#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-09-17

[02:30:39] <Deejay> moin
[05:25:21] <SpeedEvil> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UNZf2-I234 On the topic of tool abuse barely going right.
[05:26:24] <XXCoder> looking
[05:28:35] <XXCoder> crazy
[06:34:50] <malcom2073_> SpeedEvil: Russia, or India I wonder?
[06:35:38] <XXCoder> or good ol' usa :P
[08:02:37] <developper> Hello , how can i fix this error when running linuxcnc with a custum gui : 'no module named emc' ?
[08:04:28] <archivist> I imagine that custom gui dates from before we had to change name
[08:09:05] <developper> how change them?
[08:14:06] <archivist> I would ask person who wrote the gui
[08:15:07] <archivist> or look at its source code
[08:19:23] <Tom_itx> that or go back to the emc it was written for
[08:42:07] <enleth> malcom2073_: could very well be the US, half of backhoe fuckery videos I've seen were definitely made in the US
[08:42:37] <enleth> it's when one backhoe lifts another to do this that you can assume it's Russian
[08:44:37] <_methods> yeah pretty sure that is usa
[08:44:52] <_methods> sticker on the window looks like a state sticker
[08:45:21] <_methods> towards the end of the video you can see some signage on the windows
[08:46:05] <developper> 'Hal_Gremlin objet has no attribute 'logger' ' how fix this error??
[08:46:09] <_methods> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1CMSV81_ws
[08:46:21] <_methods> way more fun than the river
[08:47:07] <archivist> good job no phones existed when two forklifts and me in a tractor lifted a 40 trailer for another to reverse under
[08:47:53] <Tom_itx> i'm kinda partial to this one: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/women_vs_men/9.jpg
[08:48:09] <_methods> hahah
[08:48:13] <_methods> break time bitches
[08:48:31] <Tom_itx> http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/women_vs_men/whymendie_index.php
[08:48:39] <Tom_itx> there's the rest of the page
[08:49:06] <_methods> oh damn i love that "car lift"
[08:50:13] <archivist> the pic out there with sprags and a guy welding under
[08:51:13] <archivist> http://www.weldmyworld.com/.a/6a0120a57627b9970b015435f7f507970c-pi
[08:51:23] <_methods> yeah lol
[08:51:30] <_methods> i think i have that pic saved somewhere
[08:52:11] <Tom_itx> what's wrong with that? he put a block behind the wheel
[08:52:51] <Tom_itx> i like some of those 3rd world country welding pics
[08:52:58] <_methods> its kinda like committing crimes, none of them are illegal if you don't get caught
[09:44:53] <MacGalempsy> morning
[09:51:25] <MacGalempsy> slow day...
[10:54:15] <IchGucksLive> hi
[11:09:42] <FloppyDisk525> :-)
[11:16:00] <MacGalempsy> :)
[11:39:18] <FloppyDisk525> somebody stole ur nose...
[12:31:19] <Erant> I have a less-than-rigid mill, if I had to pick between annealed 4140 and 4140 pre-hard, which would I go for? With the knowledge I'd probably have to then harden the annealed 4140 (but probably leave the pre-hard).
[12:31:56] <Erant> I have no issues taking shallower cuts on the pre-hard.
[12:33:22] <archivist> sometimes you have to get under a skin from the last pass, materials that work harden
[12:34:06] <archivist> the number means nothing to me being a murican standard
[12:35:38] <asdfasd> someone with experience in plastic welding?
[12:38:13] <enleth> Erant: get some chromoly if you want machinable but hard enough to skip hardening for many use cases
[12:38:56] <Erant> archivist: I don't think it's a work-hardening material.
[12:39:24] <Erant> enleth: Yeah, 4140 is an alloy steel as it is.
[12:41:05] <enleth> ah, ok
[12:41:26] <Erant> It's for a bolt for a rifle. So I think I'll just get the annealed stuff and make a couple. See how well I do hardening one of them.
[12:42:14] <enleth> so I've had 50CrMo4, which is I think 4150, do pretty well for stuff that would normally need hardening after machining
[12:44:28] <enleth> got the trick from This Old Tony, he made toolholders out of annealed 50CrMo4
[12:45:19] <Erant> Huh. All I've read about 4150 is that it's significantly more of a bitch to machine.
