#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-10-02

[00:29:36] <Crom> Veterans Administration is really screwing me over... I put a new claim in... Rock Solid Claim... and they had it listed for decision by Oct 20th... it's now moved out to be between Jan 7th and Apr 4 2017...
[00:30:35] <Crom> so until they decide that.. I'm living on my $860 a month and some savings my wife has
[00:57:14] <pink_vampire> HRC40????
[01:34:55] <Crom> hrc40??? huh?
[01:36:29] <Crom> hardness? or paint?
[02:08:13] <witnit> https://youtu.be/vKQlGwin76A
[02:08:28] <witnit> these look fun
[02:09:53] <XXCoder> im so alive im dead
[02:09:57] <XXCoder> whats up all
[02:10:15] <XXCoder> witnit: I see ponental.
[02:20:24] <Deejay> moin
[02:50:59] <witnit> mojn!
[02:51:06] <XXCoder> hey
[02:51:13] <XXCoder> witnit: any plans with those pematics
[02:51:17] <XXCoder> looks cool
[02:51:22] <XXCoder> actuators
[02:51:34] <witnit> nah I had seen them up at IMTS and they seemed pretty solid for being so small
[02:52:04] <witnit> my only ideas was to make some mini machines to test things and play with
[02:52:16] <XXCoder> micro chain maker ;)
[02:53:17] <archivist> see watch chain
[02:53:38] <XXCoder> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9O_kGbEsW8
[02:53:43] <XXCoder> only smaller lol
[02:54:54] <witnit> ever seen a four slide machine?
[02:55:53] <XXCoder> probably not?
[02:56:10] <archivist> http://www.timhunkin.com/a177_victorian-nanotech.htm
[02:56:11] <witnit> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROH8QGOj5KY
[02:57:55] <witnit> archivist: that stuff is super cool
[02:58:02] <witnit> I dont have the patients for it
[02:58:03] <XXCoder> whats that machine making wit
[02:58:26] <witnit> i dunno, lots of times its spring clamps
[02:58:43] <witnit> or some little bracket with a couple bends
[02:59:14] <XXCoder> watch makers and maintance
[02:59:18] <XXCoder> way behind me
[02:59:26] <witnit> http://www.bazzhouston.com/fourslide.html
[03:00:44] <witnit> maybe I should make a little machine shop at this scale, but all cnc
[03:00:47] <witnit> https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/18/2f/4e/182f4eea4969e5804d11305ef01f7cc4.jpg
[03:00:48] <XXCoder> archivist: dang
[03:00:58] <XXCoder> chain in watch clock? thats so tiny
[03:01:04] <witnit> and a little robotic arm, the works
[03:04:18] <XXCoder> fully functional?
[03:10:13] <witnit> yah
[03:10:39] <XXCoder> wow what can it cut?
[03:11:04] <witnit> oh that guys little mill? haha I dunno
[03:11:19] <witnit> probably alot and way better than most benchtop mills
[03:12:11] <XXCoder> lol
[03:12:18] <XXCoder> I wonder if can cut alum
[03:13:02] <witnit> http://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/jordan.htm
[03:13:24] <witnit> working 1/5th scale http://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/images/Jordan14.JPG
[03:14:19] <witnit> ok, this little mill is sic http://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/images/Jordan10.JPG
[03:14:51] <witnit> he used this little mill to make the other little machine hhahaha it even has a little microscope on it... i think
[03:15:24] <XXCoder> watchmaker mill heh
[03:16:19] <archivist> I have met that Jordan fella
[03:16:21] <XXCoder> uh
[03:16:27] <XXCoder> smaller and smaller..
[03:16:36] <XXCoder> one is so tiny its covered by glass
[03:16:45] <witnit> archivist: awesome
[03:16:53] <witnit> how did that come about?
[03:17:09] <archivist> he was showing at one of the model shows
[03:17:17] <XXCoder> 3 volt battery
[03:17:59] <witnit> I would be using them in the hotel, at the kitchen table, you nameit
[03:18:11] <XXCoder> http://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/images/Jordan03.JPG
[03:18:20] <XXCoder> it looks completely normal.
