#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-05-03

[00:00:16] <pink_vampire> http://pastebin.ca/3589108
[00:00:37] <pink_vampire> I have a problem in line 9
[00:04:54] <pink_vampire> ktchk: ^
[00:07:33] <ktchk> Yes the file is uploaded
[00:08:04] <ktchk> the line is tool change
[00:08:48] <ktchk> tool 6 6mmdia
[00:12:39] <ktchk> linuxcnc has a tool table editor under "file"
[00:20:45] <pink_vampire> is there a way to tell linux cnc to ignore it?
[00:21:07] <pink_vampire> or I have to set it?
[00:21:36] <ktchk> no way but put a tool 6 in the table will make it work
[00:22:32] <pink_vampire> if i remove the line from the Gcode it will be ok?
[00:23:51] <ktchk> Linuxcnc need the tool size to compensate the path
[00:24:20] <pink_vampire> but I want the computer to do it
[00:25:18] <ktchk> hhekscnc can generate both kinds of path computer compensate or linuxcnc compensate
[00:26:37] <pink_vampire> I never worked with heekscnc
[00:27:22] <pink_vampire> hsm is fully integrated to my solidworks that I have anyway.
[00:29:56] <ktchk> but linuxcnc can generate stepconf with out the tool notification at option page
[00:30:41] <pink_vampire> how I'm do that?
[00:31:46] <pink_vampire> after the reboot all the setting that I did just GONE!!
[00:31:52] <pink_vampire> WTF!!!
[00:34:13] <ktchk> use stepconf to generate linuxcnc, page "option" will ask "onscreen promt...." uncheck it will generate "axis" not asking you to put tool so and so into the spindle
[00:34:16] <pink_vampire> ktchk: do you know how can I save the settings in linux cnc??
[00:34:45] <pink_vampire> it's just deleted all the time.
[00:35:28] <ktchk> did you yse the stepconf wizard to make the axis.ngc?
[00:35:54] <ktchk> not yse but use
[00:36:27] <pink_vampire> I dont know what is "axis.ngc" but I did the test with the jitter, and i did the conf.
[00:37:05] <ktchk> the conf means stepconf wizard?
[00:37:20] <pink_vampire> and then I power off the computer, and now I power it on, and all the settings are gone.
[00:38:05] <ktchk> stepconf will put a linuxcnc icon on the table
[00:38:18] <ktchk> desktop
[00:38:22] <pink_vampire> yes, I saw it.
[00:38:30] <pink_vampire> but now it's gone.
[00:39:36] <pink_vampire> and without the usb stick I'm getting the xp
[00:40:45] <ktchk> usb xp linuxcnc works under linux! you are using a simulation version
[00:40:51] <djdelorie> pink: did you boot a live image, or install it?
[00:40:59] <renesis> wait you are booting from a livecd?
[00:41:07] <pink_vampire> no no
[00:41:13] <pink_vampire> it's a usb stick
[00:41:21] <pink_vampire> 16gb or 8gb
[00:41:26] <renesis> right but youre booting from it and running a live image
[00:41:34] <pink_vampire> and I'm use it live
[00:41:47] <renesis> those usually run from ram unless you specifically mount a non volatile partition
[00:41:55] <pink_vampire> the first option.
[00:42:34] <djdelorie> you're on step 3 - "Boot the Live system to test out LinuxCNC."
[00:42:41] <pink_vampire> I want to cry.
[00:42:44] <djdelorie> you need to do step 4 - "Boot the Installer to install LinuxCNC."
[00:42:45] <ktchk> the debian 8 linuxcnc can work live
[00:43:08] <renesis> like, linuxcnc might have some special sauce to update the config on the usb stick, but typically you jusr run from a ramdisk /home dir
[00:43:15] <pink_vampire> so, to run it all over again?
[00:43:25] <renesis> you need to actually install it
[00:43:30] <pink_vampire> ok.
[00:43:33] <pink_vampire> one sec
[00:43:42] <pink_vampire> let me load it again
[00:43:46] * djdelorie considers it a bug that it lets you get that far without saving it to the stick
[00:44:10] <djdelorie> but live-test-then-install seems to be the standard these days
[00:44:33] <djdelorie> at least you know it works, and your previous install (mach3) wasn't affected...
[00:44:40] <renesis> dunno, live boots should be volatile unless user explicity makes it otherwise
[00:45:48] <ktchk> what live usb?
[00:45:53] <djdelorie> linuxcnc
[00:46:03] <renesis> any liveboot, just because thats whats expected
[00:46:19] <ktchk> which version debian or ubntu
[00:46:20] <renesis> its not running from the usb, its running from mem
[00:46:44] <djdelorie> no reason why they can't detect a r/w usb stick and at least save config stuff there
[00:47:23] <renesis> it should be made clear and explicit that the install media is being overwrititen with non default configurations
[00:48:05] <djdelorie> or store that temporary but not volatile information somewhere other than the installation data
[00:48:11] <renesis> it shouldnt just be automatic, you should be able to use the install media over and over on different systems and have it use the same config
[00:48:12] <djdelorie> lots of options that don't just throw away all your work without warning
[00:48:48] <renesis> sure, but the default should be volatile and leave the usb stick untouched
[00:49:16] <renesis> if you want to run from the usb media, install to the usb media
[00:49:17] <pink_vampire> i'm getting unreadable green / white text on the top of the screen
[00:50:02] <djdelorie> no reason why you can't do both - preserve live data across sessions and offer a pristine install image
[00:50:11] <djdelorie> I'm only arguing against being volatile without sufficient warning
[00:50:29] <djdelorie> pink got no warning, hence the problems.
[00:50:34] <renesis> i guess you can warn, but thats what a linux live boot environment is
[00:50:55] <djdelorie> I've seen it done both ways, I wouldn't say that's what it "is". It's just one option.
[00:51:05] <renesis> pink didnt read or understand instructions, hence the problems
[00:52:04] <djdelorie> Fedora live images preserve data across boots, for example.
[00:53:46] <ktchk> no fedora linuxcnc need RTAI kernel
[00:53:50] <pink_vampire> WTF
[00:53:58] <djdelorie> well, yeah, I'm annoyed about that too ;-)
[00:54:00] <pink_vampire> I'm getting red error
[00:54:19] <pink_vampire> incorrecrt cd-rom detected
[00:54:37] <pink_vampire> it is all over the screen
[00:54:44] <djdelorie> pink: is this your windows boot, or the usb stick?
[00:54:54] <pink_vampire> usb stick
[00:55:41] <djdelorie> perhaps it's good that you haven't installed yet, then - you can still boot your old setup and at least have a working machine
[00:55:56] <djdelorie> try again when the regular crew is here to assist
[01:03:23] <pink_vampire> I'm trying to make the usb stick again.
[01:03:40] <pink_vampire> and also my BF try to help me.
[01:04:23] <ktchk> debian 8 need linux to dd copy the iso
[01:05:10] <pink_vampire> I have windows 7
[01:05:56] <ktchk> the latest linuxcnc iso is debian 8 RTAI
[01:06:17] <ktchk> look into linuxcnc.org
[01:07:08] <pink_vampire> I'm trying something called unetbootin
[01:10:53] <ktchk> goto linuxcnc.org and read the page
[01:12:09] <pink_vampire> I also printed it.
[01:12:13] <pink_vampire> on paper.
[01:16:52] <ktchk> watch it writing to CD is different with write to usb device. CD can not be written.
[01:18:15] <ktchk> hybrid iso is not so friendly
[01:18:29] <pink_vampire> I can burn is to a cd
[01:19:05] <ktchk> but no save of config file
[01:19:07] <pink_vampire> but I don't have a dvd media.
[01:19:27] <pink_vampire> and I don't have a dvd reader
[01:19:59] <pink_vampire> is there a way to installed from the "live"?
[01:20:10] <ktchk> yes dd
[01:21:00] <pink_vampire> I mean usb stick > load linux cnc live > then install linux cnc to the computer.
[01:21:14] <ktchk> boot live usb download the file and use dd command to build a usb
[01:21:15] <pink_vampire> can I do something like that?
[01:21:57] <pink_vampire> but if the live work, I can't use it??
[01:22:18] <ktchk> is it the debian version?
[01:22:21] <pink_vampire> I can't just install it from the live os??
[01:22:28] <pink_vampire> yes
[01:22:56] <pink_vampire> linuxcnc-2.7-wheezy.iso
[01:23:16] <ktchk> at boot you can select live or install
[01:24:15] <pink_vampire> I see that, but the live work. and the "install" give me errors.
[01:24:50] <ktchk> you can work with windows 7 but duel boot windows and linux
[01:25:33] <ktchk> use partition magic to split the hd into 2 parts one for windows one for linux
[01:25:35] <pink_vampire> I have 2 computer
[01:25:42] <pink_vampire> one is this one
[01:26:11] <pink_vampire> with windows7, solidworks
[01:26:26] <pink_vampire> the other one run mach3 and xp
[01:26:51] <pink_vampire> I download the iso file on this computer (win7)
[01:27:07] <ktchk> windows first then linux will install to the 2nd half and a grub boot page to select which os to boot
[01:27:10] <pink_vampire> and I load it to the usb with unetbootin.
[01:29:26] <ktchk> can you boot into a usb linux?
[01:29:33] <pink_vampire> yes
[01:29:40] <pink_vampire> but just to the "live"
[01:30:03] <ktchk> the live boot will have a dd command
[01:30:06] <pink_vampire> the install just freeze
[01:30:25] <ktchk> that is why use dd
[01:30:56] <ktchk> use the terminal nd call the dd command
[01:31:03] <ktchk> nd and
[01:33:04] <pink_vampire> my bf try to get dvd device
[01:33:26] <ktchk> still no saving of config files
[01:33:44] <ktchk> it will work under memory
[01:36:05] <ktchk> desktop or portable?
[01:36:12] <pink_vampire> ok. I have DVD device
[01:37:01] <ktchk> can not write the config file to DVD
[01:39:08] <pink_vampire> I did the dvd with linuxcnc.org program
[01:39:25] <pink_vampire> from here
[01:39:26] <pink_vampire> http://infrarecorder.org/
[01:40:22] <ktchk> yes ok you can live and test or install, but after switch off config file will not be saved
[02:13:56] <Deejay> moin
[02:17:08] <pink_vampire> even with DVD I'm getting the same thing.
[02:17:28] <pink_vampire> live work, install - errors.
[02:17:39] <pink_vampire> ktchk: ^
[02:17:43] <pink_vampire> hi Deejay
[02:18:06] <ktchk> install what is wrong?
[02:19:04] <pink_vampire> just freeze
[02:19:43] <pink_vampire> and the display look with unreadable text on the top.
[02:19:56] <pink_vampire> or small pixels
[02:20:23] <ktchk> select install with text only
[02:20:52] <pink_vampire> I allready did it
[02:21:05] <pink_vampire> there is 3 install options
[02:21:19] <pink_vampire> graphics, text, fail safe
[02:21:32] <pink_vampire> all of them just freeze
[02:22:42] <ktchk> if live is working fail safe would work also
[02:22:58] <pink_vampire> but it's not.
[02:23:26] <ktchk> see if there is an installer under live
[02:24:22] <ktchk> try a dvd with slow writing speed
[02:26:05] <pink_vampire> I'm all the tme use the slowest speed
[02:26:38] <ktchk> the boot selection have a media test?
[02:27:27] <pink_vampire> i'm in the fail safe install
[02:28:09] <pink_vampire> and I have blue screen an gray line on the bottom.
[02:28:41] <pink_vampire> now it blink
[02:28:51] <ktchk> you have another display card?
[02:29:03] <pink_vampire> no
[02:29:09] <pink_vampire> it is on board
[02:29:17] <pink_vampire> it a dell desktop
[02:30:53] <pink_vampire> I did a reboot
[02:30:56] <pink_vampire> again
[02:31:19] <pink_vampire> where is the "media test"?
[02:31:30] <pink_vampire> under advanced?
[02:31:44] <ktchk> older iso have
[02:32:06] <pink_vampire> I have hardware detection tool
[02:32:17] <pink_vampire> and memory diagnostic tool
[02:32:33] <ktchk> hardware detection?
[02:32:45] <pink_vampire> ok
[02:32:51] <pink_vampire> let me see
[02:33:02] <pink_vampire> i have a blue menu
[02:33:21] <pink_vampire> it's just let you know the hardware
[02:33:28] <pink_vampire> what cpu,
[02:33:30] <pink_vampire> ram
[02:33:37] <pink_vampire> stuff like that
[02:33:54] <ktchk> xwindows don't like your dell display gpu
[02:35:21] <ktchk> try the other computer
[02:35:36] <pink_vampire> because it so make sense
[02:36:23] <pink_vampire> the other computer cost me toooo much in hardware and software to "try" stuff on it.
