#linuxcnc | Logs for 2015-10-18

[00:22:54] <XXCoder> omg i'm home
[00:30:16] <XXCoder> Wolf_Mill: whats up
[00:32:48] <Wolf_Mill> tired...
[00:34:21] <XXCoder> lol ok
[00:34:29] <XXCoder> just got home from hours drive
[00:34:33] <XXCoder> been busy at event for hours
[01:26:09] <Jymmm> XXCoder: Weekend jail is NOT an "event"
[01:26:49] <ganzuul> lol
[03:53:52] <Deejay> moin
[04:05:27] <Sync> zeeshan: that is why people throwdown steel plates
[04:40:11] <Mac-phone> mornin
[04:58:42] <Mac-phone> anyone making anything today?
[05:11:19] <archivist> a fire
[05:12:37] <archivist> had a rubbish pile, was getting too large
[05:20:04] <Mac-phone> fair enough. I'm trying to get motivation
[05:20:39] <Mac-phone> to go out in the cold garage and work before church...
[05:21:02] <archivist> I am on a tidy to make space so I can do things
[05:21:44] <Mac-phone> do you have a dedicated shop or an enhanced attached garage
[05:22:23] <archivist> garage in poor condition, some in a bedroom, some in the kitchen
[05:22:37] <archivist> electronics in the lounge
[05:22:56] <Jymmm> Dont ask what he has in the bathroom
[05:23:00] <Mac-phone> ha-ha. ultimate man cave hub?
[05:23:24] <Mac-phone> solvent tank in the tub?
[05:24:04] <archivist> ultrasonic tanks are in the kitchen
[05:24:23] <Mac-phone> someday I want to visit
[05:27:33] <Mac-phone> you guys have any suggestions on injection machines?
[05:28:01] <Mac-phone> the prices seem to range on used equip a bit
[05:28:51] <archivist> inject what, drugs, plastic, aluminium
[05:30:06] <Mac-phone> plastic for interior auto knobs
[05:30:51] <archivist> mass production or small qty
[05:31:47] <archivist> mass production means more items per shot, bigger machine
[05:32:02] <Mac-phone> the estimate is 20 knobs per vehicle and 250 set minimum
[05:32:33] <archivist> the die cost at 250 is a killer
[05:33:05] <Mac-phone> yeah. hoping to put 5-10 per die
[05:33:27] <Mac-phone> different knobs
[05:33:52] <archivist> a set with all 20 in one shot
[05:34:11] <Mac-phone> that would be sweet.
[05:34:16] <archivist> colour match is better
[05:34:32] <Mac-phone> yes all are black
[05:34:49] <Mac-phone> with white symbols
[05:35:21] <archivist> printed symbols or moulded in
[05:36:28] <Mac-phone> original were printed in the cavity
[05:37:10] <archivist> best would be search for the original moulds
[05:38:47] <Mac-phone> http://redlinelandcruisers.com/product-category/interior/billet-knobs/
[05:39:10] <Mac-phone> those are machined versions, but you can get the idea
[05:39:38] <archivist> rofl Warning: Division by zero in /home/redlinel/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/content-product.php on line 38
[05:40:05] <Mac-phone> perhaps subing out the injection part out would be better?
[05:40:24] <Mac-phone> I want to do the molds on my cnc
[05:41:42] <archivist> yes but talk to a local injection place, there is some art to the moulding process
[05:42:51] <Mac-phone> OK. the cnc programming instructor is a retired mold maker and hoping to get some mentoring after the semester
[05:44:17] <archivist> ok he will have some of the clue you need, but do get the cost profit and loss calculations before you start
[05:44:39] <Mac-phone> ok
[05:45:09] <archivist> the start up cost is high for plastics
[05:45:55] <Mac-phone> do you mean start up as equipment or as in molds?
[05:46:13] <archivist> moulds and equipment
[05:47:32] <Mac-phone> everything I see on the equipment side is 3phase 240v or more. was hoping for something that could run in the garage
[05:47:53] <Mac-phone> no 3phase
[05:47:55] <archivist> there are small prototype presses
[05:48:25] <Mac-phone> ahhh. any brands you care to share?
[05:50:15] <Mac-phone> hey malcom. gm.
