#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-07-08

[03:38:53] <saldot> are there any good and current guides for setting up a tool length sensor?
[03:43:00] <archivist> to me measuring length only makes little sense
[03:43:49] <archivist> measuring effective diameter also measures run out of the tool
[03:50:17] <archivist> I found "Instruction and user guide TSA universal motorised arm" a good read although that is for a lathe some of what you need to know is in there
[03:57:29] <enleth> how do you actually measure effective diameter in an automated manner?
[03:57:54] <enleth> something like running the spindle in reverse and backing the tool against a spring-loaded plate?
[04:02:01] <archivist> yup reverse and carefully
[04:04:25] <archivist> http://www.renishaw.com/en/ts27r-contact-tool-setting-probe--6090
[04:04:36] <archivist> one for mills
[04:09:01] <saldot> What i'm looking for is a routine for probing the length of the tool since i'm using collets and manually changing tools. without having to zeroing z everytime i change tool
[04:09:18] <archivist> the thought of costly tool touching hardened stylus has always made me shudder
[04:10:01] <archivist> iirc there is something for that already
[04:10:42] <enleth> on an unrelated note, how bad of an idea whould it be to use steppers and DM805-AI drives with a 7i77, pretending they're servos?
[04:10:49] <enleth> with encoders added, of course
[04:10:53] <saldot> But it doesn't come out of the box with LinuxCNC i take it, so i'll have to add things to HAL & INI files..?
[04:11:37] <archivist> google "linuxcnc tool length probe"
[04:12:21] <archivist> working with hal and ini is normal once off the simple machines
[04:14:50] <saldot> i'll use this guide, hope it does the trick:
[04:14:58] <saldot> https://forum.linuxcnc.org/forum/10-advanced-configuration/5596-manual-tool-change-tool-lengh-touch-off?start=30#48235
[04:41:13] <XXCoder> heys
[05:46:25] <jthornton> morning
[05:48:33] <XXCoder> hey
[05:51:34] <XXCoder> "help de-carbonize our airwaves"
[05:51:35] <XXCoder> lool
[05:54:21] <Deejay> moin
[06:36:57] <Tom_itx> morning jthornton
[06:37:13] <Tom_itx> looks like the rain is moving out for you and in for me http://www.intellicast.com/Local/WxMap.aspx
[06:40:39] <jthornton> morning Tom_itx
[06:41:00] <XXCoder> here be rainy
[06:42:48] <XXCoder> I finally made last of that part I have been working on for weeks
[06:49:35] <jthornton> looks like more rain right behind what is leaving today
[06:49:57] <XXCoder> rain all way back
[09:15:11] <yasnak> https://akro-mils.com/Products/Types/Cabinets-Racks-Shelving-Panels/Steel-Cabinets/98325
[09:15:38] <yasnak> Need a solution to storing tons of tooling w/o storage crib setup. Cribs suck. Any ideas?
[09:22:41] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/1989-Matsuura-MC450H-Machining-Center-/222179524641 $1k or best
[09:23:05] <CaptHindsight> This machine has been taken out of production due to NC Control issues.
[09:23:48] <gregcnc> horizontal and pallets
[09:27:15] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/MORI-SEIKI-MV-35-35-CNC-VMC-W-TOOLING-W-Fanuc-6M-/172264483667 $2500 or best
[09:27:21] <CaptHindsight> needs tinkering
[09:30:01] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mazak-Slant-Turn-35-ATC-MC-Automatic-Tool-Changer-CNC-Lathe-1988-/322183930671 he dropped the price to $1750
[09:30:53] <gregcnc> did they drop the price on the mazak?
[09:31:08] <archivist> buy them in, convert to linuxcnc, sell
[09:31:26] <cradek> that mori is the big brother of mine. great machine I bet.
[09:31:34] <CaptHindsight> was ~$4k most of this year
[09:32:33] <CaptHindsight> to bad the Mori is in Item location: Rescue, California,
[09:32:40] <cradek> hmm I haven't used my coolant for 5 years. wonder what the tank looks like.
[09:32:51] <_methods> a science project
[09:32:55] <cradek> gone wrong
[09:33:03] <_methods> sentient coolant tank
[09:33:20] <_methods> just teach it to program the machine now and you're set
[09:34:48] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mazak-VQC-20-40B-CNC-Vertical-Machining-Center-Mazatrol-CAM-M2-Control-/282093665636 $4k
[09:37:35] <CaptHindsight> lots of travel but only 4k rpm spindle
[09:47:24] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/REDUCED-NO-RESERVE-Makino-FNC-106-Cnc-Mill-VIDEO-CNC-VMC-Okuma-Haas-/272296210209
[09:48:22] <gregcnc> 80 meters of memory
[09:49:10] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/MITSUI-SEIKI-VERTICAL-CNC-MACHINING-CENTER/401048842728 $2900
[09:49:27] <CaptHindsight> Weight approx: 13,200 lbs
[09:50:49] <CaptHindsight> that Makino is 19k lbs
[09:52:29] <yasnak> Coolant bacteria taking our jobbbbbbbbbbssss
[09:54:59] <CaptHindsight> just toss a gallon of bleach in, problem solved :)
[09:56:15] <gregcnc> might be worth a dollar http://swmi.craigslist.org/tls/5651211900.html
[09:57:16] <CaptHindsight> machine tool artifacts, circa: late 20th century
[09:58:42] <CaptHindsight> Okuma LSF15 CNC Lathe Both machines have had some parts removed. "Not saying which ones, just fir fun"
[09:59:05] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Okuma-LSF15-2SP-CNC-Lathe-/181853874464
[10:10:10] <CaptHindsight> _methods: does Fadal make Fadal?
