#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-02-04

[01:04:51] <archivist> CaptHindsight, that opto is fast enough , it is sensing is 15kHz
[01:05:37] <archivist> easy fast enough for 24krpm
[01:05:53] <CaptHindsight> forget I asked
[01:07:10] <CaptHindsight> I forgot when you have a list of requirements (say >2) people respond to only a subset (1-2 max)
[01:24:37] <Jymmm> WHOA... Cisco owns ClamAV ?! http://www.clamav.net/about
[02:33:20] <Deejay> moin
[02:34:45] <tiwake> CaptHindsight: did a bunch of anodizing... tried several different colors
[02:35:08] <tiwake> two colors and three on a couple of them
[02:35:14] <tiwake> 15 different parts
[02:35:23] <tiwake> it was fun
[02:35:34] <tiwake> and a pain in the butt at the same time
[02:35:35] <tiwake> lol
[02:36:00] <tiwake> I think I want dye that has a smaller particle size than the stuff at caswell
[02:49:36] <tiwake> sleep
[02:52:36] <beikeland> i while back i asked about running linuxcnc remotely, tunneled X and experienced problems with crashing. Seems i was using putty v0.60, now with v0.66 it works flawlessly, no crashing after 48 hours. I'm really enjoying the linuxcnc upgrade from mach3, even if its a bumpy road to travel!
[04:27:54] <Kucharsky> Hi to all
[04:28:39] <pink_vampire> hi Kucharsky
[04:30:37] <pink_vampire> any recommendation for die filer
[04:30:41] <pink_vampire> archivist: ?
[04:33:47] <AmsterdamJoe> i have a confession
[04:34:38] <AmsterdamJoe> i joined this chat to learn about tool-chains for going from 3d model to LinuxCNC milling machine
[04:34:42] <AmsterdamJoe> however,
[04:34:52] <AmsterdamJoe> i found out that the mill is a "ShopBot"
[04:34:54] <AmsterdamJoe> .
[04:35:26] <pink_vampire> I'm not sure what do you mean..
[04:35:53] <AmsterdamJoe> Well, i confess, i dont have a clue about CNC
[04:36:07] <AmsterdamJoe> Can i use a "ShopBot" with LinuxCNC?
[04:36:48] <pink_vampire> what is shopbot?
[04:37:00] <AmsterdamJoe> http://www.shopbottools.com/ <--- CNC machine
[04:37:38] <XXCoder> heys
[04:38:16] <XXCoder> AmsterdamJoe: sure you can
[04:38:19] <pink_vampire> hi XXCoder
[04:38:22] <XXCoder> if nothing else, replace controller
[04:38:22] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe:
[04:38:36] <pink_vampire> do you have any info about the drivers?
[04:38:39] <XXCoder> replace it with one of linuxcnc compitable ones
[04:38:57] <XXCoder> dunno if directly supported
[04:39:10] <XXCoder> pink_vampire: drivers for what?
[04:39:21] <AmsterdamJoe> What do i need to controll it from Linux? new controller board? ( can i do it from a laptop?)
[04:39:26] <pink_vampire> for his shopbot cnc machine
[04:39:40] <XXCoder> AmsterdamJoe: laptop definitely no
[04:39:51] <AmsterdamJoe> It needs a PCI card?
[04:39:56] <XXCoder> AmsterdamJoe: a new-ish (but not too new) pc
[04:40:09] <pink_vampire> linux cnc support step dir
[04:40:26] <XXCoder> might need a parallel port, read linuxcnc forums for suggestions
[04:40:38] <AmsterdamJoe> XXCoder: that machine its currently hooked up to is not exactly news
[04:40:41] <XXCoder> if it has onboard one, it probably will do fine.
[04:40:46] <pink_vampire> and the easyest way to connect it is with lpt or mesa card
[04:41:26] <AmsterdamJoe> slow down XXCoder hard to gather meaning -- laptop worn work because it needs a new pc?
[04:41:48] <XXCoder> laptops dont work at all, latency is way too large
[04:42:03] <AmsterdamJoe> but i install a realtime kernel already
[04:42:20] <pink_vampire> do you have the machine??
[04:42:41] <AmsterdamJoe> how much latency does it need? is half of one billionth of a second ( 2 Ghz ) enough??
[04:42:44] <XXCoder> you can do tests but do a linuxcnc latency test and number probably will be large
[04:42:45] <AmsterdamJoe> yes i have it
[04:42:58] <XXCoder> latency do not depend solely on cpu
[04:43:03] <XXCoder> you have to run latency test
[04:43:09] <AmsterdamJoe> disk as well?
[04:43:22] <AmsterdamJoe> i can run the program from a RAM-disk
[04:43:35] <XXCoder> disk dont matter
[04:43:39] <chris_99> XXCoder, why's the latency too large specfically with laptops?
[04:43:41] <XXCoder> mine runs off cheap chonese ssd
[04:43:47] <AmsterdamJoe> plz explain
[04:43:53] <XXCoder> chris_99: hardware specific, not too sure specifics
[04:44:08] <pink_vampire> http://www.orientalmotor.com/products/stepper-motors/RBK-series-stepper-motors-pulse-input-dc.html
[04:44:08] <XXCoder> AmsterdamJoe: disk access speed dont matter
[04:44:15] <AmsterdamJoe> I was thinking it requires a PCI card, but XXCoder was explaing the latency
[04:44:20] <pink_vampire> vk
[04:44:23] <XXCoder> just setup linuxcnc and do latency test
[04:44:32] <XXCoder> see if laptop is suitable. it might be, but doubtful.
[04:44:49] <pink_vampire> this is the stepper drivers
[04:46:00] <XXCoder> AmsterdamJoe: check this out
[04:46:01] <XXCoder> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.5/html/install/Latency_Test.html
[04:47:25] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: what are you going to cut?
[04:48:20] <pink_vampire> the machines of shopbot design for 2d machining,
[04:49:04] <pink_vampire> so even if you computer will be abit slow and not 100% realtime it will be just fine.
[04:50:01] <AmsterdamJoe> Max Jitter:
[04:50:26] <AmsterdamJoe> 19675062 (ns)
[04:50:41] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: http://imgur.com/a/upWXY
[04:50:42] <XXCoder> did you run a video at youtube, as well as glxgears (3 of em)
[04:50:44] <AmsterdamJoe> 5863171 (25us)
[04:50:56] <pink_vampire> this is done on mach3 on windows XP
[04:50:58] <XXCoder> and moe one window around constantly while test is running>
[04:51:00] <XXCoder> ?
[04:51:01] <AmsterdamJoe> no, i just look at the radar map
[04:51:24] <pink_vampire> look at the surface finish..
[04:52:12] <pink_vampire> I'm thinking it's amazing finis for home machine.
[04:52:56] <XXCoder> AmsterdamJoe: that is... very large number
[04:53:00] <XXCoder> which isnt good
[04:53:13] <AmsterdamJoe> XXCoder: let me ask you a personal question
[04:53:20] <AmsterdamJoe> do you know what you are talking about?
[04:53:25] <pink_vampire> so, you dont need to wary about realtime in linuxcnc.
[04:53:58] <SpeedEvil> AmsterdamJoe: That max-jitter figure is comedic.
[04:54:06] <XXCoder> AmsterdamJoe: yes, but dont take my word alone.
[04:54:23] <SpeedEvil> AmsterdamJoe: many boards will approach a thousand times better
[04:54:44] <XXCoder> SpeedEvil: yeah its in least 8 times larger than my 15 year old laptop jitter
[04:54:52] <AmsterdamJoe> well, i almost made that mistake as well, so i wont put you on my ignore list right away
[04:54:55] <XXCoder> which by itself is ricious
[04:55:04] <XXCoder> AmsterdamJoe: welcome to ignore then
[04:55:09] <AmsterdamJoe> (for talking about stuff which u have no idea)
[04:55:18] <XXCoder> I dont stand any threat
[04:56:10] <AmsterdamJoe> because 19675062 (ns) is (barely) w/i the range specified on the site: " If your Max Jitter number is less than about 15-20 microseconds (15000-20000 nanoseconds), the computer should give very nice results"
[04:56:12] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: the best way to test your machine is to cut circale.
[04:56:47] <SpeedEvil> AmsterdamJoe: err
[04:57:04] <SpeedEvil> 19675ns is barely within the range
[04:57:08] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: do you have any real problem with your cutting?
[04:57:16] <SpeedEvil> 19675062 is very much not
[04:57:48] <AmsterdamJoe> it must be some error, surly its a unit mistake (off by 10^3 )
[04:57:51] <XXCoder> would machine even run at that jitter that high? heh
[04:58:20] <pink_vampire> micro vs nano
[04:58:40] <XXCoder> just so large. if I recall my laptop was at 250000 around there, which was 2.5 times larger than max recommanded jitter of 100l
[04:58:42] <XXCoder> *100k
[04:58:44] <AmsterdamJoe> pink_vampire: i didnt try to cut yet...
[04:59:12] <pink_vampire> ok..
[04:59:22] <XXCoder> thankfully my old pc (10 years old) hit 12k something
[04:59:35] <XXCoder> laptops dont work.
[04:59:39] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: what is the specs of your computer?
[04:59:51] <SpeedEvil> you have a jitter of 20ms or so. This means you are limited to a step rate of about a quarter of this - or 80ms.
[05:00:02] <AmsterdamJoe> AMD64 with pair of hard-disk
[05:00:05] <XXCoder> pink_vampire: it dont matter as laptops cant be controller usually
[05:00:05] <SpeedEvil> It should be smooth if you have a CNC doing 10 steps a second
[05:00:12] <XXCoder> that slow.
[05:00:22] <XXCoder> beard grown by time its done
[05:00:48] <SpeedEvil> This is on the order of a minute a rev with steppers
[05:01:00] <AmsterdamJoe> i can get a new machine, which hardware has low jitter?
[05:01:16] <XXCoder> think mines 7 mm/rev so its 7 mm/min if it was my machine
[05:01:30] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: what amd? what hard drive? in raid 0 ?raid 1? jbod? how much ram? what GPU card? etc..
[05:02:12] <pink_vampire> are you using lpt? or I/O card like mesa?
[05:02:22] <AmsterdamJoe> lol i feel like getting asked asl on the aol chat in the 90s
[05:02:25] <AmsterdamJoe> hahah
[05:03:26] <pink_vampire> but without know your hardware we can't tell you if it make sense or not.
[05:03:39] <pink_vampire> for 486.. yeah.. maybe..
[05:04:06] <AmsterdamJoe> It's AMD Turion, the disks are 120GB old and one is failing. No raid. RAM is 4GB. GPU Radeon X1200
[05:06:01] <pink_vampire> your computer seems to be ok
[05:06:33] <pink_vampire> try to read the smart of your disk
[05:07:22] <pink_vampire> I think you can do it with the disk utility
[05:08:03] <pink_vampire> or if you have winwows also on this machine you can run crystal disc info
[05:08:11] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: ^
[05:08:32] <AmsterdamJoe> "pre-fail" according to smartmon
[05:09:22] <pink_vampire> so.. you probably have the answer
[05:09:37] <AmsterdamJoe> the disk is causing latency?
[05:10:31] <pink_vampire> if it's need to read something and the disk response slow.. maybe.
[05:10:55] <XXCoder> linuxcnc performance do not depend on disk
[05:11:00] <XXCoder> access speed.
[05:11:15] <XXCoder> I use cheap 8 gb ssd thats quite slow and works fine.
[05:11:19] <pink_vampire> you can try to run is from live cd, without any hard drive, and see is there is any change
[05:11:23] <XXCoder> 16 gb actually
[05:12:03] <AmsterdamJoe> i ran it from ram
[05:12:20] <AmsterdamJoe> 239339ns jitter
[05:12:53] <AmsterdamJoe> does that mean 1/4 second jitter?
[05:13:30] <SpeedEvil> No.
[05:13:39] <SpeedEvil> nanosecond is a billionth of a second
[05:13:53] <SpeedEvil> that is 239us, .239ms, .000239s
[05:14:07] <pink_vampire> = 0.000239339 seconds
[05:14:16] <AmsterdamJoe> okay
[05:14:56] <pink_vampire> or 4178 hz
[05:16:01] <SpeedEvil> That can plausibly do 1000hz step-rate, or about several revs/s for steppers.
[05:17:06] <AmsterdamJoe> Whats the next step?
[05:17:41] <pink_vampire> do you have the machine
[05:17:42] <pink_vampire> ?
[05:18:04] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: ^
[05:18:31] <AmsterdamJoe> should i go be next to it?
[05:20:03] <pink_vampire> are you really asking??
[05:20:22] <AmsterdamJoe> im just going to ignore you now because ... wtf?
[05:21:56] <pink_vampire> you have to be next to the machine to connect it to the computer... or at least give us some pics of the drivers, and what kind of interface it use..
[05:22:00] <AmsterdamJoe> You want to know if im asking a question about your question to clarify the original quest?? NO
[05:22:47] <AmsterdamJoe> ok, thank you for chosing the path of the straighforwards answer
[05:23:21] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: there is about 5-10 people that really active here.. so to ignore people here not really going to help you with your cnc machine.
[05:23:43] <AmsterdamJoe> pink_vampire: im not intrested in people who are overly active on IRC
[05:23:45] <pink_vampire> this is our fun. and our hobby.
[05:23:57] <XXCoder> more during day but yeah ignore wont help
[05:24:30] <AmsterdamJoe> im just looking for efficient solution , not nessisarily help
[05:25:11] <SpeedEvil> Find reports of new motherboard tests
[05:29:32] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: it will take you time to learn everything, I know it a bit frustrating. but you need to be patient, and understand that all of as in some point was completely new to this field, and the reason that we are here is to help other people, hang out, and have fun with our hobby.
[05:30:05] <XXCoder> indeed pink_vampire
[05:30:19] <XXCoder> heh I remember days I first come in here
[05:30:28] <AmsterdamJoe> i disagree with your statement pink_vampire.
[05:30:56] <beikeland> Anyone have experience with PID controllers for spindles with standard universal ac motors? Don't have the $ to buy something ready made. I see from some research that due to the low inertia using a triac to control phase angle works but gives some variance. But i don't find much info on using higher frequency pwm (motor in series with rectifier bridge, FET shorting the bridge). Is it worth looking into?
[05:31:48] <AmsterdamJoe> you are perpertually new to this ?
[05:32:33] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: me?
