#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-08-21

[01:33:39] <tjtr33> CaptHindsight, intel Joule platform?
[01:35:54] <tjtr33> https://newsroom.intel.com/newsroom/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2016/08/intel-joule-fact-sheet.pdf
[02:27:10] <Deejay> moin
[02:28:08] <XXCoder> boo
[02:28:51] * Deejay falls backwards from his chair
[02:29:14] <XXCoder> heh
[03:19:29] <pfred1> is there a way to offset a job so it fits in my workspace?
[03:20:47] <archivist> I do that mechanically
[03:21:35] <XXCoder> I do that magically
[03:21:44] <pfred1> archivist sometimes when I run image2gcode it just puts stuff outside my work area
[03:21:49] <archivist> a plate on the table http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/DJCPD/PD/2012/2012_06_15_Adcock_Shipley/IMG_1249.JPG
[03:22:31] <archivist> when you touch off, enter some offset
[03:22:50] <pfred1> isn't that for the Z axis?
[03:23:09] <pfred1> I want to offset X, and Y
[03:23:30] <archivist> it is not just for Z
[03:23:42] <pfred1> oreally?
[03:24:13] <pfred1> hmmm I'll give it a shot
[03:26:05] <pfred1> ah ha!
[03:26:26] <pfred1> archivist nice thanks
[03:26:52] <pfred1> I wish I knew about this like 4 hours ago
[03:27:20] <archivist> should have asked 5 hours ago
[03:28:20] <pfred1> well I feel that struggling is part of the process
[03:28:43] <pfred1> OK smarty pants is there a way I can change the cone tool in Axis?
[03:28:53] <pfred1> looking at it from the top the cone blots out a lot
[03:29:40] <pfred1> at least I'd like to make the cone a bit smaller
[03:29:56] <archivist> change the tool
[03:30:09] <pfred1> easy for you to say
[03:30:36] <pfred1> OK I'll try to figure out how to do that
[03:33:51] <archivist> tool cone is the default, set a tool in your tool table, and use it http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.4/html/gui_axis.html#r1_3_3
[03:34:35] <archivist> I tend to live with it because I generally dont think of tool offsets
[03:43:09] <pfred1> that's what I ended up doing. I couldn't figure out how to change the tool
[03:43:27] <pfred1> when the program started it changed it
[03:43:52] <pfred1> I probably have to change it in dxf2gcode?
[03:46:11] <archivist> I know nothing about that script, did it ask for tool size, did you edit the tool table
[03:47:33] <pfred1> archivist maybe, and I don't think so
[03:47:49] <pfred1> I'm pretty new to all of this
[03:48:14] <pfred1> I just got the program working today so there's a lot I don't know about it
[03:49:48] <pfred1> archivist here's the first thing I made with dxf2gcode http://i.imgur.com/YjsaF5g.jpg
[03:50:23] <pfred1> for some odd reason it got traced over about 3 times before I stopped it
[03:51:12] <pfred1> but I think that is pretty good
[03:51:31] <pfred1> better than I can draw
[03:52:39] <pfred1> the human race is doomed if a guy like me can put together a machine that works like this out of basically trash
[03:53:17] <miss0r> A friend of mine found this at a flea market yesterday. The asking price was $10. He called me, and I told him to buy it for me right away :) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B51cA8Udo5i7Q0xEY2dlNlpRcDA
[03:53:47] <pfred1> miss0r you just got to love flea markets
[03:54:08] <pfred1> it an inside bore gauge?
[03:54:09] <miss0r> One set is complete, the other is missing alot, but it seems the parts are interchangeable between the two. Now I just need to learn how to use it. (mitutoyo brand)
[03:54:22] <miss0r> it is an inside bore guage, yes
[03:54:39] <miss0r> I don't have any calibration rings thou. I will need to get some of thoes :)
[03:54:54] <pfred1> it looks like it has some cal blocks
[03:55:15] <pfred1> if it was me I'd just take the indicator off it
[03:55:31] <pfred1> I have a lot more use for an indicator than an inside bore gauge
[03:55:44] <archivist> you use the indicator to test a long bore
[03:56:12] <archivist> engine cylinder with wear
[03:56:14] <miss0r> pfred1: I have enough dial guages. :)
[03:56:37] <miss0r> archivist: I guess it can be used for that too, I would just love for some way to calibrate it.
[03:56:54] <pfred1> miss0r mitutoyo brand indicators?
[03:57:19] <pfred1> I got these at a yard sale http://i.imgur.com/wpXgLtq.jpg
[03:57:37] <pfred1> I used them setting my machine up too
[03:57:50] <archivist> I hardly ever use my bore things, usually cannot get down to my sizes
[03:57:54] <miss0r> pfred1: Yeah, I have 3 of thoes, and some other stuff like ABA... hehe also a mitutogo dial :)
[03:58:11] <miss0r> you gotta love yard sales/flea markets
[03:58:17] <XXCoder> nice! just $10?
[03:58:17] <pfred1> oh I do
[03:58:26] <miss0r> XXCoder: Indeed
[03:58:28] <pfred1> yeah I'd have snagged it for a tenner
[03:58:46] <archivist> I snag what I can if cheeeeep
[03:58:46] <XXCoder> not much use for me, shop has its own batch but nice deal indeed
[03:59:32] <miss0r> It's only a two point bore guage... A three point would have been nice - but lets not get greety
[03:59:58] <pfred1> I haven't been taking any haul pix lately
[04:00:02] <archivist> it has the balance points
[04:00:19] <miss0r> He also bought me a 25k rpm metabo grinder with absolutly no play in the bearings. I will have to make a lathe mount for it :)
[04:00:48] <pfred1> yeah al lthe metabo stuff I've ever seen has had the snot beat out of it
[04:00:54] <miss0r> archivist: Indeed, that helps, but it realy can't stand to be compared to a 3-point guage
[04:01:21] <pfred1> I got the router on my CNC machine from a flea market it is a bosch colt I paid $10 for
[04:01:52] <miss0r> its almost like people have no idea what they are selling. I would probally have payed $100 for this set
[04:01:59] <pfred1> it was missing a bunch of stuff when I got it, but I didn't need it
[04:02:09] <pfred1> well I had to make a new wrench for it
[04:02:28] <pfred1> but that was no biggie really
[04:03:22] <miss0r> yeah. Next month theres a "stumpe market" which roughly translates to 'spare part market', which is all about cars/machine shops/ electronic gadgets...
[04:03:24] <pfred1> I got the drawer slides I'm using on my CNC machine at a yard sale too They're accurides I got 2 pair for $5
[04:03:43] <miss0r> I usualy don't bring the wife, as she ends up with a headache from all the eye rolling
[04:03:50] <pfred1> heh
[04:04:13] <miss0r> you just tickled my intrest, do you have a picture of mentioned cnc?
[04:04:21] <XXCoder> attach power generator to it
[04:04:29] <XXCoder> you will have plenty of power for house
[04:04:32] <pfred1> miss0r http://i.imgur.com/t75QZEc.jpg
[04:04:40] <XXCoder> though she have to carry a battery. HMM
[04:04:58] <miss0r> hehe
[04:05:00] <XXCoder> pf show pic of that Z block too
[04:05:12] <pfred1> k http://i.imgur.com/lSsNyBG.jpg
[04:05:23] <XXCoder> recycling is awesome.
[04:05:33] <miss0r> interresting design - how accurate is it?
[04:05:55] <pfred1> here's the Chinese dovetail mills I cut it out with http://i.imgur.com/Yap1Lya.jpg
[04:06:10] <pfred1> miss0r it traced this 3 times http://i.imgur.com/YjsaF5g.jpg
[04:06:23] <pfred1> like went over every line there 3 times
[04:06:36] <pfred1> before I put a stop to it
[04:06:37] <miss0r> so repeatability is good - how about positioning?
[04:06:47] <pfred1> it is dead on
[04:06:57] <miss0r> nothing is 'dead on' :)
[04:07:03] <XXCoder> no such thing as perfect, just wthin tol or not
[04:07:04] <pfred1> well for my purposes
[04:07:21] <pfred1> it is far more accurate than I imagined it would be
[04:07:28] <miss0r> okay, let me rephrase then :) what acuracy are you working with then? :)
[04:07:43] <pfred1> it seems OK with a thousandth of an inch?
[04:08:19] <miss0r> hehe, its been a long some since I declared something 'good enough' for my use. I kill my self trying to get stuff way more acurate than I actualy need
[04:08:39] <pfred1> well I tried being pretty careful putting this together
[04:09:25] <pfred1> but if something was within say a hundredth of an inch I figured it was OK
[04:09:42] <pfred1> I mean it is just construction lumber
[04:09:43] <miss0r_> shitty internet.... Did you write anything since my last line?
[04:10:23] <miss0r_> well, my internet is fine - I think the cat5e cable I buried a few years back, to get to the shop is dead
[04:10:31] <pfred1> heh
[04:10:42] <pfred1> yeah i have a wire going to my garage
[04:11:06] <pfred1> brb
[04:11:30] <miss0r_> and I of all people should know better - I am an electrician. I just didn't have any cat5e for 'putting into the ground' at hand.
[04:12:06] <XXCoder> just use pvc pipe for it
[04:12:20] <miss0r_> but I do have a pair of 5ghz wireless points, with a reach of 15km ~ 10 miles. (if they have a line of sight). I should install thoes
[04:12:53] <pfred1> I need to completely redo the network cables here
[04:13:34] <pfred1> when i first set things up my one PC couldn't communicate with my router so I had to run it through a switch first it was weird
[04:13:47] <pfred1> but I have a new router now and it might work?
[04:14:34] <pfred1> but redoing it means i have to crawl under the house
[04:14:53] <miss0r_> sucks...
[04:15:02] <pfred1> yes that's why it is not done yet
[04:15:15] <miss0r_> it might work. I would have tried with a cross cable first. But most 'newer' equipment don't care about that
[04:15:23] <pfred1> the last time I was down there I ran into a snake big enough it belonged in a zoo
[04:16:16] <miss0r_> I redid my network 6 months ago. : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B51cA8Udo5i7QTBockdCSm5zU1U
[04:16:26] <miss0r_> That is the 19" rack in my 'mancave' :)
[04:16:34] <pfred1> wholly!
[04:16:57] <pfred1> I haven othing so elaborate just a couple of them little palm sized switches
[04:17:14] <miss0r_> it hoolds 9.6kw battery backup for the mancave, with a home cinema in it ;)
[04:17:18] <pfred1> one so old i need to replace it i think it is 10mbit?