[12:46:23] <enleth> it turns nicely, milling it is a bit of a PITA though
[12:46:39] <Erant> Yeah, it'll be largely milling.
[12:46:41] <enleth> but if my clapped out bridgeport can do it, it's definitely possible
[12:46:44] <Erant> :)
[12:46:52] <roycroft> 4140 is a chrome moly alloy that easily case hardens
[12:47:10] <Erant> Oh that'd be excellent.
[12:47:28] <roycroft> and if case hardening is what you need, then get it annealed, machine it, and case harden it
[12:47:53] <Erant> Keep it hard on the outside for wear, and squishy on the inside to take that jolt when it gets slammed back.
[12:50:19] <roycroft> i'm most familiar with it from my days working in a bicycle shop
[12:50:27] <roycroft> high end bike frames are often made of 4140
[12:50:43] <roycroft> it's also used for auto engines - it's excellent for crankshafts and camshafts
[12:50:52] <roycroft> i believe it's popular with gunsmiths as well
[12:50:59] <enleth> maybe try doing your own hardening? it's not going to be a big part, so a makeshift heat chamber made out of rockwool and some bricks should do - if you have a high temperature thermocouple or a good eye for color changes
[12:51:44] <Erant> enleth: Yeah, I will. I'm obviously not making this because it's a good idea to...
[12:51:54] <Erant> The actual part costs like, $30.
[12:52:47] <Erant> I'm doing it because I want the experience. And if the experience includes hardening then great!.
[12:53:02] <Erant> Actually, I need to harden some other stuff too anyway, so.
[12:53:13] <enleth> what little experience I have with heat treatment suggests that the hard part is sometimes selecting the quenching medium properly
[12:53:24] <roycroft> you need to carburize 4140
[12:53:36] <roycroft> so it's best to light up a charcoal grill to harden it
[12:53:41] <roycroft> or put some charcoal in your oven
[12:53:54] <Erant> Sure. I'll pack it with some carbon source.
[12:53:57] <roycroft> something to feed it carbon while heating it
[12:54:47] <roycroft> you could even do it with a torch that's heavy on the acetyline
[12:55:06] <roycroft> if it's a small part you could do that with a rosebud
[12:56:06] <enleth> a rifle bolt might be manageable for a small oxy-propane torch
[12:56:44] <roycroft> you want the carbon-rich material to be in direct contact with the entire part
[12:56:49] <roycroft> which is pretty easy to do with a torch
[12:57:38] <Erant> Cool. I should fill up a McMaster cart.
[12:57:52] <Erant> For some reason Chromoly mostly seems to come in round stock...
[12:58:12] <roycroft> bicycle tubes are round
[12:58:15] <enleth> the reason being probably that it turns better than it mills
[12:58:16] <roycroft> crankshafts and camshafts are round
[12:58:29] <roycroft> gun barrels are round
[12:58:35] <roycroft> i think it's an application thing
[12:58:43] <Erant> enleth: Probably.
[12:59:04] <Erant> But I don't particularly feel like going for stainless, my little mill's going to choke on that crap.
[14:16:29] <[cube]> g'day gents
[14:16:51] <[cube]> looking to test milling some PCBs (never done it before)
[14:16:56] <[cube]> tons of software to choose from
[14:17:09] <[cube]> wondering if anyone has any recommendations
[14:17:23] <[cube]> looking at eagle right now
[14:17:26] <Tom_itx> output from eagle is ok
[14:18:56] <[cube]> i'll be using large-ish endmills
[14:19:08] <[cube]> my machine isn't exactly built for precision
[14:19:37] <[cube]> guessing there will be a lot of runout on my bosch
[14:19:52] <[cube]> what do you use Tom_itx?