[05:51:33] <archivist> might get one in a garage http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Plastic-Injection-Moulding-Machine-ARBURG-All-Rounder-50-Ton-Year-1989-/271953458357
[05:54:05] <archivist> this google image search works over here plastic prototype moulding machine bench
[05:54:20] <archivist> change speeeeeling to suit
[05:54:30] <Mac-phone> that one looks good
[05:56:21] <Mac-phone> http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=231715127123&alt=web
[05:58:33] <Mac-phone> that one is like 250 miles from here
[06:01:59] <malcom2073_> Morning Mac-phone :)
[06:02:45] <malcom2073_> Forklift loading is free, nice!
[06:03:02] <archivist> trucking not so free
[06:03:15] <malcom2073_> Eh, this is *murca. Everyone has a pickup truck
[06:03:50] <malcom2073_> That could easily fit on my trailer
[06:04:29] <Mac-phone> oil patch rig?
[06:05:29] <Mac-phone> a better way to put that may be access to a truck
[06:06:39] <Mac-phone> at the farm we got a double axel trailer and a truck.
[06:07:40] <malcom2073_> But is that trailer good for highway speeds?
[06:07:46] <archivist> homebrew machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8McsSZ3O-gM
[06:08:34] <Mac-phone> hah. we pulled a ford 8n to Cali from Arkansas. but it was kinda pushing the limits
[06:08:47] <malcom2073_> Heh
[06:08:51] <malcom2073_> Silicone is easier than plastic
[06:10:53] <Mac-phone> archivist that goes back to a conversation Malcom and I had about covering a 50 ton bearing press
[06:11:11] <Mac-phone> less ratcheting
[06:14:22] <Mac-phone> malcom2073_ you get your plate tapped and mounted?
[06:14:36] <malcom2073_> Nope, got two of the holes done and then had family stuff
[06:15:34] <Mac-phone> dang family holding up progress :)
[06:18:21] <fenn> Mac-phone: check out vince gingery's book for the super hacky method
[06:19:01] <fenn> but for those "billet knobs" might as well just machine them from a bar of delrin
[06:19:44] <fenn> or whatever autophile material people want
[06:20:22] <Mac-phone> good idea.
[06:21:30] <fenn> this gives you a general idea what's in the gingery book: http://rick.sparber.org/Articles/gpi.pdf
[06:22:01] <Mac-phone> like late a blank knob then use fixtures for the faces?
[06:22:18] <Mac-phone> late = lathe
[06:22:21] <fenn> well i don't know what equipment you have available
[06:22:32] <fenn> but that would work
[06:22:59] <fenn> then you get to do walnut burls and all that craziness
[06:23:24] <Mac-phone> only a mill. but trying to brainstorm equipment and process ideas
[06:24:43] <Mac-phone> a subplate for this small table could handle 50 knobs
[06:26:23] <Mac-phone> thanks for the PDF fenn
[06:37:23] <archivist> a lathe can produce a better finish, also easier to polish on
[07:03:31] <Mac-phone> the wiki article on plastic injection moulding w good start
[07:03:52] <Mac-phone> was a*
[07:09:18] <JT-Tn> Morning
[08:22:59] <JT-Tn> It's 30f this morning at Wears Valley
[08:23:39] <malcom2073_> Nice
[08:23:59] <JT-Tn> Sunny
[08:24:33] <JT-Tn> We rode 225 miles in the mountains yesterday
[10:14:30] <enleth> Is about 0.005mm of runout acceptable for spindle bearings?
[10:15:45] <enleth> That looks like the ABEC 3 rating limit
[10:19:27] <LatheBuilder2> Good morning
[10:19:52] <LatheBuilder2> building an encoder for g333.1 moves
[10:19:57] <LatheBuilder2> g33.1 rather
[10:20:59] <LatheBuilder2> do spindle synchronized moves look at index any time other than the beginning of the cycle?
[10:21:07] <archivist> enleth, that is better than the schlesinger limit in testing machine tools 8th ed
[10:21:53] <enleth> interesting.
[10:22:21] <archivist> nearest to spindle nose .01mm
[10:23:43] <archivist> 8th ed was 1978
[10:25:10] <archivist> enleth, a taper test bar, .02 at 300mm from nose
[10:26:26] <enleth> of course there could be something wrong with the way I'm measuring it
[10:28:08] <archivist> for a used machine sounds reasonable though
[10:29:54] <CaptHindsight> using the logic in public schools those old books on machine design are obsolete :)
[10:30:42] <CaptHindsight> they probably use old math and old history
[10:30:42] <archivist> there is a huge amount the schools are forgetting
[10:30:45] <enleth> this is what I'm doing right now: http://i.imgur.com/Tnqhbmx.jpg
[10:31:26] <LatheBuilder2> some of my favorite books are old ones full of first principles rather than
[10:31:26] <enleth> runout seems to be the same on both bearings
[10:31:55] <LatheBuilder2> basic training distilled from first principles
[10:32:29] <enleth> and yet I've got a noticeable wobble on the ISO taper
[10:32:35] <archivist> enleth, I am quoting the mounted figure
[10:33:19] <archivist> mount bearings on v blocks them measure the nose
[10:33:28] <Wolf_> in that pic I think you are only measuring the run out of the balls and the outer race
[10:33:39] <LatheBuilder2> enleth is that a 30 taper?
