#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-02-20

[00:06:00] <Ralith> audio needs to be pretty realtime; hitches are really nasty
[00:06:25] <Ralith> there can be relatively a lot of buffering in surprising places, but in theory not in good quality hardware
[00:08:00] <voxadam> Intersting.
[00:08:10] <voxadam> I wish I knew more about GPU computing.
[00:08:17] <voxadam> No time like the present.
[00:10:32] <Ralith> I'm not sure you can actually generate audio on a gpu
[00:10:37] <XXCoder> indeed. it is only one spot where past and future touches
[00:10:43] <Ralith> just decode it
[00:10:58] <Ralith> or maybe even just transmit it
[00:18:43] <voxadam> Assuming that a modern ARM processor has enough guts to compute 3 or more axis worth of control curves on the primar processor all the GPU would be for is to relay the control data to the HDMI audio interface.
[00:26:51] <archivist> voxadam, remember control is two way for a better machine
[00:32:39] <voxadam> I realize that, I'm starting with one half the problem, if that's solvable I'll take a look at the encoder feedback to close the loop.
[00:33:21] <voxadam> It's too bad Apple ruined Firewire's chances years ago.
[00:33:38] <voxadam> It's RT performance was far better than even modern USB.
[00:33:44] <C_P-Away> Wonder how long till this gets flagged! http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/wan/5456127431.html
[00:34:45] <voxadam> Sgrange.
[00:35:50] <voxadam> I'm confused by the specificity.
[00:42:28] <Contract_Pilot> hahaha
[00:43:39] <voxadam> Not to mention the vigor.
[02:27:51] <Deejay> moin
[02:28:14] <newbie|3> 3 2 1
[02:28:16] <newbie|3> gone
[02:50:27] <pink_vampire> back to my normal nick.
[02:51:56] <pink_vampire> keep portland weird ^
[02:52:05] <pink_vampire> Deejay: ?
[02:52:12] <pink_vampire> gone!
[03:01:22] <tiwake> pink_vampire: you live in portland oregon?
[03:03:48] <pink_vampire> I used to live there
[03:04:08] * tiwake is in tillamook
[03:06:52] <pink_vampire> tillamook s on the beach, I was in the city!
[03:08:24] <pink_vampire> tiwake: ^
[03:09:09] <tiwake> yeah there is a lot of beach
[03:09:12] <tiwake> really annoying
[03:09:16] <Contract_Pilot> Yes, I keep it werid
[03:09:35] <Contract_Pilot> Weird
[03:10:00] <Contract_Pilot> Well they are all weired i am sane so i am weired to them.
[03:10:25] <tiwake> normal is just an average
[03:10:43] <Contract_Pilot> I just do crap like this.. http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/wan/5456127431.html
[03:11:11] <tiwake> heh
[03:12:21] <Contract_Pilot> Works...
[03:12:36] <tiwake> I'm looking for a car, not a compressor
[03:12:39] <Contract_Pilot> Thats how i got my Diversion 180 tig for 700.00
[03:13:00] <Contract_Pilot> + a bunch of other junk.
[03:13:17] <tiwake> https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/5450709471.html eyeing this guy but the guy is not responding to my email
[03:14:21] <Contract_Pilot> I have a Harley http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/mcy/5426330281.html
[03:14:48] <tiwake> you can keep it :P
[03:16:50] <tiwake> motorcycles on the coast here suck 80% of the time... lol... cause thats how often its raining
[03:16:58] <pink_vampire> I'm trying to understand stuff about 3d printing, and no one can help me with that..
[03:17:48] <Contract_Pilot> Ok How about this... http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/bar/5456197250.html
[03:17:58] <pink_vampire> CUTE!
[03:18:00] <tiwake> ooo
[03:18:12] <tiwake> its a propeller though XD
[03:18:39] <tiwake> I suppose to get a pilots license I'd need to practice on a propeller first
[03:19:00] <pink_vampire> Will trade for CNC Milling Machine and CNC Lathe Combo Only!
[03:19:03] <pink_vampire> ok
[03:19:10] <pink_vampire> G0704..
[03:19:17] <tiwake> personally I'd want something like a delfin L29 or however its spelled
[03:19:27] <pink_vampire> and get my Cessna 150
[03:21:09] <Contract_Pilot> Yea, even with a pilot cert the training envolved to fly one of them ouch...
[03:21:25] <Contract_Pilot> Cessna 150 Easy to fly...
[03:22:03] <tiwake> neh, the Delfín L29 is not going to need a special license or whatever
[03:22:14] <tiwake> its considered experimental I think
[03:22:27] <tiwake> tiny 2-seater jet
[03:22:34] <tiwake> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aero_L-29_Delf%C3%ADn
[03:22:42] <Contract_Pilot> Still a Jet
[03:23:43] <tiwake> might be able to get one for ~$80k
[03:23:51] <Contract_Pilot> Need a type rating..
[03:25:51] <Contract_Pilot> Type Rating
[03:25:51] <Contract_Pilot> Requirement:
[03:25:51] <Contract_Pilot> 1000 hours total flying time
[03:25:51] <Contract_Pilot> 500 hours PIC
[03:26:38] <Ralith> "airplanes appreciate in value" is this guy nuts?
[03:42:41] <pink_vampire> I think I have more sensors on my machine than the rover on mars.
[03:48:51] <Jymmm> But does it have a beer/coffee dispenser?
[03:49:36] <pink_vampire> I don't drink coffee or beer.
[03:49:45] <pink_vampire> but she can make tea.
[03:50:16] <pink_vampire> (drill cycle)
[04:03:03] <tiwake> beer and coffee are disgusting
[04:03:18] <tiwake> vodka and tea for the win
[04:03:52] <tiwake> also sleep time
[04:06:28] <Jymmm> bunch of freaks!
[05:04:22] <pink_vampire> https://discordapp.com/invite/0oAimSwFHdSWZCUl
[05:04:30] <pink_vampire> I'm on discord.
[05:04:37] <XXCoder> and what is discord?
[05:06:12] <pink_vampire> discors is a voice based website (like teamspeak)
[05:06:23] <XXCoder> ok
[05:36:17] <pink_vampire> ddf vs cdf
[05:36:29] <pink_vampire> what look nicer?
[05:36:49] <XXCoder> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mreLx-t1HUA&feature=em-subs_digest interesting
[05:40:53] <pink_vampire> did you also got the ad of sandvik?
[05:41:08] <XXCoder> on youtube? nah I use youtube center. no ads
[05:42:59] <pink_vampire> youtube center??
[05:43:16] <XXCoder> its a greasemonkey script to change youtube a little
[05:43:57] <pink_vampire> cool
[05:44:06] <XXCoder> yeah love it
[05:44:15] <pink_vampire> the runout on the gear cutter ...