[02:37:16] <ktchk> isatall will not touch your hd until you say write
[02:37:24] <ktchk> install
[02:38:40] <ktchk> see if the installer works under the other computer
[02:39:20] <pink_vampire> it's about 10K$ risk.
[02:39:39] <pink_vampire> I'm not going to even think about that,
[02:40:04] <ktchk> get another video card to the dell
[02:40:21] <pink_vampire> just tell me something.
[02:40:36] <Deejay> hi pink_vampire
[02:41:52] <pink_vampire> the live work perfect, how come the installation don't???
[02:53:05] <pink_vampire> ktchk: ?
[02:56:41] <ktchk> dell is always work with Xwindows what model is your dell
[03:02:45] <pink_vampire> let mee see
[03:03:12] <pink_vampire> dell dimension 4600
[03:03:40] <pink_vampire> ktchk: ^
[03:05:01] <ktchk> you will have extra slots, try add an other video card to see if text will work
[03:06:36] <pink_vampire> but why i need to do it??
[03:06:45] <pink_vampire> if the live work
[03:08:54] <ktchk> live check the card installer check it differently
[03:12:46] <pink_vampire> I can't use it the way the live work??
[03:13:25] <ktchk> possible
[03:13:56] <pink_vampire> ok.
[03:14:07] <pink_vampire> what I need to do to make it happen?
[03:14:20] <ktchk> I call my friend and he do have the same problem
[03:14:32] <ktchk> add a display card
[03:15:23] <pink_vampire> too complicated
[03:15:32] <ktchk> get an old cheap one
[03:15:40] <pink_vampire> let me see
[03:17:06] <pink_vampire> find one
[03:17:08] <pink_vampire> old!
[03:17:20] <pink_vampire> made in usa
[03:17:51] <ktchk> plug it in and test, put the display to the card
[03:18:02] <pink_vampire> trident providia9685
[03:18:25] <ktchk> old cards will work
[03:18:30] <pink_vampire> what do you think?
[03:18:35] <pink_vampire> ok
[03:18:46] <ktchk> try
[03:18:51] <pink_vampire> let me see how to move the computer
[03:19:13] <pink_vampire> it's heavy :(
[03:19:40] <ktchk> my linuxcnc is laptop
[03:19:45] <pink_vampire> on anti fatigue mat
[03:23:29] <pink_vampire|2> soo complicated
[03:23:54] <pink_vampire|2> ktchk: i'm trying
[03:29:01] <pink_vampire|2> ktchk:
[03:29:12] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: yes
[03:29:48] <pink_vampire|2> i pushed the card in to the white thing in the computer
[03:30:29] <pink_vampire|2> and now the screen connect to the vga connector on the new card
[03:31:27] <ktchk> it will take longer time to boot
[03:32:31] <pink_vampire|2> i did now the fail safe install
[03:32:48] <pink_vampire|2> and I'm getting the same issue!'
[03:32:51] <pink_vampire|2> errrrrrrr
[03:33:24] <ktchk> old vga monitor?
[03:34:03] <ktchk> lost sync when display change mode
[03:34:36] <ktchk> switch on and off the monitor
[03:34:56] <pink_vampire|2> the monitor work fine
[03:35:07] <pink_vampire|2> the installation freeze
[03:35:25] <ktchk> see text?
[03:36:00] <pink_vampire|2> now it freeze on the screen "starting up the partitioner"
[03:36:14] <pink_vampire|2> there is a bar and it say 40%
[03:36:20] <pink_vampire|2> and nothing happen.
[03:37:01] <ktchk> your hard disk have no free space
[03:37:55] <pink_vampire|2> what do you mean by that??
[03:38:07] <pink_vampire|2> it's 40gb
[03:38:20] <pink_vampire|2> i need bigger hard drive??
[03:39:07] <ktchk> no 10-15G will be enough
[03:39:20] <ktchk> is it a free partition?
[03:39:40] <pink_vampire|2> I took a pic of the screen
[03:40:04] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/wkPoYJ9.png
[03:40:08] <ktchk> Did you free the hard disk before?
[03:40:51] <pink_vampire|2> I know I had C and D
[03:41:00] <pink_vampire|2> and my BF delete D
[03:41:21] <pink_vampire|2> so I'm sure I have half a disk or more free
[03:41:27] <pink_vampire|2> OMG!!!
[03:41:36] <pink_vampire|2> the screen change!!!!
[03:41:44] <pink_vampire|2> one sec
[03:41:53] <pink_vampire|2> let me take a pic for you
[03:41:56] <ktchk> linux check D
[03:42:45] <pink_vampire|2> I clicked on manual
[03:42:52] <pink_vampire|2> and I have free space
[03:43:27] <ktchk> select to install on it
[03:43:46] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/yN5kD0j.png
[03:44:26] <ktchk> ok you are in
[03:44:37] <pink_vampire|2> ok
[03:44:48] <pink_vampire|2> i'm trying!
[03:45:04] <pink_vampire|2> you are the best here
[03:45:16] <ktchk> you are welcome
[03:49:00] <pink_vampire|2> I did it..
[03:49:14] <Deejay> and now windows is gone! forever! hahahaa *evil laugh*
[03:49:15] <pink_vampire|2> and now it change the screen again
[03:49:37] <pink_vampire|2> it has F only on the swap and the EX4
[03:50:45] <ktchk> auto install is ok
[03:51:28] <ktchk> ex4 is the disk file system format
[03:51:45] <Deejay> ext5
[03:51:49] <Deejay> eh. ext4
[03:52:19] <pink_vampire|2> i did id manual
[03:52:23] <pink_vampire|2> it*
[03:52:37] <pink_vampire|2> one partition is /
[03:52:52] <pink_vampire|2> and the other one is swap
[03:52:58] <pink_vampire|2> the swap is 2gb
[03:53:06] <ktchk> too much
[03:53:08] <pink_vampire|2> anf the / is 45gb
[03:53:22] <ktchk> ok enough
[03:53:36] <pink_vampire|2> this is what the paper say.
[03:53:51] <pink_vampire|2> I have no idea
[03:54:05] <ktchk> my laptop is 9G
[03:54:17] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/uQtjdhx.png
[03:54:32] <pink_vampire|2> now it's 27%
[03:54:46] <ktchk> make tea
[03:55:33] <pink_vampire|2> that is a grate idea
[03:55:40] <pink_vampire|2> do you want also?
[03:55:55] <ktchk> I am having coffee
[03:56:08] <pink_vampire|2> i'm a tea girl :)
[03:56:20] <ktchk> you are in EU?
[03:56:55] <pink_vampire|2> i'm in ny
[03:57:10] <ktchk> ny? where?
[03:57:35] <pink_vampire|2> usa
[03:57:45] <ktchk> I am in hk
[03:58:18] <ktchk> what router?
[03:58:35] <pink_vampire|2> sonicwall
[03:59:18] <ktchk> cnc router
[03:59:34] <pink_vampire|2> lol ok//
[03:59:46] <pink_vampire|2> no it's a milling machine
[03:59:59] <ktchk> Hass?
[04:00:15] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/wWPij14.png
[04:00:24] <pink_vampire|2> no I wish
[04:00:56] <ktchk> I did convert a old bridgeport to work under CNC
[04:01:35] <pink_vampire|2> the machine is inside the home..
[04:02:17] <ktchk> your cnc controller box is under parallel port?
[04:02:41] <pink_vampire|2> yes
[04:02:53] <ktchk> what made?
[04:03:23] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/dbbo2k7.png
[04:03:39] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/HJTGW2L.png
[04:03:48] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/igjLbXF.png
[04:04:00] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/y7iJFq2.png
[04:04:12] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/vgUMiFn.png
[04:04:34] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/sq3g4Yh.png
[04:05:00] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/UBiyjXt.png
[04:05:07] <pink_vampire|2> ktchk: ^
[04:05:17] <ktchk> nice tools but what made is the cnc control box
[04:05:59] <pink_vampire|2> ok you mean were is the cnc control cabinet.
[04:06:41] <ktchk> who make the control box chinese ?
[04:06:52] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/zopeOzP.png
[04:07:24] <pink_vampire|2> let me take a a picture of it now
[04:07:40] <ktchk> stepper or dc motor
[04:10:04] <ktchk> https://www.facebook.com/ProjectOstara/videos/324437181000344/
[04:10:39] <ktchk> that is the milling machine. I am the old one
[04:13:58] <ktchk> linuxcnc can be a good dro use the jog increment of 5 1 .5 .025 mm can place you tool exactly
[04:14:08] <pink_vampire|2> it's finished the installetion
[04:14:16] <pink_vampire|2> but the screen vibrate
[04:15:18] <ktchk> switch off pull the video card out and reboot
[04:15:55] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/i2vTfXc.png
[04:16:08] <Deejay> wtf
[04:16:15] <pink_vampire|2> yes WTF!!
[04:16:51] <ktchk> it is asking for a passwd
[04:17:26] <ktchk> push the auto sync on the monitor
[04:17:33] <pink_vampire|2> I try the passwod
[04:17:40] <pink_vampire|2> did
[04:17:43] <pink_vampire|2> nothing
[04:18:16] <ktchk> on/off the monitor
[04:20:57] <pink_vampire|2> I took the video card out
[04:21:15] <pink_vampire|2> the font now is much smaller
[04:22:00] <ktchk> boot selection
[04:22:21] <pink_vampire|2> the screen look good
[04:22:39] <pink_vampire|2> and after the login
[04:23:38] <pink_vampire|2> it freeze for few minutes and then load the xfce desktop
[04:24:12] <ktchk> cnc stepconf wizard
[04:24:21] <pink_vampire|2> no
[04:24:30] <pink_vampire|2> I need to power it off
[04:24:44] <pink_vampire|2> and put it back in place
[04:26:49] <ktchk> see my address?
[04:31:25] <pink_vampire|2> I see it now
[04:31:33] <pink_vampire|2> is that you?
[04:31:49] <ktchk> contact me if any thing needed
[04:32:23] <ktchk> my latest found is the jog increament as a dro
[04:33:30] <pink_vampire|2> and also, thank you soooooo much for all your help
[04:33:54] <ktchk> saw the video of bridgeport machine
[04:34:20] <pink_vampire|2> you are very special person here
[04:34:50] <pink_vampire|2> I 'm waching it now
[04:35:00] <ktchk> welcome
[04:35:33] <pink_vampire|2> I like the that scrap ball screw as a spacer for the motor capler
[04:35:49] <ktchk> old bridgeport how much in us?
[04:36:25] <pink_vampire|2> from free to 5K$
[04:36:45] <pink_vampire|2> what is the speed of the spindle?
[04:37:40] <ktchk> the one is 5k but lately I put a 24k motor attached
[04:39:16] <ktchk> Chinese 1.5 kw 24k rpm motor with 400Hz vfd is cheap us $320
[04:39:18] <pink_vampire|2> I need to fix my Z axis rails
[04:39:41] <ktchk> linear bearing or ways?
[04:39:46] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/EtZX0s9.png
[04:39:58] <pink_vampire|2> now I have dovetails
[04:40:26] <pink_vampire|2> but I the rails have alot of play..
[04:40:45] <ktchk> inside there must be a slide to adjust the play
[04:41:01] <pink_vampire|2> is all the way.
[04:41:25] <XXCoder> pink_vampire|2: what did you say when you dinged me?
[04:41:28] <pink_vampire|2> the problem is the dovetail cut very poor
[04:41:33] <XXCoder> I just "xxcoder?????"
[04:41:35] <XXCoder> *see
[04:41:46] <Deejay> hi XXCoder
[04:41:54] <pink_vampire|2> I want some help with linux cnc
[04:42:03] <XXCoder> yeah? whats up with it :)
[04:42:12] <pink_vampire|2> mach3 crash the machine very badly.
[04:43:42] <pink_vampire|2> XXCoder: so ktchk help me to install linux cnc,
[04:43:51] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: like the x axis way there is a long slide inside the dovetail
[04:43:56] <pink_vampire|2> he is very nice guy!
[04:44:19] <XXCoder> nice. though what happened? mach3 software crashed and it caused machine to crash tool?
[04:45:07] <pink_vampire|2> ktchk: I know but the issue is the rails are not parallel an very flimsy cut,
[04:45:36] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: linuxcnc can step moving speed on the run with number keys 1-10
[04:45:58] <pink_vampire|2> XXCoder: the cordinate system was 0, the part start at Z-10, and the part end at z-30
[04:46:14] <pink_vampire|2> mach3 send the Z axis to Z-57
[04:46:37] <XXCoder> ow thats ... far
[04:47:44] <pink_vampire|2> ktchk: I need to find a way to send 1 logic to one of the outputs is any of the axis is move
[04:48:17] <pink_vampire|2> XXCoder: yes, the endmill gone, the the collet bent
[04:48:31] <XXCoder> sucks
[04:48:42] <pink_vampire|2> the servo press about half a ton.