[05:32:55] <AmsterdamJoe> pink_vampire you and XXCoder are the perpetually new guys, no?
[05:33:51] <AmsterdamJoe> like you hang out in the chat and try to tease information out of people so that if anyone who actaully does this stuff reads its they are likely to glean enuf info by the time you are finished
[05:33:58] <pink_vampire> I know about linux cnc from the versions that called emc2
[05:34:32] <SpeedEvil> AmsterdamJoe: Actually go and read the FAQ, and the documentation
[05:34:33] <XXCoder> pink_vampire: emc was orginial name from usa goverment project
[05:34:38] <SpeedEvil> it's there for a reason.
[05:34:49] <XXCoder> but some other emc sued or something so new name
[05:34:58] <SpeedEvil> If it could be summed up in ten lines of chat, that ould be the documentation
[05:36:33] <AmsterdamJoe> yea well, i just found out ( no help from the chat ) that the most important pre-requisite is a parallel port to connect to the machine
[05:37:07] <AmsterdamJoe> so this whole thing started when i was muggeed and beat up on Saturday
[05:37:29] <AmsterdamJoe> my boots were destroyed in the mugging -- so i decided to print some cloggs
[05:37:34] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: but if you machine come with othe type of interface maybe it will work better for you..
[05:37:59] <AmsterdamJoe> meanwhile im going aruond barefoot while pink_vampire and XXCoder have a good old time playing with the noob
[05:38:45] <pink_vampire> some industrial machines use modbus
[05:39:50] <pink_vampire> and without know exactly what your drivers need to get it's very hard to move on..
[05:40:26] <pink_vampire> the moste common is step and direction signals.
[05:40:44] <AmsterdamJoe> (i already mentioned its a ShopBot hooked up to a YASKAWA Varispeed V7-4X)
[05:40:51] <AmsterdamJoe> and btw,
[05:41:00] <AmsterdamJoe> this is also for my personal pleasure.
[05:41:15] <AmsterdamJoe> i mean its not a job or hobby or anything just for fun
[05:42:24] <pink_vampire> and this driver go to your stepper??
[05:43:34] <pink_vampire> https://www.yaskawa.com/pycprd/lookup/getdocument/jvgyvE5ZTUY_5CC1znzBocvWJ7rwA37u5hOWsFIixYo6BJ7eVOBh6-oJF5mEDAA9_ljTCC8SHej4OKdCAeUOpdAvpfT5CmMZ
[05:43:39] <pink_vampire> this one? ^
[05:44:49] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: ^
[05:45:34] <AmsterdamJoe> yes
[05:46:11] <pink_vampire> so you have 3 or 4 units like that?
[05:46:20] <AmsterdamJoe> 1
[05:48:56] <pink_vampire> so probbly it's the spindle driver.
[05:50:57] <pink_vampire> you can take a pic of your electrical control panel?
[05:51:02] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: ^
[05:53:59] <archivist> pink_vampire, define die filer
[05:54:15] <pink_vampire> XXCoder: did you ever use die filer?
[05:54:41] <pink_vampire> archivist: right in time!!
[05:54:44] <XXCoder> hm die filer? dont even know what it is, probably certain type of file
[05:55:07] <archivist> I have a filing machine
[05:55:10] <pink_vampire> http://www.clocktools.com/diefile1.jpg
[05:55:27] <pink_vampire> it's a file that go up and down.
[05:55:34] <archivist> I have a larger one than that
[05:55:51] <XXCoder> nice
[05:55:56] <pink_vampire> it look very useful to remove corners.
[05:56:05] <XXCoder> I saw larger one in that awesome clock making video series
[05:56:10] <archivist> before and after pics http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=filing+machine
[05:56:12] <XXCoder> guy was using it to shape parts nicely
[05:56:36] <AmsterdamJoe> oh i was just talking a long hard look in the mirror
[05:56:48] <AmsterdamJoe> (while shaving)
[05:57:00] <XXCoder> I cant remember crap.. clickspring series?
[05:57:07] <pink_vampire> yes..
[05:57:09] <XXCoder> yeah clickspring I'm sure
[05:57:23] <AmsterdamJoe> i can take a pic, ill b back later with boots and pic
[05:57:27] <XXCoder> was tempted to get one due to that lol
[05:57:31] <pink_vampire> now I have a sign to make
[05:57:35] <XXCoder> but then I dont really need one.. yet
[05:58:01] <pink_vampire> and I cant fine a way to make sharp and nice corners.
[05:58:03] <archivist> a fret saw and hand filing can be as easy to do
[05:58:14] <XXCoder> I really need to make room so I can finally run my danged machine
[05:58:27] <XXCoder> its been ready for what seems to be eons by now :P
[05:58:28] <pink_vampire> but I want it 90 deg..
[05:58:55] <archivist> no one can see minor errors in angle
[05:59:11] <XXCoder> yeah whats your tolence range on angles anyway
[05:59:17] <XXCoder> +- .1 degree?
[05:59:20] <pink_vampire> archivist: I have ocd..
[05:59:31] <XXCoder> ocd well it can be good or bad trait lol
[05:59:45] <pink_vampire> I'm joking.
[05:59:47] <archivist> http://gears.archivist.info/gears/P9190288_500.JPG
[05:59:54] <archivist> hand filed
[06:00:02] <XXCoder> archivist: nice
[06:00:11] <XXCoder> my hand crafting skills suck hard
[06:00:14] <archivist> teeth are machine cut
[06:00:46] <pink_vampire> this is amazing
[06:01:12] <archivist> pretty sure this was hand cut out http://gears.archivist.info/gears/p1010063_500.jpg
[06:01:53] <archivist> here its the "crossing out" not the teeth I am referring to
[06:02:41] <enleth> Jeez, I though I've seen it all, but this is the most egregiously rude jerk I've directly encountered on the internet, like, ever.
[06:02:52] <XXCoder> who?
[06:03:03] <enleth> That guy who just went to get new boots.
[06:03:08] <pink_vampire> archivist: I need to come one day to your place, I think it's better than any museum.
[06:03:29] <AmsterdamJoe> enleth
[06:03:29] <XXCoder> one with end of nick joe?
[06:03:35] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: yes, you.
[06:03:52] <AmsterdamJoe> Would care to actually elaborate on what you are considering 'jerk?"
[06:04:37] <AmsterdamJoe> otherwise, i would ask you to reconsider name calling
[06:05:04] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: you can drop "jerk" if that hurt you, focus on "rude" instead.
[06:05:05] <pink_vampire> AmsterdamJoe: why do you came here?
[06:05:39] <AmsterdamJoe> enleth: so you admit to writing arbitrarily that i was a jerk?
[06:05:41] <pink_vampire> come*
[06:05:48] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: it's actually weird as hell - first thing you admit to not knowing much and being there just for some misc things tangentially related to the channel, then you ask extremely basic question - and then start being rude towards people trying to help you.
[06:05:57] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: out of irritation, could be, yes.
[06:06:02] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: I'm sticking with "rude" though.
[06:06:20] <XXCoder> enleth: I found his ignore threaten to be funny
[06:06:33] <AmsterdamJoe> well, i think you tendancy to name-call and kind-of make personal insults w/o consideration is troubleing
[06:06:39] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: and then you start being offended at someone being rude towards you only in response to your rudeness.
[06:06:43] <AmsterdamJoe> now not sure if i want to chat with such person
[06:06:46] <XXCoder> I mean, who is he to me? someone on internet. not someone I dont want to lose contact of.
[06:07:16] <_methods> hey you guys should be nice maybe he has ptsd from his mugging and shoe burning experience
[06:07:25] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: I took that back, can you do that with what you said to pink_vampire and XXCoder?
[06:07:50] <AmsterdamJoe> i said that they are mainly chatters, its true...
[06:07:52] <_methods> i'm sure burning shoes are extremely terrifying to the dutch since they wear wooden shoes
[06:08:07] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: I can even say that I am sorry for calling you a jerk, I should not have said that. I still stick with "rude".
[06:08:09] <XXCoder> _methods: maybe he was mugged by helpful people
[06:08:31] <_methods> hehe
[06:08:35] <AmsterdamJoe> man it was ruff, they were beaing me and i could barely run cus my boot fell apart
[06:09:01] <AmsterdamJoe> now i just need print some clogs
[06:09:27] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: you repeatedly implied that they don't know what they're talking about.
[06:09:46] <XXCoder> heh I loved that accusion
[06:10:02] <AmsterdamJoe> i cant be responsible for what you are plying between my words -- if i didnt literalyl say something, i cant apologize for that
[06:10:10] <XXCoder> I dont know about everything but I knew laptops was bad for linuxcnc latency
[06:10:37] <XXCoder> thats why i went to help him check if it was suitable (laptop might be weird one that works fine for linuxcnc)
[06:10:41] <XXCoder> boom
[06:11:43] <XXCoder> 19 million jitter heh
[06:11:55] <AmsterdamJoe> to be fair the nick name XXCoder does not suggest knowlage
[06:11:59] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: to XXCoder: 11:28 < AmsterdamJoe> do you know what you are talking about?
[06:12:18] <AmsterdamJoe> code : 2. a coding system used for transmitting messages requiring brevity or secrecy
[06:12:24] <XXCoder> internet is forever
[06:12:27] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: what kind of absurd argument is that?
[06:12:30] <AmsterdamJoe> ^ designed to be uninteligble
[06:12:31] <XXCoder> well not really but...
[06:12:55] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: should we elaborate on what your nick suggests? I'm sure if someone tried, they could find a lot of negative interpretations.
[06:13:07] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: the question is: why whould anyone do that?
[06:13:25] <AmsterdamJoe> well at least im not hiding behind something and kind-of throwing questions at by-standers
[06:13:40] <enleth> What do you mean, hiding behind something?
[06:13:44] <AmsterdamJoe> It's a movment
[06:14:04] <XXCoder> man seeing only half convo is weird
[06:14:15] <_methods> you get used to it
[06:14:31] <AmsterdamJoe> well in that statement specifically, i mean hiding behind an IRC nick and throwing out questiones
[06:14:53] <_methods> it's irc
[06:14:54] <AmsterdamJoe> its like a verbal dance -- rather than focus on communication you string people along a verbal dance
[06:14:54] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: how is what you were doing different?
[06:15:14] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: you have an IRC nick and you asked questions.
[06:15:16] <AmsterdamJoe> well, i actually have a legitimate goal in mind
[06:15:25] <_methods> wooden shoes?
[06:15:25] <AmsterdamJoe> that relates to the topic of the room
[06:15:37] <XXCoder> wow
[06:15:44] <XXCoder> weird comments when dont know context.
[06:16:24] <_methods> windmill parts?
[06:16:39] <XXCoder> "Glass make good surface plate" from myfordboy
[06:16:40] <XXCoder> nice
[06:16:53] <_methods> just don't drop it
[06:16:53] <AmsterdamJoe> well, the project website is not online yet because my webhost is taking its time
[06:16:55] <XXCoder> doubt I need any Surface but nice
[06:17:19] <_methods> you can pick up surface plates at auctions fairly often
[06:17:22] <_methods> and chep
[06:17:25] <_methods> cheap even
[06:17:33] <XXCoder> or just buy one, new ones like $100 (small one)
[06:17:35] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: now, you asked me not to ply things between your words, OK. However, stating that you have a legitimate goal in response to my question does clearly imply in the English language that you think you have those goals *as opposed to* people you talked with. So you're assuming what they're thinking. Exactly what you didn't want me to do in regard to what you think.
[06:17:40] <_methods> the shipping will kill you
[06:18:01] <XXCoder> yeah theres that issue. unless I order it via company
[06:18:05] <AmsterdamJoe> :-|
[06:18:14] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: sorry, it works both ways.
[06:18:18] <AmsterdamJoe> :-]
[06:18:20] <AmsterdamJoe> a ahahhaha
[06:18:48] <AmsterdamJoe> kind-of, if u actaully can follow the thread of discussion thu the noise
[06:19:52] <enleth> AmsterdamJoe: what's the communication in this?
[06:19:52] <AmsterdamJoe> you dont seem to have the same verbal dance issues as XXCoder and pink_vampire
[06:20:36] <archivist> I think someone got out the wrong side of the bed this morning
[06:22:38] <XXCoder> enleth: from your side of conversion I figure guy is narristic
[06:22:47] <XXCoder> hence his "threat" to ignore me
[06:22:57] <XXCoder> heightened self-importance
[06:26:21] <XXCoder> hm myfordboy is completeing holes by using reamer, but rotating part holder by hand
[06:26:37] <XXCoder> wonder why not just use low rpm and push in and out
[06:26:50] * XXCoder dont know much about lathes.
[06:35:43] <pink_vampire> and I'm back
[06:36:08] <XXCoder> welcome back, non-bloodsucker vampire
[06:36:46] <malcom2073> Morning
[06:37:00] <pink_vampire> XXCoder: you will never know..
[06:37:11] <pink_vampire> hi malcom2073
[06:37:34] <XXCoder> I'm sure you wont be offended when I assume you are a typical vampire if we ever meet in person? ;)
[06:37:48] <malcom2073> XXCoder: link to video?
[06:37:57] <XXCoder> myfordboy one? sure a sec
[06:38:14] <XXCoder> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fe0wrtlRWNs
[06:40:56] * jthornton needs to finish machining his steam engine
[06:41:40] <malcom2073> Hmm that is odd
[06:41:47] <malcom2073> Maybe to ensure it's aligned right?
[06:41:51] <malcom2073> But why wouldn't it be
[06:42:20] <XXCoder> its mopre typical for tapping thats why I thought he was tapping but then..
[06:43:04] <pink_vampire> my hand is like 3 fingers of him..
[06:43:06] <malcom2073> See... I can't move my lathe that easily by hand, I dunno
[06:44:22] <XXCoder> pink hes old man
[06:44:36] <XXCoder> been machinist longer than I have been alive probably. and Im 40.
[06:45:11] <XXCoder> his casting videos made me REALLY tempted to try casting but where I live its not good place to do so.