[10:11:17] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/FADAL-VMC4020-VERTICAL-MACHINING-CENTER-NEW-1992-S-N-9203082-/401146735963
[10:45:23] <archivist> gregcnc, mercury delay line memory
[10:45:46] <gregcnc> not tape length?
[10:54:30] <archivist> or magnetic tape
[11:08:04] <Polymorphism> no new updates
[11:08:12] <Polymorphism> unable to complete assembly of machine
[11:08:19] <Polymorphism> waiting to hear from george
[11:31:43] <cradek> that's paper tape length
[11:32:09] <cradek> my 80s era bridgeport had 100 feet of memory
[11:32:50] <cradek> = 1200 inches = 12000 bytes I think
[11:33:25] <cradek> 80m probably means 32 kbytes
[11:35:35] <CaptHindsight> did the paper tape use multiple tracks?
[11:36:09] <cradek> yes a byte goes across the tape, 7 or 8 holes, there are 10 per inch
[11:37:20] <Polymorphism> lol'
[11:37:29] <archivist> anyway machine is from 1989 hardly going to be paper tape
[11:38:13] <cradek> I think that interface for loading programs was still pretty typical in 1989 cnc
[11:38:43] <gregcnc> for a while they still used the tape rating. after all they were replacing tape machines
[11:41:02] <cradek> I suppose you were replacing machines with unlimited program length with machines that have to load the whole tape ahead of time into ram
[11:41:22] <cradek> so you could just go measure your longest tape to see if it would work, haha
[13:47:32] <enleth> dear god, the ORAC stepper drives use L297+L298
[13:47:39] <Tom_itx> cradek, what no parity bit??
[13:47:43] <JT-Shop> https://ibin.co/2nNR0D5GgYIY.jpg
[13:47:47] <enleth> no wonder they worked like shit
[14:00:07] <FloppyDisk> I thought I saw a denford (is that different than orac) that used digiplan stepper drives and then it had a 12vdc step/dir signal, which was/is wonky...
[14:00:28] <FloppyDisk> You must have a different control system...
[14:03:49] <enleth> had - I gutted it yesterday
[14:04:17] <enleth> completely, everything went to the parts bin
[14:07:44] <enleth> and no wonder the X stepper was prone to stalling, L298 does up to 46V, while those steppers can take up to 80V
[14:08:04] <enleth> they probably had less than half the torque
[14:16:52] <CaptHindsight> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883282956 the BIOS sucks in these, no power management settings except for fan speed
[14:17:12] <CaptHindsight> latency jumps to 500K
[14:17:59] <CaptHindsight> can't kill speed stepping or power management
[14:22:11] <FloppyDisk> oh - that's too bad, I would like to see more AMD for some intel competition.
[14:43:24] <CaptHindsight> FloppyDisk: we have been using AMD exclusively for 10+ years
[14:43:48] <CaptHindsight> FloppyDisk: it's not AMD's fault here, it's HP's lazy BIOS dev
[14:44:17] <FloppyDisk> CaptHindsight - NICE on the AMD. And, yes - it's the BIOS programmer/author...
[14:44:39] <CaptHindsight> the idiot left out all power management options but KEPT the option to turn off the CPU cache
[14:44:53] <CaptHindsight> or his manager
[14:45:02] <FloppyDisk> I just bought my daughter an ACER w/ quad core AMD at Fry's and was a heck of deal and works great...
[14:45:12] <FloppyDisk> Ugh!
[14:45:44] <CaptHindsight> I'll just swap this for an older athlon with DDR2 we haven't rid ourselves of yet
[14:46:58] <CaptHindsight> I'm just waiting for AM4 and Zen to start shipping
[14:51:48] <CaptHindsight> if they removed most of the BIOS options for the sake of reliability and limiting the user from modifications then why did they leave in the ability to disable the cache?
[14:52:42] <CaptHindsight> does windows magically turn it back on?
[15:17:29] <FinboySlick> CaptHindsight: The matsuura you pasted this morning makes me wish I could teleport stuff :(
[15:21:41] <gregcnc> too bad moving it would cost more than the machine
[15:21:50] <toast-work> link to machine?
[15:22:10] <toast-work> oh, saw it
[15:22:43] <toast-work> imo none of those look too hard to move
[15:23:37] <toast-work> wrecker + tow straps + steel pipe + a few rigging bars
[15:23:44] <toast-work> and/or HF toe jacks
[15:23:56] <FinboySlick> toast-work: It's the 3000km it needs to move that bothers me.
[15:24:10] <toast-work> oh, that'll do it. disregard.
[15:24:20] <toast-work> hm, i wonder what truck rentals cost for that distance, i've never checked
[15:25:09] <FinboySlick> My mill crossed the country by truck and it wasn't all that bad, but it was only 800 pounds.
[15:26:05] <toast-work> i think I'm just going to buy a crappy wrecker when I start moving machine tools
[15:26:16] <toast-work> from the looks of it I'll break even after 2-3 machine tools
[15:26:52] <toast-work> looks like 4-5k for a crappy one
[15:26:57] <toast-work> as long as it runs i'm good
[16:19:07] <Deejay> gn8
[16:20:42] <BeachBumPete> I moved my 7k lb VMC and my 3.5klb CNC lathe from tennessee to Florida assisting the shipper myself for $1650.00
[16:26:13] <FinboySlick> BeachBumPete: Lathe? But what about the ongoing stereotype?
[16:27:04] <BeachBumPete> huh?
[16:27:24] <FinboySlick> Pete the lathe-challenge. Latheless. etc.
[16:28:01] <BeachBumPete> I have had this lathe for a good while now but it is not operational yet. But it still exists?
[16:28:19] <FinboySlick> I guess you had to fix it before mixing in with high-society Florida people. It's important to fit in when you move to a new place.
