#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-06-13

[00:00:31] <XXCoder> blurry, shaky video
[00:00:47] <Jymmm> bs
[00:00:58] <XXCoder> yeah it is BS video lol
[00:01:01] <Jymmm> quit yur bitchn
[00:01:54] <enleth> not everyone can be AvE and get awat with blurry shaky videos just by shouting FOCUS YOU FACK
[00:01:59] <enleth> *away
[00:02:14] <XXCoder> enleth: those kind of videos make me literally physically sick
[00:02:24] <roycroft> enleth: the woodworking folks use tormek sharpeners
[00:02:32] <XXCoder> not just a style thing
[00:02:38] <roycroft> they have jigs to hold just about every kind of thing that needs sharpening
[00:02:44] <roycroft> (but not machinist tooling)
[00:02:53] <roycroft> from axes to scissors to chisels to gouges
[00:03:03] <enleth> XXCoder: well, you can't hear him, so you miss half the fun
[00:03:11] <XXCoder> too bad oh well
[00:03:28] <enleth> I guess AvE's videos must look like genuine crap without him making them funny
[00:03:52] <XXCoder> my brain sucks :(
[00:04:14] <XXCoder> its worse each year, my sensivity to videos and games
[00:05:46] <enleth> Jymmm: Loctite being the best is no surprise, I guess
[00:06:41] <XXCoder> wow. one guy extracted plantium from road
[00:06:56] <XXCoder> all cars have calylists and they lose traces of em
[00:07:18] <XXCoder> one guy had theory that it could be found on roads, and they vacuumed and got ton of dirt from road
[00:07:35] <XXCoder> not a ton actually
[00:07:57] <XXCoder> ratio is 6.7 gram of plantium per ton of dirt
[00:08:27] <XXCoder> he got tiny bead of lead, with plantium part of it, and calculated that
[00:08:42] <[cube]> in some areas they have problems with ppl stealing the cat converters
[00:08:47] <Jymmm> street sweeper sales will increase now
[00:09:12] <[cube]> lol
[00:09:19] <XXCoder> lol yep
[00:09:21] <Jymmm> especially in XXCoder area
[00:09:33] <XXCoder> though only road sweepers can gather enough to make it worth it
[00:09:36] <[cube]> 1 ton of street dust
[00:09:48] <[cube]> wonder which roads have the highest concentration
[00:09:55] <Jymmm> LA
[00:10:00] <[cube]> heh ya
[00:10:06] <XXCoder> good question. maybe lots of older (but not that old) cars
[00:10:22] <[cube]> prob better off recycling gold from pcbs lol
[00:10:31] <Jymmm> Right after rush hour
[00:10:51] <enleth> [cube]: old CPUs are best for that
[00:10:57] <Jymmm> especially where there is a LOT of stop and go traffic
[00:11:03] <enleth> they used insane amounts of gold in a Pentium MMX
[00:11:12] <[cube]> really eh
[00:11:30] <Jymmm> aluminum welding with maap gas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEjr9FMvUhk
[00:11:45] <Jymmm> I think I'd get some of those just to have on hand
[00:11:57] <[cube]> hmm i have that yellow torch...
[00:12:16] <[cube]> maap stinks
[00:12:41] <[cube]> pretty neat trick
[00:12:42] <enleth> [cube]: I've got almost a kilogram of those, there's a place around that pays $350/kg if over 1kg
[00:12:52] <[cube]> damn
[00:12:55] <XXCoder> "... is that you can brady's with this rock that's gonna allow you to join woman with the same street as indeed well warranted well..."
[00:12:58] <[cube]> all free i take it?
[00:13:03] <XXCoder> man i love autocaptions
[00:13:22] <enleth> [cube]: yeah, just kept any from old PCs that turned up here and there
[00:13:31] <[cube]> nice
[00:13:51] <[cube]> im hoping to start a small sign business here soon
[00:13:54] <[cube]> and turn mdf into gold
[00:14:24] <XXCoder> what is that "stone" stick?
[00:15:27] <[cube]> ?
[00:15:38] <XXCoder> video Jymmm linked here
[00:15:49] <Jymmm> ?
[00:15:50] <[cube]> the aluminum brazing rod?
[00:15:50] <XXCoder> autpcaptions is gibberish
[00:15:58] <XXCoder> ah so thats what it is called
[00:16:01] <Jymmm> XXCoder: are you drunk again?
[00:16:10] <[cube]> not sure if it came coated in flux or if he put that on
[00:16:17] <XXCoder> he (with autocaptions) just called it rock
[00:16:20] <Jymmm> [cube]:comes with
[00:16:23] <[cube]> ah neat
[00:16:25] <XXCoder> Jymmm: I don't drink.
[00:16:28] <Jymmm> http://www.alumaloy.com/#!alumaloy-specs/c12vf
[00:16:35] <Jymmm> XXCoder: sniff, snort, whatever
[00:16:38] <[cube]> i have a bag of borax around here somewhere
[00:16:44] <XXCoder> I dont sniff, snort, smoke
[00:16:48] <XXCoder> inject
[00:16:53] <XXCoder> eat drugs. at all
[00:18:33] <Jymmm> [cube]: Those alum rods look slick
[00:19:00] <[cube]> yea totally
[00:19:26] <[cube]> gonna build a propane forge here soon (said this 2 years ago)
[00:19:28] <[cube]> but soon!
[00:19:33] <[cube]> have all the parts
[00:19:42] <[cube]> had a neat idea to cut foam on the router...
[00:20:14] <XXCoder> gonna try that later lol (got bunch of foam from work, cutoffs from pipe packaging)
[00:20:17] <[cube]> buy a bunch of that cheap white polystyrene foam
[00:20:25] <[cube]> and mount one of these on the Z:
[00:20:25] <[cube]> https://www.amazon.ca/FloraCraft-601PLUS-Styrofoam-Accessories-Electric/dp/B003ADDTG6/
[00:20:27] <Jymmm> https://www.amazon.com/Alumaloy-Aluminum-Repair-Rod-Kit/dp/B008AWDWR8
[00:20:53] <[cube]> was thinking you could cut big alumnum gears and linkages with the foam
[00:20:56] <[cube]> then cast them
[00:21:01] <XXCoder> [cube]: nice! it looks quite mountable with adoptors on Z spindle holder
[00:21:07] <[cube]> ya
[00:21:14] <[cube]> i like the single 'pin' design
[00:21:16] <XXCoder> lost foam casting eh
[00:21:30] <[cube]> yeah i figure its the easiest way to go
[00:21:34] <[cube]> melts instantly
[00:21:41] <[cube]> faster than wax
[00:21:46] <[cube]> faster than 3d print
[00:21:52] <[cube]> can build parts up in layers
[00:21:59] <[cube]> cut with cnc, hot glue
[00:23:31] <XXCoder> I forgot what metal can be easuly melted and cast in MDF mold?
[00:23:34] <XXCoder> Zinc?
[00:23:42] <[cube]> pewter maybe
[00:23:44] <[cube]> lead?
