#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-06-10

[00:30:28] <toastydeath> Erant, strongly recommend you do not get a piston-based toolholder
[02:15:27] <mase-tech> Hey ho good morning
[02:15:58] <mase-tech> King Soccer is ruling the World once again
[02:32:25] <Deejay> moin
[02:40:16] <mase-tech> Salve
[05:27:40] <jthornton> morning
[05:36:02] <XXCoder> good morning sir.
[06:32:05] <XXCoder> "bump centering tool" amazing
[06:32:10] <XXCoder> gonna love clickspring
[06:34:04] <XXCoder> jeez the pendulum is so riciously shiny
[06:44:15] <SpeedEvil> It really is
[06:45:41] <XXCoder> if it was any more shiner physicists would study it because it violates physics :P
[06:45:43] <XXCoder> ;)
[06:56:25] <MattyMatt> If you ain't seen the bump centering tool before, you probably arent watching enough keith fenner, tom lipton, abom etc
[06:56:49] <MattyMatt> mrpete222, keith rucker, thisoldtony
[06:57:00] <XXCoder> clickspring and myfordboy is basically only lathe using people channels
[06:57:05] <XXCoder> that i watch
[06:58:25] <XXCoder> more of mill/router guy than lathe guy here heh
[06:59:03] <MattyMatt> those are all americans I mentioned, so you need to be able to think in thousanths
[06:59:20] * XXCoder is american
[06:59:27] <archivist> tenths!
[07:00:06] * jthornton likes myfordboy
[07:00:25] <XXCoder> some stuff myfordboy do scares me heh but mainly hes nice
[07:00:39] <XXCoder> he doesnt caption videos but he does add text which is awesome.
[07:00:44] <XXCoder> does he actually talk?
[07:01:18] <MattyMatt> millionths! (don bailey and his surface grinders)
[07:01:52] <XXCoder> billionths! (Unknown, after invention of atomic structure 3d printer)
[07:02:42] <archivist> lotso 0 on the dial http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=mercer+pd+comparator
[07:02:50] <MattyMatt> I wouldn't eeven work in millionths. 50 millionths is hald a tenth. anything smaller than that and I'm SI
[07:03:08] <XXCoder> lol
[07:03:30] <archivist> little finger can flex the column on that comparator end to end on the scale
[07:04:12] <XXCoder> if I recall right, LEGO uses 7 sigifcant digits when making their molds
[07:04:22] <XXCoder> in metric, which is impressive
[07:06:44] <MattyMatt> 2 microns is what I heard, for the interference fit in the studs
[07:07:55] <XXCoder> 7.87"x10^-5
[07:08:01] <XXCoder> small.
[07:08:18] <XXCoder> .0000774"
[07:08:28] <XXCoder> er .00007874"
[07:09:48] <MattyMatt> they are probably throwing away dies when they're still better than megablox' new ones
[07:10:54] <XXCoder> lego is slowly cheapening down
[07:11:15] <XXCoder> you can see difference between collectable minifig figs compared to set figs
[07:11:39] <Sync> archivist: interestingly that thing is not a mercer
[07:11:53] <Sync> it is a cej torsion thing
[07:17:23] <jthornton> 66F screw digging I'm going for a ride on the bike
[07:17:46] <XXCoder> 66f? thats nice and cool
[07:18:16] * jthornton has to decide road or mtn bike
[07:25:03] <archivist> Sync, but Mercer is on the badges and cast into the case
[07:25:48] <archivist> I imagine made under license or something
[07:26:26] <Sync> or just rebadged by cej
[07:26:54] <archivist> note badge states mad in St Albans
[07:26:58] <archivist> made
[07:27:18] <Sync> sure, but that means only so much
[07:27:48] <archivist> Mercer was a real maker not a badge operation as far as I know
[07:28:48] <archivist> http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Thomas_Mercer
[07:37:07] <jthornton> Tom_itx: where did you get the slide switches you sent me?
[07:46:52] <archivist> Sync, found a book reference that both Mercer and CEJ used the Abramson movement design
[07:48:20] <archivist> Engineering metrology K. J. Hume Macdonald & co 1963
[07:53:06] <Tom_itx> jthornton, that little black one that fits the breadboard?
[07:54:46] <Tom_itx> http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en/switches/slide-switches/1115393?k=EG1903-ND
[08:43:36] <rhaven> hi there, can anyone with experience with a vacuum table tell me if parts twist or rotate while on the vacuum table?
[08:48:01] <Sync> rhaven: no they don'
[08:48:02] <Sync> t
[08:48:27] <mase-tech> Salve
[08:56:02] <rhaven> Sync, thanks, do you use a mat of sorts to partition the table and place your blank on the table directly or its it resting on the mat, or do you have a different setup?
[09:23:19] <rhaven> different question now, anyone have a good way of holding a cup down? it looks something like this http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-beer-metal-mug-image21592719
[09:23:54] <rhaven> i dont have a clamp large enough, and even if i did get one, i have not much Z height left to work
[09:25:05] <Polymorphism> holding it in what orientation
[09:49:51] <archivist> rhaven, often one has to make holders/clamps for specials
[09:51:21] <archivist> a 4th axis and soft jaws probably
[09:51:53] <MattyMatt> with a big cone in the tailstock?
[09:52:51] <MattyMatt> that'd reduce the gripping you'd need do do on the base
[09:54:18] <MattyMatt> http://myalbum.com/photo/fgNF0K7gcJZg/med.jpg kinda thing
[10:05:27] <Frank_10> can anyone help me size my electric cabinet for the cnc router?
[10:08:18] <Frank_10> :(
[10:10:20] <archivist> |,----------------->| this much
[10:11:27] <_methods> 8===============D
[10:11:43] <MattyMatt> what standard of electric engineering are you after? din rails or terminal blocks?
[10:12:05] <MattyMatt> factory of home insurance?
[10:12:06] <archivist> welded casements
[10:12:27] <MattyMatt> wire wrap & kynar
[10:12:45] <archivist> or bomb proof brick built shit house
[10:13:03] <MattyMatt> bus bars
[10:13:16] <MattyMatt> mercury arc rectifiers
[10:13:52] <Frank_10> okey now the details, ill be using din rails, vfd, contactors relays, a motherboard +psu, fuses( a lot) 4 servo drives, gfci, i was thinking somewhat about 3*3 foot?
[10:14:48] <Frank_10> easyer, ill show u a pic u tell me how big you think it is :D
[10:14:57] <archivist> you should measure your parts :)
[10:15:24] <MattyMatt> draw it up in cad, then draw a box around it
[10:15:26] <archivist> allow space for what you have forgotten as well
[10:16:07] <Frank_10> https://www.google.com.ar/imgres?imgurl=https://forum.linuxcnc.org/media/kunena/attachments/16570/DSC03816_800.jpg&imgrefurl=https://forum.linuxcnc.org/forum/38-general-linuxcnc-questions/28158-control-cabinet-components-proximities&h=600&w=800&tbnid=66HLlFkFtFLMYM&tbnh=194&tbnw=259&usg=__0v_6sPkn7TtH0Di0IdE96qxkEWY=&hl=es-AR&docid=lY-tgUSrwKK9BM
[10:16:18] <archivist> you can hang stuff on the door and sides
[10:16:30] <MattyMatt> export the cad to blender, then you can animate various meltdown scenarios
[10:16:48] <MattyMatt> including with tsunami
[10:17:07] <Frank_10> ye, i didnt want to do the cad draw, i thought u would know better! but ill do it if you dont know or etc..