[14:21:34] <Tom_itx> chinese board MFGs
[14:21:46] <[cube]> gotcha
[14:21:51] <enleth> [cube]: unless your machine is really dust-proof, mill PCBs in a tray filled with water, with the endmill tip submerged
[14:22:13] <[cube]> ehhh not sure about that
[14:22:20] <Tom_itx> fr4 & copper are both rather abrasive
[14:22:22] <[cube]> water wont mix well on my machine
[14:22:30] <Tom_itx> and toxic
[14:22:34] <[cube]> mdf / lot of exposed electronics
[14:22:40] <enleth> dry glass dust is much worse than water
[14:22:42] <[cube]> i've got the cnc out in a shed outside
[14:22:52] <[cube]> squirrel blower vent directly outside
[14:22:53] <enleth> get a deep tray, you don't need more than 1cm of water in it
[14:22:57] <[cube]> and a decent dust collector
[14:23:19] <enleth> as you wish, just keep in mind that it's safer to handle it wet
[14:23:24] <[cube]> might be worth a try enleth just to see
[14:23:31] <[cube]> yeah i get ya
[14:23:36] <enleth> a deep baking tray is fine for this
[14:23:56] <enleth> or a plastic food container
[14:24:01] <enleth> tupperware or something
[14:24:09] <[cube]> yep
[14:24:17] <[cube]> just enough to be submerged?
[14:24:54] <[cube]> i'd probably not use an engraver V bit, seem slike that would spit watter everywhere
[14:25:08] <[cube]> *water
[14:25:18] <sync> Nah
[14:25:40] <sync> It is not too bad
[14:25:46] <[cube]> k
[14:33:27] <enleth> [cube]: put cardboard splash shields on the sides, whatever, just try to stay away from having the glass dust airborne or being shaken around on the machine's table
[14:33:45] <enleth> it will get into the ballscrews and bearings and ruin your day
[14:35:00] <enleth> then dispose of the water as far as you can
[14:36:07] <[cube]> yeah makes sense
[14:36:10] <[cube]> thx for tips
[14:36:40] <[cube]> my router spits dust everywhere
[14:37:02] <[cube]> even with the shroud on
[14:37:25] <enleth> so that's bad with PCB
[14:37:49] <[cube]> :|
[14:38:35] <enleth> but water should keep it under control
[14:38:36] <[cube]> maybe i'll take a shallow plastic storage container and attach a 4" vacuum port
[14:38:53] <[cube]> and enclose as much of the area that i can
[14:39:23] <enleth> a box with a bellows top would be nice
[14:39:23] <[cube]> any idea if glass particles will flow through a cheap dust collector micron filter bag?
[14:39:58] <enleth> like the old bellows cameras, so that your spindle could move around with the small end of the bellows attached just above the toolholder
[14:40:08] <[cube]> ah yeah
[14:40:11] <[cube]> hmmm
[14:40:30] <[cube]> might be able to just hang a clear shower curtain over it
[14:40:32] <enleth> I'm pretty sure I've seen that on some industrial fiberglass milling equipment
[14:40:39] <enleth> could work, yeah
[14:41:01] <enleth> as for the filter bag - no idea, see if there's a rating on it
[14:41:11] <enleth> but I'd be cautious without a proper HEPA filter
[14:41:18] <[cube]> it's as cheap as thye come...
[14:41:20] <[cube]> was reading about them
[14:41:33] <[cube]> apparently some tiny wood particles still get through (not visible)
[14:41:41] <[cube]> and if affects air quality
[14:41:48] <[cube]> to the point where its not commercially passable
[14:42:22] <enleth> so glass is probably out too
[14:42:29] <[cube]> might get one of those tiny 2x2 pseudo sheds
[14:42:38] <[cube]> and put the whole collector outside
[14:42:58] <enleth> I know I can vacuum FR4 dust with my vacuum cleaner just fine, but it's got an expensive certified filter and they do sell a version of the same model that's actually certified for asbestos cleanup
[14:43:23] <[cube]> ah cool
[14:43:29] <enleth> that, as far as I know, only differs in the factory filters being an even more expensive type and an additional gasket somewhere
[14:43:35] <[cube]> yeah i mill a lot of mdf too which worries me
[14:43:52] <[cube]> all the binding agents in that crap
[14:44:20] <[cube]> i wear a niosh mask regardless when the machine is on
[14:44:42] <[cube]> just dont like how the dust collector is constantly agitating the dus tin the bag
[14:45:07] <[cube]> only solution really is to put it outside of the vicinity
[14:46:16] <enleth> yep
[14:46:46] <enleth> or get a HEPA vacuum and run the collector in series to collect the bigger stuff in it, if it's a cyclone type
[14:53:23] <[cube]> yeah thats not a bad idea
[15:15:34] <Erant> [cube]: Yeah, what enleth said. FR4 dust is not good for your lungs, for your machine, or really anything.
