#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-11-27

[00:00:36] <Wolf_> that might buff out
[00:05:13] <XXCoder> yeah
[00:05:18] <XXCoder> bunch work strighting it upo
[00:05:23] <XXCoder> body seems still stright
[00:05:33] <XXCoder> good thing old cars are tough
[00:05:47] <Wolf_> hotrod faired better then the new car lol
[00:06:29] <XXCoder> I remember my bro's 1970s car got hit behind by brand new 90s car (yeah long while ago) the bumper was slightly twisted
[00:06:36] <XXCoder> other car totaled. still has temp plates
[00:06:47] <Wolf_> sounds about right lol
[00:27:19] <XXCoder> hey KimK
[00:27:41] <KimK> hey back, XXCoder
[00:27:54] <KimK> XXCoder: Yes, it has Hall sensors, and the drive uses them. Those are the A,B,C outputs from the motor,inputs to the drive.
[00:27:55] <XXCoder> so
[00:28:16] <KimK> U,V,W are the drive outputs to the motor.
[00:28:25] <XXCoder> so I can just wire em in then it will work for linuxcnc spindle speed feedback?
[00:30:04] <KimK> DC input wants +12 to +52VDC, so +48VDC is a good bet. You may need an external regulator, since I don't see any braking resistor terminals.
[00:31:23] <KimK> When you stop, the motor acts like a generator, so it wants to raise the +48VDC. It could go way over +52, and that would be bad.
[00:31:25] <XXCoder> braking resistor I guess stops spindle?
[00:31:30] <XXCoder> ahh
[00:33:13] <KimK> The eavesdrop circuit for ABC might take a small buffer, maybe a simple emitter follower. Let me look around and see if I can find a couple of example circuits for you. BRB...
[00:34:07] <XXCoder> big problem for me is that I suck on electrics
[00:38:55] <Wolf_> I’m good with electronics… but I don’t know shit about motor controllers
[00:45:06] <XXCoder> http://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-400W-Brushless-Spindle-Motor-ER11-driver-speed-controller-Mount-engraving-/261991164249
[00:45:17] <XXCoder> this one has hall built in, what KimK and I was talking about
[00:45:22] <XXCoder> just dunno how to wire it upo
[00:45:34] <XXCoder> it has 3 point sensor
[00:48:19] <XXCoder> http://www.shapeoko.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=5492&start=30
[00:48:51] <XXCoder> KimK: that example has 0-48v what do I use as source?
[00:48:59] <XXCoder> I somehow doubt its wall plug
[00:57:13] <KimK> You can use any handy DC power supply. Here's a kit like the one you showed me from the same seller, including a power supply unit (PSU). This one happens to be a +48VDC/10A one (that's 480W) http://cgi.ebay.com/281685252794
[00:57:46] <XXCoder> that one also has hall sensor. nice
[00:58:15] <XXCoder> it list 12k rpm as max
[00:58:20] <XXCoder> I wonder what minium is
[00:58:38] <KimK> I couldnb't find a good circuit like I wanted so I went back to your seller and was looking for a braking resistor kit to add to what you had there, if he had one, still looking.
[00:59:11] <XXCoder> 480w 10A
[01:00:43] <KimK> He has bigger ones with a water jacket and a pump too, saw a 2.2KW one (about 3 HP, you might need a 20A wall outlet by the time you're done with everything else. It was $397, I think.
[01:00:57] <XXCoder> lol
[01:01:04] <XXCoder> nah my cnc router isnt that big
[01:01:10] <KimK> OK.
[01:02:14] <XXCoder> range is nearly all wood or plastic
[01:02:18] <XXCoder> maxs out at alum
[01:02:29] <XXCoder> I dont want to cut alum that often just once a while
[01:02:32] <KimK> OK. It's just that you'd be getting more than four times the motor for about twice the money.
[01:02:45] <XXCoder> indeed
[01:02:58] <XXCoder> that motor probably isnt 52mm though lol
[01:05:49] <XXCoder> https://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-Quality-Upgraded-5-Axis-CNC-Breakout-Board-for-Stepper-Motor-Driver-Mach3-USB-Cable/32738646022.html
[01:05:58] <XXCoder> thats the BOB I have
[01:12:36] <KimK> I couldn't find a good braking resistor circuit (I'll keep looking), but here's the start of a tutorial on emitter followers (a type of signal buffer) that you can use to eavesdrop on one of your Hall encoders: http://www.eecs.tufts.edu/~dsculley/tutorial/transistors/transistors2.html
[01:13:33] <KimK> If this one doesn't help you, just search for emitter-follower tutorials, or something like that.
[01:14:46] <XXCoder> looking
[01:15:19] <KimK> Wow, that's certainly a reasonably-priced breakout board.
[01:15:28] <XXCoder> it is.
[01:20:43] <KimK> It may be that this drive just spins for a long time after you reduce speed or shut off. So it doesn't try to brake, and so they don't offer any braking kit?
[01:20:56] <XXCoder> yeah thats possible
[01:21:36] <KimK> OK, well, when you're done, we want pictures, lol.
[01:22:10] <XXCoder> yea
[01:56:27] <root-x> Im thinking in change the Mini-ITX for this one http://www.jetwaycomputer.com/NF9C.html#info
[01:56:57] <root-x> 12VDC... seems good for linuxcnc
[02:06:35] <archivist> on board video, latency may be a problem
[02:10:22] <root-x> it is difficult to configure for a external video card?
[02:10:47] <root-x> i use the parport
[02:11:17] <archivist> you need good latency for parport
[02:11:50] <root-x> good is 12000? or least?
[02:12:32] <archivist> 12000 is reasonable
[02:16:00] <root-x> I can put an external pci video card
[02:16:31] <root-x> i need reconfigure linuxcnc?
[02:22:28] <root-x> My old board is similar, with internal video card... is a 1Ghz board. .. i have instaled a external pci video card ati rage 32mb but latency is same
[02:22:41] <root-x> with the internal and the external video card the latency is same
[02:23:55] <root-x> this board is an 1.86ghz
[02:24:01] <root-x> seems best.
[02:24:15] <root-x> now i have 23000 latency
[02:24:46] <root-x> now i have 13000 latency
[02:28:05] <Deejay> moin
[03:07:58] <Wolf_> hmm, these AMC servo amps… have only +Ref and -Ref Analog inputs, do I have the wrong thing for cnc…
[03:41:44] <Wolf_> guess I need to read up on how the servo systems work
[03:42:02] <XXCoder> wish can help man
[03:42:03] <archivist> I bet they just use one input for 0-10 somehow
[03:42:28] <archivist> application note/manual
[03:43:32] <Wolf_> www.a-m-c.com/download/manual/AMC_AnalogDrives_InstallManual.pdf http://www.a-m-c.com/download/datasheet/be25a20.pdf
[03:43:40] <Wolf_> that part I have covered lol
[03:44:05] * Wolf_ is just clueless to servo systems in cnc
[03:44:21] <archivist> it is the reading bit I am referring too :)
[03:45:21] <XXCoder> hey archivist apparently spindle I was considering has built in Hall effect sensors. 3 of em
[03:45:36] <XXCoder> http://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-Brushless-Spindle-Motor-400W-ER11-Mach3-PWM-speed-controller-Mount-PSU-/281685252794?
