#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-05-05

[00:12:18] <Crom> just put a Consew CSM1001 servo motor on my Juki 5550 comercial sewing machine
[00:15:29] <Crom> now to figure out what the processor is... see if I can swap it out for a Arduino
[02:28:42] <Deejay> moin
[03:36:26] <pink_vampire> hi
[03:48:18] <mase-tech> hi
[05:03:08] <Sync> zeeshan|2: if you send me a sample I can run it through my MS
[05:03:17] <Sync> but it probably is just contaminated
[05:03:24] <Sync> I had that happen with linde once at work
[05:03:40] <XXCoder> heys
[05:25:57] <jthornton-> ho
[05:26:00] <mase-tech> Hey ho
[05:26:01] <mase-tech> today
[05:26:24] <mase-tech> Is Fathersday -
[05:26:31] <XXCoder> cool
[05:26:42] <mase-tech> We need to celebrate ourselfs
[05:27:04] <mase-tech> Drinking wheather you are father or not :D
[05:27:40] <mase-tech> XXCoder: If you don't drink I proudly drink one for you :D
[05:27:48] <XXCoder> lol thanks I suppose
[05:27:53] <XXCoder> drive safely if need to
[05:28:02] <mase-tech> Dont drive drunk
[05:28:14] <mase-tech> I did it and I was very lucky
[05:28:20] <mase-tech> I saw 3 streets
[05:28:29] <mase-tech> I took the one in the middle
[05:28:58] <XXCoder> ow
[05:30:37] <DaViruz> if you can't drive drunk you have no business driving at all!
[05:30:53] <XXCoder> if youre drunk you have no business with any car at all
[05:31:31] <malcom2073> XXCoder: +1
[05:32:11] <mase-tech> Right I agree
[05:34:26] <jthornton> lol
[05:59:59] <gonzo_> unless you are a passenger
[06:00:50] <DaViruz> or a car mechanic
[06:09:16] <XXCoder> drunk car mechanic drivig
[06:16:28] <codepython777> why are people so mad at pocket nc? 5-axis toy for 3" cubes - sounds good to me?
[06:18:46] <archivist> I imagine it is not that good
[06:19:11] <XXCoder> dunno
[06:19:13] <archivist> belt drive to rotary, large overhang
[06:21:07] <codepython777> archivist: are you talking about pocketnc?
[06:21:16] <archivist> yes
[06:22:18] <archivist> rotary steppers have to resist cutting force, most serious ones have a worm drive
[06:22:54] <archivist> as for the overhang, mine suffers from that, converting to trunnion asap
[07:17:54] <archivist> heh they even publish videos with overhang chatter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcoZEMXa5IU
[07:18:34] <XXCoder> I suppose its ok if it works fine
[07:18:47] <XXCoder> I do want pocket nc but its dang expensive for tiny workspace.
[07:19:40] <codepython777> XXCoder: i only need to work on tiny things
[07:20:03] <XXCoder> $4,000 usd though
[07:20:19] <codepython777> XXCoder: do you have a simpler solution? I'm not planning to build one myself.
[07:20:49] <XXCoder> nah cheap, quality, accurate
[07:20:51] <XXCoder> choose 2
[07:21:16] <codepython777> if i had to cut 3" alum cubes with 5-axis - whats my choice for quality and accurate cuts?
[07:21:38] <XXCoder> if you can build yourself it'd be vastly cheaper but I suppose pocket nc would work, its much cheaper than full size 5 axis
[07:21:57] <codepython777> nope- cant build myself.
[07:25:41] <codepython777> XXCoder: stepcraft looks nice
[07:26:05] <XXCoder> too tired to look, going to bed. night
[07:30:33] <archivist> xx cant hear the error on that video
[07:31:34] <archivist> in a particular movement direction you can hear a vibration as it mills the bore
[07:32:03] <codepython777> archivist: if one does not want to build, and wants a small cutting volume (3" cube) - any suggestions ? (Preferably < 10k) accuracy is important
[07:32:04] <archivist> a sure sign of directional flex
[07:33:18] <codepython777> archivist: https://www.stepcraft-systems.com/en/cnc-3d-systems/stepcraft-2-300 - have you had any experience with these?
[07:33:18] <archivist> my machine started with a small working cube, that has its own problems of not having space for tooling
[07:35:50] <codepython777> archivist: http://www.boxzy.com/ - any thoughts on this one?
[07:36:08] <archivist> no, but that style is pushing it for accuracy, see backlash spec
[07:36:39] <codepython777> what is backlash spec?
[07:36:47] <archivist> boxzy cant even create a working website
[07:36:49] <codepython777> archivist: are you talking about the stepcraft or the box?
[07:36:56] <archivist> stepcraft
[07:36:56] <codepython777> archivist: I agree on that one :)
[07:37:16] <archivist> I get a white screen, nothing at all
[07:37:17] <codepython777> archivist: Stepcraft looked pretty sturdy
[07:37:43] <archivist> 3 thou is a rattle, what accuracy do you really want
[07:38:15] <archivist> can you write your gcode to get rid of machine errors
[07:38:38] <archivist> eg what do you want to make
[07:39:20] <archivist> I work to a gnats but hand code to avoid machine error
[07:54:44] <gregcnc> boxzy looks like a 3d printer with a spindle option
[08:02:43] <archivist> why do people think bar support can be used for real milling
[08:03:18] <archivist> well thin bar compared to the work
[09:17:23] <SpeedEvil> yeah
[09:18:53] <SpeedEvil> archivist: Because a steel bar feels rigid.