[04:49:15] <pink_vampire|2> and the part is scrap
[04:49:39] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: does your parallel port have a 5v supply?
[04:49:46] <pink_vampire|2> yes
[04:50:03] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: dc motor
[04:50:09] <pink_vampire|2> I need to show you and x codder the new panel
[04:51:35] <XXCoder> cool :)
[04:51:52] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/jhsynPH.png
[04:52:02] <pink_vampire|2> it's un finished.
[04:52:20] <XXCoder> fancy setup
[04:52:29] <pink_vampire|2> I need to get 3 more power supplies
[04:52:47] <pink_vampire|2> 4 arduino mega
[04:52:55] <pink_vampire|2> 3 arduino nano
[04:53:39] <pink_vampire|2> and find a way to make the probe working in linux cnc
[04:53:54] <pink_vampire|2> without that, I'm done with this hobby.
[04:54:14] <pink_vampire|2> XXCoder: ktchk^
[04:54:39] <XXCoder> yeah should be possible, though never used probe myself
[04:55:10] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: need a setup to bring the monitor and keyboard near the machine
[04:55:36] <pink_vampire|2> I have
[04:55:49] <XXCoder> I need better place for pc than on floor lol
[04:56:03] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/RXNRYtX.png
[04:56:21] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: the key board can move the tool in 1/1000 of an inch
[04:56:41] <pink_vampire|2> yes.
[04:57:08] <pink_vampire|2> you need to select the increments
[04:57:33] <pink_vampire|2> then each click move it
[04:57:49] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: in the ini file the increments can be change to suit the ball srew
[04:58:07] <pink_vampire|2> but I never need it.
[04:58:13] <XXCoder> ktchk: you can see how my montior is positioned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY7nXzcUI9M lol
[04:58:21] <pink_vampire|2> I have a touch probe
[04:58:38] <pink_vampire|2> and the setup is very easy
[04:59:43] <pink_vampire|2> one of you know how to get a signal if any of the axis move?
[05:01:08] <pink_vampire|2> I need to know if the machine is "moveing"
[05:02:38] <pink_vampire|2> on mach3 I had a brain script that dose it.
[05:02:56] <pink_vampire|2> there is something like that in linux cnc?
[05:03:02] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: stepper control signal "step" is a opt coupler, put another opt to it any signal to the control board will be detected
[05:03:42] <XXCoder> you use servos there should be method to detect that axis isnt moving when it commands it to do so
[05:03:55] <XXCoder> I dont know much about that topic though
[05:04:22] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: linuxcnc wiki have the "hal" signal detect
[05:04:24] <pink_vampire|2> I need it as "move" / "dont move"
[05:05:02] <pink_vampire|2> to get it from the step output is not something that I want to do.
[05:05:34] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: does you motor have breaks
[05:06:07] <pink_vampire|2> it's for the stack light.
[05:06:45] <pink_vampire|2> and I'm going to add brake to the Z axis after the rail upgrade
[05:06:56] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: auto break when no moving signal
[05:07:50] <XXCoder> yeah big machine I use at work has that auto stop when motion is not following command.
[05:08:02] <pink_vampire|2> it's more like solid green if the driver get power, blinking green if the machine move.
[05:08:05] <XXCoder> it was trying to move Y axis but it failed and it stopped and flashes red light
[05:08:13] <XXCoder> "Y axis following error"
[05:09:28] <pink_vampire|2> the red is if the E-stop loog get activated.
[05:09:47] <pink_vampire|2> what activate it, almost anything.
[05:10:45] <pink_vampire|2> all the servo drivers, and energy monitor, temperate, vibration, and more and more
[05:11:22] <pink_vampire|2> there is no something like scripts that you can write for linux cnc,
[05:11:36] <pink_vampire|2> so they run at the backgraund?
[05:12:06] <XXCoder> I have seen people here talk about linuxcnc scripts so I'm sure its possible but thats about extent of my knowloedge too
[05:12:13] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: yes can use ladder logic and make it auto change tools
[05:13:05] <pink_vampire|2> ktchk: I don't need tool changer.
[05:13:16] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: check linuxcnc.org wiki
[05:13:24] <XXCoder> yeah just one of possible scripts
[05:13:32] <pink_vampire|2> just to know if pulses go to the drivers or not.
[05:15:05] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: ask the linuxcnc forum
[05:15:27] <pink_vampire|2> I will try that
[05:15:50] <pink_vampire|2> but for now I need to focuse on the regular stuff
[05:15:59] <pink_vampire|2> to run the gcode
[05:16:01] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: polish people use lnuxcnc for wire machine
[05:16:27] <pink_vampire|2> and solve the issue with the line 9
[05:16:33] <pink_vampire|2> wire edm?
[05:16:42] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: yes
[05:17:16] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: tool table check it
[05:17:38] <pink_vampire|2> I'm working on mini sink edm.
[05:18:15] <pink_vampire|2> I want linux cnc to ignore the tool
[05:18:18] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: the last version of linuxcnc can go backword
[05:18:53] <pink_vampire|2> and let the cam program to do the tool compensation.
[05:18:54] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: the cam can say tool size zero
[05:19:54] <pink_vampire|2> I'm using hsm express
[05:20:11] <pink_vampire|2> and soon I'm going to move to hsm works.
[05:20:41] <pink_vampire|2> it's all depens on how good I will make it work with hsm express
[05:21:46] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoV8UXtLYmE
[05:21:59] <ktchk> edm linuxcnc
[05:22:36] <pink_vampire|2> I know
[05:23:05] <pink_vampire|2> ktchk: http://i.imgur.com/fiPPvNr.png
[05:23:30] <pink_vampire|2> the mini edm sinker that I want to make
[05:24:35] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: big player
[05:24:52] <pink_vampire|2> what do you mean?
[05:25:27] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: I only make small part you are making big tools
[05:25:53] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: is you linuxcnc woring now?
[05:26:05] <pink_vampire|2> no
[05:26:17] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: what is up
[05:26:19] <pink_vampire|2> I need to run the step conf again
[05:38:00] <pink_vampire|2> I did the step conf
[05:47:35] <XXCoder> man
[05:47:53] <XXCoder> pretty unusual way to make worm gear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-HDzN9GAcQ&feature=em-subs_digest
[05:50:40] <pink_vampire|2> how to set the cordinate system in linux cnc?
[05:51:01] <XXCoder> position according then use HOME to set machine zeros
[05:51:17] <XXCoder> then position according to g54 HOME (or whatever coord you using)
[05:51:24] <XXCoder> then set touch off for x, y, z
[05:52:13] <pink_vampire|2> by set you mean??
[05:52:24] <pink_vampire|2> i need to type them?
[05:52:28] <XXCoder> a sec finding screenshot to make sure I got names correctly.
[05:53:20] <XXCoder> look at MANUAL tab
[05:53:28] <XXCoder> there is radio buttons X, Y, Z
[05:53:39] <XXCoder> position according then select axis you want to touch off
[05:53:43] <XXCoder> then click touch off
[05:53:48] <pink_vampire|2> linux cnc show me a "box" out of dashed lines that it's relative to the size of the table.
[05:53:59] <XXCoder> do your machine have limit switches?
[05:54:52] <pink_vampire|2> the "linux cnc default code" is now on the left bottom corner
[05:55:00] <pink_vampire|2> I don't have
[05:55:16] <XXCoder> yeah, then you need to manually set machine home
[05:55:32] <XXCoder> make sure its easy and repeatable method
[05:55:41] <pink_vampire|2> just by click home to each axis?
[05:55:53] <XXCoder> mine it's just all way to left, all way towards myself, all way upwards
[05:56:11] <XXCoder> when its positioned way you want for machine zeros yeah
[05:56:45] <pink_vampire|2> ok
[05:57:02] <pink_vampire|2> so now each axis is on the 0
[05:57:06] <XXCoder> its basically same thing for setting part coord
[05:57:33] <XXCoder> only you set position on that part axis zero, set touch off
[05:57:40] <XXCoder> repeat for other axis
[05:58:00] <pink_vampire|2> now I jog the machine to the cordinate system on the part that I want to cut.
[05:59:44] <pink_vampire|2> XXCoder: ^
[05:59:50] <XXCoder> yeah
[06:00:00] <XXCoder> thought it was what you was doing and not a question heh
[06:01:27] <pink_vampire|2> but the pointer in the screen move the the relative point on the machine BUT the linux cnc code is steel on the left bottom corner.
[06:02:01] <XXCoder> still?
[06:02:16] <pink_vampire|2> yes
[06:02:37] <XXCoder> the dashed box is your entire workspace
[06:02:40] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: set the axis -100 +100 and home 0 the 200 mm box will let you have the machine start in the middle
[06:03:07] <pink_vampire|2> ktchk: it's not the problem
[06:03:21] <XXCoder> got screenshot?
[06:03:26] <pink_vampire|2> yes,
[06:03:27] <XXCoder> its bit hard tp picture
[06:03:29] <pink_vampire|2> one sec
[06:07:31] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/CqmbgiQ.png
[06:07:35] <pink_vampire|2> ^
[06:07:39] <XXCoder> looking
[06:08:32] <XXCoder> your machine home and g54 coord seem to be same place?
[06:08:53] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: machine is not on
[06:10:12] <pink_vampire|2> I power it off one sec before the screenshot
[06:10:57] <pink_vampire|2> the main contactor connected to the E-stop in the parallel port.
[06:11:20] <pink_vampire|2> but the screen was the same just not grayed out.
[06:12:17] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: axis max length 100mm the stepconf set -50 and +50 home 0.
[06:12:39] <pink_vampire|2> it's not the issue.
[06:13:10] <XXCoder> do mach3 use machine home?
[06:13:19] <pink_vampire|2> I want to know how to move the engraving
[06:13:24] <pink_vampire|2> yes.
[06:13:36] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: yes when machine on position the axis in the middle and home each axis
[06:13:52] <XXCoder> pink_vampire|2: its positioned same as it is on your machine
[06:14:08] <pink_vampire|2> ok.
[06:14:10] <pink_vampire|2> look
[06:14:14] <XXCoder> you can drag view aroundzoom in or out, or turn it around
[06:14:41] <XXCoder> I didnt leave mine in good view in my video, I didn't reset the view lol
[06:14:41] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: then position the pointer at work and touch up the logo will move
[06:14:41] <pink_vampire|2> i jog the spindle to some random cordinate on my machine.
[06:15:06] <pink_vampire|2> how I can run the engraving on that point??
[06:15:07] <XXCoder> however the entire path must be within bounding box
[06:15:17] <XXCoder> pink_vampire|2: just set g54 coord there
[06:15:26] <ktchk> touch up
[06:15:37] <pink_vampire|2> what do you mean by "touch up"
[06:15:45] <_methods> touch off
[06:15:45] <ktchk> yes
[06:15:49] <XXCoder> HOME should be place where you can easily set again
[06:15:53] <pink_vampire|2> and by "just set g54 coord there"
[06:16:02] <pink_vampire|2> ok.
[06:16:16] <pink_vampire|2> it's like the 0 on the caliper..
[06:16:17] <XXCoder> while g54 (or whatever part coord you wanna use) should be where part coord should be
[06:16:17] <ktchk> touch off is where g54 goes
[06:16:47] <pink_vampire|2> and HOW i'm doing that???
[06:16:56] <XXCoder> pink_vampire|2: my procure for linuxcnc is pretty simple. jog machine all way to left, all way toward myself, and all way up
[06:17:00] <XXCoder> set HOME there
[06:17:04] <_methods> this is too awesome
[06:17:12] <_methods> too early in the morning for this
[06:17:12] <XXCoder> then jog to part coord point
[06:17:21] <XXCoder> then set TOUCH OFF
[06:17:23] <_methods> pee my pants before i go to work
[06:18:09] <pink_vampire|2> how I set it?? if I click on the touch off button I'm getting a place to type
[06:18:16] <XXCoder> click ok
[06:18:28] <pink_vampire|2> one sec
[06:18:30] <XXCoder> its a way to choose what coord and if it is 0 or some other number
[06:18:36] <pink_vampire|2> let me take a screen shot
[06:18:55] <ktchk> return key
[06:19:11] <_methods> you could just use g10 too
[06:19:25] <_methods> but probably too complicated for you
[06:20:21] <jdh> 'end' brings up the touch-off dialog for the last axis moved
[06:20:34] <archivist> _methods, that idiot with the picture now wants me to quote against that picture!
[06:20:42] <_methods> hahah
[06:20:48] <_methods> customers are insane
[06:20:51] <_methods> i'm pretty sure
[06:20:59] <archivist> unrealistic expectations
[06:21:04] <XXCoder> archivist: customers is not always right website
[06:21:07] <XXCoder> look it up
[06:21:38] <_methods> i have to deal with some whacko customers on friday
[06:21:45] <_methods> not looking forward to it at all either
[06:22:05] <XXCoder> one postive about corp machining, no deal with customer, just machines
[06:22:11] <XXCoder> less money though
[06:22:17] <_methods> making a hood to capture loose fiber escaping from the roll that they cut it off
[06:22:20] <pink_vampire|2> ok.
