#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-07-18

[02:41:54] <holymoly> HI peps I am searching a mill to convert it into cnc
[02:42:17] <holymoly> I am regularly looking at ebay to find something
[02:42:20] <holymoly> http://www.ebay.de/itm/Frasmaschine-STEINEL-SV-4-Werkzeugfrasmaschine/131870818630?_trksid=p2045573.c100034.m2102&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D35379%26meid%3D98967914fc5a4e06a1a71ee4a0855101%26pid%3D100034%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D172244655051
[02:43:22] <holymoly> Beside the high price, is it realistic to clean this thing up and revive it ?
[02:44:17] <archivist> a scraper to get surface rust off
[02:44:36] <holymoly> I would have to do this job
[02:45:26] <archivist> garden rust condition to running http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=new+filing+machine
[02:46:03] <holymoly> good work, you are pro
[02:46:16] <archivist> scraper and wire brush
[02:46:27] <XXCoder> just tons of elbow grease
[02:46:34] <archivist> and wet and dry paper
[02:46:37] <XXCoder> some chemicals and some stuff
[02:46:45] <archivist> no chemicals
[02:46:50] <XXCoder> no?
[02:47:46] <archivist> no need
[02:48:00] <archivist> similar clean up http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=barber+colman
[02:48:39] <holymoly> I am regular looking for a mill
[02:48:43] <XXCoder> interesting
[02:48:48] <holymoly> the price is high
[02:49:09] <holymoly> I could get something similar in better condition
[02:49:15] <archivist> and another http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=harrison+bench
[02:49:54] <archivist> that last one check picture dates, only a couple of days work
[02:50:24] <holymoly> I cannt compare me with your work
[02:50:47] <holymoly> I first have to learn to do this job proberly
[02:50:58] <archivist> you only get anywhere by trying :)
[02:51:33] <XXCoder> indeed
[02:51:42] <archivist> really should have taken before pics http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=toolpost
[02:52:21] <archivist> the toolpost grinder was half in water in the open in a scrap yard
[02:52:54] <XXCoder> mn where do you live that has lots machines half in water lol
[02:53:13] <archivist> I have a 6" wire brush mounted on a bench grinder for all the little bits
[03:42:16] <archivist> not a bad price http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182199054528
[03:42:51] <XXCoder> lathe probe?
[03:44:35] <archivist> I think it could be used on a mill for tool setting as well
[03:44:48] <XXCoder> interesting
[03:45:35] <Sync> it is a milling tool setter
[03:47:38] <archivist> somewhat better than the usual ebay junk
[03:48:24] <XXCoder> I want a probe lol but most market probes is way too long for my machine lol
[03:48:30] <archivist> unless it has been crashed :(
[03:48:37] <XXCoder> I'll have to custom create one
[03:49:59] <archivist> just keep a look out for a small probe like a renishaw TP2
[03:50:24] <archivist> or its replacement TP20
[03:50:47] <XXCoder> looking
[03:51:29] <XXCoder> 1.5 inch, thats just barely possible, and point itself makes it harder
[03:51:45] <XXCoder> my machine clearance is 3 inches
[03:52:31] <archivist> place the mount so only the stylus protrudes
[03:53:44] <XXCoder> 13 mm hmm not sure what max er16 goes to? 13?
