#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-07-02

[00:36:36] <yasnak> lol
[00:36:58] <yasnak> might need to beef that front drivetrain up first? :P
[00:37:48] <XXCoder> just a little yeah
[00:38:11] <yasnak> looks like a simple bike with an enclosure. the thing i still hate is...I don't drive a massive truck because of ego. I drive it because of the many idiots out there that I'd like to avoid losing my life to
[00:38:24] <XXCoder> yasnak: it drives like a car, and ARE a car
[00:38:54] <XXCoder> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vobEBqEISh8
[00:39:21] <XXCoder> well theres new class called Autocycle, and 49 states now has it
[00:39:56] <XXCoder> well 45 more like it, in 5 remaining states, 4 states onlly kids must wear helmet, and one state everyone must use helmet
[00:40:17] <XXCoder> if I ever do 50 state tour, I'll just buy bike helmet for that single state lol
[00:40:42] <yasnak> but still, with one back wheel...you'd lose traction still even with front wheel drive. I mean you put one tire in the ditch and watch that thing roll right over
[00:41:08] <yasnak> in florida...you never take your helmet off ;)
[00:41:12] <XXCoder> snow and ice tests show it drives better than even reglar car on snpw/icy conditions
[00:41:21] <XXCoder> actually no, fla has autocycle class now
[00:41:48] <XXCoder> https://support.eliomotors.com/hc/en-us/articles/203503300-Does-my-state-law-require-me-to-wear-a-helmet-
[00:42:38] <XXCoder> oh 5 states under certain age and one state all ages. though hawaii isnt really accessable by driving from mainland lol
[00:49:02] <XXCoder> I got a great 3rd party addon for elio
[00:49:05] <XXCoder> rafts
[00:49:31] <XXCoder> small mod to connect prop to engine and add sides rafts done
[00:49:52] <yasnak> think it could pull my tri-axil
[00:50:10] <yasnak> axle lol
[00:50:14] <XXCoder> though insurance claim would be funny. "I destroyed my elio on way to hawaii" "what happened?" "my elio sank 200 miles from coast"
[00:50:23] <yasnak> bahah
[00:50:53] <XXCoder> dunno it has 55 torque
[00:51:01] <XXCoder> umm forgot units, foot/lb?
[00:51:09] <yasnak> i almost wonder...enough caulk and it would probably float. or better yet...swap out tractor tires for it and it def would.
[00:51:58] <XXCoder> yeah. only rear'd give issues lol sides just remove cover and its wide open
[00:53:49] <XXCoder> in fact i wonder about issue with front wheels covers
[00:53:55] <XXCoder> its so... stealable
[00:53:56] <yasnak> setup a simple on/off to another driveshaft with a prop coming out the back
[00:53:58] <yasnak> and boom
[00:54:17] <yasnak> yeah, but those front clips might be lockable?
[00:54:20] <XXCoder> did you watch that video? just 4 bolts
[00:54:26] <XXCoder> good question
[00:54:29] <yasnak> I bet you could make a lock
[00:54:36] <yasnak> it was a prototype like the guy says
[00:54:40] <XXCoder> indeed
[02:26:01] <Deejay> moin
[04:53:23] <miss0r> I have here a 20A 24V balanced PSU 210-250VAC input - should anyone be interrested.
[04:53:36] <miss0r> surprisingly light weight.
[04:57:07] <XXCoder> cool
[04:57:11] <XXCoder> hows things there
[04:59:20] <miss0r> I just broke a t-slot cutter....
[04:59:28] <miss0r> Sheered the sleeve straight off...
[05:00:37] <XXCoder> ow
[05:01:29] <miss0r> it misalaigned the slot somehow :o doing an autopsy now.
[05:03:06] <miss0r> feck. the workpeice is dead
[05:03:31] <XXCoder> reworks dont always become possible :(
[05:03:49] <XXCoder> when that damned machine dropped tool it ruined part last tues
[05:04:06] <miss0r> in other news: the kid just woke up - parental duty calls. Catch you later
[05:04:20] <XXCoder> later :)
[05:32:34] <jthornton> morning
[05:33:04] <XXCoder> hey
[05:33:56] <Tom_itx> storms moving thru
[05:34:04] <Tom_itx> morning..