[03:18:42] <XXCoder> till you realize switches is HUGE if it was regular size
[03:19:12] <witnit> image a cnc conversion on a couple of such machines
[03:19:29] <XXCoder> honestly I'd start with new base not conversion
[03:19:39] <XXCoder> micro cnc mill sounds awesome though
[03:19:47] <witnit> you could walk around with entire working machine shop in a suitcase
[03:19:55] <witnit> with a shipping department
[03:21:50] <witnit> lets all chip in and build a 5 axis cnc mill/lathe with barloader that fits in your briefcase, im pretty sure we could pull it off
[03:22:52] <archivist> I know a welder who takes his suitcase loco layout with him
[03:23:07] <witnit> nice
[03:23:21] <archivist> see last images http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchv4page=1&searchstr=7mm
[03:24:02] <witnit> ohhh nice
[03:24:18] <witnit> with tunnel?!
[03:24:23] <witnit> saaaayyy whatt
[03:24:47] <XXCoder> nice
[03:24:51] <witnit> this thing looks REALLY handy http://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/images/Jordan25.JPG
[03:25:01] <witnit> I would def use this all the time if I had one around
[03:31:13] <archivist> like me and model tools, I use them, need to remake the wood chisel, seems to have gone missing
[04:21:52] <witnit> much more linux jobs out there than when I looked 10 years ago
[04:22:01] <XXCoder> yeah
[04:22:12] <XXCoder> linux is much more common os than windows and apple now
[04:35:02] <witnit> there is this old shop around here wants me to replace their OS with linux and do some backup/networking for them.... I havent done computer work since I used windows which was MANY moons ago... I wonder what the value of such work is
[04:36:11] <witnit> they say, we want basic internet stuff and the printer to work, and automatic backups
[04:37:35] <witnit> I should figure out what model printer they have, set everything up on live usb sticks and just drop them in their mailbox. be like.. gl welcome to linux
[04:38:00] <archivist> but...their accounting stuff they are using and used to, is probably on M$
[04:38:45] <witnit> yeah, I told them they would keep their accounting machine up to date with M$ and the rest would be for basic... stuff
[04:39:28] <witnit> IMO the machine you use for accounting should not also be used for internet browsings and emailings but that just me
[04:39:43] <archivist> getting printers to work in linux across a network with printermakers only providing M$ drivers
[04:39:58] <witnit> brother has been pretty good to me
[04:40:16] <witnit> they seem to have good linux drivers so far
[04:41:06] <archivist> actually company I sometimes do IT for has the accounts prog update itself with new rules, and talks to the taxman over internet
[04:41:32] <archivist> really stuck on M$ for them
[04:42:02] <archivist> their website is on linux though
[04:42:33] <witnit> its really messed up how they hit people year after year with fees because they get them roped in and hooked on their product in such ways
[04:42:50] <archivist> I hate that too
[04:43:24] <witnit> like what happened to going to the store to buy a game for your console.... now you have to order some service to play the game, afte ryou bought it and the console? whats next they charge you to play it while forcing you to watch advertisments
[04:43:33] <archivist> but these days that deals with changing tax rules as well
[04:48:15] <witnit> I will never own a console I can't bring myself to say "I can pay monthly to play a game I already bought over the internet services I already pay for on a console which costs like half a grand" nothing against you if you do this... its just like sand in my eyes to think about
[04:49:12] <XXCoder> yeah i'll never own a console either
[04:49:23] <XXCoder> funny a little bit because I do own few controllers lol
[04:50:11] <witnit> I remember when you could go to the store spend $20 on game of the year and play it for the next 5 years on free servers... I mean srsly WTF happened
[04:50:33] <archivist> they learned how to make a bigger profit
[04:50:55] <XXCoder> theres few games that has server setups
[04:50:57] <XXCoder> like everquest
[04:51:02] <XXCoder> but tend to suck
[04:51:17] <witnit> people learned how to accept it. Im still pissed I dont have someone taking my groceries to my car for me anymore.
[04:51:32] <witnit> or like, gas stations where THEY pump the gas
[04:51:37] <XXCoder> example http://luniserver.com/
[04:52:18] <witnit> I wonder how long it will be before the internet is taken from us
[04:52:34] <XXCoder> depends on your country
[04:52:43] <witnit> like, you have to use your dna to even get on the internet
[04:52:55] <XXCoder> "ultrareal ID system"
[04:53:02] <witnit> im still worried about losing cash
[04:53:15] <XXCoder> too flipping bad for same type twin/more
[04:53:18] <witnit> i dont have any credit cards in my name
[04:54:48] <witnit> i suppose by the time i hit an age these things will be really important to people i'll hopefully be too old to care
[05:05:14] <witnit> fruitflys are magical creatures. I get a cantaloupe cut it. place in fridge. put rinds in air tight container to be taken to garden later. open container 48 hours later 6 fruitflys buzz away.