[10:33:56] <LatheBuilder2> (sorry missed most of the conversation, joining late)
[10:34:35] <enleth> Wolf_: the bearings are preloaded even out of quill, so it seems to be meaningful, unless I'm forgetting something important
[10:34:43] <enleth> LatheBuilder2: yes
[10:35:23] <Wolf_> you have 2 more things that could be out of concentric that you arent measuring in that setup
[10:37:49] <enleth> problem #1 is no v blocks at hand, I have to buy or improvise
[10:39:46] <archivist> just some edges, 4, to drop onto
[10:40:48] <LatheBuilder2> right, a pair of bars with flat bottom cuts would work. bearings rest on the 4 points
[10:57:38] <enleth> the nose cap is a problem here, on a qc30 spindle it doesn't come off downwards
[10:58:53] <enleth> note to self: when replacing bearings, make SURE the nose cap is on before pressing the first bearing on
[11:00:06] <enleth> anyways I did it the ghetto way for now, using the edges of a table t-slot as a very shitty v block
[11:13:09] <enleth> putting it on something is not a problem
[11:13:16] <enleth> clamping it down is
[11:14:49] <archivist> should not need to clamp much if any as that will spring the bearings out of round
[11:15:21] <enleth> the problem is that the bearings are at the end of the spindle
[11:15:36] <enleth> the third one has a much lower OD
[11:16:07] <enleth> so with no clamping on the main bearings the spindle wants to rest at an angle
[11:19:45] <enleth> I can support the third bearing with some shims, but that doesn't look like a good idea
[11:20:25] <archivist> or press back into the head :)
[11:22:47] <archivist> or what I did for a temp job, some hose clips
[11:23:40] <enleth> with the spindle supported at an angle, resting on upper main and top bearings, lower main bearing in the air, there is about 0.01mm of runout on the shaft just before the splines start, 27 and 11.5cm from the supported bearings, respectively. not sure how useful that measurement is
[11:24:47] <archivist> about the distance in the schlesinger diagram maybe
[11:25:31] <archivist> and .01 for an old spindle cant be too bad
[11:26:33] <archivist> that being a sum of the errors in the bearings and spindle
[11:27:16] <archivist> and a lot better than my horizontal mill
[11:31:39] <t12> https://twitter.com/angealbertini/status/655684556092116992
[11:34:23] <enleth> long story short this is what I did now http://i.imgur.com/3sjPgiO.jpg
[11:35:34] <enleth> the indicator's protractor is riding along the front part of the taper about 3mm below the edge of the socket
[11:35:53] <enleth> I'm getting 0.03mm of runout there
[11:36:50] <enleth> can't really get any deeper, no lever indicator around
[11:39:21] <archivist> may be better/different again when back into the head
[11:39:32] <enleth> yup
[11:40:08] <archivist> often when testing like that there are human induced extra errors
[11:41:35] <archivist> even a couple wood lumps carved into some form of v just so you can clamp better
[11:41:47] <enleth> the thing is, when the spindle is in the quill and running at a low speed, I can feel some wobnle just pressing the top of a fingernail into the wall of the taper about halfway in. not a very scientific test, but I shouldn't be able to feel any pressure changes that way
[11:42:00] <enleth> *wobble
[11:42:23] <archivist> but was that before you changed bearings
[11:42:39] <enleth> no, still the same bearings
[11:42:55] <enleth> so I'm still not sure what's wrong
[11:43:07] <enleth> just the taper maybe?
[11:43:32] <archivist> iirc you said it felt rough
[11:43:38] <enleth> ah
[11:43:45] <enleth> only the top bearing
[11:43:58] <archivist> so if the top inner is worn
[11:44:07] <archivist> it will wobble
[11:44:35] <enleth> you mean the bearing race on the spindle?
[11:45:37] <enleth> I did replace that bearing, it feelt rather snug on there. I did not touch the main bearings at all. wobble still there.