[05:34:45] <jthornton> heading to Hot Springs this morning on the bikes
[05:35:26] <Tom_itx> hope you checked the weather map
[05:35:43] <jthornton> looks like all the precip is over your area
[05:35:45] <Tom_itx> http://www.intellicast.com/Local/WxMap.aspx
[05:35:48] <Tom_itx> moving your way
[05:35:59] <jthornton> don't matter, we have frog toggs
[05:36:11] <jthornton> we are heading south
[05:36:17] <Tom_itx> ahh
[05:36:38] <Tom_itx> that's in ark isn't it?
[05:37:19] <jthornton> yea, south west of little rock
[05:38:13] <Tom_itx> should miss you then
[05:38:18] <jthornton> https://www.google.com/maps/place/Hot+Springs,+AR/@34.5549122,-92.6344538,9.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x87cd2a9388325047:0xbaa8bef944021e0d!8m2!3d34.5037004!4d-93.0551795
[05:41:20] <jthornton> short ride about 250 miles
[05:41:29] <Tom_itx> yeah
[05:41:47] <Tom_itx> not taking the trike?
[05:41:53] <XXCoder> heh used to be at ark
[05:42:00] <XXCoder> I miss awesome thunderstorms
[05:42:18] <jthornton> taking the BlueWing
[05:46:23] <jthornton> still lacking a tiny bit of dirt moving lol
[05:46:34] <jthornton> get back to that next week
[05:47:13] <jthornton> I'm actually tired of digging now
[05:47:32] <XXCoder> too bad you don't have magneto=like power, only for dirt
[05:48:58] <jthornton> a couple of times I was ready to chuck the whole thing and hire someone to finish the big dig
[05:49:07] <Tom_itx> is this gonna be a 3 sided shed or enclosed?
[05:50:17] <jthornton> 2x6 framed, roll insulation, metal sides and roof with 12' garage door and a 3' man door
[05:50:29] <Tom_itx> my bud has an open pole barn but with an enclosed tool room in the back
[05:50:56] <jthornton> this will be totally closed in
[05:51:09] <jthornton> 6" concrete
[05:51:30] <Tom_itx> nice
[05:52:12] <jthornton> be even nicer when I hand the baton off to the concrete guy lol
[05:56:01] <jthornton> got to play with a pretty neat servo with a built in drive and plc Thursday
[05:56:29] <jthornton> they also had steppers with built in drives and plc's all modular in design
[06:14:32] <XXCoder> heh I really need to finish my adoptor plates
[06:14:38] <XXCoder> so I can buy real spindle
[07:04:56] <jthornton> see you guys Wednesday
[09:14:52] <archivist> CaptHindsight, some aspects dont add up of that thing, bicycle chain and high resolution
[11:47:02] <Tom_itx> don't blow off any fingers or toes this weekend...
[11:48:51] <pcw_home> No more Lbs of sodium in the bucket?
[11:59:12] <Duc> no more tannerite
[11:59:18] <Duc> still have 20 lbs to blow
[13:10:45] <CaptHindsight> archivist: an no shame
[13:27:48] <skunkworks> this was .enc3
[13:27:55] <skunkworks> opps
[13:48:01] <Jymmmm> pcw_home: no more bucket!!!
[13:50:28] <Jymmm> Although, there is a BIG ASS GIANT CRATER where the bucket used to be
[14:26:12] <Frank_12> ...
[14:39:49] <tiwake> time to fill out a job application for this company... who I already talked with a bunch and they really want me to fill an application out
[14:40:28] <BeachBumPete> are you on the hunt too :D
[14:45:01] <tiwake> BeachBumPete: yeah, though I'm trying to find a job before I actually move :P
[14:45:45] <tiwake> BeachBumPete: http://www.lubbockelectric.com/ talked with the manager for this place, he called me back a couple times from our first conversation and he really wants me to fill out a job application
[14:45:46] <BeachBumPete> ouch
[14:46:29] <tiwake> so I think this has a good possibility to turn into an actual job :3
[14:46:34] <tiwake> for me
[14:47:23] <BeachBumPete> I could have taken several jobs by now but honestly without a home to live in and travelling an hour each way daily coupled with the crazy schedule of the schools around here I realized waiting until we are in our new house makes the most sense.
[14:47:40] <tiwake> ah ok
[14:48:56] <BeachBumPete> I did however have a nice long conversation with a company looking for a custom cabinet designer and it seemed to go quite well. they use a different program than I am used to but I have extensive custom cabinet experience in other programs so I think I could pick it up quickly.
