipe line welding in my area, they are some lazy fucks
[22:47:51] <roycroft> if the part has any through holes you can sometimes machine them first and then bolt it down through the holes
[22:48:22] <Flipp_> this guy, still figuring out how to fixture it: http://i.imgur.com/mexlirg.png
[22:48:56] <tiwake> Flipp_: oh thats easy... is the hole in the first operation?
[22:49:02] <dioz> Wolf_: idk if it's steel or fiberglass either atm
[22:49:03] <tiwake> the big hole
[22:49:07] <dioz> trying to get all the details about the job
[22:49:11] <Flipp_> can be, yeah
[22:49:43] <Wolf_> yeah thats easy, make hole in middle then put it in a cnc lathe with live tooling :P
[22:49:50] <Flipp_> fixture it to a plate (sacrificial), then mill the rest of it?
[22:49:50] <tiwake> Flipp_: clamp onto it in the middle and just turn it
[22:50:21] <Flipp_> wolf_: would love to, but only ahve access to a manual lathe or a tormach 770 :/
[22:50:55] <tiwake> lathes with hard jaws typically let you rotate the jaws around so you can grab onto inside holes
[22:51:20] <Flipp_> ya, true. but say I only had a cnc mill and a manual lathe... :)
[22:51:36] <roycroft> 4 jaw chucks almost universally have reversable jaws
[22:52:10] <tiwake> as is 3-jaw chucks, any that I've ever seen
[22:52:19] <tiwake> unless they are soft jaws
[22:52:44] <Wolf_> but if soft jaws, you just make them work :D
[22:52:50] <tiwake> yeah
[22:52:53] <Flipp_> I was toying with the idea of clamping it to a sacrificial plate by that center hole and then milling it
[22:53:36] <tiwake> Flipp_: drill two holes in the soft jaws for the mill and let the third nub hang over... depending on how large the part is
[22:54:41] <tiwake> depends on how large the part is, and what material its made out of
[22:54:55] <roycroft> if you can't figure out how to fixture it for machining, 3d print it :)
[22:55:43] <tiwake> alternatively, get tallish soft jaws and just mill most of it away so you can open the vice to clamp onto the middle hole
[22:56:27] <Flipp_> huh, that's an interesting approach, never thought of using soft jaws that way
[22:56:36] <tiwake> years of practice
[22:58:20] <tiwake> Flipp_: what material is that part going to be made of, and how many are you making at a time?
[22:58:35] <Flipp_> aluminum, and just one or two ever
[22:58:40] <tiwake> oh
[22:58:40] <Flipp_> (probably)
[22:58:51] <Flipp_> 6061
[22:58:53] <tiwake> just use the lathe then, a lot less effort
[22:59:21] <Flipp_> would have to be a cnc lathe, right?
[22:59:27] <tiwake> why?
[22:59:47] <Flipp_> how would you make the outside profile on a manual lathe?
[23:00:16] <tiwake> you mill the top part in its entirety, and just face off the butt until its the desired thickness in the lathe
[23:00:24] <Wolf_> make the part on the CNC then use the manual lathe to face off the base
[23:00:55] <Flipp_> ok, gotcha. thanks, yeah, that was the plan I ended up at last night
[23:01:36] <Flipp_> thought you meant do the profile on the lathe at first
[23:01:48] <tiwake> unless you have a C-axis lathe...
[23:02:00] <tiwake> with live tooling
[23:02:24] <tiwake> it would be pretty easy to make that part in such a lathe
[23:02:33] <tiwake> one operation
[23:02:34] <tiwake> <3
[23:02:36] <Wolf_> if you have a 7x10 china lathe, just mount it on the 440...
[23:02:50] <Wolf_> err 770
[23:51:54] * SpeedEvil is imagining a lathe on a toolchanger.