[09:18:59] <SpeedEvil> archivist: therefore it must not move
[09:19:39] * SpeedEvil wishes diamond bars were cheaper.
[09:20:16] <SpeedEvil> (Though they would only be ~5 times stiffer than steel, or as stiff as a steel bar ~1.5 times the diameter)
[09:36:23] <unfyhome> sooo... while i was cleaning garage, i decide 'why not, lets see what hardware store cnc mill thinks of plexiglass' ... so i swapped out mills, clamped down some plexi, and hit run on the 'linuxcnc' default plot
[09:36:42] <unfyhome> and it generally seems fine with it. looks about the same as the wood cuts
[09:37:57] <unfyhome> but, while i'm sitting here staring at it.... i'm wondering. is some of my 'wobble' being caused by climb vs conventional milling. ie: is one causing some push off here or there ?
[09:38:08] <jdh> it will eat end mills quickly
[09:38:32] <unfyhome> jdh: i'm doing cheese grade mills at the moment so not too concerned :D
[09:39:17] <archivist> climb pulls in, conventional pushes out
[09:39:24] <unfyhome> i imagine i'll just have to get the Z axis thrust bearing / retention thing installed, and prolly redesign the Z so it's more rigid ... and call this particular machine 'at its limits' and move on to better... but....
[09:39:57] <jdh> slotting/engraviny pulls and pushes
[09:40:11] <jdh> engraving
[09:40:31] <unfyhome> archivist: well, i don't have pics handy at the moment, but i'm noticing that, say, one side of the L looks far straighter than the other side.
[09:40:49] <archivist> that kind of plastic often ends in a fail if there is any flex
[09:40:56] <unfyhome> i know in this kind of cut there's material on 3 sides of the mill, but the feed direction ?
[09:41:53] <archivist> just grab the endmill and push against the rotation, you can see which direction it will flex
[09:42:38] <archivist> so yes direction forces left/right
[09:43:02] <archivist> or up down or whichever will spoil the job most
[09:43:16] <unfyhome> fucking murphy :D
[09:43:51] <unfyhome> i guess... i can.... one sec
[09:45:51] <unfyhome> http://imgur.com/a/vlAxv <- one side of the L looks better than the other
[09:46:28] <unfyhome> not entirely sure what to say about the "N" other than 'a lot of work to do' lol
[09:47:45] <archivist> sure sign of something moving where you dont want
[09:48:17] <unfyhome> k. Z axis redesign then gonna prolly call it 'good enough' and move on.
[09:48:55] <unfyhome> i've not tried to measure it, but... prolly 30-40thou ?
[09:49:13] <archivist> that is huge movement
[09:49:43] <unfyhome> i dunno if i even have a way of measuring this
[09:49:52] <archivist> look at what is bending/flexing, stiffen, add webs/ribs
[09:50:03] <archivist> DTI
[09:51:08] <archivist> my mk1 cnc was about 6-10 thou before I made the column bigger
[09:52:52] <unfyhome> i've currently got a column / arm thing for the spindle mount, and the bed is what moves X/Y. the arm is not the greatest at all. i'm thinking of instead of a single upside down L shaped arm, i'll just move it to a full thing that straddles the complete bed working area. maybe. not sure
[09:53:40] <unfyhome> so an H without the top legs or something. blah blah blah, dunno dunno dunno, gotta just spend a few hours eyeballing it and trying to decide heh
[09:55:16] <unfyhome> also need to decide if to do drawer slides (again), or to try out EMT conduit and skateboard bearings (have plenty of both)
[09:56:41] <archivist> throw that junk, learn from mistakes, look how real machines are made
[09:56:46] <unfyhome> LOL
[09:56:57] <unfyhome> well, i still have some mistakes to make and learn from :D
[09:57:32] <unfyhome> plus, it's been great fun and a lot of learning along the way. not bad for a coder living in an apt :P
[09:59:10] <unfyhome> but yes, i'm about done pestering y'all about this shitty machine heh ... i'll prolly do one more update with the improved Z and then debate a better machine
[09:59:27] <unfyhome> prolly end up just buying a proper mill and doing a CNC conversion of it.
[09:59:48] <unfyhome> with 'proper' meaning some cheap chinese piece of shit prolly ._.
[10:01:22] <unfyhome> with the improved Z, i should be able to start using this for actual jobs. yay.
[10:02:16] <unfyhome> i appreciate the input and puttin up with me, btw <3
[10:17:01] <unfyhome> gym/work. dunno if i'll have time to idle while at work. ciao and tnx again o/
[10:29:42] <gregcnc> g112 (g12.1) on mach 3? https://youtu.be/0o41wVutwtQ
[10:30:01] <cpresser> can someone help me identify those tools? https://imgur.com/a/GxqAk
[10:30:20] <cpresser> I think it might be a boring bar.