[15:15:49] <Erant> It's like thousands of tiny airborne glass shards.
[15:16:42] <Erant> If you've ever laid glass fiber insulation, you'll know the joys of that particular endeavour.
[15:32:10] <enleth> yep
[15:32:47] <enleth> remember, wash your hands *before* you go to the toilet if you're working with glass wool
[16:23:21] <Deejay> gn8
[17:34:30] <dioz> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGEubdH8m0s
[17:34:39] <dioz> jolene jolene jolene!
[17:34:46] <dioz> i'm beggin of you please don't take my man
[17:41:33] <andypugh> I did one of those “ten minute jobs” today. A always, it took a few hours…
[17:42:01] <andypugh> But I now have a bit of wood with holes in for all my ER32, ER25, ER16 and ER11 collets.
[17:42:53] <dioz> right arm
[17:43:10] <dioz> i put in ~1000 square feet of sod today
[17:44:15] <dioz> fuckin dogs are barkin
[17:44:19] <andypugh> I have the oppsite problem, stuff is growing in my garden, and it shouldn’t. I probably need to dig up all the gravel and clean out the soil.
[17:45:53] <dioz> oh. i dug up a 40' x 40' section in the very back of the lot and moved all the dirt forward
[17:46:35] <dioz> made it so i can park 2 cars in the back of the yard (huge yard)
[17:46:42] <dioz> beside the garage
[17:47:32] <dioz> filled in a low spot between me and the neighbour on the one side
[17:47:38] <dioz> water always pooled there when it rained
[17:47:52] <Tom_itx> andypugh you back home yet?
[17:48:20] <andypugh> I have been back all week. But 7am tomorrow, off I go to Turkey again.
[17:48:32] <Tom_itx> you like it there?
[17:48:41] <andypugh> Yes, actually.
[17:48:57] <andypugh> Which is a bit of a surprise.
[17:49:21] <dioz> andypugh: you use a metal lathe?
[17:49:29] <dioz> i think that's gonna be my next purchase
[17:49:31] <Tom_itx> i think i would just wonder if i was welcome
[17:49:51] <andypugh> Yes, I am a lathe enthusiast much more than a mill enthusiast
[17:50:22] <andypugh> Tom_itx: They are all very friendly, and also hard-working and efficient.
[17:50:37] <dioz> what size? how much should a new one run me?
[17:51:11] <Tom_itx> dioz research what you want and see
[17:51:59] <andypugh> I would suggest that any lathe you can afford to buy new isn’t a lathe worth buying new.
[17:52:16] <dioz> i'm rich
[17:52:40] <Tom_itx> then get one of eacy
[17:52:43] <Tom_itx> each
[17:52:55] <andypugh> You want a CNC lathe or a manual lathe?
[17:53:00] <Tom_itx> and you can decide then
[17:54:01] <Tom_itx> andypugh i didn't realize you had a plant there
[17:54:15] <dioz> andypugh: how about something like this
[17:54:16] <dioz> http://www.kijiji.ca/v-power-tool/regina/atlas-or-britania-metal-lathe/1033141364?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
[17:54:21] <dioz> manual lathe. not a cnc lathe
[17:54:52] <andypugh> This is my current conversion project (99% complete) https://goo.gl/photos/8xbynrHHGCkrKN3q9
[17:55:57] <Tom_itx> that was a nice conversion
[17:56:03] <andypugh> dioz: That’s an interesting museum piece. But nothing more.
[17:56:04] <dioz> was?
[17:56:59] <dioz> how about something like this
[17:57:00] <dioz> http://www.kijiji.ca/v-power-tool/saskatoon/great-shape-14x40-metal-lathe-with-tooling-and-accessories/1192432001?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
[17:58:35] <andypugh> Wouldn’t be my choice, it’s by a mystery-maker of some sort.
[17:58:52] <Tom_itx> china
[17:58:59] <dioz> http://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/1-3-hp-mini-metalworking-lathe/A-p8507659e
[17:59:06] <dioz> ;]
[18:03:34] <andypugh> What do you want to make?
[18:04:25] <andypugh> That tiny thing is ideal for making tiny things out of soft materials.
