#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-12-10

[00:00:01] <codepython777> default spindle
[00:00:10] <XXCoder> trentster: btw https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1447214
[00:00:15] <XXCoder> I plan to print maybe 4 of those
[00:00:17] <trentster> codepython777: have a look at the one Marius Hornburger Youtube made for his CNC, its a pretty efficient design
[00:00:24] <XXCoder> then make dyson style dust seperator
[00:01:21] <trentster> look at this, I am tempted…hmmmm http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/cnc-3-axis-router-machine-/262736033424
[00:01:46] <XXCoder> did you see that thingverse item? interesting
[00:02:06] <Wolf_> lol my cyclone is on https://www.amazon.com/Eagle-1601MB-Polyethylene-Lever-lock-Capacity/dp/B0025QI4XC/ref=pd_sim_469_4?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0025QI4XC&pd_rd_r=4S6S1JYC2CYQHDF5GTB0&pd_rd_w=VBHI6&pd_rd_wg=NqQag&psc=1&refRID=4S6S1JYC2CYQHDF5GTB0
[00:02:55] <trentster> XXCoder: yes its very neat design
[00:03:21] <XXCoder> indeed. though he didnt design it for dyson style
[00:03:31] <XXCoder> so I have to somehow connect bottles to bucked lid
[00:03:43] <XXCoder> my first prototype probably will use ice cream bucket
[00:04:02] <Wolf_> keep in mind thin stuff will collapse
[00:04:06] <XXCoder> yeah
[00:04:11] <Wolf_> if you have a good vac
[00:04:18] <XXCoder> its just prototype to test stuff out
[00:04:24] <XXCoder> if it works get better bucket
[00:04:38] <Wolf_> I mounted my cyclone on a cheap metal trash can… that didn’t work out
[00:04:46] <XXCoder> ow heh
[00:04:50] <XXCoder> it sucked too hard
[00:04:56] <codepython777> Wolf_: http://www.rockler.com/dust-shoe-for-axiom-pro-cnc?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=&utm_content=pla&utm_campaign=PL&sid=V9146&gclid=CPHO3Ojz6NACFRUlgQodAHgObQ
[00:07:00] <codepython777> if i wan to make my own, not sure how i get that brush structure in the acrylic - i can cut acrylic :)
[00:07:15] <XXCoder> my guess? groove
[00:07:20] <XXCoder> then glue in or something
[00:08:11] <trentster> I mounted my cyclone on top of a stainless shop vac that someone threw out (better than plastic bucket) does not collapse..
[00:08:22] <Wolf_> codepython777: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufXTIu2VmME
[00:08:53] <codepython777> Wolf_: thanks! Watching now
[00:08:58] <trentster> for the lid you just need to cut out a piece of wood, mdf, ply or whatever on your cnc and cut a rim recess in it that goes over the lip of the bucket.
[00:09:12] <trentster> you dont need to secure it, the suction will do it for you.
[00:10:19] <Wolf_> with my drum, I put a contractors trash bag in it, vac it in to the drum with a small tube, then lock it down with the drum head
[00:10:37] <Wolf_> but I use it mostly for wood work
[00:17:19] <codepython777> Seems like most alum cutters are using compressors and blowing air on the spindle
[00:17:27] <codepython777> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4-p3ZGlThg
[00:50:33] <XXCoder> yeah blow is pretty easy though you gonna sweep at end heh
[00:50:57] <XXCoder> blwoing one postive - easier to see it cut stuf
[01:00:15] <pink_vampire> codepython777: the guy go conventional on the finish cut, just look at the craptacular finish he got...
[01:20:29] <zeeshan> zzzzzzz
[01:26:45] <pink_vampire> yyyyyyyy
[01:27:21] <Wolf_> xxxxxx
[01:31:01] <pink_vampire> wwwwwww
[01:47:51] <XXCoder> 4444
[02:18:05] <Deejay> moin
[02:29:11] <pink_vampire> hi Deejay
[02:30:10] <XXCoder> hey
[05:34:32] <jthornton> morning
[05:38:01] <jthornton> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23607594/
[05:40:33] <XXCoder> hey
[05:40:37] <XXCoder> I found a compiled copy
[05:40:47] <jthornton> where?
[05:40:51] <XXCoder> https://github.com/prusa3d/Slic3r/releases
[05:48:23] <jthornton> I get a bunch of errors when I try and run it
[05:49:50] <jthornton> lol different errors on this pc
[05:50:16] <XXCoder> interesting ran fine here
[05:51:55] <jthornton> what os?
[05:52:04] <XXCoder> templeos
[05:52:13] <XXCoder> nah xfce mint
[06:07:48] <jthornton> it's building anyway
[06:18:05] <jthornton> finally figured out my bug in the logger lol
[06:18:58] <XXCoder> yeah?
[06:19:11] <jthornton> yea typo in my test list lol
[06:19:16] <jthornton> on to the next buglet
[06:19:48] <XXCoder> gonna love that
[06:20:19] <XXCoder> once had 8 hours searching to find one bug where I didn't set object link pointer to null so info is dirty
[06:20:29] <XXCoder> causing it to get into infinity loop
[06:23:39] <jthornton> gotta love those computer locking infinite loops
[06:24:02] <XXCoder> yeah
[06:24:07] <XXCoder> it was a nightnare to find
[06:27:02] <archivist> sometimes the code is right and it is the data that has bugs
[06:27:55] <XXCoder> know whats funny about that nasty bug?
[06:28:08] <XXCoder> it does not show up unless for loop script was repeated.
[06:28:09] <archivist> took me a while yesterday to track a data error..... Icanhasmaps http://www.collection.archivist.info/shelfview.php?src=artitle&locid=7
[06:28:31] <XXCoder> so it was aligned but address is pointing wrong place, causing script to run forever
[06:28:53] <XXCoder> otherwise it works just fine
[06:32:25] <jthornton> and another bug bites the dust
[06:33:34] <XXCoder> pointer programming heh
[06:35:40] <jthornton> python
[06:36:20] <XXCoder> pointer thing was my project
[06:36:26] <XXCoder> turtle script cpmpiler
[06:39:06] <jthornton> slic3r finished building now for the gui part
[06:46:20] <jthornton> got the w3c checker approval on the index.html
[06:55:42] <jthornton> finally got slic3r 1.3.0-dev running :)
[06:56:26] <XXCoder> hmm
[06:56:34] <XXCoder> my version is 1.31.6
[07:21:48] <jthornton> XXCoder: what software are you using to print with?