[00:24:01] <XXCoder> techinically lead can be but I dont wanna deal woth lead
[00:24:08] <[cube]> im saving up a bunch of old car batteries
[00:24:15] <[cube]> not sure if i wanna melt em :x
[00:24:29] <[cube]> not sure how dangerous it is
[00:24:41] <XXCoder> not sure too
[00:24:44] <[cube]> lot of guys do it to make bullets, got to be a safe way
[00:25:01] <XXCoder> https://store.hackaday.com/products/stickvise interesting, i guess good for engraving circuit boards too
[00:25:02] <[cube]> and fishing weights
[00:25:20] <XXCoder> too bad we dont have lead to gold conversion
[00:25:39] <XXCoder> gold has many of same properies as lead but without all negatives of lead
[00:25:50] <[cube]> yeah not sure what useful parts you want to make out of lead
[00:26:09] <XXCoder> give to children of enemies as sweet tasting toys
[00:26:15] <[cube]> lol
[00:26:21] <[cube]> it doesnt seem useful at all for use in many applicaitons
[00:26:34] <[cube]> too soft
[00:26:40] <XXCoder> it was perfect for soldering but dangerous so tin is more and more common
[00:26:44] <[cube]> good for dead weight i guess
[00:26:51] <XXCoder> but then theres tin pest :(
[00:28:11] <XXCoder> ohhh
[00:28:15] <XXCoder> DIY machinable wax
[00:28:20] <XXCoder> I wanted that for learning stuff
[00:28:40] <XXCoder> LDPE pellets and paraffin wax
[00:29:25] <XXCoder> https://leedshackspace.org.uk/2016/05/09/making-machinable-wax/
[00:29:48] <[cube]> yea
[00:30:06] <[cube]> some guys melt paraffin and cut up grocery bags
[00:30:13] <[cube]> just dont burn ur house down
[00:30:16] <[cube]> flash point of wax is low
[00:30:25] <XXCoder> I'd do it outside
[00:30:37] <XXCoder> since it seems that fire exuster dont work on it
[00:30:46] <[cube]> lol
[00:30:51] <[cube]> yeah its probably like napalm
[00:31:11] <XXCoder> but what if tool overheats and it flashes?
[00:31:21] <XXCoder> or do once it is mixed, change properies?
[00:31:24] <[cube]> ehh i dont think thats likely
[00:31:29] <[cube]> no idea tho
[00:31:44] <[cube]> for learning, i'd suggest something like HDPE blocks
[00:31:50] <[cube]> stuff cuts beautifully
[00:31:56] <XXCoder> yeah I have plans to make some
[00:32:14] <XXCoder> interesting that if I use oil with it, it becomes self lubucating plastic.
[00:32:29] <[cube]> hmm ha
[00:32:41] <XXCoder> due to traces of oil everywhere in it
[00:32:45] <[cube]> i have some of that uhmw or whatever
[00:32:51] <[cube]> conversely it is terrible to machine
[00:33:02] <XXCoder> the machinable wax?
[00:33:16] <[cube]> no the high molecular weight plastic
[00:33:22] <[cube]> its self lubricatin on its own
[00:33:26] <[cube]> perfect for jigs etc
[00:33:29] <XXCoder> ahh
[00:33:44] <[cube]> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra-high-molecular-weight_polyethylene
[00:34:07] <[cube]> http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/images/products/sheet/46220p.jpg
[00:34:14] <[cube]> has a cool transluscence to it
[00:34:32] <XXCoder> meh my nylon plastic glows under flash lol
[00:34:50] <XXCoder> interesting
[00:35:39] <XXCoder> http://picpaste.com/pics/IMG_20160611_220355-PMWqhDZY.1465794527.jpg
[00:36:05] <XXCoder> hdpe plastic http://www.instructables.com/id/Making-Blocks-out-of-HDPE-milk-jugs/
[00:36:18] <[cube]> nice yea
[00:36:27] <[cube]> id be inclined to just buy the blocks
[00:36:34] <XXCoder> how expensive and where
[00:36:36] <[cube]> or big 2x4 sheets
[00:36:39] <[cube]> not sure
[00:36:43] <[cube]> going to ask around this week
[00:36:44] <XXCoder> I like recycling though :)
[00:37:04] <[cube]> hehe at least ull get big and strong from all that milk
[00:37:25] <XXCoder> lol nah my bro family uses 1 1/2 a day
[00:37:35] <[cube]> haha
[00:37:36] <[cube]> nice
[00:37:40] <XXCoder> in least it seems like. reality I'm sure just 4 a day
[00:37:44] <XXCoder> err week
[00:37:49] <[cube]> good enough
[00:37:52] <XXCoder> yeah
[00:38:06] <[cube]> i bought 10 sheets of 2x5 acrylic today
[00:38:11] <[cube]> *2x4
[00:38:20] <[cube]> some woman was sellign them, moving sale
[00:38:26] <[cube]> got each sheet for about $22 usd
[00:38:35] <[cube]> 1/4"
[00:39:05] <XXCoder> oh if curious about road plantium https://hackaday.com/2016/06/06/mining-platinum-from-the-road/
[00:41:02] <[cube]> hmm not bad
[00:41:02] <[cube]> http://www.homedepot.com/p/OPTIX-24-in-x-48-in-x-220-in-Acrylic-Sheet-MC-20/202038051
[00:41:22] <XXCoder> wow
[00:41:28] <XXCoder> expensive. lol
[00:41:41] <[cube]> yeah $22 i thought was pricey
[00:41:52] <[cube]> i guess homedepot is kind of a ripoff generally tho
[00:42:02] <[cube]> kinda like how they sell their metal
[00:43:54] <XXCoder> yea
[00:58:16] <XXCoder> http://www.mentalfloss.com/article/81458/irish-man-discovers-2000-year-old-bog-butter
[00:58:17] <XXCoder> yummy
[01:02:03] <[cube]> lol
[01:02:05] <[cube]> i'd try it
[01:02:18] <[cube]> i've eaten some pretty gross shit in spain
[01:02:33] <XXCoder> lol
[01:03:43] <[cube]> i'd love some jamon right now
[01:03:44] <[cube]> and cheese
[01:03:55] <XXCoder> and 2,000 years old butter?
[01:04:00] <[cube]> http://costablog.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/jamon-iberico-de-cebo-de-guijuelo-julian-martin.jpg
[01:04:12] <[cube]> this stuff is actually great
[01:04:25] <XXCoder> interesting
[01:04:33] <[cube]> its 'cured'
[01:04:37] <[cube]> for like up to 10 years
[01:04:46] <[cube]> slice thin strips off
[01:04:52] <[cube]> tastes like pizza
[01:05:47] <[cube]> makin me hungry!
[01:06:21] <XXCoder> lol ok
[01:58:23] <XXCoder> geez
[01:58:25] <XXCoder> https://www.infoq.com/news/2016/06/visual-cpp-telemetry
[02:16:50] <pink_vampire> it is so cute that she want my attention
[02:17:01] <XXCoder> ?
[02:17:55] <pink_vampire> the stack light controller work soooo good,
[02:18:19] <pink_vampire> she beep to me when the job is done
[02:18:32] <XXCoder> I want one lol but hardly ready for that and not electrician
[02:18:58] <XXCoder> I still have Walk/Hand sign that I tested and it is working. Walk guy is fully lit but Hand half of leds is broken
[02:19:38] <pink_vampire> I want to get ultra bright LEDs
[02:19:45] <pink_vampire> and re build it.
[02:19:56] <XXCoder> I want to use that sign as running and stopped sign for cnc lol
[02:20:07] <XXCoder> but with half leds broken on Hand I doubt I will
[02:22:46] <XXCoder> pink_vampire: just dont buy ones that can tan you, unless you want tan lol
[02:23:51] <pink_vampire> I'm not sure what do you mean
[02:24:06] <XXCoder> was kidding about leds so bight you would be able to get tan from it
[02:24:38] <pink_vampire> I just cut some wood in 3000mm / min
[02:24:43] <Deejay> moin
[02:24:51] <pink_vampire> with 9/16" end mill
[02:25:03] <Deejay> morning pink_vampire
[02:25:09] <pink_vampire> there is chips allll ovvver
[02:25:14] <Deejay> yay
[02:25:20] <pink_vampire> hi Deejay
[02:25:23] <XXCoder> yummy chips ;)
[02:25:31] <pink_vampire> Deejay: I just cut some wood in 3000mm / min
[02:25:40] <pink_vampire> pine wood
[02:25:41] * Deejay did some wood milling some days ago
[02:25:49] <pink_vampire> split like craaazy
[02:26:15] <XXCoder> 118 inches per minutes dang tgats fast
[02:26:43] <pink_vampire> yes.