[10:18:40] <MattyMatt> I'm being flippant. I'm the terminal block and duct tape standard of electrician
[10:19:16] <MattyMatt> use shrink wrap so there's no shorting when you force the door shut
[10:20:25] <archivist> Frank_10, nobody can know from your description without measuring and drawing
[10:21:54] <JT-Shop> Tom_itx: yes that one. thanks
[10:22:13] <JT-Shop> 25 miles and a cold shower I'm ready to dig now
[10:24:22] <Frank_10> okey, no problem, ill figure it out
[10:25:26] <archivist> Frank_10, often I lay the actual items out on the bench or the internal panel from the case to work out if it all fits.... or not
[10:26:25] <FloppyDisk> 25 miles bike? Nice...
[10:27:56] <Frank_10> yeah, i think im going to do it 1x1meter, i did with a ruler over the pc screen a quick rule of 3 and it looks its 1x1, still i think im going to have some spare room thou
[10:28:42] <archivist> cables take up some room
[10:30:07] <Frank_10> yeah, circuits circuits circuits
[10:33:10] <JT-Shop> yea rode to town and back, need to leave a bit earlier...
[10:33:45] <JT-Shop> wow go for a bike ride and get a couple of orders!
[10:33:54] <JT-Shop> I'm riding every day now lol
[10:38:40] <FloppyDisk> Nice...
[10:39:17] <FloppyDisk> I mean double nice (I can't delete once I've IRC 'tweeted/commented')
[11:18:15] <CaptHindsight> the shop should be fun by this afternoon reaching into the 90's and >70% humidity
[11:23:23] <gregcnc> Yeah, I'm going to try to get made what I want now, before it gets too hot.
[11:23:35] <CaptHindsight> http://www.3ders.org/articles/20160610-large-scale-3d-printing-with-paper-highcon-previews-shape-3d-machine-set-for-2019-release.html 2+ years to develop this?
[11:24:09] <CaptHindsight> gregcnc: I made a vest of those plastic ice cube sheets
[11:24:20] <archivist> the 3d printer ther were using to make the prototypes were slow :)
[11:24:28] <gregcnc> put them on kickstarter
[11:24:31] <CaptHindsight> haha
[11:26:10] <gregcnc> what's old is new again?
[11:26:52] <CaptHindsight> I want to print a full size paper and glue car
[11:31:12] <archivist> 3d some sheet metal with a press
[11:31:13] <gregcnc> if the glue isn't water soluble
[11:34:21] <CaptHindsight> but paper is the future
[11:36:13] <CaptHindsight> self driving paper cars
[11:38:23] <archivist> but but but metal stamping is quicker faster stronger
[11:38:57] <gregcnc> but you caould design and 3D print your own car at home
[11:39:00] <CaptHindsight> but 3d printer and paper
[11:40:27] <CaptHindsight> metal stamping is not 3d printing and you can cut yourself on the sharp edges
[11:40:44] <gregcnc> but papercuts
[11:40:52] <CaptHindsight> and yes, paper cuts are possible but this is 3d printing
[11:41:13] <archivist> do your own 3d metal stretcher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl5_wUVxRvw
[11:41:24] <gregcnc> some blood sweat and definitely tears after it's all over
[11:41:24] <CaptHindsight> no one ever dies from a paper cut
[11:41:38] <CaptHindsight> lots of people die from metal cuts
[11:43:15] * archivist waves his scissors at the paper car
[11:43:30] <gregcnc> I think people die of skin, bone, artery cuts, not too many T-101 on the shop floor
[11:44:57] * JT-Shop tries to remember where he bought the Louis Garneau pants last winter...
[11:46:04] <gregcnc> This lathe bed is odd. www.ebay.com/itm/252412968755
[11:47:35] <CaptHindsight> archivist: body work would be easier
[11:48:03] <CaptHindsight> but since they are self driving they should get into accidents anyway
[11:48:08] <archivist> I papier mache repairs :)
[11:48:10] <CaptHindsight> +not
[11:48:15] <archivist> O have seen
[11:49:44] <CaptHindsight> why laminate the paper sheets?
[11:50:00] <CaptHindsight> paper planes are made by just folding
[11:50:11] <gregcnc> but why do insurance companies want double the coverage for robocars?
[11:50:59] <CaptHindsight> because robots are scary, made of metal and eat old peoples medicines
[11:51:01] <gregcnc> let call them autoauto
[11:51:50] <CaptHindsight> doesn't sound dumb enough
[11:52:14] <CaptHindsight> popular things require really dumb names
[11:52:34] <gregcnc> right like iCar
[11:52:47] <CaptHindsight> Facebook, Twitter, reprap
[11:54:02] <gregcnc> that' out of my realm best I have vroomba
[11:54:25] <CaptHindsight> that could be it
[11:55:29] <archivist> gregcnc, found a different version of the lathe on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cy-FFRxlRg
[11:55:57] <Polymorphism> Construction begins today
[11:56:12] <Polymorphism> I'm a bit apprehensive about just diving right in
[11:56:16] <Polymorphism> but I think the time has come
[11:56:20] <Polymorphism> I'll build the frame first
[11:56:23] <Polymorphism> and then the electronics
[11:56:39] <Polymorphism> correct me if this sequence is incorrect
[11:57:11] <Polymorphism> 1. assemble frame, 2. mount motors + limits + spindle, run wires for them 3. build and wire control box
[11:57:21] <Polymorphism> 4. connect pc w/ linuxcnc
[11:57:24] <Polymorphism> 5. make chips!
[11:57:38] <archivist> that needs sky hooks, as you forgot the bench
[11:58:25] <gregcnc> hmm just for threading
[11:58:29] <Polymorphism> I purchased a nice workbench for the machine
[11:58:36] <Polymorphism> so it even has a place to go
[11:59:02] <JT-Shop> nice cup of sauerkraut and carrots for lunch
[11:59:11] <archivist> yuck
[11:59:29] <JT-Shop> home made sauerkraut yum
[11:59:30] <Polymorphism> lol
[11:59:37] <gregcnc> have you ever had pickled brussel sprouts?