[07:22:38] <pink_vampire> http://www.freelybelle.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/steffi-machinist-1.jpg
[07:22:51] <pink_vampire> how she is able so see?
[07:27:23] <archivist> looking under the dymo tape.....just
[07:37:13] <pink_vampire> how do i calculate the feed rate for small carbide drills, 0.8mm, i want to drill in sheet of steel.
[07:37:18] <pink_vampire> archivist: ^
[07:41:52] <archivist> I tend to hand feed at that size
[07:43:54] <pink_vampire> me too
[07:44:13] <pink_vampire> but i want to do it with the cnc
[07:45:25] <archivist> last time I used the cnc for that kind of size was in brass about 8 years ago
[07:47:19] <pink_vampire> mmm i see
[07:48:08] <DaViruz> maybe try determining it empirically?
[07:48:18] <DaViruz> drill a test hole or two and measure depth and time
[07:50:01] <archivist> way back in 2009 it was http://www.collection.archivist.info/showresult.php?prog=1&srcprog=searchv13.php&srcdata=title&Type=PD&Accn_no=7739&subject=24526
[08:06:27] <pink_vampire> http://i.imgur.com/y1q767I.png
[08:07:07] <pink_vampire> is that make any sense?
[08:07:40] <pink_vampire> 0.5 ipm feed rate at 1000 rpm
[08:08:07] <pink_vampire> 12.7 mm/min
[08:08:16] <pink_vampire> archivist: DaViruz
[08:09:11] <DaViruz> sounds reasonable
[08:09:18] <DaViruz> though 1000rpm sounds way low
[08:50:45] <jthornton> tom
[08:50:50] <jthornton> Tom_L: http://gnipsel.com/logs/%23linuxcnc/index.html
[08:58:02] <BeachBumPete> Good morning all
[08:59:09] <Tom_L> jthornton, ready to try?
[09:00:07] <SpeedEvil> http://www.nature.com/article-assets/npg/ncomms/2016/161130/ncomms13493/images/m685/ncomms13493-f1.jpg - on the general topic of 'how the hell do I wind these wierd coils' - 10m radius plasma physics fusion experiment.
[09:00:45] <SpeedEvil> For added fun, they're superconductive, and need to be in precisely those positions to tiny amounts.
[09:00:51] <Tom_L> jthornton, so i should stuff all the logs back in one dir
[09:00:53] <SpeedEvil> http://www.nature.com/articles/ncomms13493
[09:01:52] <Tom_L> change the year color to red for visibility
[09:02:16] <BeachBumPete> I once saw a guy build a CNC coil winder setup using a stepper motor and a linear drive
[09:02:51] <BeachBumPete> he was building an electronic glockenspeil ;)
[09:03:47] <archivist> someone in here did a coil winder some years ago
[09:09:23] <Tom_L> http://rwgresearch.com/open-projects/torrid-coil-winder/
[09:09:25] <Tom_L> not lcnc
[09:15:32] <codepython777> SpeedEvil: hi
[09:16:19] <SpeedEvil> hi
[09:17:34] <JT-Shop> Tom_L: no, I just have the index creating part done
[09:18:18] <Tom_L> http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/
[09:18:20] <Tom_L> http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:82/~webpage/
[09:18:28] <Tom_L> notice anything different?
[09:24:37] <JT-Shop> nope
[09:24:53] <JT-Shop> I can see it's going to be a shocky day for me
[09:31:02] <Tom_L> JT-Shop, old vs new server
[09:32:27] <JT-Shop> looks the same to me
[09:35:21] <Tom_L> it should :D
[09:35:30] <Tom_L> check the address
[09:44:28] <codepython777> instead of acrylic sheets for enclosure, what is a good transparent material to buy to build enclosures so that i can stop flying metal bits?
[09:46:07] <archivist> there are strong versions designed for protection
[09:46:25] <codepython777> archivist: acrylic versions?
[09:46:45] <archivist> various trade names
[09:48:49] <malcom2073> codepython777: lexan
[09:49:19] <malcom2073> which is polycarbonate, usually stronger than acrylic iirc?
[09:50:38] <malcom2073> Yeah I think polycarb iswhat they use for shatter resistant things
[09:50:49] <malcom2073> acrylic would not do much to stop larger flying metal bits
[09:51:23] <Tom_L> yep poly or bullet proof glass
[09:51:24] <archivist> or a sandwich of more than one material
[09:51:33] <tiwake> what kind of glass is used for "bullet proof"?
[09:51:41] <malcom2073> tiwake: laminated polycarb
[09:51:49] <Tom_L> layers of tempered glass and poly probably
[09:51:53] <archivist> toughened and laminated
[09:52:19] <codepython777> Lexan is expensive ! :)
[09:52:27] <Tom_L> i've seen the 6-8" thick glass used for the apollo program
[09:52:36] <codepython777> 3 x 6 feet is $100
[09:52:42] <archivist> the car I saw had something like 2 inches of glass
[09:53:15] <Frank_6> hi
[09:53:26] <Tom_L> codepython777, lexan or polycarbonate _is_ expensive :)
[09:53:50] <codepython777> Tom_L: anything cheaper than that, which will stop a flying metal bit ?
[09:54:05] <Tom_L> your head
[09:54:08] <archivist> define flying metal
[09:54:10] <codepython777> Maybe I can make an enclosure with 3 sides wood, and one side lexan? :)
[09:54:23] <codepython777> archivist: I'm new to metal cutting. I am sure I'll break things
[09:54:34] <Tom_L> i used polycarbonate
[09:54:35] <archivist> tiny chips to the whole table
[09:55:01] <Tom_L> http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/sherline_files/sherline_index.php
[09:55:06] <Tom_L> 2 sides
[09:55:38] <archivist> I go with no sides :)
[09:55:55] <Tom_L> i gotta keep the bits outta the carpet :)
[09:56:06] <codepython777> Tom_L: polycarbonate is definitely cheaper than lexan
[09:56:21] <Tom_L> poly is tougher
[09:56:38] <Tom_L> than regular acrylic
[09:57:22] <codepython777> what are the sound properties of lexan vs poly vs acrylic?