[02:26:55] <XXCoder> how was it
[02:27:01] <XXCoder> and what did you make
[02:27:13] <pink_vampire> that about half of the max speed of the machine
[02:27:34] <Deejay> i set my machine to 4000 mm/min for weak wood
[02:27:55] <XXCoder> last time I ran wood I used 600 mm/m
[02:28:03] <pink_vampire> Deejay: are you using ball screw?
[02:28:14] <Deejay> but it doesn't make this speed most time, slows down to hold the kinematic
[02:28:21] <Deejay> yep, ball screw
[02:28:24] <XXCoder> with spindle at 27,000 rpm it was definitely too slow
[02:28:35] <pink_vampire> my normal speed is 1000-500mm/min
[02:28:48] <Deejay> hehe, for wood, just go for maximum :)
[02:28:57] <Deejay> if your spindle speed is high enough
[02:29:26] <pink_vampire> Deejay: I can't the house can't handle the acceleration of the servos
[02:29:41] <XXCoder> I really need to learn how to calculate what machine needs in terms of mm/m when cutting stuff
[02:30:14] <pink_vampire> the motors rated for 3000 rpm, that can bring the machine to maximum of 15000mm/min
[02:30:27] <Deejay> whoooohoooo!! :)
[02:30:32] <pink_vampire> on 5000 mm/min the house shake
[02:30:39] <XXCoder> dang thats insane
[02:30:43] <Deejay> crazy ^^
[02:31:23] <pink_vampire> I know.
[02:32:02] <pink_vampire> 3000 mm/min is the fast that I can go safe, and just on very soft materials, like plastics and wood
[02:32:12] <pink_vampire> I'm cutting pine
[02:32:28] <XXCoder> what did you make?
[02:32:49] <XXCoder> yeserday I made gage holder, melted it a little by too fast tool lol Deejay
[02:33:23] <Deejay> this round plastic thingy?
[02:33:29] <XXCoder> yeah
[02:33:51] <Deejay> ah yep, saw your video :)
[02:34:20] <XXCoder> that was fun lol
[02:36:40] <pink_vampire> I'm working on medicine cabinet, and I don't have a miter saw and I need to make cuts in 124 degrees... so I use some soft acrylic (hot) to copy the angle, then I've probe it, then cut the wood on the machine.
[02:37:35] <XXCoder> nice
[02:37:52] <XXCoder> I plan to try engraving bamboo floor sample block
[02:38:04] <XXCoder> now that I have nice and proper jaws to hold on em
[02:38:34] <pink_vampire> XXCoder: I'm using my cnc to make useful stuff.
[02:38:52] <XXCoder> yeah I'm still at learning stages, AND grinder/spindle sucks.
[02:40:13] <XXCoder> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19duYMdiXi0 nice video
[02:43:28] <Not-Renny> Hey guys, I have a weird problem. So, I have a thing I want to cut out on a laser cutter, but it's currently in a sketchup file. What do? D:
[02:43:34] <XXCoder> hey
[02:43:51] <XXCoder> isnt there a way to export as SVG or dxf
[02:44:53] <Not-Renny> It'll only do .dae, which is a COLLADA file?
[02:45:18] <Not-Renny> And also it does .png, but that's crap quality.
[02:46:33] <XXCoder> hmm dunno
[02:47:52] <Not-Renny> If someone here has autocad, the .skp files from sketchup will work on that.
[02:49:39] <XXCoder> does linuxcnc support that?
[02:51:33] <XXCoder> man the ball maker video is amazing
[02:51:39] <XXCoder> 1,000 balls per minute jeez
[02:52:18] <XXCoder> thats less than 17 balls per second
[02:57:14] <Meduza> Not-Renny: there is SVG export plugins for sketchup
[02:57:37] <Not-Renny> Ball maker, XXCoder?
[02:57:50] <Not-Renny> What's that website for sketchup plugins again, Meduza?
[02:58:33] <Meduza> https://extensions.sketchup.com
[02:58:38] <Meduza> Not-Renny:
[02:58:43] <Not-Renny> Cool, thanks!
[03:00:07] <XXCoder> RENSleep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19duYMdiXi0
[03:19:21] <witnit> Gooood morning.
[03:19:28] <XXCoder> yoooo
[03:20:39] <witnit> ha hey coder, you tried the 7i37?
[03:21:11] <XXCoder> hmm no?
[03:21:35] <XXCoder> ah mesa controller, nah I use tb6560
[03:21:50] <witnit> I grabbed a couple to replace all these opto22 boards
[03:23:00] <witnit> havent played with them yet, I guess I should fire one up and look at the pretty lights
[03:43:56] <XXCoder> lol ok
[03:48:00] <pink_vampire> there is pine smell everywhere
[03:49:23] <XXCoder> heh does it get annoying that smell?
[03:50:14] <pink_vampire> ooh yeah
[03:52:02] <pink_vampire> I took a picture of the chips
[03:55:38] <pink_vampire> http://i.imgur.com/es4GPYn.png
[03:55:44] <pink_vampire> the rails :)
[03:55:52] <XXCoder> chips aloy!
[03:56:56] <pink_vampire> ??
[03:58:16] <XXCoder> priate talk "chips are adread of us"
[03:58:46] <pink_vampire> I have no idea what are you talking about.
[03:58:53] <XXCoder> just was being silly
[04:02:17] <pink_vampire> I don't care about the rails.
[04:02:27] <pink_vampire> there is no oil on them
[04:02:34] <witnit> The new johnny depp movies are going to be good.
[04:02:43] <witnit> I hear they will be rated arrrr
[04:03:16] <XXCoder> lol
[04:03:30] <pink_vampire> so the chips just fall off
[04:03:46] <witnit> shopvac can be nice at times
[04:03:53] <XXCoder> pink_vampire: my machine ballscrews do have oil but I got no idea when it would need new oil and such
[04:04:22] <witnit> then when you your done its just like opening a treasure chest of shavings and sawdust
[04:04:29] <pink_vampire> no oil on any moving part on my machine
[04:04:44] <XXCoder> hmm in very least screws should have em
[04:04:48] <pink_vampire> all coated with graphite
[04:04:58] <XXCoder> that worksI guess?
[04:05:04] <witnit> Id rather walk the plank than breath in a bunch sawdust though
[04:05:08] <witnit> graphite, clever
[04:05:42] <pink_vampire> much much smooother then oil, and noting stick to it.
[04:06:20] <witnit> did you purposely add a third o to the word smoother, to make the word appear more... smoooooth
[04:06:34] <XXCoder> smooooooth
[04:06:39] <witnit> hahha long oos
[04:08:17] <pink_vampire> it's just more cute...
[04:10:09] <witnit> I been wanting to paint a couple of my machine in unusual and extravagant mural type ways for no good reason other than why not.
[04:11:37] <witnit> I got this one lathe, I could totally paint it to look like a yellow submarine
[04:12:27] <pink_vampire> I want to paint my machine in pink
[04:12:31] <XXCoder> mines just not fancy enough for that lol
[04:12:32] <witnit> do it
[04:13:48] <XXCoder> I'm considering engraving a nice picture of flower on one of wood samples
[04:13:54] <XXCoder> just for heck of it
[04:13:56] <witnit> well it has this huge 6" pvc pipe coming out the top with a 90degree angle at the top, looks just like a periscope, annd then the windows kinda look like portholes.
[04:14:06] <pink_vampire> XXCoder: your machine is aluminum -you can anodize it :)
[04:14:21] <XXCoder> pink_vampire: true though it would require disassembly and assembly
[04:14:24] <pink_vampire> I don't know how to paint it.