[16:29:02] <BeachBumPete> I STILL need to fix it and I could care less about Fitting in with any people anywhere
[16:29:32] <FinboySlick> OK, so still latheless then. All is right in the world.
[16:29:42] <XXCoder> latheless lathed person
[16:30:06] <BeachBumPete> I do have the lions share of the parts for the retrofit
[16:30:40] <BeachBumPete> just arranged for the insurance today on our new home. got the binder to the lender pending the closing which we FINALLY know the date of
[16:32:30] <BeachBumPete> INSANE what home insurance costs here in florida all in the name of the very occasional hurricane that seldom does major damage here.
[16:33:01] <XXCoder> it rarely happens but it does billions of dollars of damage
[16:33:07] <XXCoder> so not that surpising really.
[16:34:07] <BeachBumPete> I beg to differ I have lived here MOST of my life and there have been relatively few major hurricanes that hit and caused that level of damage and they have been decades apart generally speaking.
[16:41:43] <BeachBumPete> oh well at the end of the day it is what It is. I chose to live here, we are pleased to be here, we are looking forward to getting into our new home, and we will deal with the costs. I am looking forward to getting my CNC machines out of the damn storage unit and back in work mode.
[16:46:05] <Frank_12> hi
[16:50:58] <Frank_12> what do you think is more rigid pound for pound: vertical machine center, or same size moving-table gantry milling machine?
[17:05:44] <BeachBumPete> I think that depends on the particular machines... there are some BEAST size moving table and even moving gantry milling machines
[17:06:16] <XXCoder> Frank_12: do you cut sheet type or cubic type parts?
[17:08:25] <Frank_12> i dont know, hehe, i want to design on cad a milling machine,a heavy one.. but im searching which would be stiffer, i think it would mainly cut parts for other machines
[17:08:59] <Frank_12> the cutting area around 500/600mmx350mm
[17:09:38] <XXCoder> routers tend to have fairly low Z limit (unless you get quite large one)
[17:11:31] <Frank_12> 600mmx350mmx150mm,
[18:12:46] <zeeshan|2> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[18:12:46] <zeeshan|2> :D
[18:13:30] <zeeshan|2> http://imgur.com/a/cmgSa
[18:13:36] <zeeshan|2> fuck subaru!!
[18:14:17] <andypugh> Wrong tool for the job :-) Try an enduro bike
[18:14:55] <zeeshan|2> i dunno about that
[18:14:58] <zeeshan|2> i was making it over 9" rocks
[18:14:59] <zeeshan|2> :D
[18:15:04] <zeeshan|2> was a lot of fun
[18:15:25] <zeeshan|2> can finally go deep into the bush
[18:15:38] <andypugh> The guys better than me can get a bike over 9’ rocks
[18:16:00] <zeeshan|2> a black bear would eat the bike
[18:16:01] <zeeshan|2> !
[18:16:13] <andypugh> There is that
[18:16:29] <zeeshan|2> so i gave my 2 weeks notice at eaton
[18:16:34] <zeeshan|2> what a hard decision
[18:16:38] <zeeshan|2> cause the people there are awesome
[18:17:33] <andypugh> I have never worked anywhere where the people were terrible.
[18:17:39] <zeeshan|2> lucky
[18:18:43] <andypugh> i have worked places with a pecentage who needed careful handling, but most people in the sorts of jobs you are likely to be working in are going to be prety good.
[18:18:44] <zeeshan|2> giving up a stable job
[18:18:48] <zeeshan|2> for an slightly unstable job
[18:18:52] <zeeshan|2> but it looks more challenging
[18:19:18] * zeeshan|2 got sick of designing enclosures and lifting brackets and transformer brackets
[18:19:27] * zeeshan|2 needs to design rock crushes and use gears!
[18:19:29] <andypugh> It’s not like you are looking for a job as a chicken gutter or condom packer, is it?
[18:19:36] <zeeshan|2> haha no
[18:19:49] <zeeshan|2> see eaton was good cause they're in multiple industries
[18:20:03] <zeeshan|2> this company im joing in the #1 go to company to make gypsum plants
[18:20:08] <zeeshan|2> and equipment
[18:20:19] <Frank_12> zeeshan, what is that you are doing now?
[18:20:31] <zeeshan|2> andypugh: im sure youve seen this on autodesk inventor's start up logo
[18:20:31] <zeeshan|2> http://www.gyptech.se/cms/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Image9-800x450.jpg
[18:20:32] <zeeshan|2> lol
[18:20:52] <zeeshan|2> Frank_12: i just told you!
[18:21:06] <andypugh> No, not seen that.
[18:21:09] <Frank_12> ups, i thought that was the thing you were leaving behind
[18:21:25] <zeeshan|2> i havent started the new job yet
[18:21:27] <zeeshan|2> start it on aug 1
[18:21:45] <enleth> ok, so there are no readily available cheap servos that are going to fit in the ORAC so I'm keeping the steppers, there is hope because they'll run on 2x the voltage they were driven with originally and I'm replacing the L298-based drives with Leadshine M860, which, even being chinese, are definitely much better.
[18:22:20] <enleth> which means that I'll be getting a Mesa 7i76E
[18:22:34] <Frank_12> ohh, i see, well, lets blame it to my bad english :D
[18:22:59] <andypugh> enleth: I have some NEMA23 servos…
[18:23:06] <zeeshan|2> http://www.gyptech.se/cms/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/mill-3D-view-with-hatch-opened-gallery.jpg
[18:23:08] <zeeshan|2> smart design
[18:23:09] <andypugh> They do exist
[18:23:13] <zeeshan|2> i like the arm for the cover
[18:23:31] <enleth> andypugh: no, it's more complicated
[18:23:43] <enleth> andypugh: the current steppers are NEMA34, so the faceplate size is not a problem
[18:24:25] <enleth> andypugh: the motor length is
[18:24:56] <andypugh> Make your own servos. How hard can it be :-)
[18:25:10] <enleth> I've got at most 70mm for Z and 110 mm for X
[18:25:40] <enleth> there are no cheap, readily available second hand NEMA34 DC servos that short
[18:26:22] <enleth> I suppose some supplier makes them, but if I can't find it on ebay, I'm not buying it
[18:28:56] <XXCoder> zeeshan|2: whats that thing
[18:29:02] <XXCoder> looks like shredder of some kind?