[03:53:47] <archivist> I suppose my CMM is an example of no clearance the probe is horizontal
[03:54:18] <Deejay> moin
[03:54:25] <XXCoder> hey
[03:54:32] <XXCoder> though price is wow high
[03:54:38] <XXCoder> $300 or more
[03:58:57] <Sync> it is pretty cheap compared to what they used to run
[04:01:47] <XXCoder> jeez. lol
[04:02:02] <XXCoder> I'm still pondering on how to design it in such way my cnc router can cut it
[04:04:49] <XXCoder> its likely to be stacked design
[04:04:59] <XXCoder> its still far off plan though heh
[05:35:05] <jthornton> morning
[05:35:49] <XXCoder> yo
[05:51:17] <KreAa> weeeee
[05:51:18] <KreAa> http://i.imgur.com/STcLbHD.png
[05:51:24] <KreAa> I reinvented the nut
[05:51:30] <XXCoder> fancy
[05:51:38] <KreAa> Now it will require a much more complicated tool
[05:51:50] * XXCoder steals it and patents it
[05:52:10] <XXCoder> odd poly shape is interesting heh
[05:52:11] <KreAa> I am thinking a 5 part grip with pressure ring sliding down around after attaching, following a set of balls pressed into the dimples via external lockring
[05:52:22] <XXCoder> makes it impossible to use say crescent to loosen
[05:52:47] <KreAa> hihi
[05:53:15] <KreAa> cheap nut + ridiculously expensive tool = proffit
[05:53:23] <XXCoder> I guess ball indentions help on grip
[05:54:04] <KreAa> I just wanted to play with ballnose bit
[05:54:20] <KreAa> It was a 4'th axis test
[05:54:45] <XXCoder> cool :)
[05:55:02] <XXCoder> though if you do make it, it'd be GREAT anti-wheel theft nut
[05:55:20] <XXCoder> make it strong enough for air wrench and sell it
[05:55:31] <KreAa> http://i.imgur.com/jzANZIt.jpg
[05:55:54] <KreAa> The 4'th workded :)
[05:56:36] <XXCoder> hmm yeah little wavey though
[05:56:41] <XXCoder> corners dont line up
[05:56:45] <XXCoder> or maybe thats just burr
[05:57:08] <KreAa> burr
[05:57:33] <XXCoder> so it ran good
[05:57:36] <XXCoder> now make 3 more
[05:57:47] <XXCoder> make set of wheel lock nuts lol
[05:58:03] <KreAa> I cut em in alu as my cnc is not designed for heavy stuff
[05:58:10] <KreAa> don't think you want wheel nuts of alu
[05:58:13] <KreAa> lol
[05:58:14] <XXCoder> lol
[05:58:23] <KreAa> Had fun though
[05:58:27] <XXCoder> though do it with abs rod and you can do "lost plastic" casting
[05:58:51] <KreAa> pla burns out cleaner
[05:59:46] <KreAa> http://bitraf.no/photos/image-601325825.0.68895800.1443461375.jpg
[05:59:57] <XXCoder> nice
[06:00:09] <XXCoder> I did want to try casting but I dont know if I ever will.
[06:00:23] <XXCoder> I guess can use kiln or something?
[06:01:57] <KreAa> This is one of the guys at the makerspace
[06:02:03] <KreAa> he's got a small smelter
[06:03:11] <XXCoder> cool
[06:03:21] <jthornton> http://gnipsel.com/images/casting/burner%20tube%2010.jpg
[06:03:28] <XXCoder> zmaker clubs prices is high, not too interested in those
[06:03:40] <jthornton> http://gnipsel.com/images/casting/Burner%20Test%2003.jpg
[06:05:11] <XXCoder> cool
[06:21:55] <latheguy> Hi guys and gals!
[06:22:28] <XXCoder> hey
[06:27:29] <KreAa> hoy
[06:55:01] <latheguy> To make sure I'm not drunk, please look at this datasheet: http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/57439.pdf
[06:55:33] <latheguy> and tell me if my Optocouple (LED side) will burn if I feed it beyond 50 mA
[06:56:37] <latheguy> And when I say "will burn" I mean "it's expected to fail"
[06:57:20] <SpeedEvil> I have not read the datasheet.
[06:57:34] <SpeedEvil> If it says 'absolute maximum 50mA' that is the current it will not fail at for 10s.
[06:57:45] <SpeedEvil> It is not long-term reliability - use at most half that.
[06:58:22] <latheguy> That's what I thought. In practice, I'm running it at 30mA
[06:58:44] <latheguy> but doesn't seem to work
[06:59:21] <latheguy> wait... I'll take into account the wiring resistance...
[07:01:33] <archivist> latheguy, read the data sheet for the transfer curve/optimum current and pick that
[07:05:07] <latheguy> it seems about right...