[06:45:37] <Frank__2> hi :_D
[06:46:01] <archivist> I think 7 minutes of that video is more than enough
[06:46:19] <XXCoder> too much awesomeness? heh
[06:46:26] <archivist> er no
[06:46:33] <XXCoder> guessed not
[06:48:18] <archivist> just the "setting it square" was enough to put me off
[06:48:31] <Frank__2> have you ever seen this one guys? another furnace
[06:48:31] <Frank__2> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F71fb7HreMQ
[06:48:50] <archivist> he did not put it against the metal itself on both sides
[06:48:59] <XXCoder> archivist: suggest check other projects of is
[06:49:30] <XXCoder> *his
[06:50:04] <XXCoder> Frank__2: bit more complex method that myfordboy's furnace
[06:50:19] <Frank__2> yea
[06:51:04] <XXCoder> whatever works I guess
[06:51:57] <XXCoder> light inside for days?
[06:52:04] <XXCoder> not captioned so dunno why
[06:52:23] <XXCoder> very slow heat up to cure I guess?
[06:52:41] <Frank__2> i've been trying to find on google information about holes/tapping straightness tolerances, do you know where i can found some info? i am hand drilling some holes and i dont know how to make them straight enough, or how much is straigh enough haha thanks for any input!
[06:53:12] <XXCoder> Frank__2: there is few possible methods
[06:53:22] <Frank__2> yes i dont know why he does that
[06:53:25] <XXCoder> one of em, if you has drill press, is to use it to be stright
[06:53:37] <XXCoder> I has one of classic tap block
[06:53:45] <XXCoder> apparently not made anymore
[06:54:12] <XXCoder> video briefly shows instructions on how to cure paper so I guess it is cure
[06:55:14] <Frank__2> but when does tilt becomes an issue?
[06:55:26] <Frank__2> i mean, what happens if its not perfectly straight
[06:55:41] <XXCoder> unfortunately I didnt complete manual internship
[06:55:49] <XXCoder> so I'm missing that as well
[06:56:49] <Frank__2> my guess is nobody really knows? or its just fine, i couldnt find anything on the web yet
[06:58:52] <Kucharsky> what's up?
[06:59:51] <XXCoder> I suppose its up to you
[06:59:58] <XXCoder> maybe its fine as long as it screws down
[07:00:06] <XXCoder> and other cases there may be other requirement
[07:10:35] <archivist> pink_vampire, ssi_ is making one of these http://www.statecollegecentral.com/metallathe/MLA-18.html
[07:11:13] <pink_vampire> do you think I can cut 1/16" brass sheet on my machine with 1/16" end mill?
[07:11:47] <pink_vampire> who is ssi_?
[07:12:05] <pink_vampire> this is the one that click spirng use..
[07:12:29] <pink_vampire> how much it cost?
[07:12:34] <pink_vampire> archivist: ^
[07:17:19] <Jymmm> archivist: What are "Type A" files?
[07:23:34] <jthornton> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBsUUP3QWi8
[07:26:42] <Tom_itx> let there be light
[07:27:46] <pink_vampire> I need very small end mills
[07:28:01] <Tom_itx> buy some
[07:28:06] <_methods> lol
[07:28:45] <Tom_itx> http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/etching/mills1.jpg
[07:28:51] <Tom_itx> i consider those to be somewhat small
[07:29:17] <_methods> i need to make a tool post bed like that for my little lathe
[07:29:33] <_methods> i like the tslots aall the way across
[07:30:16] <pink_vampire> I need to cut letters from 1/16" brass sheet.
[07:30:21] <zeeshan|2> pink_vampire: engraving bit
[07:30:45] <pink_vampire> like the V style?
[07:31:11] <Jymmm> jthornton: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20169658/
[07:31:26] <pink_vampire> zeeshan|2: ?
[07:32:06] <pink_vampire> Jymmm: do you want it for your machine?
[07:32:06] <zeeshan|2> yes pink
[07:32:14] <Tom_itx> http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/pendant/pendant2.jpg
[07:32:21] <Tom_itx> pink_vampire, like those
[07:32:31] <Tom_itx> cheapass engraving bits
[07:33:00] <zeeshan|2> hi tom
[07:33:02] <zeeshan|2> bye tom
[07:33:02] <zeeshan|2> :D
[07:33:05] <Tom_itx> hi zee
[07:33:07] <pink_vampire> but I can't go to more than 1000rpm..
[07:33:08] <Tom_itx> bie zee
[07:33:19] <pink_vampire> maybe i need to make dremel holder..
[07:33:23] <Tom_itx> so feed it slow
[07:33:33] <zeeshan|2> will break it
[07:33:35] <zeeshan|2> not enuf chip load
[07:33:43] <zeeshan|2> will rub and destroy it self
[07:33:45] <Tom_itx> zeeshan|2's always in a hurry
[07:33:50] <zeeshan|2> use drag knife
[07:33:51] <zeeshan|2> pink
[07:33:52] <zeeshan|2> look into that
[07:34:00] <zeeshan|2> its made for spindles that are too slow.
[07:34:02] <zeeshan|2> just drags the point
[07:34:13] <pink_vampire> I need to really cut it
[07:34:16] <zeeshan|2> the system is kind of expensive, which is why i havent gotten it
[07:34:31] <Tom_itx> zeeshan|2 catia rocks
[07:35:13] <Tom_itx> bye
[07:35:39] <pink_vampire> Tom_itx: the pendant look very cute
[07:35:42] <pink_vampire> I like it.
[07:36:42] <pink_vampire> Jymmm: I made a ring light for my machine.
[07:36:43] <pink_vampire> http://i.imgur.com/wWPij14.png
[07:37:20] <pink_vampire> Tom_itx: this is my "pendant "
[07:37:25] <pink_vampire> http://i.imgur.com/RXNRYtX.png
[07:38:07] <Tom_itx> that's alot of buttons
[07:38:18] <pink_vampire> I think it's much better than just the hand crack
[07:38:19] <_methods> lol
[07:38:34] <_methods> looks almost like a keyboard
[07:38:51] <Tom_itx> too easy to hit the wrong button while looking in the machine
[07:39:13] <pink_vampire> it's small wireless keyboard with mouse
[07:39:27] <pink_vampire> never happen to me.
[07:40:15] <pink_vampire> the bottons are very smothe so you really need to press it..
[07:41:24] <pink_vampire> http://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/84702000?src=pla&cid=PLA-Google-PLA+-+Test&CS_003=7867724&CS_010=84702000
[07:41:49] <pink_vampire> why 34$ for that??!
[07:42:30] <_methods> because it's msc?
[07:42:46] <pink_vampire> msc is a good brand?
[07:42:50] <_methods> no
[07:42:51] <pink_vampire> lie sandvik?
[07:42:57] <pink_vampire> like*
[07:42:59] <_methods> they're like walmart
[07:43:05] <_methods> they don't make anything
[07:43:14] <_methods> they just sell stuff and mark it up
[07:43:45] <_methods> but it does have a made in usa brand
[07:43:51] <_methods> so that makes the price go up
[07:44:28] <pink_vampire> but i dont want to order fro ebay it's take weeks to get the stuff
[07:44:43] <Jymmm> "Hey kids, let's toss these assorted lithium batteries in the shiny metal box and see what happens!"
[07:44:45] <_methods> well being in a hurry costs money
[07:45:01] <_methods> if you want something right away be prepared to pay
[07:45:15] <pink_vampire> but 10 times more??
[07:45:27] <_methods> sure
[07:45:30] <_methods> they don't care about you
[07:45:32] <_methods> you're no one
[07:45:42] <_methods> 1 end mill
[07:45:45] <jthornton> Jymmm: that's cheap enough but you have to find a place for it to sit...
[07:45:48] <_methods> of course they'll make you pay
[07:46:04] <_methods> start buying 1000's and then you're someone
[07:46:22] <Jymmm> jthornton: No, the base comes disassembled, and makes for a perfect mounting point.
[07:46:36] <pink_vampire> I mean there is better places to jet end mills in the us?
[07:46:41] <_methods> nope
[07:46:48] <_methods> not for small orders
[07:46:52] <_methods> not for hobbyists
[07:47:32] <Jymmm> jthornton: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/assembly_instructions/jansjo-led-work-lamp__AA-293187-4_pub.pdf
[07:47:40] <_methods> not exactly the target market for tooling makers
[07:48:38] <jthornton> that looks better
[07:48:47] <pink_vampire> but even small shop need some place to get stuff..
[07:48:52] <_methods> yeah ebay
[07:49:00] <Jymmm> jthornton: There is this variation but pricy http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70169694/
[07:49:15] <_methods> you could try shars also
[07:49:19] <_methods> but they sell on ebay
[07:49:36] <_methods> i think a lot of people in here use that marin tool or something like that
[07:50:40] <jthornton> holy crap the shipping is more than the lamp
[07:50:47] <_methods> what's the name of that tool place you guys use jthornton
[07:50:55] <_methods> marino or soemthing liek that
[07:51:04] <pink_vampire> Jymmm: why do you need it?
[07:51:48] <Jymmm> jthornton: What $10? get two lamps, and a thing with a name you can't pronounce
[07:51:51] <_methods> maritool
[07:51:53] <_methods> that's it'
[07:52:47] <_methods> https://www.maritool.com/Cutting-Tools-End-Mills-Miniature-End-Mills-2-Flute-Square-End/c78_79_188_189/index.html
[07:53:55] <Jymmm> jthornton: toss in a couple of these http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60148678/
[07:54:24] <_methods> oh man i need a salad spinner
[07:54:58] <Jymmm> jthornton: and a bunch of these, make awesoe shopping bags http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/17228340/
[07:55:38] <Jymmm> _methods: With all the ecoli going around, you damn straight
[07:55:52] <_methods> i always forget to buy one when i go to the store
[07:56:00] <pink_vampire> what is "Solid Micrograin Carbide"
[07:56:05] <pink_vampire> https://www.maritool.com/Cutting-Tools-End-Mills-Finishers-Square-End-2-Flute-Single-End-Uncoated/c78_79_80_223/p2126/End-Mill-2-Flute-Solid-Carbide-1/16-dia-X-.188-Flute-Length/product_info.html
[07:56:27] <_methods> i don't know some fancy gay word for carbide made up by a useless salesman?
[07:56:49] <_methods> gotta make your carbide sound cooler then the other guys carbide somehow
[07:57:04] <archivist> there is a 100% chance of breaking tiny endmills
[07:57:26] <_methods> if you let me run your machine there is a 100% chance of breaking all endmills
[07:57:41] <_methods> i'll drive it like it's stolen
[07:57:42] * Jymmm sings... "Tiny endmills, in everything..."
[07:58:18] <Jymmm> jthornton: OR... Just get one of these, or two even... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KQXKG46
[07:59:05] <_methods> but if you want something right away and you don't want to pay msc/mcmaster prices shars or maritool are probably the best way to go
[07:59:43] <pink_vampire> _methods: thanks!!
[07:59:57] <_methods> or find a local tool sales rep and seduce him so he'll sell you tools at distributor prices
[08:00:12] <_methods> if i had boobies i'd give that a shot
[08:00:33] <_methods> tool sales guys like to hang out at bars lol
[08:00:47] <Jymmm> _methods: keep eating those 3am cheeseburgers...
[08:00:52] <_methods> hahah
[08:01:02] <_methods> howd you know what i was doing last night?
[08:01:07] <_methods> creepy
[08:01:23] <pink_vampire> Jymmmyou have to remember that too much light on one part will make everthing look darker because your iris get close
[08:01:26] <Jymmm> _methods: Moobs and a bromance are in your future.
[08:01:38] <Jymmm> _methods: case you vloged it
[08:01:42] <Jymmm> cause*
[08:02:03] <_methods> hahah
[08:02:15] <pink_vampire> there is spesseal end mills for brass?
[08:02:24] <_methods> no
[08:02:35] <_methods> but you do need to pay very close attention to feeds and speeds
[08:03:06] <_methods> there are carbide inserts that work better than others though
[08:03:35] <_methods> but you should be able to cut brass with any general purpose insert just make sure you look at the data sheet for the insert
[08:03:46] <pink_vampire> I see that 2 and 4 are the most common end mills for 1/16"
[08:03:59] <_methods> i'd use 2 fl
[08:04:12] <_methods> for an endmill that small loading is an issue
[08:05:53] <pink_vampire> and what type of brass to order?
[08:06:21] <pink_vampire> http://www.onlinemetals.com/merchant.cfm?id=86&step=2&top_cat=79
[08:06:37] <pink_vampire> so it will be easy to machine...
[08:06:58] <archivist> engraving brass
[08:08:23] <pink_vampire> I can't see something like that
[08:08:34] <archivist> CZ120 is the grade
[08:08:52] <archivist> http://www.holmedodsworth.com/materials/datasheets/brass-datasheets/cz120-cw608n-engraving-brass
[08:09:33] <archivist> it is the stuff we made clock gears from
[08:11:07] <pink_vampire> it's contain lead.. I think this is why it's hard to find it..
[08:13:12] <pink_vampire> archivist: ^
[08:17:25] <_methods> c36000 is free machining
[08:18:10] <_methods> https://www.onlinemetals.com/merchant.cfm?step=2&id=1117
[08:18:28] <_methods> or c360
[08:19:04] <_methods> free machining is usually the term you would add to something to find a material that is more easily machined alloy
[08:19:34] <pink_vampire> awesome!
[08:19:46] <_methods> so for stainless it would be 303, 430f, 416, an 420f
[08:20:30] <pink_vampire> https://www.onlinemetals.com/merchant.cfm?id=1327&step=2&top_cat=79
[08:20:36] <pink_vampire> this one?
[08:21:27] <_methods> i don't know that's archivist, i've never personally used engravers sheet
[08:26:55] <pink_vampire> I want to use my new caliper..
[08:27:34] <pink_vampire> I book marked the page with the brass sheet..
[08:27:52] <pink_vampire> and I'm goind to make dremel mount.
[08:33:30] <pink_vampire> going**
[08:34:01] <archivist> dremels are not the best for engraving
[08:35:11] <archivist> really designed as a hand tool
[08:35:34] <pink_vampire> you have better idea?
[08:36:22] <archivist> I must admit dremel was used on these http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/DJCPD/PD/2001/2001_07_13_Blacksmith_clock_hands/P1010116.JPG
[08:36:38] <Deejay> shame on you ;)
[08:36:44] <_methods> hehe
[08:36:54] <Deejay> but looks nice
[08:37:06] <archivist> I used it for the offset v groove
[08:37:21] <pink_vampire> you did it on the cnc!?
[08:37:38] <archivist> no that is all hand work
[08:38:21] <pink_vampire> it is look amaaaazing!!!