[04:17:51] <miss0r_> If I were you, I would go out and get a cisco 'small buisness' 18 or 24 port switch - they are pretty cheap and quite relieable for the price
[04:18:07] <pfred1> yeah i have to get something
[04:18:35] <miss0r_> and something that really kills small home networks for people, is exactly what you are doing - combining small switches without thinking too much about it
[04:18:55] <miss0r_> classic source for error
[04:19:40] <XXCoder> sometimes you have to
[04:19:51] <XXCoder> otherwise you'd be cabling so much
[04:19:58] <archivist> I use the little switch on the back of my router
[04:20:03] <XXCoder> so its better to have local switches at areas
[04:20:06] <miss0r_> get something like thishttp://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/switches/sg200-18-18-port-gigabit-smart-switch/model.html
[04:20:17] <pfred1> yeah i have two one in the garage, and one upstairs
[04:20:37] <miss0r_> XXCoder: its not 'better'. it is more convenient, if you are lazy
[04:20:47] <XXCoder> or cheaper dont forget that
[04:20:58] <miss0r_> only if you have the smaller switches at hand
[04:21:09] <XXCoder> no cheaper because less cables
[04:21:16] <miss0r_> Cat5e/Cat6 costs next to nothing, unless you buy it in a regular store
[04:21:23] <pfred1> XXCoder I buy cables at yard sales too
[04:21:36] <XXCoder> I buy em in bulk too but pretty rarely
[04:21:54] <miss0r_> For cat 6a I pay ~ 0.5usd/yard
[04:22:34] <pfred1> yeah my LAN could be faster
[04:23:02] <miss0r_> but that is besides the point. if you have a choice, minimize the number of switches in a network. it is source for error to have more than you need, and it takes a toll on performance
[04:23:17] <pfred1> well I don't have any daidy chained
[04:23:19] <XXCoder> I know. I have IT degree. useless but still.
[04:23:23] <pfred1> daisey even
[04:23:35] <pfred1> my network is more liek a star
[04:23:56] <miss0r_> XXCoder: didn't mean to sound condescending ;) just saying
[04:24:14] <miss0r_> I have often though of converting my network to a token ring network.
[04:24:23] <miss0r_> just because of reasons
[04:24:32] <archivist> silly reasons
[04:24:52] <XXCoder> lol pretty old skool
[04:25:10] <archivist> I have a few bites in the junk box for it
[04:25:24] <pfred1> woo this piece of junk seems pretty cool http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833156250
[04:25:33] <pfred1> archivist I used ot use the coax
[04:25:36] <miss0r_> I still have a bunch of coaxial network cable + nics laying around
[04:25:36] <miss0r_> I guess I should really take out the transh
[04:25:40] <pfred1> with the terminators and tees
[04:26:25] <miss0r> *sigh*
[04:26:55] <archivist> miss0r, use a native client not that gateway junk
[04:27:16] <archivist> I dont think you have a problem
[04:27:28] <miss0r> archivist: Wouldn't make much of a difference. The computer tells me the network connection goes away and comes back
[04:27:56] <miss0r> I need to get the correct cable and dig it down
[04:28:38] <archivist> miss0r, I often see that problem, native is better
[04:28:56] <pfred1> I am drawing this on my machine right now http://azcoloring.com/coloring/7Ta/RRo/7TaRRogXc.jpg
[04:29:20] <miss0r> I guess. don't want to have too much installed on this PC. It runs two CNC mills. plus my cad software
[04:29:39] <pfred1> miss0r you have CAD for Linux?
[04:30:12] <miss0r> pfred1: I don't. This is an XP machine because my CAMM-3 mill, won't do anything newer
[04:30:48] <pfred1> I run cradek's Debian LinuxCNC image
[04:31:11] <miss0r> I just like the company in here. I don't have a linuxcnc mill anymore
[04:31:38] <miss0r> I do, however, have my forever ongoing 5-axis build. That will be linuxcnc
[04:31:41] <pfred1> I've been thinking about trying out grbl
[04:31:53] <archivist> nooooo
[04:32:01] <pfred1> archivist :)
[04:32:14] <miss0r> pfred1: What archivist is saying is, he disaproves of the idea ;)
[04:32:29] <pfred1> well my PC tops out at a pretty slow pulse train
[04:32:55] <pfred1> I am wondering if an arduino can give me a faster step rate
[04:33:10] <archivist> grbl has "issues"
[04:33:14] <pfred1> ah
[04:33:22] <pfred1> don't we all?
[04:33:39] <pfred1> it is still beta isn't it?
[04:34:03] <pfred1> I have a couple clone arduinos now though they are fun to play with
[04:34:13] <pfred1> best 2.74 you can spend
[04:35:17] <pfred1> my CNC sounds like an 80s video game
[04:35:22] <miss0r> hehe, I isolation milled an arduino controller for our portable stereo system. For controlling the automated 3-stage telescope hoist, that holds the laser show :)
[04:35:48] <XXCoder> pfred1: theres gcodes that make your machine sound like music
[04:35:49] <pfred1> I've seen laser Floyd at the old hayden planetarium
[04:35:57] <XXCoder> one axis to 3 axis lol
[04:36:05] <pfred1> XXCoder yeah I think I am running it right now
[04:36:35] <pfred1> my TB6560 homebrew drives are quite musical if I do say so myself
[04:36:56] <pfred1> I got some 6600s on order now
[04:37:29] <pfred1> aliexpress
[04:39:07] <pfred1> http://www.instructables.com/id/TB6560-Microstepping-Bipolar-Chopper-Stepper-Motor/
[04:39:58] <XXCoder> I'll try for servos next one but dunno. gonna make machine workj first
[04:40:32] <pfred1> http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/8017843146.html?orderId=77679489398383
[04:40:53] <pfred1> http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Upgrade-Plate-4257-TB6600-TB6560-stepper-motor-driver-drives-the-plate-4A-32-segments/32614148725.html
[04:41:23] <XXCoder> whats upgrade plate do
[04:41:37] <pfred1> I think they don't know what the word drive is
[04:41:42] <pfred1> or board, or something
[04:41:55] <pfred1> it is a whole motor drive
[04:42:19] <XXCoder> huh its stepper controller?
[04:42:27] <pfred1> a motor drive yeah
[04:42:49] <pfred1> I ordered this one too http://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-Quality-TB6600-DC12-45V-Two-Phase-Hybrid-Stepper-Motor-Driver-Controller/32608542477.html
[04:42:53] <XXCoder> interesting so basically I can replace tb6560 with 3 of those and parallel breakout?
[04:42:55] <pfred1> they seem about the same to me
[04:43:06] <pfred1> yes
[04:43:31] <pfred1> here's my BOB http://www.instructables.com/id/Parallel-Port-Break-Out-Board-BOB/
[04:43:41] <pfred1> but yo ucan buy bobs pretty cheap today too
[04:43:45] <XXCoder> yah
[04:44:31] <pfred1> yeah if these drives are legit and they can takeclose to the voltage they claim they can they're hawt
[04:44:49] <pfred1> I'm running my TB6560s at 28V now
[04:45:07] <pfred1> if i could go up to I don't know maybe 36V?
[04:45:24] <pfred1> but right now I am topping out my pulse train at 1.9 ips
[04:45:56] <pfred1> I still run the machine at max 1.3 ips
[04:46:27] <pfred1> it is plenty fast enough
[04:46:43] <XXCoder> cool
[04:46:54] <XXCoder> my tb6560 dont seem to be doing well
[04:46:58] <XXCoder> at higher speeds it works fine
[04:46:59] <pfred1> work area is only 16x14
[04:47:09] <pfred1> well I'm the god of the TB6560
[04:47:20] <XXCoder> but low range like 5-7 mm/s and 17 mm/s so on it vibrates :(
[04:47:31] <pfred1> what step sequence you run?
[04:47:46] <XXCoder> hm default I suppose for linuxcnc
[04:47:50] <XXCoder> didnt know that can be changed
[04:47:53] <pfred1> half quarter
[04:48:01] <pfred1> you don't run full step do you?
[04:48:02] <XXCoder> oh microstepping?
[04:48:16] <pfred1> yeah the microstepping
[04:48:17] <XXCoder> its currently at 1/16 but 1/4 was best so far? hard to tell
[04:48:56] <pfred1> yeah for some odd reason I'm running eighth now which is what is killing me with my step rate
[04:49:17] <XXCoder> aliexpress have tons of micro servos
[04:49:24] <pfred1> one thing you have to realize with the manufactured 6560 boards is they have lousy sense resistors
[04:49:26] <XXCoder> like $20 for 10 lol
[04:49:53] <pfred1> the whole change the current with the switches deal is nonsense
[04:49:55] <XXCoder> I wonder they can be used for quadcopers or something lol
[04:50:10] <XXCoder> right now my machine has no switches
[04:50:13] <pfred1> you whould just have the right resistors and run full current
[04:50:31] <XXCoder> I just turn steppers off and push XYZ to zeros then set home
[04:51:06] <pfred1> plus most of those boards are current limited to an amp too
[04:51:17] <pfred1> that's just the resistors they threw on them
[04:51:38] <pfred1> so no matter what yo udo with the current switches they'll never go over an amp
[04:52:16] <pfred1> which is a real performance killer
[04:52:22] <XXCoder> dont switches just need to break or contact (either way)
[04:52:31] <pfred1> if you have motors that can take more than an amp
[04:52:36] <XXCoder> or am I misunderstabding properity of how it handle em
[04:52:51] <pfred1> the drive ICs have digital imputs
[04:53:15] <pfred1> toshiba put that current circuitry in the chips for mcu control in runtime
[04:53:32] <pfred1> never to control the overall current output
[04:54:04] <XXCoder> one thing I hate aliexpress is how sellers spam shitty product in each group they can push it in
[04:54:08] <pfred1> you're supposed to custom cailor the hardware for the application
[04:54:19] <pfred1> meh aliexpress is what it is
[04:54:28] <pfred1> its is a nutter tech flea market
[04:54:49] <pfred1> I love aliexpress
[04:55:00] <pfred1> I order all kinds of crap from there
[04:55:17] <XXCoder> yeah buyer beware too lol
[04:55:23] <pfred1> I donno I do OK
[04:55:32] <XXCoder> me too but always beware lol
[04:55:39] <pfred1> I just got all of those dovetail mill bits for $80
[04:55:46] <pfred1> they're on the money
[04:56:02] <XXCoder> man nema23 servos is still so expebsive even on aliexpress
[04:56:05] <XXCoder> over 100 bucks
[04:56:07] <pfred1> yup
[04:56:13] <pfred1> none ship free
[04:56:31] <pfred1> I lucked out with my steppers i found some surplus for $12 a pop
[04:56:34] <XXCoder> just 3 axis thats more than I paid my machine frame for lol
[04:56:45] <pfred1> lin engineering 2 amp 200 oz/in
[04:57:00] <XXCoder> few months ago someone screwed up and priced steppers and controllers 8 bucks each
[04:57:06] <XXCoder> I missed out
[04:57:13] <pfred1> then a buddy of mine gave me a few motors he was cleanign out the stock room where he worked
[04:57:15] <XXCoder> though i wonder if people here actually got em
[04:57:44] <pfred1> they were just old junk
[04:57:55] <pfred1> what yo uneed to do is get a commercial copier
[04:58:03] <pfred1> one of them floor standing models
[04:58:12] <pfred1> they got bad ass steppers in them
[04:58:20] <XXCoder> be cheaper to buy double shaft steppers and add encoders, and buy controllers that support em. cheaper.
