#linuxcnc | Logs for 2016-01-09

[02:16:54] <Deejay> moin
[05:25:45] <jthornton> morning
[05:32:34] <Loetmichel2> re from the waste incineration plant... maaan is waste paper heavvy... according to the plants scale i brought 1.3 metric tons of cartons and old magazines/newspapers there... and i wonder why the car was sitting so "flat" on the street on the way to the plant ;)
[05:33:05] <XXCoder> heh paper is basically more compact wood
[05:33:48] <Jymmm> and why I no longer care for dead tree books
[05:34:14] <archivist> I did weigh a box of manuals once, there are 200 boxes in the room above :)
[05:34:26] <XXCoder> once I get book scanner I am converting all books to ebooks then storing em in storage in order to keep my ebooks legit.
[05:34:30] <SpeedEvil> archivist: you have an excuse though
[05:35:15] <archivist> I have evenly distributed the load....ish
[05:35:51] <Jymmm> archivist: huricane ballasting, right?
[05:36:00] <archivist> http://www.collection.archivist.info/shelfview.php?src=artitle&locid=595
[05:36:40] <ReadError> lol is that a map of boxes in your house?
[05:36:41] <archivist> we build houses a lot better than the usa
[05:36:52] <Jymmm> archivist: Secret stash in the top right corner?
[05:36:54] <archivist> ReadError, yes, one room
[05:37:19] <archivist> Jymmm, some unused electronics units
[05:37:24] <Jymmm> lol
[05:37:39] <XXCoder> archivist: nice!
[05:37:51] <SpeedEvil> ReadError: searching through entire rooms doesn't scale well
[05:37:51] <XXCoder> way to store and recall items from boxes.
[05:38:28] <archivist> all boxes and items barcoded so easy to locate
[05:38:44] <Jymmm> so a geeky organized horder, gotcha
[05:38:55] * archivist admits nothing
[05:39:03] <Jymmm> =)
[05:39:28] <jthornton> yuck snow sleet wintery mix this afternoon
[05:40:11] <Jymmm> add your favorite slushy syrup!!!
[05:40:22] <XXCoder> archivist: what program?
[05:40:38] <SpeedEvil> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/100-X-Bail-Arm-Bale-Plastic-Crates-Storage-Stacking-Warehouse-Boxes-604016m-/221890127191 - I recently started organising
[05:40:46] <archivist> XXCoder, one wot I wrote
[05:40:54] <XXCoder> oh ok
[05:42:11] <archivist> most library stuff never gets down to shelf/box detail
[05:42:31] <Jymmm> I have 5 of these in the garage http://images.prod.meredith.com/product/2d1dda837f81932856e7a043731a4203/04c2fa24fc55c24afb52bea685f2c23ef2a1627876a525569880cd2b7eec80d6/l/free-standing-cabinets-racks-and-shelves-hdx-garage-shelving-6-tier-47-7-in-x-77-in-x-18-in-wire-industrial-use-shelving-unit-chrome-eh-wshdi-001
[05:42:37] <SpeedEvil> because it's nominally alphabetised
[05:42:42] <archivist> archiving software can be as silly (box of letters)
[05:42:48] <SpeedEvil> alphabetisation isn't so easy when you don't have a nice shelf
[05:42:59] <SpeedEvil> and the stuff isn't nicely book-shaped
[05:43:08] <XXCoder> what I need is time lord tech so i have room to sort stuff
[05:43:28] <archivist> you just neer to learn stack processing
[05:43:32] <Jymmm> Just tagging the container with it's contents will dramatically help
[05:44:05] <XXCoder> hoard time lord: "Oh its not that large, just 10 miles x 10 miles with my collection. not even close to fill, hmm 80% full now?"
[05:44:10] <SpeedEvil> archivist: I have pondered making a store/retrieval system for those boxes :)
[05:44:31] <SpeedEvil> That was my major problem with 'Warehouse 13' - it was too big
[05:44:39] <archivist> getting your database head around stuff in stuff in stuff on a shelf in a room
[05:44:48] <Jymmm> SpeedEvil: IF yu have that much shit that you can consider a robot, just burn it all
[05:44:52] <SpeedEvil> Jymmm: :)
[05:45:01] <XXCoder> burn it all robot
[05:46:25] <Jymmm> XXCoder: I think they call those welding bots
[05:54:31] <XXCoder> SpeedEvil: that was minor issue for me too
[05:54:35] <XXCoder> its so big
[05:55:10] <XXCoder> I bet it's so big it has its own interior "WPS"
[05:55:13] <SpeedEvil> even if you assume daily 'missions' with one a day, that's not enough
[05:55:41] <XXCoder> "wps" like gps, only for inside that warehouse only
[06:18:37] <Loetmichel2> warehouse 13 had itsown weahter
[06:18:40] <Loetmichel2> weather
[06:18:53] <Loetmichel2> they said so in an episode :-)
[06:20:50] <anomynous> they had holes in the roof?
[06:21:39] <anomynous> just thought there is normally no weather indoors
[06:22:57] <Loetmichel2> anomynous: depends
[06:23:18] <Loetmichel2> if the "room" is large enough it generates its own clouds and rain ;)
[06:23:40] <anomynous> is this observed empirically?
[06:23:42] <Loetmichel2> seee the assemly bulidnig for the shuttles
[06:23:50] <Loetmichel2> building
[06:24:41] <Loetmichel2> so yes, it si
[06:24:42] <Loetmichel2> is
[06:25:18] <anomynous> steam is giving you collectible cards for playing games and collectible ccards can earn you steam levels and cards are sellable, but steam gets a provision
[06:25:21] <anomynous> :D
[06:26:32] <anomynous> another people-like-to-look-good-lets-make-money. And people buy respect ;D or something.
[06:26:38] <Loetmichel2> anomynous:_ on the other hand: to whom will you sell cards that every one gets within a few hours of gameplay?
[06:26:46] <anomynous> dunno
[06:26:51] <anomynous> but theres a sales system
[06:26:52] <Loetmichel2> there is not that much of a market for these
[06:27:08] <anomynous> i dont havge to find a buyer
[06:27:26] <Loetmichel2> only for the rate ones that you get after playing something for some days on end
[06:27:26] <anomynous> the system finds a buyer and buys the cheapest offer i think
[06:27:37] <anomynous> rate ones?
[06:27:43] <Loetmichel2> rare
[06:27:50] <Loetmichel2> <- sausage fingers ;)
[06:27:57] <anomynous> i put most of mu cards for sale for 10cnt ea
[06:27:59] <anomynous> or something
[06:28:00] <anomynous> ;D
[06:28:27] <Loetmichel2> i just dont care about them
[06:28:32] <anomynous> me neither
[06:28:39] <anomynous> but some apparently do
[06:28:44] <anomynous> and steam makes some money with it
[06:29:15] <Loetmichel2> also i only played x3 and ED lately on steam
[06:29:20] <anomynous> do you know super meat boy?
[06:29:25] <Loetmichel2> so there are not that much cards to sell anyway
[06:29:35] <anomynous> thats a fun platformer
[06:29:50] <Loetmichel2> <- doesent do platformers
[06:29:57] <anomynous> thats different
[06:30:04] <Loetmichel2> only sims or fps like l4d
[06:30:13] <anomynous> well its kind of an fps
[06:30:14] <anomynous> ;D
[06:30:16] <anomynous> kind of
[06:31:25] <anomynous> i found some transport tycoon-like thing
[06:31:29] <anomynous> on steam also
[06:48:05] <enleth> Some people here cringed when they saw my methods of getting a big bridgeport through a small door and some stairs, but this takes the cake in some ways, IMO: http://imgur.com/a/5uWit
[06:49:31] <enleth> I guess the only upside of the cardboa^Wwooden US houses is the ease of disassembling a wall on a whim to get something inside
[06:52:31] <_methods> never ship a boat into your basement
[06:58:11] <XXCoder> barely cleared
[06:58:20] <XXCoder> _methods: or build
[06:58:33] <XXCoder> unless you plan to sail it in basement
[07:01:07] <enleth> OTOH when the time comes to leave the current building I'm just making a hole in the wall too, then forklifting the bridgeport out
[07:01:16] <enleth> They will demolish the building anyway.
[07:02:22] <XXCoder> because of your meth production ;)
[07:03:13] <XXCoder> there was one house that was discovered to have been making meth
[07:03:37] <XXCoder> house had to be carefully taken down and shipped because of hideously toxic chemicals
[07:03:46] <XXCoder> and they dug up some of soil around it too
[07:03:57] <archivist> enleth, pfft http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/DJCPD/PD/2015/2015_09_27_Brown_&_Sharpe_CMM/IMG_2006.JPG
[07:03:59] <XXCoder> its now a pit to hold rain overflow
[07:04:25] <archivist> drive is sloping :)
[07:17:01] <Frank__> helloo
[07:20:58] <enleth> archivist: ah, did the same thing but with pallets
[07:21:40] <archivist> I did not buy enough blocks, had to mess about a bit
[07:27:06] <jthornton> looks good to me
[07:28:42] <jthornton> what is it?
[07:29:09] <archivist> CMM
[07:32:50] <jthornton> nice
[07:33:42] <jthornton> http://gnipsel.com/shop/unload-308/unload-308.xhtml
[07:36:26] <archivist> cmm working https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XIscw-ciEg
[08:00:16] <enleth> put "stanley no 55" in google images for some serious woodworking tool porn
[08:21:54] <Frank__> guys how do u clean mill scale for painting?
[08:22:00] <Frank__> or should i paint over it?
[08:22:32] <Frank__> i am tired of rubbing spirit oil over it to remove some left over rust
[08:22:42] <archivist> twisted knot wire brush on an angle grinder
[08:28:48] <Frank__> cool
[08:28:57] <Frank__> thanks
[09:53:46] <Swapper> cmorley: Hi, are you there?
[09:54:18] <Swapper> i have a question regarding setting up steppers in PNCCONF, why are the config in velocity mode ?
[09:54:38] <Swapper> Or maybe somone else can awnser.
[09:56:27] <Swapper> Having some issues understanding the config, its adding a pid regulator and all that even if its a simple stepper config
[09:57:59] <archivist> it is probably expecting a step dir servo driver
[09:58:31] <Swapper> ah ok, i dont have that.
[09:58:56] <Swapper> Finding it real hard to find any examples on a simple stepper system connected to a mesa card
[10:20:09] <pcw_home> The current PNCCONF sets up step generation by using a PID loop and the step generator in velocity mode
[10:24:49] <pcw_home> The PID system is much more robust with regard to servo thread jitter than the drivers built in position mode control loop
[10:25:50] <os1r1s> How the heck do you get the mill head off the g0704?
[10:26:59] <archivist> os1r1s, is it one of the siegs dressed up?
[10:27:54] <os1r1s> archivist I don't know. I know its bigger than the X2
[10:28:02] <os1r1s> I've read its like a BF20
[10:28:29] <archivist> some sites have manuals
[10:28:49] <os1r1s> archivist https://www.dropbox.com/s/6e455565cu97jye/millstuff4.jpg
[10:28:51] <os1r1s> Thats it
[10:30:01] <archivist> I just get a white screen off dropbox, it is a waste of time
[10:30:34] <os1r1s> Crap
[10:31:16] <ReadError> archivist browser is too old
[10:31:18] <PetefromTn_> it just bolts on with one main bolt in the center as I recall and two on either side
[10:31:37] <PetefromTn_> there are several folks here that have them so someone will chime in.