[11:59:45] <JT-Shop> nope
[11:59:48] <gregcnc> I saw some and was tempted to try
[12:01:01] <JT-Shop> I'm not a fan of brussel sprouts just because I've never tried any lol
[12:01:58] <gregcnc> have to be picked at the right time to be really good if you steam them. I don't think i've ever had store bought
[12:03:10] <Sync> the ones in the store here were always fresh
[12:03:30] <Sync> well, probably because the locals would not buy them otherwise
[12:03:51] <Sync> (germanys biggest brullel sprout region around that place)
[12:05:38] <roycroft> i love brussels sprouts
[12:06:08] <roycroft> my favorite way to have them is steamed in salt water, then tossed in butter with roasted chestnuts, and some lemon juice drizzled on top
[12:06:36] <roycroft> but brussels sprouts do not taste good if they're picked before a hard freeze
[12:18:08] <FloppyDisk> Poly - we could use a picture or two... Just thinking outloud, the linuxCNC forum would be a good place to catalog that (if you can) only because then others can learn from your work you put in. I know you put in work asking questions and deciding on an outcome:-)
[12:18:39] <FloppyDisk> And, I do like that router you bought, it's a nice looking system w/ square rails...
[12:19:36] <FloppyDisk> Further, if you're bored - a BOM w/ links and pricing for the parts... Anyway, I'm overstepping a little, but I actually would like to refer to it in the future if I decide I want a router.
[12:20:43] <FloppyDisk> Polymorphism ^. Alos, your flow is good. Limits you could mount when building the electrical box since they're related... But, you do have route the cables, so it would make sense to route them when building and leave them disconnected.
[12:23:02] <Polymorphism> FloppyDisk, thanks for the reply. I just cleared up my phone for pictures and I will document the build. I can also put together a small exel sheet with the parts and pricing
[12:23:06] <maxcnc> hi
[12:23:28] <Polymorphism> I'll probably make a post on cnczone and also linuxcnc forum which I didn't know existed
[12:23:29] <Polymorphism> hi maxcnc
[12:24:19] <maxcnc> tomorrow we will see a tornado acording to weather center and storm
[12:24:59] <FloppyDisk> That'd be awesome! Yes - linuxCNC forum is a good place to go for linuxcnc info, as well as the wiki and mailing list. They all have their purpose/favorites, sometimes redundant, sometimes not.
[12:25:52] <maxcnc> FloppyDisk: thats how we arew
[12:25:57] <Polymorphism> maxcnc, be careful~!
[12:26:29] <maxcnc> last production week ahad i hope the shop will hold till closing
[12:27:05] <maxcnc> Frank_10: still on ?
[12:27:26] <FloppyDisk> arew?
[12:27:44] <maxcnc> 1x1 m is the mashine or the elektronic cabinet
[12:29:16] <maxcnc> Polymorphism: keep one step after the other on wirering
[12:29:58] <Polymorphism> maxcnc, I have some ferrules coming and a crimper to do it right
[12:30:01] <Polymorphism> what do you mean exactly
[12:30:10] <maxcnc> http://heimwerkermarkt-tretter.de/schrank.jpg
[12:30:33] <Polymorphism> thats some clean wiring.
[12:30:47] <SpeedEvil> :)
[12:30:48] <maxcnc> inshure power via a relay F1 linuxcnc estop out
[12:31:32] <Polymorphism> my stepper drives and BoB are all in one box
[12:31:38] <maxcnc> so the main powersupply only gets bussy when e-stop is off
[12:31:39] <Polymorphism> and I onbly have one power supply
[12:31:42] <SpeedEvil> When lacing turns into shiburi.
[12:31:45] <Polymorphism> why does it appear you have 2/
[12:32:09] <maxcnc> Polymorphism: 5steppers
[12:32:20] <Polymorphism> ah ok
[12:32:40] <Polymorphism> should I put my VFD inside my contropl box?
[12:32:42] <Polymorphism> like the chinese do
[12:32:46] <maxcnc> do you run a 24V or a 5V mashine
[12:32:52] <Polymorphism> 48v
[12:32:54] <maxcnc> 5V BOB
[12:32:57] <Polymorphism> is the PSU
[12:33:07] <Polymorphism> http://www.leadshine.com/productDetail.aspx?model=MX4660
[12:33:12] <Polymorphism> this is my driver module /// bob
[12:33:22] <Polymorphism> and dont worry, I did some research
[12:33:27] <Polymorphism> those drives can be replaced individually by user
[12:33:31] <Polymorphism> just a couple screws
[12:33:36] <Polymorphism> so its actually a really nice design I think
[12:34:00] <Polymorphism> looks like I might have some spare inputs//outputs for some ideas I had
[12:34:28] <maxcnc> ah ok youi go for one switch all power
[12:34:45] <maxcnc> the china BOB might break your pc
[12:35:20] <Polymorphism> that woulndt be a problem
[12:35:22] <Polymorphism> its $20
[12:35:30] <maxcnc> same as here
[12:35:32] <Polymorphism> but its built into the unit, I guess
[12:35:34] <Polymorphism> the BoB
[12:35:39] <Polymorphism> people like this board, I read a lot
[12:35:46] <Polymorphism> they said its much better than the old analog drivers
[12:35:54] <Polymorphism> they suggested it over geckodrive
[12:36:08] <maxcnc> yes DQ860 is the standard at the time
[12:36:26] <maxcnc> 4drives and BOB 130Euros
[12:36:51] <Polymorphism> is wantai a fake leadshine?
[12:36:58] <Polymorphism> counterfeit copy
[12:37:27] <maxcnc> i diddent open one till now i only need other settings then the real ones in timing
[12:38:05] <maxcnc> dosent matter as i go for 2400mm/min max thats ok for coustomers
[12:38:15] <maxcnc> 130euros vs 550
[12:38:46] <maxcnc> the real M880 are mutch faster about double on the same mashine
[12:39:02] <maxcnc> at 75V
[12:39:33] <maxcnc> the DQ are melting at 7A without coling
[12:40:01] <maxcnc> the M880 are only handhead
[12:40:23] <Polymorphism> I won't need that much
[12:40:33] <Polymorphism> my motor says 1.8deg 6.0A on it
[12:40:49] <maxcnc> 425oz
[12:41:49] <Polymorphism> or maybe it says 5.0A
[12:41:54] <Polymorphism> I need to check to remembewr
[12:42:05] <maxcnc> shoudt be 4.2A
[12:42:13] <Polymorphism> http://www.americanmotiontech.com/Products/ProductDetail.aspx?category=3&model=57HS22
[12:42:18] <Polymorphism> I think they are these
[12:48:14] <maxcnc> rhaven: how is the weather today
[12:48:46] <rhaven> maxcnc: pretty nice :)
[12:48:53] <maxcnc> here in Zweibrücken RLP weexpect the worst tomorrow
[12:49:32] <rhaven> in mannheim its probably raining in the afternoon, tomorrow
[12:50:12] <maxcnc> if the srorm does not come over the rhein value
[12:51:23] <rhaven> i hope not :P
[12:51:43] <maxcnc> value verses valley
[12:51:55] <maxcnc> i need to learn english
[12:53:35] <rhaven> und ich soll Deutch lernen ^_^
[12:54:15] <rhaven> Deutsch :/
[12:54:22] <Polymorphism> @_@
[12:54:35] <gregcnc> capthindsight, may have to cut these into my walls today. http://www.eco-cooler.com/
[12:59:29] <pcw_home> sounds bogus to me
[12:59:57] <gregcnc> but it's on the internet
[13:00:01] <pcw_home> maybe in 600 MPH winds
[13:00:46] <pcw_home> but then when does the heat go?