[04:58:23] <pfred1> like 283 oz/in ones
[04:58:34] <XXCoder> I forgot what mine is lemme look
[04:58:55] <XXCoder> 110 N/cm
[04:59:23] <XXCoder> ah thats 155 oz/in
[04:59:42] <pfred1> yup
[04:59:58] <pfred1> I have some 123 oz/in unipolar vextas
[05:00:05] <pfred1> they're a bit under powered
[05:00:23] <pfred1> real fine motors though 400 steps a rev
[05:00:28] <XXCoder> http://www.aliexpress.com/item/NEMA-23-CNC-Stepping-motor-57x112mm-double-shaft-nema23-3N-m-stepper-motor-3A-428Oz-in/32449884932.html
[05:00:37] <XXCoder> it has flat on shaft
[05:00:39] <XXCoder> mine does not
[05:00:55] <XXCoder> I should add em so couplers can be tightened better
[05:01:02] <pfred1> I find with the rubber hose trick no flat is better
[05:01:21] <pfred1> I have rubber hose couplings
[05:01:24] <XXCoder> rubber hose? ah
[05:01:30] <XXCoder> mine is standard anti-backlash
[05:01:33] <pfred1> yeah high pressure fuel line
[05:01:46] <pfred1> that and a couple hose clamps
[05:01:54] <XXCoder> though see abovem, it has double shaft
[05:01:57] <pfred1> bob's your auntie
[05:02:09] <XXCoder> great for adding encoders
[05:02:11] <XXCoder> lol
[05:02:40] <XXCoder> its nice and powerful at 428 oz/in too
[05:02:47] <XXCoder> chinese oz/in heh
[05:03:11] <XXCoder> though shipping kills price savings
[05:03:32] <pfred1> those motors look like they don't perform very good at higher speed too
[05:03:40] <pfred1> kind of high resistance and inductance
[05:03:45] <XXCoder> how do you figure
[05:03:46] <XXCoder> ahh
[05:03:51] <pfred1> that usually means more of a slugging motor than a spinner
[05:04:04] <pfred1> look at the chart down the page
[05:04:10] <pfred1> compare it to some other motors
[05:04:33] <pfred1> it is the highese resistance and inductance
[05:05:12] <pfred1> that means it will stall out at a lower RPM than the other motors will
[05:05:30] <archivist> use an 8 wire in parallel
[05:06:24] <pfred1> archivist it still depends on the motor's coil windings
[05:06:49] <XXCoder> step angel lol
[05:07:11] <pfred1> but yeah an 8 wire uni motor shows the differences in specs
[05:07:48] <XXCoder> sigh dunno what do my macine for now lol gonna get printer working, once I gets replacement nema17
[05:08:03] <XXCoder> nema17 wires is messed up, looks like factory error
[05:08:06] <pfred1> heh 3d printing
[05:08:13] <pfred1> just wave a hot glue gun around
[05:08:27] <XXCoder> yeah just having fun lol
[05:08:34] <XXCoder> also designing some parts for my cnc router
[05:08:42] <pfred1> the 3d printing crowd is hilarious
[05:09:01] <pfred1> they are coming along thoug hI suppose
[05:09:06] <XXCoder> curious why
[05:09:10] <XXCoder> hI?
[05:09:18] <pfred1> they are coming along though I suppose
[05:09:30] <pfred1> well it was started by a bunch of academics
[05:09:40] <XXCoder> yeah there is amazing stuff too
[05:09:40] <pfred1> so they know nothing about mechanics or electronics
[05:09:44] <XXCoder> like body organ printing
[05:09:56] <pfred1> or knew
[05:09:56] <XXCoder> that may well end donor problems
[05:10:06] <XXCoder> yeah I have seen controller programs and such
[05:10:11] <XXCoder> its far below linuxcnc
[05:10:15] <pfred1> java
[05:10:18] <XXCoder> shitty gui and such
[05:10:42] <pfred1> I can tell already I need a real spindle
[05:10:50] <pfred1> I can't have that router running for hours on end
[05:10:59] <XXCoder> I just want 3d print equipment so I have fun as well as make parts for my cnc rputer and stuff
[05:11:40] <pfred1> the end of my X axis was juddering a little so I made these sprung bearing wheels for it i made them out of my home melted HDPE
[05:12:06] <XXCoder> how do you melt and cast hdpe anyway?
[05:12:13] <XXCoder> melting it took fookin' ever
[05:12:18] <pfred1> well I cast it into a block then machine it
[05:12:31] <XXCoder> no I mean what do you use to melt it down
[05:12:39] <pfred1> oh a toaster oven
[05:12:46] <pfred1> $3 at a yard sale
[05:12:59] <XXCoder> just pile of cut up parts? or you dont bother cut em up?
[05:13:00] <pfred1> then i made the box i melt in out of some scrap sheet metla
[05:13:16] <pfred1> wel lI cut stuff up enough to fit into the box i melt it in
[05:13:26] <pfred1> but once it melts it is goo so it don't matter
[05:13:27] <XXCoder> pretty strightforward
[05:13:33] <XXCoder> what temp?
[05:13:38] <pfred1> it looks a lot like hot hot glue
[05:13:45] <XXCoder> yeah lol
[05:13:46] <pfred1> I do about 375F
[05:14:02] <pfred1> which is a bit on the high side
[05:14:07] <XXCoder> hmm considerable higher than its smoke temperate though I suppose it dont matter if ou take out before it does.
[05:14:12] <pfred1> but my toaster oven kinda sucks
[05:14:26] <pfred1> yeah if you're burning your melt you have to back off the temp
[05:14:42] <pfred1> pretty much as hot as you can run before you're burning the plastic
[05:14:44] <XXCoder> tried store bags too?
[05:14:48] <pfred1> yup
[05:14:52] <pfred1> they melt down to nothing
[05:14:54] <XXCoder> someone did and used hot oil to melt em
[05:15:06] <pfred1> but if you layer different colors you can get a neat damascus steel effect
[05:15:18] <XXCoder> apparently it needs HUGE amount of bags to make small block
[05:15:25] <pfred1> yeah they melt away
[05:15:42] <XXCoder> you can do same, if you have various milk lids colors
[05:15:53] <pfred1> well the lids are LDPE
[05:16:02] <pfred1> which is kinda crappy
[05:16:17] <XXCoder> really? thought it was hdpe from person discription
[05:16:21] <pfred1> the nest is the milk jugs
[05:16:26] <pfred1> best even
[05:16:34] <pfred1> the jugs that are translucent
[05:16:35] <XXCoder> heh I like soylent bottles
[05:16:40] <XXCoder> its very white
[05:16:49] <XXCoder> though it takes quite a lot more time to melt
[05:16:51] <pfred1> yes you end up with the hard white material
[05:16:59] <pfred1> yeah it doesn't flow good melted
[05:17:00] <XXCoder> you eat soylent too?
[05:17:03] <pfred1> no
[05:17:13] <pfred1> I go through a lot of bottled water though
[05:17:16] <XXCoder> lol ok
[05:17:27] <pfred1> so I have a ton of plastic
[05:17:27] <XXCoder> isnt most bottled water PET
[05:17:33] <pfred1> gallon bottles
[05:17:37] <XXCoder> oh yeah
[05:17:45] <pfred1> same as milk bottles
[05:18:16] <XXCoder> cool
[05:18:23] <pink_vampire|2> i need an idea how to mount the extruder to z axis
[05:18:24] <XXCoder> I wouldnt mind printing using hdpe
[05:18:29] <Deejay> hi pink
[05:18:30] <pfred1> here's my plastic hoard http://i.imgur.com/MogRQ2i.jpg
[05:18:48] <XXCoder> heh drink enough water and you can build a house pf.
[05:18:59] <pink_vampire> hi Deejay
[05:19:00] <pfred1> XXCoder I thought about that
[05:19:06] <pfred1> HDPE as building materials
[05:19:07] <XXCoder> pink_vampire: i'd guess spindle if you add rod mount to it
[05:19:16] <XXCoder> it dont weather well if I recall?
[05:19:23] <pfred1> I donno about that
[05:19:34] <XXCoder> can test, throw one outside heh
[05:19:39] <pink_vampire> http://i.imgur.com/QDxPJMV.png
[05:19:42] <pfred1> anyhow at an inch thick it'd take a lot of weather to break it down
[05:20:18] <pfred1> pink_vampire I draw on paper
[05:20:23] <XXCoder> one nice thing about printing is it do not appear to require a lot of sideload
[05:20:24] <pink_vampire> but the filament is in the middle of it
[05:20:26] <XXCoder> so magnets? lol
[05:20:59] <pfred1> I pushed on my machine while it is running
[05:21:12] <pfred1> it is like trying to hold back a car jack
[05:21:17] <XXCoder> pf yeah I guess though it will be long time before you can build a dog house let alone shed or something!
[05:21:26] <pink_vampire> pfred1: what do you mean
[05:21:39] <pfred1> pink_vampire I design with pancil and paper
[05:21:43] <pfred1> pencil even
[05:21:55] <XXCoder> pf any pictures of hdpe stuff besides your z axis
[05:21:57] <XXCoder> ? lol
[05:22:06] <pfred1> I don't do CAD
[05:22:15] <pfred1> hmmm
[05:22:22] <pink_vampire> i looove to cad
[05:22:28] <pfred1> I should have taken pix of my sprung bearings
[05:22:31] <pink_vampire> much faster
[05:22:48] <XXCoder> im in middle, I do cad but don't "looove" it lol
[05:22:51] <pfred1> pink_vampire not for me
[05:23:06] <pfred1> I've been drafting for over 30 years now
[05:23:47] <pink_vampire> so. how do you operate your cnc machine without 3d modeling
[05:23:56] <pfred1> I use converters
[05:24:08] <pfred1> I only engrave too
[05:24:09] <XXCoder> svg to gcode or dxf whatever?
[05:24:12] <pfred1> yes
[05:24:32] <pink_vampire> very limited
[05:24:34] <pfred1> I have no use for making 3D parts erally
[05:25:28] <pink_vampire> i love the 3d machining
[05:25:36] <XXCoder> different uses and needs :)
[05:25:44] <XXCoder> mine will be mostly artwork
[05:25:55] <XXCoder> once I ever get it working, been way too long lol
[05:25:58] <pfred1> I have a milling machine but I only use it for like facing stuff off and drilling holes
[05:26:20] <pfred1> sometimes pocketing but it's rare
[05:26:33] <jthornton> morning
[05:27:37] <pfred1> morning
[05:27:42] <XXCoder> morning
[05:36:59] <Deejay> hey
[05:43:29] <jthornton> https://github.com/UnfinishedBusiness/ProfileCAD
[05:43:48] <jthornton> why would anyone program something in javascript...
[05:44:00] <archivist> because stupid
[05:44:45] <archivist> unfortunately all the lemmings follow the latest fad
[05:44:57] <XXCoder> yeah fadlanguage
[05:45:15] <XXCoder> mpore and more dont understand badass C
[05:45:39] <archivist> some really terrible websites due to poor js out there now
[05:46:01] <XXCoder> arch and websites with one billion different domain js in it :(
[05:46:11] <XXCoder> I think worse I have een was over 50
[05:47:16] <archivist> only 50! 500 from the really bad ones
[05:47:33] <XXCoder> jeez never seen ones with that many
[05:48:16] <archivist> you should check an ebay page with all its tracking and cookies
[05:48:28] <archivist> or a daily mail page
[05:48:51] <XXCoder> you mean 500 scripts not 500 scripts from 500 different domains?
[05:50:27] <archivist> well a combination of many of x and y
[05:50:36] <XXCoder> lol ok
[05:50:49] <XXCoder> the worse I seen is ads that delibrately late load
[05:51:11] <archivist> while I dont run adblocker I do something nasty to them :)
[05:51:21] <XXCoder> amazon has similiar issue, text and items keep moving up and down as I try to use it
[05:51:30] <XXCoder> they recently fixed the worse of it
[05:51:58] <archivist> I recommend a read of http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm
[05:55:30] <XXCoder> mines from http://someonewhocares.org/hosts/
[05:56:14] <jthornton> does that work in linux?
