#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-08-24

[00:00:15] <witnit> heh, I seen carbide do some nasty stuff when it breaks
[00:00:15] <LeelooMinai> Better safe than sorry
[00:02:05] <pink_vampire> witnit: it was on very small engraver?
[00:02:47] <witnit> milling machine
[00:02:53] <witnit> 1/8th in carbide
[00:03:56] <pink_vampire> on my machine - also a milling machine if it breaks it's just snap.
[00:04:04] <pink_vampire> nothing fly
[00:05:45] <LeelooMinai> Maybe there's a no-fly zone passing through your room
[00:06:40] <LeelooMinai> But things that rotate very fast and break are kind of unpredictable imo
[00:08:14] <pink_vampire> it's your machine..
[00:08:25] <LeelooMinai> And my room:)
[00:08:53] <pink_vampire> to cover everything is not very clever, you have to be able to watch it
[00:09:45] <witnit> watch what?
[00:09:58] <LeelooMinai> The covers will be transparent. Also, even industrial machines are often fully enclosed and no one thinks it's a bad idea.
[00:10:16] <LeelooMinai> It's not like someone sits in those enclosures and watches:)
[00:10:44] <LeelooMinai> Also, as I wrote, there will be cameras inside.
[00:11:09] <Valduare> is this the right room for arduino cnc shield and grbl talk?
[00:11:50] <pink_vampire> cameras inside + oil + compressed air + chips + dust
[00:11:59] <LeelooMinai> Valduare: I sometimes get an impression that you need 10 ton machine to be taken seriously here, so...
[00:12:12] <Valduare> heh
[00:12:29] <Valduare> can strap the arduino to some lead plates if that helps
[00:12:52] <pink_vampire> i have the g0704.. it's just 1/4 ton
[00:15:11] <pink_vampire> all I'm saying is you should cut some stuff, and make your self comfortable with the sound and the feel of a good machining, and then cover it up if you want
[00:17:06] <LeelooMinai> Meh, good machining - it's a hobby cnc platform - to help with different projects, who knows what I will be doing with it. Maybe some alu work, som in wood, maybe I will attach some other stuff now and then - it's not for some brutal machine-shop work.
[00:17:40] <LeelooMinai> So making sure it does not pollute my room is a bid g deal to me.
[00:17:54] <Valduare> im needing help figuring out why these end stops are not working with the arduino cnc shield v3
[00:18:24] <LeelooMinai> Valduare: You could also try arduino channel - probably there is some?
[00:19:25] <LeelooMinai> But end stops are pretty simple - just contacts opening/closing, so it cannot be too complicated.
[00:21:25] <witnit> end stops?
[00:21:50] <LeelooMinai> limit switches I think
[00:21:53] <witnit> ah
[00:22:08] <witnit> Valduare: what board are you using?
[00:23:04] <Valduare> cnc shield v3
[00:23:09] <Valduare> on an arduino uno
[00:23:16] <Valduare> grbl v0.8c
[00:24:43] <witnit> do other things like the estop, resume, hold, abort work?
[00:25:26] <Valduare> havnt tried yet
[00:25:35] <Valduare> i have xyz steppers working so far
[00:25:43] <Valduare> using some little cdrom sleds for testing
[00:26:21] <witnit> so, your end stops/limit switches, I assume require 5vdc?
[00:26:35] <Valduare> just two wire push buttons
[00:26:54] <witnit> they are 6 push buttons?
[00:27:01] <witnit> there*
[00:27:11] <Valduare> 3 right now
[00:30:20] <witnit> the board drawing confuses me, look like you should be connecting them from left to right but the boxes are drawn verticle
[00:33:17] <Valduare> ah hmm
[00:33:26] <Valduare> maybe it is vertical
[00:37:19] <Valduare> na its gotta be horizontal
[00:37:56] <witnit> what happens when you flop the high/low jumper?
[00:38:27] <witnit> do they all register opposite or no effect?