[03:46:31] <sync> don't get that one
[03:46:43] <XXCoder> whats wrong with it
[03:46:54] <archivist> I cannot read that pdf on this box Failed to load document from data (error 3)'
[03:47:06] <Wolf_> yeah, almost not helpful “A differential or single-ended ±10V analog reference signal can
[03:47:08] <Wolf_> be used to command the drive by adjusting the motor current, voltage, or speed, depending on the mode the drive is operating in. For information on the proper wiring of a ±10V analog input, see “Input Reference Wires” on page 36.”
[03:48:18] <sync> XXCoder: just look at the spingle nose
[03:48:30] <XXCoder> yeah its screwed on
[03:48:40] <XXCoder> but there is no spindle 52mm that isnt like that
[03:48:43] <sync> yes, that is a direct no
[03:48:59] <sync> use a larger spindle then
[03:49:08] <XXCoder> nah wouldnt fit machine
[03:49:32] <XXCoder> rather limited in options. plus mostly wood which shouldnt be too big issue with small runout
[03:50:53] <Wolf_> archivist: http://i.imgur.com/0ILaB0M.png
[03:50:53] <sync> it is not about the runout
[03:51:01] <sync> stiffness is the problem
[03:51:15] <sync> I'm sure you can make an adapter to fit a larger spindle
[03:51:38] <XXCoder> if I had machine to probably. im more like cnc operator than machinist unfortunately
[03:51:47] <XXCoder> right now I have two choices
[03:51:50] <XXCoder> 43mm or 52mm
[03:52:06] <XXCoder> aluminium is max it will mill, and only slowly at that
[03:52:15] <sync> you can make one out of wood
[03:52:16] <XXCoder> cnc router
[03:52:20] <sync> or even 3d print one
[03:52:37] <archivist> Wolf_, you see that it just uses the 0-10 across the differential input, so just works with the right series resistor
[03:52:38] <XXCoder> lol yeah I made 52mm adoptor by 3d printer
[03:52:41] <XXCoder> failure
[03:53:04] <XXCoder> honestly alum will be pretty rare
[03:53:12] <XXCoder> I plan to mostly just use plastic or wood
[03:54:06] <archivist> Wolf_, I doubt you will have a problem with a mesa card driving it
[03:54:29] <sync> why was it a failure?
[03:54:48] <XXCoder> misdesign by me heh
[03:54:51] <Wolf_> archivist: I sorta understand how to make the motor spin, just have no idea how the mesa talks to it for direction/distance
[03:55:07] <sync> well then design one correctly :P
[03:55:11] <XXCoder> I redesigned it but I got other Z block that fits 52mm spindle
[03:55:15] <XXCoder> so whatever
[03:55:24] <XXCoder> 52mm should be max for small router anyway
[03:55:31] <XXCoder> bigger the smaller Y is
[03:55:39] <XXCoder> *the bigger spindle
[03:55:47] <sync> not really if you offset it a bit
[03:55:57] <sync> and the proper spindle nose is worth it
[03:56:03] <XXCoder> then I lose X
[03:56:28] <archivist> Wolf_, the loop understands by looking at the feedback to reduced the speed until it is balanced
[03:56:35] <XXCoder> my machine wont be high end
[03:56:45] <XXCoder> I want it to make artwork mainly
[03:56:50] <XXCoder> not milling metal parts
[03:57:21] <Wolf_> archivist: ahh ok, so using the velocity monitor output
[03:58:46] <archivist> it just says move and monitors feed back for correctness and adjusts the move command accordingly (simplified)
[03:59:10] <sync> you'll notice the spidle in wood as well XXCoder
[03:59:45] <Wolf_> ok stuff is making more sense now “Velocity Monitor. Analog output proportional to motor speed. In Encoder Velocity mode, output is proportional to the encoder line frequency. Encoder Velocity scaling is 22 kHz/V”
[03:59:52] <XXCoder> its still far better than grinder I used lol
[04:00:03] <Wolf_> motors I have I think have 32000 encoders on them
[04:00:23] <XXCoder> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY7nXzcUI9M loud warning
[04:00:30] <XXCoder> others told me it was loud anyway
[04:00:51] <XXCoder> and yes I now know its running too slow lol
[04:01:23] <sync> I'm not so sure if it is better actually
[04:01:25] <archivist> Wolf_, note I am expecting feedback to linuxcnc not just the amplifier/driver
[04:04:41] <XXCoder> sync: heh it vibrates very hard
[04:04:45] <XXCoder> runout was insane
[04:04:51] <XXCoder> and cant change out 27k rpm
[04:04:55] <Wolf_> yeah I get that, motor encoder talks to the amp/driver, which feedback to the mesa which linuxcnc polls, which is why latency is killer on servo systems… or something like that right
[04:06:01] <sync> then just get a better grinder, at least you have the spindle nose directly in the shaft
[04:06:02] <archivist> no, killer on stepper/parallel port, the fpga does not miss anything
[04:06:12] <Wolf_> oh
[04:06:22] <sync> Wolf_: or just use position mode servo drives :P
[04:07:00] <Wolf_> lol, I had a bad enough time finding the one I’m playing with now
[04:08:32] <lostinbits> how to set up 4axis gantry plasma machine using gmoccapy? the machine axes are X Y Y Z
[04:09:15] <XXCoder> I suppose sync but then that spindle has much better rpm range and feedback
[04:10:07] <sync> one of those kress spindles goes from 5000 to 25krpm
[04:10:09] <Wolf_> mostly cause I got some servo motors before I knew what I was doing… I have no idea bout position mode drivers
[04:10:17] <sync> probably good enough
[04:10:35] <XXCoder> and cost $100 more
[04:11:16] <XXCoder> till im actually making money from it (probably never will) its ultimately just fun budget macgine
[04:11:19] <XXCoder> and learning stuff
[04:13:46] <sync> sure, but I'd get a proper spindle as that will make everything work better
[04:13:51] <sync> the chinese one is no upgrade
[04:14:28] <Wolf_> at least you can upgrade a machine around a good spindle
[04:14:46] <XXCoder> is there such thing as ac spindle with hall sensor thats also 52mm or close enough to that?
[04:15:02] <XXCoder> close enough = slightly less is fine but not bigger
[04:23:35] <sync> you don't really need feedback
[04:23:54] <XXCoder> techinically no
[04:24:03] <XXCoder> but I cant hear how well it cuts
[04:24:14] <XXCoder> so i want to see how it stays at spindle speed set
[04:28:27] <sync> just use optical feedback from the nut or something
[04:28:36] <sync> but you'll notice if you stall your spindle
[04:28:56] <XXCoder> by hearing it stall I guess
[04:31:13] <Deejay> re
[06:04:50] <JT-Mobile> Morning
[06:05:24] <XXCoder> hey jt'
[06:11:07] <JT-Mobile> what's up this morning?
[06:11:13] <JT-Mobile> just waiting on the coffee
[06:12:21] <XXCoder> just printing a benchy with different settings to see what happens
[06:12:29] <XXCoder> 0.4 extrusion width and .1 layer
[06:13:32] <JT-Mobile> I've never tried 0.1mm layer how is it coming out?
[06:13:39] <XXCoder> looks good so far
[06:13:45] <XXCoder> print is taking so long though
[06:56:05] <JT-Mobile> I think I have linux mint running in virtual box on the laptop
[06:57:07] <XXCoder> youre unsure?