[10:31:42] <archivist> ReadError, it is not MY problem that sites become unusable
[10:32:11] <ReadError> does the same thing on my chromium 27 or something super old
[10:32:59] <archivist> just too stupid to make simple pages anymore
[10:35:38] <archivist> just ran pagespeed on it 2.84 mb of crap, some css and loads of js
[10:36:43] <archivist> may I recommend http://idlewords.com/talks/website_obesity.htm to that sort of site
[10:36:53] <pink_vampire> hi
[10:37:04] <Swapper> pcw_home: ahh ok, guess that explains it.
[10:37:10] <pink_vampire> morning
[10:37:45] <pcw_home> the hm2-stepper configs show a position mode step/dir setup
[10:39:26] <pink_vampire> I need some help with the design of the panel
[10:39:35] <pcw_home> ( PNCCONF has a bug with its setup: P should be 1/servo_period so 1000 for 1 ms period )
[10:40:15] <os1r1s> Maybe the head can only come out up/down
[10:40:21] <os1r1s> when its vertical
[10:40:51] <CaptHindsight> pcw_home: 7i39 HV version drives up to ~50V and the encoder counts up to 1MHz or 1/2 that?
[10:42:20] <pcw_home> nominally 48V and ~2 MHZ count rate
[10:42:46] <CaptHindsight> goodenoff thanks!
[10:47:08] <ReadError> archivist there is always the RMS web browsing experience
[10:49:34] <Tom_itx> os1r1s, http://www.cnczone.com/forums/benchtop-machines/145709-remove-head-g0704.html
[10:59:34] <Swapper> pcw_home: is there a way to pick what pins a stepgen is going to be on ? trying to get a 4th axis running on the internal port on a 6i25 (have flashed with firmware from you)
[11:00:53] <pcw_home> The stepgen pinout is determined by the firmware
[11:01:05] <Swapper> ah ok
[11:01:49] <pcw_home> you can of course use any available stepgen for any axis by changing the stepgen numbers in the hal file
[11:02:38] <Swapper> yep, where only wondering. Having some problems locating the step pin on my cheap bob
[11:03:04] <CaptHindsight> ReadError: it's not only browser version, I have the latest and greatest and just recently I've been getting white-only on dropbox
[11:03:16] <Swapper> Dmesg says its pin 02 but what pin that is on the bob..
[11:03:43] <CaptHindsight> might be java version
[11:03:51] <Swapper> the direction signal i can see on my scope but not the steps
[11:03:54] <os1r1s> Tom_itx Got it. It turned out there was a captive set screw on the side
[11:04:03] <pcw_home> pin2 is parallel port (DB25) pin2
[11:04:12] <Swapper> [204674.924227] hm2/hm2_5i25.0: IO Pin 019 (P2-02): StepGen #0, pin Step (Output)
[11:04:14] <os1r1s> Tom_itx And its post 2 on that page :P
[11:04:15] <Swapper> [204674.924231] hm2/hm2_5i25.0: IO Pin 021 (P2-03): StepGen #0, pin Direction (Output)
[11:04:55] <Swapper> pcw_home: yea and the direction signal is found on pin 3 so thats working
[11:05:05] <Swapper> but cant see the steps
[11:05:45] <pcw_home> if its a cheap BOB you may need to set the stepwidth quite long
[11:06:33] <pcw_home> 10 usec or so
[11:06:52] <Swapper> pcw_home: would it be any real danger to connect the 6i25 directly to a servo drivers input ?
[11:07:05] <Swapper> it would be unprotected
[11:07:35] <Swapper> but i need fast stepgeneration since its a servo and it can handle up to 200khz steprate
[11:11:35] <pcw_home> You can but if you make a mistake you will damage the FPGA
[11:12:12] <Swapper> ok, ill try and see if the bob can handle a deasent speed
[11:12:22] <pcw_home> ( most common error is lack of common ground before connecting I/O pins )
[11:14:52] <enleth> CaptHindsight: there's most definitely no Java on dropbox preview pages
[11:15:44] <CaptHindsight> enleth: haven't looked, whats the # vs no # at the end of the URL's?
[11:17:25] <enleth> CaptHindsight: that's the anchor label, no idea how is that relevant
[11:17:35] <enleth> it's used to pass data to JS sometimes too
[11:18:09] <CaptHindsight> the Download button just adds a # to the end of the URL
[11:18:24] <os1r1s> Do ya'll think this will work, or do I need to add a backing plate .... http://mounicou.com/pm25/casters.jpg ?
[11:18:34] <CaptHindsight> lots of JS there now that I look
[11:19:06] <enleth> CaptHindsight: that's because the button shows a drop-down that contains actual URLs
[11:19:29] <CaptHindsight> no drop down here
[11:19:48] <enleth> So the script didn't work for some reason
[11:20:02] <enleth> But that's JS, no Java there
[11:20:31] <CaptHindsight> latest ver of FF, noticed that dropbox stated acting up in the past few weeks
[11:20:49] <enleth> Well they broke some shit
[11:21:03] <enleth> Anyway I have no idea why would anyone use dropbox when there's imgur
[11:21:06] <CaptHindsight> enleth: don't get hung up on the Java vs JS thing
[11:21:09] <Jymmm> CaptHindsight: You must have some filter in place (ABP, noscript, etc), many will use JS to load CSS for display purposes
[11:21:37] <enleth> CaptHindsight: well you suspected it may be a Java version thing, I'm just saying it definitely isn't
[11:22:20] <CaptHindsight> heh
[11:23:51] <CaptHindsight> Jymmm: nope, unless FF has something on by default and it's buried in the settings
[11:24:02] <CaptHindsight> which is most likely the case
[11:24:25] <Jymmm> CaptHindsight: I wouldn't be surprised, they have been hiding controls more and more each release.
[11:24:52] <CaptHindsight> works with latest version of Konquerer
[11:25:01] <Jymmm> heh
[11:25:51] <CaptHindsight> yeah, now you have to read the reports of FF to see what settings to flip in the configs
[11:26:34] <CaptHindsight> please track me was left on by default :)
[11:26:41] <Jymmm> CaptHindsight: ?!
[11:26:51] * Jymmm sighs
[11:27:22] <ReadError> not nearly as scary as the win10 default options
[11:27:56] <Jymmm> I'm *SO* tired of being told what I want in a browser, instead of just giving me what I desire.
[11:28:20] <Jymmm> Oh you dont need a status bar.
[11:28:28] <CaptHindsight> you don't sound very cooperative
[11:28:35] <Jymmm> Oh you dont need to be able to disable JS
[11:28:37] <PetefromTn_> How nice of them to raise my powerball jackpot winnings to 900 million very cool of em' ;)
[11:28:38] <SpeedEvil> Jymmm: firefox pissed me off _greatly_ a year or so ago, when it decided to cap my completion/history at 6 months
[11:28:41] <CaptHindsight> we'll have to keep an eye on you
[11:29:03] <Jymmm> SpeedEvil: eeeeesh
[11:29:05] <SpeedEvil> Jymmm: without telling me, and wiping out about 5 years of history
[11:29:29] <SpeedEvil> Worse, doing it silently.
[11:29:44] <CaptHindsight> SpeedEvil: yeah, no warning just Fck You?
[11:29:47] <CaptHindsight> !
[11:29:48] <Jymmm> SpeedEvil: Yes, they tend to do thinks without announcing it.
[11:30:07] * Jymmm missies NS 4.79 sniff sniff
[11:30:13] <CaptHindsight> hey it's free so F-Off and use something else
[11:30:18] <SpeedEvil> And despite an explicit seting of '99999' days in the history to keep box
[11:30:34] <os1r1s> PetefromTn_ What do you think about those casters? Think I need to back them?
[11:30:37] <CaptHindsight> android is even worse
[11:30:42] <SpeedEvil> CaptHindsight: exactly
[11:30:55] <SpeedEvil> CaptHindsight: and has done horrible things for open source
[11:31:14] <Jymmm> SpeedEvil: What makes you think android is "open source" ? =)
[11:31:26] <SpeedEvil> - teaching a generation of programmers that ad-laden non-free software is the inescapable norm
[11:31:41] <CaptHindsight> it's been interesting watching the whole systemd thing as well
[11:31:47] <PetefromTn_> don't know what you are talking about man...I'm just dreaming of all the stuff I am gonna buy with me 900 mil
[11:31:59] <CaptHindsight> looks like it's going to be in the kernel next
[11:32:12] <SpeedEvil> If I got 900 million, a substantial portion of that would go to investing in unfucking software.
[11:32:13] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: I want a liger, mkay thanx!
[11:32:32] <CaptHindsight> PetefromTn_: an armada of kayaks and your own lakes
[11:32:33] <PetefromTn_> a liger? DONE! :D
[11:32:33] <Jymmm> SpeedEvil: a time machine?
[11:32:39] <SpeedEvil> 'create a fork of firefox 6, and backport all security and performance enhancements'
[11:32:45] <PetefromTn_> CaptHindsight I already have that man
[11:33:15] <PetefromTn_> and by ARMADA I mean four Vibe Kayaks ;) I am the Commodore my friend!
[11:33:50] <PetefromTn_> I think if I win I will buy away winter from now on ;)
[11:34:22] <PetefromTn_> maybe build a house like the jetsons that goes above weather with a large lake attached hmmm
[11:34:40] <Jymmm> hoverhouse?
[11:34:53] <PetefromTn_> I mean after all we ARE talking evil genius money here right
[11:35:03] <CaptHindsight> is the plan for Android to drop Linux and go with ChromeOS?
[11:35:21] <PetefromTn_> I use chrome on my android :D
[11:35:42] <Jymmm> CaptHindsight: My plan is to drop android and go linux on arm, I just wish there were more distro's available.
[11:35:45] <PetefromTn_> hey maybe I should get a Chrome PLated android?
[11:36:04] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: ...an iPhone? lol
[11:36:16] <SpeedEvil> chromeos is linux under the hood
[11:36:16] <PetefromTn_> Hell no....HELL NO
[11:36:28] <CaptHindsight> Jymmm: there are several, only they are mostly broken
[11:36:32] <PetefromTn_> no wonder I like it so
[11:36:37] <SpeedEvil> The userspace 'linux' on android is functionally meaningless
[11:36:37] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: Chrome PLated android == iPhone ;)
[11:36:43] <Jymmm> CaptHindsight: ah
[11:36:54] <CaptHindsight> Gentoo
[11:36:59] <PetefromTn_> Don't even say that BS man
[11:37:22] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: The truth hurts, don't it!!
[11:37:47] <PetefromTn_> the truth that Iphones suck?
[11:37:51] <os1r1s> PetefromTn_ With the 4th edge hanging off here ... http://mounicou.com/pm25/casters.jpg
[11:38:06] <CaptHindsight> I'm not even sure at this point how open a phone I could build myself
[11:38:34] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: Well, I do have to say one thing about iPhones, they have a REAL secure wipe to them. Android, not even close.
[11:38:47] <PetefromTn_> why don't you just get a little piece of tube and support the fourth edge?
[11:38:47] <CaptHindsight> even if I used a closed stack for the modem
[11:39:22] <PetefromTn_> there is NOTHING Secure man...live with it :D
[11:39:36] <os1r1s> PetefromTn_ Guess I could do that. I was thinking about just using a .25 alum plate from front to back
[11:39:39] <SpeedEvil> I got a jollamobile phone
[11:39:49] <SpeedEvil> Alas, jolla seem to be having troubles.