[00:38:31] <Valduare> where do you see that
[00:38:47] <witnit> south of abort
[00:38:48] <Valduare> my board doesnt have that in bottom right corner
[00:39:29] <witnit> read this? http://www.openbuilds.com/threads/endstops-not-working.6298/
[00:41:08] <Valduare> ya I went to V0.8c because thats the version my board supports
[00:41:21] <Valduare> the 9 branch remapped the z endstop to spindle pmw
[00:53:45] <witnit> someone really awesome should build an "emulator" that lets you pick from the mesa controllers and addon cards so you can virtually build a machine and preconfigure your hardware without actually having the hardware
[01:10:11] <Crom> witnit win the lottery and pay for it then
[01:12:08] <Crom> sorry if I sounded snippy there... gut on #smoothieware got me going on a rant about only buying a "real" smothie board
[01:12:15] <Crom> s/gut/guy/
[01:13:04] <Crom> his rant about only buting a real smoothie
[01:13:59] <LeelooMinai> Isn't it open hardware?
[01:17:05] <witnit> whats the difference between a "real" one and not "real" in his eyes?
[01:18:46] <Crom> "Real" on helps pay for development of smoothieware
[01:19:28] <Crom> and MKS while making the Sbase board doesn't give back to the community
[01:19:49] <Crom> I think they are, by giving a board that people can afford
[01:20:46] <witnit> Im under the impression anyone who used linux in their progression to success has absolutely no rights whatsoever asking for funds. Everyone using linux is standing on the shoulders of giants.
[01:21:01] <Crom> right now I'd rather help support visicut...
[01:21:12] <Crom> witnit so true
[01:21:52] <Crom> I've been supporting Linux for over 25 years.. since 1.2.8ish kernel I believe
[01:22:18] <LeelooMinai> Good for non-desktop use
[01:22:18] <Crom> err over 23 years... '94 or 95
[01:22:58] <Crom> debian is my desktop machine now, yes I have 3 windows 10 machines in the house, but I don't use them
[01:23:30] <witnit> I only use linux for desktops now
[01:23:45] <witnit> the only machine I dont have linux on is, the one I use with quickbooks
[01:24:54] <LeelooMinai> Cannot stand Linux GUI applications - eveyone follows own standards, with few exceptions they are anti-usable.
[01:26:25] <witnit> yeah, I guess I dont use very many apps. calc, firefox, skype. the rest is a rare click
[01:27:30] <Crom> I'm using Libre Office, inkscape, pronterface, linuxcnc, chrome, Arduino IDE, various CLI editors and compilers
[01:27:43] <Crom> VLC for a player
[01:27:55] <witnit> I been using linux since about the time mandriva was mandrake
[01:28:11] <LeelooMinai> I do electronics and some CAD, when I do something for CNC. Say now I use Fusion 360 - can I use it on Linux, no:)
[01:28:39] <Crom> I started with a slackware 1.2.8 cd
[01:28:54] <witnit> best buy version of redhat :)
[01:29:21] <Crom> Walnut Creek CDrom - slackware, bought in Walnut Creek
[01:29:44] <witnit> LeelooMinai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgA8KgB4qQE
[01:29:57] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, I see that Chinese clone is $50 - that's not a bad deal.
[01:30:12] <witnit> is this the same thing you use?
[01:30:13] <Crom> When Best internet was using hacked USR sportsters to run as couriers
[01:31:09] <witnit> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34722033/rendering-in-fusion-360-with-virtualbox
[01:31:23] <Crom> at the moment.. there is this: ttps://plus.google.com/u/0/111302122377301084540/posts/D7uGvHBV333 is projected to be $79
[01:32:07] <Crom> actually will be what I'm using.. right now I'm using a MKS Gen v1.4 (arduino 2560 + RAMPS 1.4 combo board)
[01:32:23] <LeelooMinai> I think maybe people run it in wine or Vms, right, but that's not the same as running it directly. I use it since it's free for non-commercial use and is both CAD and CAM.
[01:32:35] <Crom> I have 2 K40's lasers I'm trying to get user friendly
[01:32:48] <Crom> visicut just crashes on me...
[01:34:36] <Crom> I really want visicut to be able to cut with difference values by using different color lines...
[01:44:11] <Crom> hmmm ethernet to wifi n $32 http://www.ebay.com/itm/IOGEAR-Universal-Ethernet-to-Wi-Fi-N-Adapter-for-Home-or-Office-GWU627-Black-/201270396680
[01:45:12] <Crom> nite all...