[06:57:41] <JT-Mobile> well it's there lol but not sure if I need to install it... looks like it is running the live cd
[06:58:28] <XXCoder> yeah most distros have live cd stuff nowdays
[06:58:31] <XXCoder> which is pretty cool
[06:58:43] <XXCoder> if you just need linux to run something once live cd might do it
[06:59:18] <JT-Mobile> yea reading on I have to install it on the virtual disk
[07:09:55] <JT-Mobile> yea Linux Mint 17 is installing in Virtual Box
[07:11:03] <XXCoder> cool
[07:12:43] <JT-Mobile> yea windblows sucks as a python development environment
[07:13:21] <JT-Mobile> ate at a seafood restarunt last night and had alligator tail with gator sauce and dang that was good
[07:14:31] <JT-Mobile> gator sauce is jalapeno jelly and cream cheese
[07:17:43] <JT-Mobile> http://www.tulsaworld.com/a-take-a-bite-out-of-an-alligator/article_ad6c5ced-f29a-58b2-aaf7-63a72a2b2c97.html
[07:18:57] <XXCoder> interesting
[07:19:17] <JT-Mobile> that gator dip would make a flip flop taste good
[07:19:23] <XXCoder> lol
[07:19:31] <XXCoder> reminds me of gray sauce :P
[07:19:39] <JT-Mobile> what's in that?
[07:19:40] <XXCoder> its fictional sauce that makes anything taste good
[07:19:47] <XXCoder> do I do mean anything
[07:19:48] <JT-Mobile> ah
[07:20:34] <JT-Mobile> I love using someone elses wifi to download lol
[07:20:40] <XXCoder> lol
[07:21:07] <JT-Mobile> I'm on restricted data at the house till the first lol
[07:21:22] <XXCoder> comcast 1 tb limit?
[07:21:40] <JT-Mobile> lol no, sat 10GB
[07:22:00] <XXCoder> lol ok
[07:22:37] <JT-Mobile> it kinda funny restarting your computer in a computer lol
[07:23:22] <JT-Mobile> I wish the VB screen would not keep resizing...
[07:23:38] <XXCoder> yeah
[07:23:53] <XXCoder> I suppose can use set to window size but thats ugly
[07:24:30] <JT-Mobile> how can you copy files from PC to the VB?
[07:25:38] <XXCoder> folder sharing
[07:26:34] <JT-Mobile> ok found it
[07:31:39] <JT-Mobile> found drag and drop and clipboard sharing yea
[07:32:50] <XXCoder> yeah thats "stright in" I usually just use network file folder sharing
[07:53:04] <JT-Mobile> getting Linux Mint set up to my liking lol
[07:53:30] <XXCoder> fancy
[07:53:37] <XXCoder> too bad you didnt go for xfce mint lol
[07:55:10] <JT-Mobile> I like the mate desktop a bit better than xfce
[07:55:28] <XXCoder> dont think ever used mate
[07:55:35] <XXCoder> thought it would be gnome
[07:55:47] <JT-Mobile> ugh gnome is so bloated
[07:55:54] <XXCoder> indeed.
[07:58:22] <JT-Mobile> hmm need a bit bigger text size in the VB
[07:59:26] <JT-Mobile> that's better
[07:59:35] <Tom_L> yeah looks better here..
[07:59:51] <JT-Mobile> had to change gedit to 12
[07:59:59] <JT-Mobile> morning Tom_L
[08:00:07] <Tom_L> morning
[08:00:36] <XXCoder> yo
[08:00:53] <XXCoder> use insolsa or droid font
[08:00:57] <XXCoder> far more readable.
[08:01:56] <JT-Mobile> never seen them before
[08:03:46] <XXCoder> https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Droid+Sans http://levien.com/type/myfonts/inconsolata.html
[08:08:03] <JT-Mobile> neither of them is installed in linux mint
[08:08:25] <XXCoder> yeah can download install
[08:08:46] <XXCoder> worth it as those is best text or programming front
[08:08:49] <XXCoder> font
[08:15:02] <Frank_6> hi guys
[08:17:13] <XXCoder> hey jt clone
[08:17:15] <XXCoder> hey
[08:17:36] <JT-VB> hey XXCoder
[08:29:29] <JT-VB> Inconsolata is clearer than monofont
[08:33:36] <JT-VB> hexchat, gedit, and terminal now have Inconsolata font yea
[08:47:04] <yasnak> Anyone setup to run some 0.25" thick PEEK sheet thats 4x6'? Really not interested in cutting this all out then making jigs on the mill and don't have a router that would be perfect for this haha.
[08:49:37] <yasnak> Or just use a sabersaw to cut the blanks out but man, would be nice to do just one op :P
[09:00:42] <BeachBumPete> I machined a bunch of that shit fiber filled in Tennessee.... its a bitch to machine and tough on tooling. Good luck LOL
[09:11:13] <_methods> waterjet?
[09:11:50] <_methods> yasnak: you serious about wanting someone to cut it out?
[09:12:02] <yasnak> possibly
[09:12:09] <yasnak> waterjet would be so nice
[09:12:15] <yasnak> really wish we had purchased that vs edm
[09:12:22] <_methods> yeah we have a jet
[09:12:25] <_methods> if you need them cut
[09:12:31] <yasnak> you guys iso?
[09:12:32] <_methods> you don't have a jet local?
[09:12:37] <_methods> yeah we're iso
[09:12:52] <yasnak> probably, but wanted to pawn off myself. boss doesn't care the amount of fixturing i need to do haha
[09:13:03] <yasnak> I do though, its pathetic. they just need to be cut out and 4 holes put in
[09:13:16] <_methods> how many parts?
[09:13:17] <yasnak> problem is...milling it sucks and then we have to clean the edges all up
[09:13:42] <_methods> will waterjet finish on the edges be "good enough" then?
[09:13:53] <yasnak> probably less then 25? they're out of 4x6' sheets. the parts are like 4"x14" with rounded edges and holes
[09:13:57] <yasnak> probably
[09:14:03] <__rob> hello, was trying speeding my 12mm roughing end mill right up, seems to work.. but not sure if this is way to "screamy"
[09:14:03] <__rob> https://goo.gl/photos/DysPpFf4GWuozvVW8
[09:14:05] <yasnak> do you quote out?
[09:14:06] <__rob> be interested to know
[09:14:16] <_methods> yeah i can get you a quote on monday
[09:14:21] <_methods> kick me a drawing
[09:14:26] <_methods> you're in fla right?
[09:14:30] <yasnak> i can send print, would need NDA if thats issue. yeah florida
[09:14:37] <__rob> was running it less rpm, less feed for a while, and it sounded smooth
[09:14:38] <_methods> nda is no problem
[09:14:56] <_methods> just send me the nda on monday and i'll get the owner to fill it out
[09:15:01] <yasnak> sec, brb. can you dc me a good contact?
[09:15:06] <_methods> sure
[09:15:33] <yasnak> kickass. i really hate this job. it is a repeat part but we don't have a good machine for this and its a waste of time. the PEEK is expensive lol
[09:15:55] <yasnak> OH! and the sheet they sent doesn't have the backing stuff on either side to reduce scratches. haha
[09:44:19] <Jymmm> 100A Din rail current module https://www.aliexpress.com/item/DIN-Rail-Mount-100Amp-AC-DC-Current-Sensor-Module-based-on-ACS758/32498427003.html
[09:48:35] <Jymmm> 3phase SSR https://www.aliexpress.com/item/120A-DC-control-AC-SSR-three-phase-Solid-state-relay/32251578360.html
[10:15:19] <zeeshan> todays goal
[10:15:24] <zeeshan> make some high speed chips in stainless
[10:15:36] <zeeshan> i really need to conquer stainless
[10:16:55] <CaptHindsight> it's not that bad, just avoid work hardening it
[10:25:00] <archivist> get under the last pass work hardened layer
[10:25:23] <zeeshan> i can work on it convetionally
[10:25:27] <zeeshan> havent tried high speed
[10:29:23] <JT-VB> hey zeeshan
[10:31:21] <Jymmm> VB = Virtual Box?