[05:45:45] <XXCoder> presumenly its not sensive to that
[05:46:10] <XXCoder> but yeah pretty large runout
[05:47:38] <pink_vampire> I need to finish with the for the ui.
[05:47:49] <XXCoder> the what?
[05:47:51] <pink_vampire> I have al the backend code
[05:47:59] <pink_vampire> UI
[05:48:22] <pink_vampire> user interface,
[05:48:24] <XXCoder> I know, but you said you needed to finish the (something?) for the ui
[05:48:35] <XXCoder> I know what ui is
[05:49:10] <pink_vampire> design
[05:49:15] <pink_vampire> lol..
[05:49:24] <XXCoder> ok
[05:49:34] <XXCoder> yeah its good to have design before making chips or coding
[05:50:05] <pink_vampire> I have the code that "run" that UI
[05:50:16] <pink_vampire> and I have also the design for the ui.
[05:50:53] <pink_vampire> now I need to set all the sensors, and close some gaps in the code.
[05:51:11] <XXCoder> cool
[05:51:25] <pink_vampire> I think I have more sensors on my machine than the rover on mars.
[05:51:37] <XXCoder> lol
[05:51:50] <pink_vampire> I'm not joking.
[05:52:45] <pink_vampire> but archie pena help me.
[05:56:15] <XXCoder> what or who is archie pena
[06:03:56] <XXCoder> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAusnFPgOcA&list=TLih_q4TNNYQcyMDAyMjAxNg
[06:04:03] <XXCoder> great if you got a junkyard I guess
[06:12:19] <XXCoder> hh that machines really junk but hes doing great with it
[06:21:01] <pink_vampire> W-T-F
[06:21:16] <pink_vampire> MEGA JUNK
[06:21:24] <XXCoder> it is
[06:21:37] <XXCoder> hes doing very good with it tough
[06:21:38] <XXCoder> though
[06:22:06] <pink_vampire> omg.. better to order some junk from ebay.
[06:22:30] <XXCoder> indeed but then if person is very poor could scounge junk from junkyard and make that
[06:22:33] <XXCoder> would be free
[06:24:57] <pink_vampire> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3W3KqB3cJ4
[06:28:42] <XXCoder> that video made me sick as hell
[06:28:51] <XXCoder> roving camera, and vibration
[07:46:26] <miss0r> I am pondering if it is possible for a novice tike myself to correct the guideways of my mill by scraping. I want the machine to be true again. is this something that is doable? or should I go in another direction?
[07:46:57] <archivist> I think its doable
[07:47:00] <XXCoder> I heard of using blue then using mill then remove it again, you would see marks where it wasnt true
[07:47:11] <XXCoder> but I know very little about that
[07:47:14] <archivist> but only if you can measure
[07:47:50] <miss0r> I would probally need a granite surface plate to do so...
[07:48:19] <miss0r> and the table measures 1250mm
[07:48:33] <miss0r> by 250mm
[07:49:01] <archivist> depends on the error
[07:49:21] * jthornton tries to remember the German guy that has the scraping videos...
[07:49:24] <archivist> remember you might just be fitting item a to b
[07:49:37] <miss0r> my issue is: I ran a dial on the longtitude, and measured 0.05mm height difference along the travel. I then tightened the gibs, and then I was having a hard time reaching the extremeties of the table.
[07:49:47] <archivist> miss0r, some light reading on the measurements http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/DJC/BK/BK3151/
[07:50:44] <miss0r> archivist: if you don't mind me asking: is this server of yours located under your bed? :)
[07:50:54] <miss0r> on a dial-up modem ? (just kidding)
[07:51:11] <Jymmm> miss0r: string and cup
[07:51:55] <malcom2073> Jymmm: Styrofoam cup
[07:51:57] <miss0r> With absolutly no experience in this field: will this take forever?
[07:51:59] <malcom2073> and silly string
[07:52:46] <archivist> and if you can find a copy, get Machine tool reconditioning and applications of hand scraping E Connelly
[07:53:26] <archivist> that has lots of techniques in it
[07:54:49] <miss0r> as time is always an issue here (I became a dad two months ago) and this is only a tool-shop in the beginning of its lifespan, I don't want it to take up too much time. What timeframe am I looking at? just a rough number
[07:54:59] <Jymmm> archivist: 1955 ?
[07:56:00] <malcom2073> Heh
[07:56:05] <malcom2073> Scraping is something old retired guys do
[07:56:13] <malcom2073> :P
[07:56:23] <miss0r> malcom2073: well, it is still more accurate than a machined surface
[07:56:55] <archivist> Jymmm, yes it is about the best work on the subject out there
[07:57:03] <malcom2073> True, but it's normally cheaper to work those hours you would've spent scraping, and buy a replacement :P
[07:57:14] <malcom2073> Hence, the retired comment
[07:57:32] <Jymmm> https://www.scribd.com/doc/125118924/Edward-F-Connelly-Machine-Tool-Reconditioning-an-BookFi-org
[07:58:48] <archivist> its the sort of book you want the real thing :)
[07:58:48] <miss0r> malcom2073: true. but on a free mill like the one I have here, in a shop that makes little to no money(because theres not alot of work to be done), it might add ud refurbishing the machine at little cost vs. buying a new one for money I don't have
[07:59:46] <malcom2073> As long as buying a used replacement is more expensive than the time you spent, it's worth it
[07:59:56] <malcom2073> Once it gets cheaper, it's not :P
[08:00:17] <miss0r> i'm just worried about the amount of man-hours I need to spend away from the family doing it.
[08:00:45] <Jymmm> miss0r: you mean man-weeks?
[08:00:51] <miss0r> and I have no idea how much time is required. I haven't even a grasp of concept
[08:01:09] <XXCoder> heh I need to ADD more man-hours to my machine. I'm slacking so hard.