[05:56:18] <XXCoder> yep
[05:56:21] <archivist> I tend to analyse a page the add the hosts to upset/fix that page
[05:56:27] <XXCoder> its at /etc/hosts
[05:56:38] <archivist> works wonders
[05:57:49] <archivist> it is funny when a site complains that I have adblocker running, which I dont :)
[05:57:50] <jthornton> I don't see the directory /etc/hosts
[05:58:04] <XXCoder> hosts is not a dirctory
[05:58:15] <archivist> hosts is a text file
[05:58:26] <jthornton> just put the hosts file in /etc
[05:58:35] <archivist> it is already there
[05:59:08] <jthornton> ah didn't scroll down far enough
[06:00:05] <archivist> you will have to sudo/whatever to edit it
[06:00:30] <Contract_Pilot> Early morning
[06:01:04] <Contract_Pilot> Hope 6061 Aluminum for tool post mount sill work if not will go 1018 or 4130
[06:01:42] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/image-21.jpeg
[06:02:00] <Contract_Pilot> Still waiting on a Fricken ball but also.
[06:02:23] <archivist> steel
[06:14:04] <Contract_Pilot> them Balluff BES 517-351 will fit nicly in the limit switch mount http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/image-25.jpeg
[06:14:38] <Contract_Pilot> Yea, I have aluminum on hand...
[06:14:48] <Contract_Pilot> Should work to start.
[06:15:57] <Contract_Pilot> Was thinking a 1/2 X 5" X 14" Piece and put 1/4" Holes Spaced 1" or So Appart All over it make it kind of modular?
[06:17:27] <Contract_Pilot> Possibly Use the Gang Tooling feature
[07:11:20] <_abc_> Hello. Am fighting the same damper/resonance problem as before. Has anyone here diy rotational dampers for steppers of other kinds than the "rattler" and disc-in-flywheel+oil kind?
[07:20:48] <_abc_> Sloooow Sunday?
[07:23:06] <Contract_Pilot> Yea, almost time to go back to bed
[07:29:59] <_abc_> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-32284.html reading...
[07:30:22] <_abc_> Wow nobody did a sleeve + grease damper? When all you have is a cnc then every job looks like a cnc job.
[07:31:48] <_abc_> Steve-Tee
[07:32:06] <_abc_> has a nice solution but I can't see pics in that thread at all. Are they available somewhere? 2008 thread.
[07:34:01] <jthornton> I love this "Having followed the Installation Guide for your distribution you should now be able to load the ZoneMinder web frontend." but no clues are given as to how to actually load the frontend lol
[07:34:43] <CaptHindsight> ReadMyMind Publishers
[07:35:02] <_abc_> jthornton: http://ip.of.installed.machine
[07:35:06] <_abc_> jthornton: or localhost
[07:37:14] <jthornton> that is just the apache2 default page
[07:37:33] <_abc_> Then it's running on another port... is the daemon started
[07:39:01] <_abc_> jthornton: http //localhost/zm
[07:39:08] <_abc_> If all else is configured
[07:39:11] <_abc_> http://localhost/zm
[07:39:15] <jthornton> working on it
[07:40:07] * _abc_ prefers motion(1) to zm due to simplicity and ability to run on openwrt boxes
[07:41:10] <jthornton> what is an openwrt box?
[07:41:30] <_abc_> jthornton: repurposed small dsl router box with #openwrt flashed on it
[08:53:55] <_abc_> .
[08:58:10] <Roguish> jthorton: did you ever manage to create an install routing for Jessie? similar to your 'mint17.3.txt' document
[08:59:40] <Roguish> jthornton: did you ever manage to create an install routing for Jessie? similar to your 'mint17.3.txt' document (sorry about the misspelled name - it's early here...)
[09:00:33] <Roguish> oh, that would be 'routine' not routing
[09:00:56] * _abc_ sees double
[09:08:18] <Loetmichel> *GNAH*. wife just wanted to remove a bit of the feathers from a pillow... result: the whole bedroom now is very "feathery"... maaan, thats the third time she does that stunt... does she ever learn?
[09:10:33] <SpeedEvil> ...
[09:17:10] <_abc_> that makes for excellent sneezing when you sleep and aspire a tiny feather. Tried.
[09:18:06] <Loetmichel> _abc_: i know. last time she did that i cleaned the balcony afterwards... and still coughed about 2 hours later...
[09:18:17] <_abc_> http://userfriendly.org/
[09:18:29] <_abc_> Loetmichel: in my case the feathers were from a pigeon killed by the cat.
[09:18:47] <SpeedEvil> Natures pillows.
[09:18:48] <_abc_> So I was breathing putrid dead pigeon feathers.
[09:19:15] <Loetmichel> _abc_: it wasnt dead when it lost the feathers
[09:19:19] <Loetmichel> at least not entirely ;)
[09:19:31] <_abc_> By the time I sampled its feathers it had been stinking up a disused balcony for a week
[09:19:41] <Loetmichel> ouch
[09:19:43] <_abc_> It corpse, that is.
[09:20:01] <_abc_> You know something stinks when you smell it inside through double glazing hermetically closed.
[09:20:15] <Loetmichel> the cat has the same problem tho
[09:20:19] <SpeedEvil> Most double glazing has vents
[09:20:34] <_abc_> Apparently not. It fed the pigeon to its kittens and left the remainder there for them to play with
[09:20:38] <_abc_> SpeedEvil: no
[09:20:42] <_abc_> not here
[09:20:48] <Loetmichel> i have seen a cat killing a small bird... it was still coughing and spitting half an hour later. tooo funny ;)
[09:20:53] <_abc_> -20C winters help preventing vents ;)
[09:21:03] <SpeedEvil> _abc_: air-air heat exchange?
[09:21:40] <_abc_> SpeedEvil: 0 air exchange if you don't open windows/doors or have a specially equipped aircon with recirculation control. The latter is rare here, most are splits with no external vent.
[09:22:09] <_abc_> SpeedEvil: At -15C with a 40kmph wind outside you WILL find all cracks and stuff them shut asap.
[09:22:17] <_abc_> I remember hunting for air leaks with a candle.
[09:23:28] <_abc_> A couple of years ago. Needless to say any vents in PVC frmaing will be foamed shut by the owners before too long. Also gaskets/foams/tapes for door and window airproofing are extremely popular and plentiful.
[09:25:13] <_abc_> Also the smell of week old carrion cannot be un-smelled. Terrible stuff. I heard the police/swat forces examined this as crowd deterrent. They have up because it was impossible to remove afterwards.
[09:27:25] <_abc_> I am going to try some resonance damping on my lead screws on my balky machine. After all that thread study, lead tape + vaseline, lead directly wound on lead screw so it can loosely turn a bit on the vaseline, is what I will try.
[09:28:42] <_abc_> Calculations show I need probably up to 3 g*cm^2 in the damper mass.
[09:29:15] <_abc_> Which is a 5cm long 1mm thick wrap of lead or soft copper on the lead screw with vaseline under it.
[09:29:35] <_abc_> Lenght enough for 1 to 3 turns, 1mm thick per turn.
[09:29:52] <_abc_> *length
[09:30:06] <_abc_> Anyone else tried this "ghetto" method?
[09:31:07] * _abc_ waits patiently
[09:31:28] <SpeedEvil> vaseline is probably a poor choice in principle
[09:31:37] <SpeedEvil> you want high-temp silicone grease
[09:31:55] <SpeedEvil> or at least higher temp than vaseline as it'll go liquid at 42C or so
[09:32:03] <_abc_> Hm? Oh yes probably but that can't be removed with anything excepting for seriously damaging solvents.
[09:32:35] <_abc_> SpeedEvil: I have machine grease which is what I use on the lead screws anyway. The lead screw never gets that hot but thanks for the reminder.
[09:32:39] <SpeedEvil> It is soluble to a degree in hydrocarbons - wipe it off and WD40
[09:32:46] <_abc_> I don't know what's in the grease, it does not go soft when hot.
[09:32:54] <SpeedEvil> use that then
[09:33:02] <_abc_> Silicone is not at all soluble in hydrocarbons afaik!
[09:33:15] <_abc_> Anyway I'll try this tomorrow.
[09:33:52] <SpeedEvil> From memory, it makes it easy to clean up using damp paper towels as a final measure - more than dry
[09:33:58] <SpeedEvil> I could be misremembering
[09:34:08] <_abc_> SpeedEvil: you remember right except you can never get it completely off.
[09:34:15] <SpeedEvil> ah
[09:34:26] <_abc_> I know because I made the mistake to use that on thin calque paper for pcb exposure
[09:34:40] <_abc_> It did make it transparent but it also coated the photoresist.
[09:34:54] <_abc_> I had a dickens of a time getting it to develop and etch after that.
[09:35:09] <_abc_> Fingerprints everywhere. Silicone leaves a monoatomic layer on stuff.
[09:35:52] <_abc_> There are solvents for it but you probably need hazmat equipment to use them. It's quite famous for not mixing or reacting with anything...
[09:36:28] <_abc_> methylsiloxane
[09:36:32] <_abc_> msds is fascinating
[09:37:50] <_abc_> SpeedEvil: interesting you seem to be right there are some silicone oils which are highly soluble in Toluene etc
[09:38:13] <SpeedEvil> Silicone sealant also too
[09:38:16] <_abc_> But I do remember that monoatomic fingerprint layer. I used IPA and whatever to clean it then, Toluene would have stripped the resist.
[09:38:19] <SpeedEvil> (un-set)
[09:38:25] <SpeedEvil> Metals are easier
[09:40:10] <_abc_> What are they using to capsulate/cast into those automotive modules which keep breaking down? Looks like silicone and is semi jelly like but does not seem to be affected by normal gasoline, diesel fuel etc. Gasoline is like 50% by weight Toluene.
[09:41:08] <_abc_> I assume there are dozens of silicone compounds in use, one never knows what one has to deal with.
[09:41:54] <_abc_> https://www.acc-silicones.com/products/gels.ashx this stuff
[09:42:07] <_abc_> Not necessarily that make.
[09:42:19] <SpeedEvil> yeah
[09:42:28] <SpeedEvil> once it's set, ot's not soluble - I mean before.
[09:42:33] <_abc_> Oh
[09:43:24] <SpeedEvil> There is in general no solvent for polymerised silicones
[09:44:00] <_abc_> Isn't silicone oil a 'polymerized' silicone?
[09:44:12] <_abc_> I assume there is polymerized and non polymerized silicone oil
[09:44:25] <_abc_> I know for sure some kinds I had to deal with refused to react with anything.
[09:44:43] <SpeedEvil> Crosslinked
[09:44:55] <_abc_> Could be fluorinated silicone oils too.
[09:45:18] <SpeedEvil> Polymer refers to crosslinked or otherwise joined monomers.
[09:45:46] <SpeedEvil> Monomers are typically chain-like molecules that are composed of various elements. In the case of silicon - long chain molecules
[09:45:50] <_abc_> I know. And thicker silicone oils are simply heavyer molecular weight silicone polymers afaik.
[09:45:57] <SpeedEvil> monomers
[09:46:01] <SpeedEvil> not polymers
[09:46:10] <_abc_> Not sure at all. Googling a bit now
[09:46:11] <SpeedEvil> they are not joined together.