[11:39:49] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: It takes TWO HOURS to wipe a iphone
[11:40:02] <SpeedEvil> (jolla = 'normal' linux with an android compatability layer)
[11:40:06] <PetefromTn_> not for me I just toss em in the toilet ;)
[11:40:19] <CaptHindsight> I'd just prefer a diy version of android to keep my calculator app from tracking me and reading my contact list :)
[11:40:33] <PetefromTn_> heheheh
[11:40:35] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: And then someone like me comes along with rubber gloves, grabs it out of the toilet and recovers all your data =)
[11:40:39] <SpeedEvil> CaptHindsight: finding non-tracking apps is a bitch
[11:40:46] <PetefromTn_> SPY!!!
[11:40:46] <Jymmm> CaptHindsight: +++
[11:40:52] <CaptHindsight> Jymmm: you wear gloves? :P
[11:40:58] <PetefromTn_> ROFL
[11:41:04] <SpeedEvil> CaptHindsight: I do wish you could search the play store by capability
[11:41:06] <Jymmm> CaptHindsight: Textured for PetefromTn_'s pleasure
[11:41:20] <PetefromTn_> what you don't even wait til Im done?
[11:41:30] <PetefromTn_> SICK
[11:41:56] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: self serve man, self serve
[11:42:02] <PetefromTn_> I better get out there and work on the damn lathe...it ain't gonna CNC it's ownself LOL
[11:42:28] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: You dont have a self creation robot?
[11:43:02] <Jymmm> with it's own ebay/amazon accounts to buy parts with
[11:43:08] <PetefromTn_> I don't actually talk like that in case any of you are wondering. I know all of you think because I am @fromTn I am a redneck hillbilly mouth breather
[11:43:27] <Jymmm> We dont think that, we know =)
[11:43:46] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: TELL ME you don't have access to moonshine
[11:43:49] <PetefromTn_> I assure you nothing could be further from the truth ;) I'm a New Yorker in disguise
[11:44:09] <PetefromTn_> I don't but I know some people....;)
[11:44:18] <Jymmm> That's access biotch!
[11:44:27] <PetefromTn_> never tried it
[11:44:40] <PetefromTn_> I hear it burns your gullet all the way down so I was ascared
[11:45:00] <CaptHindsight> it's still illegal to home distil even 1 oz
[11:45:19] <PetefromTn_> I'll be sure to let em know cappy
[11:45:19] <Jymmm> CaptHindsight: Tahts due to IRS
[11:45:25] <CaptHindsight> I looked into opening a distillery
[11:45:45] <CaptHindsight> you have to build the plant and have it inspected before you can apply for the license
[11:45:53] <PetefromTn_> I know the guys I have worked with all seem to have lots of mason jars handy
[11:46:03] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: lol
[11:46:07] <CaptHindsight> so figure $500k to get started before you have the license
[11:46:17] <PetefromTn_> they also have bumper stickers that say " Paddle faster I hear banjo music"
[11:46:20] <Jymmm> CaptHindsight: IF they approve the license that is
[11:46:31] <CaptHindsight> Jymmm: yes, if
[11:46:35] <malcom2073> Just become a shiner
[11:46:39] <malcom2073> no license needed!
[11:46:48] <Jymmm> Just not on Sunday's
[11:47:13] <PetefromTn_> I think some places have left the good old days of moonshine for the more popular meth cooking hehe
[11:47:28] <CaptHindsight> and you can't have a winery, brewery or distillery in the same building
[11:48:15] <PetefromTn_> I know several people locally that make their own wine/ beer etc
[11:48:22] <CaptHindsight> but the tax has been flat for quite a long time, something like $10.50/per gal of ethanol
[11:48:41] <PetefromTn_> When there is no beach or sunshine you gotta find something to do with your time I spose
[11:51:02] <CaptHindsight> so tax on a 750ml whisky/vodka is only ~$1
[11:51:49] <CaptHindsight> so lots of profit margin on booze if you can get started
[11:52:31] <PetefromTn_> not really surprising is it, I mean who drinks booze after all :D
[11:54:58] <CaptHindsight> they just banned powdered alcohol up here
[11:55:25] <PetefromTn_> Give em time they will get around to banning everything
[11:55:31] <CaptHindsight> too sneaky for nosy control freaks
[11:55:55] <CaptHindsight> except actual large scale corruption :)
[11:56:08] <CaptHindsight> that just seems to be fine
[11:57:04] <PetefromTn_> I need to figure out something to buy online with my $50 gift card I got for Christmas and I am stumped ;)
[11:58:01] <CaptHindsight> it will come to you
[11:58:26] <PetefromTn_> https://knoxville.craigslist.org/spo/5359190180.html Hey look!! Get your Coon Hunting supplies right chere ;)
[11:59:22] <PetefromTn_> I was thinking of trying out one of those cheap GeekPro Cameras but they are a bit more than 50 I would have to find a seller who takes more than one payment LOL
[12:00:52] <CaptHindsight> ever know that there's a sharp corner right in front of you and walk into it anyway?
[12:01:36] <PetefromTn_> I once walked into the bare end of a door in the dark one night...does that count? Hurt like hell and felt like a tyson punch
[12:02:18] <PetefromTn_> I believe your instance is referred to as target fixation ;)
[12:02:38] <CaptHindsight> saw stars once, you know the door is there but for some reason you thought it was fully open
[12:03:48] <PetefromTn_> yeah I was kinda half awake and someone left the door to the hall closet open, I walked right into the end of it. Whats really exciting is EVERY part of your body strikes the door edge simultaneously. Its quite an experience...
[12:05:05] <CaptHindsight> off to work.... hasta banana
[12:05:19] <PetefromTn_> cya
[12:05:48] <PetefromTn_> http://www.ebay.com/itm/GeekPro-2-0-Full-HD-1080P-Sports-Action-Camera-GoPro-ANEX-Series-/272092878802?hash=item3f59ffd7d2:g:uQ0AAOSwLN5WkK99
[12:09:43] <CaptHindsight> that reminds, how did GoPro become a $8B empire (well according to Shark Tank)?
[12:10:02] <CaptHindsight> it's a camera?
[12:11:32] <CaptHindsight> ah hype http://fortune.com/2015/02/05/gopro-earnings-revenue-swells/
[12:12:05] <enleth> Get a Yi Camera, it's a rare case of a chinese knockoff that's actually better
[12:15:44] <PetefromTn_> The gopro is actually quite good but there are MANY cheap knockoffs nowadays just wondering if any are worth a damn or not
[12:21:34] <SpeedEvil> PetefromTn_: #multirotor
[12:21:51] <PetefromTn_> why?
[12:21:56] <enleth> PetefromTn_: well Yi is
[12:21:57] <SpeedEvil> (I know this is a commonnish topic there)
[12:22:07] <PetefromTn_> ah
[12:22:18] <PetefromTn_> never heard of the Yi
[12:49:04] <ReadError> good for 60$
[12:49:08] <ReadError> lots of mods
[12:49:14] <ReadError> settings wise
[12:49:25] <PetefromTn_> what is?
[12:49:31] <ReadError> yi
[12:49:47] <PetefromTn_> apparently it does not have any image stabilization
[12:54:23] <anomynous> how does gopro stabilize
[12:54:32] <ReadError> it doesnt
[12:54:41] <anomynous> okay
[12:55:04] <Roguish> gopro uses some software stabalization.
[12:55:17] <anomynous> so you could do that with a video editor after
[12:55:18] <ReadError> it does some 'superview'
[12:55:27] <ReadError> but not stab
[12:55:47] <Roguish> gopro's are nice, but over prices. the company is really going for the '
[12:55:57] <Roguish> the 'shared experience'
[12:56:25] <PetefromTn_> I have no idea how any of them work I just know from looking at comparos that the gopro is expensive for a good reason. It has a better camera and the images do not get all blurry when it is moving around a lot. Plus they are very tough little cameras
[12:56:26] <Roguish> put your video up on their website. more social media crap.
[12:57:18] <PetefromTn_> that being said there seem to be some less expensive models that are at least decent but not quite as good in some areas as the gopro
[12:57:19] <jthornton> hey Pete, I have a GoPro camera that I mount on my bike or helmet
[12:57:42] <Roguish> they used to (and still probably do) a lot of vibration testing at a lab in Santa Clara (right along side Tesla batteries.)
[12:57:42] <PetefromTn_> I am sure you do lots of people have them.
[12:58:04] <Roguish> I was testing marine antennas.
[12:58:06] <PetefromTn_> they are just pretty expensive and I was looking for a cheaper alternative
[12:59:15] <Roguish> jthornton: just got my NAS yesterday. transferring many gigs of files now.
[13:01:39] <JT-Shop> hey Roguish it takes a bit to get used to having all your stuff in one place when you have 4 desktop computers lol
[13:02:11] <Roguish> yeah, know what you mean.
[13:02:45] <Roguish> but i've worked at several companies where everything is on servers, so I'm pretty used to it.
[13:43:05] <JT-Shop> 2 more ground antennas to remove and I think I'm done
[13:48:25] <CaptHindsight> JT-Shop: notice any difference yet?
[13:49:48] <JT-Shop> it works without sserial errors so yea
[13:56:38] <CaptHindsight> \0/
[13:57:28] <CaptHindsight> every used machine I've ever got had wiring issues
[14:01:38] <Roguish> JT-Shop: what's a ground antenna?
[14:02:08] <Tom_itx> poor routing of ground wires
[14:02:16] <Tom_itx> or too long
[14:03:56] <JT-Shop> too long
[14:04:35] <JT-Shop> all the green wires in this photo http://gnipsel.com/images/bp-knee-mill/bpel06.jpg
[14:08:21] <Roguish> ok, here's one many overlook. be sure to have a bonding strap from the cabinet door to the cabinet itself.
[14:08:40] <Roguish> it's code also.
[14:10:05] <Roguish> JT-Shop: you should be able to write a pretty good treatise on wiring and grounding, etc.
[14:12:25] <JT-Shop> at least a paragraph or three :)
[14:12:37] <JT-Shop> it does not like X2 being grounded either
[14:13:37] <CaptHindsight> nobody will read it :)
[14:14:21] <CaptHindsight> except foe us obsessive types with working equipment :)
[14:15:50] <PetefromTn_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uirzCD-qALE&feature=iv&src_vid=xnHDu-oW7_Y&annotation_id=annotation_724134605 This looks pretty cool
[14:16:03] <CaptHindsight> the problem I most often see is that the explanation of the differences between grounds and neutrals is probably copied from some textbook from 1987
[14:16:27] <CaptHindsight> where it's an answer for some test but hardly a clear explanation
[14:17:19] <CaptHindsight> had they used the explanation from 1952 it would probably be clear
[14:18:42] <SpeedEvil> Ground is a lie!
[14:21:04] <JT-Shop> lol, it don't like the panel door shut!
[14:22:01] <CaptHindsight> like most classes properties are taught as ideal vs messy
[14:24:15] <CaptHindsight> all the bad karma still needs to evaporate from the cabinet
[14:26:43] <CaptHindsight> zeeshan: http://news.sciencemag.org/chemistry/2016/01/new-material-can-fold-itself-hundreds-shapes
[14:41:06] <Roguish> The NEC terminology is 'ungrounded conductor' 'grounded conductor' and 'equipment ground' == hot, neutral, and ground
[14:41:32] <Deejay> lol
[14:42:08] <Jymmm> Just put em all together and toss on a wire nut!