[08:01:22] <malcom2073> Heh
[08:01:23] <miss0r> Jymm: or man-years - I have no idea
[08:01:29] <malcom2073> I haven't touched any of my machines in probably two months
[08:02:18] <miss0r> malcom2073: I think your machines might think they are in the clear by now... the way you 'haven't touched' them in a while
[08:02:27] <malcom2073> Hah they know better
[08:02:32] <miss0r> ^^
[08:05:00] <miss0r> I have this surface grinder: http://www.wotol.com/images/thumbs/800x800/1089503_8b409f97000033bf92eac786f3c2aa63.jpg I will trade it in for a smaller one :) that can actualy fit my shop
[08:05:10] <malcom2073> Nice
[08:06:16] <miss0r> yeah, but it is too big to fit in here :) I want a smaller one
[08:06:24] <malcom2073> Doh heh, that's unfortunate
[08:06:25] <malcom2073> that looks nice
[08:06:47] <miss0r> yeah, I have that 'model' mines in perfect shape, but it needs a good cleaning
[08:11:25] <jthornton> I have this one, got it from a guy that didn't know anything about them http://www.mwmachinery.com/photos/3645.jpg
[08:11:43] <jthornton> he had the bearings for the table in wrong so it was tilted
[08:12:06] <miss0r> cute... i'm up for a trade :) Althou I fear what shipping the machines will amount to
[08:12:33] <malcom2073> Finding things local is nice for that heh
[08:13:02] <archivist> miss0r, sheet your up until you have extended the workshop to fit it in
[08:13:12] <jthornton> I had to replace all the metering valves for the oiler
[08:13:30] <miss0r> archivist: i'm afriad that will never happen. well atleast not within the next 10 years
[08:14:23] <miss0r> I just shot a small video of the shop - i'm working on transfering it to the computer now - should anyone be interrested in seeing it
[08:14:54] <archivist> never assume you cannot do something :)
[08:16:22] <miss0r> oh, its doable.. the question is: can it be done while having a working marrige? :)
[08:16:35] <archivist> I thought getting a CMM was completely beyond me, until I spotted one on ebay and no one bid against me
[08:17:02] <malcom2073> Heh, a guy told me a story about getting a mill in his garage. It was a bit too tall, so while his wife was away he cut a hole in the kitchen floor (above the garage), and put in an island, and that was what the motor poked up into.
[08:17:20] <malcom2073> Wife came home "Oh! You put in an island!" he made the mistake of having door in it, she opened it up and was angry heh
[08:17:32] <miss0r> hehehe
[08:17:38] * jthornton has 8 minutes left on free time so hurry lol
[08:18:15] <miss0r> I had to dismount the spindle motor from my mill to get it in the door. also I had to move a flurescent lamp of accomidate the total height of the mill. but I managed ;)
[08:18:29] <malcom2073> Yeah I had to remove my ram, and then remove the motor to get the ram remounted, but everything fits now :)
[08:18:45] <miss0r> jthornton: if you are referring to the video - I am transferring from the phone as fast as the connection allows
[08:19:03] <jthornton> aye
[08:19:43] <miss0r> hang on. I will go inside the house and use the wifi. that will be faster. back in a sec
[08:21:44] <Tom_itx> hey jthornton
[08:26:41] <jthornton> morning Tom_itx
[08:27:44] <Tom_itx> did you figure out your bitfile?
[08:28:59] <jthornton> yea cncbasher did it for me :)
[08:29:10] <Tom_itx> that's cheating
[08:30:54] <jthornton> I did sorta understand the bit file after a bit
[08:31:46] <Tom_itx> iirc the 5i25 have the header pinout in them as well
[08:32:12] <Tom_itx> for the DB25
[08:32:18] <jthornton> now I'm getting errors trying to install the linuxcnc deb in linux mint 17.3 I better try 17.2 to see
[08:33:43] <jthornton> although linuxcnc seems to be working ok
[08:33:58] <miss0r> bleh. it turns out transferring from the phone to the computer was the fast operation. At the moment I think it will still be another 15 minuts before the video is online *sigh*
[08:35:09] <malcom2073> Most phones now can pop it directly online
[08:35:54] <miss0r> mine isn't 'most phones'
[08:35:55] <miss0r> :)
[08:36:19] <Loetmichel2> malcom2073: which is usually not making that much sense because of file sizes and upload speed
[08:36:44] <miss0r> or perhaps it is. I just suck at it. One would think I would be better at using the services on a phone, as I also have a side buisness doing setups and security for linux bases servers. phones often have me confused
[08:37:00] <Loetmichel2> i usually recode my phone vids to a new codec with about 1/10 the file size for same quality before uploading
[08:37:37] <miss0r> well, I do very little video recording. This is perhaps one thing I should look into at some point. who knows.
[08:38:50] <miss0r> I do, however, have a few snapshots of some completed projects on here: http://proto-design.dk/portfolio.html keep in mind they are old
[08:40:28] <Loetmichel2> jthornton: do you mean nick mueller?
[08:40:39] <malcom2073> Loetmichel2: Get the youtube app, it encodes *then* sends
[08:40:40] <malcom2073> :P
[08:41:54] <Loetmichel2> malcom2073: how long do you think it will take to recode a 5gb video to 500Mb on a dualcore arm with 1,6ghz?
[08:42:19] <Loetmichel2> as opposed to a core i/ at 3ghz and a gtx 960 to support that?
[08:42:24] <Loetmichel2> i7
[08:42:36] <malcom2073> No clue, if I'm gonna shoot more than a couple minutes of video I get something with a decent camera :P
[08:43:24] <Loetmichel2> oh, that note1 has a good cam. 5Mpix. and a zeiss lens.
[08:43:34] <Loetmichel2> but only on bright days
[08:43:40] <Loetmichel2> (size of the lens)
[08:43:54] <Loetmichel2> in the dusk it makes grainy videos
[08:44:06] <malcom2073> Hard to get good low light video, takespretty good equipment
[08:44:14] <malcom2073> or pictures for that matter
[08:44:25] <SpeedEvil> http://www.dpreview.com/articles/8083837371/review-nokia-808-pureview
[08:44:39] <SpeedEvil> yeah - you need to go pretty extreme to get even the semblance of low light performance
[08:44:57] <malcom2073> Yeah I remember hearing about that, way more megapixels than the lenses are good for
[08:46:29] <SpeedEvil> It's actually not that bad
[08:46:50] <SpeedEvil> It's got a very massive sensor for a phone
[08:47:25] <pink_vampire> hi
[08:47:46] <SpeedEvil> Plus - tightly resolving pixels gives you bayer artifacts
[08:47:48] * Deejay bakes cookies
[08:47:57] <malcom2073> mmm cookies
[08:48:03] <Deejay> selfmade cookies!
[08:55:21] <jthornton> here is a good snack http://gnipsel.com/recipes/snacks/pumpkin-treat.html
[08:56:18] <Deejay> hehe
[08:56:59] <Deejay> john, you are doing really everything, don't ya?
[08:57:19] <Deejay> beer making, wine making, food recipes, cnc stuff, software, ...
[08:57:27] <miss0r> hahahahaha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8NqeD73ZZ4
[08:57:49] <SpeedEvil> CNC beer
[08:57:57] <Deejay> hrhr
[08:59:10] <JT-Shop> I do try and stay busy
[09:01:06] <Tom_itx> Chef JT
[09:02:38] <Tom_itx> some code i'd been modding that i wrote long time ago had been kicking my butt all week to find out i had a corrupt index file messin with me
[09:02:51] <miss0r> wife and kids home. I have to run. will post video in here at a later time
[09:02:54] <Tom_itx> back to catia now...