[10:31:46] <JT-VB> yea
[10:32:13] <Jymmm> Cool, Was fearful that it might have meant Visual Basic =[
[10:32:20] <JT-VB> lol
[10:32:30] <Roguish> JT-VB: the virtual machines (vm's) are pretty cool, huh?
[10:32:41] <Jymmm> Hey, you been playing with M$, so ya just never know
[10:32:52] <JT-VB> yea, when your stuck with just a windoze laptop
[10:32:58] <JT-VB> well we are out of here
[10:33:22] <Jymmm> Roguish: You've never played with VM's?
[10:33:42] <Roguish> oh yeah. one of the ways i try software out.
[10:33:48] <Jymmm> ah ok
[10:34:59] <Roguish> vm's keep the clutter out of the real workstation, and still let me try stuff out, including lcnc....
[10:35:53] <zeeshan> hi jt-programmer
[10:35:54] <zeeshan> :)
[11:22:13] <root-x> Some interesting Black friky offer?
[11:40:36] <SpeedEvil> I don't know if echo dot counts, I'm going to use it to control DIY stuff.
[11:57:49] <IchGucksLive> hi from germany
[12:05:15] <andypugh> SpeedEvil: I recognise all the words, but not arranged in that order.
[12:13:51] <SpeedEvil> amazon echo - voice actiated things - also has an API that you can connect your own stuff to
[12:14:29] <andypugh> Ah, yes, I have heard of that.
[12:16:10] <andypugh> Lathe users? We have a bit of progress on G71: https://youtu.be/PGfAPQDYUZE
[12:19:06] <malcom2073> andypugh: Nice!
[12:27:41] <yasnak> that one path undercut, probably wouldn't be good right? do you create boundaries?
[12:27:55] <yasnak> of course not sure of tool geo
[12:29:11] <IchGucksLive> andypugh: will that be in the next update ?
[12:29:36] <andypugh> That particular shape is impossible to machine with a single tool. But it was just a shape chosen to make things hard for the algorithm.
[12:30:15] <yasnak> __rob, that endmill needs much faster feedrate haha. sorry just saw that video
[12:31:23] <yasnak> andypugh, figured as much. who else is a active dev on this btw?
[12:31:54] <andypugh> bpuk is working on it too
[12:36:45] <yasnak> See, I never was taught how to program correctly. I used to do tons of PHP and made so many control panels and stuff, until I learned of the nightmare of keeping it all secure. Always having to keep inputs restricted and such...yeah I'll stick to gcode haha.
[12:37:13] <yasnak> PHP / SQL was my thing, but that was what seems 10+ years ago in my teens haha.
[12:38:19] <IchGucksLive> i uploaded a new English tutorial on Howto Colored image to DXF https://youtu.be/Rv1v5qj7Rek
[12:38:27] <IchGucksLive> someone can check it i did mistakes
[12:50:33] <andypugh> yasnak: I was never taught how to program properly either. I keep hoping to earn how.
[12:51:08] <IchGucksLive> i lost all my coustomrs on HTML to php
[12:51:15] <IchGucksLive> im so happy
[13:00:07] <IchGucksLive> late here in germany going off Gn8
[13:12:31] <BeachBumPete> http://i.imgur.com/KBva2LE.jpg What is thy bidding my master!!! :)
[13:13:26] <BeachBumPete> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuoKNZjr8_U
[13:17:00] <_methods> oh no BeachBumPete is back in action
[13:17:08] <BeachBumPete> hehehe
[13:17:14] <_methods> hide yo kids hide yo wife
[13:17:19] <BeachBumPete> It's ALIVE.........IT's ALIVE!!!!
[13:17:42] <BeachBumPete> hehehehe well all except for the MPG wheel for some reason ;)
[13:18:08] <BeachBumPete> I did replace the wheel wires with a newer better shielded cable when I got it here
[13:18:21] <BeachBumPete> probably screwed up on the wiring somehow hehe
[13:18:42] <BeachBumPete> everything else seems to work fine... spindle axes, coolant pump, drawbar. etc.
[13:18:55] <BeachBumPete> I need to lube this beotch up some more and do some more cleaning on it
[13:19:14] <BeachBumPete> but I just plopped my kurt down on her and got it aligned so almost ready to make some chippies!!
[13:22:27] <CaptHindsight> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEL_GQsCnQk how many $ in Destaco do you see?
[13:44:45] <BeachBumPete> https://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/tld/5891883559.html
[14:00:20] <gregcnc> andypugh is the corner rounding in your G71 video a G64 blending setting?
[14:00:44] <andypugh> I guess so. It’s a sim config with the speed turned right up
[14:01:28] <gregcnc> looks good. Is there a thread on the forum?
[14:07:36] <Tom_L> way to go BeachBumPete
[14:08:02] <Tom_L> now just put it back to work
[14:13:31] <zeeshan> awesome pete
[14:13:47] <gregcnc> beachbumpete, if you're serious about buying the deckel
[14:13:50] <gregcnc> http://www.hoffonlineauctions.net/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?hoff43/640
[14:14:22] <zeeshan> looks so similar!
[14:14:25] <zeeshan> to mine!
[14:14:55] <zeeshan> those are some slow ass feed rates tho
[14:15:30] <gregcnc> that dealer buys at auctions are marks up prices by, well, a lot
[14:29:31] <BeachBumPete> well shit
[14:29:38] <BeachBumPete> I think I spoke too soon ;)
[14:30:03] <BeachBumPete> just restarted the beast and the PC refused to come on
[14:30:15] <BeachBumPete> checked all the wires and whatnot and it is still not coming on
[14:30:33] <Jymmm> swap the PS as a test
[14:30:51] <BeachBumPete> I seem to recall that when I was in Tennessee several months ago now I had an issue where I would turn the machine on and it would do this and I repower it and it would come on
[14:30:59] <BeachBumPete> I think my PC power supply may be smoked here.
[14:31:08] <BeachBumPete> Just pulled it after doing some poking around in there
[14:31:24] <BeachBumPete> its an RS-460-psar-I3
[14:31:35] <BeachBumPete> the fan did not seem to come on at all..
[14:31:41] <Jymmm> Also, verify the buttons (PWR, RST) and functing as they should. I've seen that been an issue
[14:31:45] <BeachBumPete> should the fan always come on when power is applied?
[14:31:55] <Jymmm> nope, only when powered up
[14:32:11] <BeachBumPete> what buttons?
[14:32:33] <BeachBumPete> when the power supply is hooked up, the PC is turned on, the fan should be running correct?
[14:32:33] <Jymmm> Also, if something is shorte (like a HDD), the PS will go into shutdown and not come up.
[14:32:43] <Jymmm> Not necessarily
[14:33:07] <BeachBumPete> like I said the PC was flaking occasionally when I was back in tennessee upon startup
[14:33:10] <Jymmm> Teh POWER button can be defective too, as well as RESET button, they're only 4¢ buttons,
[14:33:22] <BeachBumPete> would not surprise me if it was smoked...
[14:33:50] <BeachBumPete> when I first turned the machine on today everything came on and I was warming the machine up and jogging around etc...