[06:22:26] <pink_vampire|2> here is the pic
[06:22:34] <pink_vampire|2> I homed the machine
[06:22:39] <pink_vampire|2> then I jog
[06:22:45] <archivist> I hate being in the desperate for work and only idiots for customers position
[06:22:48] <pink_vampire|2> then I press touch off
[06:22:56] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/hnexzSG.png
[06:23:08] <_methods> archivist: yeah we're kinda in that situation at my work now
[06:23:10] <pink_vampire|2> what I need to do next?
[06:23:14] <jdh> hit enter
[06:23:16] <_methods> we're takin stupid stuff
[06:23:18] <ktchk> hit return
[06:23:29] <jdh> unless you are not at your g54 zero
[06:23:34] <XXCoder> pink_vampire|2: look at it, it asks you what position you set, usually 0, and what coord, which is also usually g54
[06:23:43] <XXCoder> I normally just hit enter or click ok
[06:24:30] <jdh> if the code is something I CAM'ed, I generally put in the tool radius instead of 0.0
[06:24:56] <jdh> -radius rather
[06:25:02] <XXCoder> jdh: if its slide in to paper till paper dont move, i usually use rad too
[06:25:30] <XXCoder> though i rather just go up and jog to actual 0. I suck on picturing nesscary - or + lol
[06:25:37] <_methods> you heathens don't use edge finders
[06:25:40] <jdh> or edge-finder radius if I picked up the location
[06:25:44] <_methods> hehe
[06:25:46] <XXCoder> _methods: too expensive for home lol
[06:25:54] <XXCoder> I use mine lots at work
[06:25:54] <jdh> edge finder is $8
[06:26:01] <_methods> big $$$
[06:26:13] <XXCoder> jdh: mine was $34 or so
[06:26:15] <pink_vampire|2> omg
[06:26:19] <XXCoder> very good one
[06:27:12] <jdh> $12 for one that says Mitutoyo
[06:27:22] <XXCoder> mines starret
[06:27:52] <jdh> http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/272171533614
[06:28:07] <XXCoder> jdh: I cant use edge finders oin my machine anyway
[06:28:11] <XXCoder> 27000 rpm
[06:28:13] <XXCoder> boom.
[06:28:25] <jdh> I use a gauge pin on my chinese router
[06:28:38] <XXCoder> yeah I need to buy a gage pin
[06:28:41] <jdh> for z anyway. don't usually care that much on x/y
[06:28:45] <XXCoder> what ya using size-wise
[06:28:54] <jdh> .300
[06:29:02] <XXCoder> Z I just use tool itself
[06:29:06] <XXCoder> and paper
[06:29:09] <jdh> .25 is to small
[06:29:27] <XXCoder> I cant remove tool without losing z anyway so has to use tool itself
[06:29:40] <XXCoder> pink_vampire|2: working?
[06:29:51] <jdh> I use the same 0.125" endmill for almost everything on my router
[06:30:05] <XXCoder> I have a few tools ready lol
[06:30:14] <XXCoder> including TINY 1/16 ball em
[06:30:29] <jdh> I have some of those, but never really use them.
[06:30:37] <XXCoder> that one is actually bit hard to use, my router dont fo down enough, so have to build platform
[06:30:52] <jdh> can't move the spindle in teh mount?
[06:31:06] <XXCoder> nah jdh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY7nXzcUI9M
[06:31:14] <XXCoder> you can see how its set
[06:31:23] <XXCoder> that was yeserday first test run, it failed lol
[06:31:45] <jdh> I have some similar 'clamps
[06:31:49] <XXCoder> you know of any 43 MM spindle? lol
[06:31:52] <XXCoder> real one
[06:32:20] <jdh> nope.
[06:32:29] <XXCoder> yeah doubted it
[06:32:41] <XXCoder> I need 52mm clamp that fits my machine. bahh
[06:32:41] <jdh> sell your router to polymorphuckingmakeupyourmind, buy a bigger one
[06:32:54] <_methods> hahahah
[06:33:01] <XXCoder> lol
[06:33:12] <XXCoder> he reminds me of that lathe guy
[06:33:20] <XXCoder> has tiny apartment, wants large lathe
[06:33:27] <XXCoder> and billion change minds
[06:33:42] <XXCoder> hes more random that true RNG generator
[06:33:46] <XXCoder> *than
[06:33:56] <_methods> http://www.ebay.com/itm/500W-Diy-Air-Cooled-Engraver-Spindle-Motor-Engraving-Milling-Mount-3-175mm-110V-/262033735952?hash=item3d026d8110:g:qckAAOSwd0BV6PjG
[06:34:05] <_methods> $57
[06:34:08] <XXCoder> yeah
[06:34:10] <_methods> way less runout
[06:34:12] <XXCoder> does not fit my machine
[06:34:17] <jdh> It's a painful decision if the money matters
[06:34:18] <_methods> it comes with a mount
[06:34:20] <archivist> make it fit
[06:34:28] <XXCoder> mount does not fit my machine, its too wide
[06:34:32] <XXCoder> I already checked
[06:34:39] <jdh> make a plate
[06:34:42] <archivist> adapter plate
[06:34:49] <XXCoder> yeah thats best bet I guess
[06:35:03] <_methods> it's amazing what you can do with a hand drill, scribe, and center punch
[06:35:05] <XXCoder> I may do so once I get up to cutting alum on my machine
[06:35:12] <_methods> throw a file in there and you can make anything
[06:35:24] <XXCoder> _methods: yeah look at clickspring
[06:35:25] <XXCoder> damn
[06:37:33] <archivist> where is my box of spare new files!
[06:38:41] <_methods> imagine what you could do with a hacksaw
[06:39:06] <archivist> snap a blade of fifty
[06:39:14] <XXCoder> if I buy files it will probably turn into new old file in 30 years
[06:40:15] <archivist> file and graver and you can do clock dial repair
[06:41:24] <pink_vampire|2> is there a way to over write the soft limits??
[06:41:34] <XXCoder> nope, make it bigger
[06:41:38] <XXCoder> thats what stepconf is for
[06:42:07] <XXCoder> thats why HOME is so important, it ensures the workspace stays within range so you dont hit ends
[06:42:32] <pink_vampire|2> on mach3 there is soft linit
[06:43:01] <pink_vampire|2> and you can switch them on and of
[06:43:05] <pink_vampire|2> off*
[06:43:20] <XXCoder> hmm never needed to turn off soft limit so dunno.
[06:43:20] <jdh> if your machine is specified correctly and you home correctly, there is no reason to override soft limits
[06:43:43] <XXCoder> you dont have limits when you haven't set HOME, but you cant set g54 before HOME
[06:44:23] <pink_vampire|2> jdh: I want the "machine table" to be only the vise.
[06:44:35] <pink_vampire|2> now the out of range
[06:44:59] <jdh> but, that isn't the machine table
[06:45:19] <pink_vampire|2> I need to disable the soft limit, move it then enable.
[06:45:37] <jdh> I disagree :)
[06:45:45] <jdh> unhome
[06:45:46] <pink_vampire|2> I have 450mm of travel. ok, I want to use only 120mm
[06:45:49] <pink_vampire|2> all the time
[06:46:02] <XXCoder> it should be entire table yes but you need in very least point that covers entire vice
[06:46:16] <pink_vampire|2> ok.
[06:46:16] <ktchk> unhome
[06:46:30] <XXCoder> pink_vampire|2: needs to be bit wider, since there is some ops that would take past left right front or back of vice area
[06:46:32] <pink_vampire|2> for me the table is the vise
[06:46:48] <jdh> that's just you.
[06:47:00] <jdh> for the machine, the table
[06:47:06] <jdh> it identifies as a full table
[06:47:16] <jdh> who are you to push your definition and bias on it.l
[06:47:24] <XXCoder> jdh: :P
[06:48:59] <jdh> I can suggest that you will be happier if you do things the 'right way'. You have no unique problems or wants that haven't been dealt with before.
[06:50:07] <ktchk> this is what we call soft limit,
[06:50:21] <ktchk> we do not use limit switches
[06:50:46] <jdh> lying to the machine is self-defeating
[06:51:30] <ktchk> once set home when turn on the 0 to 450 will not crash the machine
[06:52:44] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: but you machine power off, then the soft limit have to be set home again
[06:53:26] <XXCoder> yeah thats why its better to set HOME to where its easily settable again
[06:53:39] <XXCoder> in my case its very easy lol
[06:53:49] <ktchk> as before I set zero at left lower corner
[06:54:03] <ktchk> but now I set it in the middle
[06:54:15] <XXCoder> impossible to repeat center for me
[06:54:51] <ktchk> but divide the whole length and - and + it home at zero
[06:55:16] <XXCoder> sure but meh
[06:55:20] <XXCoder> I like corner lol
[06:55:33] <ktchk> aim the spindle to the mid of table (led pointer) as set x 0 y0 z0
[06:55:56] <ktchk> move a lot less
[06:56:24] <XXCoder> I suppose
[06:57:42] <ktchk> G54 before switch off and safe some movement
[06:58:11] <XXCoder> pink_vampire|2: is your vice 150 mm wide?
[06:58:50] <mase-tech> Hi
[06:59:37] <mase-tech> XXCoder: I call you by now codi
[06:59:40] <mase-tech> easier
[07:00:20] <mase-tech> I posted you the video with the converted mill to 5 axis cnc
[07:00:58] <mase-tech> this is the way
[07:02:35] <ktchk> sorry G53 before switch off
[07:02:47] <XXCoder> ktchk: yeah usually do that too
[07:02:56] <XXCoder> vastly faster and always exact same place
[07:03:17] <XXCoder> though I didnt do tjhat last time, because tool probably would have hit one of bolt downs
[07:03:26] <ktchk> get a cross led to point to a fix point
[07:04:07] <ktchk> must do G54 g0 z0 first
[07:04:26] <ktchk> G53 is the right
[07:04:39] <XXCoder> I plan to add switches
[07:04:43] <XXCoder> once i figure how lol
[07:04:57] <XXCoder> X and Y is easy, while Z is a nighmare
[07:05:17] <ktchk> switches being used once a day
[07:05:56] <ktchk> z axis is always top zero and move to negative
[07:06:23] <XXCoder> ktchk: depends on machine and user
[07:06:40] <XXCoder> I have seen few machines where zero is exactly the corner of table
[07:06:47] <XXCoder> including Z
[07:06:53] <ktchk> like mine
[07:07:14] <XXCoder> mine isnt, mines at corner and Z at top not bottom
[07:07:30] <ktchk> before I like corners but now center
[07:08:26] <ktchk> z at down position will punch a hole on the table by home switch..
[07:08:54] <XXCoder> yeah
[07:09:05] <XXCoder> I might for now just add switches at X and Y
[07:09:09] <XXCoder> automate that
[07:09:17] <XXCoder> and Z well just go max up and set hone
[07:10:16] <ktchk> corner is easy but how to make it home in the middle
[07:10:27] <XXCoder> with switches?
[07:10:29] <XXCoder> easy
[07:10:37] <XXCoder> add bump to table where hits switch
[07:10:49] <XXCoder> make sure its always same direction of travel
[07:10:54] <XXCoder> so its always same
[07:11:37] <ktchk> one day wrong side of the bump will crash the ball screw
[07:11:49] <XXCoder> nah it'd be scripted
[07:11:53] <XXCoder> no reason not to
[07:12:35] <XXCoder> though not too sure how it'd know which side its at
[07:12:39] <XXCoder> hm issue there
[07:16:02] <XXCoder> anyway I'm out to bed
[07:16:06] <XXCoder> pink_vampire|2: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?CoordinateSystems
[07:17:18] <ktchk> pink_vampire|2: is it better then mach3
[07:28:26] <Sync> XXCoder: get those rings pressed onto your tools, so you can change them without loosing Z
[07:33:28] <mase-tech> hey
[07:47:10] <mase-tech> Hey I am back
[07:47:11] <pink_vampire|2> XXCoder:
[07:47:18] <mase-tech> got Inet probs
[07:51:35] <pink_vampire|2> http://i.imgur.com/xoTa99D.png
[07:52:01] <pink_vampire|2> XXCoder: ^
[07:56:33] <archivist> not engraved!
[08:00:26] <pink_vampire|2> archivist: this is ink from genuine sharpie marker.