[02:00:15] <enleth> jeez, FINALLY fixed the spindle interlock failure in the Bridgeport's original control
[02:00:34] <enleth> http://i.imgur.com/LZDxpxq.jpg - a discrete NOT gate did it
[02:01:54] <enleth> "discrete NOT gate" being a fancy term for two BC547s and two resistors ghetto-soldered onto the I/O expander to short circuit the interlock checking which probably failed thanks to a relay acting up or a damaged ribbon cable
[02:14:04] <renesis> h4xor, u r very danger!
[02:14:13] <renesis> also, hi
[02:17:48] <enleth> actually, this interlock isn't even used on my mill
[02:18:17] <enleth> but there's no option to turn it off in the firmware, so it's always checking the output state of a relay that does exactly jack shit
[03:00:25] <pink_vampire> my baby makes chips
[04:42:55] <XXCoder> pototo chips? isnt your kid too youbng to cook em? ;)
[04:43:04] <XXCoder> kidding
[04:43:09] <XXCoder> nice
[04:43:17] <XXCoder> making the extruder eh
[04:59:48] <XXCoder> pink_vampire:
[05:00:41] <pink_vampire> I've face mill the top of the stock
[05:00:57] <pink_vampire> i cut a slice from the 2x3 aluminum bar
[05:01:15] <XXCoder> cool
[05:01:28] <pink_vampire> the thickness of the plate is 10.42mm after face mill on one side
[05:02:19] <pink_vampire> now i need to face the other side and i'm not sure how to cut the part because the part is 8mm thick
[05:03:24] <pink_vampire> those are the parts that i need to make
[05:03:35] <pink_vampire> http://i.imgur.com/edBWEMA.png
[05:03:39] <pink_vampire> XXCoder:
[05:03:46] <XXCoder> 8 mm not too bad really though its bit hard to face off thin part
[05:04:24] <XXCoder> I see additional parts. I guess the 2 hole thingy on left middle is spindle holder to hold hotend?
[05:05:16] <pink_vampire> no
[05:05:39] <pink_vampire> there is few projects here
[05:05:56] <pink_vampire> hot end mount, and edm sinker
[05:05:56] <XXCoder> trying to use sheet in full eh
[05:06:15] <XXCoder> whats "edm sinker"?
[05:07:20] <pink_vampire> old project that i've never finished
[05:08:08] <XXCoder> lol not surprised lathe is way more powerful than bicycle brake https://youtu.be/oYBxwzgOm2I
[05:08:27] <XXCoder> ahh just looked up. wire cutting eh?
[05:08:32] <XXCoder> electric
[05:11:36] <pink_vampire> no. it's a small sinker for drilling some stuff
[05:11:58] <XXCoder> cool
[05:20:25] <jthornton> morning
[05:20:49] <XXCoder> hey
[05:40:20] <pink_vampire> i need to fix my probe
[05:40:20] <nos> hello
[05:40:38] <XXCoder> whats wrong with probe
[05:41:43] <SpeedEvil> Too much lube?
[05:42:11] <pink_vampire> i change the tip of it
[05:42:29] <pink_vampire> and it's out of calibration
[05:42:32] <SpeedEvil> what sort of probe?
[05:42:44] <pink_vampire> the old one
[05:43:00] <pink_vampire> the simple plastic one
[05:43:05] <pink_vampire> i love it
[05:43:39] <pink_vampire> it give me 0.02+- of error
[05:43:55] <XXCoder> MM or inch?
[05:44:02] <pink_vampire> so i'm super happy with it
[05:44:03] <pink_vampire> mm
[05:44:07] <XXCoder> nice
[05:44:11] <archivist> each time you change a tip, calibrate
[05:44:27] <pink_vampire> i know
[05:44:32] <pink_vampire> you have to
[05:45:25] <pink_vampire> i've j-b weld all the core of it and it's become even more stable
[05:45:46] <pink_vampire> (all the probe was done by press fitting)
[05:47:37] <pink_vampire> the only thing that i don't like about it is the 1/2" shank
[05:48:02] <pink_vampire> i love the 1/8" tools
[05:49:22] <archivist> 1/8"hardly stiff enough for probing
[05:50:38] <pink_vampire> 1/8 carabid shank
[05:50:57] <pink_vampire> i want to make a new one
[06:00:54] <Deejay> moin
[06:11:12] <_methods> zlog
[08:23:36] <jdh> anyone tried draftsights cam stuff?