[14:43:04] <Roguish> took a electrical code class (2 semesters) at the local JC. instructor was the head of one of the local building departments, and also on a couple of the NEC technical commitees.
[14:44:11] <Roguish> electricians are the highest paid, most arrogant, and sloppiest of the trades.
[14:45:02] <CaptHindsight> nah pipe fitters, then plumbers
[14:46:41] <Roguish> the NEC code is long, complicated, and convoluted. all the classes hope to do is to show the way through and how to find stuff. NO one can possibly know it all.
[14:47:07] <CaptHindsight> it's fun
[14:48:25] <CaptHindsight> I used to have inspectors say " I never noticed that before" when you pull out some oddball exception to a generally used rule
[14:48:33] <Roguish> at a company I was working at, I caught a licensed electrician using an improper wire color for hooking up a machine. he and his boss, and the facilities manager finally had to apologize.
[14:48:55] <PetefromTn_> did they tar and feather them too?
[14:49:27] <CaptHindsight> 2 days in the stocks and a tongue lashing
[14:49:41] <PetefromTn_> just a few hours closer to my big Powerball win and then....WORLD DOMINATION!!!
[14:50:09] <CaptHindsight> are they still selling tickets?
[14:50:11] <malcom2073> PetefromTn_: Don't forget, you promised me a servo setup :P
[14:50:32] <CaptHindsight> I was just at the store and that is all people were talking about
[14:50:33] <PetefromTn_> dunno they better be...I have not bought my winning ticket yet
[14:50:52] <cmorley> Swapper: what pcw_home said. PID step generators are better.
[14:50:54] <PetefromTn_> Hell I might even splurge and get TWO Gopro's
[14:51:01] <CaptHindsight> PetefromTn_: grab one for me as well, use all 1's and I'll pay you back :)
[14:51:12] <PetefromTn_> hehe yeah right
[14:51:38] <Roguish> lotto tickets? that's the best way we get our welfare money back......
[14:52:43] <PetefromTn_> I'll be spending my own hard earned 3 bucks on it thank you:D
[14:52:53] <jdh> 3?
[14:53:00] <jdh> mine was only $2
[14:53:00] <CaptHindsight> I heard that the winning payout now is over 200 years but not to ones heirs
[14:53:03] <PetefromTn_> which is a BARGAIN when you consider my winnings
[14:53:08] <Roguish> well, good luck.
[14:53:20] <PetefromTn_> thats only because you bought a LOSING ticket JD
[14:53:58] <jdh> most likely
[14:54:01] <CaptHindsight> how different are the odds of winning with and without buying a ticket?
[14:54:01] <PetefromTn_> last week was like the second lottery ticket I ever bought in my life LOL
[14:54:21] <PetefromTn_> wouldn't you guys shit if I actually won LOL
[14:54:22] <jdh> much better with, but still insignificant
[14:54:23] <malcom2073> The people who win are the people who buy a *lot* of tickets, it's rare that someone who has only bought one or two tickets wins
[14:54:43] <malcom2073> Tell you what, if I won I wouldn' tell anyone
[14:54:44] <jdh> our local loser lady that won 280m only bought a few
[14:54:46] <PetefromTn_> I doubt that is true actually
[14:54:47] <CaptHindsight> vs buying 1,000,000 tickets
[14:55:09] <malcom2073> PetefromTn_: Who knows if it is, heard it on one of those lottery documentaries
[14:55:11] <jdh> 1 is much better odds than 0. 1000 isn't really better than 1.
[14:55:26] <malcom2073> curse of the lottery or whatnot
[14:55:27] <PetefromTn_> you could buy all the tickets you could afford and spend hours coming up with numbers and not have any better chance of winning than the guy who bought one really LOL
[14:55:58] <CaptHindsight> not sure how the powerball odds get calculated
[14:56:04] <witnit> well, your odds of winning go way up, but odd of profiting are very low
[14:56:19] <CaptHindsight> how many digits are there?
[14:56:41] <PetefromTn_> my luck there will be a miracle like in Bruce Almighty and hundreds of people will win and I will get like $.05
[14:57:15] <malcom2073> You mean a couple million people win? :P
[14:57:23] <PetefromTn_> yeah something like that
[14:57:49] <jdh> surely that's what would happen if god answered all their prayers
[14:58:01] <CaptHindsight> jackpot odds 1:292,201,338 October 7, 2015
[14:58:09] <malcom2073> inb4someone blames jesus for their winning
[14:58:12] <PetefromTn_> what if one guy prayed that he was the ONLY winner LOL
[14:58:13] <jdh> "dear god, please let everyone else lose the lottery, but me."
[14:58:54] <CaptHindsight> lol
[14:59:37] <PetefromTn_> here's a hypo for ya.... what if everyone in the USA donated a dollar every day to a pot and every day ONE person in the USA was given all the money from that day. That would be pretty cool...
[14:59:38] <CaptHindsight> The odds of becoming a lightning victim in the U.S. in any one year is 1 in 700,000
[14:59:55] <CaptHindsight> The odds of being struck in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000
[15:00:06] <jdh> Pete: better odds of winning powerball
[15:00:09] <malcom2073> PetefromTn_: Isn't that kinda like the lottery, except voluntary? :P
[15:00:33] <PetefromTn_> yeah but at least every day someone would become a millionaire a few times over
[15:00:50] <CaptHindsight> Odds of being diagnosed with cancer — 1 in 2
[15:01:26] <CaptHindsight> Odds of getting killed by fireworks — 1 in 616,488
[15:01:30] <malcom2073> Only a 1:20,000 chance of winning in your lifetime PetefromTn_
[15:01:33] <malcom2073> Not bad odds
[15:01:43] <PetefromTn_> I think it could work man
[15:01:53] <CaptHindsight> Odds of dating a supermodel — 1 in 88,000
[15:01:54] <PetefromTn_> and shit most people spend more on their morning coffee
[15:01:59] <malcom2073> I wouldn't do it
[15:02:02] <malcom2073> I never win shit :P
[15:02:17] <CaptHindsight> Odds of becoming president: 1 in 10,000,000
[15:02:18] <PetefromTn_> what if you did it only in one city or in each city
[15:02:30] <CaptHindsight> Odds you will be injured by a toilet this year: 1 in 10,000
[15:02:39] <_methods> golden toilet?
[15:02:46] <PetefromTn_> those are some dangerous toilets man
[15:03:18] <CaptHindsight> so powerball is about the same odds as Odds of dying from a shark attack: 1 in 300,000,000
[15:03:37] <malcom2073> If jaws has taught if anything, we need a bigger boat
[15:03:44] <_methods> being struck by lightining while being attacked by a shark
[15:03:50] <CaptHindsight> unless you go swimming covered in bacon
[15:03:52] <malcom2073> _methods: on a plane, crashing
[15:03:57] <_methods> hehe
[15:04:08] <CaptHindsight> Odds of dying from parts falling off an airplane: 1 in 10,000,000
[15:04:16] <PetefromTn_> I bought a 13 foot kayak for ocean fishing ;)
[15:06:52] <jdh> yaks are good for setting shark bait over the sand bars
[15:07:45] <CaptHindsight> jdh: are you sure? http://www.factzoo.com/sites/all/img/mammals/handsome-yak.jpg
[15:08:20] <PetefromTn_> from the Youtube videos Yaks are good for all sorts of stuff and fishing almost anywhere is one of them LOL
[15:08:49] <CaptHindsight> furry cows with horns
[15:09:52] <CaptHindsight> PetefromTn_: are yours self righting?
[15:10:30] <PetefromTn_> they are self bailing?
[15:10:42] <PetefromTn_> never heard of a kayak that was self righting
[15:11:16] <CaptHindsight> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btaLXJBXGgA
[15:11:38] <jdh> that doesn't look like a kayak
[15:11:41] <hetii> Hi
[15:11:42] <hetii> :)
[15:12:15] <hetii> is it possible to use two A3955 as a driver (step/dir etc... ) dor GRBL ?
[15:12:25] <PetefromTn_> looks pretty damn unstable too
[15:12:25] <hetii> *s/dor/for
[15:12:36] <jdh> you are using GRBL with LinuxCNC?
[15:13:13] <PetefromTn_> also looks like when it self rights it is full of water LOL
[15:13:18] <JT-Shop> kayak's are self flipping upside down lol
[15:13:35] <JT-Shop> at least when I'm in one
[15:13:36] <PetefromTn_> Mine is surprisingly stable
[15:13:38] <enleth> JT-Shop: just seen the cabinet phot, ugh
[15:13:42] <PetefromTn_> I can even stand up in it
[15:15:14] <PetefromTn_> http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0682/0839/products/VibeKayaks-Sea-Ghost-130-9.jpg?v=1440250352
[15:18:24] <jdh> I'm pretty sure I woudl be wet if I tried that, regardless of stability.
[15:19:10] <PetefromTn_> http://www.tightlinesandplasticboats.com/2015/07/vibe-kayaks-sea-ghost-130-review.html This is a pretty fair review of the one I got.
[15:23:24] <CaptHindsight> http://woodyboater.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/pb.jpg looks stable
[15:24:14] <jdh> not in the ocean
[15:24:30] <CaptHindsight> heh http://ep.yimg.com/ay/1stdirect/2015-durapro-8-pontoon-boat-1.gif
[15:27:36] <JT-Shop> I've not taken a new one
[15:27:54] <JT-Shop> PetefromTn_: I don't think it is the kayak that is not stable...
[15:28:47] <CaptHindsight> http://jalopnik.com/5586777/a-man-survived-on-this-styrofoam-boat-for-23-days
[15:28:49] <PetefromTn_> there are quite a few inflatable kayaks available today most do not paddle or track well in the water
[15:30:15] <PetefromTn_> there are an amazing variety of fishing and sport kayaks available today from a myriad of manufacturers. It was not easy to pick one LOL. I think I made a good choice tho. Only been out twice in it now well three times if you count the initial test paddle which was like two hours
[15:30:49] <PetefromTn_> there are some high end kayaks that have foot powered propulsion systems too but they cost as much as a good used power boat LOL
[15:30:59] <jdh> hobies
[15:31:08] <PetefromTn_> yeah it gets nutz
[15:31:23] <jdh> I have a friend with one of those. He loves it.
[15:31:28] <jdh> he only has one arm though
[15:32:24] <PetefromTn_> Oh I am sure I would love it too but they are just stupid expensive for a kayak. and the drive systems have some drawbacks,
[15:32:44] <jdh> yeah, looked way too complicated (and expensive)_
[15:32:58] <jdh> but.... the one arm thing makes traditional kayaks difficult.
[15:33:09] <PetefromTn_> If I am gonna spend almost 3k on a boat it better have sails or a motor LOL
[15:41:51] <JT-Shop> my hobby is stopping sserial errors lol
[15:42:14] <Roguish> so, how is that going?
[15:43:13] <JT-Shop> I get an occasional one but not repeatable
[15:43:58] <JT-Shop> I have a switch box with 2 selector switches and 3 push buttons and the wire from them is just a cable bundle no shielding
[15:45:03] <PetefromTn_> Oh yeah if that's your hobby have I got some fun for you LOL
[15:46:27] <JT-Shop> the MPG cord is suspect as well it's just a coil cord that runs all over the cabinet to get to the 7i77
[15:47:08] <JT-Shop> the dimwits shipped my order of 25 ram balls to my customer...