[09:57:23] <ktchk> how to change kinematic to bipod??
[09:57:55] <SpeedEvil> codepython777: of course, you can take the other route. Steel, with a camera inside
[09:58:23] <codepython777> SpeedEvil: never thought of that!
[09:58:51] <codepython777> SpeedEvil: that means multiple cameras + lighting + focusing + ...
[09:59:36] <SpeedEvil> True. I'm planning the above for experiments in LASER soldering
[10:00:47] <codepython777> the main problem is focusing so near
[10:01:09] <tiwake> codepython777: I'm also curious about the thermal insulating power of it too
[10:01:10] <codepython777> SpeedEvil: how is your hoverboard project going? any progress?
[10:01:36] <SpeedEvil> codepython777: Health remains a problem - recently I've been going at 1/30th speed.
[10:02:01] <codepython777> SpeedEvil: sorry to hear that
[10:02:24] <BeachBumPete> hoverboard? KEWL!!
[10:02:33] <codepython777> SpeedEvil: where are you at? US?
[10:02:41] <SpeedEvil> UK
[10:02:55] <SpeedEvil> BeachBumPete: I bought 10 broken hoverboards, for parts.
[10:03:41] <SpeedEvil> mainly plastics damage - they contain a large (protected) lithium battery, 600RPM 200W motors in wheels, and other assorted stuff.
[10:04:07] <BeachBumPete> WOW what the hell are you going to do with em?
[10:04:33] <SpeedEvil> Various projects.
[10:04:52] <SpeedEvil> For example, small lawnmower able to mow ~30m^3 of grass.
[10:05:10] <SpeedEvil> (probably way more - that's just what I have)
[10:05:20] <BeachBumPete> now that is cool... I have always thought of making an RC lawnmower
[10:05:35] <SpeedEvil> The wheels sidestep a lot of the annoyance of the project.
[10:05:51] <SpeedEvil> as you now don't need to deal with gearing, or much else.
[10:06:08] <SpeedEvil> And four wheel drive inexpensively means that traction is less of an issue
[10:06:08] <BeachBumPete> how much torque do they generate?
[10:06:26] <SpeedEvil> BeachBumPete: enough to move a ~100kg person up a few degree slope.
[10:06:44] <SpeedEvil> For the application - with four of them - ridiculous amount.
[10:06:51] <BeachBumPete> I am not familiar with what you are talking about unfortunately
[10:06:52] <codepython777> SpeedEvil: aren't there already things in the market for this?
[10:06:57] <SpeedEvil> codepython777: yes.
[10:07:14] <SpeedEvil> codepython777: but they are several orders of magnitude over the price of two broken hoverboards each
[10:07:24] <codepython777> SpeedEvil: I agree
[10:07:45] <codepython777> SpeedEvil: how hard is the power problem inside the lawn mower problem?
[10:08:13] <SpeedEvil> Modern RC stuff 1000W (for the mowy bit) is very trivial.
[10:08:32] <codepython777> voltage = 24 or more?
[10:08:43] <codepython777> 36v - so you need a 30Ah battery?
[10:08:45] <BeachBumPete> four independent wheels pushing around a decent self propelled mower under RC control would be KICKASS...
[10:08:48] <SpeedEvil> Though I suspect I'm in practice going to go to a quite reduced cut width.
[10:09:29] <BeachBumPete> I wonder if you could adapt some more all terrain style wheels?
[10:09:57] <SpeedEvil> BeachBumPete: this is more aimed at the boring end of mowing. Walking pace or considerably under, aimed more for silence than speed.
[10:10:33] <BeachBumPete> Oh I am not concerned about speed really just more about getting up the drainage ditch in the front yard ;)
[10:10:50] <codepython777> isnt battery weight going to be a problem? Or perhaps the design will have to be big enough?
[10:11:01] <SpeedEvil> And yes - one of the projects I'm sort of contemplating is using them for rev 0 of a rather larger system. Add 20:1 gearing or so, and driving an ATV type wheel is quite possible.
[10:12:07] <SpeedEvil> codepython777: with the existing batteries, they go quite a long distance at highish power. For maintainance type mowing, the actual mower power may be quite low. Perhaps even lower than the nominal hoverboard use.
[10:12:20] <BeachBumPete> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvVuceXEpDI
[10:12:43] <SpeedEvil> yeah - seen that sort of thing.
[10:13:13] <SpeedEvil> More rip it all apart and use the bare components.
[10:13:55] <SpeedEvil> High torque low RPM motors are annoyingly expensive otherwise. And then you have the issue of the wheels.
[10:15:59] <codepython777> SpeedEvil: did you make one already?
[10:16:20] <SpeedEvil> codepython777: No, above issues.
[10:26:08] <ktchk> bipod kinematic like Koppi's Toy
[11:08:34] <JT-Shop2> SpeedEvil: are you going to put GPS navigation in the mower?
[11:09:06] <SpeedEvil> JT-Shop2: First I need to get it mechanically assembled. POssibly not - it is not so useful in my situation as the patch is small
[11:11:41] <CaptHindsight> http://www.popsci.com/silly-putty-makes-super-sensitive-sensors , have to make a silly putty touch probe now
[11:11:59] <JT-Shop2> you could write your name in the grass...
[11:14:43] <archivist> I bet the stability of the putty resistance is 500 times worse than needed for useful applications
[11:15:08] <gregcnc> tha'ts what I'm wondering how do you calibrate something that sags
[11:16:06] <archivist> the drift must be terrible
[11:16:22] <CaptHindsight> it depends
[11:16:33] <CaptHindsight> thickness and temp
[11:17:02] <gregcnc> for relative measurements it's probably great, like the mentioned pulse sensor
[11:17:06] <CaptHindsight> they used silly putty since it was probably just around and is cheap
[11:17:34] <gregcnc> right specifically engineered material will probably make it work
[11:17:46] <CaptHindsight> you're just measuring differentials, like with the spider foosteps
[11:18:23] <gregcnc> it would seem blood pressure would be an absolute measurement
[11:18:26] <CaptHindsight> you wouldn't use a 1" dia blob as a touch sensor
[11:19:44] <CaptHindsight> it's like mixing a bag of resistors into a gel and then measuring the change in resistance as it's deformed
[11:20:24] <gregcnc> resistor smoothie
[11:28:18] <SpeedEvil> gregcnc: blood pressure is relative to the atmosphere pretty much
[11:29:11] <gregcnc> a reference, of course
[11:53:51] <zeeshan-laptop> pcw you didnt answer me :{
[11:54:09] <zeeshan-laptop> zlog
[11:54:25] <zeeshan-laptop> zlog2
[11:58:04] <Tom_L> zeeshan-laptop are you messin around?