[14:34:23] <BeachBumPete> then I powered it down to check the MPG wiring which was solid and restarted, no PC startup, no fan, no nothing but the monitor saying there is no video signal
[14:34:37] <dioz> BeachBumPete: would you rather be cummin or strokin?
[14:34:42] <dioz> who's a chevy man and who's a ford man?
[14:34:48] <dioz> i like the strokers personally
[14:35:09] <BeachBumPete> I honestly REALLY REALLY want a 4x4 van don't care if it is a chebby or ford ;)
[14:35:30] <BeachBumPete> the good news is a new power supply is pretty cheap...
[14:35:43] <dioz> diesel or petrol ?
[14:35:46] <BeachBumPete> anyone got a recommendation of a reputable and reliable PPS for this thing?
[14:36:01] <BeachBumPete> don't really care about that either either one will do.. not picky
[14:36:30] <BeachBumPete> I guess if I was gonna be picky I would want a Ford van with 7.3 power stroke and 4x4 with the full interior
[14:36:39] <Jymmm> gregcnc: Yeah, I found the lack of copyright to be strange myself.
[14:37:18] <BeachBumPete> but they are very expensive and speaking with my neighbor who is a diesel engine mechanic about maintenance costs I think I would rather just have a V8 or V10 LOL
[14:37:24] <Jymmm> BeachBumPete: Dont you need a swamp boat out there?
[14:37:39] <BeachBumPete> I need a boat but its not gonna be a swamp boat LOL
[14:37:52] <BeachBumPete> aside from our small fleet of kayaks :
[14:38:22] <BeachBumPete> I would love about a 25-28 foot cruising open fisherman but I probably need to win the lottery first hehe
[14:38:24] <dioz> the legendary 7.3 'eh?
[14:38:41] <dioz> why do yanks still talk about engine size in litres even though they're SAE ?
[14:38:44] <BeachBumPete> its a great motor by most accounts but jeez man the parts are crazy expensive
[14:38:55] <BeachBumPete> yanks?
[14:39:12] <BeachBumPete> anyway whos got a PPS rec?
[14:39:24] <BeachBumPete> also is there a reasonable way to test this one I have here?
[14:40:08] * SpeedEvil idly wonders about CNC spokeshave.
[14:41:59] <BeachBumPete> also what is preferred the big single fan on the side or the dual fans etc?
[14:43:24] <zeeshan> any new motherboard recommendations
[14:43:26] <zeeshan> for linuxcnc?
[14:43:26] <zeeshan> :D
[14:44:07] <BeachBumPete> I wonder if I should try to get the power for my MPG from the back of the machine instead of the PC power supply... Hmmmm
[14:59:13] <BeachBumPete> no takers huh... I guess its eenie meenie minie moe then....:)
[15:00:42] <Tom_L> zeeshan something with J1900
[15:00:52] <zeeshan> stil the j1900 eh
[15:00:56] <Tom_L> these asrock are supppsed to be good
[15:01:05] <Tom_L> i have 2 but haven't hooked them to the mill yet
[15:01:21] <zeeshan> i was hopping the asrock was going to be on sale
[15:01:23] <zeeshan> but its not
[15:01:23] <zeeshan> ;/
[15:01:27] <BeachBumPete> I got one of those j1900s too but its still in da box
[15:01:30] <BeachBumPete> for the lathe
[15:07:48] <Tom_L> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157565&cm_re=q1900m_pro3-_-13-157-565-_-Product
[15:07:51] <Tom_L> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157497&cm_re=q1900b-itx-_-13-157-497-_-Product
[15:07:57] <Tom_L> neither are in stock atm
[15:08:10] <Tom_L> but i have those
[15:08:33] <Tom_L> same board, one is atx one is itx
[15:08:36] <Tom_L> with one less slot
[15:08:58] <BeachBumPete> I think I have the second one ;)
[15:09:06] <Tom_L> this pc is using one of em
[15:09:41] <Tom_L> fanless is nice
[15:12:23] <BeachBumPete> http://i.imgur.com/JkDAuE2.jpg :)
[15:24:53] <Tom_L> zeeshan you want atx or itx?
[15:47:02] <BeachBumPete> OK power supply is on order... now if I can find the other one I bought for my CNC lathe retrofit perhaps I can get the VMC running again without waiting...
[15:47:19] <JT-VB> I actually found a small wireless mouse in Branson
[15:49:45] <zeeshan> Tom_L: either is fine
[15:57:12] <Cromaglious_> more rain...
[16:16:32] <Tom_L> zeeshan are you gonna use pci cards?
[16:17:17] <Tom_L> if so you may want the atx version
[16:18:32] <Duc> Might finally have a shop. The owner has agreed to our counter offer on a house
[16:19:04] <Frank_6> congrats!
[16:19:18] <JT-VB> Duc: cool
[16:20:02] <Duc> 30x40 shop with 2acres of land. and there is a upstairs apartment on the shop also with bathroom, shower and full kitchen. and yes there is a house also
[16:20:04] <Duc> http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/322-Taylor-Denton-Ln_Harvest_AL_35749_M74005-39888
[16:20:33] <Duc> Long time ago I outgrew the 20x24 garage I have now
[16:21:02] <JT-VB> I started with a 36" x 24" closet
[16:21:17] <Duc> LOL
[16:21:21] <Duc> that would be tough
[16:21:37] <JT-VB> and I only had the top shelf...
[16:21:52] <JT-VB> inground house cool
[16:23:38] <Duc> I think the shop is bigger the house almost
[16:25:22] <JT-VB> looks like upstairs for the shop too
[16:25:32] <Duc> full apartment up there
[16:26:14] <JT-VB> rented?
[16:27:05] <Wolf_> sounds like how I want to redo my shop
[16:27:06] <Duc> Nope
[16:27:22] <Duc> and never will be.
[16:27:55] <Deejay> gn8
[16:27:56] <bpuk> not quite as interesting as the earlier example - but... https://postimg.org/image/iiuzsukx9/
[16:31:14] <JT-VB> lathe roughing cycle?
[16:32:47] <bpuk> early prototpye, using osubs for the profile. andy is concentrating on type2 - I'm concentrating on type1
[16:33:07] <JT-VB> what is the difference?
[16:33:18] <bpuk> type2 can do undercuts
[16:33:25] <JT-VB> dang mouse is a bit off in this VM
[16:33:36] <JT-VB> ah yes a bit more difficult
[16:35:30] <bpuk> just a little. the key feature for me is the ability to define a profile within the interpreter. I can see all kinds of funky uses for that
[16:59:10] <BeachBumPete> Congrats Duc good luck with the new house/shop
[16:59:43] <Duc> BeachBumPete: Thanks going to be nice to be a home owner again. I like to do stuff my way and renting you cant do that
[17:01:01] <Duc> and now I want to buy the fa-3 TOs machine that popped up on craigslist in the area
[17:01:14] <BeachBumPete> agreed... altho when I rented a house before I used to put my 12x36 lathe and milling machine in a bedroom....
[17:01:45] <BeachBumPete> I spoke to the landlord about it and assured him I would repair any damage and he was fine with it.
[17:01:52] <Duc> http://huntsville.craigslist.org/tls/5894286564.html
[17:02:11] <BeachBumPete> I actually took thick visqueen and covered the carpet and about a foot up the walls in the bedroom
[17:02:26] <BeachBumPete> then I put 3/4 inch plywood over the entire floor
[17:02:28] <Duc> the current landlord doesnt know about the 2 50amp plugs in the garage. ......
[17:02:41] <Duc> thats not to bad of a plan.