[09:09:32] * jthornton hears the breakfast bell ringing
[09:10:16] <Loetmichel2> hmmm
[09:10:40] <MrSunshine> MAX_ACCELERATION and STEPGEN_MAX_ACCEL .. whats the diff ?
[09:11:05] <Loetmichel2> its 15:44 over here... but atm i wouldnt complain if someone served me a nice set of eggs, bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs ... with an xxl latte macciato ;)
[09:12:04] <MrSunshine> learning how important lining things up is ... had a motor that was screwd a bit not straight .. it bent the whole screw to wobble like hell
[09:12:46] <MrSunshine> fixed the alinment and almost all wobble was gone (not perfect fix but as close as i could get it right now) =)
[09:16:21] <pcw_home> MAX_ACCELERATION is trajectory planners maximum acceleration
[09:16:22] <pcw_home> STEPGEN_MAX_ACCEL is the stepgen hardware or softwares acceleration limit
[09:16:24] <pcw_home> typically STEPGEN_MAX_ACCEL is set to MAX_ACCELERATION * 1.25
[09:18:21] <MrSunshine> hmm ok =)
[09:19:51] <pcw_home> The reason is that the low level stepgen software/hardware is actually in a feedback loop
[09:19:53] <pcw_home> and the low level parts needs to have "headroom" for the feedback to work in all cases
[09:20:19] <pcw_home> same thing applies to velocity
[09:22:56] <pcw_home> imagine the stepgen running at the machines maxvel and the feedback loop senses that its a bit behind
[09:22:57] <pcw_home> if the stepgen_maxvel is bounded to the machine maxvel, it cannot correct the error
[09:23:13] <MrSunshine> and that results in tracking errors ?
[09:23:19] <MrSunshine> following*
[09:23:24] <pcw_home> yes
[09:23:34] <MrSunshine> aight =)
[09:24:12] <MrSunshine> need to get the machine in working order again so i can start making stuff ... its been down for a good month now due to my laziness :P
[09:26:53] <miss0r> jthornton: The video is online in 2 mins, if you are still interrested.
[09:52:57] <Tom_itx> zeeshan!
[09:53:24] <zeeshan> tom!
[09:55:17] <Tom_itx> sent you a link
[09:57:03] <Tom_itx> what's up?
[09:58:10] <zeeshan> sec
[09:58:25] <jthornton> miss0r: I'll look at it in the morning
[09:59:06] <zeeshan> fancy parts tom
[09:59:07] <zeeshan> ;P
[09:59:17] <Tom_itx> good for learning
[10:55:04] <zeeshan> http://www.kijiji.ca/v-business-industrial/kitchener-waterloo/autorotor-cnc-indexer-4th-axis-for-cnc-mill-new/1141252921?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true#MapLightbox
[10:55:06] <zeeshan> anyone know whats going on here
[10:56:07] * Tom_itx wonders what zeeshan fell into
[10:56:31] <zeeshan> ive been looking for a rotary table
[10:56:33] <zeeshan> for the mill
[10:56:40] <Tom_itx> seems you found one
[10:56:47] <t12> that seems cheap
[10:56:51] <zeeshan> it is
[10:56:56] <zeeshan> thats why im wondering hats going on there
[10:56:57] <zeeshan> http://www.autorotorgroup.com/en/products/square-axis/camma-tamburo-serie-5.html
[10:57:00] <zeeshan> this is the system
[10:57:04] <zeeshan> i cant tell if it has a hramonic drive or not
[10:57:15] <zeeshan> i guess id have to make a table for it
[10:57:20] <zeeshan> or adapter to mount a chuck
[10:57:24] <Tom_itx> i doubt it the way the motor is mounted
[10:57:36] <Tom_itx> harmonic would normally be driven from the end
[10:58:05] <archivist> some are indexers, n position
[10:58:31] <zeeshan> so it must have so me sort of brake?
[10:58:47] <Tom_itx> worm gear
[10:58:59] <zeeshan> ah can't be back driven
[10:59:00] <Tom_itx> i doubt if there's a brake
[10:59:01] <archivist> looks setup as worm
[10:59:03] <zeeshan> so how do they take care of back lash
[10:59:13] <Tom_itx> they don't?
[10:59:22] <zeeshan> so what is this garbage
[10:59:26] <archivist> adjust but still rattle not much
[10:59:59] <archivist> I have the manual for nikken and I know that is adjust
[11:00:08] <zeeshan> so you can get 0 backlash
[11:00:19] <Tom_itx> it would be better than the one i have
[11:00:22] <archivist> close to 0
[11:00:25] <Tom_itx> (none)
[11:01:47] <zeeshan> worth getting?
[11:01:59] <Tom_itx> if you need one i suppose
[11:02:46] <zeeshan> it seems like the perfect size
[11:02:51] <zeeshan> 5-6" diameter
[11:02:59] * Tom_itx places a bid
[11:03:04] <zeeshan> it also means if i run the machine in horizontal mode
[11:03:09] <zeeshan> it can be a tombstone indexer
[11:03:14] <zeeshan> and doesnt require a massive spacer block
[11:03:17] <zeeshan> cause itself is a spacer
[11:05:03] <Tom_itx> wonder why it has so many holes in it
[11:07:01] <zeeshan> not sure
[11:07:06] <zeeshan> http://www.autorotorgroup.com/images/pdf/t15.pdf
[11:07:09] <zeeshan> when you look at the pdf
[11:07:11] <zeeshan> it doesnt have a lot of holes?
[11:08:15] <zeeshan> im pretty positive i want this
[11:08:24] <zeeshan> shit plugs in to a 110v plug
[11:08:34] <zeeshan> luckily i already have the wires fo rit
[11:12:24] <zeeshan> im gonna feel so cringy
[11:12:28] <zeeshan> drilling and tapping my cnc mill table
[11:12:29] <zeeshan> lol
[11:12:49] <zeeshan> this is one of those tools which ithink it's worth doing for
[11:12:52] <zeeshan> rather than t-nutting it in
[11:13:52] <gregcnc> That doesn't appear to be a machining type rotary table.
[11:13:57] <zeeshan> why not
[11:14:18] <gregcnc> http://www.easomeng.com/pdfs/Autorotor-catalog.pdf
[11:14:46] <zeeshan> look at page 7of that
[11:14:48] <zeeshan> t15 model
[11:14:53] <zeeshan> axial load: 2420lb
[11:15:10] <zeeshan> radial is the same, bending force up 2800 lb
[11:15:15] <zeeshan> i think itd be fine for machining
[11:15:17] <zeeshan> dontcha think?