[10:31:28] <gregcnc> maybe a boring head if the adjustment moves the cutting edge radially
[10:35:09] <cpresser> it might be broken anyway.. it doesn't look so good.
[10:35:19] <cpresser> the adjustment seem to move anything
[10:35:34] <cpresser> i am not even sure that the holder and the inserts match :)
[10:39:33] <maxcnc> hi all
[10:39:42] <maxcnc> from a sunny germany
[10:39:58] <maxcnc> Dad's day today lots of BBQ and beer around
[10:40:15] <zeeshan|2> cpresser that insert looks like it went in a special fly cutter holder
[10:40:25] <zeeshan|2> nm
[10:40:28] <zeeshan|2> that is a boring bar :P
[10:40:52] <gregcnc> what is the scale for?
[10:41:01] <zeeshan|2> offset? :P
[10:42:04] <zeeshan|2> https://www.mscdirect.com/ProductImages/7483838-11.jpg
[10:42:10] <zeeshan|2> lookd like a version of this style boring head
[10:44:17] <archivist> I have a boring thing with a scale I found at the Jag engine factory
[10:44:59] <gregcnc> http://www.lathes.co.uk/sip/img42.jpg sounds like jig bore tooling
[10:45:06] <archivist> tiny little inserts with a scal that multiple can be fitted to one tool
[10:47:20] <maxcnc> gregcnc: looks like a selfmade drill extender
[10:47:34] <gregcnc> uhm ok
[10:47:47] <maxcnc> http://www.plexxart.at/bastelstube/showthread.php?tid=543&pid=2675&language=english
[10:48:13] <maxcnc> example on how to make one your own
[10:48:29] <gregcnc> there is a scale on the the shank
[10:48:50] <maxcnc> search "Bohrstange"
[10:49:27] <gregcnc> who puts a vernier scale on a plain boring bar?
[10:49:47] <CaptHindsight> wow a visit from flyback
[10:49:55] <maxcnc> maybe he got a Lasermarker in the shop
[10:50:06] <gregcnc> holy crap i can't start drinking this early
[10:50:56] <CaptHindsight> speak of the devil
[10:51:39] <maxcnc> gregcnc: http://www.mitsubishicarbide.com/application/files/7814/4601/2594/double_clamp_03_en.png
[10:52:58] <gregcnc> http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/attachments/f16/75877d1367721279-what-jig-borer-used-sam_0011.jpg
[10:53:48] <maxcnc> http://www.mitsubishicarbide.com/application/files/7214/4643/8970/b042g.pdf
[10:54:07] <gregcnc> my brains cells are spent for the day
[10:56:29] <Sync> gregcnc: yeah that is a small boring head
[10:56:44] <Sync> and an insert for boring bars
[10:56:55] <cpresser> gregcnc: my tool looks really similar to the second from the left: http://www.lathes.co.uk/sip/img42.jpg good find :)
[10:57:28] <Sync> yeah that's what it is
[11:00:04] <cpresser> does anyone have a use for those inserts? i got about 20-30 of them from an auction. about 10 are new and unused. The parts are free, i just want compensation for shipping.
[11:11:00] <maxcnc> Gn8
[11:11:09] <gregcnc> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdeakqbscVc this could get interesting
[11:20:00] <CaptHindsight> wood you?
[11:21:08] <archivist> edward woodward would
[11:22:04] <CaptHindsight> How much wood would Edward Woodward use if Edward Woodward could use wood?
[11:23:45] <gregcnc> what do do with your obsolete cd media https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giUlMP22RSw
[12:38:43] <danilochka> Hello, I was on yesterday but had to leave so I'm repeating the same question. I need to run 4x stepper motors OK42STH48-1684A 2.8V 1.68A. What power supply do I need? A ebay seller that I am going to buy a 6600 board from says 12V 10A but I say yeah right
[12:41:21] <cradek> you want as much voltage as the driver chips can handle
[12:41:42] <cradek> (be aware some of the driver boards are extremely terrible products)
[12:41:42] <danilochka> Right, I read 2 - 3 times as much
[12:41:53] <cradek> no
[12:41:58] <danilochka> Well, this board is rated up to 36v
[12:42:01] <cradek> as much as the *driver chips* can handle
[12:42:22] <cradek> then you probably want around 30v
[12:42:23] <danilochka> cradek: Sorry, I meant of what they are rated
[12:43:40] <cradek> you'll set the current limit to the motor's limit, so you might need 4x motor current rating (but probably in reality you don't need that much)
[12:43:44] <danilochka> http://www.ebay.ca/itm/4axis-CNC-Stepping-Driver-TB6600HG-Box-Set-LCD-Display-Handle-Controller-0-2-5A-/182117807572?hash=item2a671135d4:g:ZCIAAOSwYmZXKM1c
[12:44:16] <danilochka> http://www.robotshop.com/ca/en/soyo-reprap-stepper-motor.html
[12:44:16] <cradek> are you aware that's a totally wrong kind of device to use with linuxcnc
[12:44:25] <danilochka> cradek: Not using linux
[12:45:16] <cradek> the driver chips seem to be missing in the photo...?