[05:05:31] <witnit> how do they even
[05:06:20] <XXCoder> they have one of best smelling abilies of all
[05:06:33] <XXCoder> overpower it with bait
[05:07:53] <witnit> hahah top result on google. like a wiki or something "These little guys can smell fermenting goodness from far away. It often seems like fruit flies just appear out of nowhere. In fact, it appeared that way to so many people that they believed that fruit flies were a product of spontaneous generation — spawned supernaturally from rotting fruit or meat.Mar 8, 2012"
[05:44:46] <witnit> wheres macg when I need him, chess anyone?
[05:46:10] <XXCoder> witnit: yeah they are very good
[05:50:39] <witnit> click this if you want to jump in https://lichess.org/fNZ0EsBb
[05:50:55] <witnit> I played a couple guys but when they started to lose they just bailed
[05:51:08] <XXCoder> not good gamer on that one lol
[05:51:13] <witnit> doesnt matter
[05:51:14] <witnit> :)
[05:51:18] <witnit> get gud
[05:52:06] <XXCoder> heh dont recall some rules.
[05:52:27] <witnit> best way to learn, get wrecked
[06:12:30] <pjm> thanks for the 7i43 help last night, linuxcnc now running at current version ;-)
[06:44:18] <witnit> nice, what is your machine?
[06:49:26] <pjm> its http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Pjm just a small homemade mill
[06:49:47] <pjm> made out of an old large-format engraving machine
[06:49:56] <witnit> sweeet
[06:50:06] <witnit> lots of work into that
[06:51:15] <pjm> yeah it took a while but its great, mostly use it for making pcb's and small microwave waveguide parts etc
[06:51:25] <witnit> I found out pretty quickly on my first few builds, a bigger enclosure is nice to learn on
[06:51:26] <pjm> just cad'ing up a slot antenna for 10GHz
[06:51:47] <witnit> im bad at keeping good documentation tho and have to constantly trace wiring hahaha
[06:51:52] <pjm> yeah i think if i did this again i would do completly seperate enclosures for digital stuff and DC / stepper stuff
[06:52:40] <pjm> i got parts for a 4th axis as well so need to get that completed
[06:53:11] <witnit> I found out, its nice to build your high voltage enclosure and just cable it to a secondary enclosure with your controls in it. If you use large enough conduit you can slip the green connectors through and swap out your control boxes quickly
[06:53:34] <pjm> yeah thats a good idea, i had a lot of issues with VFD noise getting into logic
[06:53:47] <pjm> but managed to fix it with a super nice AC mains filter
[06:53:51] <witnit> this seemed to help with temp and noise
[06:54:56] <pjm> the only thing i do need to re-add is the VFD breaking resistor
[07:01:04] <witnit> recently I started using these between boxes for the 7i37 IO
[07:01:07] <witnit> http://www.igus.com/iPro/iPro_01_0011_0001_USen.htm?c=US&l=en
[07:03:01] <witnit> really super handy since im always moving controls around and testing different things sometimes they go to a control panel, other times its to relays or pneumatic valves
[07:05:27] <witnit> this last build I did I made a pendant to control this spindle unit, but once it was programmed and ready I would unplug the pendant and then plug in a 110v relay board in an enclosure which talked to another machine to control its cycles
[07:10:36] <JT-Mobile> Morning
[07:11:38] <witnit> morning!
[07:11:51] <pjm> witnit, yeah those multiways look pretty nice actually
[07:12:07] <pjm> I'm just reading thru the updates in 2.7.7
[07:12:11] <pjm> since i was on 2.5 something
[07:31:38] <JT-Mobile> I'm running 2.7 on 3 machines on Ubuntu 10.04
[07:57:50] <JT-Mobile> They tried to deliver the hot glue machine yesterday but I was not there. Dang that is fast
[09:03:17] <witnit> malcom2073: did you do a custom headless machine or a standard install of linuxcnc and vnc into the desktop? (im not really sure the difference)
[09:14:33] <JT-Mobile> zlog
[09:59:49] <witnit> anyone know of a quick and dirty way to disable all input from touchy with a physical switch? for times like when cleaning screen?
[10:02:06] <archivist> when the machine is powered off!