[14:49:53] <tiwake> me and picking stuff up quickly is what I'm good at, so I'm not worried about stuff
[14:50:04] <tiwake> I love new things actually
[14:50:27] <BeachBumPete> it is up to them to decide if they are willing to give me some time to get up to speed or wait for someone who knows it right off the bat. I also applied with another place that apparently builds high end aircraft seats and interior that needs a machinist for making fixtures etc.
[14:51:50] <BeachBumPete> one of the nice things about this place....at least in comparison to Rural Tennessee where I was before is that there is a lot of industry here and tons of startups and small businesses around this area.
[14:54:38] <tiwake> yeah
[14:55:10] <tiwake> lubbock texas seems to be more geared for industry and agriculture (cotton)
[14:55:44] <tiwake> not much tourism that I can tell of, which makes me happy
[15:00:38] <Duc> Think we are finally going to look a house with some land
[15:01:10] <tiwake> lubbock texas is also one of the cheapest places to own a house and property too
[15:01:56] <tiwake> http://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/Lubbock-TX/53060_rid/globalrelevanceex_sort/33.61469,-101.796399,33.488797,-101.980935_rect/12_zm/
[15:02:33] <Roguish> do you wonder why?
[15:02:40] <tiwake> no tourism
[15:03:07] <Roguish> it's Lubbo,ck Texas.
[15:07:47] <tiwake> Roguish: what do you mean?
[15:09:05] <Roguish> ever heard the song line "happiness is Lubbock Texas in the rear view mirror" ?
[15:09:11] <tiwake> no
[15:09:51] <tiwake> the only argument I've heard is to not live there because of the occasional dust storm
[15:13:46] <tiwake> aside from the normal "its too hot" stuff
[15:14:07] <BeachBumPete> no idea where lubbock texas really but I know they get tornadoes in the upper east area often but hey I moved where hurricanes are a normal occurrance
[15:16:19] <tiwake> BeachBumPete: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Lubbock,+TX/@33.2081447,-97.8301555,6.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x86fe12add37ddd39:0x1af0042922e84287!8m2!3d33.5778631!4d-101.8551665
[15:25:01] <tiwake> hmm, what kind of office equipment have I
[15:25:03] <tiwake> used
[15:25:38] <tiwake> I don't think they actually care if I list anything... heh
[15:28:51] <malcom2073_> ewww Lubbock heh
[15:29:37] <malcom2073_> Lubbock is a lot like midland: Middle of nowhere, and nobody *actually* wants to be there, so their attitude shows it
[15:30:18] <tiwake> 350k people and nobody actually wants to be there?
[15:30:39] <malcom2073_> Just because they don't wanna be there, doesn't mean they're not there :-P
[15:31:04] <tiwake> not being somewhere is as easy as jumping in the car and leaving
[15:32:07] <malcom2073_> Heh
[15:32:22] <malcom2073_> I know this, you know this, but there seem to be a lot of people who don't
[15:32:41] <tiwake> *shrug*
[15:38:04] <tiwake> malcom2073_: they picked up a costco, so its good in my book
[15:38:11] <malcom2073_> Nice, I wish I had one near me
[15:38:23] <tiwake> yeah
[15:39:01] <tiwake> when I lived in montana, I would swing by costco and pick up a pizza before going to the college and work on homework all day
[15:45:07] <tiwake> was really nice
[15:58:49] <ronthomp> is this thing on?
[15:59:09] <XXCoder> yes, please turn it off. webcam isnt fun
[16:00:00] <ronthomp> Thanks! I just wanted to hang and see what is being said, I wasn't sure I had done it right.
[16:00:25] <gregcnc> quiet today
[16:00:30] <XXCoder> no probklem, just keep in mind irc dont boot people for being idle
[16:00:36] <XXCoder> so chat is quiet sometimes
[16:00:50] <XXCoder> gregcnc: yeah today is perfect day for party for july 4th
[16:00:57] <XXCoder> I'm going to one.
[16:01:22] <gregcnc> I shouuld ahve ordered power steering pump seal kit eariler this week to do today
[16:01:39] <ronthomp> ok. I am a long time Mach3 user, but considering a linux box for a more complicated machine w atc
[16:01:54] <tiwake> do it
[16:01:56] <KreAture_> quiet? Oh dang I ruined it
[16:02:03] <XXCoder> linuxcnc is excellent yes
[16:02:18] <XXCoder> it takes a bit to setup, but once done its great
[16:02:27] <KreAture_> I love the gantry mode
[16:02:28] <KreAture_> :)
[16:02:38] <tiwake> ronthomp: as an exercise, I want to try running the fuel injection system from linuxCNC, because why not
[16:02:58] <gregcnc> megasquirt?