[18:29:08] <zeeshan|2> looks like a rock crusher
[18:29:18] <enleth> andypugh: which effectively means I'm keeping the steppers and hoping for the best with a 2x higher voltage
[18:29:32] <XXCoder> possibly. explains that GIANT motor
[18:30:42] <andypugh> enleth: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261144227546?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
[18:31:10] <enleth> >US $949.99
[18:31:16] <enleth> thanks but no thanks
[18:31:20] <zeeshan|2> chump change
[18:31:26] <andypugh> Includes connectors :-)
[18:31:29] <zeeshan|2> reofl
[18:31:36] <zeeshan|2> i bet the connectors are worth 400$
[18:31:45] <zeeshan|2> hmm
[18:31:47] <zeeshan|2> ive seen those before.
[18:31:50] <zeeshan|2> te connectivity conenctors
[18:31:53] <andypugh> yeah, that wasn’t actually a joke
[18:32:10] <enleth> yeah, I do get that for those servos, drives and cabling it's actually cheap
[18:32:24] <enleth> it's frickin' yaskawa
[18:32:29] <andypugh> I bought 3 x 750W servos for £50 then spent £30 _per_ _motor_ for the connectors.
[18:33:04] <enleth> but I can't really spend $1000 on it right now
[18:33:21] <enleth> still got some more important stuff to buy for the bridgeport, so the lathe gets to be done on the cheap
[18:34:03] <Frank_12> i spent 1000 on each servomotor+driver.. T_T (4 of them) and they are panasonic made in chine.. nothing fancy.. here everything is more expensive
[18:34:24] <Frank_12> 1kw each
[18:35:01] <XXCoder> jeez
[18:35:13] <XXCoder> my entire electrics system was $150 or so, shipped./
[18:35:22] <XXCoder> but then its much smaller
[18:35:24] <enleth> if I decide to upgrade it in a few months, I can get an $1000 set like this, they do show up from time to time, then use the leftover steppers and leadshine drives for something else
[18:35:43] <enleth> but now I need the lathe running and can't spend this much, so original steppers it is
[18:37:16] <Frank_12> im so lucky that im sure that when i wire them after triple check, one is broken and smokes up
[18:38:22] <zeeshan|2> anyone see something wrong here:
[18:38:40] <zeeshan|2> er
[18:38:56] <zeeshan|2> http://imgur.com/a/XuQ0K
[18:39:13] <zeeshan|2> i was wondering why my environmental chamber is not cooling
[18:39:20] <zeeshan|2> the damn liquid isnt even making it up there
[18:39:21] <zeeshan|2> duhh
[18:41:38] <andypugh> enleth: That servo set has been on my watch list for years. FA-Parts have lots of similar packages
[18:41:50] <Tom_itx> zeeshan|2, new truck, new job, what else is gonna be new?
[18:42:14] <zeeshan|2> rx7 is running
[18:42:14] <zeeshan|2> :)
[18:42:19] <zeeshan|2> still got lots to do
[18:42:22] <Tom_itx> sub is gone
[18:42:25] <zeeshan|2> but i moved it out the garage yesterday
[18:42:28] <zeeshan|2> yea subaru long gone
[18:42:29] <zeeshan|2> pos
[18:42:35] <zeeshan|2> my friends big brother actually bought it
[18:42:39] <zeeshan|2> so i get to see how long it lasts
[18:42:40] <Tom_itx> so now you have room to get your lathe working
[18:42:50] <zeeshan|2> lathe is the winter project
[18:42:58] <zeeshan|2> definitely getting it done this winter
[18:43:25] <zeeshan|2> whats new tom
[18:43:46] <Tom_itx> nothing. i kept my old job and i don't have a truck
[18:44:06] <zeeshan|2> truck is the best thing ive bought
[18:44:24] <Tom_itx> i would probably pick a different one
[18:44:27] <zeeshan|2> im driving about 1800 miles in 2 weeks
[18:44:30] <zeeshan|2> why
[18:44:33] <zeeshan|2> its the most reliable truck you can buy
[18:44:40] <zeeshan|2> i did my research this time
[18:44:48] <Tom_itx> like on the subaru?
[18:44:55] <zeeshan|2> i never researched the subaru
[18:44:59] <zeeshan|2> just went by word of mouth
[18:45:03] <zeeshan|2> this time i went on forums
[18:45:11] <zeeshan|2> for ford, toyota, gm
[18:45:12] <enleth> andypugh: you mean that no one bought it for years?
[18:45:23] <Tom_itx> which did you get the takhoma or tundra?
[18:45:23] <enleth> andypugh: well that's good, I just might do that - but not now
[18:45:29] <zeeshan|2> Tom_itx: the other truck in my pic is also a tacoma
[18:45:32] <zeeshan|2> but with 200,000 miles
[18:45:34] <Tom_itx> i don't remember which is which
[18:45:39] <zeeshan|2> we both made it thru some harsh terrain
[18:45:45] <zeeshan|2> they're built well
[18:45:49] <zeeshan|2> only time will tell.