[08:26:01] <mutilator> https://youtu.be/3OSGfCboR2Q?t=175 O_O
[08:26:41] <_methods> draftsight has cam?
[08:33:42] <yasnak> oh what a morning
[08:34:00] <yasnak> 6" custom 70 stainless shaft, new'er operator
[08:34:24] <yasnak> guy forgot to turn the spindle on when cutting it off
[08:35:27] <_methods> keerunch
[08:36:15] <gregcnc> anything more than than tooling broken?
[08:36:50] <_methods> one operators hopes and dreams
[09:09:48] <Frank_17> lol
[09:22:57] <MacGalempsy> good morning
[09:29:39] <JT-Shop> morning
[09:49:05] <CP-KG7AMV> Morning
[10:19:05] <MacGalempsy> what a great day. changed up the maximum depth cut on the fusion360, checked the square of the vise, and now cutting the first bracket
[10:25:26] <jdh> paid ($149) draftsight says it has gcod generation
[10:25:39] <jdh> I assume 2.5d ish
[10:25:52] <MacGalempsy> draftsight?
[10:28:17] <_methods> i had no idea that draftsight had any cam
[11:08:40] <yasnak> LOL
[11:08:49] <yasnak> more like my hopes and dreams of today being an nice day
[11:20:08] <pink_vampire> my cnc is now smarter
[11:20:52] <pink_vampire> she can self center on the stock
[11:20:57] <pink_vampire> soo coool
[11:21:29] <pink_vampire> and i'm getting it +- 0.01 mm
[11:22:38] <jdh> you should not force your gender norms on others, let it decide who it id
[11:22:55] <pink_vampire> she is a girl.
[11:46:37] <MacGalempsy> pink_vampire: what kind of setup?
[11:47:08] <MacGalempsy> 3 tenthousanths is pretty good
[11:50:35] <pink_vampire> it my old probe
[11:51:20] <archivist> probably a metric dimension
[11:52:28] <pink_vampire> made out of scrap acrylic and shank of poor edge finder - everything is press fit, the core of the probe is now full of j-b weld.
[11:52:37] <pink_vampire> it's running on mach3
[12:09:04] <pink_vampire> MacGalempsy: ^
[12:10:40] <MacGalempsy> mach3?!
[12:12:51] <pink_vampire> yes
[12:14:47] <jdh> so, 'smarter' is relative
[12:15:17] <pink_vampire> MacGalempsy: originally i was with linux cnc, but the interface is not user user friendly, so i had to move back to mach3
[12:15:43] <MacGalempsy> i agree that the interface is not user friendly to those who dont know how to use it
[12:15:56] <MacGalempsy> it took me a while, but being cheap kept me at it
[12:35:49] <plpower> hi
[12:36:22] <gregcnc> fanuc 0 is not user friendly yet so many are still in use
[12:36:53] <MacGalempsy> hi gregcnc
[12:37:03] <plpower> fanuc 10 and 11 is real cool
[12:37:40] <gregcnc> did you get tool table sorted?
[12:38:09] <plpower> it is always sorted at tool numbers
[12:39:24] <gregcnc> pink didn't mack3 try to kill your machine?
[12:40:05] <plpower> someone can help on a 3dsmax file to get the geometry out of it
[12:40:08] <archivist> she got frustrated learning hal iirc to get linuxcnc working
[12:40:45] <plpower> archivist why iirc in first place stepconf
[12:41:34] <archivist> plpower, er what were you even here at the time
[12:41:57] <archivist> iirc = if I remember correctly
[12:42:39] <plpower> therefore start with stepconf and run the mashine till you like it and then start to hal exercise
[12:44:54] <archivist> this was AFTER stepconf
[12:46:13] <DaViruz> soulstaronnnNo longer a registered user
[12:46:13] <DaViruz> Items for sale
[12:46:27] <DaViruz> oops wrong channel. apologies.
[13:30:28] <mutilator> https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/31c6O4gRbKL.jpg
[13:30:39] <mutilator> what's the name of those knobs for moving the machine?
[13:31:27] <_methods> the handwheels?
[13:34:43] <mutilator> thats the word!