[11:58:46] <zeeshan-laptop> whatcha mean
[11:59:14] <Tom_L> the zlog2 is on my new server
[11:59:19] <Tom_L> not online yet
[11:59:23] <Tom_L> but was testing it
[11:59:24] <zeeshan-laptop> ah
[11:59:30] <Tom_L> moving all the files over
[12:27:17] <IchGucksLive> hi
[12:27:41] <tiwake> ponies
[12:28:49] <tiwake> _methods: poke
[12:58:04] <Jymmmm> tiwake: <--- Bronie?
[12:58:39] <tiwake> Jymmmm: I donno what gives you that idea
[12:58:57] <Jymmmm> tiwake: This --> 2016-12-10.09:59:02 tiwake: ponies
[12:59:09] <tiwake> Jymmmm: http://fav.me/d69e85y
[13:00:17] <Jymmmm> tiwake: So you ARE a UniBroniesus, gotcha ;)
[13:00:38] <tiwake> again, I have no idea what you are talking about
[13:00:41] <tiwake> :P
[13:01:27] <Jymmm> tiwake: It's okey, nothing to be ashambed of in you being a Bronie ;)
[13:02:04] <tiwake> Jymmm: its the internet, and really other peoples opinions, which I don't care about... so whatever :P
[13:02:21] <Jymmm> haha
[13:04:18] <tiwake> Jymmm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqAH7EqDY3E
[13:07:02] <tiwake> I should make some food or something
[13:07:24] <tiwake> I'm too lazy to move though
[13:09:46] <Jymmm> tiwake: No clue on that video, but this is more my style (with lots and lots of bass)... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYoPOJCeJvU
[13:14:11] <Jymmm> tiwake: I'd love to have some subs that would do that song justice =)
[13:14:23] <tiwake> enh
[13:14:42] <tiwake> that is a little too slow/chill/whatever for me, so I don't have any saved music like that
[13:15:26] <Jymmm> tiwake: Ol, next time I come across some speed metal I'll toss it your way
[13:15:58] <tiwake> metal? heck no
[13:16:10] <Jymmm> tiwake: and I'll toss in a mosh pit at no additional charge!
[13:16:33] <Jymmm> tiwake: Death Punk?
[13:16:57] <tiwake> Jymmm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9953eewY6Rk how about that?
[13:18:00] <Jymmm> Oh your more house/techno
[13:18:18] <tiwake> and classical
[13:18:23] <tiwake> and any mix of the two
[13:18:42] <tiwake> sane dubstup is alright... but it has to be sane
[13:20:02] <Jymmm> tiwake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLqBSnSaUkE
[13:22:24] <Jymmm> tiwake: sane enough? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBmMzabdEKQ
[13:27:57] <tiwake> weird
[13:28:58] <Jymmm> How so?
[13:29:53] <tiwake> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjIqzrA5E-0
[13:30:42] <Jymmm> tiwake: and it has your bronie on it =)
[13:30:56] <Jymmm> I'm sensing a theme here
[13:31:19] <IchGucksLive> have a great weekend im off BYE
[13:31:22] <tiwake> hehe
[13:31:33] <Jymmm> Poof! And he's gone
[13:31:44] <tiwake> hmm
[13:31:58] <Jymmm> tiwake: you must like Pink Floyd
[13:32:41] <Jymmm> They started out classically trained
[13:33:22] <tiwake> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o_5gfRtQY4
[13:33:52] <Jymmm> chipmunks go techno?
[13:34:04] <tiwake> those are sane dubstep stuff that does not try to be annoying
[13:34:15] <Jymmm> heh
[13:35:10] <tiwake> lindse sterling or however its spelled makes good stuff too
[13:37:04] <tiwake> but otherwise, house and relatives, or classical
[13:37:21] <MY2> hello
[13:37:25] <MY2> hello
[13:37:32] <tiwake> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F-lfawuWhQ more good dubstep
[13:37:51] <MY2> what?
[13:37:57] <tiwake> or is it dubstep? pretty sure
[13:38:55] <MY2> so?
[13:39:18] <tiwake> MY2: what kind of music do you like?
[13:40:02] <MY2> etc
[13:40:34] <Jymmm> tiwake: That one isn't bad, but I don't have anything to listen to it on properly, namely proper sub(s)
[13:41:12] <tiwake> Jymmm: if you like guitar stuff and yelling... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcOx9UVmhEs just not my style though
[13:42:39] <tiwake> Jymmm: all I have is a pretty good set of cheaper Sennheiser headphones
[13:43:58] <MY2> aha
[13:44:01] <MY2> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geuuRrb5Fm4
[13:45:53] <Jymmm> tiwake: I only have a 100W sub, and it's only good for watching movies, not so much for music.
[13:46:25] <tiwake> Jymmm: this would be a good one for a big subwoofer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpbJkdnpR5w
[13:47:06] <Jymmm> tiwake: Again, more bronies I see =)
[13:47:44] <MY2> so dj?
[13:47:55] <djdelorie> yes?
[13:51:52] <tiwake> so much yes
[13:52:10] <MY2> How to show this(<user1> user2)
[13:52:41] <MY2> For example(<tiwake> MY2)
[13:52:54] <tiwake> Jymmm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4Xp6g-_UUw
[13:53:22] <tiwake> MY2: tab-complete... type the first couple letters and press <tab>
[13:54:34] <MY2> tab-complete tiwake
[13:54:39] <MY2> oh no
[13:54:50] <MY2> example
[13:55:17] <MY2> tiwake: test
[13:55:22] <MY2> aha,hahahahaha
[13:55:25] <MY2> thank
[13:55:37] <tiwake> welcome to IRC
[13:56:10] <MY2> i am a novice
[13:57:32] <MY2> i am a newbie
[14:00:39] <malcom2073> Everyone was once
[14:00:53] <malcom2073> Except me, I'm awesome at whatever I do before I try it.