[17:02:54] <BeachBumPete> I rolled the machines in on top of heavy furniture dollies carefully
[17:03:22] <Duc> how did you manage to move your cnc lathe to florida? Did the movers move it from the garage?
[17:03:24] <BeachBumPete> made all sorts of parts in there for several years and when I left the carpet looked brand new and I just repainted the walls a bit
[17:04:18] <BeachBumPete> I moved both the CNC lathe and the VMC Cincinatti to Florida using a guy I hired with a very heavy duty dovetail fifth wheel trailer and a 3500 diesel dually 4x4 pickup
[17:04:20] * Wolf_ wonders how many people in here actually know what visqueen is lol
[17:04:34] <BeachBumPete> plastic sheeting hehe
[17:05:02] <Wolf_> I know what it is lol, worked trade shows
[17:05:06] <Duc> hell you probably treated the house better than most of his renters
[17:05:09] <BeachBumPete> I cannot find the damn brand new power supply I bought for the CNC lathe retrofit I was going to use to replace the one in the Cinci
[17:05:25] <BeachBumPete> I did actually... I try to take good care of my stuff
[17:06:15] <BeachBumPete> I hung the plastic sheeting on the walls too so any flying debris or fluids would not damage the drywall..
[17:06:21] <BeachBumPete> where there is a will there is a way..
[17:06:29] <Wolf_> wonder if the county would let me replace my current garage with a 40’x60’ building...
[17:06:42] <BeachBumPete> getting the mill thru the doorway was probably the hardest part tho. I had to remove the table completely...
[17:06:59] <Duc> Wolf_: do you have enough land?
[17:07:06] <Wolf_> 3acres
[17:07:28] <Duc> I'm not looking forward to removing the head on the mill to get it thru my door
[17:08:01] <Wolf_> I may have to get my property re-zoned first lol
[17:09:24] <Duc> why woudl you need that
[17:10:01] <Wolf_> where I’m at, county is weird about having outbuilding with more sq footage then the residence
[17:10:39] <Tom_L> well you live in the outbuilding...
[17:10:48] <Tom_L> the residence is just for show
[17:11:06] <Duc> extension to the hosue
[17:11:14] <Duc> freaking shops are pricey to build
[17:11:20] <Wolf_> yeah, I wonder if that is the reason for the apartment in that shop lol
[17:11:37] <Wolf_> my house is 150’ from my current shop
[17:12:08] <Wolf_> attached garages are a loop hole that a lot of people use in this area
[17:12:26] <Duc> can you build it onto the house?
[17:12:35] <Wolf_> mine, no
[17:13:51] <Wolf_> ez path would be to get some goats to mow the grass for me and get rezoned agricultural
[17:14:11] <Duc> what state do you live in
[17:14:17] <Wolf_> Maryland
[17:15:27] <BeachBumPete> I will be lucky if I can build a 10x25 shed out back of my house in my fenced in yard LOL... We shall see.
[17:16:22] <Wolf_> my big problem is nothing i work on fits in my garage
[17:17:57] <Wolf_> garage bay depth is <24’, my personal truck is little over 23’
[17:18:53] <Duc> lol similar for me. I have a crew cab long bed duramax. First garage that it will fit in with room to spare
[17:19:04] <Wolf_> dumpster builds are 16’ long
[17:19:06] <Duc> BeachBumPete: where did you fit all your cncs then
[17:21:05] <Wolf_> http://i.imgur.com/wSkwsNi.jpg 16’ can, pic taken sitting on my desk in the shop lol
[17:21:34] <Wolf_> got even worse when the sides were on it
[17:21:43] <Duc> dam that would be frustrating to work in
[17:22:08] <dioz> what kind of welder is that?
[17:22:12] <dioz> looks like a miller something or other
[17:22:14] <dioz> glue gun
[17:22:25] <Wolf_> miller 210 hot glue gun
[17:22:43] <dioz> you know what they say about mig welders right?
[17:22:48] <dioz> better put s'more paint on there
[17:24:29] <Wolf_> everyone I know that has had me do mig welds for them hate me, I’m actually a tig welder, I can get some pretty welds with a mig… pushing a puddle is pretty much same
[17:24:57] <dioz> what rig you got for tig ?
[17:25:11] <Wolf_> 200dx miller
[17:37:18] <Wolf_> stuff just don’t fit… http://i.imgur.com/ovIll6R.jpg http://i.imgur.com/tvkbXBc.jpg
[17:51:35] <BeachBumPete> LOVE my tig ;)
[18:03:02] <dioz> Wolf_: you got a nice stroker there 'eh?
[18:15:58] <BeachBumPete> http://www.4x4offroads.com/image-files/sportsmobile-4x4-7.jpg SO MUCH WANT!! :)
[18:24:45] <BeachBumPete> http://carclassifiedscheapads.com/car-photo5/1998-Ford-E-Series%20Van-5062441.jpg
[18:29:27] <BeachBumPete> https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/bb/9a/23/bb9a23084439f5d65a33e1db1664f92a.jpg
[18:29:33] <BeachBumPete> :)
[18:31:52] <Wolf_> dioz: yup, 6.7
[18:33:10] <Wolf_> except that its the commercial tuned motor with no balls
[18:40:23] <dioz> i wanna 7.3
[18:45:38] <sync> pff
[18:45:45] <sync> displacement is irrelevant with boost
[18:46:00] <Wolf_> 7.3 is meh
[18:51:57] <dioz> 7.3 international is the best engine put into the fords
[18:52:13] <Wolf_> granted now I don’t care long as the truck makes it to where I’m going
[18:52:19] <dioz> true
[18:52:29] <dioz> if i had even a 6.4 i'd be like "meh" as long as it did what i wanted
[18:52:45] <dioz> 7.3 is to make up for my incredibly small penis ;]
[18:53:16] <Wolf_> the new 6.7s are pretty good, even better with the pickup truck build and take all the emmisions off of it lol
[18:53:40] <dioz> Wolf_: pickup truck build? you a aussie or something? call you truck a ute?
[18:54:56] <Wolf_> commercial chassis cab have a lower tune, different heads and turbo on them
[18:55:11] <BeachBumPete> 6.8 is best :)
[18:57:03] <Wolf_> dioz: http://www.powerstrokehub.com/6.7-power-stroke.html look at the horsepower and torque specs for pickup vs chassis cab
[18:59:35] <dioz> makes sense
[19:00:26] <BeachBumPete> Well hell I can't find my damn brand new power supply I bought for the CNC lathe retrofit so I may be waiting for the new one to arrive before I can run the VMC... GAAAAHHHHHHh
[19:00:57] <Wolf_> yeah, because my 19,500lb truck is better off with 300hp and 660-lb-ft of torque vs a F350 with 390hp and 800lb-ft of torque lol
[19:04:28] <sync> well probably reliability issues
[19:04:42] <Wolf_> US DOT regs I think
[19:06:01] <Wolf_> only issue I have is the truck eating brakes and the steering component falling apart which are both typical ford issues
[19:06:58] <sync> pff
[19:08:04] <Wolf_> full set of rotors and 2 sets of pads, and all the front steer parts are toast (tie rods and ball joints) with less then 40,000 on the truck
[19:08:55] <sync> interesting, I never had stuff like that wear out that quickly
[19:12:25] <Wolf_> not like we use the thing often with heavy loads http://i.imgur.com/4IBUGhF.jpg (12k lbs excavator)
[19:13:36] <sync> pulling should not really load the steering tho :P
[19:14:02] <Wolf_> snow removal with 5 tons of salt in the bed also
[19:14:09] <BeachBumPete> looks like a big bobcat :)
[19:14:58] <Wolf_> piff bobcats… http://i.imgur.com/KnHOjuJ.jpg
[19:15:17] <Wolf_> the bobcat rides in teh bed http://i.imgur.com/mPeN8aB.jpg
[19:15:29] <BeachBumPete> I love skid steers with tracks...