[15:47:57] <PetefromTn_> is that like a ram mount?
[15:48:11] <JT-Shop> yea threaded b ball
[15:48:38] <PetefromTn_> they use those a lot in kayaks to hold fishing stuff and fish finders etc.
[15:49:02] <jdh> why do they have your customers address?
[15:51:33] <JT-Shop> I drop ship if the order is over $25
[15:51:42] <JT-Shop> saves me postage usually
[15:52:34] <jdh> and speedier
[15:52:39] <jdh> except in this case.
[15:55:26] <JT-Shop> this was a stock order for me
[15:56:03] <JT-Shop> their supposed to be adding a drop ship option so it won't change my regular ship to address...
[16:12:32] <JT-Shop> my wife is making stone soup
[16:40:25] <JoeHildreth> Two newbie questions? I am currently running LinuxCNC 2.6 and will soon update to 2.7. First Question, does the new motion controller from tormach replace the old, or do you have the choice of which to use?
[16:41:27] <JoeHildreth> Second, what is the difference between RTAI Kernel and the Preemptive realtime extensions?
[16:41:58] <PetefromTn_> anyone know if you can use a gift card AND a credit card to buy something on ebay or amazon?
[16:42:11] <skunkworks> by default the new Trajectory planner is on. You can turn it off and it falls back to 1 segment look-ahead. (ini setting)
[16:43:03] <JoeHildreth> So when I upgrade to 2.7 with and existing config, the new one will be turned on or will I have to ad it?
[16:43:25] <skunkworks> rtai is 'harder' realtime. If you plan on using the printer port for stepgen - then use rtai. if you have external hardware that is doing the stepgen (or whatever) then preempt will probably work just fine
[16:43:26] <JoeHildreth> Thank you skunkworks
[16:44:03] <_methods> PetefromTn_: yes you can
[16:44:13] <_methods> you can use combination payment methods
[16:44:15] <JoeHildreth> I have been using the parport for stepgen, so that helps a lot. Thank you.
[16:45:22] <JT-Shop> tormach has a new motion controller?
[16:46:08] <andypugh> Notr to self, when making a 40mm nut that lives down a hole, check that you own a 40mm socket before the shops close for the day, otherwise you will end up making something: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Holbrook#6154759374244307010
[16:46:26] <skunkworks> JT-Shop: tormach bankrolled the new tp that rob wrote..
[16:47:19] <Deejay> gn8
[16:48:08] <andypugh> The nut has 12 tapped half-holes. The dhaft has 11 untapped half-holes. The plan is to put a grub screw in the holes that line up at the right preload. It looks like it shiuld work.
[16:48:38] <andypugh> I couldn’t think of many more options down that hole.
[16:49:06] <PetefromTn_> _methods thanks man are there options when you buy it now somewhere or do you have to input it beforehand?
[16:49:11] <andypugh> (The hole is to give the telescopic spring leadscrew cover a home)
[16:50:41] <andypugh> PetefromTn_: Guessing that you are talking about Paypal /eBay, if there is money in your Paypal balance, but not enough, then it uses all the balance first then takes the rest from the normal place, all automatic, like.
[16:51:18] <PetefromTn_> no I am talking about using a Christmas Gift Card ALONG with my credit card on ebay or amazon.com
[16:51:30] <PetefromTn_> I am quite familiar with paypal I use it all the time
[16:52:36] <andypugh> Don’t do what I did and add upo all your paypal payments. It turns out that since 2000 I have spent a whole year’s after-tax salary through paypal!
[16:52:53] <andypugh> I would have preferred not to know that :-)
[16:52:57] <SpeedEvil> :)
[16:53:01] <PetefromTn_> jeez I will remember that
[16:53:14] <malcom2073> andypugh: I have an amazon credit card, it's depressing to see how much I spend on amazon when they send me the breakdown at the end of each year
[16:53:19] <JoeHildreth> That's depressing. ;-)
[16:53:20] <PetefromTn_> I receive and spend a lot from paypal each year now
[16:53:27] <SpeedEvil> Going through the list, and finding out stuff that's sitting in boxes still is worse.
[16:54:06] <andypugh> My memory is so poor that every day is like Christmas. A parcel arrives and I have no idea what will be in it.
[16:54:11] <SpeedEvil> :)
[16:54:44] <PetefromTn_> so on ebay they allow you to use the gift cards AND the credit card then?
[16:55:05] <PetefromTn_> what I want to buy costs more than the gift card...of course LOL
[16:55:23] <andypugh> That must be common, I expect it will be easy.
[16:55:51] <PetefromTn_> I would think so too just never done it and don't want to hit buy it now without knowing how hehe
[16:58:27] <JoeHildreth> skunkworks: Maybe you answered and I overlooked it. When I upgrade from 2.6 to 2.7 with an existing config, is the new motion planner in place or do I have to edit my ini file to make it work? Or is the ini file entry only to disable it?
[16:59:29] <andypugh> The INI stuff is to control or disable it. You chould get the new TP in default mode automatically.
[16:59:49] <JoeHildreth> Thanks Andy.
[17:03:56] <andypugh> 0.6024 inches taper per foot. What angle is that?
[17:05:14] <JT-Shop> 2.87°
[17:05:43] <JT-Shop> or 2.8738°
[17:06:43] <andypugh> That’s what I get.
[17:07:13] <andypugh> It’s not what LMS get: http://littlemachineshop.com/reference/tapers.php
[17:10:24] <andypugh> Not _very_ different, admittedly.
[17:10:49] <andypugh> I think they used arcsin not arctan.
[17:11:05] <JT-Shop> could be, I use Solidworks lol
[17:11:30] <andypugh> :-)
[17:11:57] <andypugh> I machined a 3MT taper today, to mount my ballscrew into the bearings/sprocket thing
[17:12:14] * JT-Shop took a flat 16 gauge sheet and made one end squareish and one end round
[17:13:14] <andypugh> I found quite a range of morse taper angles online. I even found quite a range in my morse taper drawer. Some fit the taper I made better than others. Which is interesting.
[17:14:29] <andypugh> It will be interesting to see if chain is better or worse than belt for an axis drive: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Holbrook#6237916080311117874
[17:15:30] <andypugh> (That is the camchain from a Yamaha R1, somewhat shortened)
[17:15:53] <XXCoder> "the product itself is not the product itself, please note that we do not think we did not give you collocation Oh, because I do not." lol
[17:16:36] <andypugh> I love double negatives.
[17:18:53] <JT-Shop> that's pretty cool Andy
[17:20:04] <andypugh> There is a pump distrubuting oil, so it made sense to use it. The hole in the bearing housing will be an oil feed to the thrust bearings.
[17:20:30] <andypugh> Then there will be a tube dropping oil on the chain
[17:21:47] <JT-Shop> that makes sense
[17:25:35] <andypugh> Who was it here who was welding manifolds?
[17:25:43] <andypugh> PetefromTn_: Was it you?
[17:30:28] <enleth> andypugh: what is that casting for actually?
[17:31:24] <andypugh> It’s the Z-feed of my lathe. There used to be a gearbox (a very nice gearbox) https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Holbrook#6225669568035137074
[17:31:55] <andypugh> Now there will be a servo: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Holbrook#6235326855443990946
[17:32:27] <PetefromTn_> andypugh I am welding turbo manifolds yeah
[17:33:05] <andypugh> That loony I know made this over christmas: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Roj?authkey=Gv1sRgCJbSsrD-kfr3Hg#6237926346146531586
[17:33:19] <andypugh> 5:1 collector.
[17:33:27] <andypugh> (for a V10)
[17:34:20] <enleth> andypugh: does that lathe have a dial RPM indicator?
[17:34:20] <andypugh> The special part? The pipe is no more than 1/2”
[17:34:29] <andypugh> enleth: yes
[17:34:38] <PetefromTn_> http://i.imgur.com/2eDBEQZ.jpg This is a collector I made a little while ago
[17:35:18] <andypugh> PetefromTn_: Your welds are prettier. But you can see yours with the naked eye :-)
[17:35:19] <PetefromTn_> that was 2" diameter 321 stainless schedule 10 tube to a T4 single flange
[17:36:05] <PetefromTn_> yeah that is pretty impressive stuff. I am getting better but still nowhere near where I want to be with Tig welding
[17:36:27] <PetefromTn_> there are just some guys who are freaking unbelievably good
[17:36:30] <andypugh> Another nice picture before welding: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Roj?authkey=Gv1sRgCJbSsrD-kfr3Hg#6237926463937128802
[17:37:03] <PetefromTn_> I swear making the tubes fit and play nice is way more work then actually welding it up
[17:37:29] <andypugh> I think he is welding from the inside, I guess with a very long tungsten and no shroud.
[17:38:25] <PetefromTn_> if I were to have to do that I would definitely just make the fitment as perfect as possible and then fusion weld the whole thing after tacking carefully
[17:38:51] <PetefromTn_> I have come to find that on thin wall tube it is just much easier to get a good looking result and it just works well
[17:39:17] <JT-Shop> dang gimp is broken in linux mint
[17:40:03] <JT-Shop> when I tig I try and not use filler because I suck at it
[17:41:10] <andypugh> PetefromTn_: That part is quite easy for him, it all fits in an ER25 collet in his 4th axis: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Roj?authkey=Gv1sRgCJbSsrD-kfr3Hg#6237930394254359826
[17:41:37] <PetefromTn_> yeah most things I do I gotta use filler and getting it to look even and consistent is REALLY a challenge. The guys who are into this high performance stuff are used to seeing eye candy pics of unbelievably good welds so even a good weld is looked down upon
[17:41:48] <andypugh> It looks like he machined the tubes from solid.
[17:42:09] <PetefromTn_> I wonder why he did that?
[17:42:48] <andypugh> He wanted the step at the bottom, and exactly the right diameter. This is a scale model.
[17:43:15] <PetefromTn_> http://i.imgur.com/B4hv6Fu.jpg This is another pic from a couple weeks ago
[17:43:33] <PetefromTn_> http://i.imgur.com/ImFZEDU.jpg
[17:43:40] <PetefromTn_> Not at all perfect
[17:44:04] <andypugh> Trying for equal-length?
[17:44:41] <andypugh> A lot more perfect than I could manage.
[17:44:46] <PetefromTn_> those are yeah sorta. this is a twin scroll manifold for the RX7 they call it and it has a single large diameter wastegate
[17:45:02] <PetefromTn_> that pic was taken before I finished the wastegate tubing
[17:45:12] <PetefromTn_> it branches off from each side and meets somewhere in the middle
[17:45:21] <PetefromTn_> it is upside down in the picture
[17:45:26] <PetefromTn_> sorta
[17:46:02] <PetefromTn_> http://i.imgur.com/d1XGmA9.jpg this is a fusion weld I did a couple weeks ago on some larger diameter thin wall exhaust tubing
[17:47:04] <PetefromTn_> I think I am improving a good bit but then I look at pictures of REAL pro's work and I realize I have a VERY long way to go
[17:47:26] <PetefromTn_> http://i.imgur.com/hgIvV4V.jpg for instance
[17:48:20] <andypugh> Bear in mind that he _chose_ that picture for his website.