[08:01:49] <pink_vampire|2> I'm going to get some sleep
[08:01:54] <pink_vampire|2> good night
[08:02:13] <pink_vampire|2> thank you alot ktchk and XXCoder
[08:12:07] <jdh> now she needs some mesa and real servo amps
[08:13:48] <_methods> lol
[08:53:57] <Polymorphism> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/commercial-cnc-wood-routers/306666-cnc-manufacturing-software.html
[09:00:56] <Polymorphism> trying to convince myself that either 12x30x4" would be enough, or that $1200 more is worth it for 25x30x7"
[09:01:16] <Polymorphism> maybe I would never regret the extra... or would I end up with a $4000 machine that doesnt end up paying for itself
[09:01:51] <Polymorphism> for my prototyping and one off I can't help but feel as though the $1300 ebay 6040 might do all I need. I could use only split body enclosure and the Z wouldnt matter
[09:02:01] <Polymorphism> Loetmichel2 uses 6040 with great results
[09:02:14] <Polymorphism> cutting from sheet usually, but with split body enclosure I could use my pre-made
[09:02:40] <Polymorphism> unless the 6040 on ebay is just total junk, which seems doubtful from what I've seen
[09:03:04] <Polymorphism> thousands left for other tools, and probably could sell for a good chunk of what I paid if I wanted something more later
[09:04:40] <Polymorphism> and if I do go with a raptor, do I use his electronics or do I purchase something like the probotix which is ready to go with motors wired
[09:04:49] <Polymorphism> for controller
[09:05:00] <Polymorphism> well, driver//psu///vfd housing I should say
[09:05:14] <Polymorphism> http://www.probotix.com/UNITY-CNC-CONTROLLER
[09:05:17] <Polymorphism> this unit looks nice
[09:05:52] <Polymorphism> http://www.cncrouterparts.com/3-axis-diy-nema-23-electronics-kit-p-74.html
[09:05:54] <Polymorphism> also this option
[09:07:10] <Polymorphism> george will sell me 3x 311oz motor, 48v psu, and leadshine 3660 driver for $360
[09:07:23] <Polymorphism> so I have options for the electronics if I do go raptor
[09:08:41] <Polymorphism> 180 more for that cncrp kit, comes with cables wired, 4 axis gecko instead of leadshine, and 420oz motors
[09:10:06] <Polymorphism> for either xzero option or cncrp option I would need an enclosure for all of it
[09:10:13] <Polymorphism> maybe something simple from plastic or wood
[09:10:33] <Polymorphism> the probotix has the advantage of being housed already
[09:10:39] <Polymorphism> it costs the most of any option with motors included
[09:10:54] <Polymorphism> I would need to think about costs and time paying for pre-built vs diy
[09:11:02] <Polymorphism> it may not actually be cheaper to diy
[09:18:48] <jdh> buy
[09:24:42] <mase-tech> Polymorphism: show what u ve got
[09:25:20] <pink_vampire|2> Polymorphism: my machine is for sale
[09:25:29] <jdh> heh
[09:25:31] <Polymorphism> your selling your grizzly?
[09:25:36] <pink_vampire|2> yes
[09:25:36] <Polymorphism> youre*
[09:25:39] <Polymorphism> why?
[09:26:38] <pink_vampire|2> 5k and it's yours with all the panel. 4 X 1hp dc servo 4x 320x servo drivers
[09:28:12] <Polymorphism> I think the rpm is too low for me, its not quite what I need
[09:28:26] <Polymorphism> you are getting something larger?
[09:28:56] <pink_vampire|2> yes
[09:28:58] <pink_vampire|2> life
[09:29:07] <pink_vampire|2> room for tv
[09:30:10] <mase-tech> Buy it and we have freedom
[09:30:15] <pink_vampire|2> Polymorphism: https://www.rolanddga.com/products/3d/mdx-40a-benchtop-cnc-mill
[09:30:35] <pink_vampire|2> get something like that
[09:31:11] <Polymorphism> pink_vampire|2, I considered those machines
[09:31:27] <Polymorphism> pink_vampire|2, you aren't going to be CNCing anymore?
[09:31:41] <Polymorphism> pink_vampire|2, those roland machines were too expensive and too small, otherwise I would have gotten one
[09:31:45] <Polymorphism> they are VERY accurate
[09:31:46] <pink_vampire|2> for soft material it's the best
[09:33:33] <pink_vampire|2> https://www.rolanddga.com/products/engraving-machines/egx-400-and-egx-600-professional-cnc-engraving-machine
[09:33:55] <pink_vampire|2> also nice machine
[09:34:20] <Polymorphism> too expensive but yes, very nice
[09:34:53] <pink_vampire|2> you can lease it
[09:35:22] <pink_vampire|2> you will get very good machine and support
[09:38:19] <Polymorphism> I think its more for non-metal
[09:38:23] <Polymorphism> small very accurate parts
[09:38:26] <Polymorphism> it is nice, very nice
[09:38:29] <Polymorphism> but I dont think its what I need
[09:38:44] <Polymorphism> http://lcamtuf.coredump.cx/gcnc/full/
[09:38:47] <Polymorphism> this guy does have one
[09:38:49] <Polymorphism> and his work is amazing
[09:38:54] <Polymorphism> but thats not the type of work I will be doing
[09:38:57] <Polymorphism> but wow, it is nice =D
[09:39:19] <Polymorphism> I've read every word of that page
[09:39:26] <pink_vampire|2> me too
[09:39:42] <pink_vampire|2> very good website
[09:39:45] <CaptHindsight> http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/wallpapers-screws-2715353.jpg hhmmm, which one to get?
[09:40:25] <pink_vampire|2> the gold one
[09:40:40] <pink_vampire|2> melt it and make a ring for me
[09:41:37] <pink_vampire> CaptHindsight: Y^
[09:41:52] <mase-tech> I think I will shit a gold nugget before Polymorphism gets his cnc :D
[09:42:13] <gregcnc> he must be government funded
[09:42:27] <pink_vampire> why?
[09:42:50] <pink_vampire> Polymorphism: where are you from?
[09:42:54] <gregcnc> study this study that, indecision voting, crappy outcome imenent
[09:43:28] <Polymorphism> pink_vampire, USA
[09:43:40] <pink_vampire> me too
[09:44:57] <Polymorphism> you have a cool accent though, I thought you were from somewhere else pink_vampire
[09:45:12] <Polymorphism> got a new reply in my thread from the moderator: http://www.cnczone.com/forums/commercial-cnc-wood-routers/306666-cnc-manufacturing-software.html
[09:45:29] <Polymorphism> a consensus IS forming
[09:45:31] <Polymorphism> and its for the raptor
[09:45:32] <CaptHindsight> who makes a small lathe that doesn't require reworking right out of the box to get it aligned and rigid?
[09:45:39] <Polymorphism> harbor freight
[09:45:46] <Polymorphism> oh wait, that DOES require those things
[09:45:46] <Polymorphism> xD
[09:46:03] <_methods> hardinge.......30 years ago
[09:46:03] <archivist> define small
[09:46:48] <Polymorphism> http://www.harborfreight.com/7-inch-x-10-inch-precision-mini-lathe-93212.html
[09:46:58] <archivist> CaptHindsight, made in uk http://www.cowells.com/90cw.htm
[09:47:02] <Polymorphism> I really want a lathe
[09:47:07] <Polymorphism> I think I would get injured though
[09:47:09] <Polymorphism> thats my style
[09:47:21] <CaptHindsight> ~6" x 12" or so
[09:47:21] <gregcnc> how did you make it this far?
[09:47:30] <Wolf_> imo dont get a x10”
[09:47:38] <Polymorphism> gregcnc, I ask myself the same thing
[09:48:08] <_methods> http://www.babinmachine.com/index.php?TML5CDT
[09:48:24] <Wolf_> I really want to put a 14” bed kit on my 7x10
[09:48:25] <_methods> looks like they make hardinge clones
[09:48:39] <Wolf_> or just get a real lathe...
[09:48:40] <gregcnc> isn't that babin guy the devil?
[09:48:48] <_methods> ah no idea
[09:48:58] <_methods> i didn't even know anyone was still making real lathes
[09:51:16] <Polymorphism> is the harbor freight lathe junk?
[09:51:29] <CaptHindsight> nothing Enco, Grizzly, Jet etc seems to qualify
[09:52:00] <Polymorphism> "I have had this for close to 7 years now and it has done countless jobs for me. I use it for repairs and making small parts from aluminum and steel. I have bored, drilled, faced, and cut off parts."
[09:52:03] <mase-tech> I hope when your girl calling for your service, you are not that indecicive or are you ?
[09:52:16] <Polymorphism> lol
[09:52:21] <pink_vampire> what is the max rpm for 8mm watchmakers collet?
[09:53:27] <Wolf_> Polymorphism: HF lathe is sorta junk, its useable but IMO my taig lathe is better lol
[09:53:31] <mase-tech> In this way better to have a big machine
[09:54:25] <Wolf_> one the plus side for the HF 7x10 if you have a 3d printer you can make your own replacement gears for threading
[09:54:27] <gregcnc> old 10-12" iron is popular for that. I'm not sure what in current production would qualify
[09:54:50] <pink_vampire> what is the max rpm for 8mm watchmakers collet?
[09:54:58] <Polymorphism> pink_vampire, 15,000
[09:55:04] <Polymorphism> sorry
[09:55:06] <Polymorphism> I made that up...
[09:55:22] <Polymorphism> nobody was answering so I gave it a shot
[09:55:33] <pink_vampire> I know for sure more then 30K
[09:55:42] <_methods> nothing really
[09:56:00] <_methods> http://www.monarchlathe.com/products/lathes/toolroom/monarch-ee-series
[09:56:06] <Polymorphism> Wolf_, 3d printer is on my shopping list
[09:56:13] <_methods> had no idea they still make them new
[09:56:16] <pink_vampire> I'm wandering if they can use for 60K
[09:56:32] <CaptHindsight> archivist: what's the price of the Cowells lathe?
[09:57:42] <gregcnc> Cowells is pocket size
[09:59:47] <CaptHindsight> who makes Shop Fox? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Shop-Fox-Precision-Bench-Top-Metal-Lathe-10-x-20-x-3-4-HP-110V-M1016-New-/291687338052
[10:00:03] <Polymorphism> probably Dongfeng
[10:01:06] <_methods> same people that make grizzly stuff i believe
[10:01:15] <CaptHindsight> looks similar
[10:01:31] <_methods> yeah i think cause they;re all made in the same factory in china lol
[10:02:30] <gregcnc> who is rathbone? http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/tld/5566017269.html
[10:02:47] <CaptHindsight> Basil Rathbone?
[10:02:52] <_methods> never heard of em lol
[10:02:56] <_methods> are those pipe ways
[10:02:57] <_methods> lol
[10:04:48] <mase-tech> Is "keep your dick in a vice" a phrase ?
[10:04:58] <_methods> damn tootin
[10:05:01] <mase-tech> And when yes in which connection
[10:05:03] <gregcnc> it is if you watch aVe
[10:05:14] <mase-tech> I did
[10:05:19] <_methods> that guy cracks me up
[10:05:41] <gregcnc> http://s167.photobucket.com/user/dneufell/media/Rathbone%20lathe/MVC-048F.jpg.html?sort=3&o=12
[10:05:44] <mase-tech> I will not put my dick in a vice
[10:06:03] <Polymorphism> its really not bad
[10:06:05] <_methods> whatever carl
[10:07:42] <gregcnc> http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/tls/5562439945.html these are pretty light though, what all the china lathes are cloned from supposedly Emco Compact 8
[10:09:00] <gregcnc> http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/tls/5547773678.html
[10:09:13] <mase-tech> _methods: I got my cereals with milk and then with fruit
[10:09:23] <mase-tech> And you
[10:09:31] <_methods> lots of fruit
[10:09:47] <mase-tech> :D
[10:09:58] <jdh> a monarch went for $1k here last year
[10:10:03] <_methods> damn
[10:10:05] <_methods> 10ee?
[10:10:15] <jdh> luckily I couldn't transport it
[10:10:17] <_methods> man i just saw one go for $14k at auction
[10:10:20] <jdh> yeah
[10:10:36] <_methods> you never know what stuff will go for at auction
[10:10:38] <CaptHindsight> I eventually just went with bran flakes and added my own non sugar coated raisins
[10:11:55] <mase-tech> monarch = the space of skin between a males nut sack and butthole.
[10:12:01] <CaptHindsight> gregcnc: I like how brake lathes (yes for cutting rotors and drums) will post for $4-5K used
[10:12:15] <mase-tech> What are you guys talking about
[10:12:29] <mase-tech> jdh: ?