[11:45:38] <archivist> yes
[11:46:17] <archivist> also if it has ever had a crash the spindle may not be perfect
[11:47:04] <archivist> there are people who come to machines ad regrind the taper insitu
[11:47:39] <enleth> I am considering having it done
[11:48:15] <enleth> but as far as I understand, the head has to be trammed really well before this can be done
[11:48:31] <archivist> but if cnc, you could just do it yourself with a grinder on the table
[11:49:44] <enleth> what difference does it make if the machine is cnc?
[11:51:46] <archivist> you can take the taper path needed easily
[11:52:52] <enleth> if I understand correctly - not on this machine, it can only do one axis at a time
[11:54:45] <archivist> when you have put linuxcnc on it :)
[11:54:46] <enleth> about the way grinding is done on a manual, do they just use a cone-shaped grinding "wheel"?
[11:55:53] <archivist> or a taper path on a small machine mounted on your table
[11:56:28] <enleth> anyway, I still don't really know if the 0.3mm runout I'm getting at a mill shank is caused by busted taper, spindle or bearings, although the taper is probably the first thing to try fixing, being the cheapest to fix
[11:58:14] <enleth> it would suck to re-grind it just to realize that the spindle is shot anyway, but it would suck more to shell out $1000 for a new spindle and bearings when a taper grind would have done it
[11:59:07] <archivist> is the machine needed to be of a high quality or good enough
[12:00:02] <enleth> for now, good enough, but 0.3mm of runout is still far from that.
[12:03:34] <LatheBuilder2> enleth, is there any chance you have a minor burr or stuck chip in the socket?
[12:11:17] <enleth> waaaaaait a moment, something wacky is going on with the qc30 locknut
[12:17:35] <enleth> there are those two thingies that grab and press onto the toolholder flange
[12:18:30] <enleth> they are so horribly worn that the taper could be loose
[12:19:30] <archivist> the taper is normally part of the spindle not separate
[12:19:43] <enleth> I was able to loosen it up by hand with the nut tightened pretty hard, didn't notice it before because the alignment blocks acted as an improptu takeup
[12:20:08] <archivist> driving dogs?
[12:20:22] <enleth> archivist: I mean, the toolholder could be loose in the taper
[12:20:51] <enleth> yeah, that's what they would have been called if they were meant for that
[12:21:05] <enleth> but they aren't, obviously
[12:21:08] <archivist> if any dirt /damage, tighten fully
[12:21:22] <enleth> so it kinda "worked"
[12:21:32] <archivist> the dogs are for driving not alignment
[12:21:56] <enleth> you sure? in a qc30 spindle?
[12:22:12] <archivist> the taper is the alignment
[12:23:34] <enleth> I was pretty convinced that they are there only to help align the holder before the locknut is tightened, at which point the taper provides both alignment and torque transfer
[12:25:00] <enleth> I removed them now because they got in the way of the indicator but I milled with both in place
[12:26:07] <enleth> and I'm sure now that they were the only thing keeping the holder from spinning in the taper because the locknut couldn't apply pressure properly
[12:27:42] <archivist> taper does torque transfer too, the dogs guarantee no taper damage where the torque rises above the usual grip
[12:28:19] <archivist> eg drive in a slabbing cut
[12:28:20] <zeeshan> i didnt read the entire conversation
[12:28:25] <zeeshan> but did you try removing the drive dogs
[12:28:29] <zeeshan> and just spinning the tool holder by hand?
[12:28:32] <archivist> he did
[12:28:48] <zeeshan> also if you take a prybar
[12:28:53] <zeeshan> wrap it in tape
[12:28:55] <zeeshan> or foil
[12:29:04] <zeeshan> if you can pry it with a regular 8" prybar
[12:29:21] <zeeshan> (wait is this hydraulic?)
[12:29:22] <zeeshan> :P
[12:29:25] * zeeshan reads
[12:29:26] <enleth> the locknut: http://i.imgur.com/Aeq18uJ.jpg
[12:30:07] <zeeshan> archivist: do you to stargazing w/ a telescope?
[12:30:27] <enleth> note the lower "fingers" on the nut are so worn down that there's a step on them
[12:30:32] <archivist> zeeshan, not for a very long time
[12:30:37] <zeeshan> darjn
[12:30:40] <enleth> they just don't grab
[12:30:43] <archivist> why
[12:30:44] <zeeshan> i figured with all your precision stuff, youd be into it :P
[12:30:49] <zeeshan> im just getting into it
[12:30:56] <zeeshan> my gf got me a telescope for my bday last week
[12:31:06] <zeeshan> i tried to see stuf last night, failed :)
[12:33:01] <enleth> time for a new locknut then. shit.