[16:02:59] <tiwake> donno if I will actually get around to doing that, but it sounds like a fun project on the surface
[16:03:14] <ronthomp> I am looking at the mesa cards
[16:03:16] <tiwake> megasquirt is not open source :P
[16:03:51] <gregcnc> but it should handle most any application?
[16:04:02] <tiwake> oh it probably would
[16:04:12] <tiwake> thats not the point though
[16:04:27] <tiwake> "because it can be done"
[16:04:37] <tiwake> not because its a good idea XD
[16:04:39] <ronthomp> anyone running pathpilot on non tormach?
[16:05:31] <ronthomp> Looks like a mesa 5i25 and your good to go?
[16:06:10] <gregcnc> many ways to do mesa
[16:06:22] <Deejay> gn8
[16:06:45] <ronthomp> Thats the problem for a newby, too many choices
[16:07:25] <gregcnc> most should be determined by the machine and interface
[16:08:13] <ronthomp> Good point. I am converting a Charter oaks 12z
[16:08:39] <ronthomp> I'd like to add a tool changer at some point
[16:09:58] <gregcnc> if you're not replacing a control you have a lot of freedom
[16:10:21] <ronthomp> looks like the 5i25 and 7i76 plug and go kit is a decent option
[16:11:09] <ronthomp> I also have a Trionics cnc knee mill I replaced the electronics with mach3
[16:13:09] <tiwake> ronthomp: most people get either one of those two kits
[16:13:37] <tiwake> make sure you get the PCIe version, most modern computers don't have a PCI slot anymore
[16:14:37] <ronthomp> good to know
[16:16:25] <tiwake> if I'm making a machine I'd get the 7i76 kit because it has a lot more IO ports, good for limit switches, tool changer switches, etc.
[16:17:02] <ronthomp> My thoughts, as well
[16:17:44] <ronthomp> The 7i76 can do step/direction servos and geckos
[16:19:54] <KreAture_> how does the 7i76 code work? Is it close to the PRU code in the Machinekit for BBB? Setting up a series of pulse generators that you can command from linuxcnc and that cound the pulses done so you can control the pulserate etc and do changes when it comes to that, essentially trajectory-following where linuxcnc still is the controlling part?
[16:20:41] <KreAture_> If it is, then I assume you will always need acceptable realtime performance on linuxcnc while using the boards, or you will get following errors.
[16:21:33] <ronthomp> I have a couple of machines on mach/usb, one with a UC100 and one with a Sainsmart usb for mach 3. anything like that for linuxcnc?
[16:22:11] <cpresser> KreAture_: basically yes. the 5i25 has a FPGA that is memory mapped via PCI. Linuxcnc writes the data to the FPGA. The FPGA does the realtime part
[16:22:24] <cpresser> generate steps, count encoder pulses, ...
[16:22:38] <ronthomp> @KreAture, I don't know. It is my first time exploring this
[16:22:55] <KreAture_> cpresser so basically if the pc is too slow to react the pulse generator can overstep
[16:23:36] <cpresser> KreAture_: in theory yes. so you need to make sure your PC passes the latency test
[16:24:12] <cpresser> the position-loop is closed on the host cpu. linuxcnc uses a realtime kernel for that. but if its not fast enough, you will run into problems
[16:24:57] <KreAture_> Hmm, I think I like the pathplanner motionqueue method better. Each line of gcode is translated to one or more sets of step instructions in a queue. This queue is run by the hardware step generator in such a way that it can be halted, paused or aborted with extra motion inserted if need be. This allows endstop to halt the motion and remaining steps be cancelled etc. It also allows interrogating the queue to see how much was completed so the endstop p
[16:24:58] <KreAture_> osition can be determined at 1 step accuracy.
[16:25:35] <KreAture_> It is however a LOT more complex to code...