[10:13:06] <gregcnc> yeah craigslist has some crazy
[10:13:18] <jdh> a monarch 10ee on CL
[10:13:41] <CaptHindsight> http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/hvd/5541215076.html 37" x 108" Monarch Engine Lathe w/ 2" Hole - $5000
[10:14:04] <CaptHindsight> look at the ouchy! http://images.craigslist.org/00505_7dGd03EONGZ_600x450.jpg
[10:14:12] <_methods> doh
[10:14:21] <_methods> got a little extra swing there
[10:14:37] <_methods> looks like they needed 38" for a job lol
[10:14:38] <CaptHindsight> tried to make it into a gap bed
[10:14:55] <zeeshan|2> how is it listed as "good condition"
[10:14:56] <zeeshan|2> lol
[10:14:56] <gregcnc> bah how often will you have to put the tailstock that close to the headstock
[10:15:13] <zeeshan|2> that thing is a pos
[10:19:39] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Emco-Compact-5-Metal-Working-Reversible-Threading-Engine-Lathe-115V-Austria-Made-/272027017295 Austria Made
[10:20:07] <jdh> cute
[10:20:09] <CaptHindsight> so does that mean better than German but not quite Swiss? :)
[10:20:17] <gregcnc> 33 people are watching to see if someone is crazy
[10:20:20] <jdh> there is an emco 5pc on CL
[10:21:05] <mase-tech> Better than german is not possible
[10:21:39] <archivist> easy to be better than german
[10:21:49] <mase-tech> no
[10:22:37] <Sync> _methods: yeah, I'd get a 10ee with a fucked drive
[10:22:46] <Sync> those are easy to replace nowadays
[10:24:49] <mase-tech> archivist: How to be better than german
[10:25:05] <CaptHindsight> oh stop it
[10:25:11] <CaptHindsight> was just a joke
[10:26:16] <mase-tech> HAHA A english stereotype is that germans don t have humor. It is quite the oposite
[10:31:04] <CaptHindsight> so it looks like the only NEW small lathe thats any good is a rebuilt old lathe
[10:32:25] <_methods> yep
[10:33:29] <unfy> long live the race to the bottom!
[10:34:30] <gregcnc> the market for real manual machines is very small
[10:34:58] <unfy> how many people in the USA actually create / fabricate stuff ? not many ._.
[10:35:10] <CaptHindsight> it's all you kids with your clumsy fluorescent sneakers, smartphones, 3d printers and playing on my lawn!
[10:35:12] <unfy> likewise, not as many shops that do it any more either
[10:35:45] <archivist> more that you realise probably
[10:35:54] <CaptHindsight> unfy: lots of military aerospace in the US that most people don't hear about
[10:35:59] <unfy> i have had a dickens of a time trying to source local stores that sell 'neat things' to the public and not just businesses on contract etc etc etc
[10:36:09] <archivist> every town has a jobbing shop of some form
[10:39:15] <unfy> i guess i could start going through yellow pages / interwebz0rz and walk into a shop a week to find out what they're about
[10:40:15] <archivist> often they are making repair parts
[10:41:15] <CaptHindsight> anything for new automotive rarely is from a small shop
[10:42:04] <CaptHindsight> and the automotive machine shops are pretty slow, except before racing season if they do high performance
[10:42:39] <CaptHindsight> with oil prices so low there not much work in oil/gas
[10:43:47] <Sync> or while racing season, because people crash their stuff all the time
[10:44:10] <archivist> someone I know is doing electroc motor machining for a local motor rewind shop
[10:45:50] <unfy> any thoughts on the DQ542MA stepper drivers ?
[10:46:16] <enleth> CaptHindsight: I'm facing the same problem and I'm almost decided to just buy a chinese lathe with all the fun included, there's just no alternative
[10:46:54] <unfy> see, i can't wait to tear into the smithy 1220 thing here at work and see what it's like inside
[10:47:04] <unfy> i'm not expecting much, but still :D
[10:47:40] <unfy> 10min and i can go get lunch \o/ .... foooooood
[10:47:59] <unfy> 25min of stair climber treadmill thing was just hateful this morning ._.
[10:48:07] <enleth> CaptHindsight: in the US and UK, you might be able to get a small used toolroom lathe too - where I live, the only used lathes are a 1t+ beasts, no one made anything smaller in the last 80 years here, except some training lathes that are few and far between
[10:48:23] <CaptHindsight> enleth: I'd much prefer an old great lathe than trying to fix something new and cheap
[10:48:31] <CaptHindsight> but I don't always have the time
[10:48:33] <enleth> CaptHindsight: and a chinese lathe bough new from a local supplier usually can be replaced if it turns out to be a complete dud
[10:48:41] <enleth> you can't really recall a used machine
[10:49:24] <archivist> you can fix used old
[10:50:06] <enleth> well, yeah, if you get one with no localized wear in the ways, anything else is fixable
[10:50:31] <archivist> there are grinding shops to fix the ways
[10:50:51] <enleth> cost's adding up thay way, pretty quick
[10:50:54] <unfy> which you'll spend 3x what you paid for the lathe to do so
[10:52:23] <enleth> my current criteria are: 1) straight, flat, parallel bed ways 2) spindle parallel to ways 2) tailstock parallel with headstock
[10:52:28] <enleth> everything else can be off
[10:53:39] <enleth> those can be checked quite fast
[10:53:43] <skunkworks_> Hmm - so a normal lathe? ;0
[10:54:31] <enleth> skunkworks_: have you seen what the chinese can ship as a lathe?
[10:54:45] <zeeshan|2> skunkworks_: lol
[10:54:53] <zeeshan|2> enleth: chinese lathes are fine.
[10:55:04] <zeeshan|2> at least the 3500$ ones
[10:55:23] <zeeshan|2> 12xz36
[10:55:27] <archivist> enleth, you can pull a twisted bed straight
[10:55:46] <skunkworks_> enleth, don't have access to used cnc lathes in your area?
[10:55:53] <enleth> zeeshan|2: I agree, but quality control can be, well, spotty. I do agree though that a particular specimen that passed all checks fine can be a good machine
[10:56:33] <CaptHindsight> for a few months / weeks anyway
[10:56:37] <zeeshan|2> archivist, skunkworks_i would appreciate it if you guys stop recommending used cnc lathes to ppl
[10:56:43] <zeeshan|2> you make the market prices go up!
[10:56:45] <enleth> skunkworks_: I was this close to buying a QuickTurn 10 for less than $3000 last week, mechanically fine, damaged controls
[10:56:46] <zeeshan|2> :)
[10:57:14] <zeeshan|2> i owned my 12x36 lathe for like 5 years or so capt
[10:57:17] <zeeshan|2> worked fine :P
[10:57:26] <enleth> skunkworks_: the only reason I didn't is that I'd have to pay 5x as much to tear down a wall, get it in with an articulated loader and replace the wall.
[10:58:49] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mori-Seiki-SL3-B-CNC-Lathe-/201570824043
[10:58:53] <enleth> if I had a little more money, I'd just store it somewhere dunked in a huge amount of rust preventive until my shop moves to ground level
[10:59:25] * archivist giggles at zeeshan|2
[10:59:31] <Sync> enleth: those are the most unimportant things in a lathe
[10:59:33] <CaptHindsight> $4900! http://www.ebay.com/itm/EMCO-PC-55-TURN-CNC-LATHE-6-STATION-TURRET-4k-RPM-SPINDLE-FREE-SHIPPING-/141966303794
[10:59:39] <Sync> as you can easily correct them
[10:59:45] <enleth> OTOH I am looking for a manual lathe right now, I don't really have that much use for a CNC lathe to be honest
[11:00:00] <enleth> Sync: so what's more difficult to correct?
[11:00:06] <gregcnc> people think those desktop Emco are goldmines.
[11:00:13] <Sync> crossslide to saddle movement
[11:00:38] <Sync> my china lathe had 8/100 of rock in the saddle
[11:00:45] <archivist> for impossible crossslide see hobbymat md65
[11:01:08] <enleth> Sync: interesting. I'd consider that much easier to fix than any errors in the major castings
[11:01:23] <Sync> well, they are ground in one setup
[11:01:29] <Sync> so the major ways are usually okay
[11:01:32] <Sync> if not straight
[11:01:40] <Sync> and the headstock is shimmable
[11:01:46] <Sync> because it will never be right
[11:03:19] <enleth> it gets harder if it's off in the horizontal plane, but I see the point
[11:04:10] <Sync> you can always mill the bottom of the headstock and shim it up to the tailstock
[11:04:45] <enleth> I'd rather opt to re-bore for bigger bearings, this time parallel to the bottom
[11:07:29] <newcnc22> Hi, does anybody know when Maxcnc is available again?
[11:12:06] <jdh> 8pm
[11:12:49] <jdh> tz is undetermined
[11:13:36] <CaptHindsight> UTC +/- 12
[11:13:58] <jdh> sounds likely
[11:21:57] <Polymorphism> http://i.imgur.com/MB1im21.gifv ... what the?
[11:27:07] <Bushman> guys, my stop watch got reset by accident and i lost track of program run time.
[11:27:18] <Bushman> is there any way to tell when the program was started?
[11:27:19] <Bushman> :D
[11:36:35] <newcnc22_> Thx jdh...
[11:55:49] <mase-tech> Polymorphism: I hope you vote for thrump
[11:56:09] <_methods> voting requires making a decision
[11:56:15] <mase-tech> LOL
[11:56:26] <mase-tech> :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[11:56:56] <_methods> he/she is obviously incapable of decision making
[11:57:18] <_methods> most likely she
[11:57:35] <mase-tech> It is more an ability of a she
[11:57:41] <mase-tech> yes
[11:57:43] <_methods> exactly
[11:58:31] <Deejay> "ability" ;)
[11:58:47] <unfy> wow
[11:58:52] <unfy> brutal, but funny
[12:00:25] <unfy> to quote Rush, to refuse to decide - you still have made a choice! .... or something.
[12:00:47] <unfy> er, if you refuse to decide...
[12:00:49] <mase-tech> I hope she haven't to decide what to eat.
[12:01:19] <mase-tech> Imagen if Polymorphism is before you in mcdonalds
[12:01:21] <_methods> yes i imagine the cereal aisle at the grocery store causes seizures for her
[12:01:22] <unfy> see, poly will make a decision by the end of the week. and order the mill of their choice. and it will be glorious
[12:01:47] <CaptHindsight> disturbed form of negative attention
[12:02:17] <_methods> yep
[12:02:20] <unfy> and they'll even remember some mills, extra collets, and stuff. and they'll post some youtubes of playing with it! have faith!
[12:02:28] <CaptHindsight> it's best ignored
[12:02:36] <CaptHindsight> or you're just feeding it
[12:02:50] <Polymorphism> youre right unfy
[12:02:52] <Polymorphism> watch for the vcids
[12:03:22] <unfy> now - i do have one serious request, poly
[12:03:46] <unfy> you spend months helping others, too once ya gain a foothold
[12:04:27] <CaptHindsight> en·a·bler a person who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behavior in another
[12:05:33] <_methods> feedin the trolls
[12:06:21] <djdelorie> _methods: if we do it on purpose, *we* are the trolls :-)
[12:06:44] <_methods> or in league
[12:07:54] <CaptHindsight> if you do it on a porpoise it's a water show
[12:09:46] <unfy> also, i loosend the thrust bearings around the X axis leadscrew and it helped a bit. then i noticed the entire spindle mount and such 'wobble' when jogging the Z axis. i'll have to redesign that and leave the other 2 alone
[12:09:54] <unfy> but, i think right now i'm around 1mm accurate ?
[12:09:55] <jdh> the all purpose plastic, aluminum, steel cutting machine that also does guitar bodies
[12:11:12] <unfy> i /hope/ with the redesigned z axis i get to where "long" lines are straight, thus i'm happy.
[12:11:57] <unfy> no, i haven't decided on any plans yet. i'll have to ponder it.
[12:16:41] <djdelorie> jdh: it's also a 3D printer and a water fountain
[12:17:07] <jdh> chilled water?
[12:17:29] <djdelorie> chilled? I forgot about chilled! I'll have to start my search all over again...
[12:17:42] <djdelorie> how chilled do you think I want it?
[12:18:07] <jdh> I've tried to come up with something I want to 3d print so I can buy an extruder
[12:18:29] <djdelorie> I've printed lots of things, mostly parts for other things
[12:18:35] <jdh> you should ask in the forums for a consensus temp
[12:18:59] <unfy> once i get to where AL casting (and maybe brass) work out better, i'll prolly pick up a cheap printer to make molds out of :D
[12:19:15] <djdelorie> unfy: lost-pla casting is pretty popular
[12:19:31] <jdh> my 6040 controller has a spare driver
[12:19:47] <unfy> hmmm never considered that. interesting thought
[12:20:16] <djdelorie> but I typically use the plastic part as-is, like http://www.delorie.com/photos/3d_prints/img_3169.html
[12:20:26] <unfy> my intention was greensand casting (obviously)
[12:21:03] <djdelorie> I guess it depends on whether you need one or many parts :-)
[12:21:47] <jdh> I'm pretty sure that pic should be a crime
[12:21:55] <unfy> lol
[12:21:59] <unfy> glad i wasn't the one to say it :D
[12:22:16] <djdelorie> you're not the first to say that, esp on the southbend list. But, it's only for small metric threads, so plastic is fine.
[12:22:23] <Swapper_> Anyone know what option i can set so an axis is always homed when i press the "home all" my A axis does not have any limit switc.