[18:46:01] <zeeshan|2> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnWKz7Cthkk
[18:46:04] <zeeshan|2> this is what its derived from
[18:46:06] <zeeshan|2> watch it!@
[18:46:13] <Tom_itx> but you didn't ask andy!
[18:48:29] <Tom_itx> pretty sure i've seen that one and most of the rest of em
[18:48:42] <Tom_itx> but if i got one i wouldn't plan on driving it down stairs etc
[18:48:50] <zeeshan|2> lol
[18:49:02] <Frank_12> maybe someone with a nice heart can check if im missing something crucial on my cnc router enclosure (layout) :D :D :D http://imgur.com/q1Nd0rg
[18:49:18] <zeeshan|2> Tom_itx: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19BNRvuNLWE
[18:49:22] <zeeshan|2> i got to do this last weekend
[18:49:26] <zeeshan|2> i found a sand pit
[18:49:29] <zeeshan|2> it really works!
[18:49:31] <Tom_itx> the rock crusher would make short work of it i bet
[18:49:55] <Frank_12> others: circuit breakers, fuses, contactors relay, flyback dyodes,
[18:50:36] <Frank_12> now that i think of it, i made a stupid question.. where it says others, it could be everything.. lol
[18:52:05] <Tom_itx> is the tacoma the bigger or smaller of the two?
[18:53:26] <zeeshan|2> smaller
[18:54:30] <Tom_itx> 4 or 6 cyl?
[18:54:34] <zeeshan|2> 6
[18:54:45] <zeeshan|2> direct injection
[18:54:46] <zeeshan|2> :D
[18:55:16] <Tom_itx> best way to do drugs
[18:55:49] <Tom_itx> if you're into that...
[18:57:30] <andypugh> Frank_12: Servo drives are mains-input?
[18:57:40] <Frank_12> yes 220v ac
[18:57:57] <andypugh> Min contactor that e-stop disconnects?
[18:58:01] <andypugh> (main)
[19:00:39] <Frank_12> good question hehe, i am making the list of components to buy, and got to contactors, i have 1 for the 4 servos, 1 for the vfd and i didnt draw in the wiring layout the main contactor, which would disconnect the pc too, should i put a conctator there (right when the cables came inside the enclosure) or with the main rotary switch is enough?
[19:01:00] <Frank_12> ohh, the rotary switch relays the main contactor......... right? :D
[19:03:53] <Frank_12> answering the question.. the main contactor would be on "others"
[19:05:22] <andypugh> I have no qualifications in electrics, electronics, or engineering. So take my advice as worth what you paid for it. But my machines have a rotary manual switch that I control followed immediately by a contactor for the power electronics that both the software and e-stop buttons can turn off.
[19:05:44] <zeeshan|2> in the lathe
[19:05:48] <zeeshan|2> imgoing to use an eaton ns2 switch
[19:05:51] <zeeshan|2> with a shunt trip
[19:05:59] <zeeshan|2> beast
[19:06:08] <Tom_itx> free from work :D
[19:06:23] <zeeshan|2> for 2 more weeks
[19:06:23] <zeeshan|2> :P
[19:06:46] <Tom_itx> i thought you left them once already
[19:07:05] <zeeshan|2> i did?
[19:07:06] <Tom_itx> or did you just move to a different dept
[19:07:09] <zeeshan|2> coop
[19:10:09] <Frank_12> thanks for the advice andy, very much appreciated
[19:13:31] <Frank_12> just to get the whole of it and i wont bother anymore for the day :D , you dont kill the power to the pc when you press Estop im i correct? thanks again
[19:13:55] <andypugh> Frank_12: My lathe is currently set up so that a channel on the GPIO monitors the (24V) coil voltage and triggers the software e-stop requet if that goes to zero when the software is driving it high. This means that hitting the E-stop puts the software in e-stop mode. (which is important for my servo power supply)
[19:14:41] <andypugh> No, the PC is permamently live, as is the GPIO PSU. A second PSU for the gearbox clutches _is_ part of the e-stop system.
[19:15:34] <Frank_12> awesome! TY
[19:24:48] <BeachBumPete> andypugh have you had opportunity to make anything interesting on your new CNC lathe retrofit?
[19:25:17] <andypugh> No, not yet. To be honest I am a bit burned-out on it :-)
[19:25:38] <BeachBumPete> I understand completely
[19:25:51] <BeachBumPete> it certainly looks good tho nice job
[19:25:55] <andypugh> I am waiting for a casting to finish it up, and haven’t even run it for over a week.
[19:26:12] <zeeshan|2> pics?
[19:26:13] <zeeshan|2> i missed
[19:26:13] <zeeshan|2> ;[
[19:26:39] <BeachBumPete> was it that cover casting you were talking about?
[19:27:34] <andypugh> This weekend I plan to shuffle the tools to get the Harrison Mill and Holbrook in the back of the garage and the Chinese Excresence (Coming soon to an eBay close to you!) near the door for photos and goodbye.
[19:27:52] <BeachBumPete> hehehe that sounds like a good plan
[19:28:05] <BeachBumPete> then you can use that money for the NEXT project ;)
[19:28:15] <andypugh> zeeshan|2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woU927Tqoo8
[19:28:59] <andypugh> BeachBumPete: No, the leascrew steady bearing and spring-cover holder
[19:29:23] <zeeshan|2> looks gorgeous
[19:29:25] <zeeshan|2> did you repaint it?
[19:29:28] <andypugh> Yes
[19:29:29] <BeachBumPete> the outboard end for the Z?
[19:29:35] <zeeshan|2> gorgeous man
[19:29:36] <andypugh> BeachBumPete: Yes
[19:29:57] <zeeshan|2> i like that analog rpm gauge
[19:29:57] <zeeshan|2> haha
[19:29:59] <BeachBumPete> ah nice that looks like a big chunky screw very nice. I need to source one like that for my lathe
[19:30:37] <XXCoder> BeachBumPete: cant amke it on that said lathe?