[14:01:27] <tiwake> jep
[14:01:52] <tiwake> all you have to do is look at it and its 30% more awesome, and fixes its self at the same time
[14:21:20] <tiwake> http://tpc.pc2.netdna-cdn.com/peoples_resource/image/41220-HERE-SHE-COMES.jpg
[14:26:11] <MY2> what time is it
[14:33:32] <zeeshan-laptop> anyone got a manual for a fanuc 10m or 20m dc motor
[14:34:26] <MY2> ls
[16:06:55] * JT-Shop2 tries to formulate a plan to get the 3rd row of OSB up by himself
[16:08:28] <Roguish> JT-Shop: hey, don't do anything dumb..... and hurt yourself.
[16:08:42] <Deejay> gn8
[16:09:25] <SpeedEvil> JT-Shop2: quadcopter
[16:09:54] <kyle____> hello
[16:10:01] * JT-Shop2 didn't get this far being dumb...
[16:10:15] <kyle____> dumb people can get pretty far
[16:10:17] <JT-Shop2> I do have a sky hook that I made to lift rafters...
[16:19:41] <Jymmm> JT-Shop2: is this to floor an mezzaine area?
[16:20:01] <Jymmm> or for storage?
[16:21:19] <Jymmm> JT-Shop2: If for flooring, pre-cute on the ground for easier lifitng, then fasten in place.
[16:21:26] <Jymmm> cut*
[16:21:56] <Jymmm> a few extra screws might be worth the back ache =)
[16:22:28] <Jymmm> I mean save you soem backache that is
[16:24:37] <JT-Shop2> no, this is for the east inside wall, 12' tall
[16:49:07] <JT-Shop2> Jymmm: hold my beer and watch this
[16:50:13] <JT-Shop2> first sheet was interesting, had to bring it back down and trim one edge
[16:50:25] * JT-Shop2 hugs his block a tackle...
[16:54:53] <XXCoder> heys
[17:01:04] <JT-Shop2> yo
[17:04:39] <XXCoder> not ure what my plans are for now
[17:08:38] <JT-Shop2> for?
[17:16:11] <XXCoder> day
[17:16:29] <XXCoder> I need to buy some wires but I has no idea what gauge wires I need
[17:16:40] <XXCoder> for BOB to tb660s data commucation
[17:16:54] <SpeedEvil> One and a half square meter conductors.
[17:18:17] <Jymmm> XXCoder: shielded 24ga should do for signals
[17:18:36] <MacGalempsy> afternoon gents
[17:18:53] <XXCoder> hmm what gage does CAT5 cables use
[17:18:55] <Jymmm> XXCoder: shielded 24ga stranded should do for signals
[17:19:25] <Jymmm> XXCoder: more flexible than solid, less chance for brakages
[17:19:26] <MacGalempsy> 24 or 26ga I think
[17:19:48] <XXCoder> I wonder if cat5 would work
[17:20:13] <Jymmm> XXCoder: it's not shieleded
[17:20:36] <XXCoder> do amazon have re4commanded wires?
[17:20:52] <Jymmm> XXCoder: I just gave you a recommendation
[17:20:54] <XXCoder> is 14 gage good for powering tb660s and steppers?
[17:21:26] <Jymmm> wth is a tb660s?
[17:21:40] <XXCoder> interesting one site says if pair wires in cat5 it would be like 18 ga wire
[17:21:51] <XXCoder> have to be cat5e as that is sheilded
[17:22:07] <Jymmm> XXCoder: Are you being cheap?
[17:22:08] <XXCoder> oh stepper controller jym
[17:22:19] <XXCoder> always try to use existing resources first
[17:22:51] <Jymmm> XXCoder: Just becasue you can, doens't mean you should. If you want headaches, go with cat5edfg
[17:22:53] <Wolf_> that should work, my stepper drivers got hooked up with old computer case wiring
[17:23:23] <Wolf_> just twisted pair, but only have a 10” run to make
[17:23:49] <XXCoder> im not sure final case design would be
[17:24:00] <XXCoder> so 24 gage sheilded got it
[17:24:19] <XXCoder> 14 gage enough to power tb660s and stepper it controls?
[17:24:19] <Jymmm> XXCoder: STRANDED
[17:24:32] <Jymmm> XXCoder: what is the ratings? wattage?
[17:24:52] <Jymmm> XXCoder: again, nfc what the drive/control/whatever it is wants/needs
[17:25:16] <Wolf_> XXCoder: whats the stepper volts/amps
[17:25:19] <XXCoder> yeah still looking a sec heh
[17:25:30] <JT-Shop2> XXCoder: what do you have on hand?
[17:26:11] <XXCoder> https://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-Quality-Upgraded-5-Axis-CNC-Breakout-Board-for-Stepper-Motor-Driver-Mach3-USB-Cable/32738646022.html BOB
[17:26:26] <XXCoder> https://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-Quality-CNC-Single-Axis-4A-TB6600-2-4-Phase-Hybrid-Stepper-Motor-Drivers-Controller-New/32738388180.html tb660 x3
[17:27:26] <Jymmm> XXCoder: HAve you done the math yet?
[17:27:28] <XXCoder> powerbox is 350w/24v. stepper is 2.4v trying to find amp
[17:28:02] <XXCoder> 3A I think
[17:28:11] <XXCoder> http://www.ebay.com/itm/3Axis-Nema23-Stepping-Motor-110N-cm-3-0A-4wire-board-TB6560-Power-for-CMC-mill-/281188392513
[17:28:14] <Wolf_> 14 awg will be overkill then
[17:28:44] <Jymmm> XXCoder: Does everyone a favor and read this (a few times as it's easy to overlook things) It will help understand things beeter http://www.geckodrive.com/support/step-motor-basics.html
[17:28:51] <Jymmm> s/Does/Do/
[17:29:16] <JT-Shop2> any size is good for step and direction and for that 18 gauge is plenty
[17:29:56] <XXCoder> tb660 has that as well as + - input power, im figuring what gage is good for that one
[17:29:58] <Jymmm> JT-Shop2: For signlaing, sure, but not necessarily driving
[17:30:48] <Jymmm> and shielded can save a LOT of unnecessry grief
[17:31:08] <JT-Shop2> that's what I said
[17:31:49] <Jymmm> JT-Shop2: No, you said step/dir, that's not A+ A- B+ B-
[17:32:21] <XXCoder> heh stepper pairs my machine already has that, at way overkill 12 gage
[17:32:24] <Wolf_> actually. my stepper drivers are wired with 20awg to the power supply
[17:33:01] <Jymmm> Wolf_: NEMA 17? 24? 35?