[12:22:32] <djdelorie> and I can't make metal gears yet
[12:22:51] <cradek> Swapper_: set all the homing velocities to zero and it'll home by doing nothing
[12:23:06] <unfy> you prolly can, you just don't want to
[12:23:11] <Swapper_> cradek: ok ill try that, ty
[12:23:30] <djdelorie> I *have* used my cnc machine to make a template for a friend who *is* trying to make metal metric gears: http://www.delorie.com/photos/cnc/127-63-disk.html
[12:23:52] <cradek> Swapper_: you want homing type "Immediate": http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config/ini-homing.html#_configuration
[12:24:00] <archivist> djdelorie, make the quick change gearbox for it when you start making real gears
[12:24:05] <djdelorie> unfy: I have neither an indexing setup nor tooth cutting bits. Yeah, it's a problem I can solve with money, but this works for now
[12:24:34] <djdelorie> archivist: if I used it more (and it wasn't 90 years old) I'd consider such a project
[12:24:36] <cradek> Swapper_: if it's a servo machine then "Index-only" is very useful
[12:24:39] <Swapper_> cradek: prefect
[12:24:51] <archivist> djdelorie, or with some clever gcode you can generate involute
[12:25:09] <Swapper_> cradek: the other axies are servos but the a axis is a servo controlled only by step/dir no feedback
[12:25:13] <djdelorie> archivist: the clever gcode produced the plastic gear :-)
[12:25:34] <djdelorie> (3D printers are CNC machines, after all ;)
[12:25:34] <archivist> djdelorie, I have the gearbox on mine :)
[12:25:42] <djdelorie> is it a model 34?
[12:26:33] <archivist> nah it is a wartime 14 1/2 " http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=southbend
[12:27:31] <djdelorie> ah, you have one of the modern lathes :-)
[12:27:34] <archivist> I wonder it I will ever get one colour all over it
[12:27:51] <djdelorie> http://www.delorie.com/photos/southbend-lathe/2011-08-12_14-19-27_211.html
[12:28:30] <archivist> mrsunshine has a similar vintage one
[12:29:00] <djdelorie> sadly, it's one of the best-running heavy tools in my shop. Says a lot about modern machinery
[12:29:35] <archivist> mine just works, despite the wear and age
[12:29:36] <mase-tech> what is the max price for this
[12:29:37] <mase-tech> http://www.ebay.de/itm/Optimum-OPTI-F20-Bohrmaschine-Frasmaschine-Oberfrase-/282024941542?hash=item41a9ff17e6:g:pUoAAOSwLpdW8nET
[12:29:42] <MrSunshine> and i love it =)
[12:29:43] <djdelorie> Despite being 90 years old, the collet chuck I put on it has less than 0.0005" TIR
[12:29:51] <MrSunshine> so quiet .. so nice .. and so stirdy compared to my old small lathe =)
[12:30:36] <djdelorie> I have a 7x10 chinese lathe that sounds like a garbage disposal when it runs...
[12:30:46] <djdelorie> it might become a fourth axis for a mill someday
[12:31:06] <MrSunshine> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf3h4m9VC6k
[12:31:07] <MrSunshine> =)
[12:31:22] <archivist> my hobbymat got scrapped for the spindle, used on the mill
[12:31:38] <Swapper_> Anyone here that have made there own spindle ? (lathe)
[12:32:03] <djdelorie> yeah, mine sounds like that too - all you hear is the click of the seam running over the gears :-)
[12:32:35] <djdelorie> Swapper_: some other members of our local woodturning group have done that
[12:32:53] <Swapper_> Do you know if they are hardened ?
[12:33:06] <Swapper_> How important is it to harden and grind
[12:33:34] <Swapper_> But i guess woodturning spindle dont have the same need for tolerances as a metal lathe
[12:33:45] <djdelorie> woodturning spindles are OD threaded, if that affects anything, I don't know if the bearing journals were ground
[12:33:53] <archivist> I would have thought if massive enough, turned would be ok
[12:34:12] <djdelorie> yeah, when you're spinning 50 lbs of out-of-balance oak, a few thou doesn't matter
[12:34:21] <archivist> mount on taper rollers
[12:34:30] <Loetmichel2> djdelorie: or 500 lbs ;)
[12:34:46] <Loetmichel2> who posted that insane vid yesterday?
[12:34:48] <djdelorie> the one they made has limits :-)
[12:35:14] <gregcnc> check the bearing engineering catalogs for shaft and housing tolernaces
[12:35:19] <Swapper_> i have purchased some nice tapered bearings but making the spindle seems not as straight forward as one might think :)
[12:35:22] <djdelorie> although I'm tempted to make a spindle for my basement - I have a 5" steel post in the middle that probably could spin a 500 lb blank
[12:35:32] <Swapper_> Getting the material is no cheap endevour
[12:35:44] <Loetmichel2> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30zO31Xwud8 <- found it ;)
[12:36:51] <Swapper_> Thats like whole tree!
[12:37:14] <djdelorie> One of our members *does* turn whole tree trunk sections (200 lbs) on his lathe, but at least he does it safely
[12:37:35] <djdelorie> http://www.woodshades.com/
[12:41:00] <danilochka> Hello, I have this http://www.savebase.com/infobase/downloads/tmp/3G_3Axis_TB6600_Box_Parallel_Pinout.jpg that comes with a control box, I am just wondering what the *corresponding to Pin x* means on the DB9 connector.
[12:41:24] <unfy> the log turning: holy
[12:41:55] <danilochka> I just thought I GND the Estop pin from the DB9 for estop switch
[12:42:55] <Loetmichel2> unfy: thats what *I* said!
[12:43:25] <Loetmichel2> that (spanish?) guy has balls the size of the titanic ;)
[12:43:41] <enleth> zeeshan|2: BTW, do youbown one of those bigger chinese lathes?
[12:43:55] <enleth> *do you own
[12:46:01] <unfy> $20 for 500 feet of 22/2 stranded with a white jacket. $30 for same thing but black jacket. grrrrrr
[12:46:10] <danilochka> Does anybody know why it says *corresponding to Pin x* on the DB25?
[12:46:32] <djdelorie> danilochka: I would guess, not having other information, that the DB9 is a second parallel port, and software expecting a DB25 should be given the "corresponds to" pin numbers
[12:47:13] <unfy> danilochka: the computer will need to know about the button press, hence 'corresponding to a pin' on the db25 (so you can tell linuxcnc about it in stepconf wizard or similar)
[12:47:14] <djdelorie> note that the pins on the DB25 with the "corresponds to" numbers are also inputs
[12:47:30] <danilochka> unfy: djdelorie Oh duh, thanks
[12:47:39] <jdh> match the pins to signal names
[12:48:08] <unfy> but i want black sheathing on my cable ._. so i'm gonna pay the extra $10 for vanity. sigh.
[12:48:21] <djdelorie> or an extra $5 for spray paint?
[12:49:10] <unfy> some low current 12v fan power cables, and also 9v power cables for guitar pedals :D
[12:50:01] <jdh> black sharpie
[12:51:16] <djdelorie> I've done the sharpie route... had to make a 14/5 cable but only had one spool of white 14ga, so I colored the ends to match :-)
[12:52:10] <unfy> heh
[12:52:19] <Loetmichel2> danilochka: i gueess the 9 pin dsub is for the limit switches
[12:52:27] <Loetmichel2> so it feeds into the DB25 to the PC
[12:52:48] <Loetmichel2> so you can see the limit switches on the LinuxCNC as input pins
[12:54:36] <zeeshan|2> enleth: long gone :P
[12:54:50] <zeeshan|2> you wont regret a 12x36 if youre starting out
[12:54:55] <Encapsulation> http://www.engravingsys.com/cnc-engravers-and-routers/industrial-cnc-routers/vision-1624-cnc-router/
[12:54:55] <unfy> fuck it, not spending the $10. it's not like assorted lenghts of wire aren't handy anyway. http://i.imgur.com/03baM1F.gif
[12:54:58] <Encapsulation> what abvout tis machine?
[12:56:47] <Encapsulation> nevermind =( The starting cost for the 1624R is $14,995.00."
[12:57:42] <Loetmichel2> Encapsulation: ahem, for THAT?
[12:57:43] <Encapsulation> I can cross that one off
[12:57:49] <Encapsulation> yeah they just emailed me back
[12:57:51] <Encapsulation> and said that price
[12:57:54] <Loetmichel2> did the shift the dot a bit right?
[12:58:01] <CaptHindsight> and another nick on ignore
[12:58:03] <Encapsulation> I dont think so =\
[12:58:11] <Encapsulation> I think thats the right price
[12:58:28] <_methods> the moron also uses another name too
[12:58:38] <CaptHindsight> 4-5 as i recall
[12:58:39] <_methods> can't discombobulation
[12:59:01] <Encapsulation> looking like raptor
[12:59:27] <unfy> 'kill 17509' --- almost a telephone number :D
[13:01:08] <mase-tech> _methods: which moron
[13:01:19] <_methods> polydouchebagification
[13:01:38] <mase-tech> What else :D
[13:04:16] <enleth> zeeshan|2: actually I don't see *any* newly produced manual lathes other than chinese so I don't have much choice if I don't want a used machine
[13:07:33] <archivist> enleth, cowells in the uk for a tiny one, there must be others
[13:09:05] <CaptHindsight> http://leblondusa.com/precision-high-speed-manual-lathes/
[13:09:14] <CaptHindsight> http://www.monarchlathe.com/products/lathes
[13:09:17] <archivist> colchester triumph lathe
[13:09:24] <CaptHindsight> http://www.southbendlathe.com/products/metal-lathes
[13:09:53] <enleth> CaptHindsight: I'm in the east Europe, the situation is a little worse here
[13:10:02] <CaptHindsight> http://www.kentusa.com/lathes-2/manual-precision-series/
[13:10:16] <CaptHindsight> many of these look like the ChinaCo lathes as well
[13:10:27] <archivist> Dean Smith & Grace
[13:10:35] <djdelorie> modern southbends are made in Taiwan, yes?
[13:10:48] <enleth> archivist: damn, cowells really are tiny
[13:10:53] <archivist> :)
[13:10:57] <zeeshan|2> nothing wrong with chinese lathes
[13:11:00] <zeeshan|2> as long as theyre made in taiwan
[13:11:04] <zeeshan|2> :)
[13:11:15] <enleth> I've got a Sieg C0, about the same size
[13:11:18] <CaptHindsight> http://www.xyzmachinetools.com/machines/lathes/proturn-lathes/
[13:11:40] <djdelorie> I read something long ago about Grizzly - they have their stuff made in Taiwan, and the Taiwanese are able to provide whatever quality you're willing to pay for
[13:11:57] <CaptHindsight> http://www.summitmt.com/product-category/manual-lathes/
[13:12:09] <CaptHindsight> Taiwan does, China can but doesn't
[13:12:29] <djdelorie> Surprizingly, I've never had any problems with Grizzly castings or metalworks. I don't mind replacing cheap plastic knobs :-)
[13:12:51] <enleth> CaptHindsight: those links are all US companies, aren't they?
[13:12:52] <CaptHindsight> https://www.lagun.com/type/manual-lathes/
[13:13:01] <unfy> there's a YT video comparing grizzly mini to horror freight mini lathe. it's not a glowing review.
[13:13:23] <CaptHindsight> enleth: i was looking for a large lathe with 5-6m centers
[13:13:36] <CaptHindsight> there was one manufactured in Poland
[13:13:45] <CaptHindsight> not sure if they make small ones though
[13:14:14] <djdelorie> mini lathes are all crap :-)
[13:14:39] <CaptHindsight> it was Toolmex
[13:14:40] <djdelorie> I use my SB 13" for everything the mini used to do :-)
[13:14:51] <enleth> CaptHindsight: no. You can get locally made, new *big* lathes here, but nothing like 12x36
[13:15:24] <CaptHindsight> https://www.toolmex.com/machines/machines
[13:16:31] <CaptHindsight> https://www.toolmex.com/MACHINES/4-Way-Bed-Lathes I needed one in this range 2m x 5-6m
[13:17:21] <djdelorie> that's not a lathe, that's a locomotive...
[13:17:54] <unfy> lol
[13:18:17] <enleth> I'm limited to a 600x1500mm footprint and *at most* 450kg, which leaves me with chinese 12x36 and new west European (UK/Germany/etc) imports, which are going to cost a lot more
[13:19:02] <CaptHindsight> if you have the time, resin + granite flakes
[13:19:52] <djdelorie> enleth: my SB fits those limits, but finding one is the trick...
[13:20:13] <CaptHindsight> andypugh is making one from cast iron, he made his own forms and they didn't charge him much for the pour
[13:20:19] <enleth> CaptHindsight: no, I want to buy a machine and maybe fix it up a little, then start using it
[13:20:47] <zeeshan|2> archivist: alive?