[07:05:32] <latheguy> pushing throught the wires with 11/14 V
[07:08:42] <latheguy> It started working again by itself. :P
[07:10:31] <latheguy> And it stopped... interesting.
[07:11:14] <latheguy> I have an LED at the output of the photo-couple so I can see what's happening.
[07:11:14] <KreAa> loose wires
[07:11:34] <latheguy> It's not loose wire! Listen (read?) this:
[07:12:27] <latheguy> I powered it on and after some seconds, the LED started to kinda blink irregularly.
[07:13:03] <latheguy> It blinked on each time brighter until it latched on.
[07:13:16] <SpeedEvil> what is the output circuit
[07:13:25] <latheguy> has if there is some kind of capacitance interferign or something
[07:13:36] <latheguy> Let me make a drawing
[07:13:37] <KreAa> nah, this sounds more like unstable power
[07:13:51] <KreAa> do you per chance drive the pin from a microcontroller, and this has a alimit on output ?
[07:13:54] <KreAa> 30mA is a bit much
[07:14:30] <latheguy> No MCU
[07:15:20] <latheguy> I have 3 of these setups, two of each work fine and are linked at input by Inductive sensors (PNP type)
[07:15:32] <enleth> latheguy: just measure the current flowing through it
[07:15:39] <latheguy> the one malfunctioning is connected to a mechanical switchs
[07:16:01] <archivist> dirty switch contacts
[07:16:05] <latheguy> enleth: duh, it's the obvious proceadure
[07:18:53] <enleth> latheguy: you said something about wiring resistance, so I assumed you calculated a resistor value then realized you didn't account for the wires
[07:20:44] <archivist> wire does not have significant resistance in usual LED circuits
[07:21:29] <latheguy> Gotcha
[07:22:38] <latheguy> This is really unprofessional, but it was done in a gist: https://postimg.org/image/6ksiona6v/
[07:23:14] <latheguy> I'll use a proper circuit schematic next time :P
[07:23:35] <archivist> 388 seems very low for 22v drive
[07:23:53] <latheguy> FYI: the resistor value is the measured resitance
[07:23:59] <latheguy> and the drive is 12V
[07:24:33] <archivist> your 1 looks like a 2
[07:25:04] <latheguy> better pay attention to what I wrote here
[07:27:33] <latheguy> The time I was sketching, the machine was powered off, and now powering it one makes the problem go away
[07:27:56] <latheguy> now, the LED turned on by itself again...
[07:28:35] <latheguy> could it be heating from too much current or the capacitance in the circuit?
[07:35:14] <_methods> http://www.npr.org/2016/07/15/486177667/-memeoftheweek-the-new-trump-pence-thats-doing-something
[07:35:16] <_methods> heheh
[07:35:38] <_methods> trump makin SNL great again
[07:36:31] <_methods> i don't even know what you have to do to get NPR to make fun of you
[07:41:42] <latheguy> Gonna try to reduce the current a click or two
[07:42:33] <KreAa> After the long inflation it is good to see you can use a Pence for something again
[07:43:44] <_methods> pence penetration
[07:43:47] <_methods> full pence
[07:43:56] <_methods> lol
[07:44:13] <_methods> all that money trump has and all he can get to run with him is a pence
[07:44:18] <latheguy> I doubt my issue is on the input side, though
[07:46:50] <latheguy> Ok, then. my meter registers 18.5 mA
[07:47:22] <latheguy> the photo-couple is still behaving well
[07:47:48] <latheguy> an it broke...
[07:47:56] <latheguy> metaphorically
[07:49:06] <latheguy> Indeed I'm pushing in too much current. with about 600 ohm, the switch can still act on the TLP (until my issue arises)
[07:50:05] <latheguy> although it's still short of burning the components, so I'm not worried
[07:51:31] <KreAa> Most photocouplers have a current amplification factor
[07:52:32] <KreAa> This thing only guarantees a 50% transfer
[07:52:52] <latheguy> Those 50% mean what?