[13:34:44] <mutilator> thx
[13:34:45] <mutilator> heh
[13:38:51] <plpower> multilator see maedler.de
[13:42:17] <mutilator> hmm is there a US equivelent to this gold mind of things i just have to buy?
[13:42:28] <mutilator> mine
[13:42:54] <gregcnc> similar to maedler?
[13:43:04] <mutilator> yea
[13:45:11] <_methods> mcmaster-carr, msc, grainger
[13:45:45] <gregcnc> sdp-si.com http://us.misumi-ec.com/ for less common stuff
[13:46:25] <mutilator> maedler is quite a lot more specific stock than mcmaster or grainger
[13:46:26] <_methods> carr-lane for fixturing
[13:48:23] <_methods> oh if you just want motion stuff
[13:48:25] <_methods> https://www.motionindustries.com/productCatalogSearch.jsp
[13:48:38] <gregcnc> gah , but motion prices
[13:48:44] <plpower> im off
[13:48:53] <_methods> yeah they'll stick it to you
[13:49:02] <plpower> chicken nuggets today kids are caling
[13:50:15] <gregcnc> I thought mcmaster was high but now I'm looking at MSC, some things are good some 25% higher
[13:50:21] <mutilator> heh
[13:50:34] <mutilator> how about a china equivelent that ships to the US
[13:50:53] <gregcnc> just get scrap metal at the scrap yard?
[13:51:03] <MacGalempsy> gregcnc: I got it figured out. when I was touching off to the top of the workpiece, I just ended up doing a tool touch offf, too and it all balanced out
[13:51:30] <MacGalempsy> just made the first full routine, but the screen glitched and had to shut it down
[13:52:12] <_methods> that's called ebay
[13:52:15] <gregcnc> tool touch off enters the length offset into the tool table
[13:52:33] <mutilator> _methods indeed
[13:52:54] <mutilator> need to find the right size timing pully and it's sort of a pita
[13:52:57] <MacGalempsy> for some reason it was using my measured length in addition to zero
[13:55:15] <gregcnc> the physical length is not Z offset in the table
[14:01:29] <gregcnc> MSC does have a good price on velocite 6 though
[14:05:49] <mutilator> anyone here laser stuff? i thought about trying some rubber stamps, wondered what others experience was with it
[14:14:28] <Simonious> what happens when I vaporize a potted trace?
[14:35:14] <pink_vampire> hii
[14:35:22] <pink_vampire> i need to kill some time
[14:37:51] <mutilator> could just give it to me if you want
[14:37:54] <mutilator> i could use some extra
[14:38:28] <pink_vampire> hehe
[15:02:10] <cpresser> mutilator: its pretty straightforward to laser rubber stamps. use raster engraving. and the correct rubber.
[15:02:34] <mutilator> yea
[15:02:42] <mutilator> correct rubber being the key
[15:02:47] <mutilator> there are lots of rubbers out there
[15:02:56] <mutilator> lots of 'laser' rubbers even
[15:03:05] <mutilator> just curious experiences with any specific kinds
[15:11:18] <cpresser> i just bought one which was called 'rubber for lasercut stamps'
[15:11:24] <cpresser> the first and cheapest one
[15:21:47] <Deejay> namd
[15:28:45] <CaptHindsight> Simonious: what is a "potted trace"?
[15:30:21] <CaptHindsight> _methods: where can I buy a 11" ruler? I have a few that go to 12" but I want to measure things that are shorter.
[15:30:41] <_methods> hehe
[15:30:57] <_methods> spencers gifts
[15:31:22] <CaptHindsight> great, that's where I get my underwear
[15:31:42] <mutilator> it's in metric inches though
[15:31:46] <mutilator> so you have to convert units
[15:32:49] <CaptHindsight> mutilator: are they 10" rulers then?
[15:32:54] <_methods> i buy my calipers there too
[15:34:19] <CaptHindsight> potted trace? http://www.build-electronic-circuits.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/plant-water-indicator.jpg
[16:16:38] <CP-KG7AMV> Got some sensors in today. http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/image-26-300x225.jpeg
[16:25:52] <Deejay> gn8
[17:11:40] <Simonious> CaptHindsight: http://i.stack.imgur.com/ybW7v.jpg
[17:14:56] <CaptHindsight> aahhh haaah
[17:16:37] <CaptHindsight> Simonious: I'd advise against doing that unless burning that trace a requirement
[17:16:44] <CaptHindsight> +is
[17:44:40] <MacGalempsy> cutting the second bracket!