[12:45:37] <cradek> and I think those TB chips are particularly poor
[12:45:41] <cradek> maybe others here have experience
[12:46:01] <cradek> > re-designing the PCB board will avoid the TB6600 chip on the board being easily blown as the previous version
[12:46:05] <cradek> uhm
[12:46:06] <danilochka> Well basically I am replacing the controller of a cheap chinese cnc for a friend as the control box was faulty
[12:46:06] <Sync> the drivers are on the bottom of the pcb
[12:46:46] <cradek> oh I see it now
[12:47:02] <danilochka> So a 36V 10A power supply?
[12:47:16] <pcw_home> If you like fires
[12:47:23] <Tom_itx> what's max for the driver chip?
[12:47:29] <danilochka> 36
[12:47:31] <cradek> if the chips are rated 36 absolute max, then no you don't want 36
[12:47:35] <Tom_itx> then something less than that
[12:47:36] <danilochka> 24?
[12:47:38] <Tom_itx> like 28v
[12:47:40] <cradek> but neither do you want 12 :-)
[12:48:10] <danilochka> Well see I don't know the max rating on the motors, I looked never found
[12:49:00] <danilochka> cradek: So 12?
[12:49:06] <Sync> the voltage rating is high enough
[12:49:08] <Tom_itx> most single chip drivers are only gonna put out 2.5-5A max
[12:49:10] <Tom_itx> if that much
[12:49:46] <danilochka> wait, so how many volts and amps for the power supply?
[12:50:09] <cradek> what software are you using? I can't imagine any software that works well with a device like this, that does its own jogging and stuff. it seems like an all-around terrible design.
[12:50:34] <danilochka> cradek: I know this is a linuxcnc IRC channel but others are dead, I am using Mach3
[12:50:49] <cradek> this is not the right kind of hardware for mach3 either
[12:51:03] <Tom_itx> is any?
[12:51:09] <danilochka> cradek: Seller says he sends out mach3 with it even, but I already have a copy
[12:51:09] <cradek> I recommend a lot of forum-reading before you buy hardware
[12:51:23] <cradek> sure but that doesn't mean anything
[12:51:56] <danilochka> Well, I need something basically plug n play. I just need to reconfig pins on this one as I have the speed configuration set from the original chinese cnc seller
[12:52:23] <Tom_itx> not gonna happen
[12:52:27] <cradek> there's no such thing, sorry, you are a machine integrator and you'll have to figure out how to do it.
[12:52:33] <danilochka> Tom_itx: What do you suggest?
[12:52:36] <cradek> step 1 is not picking a random thing on ebay and sending money
[12:53:08] <cradek> if you've chosen mach, do some reading and see what hardware people are using with it
[12:53:21] <pcw_home> It does look like it would work with Mach3/LinuxCNC (it appears to have a LPT port input)
[12:53:24] <cradek> I bet nobody in #linuxcnc really knows what to recommend for mach
[12:53:48] <cradek> pcw_home: > To manually control the stepper motor, both of the standard and professional drivers have been equipped with the display panel and control pad
[12:54:10] <cradek> no software that's remotely like mach expects this kind of stuff
[12:54:16] <pcw_home> Yeah ont know how the jog buttons are muxed in
[12:54:27] <pcw_home> don't know
[12:54:50] <cradek> it has its own tool setting!?
[12:55:12] <pcw_home> what a weird hybrid
[12:55:19] <cradek> (in one place the auction says 36v and in another place 48v)
[12:55:26] <cradek> err 45
[12:55:38] <cradek> oh also 48
[12:55:41] * cradek shrugs
[12:55:58] <danilochka> Well, I need a prebuilt style like that one
[12:56:20] <skunkworks_> get a gecko g540
[12:56:26] <cradek> style of box is not a good way to decide what to buy
[12:56:33] * cradek points at skunkworks_
[12:57:02] <pcw_home> Or a MX3660
[12:57:06] <skunkworks_> or leadshine leadshine mx3660
[12:57:11] <skunkworks_> heh
[12:57:41] <danilochka> mx3660 is only 3 motor
[12:57:59] <pcw_home> mx4660
[12:57:59] <skunkworks_> m4660
[12:58:06] <pcw_home> Ha!
[12:58:11] <skunkworks_> darn it!
[12:59:00] <danilochka> err.. that's not expensive at all
[12:59:09] <skunkworks_> (I would lean towards the leadshine... Just because gecko leaves a bad taste in my mouth)
[12:59:59] <cradek> danilochka: what about when you consider buying this ebay one first and then the leadshine... :-/
[13:00:01] <skunkworks_> (and I really couldn't tell you why_
[13:00:19] <cradek> danilochka: ... even if your time is free
[13:00:30] <danilochka> I still don't understand why a tb6600 would not work, it was recommended to me from this channel
[13:01:32] <cradek> there may be other setups using those driver chips that would be appropriate, especially if your machine/motors are small
[13:01:59] <cradek> but this one with the display and its own jogging controls and tool setting and lordknowswhat is not it
[13:02:05] <danilochka> cradek: It is a very small cnc, maybe 1' x 1' I havn't measured
[13:02:20] <pcw_home> If you get a TB6600 board, (which should be OK with those little motors)
[13:02:20] <danilochka> like actual bed size, not the entire machine
[13:02:21] <pcw_home> I would get a simple one without the display/keyboard
[13:02:31] <cradek> what I hear over and over about the 6600 drivers is they have broken idle-down stuff and they tend to just blow up
[13:02:43] <danilochka> pcw_home: How come?