[07:53:07] <KreAa> 10mA in means 5mA out guaranteed
[07:53:15] <KreAa> more if you are lucky
[07:53:36] <KreAa> max recommended operating is 24mA
[07:53:51] <KreAa> and max recommended collector (output current) is 10mA
[07:54:09] <KreAa> so, on your output side you must make sure to have a suitable series resistor too, not just on input side
[07:55:00] <KreAa> do you know what rank your package is ?
[07:55:57] <latheguy> it's the TLP521-4X
[07:56:21] <KreAa> hmm, so basically no rank listed
[07:56:40] <latheguy> it's a brandless weirdo.
[07:56:56] <KreAa> min/max transfer ratio of 50-600% or 100-600%
[07:57:16] <KreAa> This usually means you need to limit current quite a lot on output as the ratio amplifies it
[07:57:26] <KreAa> and unless you do you can overload output
[07:57:32] <latheguy> if the transfer is 50%, then that's not really amplification, right?
[07:57:41] <KreAa> but it can also be 600%
[07:57:44] <KreAa> aka 6x
[07:57:49] <latheguy> sure
[07:57:55] <latheguy> it was an hypothetical
[07:58:04] <KreAa> what resistor you use on out ?
[07:58:12] <latheguy> ah, almost forgot:
[07:58:13] * KreAa looks at pic
[07:58:17] <latheguy> 1K2 ohm
[07:58:25] <latheguy> the pic doesn't have the value
[07:59:31] <latheguy> 5V/1200= whatver, surely less than 10mA
[08:00:05] <latheguy> ops...
[08:00:06] <KreAa> yup
[08:00:21] <KreAa> limited to max 4.1mA
[08:00:37] <KreAa> but what about led ?
[08:00:45] <latheguy> I choose the resistor to be just enough to power the visual LED
[08:00:52] <KreAa> ok
[08:01:01] <KreAa> and the on signal turns off led
[08:01:03] <KreAa> ok
[08:01:03] <latheguy> the input of the TLP has an 388 ohm resistor
[08:01:29] <KreAa> I think that is a bit too much, gives me approx 27mA which is too high for the recommended use
[08:01:42] <KreAa> ultra short pulses can be higher though, 100us pulses
[08:02:07] <latheguy> I could use about 600 ohm
[08:02:10] <latheguy> It worked
[08:02:17] <latheguy> when I tried
[08:03:05] <KreAa> I'd go for larger, 720+
[08:03:19] <KreAa> To make sure I put the current within recommended limits
[08:03:20] <latheguy> 1k2 for everybody, then
[08:03:25] <KreAa> sure, why not
[08:03:47] <latheguy> but the input doesn't seem to be the source of my troubles.
[08:05:13] <latheguy> I'm now considering powering the machine on without the Parport plugged in
[08:05:25] <latheguy> let's wait to see if it breaks again
[08:05:58] <latheguy> ok. It broke
[08:06:15] <latheguy> definitively something on the circuit cide
[08:06:18] <latheguy> *side
[08:07:56] <KreAa> broke ???
[08:08:18] <latheguy> I mean the photo-couple turned on by itself again
[08:08:52] <KreAa> sounds to me like it is connected backwards
[08:08:53] <KreAa> hehe
[08:08:55] <skunkworks> on boot up - the printer port outputs signals.
[08:09:14] <KreAa> he didn't have it connected I think skunkworks
[08:09:18] <skunkworks> ah
[08:09:23] <latheguy> unplugging it didn't make a difference
[08:13:09] <latheguy> The same way medicine has "idiopathic symptoms", electronics has "transients"
[08:17:03] <latheguy> BTW: is soldering flux hidrophilic?
[08:17:54] <KreAa> depends on type
[08:17:59] <KreAa> but some are even conductive
[08:18:42] <latheguy> mine, I don't measure conductivity
[08:21:01] <latheguy> I'm scrapping the circuit board to see what changes
[08:25:56] <latheguy> suppose that I want to cause this effect on purpose. What would you do?