[09:46:26] <SpeedEvil> they are not joined together into a coherent network
[09:46:35] <_abc_> http://www.siltech.com/index.php/fluorinated-silicones-fluorosil see what I mean?
[09:47:20] <SpeedEvil> It's not generally called a polymer unless you have a non-liquid product which is crosslinked in some manner
[09:50:04] <_abc_> http://www.dowcorning.com/content/discover/discoverchem/si-finishing.aspx ah finally. Okay, that link explains the 'end capping'. Done with this, moving on.
[09:52:32] <_abc_> I wonder if someone makes antimony tape in the same way lead tape is made
[09:57:13] <zeeshan|3> wat
[09:57:23] <zeeshan|3> crosslinking is just a bond between polymers
[09:57:47] <zeeshan|3> maybe i read above wrong :P
[10:02:16] * _abc_ unbonds himself from the chair and goes to bond with the shower
[10:04:42] <miss0r> back in black.. err - atleast with a real client
[10:36:08] <CaptHindsight> monomers, oligomers, polymers.... where does one leave off and the others begin?
[10:38:54] <CaptHindsight> emulsion vs suspension is another fun one based on perspective
[10:44:12] <CaptHindsight> don't confuse silicones used for adhesives and sealants with cyclosiloxanes used as lubricants
[10:46:40] <pfred1> or you'll get sillicosis
[10:47:25] <SpeedEvil> Or at best, be silli.
[10:47:34] <pfred1> indeed
[10:47:51] <CaptHindsight> silliosis
[10:48:20] <pfred1> well I am coming around to the idea that dxf2gcode writes some pretty crappy gcode
[10:49:09] <pfred1> I let a file it generated run for hours and it still missed a spot while going over other places multiple times
[10:49:26] <CaptHindsight> maybe it didn't like that spot
[10:49:43] <pfred1> I didn't like that spot then much either
[10:49:54] <pfred1> though it was in axis?
[10:50:05] <pfred1> I donno
[10:50:24] <pfred1> you'd have to see it to see how bad it is I guess?
[10:50:42] <pfred1> it would do a shape then rapid across the work and do another then rapid back
[10:51:06] <pfred1> very ineffecient
[10:51:22] <CaptHindsight> could be bored easily
[10:51:43] <pfred1> it was a terribly boring pattern
[10:52:00] <pfred1> actually an adult coloring book thing
[10:52:11] <CaptHindsight> needs a DFM efficiency plug-in based on the traveling salesman
[10:52:21] <pfred1> it claims it has that
[10:54:01] <pfred1> I made it code this http://azcoloring.com/coloring/7Ta/RRo/7TaRRogXc.jpg
[10:56:38] <pfred1> I think it did this really good though http://i.imgur.com/YjsaF5g.jpg
[10:57:05] <pfred1> althugh it went over that 3 times too I have to figure out how to make it stop doing that
[10:59:42] <pfred1> this is the art that came from http://cliparts.co/cliparts/Acb/Kbn/AcbKbnaKi.gif
[11:07:28] <pfred1> well I got to mow the lawn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh4xXxr0LWo
[11:32:02] <CaptHindsight> http://hackerboards.com/intel-euclid-a-brain-vision-sensors-and-hotspot-module-for-robots/
[11:34:49] <CaptHindsight> quad core Atom that runs Ubuntu with Robot Operating System (ROS), but no ethernet or PCIe
[11:35:47] <CaptHindsight> looks like Intel is looking for apps for their low power Atoms since they dropped out of the ARM race for handhelds
[11:53:55] <Kevin`> CaptHindsight: IMO they are trying to get students interested in using intel for embedded systems. industrial stuff is way more profitable and nobody WANTS you to change up your product every 6 months as an "upgrade"
[11:55:08] <synx508> intel needs to stop making absurdly expensive SBCs
[12:15:42] <CaptHindsight> synx508: their mini-ITX Atom boards are low cost
[12:16:34] <CaptHindsight> synx508: are you referring to their Galileo and similar platforms that they were trying have compete with ARM?
[14:13:48] <miss0r2> acording to the radio, we just kicked France's ass in handball at the olympics.
[14:13:55] <miss0r2> yay I guess :)
[14:57:32] <nos> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teYMTH9mxAs
[14:57:41] <nos> Automation: "Modern Manufacturing - Command Performance" 1963 USAF SFP-1153
[15:00:33] <redbull> Pretty interesting video, times have really changed
[15:02:34] <nos> I was thinking about how little has changed...
[15:04:07] <redbull> The concepts the same, but we can do what took them 4 hours now in 10 min
[15:11:51] <pink_vampire> 'Modern'
[15:18:16] <nos> It looks like they used HSS for everything...
[15:18:38] <nos> So the machining would be 6x faster these days.
[15:20:21] <redbull> Im not really sure what HSS is, but would machine time be relevent to feed rate/motion rate
[15:21:46] <nos> HSS is High Speed Steel. It has been replaced by tungsten carbide inserts for stuff like roughing. Drills are still HSS.
[15:23:07] <nos> feed rate is usually a fraction of tool diameter / rpm
[15:24:11] <nos> e.g. 120 000 / (pi * 60), for a 60mm tool in a mill, or a 60mm rod in a lathe.
[15:24:46] <redbull> Oh lol, I though you were refering to the machine control or something
[15:24:47] <nos> For HSS, replace 120k with 20k.
[15:25:11] <nos> ah
[15:27:15] <redbull> nos, I mostly run lathes and I find that feedrate is usally relavent to material hardness and required finished. Do you often use an equasion to figure feedrate in inch/rev?
[15:29:07] <nos> We use metric here. I use the equation to know where to start.
[15:30:38] <redbull> Yea in Merica, we do things all wrong lol. What type of Machines do you run?
[15:30:44] <nos> I do this at an adult vocational school though. Changing fields from IT.
[15:31:00] <redbull> ./join kicad
[15:31:19] <nos> Well the other guys have declared that the big ol' Polish one without a DRO is 'mine'. :D
[15:32:11] <nos> Apparently we design stuff straight in CAM... So CAD won't be much use to me.
[15:32:46] <nos> ~Polish lathe
[15:33:11] <nos> A 6.7kW thing with hand-scraped ways.
[15:34:52] <nos> I'm still on my first year, half a year in.
[15:35:09] <redbull> Oh i see, thats cool! Ive got 5 years in the machine industry. I run a Fryer EZ Turn, Bridport EZ-PATH, Fadal Mill with a 4th axis and a Tompson Flat grinder
[15:35:43] <nos> I wish we had any grinders at all...
[15:36:18] <redbull> We build Oliver Drill Grinders, ill bet sometime in your career you will come across one
[15:37:01] <nos> But this is a place which gets all kinds of people, who might not understand why a grindstone at 2k3 RPM is dangerous, and as a result ignore the instructions.
[15:38:17] <redbull> Yea, I sent a squege through the thomsan a few weeks ago by accident. Exploded into a million pieces! Woops
[15:38:31] <redbull> 14" Grinding wheel
[15:38:45] <redbull> 4" wide
[15:39:37] <nos> Mother of god...
[15:39:43] <nos> I hope no one was hurt.
[15:39:59] <nos> Tompson Flat grinder
[15:40:02] <nos> derp
[15:40:10] <nos> irssi being irrsi. sorry.
[15:40:20] <redbull> haha nope, still have all my fingers and a good eye! That means im a sucessful machinist!
[15:40:56] <nos> :D
[15:41:13] <nos> Yeah I count my sucess t the same way
[15:41:21] <nos> or aptitude
[15:43:34] <redbull> nos, you said you were getting out of the IT industry?
[15:43:42] <nos> yup
[15:44:02] <redbull> How come?
[15:45:05] <nos> No future unless you got a degree. And then all you do is move mountains with a teaspoon... and then do it all again while the customer figures out what they want.
[15:45:50] <redbull> LOL i could put it any better myself! Thats exactly why i got out of computer repair
[15:46:17] <nos> Non-tech people making decisions belonging to tech-people, and then blaming the failures on tech-people.
[15:46:17] <redbull> *couldnt
[15:46:57] <redbull> Yea, when you say non-tech people, are you refering to the 60+ generation?
[15:47:32] <nos> Really the only way to advance your carreer is to go to a US school like MIT or Stanford, and have family connections.
[15:47:46] <nos> No it's not generational.
[15:48:22] <nos> It's the business-types fresh out of school.
[15:48:25] <Contract_Pilot> Nepetizum
[15:48:54] <nos> Or the old people who never learn anything.
[15:49:52] <nos> Their field has the same problem Soviet beurocracy had, only it is more damaging because big corps hire them.
[15:49:57] <redbull> haha, well its not that great in the US. Take it from me. From the outside looking in it seems the MIT or Stanford would solve all your problems, but really there just gonna send you home with a pile of dept and a slightly better change you will get a good job in that field
[15:51:22] <enleth> redbull: is it just about "landing a job"? I'm pretty sure they're hard to match as far as letting you learn goes, if you're willing to learn, especially with their engineering resources
[15:52:02] <enleth> there aren't that many universities in the world with so many so well equipped labs and shops on the premises
[15:52:47] <nos> Not just labs and shops, but people willing and able to teach too.
[15:53:22] <enleth> well, that too, but even with the best people, it's just damn hard to teach some things without the hardware
[15:54:05] <Tom_itx> hands on is the best way to learn and retain knowledge
[15:54:26] <redbull> enleth: I didn't mean to kick dirt in there face. MIT and Stanford are fenominal. There really nothing better. But personally (as someone in the machine industry) I feel on the job learing is the best route for this type of work
[15:54:44] <nos> Me, I have wasted years in total on pointless things like functional languages, because Google won't give you a straight answer when you're chasing a red herring.
[15:56:42] <enleth> redbull: it is, but places that let people who are still learning handle some real equipment are best to pick out the motivated and talented people among the students, before they start their first job
[15:57:48] <enleth> redbull: we've got a huge problem with that over here, trade-oriented high schools are almost nonexistent and even technical universities make it hard for freshmen to do something interesting
[15:58:11] <enleth> I'm pretty sure this wastes some never to be discovered talent
[15:58:58] <Tom_itx> our state is currently funding HS kids to learn a trade
[15:59:11] <Tom_itx> during their last 3 hs years
[15:59:13] <redbull> enleth: Thats a true statement and it definantly does waist undiscovered talant.
[15:59:41] <redbull> enleth: Where is over here, out of curiosity?
[16:01:58] <enleth> redbull: Poland
[16:03:34] <enleth> we've got a problem with most universities still being relics of the communist system, with the administration staff thinking they're in some kind of high castle, full of nepotism and sunch
[16:03:38] <enleth> *such
[16:04:01] <enleth> while technical high schools and trade schools were all closed down "because that's what the communists promoted"
[16:04:09] <redbull> enleth: I see. I don't think its that much different here in the United States
[16:04:12] <eeriegeek> Same in the US
[16:04:15] <eeriegeek> heh
[16:05:50] <Tom_itx> we are fortunate that way in our state
[16:07:04] <enleth> this is all one of the reasons I'm putting a lot of time into our local hackerspace, and the mechanical workshop in there - to give people an opportunity to learn stuff they just can't get anywhere else
[16:08:42] <nos> So hackerspaces are the bazaar, and uni admin is the catherdral...