[13:03:11] <danilochka> My original question however remains, what power supply do I need?
[13:03:28] <cradek> this is old but might be interesting: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TB6560
[13:05:13] <danilochka> Do I go as seller recommended? 12V 10A?
[13:05:50] <pcw_home> that would be very slow
[13:06:03] <danilochka> 24V 10A?
[13:06:16] <pcw_home> is the a real voltage spec on the driver?
[13:06:16] <danilochka> Like I said, it is a small CNC
[13:06:19] <gregcnc> what is the existing power supply?
[13:06:37] <danilochka> Existing is unknown, nothing is stated on the power supply
[13:06:44] <danilochka> its some chinese cheap assembly
[13:06:45] <cradek> 3rd time: as much voltage as the *driver chips* can handle (with a bit of safety margin)
[13:06:50] <gregcnc> measurs it?
[13:07:04] <danilochka> gregcnc: Have not
[13:07:14] <cradek> those data chip sheets say 50v absolute max, 42v recommended operating condition
[13:07:24] <danilochka> cradek: I do not know how much they can handle
[13:07:24] <cradek> er, chip's datasheet
[13:07:43] <gregcnc> if all you want to do is duplicate performance, you don't need any more voltage than there was before
[13:07:44] <cradek> I just googled the chip number you told me and picked the first link
[13:08:01] <danilochka> gregcnc: Lol, never saw performance, the chinese junk never worked
[13:09:49] <danilochka> cradek: You mean the 6600 can handle 42V?
[13:12:22] <pcw_home> it also depends on other parts, and quality of the PCB design,
[13:12:24] <pcw_home> so you really want a max voltage spec from the manufacturer
[13:12:35] <danilochka> "12~24V DC power supply for Nema 17 stepper motors"
[13:12:47] <danilochka> I will go with 24V 10A
[13:14:16] <pcw_home> sounds safe (12V would be quite slow) 36V maybe too close to the smokeline
[13:15:10] <danilochka> pcw_home: What about watts?
[13:15:20] <danilochka> pcw_home: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/DC24V-400W-16-7A-Switching-Power-Supply-115V-230V-3D-Printer-CNC-Kit-Stepper-/331399603709?hash=item4d28f4a5fd:g:d3YAAOSwkNZUev5N
[13:16:37] <pcw_home> way bigger than needed
[13:16:49] <danilochka> pcw_home: The wattage>
[13:18:19] <danilochka> pcw_home: Plus, their price range is around the same with some having less or more expensive shipping
[13:19:02] <pcw_home> OK so its more than enough
[13:19:38] <danilochka> pcw_home: What do you recommend?
[13:20:05] <pcw_home> If you want reliable, use a passive supply
[13:21:09] <danilochka> pcw_home: I mean the wattage
[13:23:48] <danilochka> pcw_home: Even if its more than enough, that's fine if he wants an upgrade
[13:27:56] <danilochka> anyway, im going with it
[14:50:27] <Polymorphism> maybe I need a 3d printer
[14:52:00] <jdh> buy one
[14:56:13] <Polymorphism> talking to some people about it now
[14:56:24] <Polymorphism> lots to learn about
[14:59:35] <Tom_itx> get a 3d metal printer
[15:00:25] <CaptHindsight> build one, just don't blow yourself up real good
[15:13:52] <Polymorphism> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8sT8ESfjrg
[15:17:22] <_methods> https://blog.vellumatlanta.com/2016/05/04/apple-stole-my-music-no-seriously/
[15:17:28] <_methods> gotta love apple
[15:17:52] <Polymorphism> https://imgur.com/a/iwCds#HKcQS8T
[15:30:27] <CaptHindsight> saw that article....
[15:31:03] <CaptHindsight> we discovered ~10 years ago that Apple would delete music files when you would change music devices
[15:31:36] <CaptHindsight> good thing we had mp3 backup copies
[15:32:24] <Wolf_> I keep offline backups of everything I put on my mac…
[15:35:35] <neckro23> I like my Apple toys but iTunes is literally the worst
[15:38:43] <_methods> i just hope they finish their spaceship before they totally run apple back into the dirt so it can be a cool as monument to their stupidity
[15:38:54] <_methods> s/as/ass
[15:39:26] <CaptHindsight> my kids got a few ipods as gifts
[15:39:38] <CaptHindsight> i gave up on Apple in the late 80's
[15:39:50] <_methods> apple IIe was my last apple product
[15:40:12] <_methods> with MOTHERF'N dual disk drives
[15:40:18] <_methods> like a bawse
[15:41:08] <CaptHindsight> all my software wouldn't work after they shifted from 68k to PPC
[15:41:12] <_methods> http://d2ydh70d4b5xgv.cloudfront.net/images/d/e/vintage-apple-iie-computer-2s2064-duodisk-dual-floppy-disk-drive-a9m0108-3b4619c6d69cad3a22977ddc8136c7c4.jpg
[15:41:14] <_methods> booom
[15:42:12] <_methods> had that amber monochrome monitor man
[15:54:30] <Polymorphism> http://www.ebay.com/itm/40W-USB-Laser-Engraving-Cutting-Machine-Engraver-Cutter-W-Cooling-Fan-/281748993460?hash=item41998c75b4:g:m-4AAOSwyQtVpKfD
[15:54:42] <Polymorphism> what a price
[15:55:50] <XXCoder> pretty cheap
[15:55:58] <XXCoder> 100% chance you need to fix something
[15:56:02] <XXCoder> and tuneup whole thing
[15:58:08] <XXCoder> lol "Resetting Positioning: Ł0.0004 in (0.01mm)"
[15:58:18] <XXCoder> guess I gonna pay each time it resets position ;)
[15:58:46] <XXCoder> not much, unless it means each 0.01 mm on way to home ;)
[15:58:49] <Polymorphism> xD
[15:59:16] <XXCoder> Power Consumption: Ł250W HELL NO
[15:59:20] <XXCoder> 250 each watt?