[17:48:55] <PetefromTn_> yeah but every picture I have seen of his work looks similarly miraculously perfect ;)
[17:49:37] <PetefromTn_> well I called paypal
[17:49:47] <PetefromTn_> they said I CAN add that card to my accound and use it
[17:49:57] <PetefromTn_> so they send me an email describing the process
[17:49:59] <andypugh> Again, you only see the pictures he chooses.
[17:50:05] <PetefromTn_> I go thru the whole thing
[17:50:10] <PetefromTn_> and it declines the card LOL
[17:50:16] <PetefromTn_> andypugh true
[17:50:51] <PetefromTn_> but when you're good you're good, when you're not you're not LOL
[17:50:51] <andypugh> So, the process works in priniciple, but there is something iffy with your card?
[17:51:01] <PetefromTn_> its a visa gift card
[17:51:23] <PetefromTn_> even has a bunch of paperwork attatched to it that I have not tried to read yet ;)
[17:51:42] <andypugh> Oh. I am sure he is good. I could weld solidly for a month and not be able to find anything to pose for a photo like that.
[17:52:00] <PetefromTn_> did he mention how he managed to machine those pipes and then bend them perfectly matching like that?
[17:53:53] <malcom2073> Those pipes are all a bunch of pre-fab bends aren't they?
[17:54:11] <andypugh> PetefromTn_: He cheated: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Roj?authkey=Gv1sRgCJbSsrD-kfr3Hg#6237933634949479154
[17:54:12] <PetefromTn_> apparently not
[17:54:32] <PetefromTn_> aah he actually pie cut them then polished
[17:55:07] <PetefromTn_> if that is stainless those welds look a bit hot
[17:55:39] <andypugh> We had decided they were too small to weld, and tried electroforming; https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Roj?authkey=Gv1sRgCJbSsrD-kfr3Hg#6200435035477197074 Which looked promising.
[17:56:49] <andypugh> PetefromTn_: As far as I know he didn’t even own a welder until this Christmas holiday....
[17:57:17] <andypugh> (Git!)
[17:57:38] <PetefromTn_> Well that is some impressive stuff regardless
[17:58:25] <andypugh> Everything he does is impressive.
[17:58:48] <PetefromTn_> I have owned my Tig welder for quite a few years now but only really have been trying to do this sort of thing for a few months working there. Before that it was mostly welding trailers and aluminum boats hulls etc nothing that really needed to look pretty
[17:59:39] <andypugh> One thing I notice is that he never goes off half-cocked with anything. He has a Deckel CNC mill, a Hardinge CNC lathe, he built his own DLP 3D printer using AC servos rather than steppers.
[18:01:22] <PetefromTn_> well that is always good. I TRY to not go off half cocked but I am a wild and crazy guy sometimes ;)
[18:01:54] <andypugh> This is a bit better-engineered than the run-of-the-mill DLP, I reckon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FscYq5uCys0
[18:03:03] <PetefromTn_> Well NO WONDER he is so damn good he is ROGER MOORE!!!
[18:03:14] <malcom2073> andypugh: Did he ever show the finished part?
[18:03:31] <malcom2073> I rememberlooking for it a couple months ago when I first saw that video, couldn't find it
[18:03:36] <andypugh> Of which?
[18:03:47] <malcom2073> That he's making in the DLP
[18:04:29] <PetefromTn_> I don't even understand how that damn thing works. Is it some kind of witchcraft or a miracle or something that the part just rises up out of the goo?
[18:04:58] <malcom2073> PetefromTn_: It's solidifying the top layer, then sinks down and solidifes another layer
[18:05:11] <PetefromTn_> how?
[18:05:18] <malcom2073> How does it sink down? linear actuator
[18:05:22] <malcom2073> it's on a plate that moves inside the goop
[18:05:32] <PetefromTn_> no how does it solidify the layer?
[18:05:38] <malcom2073> It's UV reactant
[18:05:39] <andypugh> Light
[18:05:49] <malcom2073> And the projector, you remove the UV filter on
[18:06:03] <PetefromTn_> so a laser then?
[18:06:13] <malcom2073> No, normal run of the mill PC projector
[18:06:26] <malcom2073> Only certain ones work though
[18:06:49] <malcom2073> You hook it to a PC, and have it display high contrast images of what you want it to make, layer by layer
[18:07:14] <andypugh> malcom2073: He almost immediately melts the plastic: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Roj?authkey=Gv1sRgCJbSsrD-kfr3Hg#6237937108017418530
[18:07:33] <andypugh> To investment cast: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Roj?authkey=Gv1sRgCJbSsrD-kfr3Hg#6237937109584277682
[18:07:38] <malcom2073> Ahhh cool, I had seen it was for investment casting
[18:07:43] <malcom2073> didn't see what itlooked like though
[18:07:50] <malcom2073> Cool
[18:08:17] <andypugh> I think he is still working on the details of the processes.
[18:08:37] <malcom2073> What, the investment casting?
[18:08:47] <andypugh> Yes. And the printing.
[18:08:58] <malcom2073> Cool, I've been thinking of getting a DLP printer
[18:09:00] <andypugh> I am sure he will get there
[18:09:07] <malcom2073> The price of the goop is a bit... meh though
[18:09:26] <andypugh> Yes, he floats his goop on a dense no-reacting other goop.
[18:09:40] <malcom2073> Yeah, a couple of the kickstarter designs use saltwater
[18:09:44] <JT-Shop> all these technical terms
[18:10:25] <andypugh> I think he uses something rather more exotic than water
[18:10:27] <PetefromTn_> my wife just got back from the grocery store and spent a TON of cash on food AND a bunch of lottery tickets LOL probably would have been better to flush the cash down the toilet here hehe
[18:10:59] <malcom2073> Probably depends on the goop you use
[18:11:07] <andypugh> She bought you the chance to speculate on what you would buy if you win.
[18:13:29] <PetefromTn_> yeah I would be happy if we even got a smaller prize somehow I am not greedy ;)
[18:14:50] <Tom_itx> PetefromTn_ i appreciate you donating to my winnings :D
[18:15:08] <PetefromTn_> Nope you donated to mine there Tommy
[18:15:12] <PetefromTn_> hehe
[18:15:34] <Tom_itx> i bet it passes 1 bilion
[18:15:37] <jdh> hey... everyone paypal me $5, I'll go buy some tickets and I'll split it
[18:15:45] <malcom2073> Haha
[18:15:47] * JT-Shop keeps his winnings
[18:16:16] <PetefromTn_> jdh there have been companies that have won that way combining etc
[18:17:01] <JT-Shop> I bought one square on a football pool once... won 3 quarters and never bet again
[18:17:48] <PetefromTn_> I only won one thing in my life...perhaps I am DUE?
[18:18:09] <PetefromTn_> I swear I would probably keel over from a Heart Attack if I actually won
[18:18:21] <malcom2073> My wife won't go get tickets, and I'm too lazy heh
[18:19:00] <andypugh> Big rollover in the US then?
[18:19:18] <Tom_itx> close to 1 billion
[18:19:30] <JT-Shop> my friends wife won $100,000 on a scratch off once
[18:19:41] <andypugh> It’s worth a few $ just to speculate what you would do
[18:20:03] <JT-Shop> I would not want that for sure
[18:20:11] <PetefromTn_> I have an uncle that met a woman after his wife died and they went to vegas to get married
[18:20:13] <Tom_itx> i look at it as cheap intertainment
[18:20:23] <JT-Shop> spend the rest of your life running from leaches
[18:20:31] <PetefromTn_> she won like 25 thousand bucks
[18:20:33] <Tom_itx> i've spent more than that on bad movies
[18:20:44] <PetefromTn_> and they bought a brand new caddilac and drove it home LOL
[18:21:13] <PetefromTn_> you win 900 million bucks you won't be running from shit unless you are an idiot LOL
[18:21:45] <PetefromTn_> that is what did methods call it?
[18:21:52] <PetefromTn_> Super Evil genius money?
[18:21:55] <PetefromTn_> hehehe
[18:22:18] <PetefromTn_> you can build a moat with sharks with freakin' laser beams attached to thier Freakin' heads LOL
[18:22:19] <Tom_itx> you collect probably less than half that ammount
[18:22:29] <andypugh> Aye, with 900 million you get the chance to make the world a slightly better place.
[18:22:32] <PetefromTn_> yeah everyone laments that
[18:22:42] <_methods> super villain money man
[18:22:47] <PetefromTn_> yeah that's it
[18:22:53] <PetefromTn_> SUPER VILLIAN MONEY
[18:22:53] <andypugh> Keep 100 million for fun, use the rest to eradicate Polio
[18:23:02] <_methods> sharks with laser beams money
[18:23:03] <malcom2073> Takes money to make moeny, even if you only get a couple hundred illion, you can invest the rest and start building wealth
[18:23:16] <PetefromTn_> as my grandpa used to say he would buy seats for the standing army LOL
[18:23:44] * JT-Shop hears the dinner bell
[18:24:01] <PetefromTn_> I would just ensure nobody in my family ever had to work again and enjoy the rest
[18:24:33] <Tom_itx> not working would just make you lazy and dependent
[18:24:44] <PetefromTn_> works for me ;)
[18:24:47] <malcom2073> If I didn't have to work, I'd be so stinkin busy
[18:24:56] <andypugh> Tom_itx: In this case, lazy and independent
[18:24:56] <PetefromTn_> me too LOL
[18:25:05] <PetefromTn_> I would be doing all sorts of useless shit
[18:25:21] <PetefromTn_> and lots of fishing in exotic places
[18:25:52] <andypugh> I would be buying exotic places and banning fishing there :-)
[18:26:15] <PetefromTn_> who are you hitler?
[18:26:20] <PetefromTn_> hehehe
[18:28:09] <andypugh> I have quite a lot in common with Hitler: European, white, facial hair, short.
[18:28:23] <jdh> do you speak german?
[18:28:43] <andypugh> Nein.
[18:28:44] <PetefromTn_> they say he only had one ball too...:D
[18:28:54] <_methods> one big ball
[18:29:08] <PetefromTn_> hehehe one big freaking EVIL HAIR BALL
[18:30:06] <PetefromTn_> my wife is making me some black bean soup/chili with cheese,sour creme and chips tonight. One of my favorite cheap meals
[18:30:09] <andypugh> Oh, another point of commonality: Have been known to snog germans
[18:30:18] <PetefromTn_> snog?
[18:30:44] <PetefromTn_> is that one of those quirky brit terms?
[18:31:06] <andypugh> So it seems
[18:31:40] <PetefromTn_> had to look that one up
[18:31:41] <_methods> http://motherboard.vice.com/read/will-this-fancy-metallic-glue-kill-soldering
[18:32:51] <CaptHindsight> when can we just beating editors to death for posting articles like that?