[17:44:55] <MacGalempsy> kind of boring now that the machine is doing all the work
[17:45:10] <Tom_itx> vid or it never happened!
[17:47:53] <CaptHindsight> no, don't post a video, keep em guessing
[18:06:35] <MacGalempsy> haha. ok
[18:06:57] <MacGalempsy> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aZvYo0AbzE
[18:07:10] <MacGalempsy> the video quality is lame because its my cellphone
[19:05:12] <Simonious> https://drive.google.com/a/gustavus.edu/file/d/0B7IaUgLsz0xoSFhxNEd3dVl6ZFU/view?usp=sharing So.. what are these about then? I didn't see anything I took note of in dmesg
[19:37:46] <MacGalempsy> thats what they call it
[19:38:15] <MacGalempsy> on my list of things to do is make new ATC holders for the collet holders
[19:38:35] <MacGalempsy> http://www.machinetoolsonline.com/doc/benchman-xt-industrial-cnc-machining-centers-0001
[19:39:00] <MacGalempsy> I think is it s the 7.5k 2hp 230v pwe drawbar ATC
[19:40:14] <gregcnc> not much to go on with those machines. I thought there were just R8 or the little iso taper 10 or 20.
[19:41:25] <MacGalempsy> my max cut with a 2" carbide facing mill is like 0.2"
[19:41:31] <MacGalempsy> i mean 0.02"
[19:41:44] <MacGalempsy> I can do 0.03, but it starts to smoke
[19:43:08] <gregcnc> my litte emco with 1HP will more than that but lacks some rigidity
[19:44:11] <MacGalempsy> I cannot wait to get the 4th axis and ATC going
[19:44:36] <MacGalempsy> well, the 4th axis is kind of going, but last time I tried PID tuning it went unsuccessful
[19:44:56] <gregcnc> the 4th they made for that looked compact
[19:46:15] <gregcnc> did you keep the motors and drives?
[19:48:03] <MacGalempsy> yeah. the only thing that ended up getting switched out was the broken VFD
[19:48:30] <MacGalempsy> there is a writeup in the forums on the project
[19:48:52] <gregcnc> ok I probably saw it
[20:45:34] <Simonious> favorite linuxCNC setup guide?
[20:46:15] <pfred1> I asked folks here
[20:46:57] <Simonious> someone, not me, setup the router table here and.. it is working pretty poorly. Limits are wrong, speeds are wrong.
[20:47:25] <pfred1> there's the stepconf wizard
[20:47:30] <pfred1> did you use that?
[20:47:59] <Simonious> no, I've been trying to use the setup someone else did, but I'm planning to start clean - I believe the steps to be correct, I calibrated that a while back, though I don't mind doing it again.
[20:48:09] <pfred1> try stepconf out
[20:48:31] <pfred1> it is a gui wizard application so pretty straight forward
[20:48:33] <Simonious> I've been trying to adjust the .ini file to incrementally fix things and.. it's time to just pretend I started linuxCNC for the first time and go through all the steps
[20:48:48] <pfred1> yeah use the wizard to make yo ua basic ini
[20:49:06] <pfred1> then if you need to yo ucan edit that some
[20:49:25] <pfred1> but the wizard can do everything you mentioned
[20:49:50] <Simonious> Hmm.. I'm not normally a fan of 'wizards' unless they are Harry Dresden, but I'll give it a look ... tomorrow :)
[20:50:09] <pfred1> nah linuxcnc's wizard is all right
[20:50:27] <pfred1> try it
[20:50:32] * Simonious nods
[20:50:37] <Simonious> alright thanks
[20:50:40] <Simonious> later.. I'm out
[20:50:43] <pfred1> k
[21:38:03] <CP-KG7AMV> Well that idea is scrapped.
[21:38:18] <CP-KG7AMV> at least for 1 limit switch.
[21:38:41] <Tom_itx> how so?
[21:39:04] <CP-KG7AMV> Using the original mount for the X axis will not work
[21:39:18] <Tom_itx> make a new mount?