[16:03:28] <Polymorphism> haha
[16:03:34] <Polymorphism> the videos of it look decent I was surprised
[16:03:48] <XXCoder> from what i hear it does work well
[16:03:58] <XXCoder> once you do maintance and fix broken stuff
[16:27:02] <Polymorphism> these t-slot acrylic + wood enclosures really dont look bad
[16:27:07] <Polymorphism> the laser engraved text is razor sharp
[16:30:15] <malcom2073> Heh damn, these shitlasers are getting cheap
[16:31:53] <malcom2073> I imaigne that they're finding new ways to cut corners
[16:31:56] <Polymorphism> http://support.ponoko.com/entries/20344437-laser-cut-project-box-tutorial
[16:32:02] <Polymorphism> malcom2073, thats what I'm saying, the price shocked me
[16:32:10] <Polymorphism> and the ebay videos say its actually pretty good
[16:32:33] <Polymorphism> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hb7lgPF7Fms
[16:32:35] <Polymorphism> 8mm solid cherry
[16:33:39] <malcom2073> Lol ebay videos would :)
[16:34:24] <Deejay> gn8
[16:35:08] <Polymorphism> I meant to say youtube, not sure why I said ebay @_@
[16:35:13] <Polymorphism> xD
[16:36:52] <malcom2073> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO23e4QBohs
[16:37:03] <malcom2073> Some guy having fun with laser alignment, one of the many things you have to dowhen you get the machine before you use it :-P
[16:37:23] <Polymorphism> ty for the link
[16:37:26] <Polymorphism> I do need to be realistic about this
[16:37:34] <Polymorphism> still, its cheap
[16:37:35] <malcom2073> You do. You get what you pay for
[16:37:43] <malcom2073> If you want a reliable laser: $3k+
[16:37:51] <malcom2073> If you spend $350 on a laser, you'll get a $350 laser heh
[16:38:52] <Polymorphism> maybe that will be good enough for my needs, I could buy 10 of them before I reached the cost of the of the pro option
[16:39:10] <Polymorphism> I just dont want to get blinded
[16:49:38] <Polymorphism> http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:230888
[16:49:46] <Polymorphism> this type of enclosure makes me think a 3d printer would work better for me
[16:49:55] <Polymorphism> that would be difficult + expensive to mill with cnc I think
[16:50:01] <Polymorphism> maybe even impossible for the cover?
[17:07:48] <malcom2073> It's designed to be 3d printed, not milled
[17:13:46] <CaptHindsight> malcom2073: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr here's a box of hammers
[17:14:52] <malcom2073> CaptHindsight: Nails, Nails EVERYWHERE!
[17:15:38] <CaptHindsight> to hit yourself in the head when you're bored or there are no stupid questions to answer
[17:19:31] <_methods> hahah
[17:20:08] <JT-Shop> lol I can get a new ignition switch for my 60 year old tractor on amazon
[17:42:05] <Polymorphism> wtf
[17:42:07] <Polymorphism> linux crash
[17:42:15] <Polymorphism> I couldnt even switch to another terminal
[17:42:27] <Polymorphism> not the OS really
[17:42:29] <Polymorphism> just the gui
[17:42:31] <Polymorphism> but still, my tabs =S
[17:42:39] <Polymorphism> my research....
[17:42:47] <Polymorphism> there was time now...
[17:43:07] <Polymorphism> it was because I tried to open diablo 2 using wine, something went terribly wrong
[17:43:47] <Polymorphism> my lvl 99 useast nl hammerdin I've been diligently maintaining for a decade is going to expire!!!