[16:26:32] <KreAture_> and it is very memory intensive
[16:26:43] <cpresser> the basic idea of linuxcnc is to run on a pc; thats why there are no supported external motion controllers
[16:27:01] <KreAture_> It is however not realtime dependant and inputs on the controller can be set to automatically halt execution for when you search for endstop
[16:27:08] <KreAture_> yeh
[16:27:34] <KreAture_> I just wonder since the fpga boards are so insanely overkill for what they are used to do :)
[16:28:04] <cpresser> encoder-pulses can be quite fast
[16:28:19] <KreAture_> They seem to be able to do 24+ step generators, and that is not for lack of resouces other than counters hehe
[16:28:41] <KreAture_> yeah, counting encoder pulses are nice to do in externals
[16:29:18] <KreAture_> I am just pondering what would look best on the finish of a machined part, overstepping or a halt so the pc can catch up
[16:30:06] <KreAture_> The halt would most likely be so short that it is close to half a step intervall and be seen as jitter in the steprate, while an overstep would always be a step too much.
[16:30:10] <cpresser> i have never heard of overstepping. at least its not an issue for me
[16:30:28] <KreAture_> I ran it with bad settings and got a lot of path follower errors (oversteppings)
[16:30:33] <KreAture_> but that was my own fault
[16:30:35] <cpresser> vibrations are way bigger than 1 single step on my machine :)
[16:30:39] <KreAture_> Fixed settings and that went away
[16:30:41] <KreAture_> :)
[16:30:54] <KreAture_> yeh, you are right, I am just pondering
[16:31:41] <KreAture_> My old 2.4 GHz core2 has 9980us jitter btw, while I get close to 28000 on the 4 core BeeBox
[16:31:54] <KreAture_> Wish the old mainboard fitted my enclosure
[16:32:05] <cpresser> did you read up on the tips and hints for getting latency down?
[16:32:06] <KreAture_> heck, I wish it has a cooler not half a foot high as well
[16:32:12] <KreAture_> where ?
[16:32:17] <KreAture_> gimme gimme!
[16:32:17] <cpresser> google :)
[16:32:18] <KreAture_> :)
[16:32:21] <KreAture_> I tried
[16:32:26] <KreAture_> I actually googled exactly that
[16:32:36] <KreAture_> didn't find anything but ppl doing jittertests
[16:32:38] <cpresser> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TroubleShooting
[16:32:50] <cpresser> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?FixingSMIIssues
[16:33:03] <KreAture_> Interestingly enough the first page does not contain the word jitter
[16:33:14] <KreAture_> nor that one
[16:33:19] <KreAture_> no wonder my search failed :)
[16:33:53] <gregcnc> latency is the keyword
[16:34:00] <KreAture_> yeah
[16:34:15] <cpresser> there is also a latency-histrogramm tool
[16:34:21] <KreAture_> I still think jitter should be mentioned
[16:34:31] <cpresser> its a wiki. change it :)
[16:34:39] <KreAture_> I looked for that on the machinekit install I was running, maby omitted ?
[16:34:50] <KreAture_> cpresser but don't add pictures of cats right ?
[16:34:53] <KreAture_> LOL
[16:35:05] <cpresser> https://forum.linuxcnc.org/forum/18-computer/25927-reducing-latency-on-multicore-pc-s-success
[16:35:09] <KreAture_> I hear it's been an issue on wikipedia
[16:35:23] <KreAture_> nice
[16:35:37] <cpresser> most of this stuff is 'old'. so you have to see if it still applies
[16:36:26] <KreAture_> well I think it may
[16:36:32] <KreAture_> irq affinity is sneaky
[16:36:40] <gregcnc> and you don't know what will actually help so you have to try it all
[16:37:18] <cpresser> disable stuff; change gfx driver/card
[16:37:26] <cpresser> those are the usual suspects
[16:38:44] <KreAture_> well, BeeBox can't really change gfx
[16:39:01] <KreAture_> It has a single extra mPCIe slot and I will be using that for the io expansion
[16:39:26] <KreAture_> On my old box I do use a nvidia agp card, without it I get 38us latency
[16:39:34] <KreAture_> with I get under 10
[16:39:51] <KreAture_> The BeeBox should be really good for locking the irq affinity and such as it has 4 cres
[16:39:53] <KreAture_> cores
[16:40:14] <KreAture_> with one core dedicated to the RT stuff we would still have 4 left
[16:40:15] <KreAture_> 3
[16:40:16] <KreAture_> LOL
[16:40:22] * KreAture_ fails basic math
[16:41:39] <KreAture_> If you run Linuxcnc as a remote how does the copntrol work then? I assume the loop is closed on the unit with the steppers ?
[16:41:54] <KreAture_> The gui and streaming of gcode comes from the other pc?