[11:15:33] <zeeshan> thanks for that pdf dude
[11:15:36] <zeeshan> page 8
[11:15:41] <zeeshan> repeatability: 0.0006!!!!!!!1
[11:15:41] <Duc> how is the slope on the unit or is it made for index and clamp
[11:15:42] <zeeshan> nice!!!!!!!!
[11:16:20] * Tom_itx places another bid
[11:16:27] <gregcnc> are you just looking for indexing?
[11:16:28] <zeeshan> greg youre the man
[11:16:30] <zeeshan> no
[11:16:32] <zeeshan> live machining
[11:16:41] <Duc> where are you located again?
[11:16:53] <zeeshan> me? canada
[11:17:08] <Duc> what size do you need
[11:17:13] <zeeshan> 6" would be nice
[11:17:18] <zeeshan> duc this is pretty had to beat
[11:17:24] <zeeshan> it comes with a teco drive and motor brand new
[11:17:28] <zeeshan> thats by itself 1000 bux usd
[11:17:42] <Duc> does it come with a steady rest?
[11:17:49] <zeeshan> i am not using it like that
[11:17:53] <Duc> whats the link to the unit
[11:17:55] <zeeshan> im mounting it directly to the table
[11:18:00] <zeeshan> and running the mill in horizontal mode
[11:18:00] <gregcnc> where is the angular positioning spec?
[11:18:18] <zeeshan> greg that is it
[11:18:27] <gregcnc> no, it isn't
[11:18:29] <zeeshan> they give a repeatability spec of +/- 0.0006
[11:18:38] <zeeshan> at a radial distance of 2"
[11:18:39] <gregcnc> To the index position
[11:19:07] <gregcnc> it uses a cam to index the table, not what you use for rotary machining
[11:19:50] <gregcnc> for some period of servo movement you have no table rotation
[11:19:51] <zeeshan> ah so its not a worm gear
[11:20:01] <zeeshan> damn it
[11:20:10] <zeeshan> duc http://www.kijiji.ca/v-business-industrial/kitchener-waterloo/autorotor-cnc-indexer-4th-axis-for-cnc-mill-new/1141252921?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true#MapLightbox
[11:21:02] <Duc> look into TSUDAKOMA on ebay or the candana version
[11:21:13] <gregcnc> their page 26
[11:21:14] <Duc> I just picked one up for 1000
[11:21:25] <Duc> low ball people and they would normally take it
[11:21:32] <Duc> http://www.ebay.com/itm/151881166863?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
[11:21:44] <zeeshan> nic dude
[11:21:46] <zeeshan> what size is that
[11:21:51] <Duc> find one you can set on the back so chuck faces up
[11:22:02] <Duc> 200mm chuck or 8 inches
[11:22:04] <zeeshan> duc the one im looking for
[11:22:08] <zeeshan> needs to sit 90 degrees
[11:22:14] <zeeshan> from the way it's sitting onthe skid
[11:22:20] <zeeshan> i want to use my mill in horizontal mode
[11:22:32] <zeeshan> so that table doesnt work for that
[11:22:43] <Duc> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tsudakoma-RN-150-R-2-Dual-Head-Rotary-Indexer-Table-/361445680607?hash=item5427d765df:g:BwkAAOSwp5JWZuLt
[11:23:10] <zeeshan> http://www.ebay.com/itm/TSUDAKOMA-10-CNC-Rotary-Table-Model-RNCM-25IR-/131556110317?hash=item1ea15aefed:g:4xQAAOSwu4BVo9Zu
[11:23:13] <zeeshan> need something like this
[11:23:30] <Duc> and just remove one of the units to keep as a spare
[11:24:46] <Duc> so why the horizontal position?
[11:25:00] <zeeshan> cause id like to do a tombstone style setup
[11:27:05] <gregcnc> people do tombstone in vertical mills all the time. depends on how big the parts are
[11:27:10] <Duc> so you have a horizontal spindle then?
[11:27:17] <zeeshan> duc i got both
[11:28:04] <zeeshan> http://imgur.com/a/A1y9f
[11:29:15] <Duc> got a picture of this since I must be thinking of it wrong
[11:29:26] <Duc> ok makes more sense now. Im used to seeing the tombstone layinng on its side on a rotary table for a vertical mill
[11:29:52] <zeeshan> hehe
[11:30:45] <zeeshan> gregcnc: good job pointing on them cam
[11:30:46] <zeeshan> i didnt see that
[11:31:11] <Duc> http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/attachments/f21/59158d1348252947-vertical-4th-axis-rotary-tombstone-4thaxis.jpg
[11:31:23] <zeeshan> thats crazy :P
[11:31:42] <Duc> not mine lol
[11:32:22] <archivist> end is supported, not crazy
[11:32:36] <Duc> your horizontal spindle stronger?
[11:32:43] <zeeshan> ya
[11:32:46] <zeeshan> more rigid
[11:33:05] <zeeshan> its quieter too :P
[11:33:12] <Duc> cat 50 or 40 looks like
[11:33:17] <zeeshan> 40
[11:33:18] <zeeshan> both
[11:34:07] <Duc> you may have problems with the side load while milling a tombstone
[11:34:23] <Duc> may need a 10 or 12in unit
[11:35:47] <gregcnc> what are you trying to accomplish? Will you really fit more parts than just putting them on the table?
[11:36:07] <zeeshan> gregcnc: one of the repeat jobs that i do
[11:36:09] <zeeshan> is those vapes
[11:36:30] <zeeshan> i could reduce the whole thing froim 6 setups to 2
[11:36:30] <archivist> fuglyvape mass production
[11:36:48] <zeeshan> archivist: i dont think they're fugly
[11:37:04] <zeeshan> especially after i see the money theyve given me :P
[11:37:12] <zeeshan> and how many of them are sold
[11:37:23] <archivist> cant polish a turd
[11:37:33] <Duc> money is money
[11:37:37] <gregcnc> how does the rotary help?
[11:37:56] <Duc> I would burn a dick on my plasma table if it was money LOL
[11:38:02] <zeeshan> lol duc
[11:38:02] <zeeshan> hahahahah
[11:38:14] <Duc> rotary table would reduce load and unload time
[11:38:41] <zeeshan> this is currently how i machine them:
[11:38:41] <zeeshan> http://i.imgur.com/sONt5eL.jpg
[11:39:06] <zeeshan> actually now that i think about it
[11:39:12] <zeeshan> im not really reducing setups
[11:39:24] <zeeshan> because if i went to a 4th axis i would be machining one part at a time
[11:39:28] <zeeshan> instead of the 5 i do in a set right now
[11:39:30] <Duc> 3d surfacing all around
[11:39:35] <zeeshan> yea
[11:39:39] <zeeshan> but itd be one part at a time..