[04:14:31] <XXCoder> one of evenual things I want to do is make gantry taller
[04:14:39] <XXCoder> and set back so more of surface can be used
[04:15:07] <pink_vampire> but I have very very scary issue with the Z axis.
[04:15:36] <XXCoder> you put it back together? but still that problem?
[04:15:39] <pink_vampire> if there is power outage the Z axis just drop.
[04:15:45] <XXCoder> ow
[04:15:55] <XXCoder> that'd explode tool if it impacted while still spinning
[04:17:00] <pink_vampire> or damage the rails.
[04:17:15] <XXCoder> one of machines at work heavily cracked bulletproof glass on screen. program was wrong as it was too fast and tool broke and threw to door
[04:17:28] <XXCoder> thankfully it dont have one but TWO bulletproof glasses on it
[04:17:54] <XXCoder> machine was down for a day, to fix program then it was running with cracked glass till it got replaced couple days later
[04:17:56] <pink_vampire> woow
[04:18:51] <XXCoder> yeah
[04:19:01] <XXCoder> it was running 100 ipm too fast
[04:19:01] <pink_vampire> on industiral machine if there is power outage the Z axis get locked or it drop?
[04:19:07] <XXCoder> locked
[04:19:07] <pink_vampire> woooooow
[04:19:13] <pink_vampire> how?
[04:19:19] <XXCoder> programmer error
[04:19:42] <XXCoder> though some machines if blackout Z location is lost and person has to set Z and tool lengths again
[04:19:52] <XXCoder> expecially that real crappy HAAS one
[04:20:15] <XXCoder> its Z is capped at 20 ipm because if it moves too fast its counterweight bounces and Z position is lost
[04:20:34] <XXCoder> its very large machine, pretty old
[04:20:52] <XXCoder> you could fit your car in it if it was empty of slide, table
[04:21:14] <witnit> pink_vampire: you could add a brake?
[04:22:00] <pink_vampire> witnit: I saw one but it cost more then 500$
[04:22:10] <witnit> noooo, thats waaayyy too much
[04:22:39] <witnit> do you have an air compressor you use with your mill daily?
[04:23:24] <pink_vampire> I'm not using air
[04:23:47] <XXCoder> witnit: maybe something that autoatically closes if no power
[04:24:10] <witnit> yeah I was thinking spring loaded brake with pneumatic hold open during operation
[04:24:20] <witnit> affordable and easy to build yourself
[04:25:07] <pink_vampire> https://www.servo2go.com/product.php?ID=100616
[04:25:27] <pink_vampire> 526.00$
[04:25:35] <witnit> yeah, no need for something like that
[04:25:36] <XXCoder> crazy'
[04:26:23] <pink_vampire> witnit: any idea without air that look cuuute as this one?
[04:26:50] <witnit> does the shaft of your z axis motor extend out the back of it (so you could add a 24v type brake)
[04:26:53] <archivist> mechanical latch
[04:27:08] <XXCoder> archivist: would it automatically enage in blackout?
[04:27:18] <witnit> yeah
[04:27:45] <witnit> normally braking, and drops the brake or latch when you cut power
[04:28:16] <pink_vampire> witnit: how much it is cost?
[04:28:19] <archivist> use a solenoid to maintain off un powered = brake on
[04:28:36] <witnit> depends how you have to attach it and how you intend to control it.
[04:28:54] <witnit> you have a picture of the drive system for your z axis, such as motor/screw
[04:29:08] <archivist> and most important how much you make yourself
[04:29:14] <witnit> ^
[04:29:22] <pink_vampire> yes.
[04:29:25] <pink_vampire> one sec
[04:32:13] <witnit> im definately no expert on what size brake you need for how much weight you intend on holding or anything like that, but I cant imagine needing something that would cost much different or look much differently than this item. http://www.ebay.com/itm/INERTIA-DYNAMICS-INC-BRAKE-2104-0008-143801-24VDC-/201215552308?hash=item2ed961ab34:g:jCgAAOSw1XdUYYi~
[04:32:44] <witnit> the key things would be, does it normally engage when power is cut or do you have to give it power to engage it and how much holding torque is needed
[04:33:16] <archivist> that looks engage on power
[04:33:33] <witnit> okay so, yeah something like that but opposite
[04:33:44] <archivist> usually a sign of a spring is power to disengage
[04:33:52] <pink_vampire> witnit: just look ugly
[04:34:10] <witnit> paint it pink
[04:34:11] <witnit> :)
[04:34:16] <archivist> box it
[04:34:32] <witnit> do anything but spend $500 on it
[04:36:16] <pink_vampire> the most important thing is how to calculate the braking torque
[04:36:23] <pink_vampire> http://i.imgur.com/XECd37t.png
[04:36:40] <pink_vampire> witnit: the Z axis setup
[04:36:57] <XXCoder> dont think I saw light stack completed and attached. nice.
[04:37:44] <pink_vampire> the white cable gland on the bottom is the buzzer
[04:39:07] <witnit> okay it looks like you should have very little problems adding a brake to the top side of that shaft coming from the motor.
[04:39:36] <pink_vampire> I have the encoder on the top
[04:40:34] <witnit> oh, I suppose below works too, as well as possibly being able to hide the break inside the machine somewhere on the other side of the ballscrew
[04:40:44] <witnit> but that would be hard to tell from this picture
[04:40:50] <witnit> brake*
[04:41:13] <pink_vampire> the black box one is just going to fit as a spacer
[04:41:26] <pink_vampire> and it can work with 12V
[04:41:40] <pink_vampire> so no additional power supply
[04:42:02] <pink_vampire> http://i.imgur.com/aJbuWn5.png
[04:42:07] <witnit> it would be as affordable to buy a motor with a brake, and encoder already attached at that rate
[04:42:12] <pink_vampire> I need to install them
[04:43:09] <pink_vampire> do you know about dc servo that have brake and work with 72V?
[04:47:59] <witnit> well, a 24vdc brake is a very common brake voltage, even motors running with 3phase 480v would commonly have a 24vdc brake on it. the motor running on 72 vdc should be pretty easy to find as well. so, providing you are willing to provide 24vdc to keep the brake open when the motor is running you would probably be able to find a simple solution on ebay just browsing
[04:50:11] <pink_vampire> i saw stuff on eaby.
[04:50:16] <pink_vampire> ebay*
[04:50:35] <pink_vampire> even very cheap brakes 19.99
[04:50:42] <pink_vampire> and stuff like that.
[04:51:10] <pink_vampire> but I don't know how to calculate the braking force that I need
[04:53:05] <witnit> when im building things Im not very good at calculating accurately i just kinda decide, "that outta work" and click buy, so, for me, in your situation I would probably look at something like this and add it to my bookmarks until I honed in on something more suitable http://www.ebay.com/itm/SANYO-DENKI-CN-400BT-10A4-105V-105-V-VOLT-SERVO-MOTOR-1000RPM-W-BRAKE-ENCODER-/290983628969?hash=item43bff9d0a9:g:-TwAAOxy4~BSQICp
[04:53:36] <XXCoder> it has everything for same price as that just brake one
[04:53:43] <witnit> ;)
[04:55:02] <pink_vampire> INCREMENTAL : 200 P/R
[04:55:29] <witnit> I picked up a 12,000 p/r for $20 quick fix
[04:56:23] <witnit> if you dont mind moving parts around and making little changes to the build you can save a lot picking out items and rearranging them
[04:56:35] <pink_vampire> and i need to add 24v power supply - that something that i want to avoid
[04:58:11] <pink_vampire> what that mean? INERTIA LB. – IN^2
[04:58:21] <pink_vampire> 0.1120
[04:58:53] <witnit> *shrugs*
[04:59:17] <XXCoder> intertia is reistance to change of speed, or reistance from starting motion. besides that dunno
[05:01:10] <witnit> if the machine is rapiding in a downward fashion when power is cut, your INERTIA at this point would be highest with gravity and momentum at its peak. so one of your variable would be IPM RAPID for z axis, and weight, and then screw ratio subtract friction
[05:01:24] <witnit> blah blah, just grab the big brake
[05:01:30] <pink_vampire> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=664iycGXdSA
[05:03:20] <pink_vampire> ethe name34 that cost 526$ have 15lbs/in static torque
[05:03:26] <pink_vampire> the*
[05:04:17] <Loetmichel> hmmm... ist das heutzutage ausreichend asl nachttischwecker und kindle-lese"ding"? meinem Acer iconia B1 gehts ram und flash aus... -> http://www.ebay.de/itm/151826593826
[05:06:13] <Loetmichel> oh sorry, wrong language
[05:11:56] <XXCoder> LOET IS A ROBOT!!