[18:33:02] <_methods> mesoglue
[18:33:37] <_methods> mesohungry
[18:34:16] <malcom2073> Hah the first line: "If you want to piss off ****** engineer, tell them the future of their field is <isnert news article here>"
[18:34:54] <andypugh> Now _this_ is a cool use of tech: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/smart-spoon-helps-parkinsons-patients-feed-themselves
[18:34:55] <_methods> i'll still just solder stuff for the hell of it if solder is ever made obsolete
[18:35:32] <_methods> there is something therapeutic about soldering stuff
[18:35:47] <CaptHindsight> I dare you to find even more expensive and toxic materials to replace solder, I dare you.... mesoglue
[18:36:07] <PetefromTn_> kinda reminds me of Tig welding
[18:36:08] <_methods> heheh
[18:36:19] <_methods> yeah welding is the same
[18:36:21] <malcom2073> Seems more like it's useful as a permanent thermal paste
[18:36:26] <PetefromTn_> I like soldering even tho I SUCK at it
[18:36:26] <_methods> i get the same buzz from both lol
[18:37:01] <_methods> i suck at welding and soldering but i still love doing it
[18:37:06] <CaptHindsight> fine beach sand and lard will replace toothpaste in the future
[18:37:24] <malcom2073> yummy
[18:37:55] <CaptHindsight> where is my stupid article on motherboard?
[18:38:14] <CaptHindsight> oh yeah, I have to patent it first
[18:38:23] <PetefromTn_> jeez beach sand in toothpaste that sounds HORRIBLE
[18:38:32] <_methods> vice is so bad with the clickbait
[18:38:40] <CaptHindsight> and toothpaste is pleasant?
[18:39:19] <andypugh> Why is Aliexpress convinced I want to buy sexy female underwear? What has gone wrong with their algorithms?
[18:39:20] <PetefromTn_> a helluva lot more pleasant than beach sand have you ever biffed it on the beach or surfing and got a mouthful?
[18:39:44] <PetefromTn_> hehehe tell the truth andy you were looking at underwear models online
[18:39:45] <jdh> is biffed like snogged?
[18:39:47] <CaptHindsight> who cares it's the fcking future
[18:39:47] <malcom2073> andypugh: That self-balancing spoon thing is really cool
[18:39:55] <CaptHindsight> deal with it
[18:40:10] <andypugh> PetefromTn_: Only in incognito windows
[18:40:18] <PetefromTn_> incognito?
[18:40:24] <PetefromTn_> wth is that?
[18:40:33] <malcom2073> PetefromTn_: You don't know the joy of incognito windows?
[18:40:41] <malcom2073> You'll never type "you" and be worried that porn will come up before tube again!
[18:40:49] <PetefromTn_> apparently not but that is not really surprising
[18:41:31] <PetefromTn_> is it some windows explorer add on or something?
[18:41:55] <malcom2073> no
[18:42:00] <malcom2073> it comes withChrome, firefox, and IE
[18:42:09] <malcom2073> It basically doesn't record history or store cookies
[18:42:15] <PetefromTn_> well I have Chrome and FF but never found that LOL
[18:42:31] <malcom2073> from chrome, control shift N
[18:42:40] <PetefromTn_> aah
[18:42:59] <malcom2073> I use it if I'm using my email or facebook from a friends PC, so I don't accidently record my password or cookies there
[18:43:05] <PetefromTn_> so you mean I could have been viewing all of my Por....er questionable websites without fear all this time LOL
[18:43:06] <andypugh> This is a pretty cool machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEsuTX6Empc
[18:43:57] <PetefromTn_> jeez look at that bigass flycutter!!
[18:44:08] <malcom2073> Hah wow, that's a huge cutter
[18:44:23] <andypugh> The 5th axis is very simple and pretty clever
[18:45:31] <PetefromTn_> if it's so simple and clever you should make one for my Cincinatti :D
[18:47:10] <andypugh> I might make one for my Harrison. It already has a manual adjustment there.
[18:47:37] <PetefromTn_> does it have a direct drive motor?
[18:47:52] <andypugh> Coaxial shaft
[18:51:19] <PetefromTn_> amazing how similar that is to your typical machining center really
[18:52:50] <andypugh> Yes, it isn’t anything special, just exactly the right fixtures for that specific job.
[18:54:55] <PetefromTn_> they actually show them making the millhead in the video
[18:57:43] <andypugh> They don’t show what the bearing is, though.
[18:58:00] <malcom2073> How does that work, for like rotary tables?
[18:58:04] <malcom2073> Can't be dovetail
[18:59:12] <Sync> the bearing probably is some two angular rollers
[18:59:16] <andypugh> It could be a dovetail. It would be perverse and difficult, but I have thought of two ways to do it.
[18:59:24] <Sync> or a rotary style X roller bearing
[18:59:58] <andypugh> X roller is right for a retrofit on a machine like mine.
[19:00:15] <malcom2073> Ohhh hmmm
[19:00:23] <andypugh> I suspect they have a pair of AC bearings
[19:01:07] <PetefromTn_> never seen an X roller before
[19:01:22] <andypugh> Or maybe a big needle roller and two thrust bearing
[19:01:33] <andypugh> X-rollers are cool. And very expensive
[19:02:01] <Sync> I got a few for cheaps
[19:02:12] <andypugh> http://timkenbearing.cn/productshow174.html
[19:02:12] <PetefromTn_> maybe just a big ol bolt and a brass bearing :D
[19:02:16] <Sync> they oxidize around somehwere
[19:02:56] <Sync> yeah the neat thing is that you don't need anything with them
[19:03:08] <malcom2073> I got a harmonic drive with some cross rollerbearings in it
[19:03:13] <PetefromTn_> maybe just a big machined boss and some crisco?
[19:03:30] <PetefromTn_> ooh and an e-ring
[19:03:36] <PetefromTn_> ;)
[19:07:47] <andypugh> You can get bearings with built-in drive gears and encoders.
[19:08:45] <malcom2073> andypugh: We're making some compact brushless motors as part of some robotic arm assemblies, they're amazingly compact and put together. The motor is part of the housing, the harmonic drives serves as one of the bearing surfaces, etc
[19:08:56] <malcom2073> They're super compact
[19:09:15] <andypugh> If you have any rejects that nees a home…
[19:09:51] <malcom2073> Hah I wish
[19:09:54] <Sync> the same way as kuka does it
[19:09:57] <malcom2073> They're something like 20-30grand each just in pieces
[19:10:06] <malcom2073> lemme find a picture
[19:11:47] <andypugh> I made my own motor a few years ago to wrap round a large shaft and operate coaxially with it: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/CNCUnsorted#5685034302549414130
[19:12:00] <malcom2073> Oh nice
[19:12:03] <malcom2073> I can't find any pictures of the motor heh
[19:12:13] <malcom2073> http://imagecache.jpl.nasa.gov/images/640x350/robosimian-640-640x350.jpg
[19:12:15] <malcom2073> It's the arm motors for that
[19:12:49] <andypugh> Yes, OK, I can see we have different budgets
[19:13:03] <malcom2073> Hah, I wish I had budget to do this sorta stuff myself
[19:13:33] <malcom2073> I love the integrated motor and frame thing though
[19:13:46] <malcom2073> Want to do something similar myself, but can't find a good use for it yet heh
[19:13:49] <andypugh> Sometimes having a budget stops you finding the really special solution.
[19:14:07] <Sync> yeah exactly the same way kuka does it
[19:14:47] <andypugh> Well, my motor was for: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/CNCUnsorted#5998926150725388018
[19:15:04] <Sync> oh neat
[19:15:07] <malcom2073> Oh slick
[19:15:07] <Sync> did it work?
[19:15:22] <andypugh> It _nearly_ worked.
[19:15:31] <Sync> dem torques?
[19:15:43] <andypugh> There is a problem with one of the internal encoders.
[19:15:47] <Sync> ah
[19:16:03] <malcom2073> doh
[19:16:09] <andypugh> I proved it _could_ work, but mine isn’t actually useful.
[19:17:10] <andypugh> If I needed it badly enough I could probably just use the hall sensors. There is enough gearing in the boring head that that is probably enough
[19:17:47] <Sync> or you use no encoder at all
[19:17:52] <Sync> and use hfi sensing
[19:18:21] <andypugh> It’s annoying, I paid a fair bit of money for the encoders to be laser cut: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/CNCUnsorted#5746547530954320162
[19:18:34] <Sync> ew
[19:19:20] <andypugh> When I say “a fair bit” I mean £50
[19:19:55] <Sync> ah well
[19:19:58] <Sync> that's not too bad then
[19:20:54] <andypugh> If I ever need to bore a spherical pocket in something (like the spindle plate of a hexapod) I will resurect it.
[19:21:20] <Sync> http://www.heise.de/imgs/18/2/1/4/8/8/3/973b1cf8c6980cb5.jpg
[19:21:50] <andypugh> Interesting styling.
[19:22:35] <andypugh> They appear to have tried excessively hard to keep the kinematics simple.
[19:22:58] <Sync> well
[19:23:04] <Sync> it is the cheapest way to do it
[19:23:24] <Sync> just a few servos + harmonic drives
[19:24:10] <andypugh> ie, all the joints are in a single plane, which saves the controller doing some calcs that it would be doing anyway, at the expense of more complex castings.
[19:24:26] <Jymmm> In response to Sync's pic... https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=2ImZTwYwCug#t=30
[19:24:56] <andypugh> I am pretty sure the controller is doing the DH calcs, and multiplying by a zero offset in some terms
[19:27:57] <Sync> I don't think so
[19:28:31] <Sync> the prototype controller for them in the lab runs on a lot of fpgas
[19:29:01] <andypugh> Jymmm: I have mixed feelings about that video. I can’t deny that the chap is an expert exponent of his genre. But the dancers seem to be rather less callipigian than they should be.
[19:29:55] <Jymmm> andypugh: I agree, they do seem to be lacking considering the content
[19:30:19] <Sync> unfortunately my wohlhaupters do not have the removable shaft
[19:31:13] <Jymmm> andypugh: Far more appropriate http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kudrjfpehg1qaokzy.jpg
[19:31:26] <andypugh> Sync: I reckon if you were brave you could make the modification
[19:31:43] <Sync> well I can just turn my sk40 one down, as it will not fit my spindle
[19:32:47] <Sync> but I'm not so keen on winding my own motor :D
[19:33:07] <Jymmm> NSFW but mercy... http://40.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lyclagZ6yd1r56hifo1_1280.jpg
[19:33:32] <andypugh> Jymmm: Best use of “Callipygian” I hava seen: http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20081201#.VpGu4zbQboM
[19:34:44] <Jymmm> andypugh: lol
[19:35:07] <Sync> andypugh: what ID do you need?
[19:37:04] <andypugh> Jymmm: Classic photo of a steatopygous andermanese: http://cryptomundo.com/wp-content/uploads/steatopygia.jpg If it is somewhere for your baby to stand, you have a big bum.
[19:37:38] <Jymmm> andypugh: I always thought that was a beer holder?
[19:38:17] <andypugh> Sync: I think that the register is 37mm, but don’t machine anything until I have measured.
[19:38:48] <andypugh> The threaded hole in the body might be the hard part, I think they are through-hardened.
[19:39:03] <andypugh> The differential screw is super-clever
[19:40:13] <Sync> hmm centroid seems to run linux on their frontends
[19:40:41] <Sync> oh they run a differential screw?
[19:41:52] <andypugh> I tend to use my boring head even when I don’t have to. This was machining a lathe toolpost. I wanted to generate a flat surface: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Holbrook#6237961413474714578
[19:42:33] <andypugh> Sync: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/CNCUnsorted#5614119127777301218
[19:42:49] <Sync> oh, interesting
[19:43:47] <andypugh> There is a fine thread into the body and a coarse thread into the shank. You screw the shank on until the pegs are close then _loosen_ the allen screw into the shank, which pulls it onto the pegs and the head.
[19:44:06] <andypugh> it’s super-clever.