[11:39:40] <zeeshan> hmm
[11:39:58] <gregcnc> that's what I'm getting at
[11:40:06] <zeeshan> so it doesnt really help
[11:40:17] <Duc> multiple spindle setup so you can walk away for 3 hours?
[11:40:27] <zeeshan> i do walk away for about 1.5 hrs right now
[11:40:28] <maxcnc> hi all from a stormy wet germany
[11:40:29] <zeeshan> per surfacing
[11:40:48] <Duc> but you still have to rotate them at some point
[11:40:56] <zeeshan> yes but that takes 5 mins
[11:41:11] <maxcnc> ;-) rotating tool is a good idee on milling a part
[11:41:11] <zeeshan> if i was doing one part at a time
[11:41:14] <Duc> still wasted time if you dont do it right away
[11:41:27] <Duc> and you have to be home for it
[11:41:28] <zeeshan> i got a buzzer
[11:41:39] <zeeshan> i dont run the machine when im not home :P
[11:41:44] <zeeshan> ill let it run overnight though
[11:41:53] <Duc> same thing
[11:42:04] <maxcnc> Question what is the best way to get longer tools to hobbyists
[11:42:18] <maxcnc> the normal spiindels alow only 60mm
[11:42:40] <maxcnc> i did not find any clamp holder for langer ones
[11:42:42] <Duc> how big is your table? you could have a tombstone with 4 of your setups of the 5
[11:43:02] <zeeshan> duc id be overhanging it
[11:43:24] <__rob> umm, for the best bearing holes I can get on a Tormach, presumably I am better off with a reamer then a boring bar, or even just an end mill?
[11:43:30] <Duc> but could you reach the part your machining at the time
[11:43:31] <__rob> can't seem to get repeatability with an end mill
[11:43:44] <__rob> well not the same fit each time
[11:44:00] <zeeshan> rob doing circular interpolation?
[11:44:02] <__rob> yea
[11:44:08] <zeeshan> see tormach is fail :P
[11:44:09] <zeeshan> sorry
[11:44:09] <zeeshan> haha
[11:44:10] <zeeshan> jk
[11:44:18] <Duc> _rob: reamer might be better for you or a boring head
[11:44:31] <__rob> yea, well I didn't have the cash for a Hass
[11:44:32] <zeeshan> a reamer and boring bar are pretty much going to give you the same quality hole
[11:44:42] <maxcnc> im off will maybe back later BYE
[11:44:51] <zeeshan> but a reamer wins if the hole is too deep
[11:44:53] <__rob> love to have something with 0.0002"
[11:45:03] <__rob> but you have to get industrial stuff then
[11:45:07] <Duc> tough
[11:46:10] <Duc> zeeshan: wonder if you could offset the rotary on the table so the part 180 from the spindle is hanging off the table
[11:46:11] <__rob> i'm looking to get all holes aligned on multiple parts within 1/500 "
[11:46:18] <__rob> +-
[11:46:29] <__rob> so should be possible with the tormach
[11:46:37] <__rob> I think
[11:46:38] <__rob> hope
[11:46:57] <Duc> does the tormach have steppers or servos
[11:46:57] <__rob> main thing is removing as much source of error as possible
[11:47:00] <__rob> steppers
[11:47:16] <Duc> fast travel or slow to the hole location
[11:47:29] <__rob> well I take everything slow
[11:47:46] <zeeshan> are you serious
[11:47:48] <zeeshan> it has steppers?
[11:47:51] <zeeshan> i thought it was servos??
[11:47:54] <__rob> no, steppers
[11:48:01] <zeeshan> is the lathe servo?
[11:48:04] <__rob> no idea
[11:48:14] <zeeshan> okay hats down to tormach
[11:48:16] <gregcnc> so vertical rotary allows one part all sides, while you get 5 parts one side now
[11:48:19] <zeeshan> for holding decent tolerances with steppers
[11:48:36] <__rob> well, steppers are pretty good for repeatability
[11:48:44] <zeeshan> its not about steppers
[11:48:45] <__rob> just not flat torque curve
[11:48:48] <zeeshan> its the fact that its not closed loop
[11:48:54] <zeeshan> so youre not monitoring for error
[11:48:56] <Duc> gregcnc: he could use the same setup as now so 20 parts per tombstone
[11:48:57] <__rob> no, but if you dont push to hard and dont loose steps
[11:49:14] <__rob> which shouldn't happen, then steppers wont have a problem
[11:49:18] <gregcnc> that mill has that much Z?
[11:49:19] <__rob> as a far as I can see
[11:49:31] <zeeshan> greg theres no way
[11:49:34] <archivist> there is a limit to stepper accuracy
[11:49:43] <zeeshan> i can do it in vertical mode
[11:49:46] <zeeshan> but in horizontal it is possible
[11:49:56] <zeeshan> but the tombstone would be overhanging
[11:50:04] <zeeshan> that'd be kind of sweet
[11:50:04] <pcw_home> The lathe is stepper (but has decent resolution since its quite slow)
[11:50:07] <__rob> well 1 step is 0.001"
[11:50:36] <__rob> dont think steppers deviate from their taret step position more then maybe 10%
[11:50:38] <Duc> http://www.ebay.com/itm/HAAS-4TH-5TH-AXIS-ROTARY-TABLE-INDEXER-5C-COLLET-/301795584129?hash=item46446b2881:g:ZyoAAOSw~bFWQiuY
[11:51:15] <__rob> dunno, does it sound like I am attempting the impossible to do this on a Tormach ?