[08:38:46] <pink_vampire> archivist: you are sooo talented
[08:39:24] <archivist> the forge was interesting.... http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=clock+hands+blacksmith
[08:40:02] <pink_vampire> http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/DJCPD/PD/2001/2001_07_13_Blacksmith_clock_hands/P1010113.JPG
[08:40:19] <archivist> we got some thick spring steel and thinned it down
[08:40:20] <pink_vampire> wtf is that computer?!
[08:40:25] <Deejay> br0ken :D
[08:40:36] <archivist> used the fan to blow the fire
[08:40:40] <Deejay> lol
[08:40:56] <pink_vampire> LOL
[08:40:57] <Deejay> you are crazy
[08:41:08] <pink_vampire> it that you job?
[08:41:11] <pink_vampire> your*
[08:41:14] <archivist> I am not striving to be normal
[08:41:32] <Deejay> hehe. being normal is boring
[08:41:43] <pink_vampire> I'm normal..
[08:41:44] <cradek> are those original and copy?
[08:41:48] <archivist> yes
[08:41:49] <Deejay> pink_vampire, nope
[08:41:55] <Deejay> you are here. you are not normal!
[08:41:57] <cradek> beautiful
[08:42:06] <pink_vampire> why do you think I'm not normal?!?!
[08:43:02] <Deejay> hey, you build cnc stuff...
[08:43:08] <Deejay> and pcbs
[08:43:10] <Deejay> and all that
[08:43:17] <Deejay> -> you are not normal ;)
[08:43:42] <Deejay> archivist, tell me about the nice colour
[08:44:01] <archivist> heat to the right temperature....done
[08:44:06] <Deejay> oh
[08:44:08] <Deejay> nice
[08:44:09] <pink_vampire> Deejay: at least you don't say that because I'm girl..
[08:44:32] <Deejay> ;-)
[08:44:52] <archivist> those particular hands were cooked on an old electric cooker
[08:45:15] <Deejay> archivist, what material is that?
[08:45:40] <archivist> spring steel
[08:45:44] <Deejay> ah
[08:46:13] <archivist> generally a mild steel, some colour better than others
[08:46:40] <archivist> I get a more even blue now I have made a kiln http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=bluing+kiln
[08:48:03] <Kucharsky> pink_vampire: You build CNC stuff and you're girl!?
[08:48:41] <pink_vampire> Kucharsky: yes...
[08:49:09] <Kucharsky> pink_vampire: Yep, that's not normal. Hot... but not normal ;)
[08:50:12] <pink_vampire> Kucharsky: http://i.imgur.com/TXP6KN2.png
[08:50:36] <Deejay> yeah, there they are again - the pink nails :)
[08:55:02] <pink_vampire> http://i.imgur.com/pnEGG0h.png
[08:55:15] <Deejay> LOL WTF
[08:55:33] <pink_vampire> one day I will paint it to this color..
[08:56:02] <pink_vampire> Deejay: ...
[08:56:46] <pink_vampire> now you can see clearly that I'm normal
[08:56:58] <Deejay> haha
[08:57:01] <Deejay> yes, of course ;)
[08:57:48] <pink_vampire> it's funny Kucharsky gone..
[08:58:27] <Deejay> you colored the pic with paintshop, eh?
[08:58:32] <Deejay> or photoshop
[08:58:45] <pink_vampire> gimp..
[08:58:50] <Deejay> ah
[08:58:52] <pink_vampire> it's green..
[08:58:56] <Deejay> phew
[08:59:05] <pink_vampire> but I want to paint it..
[08:59:08] <Deejay> hehe
[08:59:23] <Kucharsky> naaaa, I'm not gone
[08:59:47] <pink_vampire> Kucharsky: what do you think?
[08:59:51] <Kucharsky> pink_vampire had phone calling
[09:00:03] <pink_vampire> why?
[09:00:08] <Kucharsky> well, mill matches your nail color
[09:00:43] <Kucharsky> I mean I had someone calling me on the phone. Sry
[09:00:50] <Kucharsky> that's why I was gone
[09:01:15] <pink_vampire> hehe
[09:02:08] <Kucharsky> Hey, guys look what I've just bought
[09:02:10] <Kucharsky> http://olx.pl/oferta/plyta-traserska-stol-traserski-pomiarowy-CID619-ID8o2wz.html#f49f6c63b5
[09:02:10] <pink_vampire> Kucharsky: I thought you said that because I'm single
[09:02:36] <Kucharsky> it's cast iron surface plate
[09:02:47] <Kucharsky> 100x75cm
[09:02:53] <pink_vampire> lapping plate?
[09:03:00] <archivist> hand scraped at that
[09:03:08] <Kucharsky> still with factory oil on surface
[09:03:12] <Kucharsky> old stock
[09:03:35] <Kucharsky> it's surface plate
[09:04:12] <Kucharsky> hard to find new ones like this for $200
[09:04:13] <pink_vampire> what is a surface plate?
[09:04:24] <Kucharsky> pink_vampire: google it
[09:04:36] <archivist> a flat surface to use as a reference
[09:04:43] <pink_vampire> like the granit plate?
[09:04:49] <Kucharsky> yes
[09:04:59] <Kucharsky> like granit but less rigid and robust
[09:05:36] <pink_vampire> but the granit is soo cheap now
[09:05:48] <Kucharsky> not this size
[09:05:58] <Kucharsky> its 1m long
[09:06:29] <Deejay> and its weight?
[09:07:05] <pink_vampire> http://www.grizzly.com/products/24-x-36-x-4-Granite-Surface-Plate-2-Ledges/G9657
[09:08:05] <pink_vampire> what is zl?
[09:08:14] <Kucharsky> PLN
[09:08:16] <Deejay> zlotty
[09:08:59] <Kucharsky> 1zl = $0.25
[09:09:06] <pink_vampire> 2,000.00 PLN = 507.78 USD
[09:09:25] <pink_vampire> free shipping?
[09:10:26] <Kucharsky> yes
[09:11:15] <pink_vampire> and you need something like that?
[09:11:41] <archivist> surface plates are very useful
[09:11:48] <Kucharsky> well I do, but I just looked at prices of granite surface plates in my country
[09:11:52] <Kucharsky> and
[09:12:10] <Kucharsky> they are actually not so expensive anymore
[09:12:37] <pink_vampire> why do you need it?
[09:12:47] <archivist> grade makes a big difference to price
[09:13:26] <archivist> I use mine for testing levels mostly, then marking out
[09:13:52] <pink_vampire> archivist: for home use sheet of glass work just fine..
[09:14:06] <archivist> nah, it bends
[09:15:53] <pink_vampire> http://m.lightinthebox.com/en/women-s-shoes-chunky-heel-round-toe-sandals-dress-shoes-more-colors-available_p2953510.html?pos=ultimately_buy_8&prm=
[09:41:40] <pink_vampire> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymB0bQk507g
[09:47:41] <archivist> dont need to lubricate brass
[09:52:10] <CaptHindsight> tiwake: the Casewell dye is a dye so when it's in solution it's free floating dye molecules <1nm in size
[09:52:15] <archivist> and his main mistake, the reamer has a tapered section, he never went deep enough
[09:53:34] <CaptHindsight> tiwake: if the problem is deeper color you need a higher concentration of dye in solution and possibly also a better way of rinsing and sealing it
[09:54:52] <CaptHindsight> tiwake: or your pores aren't deep enough (anodize pores not your skin)
[09:57:19] <Sync> Kucharsky: still not terribly expensive, iirc under 1k€
[09:57:52] <Sync> pink_vampire: a glass plate is not flat at all
[09:58:55] <pink_vampire> Sync: for my home use it is more than enough
[09:59:16] <archivist> you mill table is flatter than a bit of glass
[10:00:19] <archivist> only a chinese flat but better than glass
[10:03:37] <Sync> not for mine pink_vampire, when scraping things the surface plate must be acceptable
[10:04:42] <archivist> my CMM work table is not truly flat...grrr
[10:06:01] <archivist> I was a but surprised when I was levelling to find that out
[10:06:39] <CaptHindsight> how far is it out?
[10:06:45] <archivist> http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=cmm+level
[10:07:55] <Sync> that doesn't look like wear
[10:08:03] <archivist> 3 div total the level is .001 in 10"
[10:08:20] <jesseg> Can anyone please scroll up and see when I pinged out last? Thanks!
[10:08:36] <Sync> 13 minutes ago jesseg
[10:08:40] <Sync> err
[10:08:41] <Sync> 6h ago
[10:08:57] <jesseg> Thanks Sync!
[10:09:36] <archivist> it is an odd arrangement that table is above the granite on 3 pillars
[10:11:42] <archivist> http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/mirror/brown_sharpe/10.JPG
[10:12:11] <archivist> cantilevers over the mechanism
[10:22:55] <Sync> wat
[10:25:26] <archivist> it was a cheap cmm, what should I expect :)
[10:25:44] <archivist> Browne & Sharpe--
[10:26:42] <Erant> archivist: What's with you and levels?
[10:27:10] <archivist> one is supposed to use a level when setting up machines
[10:27:54] <Erant> Oh, I know. Mine's totally out of wack, I need to fix it. You just seem... more into levels than most ;)
[10:28:24] <archivist> mebe
[10:28:50] <archivist> I think it is catching though, watch zeeshan|2
[10:29:47] <Erant> Yeah, I should get a machinist level to do my machine. But then I have a lot of things I need to do to my machine.
[10:31:41] <archivist> even when new the machine had a looser spec than many at the time
[10:32:35] <Erant> Mine? Totally. I found that it's way out of tram, even with the solid column.
[10:32:58] <Erant> So I got some 0.001" - 0.015" shimming material, and I'll be tramming it up this weekend.
[10:35:02] <beikeland> Is shimming material anything special, or just anything you can get in thin bits?
[10:37:45] <AmsterdamJoe> wow active day in the chat!
[10:38:01] <AmsterdamJoe> What heppen b4 this period of activity?
[10:38:11] <SpeedEvil> beikeland: it depends.
[10:38:21] <SpeedEvil> beikeland: In many cases, there is nothing wrong with 'basically anything'
[10:39:06] <SpeedEvil> Especially if it's applied to a surface, and something then bolted down on it
[10:39:48] <archivist> sometimes the compressability will matter
[10:39:57] <SpeedEvil> yeah
[10:40:00] <Erant> beikeland: It's not, I just got an assortment of thicknesses. 12 steps between 0.001" and 0.015".
[10:40:05] <Erant> Oh, right, and it's hardened steel.
[10:40:23] <SpeedEvil> But the difference between hardened steel, and aluminium kitchen foil may very often not matter
[10:40:23] <Erant> So not very compressable.
[10:41:22] <Erant> Yeah. I wanted steel for this job as it's for the base of my column, so there's some lever action going on there.
[10:41:52] <CaptHindsight> anyone ever try a Qualtech tap? http://drillsandcutters.com/standard-hss-metric-hand-taps-qualtech/
[10:42:41] <CaptHindsight> probably Chinese and hopefully better than Shittek or SkamU
[10:43:32] <Erant> SkamU? Scam you?
[10:43:54] <CaptHindsight> just might
[10:44:30] <CaptHindsight> being Chinese it would probably be SkamYu
[10:48:14] <_methods> lol
[10:49:30] <beikeland> thanks, I've tried to source something localy, but no luck. Over seas shipping is cost prohibitive. Currently considering cheap Chinese feeler gauges for $2 each
[10:50:31] <beikeland> (and yeah, for some reason, China isn't part of my definition of "over seas" :D )
[11:06:14] <__rob> Anyone in here got a Tormach with ATC ?
[11:06:25] <Erant> beikeland: I got these off eBay, they're sheets of like 12" x 5".
[11:06:34] <Erant> Cost maybe $15?
[11:18:07] <Loetmichel> re at home... soo, an 1mm sheet of brass, half a day of work , a CNC mill, some solder and a file... and we have two "network converter enclosures"... a bit of black paint and a few wires and the Customer can have two "shielded thin clients" with fiber optic instead of the usual RJ45 -> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=16134&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
[11:18:24] <Loetmichel> i LIKE working with brass.. its just a bit dirty...
[11:19:47] <_methods> very nice
[11:20:25] <_methods> you braze the corners?
[11:20:27] <_methods> oh nm
[11:20:28] <_methods> solder
[11:23:33] <Loetmichel> solder
[11:23:36] <Loetmichel> not brazing
[11:23:54] <Loetmichel> i want to do the series with silver solder tho, so i can poweder coat them
[11:24:10] <Loetmichel> the electonics solder melts before the power paint, sadly ;)
[11:24:42] <cradek> what temperature is the powder coat?
[11:24:59] <Erant> I like the scoring technique.
[11:25:44] <Erant> I might just re-do my servo enclosures like that. What kind of mill did you use? 90 degree chamfer?
[11:25:46] <_methods> yeah great way to make sheet metal parts without a press brake
[11:26:55] <Erant> Loetmichel: From what I gather brass needs tools without a relief angle, how did you find drilling all those holes?
[11:28:16] <Erant> Wonder if the scoring technique works for ABS...
[11:29:27] <Loetmichel> Erant: i used a 2mm tungsten carbide 2 flute mill bit made for aluminium
[11:29:35] <Loetmichel> works reasonably well for brass
[11:30:02] <Loetmichel> no 90 degree
[11:30:15] <Loetmichel> simple 2mm wide cylindrical cutter
[11:30:19] <Erant> Oh, really?
[11:30:21] <Loetmichel> the kind that can dive in
[11:30:22] <Erant> Huh.
[11:30:51] <Loetmichel> 2.1mm wide scores, half the thickness of the material deep
[11:31:14] <Erant> I've only ever seen people do ~90 (91, 92, usually to leave space for the solder) degree cuts.
[11:31:24] <Loetmichel> and its gives you a nice little ~2mm radius on the outside of the bend ;)
[11:31:32] <Erant> But I guess that works... That'd be nice.
[11:32:02] <Erant> And the space is filled with solder.