[08:27:22] <latheguy> (given the circuit in the sketch)
[08:30:34] <KreAa> hmm
[08:30:39] <KreAa> not really sure
[08:30:42] <KreAa> it can be anything
[08:30:44] <KreAa> oooh I know
[08:30:49] <KreAa> your psu, 5v
[08:30:52] <KreAa> how is it attached
[08:31:06] <KreAa> I had issues with a plug on mine, too small centerpin
[08:33:34] <latheguy> after cleaning the board and powering it up, it has been a while without it breaking
[08:34:26] <latheguy> FYI my PSU is a lab-grade one. Heavy as a car wheel...
[08:34:48] <latheguy> let me tell you, I'm feeling confident.
[08:35:03] <latheguy> It has been more than a minute and it still behaves properly
[08:35:49] <latheguy> Troubleshooting electronics prototypes is BS
[08:39:24] <KreAa> does it use those lab plugs ?
[08:39:29] <KreAa> bananna stick in stuff ?
[08:39:40] <KreAa> and do you use cheap wire plugs ?
[08:40:03] <KreAa> There is a designflaw on some of them that makes the spring ring on the plug loose and not in real contact with the pin
[08:40:10] <KreAa> wiggle em about and they disconnect
[08:40:13] <latheguy> No, I'm using crocodile clips
[08:40:20] <KreAa> found that out the hard way on a 100k usd project
[08:40:24] <KreAa> lol
[08:40:48] <KreAa> and yes troubleshooting electronics is fun
[08:40:52] <KreAa> I love the hall sensors
[08:41:00] <KreAa> magnetic activated endstops
[08:41:05] <KreAa> no switchy nastyness for me
[08:41:05] <latheguy> I know
[08:41:15] <malcom2073> Skunkworks: did your matsurra come with a yasnac mx5 controller?
[08:41:24] <KreAa> http://kreature.org/projects/cnc/endstop_2.jpg
[08:41:49] <latheguy> Actually, when I worked with relay logic I never had issues without know what was happening...
[08:42:15] <KreAa> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abLRX3D32Wg
[08:42:58] <malcom2073> skunkworks: if so, do you still have the manuals laying around?
[08:46:22] <latheguy> Now the EStop switch broke... :(
[08:47:05] <skunkworks> malcom2073, mx1
[08:47:25] <archivist> malcom2073, oops no http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=yasnac
[08:48:15] <KreAa> I wouldn't call it breaking latheguy since it doesn't seem to have ever been working hehe
[08:50:58] <latheguy> DONE! working again
[08:51:14] <latheguy> the wire seems broken inside (now I really mean "broken")
[08:52:07] <latheguy> The photo-couple hasn't been bothering anymore! Is the tide turning?!
[08:52:29] <KreAa> :)
[08:52:46] <KreAa> I love microstranded cables as they rarely brake inside
[08:52:57] <KreAa> worst thing to diagnose ever is a wire break inside insulation
[08:53:35] <latheguy> well, IMO it's the easist thing. Maybe it's just because of my background
[08:54:26] <latheguy> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZAya0Zm-NM
[08:54:33] <latheguy> my usual procedure :P
[09:00:41] <KreAa> I use a fluke meter myself
[09:00:45] <KreAa> it measures distance to break
[09:02:21] <skunkworks> http://electronicsam.com/images/matsuura/20160713_112422.jpg
[09:02:41] <latheguy> Never heard of that
[09:02:50] <latheguy> what witchcraft is that?
[09:02:56] <latheguy> how does that work?
[09:04:23] <archivist> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time-domain_reflectometer
[09:06:48] <latheguy> cool
[09:09:32] <KreAa> cool eh ?