[16:09:19] <enleth> you it's worth it when that kid fresh out of middle school, no technical experience whatsoever, just a lot of entusiasm and smarts, comes one day, and three weeks later he's in the middle of K&R ANSI C, learning to use vim and saving up for a laptop of his own to install linux on
[16:09:26] <enleth> *you know it's
[16:12:23] <nos> :D
[16:12:37] <nos> vim made me finally feel like a hacker too.
[16:13:04] <nos> After only oh 15 years of learning to hack.
[16:14:04] <redbull> I could never get into vim when nano is only an extra character to type
[16:15:22] <Tom_itx> pico or gedit
[16:15:55] <redbull> definitly gedit
[16:16:35] <XXCoder> emacs
[16:18:41] <nos> I don't use all the features vim has. Really, the only function I'd want extra from a code/text editor is a shift+enter function which puts the text after the cursor above the current line instead of below.
[16:19:10] <nos> Maybe I should write a plugin...
[16:19:34] <redbull> who uses atom? Its pretty awsome
[16:21:09] <XXCoder> I usually use gedit actually but lately it have been annoying me with encoding of ascii
[16:23:35] <redbull> Yea thats why i switched really
[16:30:08] <nos> vim can be used in a shell \o/
[16:30:22] <Deejay> gn8
[16:30:28] <nos> nini
[16:31:28] <Duc_mobile> enleth: I have yet to see a hackerspaces in two difference cities that actually wanted to invest in machinery besides cheap chinese machines
[16:33:46] <nos> I better turn in too... It's midnight.
[16:35:36] <enleth> Duc_mobile: you're welcome to visit if you're ever traveling in the area
[16:36:21] <enleth> Bridgeport, ORAC lathe in the works, welding equipment, some remarkably non-chinese woodworking stuff, and more
[16:37:44] <enleth> Duc_mobile: although you are right about many hackerspaces - some are just meeting spot for macbook-toting hipsters who do mobile apps and think they're software developers, many are barely above that
[16:38:20] <Duc_mobile> yea it waas that bad at charlotte and huntsville doesnt seem much better
[16:38:44] <Duc_mobile> charlotte wanted me to bring my gear in for them to use instead of buying used iron
[16:41:16] <Duc_mobile> how is your conversion going on the mill
[16:43:41] * Tom_itx looks around the room for zeeshan|3
[16:58:27] <enleth> Duc_mobile: working on the new servo power supply
[16:58:47] <enleth> for now it looks like I'll be using two telecom 48V supplies cranked up to 60V and connected in series
[17:00:25] <enleth> I'm waiting for the payday to buy a second one, then take both apart and install them inside the mill's electrical cabinet
[17:07:36] <enleth> Duc_mobile: then it's actually mesa time
[17:08:06] <Duc_mobile> enleth: which servo drives are you using?
[17:08:43] <enleth> Copley Controls 423
[17:09:03] <enleth> they seem to be a perfect fit for my servos
[17:13:57] <enleth> Duc_mobile: so far
[17:13:59] <enleth> bleh
[17:14:08] <enleth> so far I've been able to do bench tests
[17:14:21] <Duc_mobile> I actually got the yaskawa servos fairly cheap with the drive units
[17:14:24] <enleth> with a servo removed from the machine, connected to a mesa card and controlled by linuxcnc
[17:14:34] <enleth> ah, it's always nice to get a matched set
[17:14:49] <Duc_mobile> those DC servos
[17:14:52] <Duc_mobile> ?
[17:14:58] <enleth> mine? yes
[17:15:47] <Duc_mobile> should be alot simplier to program
[17:16:19] <Duc_mobile> yaskawa drives have their own loop and then the linuxcnc loop
[17:16:48] <enleth> don't they have velocity mode?
[17:27:53] <Duc_mobile> yes they do but still have a internal loop
[17:28:49] <enleth> internal loop regulating what exactly?
[17:28:53] <enleth> position?
[17:44:32] <Contract_Pilot> Ok, Done waiting on thomson found my ball nut on fee bay for 67.35 + 12.65 freight. be here next week.
[17:49:16] <Contract_Pilot> This thing is 40there 100 there... never again will i buy somone else project.... but it will be nice when done.
[17:49:28] <Contract_Pilot> Unfinished project
[17:50:03] <Contract_Pilot> Doing a lot of nessarry mods but the price was Uber Cheap.
[17:51:29] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Back-Of-Truck.jpg
[17:51:40] <redbull> What type of machine is it?
[17:51:48] <Contract_Pilot> 12X36 lathe
[17:51:57] <Contract_Pilot> Sept will be 2 years
[17:52:27] <XXCoder> https://i1.wp.com/media.boingboing.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/bottle.gif
[17:52:29] <XXCoder> ouch.
[17:53:11] <BeachBumPete> I really enjoyed my old 12x36 asian lathe
[17:53:43] <Contract_Pilot> Even with the 3phse motor and wj200 vfd, mesa card's etc. will be all in about 1-1.5k
[17:53:50] <redbull> Great for hobby work!
[17:54:17] <Contract_Pilot> took 6 months to get a mesa card hahaha....
[17:54:34] <BeachBumPete> I ALMOST retrofitted my 12x36 but I really wanted a bit larger lathe but honestly there was nothing wrong with it really..
[17:55:43] <redbull> What type of tool changer did you have on it?
[17:55:51] <Contract_Pilot> No way i was going to pay this for a preloaded ball nut https://www.motionindustries.com/productDetail.jsp?sku=00876493
[17:56:28] <Contract_Pilot> Just a quick change tool post... I want a tool changer!!!
[17:57:07] <Contract_Pilot> + when ya call they out of stock.
[17:57:33] <Contract_Pilot> So 80.00 shipped on fee bay for a NIB not bad.
[17:57:45] <redbull> Oh yea, a nice tool changer on a machine like that make all the differance in the world! I run dorian changers
[17:57:58] <BeachBumPete> I still need to buy a nice ballscrew for the Z axis.
[17:58:14] <Duc_mobile> enleth: not to sure but the drive have auto adjustment also
[17:58:31] <BeachBumPete> once I get the power situation setup in my shop I will be bringing over the machines and getting back on the retrofit
[17:59:27] <Contract_Pilot> My Z axis has .0001 backlash X well with only 1/2 the preloaded nut it is way off.
[17:59:33] <Tom_itx> yeah that pannel looks pretty full to me BeachBumPete
[18:00:17] <BeachBumPete> what panel?
[18:00:38] <Tom_itx> yours
[18:00:56] <BeachBumPete> the lathe does not really need absolute zero backlash if you program it carefully tho
[18:01:25] <Contract_Pilot> X axis is what .003-5
[18:01:32] <BeachBumPete> Tom_itx well I found out that one of the 220 volt breakers is for a non existant pump for the well the house used to have.
[18:01:45] <Tom_itx> nice
[18:01:46] <BeachBumPete> now it is on city water and sewer so no need for it
[18:01:47] <Contract_Pilot> befor i broke the coupler for the nut it was .0002
[18:02:05] <BeachBumPete> I am thinking about sticking a 100 amp breaker in there and taking off a sub panel off of it.
[18:02:11] <Tom_itx> i'd try to find some narrower breakers for some of that and make room for a breaker to a subpannel
[18:02:14] <redbull> Contract_Pilot: 0.0001" Seems almost to good to be tru even for a perfect ballscrew. How are you measuring it?
[18:02:32] <Tom_itx> BeachBumPete, put it near the top
[18:02:34] <Contract_Pilot> Last word
[18:02:42] <Tom_itx> so it doesn't heat the whole buss bar
[18:02:58] <BeachBumPete> I am not aware of narrower breakers for square D
[18:03:04] <BeachBumPete> Gotta eat dinner BRB
[18:03:20] <Tom_itx> i found some for one of mine quite a while back but forget what brand
[18:03:32] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/image-35-e1456268280942.jpeg
[18:03:34] <enleth> BeachBumPete: for 100 amps supplying a subpanel, you might want slow-blow fuses
[18:03:49] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/image-33.jpeg
[18:04:05] <enleth> BeachBumPete: so you won't get a medium-sized short circuit downstream tripping both the breaker at the subpanel *and* this breaker
[18:04:10] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/image-19.jpeg
[18:04:27] <Contract_Pilot> I have an old split bus
[18:04:47] <Contract_Pilot> Code no more then 6 Breakers to kill the entire house.
[18:06:25] <Contract_Pilot> So I moved a 30A Heater to the lower Bus 30A Garage Sub and replacing it with a 100A to the sub pannel with 1-1-1-3
[18:07:07] <enleth> BeachBumPete: typical breakers are notoriously prone to being triggered en masse by a downstream short circuit unless you get one with no short detection at all (just thermal overload), or one designed for a minimum triggering short current, which is expensive
[18:07:20] <Contract_Pilot> = Inspector said OK reason 2 100A Breakers is the Split Bus was 60A inspector said 100A That is the 100A in the Photo.
[18:12:44] <Contract_Pilot> redbull pulled file ya i was one 0 off hahaha ... .0015 on Z and .0005 on X
[18:13:16] <Contract_Pilot> 6" test
[18:13:54] <Contract_Pilot> Zero Last Word move 6" and Return
[18:25:46] <BeachBumPete> sorry guys had to eat or the wife would start yelling ;)
[18:27:00] <BeachBumPete> in response to the breaker stuff in my old shop I basically did the same thing had a 60 amp breaker feeding the sub panel for the VMC and also had another 50 amp breaker feeding an range style outlet in the shop I used to plug in my tig welder
[18:27:02] <Contract_Pilot> BeechBumPete I just did a 100A Sub
[18:27:34] <BeachBumPete> I saw some 100 amp sub panels at lowes yesterday while I was there getting some new plumbing stuff
[18:27:47] <BeachBumPete> they also had a square D breaker to feed it
[18:27:56] <Contract_Pilot> Just make sure you follow NEC and Local Codes
[18:28:31] <BeachBumPete> If I can get 60 amps for the VMC and another 40 for the Tig welder or the CNC lathe in there I should be good to go.
[18:28:39] <enleth> ok, I forget the way panels are designed in the US is a little different from what I'm used to
[18:28:43] <BeachBumPete> I feed everything with heavy wire
[18:29:08] <Contract_Pilot> I could have got away with 3-3-3 but went with 1-1-1
[18:29:37] <BeachBumPete> the stuff I had for the VMC in the old shop I removed and took it with me because it was quite expensive and quite a bit longer than I need for this shorter run
[18:29:50] <Contract_Pilot> I got the wire for SER line as a rem from an electrition bussy
[18:30:00] <BeachBumPete> the breaker panel in the old house was say twenty five feet away and this one is gonna be literally right next to the box
[18:30:07] <Contract_Pilot> buddy
[18:30:22] <BeachBumPete> that is what I used actually up there for the VMC
[18:30:30] <BeachBumPete> very heavy stuff
[18:31:15] <BeachBumPete> this box is a bit unusual tho as the mains come in at the bottom and then curve around the bottom of the box up towards the top breaker from the side
[18:33:07] <Contract_Pilot> Wow spent to much this week....
[18:33:32] <XXCoder> rewiring your house BeachBumPete ?
[18:33:35] <Contract_Pilot> Still not a working machine.
[18:33:44] <BeachBumPete> no just adding a sub panel most likely
[18:34:00] <XXCoder> checking it over in least though?
[18:34:15] <XXCoder> my dad once had house that had power issues because 1950s style cables ouch
[18:34:25] <BeachBumPete> there is nothing to check over the home was thoroughly inspected before I bought it.