[13:01:08] <rhaven> compressing anying increases temperature
[13:01:13] <rhaven> PV=nRT
[13:01:45] <pcw_home> Yeah so unless you remove the heat when compressed your back where you started
[13:01:53] <gregcnc> story is on front page of yahoo right now
[13:01:57] <pcw_home> you're
[13:03:03] <_methods> oh yeah man use that to power a windmill
[13:03:06] <_methods> free energy
[13:03:24] <pcw_home> I suspect the blowing on your hand trick has more to do with turbulent flow entraining cool. dry air when you purse you lips
[13:03:34] <maxcnc> im off Gn8 and press your tumb to me for weather issue tomorrow
[13:03:42] <gregcnc> you could probably have a freezer if set a bunch in series?
[13:03:59] <_methods> put microturbines in each bottle top
[13:04:00] <maxcnc> pcw_home: i will save all mesa not mounted towards home
[13:04:45] <_methods> i'm going to disconnect myself from the grid now
[13:06:24] <Polymorphism> that cooling thing
[13:06:26] <Polymorphism> is it real?
[13:06:32] <Polymorphism> how it work
[13:06:37] <Polymorphism> why dont we see it more places
[13:07:09] <Erant> toastydeath: I have a shars wedge one in my eBay cart.
[13:12:36] <FloppyDisk> I always thought the cooling from wind came from evaporation of water on/in your skin...
[13:13:07] <FloppyDisk> cooling = as in cooling of your human body...
[13:13:46] <FloppyDisk> Put one of htose cooler's in Las Vegas in 110 degree heat, I don't think it'd do much other than concentrate hot air.
[13:14:10] <_methods> um don't try and apply science to this
[13:14:25] <_methods> you'll break it
[13:14:26] <Erant> Woah woah woah, who is using science here?
[13:14:35] <_methods> you started using numbers
[13:14:39] <_methods> tha's science
[13:14:53] <Erant> No using science on things found on the internet, kthx.
[13:14:59] <_methods> hehe
[13:15:13] <_methods> you just have to believe
[13:15:24] <_methods> this wall of bottles is the answer to all your cooling needs
[13:15:50] <_methods> on a much happier note though
[13:15:51] <_methods> http://www.theverge.com/2016/6/10/11904728/gawker-media-files-for-bankruptcy
[13:15:59] <Erant> WIN!
[13:16:58] <Erant> Hmm
[13:17:26] <Erant> Do I get the toolpost with 5 holders for $100... Or do I get the toolpost with 7 holders for $130....
[13:17:34] <_methods> 7
[13:17:39] <_methods> more is always better
[13:17:44] <gregcnc> get the set with 20 holders and don't look back
[13:17:46] <_methods> and 7 is lucky number
[13:17:48] <_methods> and science
[13:17:53] <Erant> I know I'll want more holders in the end.
[13:17:57] <Erant> So 7 it is.
[13:18:04] <_methods> logic
[13:18:22] <Erant> And then I'll buy like 15 more to match the pile of HSS I bought.
[13:19:09] <gregcnc> depends on what you do, but i have a bunch and there is always some tool I don't want to reset
[13:21:39] <Erant> The 5 tool-holder one only comes with one facing holder.
[13:22:01] <Erant> Which I know I'll want at least, like... 4-5 of.
[13:25:02] <Erant> Or I could just... make a bunch.
[13:26:09] <gregcnc> The HHip are good enough. don't even waster your time on the cutoff blade holder
[13:31:16] <Erant> I would just make a few turning holders. Looks like a very straight-forward piece of milling.
[13:34:20] <gregcnc> https://www.grainger.com/product/DORIAN-Tool-Holder-3CYC7 these work well, i have the blade upside down
[13:34:52] <FloppyDisk> Erant - are those tool holders the piston type? I don't really know the diff. I did 'like' the shars for a low cost 'good enogh for me' version.
[13:35:41] <Erant> FloppyDisk: I just bought a wedge one.
[13:35:52] <Erant> Steel.
[13:36:43] <FloppyDisk> Oh - yeah, not the piston. Didn't know the diff, but get it now... Thanks.
[13:36:59] <Erant> Going to get a steel bar and mill myself some more holders.
[13:37:19] <Erant> Because I want to, not because it's economically a good idea :)
[13:38:01] <gregcnc> as long as you understand that, I have thought about,but even the cheap ones seem OK.
[13:38:10] <Erant> gregcnc: Damn. 1.37lbs? Heavy toy.
[13:39:27] <gregcnc> I suffered with other types, this just works
[13:44:43] <gregcnc> I'm not sure it would fit your lathe
[13:46:13] <djdelorie> Erant: I justfied making a set of carriage bolts that way. Spent six hours to save a few dollars, but had fun...
[13:51:21] <CaptHindsight> how about just one giant bottle vs a zillion small ones
[13:51:48] <CaptHindsight> F=ma
[13:52:55] <CaptHindsight> PV /c^2 = delta RT x mass of the user
[15:39:20] <trasz_> guys, i'm trying to port linuxcnc to freebsd, and i've stumbled upon a piece of code i can't figure out.
[15:39:51] <trasz_> it's in src/hal/utils/halcmd_commands.c, "args--; argc++;".
[15:40:14] <trasz_> how could this possibly work? the 'args--', I mean. it seems to me it just moves the pointer back, into unallocated memory.
[15:40:43] <_methods> you might want to try linuxcnc-dev
[15:40:51] <trasz_> the mailing list?
[15:40:54] <_methods> no the room
[15:41:02] <trasz_> ah. thanks :-)
[15:41:05] <_methods> they have a dev room
[15:41:07] <_methods> np
[15:41:26] <trasz_> hm. on which network?
[15:41:31] <_methods> freenode
[15:41:40] <_methods> it might be linuxcnc-devel
[15:41:43] <_methods> i can't remember
[15:41:53] <trasz_> yup, -devel.
[15:41:56] <trasz_> thanks again :-)
[15:41:59] <_methods> np
[16:17:05] <Deejay> gn8
[16:21:00] <root-x> maxcnc i have one of these power supplyes but go direct to the trash.... if you can, test the Radio frecuency noise of these power supplyes...... is very hard... the noise can make problems in the global system because is noise to the data in wires and boards... finally i put toroidal power supplyes, these ps not emite RF to the ambient.
[16:22:39] <root-x> These china silvery power supplyes are very noise.
[16:23:35] <Sync> that really depends, some of them are really good
[16:23:59] <root-x> This can result in lost steps or other mysterious events.
[16:25:58] <root-x> sync you can try luck to buy but generally all are very noisy.
[16:26:31] <Sync> nah, I use a lot of mean well supplies and they are well behaved
[16:33:28] <Erant> I use regulated 36V 13A supplies for my servos, work fine.