[19:30:41] <XXCoder> *make
[19:30:52] <BeachBumPete> a ballscrew? no man not really
[19:31:34] <andypugh> The Holbrook conversion incorporates a number of lessons I have learned since I started this game, and one of them is “don’t skimp”
[19:31:42] <zeeshan|2> holy
[19:31:45] <zeeshan|2> how fast is it rapiding
[19:31:47] <zeeshan|2> looks fast
[19:32:21] <andypugh> I think it can go faster. It’s got 1kW on Z and 900W on X ;-)
[19:32:28] <zeeshan|2> 300 ipm?
[19:33:32] <andypugh> It’s metric, and I can’t remember the numbers at the momen
[19:35:01] <andypugh> But it does seem to be fast enough for most purposes :-)
[19:35:58] <BeachBumPete> Damn I can't wait to be running my CNC lathe like that. soo cool
[19:38:09] <andypugh> zeeshan|2: Full write-up here: http://bodgesoc.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/holbrook1.html
[19:38:42] <andypugh> (But missing at least two updates, which I keep meaning to get round to)
[19:44:49] <KreAture> hey guys!
[19:45:10] <KreAture> Anyone have any experience with fusion 360 and 4 axis machines ?
[19:45:23] <KreAture> I am wondering how well it handles rotational axis as I just ordered one
[19:46:17] <andypugh> I am not sure that it does, though I did get an email a week or so ago about a 4/5 axis “teaser”
[19:46:42] <KreAture> andypugh uh oh
[19:46:50] <KreAture> andypugh I may have just bought myself a problem
[19:47:04] <KreAture> http://www.ebay.com/itm/181881293240
[19:47:25] <Duc> are you doing full 4th axis work or just rotation of stuff
[19:47:31] <Duc> indexing I mean
[19:47:49] <andypugh> Not necessarily. You can get a long way with just creating a bunck of different setups at different Z orientations.
[19:51:05] <andypugh> KreAture: I did this with 2.5D CAM, it worked out fine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NmNM3qjoeM
[19:51:14] <KreAture> Duc I actually don't know yet
[19:51:32] <KreAture> Duc I'd like to use it for small parts that need machining from 2+ sides as well
[19:51:41] <KreAture> Duc aka indexing
[19:51:55] <KreAture> but some stuff needs to be made as if on a lathe so that will be rotational
[19:52:37] <KreAture> andypugh ahh! nice, so you use the rotational as a indexed turntable
[19:52:46] <KreAture> brass I see
[19:52:55] <andypugh> Yes, that was 4 setups in the CAM
[19:53:14] <KreAture> cool
[19:53:29] <KreAture> very conservative cutting no?
[19:53:33] <andypugh> Brass because this was a part for a 1921 motorcycle, and they used brass originally.
[19:54:01] * KreAture loves the result though
[19:54:10] <andypugh> Yes, and I have a very slow spindle that tops-out at 1000 rpm ;-(
[19:54:21] <KreAture> oh and I have been looking into how to make a "pan" for my cnc as well as I really want mist and flood
[19:54:57] <KreAture> My router is profile based and has some very sharp jaggies where the top gantry profiles have been slanted
[19:54:58] <KreAture> http://kreature.org/projects/cnc/caps/DSC_1518.JPG
[19:55:02] <KreAture> so I printed caps for em
[19:55:04] <KreAture> :)
[19:55:50] <Duc> should be to hard to do the multiple setup like andypugh then just use fingercam
[19:56:07] <KreAture> I like fusion 360
[19:56:16] <KreAture> nice to do design and cam in same app
[19:56:30] <andypugh> Fusion 360 CAM is pretty much unbeatlable for the price
[19:56:40] <KreAture> and it was so easy to add support for my cnc as I just had to tweak the export script to add a pause for spindle to reach rpm
[19:57:02] <KreAture> my machine runns standard gcode in linuxcnc so no problems there
[19:57:03] <andypugh> They are even offering a full commercail 1-yar license for $25 at the moment (or soon, or recently)
[19:57:11] <KreAture> niceness
[19:57:16] <KreAture> some odd bugs though
[19:58:09] <KreAture> Try importing a dxf, then move it, and create a scetch based on the dxf, then scale the scetch. Whenever you then draw anything on the scetch it will have it's "move" reset!
[19:58:10] <KreAture> lol
[19:58:42] <KreAture> The trick it seems is to import the dxf, break the link and scale that, THEN draw your scetch based on it
[20:03:29] <Duc> I do wish mastercam or HSMworks had a home cost schedule
[20:10:16] <KreAture> andypugh so you think the unit I ordered will be ok? It seems rugged enough and the motor should be high enough torque especially 6:1 geared
[20:10:23] <KreAture> There is also no worm to cause backlash
[20:10:28] <KreAture> (I like belts)
[20:10:45] <KreAture> I got the one with 100mm hollow chuck too so I can feed stock
[20:11:18] <KreAture> Plan is to take a "pan" of some sort, like a masons bucket cut down, and mount that on a plate with a alu plate inside
[20:11:20] <andypugh> I have no opinion on those, bever seen one in use.
[20:11:51] <KreAture> On this alu plate I can mount shit like the rotary axis and any other normal stuff I need to mill
[20:12:09] <KreAture> The pan can catch the liquids so my wooden cnc table won't get soaked
[20:12:18] <andypugh> Mine is worm-drive and has more backlash than I would like.