[10:02:51] <witnit> thats not really convenient
[10:03:35] <archivist> one of the reasons I am not a fan of touch screens
[10:04:35] <witnit> I never used one before, but if im going to be working with them I would prefer they have a safe lockout when not in use
[10:05:38] <witnit> all someone has to do is brush up to one with an elbow or something and they go bonkers. which is much different than a spring loaded physical switch
[10:07:37] <archivist> but on a real keyboard machine you would power down first
[10:08:08] <archivist> just put a fold over plastic shield
[10:10:17] <witnit> I think Ill just remove the on screen estop and then figure out a way to turn touchscreen on and off with a switch. that way if it gets left off, people arent looking for a touchscreen estop
[10:11:19] <witnit> disables just the touchscreen and has auxillary power, start and stop buttons
[10:43:12] <witnit> welp i guess its about time I figure out this headless build, would like to set up two screens though, a view only that hosts a panel optimized for a cellphone or tablet and a second one to remote into the machine
[11:03:34] <MacGalempsy> mornin
[11:04:13] <witnit> mornin!
[11:04:31] <MacGalempsy> hey :) up and at it already?
[11:04:52] <witnit> yeah working on this headless linuxcnc jazz
[11:05:03] <MacGalempsy> ?
[11:05:11] <witnit> should be a nice thing to have buttoned up when I get it all figured out
[11:05:48] <MacGalempsy> headless?
[11:05:58] <witnit> I want to have a usb stick that autoboots, starts the machine up, and hosts two separate xservers, one for a cellphone/tablet and another for a remote screen to do programming and such
[11:05:59] <MacGalempsy> so just movements?
[11:06:15] <witnit> just a pc and controls no monitor
[11:06:17] <MacGalempsy> cool. sounds complex
[11:07:25] <witnit> I already got the autoboot and start up the program figured out, and automatic vnc hosting so I can remotely connect if anything goes wrong or need attention such as a new program to run or tweaking offsets.
[11:08:05] <witnit> the next step is getting it to do two xservers so I can start something like gremlin_view on a second vnc and connect to it with another device
[11:08:20] <MacGalempsy> how many units will you control at once?
[11:10:07] <Kevin`> witnit: run the vnc server by itself, it creates an x server
[11:10:38] <witnit> currently 2 axis and possibly a spindle per pc but then each 7i37 talks to a central PLC which tells each unit to go and waits for them to tell it they are finished with the cycle
[11:12:12] <witnit> kevin, if I tell it host a vnc server is there a common practice way to disable to current X that boots and feeds the video card?
[11:12:51] <Kevin`> witnit: there's two different X servers you (probably) have available, and two different types of vnc server
[11:13:18] <Kevin`> witnit: there's Xorg that talks to hardware, xvnc that talks to (only) vnc, a vnc server that mirrors a physical display, and one that uses xvnc
[11:13:22] <witnit> if you are in the mood for educating im in the mood to listen =D
[11:13:53] <Kevin`> if you start vnc with 'vncserver' it's completely unrelated to physical hardware and makes a new session
[11:14:11] <witnit> in order to get linuxcnc fully functional without a client pc attached at all what is my preferred route?
[11:14:52] <Kevin`> I would prefer some native networked client/server thing, but I think support for that is limited compared to the lazy way of just running axis in vnc
[11:15:29] <Kevin`> there are some options available, but when I looked at it it looked like annoying to set up for my home use
[11:15:41] <Kevin`> brb food
[11:16:22] <MacGalempsy> witnit: for the price of a unit, wouldnt a small touchscreen be useful?
[11:16:41] <witnit> I was under the impression I could create a "dummy" screen which would handle this portion of the problem and would not use much resources then I would be able to host two separate vncservers
[11:17:21] <witnit> well there really isnt a place for them or need as each machine could have up to 12 pcs and an operator would only want a single client pc to access each
[11:19:47] <witnit> which in some cases wont even be in the same room when uploading new programs. the machines are kind of like... set it and forget it type of build. the interface is handled entirely from another control panel. even the estop loop is handled elseware
[11:20:31] <MacGalempsy> oh, ok
[11:20:48] <MacGalempsy> hence running from a tablet
[11:22:15] <MacGalempsy> anyone in here use or build an autodesk ember?
[11:24:12] <witnit> yeah mostly the guys will look and see what the program plotter is running and maybe a spreadsheet of sorts to display the jobs and allow a person to read a setup sheet saying what tooling goes with each job and so forth
[11:56:13] <witnit> neat http://nanotechweb.org/cws/article/tech/66462
[11:59:50] <MacGalempsy> too organic for this geologist
[12:01:12] <MacGalempsy> after searching for a bit, i have yet to find an actual diy build of an ember
[12:01:38] <MacGalempsy> the entire bom and cad is available from autodesk
[12:09:44] <JT-Mobile> zlog
[12:10:45] <MacGalempsy> jt how was the wedding?
[13:20:49] <IchGucksLive> hi
[13:20:54] <MacGalempsy> :)
[13:21:20] <MacGalempsy> making anything today?