[16:46:23] <roycroft> hello, folks
[16:46:49] <roycroft> i'm building a new belt grinder, and i'm in the process of selecting a motor and vfd for it
[16:46:55] <roycroft> this is the motor i'm looking at:
[16:46:57] <roycroft> deb http://mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu/debian/ jessie main
[16:46:57] <roycroft> deb-src http://mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu/debian/ jessie main
[16:46:57] <roycroft> deb http://security.debian.org/ jessie/updates main
[16:46:57] <roycroft> deb-src http://security.debian.org/ jessie/updates main
[16:46:57] <roycroft> # jessie-updates, previously known as 'volatile'
[16:46:57] <roycroft> deb http://mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu/debian/ jessie-updates main
[16:46:58] <roycroft> deb-src http://mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu/debian/ jessie-updates main
[16:47:04] <roycroft> ack
[16:47:09] <roycroft> sorry aout that
[16:47:15] <roycroft> that is NOT the motor i'm looking at
[16:47:23] <roycroft> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000AL79JY/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2L2MOCA3W1007&coliid=I2H7MQ50H3UWH8
[16:47:24] <roycroft> that is
[16:47:35] <roycroft> does it seem suitable for a belt grinder?
[16:49:48] <djdelorie> Tell us more about the jessie motor, though... ;-)
[16:51:03] <roycroft> i was doing an os upgrade in another xterm
[16:51:08] <roycroft> i don't know how part of that got pasted here
[16:51:14] <roycroft> but that is that story
[16:54:19] <roycroft> i found another site that says that motor is suitable for machine tools, so it is probably ok
[16:54:38] <roycroft> to go with it i need a vfd
[16:54:50] <roycroft> which i would power with 220vac single phase
[16:54:53] <roycroft> any recommendations?
[16:55:09] <roycroft> i'd like a speed range of, say, 1500-3600 rpm
[16:55:18] <roycroft> i don't need to go any slower than that
[16:55:44] <enleth> I'm using chinese VFDs by INVT, they do fine. You might want to get a vector drive to cope with the belt getting bogged down on big parts.
[16:55:49] <roycroft> i see vfds that say they're rated for 2hp ranging from $129 to well over $1k in price, and i don't know enough about them to know the difference
[16:56:07] <roycroft> i want full torque at all speeds
[16:56:19] <enleth> Vector drive versions are 15% more expensive with INVT so it's a no-brainer.
[16:56:36] <roycroft> yes, that's hardly any difference
[16:56:47] <roycroft> it's essentially shipping cost
[16:57:52] <enleth> To be more specific, the ones I'm using are INVT Goodrive 10 series
[16:58:15] <roycroft> http://www.electricmotorwholesale.com/9675-KBDF-27D/
[16:58:19] <roycroft> something like that?
[16:58:28] <enleth> the manuals are a little hard to comprehend at times but features are nice and actually work.
[16:58:46] <roycroft> i'm used to hard to parse manuals
[16:59:00] <enleth> that's a completely different make
[16:59:01] <Erant> roycroft: I have a 1/2HP VFD powering my lathe right now, it goes down to like 10RPM or something stupid.
[16:59:08] <roycroft> i figure them out and then write instructions for what i want to do in english :)
[16:59:17] <roycroft> yes, i posted that before you posted your details
[16:59:25] <Erant> Mine's an ABB ACS55, which I like.
[16:59:32] <roycroft> i would not mind if it goes slower
[16:59:36] <roycroft> i just don't need it to go that slow
[16:59:43] <Erant> But getting a 2HP ABB VFD might get pricy.
[17:00:22] <roycroft> the motor i'm looking at is pretty reasonable priced
[17:00:27] <roycroft> especially for a leeson
[17:00:39] <roycroft> that gives me a bit more money for the vfd, if necessary
[17:00:51] <roycroft> i would like to spend <$300, but i'm willing to spend $500 to get the right thing
[17:00:53] <enleth> roycroft: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1PC-INVT-GD10-1R5G-4-B-1-5KW-Inverter-/121876005476?hash=item1c60604264:g:vhYAAOSwa-dWpvIx - this is similar to what I'm using for a bridgeport spindle motor, just a bit smaller
[17:00:57] <enleth> mine is 2.2kW
[17:01:36] <Erant> roycroft: I bought my VFD for $25 shipped :) Used, but works fine.
[17:01:38] <enleth> the control panel can be unclipped from the housing and mounted remotely with some ethernet cable
[17:01:50] <roycroft> that's nice
[17:01:59] <enleth> and the knob can be programmed for speed control
[17:02:08] <roycroft> that's what i would want
[17:02:16] <roycroft> it would be best to just turn a knob for speed control
[17:02:22] <enleth> you can attach your own potentiometer as well, there's an analog output and analog input
[17:02:23] <roycroft> instead of holding buttons
[17:02:35] <enleth> but the builtin knob will do for a start
[17:02:57] <roycroft> 1.5kw is roughly 2hp, no?
[17:03:04] <enleth> it's almost exactly 2hp
[17:03:11] <roycroft> so that would be perfect
[17:03:17] <roycroft> and within my desired $300 budget :)
[17:04:00] <enleth> you might try looking for a 2.2kW model to have some headroom though
[17:04:02] <roycroft> $600 would get me the motor and the vfd
[17:04:02] <Erant> roycroft: Take a look at the ABB ones on eBay, just for shits 'n giggles. There's some cheap ones.
[17:04:08] <enleth> it shouldn't be much more expensive
[17:04:09] <roycroft> i shall, erant
[17:04:17] <roycroft> and i might also look at 3hp instead of 2hp
[17:04:23] <roycroft> 'cuz hp is nice with a grinder
[17:04:26] <enleth> or, yeah, look for used ABB or Siemens inverters
[17:04:29] <Erant> (Though, to be fair, most of the ones I'm finding are 380VAC, not 220VAC)
[17:04:47] <enleth> old Sinamics inverters can be pretty cheap if you're ok with used stuff
[17:05:15] <roycroft> there are all sorts of cheap 380vac ones
[17:05:35] <Erant> Like I said, I got a used ABB (1/2HP 220VAC) for like $25 including shipping.
[17:05:44] <roycroft> but that might be ok, if that's output voltage
[17:05:55] <roycroft> because leeson odd voltage motors are pretty cheap
[17:06:01] <enleth> roycroft: for the chinese ones, just google for the model number
[17:06:02] <roycroft> i might find a 380v motor
[17:06:10] <Erant> roycroft: Eh, needs 380V in too.
[17:06:15] <Erant> Usually they don;t convert up.