[16:42:26] <KreAture_> It's an option I'd rather skip but that could be ok if I use the beaglebone in future
[16:42:44] <KreAture_> using the BeeBox directly seems so much more appealing as it has much more cpu power
[16:43:59] <KreAture_> cpresser "latency-plot" ?
[16:44:18] <cpresser> KreAture_: ?
[16:44:32] <KreAture_> is that the name of the tool for graphing latency ?
[16:44:42] <KreAture_> I need to know so I can run it tomorrow :)
[16:46:32] <cpresser> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/install/latency-test.html
[16:46:39] <cpresser> histogram
[16:47:56] <KreAture_> ahh nice
[16:48:10] <KreAture_> binning and making a nice graph
[16:50:02] <KreAture_> any hints for me for the BBB? It seems to run with very high cpuload. Not sure if it's graphics as when I changed the intervall, increasing it a bit on both realtime threads the load reduced a bit
[16:52:53] <malcom2073_> Graphics are a *heavy* load on the BBB
[16:52:57] <malcom2073_> cpu of the*
[16:53:12] <KreAture_> yeh, it's not using it's gpu so I assumed so
[16:57:57] <KreAture_> hmm
[16:58:10] <KreAture_> I think I'll try and run glmark2 on the platforms tomorrow
[16:58:47] <KreAture_> Thanks for the input cpresser, will see if I can get the BeeBox even better :)
[17:10:49] <pcw_home> KreAture_ with the mesa FPGA cards LinuxCNC is still running real time motion but the FPGA loosens the
[17:10:51] <pcw_home> timing restrictions so even 500 usec latency on a 1 KHz thread is OK. This can be done on almost any PC/ARM hardware
[17:12:02] <KreAture_> pcw_home yeah I get that
[17:12:48] <KreAture_> it's essentially letting go of the pulsegen, but still depending on your setup you may need a very high pulsecount and then the pc is jittering around at a worse rate than the pulses are made
[17:13:06] <KreAture_> 3+ pulses in a single period is probably better than not being able to step that fast right ?
[17:13:22] <KreAture_> after all, that fast motion is maby just travel anyways
[17:13:33] <pcw_home> no the pulses are pretty nearly perfect
[17:14:56] <pcw_home> typically better than 1% of 1 external pulse distortion
[17:15:11] <KreAture_> I mean, allowing pc to not being able to keep up is ok, as the pulses can still be generated beautifully
[17:15:30] <KreAture_> it enables higher pulserates than the pc can do alone due to it's jitter
[17:15:50] <KreAture_> The jitter will then only show up as tiny deviations in path following
[17:16:28] <tiwake> filling out this job application, what should I put down for expected salary?
[17:16:33] <KreAture_> in the case of the sillyest setups with ballscrew and 1/256 drive on 400 steps/turn motor you end up with thousands of steps for a thou, just to get rid of the step whine
[17:16:37] <pcw_home> it also allows cleaner pulse streams that dont have noticeable beats with the base thread rate
[17:16:58] <KreAture_> pcw_home yeah
[17:17:03] <pcw_home> beats that can excite resonances
[17:17:07] <KreAture_> tiwake no idea, what country is it in
[17:17:16] <tiwake> USA
[17:17:20] <KreAture_> pcw_home never thought about that
[17:17:28] <KreAture_> tiwake Norway here so no help there
[17:35:46] <Loetmichel_> hihi, germans won the quarter finals (football/soccer EM)... barely. Just noticed because of the fireworks... had to ask the wife what the heck that noise outside was. Quote: "We won the game against the italians, dummie" ;)
[17:36:47] <KreAture_> hehe
[17:36:58] <KreAture_> I was in Burg for the first match
[17:37:05] <KreAture_> They had outdoor showings etc
[17:37:31] <KreAture_> Was good crowds at most bars
[17:38:00] <KreAture_> I was there for the beer though, but it was nice that they won as then they were more friendly :)
[19:32:14] <CaptHindsight> http://phys.org/news/2016-06-tiny-dna-legs-fuel-efficiency.html
[19:33:45] <CaptHindsight> the researchers observed that the 20-nm-long nanowalker could move at speeds of up to 3 nm per minute.
[20:41:53] <Jymmm> CaptHindsight: Pfff... I can move TWICE that speed!
[21:49:53] <CaptHindsight> http://camotics.org/ We changed our name from OpenSCAM to CAMotics
[23:22:05] <Tom_itx> CaptHindsight still a cheezy name