[19:17:37] <Wolf_> track machines are nice
[19:18:29] <BeachBumPete> they can push harder and get stuck a lot less than the four wheel bobcats in my experience. Much better. I also liked the takeuchi tracked skid steer machines..
[19:18:32] <Wolf_> sync: http://i.imgur.com/YlolAYM.jpg 31k mile rear rotor
[19:19:11] <Wolf_> takeuchi are nice, heavy heavy machines, total pain in the ass to work on though
[19:19:15] <sync> nice
[19:21:32] <zeeshan> http://i.imgur.com/tfnXtIH.png
[19:21:39] <zeeshan> i think this is what my grinder cart is going to look like
[19:21:52] <zeeshan> it'll store around my band saw
[19:22:24] <XXCoder> heys
[19:22:40] <XXCoder> square extrusions?
[19:22:51] <XXCoder> or fancy 1010 or 1515?
[19:23:18] <Wolf_> steel tube
[19:23:38] <zeeshan> just steel tube
[19:23:41] <zeeshan> got lots of left over :p
[19:23:59] <XXCoder> so plain square extrusion then
[19:24:16] <zeeshan> yes
[19:24:22] <zeeshan> i think im going to fill it with sand
[19:24:24] <zeeshan> for dapening
[19:24:26] <zeeshan> dampening
[19:24:38] <XXCoder> good idea yeah
[19:24:40] <XXCoder> and mass too
[19:24:42] <XXCoder> less tippable
[19:27:39] <Wolf_> I need to get back to work on shop organization
[19:27:44] <zeeshan> dude
[19:27:48] <zeeshan> im trying to get this crap done
[19:27:50] <zeeshan> so i can work on my lathe
[19:27:54] <zeeshan> anything that is in the way
[19:27:59] <zeeshan> im trying to clean/organize
[19:28:01] <zeeshan> long overdue
[19:28:04] <BeachBumPete> heh me too
[19:28:09] <zeeshan> i've been using my bench grinders on the goddamn ground
[19:28:16] <zeeshan> its kinda annoying!
[19:28:44] <zeeshan> plus tax season is ending
[19:28:47] <zeeshan> so i gotta write it off :)
[19:28:48] <Wolf_> yeah, I have a case of bins and few sets of casters I had ordered to make a couple carts up… ordered over a year ago lol
[19:31:37] <zeeshan> do it!
[19:31:42] <zeeshan> mig welding makes it so easy
[19:31:47] <zeeshan> i can't believe how quick mig is
[19:31:51] <zeeshan> i need to do it more for projects like this
[19:31:58] <Wolf_> hot glue gun
[19:32:02] <zeeshan> yes
[19:32:23] <zeeshan> pretty much any non critical frame work
[19:32:26] <zeeshan> im going to mig from now on
[19:32:46] <zeeshan> i was using it only for spot welding before :P
[19:32:51] <Wolf_> lol
[19:34:06] <Wolf_> http://i.imgur.com/Ghi7gwX.jpg < bumper all mig, hasn’t fallen off yet
[19:36:01] <zeeshan> that's heavy duty :)
[19:36:28] <zeeshan> whats going on the back of that truck
[19:36:33] <zeeshan> what is that used for?
[19:37:06] <Tom_L> those would be ground grinders not bench grinders
[19:38:22] <Wolf_> zeeshan: http://i.imgur.com/UM3Rf8L.jpg
[19:38:59] <Tom_L> what do you haul with that?
[19:39:27] <Wolf_> anything I need to :D
[19:39:29] <Wolf_> http://amplirollusa.com/
[19:41:37] <zeeshan> nice!
[19:44:39] <Tom_L> those asrock boards went up quite a bit
[19:46:19] <MacGalempsy> guys. i went thru the 4th axis servo drive and see that it is configured in torque mode. are there any hal or ini to specify the drive is in torque mode?
[19:48:09] <dioz> Wolf_: for hauling dumpsters?
[19:48:23] <Wolf_> sorta, demo truck :D
[19:49:39] <dioz> nice
[19:57:20] <dioz> Wolf_: what are normal badges for that?
[19:57:22] <dioz> 550 ?
[19:57:40] <Wolf_> F550
[19:57:45] <dioz> yah
[19:58:05] <dioz> you need any different license to drive it?
[19:58:20] <Tom_L> i doubt it
[19:58:32] <dioz> to do over like 10,000 pounds or something
[19:58:48] <Wolf_> w/ payload plus package is 19.5 k lb gvw, CDL is 26k and over
[19:59:01] <Wolf_> or over 26k combined gvw
[19:59:30] <Wolf_> so put a 10k trailer on the back of my truck and you are hitting a grey area
[20:00:09] <dioz> one of those with a skidsteer and a couple buckets on a goose neck
[20:00:43] <Wolf_> DOT rules are odd
[20:01:00] <Wolf_> a F350 with a goose neck is ok
[20:01:32] <Wolf_> F550 with goose neck requires same license as a tractor trailer
[20:02:58] <Tom_L> so get a CDL and don't worry about it
[20:03:33] <Tom_L> or wait for the first ticket..
[20:04:28] <dioz> probably need logs too
[20:04:42] <dioz> need a health report to get the endorsement on the license
[20:04:57] <Wolf_> yup
[20:04:59] <dioz> have to re-do your fkin basic then do a walk around at the issuer
[20:05:16] <dioz> go for a rip around the block. back it up once
[20:05:41] <Wolf_> but my truck is registered for personal use, so for me, no dot numbers, no pre-trip tickets, no medical card
[20:06:40] <dioz> maryland
[20:06:54] <dioz> right arm bud
[20:13:21] <Wolf_> thats about right
[20:29:13] <BeachBumPete> Well I finally got around to working on the ugly sorta froze up tailstock on my CNC lathe tonight..
[20:29:24] <BeachBumPete> jeez that bitch is heavy and grungy hehe
[20:30:03] <BeachBumPete> I gave it a bath in PB blaster on the camlock tension setup underneath and I managed to remove the tailstock ram leadscrew
[20:30:36] <BeachBumPete> luckily the bore seems to not have any rust inside it at all just a bunch of gunky sticky grease that made moving the ram in and out nigh impossible.
[20:31:17] <BeachBumPete> I soaked that thing sitting upside down in PB blaster just to break up the gunk and hopefully get it to loosen up enough to dismantle and clean it
[20:32:11] <BeachBumPete> once I get it all cleaned and lubed I will strip the paint and repaint it to match the rest of the lathe I painted a light grey color
[20:33:14] <XXCoder> isnt wd40 also help loosen grease?
[20:33:29] <dioz> yes
[20:33:42] <dioz> you spray it
[20:33:45] <dioz> let it sit
[20:33:51] <dioz> then hit it with the impact
[20:33:58] <BeachBumPete> eh I used WD40 and it does not seem to cut like the PB blaster does
[20:34:27] <BeachBumPete> nothing as I said is rusted up really it is just stuck with old grease that dried and got sticky
[20:35:16] <XXCoder> what was grease orginial solvent aspect or just did it decompose?