[11:32:10] <Erant> So no real loss of strength
[11:32:42] <Erant> Looks good. Time to order some brass sheet :)
[11:37:22] <Loetmichel> hihi
[11:37:27] <Loetmichel> i do that in copper also ;)
[11:39:17] * Jymmm waits for Loetmichel to do that in silly putty
[11:39:23] <Loetmichel> ... and in (galvanized) steel http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=15093
[11:39:44] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=15065
[11:39:45] <Loetmichel> ;-)
[11:41:03] <Loetmichel> looks really nice after painting: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=12132 (old project)
[11:42:08] <Loetmichel> Jymmm: silly putty isnt conductive... not my alley ;)
[11:48:10] <Jymmm> Loetmichel: JB weld is (at least till it's cured)
[11:49:25] <CaptHindsight> Loetmichel: there are lower temp powder coatings
[11:50:05] <CaptHindsight> UV powder coating melt at temps below the Tg of many thermoplastics, then you just need a UV lamp to cure it
[11:50:30] <CaptHindsight> it used to powder coat thermoplastics and wood
[12:06:09] <Loetmichel> CaptHindsight: the power coater that does our enclosures runs his furnace at 230°c
[12:06:24] <Loetmichel> ... he only uses polyester powders.
[12:06:35] <Loetmichel> which is hot enopugh to melt electronics solder
[12:07:20] <Loetmichel> silver solder should be good tho
[12:08:07] <CaptHindsight> yes, lower temp powder or higher temp solder
[12:09:15] <Loetmichel> i doubt there is a powder that needs 650°c ;)
[12:11:28] <CaptHindsight> aluminum powder
[12:12:48] <CaptHindsight> lots of borosilicate glass powders melt in that range
[12:13:30] <CaptHindsight> 100+ year powder coating
[12:13:37] <Loetmichel> CaptHindsight: thats more like "email" then power coating, isnt it?
[12:14:08] <Loetmichel> "enamel"
[12:14:30] <Jymmm> Silly Putty!
[12:14:36] <CaptHindsight> semantics
[12:15:36] <CaptHindsight> is it a coating vs paint, how do you define the terms?
[12:16:07] <Jymmm> Is craploads of heat/UV required to cure it?
[12:16:46] <CaptHindsight> nope
[12:17:04] <Loetmichel> CaptHindsight: i meant that real enamel is a coat of glass rather than plastics
[12:17:09] <CaptHindsight> dark colors can even cure in sunlight if left long enough
[12:17:31] <Loetmichel> otherwise Temperature and material its very similar to powder coating, indeeed
[12:18:38] <CaptHindsight> in the paint industry here enamels were paints that cured leaving a hard surface
[12:19:47] <Loetmichel> in german "emaille" stans specifically for the glass poder coat on sheet/cast iron parts
[12:19:51] <Loetmichel> like old bathtubs
[12:19:57] <Loetmichel> stands
[12:20:07] <Loetmichel> powder
[12:20:29] <Loetmichel> the 100++ years old technic of powerder coating ;)
[12:22:13] <CaptHindsight> since there are few laws on how words are to be used here just about anything goes
[12:23:19] <CaptHindsight> enamel, lacquer, urethane, paint, clearcoat etc all get thrown around pretty loosely
[12:30:39] <pink_vampire> Loetmichel: how did you cut the steel sheets?
[12:32:38] <andypugh> At last (from Home Shop Machinist) a use for a Yankee Screwdriver.
[12:33:11] <andypugh> With a special bit for the end, it’s a fast lathe chuck key or milling vice handle.
[12:37:15] <pink_vampire> andypugh: what do you menn by special bit?
[12:38:02] <andypugh> Well, a standardyankee screwdriver bit won’t operate a vice or a chuck.
[12:41:42] <pink_vampire> I can't understand how he cut metal sheets with that
[12:42:09] <andypugh> <confused>
[12:42:26] <Loetmichel> pink_vampire: on the CNC mill of course
[12:43:31] <CaptHindsight> pink_vampire: he milled the areas where he folded/bent the metal
[12:43:44] <pink_vampire> err I can't type..the CTS killing me..
[12:43:57] <Loetmichel> pink_vampire: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=15065
[12:44:14] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=15074&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 <- better now?
[12:44:25] <Loetmichel> ... the mill bit didnt like the steel at all tho :-)
[12:44:41] <pink_vampire> I mean metal sheets act lke spring..
[12:44:44] <Loetmichel> or maybe it didnt like my feedrates ;)
[12:44:56] <Jymmm> or the operator
[12:45:01] <Loetmichel> oh, that gray thing ins a vacuum table ;)
[12:45:03] <Sync> zeeshan|2: halp!
[12:45:43] <pink_vampire> Loetmichel: sparks!
[12:45:56] <Loetmichel> yeah, tge bit was a "bit dull" ;)
[12:46:33] <pink_vampire> I need to make a teamspeak server for this room
[12:47:14] <AmsterdamJoe> mumble is open source
[12:47:21] <Loetmichel> pink_vampire: how much of us old farts do have a headset in reach on the IRC machine?
[12:47:22] <AmsterdamJoe> alternative to ts
[12:47:27] <Loetmichel> what do you think?
[12:47:53] <pink_vampire> what it the rpm are you using?
[12:48:01] <Loetmichel> and TS is out. use Discord
[12:48:28] <Loetmichel> pink_vampire: i used 24krpm
[12:48:36] <Loetmichel> on that 2mm 2 flute mill bit ;)
[12:48:45] <Loetmichel> ... and F1200
[12:48:47] <pink_vampire> carabide?
[12:48:53] <Loetmichel> and 0,1mm depth
[12:48:57] <pink_vampire> 1200IPM?
[12:48:59] <Loetmichel> of course tingsten carbide
[12:49:05] <Loetmichel> 1200mm/min
[12:49:09] <pink_vampire> hoo
[12:49:25] <Loetmichel> ~50ipm
[12:49:40] <pink_vampire> where did you get this end mill??
[12:50:05] <Loetmichel> PCB manufacturers ;)
[12:50:13] <Loetmichel> like all my mill bits
[12:50:32] <Loetmichel> or should i say they are made for PCB mills
[12:50:39] <Loetmichel> not for Steel mills
[12:51:55] <Loetmichel> i buy all my milling tools there: http://www.sorotec.de/shop/Cutting-Tools/1-8--Shaft-Mill-Tools/
[12:54:57] <pink_vampire> any recomendation?
[12:55:24] <Loetmichel> pink_vampire: for what?`
[12:56:55] <pink_vampire> brass
[12:57:31] <pink_vampire> somthing that will work with my 1K rpm spindle
[12:58:26] <Loetmichel> i reccommend a faster spindle ;)
[12:58:46] <Loetmichel> or a REALLY relaxed mood :-)
[12:59:13] <pink_vampire> I'm very relax :)
[12:59:57] <Loetmichel> this is how i do aluminium :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWTTP0RomA0
[13:00:57] <Ralith> Loetmichel: what machine design is that?
[13:00:57] <Loetmichel> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u_ChO1AKYY <- or this
[13:01:07] <Loetmichel> a chinese CNC 6040
[13:02:00] <pink_vampire> did you see my?
[13:02:34] <pink_vampire> http://i.imgur.com/wWPij14.png
[13:02:35] <Loetmichel> no
[13:02:46] <pink_vampire> http://i.imgur.com/pnEGG0h.png
[13:03:02] <Loetmichel> looks like a BF20 clone
[13:03:23] <pink_vampire> yeah..
[13:03:45] <pink_vampire> I'm in the https://discordapp.com/
[13:03:50] <pink_vampire> how I'm use it?
[13:04:10] <Loetmichel> no idea: dont have a haeadset here ;)
[13:04:37] <Loetmichel> its just the thing the kids use these days isntead of TS for the games i am playing (elite dangerous and similar)
[13:04:40] <pink_vampire> :(
[13:05:44] <pink_vampire> I can't type long time.. I have CTS
[13:07:03] <pink_vampire> ok
[13:07:07] <pink_vampire> it's soo simple
[13:07:41] <pink_vampire> just go here https://discord.gg/0oAimSwFHdRNaGQw
[13:08:06] <beikeland> Erant: would you happen to have an link to the eBay item (or keywords for seaching?).
[13:20:09] <Erant> beikeland: Sec
[13:20:40] <Erant> http://www.ebay.com/itm/331344051908
[13:21:43] <pink_vampire> someone want to do a voice chat?
[13:24:02] <beikeland> Erant: ah, yeah, that'd be nice, but doesn't ship here. But thanks!
[13:24:33] <Erant> Try searching for something like "shim stock"
[13:24:39] <Erant> or "shim sheet" or the like
[13:26:46] <beikeland> Erant: thats what I tried, but only found odd rolls of sheet, single thickness $20-30 each, and 2-3 times that for shipping so thats not gonna happen
[13:27:02] <Erant> Wow O_o
[13:27:37] <beikeland> Lots of US sellers won't ship here, and if they do, it'll cost an arm, a leg and my first born. Which is a problem since I don't even have kids
[13:27:59] <Deejay> beikeland, where is "here"?
[13:28:02] <beikeland> Norway
[13:28:09] <Deejay> ah, that is why china is not overseas ;)
[13:28:16] <beikeland> A bit north of the North Pole :D
[13:28:23] <Deejay> haha
[13:28:39] <Deejay> where santa clause lives
[13:28:49] <Deejay> wait a sec. are you santa? ;)
[13:28:59] <beikeland> But Chinese shipping is mostly reasonable, as its heavily subsidized somehow
[13:29:31] <beikeland> (Just a same the quality is mostly questionable..)
[13:31:59] <Deejay> hehe, yeah
[13:40:21] <pink_vampire> no one connect to the voice chat :(
[13:56:21] <pink_vampire> http://store.shopbottools.com/collections/desktop-cnc/products/desktop-with-1hp-110v-spindle-us-version
[13:56:24] <pink_vampire> WTF
[13:56:35] <andypugh> pink_vampire: Sorry, but I hate voice chat. My diction is poor and I have a funny accent
[13:57:08] <Loetmichel> pink_vampire: WTF? you get the same for less than 3k from china
[13:57:10] <_methods> and he smells like cabbage
[13:57:22] <andypugh> pink_vampire: 1k rpm seems very lof for a G070. I thought they went up to 2500?
[13:57:35] <cradek> with text, andy can type at the speed he talks and I can read at the speed I can understand
[13:57:44] <Loetmichel> _methods: we all do. but thankfully there is no "smell TV" just yet ;)
[13:57:50] <_methods> heheh
[13:57:57] <pink_vampire> I can go up to 2K
[13:58:02] <pink_vampire> but it get hot..
[13:58:24] <pink_vampire> so to be on the safe side I work up to 1K
[13:58:25] <andypugh> Ah, right. A bit hot is OK, and possibly to be expected
[13:58:45] <pink_vampire> also noise issue..
[13:58:50] <andypugh> And bearings are not that expensive.
[13:59:00] <andypugh> It has the 2-speed head?
[13:59:13] <pink_vampire> it's on the high speed.
[13:59:19] <andypugh> (with rattly gears?)
[13:59:54] <pink_vampire> there is high and low gear
[14:00:13] <andypugh> My mini-mill is similar. A lot of folk convert to toothed-belt drive just to get rid of the gear noise.
[14:00:44] <pink_vampire> meybe there is a way to make the low gear to the high and get beetter ratio gear for the high gear
[14:02:19] <_methods> yeah i converted mine to belt drive
[14:02:19] <Erant> I like my brushless spindle, very quiet.
[14:02:24] <_methods> was wonderful on the ears
[14:02:40] <Erant> I think it has a 1:1 belt drive though.
[14:02:41] <_methods> i had to wear ear plugs when i ran it before conversion
[14:03:23] <Erant> Actually, talking about noise, my ballscrew conversion... 'sings' a little. Is that normal?
[14:04:13] <_methods> yeah if you used chinese ballscrews
[14:04:20] <andypugh> Is your head filled with oil. Or it like mine and relies on the handful of grease that the original assembler threw in there?
[14:04:50] <_methods> dirty grease
[14:04:55] <_methods> mine was full of sand lol
[14:05:08] <andypugh> Yes, they don’t tend to over-clean the castings.
[14:05:11] <_methods> i'm guessing it was sand from the casting that shook loose inside the ehad
[14:05:32] <_methods> i took my 4x6 saw apart and found the same sand in the gearbox
[14:06:17] <membiblio> Have any of you added a rotary axis to a waterjet?
[14:06:27] <andypugh> I added an oil seal to my mini-mill and put in a gasket-with-no-holes to keep the oil in. I was hoping it would make it quieter, but it didn’t, much.
[14:06:32] <_methods> i guess they keep a pretty steady side business of gear replacement going on by filling the gear box with sand lol
[14:06:51] <Erant> _methods: They're japanese C3 screws.
[14:06:58] <pink_vampire> Erant: what king a spindle are you using?
[14:06:59] <_methods> ?
[14:07:12] <andypugh> Mine came with a plastic gear that broke. I swapped it for a metal ger that was too loud. Pity you can’t choose quiet and adequate.
[14:07:30] <_methods> yeah i blew up my plastic gears too lol
[14:08:49] <Erant> I have one un-supported end, so I figure maybe that's the cause.
[14:09:04] <Loetmichel> andypugh: POM?
[14:09:09] <Erant> pink_vampire: I have a micro-mill from LMS.
[14:09:14] <Erant> It's a Sieg SX1P
[14:09:18] <andypugh> Right, this sitting at the PC chatting isn’t getting my lathe apron bolted on, or the gib-strip scraped in.
[14:09:20] <Loetmichel> if all fails: gass firbre reinforced pa6.6?
[14:09:43] <andypugh> Loetmichel: I just bought a better mill.
[14:10:00] <pink_vampire> cute
[14:10:17] <Erant> pink_vampire: It's good for my small workspace.
[14:10:31] <Loetmichel> andypugh: thats a viable solution.
[14:10:35] <pink_vampire> my also small
[14:10:36] <Loetmichel> the lazy one tho ;)
[14:10:39] <_methods> https://www.dropbox.com/s/60g0lkd5kdff57i/2015-05-02%2014.08.38.jpg?dl=0
[14:10:40] <_methods> heheh
[14:10:46] <_methods> poor little gear
[14:11:02] <pink_vampire> soo thin
[14:11:13] <Erant> Awww
[14:11:21] <_methods> https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2s1pf8qmd27zs7/2015-06-05%2020.02.46.jpg?dl=0
[14:11:21] <Loetmichel> _methods: make new ones... its easy
[14:11:23] <_methods> and after
[14:11:27] <Jymmm> _methods: That's not a gear, that's an abomination!
[14:11:29] <_methods> i did make a new one lol
[14:11:43] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=11702
[14:11:44] <andypugh> Loetmichel: But quite an upgrade: One of these, converted to CNC.