[05:15:00] <Loetmichel> XXCoder: how do you know?
[05:15:19] <XXCoder> language selection heh
[05:18:26] <XXCoder> so what about that tabley
[05:23:06] <jthornton> morning
[05:28:11] <Loetmichel> XXCoder. I asked if that tablet is suitable for "Kindle app reader" and alarm clock at the bedside
[05:28:22] <XXCoder> oh just get a eink device
[05:28:24] <XXCoder> used one
[05:28:34] <XXCoder> not suitable for alarm but WAAAY better for reading
[05:28:43] <Loetmichel> because my old Acer Iconia B1 that sits there now is running out of memory and flash
[05:28:50] <XXCoder> I love my kindle paperwhite 2
[05:28:56] <Loetmichel> xot better for reading
[05:29:05] <XXCoder> it is
[05:29:13] <Loetmichel> cant use lights there wiothout disturbing wifes sleep
[05:29:33] <Loetmichel> the Iconia is set on lowest backlight setting
[05:29:36] <XXCoder> it can be set to be far less bright than tablet
[05:29:48] <XXCoder> from basically zero to very bright
[05:30:04] <XXCoder> I think youre thinking about old eink tech that does not have frontlight
[05:30:30] <XXCoder> my pw2 default is 6 which cant even be seen in daylight but readable in dark
[05:30:43] <XXCoder> (readable in all cases, talking about light not reading)
[05:30:48] <Loetmichel> hmm, now that you mentoin it: my wife hsa that thing from amazon that is 5mm thick
[05:30:51] <Loetmichel> on one side
[05:30:58] <Loetmichel> that lights up, too
[05:31:13] <XXCoder> my kindle has light built in
[05:31:21] <Loetmichel> that new kindle
[05:31:26] <Loetmichel> Omega or so?
[05:31:30] <XXCoder> mines 2 years old
[05:31:38] <XXCoder> ugh omega sucks from what i read about it
[05:31:53] <XXCoder> err oasis
[05:32:16] <Loetmichel> ah, something with O
[05:32:21] <Loetmichel> not entirely false ;)
[05:32:34] <XXCoder> heh
[05:32:47] <XXCoder> well kindle pw1 is first version you can buy with light
[05:33:12] <XXCoder> my first one was nook classic, that didnt have built in ligjt. nor did my next one nook simple touch
[05:33:21] <XXCoder> kindle paperwhite2 was my first that had it.
[05:33:25] <Loetmichel> you are rgiht, an oasis or similar would work
[05:33:40] <XXCoder> I hear bad things about oasis I dont recommand it
[05:33:41] <Loetmichel> but isnt as flexible when it comes to "letts quickly google something"
[05:34:04] <XXCoder> yeah. once you get used you will love reading in eink though
[05:34:17] <Loetmichel> and as i have the Tablet now under permanent PSU i have no need to preserve power either
[05:34:47] <XXCoder> if its running out of memory, backup music ebooks or whatever, then device reset it
[05:35:23] <Loetmichel> doesent help much wit nearly 120 books in the kindle app
[05:35:44] <XXCoder> well you can use em on kindle device too :)
[05:35:49] <Loetmichel> as soon as i reinstall the kindle app its fill again ';)
[05:36:02] <Loetmichel> full
[05:36:07] <XXCoder> I usually download, rip DRM off, and store em on my computer.
[05:36:20] <XXCoder> and just 120 books newbie lol
[05:36:26] <XXCoder> I have over 500
[05:36:35] <XXCoder> and another 400 physical books
[05:36:52] <XXCoder> I really need to get my czur book scanner working properly so i can start scannoing my books
[05:36:57] <Loetmichel> only 400 real ones?
[05:37:00] <Loetmichel> newb
[05:37:12] <XXCoder> lol
[05:37:18] <Loetmichel> i have about 500 in the condo and another 400 in the cellar
[05:37:21] <XXCoder> czur sofware sucks :(
[05:38:22] <Loetmichel> As i said at the beginning: there is now an Acer Iconia B1 on that nightstand
[05:39:04] <Loetmichel> with 512MB ram and 8gb flash and a dualcore 1,2ghz cpu
[05:39:20] <Loetmichel> and it simply runs out of memory as soon s the kindle app stars
[05:39:23] <Loetmichel> +t
[05:39:30] <XXCoder> so kindle app downloads all at once?
[05:39:31] <XXCoder> weird
[05:39:59] <XXCoder> is it rooted? if so you could redirect folder it stores ebooks in to sdcard
[05:40:09] <Loetmichel> no, the kindle app is lage enough taht it eats the "200mb free" after booting the OS
[05:40:18] <XXCoder> ow
[05:40:31] * XXCoder is glad he does not use kindle app on any device
[05:41:24] <Loetmichel> so it shopws "low memory" in the corner as you flip the sides and the fruther you get the bigger is the chance it hickups and sends the whole device into a reboot
[05:41:33] <Loetmichel> very annoyung
[05:41:38] <Loetmichel> -u+i
[05:41:38] <XXCoder> I bet
[05:42:52] <XXCoder> honestly even crappy device with enough memory will do fine
[05:43:07] <XXCoder> just watch out cpu wise too, I once bought one that sucked on that aspect lol
[05:43:15] <XXCoder> it couldnt even play youtube
[06:10:52] <latheguy> Hi! Remember me?
[06:11:58] <latheguy> question: in the remapping docs, there says that python functions will be searched at "module_basename.remap".
[06:12:17] <latheguy> where's that file? Do I need to create it? If so, where?
[06:12:43] <latheguy> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/remap/remap.html#_the_argspec_parameter
[06:13:07] <latheguy> find «Simple example for named parameter passing to a Python function»
[06:18:21] <latheguy> brb afk
[06:43:46] * jthornton needs to get an early start today to beat the heat
[06:46:01] <jthornton> well I have file sharing going in one direction on debian, I can copy from debian but not to debian
[06:46:04] <jthornton> hmmm
[07:05:28] <Tom_itx> jthornton, is it being a bit stubborn?
[07:12:01] <jthornton> just a bit but nautilus will fix that
[07:13:47] <skunkworks> zlog
[07:16:17] <skunkworks> lightning strike here at work.. Think everything is back up except internet. (cable modem got fried too)
[07:18:56] <skunkworks> now we get to see what else is going to fail ;)
[07:19:46] <archivist> real fun repairing fried gear
[07:20:31] <archivist> last item I did had about 25 ICs to replace and a few tracks
[07:29:56] <latheguy> Hey, where do I put python scripts for remapping in LinuxCNC?
[07:30:18] <latheguy> or rather, how do I specify a script's directory?
[08:08:10] <latheguy> Is anybody alive around here?
[08:08:30] <archivist> nope all dead
[08:14:16] * archivist never used remapping, never felt the need
[09:45:25] <yasnak> im dyed
[09:45:36] <gregcnc> what color?