[21:39:49] <CP-KG7AMV> Nope just going tap and drill an 8mm hole and get a screw in prox switch
[21:40:34] <CP-KG7AMV> and make a mount on the back for another switch will end up much cleaner
[21:41:27] <CP-KG7AMV> But these tinny balluff prox switchs are nice.
[21:45:06] <CP-KG7AMV> When i am all done i will have so many extra's
[21:45:41] <CP-KG7AMV> http://www.murri.fi/documents/balluff/bes/BES01MM.pdf
[21:46:04] <CP-KG7AMV> Got 5 thinking i would use 4 and have a spare
[21:46:12] <CP-KG7AMV> Now only using 3
[21:46:57] <Crom> I need to get my 3040 going again... Need to cut off the 57mm spindle mount. Clamp the spindle to the bed and true up the mount and get a 80mm mount and put a 1.5Kw spindle on it
[21:48:50] <Crom> or get an X3ish mill from somewhere...
[21:48:51] <CP-KG7AMV> Thining one of these may solve my issue and remove the retrofit mount from the table.
[21:48:55] <CP-KG7AMV> http://www.murri.fi/documents/balluff/bes/BES01LE.pdf
[21:49:33] <CP-KG7AMV> Ok back to my automation direct order.
[21:50:00] <Crom> cq cq KG6AMV which face is the sensing face?
[21:50:08] <Crom> <- kf6pqz
[21:50:32] <Tom_itx> ham?
[21:50:50] <Crom> yup... general.. kept my tech call
[21:57:29] <CP-KG7AMV> On what prox
[21:58:20] <CP-KG7AMV> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/image-26.jpeg
[21:58:26] <Crom> the MM
[21:59:32] <Crom> hmmm it's an X2... http://littlemachineshop.com/products/product_view.php?ProductID=4962&category=1387807683
[21:59:58] <Crom> oh I see.. basically cattycorner from where the cord goes in
[22:00:02] <CP-KG7AMV> top op side of the cable on the left in that photo.
[22:00:12] <CP-KG7AMV> Yep.
[22:00:31] <Crom> nice, how much do they run?
[22:00:34] <CP-KG7AMV> $$$$$$$
[22:00:58] <CP-KG7AMV> only manufacture i could find in that package
[22:01:10] <CP-KG7AMV> Well for PNP NC
[22:02:26] <Crom> those are really nice, and you don't have to worry about vibrations... Which is my problems with my limit switches on the gantry
[22:04:08] <Crom> ouch $54 for one
[22:04:51] <CP-KG7AMV> Yep.
[22:05:01] <CP-KG7AMV> I got 5 for 40 on fee bay
[22:05:07] <Crom> found 3 on ebay all are $54
[22:05:44] <CP-KG7AMV> http://www.ebay.com/itm/360811710317
[22:05:51] <Crom> guess I'll stick with my ebay inductive blue tip, threaded ones..
[22:05:56] <CP-KG7AMV> Keep looking
[22:06:15] <CP-KG7AMV> I need surface mount
[22:07:38] <Crom> $600 for the Sieg X2D hmmmm I could afford that if my VA rating comes in at a decent level..
[22:08:08] <CP-KG7AMV> Got with a Grizzly
[22:09:31] <CP-KG7AMV> http://www.grizzly.com/products/Drill-Mill-with-Stand/G0704?utm_campaign=zPage
[22:12:58] <Crom> hmmm that one is hard to talk the wife into
[22:15:06] <Crom> got this going on with the VA http://www.va.gov/vetapp15/Files6/1554170.txt
[22:15:51] <CP-KG7AMV> There are 2 really nice CNC kits for them arizona video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueALn4w5aoM and another one that looks like it
[22:15:56] <Crom> also just put in for Sleep Apnea and Gout. Sleep Apnes is pretty much a given at 50%, gout could be 30 to 60%
[22:17:12] <Crom> the 1554170 has been in the works for 8 years and I should get some decent ratings from that.. and back money
[22:21:40] <Crom> woooo 6/10 on X & Y backlash nice
[22:22:23] <os1r1s> I have the arizona video kit on my pm25mv
[22:23:16] <eeriegeek> Hmnn, digikey has these http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/ldc0851.pdf for $1.34 single qty, possibilities
[22:23:57] <CP-KG7AMV> os1r1s cool i have most of his kit
[22:24:25] <os1r1s> You doing a g0704?