[12:33:22] <zeeshan> youre missing a bearing there dude :P
[12:34:00] <enleth> kennametal sells them but the price is a complete ass pull
[12:34:07] <enleth> zeeshan: what?
[12:34:57] <zeeshan> being silly
[12:35:42] <archivist> enleth, I cant see how the nut affects it
[12:36:36] <archivist> zeeshan, it needs cold clear nights!
[12:36:46] <archivist> I prefer warm
[12:36:49] <zeeshan> dude i was amazed
[12:36:56] <zeeshan> w/ how much stars i could pick up with the finders scope
[12:37:00] <enleth> archivist: well, it does. hard to explain in text form.
[12:37:01] <zeeshan> and not even see them with my eye,..
[12:38:49] <archivist> enleth, unless the nut is so worn it can lo longer pull the taper in tight
[12:38:57] <archivist> no longer
[12:39:10] <enleth> archivist: it is, that's the point
[12:40:13] <archivist> if you can rattle something after tightening, time to add shims, make new or buy new
[12:40:20] <enleth> archivist: there are two pairs of fingers extending inwards in the locknut, one that pushes the holder in by the flange and the other that pulls it out. the first pair is heavily worn
[12:40:34] <enleth> I can.
[12:41:55] <enleth> the pull-out fingers push hard against the spindle face before the pull-in fingers really engage the holder flange
[12:45:05] <enleth> as a quick fix for a nut that needs replacing anyway, I could remove the pull-out fingers and get some more lifetime out of this nut, in exchange for holders getting stuck in the taper
[12:45:26] <enleth> not sure if that's a good deal
[12:46:11] <archivist> or grind the pull in so its thinner
[12:46:21] <archivist> pull out I mean
[12:47:24] <archivist> or machine the nut a little so more space for the pull out
[12:47:43] <enleth> also, the pull in fingers look replaceable
[12:48:35] <enleth> but to get the whole inner assembly out, I'd have to remove a retaining ring that clearly wasn't meant to be removed
[12:50:06] <enleth> actually I got it on the last photo - above the pull out finger a split in the ring can be seen, but nothimg to grab onto
[12:51:02] <enleth> it's just a split spring steel ring
[12:51:08] <archivist> I saw that
[12:51:38] <archivist> one of those near impossible things
[12:52:15] <enleth> the only way to remove it I can think of is to drill a hole fron the side to push one end in and grab it
[12:53:20] <archivist> I have a right angle head with an impossible ring, because it is so strong http://www.collection.archivist.info/showresult.php?prog=1&srcprog=searchv13.php&srcdata=title&Type=PD&Accn_no=9023&subject=25811
[12:54:09] <enleth> yours looks removeable
[12:54:26] <enleth> there are eylets for a circlip remover
[12:54:33] <enleth> *eyelets
[12:55:21] <archivist> I just cannot get enough force on it, it jumps off and back in the groove
[12:56:26] <enleth> ah.
[12:59:14] <enleth> at least you could try
[12:59:52] <enleth> with mine, I don't even know how they assembled that
[13:00:47] <enleth> holy shit, a new locknutvis over $250
[13:01:07] <enleth> gotta find a used one
[13:01:32] <enleth> and hope it's in a better condition
[13:01:59] <archivist> care with a dremel grind the ring so it can be broken, make a new
[13:03:05] <enleth> a normal circlip could be fitted there if the dimensions are anywhere close to some retail size
[13:08:15] ChanServ changed topic of #linuxcnc to: LinuxCNC is a linux-based open-source CNC control. | Latest releases: 2.7.1 and 2.6.10 | http://www.linuxcnc.org
[13:16:48] <enleth> small success - I was able to pry the ring out of there with a pair of flat screwdrivers
[13:17:09] <enleth> wasn't in very tight, just hard to get at
[13:29:08] <enleth> holy crap, the inner assembly is almost cracked in half
[13:30:03] <archivist> had some use then
[13:32:02] <enleth> the worst thing is, I can't buy it outside a $260 set
[14:05:30] <enleth> in fact $200 more gets me a spare spindle with a lock nut
[14:29:19] <enleth> they used to be $110, now the cheapest out there is $230
[14:30:12] <zeeshan> whats they
[14:30:13] <zeeshan> :P
[14:30:19] <Tom_itx> zeeshan get yourself a star chart now
[14:30:30] <zeeshan> Tom_itx: not looking for something specific yet
[14:30:32] <zeeshan> just point and shooting
[14:30:42] <enleth> zeeshan: QC30 locknuts for a bridgeport
[14:30:45] <zeeshan> ah
[14:30:48] <Tom_itx> does it track?