[17:06:26] <enleth> roycroft: you should find a PDF manual for a given series, with a table listing models and their parameters
[17:06:53] <roycroft> some of them take 110vac in/1.5hp out or 220vac in/2hp out
[17:07:04] <enleth> ebay sellers are usually lousy with item descriptions for easily mistaken things like input and output voltages of VFDs
[17:07:18] <roycroft> yes, one has to be especially careful with ebay sellers
[17:07:30] <roycroft> often they just don't know what they're selling
[17:07:41] <enleth> which sometimes is a good thing
[17:08:00] <roycroft> http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-ABB-Inverter-ACS150-01E-07A5-2-220V-1-5KW-/182125413310?hash=item2a678543be:g:3SYAAOSw3zxXL-9X
[17:08:05] <roycroft> that looks nice
[17:08:14] <roycroft> pushing my desired budget a bit
[17:08:26] <enleth> quite cheap for ABB
[17:08:28] <roycroft> but it may be worth it
[17:08:56] <roycroft> a little scary though
[17:09:12] <roycroft> only 226 feedbacks, and 90.9% positive
[17:09:23] <roycroft> for an overseas seller those numbers are scary
[17:09:47] <Erant> Yeah :/
[17:10:10] <roycroft> but damn, it's a decent price
[17:10:21] <roycroft> i'm still designing the grinder
[17:10:24] <enleth> actually it's funny, I think the chinese models are more expensive on US eBay than over here, and the EU/US-made ones are cheaper
[17:10:26] <roycroft> but i want to get the motor first
[17:10:37] <roycroft> so i know how to design the mount
[17:10:58] <enleth> I got the 2.2kW INVT for $200 here
[17:11:41] <roycroft> so what about the cheap ones?
[17:12:07] <roycroft> like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-5KW-2HP-7A-220VAC-SINGLE-PHASE-VARIABLE-FREQUENCY-DRIVE-INVERTER-VSD-VFD-US-/181561549023?hash=item2a45e960df:g:w4MAAOSwMmBVtc~r
[17:12:18] <roycroft> i'm not planning on buying junk
[17:12:24] <roycroft> i'm just curious what the difference is
[17:12:37] <enleth> oh wow, well, that is cheap
[17:13:00] <enleth> the image is a render
[17:13:36] <enleth> or a very well cleaned up photo
[17:13:48] <enleth> in the gallery below there are a few actual photos I think
[17:13:53] <roycroft> i just found that same one for <$100
[17:14:04] <enleth> case doesn't look like shit, to be honest
[17:14:11] <enleth> I mean, the modling is decent
[17:14:22] <roycroft> that stuff i don't care about
[17:14:34] <roycroft> although it can be an indicator of the quality of the innards
[17:14:57] <enleth> if I haven't bought a lot of expensive stuff this month, I'd order this one just to try it out
[17:15:00] <gregcnc> what is this for? you can only get so much torque at low speed before cooling becomes an issue, unless it's externally cooled.
[17:15:10] <roycroft> it's for a belt grinder
[17:15:21] <roycroft> it will run intermittently
[17:15:28] <roycroft> probably no longer than 30 minutes at a time
[17:15:33] <roycroft> and most of the time 2-3 minutes
[17:15:55] <gregcnc> OK you probably wont' use it at low enough speed to owrry
[17:16:05] <roycroft> 1500rpm is probably as slow as i would run it
[17:16:14] <roycroft> which would be half speed for the motor
[17:16:24] <roycroft> 3450rpm motor
[17:16:51] <roycroft> so i wouldn't need the vfd to soak up tons of heat
[17:18:10] <roycroft> i said i'm not cheap, on the one hand
[17:18:19] <roycroft> i'd rather spend a bit more for something that's more durable
[17:18:21] <gregcnc> VFD has it's own fan, but the motor's is on the shaft lower RPM=less cooling, but should be fine at 25-30Hz
[17:18:28] <roycroft> on the other hand, the abb is 4x as expensive as the cheap one
[17:18:39] <roycroft> and $100 isn't a lot of money to drop for an experiment
[17:19:01] <roycroft> those cheap ones are *so* cheap it's almost worth getting one to play with
[17:19:32] <roycroft> i could put a temperature probe on the motor
[17:19:41] <roycroft> shut down if it starts getting hot
[17:19:54] <roycroft> but at the speeds i'm talking about i don't think that will be an issue
[17:20:31] <enleth> cheap ones might be lousy at filtering harmonics, or tend to generate worse harmonics
[17:20:46] <enleth> and that is another source of heat in the motor
[17:20:51] <roycroft> what would that do? cause erratic speeds?
[17:20:59] <enleth> audible noise and heat
[17:21:08] <roycroft> audible noise would be annoying
[17:21:19] <roycroft> heat is probably manageable, given the circumstances
[17:22:06] <gregcnc> I doubt you'll hear the motor over the grinding
[17:22:38] <enleth> I've heard of harmonics overheating motors even with proper cooling, never seen it firsthand though
[17:22:40] <roycroft> the cheap one has an external pot in
[17:23:00] <roycroft> so i could install a speed control knob
[17:23:41] <enleth> I wouldn't actually buy a VFD without a configurable analog in
[17:24:55] <roycroft> i'll have to ponder these a bit more
[17:24:59] <gregcnc> motor catalogs i've seen show ~90% torque available at half speed with supplied fan
[17:25:11] <roycroft> i bookmarked the abb, the invt, and the cheap one
[17:25:18] <roycroft> 90% torque at half speed would be acceptable
[17:25:37] <gregcnc> it's unlikely an inverter rated motor will fail due to harmonics
[17:26:04] <gregcnc> that's continuous load based on temperature rise.
[17:37:37] <cradek> archivist: I've used heated alum solution to dissolve bad/rusty screws in brass and gold, but do you suspect it's also safe on silver? The silver is marked PURE COIN, probably american, probably 1870-80ish
[18:08:54] <archivist> cradek, dunno enough chemistry to answer that
[18:09:19] <cradek> thanks anyway
[18:09:32] <cradek> I'll probably just have to try it
[18:09:51] <cradek> who even knows what it's alloyed with
[18:11:12] <Tom_itx> google does
[18:11:19] <Tom_itx> what alloy is it?
[18:11:39] <cradek> PURE COIN, probably american, probably 1870-80ish
[18:12:01] <Tom_itx> oh i thought you mean the aluminum
[18:12:03] <cradek> heh, that's all I know, and half of it's guessing
[18:12:21] <cradek> not aluminum, alum (the thing you make pickles with)
[18:12:56] <archivist> hmm .750 or better
[18:13:03] <Tom_itx> http://www.ebay.com/gds/EARLY-AMERICAN-COIN-SILVER-A-BRIEF-HISTORY-/10000000007006141/g.html
[18:13:15] <Tom_itx> copper
[18:13:59] <Tom_itx> Britannia silver has a millesimal fineness of at least 958. The alloy is 95.84% pure silver and 4.16 per cent copper or other metals. The Britannia standard was developed in Britain in 1697 to help prevent British sterling silver coins from being melted to make silver plate.
[18:14:42] <cradek> some things say coin is .900, some say .800
[18:15:11] <Tom_itx> either way it's not pure and the alloy is most likely copper
[18:15:37] <cradek> I doubt alum affects copper if it doesn't bother brass
[18:15:39] <archivist> get a silver testing kit
[18:15:57] <cradek> I don't really care what purity it is...
[18:16:45] <cradek> I just need the rusty parts out without damaging it
[18:17:55] <archivist> microscope and diamond burrs or drill out with care
[18:20:45] <cradek> bbl, thanks guys
[18:25:40] <Duc_mobile> Has anyone been to circus circus in Las vegas
[18:26:14] <Duc_mobile> trying to find info about their Pacific rim ride
[18:27:43] <XXCoder> a circus of circuses wow I wanna see that ;)
[18:29:21] <SpeedEvil> Isn't las-vegas a circus?