[18:06:15] <andypugh> This would cover most eventualities, but it’s not local to you. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/CLAUSING-COLCHESTER-15-LATHE-15-X-52-08160700001-/262612471281?hash=item3d24ec4df1:g:8dwAAOSwFe5Xzwr3
[18:08:34] <andypugh> I suggest you read about every lathe ever made here: http://www.lathes.co.uk then decide :-)
[18:11:32] <dioz> i heard a lathe is like a 3d printer. once you have one you can make another one
[18:12:24] <andypugh> It’s hard to machine a lathe bed with a lathe.
[18:13:40] <dioz> i'll make it out of galv iron and weld it
[18:14:08] <dioz> neighbour leaves his dog outside to bar for hours at a time
[18:14:12] <dioz> i wanna kill him i think
[18:14:15] <dioz> not the dog
[18:14:19] <dioz> but the owner
[18:17:08] <andypugh> That first lathe you linked to was an interesting old thing, but was from about 1920. Now, I am a great fan of 1920s things, I have a 1922 motorcycle. But I wouldn’t try to use it to visit m parents 200 miles away. In the same way that lathe would be fun to restore and keep as an ornament. But it has very coarse screws, very small micrometer dials (possibly none) and doesn’t even have handles on the feed screws.
[18:54:35] <dioz> so i need this fucking grade 12 science that i never took when i was in highschool
[18:55:05] <dioz> i can "adult education" at the local technical school but it's 2 nights a week @ 3 hours a piece for 3 months
[18:55:08] <dioz> FML
[18:55:25] <dioz> so i look for online adult education applicable in the geographic i live
[18:55:30] <dioz> and it's $500 a course
[18:55:39] <dioz> FML
[18:57:51] <Ralith_> better than 72 hours of your time
[18:58:54] <dioz> that is kind of my opinion on the matter too
[19:09:38] <enleth> dioz: check https://www.khanacademy.org/
[19:09:52] <enleth> many courses are high quality
[19:10:13] <dioz> they aren't recognized though
[19:12:53] <enleth> well, yeah, if you need some fancy toilet paper with squiggly line backgrounds and reprinted signatures of people who never gave you a moment of their time, you're stuck with what you found so far
[19:30:40] <Erant> I need to cut (at some point, but it's been on my mind) a hard 90 degree inside angle into this receiver I'm machining.
[19:31:17] <Erant> Now, with the whole square end mill factory being shut down, it's a bit of a problem.
[19:32:38] <Erant> So far I'm down to either "lock my spindle, put a sharp piece of HSS in there and use it as a poor man's shaper" or I can try and get a 45 degree engraving bit, make the piece do some acrobatics and machine it that way.
[19:33:00] <Erant> It's blind too, so no broaching.
[19:33:27] <XXCoder> file?
[19:33:36] <XXCoder> get it as small as you can then file it down
[19:33:47] <enleth> how did they do it way back in the XIX century or whenever this rifle was designed?
[19:33:51] <XXCoder> it would work wexpecially if you have file machine that just goes up and dpwn
[19:34:04] <XXCoder> pure casting then filing im sure
[19:34:18] <XXCoder> they also have nice old invention key cutter
[19:34:23] <XXCoder> keyhole cutter that s
[19:37:36] <Erant> enleth: Yeah, I'll assume casting gets you close enough.
[19:37:56] <Erant> I'm also not opposed to using a cold chisel.
[19:38:28] <Erant> XXCoder: I'm worried about getting to the bottom with a file, but I guess it's just... work.
[19:42:53] <enleth> Erant: I guess machining will get you as close as possible to something similar they'd get with casting - then cold chisel and file
[19:43:29] <enleth> funnily enough, this is exactly the way you do this in wood
[19:43:33] <JT-Mobile> I don't think a cold chisel is the tool for the job but I can't think of the name of the proper tool
[19:43:54] <XXCoder> Erant: yeah
[19:44:00] <JT-Mobile> it's a 90 degree shape
[19:44:43] <JT-Mobile> like an engraver would use
[19:44:49] <enleth> it's the inside corners where 3 faces meet that are the problem here, right?
[19:45:53] <Erant> Right. Though... I'm making the bolt as well
[19:45:57] <enleth> something like a chisel crossed with a shaping tool, turned 90 degrees sideways, slid along the machined inside edge between the bottom and the wall of the hole, towards the rounded corner and hammered in?