[14:11:45] <andypugh> https://res.cloudinary.com/bidlogix/image/upload/v1437046304/bdx/wnze0aokwzoezuqgpzke.jpg
[14:11:49] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=11711
[14:11:57] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=11705
[14:12:01] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=11714
[14:12:02] <Loetmichel> :-)
[14:12:24] <Loetmichel> took me 3 tries tho to get that without blockage AND without backlash ;)
[14:12:49] <_methods> the belt drive is so much quieter
[14:13:03] <_methods> those gears made quite the disturbance
[14:13:05] <Loetmichel> and can slip
[14:13:22] <Erant> Loetmichel: What material is that?
[14:13:26] <Loetmichel> i would have used a timing belt ;)
[14:13:26] <_methods> meh for what i'm doin i'm not worried
[14:13:30] <pink_vampire> Loetmichel: you need to add a description and make albums
[14:13:57] <Loetmichel> Erant: Pertinax ( melamine clad paper reinforced resin)
[14:13:58] <_methods> i don't try and do production work on hobby machines like you
[14:14:06] <pink_vampire> like that
[14:14:07] <pink_vampire> http://pinkcnc.imgur.com/
[14:14:22] <Loetmichel> pink_vampire: i HAVE albums ;)
[14:14:25] <_methods> for me it's all just games
[14:14:49] <pink_vampire> i know.. but with out any description..
[14:15:10] <Loetmichel> pink_vampire: the whole website is only my "picture dump"
[14:15:27] <Loetmichel> most of the time i cant be bothered to insert any descriptions ;)
[14:15:32] <_methods> heheh
[14:15:41] <pink_vampire> but it's hard to navigate..
[14:16:14] <pink_vampire> and instade of sand like to an album you need to send 3-4 links..
[14:16:24] <andypugh> https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/HarrisonMill is the unsorted uncommented album of photos of my mill conversion
[14:18:25] <Loetmichel> pink_vampire: as i said: that is just my "picdump" so i dont care much for sorting it
[14:18:41] <andypugh> The ongoing lathe conversion has even more one-off castings and daft elaborations :-)
[14:18:42] <Loetmichel> i start to run into problems lately tho
[14:18:58] <andypugh> Back later.
[14:19:37] <pink_vampire> https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/HarrisonMill#5954054101352794114
[14:19:40] <Loetmichel> there are about 5200 pictures on this side... i start to forget what to search for when i search for a specific one...
[14:19:46] <pink_vampire> look like cute ballscrew
[14:19:50] <Loetmichel> "what did i call that again?!?"
[14:20:10] <Loetmichel> pink_vampire: i know these
[14:20:56] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=13054&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
[14:21:49] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=13083&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
[14:21:50] <Loetmichel> :-)
[14:21:58] <pink_vampire> my is the 1605 and 2005 from china :(
[14:22:19] <Loetmichel> its the underside of a machine i built for a friend from spare parts that were laying around
[14:22:29] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=13131
[14:22:36] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=13143
[14:22:47] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=13116
[14:22:49] <Loetmichel> :-)
[14:22:50] <pink_vampire> look very nice
[14:23:24] <pink_vampire> you are very handy!
[14:24:10] <Loetmichel> "you need a CNC mill to build a CNC mill" ;)
[14:24:48] <pink_vampire> true
[14:29:02] <Loetmichel> pink_vampire: not really
[14:29:21] <Loetmichel> i built THIS with a set of hand tools and a battery drill:
[14:29:40] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=4935
[14:29:46] <Loetmichel> ... took a while tho ;)
[14:29:48] <pink_vampire> I need to sell my cnc and get shoes.
[14:30:23] <Deejay> /o\
[14:30:42] <CaptHindsight> Jimmy Choo's?
[14:30:51] <DammitCoetzee> Loetmichel, do you have a write-up about it somewhere?
[14:30:59] <Loetmichel> DammitCoetzee: not really
[14:31:08] <Loetmichel> did build it without plans
[14:31:17] <Loetmichel> written onesi mean
[14:31:34] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=4403&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 <- looked like that when i was finished ;)
[14:31:57] <Loetmichel> was modified a lot in its ~5 year existence tho
[14:32:09] <pink_vampire> what is the copper pipe??
[14:32:24] <DammitCoetzee> Loetmichel, I write for hackaday, and a CNC built with hand tools and a power drill is pretty cool.
[14:34:07] <CaptHindsight> DammitCoetzee: when does it become silly? Using only rocks and a coat hangar? Using only found materials?
[14:34:48] <gregcnc> I built one without tools but cheated with complete axis slides and bought a table.
[14:34:52] <DammitCoetzee> CaptHindsight, are you kidding, that would be awesome! a rock and coat hanger?
[14:35:00] <CaptHindsight> when does it become not a practical machine but just a piece of artwork?
[14:35:05] <_methods> someone show him the pipe cnc
[14:35:08] <gregcnc> I think that video of the machine withe the guy with the accent
[14:35:10] <DammitCoetzee> who knows!
[14:35:40] <DammitCoetzee> http://hackaday.com/2015/11/21/garbage-can-cnc-machine-build/
[14:35:53] <_methods> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PSG2al1Sus
[14:35:57] <_methods> there ya go lol
[14:35:59] <CaptHindsight> the definition of "milling machine" is pretty loose I suppose on hackaday
[14:36:00] <_methods> best cnc ever
[14:36:09] <Loetmichel> DammitCoetzee: that was the last time i saw the machine when i gave it to the buyer of the model shop i buildt it for and worked for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iYhICZEsCA
[14:36:25] <_methods> that should make frontpage of hackaday lol
[14:36:27] <DammitCoetzee> CaptHindsight, I would say that most hobby CNCs are horrible turd burgers of poor mechanical design, but that doesn't make them significantly less cool
[14:36:34] <DammitCoetzee> 3d pinters are even worse
[14:36:40] <gregcnc> that is the one in the link above
[14:37:48] <CaptHindsight> IMHO you're just encouraging a generation of slackers to aim even lower
[14:37:56] <Loetmichel> DammitCoetzee: my FIRST machine fits your descrition very well....
[14:37:58] <_methods> i do what i can
[14:38:09] <pink_vampire> OMG
[14:38:18] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=2859&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
[14:38:23] <Loetmichel> ... it worked... kinda ;)
[14:38:46] <Loetmichel> PMMA wasnt the best choice as a structural material tho ;)
[14:39:06] <pink_vampire> kill it before it lays eggs!!
[14:39:14] <Loetmichel> what?
[14:39:27] <Loetmichel> that particle board abonimation?
[14:42:07] <Erant> DammitCoetzee: I think CaptHindsight is refering to CNC router vs. CNC mill.
[14:42:33] <CaptHindsight> router or mill
[14:42:50] <_methods> Erant: if he just watched the pipe cnc video it might take him awhile to recover
[14:42:59] <CaptHindsight> horrible designs that take people away from actual learning
[14:43:09] <_methods> he may never talk to anyone again after seeing that lol
[14:43:13] <Erant> ;)
[14:43:17] <DammitCoetzee> haha, the one made of conduit?
[14:43:23] <_methods> yeah lol
[14:43:28] <DammitCoetzee> it's great!
[14:43:35] <CaptHindsight> since they never have examples of well made machines done on a budget
[14:43:37] <DammitCoetzee> there's not even the slightest standard for straightness on it
[14:43:44] <DammitCoetzee> and none of the bearings are loaded properly
[14:43:45] <CaptHindsight> or by hand over time
[14:43:54] <_methods> oh they're loaded alright
[14:43:59] <DammitCoetzee> and it's absolutely impossible to square it
[14:44:02] <PetefromTn_> hey
[14:44:06] <DammitCoetzee> i hope people build a lot of them
[14:44:12] <_methods> look out pete's in town
[14:44:15] <DammitCoetzee> and then learn from their choices
[14:44:26] <PetefromTn_> look out hehe
[14:44:38] <CaptHindsight> but they don't, it's a circle jerk like reprap
[14:44:41] <Erant> When you move, is it going to be PeteFromFl?
[14:45:13] <_methods> no then he'll really be PetefromTn_
[14:45:19] <_methods> because he was from tn
[14:45:27] <Erant> True.
[14:45:35] <_methods> he should be petefromfl_now
[14:45:41] <_methods> lol
[14:45:51] <PetefromTn_> no mas PetefromTn ;)
[14:45:53] <Loetmichel> DammitCoetzee: took me only 8 iterations to go from that http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=2859&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 to that: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=11205&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
[14:45:54] <_methods> or petewholivesintn_
[14:45:54] <Loetmichel> ;-)
[14:46:02] <CaptHindsight> PeteFromNJCATNFL
[14:46:17] <PetefromTn_> PetewhogothisassthehellouttaTn
[14:46:27] <Deejay> just Pete!
[14:46:35] <PetefromTn_> that works too ;)
[14:46:38] <CaptHindsight> Peat
[14:46:57] <_methods> PetefromStPete
[14:47:09] <Deejay> StamPete
[14:47:14] <PetefromTn_> St.Pete is really nice actually
[14:47:23] <PetefromTn_> ever been there?
[14:47:24] <_methods> damn skippy
[14:47:32] <_methods> gotta buddy that lives down there
[14:47:34] <PetefromTn_> I love the old city
[14:47:37] <_methods> it's nice
[14:47:45] <CaptHindsight> Tampa Bay
[14:48:19] <CaptHindsight> did we already miss Gasparillia?
[14:48:28] <Loetmichel> Deejay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgRJIOZJcn4
[14:48:33] <PetefromTn_> I used to be stationed aboard the USCGC Steadfast and it was moored up in St Pete harbor
[14:48:34] <_methods> my buddy lives in new pt richey
[14:48:48] <CaptHindsight> shoot a week ago
[14:48:58] <Deejay> Loetmichel! :) yay
[14:49:03] <Deejay> ruthe rulez
[14:49:22] <Loetmichel> "pieeeet"
[14:49:38] <PetefromTn_> Loetmichel damn that machine looks nice man
[14:49:53] <Loetmichel> PetefromTn_: which?
[14:50:06] <PetefromTn_> that's between FT. Meyers and Tampa right?
[14:50:13] <_methods> i think so
[14:50:15] <_methods> north of tampa
[14:50:16] <PetefromTn_> the second one of course
[14:50:25] <PetefromTn_> oh north of tampa
[14:50:26] <_methods> i think it's like a tampa suburb or something
[14:50:36] <PetefromTn_> I don't remember where it is
[14:51:01] <Loetmichel> PetefromTn_: yeah, desighed that for a friend.
[14:51:01] <PetefromTn_> Also when you said St. Pete for some reason I thought you said St. Augustine LOL
[14:51:16] <_methods> no st pete my tampa
[14:51:19] <_methods> lol
[14:51:28] <PetefromTn_> yeah I have been all over St. Pete
[14:51:31] <PetefromTn_> nice place
[14:51:38] <PetefromTn_> I like the beaches around there too
[14:51:38] <_methods> i thought you were from there
[14:51:42] <PetefromTn_> Pass a grill beach
[14:52:15] <PetefromTn_> Well like I said I was stationed in St. Pete aboard the Cutter Steadfast for almost 2 years
[14:52:39] <PetefromTn_> whenever we were in port I was out explorin' the neighborhood and beaches having fun LOL
[14:53:01] <PetefromTn_> but I actually grew up in Wellington Florida
[14:53:22] <_methods> most of my time in florida was here lol
[14:53:23] <_methods> https://www.google.com/maps/place/Camp+Rudder/@30.6275218,-86.7385841,837m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x8891107dd71a3c41:0xf0a823ea95e4c62d!6m1!1e1?hl=en
[14:53:42] <_methods> middle of nowhere
[14:53:56] <PetefromTn_> Panhandle
[14:54:05] <_methods> on the yellow river lol
[14:54:09] <PetefromTn_> I have not really spent much time up there
[14:54:31] <PetefromTn_> Drove thru it on the way to New Orleans once or twice ;)
[14:55:15] <PetefromTn_> Loetmichel Is that the same machine you had built awhile back from the special treated plywood you were talking about?
[14:55:23] <CaptHindsight> an actual Camp Rudder
[14:55:43] <CaptHindsight> sounds more Navy
[14:56:24] <Loetmichel> PetefromTn_: a similar one
[14:56:32] <Loetmichel> "mine" was the predecessor
[14:56:35] <_methods> it's a joint base
[14:56:42] <PetefromTn_> ah sweet. Sounds like you got the design dialed in
[14:56:57] <Loetmichel> yes
[14:56:58] <PetefromTn_> so you are ex army?
[14:57:02] <_methods> yeah
[14:57:06] <PetefromTn_> nice
[14:57:07] <Loetmichel> got a few kinks ironed out ;)
[14:57:13] <CaptHindsight> 8 Google Reviews for an Army base?
[14:57:14] <_methods> floatin down the yellow river lol
[14:57:19] <PetefromTn_> Thank you for your Service to our Country my friend
[14:57:24] <_methods> you too
[14:57:30] <PetefromTn_> :D
[14:57:32] <_methods> you go watch that coast guard movie this weekend?
[14:57:44] <PetefromTn_> what Coast Guard Movie?
[14:57:56] <_methods> umm that one where they're in a boat
[14:57:57] <_methods> hahahah
[14:58:03] <PetefromTn_> heh
[14:58:06] <_methods> finest hours
[14:58:13] <_methods> or the finest hours
[14:58:35] <_methods> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2025690/
[14:58:48] <PetefromTn_> I thought that was the bengazi movie
[14:58:55] <_methods> my boss is ex coastie and he watched it
[14:59:08] <_methods> his dad was career coastie too
[14:59:31] <Connor> PetefromTn_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQmllwTKtqU
[14:59:59] <CaptHindsight> is that one where Hillary drops in a saves the base single handedly with a 50 cal strapped to her one arm?