[18:32:23] <Duc_mobile> yea
[18:32:29] <Duc_mobile> says your ridde in the robot
[18:32:51] <Duc_mobile> ride
[18:33:11] <SpeedEvil> http://www.mauve.plus.com/bread.png - on the topic of circuses
[18:39:25] <XXCoder> bread 'n' circuses
[18:47:05] <CaptHindsight> fire truck?!
[18:57:49] <CaptHindsight> http://www.jelmar.com/TarnXbasic.htm it takes off a few nanometers of material if you just dip and immediately wipe
[18:58:00] <CaptHindsight> much more if you let it soak
[19:13:52] <XXCoder> anti rust?
[19:14:13] <XXCoder> ah tarnish
[19:18:10] <CaptHindsight> oxidoscious
[19:24:17] <XXCoder> hm new word for me lol
[19:24:41] <XXCoder> word not found
[19:53:24] <CaptHindsight> Beta Oxidation of Fatty Acids by Professor Tank Top https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmfeF1DUTOM
[19:54:31] <XXCoder> CaptHindsight: ever played this game? dragon's lair lol
[19:54:31] <Frank_10> guys do you know why electrical enclosures have a special galvanized sheet to mount everything? and its not the back of the enclosure
[19:57:17] <CaptHindsight> I haven't seen galvanized. It's usually a painted plate
[19:58:29] <Frank_10> wired, but would be ok mounting everything on its back?? or no idea? hehe
[19:58:31] <CaptHindsight> XXCoder: they usually send me running the other direction
[19:58:51] <XXCoder> lol if you want to see all fails (and one success) https://youtu.be/l464ZF5jK3Y
[19:59:15] <CaptHindsight> Frank_10: can you post a pic so we can see what you are referring to?
[20:00:01] <Frank_10> sure! sorry
[20:00:18] <Frank_10> https://www.google.com.ar/search?q=enclosure+electrical+depth&rlz=1C1ASUC_enAR629AR629&espv=2&biw=1360&bih=667&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwif8sPa3J7NAhWGC5AKHbw4D2YQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=PI4x1qdkzitlFM%3A
[20:00:35] <Frank_10> there u can see it has a galvanized sheet to mount everythign, and paint on the back of the enclosure
[20:00:48] <Frank_10> crap, wrong link
[20:00:55] <Frank_10> http://www.parkerhydraulics.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/ETA.jpg
[20:00:57] <Frank_10> there
[20:00:57] <CaptHindsight> it has one
[20:01:05] <gregcnc> I have one with a painted plate
[20:01:33] <gregcnc> probably to provide good grounding?
[20:01:36] <CaptHindsight> Frank_10: you want the back of the enclosure to be free of mounting holes
[20:01:46] <_methods> it's just a mounting plate
[20:01:54] <CaptHindsight> so you mount to a plate that has standoffs from the back surface
[20:01:55] <_methods> so you don't have to punch a bunch of holes in your box
[20:02:15] <CaptHindsight> punch/drill
[20:02:37] <Frank_10> i had the same thought, and for precaution of touching the stuff inside,,
[20:03:07] <Frank_10> now i have to decide if i put it on mine or i dont
[20:04:12] <CaptHindsight> Jymmm: might have pics of people licking electrical and control panels
[20:04:32] <CaptHindsight> not sure why he does
[20:04:45] <Frank_10> lol,
[20:04:50] <gregcnc> looking at RPC...
[20:04:58] <_methods> he has a lot of pics of fat guys feet too
[20:05:02] <XXCoder> rule 34
[20:11:24] <gregcnc> is there really any difference among rotary phase converters?
[20:15:48] <roycroft> i've been away for a bit - i got off work and did not want to hang around the office
[20:16:24] <roycroft> when i was discussing variable speed motors before someone mentioned using motors that are inverter rated
[20:16:33] <roycroft> is that something that is generally advertised in motor specs?
[20:17:17] <roycroft> and if one does not use such a motor what does one risk?
[20:19:33] <Sync> it might burn up or kill the bearings
[20:19:39] <gregcnc> will be noted in specs, they run hotter
[20:22:44] <roycroft> ok, then i'll look for one that's inverter rated
[20:22:47] <roycroft> thanks
[20:23:27] <Sync> generally anything remotely modern will be ok
[20:23:30] <roycroft> and damn, i just checked out leeson's website and the fastest inverter rated motors they have spin at 1800 rpm
[20:23:40] <roycroft> i need 3450rpm for my design
[20:24:01] <roycroft> this application would not be heavy/continuous duty
[20:24:11] <roycroft> it is a belt grinder that will generally run for a couple minutes at a time
[20:24:12] <gregcnc> I've been running my original 1960's motor in the clausing lathe on VFD
[20:24:17] <roycroft> perhaps as long as a half hour once in a while
[20:25:05] <roycroft> so if running hotter is the only real issue then it is a very minor issue in my application
[20:25:25] <roycroft> i'm a big fan of leeson and baldor motors
[20:26:52] <roycroft> oh, the leesons can be run at up to 2x base rpm
[20:27:10] <roycroft> but i'm not sure the vfd would be able to push it that much
[20:27:29] <gregcnc> sure it will, but above base frequency you lose torque
[20:29:58] <roycroft> aah
[20:30:12] <gregcnc> for what you're doing though it should be fine. i run the lathe at 120hz at times.
[20:30:21] <roycroft> it says full torque from 0 to base rpm
[20:30:28] <gregcnc> 2HP worth of belt grinding is a lot
[20:30:34] <gregcnc> well seems like
[20:31:01] <roycroft> grinders are easy to bog down
[20:31:13] <roycroft> this is the motor i had been looking at, but it's not inverter rated:
[20:31:15] <roycroft> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000AL79JY/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2L2MOCA3W1007&coliid=I2H7MQ50H3UWH8
[20:31:43] <roycroft> given what you said about overheating being the main issue,, that might still work well for me
[20:32:08] <roycroft> and it would mount very nicely on the grinder
[20:32:26] <roycroft> i was considering a 3hp motor btw :)
[20:32:30] <gregcnc> what are others using, tons of guys using belt grinders for knives it seems
[20:32:31] <roycroft> but i decided that 2hp would be ok
[20:33:18] <roycroft> from what i've ascertained, they either cannibalize motors from treadmills or buy a motor/vfd combo from one vendor for $1k
[20:33:25] <roycroft> and that's an imported motor
[20:33:37] <gregcnc> how big?
[20:33:43] <roycroft> 1hp and 2hp
[20:34:10] <roycroft> my current grinder motor is 3/4hp and i bog it down all the time
[20:34:25] <roycroft> it's a 1"x42" grinder, and the new one i'm building will be 2"x72"
[20:34:42] <roycroft> so i figure if i bog down a 1" belt with 3/4hp then 2hp is about right for a 2" belt
[20:35:36] <Sync> roycroft: above f0 you loose torque because otherwise the vfd would have to push in voltage and the power would go over the rated output
[20:35:41] <roycroft> that motor is a really good price - most leeson/baldor motors with those specs are more in the $500 range
[20:35:55] <gregcnc> try ebay or CL?