[09:09:57] <latheguy> It's like when you drop a stone into a well and wait to ear it splash
[09:10:08] <KreAa> yup
[09:10:12] <KreAa> only with rf signals
[09:10:38] <archivist> or pulses
[09:10:54] <archivist> or light
[09:10:57] <roycroft> when i worked for a telco we used to do that to find bridge taps in the "clean" lines we leased from the ilec
[09:11:36] <archivist> I also use it to measure the impedance of the cable
[09:11:48] <roycroft> and yes, it's a standard test for fiber optic cables
[09:12:07] <roycroft> when i install fiber i otdr it after splicing is complete
[09:12:31] <roycroft> i only do that from one end, but i have the tester use a 1km launch cable between the otdr and my fiber
[09:12:45] <roycroft> events close to the otdr cannot be detected otherwise
[09:12:57] <roycroft> then we measure signal loss from each end
[09:13:08] <archivist> I have an old fibre odtr made by ITT
[09:13:24] <archivist> never used it in anger
[09:14:18] <roycroft> when i started working with fiber we'd expect 0.5dB to 1dB loss at each splice point/termination point
[09:14:31] <roycroft> now i reject anything greater than 0.1dB
[09:14:58] <roycroft> fusion splicing has really cleaned up fiber connections
[09:15:28] <KreAa> hehe
[09:15:33] <KreAa> expensive tools though
[09:15:49] <roycroft> a good fusion splicer starts at about US$12,000
[09:16:34] <roycroft> but splicers charge $120/hour and up, plus materials
[09:16:44] <roycroft> it doesn't take too long to pay for the equipment
[09:16:51] <latheguy> I'm here getting the CNC setup right witht axis directions and lengths... Why can't we just tell Stepconf what the switches do and the motor/gear specs and the computer finds the other values by itself?!!
[09:18:11] <_methods> yeah maybe someone should add an easy button or something
[09:18:12] <_methods> wtf
[09:18:17] <KreAa> ?
[09:18:20] <KreAa> I thought it did
[09:29:20] <Sync> roycroft: then you have a shitty equipment supplier
[09:29:30] <Sync> I rent them at something like 120€/d
[09:30:06] <_methods> people that splice charger $120/hr
[09:30:10] <_methods> not machine rental
[09:30:23] <Sync> ah
[09:30:31] <Sync> well, eh, i do it myself
[09:30:33] <Sync> it's not hard
[09:30:36] <malcom2073> Splicers are amazing things, my work won't teach me to use ours
[09:32:41] <roycroft> i need certified results
[09:32:51] <roycroft> i'm not certified to certify myself
[09:33:04] <roycroft> besides, i charge my customers $120/hour
[09:33:24] <Sync> the certified results fall out of the splicer
[09:33:25] <malcom2073> Archivist: I don't know how to use your website haha
[09:34:49] <enleth> archivist: more weird lab shit: http://www.ebay.com/itm/JEOL-JSM-6400-SCANNING-ELECTRON-MICROSCOPE-0-2-40-KV-10X-300-000X-MAGNIFY-/191738351492?hash=item2ca47f0f84:g:I-EAAOSwAYtWKrF3
[09:34:54] <Jymmm> I'd be cussing all the time when clefting fiber.
[09:36:02] <archivist> malcom2073, means I have the paper copies
[09:37:52] <roycroft> i used to do splicing the old fashioned way
[09:38:08] <roycroft> hand cleaving, hand polishing, and a hot glue pot to join the strands
[09:39:11] <Sync> yeah
[09:39:15] <Sync> I have done that as well
[09:39:56] <enleth> latheguy: we could if someone implemented this, duh
[09:41:00] <Jymmm> roycroft: We made the actual lasers themselves, so as long as I got a clean cleft (no fucking chipouts), I was good to go as then I used used the spec analyzer to calibrate.
[09:42:35] <malcom2073> Ohhh, doh. I'm trying to figure out how to use the damn thing heh
[09:43:43] <latheguy> archivist: Ben Krashnow made an electron microscope for himself
[09:43:56] <latheguy> (or rather put it back into action)
[09:44:15] <Sync> Jymmm: we nowadays just lap the ends
[09:44:21] <archivist> malcom2073, I thought the third line down "See Front Page For Contact Details if You Need a Manual Scanning" would be explanatory :)
[09:44:29] <latheguy> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA9renIgK3NanGpSnphOobF8hRPZAychL
[09:46:03] <latheguy> Quick question: in the Stepconf wizard, at one of the axis sections, what does the "home latch direction" mean?