[09:45:42] <yasnak> red
[09:45:46] <yasnak> for blood
[09:45:52] <yasnak> happy monday ya'll
[09:46:30] <gregcnc> damn cup of coffee didn't do anything
[09:47:02] <FloppyDisk> I get emails from the linuxcnc github and Seb & jepler have been BUSY! Feeling a new release soon... Oooh - exciting:-)
[09:47:30] <FloppyDisk> But, don't quote me on that or promise anything... I really have no clue on the plan/strategy.
[09:47:55] <FloppyDisk> Just thankful for all the work everyone puts in.
[09:48:02] <FloppyDisk> And, good morn'
[09:50:21] * Jymmm quotes "FloppyDisk: a new release soon"
[09:50:36] <Jymmm> the logs never lie
[09:51:25] <FloppyDisk> :-)
[09:52:05] <FloppyDisk> I'm only going off the activity they put in closing out 'tickets'. If there's no release, then they've been busy...
[11:45:46] <cradek> archivist: looks like it's working, not affecting the silver at all
[11:46:11] * Loetmichel feels today like a "continuous-flow water heater"... 4 big cups of coffee and nearly a gallon of peach ice tea... ran to the toilet at work every ten minutes. ;)
[11:46:40] <cradek> I have it sitting over the oven's pilot light so it's not super hot - slow going, but it's going
[12:05:23] <roycroft> sweet
[12:05:31] <roycroft> it turns out the motor i bought is inverter rated
[12:12:19] <enleth> that one for $100?
[12:19:32] <roycroft> $135
[12:19:33] <roycroft> but yes
[12:19:46] <roycroft> now it's really a steal
[12:21:20] <archivist> cradek, remember to put the mix/pics/result on your website :)
[12:21:52] <cradek> bet I'm going to have to make screws too
[12:22:15] <cradek> the one that's not stuck is rusty, but at least I can measure it
[12:22:20] <archivist> what is it you fixing
[12:22:58] <maxcnc> hi from a rain ,rainy germany
[12:24:18] <maxcnc> Loetmichel: bist du da?
[12:27:21] <cradek> glasses frames, hinge pins and screws rusted
[12:28:33] <cradek> the screws are rolled (?) and really coarse
[12:29:33] <archivist> I dont know when thread rolling started
[12:30:32] <maxcnc> befor CNC ?
[12:30:36] <maxcnc> !
[12:30:40] <archivist> I had noticed many old small threads are very coarse
[12:30:47] <maxcnc> its an old technic
[12:32:58] <archivist> seems as far back as early 1900's
[12:34:41] <maxcnc> i found a 1876 Date of roling at Lokomotiv build in england
[12:35:02] <maxcnc> Withworth did also experimentics on his
[12:35:05] <archivist> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Threading_%28manufacturing%29#Cold-rolling
[12:35:28] <maxcnc> issued in 1836
[12:35:41] <maxcnc> cool
[12:37:37] <maxcnc> archivist: so its that old and now precision is added
[12:37:51] <maxcnc> as 2005 is most rolled also
[12:38:25] <maxcnc> in the past the prices on balscrews have dropped dramaticly
[12:39:26] <maxcnc> hi mike how is it in canada and does the PWM to VFD work
[12:40:59] <archivist> who wants to cnc a hobbing machine http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jacobs-gear-hobbing-machine-/222151667158
[12:41:39] <CaptHindsight> and miss the thrill of cranking them out by hand?
[12:41:41] <archivist> the universal joints in that design make me shudder
[13:04:53] <maxcnc> Someone can check i mada a script that changes doble side images on my shop homepage if it works please
[13:05:06] <maxcnc> http://heimwerkermarkt-tretter.de/ WERKZEUG
[13:05:17] <maxcnc> 3rd button from top
[13:06:36] <maxcnc> Deejay ?
[13:13:38] <djdelorie> maxcnc: if it's supposed to be changing both images every few seconds, it's working
[13:14:12] <maxcnc> thanks i woudt like to confirm in outer europ
[13:14:13] <Deejay> maxcnc?
[13:14:21] <maxcnc> Deejay: erledicht
[13:14:39] <Deejay> jo, bild blendet immer über
[13:14:49] <djdelorie> double checked, firefox and chrome, in the usa
[13:15:02] <maxcnc> Gread djdelorie
[13:15:07] <maxcnc> TGHANKS
[13:15:11] <djdelorie> np
[13:24:04] <maxcnc> im off thanks
[15:01:24] <Crom> well I have my Piece of Shite chinese laser cutter 40w working good now.
[15:02:12] <Crom> arduino 2560 + RAMPS 1.4 + graphic LCD + relay board for 120v outlets.
[15:03:22] <XXCoder> congats
[15:04:14] <Polymorphism> what do you think overall?
[15:04:16] <Polymorphism> Crom,
[15:04:17] <Crom> right now I have the water pump and exhaust fan relays hooked up to the 12v that comes on when I turn on the laser cutter. The air assist is wired into relay 1 and is triggered by pin D9 on the arduino
[15:04:18] <Polymorphism> I was considering buying one
[15:05:04] <CaptHindsight> sounds like another edition of *dunios gone mad
[15:05:06] <Crom> gutless... I can cut 1/4" plywood in 5 passes. Right now I have a 2" lens in it.
[15:05:55] <Crom> If you can swing it get a 60W with the Z bed that moves up and down.
[15:06:39] <Crom> the 40W is OK, soon as you yank the crap moshidraw board out and put in a MKS or 2560/RAMPS combo
[15:07:30] <Crom> the 9" x 13" cut area really is too small.
[15:08:06] <Crom> with the 4" lens you can cut holes in the front and back to feed thru longer stock.
[15:09:14] <CaptHindsight> Crom: what is the laser spot diameter at the target surface?
[15:10:18] <Crom> depends on your focal point focus. I've gotten mine while engraving to around 0.010"
[15:11:19] <CaptHindsight> so ~250um
[15:12:07] <Crom> on CNC zone if you search for posts by Cromaglious you'll find my modded turnkeylaser.py and .inx for inkscape which lets you put repeat=x in the layer name to cut multiple passes
[15:14:07] <Crom> I've modded it again to use a 0 to 100% laser power and in the .py I set the max and min powers... so 0 is on mine an 8 and 100 is a 79 which is 15mA on the meter
[15:14:44] <Crom> so a 1 is the laser barely burns, and 100 is the max for the tube.
[15:15:16] <_methods> get a 100w tube
[15:15:55] <Crom> 100W tube will not fit the 40W chassis
[15:15:59] <_methods> ah
[15:16:03] <_methods> cut a hole in the side lol
[15:16:10] <Crom> yep...
[15:16:51] <CaptHindsight> make the spot size smaller
[15:16:54] <Crom> use old computer cases for the sheetmetal to close it in.
[15:17:20] <_methods> just put an old blanket over it lol
[15:17:45] <_methods> and some bubble wrap
[15:17:48] <_methods> full ghetto
[15:17:50] <CaptHindsight> 1064nm laser can cheaply be focused to ~150um
[15:17:53] <Crom> spot size is a function of work height, and mirror alignment. it takes me about 2 hours to get a decent focus
[15:18:18] <_methods> that 2" lens will have a very small hip
[15:18:38] <Crom> I'm still working on getting a servo adjusted z table going
[15:18:40] <_methods> you can use a 4" lens?