[20:12:20] <KreAture> I will need to seal the mount though
[20:12:33] <KreAture> exactly, never seen a backlash free worm
[20:13:04] <SpeedEvil> preload
[20:13:05] <KreAture> I think there are some adjustable worms though
[20:13:12] <andypugh> KreAture: http://urobotics.urology.jhu.edu/projects/BW/
[20:13:20] <KreAture> http://www.allytech.eu/images/Dual_diagram.jpg
[20:14:14] <KreAture> http://www.allytech.eu/index_fichiers/Backlashfreewormandwormwheel.php
[20:14:28] <KreAture> this is the "technology allowing backlash free worm)
[20:14:29] <KreAture> :)
[20:14:56] <Duc> what type of material do you want to machine
[20:15:01] <KreAture> alu
[20:15:14] <KreAture> and maby some brass etc
[20:16:23] <Duc> weres the link again
[20:16:36] <Duc> forgot to see if it had gear reduction
[20:16:49] <KreAture> http://www.ebay.com/itm/181881293240
[20:16:53] <KreAture> 6:1
[20:18:06] <Duc> might depend on the strength of the motor
[20:18:14] <Duc> I wouldnt take a deep cut
[20:18:43] <KreAture> 1.35 Nm before reduction
[20:19:17] <KreAture> so 8 Nm
[20:21:41] <KreAture> 8.1
[20:22:18] <Duc> in english lol
[20:22:19] <KreAture> assuming diameter of workpiece is 100mm (50mm radius) that is 162 Nm
[20:22:19] <andypugh> If you look on fs-wizard you can calculate typical cutting forces, and see what your 8Nm is at your typical radius.
[20:22:41] <KreAture> andypugh yep I was starting calc hehe
[20:22:53] <KreAture> no need to use fs-wizard
[20:23:46] <Duc> so 119 lb ft of force. Not sure that will hold
[20:25:12] <KreAture> well, I need to cut softly due to the machine being alu anyways
[20:26:31] <andypugh> KreAture: fs-wizard is a way to get an idea what your cutting force is good for. ie, is is 25mm tool into inconel or 3mm tool 1mm into Play-Doh.
[20:26:42] <Duc> and its free online
[20:28:19] <KreAture> andypugh 25!!!
[20:28:20] <KreAture> lol
[20:28:25] <KreAture> My tools are 6mm and smaller
[20:28:27] <KreAture> :)
[20:29:11] <andypugh> My 1000 rpm spindle is useful at 25mm. Still not found a use for the 45 rpm gear. Maybe playing records?
[20:30:03] <enleth> andypugh: cutting records
[20:30:10] <KreAture> my spindle goes to 6500 now, and has quite a lot of torque, I cannot hear it slowing down when cutting, but I will add rpm feedback soon so I can see
[20:30:17] <enleth> andypugh: then you can make playable tortillas
[20:31:36] <Duc> I want food now
[20:32:32] <KreAture> according to fs calc my tool (6mm) would have 0.029mm tool deflection in my typical cut
[20:32:46] <Duc> at what feedrate?
[20:32:54] <KreAture> and use 0.1Nm torque from spindle while excerting 61N cutting force
[20:33:02] <KreAture> 1668mm/min
[20:33:21] <KreAture> and that appears to be the heaviest I'd do
[20:33:33] <KreAture> INfact I'd probably run much less
[20:34:53] <archivist> machine deflection at 61N will be large unless you have a real industrial beast
[20:35:19] <andypugh> 61N is 6kg. That’s not a lot
[20:35:37] <KreAture> archivist I know
[20:35:43] <archivist> try 6kg with a dti
[20:35:52] <KreAture> MY deflection is 0.01 mm at 1kg load
[20:35:55] <KreAture> I tested
[20:35:58] <KreAture> :)
[20:36:08] <KreAture> shit, one 0 too many
[20:36:10] <KreAture> 0.1!
[20:36:11] <KreAture> lol
[20:36:16] <KreAture> 0.1mm at 1kg
[20:36:39] * KreAture rechecks his notes. why must it be so hard!!!
[20:36:58] <archivist> .6mm at that cutting force, I call that large
[20:37:10] <KreAture> I got 0.1 to 0.15mm deflections in my tests, but I used a 3kg load sorry
[20:37:18] <KreAture> archivist yes very large, it is an alu machine
[20:37:22] <KreAture> rigid alu but still alu
[20:37:24] <andypugh> Yeah, so so I. Is this a rubber machine?
[20:37:47] <archivist> many of the router form are rubber methinks
[20:38:00] <KreAture> ?
[20:38:12] <archivist> very bendy
[20:38:13] <KreAture> http://kreature.org/projects/cnc/build_10.jpg
[20:38:41] <KreAture> and yes the legs will get crossbracing when I get around to it
[20:38:42] <KreAture> :p
[21:11:39] <gregcnc> how fast does that outrunner spin?
[21:28:08] <Duc> How well does the 7i76E work with a laptop for a none cnc machine? Just need to move around a few steppers and I/O points
[21:33:11] <skunkworks> using uspace and realtime ethernet has played well so far on this lenovo laptop. I just use it for testing
[21:33:37] <skunkworks> I did need to use a pci express ethernet card because the onboard nic didnt work well
[21:39:04] <skunkworks> http://imgur.com/7qQyIQf
[21:42:39] <Duc> ok I may have to try it. I would like to avoid using Mach3 again
[21:43:08] <skunkworks> I avoid it..
[21:43:49] <skunkworks> less expensive, does more... just isn't windows.
[21:45:06] <Duc> already have the mill running on 7i77 and have a spare 7i76 but not eithernet
[21:46:06] <Duc> The application will need to portable for testing so i cant use a desktop computer
[21:46:53] <skunkworks> you could buy a 7i92 to hook to the 7i76
[21:47:05] <skunkworks> $89
[21:48:32] <skunkworks> I have been very happy with the mesa Ethernet solutions. I have been converting a matsuura with a7i90 and supporting cards. the machine is up for months with no issues.