[11:51:34] <zeeshan> duc lol
[11:51:36] <zeeshan> thats bad ass
[11:51:37] <zeeshan> but $$$$$$$$4
[11:51:38] <zeeshan> :D
[11:51:54] <__rob> so all mounts need to be withing 1/250"
[11:51:55] <Duc> its possible with the right approach
[11:51:56] <__rob> of each other
[11:52:01] <Duc> install a read out on the axis so you can drive it there manually
[11:52:02] <__rob> I've made a fixture
[11:52:06] <zeeshan> rob i dont see why not
[11:52:22] <Duc> http://www.ebay.com/itm/HAAS-FOUR-HEAD-4th-AXIS-5C-17-PIN-ROTARY-INDEXER-CONTROLLER-5C-S5C-HA5C-WORKS-/281756769020?hash=item419a031afc:g:lwAAAOSwd0BVsS6z
[11:52:24] <archivist> __rob, you were on about mm yesterday
[11:52:25] <Duc> much cheaper
[11:52:42] <__rob> archivist, I'm converting on the fly :)
[11:52:53] <__rob> got google open beside me
[11:52:56] <__rob> :)
[11:53:21] <__rob> so yea, +-0.05mm is the maximum axial
[11:53:28] <__rob> uhh, radial
[11:53:41] <__rob> which is just about 1/500 inch
[11:54:23] <Duc> so you need a tolerance of .002in
[11:54:38] <__rob> +- yea
[11:54:49] <gregcnc> http://www.tormach.com/product_pcnc_performance.html
[11:54:51] <__rob> done a few holes on the fixture, not sure a 6.35" end mill a circular interpolation is cutting it for a 9mm hole
[11:54:58] <Duc> much easier to understand then 1/500
[11:55:08] <__rob> ok
[11:55:34] <__rob> so yea, looking at interpolating to 0.25mm under
[11:55:37] <__rob> then reaming it
[11:55:54] <__rob> reaming the fixture holes for 4mm dowels worked really nicely
[11:55:54] <Duc> or drill then ream to save time
[11:56:32] <Duc> drill undersized by .010 - .015 then ream
[11:56:36] <pink_vampire> just 72 sensors inputs
[11:57:01] <__rob> Duc, there is a flip involved in the part too btw
[11:57:19] <__rob> and alignment extrusions/pockets for the next part to attach on
[11:57:45] <__rob> so obviously multiple bearings needing to align over multiple parts
[11:58:04] <__rob> this was what Archivist/_methods suggested making a fixture for
[12:00:08] <__rob> all is based on this datasheet, http://i.snag.gy/WelUg.jpg
[12:00:42] <__rob> so thats what I need to achieve
[12:01:34] <Duc> what does it do
[12:01:38] <__rob> encoder disc
[12:04:18] <__rob> almost wonder if I should try and drill, bore and ream the parts as a set
[12:04:41] <Duc> maybe
[12:04:44] <archivist> inline ream as a final op
[12:05:03] <__rob> only problem is the bearing mount has a flange
[12:05:07] <__rob> guess I could get flanged bearings tho
[12:05:21] <__rob> yea, mabye that is the way forward, if this doesn't work
[12:05:29] <archivist> you can cheat and put on a washer to locate
[12:05:46] <__rob> how so ?
[12:05:49] <__rob> where does the washer go
[12:05:49] <archivist> no flanges needed at all then
[12:06:10] <archivist> outer surface of plate
[12:06:35] <__rob> ahh, ok
[12:07:01] <archivist> something I was cleaning up this week just used two bolts to hold the outer in the plate
[12:07:39] <__rob> was thinking a small setscrew bit above and below the washer would do
[12:08:34] <__rob> right, sounds like a plan, but you guys think the above should be otherwise achievable on this machine looking at that datasheet?
[12:08:52] <__rob> dont want to waste my time if in even an experts hands i'm barking up the wrong tree
[12:09:30] <gregcnc> is there anything that sets the position of the encoder head other than the two screw holes?
[12:09:37] <__rob> nope
[12:10:01] * Jymmm gives gregcnc THE SHAFT!
[12:10:02] <__rob> the disc is also on 2 90 degree set screws
[12:16:58] <archivist> __rob, how many bearings in line
[12:17:03] <__rob> 3
[12:17:30] <archivist> are two very close to each other
[12:17:44] <__rob> they are all 30mm apart
[12:19:20] <archivist> bearings in line are a cause of shaft breakage unless accurately done
[12:19:31] <archivist> ream
[12:20:21] <__rob> ok, I guess if I have all parts ready, and then dont move the X,Y, just push fit onto the fixture and ream
[12:20:46] <__rob> thats gonna be as close as I can get with out drilling them and reaming as a single block
[12:21:08] <__rob> should be no zeroing issues etc.. if they are all done 1,2,3
[12:21:15] <__rob> at same time
[12:21:32] <__rob> feeling better about this :)
[12:21:54] <archivist> or put shaft in then tighten outer frame screws
[12:22:40] <__rob> yea, there isn't really any play on the outer frame keys and pockets
[12:22:43] <__rob> pretty solid fit
[12:23:04] <__rob> maybe should make that with a bit of movement then let the shaft sort it out
[12:23:07] <__rob> and tighten
[12:23:43] <archivist> you will feel any binding when it is assembled
[12:23:51] <gregcnc> is the middle bearing necessary?
[12:27:33] <__rob> well no
[12:27:45] <__rob> was hoping it would keep things aligned vertically
[12:28:06] <__rob> guess it shouldn't make any difference if the bearing holes are right
[12:58:21] <aventtini6> hello guyss
[13:04:34] <Duc> hello
[14:17:23] <HoloPed> hey guys
[14:17:41] <HoloPed> is there a decent free tool for converting vector into gcode?
[14:17:43] <HoloPed> for laser etching
[14:50:01] <os1r1s> HoloPed Heekscad/heekscnc
[16:19:00] <Roguish_> PCW or pcw_home: the 5i20 and 22 have jumper to set voltage to the 50 pin connectors. I want to supply external voltage to my breakout boards for the connectors. should I remove the jumper completely? I don't want external voltage going into the board.
[16:26:27] <Simonious> What does: N30 T1 M6 mean?
[16:27:09] <gregcnc> T1 calls tool no.1 M6 calls tool change
[16:28:14] <Simonious> Yeah.. thank you
[16:28:31] <anomynous> calls tool cahnge macro
[16:28:32] <anomynous> :D
[16:30:19] <Roguish_> anomynous: nuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/ see M codes
[16:30:20] <pcw_home> Roguish_: if they are our breakout boards the breakout board will have a jumper to select cable power
[16:30:21] <pcw_home> if cable power is not selected, the cable power pin does not connect to the breakout power
[16:31:10] <anomynous> Roguish_, did i say wrong?
[16:31:11] <Deejay> gn8
[16:31:29] <Roguish_> pcw. ok. my breakout boards are simple, but have terminals for pins 49 and 50 on a seperate connector for power input
[16:32:02] <Roguish_> as well as the standard terminals for 1 thru 48
[16:32:37] <Roguish_> anonmynous. no just there is good documentation for the Gcodes.
[16:34:24] <Roguish_> pcw_home. ok. i thought so. I will leave the 5i22 jumpers (1,4,7,10) open.
[16:55:11] <HoloPed> oh hai there os1r1s
[16:55:13] <HoloPed> thanks
[16:55:56] <os1r1s> HoloPed Its free and I believe OS
[16:56:15] <os1r1s> Last I looked it didn't interact too well with other programs. But it should be able to import ok
[17:39:37] <Crom> Wow Allindustrial is fast! I got my MT2-JT2 tanged arbor already., them being next county over probably helps too
[17:46:38] <Crom> HoloPed, straight 2d laser cutting inkscape and turnkey extension
[17:47:20] <HoloPed> Crom, thanks
[17:47:22] <HoloPed> I'll check it out
[17:51:45] <robin_sz> evening
[17:52:39] <kengu> night
[17:52:51] <robin_sz> If you are bored ... there is some (tedious) footage of my linux controlled router doing its stuff
[17:53:27] <robin_sz> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvojPh7LZkI
[17:53:40] <robin_sz> hacking through 6mm ally
[17:56:27] <robin_sz> and if you are REALLY bored ...