[15:18:50] <_methods> i'd put that in for cutting thicker stuff
[15:19:06] <Crom> 101.6mm focal length, it's still a 25mm diameter
[15:19:19] <_methods> yeah i'd use that
[15:19:28] <_methods> only use the 2" when you're cutting very thin stuff
[15:19:29] <Crom> 50.8mm is a 2" focal length lens
[15:19:38] <_methods> yeah
[15:20:22] <_methods> i don't know what the hip would be on a 2" lens
[15:20:26] <_methods> i've never use a lens that small
[15:20:28] <Crom> it also depends on your work piece... a cup in a rotary turner, you'd probably need a 2"
[15:22:37] <Crom> at the lens the beam is about 3/8" so your cut area is a fuction of that. the 4" (101.6mm) lens is alot better on cutting thicker pieces. But it has to be thin enough so you can get it low enough to get a good focus
[15:23:27] <Crom> or you cut the bottom out of the cutter so you can get a better Z
[15:24:53] <Crom> I haven't done that since it's in a maker space with kids. my next project is to add the lid interlocks
[15:25:46] <_methods> zlog
[15:31:01] <Polymorphism> Now I wait for C-Clips + nuts
[15:31:05] <Polymorphism> going to fix the Z axis today
[15:31:50] <Polymorphism> I guess the side rails will be level enough, my tool isnt really accurate enough to check beyond looking like .15mm variation, unsure of paralleism other than the gantry slides back and forth freely
[15:32:19] <Polymorphism> ferrules and crimper arrived for control box
[15:32:35] <FloppyDisk> sweet...
[15:33:20] <Polymorphism> ballscrews all togethe,r forget if I mentioned that
[15:33:28] <Polymorphism> sanded the shaft lighly until the bearing pressed on
[15:33:36] <Polymorphism> I left the 9 balls out of the ballnut
[15:33:39] <Polymorphism> it still seems to work fine
[15:36:05] <Polymorphism> got a free computer for control box
[15:36:10] <Polymorphism> for linux cnc
[15:36:31] <Polymorphism> the spindle came with collets too, so I bought them extra by accident
[15:36:37] <Polymorphism> or it came with metric and I bought imperial so it worked out well
[15:53:51] <Tom_itx> why did you leave the balls out of the ballnut?
[15:54:01] <Tom_itx> they came with it didn't they?
[15:54:36] <XXCoder> netered ballnut
[16:01:17] <Polymorphism> Tom_itx, I couldnt get the bearing on, and I got it stuck on off angle
[16:01:29] <Polymorphism> and I had the idea to turnt he nut a bit to press it off
[16:01:31] <Polymorphism> foolish....
[16:01:45] <Polymorphism> I felt the bearings drop out of the internal race or whatever it is
[16:01:48] <Polymorphism> and then the screw bound up
[16:01:54] <Polymorphism> got them out of there and now its running free again
[16:02:07] <Polymorphism> George says its probably ok
[16:02:20] <Polymorphism> because of some inter-race upgraded something about there probably being enough still
[16:02:21] <Tom_itx> what happens when too big a gap forms in one place?
[16:02:40] <Polymorphism> maybew that can't happen
[16:02:42] <Polymorphism> due top the design
[16:02:43] <Polymorphism> I'm not sure
[16:02:48] <Polymorphism> to*
[16:03:02] <Tom_itx> A: won't take the advertised load
[16:03:08] <Polymorphism> there is not much I can do now but either try it and see or maybe make it worse trying to re-do it
[16:03:13] <Tom_itx> B: could cause other issues
[16:03:20] <Polymorphism> or buy a new one
[16:03:37] <Polymorphism> George suggests I try it and see
[16:03:57] <Polymorphism> I'm even more worried about my side rails not being level and even, to be honest
[16:04:03] <Polymorphism> everything else is going smoothly now
[16:04:09] <Polymorphism> the Z went right together
[16:04:52] <XXCoder> and parallel to each other
[16:07:36] <Polymorphism> I don't know how to do that without special tools, but I will take another look before I finish assembly
[16:07:49] <Polymorphism> I do have a clamping dial indicator...
[16:07:52] <Polymorphism> and a caliper
[16:08:10] <Polymorphism> and a level and a ruler and square
[16:10:51] <XXCoder> check cross sizes
[16:10:58] <XXCoder> if its not equal its not parallel
[16:11:09] <XXCoder> (assuming rails is of equal lengths)
[16:13:20] <Sync> Polymorphism: you can reload the balls
[16:13:51] <Polymorphism> Sync, without taking the hole nut off?
[16:13:55] <Polymorphism> or does it need to come off to do that
[16:14:03] <Polymorphism> the balls never touched the floor they are grit free
[16:14:13] <Polymorphism> whole*
[16:17:56] <Deejay> gn8
[16:23:44] <Sync> Polymorphism: depends on the nut
[16:24:05] <Sync> but you can take it off completely, although you will then spend a few hours hating yourself until you get all the balls back in
[16:24:07] <Polymorphism> http://g02.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1U1QqJXXXXXbpXVXXq6xXFXXXJ/TBI-SFUR1605T4DGC5-600-P2-1605-C5-600mm-ball-screw-5mm-lead-with-ballnut-end-machined-for.jpg
[16:24:08] <Polymorphism> this one
[16:24:26] <Polymorphism> I'm not sure thats worth it, if it can function with the balls that still remain
[16:24:34] <Polymorphism> maybe they put extras
[16:24:56] <XXCoder> in order to work effectively if I recall, it requires all balls.
[16:24:56] <Sync> no
[16:24:58] <Sync> they don't
[16:25:07] <Sync> why would they put extras?
[16:25:22] <Sync> if it is something that they don't need they would save money not doing it
[16:25:30] <Sync> you will need to get all of them back in there
[16:25:58] <Polymorphism> ok
[16:26:04] <Polymorphism> that's what ill be doing tonight then
[16:26:11] <Sync> you can either try to get the return covers off or put sticky grease in the nut and get the balls in there
[16:26:18] <Polymorphism> the covers go inside
[16:26:19] <XXCoder> repaxkagin wont be fun but you have to now
[16:26:23] <Polymorphism> they cant come out the outside I discovered
[16:26:25] <XXCoder> *repacking
[16:26:52] <Polymorphism> damn
[16:26:56] <Polymorphism> almost worth buying a new nut
[16:26:59] <Polymorphism> if that just threads on
[16:27:06] <Polymorphism> no joke, if I'm valuing my time at anythign reasonable
[16:27:17] <Sync> if the nut is preloaded you need the right nut for your screw
[16:27:37] <Polymorphism> its not preloaded
[16:27:58] <Polymorphism> I don't think...
[16:28:08] <Polymorphism> its $25 shipped from USA for a new nut
[16:28:11] <Polymorphism> $11 from china
[16:28:15] <Polymorphism> hmm
[16:39:06] <Sync> it's a learning experience, repack it
[16:42:45] <Polymorphism> I'll take a look at it in an hour
[16:58:50] <pink_vampire> hi
[16:59:40] <pink_vampire> Polymorphism: what is your issue with the ball screw?
[16:59:58] <Polymorphism> I unscrewed my 1605 ballscrew too far
[17:00:01] <Polymorphism> and 9 bearings fell out
[17:00:05] <Polymorphism> pink_vampire,
[17:00:20] <Polymorphism> it still works but I'm hearing I need to put them back
[17:02:23] <pink_vampire> Polymorphism: just screw is back,
[17:03:22] <pink_vampire> you need to screw them half turn, and pack some balls, then screw it more, then pack few more balls.
[17:04:02] <Polymorphism> ok
[17:04:09] <Polymorphism> I'll try that before I take it all the way off
[17:05:14] <pink_vampire> it is very easy to do it.
[17:05:54] <pink_vampire> you need to push the balls with something like a small screwdriver.
[17:06:25] <pink_vampire> also make sure you pack it all the way
[17:06:59] <pink_vampire> sometime you want to use over size balls to remove even more backlesh
[17:08:05] <Polymorphism> I will attempt this tonight
[17:08:07] <Polymorphism> I'm about to go try
[17:08:14] <Polymorphism> ty for the tips
[17:08:21] <Polymorphism> I hope I succeed
[17:08:41] <Tom_itx> you mentioned 2 size ballbearings
[17:08:47] <Tom_itx> stagger them
[17:09:12] <pink_vampire> just pack it with some epoxy.