[21:48:49] <skunkworks> *7i80
[21:48:54] <Duc> so ethernet into the 7i92 then cable into the 7i76
[21:49:01] <Duc> that might be a good solution and cheap
[21:49:35] <skunkworks> yes
[21:50:06] <Duc> is there a thread on hooking that sucker up
[21:50:58] <malcom2073_> Could he 7i92 be used with a 7i77 to make the equivalant to a 7i76e?
[21:53:28] <Duc> according to the mesa page, yes
[21:53:32] <pcw_home> sure
[21:55:58] <malcom2073_> Cool, I had been looking for a servo equivalant to the 7i76e, but I hadn't seen the 7i92
[21:56:17] <Duc> Do you feed 5v to the 7i92 and 7i76
[21:57:30] <pcw_home> yes (or the 7I92 can feed 5V to the 7I76)
[21:58:04] <pcw_home> (or from 7I76/7 to 7I92)
[21:58:32] <Duc> is the 7i92 normally in stock
[22:00:36] <XXCoder> I think I'm alive
[22:00:47] <malcom2073_> Good?
[22:01:03] <XXCoder> I almost got hit by truck going across cross path without stopping
[22:01:19] <XXCoder> then guy had gall to tekll me to buzz off
[22:01:24] <malcom2073_> Murca
[22:01:27] <XXCoder> I stood there for a minute because fuck that guy
[22:02:06] <XXCoder> hm that is... interesting gantrty design
[22:03:10] <pcw_home> Duc: we have 7I92Hs in stock currently (the dual 26 pin header version)
[22:03:57] <Duc> pcw_home: ok awesome
[22:07:57] <Duc> I need to design a weather proof container
[22:09:52] <tiwake> XXCoder: hey, so I'm here in texas and done having a long chat with the guy, and seeing their facilities
[22:10:08] <XXCoder> yeah, whats up? :)
[22:11:26] <tiwake> he bumped the base pay up to $17/hour... shrug
[22:11:56] <tiwake> no CNC machines, and no digital readouts
[22:12:14] <XXCoder> pure manual?
[22:13:21] <tiwake> yeah, though RPM changes are all geared at least
[22:13:39] <Duc> Variable head at least?
[22:13:52] <XXCoder> whats they make?
[22:13:59] <tiwake> what is that?
[22:14:18] <Frank_12> guys, this is so wired, my servomotor spec sheet says max continous output current: 30amps. but then specifies the cables by saying this: AWG14~18 on every cable, and i looked up the raing of the 18 awg cable, and the max current of that size is 2.3 amps, maybe someone can clarify that for me, thanksss
[22:15:05] <Frank_12> how could 30 amps be continuous output if the cable they specify is for max 2.3amps?????
[22:15:09] <tiwake> XXCoder: electric motor repair, but they do other stuff too
[22:15:17] <XXCoder> Frank_12: odd
[22:15:35] <XXCoder> does volts affect max amps wire can carry?
[22:15:36] <Frank_12> and 6 amps MAX for the 14 awg
[22:15:40] <XXCoder> I cant remember physics
[22:15:45] <malcom2073_> XXCoder: No
[22:16:05] <Frank_12> i dont think so, it affects the kva i believe ( no expert here..)
[22:16:27] <malcom2073_> Frank_12: Look up 14, and multiply it by the number of wires
[22:17:06] <Duc> tiwake: can you a handle to change the rpm speed. versus moving belts
[22:18:15] <Frank_12> malcom2073_: excuse my ignorance, 14 awg max ampacity is 5.9 amps, you mean i should mulply that by 1 if its single phase and by 3 if its three phase?
[22:18:36] <XXCoder> he did say wires Frank_12 :)
[22:18:41] <malcom2073_> Frank_12: Depends how it's wired, but if it's a three phase motor with 4 wires, multiply by three
[22:20:03] <Frank_12> its just single phase 220v ac.. thats why i was asking, but i have 4 of them, i think im going to size the contactor by the cable max ampacity. ill try to research too, thanks
[22:20:52] <Duc> but the servo drive may change it to 3 phase power to the servo motor
[22:20:53] <Frank_12> them= motors
[22:21:10] <malcom2073_> Frank_12: The motor, or the driver is single phase 220v ac?
[22:21:15] <malcom2073_> Servomotors aren't single phase
[22:21:31] <Frank_12> the driver, im checking the connection to the motor to count cables
[22:22:01] <Frank_12> the driver i was talking about, but they specify same cable thickness for the motors, ill check if its 3phase
[22:22:51] <malcom2073_> You're looking at power tranmission wire charts
[22:23:02] <malcom2073_> multiply that by two
[22:23:13] <malcom2073_> So 12amps per wire, 36amps total for three wires
[22:27:20] <Frank_12> the driver outputs 3 wires to the motor phase "U,V,W" which is more rational, but still the driver input is single phase 14-18 awg wire,,
[22:27:31] <Frank_12> thanks malcom for the help, ill go figure it out
[22:27:35] <malcom2073_> Right... voltages
[22:28:07] <malcom2073_> V*A=P
[22:28:22] <malcom2073_> Higher voltage, higher lower amps, lower voltage, higher amps
[22:28:52] <malcom2073_> lower amps*
[22:28:54] <Frank_12> so the motors receive lower voltage? i would have thought it was the other way around
[22:29:19] <malcom2073_> Yep, the motors will recieve *up to* the input voltage usually
[22:32:02] <Frank_12> so, if i have 1 contactor for 4 motors, it would be something like 12(wire ampacity) x4 = 48 amps contactor
[22:32:18] <Frank_12> maybe 40 its fine
[22:33:50] <Frank_12> thanks again, very much appreciated. im going to bed goodnight