[09:46:22] <latheguy> the docs weren't very elightning
[09:46:27] <malcom2073> Archivist I can't pay you. And I wouldn't want to make you scan a 180 pg document heh
[09:47:28] <cradek> latheguy: http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config/ini-homing.html#_home_latch_vel
[09:48:32] <cradek> looks like 'latch' can be either the second motion on/off the switch, or the index search, if index is present
[09:49:52] <latheguy> OK, then I didn't get it because I was thinking about it wrong:
[09:50:28] <gregcnc> latch direction determine whether it will continue in the search direction until the switch opens to latch or if it will reverse
[09:50:37] <latheguy> I thought the machine would move towards the Home swtch and after finding it, move back until it found opposite switch
[09:50:39] <malcom2073> Ah and it's only mx3 anyway
[09:51:40] <cradek> latheguy: yeah there's only ever one home switch. latching can be when you move onto or off the switch after finding it at high speed the first time
[09:51:51] <cradek> (assuming you have no index pulse)
[09:53:56] <latheguy> Well, if it searched for both switches, it could calculate the travel distance and gearing by itself. :/
[09:57:27] <Sync> what if it doesn't have two switches?
[09:57:27] <archivist> it cannot know your stepper scale, ballscrew pitch , human has to enter real data
[09:59:05] <skunkworks> because you have the switches perfectly spaced apart?
[10:01:44] <latheguy> what's the "pulley teeth" for a stepper motor directly screwed to a ballscrew? 1:1 ?
[10:04:35] <latheguy> Hey, archivist, you have a machine similar to mine. Do you know what's the pitch of its screws?
[10:08:17] <archivist> I moved it, measured calculated
[10:09:23] <latheguy> I only calipers to measure that. Was expecting you had some document of it. :P
[10:09:43] <archivist> document! http://www.archivist.info/cnc/configs/starturn/
[10:09:45] <latheguy> by trial and error it seems about 1.1 : 1
[10:10:03] <archivist> there is no trial and error...MEASURE
[10:11:37] <latheguy> thanks, I try my best...
[10:11:58] <archivist> and being an awkward sod seems I used inches
[10:12:17] <latheguy> I don't like prom queens anyway. *insert a Sean Connery here*
[10:20:56] <latheguy> well, the ini doesn't store screw pitch. But there's the working space dimensions... which I could find easily :P
[10:22:43] <archivist> it is either some whole part of an inch or a sensible metric number, my ini has all the clue needed
[10:23:34] <tjtr33> hello where can i post a 19meg doc for fluids used for edm (for nicklas)
[10:34:57] <roycroft> on the internet?
[10:42:08] <CaptHindsight> hey tjtr33
[10:43:15] <CaptHindsight> yes the intertubes
[10:43:43] <CaptHindsight> tjtr33: mega, dropbox etc
[10:44:09] <CaptHindsight> not sure which free ones are still worth a damn
[10:45:54] <CaptHindsight> http://thetechreader.com/tech/16-top-free-file-hosting-sites-2016-reviews-and-ratings/
[10:46:30] <malcom2073> Archivist: yaskawa's website has the manuals in PDF form freely available to download, I am amazed
[10:46:38] <malcom2073> Turns out it's a mx2, but I got the manual now
[10:47:03] <malcom2073> If you want to download them for your site, they're st www.yaskawa.com in the downloads section
[10:47:20] <archivist> ok
[10:48:02] <archivist> some companies are enlightened to customer support
[10:48:39] <CaptHindsight> tjtr33: if you want to share it with the world https://www.scribd.com/upload-document
[10:51:39] <malcom2073> I'm genuinely impressed, and happy. I'ma send them a nice email letting them know they're awesome
[11:29:09] <latheguy> I seems it's time out for me. Until next time!
[13:33:27] <MacGalempsy> hello
[14:57:54] <ssi> WAT
[14:58:17] <jdh> west coast?
[15:14:05] <tiwake> dododo
[15:25:35] <ssi> not yet
[15:25:53] <ssi> selling projects tho
[15:25:57] <ssi> come get some
[15:33:04] <ctjctj> In checking the website it looks like the linuxcnc is still using the older Kernels? RTAI has not been moved forward to a more modern kenrel.