[22:24:40] <Crom> I'm thinking about getting one
[22:25:54] <os1r1s> Crom https://www.dropbox.com/s/4fimeazqivzgoio/pm25mvrtg.jpg?dl=0
[22:26:04] <os1r1s> CP-KG7AMV ^
[22:26:56] <CP-KG7AMV> that looks clean
[22:27:51] <os1r1s> I need to do more with it, but its CNCed :)
[22:28:55] <os1r1s> I also have my ticket btw :)
[22:29:58] <Crom> nice! love the encorders
[22:30:16] <os1r1s> Those motors really fly
[22:30:17] <Crom> those steppers or servos?
[22:30:18] <os1r1s> I like them
[22:30:25] <os1r1s> clearpath servos
[22:30:39] <os1r1s> drivers are built on the back and they take step/dir
[22:31:49] <Crom> so it's power and then signal? gnd, +V, gnd and step, dir, gnd, enable?
[22:32:09] <os1r1s> It also feeds fault back
[22:32:25] <os1r1s> So you know if it there is an issue
[22:32:26] <Crom> 5 wire or 6?
[22:32:44] <os1r1s> I'd have to check the sheets. I don't remember.
[22:32:52] <os1r1s> :)
[22:34:29] <Crom> got a link to look at them?
[22:35:35] <os1r1s> Crom https://www.teknic.com/files/downloads/clearpath_user_manual.pdf
[22:35:39] <CP-KG7AMV> os1 pilot cert?
[22:36:01] <Crom> looking
[22:36:01] <os1r1s> Crom https://www.teknic.com/products/clearpath-brushless-dc-servo-motors/#clearpath_sd_info
[22:37:15] <os1r1s> Contract_Pilot I want to be a pilot. But not yet. I meant a ham ticket.
[22:37:28] <Crom> os1r1s, the Makerrich.com you?
[22:38:02] <Contract_Pilot> Ahhhh '
[22:38:06] <os1r1s> Crom No idea what that is
[22:39:06] <Crom> man those servo's are not easy to price
[22:39:24] <os1r1s> Crom They are pricey, but it is servo + driver
[22:41:42] <Crom> oh wow, they can take a micro USB cable...
[22:43:07] <os1r1s> Crom Only to tune/set
[22:58:55] <Contract_Pilot> These little parts add up uber fast
[23:01:08] <Crom> they run in a bunch of modes... Really nice motors for assembly lines... send a pulse.. motor spins 1245times at a certain accelation and deaccelleration.. or straight step and dir. The wierd one is the pulse mode...
[23:05:29] <Crom> you send it a string of pulse at a certain rate. It counts the pulses, and with its internal accelleration and deaccell it spins the required times. 500Khz pusle rate 1us min pulse width..
[23:07:47] <Crom> they are really fast... that's for sure.. and then there is the hard stop homing... it'll go in a direction until it stops and when power goes over a set limit trying to get another rotation increment it sets home position internally
[23:15:24] <os1r1s> Crom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb_8AnqiKa4
[23:26:05] <Crom> that's not top speed is it
[23:28:04] <Contract_Pilot> Thinking http://www.murri.fi/documents/balluff/bes/BES00L0.pdf
[23:28:15] <Contract_Pilot> 5mm reall small hole...
[23:29:22] <os1r1s> No, it isn't
[23:29:43] <os1r1s> But notice the sound is on
[23:29:48] <os1r1s> You can barely hear it
[23:29:58] <os1r1s> Its like dead silent at decent speeds
[23:30:11] <Crom> true
[23:44:26] <C_P-Away> for proximity sensors it is.
[23:44:47] <Contract_Pilot> I guess they do make 4mm
[23:47:24] <Crom> hmm 0.8mm sense distance
[23:50:43] <Contract_Pilot> I am assuming shorter the better
[23:53:42] <Contract_Pilot> But these are only $7 and some change but will take 3-4 weeks to arrive. www.ebay.com/itm/161903952794
[23:54:24] <Contract_Pilot> may order a dozen or so just to have for future projects
[23:55:37] <Contract_Pilot> But right now getting one from automation direct