[20:36:24] <roycroft> yeah, that makes sense, sync
[20:37:22] <gregcnc> I bought a 2.2kW ABB never used for my lathe project for $150 under $200 for sure
[20:37:44] <roycroft> well i've found a number of vfds on ebay
[20:37:51] <roycroft> i'm sure i'll get mine there
[20:37:53] <gregcnc> motor
[20:38:03] <roycroft> the motor i'm not doing so well with on ebay
[20:38:09] <roycroft> and i live in a weird area
[20:38:12] <roycroft> not very industrial
[20:38:26] <roycroft> cl folks think that anything that looks remotely industrial is worth a fortune
[20:38:27] <Sync> wtf, the baldors are only 130°C rated
[20:39:09] <roycroft> i see things like old, beat up 1/2hp 3-phase motors for $300 on cl here
[20:39:20] <roycroft> and those are worth about $9.95 on a good day
[20:39:37] <XXCoder> jeeez
[20:39:52] <Sync> usually motors are rated F or H
[20:39:53] <XXCoder> roycroft: yeah people who dont know what stuff is tend to overrate value of stuff
[20:39:55] <roycroft> amazon certainly isn't my only option, but that link is the best price i've seen anywhere so far for something that might be suitable
[20:40:06] <XXCoder> luck can turn other way sometimes lol
[20:40:07] <roycroft> i love where i live (western oregon)
[20:40:31] <roycroft> but as far as acquiring big iron machinery and the like i'd be better off living somewhere like ohio
[20:40:43] <XXCoder> I once bought an old lego lot, and one tiny toy lego car (really toy car, lego used to make em) sold for $20 more than entire lot
[20:40:55] <XXCoder> ironically set I bought lot for was least valuable set in it.
[20:41:07] <roycroft> i'm trying to buy the motor first
[20:41:14] <roycroft> so i can design the mount around it
[20:46:33] <XXCoder> yeah better way
[20:51:33] <CaptHindsight> roycroft: I come across old big iron in your neck of the woods on ebay
[20:51:43] <roycroft> there's a bit of it
[20:51:48] <roycroft> but not like in the rust belt
[20:52:03] <CaptHindsight> it's slowing down here as well
[20:52:29] <roycroft> the other really really annoying thing about cl is that virtually everyone on cl calls an internal combustion engine a "motor"
[20:52:42] <roycroft> so generic searches for motors brings up buttloads of vehicle listings
[20:53:34] <CaptHindsight> yeah, it's frustrating
[20:54:09] <roycroft> i would prefer a brand new motor for this grinder anyway
[20:54:32] <roycroft> i don't want to ever have to worry about it otherwise deal with it
[21:20:27] <roycroft> i found some 3600rpm inverter rated motors but they're >$600
[21:20:52] <roycroft> i would prefer not to spend that much
[21:24:24] <roycroft> http://www.beaumontmetalworks.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=77
[21:24:58] <roycroft> that's what folks in the knifemaking forums seem to buy when they're not ripping apart treadmills
[21:51:30] <Jymmm> _methods: Hey, I dont judge your toenail clipping and used underwear fetish
[21:52:09] <XXCoder> rule 34
[21:54:43] <tjtr33> hello, which joint_axis branch (14 of 'em) should i use to work with rotary delta machine?
[22:23:40] <XXCoder> "No foreign bidders. No exceptions. NO CANADIANS."
[22:23:43] <XXCoder> ... okay. lol
[22:23:49] <XXCoder> no idea why
[22:28:40] <XXCoder> hmm
[22:28:46] <XXCoder> ebay is pretty good source of alum
[22:29:55] <XXCoder> damn this is so close http://www.ebay.com/itm/TEMCo-3x-1-2-Inch-2-x3-6061-Aluminum-Tooling-Flat-Sheet-Plate-Bar-Mill-Stock-/281723889125?hash=item41980d65e5:g:OroAAOSwBLlVfyhy
[22:30:02] <XXCoder> I need 3.15" not 3"
[22:30:24] <XXCoder> hella deal for 3 of em, 2 adoptor plates and one spare in case I fuck up
[22:43:10] <XXCoder> not bad http://www.ebay.com/itm/TEMCo-4x-1-2-Inch-2-x4-6061-Aluminum-Tooling-Flat-Sheet-Plate-Bar-Mill-Stock-/371353091981
[22:43:15] <XXCoder> what you guys think of deal
[22:43:23] <XXCoder> archivist?
[22:46:37] <enleth> word for today: outhouse engineering - when the in-house engineering suffers from NIH and gets more and more full of crap when they try to solve a problem
[22:49:36] <XXCoder> whats NIH
[22:49:46] <XXCoder> found same seller in amazon
[22:50:05] <XXCoder> https://www.amazon.com/TEMCo-Aluminum-Tooling-Sheet-Plate/dp/B00ZS5YBUW pretty cheap for 4
[22:50:22] <XXCoder> so I have a spare, or 2 material to use if it goes all good on first 2
[22:52:30] <enleth> XXCoder: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Not_invented_here
[22:53:04] <XXCoder> ow
[22:53:10] <XXCoder> can see that it would go shit
[22:53:26] <XXCoder> I'm not too familiar with stock pricing, is above link good deal?
[22:53:46] <XXCoder> its already better than my work quoted me at $50 for 2 3"x2" app[rox
[23:22:20] <yasnak> enleth...something like going full retard?
[23:44:29] <XXCoder> enleth: wow. found a mic on ebay that was abused
[23:44:43] <XXCoder> how the heck do guy abuse precision tool like that
[23:45:01] <XXCoder> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Starrett-230-Outside-Micrometer-0001-0-1-Carbide-Mic-Friction-Thimble-NICE-/272267393745
[23:45:08] <XXCoder> chips and sraches all over
[23:45:33] <OOP> only 18?
[23:46:18] <XXCoder> I bought similiar one for $25, other than wear at below .01" (it goes off precision by +.0002 below that) and it looks very clean
[23:46:52] <OOP> ah, so this isnt such a great deal
[23:47:11] <XXCoder> better example http://www.ebay.com/itm/STARRETT-Co-Micrometer-with-Friction-Thimble-231F-Machinists-Tool-231-F-/162090341076
[23:47:31] <XXCoder> its slightly more expensive than mine (my have ye olde wood box and tool for adjustment)
[23:47:34] <XXCoder> *mine
[23:47:51] <XXCoder> considering grabbint that for home use
[23:48:06] <XXCoder> mic is just so much better than caliper for some uses
[23:51:34] <XXCoder> I still can't find Rand brand anything outside ebay
[23:51:42] <XXCoder> theyre so cheap but...
[23:52:22] <XXCoder> ah found em at amazon
[23:52:27] <XXCoder> very stinky rebiews
[23:53:19] <OOP> looks like a quality unit
[23:55:22] <XXCoder> which one? the starret one looks great, looks like used to be Inspection room tool.