[17:33:20] <Jymmm> (36?)
[17:33:24] <XXCoder> BOB to tb660 step dir enable so on is what im talking about. and jym says 24 gage sheilded is fine for that so yeah
[17:35:18] <ve7it> Jymmm, greetings
[17:35:25] <Jymmm> This says 42V @4A = 168W
[17:35:38] <Jymmm> ve7it: Hey, how's the snow treating you?
[17:35:55] <Jymmm> https://folgertech.com/products/tb6600-stepper-motor-driver-controller
[17:36:02] <ve7it> only about an inch left... raining now
[17:36:24] <XXCoder> snoe all melted here while ago
[17:36:50] <Jymmm> ve7it: Ah, only lasted a day here, but OMG if it hasn't been non stop rain for 18 hours. flooded the garage too *sigh*
[17:37:01] <ve7it> did I hear you were looking at phase change storage for something?
[17:37:03] <JT-Shop2> Jymmm: ab is encoder
[17:37:16] <JT-Shop2> step dir is signal in to the stepper driver
[17:37:21] <XXCoder> interesting http://www.geckodrive.com/media/wysiwyg/SMBFig17.jpg
[17:37:35] <Jymmm> JT-Shop2: Tell that to whoever marked the motor conenctions... https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0586/8617/products/TB6600_large.JPG?v=1427815008
[17:37:41] <JT-Shop2> gecko has some good informatino
[17:38:02] <Jymmm> ve7it: Yeah, but thermal pahse change storage
[17:38:10] <Wolf_> Jymmm: nema 23 425oz steppers…
[17:38:10] <XXCoder> huh pul - pul +
[17:39:06] <Wolf_> http://i.imgur.com/iAeCFWH.jpg its all thin stuff...
[17:39:08] <ve7it> for solar? or high temp molten salt stuff
[17:39:14] <XXCoder> enable and dir should be easy to do, but wjhat the heck is pul
[17:39:27] <Jymmm> ve7it: considering using wax instead of salt
[17:39:29] <Wolf_> pulse (step)
[17:39:35] <Wolf_> iirc...
[17:39:35] <XXCoder> ahh
[17:39:47] <XXCoder> but isnt tb660 step generator itself?
[17:39:58] <Jymmm> XXCoder: did you read it's manual?
[17:40:16] <XXCoder> yea though need to reread again
[17:40:42] <XXCoder> interesting case design
[17:40:59] <XXCoder> Wolf_: any heat buildup issues?
[17:41:03] <Jymmm> ve7it: Might consider 55gal of sodium acetate and a sledge hammer too =)
[17:41:03] <Wolf_> nope http://i.imgur.com/l7KoMTm.jpg
[17:41:18] <Wolf_> its open on the back, cause I’m lazy
[17:41:33] <XXCoder> whats that to left of tb660s?
[17:41:49] <Wolf_> spindle board out of the x1 mill
[17:42:08] <Jymmm> ve7it: Are you looking at thermal stuff ?
[17:42:11] <XXCoder> interesting. need to figure what to do for spindle
[17:42:26] <XXCoder> right up clearly BOB, even looks same as mine
[17:42:39] <XXCoder> breakout for limit switches I guess below that
[17:42:42] <Wolf_> you should be running a VFD so that part should be simple
[17:42:58] <XXCoder> whats little blue stuff below tb660s
[17:43:07] <Wolf_> actually thats a 12/5v breakout for everything lol
[17:43:07] <XXCoder> nah have tpo be pwm
[17:43:19] <ve7it> Jymmm, an interest of mine..... combined with a heat pump to shift temperatures as needed
[17:43:28] <XXCoder> i found nicer one that has hall sensors built in
[17:43:31] <XXCoder> so it has feedback
[17:43:56] <Wolf_> XXCoder: http://i.imgur.com/l7KoMTm.jpg is the front view of that setup
[17:44:06] <XXCoder> saw it yeah
[17:44:11] <XXCoder> ah displays
[17:44:19] <XXCoder> didnt ,make connection :P
[17:44:23] <Wolf_> XXCoder: little blue things are the led stuff that isn’t needed lol
[17:44:30] <XXCoder> indeed
[17:44:36] <XXCoder> I do want some displays but later
[17:44:55] <ve7it> Jymmm, probably nothing cheaper than a swimming pool filled with water..... suck out the heat all winter and make a giant ice cube and then reverse the system in the summer for a/c
[17:44:57] <XXCoder> two power boxes>?
[17:45:10] <XXCoder> regular one and bigger heat sink case one?
[17:45:14] <Wolf_> amp display is fun, volts really only need 5v/12v/40v
[17:45:45] <Jymmm> ve7it: check pm
[17:45:47] <Wolf_> one is a 5v/12v psu, second one is 40v for the steppers
[17:45:50] <XXCoder> ve I remember theres system to do similiar but much grander scale
[17:46:14] <roycroft> potential decent candidate for a cnc conversion, or too rough?