[17:44:25] <Polymorphism> currently deciding between CNC, 3d Printer, or Laser cutter
[17:44:29] <Polymorphism> budget 3k
[17:44:41] <Polymorphism> I've had to go back to the basics
[17:44:45] <Polymorphism> and look at what I want my enclosures to be
[17:44:51] <Polymorphism> and then I will pick the tool that can do that for me
[18:05:37] <malcom2073> Lol
[18:05:46] <malcom2073> 3k doesn't buy you much in any of the three categories
[18:07:28] <archivist> this is going to take longer than The Forsyte Saga
[18:25:19] <andypugh> I now have the lathe jogging :-)
[18:25:40] <Sync> neat
[18:26:03] <malcom2073> Sweet, maybe now it'll lose some of that weight it gained over christmas
[18:27:24] <andypugh> There was a bit of a head-scratching hour or so while I tried to figure out the motor commutation. (resolver has 6 wires, motor has 3, so there are 128 diferent ways to wire the system…
[18:28:20] <andypugh> Then I eventually found out that the problem was with that one motor wire had come disconnected inside the apron…
[18:28:39] <PCW> that will make it run lumpy
[18:28:59] <andypugh> Yes, but still allowed it to run-away sometimes…
[18:29:53] <andypugh> But I was judging the commutation numbers on whther it would start by itself in both directions at 0.1A.
[18:31:32] <Sync> oh yeah tweaking the magnetic offset really helped my x axis motor to do some work
[18:32:16] <Sync> from http://sync-hv.de/projects/3phase_troller/xachse2.mp4 to http://sync-hv.de/projects/3phase_troller/xachse3.mp4
[18:35:44] <zeeshan|2> sync nice
[18:36:21] <Sync> MOAR to come
[18:36:33] <zeeshan|2> pics of faro arm? :D
[18:36:38] <Sync> 1sec
[18:37:53] <andypugh> I was _amazed_ how fast my X-axis moved when it ran away. I might need to work out what the max motor speed is and look at the software commutation theoretical limit.
[18:40:38] <Polymorphism> can you control the path the tool enters
[18:40:49] <Polymorphism> i.e if I'm milling split body aluminum enclosures upside down
[18:40:53] <Polymorphism> I can only enter from the open ends
[18:40:58] <Polymorphism> the sides the tool wont clear possibly
[18:41:06] <Polymorphism> so I would need it to only enter and exit the work zone via the open ends
[18:42:11] <Sync> yes, your cam will do that
[18:42:57] <archivist> if the user drives the cam correctly
[19:06:26] <Duc> Polymorphism: Did you select the router yet
[19:07:13] <malcom2073> Duc: He's down to a decision between 3 routers, 2 lasers, and 4 3d printers.
[19:07:18] <Polymorphism> Duc, I'm looking into 3d printers and laser cutters as well now
[19:07:23] <Polymorphism> just one laser, for now
[19:07:27] <Polymorphism> as an option
[19:07:35] <malcom2073> I mean 2 different
[19:07:37] <malcom2073> not 2 at once
[19:07:41] <Polymorphism> xD
[19:07:42] <malcom2073> And I was being sarcastic
[19:07:43] <malcom2073> :-P
[19:07:46] <Duc> just saying 4k would get a awesome router and you can ship by Fastenal
[19:07:50] <Polymorphism> you're right though
[19:08:03] <Polymorphism> what you said was oddly correct
[19:08:58] <Duc> which one
[19:11:14] <Polymorphism> I'm debating between about 4 3d printers, 1 laser really, and 3 routers
[19:11:31] <Polymorphism> xzero raptor mini, 6040 ebay, omio x6-2200l, shapeoko3
[19:11:37] <Polymorphism> 40w chinese laser cutter $350
[19:11:48] <Polymorphism> and 3d printers from $500-2500
[19:11:51] <Polymorphism> and whats interesting is....
[19:11:54] <Polymorphism> depending how I decide
[19:11:56] <Polymorphism> I could get all 3.
[19:12:05] <Polymorphism> and I'm hearing no one can totally replace another
[19:12:07] <malcom2073> The less you pay, the more elbow grease you'll have to put in
[19:12:15] <Polymorphism> thats also my concern
[19:12:22] <Polymorphism> and possibly the less capabilities the units will have
[19:12:27] <malcom2073> So buy the raptor, and be done with it
[19:12:27] <Polymorphism> if I stretch the budget too thin across all 3
[19:13:29] <BeachBumPete> .
[19:13:34] <Duc> yea....
[19:16:45] <Polymorphism> I'm looking at example enclosures produced by all 3 machines
[19:16:53] <Polymorphism> and seeing which one might work best for my requirements
[19:18:07] <Polymorphism> https://netninja.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/probe.png
[19:18:10] <Polymorphism> with the t-slot nut method
[19:18:19] <Polymorphism> they seem quite viable
[19:18:41] <Polymorphism> I would be more limited as to how I mount internally the boards etc
[19:18:46] <Polymorphism> but thats an issue with cnc as well
[19:18:51] <Polymorphism> and barely an issue with 3d printer
[19:19:26] <Duc> you are really over thinking this
[19:26:48] <Polymorphism> is there a laser cutting channel
[19:29:16] <malcom2073> There's a google groups for that cheapie chinese laser where people detail out their retrofits to make them actually work
[19:31:27] <jdh> the cheap one plus upgrades costs as much as the less cheap one with normal controller
[19:31:38] <CaptHindsight> he needs some soft things to play with, he's only going to hurt himself and others with power tools
[19:32:00] <jdh> lasers are good for that. and usb only
[19:33:54] <Polymorphism> I can't believe they have to spend that much to get them working
[19:33:58] <Polymorphism> I saw some youtube videos
[19:34:00] <Polymorphism> do you have a link?