[15:00:07] <_methods> hahah
[15:00:55] <PetefromTn_> COOL
[15:01:00] <CaptHindsight> HRC the R stands for Rambo
[15:01:00] <PetefromTn_> I like Chris Pine too
[15:01:13] <_methods> i heard he drives a miata
[15:01:17] <PetefromTn_> I am gonna need to see that one
[15:01:22] <PetefromTn_> BAAH
[15:01:24] <_methods> hahahahhah
[15:01:50] <Loetmichel> _methods: i just did my 12 months on a small sub hunter in the german navvy. does that count? ;)
[15:01:56] <_methods> http://www.red5.co.uk/upside-down-wine-glass.aspx
[15:02:08] <_methods> das boot
[15:02:29] <PetefromTn_> Loetmichel Hell yeah it counts LOL
[15:02:50] <Loetmichel> sub hunter, not hunter sub! :-)
[15:02:57] <PetefromTn_> I was aboard the Steadfast for almost 2 years
[15:03:02] <_methods> das topboot
[15:03:30] <PetefromTn_> then I was in the Aircraft community... http://imgur.com/a/G2T2A
[15:04:04] <Loetmichel> http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/1704-german-navy-anti-submarine-boat-thetis-class-420/
[15:04:08] <_methods> do they ever fly that thing
[15:04:16] <_methods> that's the cleanest c-130 i've ever seen
[15:04:51] <PetefromTn_> every day man ;)
[15:04:58] <Loetmichel> 24 knots isnt right tho
[15:05:07] <CaptHindsight> Loetmichel: do they still have flak geshitz? (sp?)
[15:05:24] <Loetmichel> Theseus ( the ship i served on) did 32knots at flank
[15:05:33] <PetefromTn_> I love that line.... " They say in the Coast Guard you gotta go out....they don't say you are gonna come back in"
[15:05:39] <Loetmichel> CaptHindsight: 40mm bofors twin ;=)
[15:05:57] <PetefromTn_> how long was the ship?
[15:06:04] <Loetmichel> 70m
[15:06:08] <CaptHindsight> Loetmichel: was my mom's old job
[15:06:10] <PetefromTn_> our Cutter was 210 feet long and max was about 28 knots
[15:06:11] <Loetmichel> look at the link
[15:06:16] <_methods> as long as your 6' tall in the coast guard you're safe lol
[15:06:25] <_methods> you can touch the bottom with your feet
[15:06:37] <Loetmichel> CaptHindsight: it was dubbend "best protected loo of the german fleet"
[15:06:39] <PetefromTn_> heh yeah right
[15:06:48] <CaptHindsight> lol
[15:06:56] <Loetmichel> because the 40mm twin was right above the officers loo ;-)
[15:07:11] <PetefromTn_> I wish I could take my memories of the rough seas we went thru and put them inside your head just for a few moments
[15:07:11] <CaptHindsight> you can never be too safe
[15:07:43] <PetefromTn_> they don't call it the Pukatan Channel for nothing :D
[15:07:52] <_methods> hahah i've been on some rough rides in the bearing
[15:08:17] <_methods> the roughest ride i ever had though was the ferry from stavanger norway to england
[15:08:17] <Loetmichel> PetefromTn_: i served in the baltic sea
[15:08:23] <Loetmichel> tell me about bad weather ;)
[15:08:23] <_methods> that shit got crazy
[15:08:28] <PetefromTn_> The Cutter Steadfast had a rather rounded hull and was really bad about rolling and pitching
[15:08:31] <_methods> waves breaking over the ferry
[15:08:40] <PetefromTn_> Oh yeah man
[15:08:49] <PetefromTn_> I remember being on Helm Lookout watch
[15:08:52] <Loetmichel> we had 43° roll to both sides
[15:09:15] <Loetmichel> at 45° we would have lost the weapons to prevent a rollover...
[15:09:16] <PetefromTn_> and watching the forecastle bury in the waves and hearing the entire hull creaking and moaning like a bitch
[15:09:25] <_methods> heheh
[15:09:39] <Loetmichel> creaking and moaning?
[15:09:40] <PetefromTn_> we actually had straps to keep us in our racks at night
[15:09:52] <PetefromTn_> yeah absolutely creaking and moaning
[15:09:59] <_methods> free roller coaster ride
[15:10:05] <Loetmichel> we could lay down on the deck and SEE the ship torque around
[15:10:13] <Loetmichel> from bow to stern
[15:10:19] <PetefromTn_> HEHEHE Yup
[15:10:25] <PetefromTn_> I have experienced that too
[15:10:32] <PetefromTn_> crazy shit
[15:10:53] <PetefromTn_> people think the carribean is all nice and sunny and flat all the time....BULLSHIT
[15:10:58] <_methods> pretty amazing engineering that ships can handle all that abuse
[15:11:09] <Loetmichel> the moment when you realize that that "the stern has a slightly different roll angle than the bow" is NO optical illusion...
[15:11:24] <PetefromTn_> the worst tho was following seas
[15:11:49] <PetefromTn_> our ship would pitch and the props would come out of the water along with the rudder
[15:12:00] <PetefromTn_> and for a few seconds you had no control of the ship
[15:12:07] <Loetmichel> yeah, you could hear it at the engine
[15:12:09] <Loetmichel> s
[15:12:09] <PetefromTn_> so if you TRIED to adjust too mcuh
[15:12:25] <Loetmichel> when the props had no longer something to shove backwards
[15:12:28] <PetefromTn_> when the stuff hit the water again you were rolling WAAAYYY over
[15:12:46] <PetefromTn_> I remember the first time I was on helm I did that accidentally
[15:12:52] <PetefromTn_> it was just after dinner time
[15:13:00] <PetefromTn_> and that bitch rolled BAD
[15:13:06] <_methods> you know what's crazy is those old sailors crossin the atlantic with only the wind
[15:13:16] <Loetmichel> let me guess. you heard a lot of clanking and then a lot of swearing from below decK?
[15:13:24] <PetefromTn_> I could hear the plates crashing in the galley and people cursing from down the stairs LOL
[15:13:24] <_methods> it's a dangerous operation now with a modern ship
[15:13:51] <_methods> those lunatics were doin it in wooden boats
[15:13:52] <PetefromTn_> The Captain was on the Bridge and he just looked at me and smiled
[15:14:04] <Loetmichel> _methods iirc there was a woman who crossed the big pond in a rudder boat...
[15:14:09] <Loetmichel> a few years back
[15:14:13] <_methods> yeah that's nuts
[15:14:18] <PetefromTn_> he shook his head and said "Let's get er righted Seaman Matos LOL
[15:14:49] <Loetmichel> PetefromTn_: thats what i meant
[15:15:07] <PetefromTn_> So your boat was 70 meters/
[15:15:15] <PetefromTn_> that is what 220 feet?
[15:15:15] <Loetmichel> i used to do the galley service for the officers when the weather was bad...
[15:15:34] <Loetmichel> yeah, about that
[15:15:38] <PetefromTn_> that is about how long the Steadfast was
[15:16:05] <Loetmichel> and had 2 turbocharged diesels with 3000hp each
[15:16:06] <PetefromTn_> http://www.uscg.mil/pacarea/cgcSteadfast/img/ste_02.jpg
[15:16:54] <PetefromTn_> That's the Cutter Steadfast and my home for almost 2 years :)
[15:17:23] <Loetmichel> http://www.knipsbilder.de/bilder4/m393.jpg
[15:17:26] <PetefromTn_> If you look at the word GUARD
[15:17:33] <PetefromTn_> go from the letter A
[15:17:38] <PetefromTn_> about ten feet down
[15:17:42] <Loetmichel> the warships tend to be a lot smaller and longer
[15:17:43] <PetefromTn_> is where I slept LOL
[15:18:31] <Loetmichel> seems you slept at the same position as me
[15:18:32] <_methods> no helipad?
[15:18:37] <Loetmichel> but i was on the other side ;)
[15:18:50] <PetefromTn_> yeah there is a helipad
[15:19:06] <PetefromTn_> we would catch and throw the screaming Chicken almost daily when underway LOL
[15:19:06] <_methods> no on Loetmichel boat
[15:19:27] <Loetmichel> _methods: on a small warship thats 8.2 meters wide?
[15:19:37] <Loetmichel> what heli wants to land there? R22?
[15:19:47] <_methods> i thought it was a subhunter
[15:20:14] <Loetmichel> it was
[15:20:37] <_methods> most US sub hunters have birds on them
[15:20:38] <PetefromTn_> interesting
[15:20:45] <PetefromTn_> yeah what he said
[15:21:00] <Loetmichel> _methods: whe had depth charges with a rocket attached
[15:21:11] <Loetmichel> we could fire them a few miles ;)
[15:21:54] <_methods> i think they're adding drones now to replace choppers though
[15:22:13] <_methods> the dash i guess they call it
[15:22:36] <_methods> oh that was the old one from the 50's
[15:23:16] <_methods> i guess that new littoral class will be the sub hunter now
[15:28:23] <pinkvampire> hi
[15:28:50] <pinkvampire> the voicwe chat work very nice.
[15:29:02] <PetefromTn_> indeed
[15:29:10] <pinkvampire> I had a conversation now
[15:29:12] <pinkvampire> https://discord.gg/0oAimSwFHdRNaGQw
[15:29:30] <pinkvampire> just click on the link and go to the voice room
[15:29:54] <PetefromTn_> I would love to chat again but I actually have to go back to work for awhile I am sorry
[15:30:49] <pinkvampire> PetefromTn_: this is better than the TS is't web based.
[15:31:33] <PetefromTn_> OK when I get home if you are still on I will try it :D
[15:31:57] <pinkvampire> grate.
[15:38:37] <PetefromTn_> jeez imgur is not cooperating
[15:39:01] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: That's how I feel after getting off the phone with Adobe.
[15:39:23] <PetefromTn_> you were on the PHONE with Adobe?
[15:39:49] <Jymmm> Yep, trying to convert a license form PC to MAC.... not gonna happen.
[15:40:10] <Jymmm> They USED to, long ago, not no more.
[15:41:05] <Jymmm> Oh, and I found out that Adobe products *MUST* be able to call phone at least once every 99 days or... POOF!
[15:41:19] <Jymmm> err phone home
[15:44:54] <_methods> torrent
[15:46:02] <_methods> https://frinkiac.com/
[15:57:50] <XXCoder> do not adobe products. ever
[15:57:53] <XXCoder> *use
[16:18:42] <Magnifikus> fusion360 is fine for hobby imho
[16:19:29] <Magnifikus> oh thats autodesk not adobe my fault sry
[16:19:41] <XXCoder> yeah was wondering lol
[16:19:46] <Deejay> gn8
[16:19:50] <XXCoder> if it was, I'd not have downloaded it :)
[16:19:53] <Magnifikus> but autodesk was also trying to call me for hsmexpress
[16:20:04] <Magnifikus> never called back and not using solidworks anymore so idc
[16:20:38] <Magnifikus> dunno got solidworks for free from university but after 1 days fusion i never started it again
[16:21:51] <XXCoder> so fusion works well?
[16:24:59] <XXCoder> gonna go laters
[16:27:47] <Jymmm> _methods: wth are you torrenting that you got that?!
[16:34:47] <_methods> hah the simpsons
[16:35:00] <Jymmm> ah
[16:49:48] <tiwake> doing more anodizing today
[16:50:06] <tiwake> small batches of 15, but only because my tank isnt big enough to do more
[17:16:32] <_methods> damn HF capacitor on my welder blew up
[17:24:36] <pinkvampire> https://discord.gg/0oAimSwFHdSEFl7Y
[17:25:15] <pinkvampire> this it the new invite line to the discord server
[17:30:52] <JT-Shop> chinese welder?
[17:31:05] <tiwake> pinkvampire: you can set an invite URL to never expire
[17:31:29] <pinkvampire> i set it to never
[17:33:28] <_methods> no old ltec 306
[17:33:34] <_methods> american welder
[17:34:47] <pinkvampire> tiwake: ^
[17:38:25] * JT-Shop had an old ltec for a while
[17:52:25] <JT-Shop> first real welder I owned
[18:07:00] <andypugh> _methods: I didn’t cross the Atlantic using only the wind. It was the Pacific.
[18:08:12] <andypugh> pink_vampire: That ballscrew isn’t as cute as it looks, it’s an M16 one. That particular model is useful as it has a slim nut. The only problem is the external ball return.
[18:11:00] <skunkworks> zlog
[18:14:37] <_methods> yeah it's a good welder but it needs some TLC
[18:16:29] <JT-Shop> mine was good too, I wanted to have a spool gun too so I got a Miller 212 and sold the ltec
[18:16:46] <JT-Shop> I kept the happy face magnet...
[18:16:54] <_methods> hehe
[18:18:23] <_methods> i have a little lincoln sp-175 for mig
[18:19:13] * JT-Shop changes to his chef hat to make some shrimp pad thai
[18:19:33] <JT-Shop> I had one of those before the ltec, nice little machine
[18:53:31] <Jymmm> Um, Got Beam? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1pvUlQgYtk
[19:18:09] <Tom_itx> _methods
[19:18:58] <Tom_itx> do you remember the reg settings to get windows to stfu about 10?
[19:20:32] <_methods> ahhh not off the top of my head
[19:20:43] <Tom_itx> google might remember
[19:20:56] <Tom_itx> did you shut yours off?
[19:35:23] <_methods> yeah i killed mine
[19:35:36] <_methods> i don't want 10
[19:35:46] <_methods> and i really don't like someone forcing it on me iether
[19:35:52] <Tom_itx> me either.. i wish you remembered how you did it
[19:37:36] <_methods> i know i had to uninstall the kb that controls the update
[19:37:38] <_methods> then reboot
[19:37:49] <_methods> then hide that update so it never comes up again
[19:38:25] <_methods> did yours already start the update thing?
[19:38:40] <Tom_itx> it's been hounding me about it
[19:38:46] <Tom_itx> i keep clicking it off
[19:39:03] <_methods> kb 3035583
[19:39:15] <_methods> well can you still run regular updates?
[19:39:36] <Tom_itx> i think so
[19:39:42] <Tom_itx> i haven't tried lately
[19:39:45] <_methods> it's more of a pita to disable if it's at the point where you can't run a regular update anumore
[19:39:50] <_methods> anymore
[19:40:16] <_methods> if you can still get in windows update uninstall that kb3035583
[19:40:19] <Tom_itx> what is kb 3035583?
[19:40:34] <_methods> it's the win10 upgrade
[19:40:43] <_methods> you have to remove that
[19:40:53] <_methods> https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3080351
[19:41:24] <_methods> that's the official how to shut it off from microsuck
[19:42:23] <Tom_itx> you think they're gonna tell you how to shut something off they're trying to cram down your throat?
[19:42:52] <_methods> hahah they got so much hate they actually came out with this
[19:43:24] <_methods> before you had to do regedits
[19:43:36] <_methods> oh lol you still have to regedit
[19:43:48] <_methods> Subkey: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate
[19:43:50] <_methods> DWORD value: DisableOSUpgrade = 1
[19:43:57] <Tom_itx> where's the subkey found?