[13:21:52] <IchGucksLive> lots of rain today here in germany
[13:22:00] <IchGucksLive> tomorrow is holiday
[13:22:20] <IchGucksLive> independenceday the us may say
[13:23:07] <Deejay> very few rain here in germany
[13:23:18] <Deejay> hope it will give more rain
[13:24:25] <IchGucksLive> we had enove here in the south
[13:24:56] <IchGucksLive> Deejay: do you got the date of our fair here its maybe a kind of linuxcnc guys meeting also
[13:25:25] <Deejay> nope
[13:25:55] <IchGucksLive> http://webseite.sorotec.de/wir-stellen-aus/
[13:26:26] <MacGalempsy> looks like fun.
[13:27:08] <MacGalempsy> it would be cool to organize a few regional events, national and international
[13:27:20] <Deejay> hmm, thats at the worlds end ;)
[13:27:38] <IchGucksLive> Rheinmünster is in the middle of the Hobby cnc
[13:28:06] <MacGalempsy> :)
[13:28:30] <MacGalempsy> deejay, any new equipment builds lately?
[13:28:34] <IchGucksLive> Loetmichel_: are you on
[13:28:44] <Deejay> MacGalempsy, nope :(
[13:29:08] <MacGalempsy> awww. is the baler still going strong?
[13:29:18] <IchGucksLive> is there a probe that is alredy made for a good price somewhere
[13:29:50] <MacGalempsy> IchGucksLive: what kind of probe?
[13:30:09] <IchGucksLive> only for hole so straight pin isolated D6mm
[13:30:14] <IchGucksLive> both sides
[13:30:49] <IchGucksLive> i think i will dril the hole myself and make a 2end pin probe in pvc
[13:30:56] <MacGalempsy> there are a few topics in rhe forum
[13:31:17] <IchGucksLive> i looked at and find them overclocked
[13:33:30] <IchGucksLive> Gn8
[13:53:55] <MacGalempsy> everyone must be resting today
[13:56:08] <archivist> or browsing ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191984520519
[13:58:40] <CaptHindsight> MacGalempsy: they are planning their holiday celebrations, Halloween etc etc
[14:14:03] <CaptHindsight> MacGalempsy: the Ember uses the same ARM soc as the BBB so it can use Linuxcnc or machinekit
[14:14:52] <MacGalempsy> cool. looking at the fusion 360 model now
[14:15:04] <CaptHindsight> firmware https://github.com/spark3dp/ember-firmware?__hssc=109250906.1.1475433785882&__hstc=109250906.1b439642986a2e53c573c50179e0080d.1475433785882.1475433785882.1475433785882.1&__hsfp=2364828520&hsCtaTracking=ea006bed-7283-4ddd-9550-6e67d0c2073c%7C6f3bc4d9-9d80-4196-b6e0-c23648ef988a
[14:17:32] <MacGalempsy> i wonder why they couldnt just use the bbb?
[14:17:46] <MacGalempsy> over achieving and the need to be different?
[14:18:04] <CaptHindsight> MacGalempsy: you can get better and faster prints using a DLP projector Top-Down
[14:18:19] <CaptHindsight> but patents
[14:19:06] <CaptHindsight> the problem with bottom up SLA/DLP are the stresses placed on the parts during each layer separation
[14:19:07] <MacGalempsy> ah ok. whats your highest res cap?
[14:19:15] <CaptHindsight> sub micron
[14:19:53] <CaptHindsight> 2-photon polymerization gets you down to to about 200nm features
[14:20:12] <MacGalempsy> wow. what does that baby run $$?
[14:20:50] <CaptHindsight> depends mostly on the picosecond laser
[14:21:06] <MacGalempsy> a jewelry maker friend is looking to get into cnc for ring molds
[14:21:10] <CaptHindsight> but you can get just below 1um using an inverse microscope and DLP
[14:22:03] <MacGalempsy> she probably doesnt need sub micron
[14:22:21] <CaptHindsight> http://openlunchbox.com/smf/index.php?topic=40.0
[14:24:48] <MacGalempsy> sub $1000!
[14:34:26] <MacGalempsy> amazing. wonder what kind of stepper cost 70?
[14:37:05] <CaptHindsight> the $70 ones :)
[14:39:14] <CaptHindsight> MacGalempsy: I have to finish the graphical part of Linuxcnc with a DLP
[14:40:12] <CaptHindsight> people have just used HAL to sync a projector to motion but it has no graphical front end
[14:43:12] <MacGalempsy> hmm.