[19:44:53] <andypugh> it gives you the equivalent of a hex-socket screw down a hole that you could’
[19:45:06] <andypugh> n’t fit one down.
[19:46:20] <andypugh> I used exactlky the same idea to hold the extension on the ball screw of my mill : https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/CNCUnsorted#5639360949629091906
[19:46:30] <andypugh> https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/CNCUnsorted#5639361443554930146
[19:46:52] <andypugh> In that case pulling up a taper down a 5mm hole in the end of the shaft.
[19:47:01] <Sync> yeah the idea is pretty clever
[19:47:23] <andypugh> Definitely something to have in your box of tricks
[19:47:25] <Sync> well, I'm not going to machine something really quickly, but there are encoders that would fit into that thing
[19:51:45] <andypugh> Sync: I have never actually described the clever idea in that boring head drive that made me get out of bed to find a pen and paper. But the way the encoders are arranged is part of it.
[19:52:35] <Sync> well. I'd chuck a DS90 in there and be done ;)
[19:52:43] <Sync> or a DS70 if 30mm ID is enough
[19:52:58] <Sync> and enjoyed 19 bits of resolution
[19:53:03] <andypugh> 50mm ID…
[19:53:13] <andypugh> And minimal length
[19:53:58] <Sync> the ds90 comes with 50mm id
[19:54:42] <Sync> and they are 10mm thick
[19:54:52] <PetefromTn_> Okay folks just one more hour until I am royalty! ;)
[19:54:55] <andypugh> If I was doing it again I might try to wind my own resolvers
[20:00:00] <Sync> why?
[20:00:03] <Sync> there is no reason to
[20:00:19] <andypugh> I like resolvers.
[20:00:50] <andypugh> The rest of the milling machine uses them, and I have 2 spare channels.
[20:01:10] <Sync> well, sure but I'd rather not wind my own
[20:01:19] <Sync> if there is a fitting encoder solution to be bought
[20:01:48] <andypugh> Everything I do is because I want to see if I can. None of my projects have any actual purpose.
[20:04:08] <Jymmm> andypugh, the little engine that could!
[20:04:33] <Sync> sure, but at some point it has to be over
[20:04:44] <Sync> and winding my resolvers is certainly not something I want to do
[20:05:07] <Jymmm> Sync: make a bobbin winding machine =)
[20:07:44] <andypugh> I wonder how much paint it takes to paint a lathe and the stand?
[20:08:05] <andypugh> Do I buy 1 litre or 5?
[20:09:14] <malcom2073> If you buy one, you'll need two. If you buy five, you'll probably need 34
[20:09:15] <malcom2073> 3/4
[20:09:45] <andypugh> I just have no feeling for paint coverage
[20:10:01] <Sync> moar coats
[20:10:13] <Jymmm> and do you need primer?
[20:10:35] <PetefromTn_> I used two pints
[20:11:01] <andypugh> OK, so that’s about a litre. including the stand?
[20:11:26] <PetefromTn_> no only the machine and the enclosure but honestly I have LOTS leftover
[20:11:54] <PetefromTn_> and I am rolling it on with a foam detail roller
[20:12:02] <andypugh> https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Holbrook#6154759374244307010 more or less area than this?
[20:12:06] <PetefromTn_> and a brush where the roller won't reach
[20:12:20] <malcom2073> The fork truck or the lathe?
[20:12:27] <PetefromTn_> heh
[20:12:31] <PetefromTn_> probably about the same
[20:12:36] <andypugh> The lathe. I like the colour of the telehandler
[20:12:48] <malcom2073> It is a pretty green
[20:13:18] <andypugh> OK, I will get a litre and maybe buy a second litre
[20:13:35] <andypugh> Or maybe I will buy 5 and paint everythign I own
[20:13:43] <PetefromTn_> actually I should clarify
[20:13:50] <PetefromTn_> one pint was for the primer
[20:13:53] <PetefromTn_> one was for the paint
[20:14:09] <PetefromTn_> I have quite a bit of primer leftover
[20:16:33] <Sync> hm suprising
[20:16:45] <Sync> nobody in china sells outrunner stators
[20:19:36] <Sync> hm
[20:19:54] <Sync> 50cc bikes seem to have ~85mm stators
[20:19:59] <malcom2073> andypugh: You wind that motor yourself, the one you tried on your spindle?
[20:20:01] <andypugh> All-in, it is £20.33 for one litre (2.11227642 US pints) or £44.33 for 5 litres. (or £32.32 for 2 x 1 litre cans)
[20:20:31] <andypugh> malcom2073: The one I put a picture of up earlier? Yes. Twice
[20:20:41] <malcom2073> Nice, I've always wanted to give that a try
[20:20:46] <malcom2073> Be kinda cool to make a motor from scratch
[20:20:55] <malcom2073> That, and spinning things facinate
[20:20:56] <malcom2073> me
[20:21:03] <andypugh> It’s not nearly as hard or tedious as you might anticipate.
[20:21:58] <andypugh> Sync: Yes, motorcycle alternators are close.
[20:22:26] <andypugh> I am sure I have seen sites selling unwound outrunner stators.
[20:23:15] <andypugh> Most interesting stuff is a small number of turns of big wire, I think mine was 20 turns. It takes about an hour to wind a motor by hand.
[20:24:05] <malcom2073> Bigger wire allow for more current more torque?
[20:24:58] <malcom2073> More torque is more interesting heh
[20:25:37] <andypugh> Choosing wire sizes and turns is an entire hobby to some folk. I can’t even begin to describe the complexities.
[20:31:27] <Sync> well, it is hard to get right
[20:31:43] <Sync> and doing it properly involves a lot of simulations and trial
[20:34:34] <Sync> hm
[20:34:44] <Sync> yeah 85mm seems to be the minimum
[20:38:30] <andypugh> I know you were specifically looking at China, but you didn’t say why.
[20:38:45] <andypugh> But, have you looked at http://www.gobrushless.com/shop/
[20:40:24] <Sync> well, I wasn't really looking at china specifically, just usually they are the ones who have that crap
[20:41:43] <PetefromTn_> http://i.imgur.com/OApitjc.jpg just received some very nice photos from a recent customer of his Steyr rifle with our dovetail top rail
[20:41:58] <PetefromTn_> http://i.imgur.com/2eN8ivy.jpg
[20:42:45] <andypugh> A lot nicer than the one I made :-)
[20:43:24] <Sync> they only have very small stators
[20:44:34] <andypugh> Try the powered bicycle guys
[20:45:28] <malcom2073> Them and the wind power guys, lots of low rpm stuff
[20:45:46] <andypugh> I bought a motor specifically to take apart a while ago.
[20:45:48] <andypugh> https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/EBikeMotorAutopsy#
[20:46:11] <andypugh> Is that more the size you want?
[20:46:36] <malcom2073> Man, that looks hand wound heh
[20:47:38] <andypugh> I think it was £60
[20:47:54] <malcom2073> Not bad
[20:48:14] <andypugh> I can’t recall what I wanted it for
[20:50:16] <andypugh> This looks like one, might suit your requirements: http://www.ebay.com/itm/250W-M85-Front-Electric-Bicycle-Bike-eBike-brushless-gear-Motor-/321940385375?var=&hash=item4af5246e5f:m:mQJNOpqLNmxNu-XRlERQjwg
[20:51:09] <andypugh> (but mine was already in the UK so there wasn’t the same level of shipping charge as that one)
[20:52:41] <Sync> ah hmm, http://en.sanstec.cn/products/Motor_Stator_and_Rotor/Coating_Stator_and/list_38_5.html
[20:53:24] <andypugh> Anyway, time to log off. Things to do tomorrow
[20:54:18] <andypugh> Coated stators are much to be admired. It took me a few attempts to not short my windings to my uncoated stator
[22:09:03] <mistik1> hey guys
[22:10:21] <mistik1> I'm trying to setup my home+limit switches and I think I'm missing something in how they should be configured
[22:12:32] <mistik1> I have a switch at each end of my x and y axis and I have them configured as home+limit
[22:17:34] <zeeshan> PetefromTn_: looks great
[22:29:31] <PetefromTn_> Shit I'm still poor ;)
[22:30:09] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: PAY UP SUCKER - You stil owe me a liger!
[22:30:28] <PetefromTn_> that was on the caveat that I actually WIN
[22:30:42] <PetefromTn_> zeeshan thanks man but what are you referring to?
[22:31:39] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: 016-01-09.09:07:55 PetefromTn_: a liger? DONE! :D
[22:31:51] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: I see no stipulation of win or lose
[22:32:13] <PetefromTn_> it was an implied one and I was crossing my fingers ;)
[22:32:33] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: I hope you never make a deal with the devil, you would lose!
[22:32:54] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: So, never goto Georgia ;)
[22:33:05] <PetefromTn_> meh now I am all depressed hehe
[22:33:36] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6RUg-NkjY4
[22:34:27] <PetefromTn_> yeah I have heard the song far too many times...I live in TENNESSEE remember :D
[22:34:52] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: But your a NY City Slicker you said
[22:35:35] <PetefromTn_> NO I said I am a New Yorker I never said anything about CITY or SLICKin'
[22:35:47] <Jymmm> it was implied
[22:36:04] <Jymmm> ;)
[22:36:04] <PetefromTn_> you sure love to ASSUME things
[22:36:28] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_: it was an implied
[22:36:35] <Jymmm> your own words
[22:37:06] <Jymmm> the logs never lie =)
[22:37:14] <PetefromTn_> no but I do ;)
[22:37:18] <Jymmm> lol
[22:42:18] <PetefromTn_> If there is no winner tonight the jackpot goes to over a billion LOL
[22:45:17] <XXCoder> too bad no time machine here
[22:47:36] <PetefromTn_> well hell my daughter didn't win either so I am gonna go cry myself to sleep somewheres :D
[22:48:48] <ReadError> zeeshan hi
[22:54:59] <PetefromTn_> heh apparently if you get the powerball number and nothing else you actually win a few bucks
[22:59:20] <XXCoder> wow
[22:59:31] <XXCoder> tb6560 case is $906 at aliexpress
[22:59:40] <XXCoder> surpised nobody jumped and made cheap knockoffs
[23:26:49] <XXCoder> wow!
[23:26:50] <XXCoder> http://hackaday.com/2016/01/08/baby-saved-by-doctors-using-google-cardboard-after-3d-printer-fails/
[23:26:58] <XXCoder> pretty amazing indeed
[23:44:02] <ChuangTzu> i'm pretty sure they have existing software to view the data from the scans
[23:44:09] <ChuangTzu> in 3d on a 2d screen
[23:48:14] <XXCoder> of course
[23:48:25] <XXCoder> what is new is new application
[23:48:31] <XXCoder> baby was saved because of that.
[23:51:04] <ChuangTzu> i don't see how they got any more information that way though
[23:51:09] <ChuangTzu> i think it's just coincidence
[23:51:14] <Jymmm> Eh, could have done the same with playdough or sillyputty
[23:51:51] <XXCoder> 3d model is MUCH better than 2d picture. not only that but they can move around and look at points.
[23:52:04] <ChuangTzu> you can do that with a 3d image displayed on a 2d screen
[23:52:04] <XXCoder> 3d printing was supposed to allow that but didnt work at that time.
[23:52:15] <ChuangTzu> you don't need the illusion of depth perception for that
[23:52:29] <Jymmm> If you're a surgeon, you just might