[19:46:03] <enleth> hard to describe
[19:46:19] <Erant> So I might just be able to round the corner there slightly, squint and say good enough.
[19:46:22] <enleth> hammered from the side, using the far end as a pivot
[19:46:36] <Erant> Yeah
[19:46:39] <Erant> I get what you're saying
[19:46:46] <enleth> does this have a name at all?
[19:46:58] <Erant> No f'ing clue.
[19:47:08] <enleth> it should, seems like an idea simple enough that someone must have used it at some point
[19:47:23] <Erant> It's always hard to google for that stuff :P
[19:47:52] <Erant> And these days people would just EDM it. (Which I considered for about... 15 seconds)
[19:47:53] <enleth> JT-Mobile: is what you meant something close to what I described?
[19:48:23] <Erant> Euh, wait.
[19:48:37] <Erant> That might be a diamond shaped cold chisel.
[19:49:23] <Erant> Or a cape chisel
[19:49:44] <JT-Mobile> Yes. my this is painful on a phone lol
[19:50:11] <XXCoder> typing?
[19:50:22] <XXCoder> yeah I miss 8830 keyboard :(
[19:51:01] <enleth> http://www.wonkeedonkeetools.co.uk/media/wysiwyg/Cold-Chisels-Robert/BCMC-8-9.jpg - yeah, a cape chisel, used like that, but with the handle curving sharply upwards too
[19:51:19] <enleth> I can see some photos of cape chisels that are curved in such a way too
[19:51:44] <enleth> so you could use something like this to undercut the excess material at the very bottom of the hole
[19:51:52] <JT-Mobile> Yea something like that
[19:51:54] <enleth> then chisel or file off the rest
[19:52:56] <JT-Mobile> xxcoder everything lol
[19:53:07] <enleth> otherwise, using an engraving cutter with the part positioned in "isometric view", all axes rotated 45 degrees, would work too
[19:53:09] <JT-Mobile> No tab key
[19:53:16] <XXCoder> lol
[19:54:29] <enleth> JT-Mobile: good ssh clients and good android keyboards do have a tab key
[19:54:30] <Erant> enleth: Yeah, that's what my acrobatics suggestion was.
[19:55:09] <XXCoder> JT-Mobile: try hacker keyboard if you have android
[19:55:10] <JT-Mobile> I'm using AndChat
[19:55:26] <enleth> yep, hacker's keyboard is nice, if you have a big screen
[19:55:30] <XXCoder> hacker isnt very good in phone though
[19:55:31] <XXCoder> yeha
[19:55:42] <JT-Mobile> Yea android samsung s4 or something like that
[19:55:52] <XXCoder> s4 here
[19:55:55] <enleth> as for the client - I prefer irssi/weechat over ssh, with JuiceSSH as a client
[19:56:28] <enleth> the native android clients are all, like, there's something off about them for me
[19:56:43] <enleth> maybe just the fact that I've been using command line IRC clients all my life
[19:57:22] <JT-Mobile> most of my life there was no Internet lol
[19:57:25] <XXCoder> usually use hexchat here
[19:57:40] <XXCoder> most of my internet, but then I started at 1993 or so
[19:57:43] <XXCoder> *life
[19:57:51] <JT-Mobile> I use hex chat on my pc
[19:58:07] <XXCoder> 1994 if you dont count aol, I dont really count it
[19:58:14] <JT-Mobile> lol
[19:58:18] <enleth> juicessh supports mosh too, so it uses actual ssh just to set up the session, then drops it off to mosh, which is over UDP and relies on one-time keys, not peer address, to maintain the session
[19:58:34] <enleth> survives network drops, switching to/from wifi and so on
[19:59:23] <enleth> add screen or tmux to that and you have a permanent IRC session on your phone, no reconnects every damn 5 minutes
[19:59:39] <JT-Mobile> I wonder why my battery springs a leak when I use the irc
[19:59:54] <enleth> oh, and it's easy on the battery too
[20:00:23] <enleth> the irc client is on the server, while mosh is completely unaffected by the phone sleeping in low power mode, being off the network, etc.
[20:00:35] <JT-Mobile> I need to check this out tomorrow when I get home
[20:00:43] <Erant> Highly recommend irssi. I hate losing my backlog.