[14:43:29] <MacGalempsy> cap is that your article?
[14:43:37] <CaptHindsight> nope
[14:46:53] <CaptHindsight> MacGalempsy: you want top build a printer with a much flexibility as possible to adjust the power level, exposure time as well as any motion
[14:47:27] <CaptHindsight> otherwise you get cornered into using a limited range of resins
[14:48:03] <CaptHindsight> it's what people discover after they spend >$3K on something like a Form1/2
[14:50:13] <SpeedEvil> yeah. just spec it right to begin with. I recommend starting with something with enough power to sinter glass.
[15:04:24] <CaptHindsight> <100W Nd:YAG laser to selectively sinter glass powders http://ac.els-cdn.com/S1875389214002636/1-s2.0-S1875389214002636-main.pdf?_tid=39e19fa2-88d7-11e6-905b-00000aab0f27&acdnat=1475437045_35e155fc73d7584d2aa1d199636d6904
[15:13:56] <SpeedEvil> :)
[16:25:47] <Deejay> gn8
[18:06:01] <andypugh> Well, the guy who tried to offer me £1500 for my LatheMill just won the auction at £1020. Which, actually, I am fairly happy with. £1500 seemed too muuch.
[18:08:29] <Polymorphism> nicely done
[18:10:23] <Duc_main> dang but now you have ebay fees
[19:08:37] <JT-Mobile> zlog
[19:11:02] <JT-Mobile> Heading to the house tomorrow
[19:29:00] <Erant> pcw_mesa: Figured out my joint following error...
[19:29:27] <Erant> Turns out I've been running LinuxCNC misconfigured for the past year :)
[19:29:37] <CaptHindsight> been there, done that
[19:30:33] <Erant> So going to sit down tonight and really tighten up all the calibration and whatnot (all the parts I skipped when I first set the thing up, 'cuz I just wanted to make parts and hey, it _seems_ to work correctly)
[19:37:01] <Duc_main> what did you have configured wrong
[19:40:42] * Erant whistles
[19:40:49] <Erant> The PID.
[19:41:21] <Erant> pncconf had set the tuning to P = 50, and all the other parameters to 0.
[19:42:35] <Erant> Or rather, I had, probably. I was somehow assuming at the time that that was only relevant if LinuxCNC was doing the servo control (I have external servo controllers with an RS485 feedback instead. So they get fed by STEP/DIR)
[19:43:41] <Erant> Just having P set means you have a constant following error. When I tried setting the joint speed to about... 80IPM, the constant following error exceeded the FERROR (which was pretty big)
[19:44:20] <Erant> So no matter how much I jiggled the stepgen velocity and accel, it always had a joint following error.
[19:44:42] <Erant> Anyway, so now I'm going to sit down and write myself a proper HAL
[19:46:40] <Duc_main> live and learn
[19:48:57] <Erant> Always
[19:54:31] <gregcnc> i thought you don't need any pid for step/dir
[19:56:12] <Erant> gregcnc: Trying to see what the best way is now.
[19:56:35] <gregcnc> i think this is relevant http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/config/stepper-diagnostics.html#_error_messages
[19:57:40] <Erant> gregcnc: Those are mostly for parport related issues though, I think.
[19:57:47] <Erant> I have a 5i25.
[19:58:26] <gregcnc> ok, that is different iirc
[19:58:39] <Erant> (Also, I'll be honest, I also thought the PID wasn't needed.)
[20:00:04] <Erant> https://github.com/ianmcmahon/linuxcnc_configs/blob/master/laser/laser.hal
[20:00:23] <Erant> Looking at this one, it has a 5i25 with a couple of stepgens, and no PID, so.
[20:02:00] <Erant> Looks easy enough, let's give that a shot.
[20:02:26] <Erant> bbiab, if I don't come back it, it either worked wonderfully and my machine has never been better... or it exploded.
[20:10:24] <pcw_home> PID is fine, P should be 1/servo thread period, FF1 should be 1.000
[20:11:47] <Erant> Is there an advantage to doing PID?
[20:11:57] <pcw_home> Running the stepgen in PID mode is more robust WRT servo thread jitter so its a
[20:11:59] <pcw_home> better general solution than the drivers built in position mode
[20:13:40] <pcw_home> If you have a metric system you need to set PID maxerror larger also (PnCConf sets it to like .0005 which is fine for inch machines but fails on metric)
[20:15:42] <pcw_home> so if you set P to 1000, and pid maxerror so say.01 for a metric machine all should be fine
[20:16:32] <Erant> So P basically becomes servo thread frequency?