[15:33:33] <malcom2073> ssi: Whatcha selling? :)
[15:34:05] <XXCoder> yeah from what I understand from comments here, RTAI tend to be removed so linuxcnc have to use its own kernel branch
[15:35:02] <ctjctj> I check every year or so to see if RTAI has been moved forward or we have a different solution.
[15:39:50] <PCW_> There's a test branch that supports RTAI, Preempt-RT, and Xenomai with a single LinuxCNC executable
[15:41:17] <JT-Shop> one more part done http://gnipsel.com/images/press-brake/press-brake-03.jpg
[16:08:04] <malcom2073> Got the matsuura running at work now, can make some parts!
[16:08:14] <malcom2073> 350 page manual
[16:10:09] <Tom_itx> 98F
[16:11:20] <tecdroid> hi
[16:11:52] <tecdroid> stupid question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO4L3-TevtY<-- why does it touch off multiple times?
[16:11:53] <tecdroid> and how do i implement touch off?
[16:12:28] <XXCoder> tecdroid: It's checking for position of plane I guess
[16:12:33] <XXCoder> any curves and so on
[16:13:31] <XXCoder> from what I see it's simply connect plate and tool itself so it completes a circuit when it touches
[16:16:51] <tecdroid> so it does not just touch off but corrects the plane? want that program XD
[16:17:14] <XXCoder> never used such but yeah bet its nice and awesome
[16:17:21] <XXCoder> its great for making very shallow cuts
[16:19:07] <tecdroid> when i try to mill pcbs, it's exactly my problem..
[16:20:00] <tecdroid> i made such an alligator clip switch but its useless so far..
[16:20:33] <XXCoder> tool itself have to be conductive, so does materal
[16:21:04] <XXCoder> can jjust test using small section of materual connected and other one connected to tool and just touch it and see if linuxcnc detects it
[16:21:12] <XXCoder> well time to go work, laters
[16:22:17] <gregcnc> he mentions etch_z_adjust2.2.py in another video comments
[16:31:11] <tecdroid> https://github.com/hase-berlin/pcbGcodeZprobing
[17:07:14] <Deejay> gn8
[17:20:50] <jdh> ssi: got a cheap lathe?
[17:38:02] <CaptHindsight> how come whenever I am looking for something on Craiglist it's not there and when I'm not looking there are 3 of them?
[17:38:43] <t12> universe conspires against you
[17:39:04] <Tom_itx> it's an interweb filter you have subscribed to unknowingly
[17:40:17] <t12> phillip k dick like transdimensonal object theft
[17:41:12] <t12> i got a servo drill press
[17:41:18] <t12> i wonder if it will be nice
[17:41:33] <CaptHindsight> servo spindle/chuck?
[17:41:49] <t12> servo products brand
[18:03:37] <CaptHindsight> http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/grd/5659308850.html looks like a 120A plasma cutter for $150
[18:15:35] <malcom2073> Capt: you use a Craigslist search engine? I've found they help a lot finding things that are hard to find
[18:18:48] <CaptHindsight> malcom2073: I probably had a black out earlier since what I was looking for is now there
[18:22:08] <FloppyDisk> That plasma cutter looks like a steal...
[18:23:45] <CaptHindsight> he took a pass on my $200 in clean new bills http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/tls/5675539855.html
[18:28:41] <FloppyDisk> That's a nice looking unit, too. He's only asking a $1, 20 nickels should do it..
[18:34:41] <CaptHindsight> maybe my $200 scared him since he was only listing it at $1
[18:37:35] <CaptHindsight> http://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/tls/5689219449.html Miller Syncrowave 250 $1k
[18:38:02] <CaptHindsight> vs http://rockford.craigslist.org/tls/5671165614.html Lincoln Square Wave 255 $1200
[18:38:21] <CaptHindsight> old school BLUE vs newer school RED
[22:18:37] <tiwake> CaptHindsight: good finds
[22:18:55] <tiwake> the rust-belt strikes again
[22:18:56] <tiwake> heh