[19:34:07] <Duc> maybe he needs to build a Lego router
[19:34:09] <malcom2073> Didn't save it
[19:34:32] <Duc> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf6mWQ8QreA
[19:40:02] <Polymorphism> I've seen that during my research, its cool =D
[19:43:02] <enleth> jdh: to be honest, *if* you have experience with serious machinery, you can turn a chinese laser into something half-decent for much less than a non-chinese tube costs alone
[19:49:03] <jdh> I meant a less sucky chinese laser
[19:52:14] <Polymorphism> https://netninja.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/probe.png laser cut enclosures do look nice
[19:52:22] <Polymorphism> https://blog.adafruit.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/1-5.jpg
[19:52:57] <Polymorphism> http://www.built-to-spec.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/light-pipe-2.jpg
[19:53:03] <Polymorphism> this could work for me, potentially
[19:53:25] <Polymorphism> no pcb solution but its cheap
[19:58:39] <pink_vampire> hi
[20:00:42] <Duc> wohoo one of my old bridgeport motor sold on ebay for 90 dollars
[20:01:05] <pink_vampire> Duc: too cheap?
[20:01:51] <Duc> pink_vampire: the motors are 30 years old. new stepper motors are alot better
[20:02:15] <Polymorphism> lol
[20:02:18] <Polymorphism> nicely done
[20:03:39] <enleth> Duc: why not servos?
[20:04:56] <pink_vampire> anyone here know about a design for small shredder
[20:05:36] <pink_vampire> I need that have the ability to control the side
[20:05:54] <Duc> enleth: these were the original stepper motors from the boss 5. I installed new yaskawa servo motors on the mill
[20:08:43] <enleth> ah, ok, misunderstood you
[20:10:59] <Duc> I thought I would be throwing the motors away
[20:13:12] <Polymorphism> http://blog.ponoko.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/heartcase3.jpg
[20:13:21] <Polymorphism> that looks nice for labeling + cutouts
[20:15:33] <Duc> crap I didnt put the correct shipping cost
[20:15:46] <Duc> motor doesnt fit in a large usps shipping box
[20:18:34] <pink_vampire> What is the acronym for HAL?
[20:19:53] <pink_vampire> malcom2073: ^
[20:20:06] <BeachBumPete> that IS the acronym no? ;)
[20:20:15] <BeachBumPete> Hardware abstract layer
[20:21:19] <pink_vampire> BeachBumPete: Thanks, yeah, meant to say - what does HAL stands for?
[20:24:09] <malcom2073> What he said heh
[20:24:42] <malcom2073> Also, Heuristically programmed Algorithmic computer
[20:25:03] <BeachBumPete> or the HAL9000
[20:30:41] <Polymorphism> cnc - best looking, strongest result. 3d printer - easiest to design for, easy to customize the part. laser cutter - cheapest, tricky to design for, unique look
[20:31:53] <malcom2073> Polymorphism: Ignoring the entirely different design principles for the products you're creating on them.... suare.
[20:33:13] <Duc> at what point do we ask if he is just trolling
[20:33:46] <jdh> last month
[20:33:53] <malcom2073> He's pulling a shaun413 I think. Not intentionally trolling... just unwittingly doing so
[20:35:58] <Duc> guess I missed that trolling
[20:42:42] <RootB_n> hello linuxCNC
[20:42:45] <RootB_n> anyone here a machinist?
[20:42:56] <gregcnc> 1 or 2 of us
[20:42:58] <RootB_n> I need a part made
[20:43:17] <RootB_n> and I'll pay for it, I cant get it since my CNC is offline
[20:43:36] <gregcnc> do you have a print?
[20:43:52] <RootB_n> Uhm, I'm trying to get this part made
[20:43:57] <RootB_n> https://improbable-construct.myshopify.com/products/shapeoko-2-mid-span-support
[20:44:17] <RootB_n> I sent an e-mail to the guy, he said he's not making them anymore and told me to F-off and that he wouldn't send me the CAD file
[20:48:40] <Duc> plasma table would do that part easy
[20:48:46] <gregcnc> those are plastic?
[20:48:51] <RootB_n> metal
[20:48:57] <RootB_n> prob al
[20:49:01] <RootB_n> u
[20:50:48] <RootB_n> so any of you guys can make it for me?
[20:50:54] <gregcnc> drill press and a file will give you one of those
[20:51:07] <pink_vampire> what is "addf"?
[20:51:21] <RootB_n> Ok, so you pretty much claim i can make it myself?
[20:53:59] <gregcnc> that's how I would do it if I didn't have a mill available
[20:57:28] <BeachBumPete> I might add that if you are planning to roll your own Shapeoko or whatever it is called there are probably better machines to emulate... but I am no expert in tabletop CNC routers :D
[20:58:10] <RootB_n> Oh i know
[20:58:13] <RootB_n> but this is the machine i own
[20:58:20] <RootB_n> These are actually mid span support for the rails
[20:58:37] <BeachBumPete> ah OK
[21:40:08] <pcw_home> addf adds a function to a thread
[21:40:10] <pcw_home> Typically to use a LinuxCNC component
[21:40:12] <pcw_home> you must load it (loadrt for realtime)
[21:40:13] <pcw_home> and add its function(s) to the desired thread(s)