[17:09:53] <pink_vampire> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGGThfsvkss
[17:10:11] <pink_vampire> jump to 4:19
[17:10:46] <pink_vampire> this is how to pack them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXdt5M8ZeoE
[17:12:37] <pink_vampire> Polymorphism: ^^^
[17:13:07] <pink_vampire> this will save you a lot of time ^
[17:14:15] <Polymorphism> epoxy!?
[17:14:27] <Polymorphism> I'll watch that vudeo
[17:15:16] <Tom_itx> seems like a silly thing to put in a bearing
[17:15:23] <andypugh> Polymorphism: The standard way to measure twist in a cast-iron lathe bed is with a spirit level. You need a _good_ spirit level.
[17:16:59] <andypugh> Look on eBay, I recently won this auction: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182154537693 note that it is 0.05mm / m / div
[18:17:50] <JT-Shop> http://www.twistedhobbys.com/TH-32-EPP-Edge-540-GH-RCF-32-Edge-540-GH.htm
[18:17:54] <JT-Shop> watch the video
[18:41:55] <andypugh> That makes me strangely jealous. I spent more in real-terms when I was about 12 to build my own combustion-engine powered free-flying plane that basically needed a complete rebuild every time it “landed”
[18:42:11] <andypugh> All from balsa and tissue paper.
[18:42:57] <andypugh> (free-flying meaning that it had no remote control, you started the engine, set the trim, and launched it by hand)
[18:44:06] <SpeedEvil> :)
[18:44:20] <SpeedEvil> https://xkcd.com/560/ - on that topic
[18:44:52] <SpeedEvil> Particularly the mouseover
[18:45:39] <andypugh> When I was a kid I coudn’t imagine ever affording RC gear.
[18:46:15] <SpeedEvil> One-channel stuff was sort-of-cool
[18:46:17] <andypugh> I think even my parents would have had to _really_ want it.
[18:50:45] <Computer_barf> sup bros
[19:03:00] <Tom_itx> what would be a decent main pc monitor nowdays?
[19:04:28] <skunkworks> heh - I have been buying whatever is refurbished on newegg..
[19:04:42] <Tom_itx> i'm not caring about state of the art...
[19:04:56] <Tom_itx> but it's been quite a while since i looked
[19:10:51] <Tom_L> http://topreviews.best/main-review/computer-monitors?gclid=CKu1gPqVps0CFZeEaQodVkQLZg
[19:10:58] <Tom_itx> looking that over a bit
[20:50:04] <tiwake> anyone try welding aluminum to something cast, like a transmission?
[20:51:18] <tiwake> trying to figure out how the best way is to modify this transmission, one idea involves welding to it, but donno... I've heard that welding to cast aluminum is a pain because of all the voids and low quality aluminum
[20:52:13] <BeachBumPete> I have repaired cracked tranny housings as well as other cast aluminum pieces with Tig welding before I also welded quite a bit on cast bronze church bells
[20:52:55] <tiwake> it might be that its only sand casted aluminum thats impossible to weld?
[20:53:06] <tiwake> I donno the different welding things, or issues
[20:53:48] <BeachBumPete> I would think if you clean it really well and preheat it with a torch you should not have too many issues tig welding it...
[20:55:26] <tiwake> hmm
[20:58:49] <jdh> I know people that have tig'ed repairs in cast aluminum outboard housings
[20:59:24] <jdh> because suzuki thought it would be a good idea to put a carbon steel plug in a cast aluminum housing
[20:59:35] <tiwake> got a T45 transmission bell housing that needs a scatter shield put on
[21:00:02] <tiwake> but it seems nobody makes a scatter shield for a T45 because the bell housing is part of the transmission its self
[21:00:13] <jdh> JB Weld!
[21:00:55] <tiwake> heh
[21:00:59] <tiwake> for a scatter shield?
[21:01:00] <BeachBumPete> Most people use scatter shields that go ABOVE the tranny for situations like that I think
[21:01:01] <tiwake> :P
[21:01:19] <tiwake> he is going to be pushing about 700hp or so
[21:01:21] <BeachBumPete> kinda like a driveshaft hoop
[21:12:33] <Tom_itx> what about a strap around kevlar blanket instead?
[21:13:44] <Tom_itx> http://www.jegs.com/i/Stroud/877/5201/10002/-1?CAWELAID=1854485387&CAGPSPN=pla&CAAGID=15769068431&CATCI=pla-190420756391&gclid=CPGS-eqyps0CFQqsaQodZXIPUQ
[21:13:49] <Tom_itx> for example
[21:22:28] <Tom_itx> welding on it will likely weaken it anyway and if you plan to stress it, that wouldn't be a good idea
[21:22:52] <Tom_itx> rather find a T45 with a separate bell housing purpose made
[21:23:02] <SpeedEvil> tiwake: any reasonable cast does not have significant voids
[21:25:30] <tiwake> Tom_itx: interesting
[21:27:50] <Tom_itx> check your local rules
[21:28:22] <tiwake> not for me, and I have no idea where to even look or what he wants to do, other than have 700hp
[21:28:29] <Tom_itx> i know they use those around here
[21:28:55] <Tom_itx> my bud had one on his alcohol funnycar which put out alot more than 700hp
[21:28:59] <tiwake> NHRA?
[21:29:05] <Tom_itx> i believe so
[21:29:11] <tiwake> I just linked it to him and he needs NHRA approved
[21:29:19] <tiwake> how would I find out?
[21:29:25] <Tom_itx> ask the mfg
[21:29:42] <Tom_itx> the specs will be with the product more than likely
[21:30:12] <Tom_itx> they put similar on blowers etc as well
[21:32:37] <tiwake> oh great, apple is making another file system
[21:32:45] <tiwake> to replace HFS+
[21:32:56] <tiwake> and incompatible with everything else in existance
[21:33:03] <tiwake> existence*
[21:33:57] <tiwake> why not use ZFS or BTRFS?
[21:34:10] <tiwake> bleh
[21:38:13] <Tom_itx> http://www.yellowbullet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=454913
[21:38:17] <Tom_itx> Regs chart there
[21:43:40] <tiwake> looks like it will work then
[21:43:49] <Tom_itx> http://www.nhra.com/UserFiles/file/General_Regulations.pdf
[21:44:22] <Tom_itx> starting around P9
[21:44:43] <tiwake> page 8
[21:44:44] <tiwake> yeah
[21:45:11] <Tom_itx> Absolutely no modifications to as-m
[21:45:12] <Tom_itx> anufactured
[21:45:12] <Tom_itx> design are permitted
[21:45:17] <Tom_itx> don't weld on it!!!!!
[21:45:22] <tiwake> yeah, I was noticing that
[22:07:11] <Simonious> eh.. fusion 360 STILL seems confused about XYZ orientation. Maybe it's just me *shrugs*
[22:36:46] <enleth> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d_cflisQK8 - this isn't necessarily the most impressive thing done on a lathe but it might be one of the more unusual ways to play a music cassette
[22:37:29] <enleth> anyway, the ORAC is here
[22:37:57] <enleth> had a few loose connectors inside (CRT did not work at first), probably has a few more because it just won't budge
[22:38:34] <enleth> the contactor actuated by the e-stop is suspect, it doesn't move
[22:39:00] <enleth> mechanically the whole thing looks absolutely perfect
[22:39:34] <enleth> could use some cleaning, but no wear to speak of
[22:43:49] <enleth> the original controller works but it seems to be absolutely horrible as far as usability goes
[22:45:09] <enleth> I'll probably try to get it fully operational just to play with the lathe a bit, then out of goes
[22:45:14] <enleth> but the tape deck stays
[22:45:28] <enleth> *out it goes
[22:53:01] <root-x> heh heh heh
[23:27:22] <enleth> axes work, spindle drive still doesn't
[23:27:44] <enleth> it's a 70s/80s VFD