[20:35:40] <BeachBumPete> its just been sitting for awhile
[20:35:55] <BeachBumPete> the tailstock was off the machine in a box when I got it ;)
[20:36:00] <dioz> throw the torch on it then
[20:36:08] <BeachBumPete> its actually quite a nice tailstock
[20:37:05] <BeachBumPete> has a heavy duty lever arm for the camlock and has the limit switch strike setup on a heavy duty arm mounted to the back.
[20:38:23] <MacGalempsy> is the vmc juiced?
[20:39:02] <BeachBumPete> once it is cleaned up and painted it should look really nice. The dials are nicely graduated and one nice thing I like about it is the handwheel and bearing is mounted on a plate that is removable. My 12x36 asian lathe everything just went thru to a stop inside it
[20:39:11] <BeachBumPete> MacGalempsy He man!!
[20:39:15] <BeachBumPete> hey
[20:39:24] <BeachBumPete> actually it was running today ;)
[20:40:13] <BeachBumPete> right up until the power supply for the PC died on me.....it has been going out occasionally on me upon startup so I just ordered another one today for like $30
[20:40:51] <MacGalempsy> its always something huh?
[20:41:24] <MacGalempsy> im still messing with this 4th axis and tuning sucks
[20:41:49] <BeachBumPete> well actually the machine had been working beautiful for a long time. I don't mind the occasional repair especially since the retrofit
[20:41:57] <BeachBumPete> so wish I had a fourth axis...
[20:42:11] <BeachBumPete> I am gonna need to get one here once the machine is making money again.
[20:42:46] <MacGalempsy> wish mine worked. im debating on scrappinging these drives and get something easier to deal with
[20:43:07] <BeachBumPete> since I am working fulltime and doing this on the side now I should be able to swing one hopefully soon from an used auction.
[20:43:22] <BeachBumPete> what is it using?
[20:43:45] <MacGalempsy> this copley control drive
[20:44:24] <MacGalempsy> i hear about people getting a generic drives that work seemlessli
[20:44:58] <MacGalempsy> what works well and cheap?
[20:45:11] <BeachBumPete> what sort of fourth is it? Is it a servo drive
[20:45:25] <MacGalempsy> yeah. smw rt-5c
[20:46:34] <BeachBumPete> looks like you could adapt about any motor/driver to that no?
[20:46:37] <MacGalempsy> i thought i had it really good on the following error, but it would still fault
[20:46:56] <BeachBumPete> https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0837/5149/products/305460_218522875_product_2048x2048.jpg?v=1475056633
[20:47:00] <MacGalempsy> the motor hangs off the side
[20:47:24] <MacGalempsy> pretty much.
[20:47:37] <MacGalempsy> that one has the pneumatic chuck
[20:47:46] <MacGalempsy> mine doesnt have that
[20:48:13] <BeachBumPete> just 5c collet right
[20:48:37] <MacGalempsy> yeah. it could take a chuck with the right backplate
[20:49:02] <BeachBumPete> that still nice tho... I would have it ;)
[20:49:14] <MacGalempsy> will need to get a tailstock
[20:49:40] <BeachBumPete> or built a nice little trunion hehe
[20:50:15] <BeachBumPete> http://www.machinery-management.com/photos/bg_4925.jpg
[20:50:16] <MacGalempsy> yeah.
[20:50:46] <BeachBumPete> you could probably get a nice new motor/servo from DMM like I am using on the CNC lathe for a good price...
[20:51:34] <MacGalempsy> im trying to save $$$, so in reality ill probably just tune forever if thats what it takes
[20:52:25] <BeachBumPete> I hear ya man... The almighty dollar
[20:52:28] <MacGalempsy> now that i know the drive is in torque mode, i can take that into account
[20:53:32] <BeachBumPete> sweet
[20:54:39] <MacGalempsy> actually, i think i can put my vfd to torque mode and externally PID tune.
[20:55:04] <BeachBumPete> it uses a VFD?
[20:55:08] <MacGalempsy> spindle
[20:55:59] <MacGalempsy> i had been using the internal pid, so linuxcnc may be able to control it
[20:57:26] <MacGalempsy> g2g. catch ya laters.
[20:57:30] <BeachBumPete> cya
[21:15:47] <XXCoder> found something really stupid about reprap
[21:15:53] <XXCoder> gcode is case sensive
[21:32:53] <yasnak> lol
[21:33:15] <XXCoder> indeed
[21:33:28] <yasnak> does it need G01 too? :P leading and trailing is my OCD's biggest enemy
[21:35:02] <XXCoder> it uses g0 and g1 as normal
[21:35:14] <XXCoder> or rather, G0 and G1 :P
[21:41:40] <yasnak> lol
[21:42:44] <yasnak> See, when it comes to X.1 vs X0.1 i always use 0.1...to make the decimal easier to see. My boss hates them and then removes when he makes edits. Its a constant power struggle :P
[21:44:38] <XXCoder> POWER OF 0 FIGHT!!
[21:44:50] <XXCoder> I usually add 0
[21:45:05] <XXCoder> programmer in me likes to see 0 if its less than 1
[21:49:23] <roycroft> standard scientific notation is to use the leading 0
[21:49:38] <XXCoder> yeah
[21:49:56] <yasnak> thank you for justifying my cause :)
[21:49:58] <roycroft> your boss would get slapped silly by any scientist who caught him removing the 0
[21:50:23] <roycroft> it's easy to miss the decimal point
[21:50:29] <roycroft> and confuse ".1" with "1"
[21:50:38] <roycroft> "0.1" makes it a lot more clear
[21:50:58] <yasnak> i have the boss who literally cannot be outdone
[21:51:08] <roycroft> this is especially true given the average handwriting quality of scientists
[21:51:15] <roycroft> which is just a step above that of physicians
[21:51:16] <yasnak> and the .1 and 1 issue is exactly why ;)
[21:51:41] <roycroft> i correct people 100% of the time when they don't use the leading 0
[21:51:56] <roycroft> i also correct people 100% of the time when they do not use the correct number of significant digits
[21:52:11] <roycroft> sorry, but 1.05 and 1.050 have completely different meaninsgs
[21:52:13] <roycroft> meanings
[21:52:16] <yasnak> correct number of significant digits?
[21:52:32] <yasnak> yeah, you're talking tolerance though right?
[21:52:43] <roycroft> yes, that's one application
[21:52:45] <yasnak> 0.0001 is standard of 0.001 or whatever?
[21:52:48] <roycroft> where i run into this the most is in brewing
[21:52:51] <yasnak> ah
[21:53:01] <roycroft> and specific gravity
[21:53:17] <yasnak> i find so many cnc related people are involved in brewing haha. fun fact
[21:53:17] <roycroft> but significant digits are important in all of science and engineering
[21:53:41] <roycroft> 1.05 means 1.045-1.055, whereas 1.050 means 1.0495-1.0505
[21:53:51] <roycroft> quite different meanings
[21:54:52] <roycroft> especially since in brewing a gravity difference of 0.002 can be discerned by the trained palate
[21:57:58] <roycroft> anyway, you can tell your boss that he's both wrong and wasting his time
[21:58:03] <roycroft> tell him i said so :P
[21:59:34] <yasnak> I'll definitely record that conversation for you
[21:59:36] <XXCoder> many prints has this 0.xx = +- 0.03 0.xxx = 0.01 for example
[22:00:18] <yasnak> Sorry, having issues with this onapp control panel for virtual servers. UGH
[22:02:53] <yasnak> XXCoder yeah, we're normally 0.0x = 0.01 0.00x = 0.005 0.00x0 = 0.0010