[20:17:56] <pcw_home> yes (it can be lower but no higher)
[20:18:50] <Erant> k. Going to go get PnCConf to regen the HAL.
[20:19:00] <Erant> (I may or may not have busted it... a little...)
[20:19:19] <Erant> Who needs backups ;)
[20:19:35] <pcw_home> P of 1/servo thread period means that measured stepgen position errors are fixed in the next period (like the built in position mode)
[20:19:45] <gregcnc> backups are easier when the powersupply pukes and takes out eveything in the box
[20:19:57] <gregcnc> or the HDD drops dead
[20:20:10] <gregcnc> ask me how i know
[20:20:13] <Erant> Oh, I know... I should. I will, actually.
[20:20:14] <Erant> Hehe
[20:20:27] <pcw_home> P > 1/servo period means correction overshoot (and oscillation)
[20:29:36] <Crom> wooo hooo Andy's lathe/mill went for 1020 pounds
[20:37:43] <gregcnc> pound per pound was it a fair price?
[20:38:17] <CaptHindsight> he was happy
[20:40:17] <gregcnc> making drawbar adapter tomorrow. I wonder if a have an M12 tap, or a tread mill large enough
[20:40:31] <gregcnc> heck i wonder where my taps are after the great flood
[20:40:57] <XXCoder> ,
[20:55:57] <MacGalempsy> gregcnc: feel the same way after a workshop rearrangement
[20:56:46] <gregcnc> I still have to refill a few drawers in the toolbox
[21:08:31] <gregcnc> "How many chucks could a big chuck chuck if a big chuck could chuck chucks?" https://www.instagram.com/p/BLCi4R2AgkG/
[21:09:17] <XXCoder> chucks all way up
[21:12:52] <MacGalempsy> chuckle it up guys
[21:13:25] <XXCoder> chucks that chuckle all way up
[21:13:59] * MacGalempsy chuckles
[21:14:30] <Cromaglious_> Hmmm I've chucked a chuck which chucked a chuck...
[21:15:29] <Cromaglious_> 6" 4 jaw, chucking a 1/3" jacobs, chucking a dremel collet chuck
[21:15:40] <Cromaglious_> 1/2" jacobs
[21:16:25] <gregcnc> I have to make a chuck to hold a chuck so it can be modified
[21:16:50] <Cromaglious_> modified on the back or front?
[21:17:40] <gregcnc> both front and back of milling bt30 chuck
[21:18:13] <XXCoder> I guess front would be pretty easy if you need say face it off or something
[21:18:20] <XXCoder> what mods do you need anyway
[21:18:26] <Cromaglious_> if you need access to the back... just take a back plate and turn it down so the chuck can hold it
[21:19:44] <Cromaglious_> or if you have a collet chuck... chuck up some round stock and have the chuck hold that
[21:20:14] <Cromaglious_> hmmm arduino 1.6.12 is out
[21:20:25] <XXCoder> if facing back off, how ensure parallelism?
[21:21:12] <Cromaglious_> indicate and use jacks to square it
[21:21:25] <XXCoder> interesting
[21:21:38] <Cromaglious_> or bump it
[21:24:22] <gregcnc> http://www.dieselrc.com/x/temp/2015_11_06_2058.jpg
[21:25:13] <XXCoder> 608 bearing?
[21:25:33] <gregcnc> 6005
[21:25:43] <XXCoder> interesting, looks similiar.
[21:26:51] <Cromaglious_> ahhh it's a BT30 collet chuck...
[21:26:58] <Cromaglious_> what's with the bearing?
[21:27:44] <gregcnc> fits an Emco turret like VMC100, PCMill 125
[22:02:37] <Erant> Set P to 500, FF1 to 1, looks like it works. (I'll bing up the scope later and make sure the error's not too bad. If it is, I'll increase P to 1000)
[22:03:33] <pink_vampire> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA17JWZctiQ
[22:03:42] <pink_vampire> not a cnc - but cool
[22:03:55] <XXCoder> hey
[22:03:57] <XXCoder> watching
[22:04:02] <Erant> Though 80IPM is a little scary with a 20TPI leadscrew, to be honest :/
[22:04:44] <XXCoder> you sure title isnt backwards? ;)
[22:09:19] <Erant> So I think I'm going to be replacing the leadnuts at least, either Delrin or bronze.
[22:09:51] <XXCoder> bronze leadnuts?
[22:10:30] <pink_vampire> Erant: I'm using the general stuff from ebay, 1605 ans 2005 ball screw, they have 5mm pitch (close to 5 tpi)
[22:10:37] * Erant points to andypugh and archivist.