[17:57:17] <malcom2073> robin_sz: Nice, details on the router?
[17:57:28] <malcom2073> I like the duct tape chip guard heh
[17:57:33] <robin_sz> commercial router
[17:57:40] <robin_sz> Vytek Rebel2
[17:57:53] <robin_sz> the control shat itself
[17:58:17] <malcom2073> Ah good sized one
[17:58:18] <robin_sz> 8x4 with a 7hp spindle
[17:58:24] <malcom2073> Really good sized heh
[17:58:31] <malcom2073> Hell of a spindle
[17:59:09] <robin_sz> its actually got all the pneumatics for auto tool release, and sensors for tool holder locking/ejection
[17:59:24] <robin_sz> so it needs a full ATC adding really
[17:59:39] <malcom2073> Nice, ATC is convenient
[17:59:55] <robin_sz> at the moment I just press a button and swap the toolholders by hand
[18:01:06] <robin_sz> it would have been nice if the machine was 12x4 but I can make do
[18:01:26] <malcom2073> That's pretty long and thin
[18:01:41] <malcom2073> Oh x4 heh misread
[18:01:56] <malcom2073> I've heard 5x10 is one of the better sizes
[18:03:52] <robin_sz> I have 5x10 multicam
[18:04:04] <robin_sz> but thats at a different location
[18:04:23] <robin_sz> its a common size in the USA, but not so popular in the UK
[18:04:32] <Crom> 5x10 or 5x16 are great sizes, 5x22 is also real nice since it'll take a a full 48"x20' sheet
[18:04:52] <robin_sz> 4x12 is a common size for aero stuff
[18:05:47] <robin_sz> 6061-T6 and 2024-T3 commonly come in 12x4
[18:05:57] <malcom2073> Makes sense
[18:05:58] <Crom> I want to build a slant bed 5x10 for my garage
[18:06:20] <robin_sz> slant bed could work if you had enough vacuum
[18:06:56] <XXCoder> if you has plenty air you can create plenty vacuum
[18:06:59] <XXCoder> bit ironic
[18:07:26] <robin_sz> you woudl struggle to generate the flow rates needed
[18:07:46] <robin_sz> but, yeah, you could do it
[18:08:01] <robin_sz> I use a 10hp side channel pump
[18:08:04] <robin_sz> its OK
[18:09:53] <robin_sz> https://www.dropbox.com/s/vugp9ago7b3dp8q/DSC_0055.jpg?dl=0
[18:10:42] <robin_sz> I guess it is around 2 foot in diameter
[18:10:50] <malcom2073> Nice
[18:10:53] <robin_sz> ebay :)
[18:11:08] <robin_sz> I actually bought a 7.5 hp for £150
[18:11:21] <robin_sz> and 2 days later found this one on there for £175
[18:14:54] <malcom2073> Good find
[18:16:29] <robin_sz> yep, I'd say it does around 600 to 700mbar with a typical sheet of material with cuts in it ... and 3/4" MDF as a base board
[18:28:05] <robin_sz> and heres what I did on the lathe today .. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/648yq0blpcjaedn/AACEMX5mYFkY4K79q61PKRIza?dl=0
[18:29:12] <robin_sz> flanging dies!
[18:29:37] <robin_sz> 1 set done, 2 sets to go
[18:30:44] <JT-Shop> and that's what a lathe is supposed to look like chips everywhere!
[18:31:08] <robin_sz> you can't even see the big ball of swarf hiding at the other end
[18:31:19] <JT-Shop> nice looking dies
[18:31:40] <evil_ren> robin_sz: you're the amp guy, no?
[18:31:46] <JT-Shop> one of these days I need to scrap the x on the Samson
[18:32:01] <robin_sz> evil_ren, yes
[18:32:35] <evil_ren> just checking, also nice hubcap
[18:32:38] <robin_sz> JT-Shop, I always wanted a lathe in the shed, I have done so many little projects on it
[18:32:56] <robin_sz> lol hubcap
[18:33:15] <evil_ren> dinner plate?
[18:33:28] <robin_sz> set of 115mm flanging dies
[18:33:48] <evil_ren> stomps flanges into pipe ends?
[18:33:52] <robin_sz> put a piece of ally with a 115mm hole in it between then
[18:34:09] <robin_sz> and it stomps a 45 degree flange into it
[18:35:19] <robin_sz> err
[18:35:20] <robin_sz> like so
[18:35:22] <robin_sz> http://www.kitlog.com/photos/project_221/full/FP21112008A0001L.jpg
[18:35:29] <robin_sz> thats not my picture btw
[18:36:06] <robin_sz> that guy had tried it out pf plywood
[18:36:09] <evil_ren> thats pretty cool
[18:36:30] <malcom2073> ssi was talking about making dies for that a while back I believe
[18:37:00] <robin_sz> I just got some 30mm plate flamecut and set about it with the lath
[18:39:00] <robin_sz> man, the swarf was horrible
[18:39:09] <robin_sz> it simply did not chip
[18:39:19] <robin_sz> one long piece
[18:39:23] <robin_sz> razor sharp
[18:40:44] <robin_sz> I have a huge ball of razor sharp swarf to dispose of tomorrow
[18:42:47] <Crom> My lathe is a chatter box... really need to tighten up the gibs and oil the hell out of it. and get some real way oil
[18:43:26] <Crom> head stock is plain bearing, so I really need some way oil
[18:49:25] <robin_sz> this one could do with the ways on the crossslide scraping
[18:49:47] <robin_sz> if I tighten the gibs in the middle, it is too stiff at either end
[18:50:08] <robin_sz> the main ways are fine though, not a gib in sight
[18:52:41] <Crom> compound and crossslide could do a bit of work
[18:53:09] <Crom> LTS 14.04 desktop suxs, installing KDE
[18:53:33] <malcom2073> Unity ftl
[19:00:30] <XXCoder> unity faster than light
[19:00:52] <XXCoder> seriously its xfce for me.
[19:01:01] <XXCoder> unity is the worse of all uis I tried
[19:01:22] <malcom2073> for the lose heh
[19:01:30] <malcom2073> I can't stand it, so many things about it just break my workflow
[19:01:35] <malcom2073> I use gnome 2 uusally
[20:05:13] <PetefromTn_> Man do I ever hate laying tile.... ;)
[20:06:16] <XXCoder> tile over it!
[20:14:06] <PetefromTn_> I did LOL
[20:16:12] <XXCoder> lol