[18:34:46] <XXCoder> heard of "independant inspects" that wasnt
[18:34:53] <XXCoder> but cool nevertheless
[18:35:20] <Contract_Pilot> I think tonight while i am waiting on connectors etc. Ill wotk on the lightmachines sherline's i have in the closet.
[18:35:53] <BeachBumPete> I personally found and hired the inspector and he reported directly to me on the house as well as I was here with him the entire time he performed the inspection
[18:36:09] <XXCoder> wise.
[18:36:10] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Spectralight-LightMachines-Sherline-New-Steppers1.jpg
[18:36:19] <BeachBumPete> the house is not perfect but it is pretty damn good
[18:37:54] <Contract_Pilot> May be ok for doing AR 80% Loweres may have to spring for the extended Column
[18:37:58] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/AR-CNC-576x1024.jpg
[18:38:00] <BeachBumPete> I am half tempted to just replace the entire panel and allow myself future expansion tho...
[18:38:30] <XXCoder> that may well save bunch time if you do
[18:38:35] <Contract_Pilot> Not expensive or hard to swap out a load center at all beech
[18:38:49] <XXCoder> add future spaces for higher power machines and stuff
[18:38:49] <BeachBumPete> http://imgur.com/a/wVlcn
[18:39:36] <XXCoder> bah your breaker labels is far more clearer than house I rent
[18:39:44] <BeachBumPete> no not really but here they want a permit for blowing your nose
[18:39:53] <Tom_itx> looks pretty full with the feed coming in from the bottom like that
[18:39:58] <XXCoder> its like rolling dice sometimes when I try to find right switch
[18:40:16] <Contract_Pilot> you are stuck at 200A
[18:40:36] <Contract_Pilot> I am lucky i have a split bus http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/image-35-e1456268280942.jpeg
[18:40:44] <BeachBumPete> my last house had 200 amps and it was enough
[18:41:05] <Contract_Pilot> but sucks the 6 upper 240 Breakers are always hit
[18:42:03] <BeachBumPete> the third one down on the left is the water pump one I am planning to replace with the 100 amp one
[18:43:45] <BeachBumPete> there are just a pair of 50's in there and the rest are smaller ones.
[18:44:18] <BeachBumPete> Speaking with the power company I asked them what the max power bill the house has had in the last 5 years and they said it was $220 or so
[18:44:36] <BeachBumPete> the house seems to maintain cool pretty well considering its age
[18:45:09] <XXCoder> whats wall material, usual wood or concerete or rocks?
[18:45:11] <BeachBumPete> I do not run the machines constantly all day every day so I would think it should be pretty easy on the power needs
[18:45:20] <Tom_itx> gypsum
[18:45:25] <BeachBumPete> this house is stick built and drywall
[18:45:33] <BeachBumPete> it was built in like 85
[18:45:43] <XXCoder> interesting. isulation must be pretty good.
[18:45:58] <BeachBumPete> I guess so
[18:46:01] <XXCoder> 1976 here and house gets hot. there is zero isulation between house and garage lol
[18:46:05] <Contract_Pilot> 1971 erra home here
[18:46:33] <XXCoder> my termostat laser thingy told me wall connecting to garage was 32F lol colder than outside 34F
[18:46:34] <BeachBumPete> one thing is the overhang of the roof is like 3 feet or more all around the house so there is a good bit of shade to the windows since it is a single story house
[18:46:38] <Contract_Pilot> I can hit 300 a mo in juice in the winter
[18:46:39] <Tom_itx> somewhere in there was the 'aluminum wiring phase'
[18:46:46] <Contract_Pilot> 1971
[18:46:46] <Tom_itx> i forget when exactly that was
[18:46:56] <XXCoder> if it wasnt rental I'd rip out garage walls and add insulation
[18:46:58] <Contract_Pilot> I have it well some of it.
[18:47:13] <BeachBumPete> our house in Tennessee we saw almost 400 dollar power bills a couple times
[18:47:16] <Tom_itx> hope it was installed correctly
[18:47:19] <Contract_Pilot> replaced a lot of it as i had the rock off
[18:47:20] <Tom_itx> alot wasn't
[18:47:38] <XXCoder> Contract_Pilot: got rocks off eh ;)
[18:47:54] <Contract_Pilot> hahaha...
[18:48:48] <XXCoder> beach house here we get ricious power bills because of lack of insulation in winters. we dont use acs so theres no corresoponding summer power pikes
[18:48:50] <XXCoder> *spikes
[18:49:21] <XXCoder> my room gets really hot but thankfully I sleep very late so i can use "natural ac"
[18:50:49] <BeachBumPete> we keep our house set at 75 degrees and it pretty much maintains that even in the hottest part of the day so far
[18:51:01] <XXCoder> nice
[18:51:04] <XXCoder> heat pump?
[18:51:28] <BeachBumPete> yeah I think it is actually.
[18:51:42] <Contract_Pilot> Serious had the lid and walls down celing heat ick... http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/100_3393.jpg
[18:51:47] <XXCoder> yeah that tend to be awesome.
[18:51:50] <Tom_itx> those work good in some areas and some not so good
[18:51:58] <BeachBumPete> my best friend here is a pro ac guy and he has been telling me he is going to help me hookup a heat recovery unit during the winter to lower our bills even further
[18:52:01] <Contract_Pilot> Since walls were open had to replace any aluminum by code
[18:52:02] <XXCoder> it craps out at hmm below 30f? or was that -30f
[18:52:15] <XXCoder> nice! air heat exchanger!
[18:52:16] <Contract_Pilot> I insulated even the interior walls
[18:52:26] <BeachBumPete> there is one issue tho
[18:52:31] <BeachBumPete> well two actually
[18:52:35] <BeachBumPete> for one
[18:52:39] <Tom_itx> Contract_Pilot, that's commonly done for noise between rooms
[18:52:46] <BeachBumPete> the attic has the pink roll stuff insulatuion
[18:52:46] <Contract_Pilot> Yep...
[18:52:57] <XXCoder> abestos?
[18:53:07] <BeachBumPete> and whoever installed it ran it all the way to the edges of the roof
[18:53:08] <Tom_itx> fiberglass
[18:53:21] <Contract_Pilot> Yea, i had no choice a 4'X10' chunk of lid came crashing down one night
[18:53:25] <XXCoder> yes 80s is right era for abestos but tom is likely right?
[18:53:30] <Contract_Pilot> Celoulose all over
[18:53:34] <BeachBumPete> like I said the roof has a large overhang
[18:53:57] <Tom_itx> celulose was used before that, i've not heard of asbestos insul in dwellings
[18:54:07] <BeachBumPete> so with insulation all the way to the edges of the roof there is no flow thru ability of air to go in thru the eaves and up out the ridge vent etc.
[18:54:09] <Tom_itx> that would be pretty old stuff
[18:54:45] <XXCoder> so no roof venting
[18:54:50] <BeachBumPete> I need to pick a nice cool day and go up there with a razor knife and some garbage bags and remove the insulation over the soffits
[18:56:49] <BeachBumPete> the other issue I am dealing with now is that the guy who did the tile in the master bedroom shower
[18:57:00] <XXCoder> whats wrong with it
[18:57:18] <BeachBumPete> somehow failed to cover the drain tube and spilled some mud down there and it hardened in the drain causing it to drain kinda slowly
[18:58:16] <BeachBumPete> I managed to chip most of it out with a piece of square steel tube cut at an angle but I cannot get beyond this elbow at the bottom of the tube
[18:58:23] <BeachBumPete> its much better than it was
[18:58:42] <XXCoder> doubt theres anything that can dissolve that and NOT pipes?
[18:59:00] <BeachBumPete> but I will probably have to get a plumber in here to work it out
[18:59:06] <BeachBumPete> oh actually there is
[18:59:22] <BeachBumPete> apparently there is some stuff they sell that dissolves concrete
[18:59:23] <Contract_Pilot> When the rock came off had a few cracked trusses and about a 2-3" Sag
[18:59:36] <Contract_Pilot> back them they did not stagger the nut plates
[18:59:36] <BeachBumPete> also apparently muratic acid does it as well
[18:59:43] <Contract_Pilot> nail
[18:59:52] <Tom_itx> what's it do to the pipes?
[19:00:13] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/100_2986-1024x768.jpg
[19:00:18] <BeachBumPete> nothing I don't think... I mean it comes in plastic containers but I am not sure what plastic it is
[19:00:38] <Contract_Pilot> So we put a support up and used hangers and glued and screwed the repair
[19:00:39] <Tom_itx> some olderish homes around here have copper drain
[19:00:41] <BeachBumPete> the guy at the home depot recommended we pour vinegar down there and let it sit a few nights
[19:00:57] <Tom_itx> yeah that might help
[19:01:11] <Tom_itx> i got a gal of that for my well a while back
[19:01:13] <BeachBumPete> when we first started using the shower
[19:01:25] <XXCoder> some plastics do resist certains chemicals well
[19:01:31] <Tom_itx> haven't used it yet as a good backflush fixed it for now
[19:01:37] <BeachBumPete> after a typical long shower I like to take there would be a half inch of water in the shower bottom
[19:01:53] <BeachBumPete> it would drain away completely in a few minutes after you shutoff the water
[19:02:14] <Tom_itx> is the pipe accessable?
[19:02:15] <BeachBumPete> have not tried it since I removed a lot of the rock down there but it would have to be better than it was
[19:02:22] <BeachBumPete> no not really
[19:02:30] <BeachBumPete> everything here is built on concrete slabs
[19:02:33] <Tom_itx> if it were i'd put a new trap in
[19:02:39] <BeachBumPete> so the drain is under the slab
[19:02:40] <Tom_itx> yuck
[19:02:48] <andypugh> It isn’t like they are expensive
[19:03:08] <andypugh> But that doesn’t help…
[19:03:22] <BeachBumPete> yeah that part does suck but honestly I really disliked living over a crawlspace in tennessee
[19:03:37] <BeachBumPete> I am used to the very solid floor of florida homes
[19:03:53] <Tom_itx> so did i so i put a basement under it in place of it
[19:04:01] <BeachBumPete> my kids would run and jump around in the house there and it would shake the floor a tiny bit
[19:04:05] <andypugh> Better for machine tools in the house, certainly.
[19:04:09] <XXCoder> crawlspace does means house is bit more repairable in some terms. lol thats flaw yes
[19:04:15] <Contract_Pilot> Ok, almost bed time
[19:04:40] <BeachBumPete> its kinda annoying hearing the boominess of their jumping around on the floating floor
[19:04:55] <andypugh> The crawlspace is a handy place to dispose of unwanted jumpy childen
[19:04:56] <BeachBumPete> here they can run and jump all they want there is NO noise whatsoever LOL
[19:05:12] <BeachBumPete> sounds silly but it is an issue believe me
[19:05:18] <XXCoder> deaf culture has foot stomping to get attention
[19:05:24] <XXCoder> it does not work on solid floors lol
[19:05:49] <XXCoder> it does not work on my brother anyway hes body-deaf :P
[19:06:01] <BeachBumPete> our entire house all 2200 sq ft of it is solid concrete with big tile on the floor
[19:06:34] <BeachBumPete> there is no carpet, wood, nothing anywhere just tile and I love it LOL
[19:06:44] <XXCoder> I do like hardfloor
[19:06:46] <XXCoder> rugs suck
[19:06:54] <BeachBumPete> if I want carpet I will throw a rug down somewhere
[19:07:07] <BeachBumPete> Rugs do suck especially when you have pets
[19:07:11] <Tom_itx> would help with echos though
[19:07:29] <BeachBumPete> we are gonna get a nice big rug for under our master bedroom bed
[19:07:50] <BeachBumPete> Tom_itx thats what furniture is for ;)
[19:08:34] <Tom_itx> yeah that works too depending on the type
[19:08:49] <BeachBumPete> just looked at his photo you can see his 100 amp breaker and the heavy wires
[19:09:21] <BeachBumPete> that is about what I am going to be doing I think
[19:09:29] <BeachBumPete> should work fine and be plenty safe
[19:09:35] <Contract_Pilot> that 100A is for the Split Bus
[19:10:16] <Contract_Pilot> Right above that 100A is Now another 100A
[19:10:18] <BeachBumPete> as I said before I ran the machine off the 60 amp breaker and it was never popped even when I screwed up and crashed a big endmill thru full width full depth one time
[19:10:36] <BeachBumPete> what is a split buss?