[17:46:16] <roycroft> http://eugene.craigslist.org/tls/5913009601.html
[17:46:56] <roycroft> assuming the bow in the lead screw and bed is an optical illusion, and that they are actually flat
[17:47:12] <Wolf_> XXCoder: I also added a relay bank thats hooked to the BoB but not pictured to run my coolant valve and turn off the spindle
[17:47:14] <JT-Shop2> not much there
[17:47:58] <XXCoder> fancy
[17:48:59] <Tom_L> looks pretty old
[17:49:13] <roycroft> mid-century or earlier, i would guess
[17:49:57] <XXCoder> funny how that term applies to 2050s, techinically, rather than 1950s
[17:49:59] <roycroft> there's not much to strip off of it to start the conversion
[17:50:14] <XXCoder> maybe better to say "mid-last century" lol
[17:50:29] <roycroft> perhaps
[17:50:31] <Tom_L> kinda what i was thinking
[17:51:00] <roycroft> although we're not even close to the middle of this century yet, and folks still refer to the early 20th century as the "turn of the century"
[17:51:09] <roycroft> which much more clearly applies to the early 2000s
[17:51:38] <roycroft> at any rate, i'm not asking about semantics right now :)
[17:52:04] <XXCoder> roy im sure oit happens each 100 years
[17:52:18] <roycroft> i'm concerned that the lathe is a little small to be able to hold close tolerance with anything but really light cuts
[17:52:43] <roycroft> it doesn't have a compound, but that's irrelevant for a cnc conversion
[17:53:51] <roycroft> i can buy a 10x22 grizzly for a bit more than twice what that costs, and strip half of it off to do a conversion
[17:53:56] <roycroft> and what's left would still be a grizzly
[17:54:14] <roycroft> the marwedel at least has some character :)
[17:54:31] <sync> roycroft: after you scraped they will be equivalent
[17:54:53] <roycroft> which one needs more scraping is the question, i suppose
[17:55:05] <roycroft> the brand new one or the ~70+ year old one
[17:56:56] <roycroft> brownsville is only 20 minutes away - i should probably at least go look at it
[17:58:16] <sync> well, if you need to scrape the wear out of the bed of the old one it takes longer
[17:58:31] <JT-Shop2> do you go to the confederate air force in harlingen
[17:58:51] <roycroft> but it may well have started out flatter than the grizzly
[17:58:59] <roycroft> so it still might be less
[17:59:08] <sync> also I'd not use a machine with bushings for the spindle
[17:59:23] <sync> because those are annoying to maintain compared to a ball bearing
[17:59:27] <roycroft> that's a good point
[17:59:28] <Tom_L> JT-Shop2, do you know how i can add the bot to a startup script so it runs and stays resident on boot?
[17:59:37] <sync> and significantly limit your top speed
[17:59:53] <JT-Shop2> not off hand
[17:59:59] <sync> also screw on chuck mount
[18:00:09] <sync> dangerous if you want dynamic speed changes
[18:00:15] <sync> or hard braking
[18:00:18] <Tom_L> i'm not always here upon power loss but the pc does come back up on it's own
[18:00:19] <roycroft> i'm still thinking a 12x36 is probably the minimal size to do serious work
[18:00:29] <Tom_L> it would be handy if the bot did too
[18:00:34] <roycroft> i keep looking for smaller/cheaper
[18:00:37] <JT-Shop2> you can set startup programs
[18:00:47] <Tom_L> i'm not sure how
[18:00:55] <roycroft> and keep realizing that smaller/cheaper involves too many compromises
[18:00:58] <Tom_L> if it were dos i'd put it in autoexec.bat
[18:00:59] <Tom_L> :)
[18:01:17] <roycroft> stick the script in /etc/rc.local
[18:01:27] <Tom_L> doesn't seem quite as simple in linux
[18:01:34] <roycroft> well, the startup code for the script
[18:01:44] <Tom_L> i've also heard to put it in init.d
[18:01:48] <roycroft> it can be pretty easy in linux
[18:01:56] <roycroft> you don't have to use systemd
[18:02:42] <Tom_L> what happens in rc.local?
[18:02:53] <roycroft> in the linux distros i use, /etc/rc.local is executed at the end of bring up a multiuser runlevel
[18:02:59] <roycroft> so you do all the init.d/systemd crap
[18:03:05] <roycroft> then rc.local is executed at the very end
[18:03:14] <roycroft> you just stick commands in to start up your bot there
[18:03:19] <Tom_L> but will it stay resident?
[18:03:27] <roycroft> that depends on your bot
[18:03:30] <JT-Shop2> I've used the menu to add startup programs...
[18:03:34] <roycroft> if it has a daemon mode, easily
[18:03:46] <roycroft> if not, just do "/usr/local/libexec.mybot &"
[18:03:52] <roycroft> and it should fork itself into the background
[18:04:13] <roycroft> assuming the bot can stay resident as a background task
[18:04:30] <roycroft> you might need to redirect stdout and/or stderr if the bot needs to write to either of those files
[18:04:33] <Tom_L> JT-Shop2, where?
[18:04:42] <roycroft> /usr/local/libexec/mybot 2>&1 >/dev/null &
[18:05:00] <Tom_L> it's called from python
[18:05:09] <roycroft> that redirects stderr (file descriptor 2) to stdout (file descriptor 1) and then redirects stdout to /dev/null
[18:06:50] <roycroft> you can run just about any program as a background task
[18:07:14] <roycroft> but if it needs to write to stdout or stderr it will block on that write if it's running in the background
[18:07:24] <roycroft> so redirecting those prevents it from blocking
[18:07:33] <roycroft> i don't know anything about your bot
[18:08:21] <roycroft> but if you do something like this in /etc/rc.local:
[18:08:36] <roycroft> if [ -x /usr/local/libexec/mybot ]; then
[18:08:47] <roycroft> echo -n 'starting mybot'
[18:08:49] <Tom_L> currently: nohup python logbot.py &
[18:08:53] <Tom_L> starts it for me
[18:08:59] <Tom_L> from a terminal
[18:09:10] <roycroft> /usr/local/libexec/mybot 2>&1 >/dev/null &
[18:09:12] <roycroft> fi
[18:09:26] <roycroft> that should cause it to start up when you go multi-user at boot time
[18:09:37] <roycroft> it will test to see if /usr/local/libexec/mybot exists and has the execute bit set
[18:09:46] <roycroft> if so, it echos "starting mybot" to the console screen
[18:09:51] <roycroft> and then starts the application in the background
[18:10:35] <roycroft> [ is a shell builtin that tests a conditon
[18:10:40] <Tom_L> do i need a script.sh for this?
[18:10:50] <roycroft> you stick that code in /etc/rc.local
[18:10:54] <roycroft> which should already exist
[18:11:15] <roycroft> it's not the best way to do it
[18:11:21] <JT-Shop2> Tom_L: I use linux mint...