[13:21:12] <enleth> I'm fine with taking it apart for cleaning, bearing replacement and such, but not much more
[13:22:03] <enleth> I've got a "project" machine already, the bridgeport, I dont have time for a secod one
[13:22:23] <archivist> zeeshan|2, hooo meee
[13:22:27] <zeeshan|2> yes
[13:22:31] <CaptHindsight> I know the situation well
[13:22:45] <sel> hello
[13:22:51] <zeeshan|2> archivist: what do you think of the new body: http://i.imgur.com/bCZAhGO.png
[13:23:09] <enleth> actually taking apart every new machine is something I do even if there's no need to
[13:23:32] <zeeshan|2> still turd?
[13:23:44] <djdelorie> my shop is in the basement, so every machine has to be taken apart at least once just to get it moved in
[13:23:54] <archivist> enleth, I was told I should never get married, because the first thing I would do is take her to bits
[13:24:02] <zeeshan|2> rofl
[13:24:04] <djdelorie> http://www.delorie.com/photos/southbend-lathe/img_2418.html
[13:24:16] <enleth> djdelorie: same here, got the bridgeport in that way
[13:24:21] <zeeshan|2> djdelorie: starting a museum?
[13:24:22] <zeeshan|2> :)
[13:24:31] <sel> can you do this with linuxcnc? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERd56Z5cpNI
[13:24:36] <djdelorie> nah, I *use* that lathe.
[13:24:42] <zeeshan|2> im kidding :)
[13:24:51] <zeeshan|2> sel: yes
[13:25:03] <djdelorie> it was my father-in-laws, he got it in 1971 from his friend, who got it in 1940's from a surplus company, who got it from the original owner in 1922
[13:25:11] <archivist> sel, yes sure
[13:25:15] <zeeshan|2> djdelorie: wow that is NICE
[13:25:21] <enleth> djdelorie: what model is your SB and how much does it weigh?
[13:25:22] <djdelorie> er, the original owner got it in 1922 that is
[13:25:23] <zeeshan|2> at least you know the history!
[13:25:49] <djdelorie> it's a model 34B (13" swing, 5' bed), as shipped 1000 lbs
[13:26:29] <CaptHindsight> sel: with both hands tied behind its back
[13:26:34] <djdelorie> I have the full gear set, both lantern and QC toolposts, an 3- 4- and collet- chucks
[13:26:38] <sel> lol
[13:26:58] <CaptHindsight> sel: 5-9 axis is not a problem
[13:27:16] <CaptHindsight> the CAM is more the issue
[13:27:19] <djdelorie> my 3d printed parts add the ability to turn metric threads, and I've rewired the motor to run in either direction
[13:27:36] <sel> the rods that go to the center are sensors I think
[13:27:44] <CaptHindsight> what kinda 3d printer? and inkjet?
[13:27:48] <enleth> djdelorie: nice
[13:27:49] <CaptHindsight> and/an
[13:27:51] <archivist> sel supports
[13:28:01] <djdelorie> Capt: Rostock Max delta printer
[13:28:13] <CaptHindsight> oh a toy glue gun cnc
[13:28:23] <sel> well of course to avoid blending of the blade
[13:28:32] <djdelorie> Capt: yup :-)
[13:28:39] <archivist> anti vibration
[13:28:52] <maxcnc> hi all
[13:29:03] <CaptHindsight> hey it must be 8!
[13:29:15] <maxcnc> Q what post are you
[13:29:40] <maxcnc> using on fusion 360 turning to get it work on linuxcnc
[13:29:49] <zeeshan|2> archivist: answer me!
[13:29:55] <alex4nder> maxcnc: I'm using the linuxcnc post
[13:29:59] <alex4nder> so far so good
[13:30:17] <maxcnc> it tels me eror
[13:30:27] <maxcnc> no turning supported on that post
[13:30:29] <alex4nder> do you have a tool table in linuxcnc for every tool index you're using?
[13:30:42] <alex4nder> ah
[13:30:56] <alex4nder> maxcnc: I don't have my glasses on; I missed the 'turning' bit. :/
[13:30:56] <archivist> zeeshan|2, erm fugy vaping is fugly
[13:31:02] <zeeshan|2> lol
[13:31:06] <zeeshan|2> i like the new one better
[13:31:11] <CaptHindsight> zeeshan|2: stamps his feet, holds his breath til blue and spins around on the floor like Curly
[13:31:13] <zeeshan|2> doesnt look like a turd
[13:32:11] <archivist> you need to polish the turd
[13:32:26] <CaptHindsight> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2iZPRif2i4
[13:32:27] <zeeshan|2> i liked the last one after it was made out of wood
[13:32:28] <zeeshan|2> looked ok
[13:32:30] <zeeshan|2> this one is sleek
[13:34:04] <Encapsulation> http://jacantdesign.deviantart.com/art/TEXT-Key-Fob-438718419?ga_submit_new=10%253A1394159688
[13:34:20] <zeeshan|2> long live solidworks
[13:34:49] <sel> bye
[13:35:45] <archivist> I rescued a polishing machine may years ago http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=polishing+machine
[13:36:28] <CaptHindsight> glue gun free ceramics printing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrarFjxoo1A
[13:36:38] <archivist> probably for metal samples under the microscope
[13:37:31] <renesis> neat we have those at school in materials lab
[13:37:38] <mase-tech> archivist: How on eath is this anike machine working :D
[13:37:50] <renesis> has two spinny things, and yeah we use it for prepping samples for etching and microscope
[13:38:25] <zeeshan|2> archivist: your website is painfully slow
[13:38:25] <zeeshan|2> :(
[13:38:59] <archivist> I just spotted the ex owners name engraved on it :)
[13:39:52] <CaptHindsight> loads in a few minutes for me
[13:40:30] <archivist> that dates it to before 1960
[13:42:05] <archivist> zeeshan|2, no one is buying from me so staying on slow broadband
[13:42:22] <zeeshan|2> =P{
[13:42:24] <zeeshan|2> post them on imgur!
[13:42:42] <CaptHindsight> he has tons
[13:42:51] <CaptHindsight> too mucho
[13:43:34] <cradek> what does it polish?
[13:43:40] <CaptHindsight> and then what happens when imgur gets turned off?
[13:43:49] <archivist> metal samples most likely
[13:44:06] <renesis> cradek: we just used it manually with little blocks
[13:44:17] <renesis> that thing looks like it has some sort of fixture attachment tho
[13:44:19] <archivist> came out of Daimler cars factory
[13:45:00] <archivist> there is a belt drive to oscillate the plate
[13:45:30] <maxcnc> Gn8 from Germany sun is out now 1hr to sundown what a miss
[13:46:14] <archivist> was thinking it may be good for clock part polishing
[13:53:51] <renesis> ha, with little parts id be worry about them catching on the polishing cloth and being thrown into the liquid trap area
[13:54:55] <archivist> the 3M papers that go down to a few microns in sequence
[13:55:16] <archivist> well plastic backed really
[13:57:19] <archivist> 30 down to 1 micron https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wetordry-Polishing-Paper-Lapping-Sandpaper/dp/B003RV7Q24
[13:57:21] <renesis> yeah i dont remember the size of the compounds we were using
[13:57:42] <renesis> one was like like 10um i think? and that was the course one
[13:57:50] <archivist> never seen it that cheap before
[13:58:22] <renesis> what do P numbers mean?
[13:59:02] <archivist> https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/3m-abrasive-film-paper-starter-pack
[13:59:23] <archivist> last time I got it was about £30
[13:59:30] <CaptHindsight> http://nanophase.com/products/aluminum-oxide/ when you have to go even finer
[14:00:01] <renesis> wtf 20nm
[14:01:26] <archivist> I find the 3M paper very good, usually just use a bit of glass for flat
[15:04:53] <enleth> damn, bought a pressure regulator and it bleeds air whenever input pressure is higher than whatever it's set to
[15:05:23] <Deejay> this is how it works ;)
[15:05:42] <Wolf_> in/out reversed?
[15:06:35] <enleth> Wolf_: bingo!
[15:06:53] <Wolf_> :D
[15:06:56] <Wolf_> happens
[15:07:02] <enleth> it was preassebled with an oiler and water separator
[15:07:07] <enleth> wrong way
[15:08:47] <Wolf_> my air system in fun…. I have a refrigerated air drier then strainer/reg
[15:08:57] <Deejay> hm
[15:09:36] <enleth> other fun thing, the separator's drain is spring loaded to be normally open, it's forced closed when the pressure builds up a little
[15:10:15] <enleth> so if I depressurize the tank, it will release all stored water immediately
[15:10:29] <enleth> I'm not sure if that's a bug or a feature
[15:10:54] <gregcnc> the separator on my meco mill does that
[15:10:57] <gregcnc> Emco
[15:11:14] <Wolf_> dunno, I only turn my compressor off when the pump goes up >.<
[15:12:00] <enleth> Wolf_: I tend to empty the tank when it's not going to be used for more than a day
[15:12:50] <Wolf_> mine is 60 gallons + all the air lines and a 5gal tank in my house (with 150’ of line to the house from the shop) draining it takes a while
[15:14:03] <enleth> half that size here
[15:14:11] <enleth> at 12bar
[15:15:24] <enleth> drains very quickly by opening the emergency release valve, makes a hell lot of noise though
[15:15:29] <Wolf_> thats close to what I run at before the reg
[16:21:12] <SpeedEvil> enleth: I did that, and annoyingly managed to lose the release valve
[16:24:14] <Deejay> gn8
[16:24:36] <unfy> 'nite deejay
[16:24:43] <Deejay> o/
[17:24:28] <enleth> SpeedEvil: heh. I found a pneumatic big red button with a 3/4" bore that opens under pressure just fine, I need to hook it up by the regulator and run the exhaust eomewhere safe
[17:25:49] <enleth> like the hallway that's always open to the outside and almost never used by outsiders
[17:27:53] <SpeedEvil> Can it cope with water?
[17:44:07] * JT-Shop even made some money today :)
[17:50:58] <enleth> SpeedEvil: it got flooded yesterday when the rainstorm overflowed drain pipes, so I can conclusively say it: sure it can
[17:56:40] <bobo_> Hi Pete hows life at the beach going? you still just putting window nose prints on the house your lusting after?
[18:00:53] <BeachBumPete> hehehe actually we have the code for the realty lock on the door so we can put noseprints on the inside too ;)
[18:53:29] <Tom_Lab> https://murdercube.com/files/
[18:53:34] <Tom_Lab> good info there
[18:53:44] <Tom_Lab> https://murdercube.com/files/Workshop/Machining%20and%20Machinery/
[19:36:02] <Frank__16> quiet today
[19:46:02] <jdh> shhhhh.
[20:06:55] <Tom_Lab> zlog_,
[20:08:41] <Tom_Lab> stfu already
[20:09:21] <Tom_Lab> bored at the lab tonight too...
[20:38:13] <gregcnc> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analysis_paralysis
[20:42:44] <Duc_mobile> put the router table up for slae
[20:42:46] <Duc_mobile> sale
[20:43:25] <BeachBumPete> what router table and for how much?
[20:45:53] <Duc_mobile> Techno CNC router table I put 5,000 OBO
[20:46:33] <Duc_mobile> Pretty impressive table 3hp HSD spindle 12k -18k rpm
[20:46:35] <BeachBumPete> pics?
[20:46:49] <Duc_mobile> https://forum.linuxcnc.org/forum/54-user-exchange/30909-techno-cnc-router-table
[20:47:15] <malcom2073> techno makes awesome stuff
[20:47:39] <Duc_mobile> Im probably under pricing the table
[20:49:21] <Duc_main> stupid computer disconnecting
[20:58:16] <Duc_main> did I price the machine to high
[21:59:12] <nitero> hello
[21:59:14] <nitero> i need to find out what mechanical devices can be used to rotate stuff. i only need about a 60 degree range, but i need precision to about 5 degrees or less, and for the mechanism to rotate about 50 lbs integrated over about 3 feed from the rotating center. rotating faster is better but it's not as high a priority as say durability, and other things
[22:42:56] <monkeyisl> what's the model way to drive my 3axis cnc? mach3 or something else there?
[23:41:50] <pink_vampire> hi nitero
[23:42:21] <nitero> hello
[23:42:26] <nitero> pink_vampire,
[23:43:17] <pink_vampire> i saw your text
[23:43:44] <pink_vampire> do you have a milling machine?
[23:45:33] <pink_vampire> you can use 4th axis
[23:46:37] <pink_vampire> nitero: ^
[23:54:53] <nitero> no i don't
[23:55:07] <nitero> sorry i'll check here more frequently pink_vampire
[23:55:32] <nitero> but i suppose i could pay some shop to use theirs
[23:58:45] <pink_vampire> I'm not sure what are you trying to do.
[23:58:49] <pink_vampire> any pics?
[23:58:53] <pink_vampire> nitero: ^