[19:10:53] <Contract_Pilot> the 100A in the Photo feeds the lower section
[19:11:12] <Contract_Pilot> the Bus bars in the upper are always hot
[19:11:38] <Contract_Pilot> To turn off the entire house must trip all 6 breakers
[19:11:48] <Contract_Pilot> yours has a 200A disconnect
[19:12:13] <BeachBumPete> one nice thing is there is already an outlet on a pole right in the back yard
[19:12:23] <BeachBumPete> I can use for our above ground pool when I get it
[19:12:46] <Tom_itx> pool hell, just go to the beach!
[19:13:02] <BeachBumPete> we do believe me
[19:13:16] <BeachBumPete> but it is nice to have the pool at the house to cool off when it is hot outside
[19:13:25] <BeachBumPete> we really enjoyed ours in Tennessee
[19:14:19] <BeachBumPete> I hope to find one someone wants out of their yard for cheap and put a new liner etc in it.
[19:14:31] <BeachBumPete> our house in Tennessee came with one
[19:14:44] <BeachBumPete> it was 16 foot wide by 4 foot deep
[19:14:52] <BeachBumPete> we would like an 18 or 20 this time
[19:15:06] <BeachBumPete> the yard is plenty big enough for that and a largish shed at some point
[19:15:14] <BeachBumPete> it is already fenced in nice
[19:15:15] <Tom_itx> yeah you probably don't have to worry about freezing down there
[19:15:25] <BeachBumPete> no not really ;)
[19:15:36] <BeachBumPete> you might sweat some tho occasionally
[19:15:38] <Contract_Pilot> I have an 18X33 pool
[19:15:41] <BeachBumPete> like a LOT
[19:15:56] <BeachBumPete> is it above or in ground
[19:18:17] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Pool-Blue.jpg
[19:18:31] <BeachBumPete> ooh cool an oval
[19:18:35] <BeachBumPete> I have seen those before
[19:18:46] <BeachBumPete> that would be really nice for our yard
[19:20:32] <XXCoder> so when you sending that pool to me?
[19:21:03] <Contract_Pilot> https://www.google.com/maps/@45.6696988,-122.5727678,3a,75y,90h,89.6t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1spTOkKiGpDDtAma0EdTJCuQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
[19:21:50] <XXCoder> heh Contract_Pilot your area is so flat
[19:22:11] <XXCoder> I can barely see hills far off
[19:22:46] <Contract_Pilot> them hills are the cascades
[19:23:13] <Contract_Pilot> 50NM to the North is Mt St Hellens to the south east is Mt Hood
[19:23:31] <XXCoder> 5 corners lol
[19:23:33] <Contract_Pilot> Volcanos
[19:23:37] <BeachBumPete> woah that is WAY too close to an active volcano for me LOL
[19:23:56] <XXCoder> you live onbly few miles from my old home
[19:24:08] <Contract_Pilot> I have 3 with in 70NM
[19:25:25] <Contract_Pilot> Hellens, Adams & Hood
[19:26:08] <Contract_Pilot> On a Clear Day I can also see Jefferson & Sisters
[19:26:47] <XXCoder> heh had forgotten how ugly vancouver is
[19:27:04] <XXCoder> I;'m "walking" to my old home
[19:27:40] <Contract_Pilot> hahaha
[19:27:46] <Contract_Pilot> You used to live here?
[19:28:10] <XXCoder> home sweet home
[19:28:57] <BeachBumPete> I gotta say I love our new neighborhood... it is a great place to ride my recumbent bike :D
[19:29:06] <XXCoder> https://www.google.com/maps/@45.6743107,-122.5702442,3a,75y,227.72h,77.02t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sSMoQKLiMjo71iS4vIPd52A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
[19:29:42] <XXCoder> home sweet home for 17 years or so. its definitely been changed a little since then though. grass look more worked on
[19:29:53] <XXCoder> trees is little bigger
[19:30:46] <XXCoder> we built the deck quite a while ago
[19:30:55] <XXCoder> trees planted while ago too lol
[19:31:38] <XXCoder> garage and kids play center visiable https://www.google.com/maps/@45.6742002,-122.5707651,3a,75y,105.13h,81.75t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sUuRrncDTwOpE_CeCXiVAhw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
[19:31:45] <Contract_Pilot> Thats not far from me
[19:31:46] <BeachBumPete> I only have taken one ride with the kids around the neighborhood and it sure is nice and flat and we have a great greenway to ride down into town where you can get some food etc.
[19:32:47] <XXCoder> like I said, few miles lol cont. I do miss those trees, it kept my room reasonable cool
[19:32:53] <BeachBumPete> now if I can just get the power sorted for the machines and move my stuff over here we will be good to go I think here..
[19:33:04] <Contract_Pilot> there was just a murder on that side of covington a week or so ag
[19:33:08] <Contract_Pilot> ago
[19:33:31] <BeachBumPete> theres murders no matter where you live it seems
[19:33:51] <Contract_Pilot> Ok, Up 18 hours bed time
[19:34:01] <BeachBumPete> even in little Maryville Tennessee we had occasional bad stuff like that
[19:34:02] <XXCoder> was it "hot" murder (rage then kill) or cold (like serial killer) murder?
[19:34:08] <XXCoder> because latter is way worse
[19:34:57] <Contract_Pilot> Shot his wife in the head if i can recall
[19:34:58] <XXCoder> oh my link, did you see black and white house oppositing trees?
[19:35:25] <XXCoder> not even being deaf means good living, my graduate classmate shot his kid, wife then himself
[19:36:04] <BeachBumPete> frackin' coward
[19:36:27] <malcom2073> Differing abilities and disabilities aside, people, on average, are freaking crazy
[19:36:33] <XXCoder> anyway that blacj and white house he has nice retired guy, he worked on yard so hard lol that area has maybe one inch soil. he chirned soil for over a year to kill weeds and make it foot deep., thats why his grass looks so good lol
[19:39:14] <XXCoder> BeachBumPete: I agree. he should have worked hard on diovice and go away. still coward but far less coward, facing issues and go away than just end it all
[19:39:45] <XXCoder> it may be religious thing, some religious really cant divorce
[19:40:33] <XXCoder> as it is a kid and lady is dead because of his cowardness.
[19:42:19] <Contract_Pilot> Now this is sick
[19:42:23] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.kgw.com/news/crime/police-3-year-old-boy-killed-mothers-boyfriend-charged-with-murder/212935678
[19:43:09] <BeachBumPete> do you guys think that a indoor panel is sufficient for in the shop or should I get a covered outdoor sub panel?
[19:43:13] <XXCoder> sucks though that may be actual physogical issue
[19:45:46] <XXCoder> can indoor panel support big machines you will have in it?
[19:45:55] <XXCoder> if so likely fine I guess? though no electrician
[19:46:01] <XXCoder> *not
[19:54:28] <BeachBumPete> I am referring to the TYPE of sub panel they make ones for outdoor use and indoor that do not have coverings
[19:56:56] <XXCoder> ahh cool, mybe can call electrician for info on that?
[20:00:50] <CaptHindsight> BeachBumPete: will it exposed to an wind, rain, body fluids?
[20:01:04] <CaptHindsight> +be
[20:01:06] <BeachBumPete> hopefully not
[20:01:07] <XXCoder> coolant, chips, so on
[20:01:18] <CaptHindsight> then indoor panel
[20:01:38] <BeachBumPete> unless I put some sexy babe poster on top of the box or something :)
[20:01:53] <BeachBumPete> ya just never know right hehe
[20:01:58] <CaptHindsight> yeah, nice flat surface
[20:04:12] <XXCoder> heres million dollar idea for ya, set new fetish porn, machinist shop sex :P
[20:04:17] <BeachBumPete> watchin london is falling
[20:36:15] <MacGalempsy> hello
[20:36:24] <XXCoder> olleh
[20:37:08] <MacGalempsy> whats shaking?
[20:37:30] <XXCoder> certainly not my printer. its X stepper certainly shakes a lot when running lol
[20:38:54] <MacGalempsy> heh
[20:47:03] <MacGalempsy> XXCoder: print anything good lately?
[20:47:19] <XXCoder> never used it :( stepper arrievd DOA
[20:47:45] <MacGalempsy> that sucks. im working on a new printer now. hopefully, it will be up and running soon
[21:03:59] <enleth> I just had a potentially dumb idea: make a router spindle attachment for the Bridgeport, that clamps onto the quill to be used with the spindle brake engaged obviously
[21:04:09] <enleth> have you ever seen anybody do that?
[21:04:59] <enleth> it could work for soft stuff that requires spindle speeds in the 5-50kRPM range, which the bridgeport is not capable of
[21:05:01] <MacGalempsy> broken regular spindle?
[21:05:17] <gregcnc> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN1V0qcYcag
[21:05:28] <enleth> MacGalempsy: no, just unable to go higher than 4kRPM
[21:06:10] <enleth> I could get it to 8k or so by replacing the varispeed transmission and motor, but that's still a tad slow for a lot of things a bridgeport wasn't designed to do
[21:06:36] <enleth> gregcnc: yep, exactly what I had in mind
[21:07:10] <enleth> seems to be working nicely
[21:07:29] <gregcnc> www.ebay.com/itm/252473632808 these are usually expensive
[21:08:12] <enleth> yeah, I've seen those, and the penumatic spindle speeders
[21:08:30] <enleth> out of my price range
[21:08:44] <gregcnc> hard to beat a router with mount
[22:50:16] <Contract_Pilot> Wonder if BLM will protest here? http://www.kgw.com/news/local/man-killed-in-kelso-officer-involed-shooting-identified-video-released/303425122
[22:51:30] <XXCoder> probably not as police had to defend. there is plenty injustice but that dont seem to bne
[23:07:19] <XXCoder> heh just thought this silly thing
[23:07:28] <XXCoder> if there is a cnc cell machines...
[23:07:42] <XXCoder> if I stack em and connect together, did I make a cnc battery?
[23:08:34] <norias> battery is found in me
[23:35:41] <renesis> xxcoder: i think you are the only person who actually thinks of battery in the literal sense meaning plurality
[23:35:58] <XXCoder> well proper batteries has cells in it
[23:36:06] <XXCoder> AA, AAA is properly a cell
[23:38:07] <MacGalempsy> slow day in the chat
[23:40:38] <XXCoder> yeah