[18:11:24] <roycroft> but writing an init.d startup script is a lot more complicated
[18:11:36] <roycroft> so rc.local is probably the easiest way to do it
[18:11:37] <Tom_L> JT-Shop2, i'm sorry
[18:11:39] <Tom_L> :)
[18:11:50] <JT-Shop2> preferences start up programs
[18:11:55] <Tom_L> i did look at it today though
[18:11:55] <JT-Shop2> it's so easy
[18:12:07] <Tom_L> debian has a startup menu option
[18:12:14] <Tom_L> just not sure what to put in there
[18:12:32] <roycroft> i'm not sure either offhand, and i have to head out to the shop right now
[18:12:40] <roycroft> if you're still stuck later on i'll be happy to try to assist more
[18:12:48] * JT-Shop2 thinks tomorrow is a good day to hang the last two sheets of OSB
[18:13:02] <Tom_L> JT-Shop2, get all the itch hung?
[18:14:28] <JT-Shop2> walls are all done except for a couple of small spots, trying to get the east wall covered in OSB so I can move the shelving back and clear the floor
[18:14:43] <JT-Shop2> still need to double up the itch on the gable ends and roof
[18:15:11] <JT-Shop2> or put in a ceiling...
[18:15:17] <Tom_L> i think i'll work on updating the old server tonight
[18:16:03] <JT-Shop2> are you serving from your local network?
[18:16:41] <Tom_L> yes
[18:16:54] <Tom_L> it seemed to load it ^^
[18:16:59] <Tom_L> but i had to log in first
[18:17:00] <JT-Shop2> cool, I can't because of limits on bandwidth
[18:17:08] <XXCoder> interesting video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czgOWmtGVGs
[18:17:11] <Tom_L> i don't have that much traffic anyway
[18:17:19] <Tom_L> it's kinda fun
[18:17:28] <JT-Shop2> yea
[18:17:30] <Tom_L> and easy to paste stuff
[18:18:06] <Tom_L> lemme see if it starts without logging in now..
[18:18:20] <Tom_L> i don't think it will
[18:18:33] <Tom_L> i think all that stuff loads after the gui is activated
[18:18:38] <JT-Shop2> make a script to start it
[18:18:58] <Tom_L> i did but i'm not sure what to put in it or where to put it
[18:19:02] <Tom_L> to activate it
[18:19:41] <Tom_L> yeah it's not gonna start until i log in to the gui
[18:19:59] <JT-Shop2> log in to the server?
[18:20:09] <Tom_L> see
[18:20:27] <Tom_L> i added it from the startup menu thing
[18:21:22] <Tom_L> i need to blow the dust out of the old server anyway
[18:22:06] * JT-Shop2 listens to Wall of Voodoo then heads inside to relax
[18:25:52] <JT-Shop2> maybe some Green Onions too
[18:29:19] <JT-Shop2> well maybe some Cass Elliot too
[18:31:24] <JT-Shop2> and Eric Johnson Cliffs of Dover
[18:32:16] <JT-Shop2> gotta crank that one up
[18:36:01] <JT-Shop2> say goodnight Gracie
[18:37:03] <XXCoder> thanks, thanks so much
[19:08:46] <Tom_L> https://embraceubuntu.com/2005/09/07/adding-a-startup-script-to-be-run-at-bootup/
[19:08:52] <Tom_L> reading that but not getting anywhere
[19:16:46] <zeeshan-lap> what are you trying to do
[19:17:10] <Tom_L> have the bot load on startup
[19:17:17] <Tom_L> after a power outtage etc
[19:17:36] <Tom_L> back in ~40 min
[19:18:07] <Tom_L> it would be easy in dos :)
[19:18:14] <Tom_L> i'm not that good at linux
[19:21:25] <zeeshan-lap> ah
[19:21:45] <zeeshan-lap> theres always an initial script in that rc.d folder
[19:21:57] <zeeshan-lap> but every damn distibution decides to use a diff file!
[19:22:00] <zeeshan-lap> and order
[19:27:24] <XXCoder> some stuff order dont matter but yeah
[20:28:36] <Tom_L> yay!
[20:33:20] <MacGalempsy> yay what?
[20:34:00] <Tom_L> working on my server stuff
[20:34:35] <Tom_L> zlog2
[21:30:26] <Tom_itx> test
[21:40:10] <Tom_itx> test 2
[22:01:25] <os1r1s> test 3
[22:09:50] <XXCoder> Error test 3 file not found
[23:18:22] <enleth> finally hooked up all servos with new drives on the bridgeport
[23:28:44] <XXCoder> yay
[23:36:51] <enleth> trying to figure out now how to enable the servo drives one by one during homing
[23:37:26] <enleth> there's... reasons
[23:38:03] <XXCoder> theres always reasons heh
[23:38:33] <archivist> are the reasons the right ones
[23:39:58] <enleth> the home switches are wired in parallel to a single control input - but each of them is routed through an aux contact of an axis power contactor, which is what actually handles the enable signal
[23:40:35] <enleth> it's better to only assert one enable at a time during homing to prevent an unrelated home switch from getting activated
[23:40:45] <enleth> and that's what the original control did
[23:41:35] <Wolf_> sounds more like end stop switches in serial, no homes
[23:41:38] <Wolf_> not
[23:41:40] <enleth> no
[23:41:50] <archivist> iirc linuxcnc knows about a common switch, all move off then home one by one, no enable messing about needed
[23:42:14] <enleth> the end stops in this machine are emergency only, they cut servo power completely when activated, they should never be ran over during normal operation
[23:43:41] <enleth> there's two of those per axis, obviously - and one home switch per axis, positioned so that it overlaps with the closest end stop with a few mm of leeway to let the control stop, back off and latch
[23:44:13] <enleth> on a second though, it might not have backed off Z properly
[23:44:51] <enleth> which probably caused X to try to latch immediately instead of going for the X home switch
[23:45:43] <Wolf_> that might do it
[23:46:49] <enleth> it doesn't really help that I'm trying to do PID tuning at the same time as fixing that, but there's hardly a way around this
[23:52:02] <enleth> right off the bat the motors were churning in place pretty hard, but it's getting better
[23:55:14] <Wolf_> archivist: http://i.imgur.com/XEfWYxF.jpg
[23:55:38] <Wolf_> OMM innards
[23:58:48] <zeeshan> enleth what servo drives are you using