[22:10:42] <pink_vampire> and*
[22:11:29] <Erant> pink_vampire: Mine's too small for ball screws. Unless I can somehow find a reasonably priced anti-backlash 8mm 1-2mm pitch ballscrew setup.
[22:11:55] <pink_vampire> any pics?
[22:11:58] <Erant> The 8mm diameter makes me a little uncomfortable, but they say 2300N load.
[22:12:06] <Erant> It's an X1 micromill.
[22:12:24] <Erant> The distance between the X and Y stages is only about... 22, 23mm.
[22:13:44] <Erant> I also have no problem using the leadscrews. Most of my cutting happens below 30IPM anyway, unless it's HDPE which goes at however-fast-the-thing-moves.
[22:14:46] <Erant> Plus my servos are, like, 5000RPM ones so unless I feel like adding gearing...
[22:15:42] <Erant> Right now I could go to 250IPM, in theory :P (Let's not do that...)
[22:18:24] <pink_vampire> same issue with my machine, very fast servos, but not enough travel to really accelerate slow, and not enough stiffness to accelerate fast, so I ens up using 1000mm/min for the x,y and 600-800mm/min for the z
[22:18:50] <pink_vampire> 1000=39ipm
[22:21:03] <pink_vampire> Erant: it's fast enough for wood and plastics and also the rapid moves are fast enough for the relatively short travel
[22:23:04] <Crom> I'm lucky to get 200mm/m
[22:23:21] <Crom> cheap ass chinese NEMA23 steppers
[22:24:37] <pink_vampire> even with 200mm/min you can do very nice cuts.
[22:25:03] <Crom> just not with these 4 flute 6mm end mills
[22:25:29] <pink_vampire> almost all my metal cuts done at 150mm/min or slower
[22:25:46] <pink_vampire> what is your spindle speed?
[22:26:05] <Crom> 400w DC up to 12000
[22:26:32] <Crom> at about 10% it'll get down to 50rpm or so
[22:26:39] <Crom> loaded
[22:26:55] <Erant> pink_vampire: Really? I do aluminum roughing at, like... 650mm/min.
[22:27:19] <Crom> just ordered some 3mm and 4mm 100mm long carbide end mills
[22:27:32] <Erant> Crom: 4" long?!
[22:27:45] <Crom> err sorry 75mm long
[22:28:02] <Crom> they have 100mm long ones
[22:28:25] <pink_vampire> my spindle can go up to 1000 rpm
[22:28:39] <Erant> That's still pretty damn long for a 1/8" end mill
[22:29:06] <Crom> I'd really like 63mm long... I can trim them
[22:29:08] <Erant> pink_vampire: Huh. That's interestingly low. But I assume it has a decent amount of torque to run big end-mills.
[22:29:27] <Crom> I need 1.4" of stick out
[22:29:41] <Erant> For the FCG?
[22:29:48] <Crom> yep
[22:30:00] <Crom> the trigger hole
[22:30:14] <Crom> I'll try the 3mm first
[22:30:42] <Erant> I suggest drilling out as much as you can first...
[22:31:07] <Erant> Have you measured the runout on your spindle and collets?
[22:31:08] <pink_vampire> i'm using 9/16" for roughing, then 3/8" then 1/8" and smallers if i need.
[22:31:38] <Erant> pink_vampire: Face-mills?
[22:31:52] <pink_vampire> no. 4f hss
[22:32:06] <Erant> 1/8" sounds like a pain at 1000RPM.
[22:32:18] <Erant> It's painful enough at 5k
[22:32:31] <pink_vampire> yes, and it's a carabide so...
[22:42:39] <Erant> pink_vampire: What mill is this?
[22:42:49] <pink_vampire> g0704
[22:44:55] <pink_vampire> the spindle can go up to 2000rpm, but it get hot, so in about 1000rpm it can go for hours..
[22:46:45] <Erant> Weird. What gets hot? Bearings?
[22:47:05] <pink_vampire> motor, bearings, etc
[22:47:28] <pink_vampire> they even say that
[22:48:23] <renesis> that sounds really shitty for CNC
[22:51:10] <pink_vampire> yes, it's not ideal for a cnc.
[23:53:26] <Crom> when did you get a G0704?
[23:54:43] <Crom> for 1/2" tooling and up, I don't think 1000 is too fast
[23:55:23] <Crom> I need to find some 2.25" round bar...
[23:55:47] <Crom> or schedule 160 pipe
[23:57:04] <Crom> 2" would work