[19:44:53] <_methods> hmm one sec
[19:45:14] <CaptHindsight> change \version\***** to \version\windows11 :)
[19:45:39] <_methods> hkey local machine
[19:47:08] <Tom_itx> mine doesn't have a WindowsUpdate listing
[19:48:10] <_methods> ah i think i read about that
[19:48:46] <Tom_itx> do i add that?
[19:49:11] <_methods> https://techjourney.net/disable-remove-get-windows-10-upgrade-reservation-notification-system-tray-icon/
[19:50:10] <_methods> that first answer, do you have that?
[19:50:15] <_methods> the gwx entry?
[19:50:32] <Tom_itx> i have that directory
[19:52:44] <_methods> changin that should work for you then
[19:52:58] <_methods> since you don't have the disableos one
[19:53:15] <Tom_itx> just delete the directory?
[19:54:02] <Tom_itx> and i have the kb3035583 in the update list
[19:54:04] <_methods> no
[19:54:38] <Tom_itx> remove that update?
[19:54:40] <_methods> [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Gwx]
[19:54:41] <_methods> "DisableGwx"=dword:00000001
[19:54:47] <_methods> is that in your registry
[19:54:58] <_methods> instead of the previous one
[19:55:12] <Tom_itx> no
[19:55:12] <_methods> but yes you need to uninstall that update for sure
[19:55:17] <Tom_itx> i did
[19:55:18] <_methods> hmm weird
[19:55:36] <_methods> ok you will need to reboot now for it to take effect
[19:56:13] <_methods> then when you reboot go into windows update and hide that update
[19:56:17] <_methods> don't let it install it
[19:57:10] <Tom_itx> how do you hide it
[19:58:02] <_methods> um i think i right clicked on it or something
[19:58:05] <_methods> and hide update
[19:58:07] <_methods> one seck
[19:58:33] <_methods> yeah right click on it and hide update
[20:00:21] <Tom_itx> just the option to uninstall
[20:00:23] <Tom_itx> not hide
[20:00:41] <_methods> yeah hide wont' be there until you reboot
[20:00:46] <_methods> after it's uninstalled
[20:00:48] <Tom_itx> i did
[20:00:59] <_methods> so it's still installed?
[20:01:06] <Tom_itx> the 10 banner came up after rebooting
[20:01:12] <Tom_itx> or it reinstalled
[20:01:17] <_methods> hmmm
[20:01:27] <Tom_itx> install date is today
[20:01:33] <Tom_itx> so it reinstalled
[20:01:39] <_methods> ouch
[20:01:44] <Tom_itx> fcking bastards
[20:01:46] <_methods> wtf
[20:01:50] <_methods> yeah that's dirty
[20:01:57] <_methods> tha's like malware
[20:02:18] <Tom_itx> not 'like' it _IS_
[20:03:44] <_methods> yeah
[20:04:03] <_methods> i wonder if booting into safe mode after it's uninstalled
[20:04:08] <_methods> then hiding the update
[20:04:12] <Tom_itx> what happens if i delete that directory?
[20:04:18] <_methods> no idea
[20:06:09] <Tom_itx> Some people may still have remnants of the KB3035583 updates files in %WinDir%\System32\GWX folder. In that case just delete the folder
[20:07:20] <_methods> ahhh
[20:09:00] <Tom_itx> you need permission from TrustedInstaller to make changes to this folder
[20:09:13] <Tom_itx> i certainly don't trust that installer
[20:11:02] <Tom_itx> i bet linux can delete it
[20:20:14] <Tom_itx> on another note.. zeeshan|2, i got 142 part files with drawings today since i finished the ones in the book
[20:20:29] <Tom_itx> i asked the prof if he had any more and he gave me the whole lot
[20:22:10] <Tom_itx> he gave me the wrong set yesterday so i've also got a bunch of advanced modeling files
[20:28:07] <Tom_itx> haha they were nice enough to make a pdf of all the part drawings too as well as the drawing file and models
[20:32:28] <PetefromTn_> http://imgur.com/a/QJdCU Well the prototype is finally finished LOL
[20:33:59] <_methods> PetefromTn_: does your welder have HF start?
[20:34:07] <PetefromTn_> yeah
[20:34:15] <_methods> my capacitor blew up on the HF tonight
[20:34:23] <_methods> tryin to find a replacement for it
[20:34:24] <PetefromTn_> shit that bites
[20:34:45] <_methods> yeah well it's not biggie since it's just a toy for me
[20:34:56] <_methods> i'm not relying on it or anything
[20:35:18] <PetefromTn_> were you NOT welding with it and just kinda popping the pedal?
[20:35:28] <_methods> http://imgur.com/a/QJdCU
[20:35:30] <PetefromTn_> I understand that is hard on it
[20:35:42] <_methods> ahhh actually i was
[20:35:50] <_methods> i hit the pedal to start the gas
[20:36:08] <PetefromTn_> yeah you don't want to do that too much as I understand it..
[20:36:12] <_methods> ahhh ok
[20:36:36] <_methods> well the caps look like they might have reached the end of their life anyways lol
[20:36:44] <PetefromTn_> I usually just bring the torch CLOSE, tap the pedal to get gas flowing beforehand
[20:36:44] <_methods> they're not exactly new
[20:37:01] <_methods> well i was checkin the gas flow
[20:37:01] <PetefromTn_> then I bring it in to the work and strike the arc
[20:37:07] <PetefromTn_> yeah I figured
[20:37:52] <_methods> but the caps are so old cornell dubilier doesn't identify them the same way anymore
[20:38:02] <_methods> so i can't find a corresponding cap to replace them with
[20:38:19] <_methods> i sent them an email
[20:38:53] <PetefromTn_> yeah hopefully they can set you up...
[20:39:16] <_methods> yeah
[20:39:39] <_methods> i suppose i could try emailing esab too
[20:39:49] <PetefromTn_> I would
[20:39:58] <_methods> i'll see what cde says first
[20:40:34] <_methods> guess i'll just spam them both lol
[20:50:49] <_methods> i don't expect much from esab though
[20:51:29] <PetefromTn_> I dunno man you never know. Luckily I have yet to need anything for my machine that I could not find online
[20:51:52] <_methods> what all have you had to get for yours?
[20:53:53] <PetefromTn_> just typical Tig stuff and that plug when I stepped on the Chord while pushing the beast around the shop like a meathead
[20:56:16] <_methods> heheh
[20:56:29] <_methods> you ever adjust your spark gap?
[20:57:24] <PetefromTn_> yeah once
[20:57:50] <_methods> i had to face the electrodes on mine
[20:58:03] <_methods> they were all covered with gunk
[20:58:25] <PetefromTn_> really?
[20:58:54] <_methods> yeah
[20:59:09] <_methods> i think it had been sitting for a long time
[20:59:15] <_methods> probably why the caps blew up
[21:00:09] <tiwake> PetefromTn_: did a bunch of anodizing today and yesterday
[21:00:31] <tiwake> experimented with various different colors and multi-colors
[21:00:35] <tiwake> :3
[21:00:58] <PetefromTn_> tiwake nice man..
[21:01:10] <PetefromTn_> I have yet to play with different colors other than black LOL
[21:01:19] <tiwake> I think I have too much nickel acetate
[21:01:49] <tiwake> the last set I did the parts came out looking meh when they are dry
[21:01:59] <tiwake> but when wet, or slightly oily, they look great
[21:02:15] <PetefromTn_> Woah I had the same problem!
[21:02:29] <tiwake> I think its either that or anodizing went too long
[21:02:36] <tiwake> no idea
[21:02:37] <tiwake> lol
[21:03:09] <CaptHindsight> tiwake: dyes are dyes
[21:03:18] <CaptHindsight> they don't get any smaller
[21:03:21] <PetefromTn_> no idea here either
[21:04:02] <CaptHindsight> darker colors need deeper pores and higher concentrations of dye
[21:04:30] <tiwake> hmm
[21:05:04] <PetefromTn_> so what would cause the dry look?
[21:05:17] <tiwake> I think I might try skipping the nickel acetate and just do water
[21:05:18] <CaptHindsight> rougher surface
[21:05:26] <CaptHindsight> like ground vs polished
[21:05:35] <CaptHindsight> wetting it makes it look smoother
[21:06:04] <PetefromTn_> yeah but what causes it?
[21:06:15] <tiwake> CaptHindsight: not in this case, well at least not from the machined finish before anodizing...
[21:06:16] <CaptHindsight> bright dip also makes it smoother and more glossy
[21:07:52] <tiwake> I think the problem was my acid concentration increased after doing a couple batches, and the most recent one I did the acid eroded the surface in an irregular fashion
[21:08:20] <tiwake> but I have no idea what too much nickel acetate does, so I automatically suspect that too
[21:09:29] <tiwake> or I'm just anodizing my parts a little too long
[21:09:36] <tiwake> 2 hours.. heh
[21:09:50] <tiwake> at 4 amps/ft^2
[21:10:24] <PetefromTn_> I got a very nice black and it looked real deep but I DID get some that were dry looking like that.
[21:10:57] <tiwake> the batch I just did had a noticeably lower voltage than previous batches
[21:11:34] <tiwake> 11-12 volts, instead of the typical 13-14 volts
[21:11:51] <PetefromTn_> I have that wonderfully Chinese power supply and have no real idea what the actual voltage is LOL
[21:12:02] <tiwake> heh
[21:12:57] <tiwake> I'm also trying to set up BOINC on a headless server
[21:13:01] <tiwake> this is a pain in the flank
[21:13:29] <tiwake> boinccmd exists, but everyone says to use the GUI on a remote computer
[21:13:48] <tiwake> cant find hardly any information on it
[21:15:08] <tiwake> meh
[21:18:45] <tiwake> I'm in now with boincmgr
[21:21:59] <PetefromTn_> Sorry man I have NO IDEA what the hell you are talking about ;)
[21:22:04] <tiwake> PetefromTn_: I think its from anodizing too long with the amp setting... I've read that dying "hard anodized" parts is generally never done because the surface looks bad
[21:22:58] <PetefromTn_> I was giving it all my Chinese POS PPS would deal for about 120 minutes
[21:23:25] <PetefromTn_> that was due to the formula info I input based on the surface area
[21:24:07] <minibnz> ahhh dont you hate it when you start cutting gears out and you try to put the center hole in after you have cut the profile... stuffed up my order of opperations.. its cutting the profile first then trying to punch a hole in the center.. but as the job material is up off the deck the gear drops out without a center hole :( glad these were only small gears and only take 5mins to cut another :)
[21:25:39] <PetefromTn_> DOH!
[21:32:29] <Ralith> minibnz: what are you cutting on?
[21:32:55] <minibnz> hmm question.. i am milling some plastic acrylic i think should i use coolant? i notice that when i do deep cuts the slot has a lot of plastic in there. oncce the part is done it chips off easy but was wondering if coolant would help at all..
[21:33:22] <minibnz> Ralith i have a seig X2 mill that i have converted to CNC.. doing a run in plastice before i go cutting metal..
[21:33:52] <PetefromTn_> sounds like its burning a bit
[21:34:07] <minibnz> using a 2mm cutter about 800rmp and a feed speed of 30mm/min (probably too slow)
[21:34:21] <minibnz> yeah the swarf seems like its melted back together..
[21:34:54] <Ralith> I think I've read that going too slow is what causes melting in plastics
[21:34:57] <Ralith> I'm no expert, though
[21:35:17] <Ralith> certainly that seems VERY slow plastics
[21:35:21] <Ralith> for plastics*
[21:37:02] <minibnz> yeah i am still trying to get a handle on all the parameters.. going to hook up a tacho to the spindle so i can start making records od material/cutter size/depth of cut and spindle speeds..
[21:38:41] <minibnz> but i just went in to check my gear. only to find that it lunched the cutter... it broke i three places.. the flutes snapped off.. and then the shank broke in two places, a long section 15mm fell out of the chuck and part (3mm long) stayed in the chuck... weirdest break ever
[21:38:47] <Jymmm> _methods: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/ABB-industrial-robot-model-6-DOF-ROBOT-arm-6-axis-robot-arm-6-DOF-mechanical-arm/32583830898.html
[21:39:06] <minibnz> guess i reallly gotta sort me some propper tool holders that fit my collet and ditch the drill chuck...
[21:39:45] <minibnz> the tool holders will come along in time... trying to sort out how i can add a tool changer to the little beast..
[21:44:40] <os1r1s> minibnz What size machine?
[21:55:52] <minibnz> its a seig X2 its the third smallest one in their range.. the smallest is a X0.. mine is the X2... http://www.siegind.com/products_detail/&productId=39.html
[21:56:47] <minibnz> ok i have worked out what snapped the cutter... my Zero height was wrong and it tried to do a 5mm deep cut at speed and the cutter could not handle the strain.. still weird how it broke in three places.. maybe the shank got driven into the job?
[21:57:21] <minibnz> maybe it wasnt a 5mm pass but a 15mm pass that would have tried to put the shank of the cutter into the job peice..
[21:57:35] <minibnz> reset job zero height and its seems like its going ok.
[22:04:39] <minibnz> hmmm my gears wont go in the housing... making a planetary gearbox... need to check the measurements to see whats not right.. solidworks says it should fit together.. but thats with zero tollerances..
[22:07:31] <minibnz> maybe its just how im trying to put it together.. if the sun gears are not in the right spot the drive gear will not go in...
[22:07:55] <minibnz> the parts look so nice.. i dont want to have to file them until they work :)
[22:09:28] <minibnz> ok they go in... yay.. but they wont turn.. going to have to file the lobes a little to make it spin...
[22:10:26] <minibnz> next time i will use a 1mm cutter and open up the lobes/teeth just a smidge.. i have 2mm teeth cut with a 2mm cutter so the teeth are lobes (rounded)
[22:12:16] <minibnz> maybe the mill is not perfectly trammed... i noticed it moved once when i was using a fly cutter. maybe it moved between jobs.. really should check this each time i start a job... curse of the tilting post...
[22:13:12] <minibnz> ok i got the gears to turn a few teeth.. certainly needs a little clearance..
[22:14:13] <minibnz> well at least that removes my worries about backlash in this gearbox.. might even be good enough to put onto my Z axis, at least when i cut it out of metal...