[20:00:44] <enleth> you pull it ouf of the pocket, pull juicessh up and only then it syncs the screen with your server
[20:00:47] <Erant> Also PMs.
[20:00:58] <JT-Mobile> cool
[20:01:12] <enleth> the only drawback of this setup is lack of notifications when someone messages/mentions you
[20:01:16] <enleth> I can live with that
[20:01:50] <enleth> obviously you do need a shell server somewhere for this, though
[20:02:26] <JT-Mobile> What is a shell server?
[20:03:37] <enleth> a linux box anywhere on the internet you can ssh to, private or shared (and allowing long-running IRC sessions, for the latter - some shared shell servers don't)
[20:04:35] <JT-Mobile> I have limited bandwidth at home :(
[20:04:47] <enleth> if you don't have something with a public IP running at home, or a website hosting that also has shell access, there's a plenty of free or extremely cheap services meant primarily as IRC client anchors
[20:07:06] <enleth> or someone here might be willing to give you an account on their box, I'm sure there's at least several people on the channel with their own servers
[20:07:10] <JT-Mobile> I'm usually at home
[20:08:00] <JT-Mobile> Only use the phone when we travel which is not often.
[20:08:42] <enleth> well then it might not be worth the hassle for you after all
[20:09:04] <JT-Mobile> Yea that's what I'm thinking
[20:12:09] <JT-Mobile> http://www.engravingglossary.com/images/Graver%20shapes.jpg
[20:12:32] <JT-Mobile> Finally got paste to work
[20:13:25] <JT-Mobile> the square or bevel shape should work
[20:14:15] <jdh> you can get vps for cheap. run irc inside screen(1)
[20:28:21] <JT-Mobile> see you guys tomorrow
[22:37:42] <Crom> Was just in a tiurist trap shop... Sand dollars laser etched... Shelled engraved with scenes. Gotta come up with a z height mapping head.
[22:39:29] <Crom> Running reaver at the house against a netgear router
[22:40:00] <XXCoder> huh
[22:40:51] <Crom> Next trip up might bring along some rpi's to help. Reaver 1.4 wps cracker for wpa
[22:41:28] <XXCoder> ah
[22:41:38] <XXCoder> trying for free wifi access eh heh
[22:42:31] <Crom> Yep... So far haven't gotten anywhere
[22:42:59] <XXCoder> honestly you have better chance cracking one button setup stuff than wpa
[22:43:22] <Crom> Which is what reaver does...
[22:43:48] <XXCoder> ah ok
[22:44:00] <Crom> Seems some of the routers with wps don't actually turn it off
[22:44:09] <XXCoder> even when set off?
[22:44:17] <Crom> Yep
[22:44:21] <XXCoder> interesting
[22:46:47] <Crom> Gonna leave it running tonight and tomorrow to see what it finds
[22:47:02] <XXCoder> why you doing it anyway?
[22:47:09] <XXCoder> cant afford internet accesS?
[22:47:29] <Crom> Not my house yet
[22:48:26] <Crom> I might drop in at&t dsl down the road
[22:49:13] <Crom> Just so there is internet there when we come and visit
[22:50:40] <XXCoder> cool
[22:50:48] <Crom> VA needs to get its butt and get me a bigger check
[22:52:29] <Crom> I need a pi ish laptop for the car...maybe even a 4glte tablet with keyboard
[22:52:58] <XXCoder> theres 3d print case for pi
[22:53:10] <XXCoder> I think one allows you have screen and all like laptop?
[22:53:18] <Crom> Something i can irc with and surf pages at the same time
[22:53:39] <XXCoder> https://3dprint.com/tag/3d-printed-laptop/
[22:53:40] <XXCoder> yep
[22:54:02] <Crom> Maybe a big phablet with exteenal kb
[22:54:27] <XXCoder> I wonder if i can make something similiar for my CHIP
[22:54:33] <XXCoder> only it uses eink screen
[22:54:41] <XXCoder> battery would be truly amazing.
[22:54:52] <XXCoder> very weak though
[22:55:38] <Crom> For irc and straight browsing dont need much
[22:55:51] <XXCoder> indeed
[22:56:46] <Crom> Still gotta play with the gps modules i got
[22:58:26] <XXCoder> cool whats your plan with it