[14:30:59] <zeeshan> no
[14:31:00] <zeeshan> its manual
[14:31:06] <Tom_itx> you need to be level and at your longitude
[14:31:10] <zeeshan> why
[14:31:13] <zeeshan> im pointing and shooting
[14:31:17] <zeeshan> finding something with my eyes
[14:31:18] <Tom_itx> to follow a star
[14:31:20] <zeeshan> pointing with finders scope
[14:31:29] <zeeshan> and trying to zoom in w/ the big scope
[14:31:34] <zeeshan> but it still looks like a small star :P
[14:31:40] <Tom_itx> heh it will
[14:31:51] <Tom_itx> look at the moon
[14:31:57] <Tom_itx> you can find some planets too
[14:32:04] <zeeshan> i need to find staturn!
[14:32:17] <Tom_itx> i've seen it a few times
[14:33:05] <Tom_itx> mine's all packed away in the closet now
[14:33:08] <zeeshan> im trying to find a red flashlight..
[14:33:10] <zeeshan> why
[14:33:29] <Tom_itx> too light in town and never seem to go where things are visible
[14:33:40] <Tom_itx> in fact the local observatory finally closed
[14:33:51] <Tom_itx> i think partially because it was getting too light there
[14:34:01] <Tom_itx> that and funding
[14:34:44] <Tom_itx> http://www.telescopes.com/products/celestron-nexstar-8-se-telescope?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googlepla&variant=1962183620&gclid=CKGIx8XczMgCFZWHaQodaNkL9Q
[14:34:48] <Tom_itx> mine is similar but older
[14:35:14] <zeeshan> mine is a basic
[14:35:15] <zeeshan> 8"
[14:35:23] <Tom_itx> reflector?
[14:35:27] <zeeshan> http://i.imgur.com/LI9zw5v.jpg
[14:35:27] <Tom_itx> probably..
[14:35:28] <zeeshan> ya
[14:35:53] <enleth> eh, making a new locknut insert from scratch would be far from trivial
[14:36:04] <Tom_itx> mine's got a star database so it's a bit easier to find stuff
[14:36:20] <zeeshan> i wanna try to find stuff manually
[14:40:28] <Jymmm> zeeshan: isn't that fround upon in at least 39 states?
[14:40:47] <zeeshan> huh
[14:40:59] <Jymmm> nm
[14:41:14] <Tom_itx> he's not in a state
[14:41:18] <Tom_itx> he's exempt
[14:41:27] <Jymmm> Tom_itx: state of confusion?
[14:41:44] <Tom_itx> dazed n confused
[14:42:11] <Jymmm> I prefer naked eye star gazing... Just outside of Sedona Arizona is pretty awesome!!!
[14:42:29] <Jymmm> no light pollution
[14:48:09] <Tom_itx> yeah this would be great there
[14:48:33] <Tom_itx> where we camped we could nearly always spot falling stars etc
[14:48:59] <Jymmm> Heh, out there I spotted 85 in an hour
[14:49:22] <Tom_itx> yeah during a 'shower' it was quite active
[14:51:20] <Tom_itx> makes you wonder how many actually make it all the way down
[14:51:24] <Jymmm> Tom_itx: PERFECT SPOT - far enought from the hwy to avoid headlights https://goo.gl/maps/aw479FQA4QA2
[15:17:03] <alex_joni> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOIWy6MsXOs
[15:43:34] <Tom_itx> alex_joni, i like watching those videos but it makes you wonder at what machine cost and is that cost worth it in production
[15:44:13] <Tom_itx> very cool though
[15:44:39] <CaptHindsight> much more affordable if DIY and a good bargain hunter
[15:45:08] <Tom_itx> DIY isn't gonna pay for the cam to run one
[15:45:20] <Tom_itx> most aren't brilliant enough to manually program that
[15:45:30] <CaptHindsight> yeah, that's a big hit for DIYers
[15:45:44] <Tom_itx> so back to my question.
[15:46:25] <Tom_itx> the software will cost as much as a DIY is willing to pay for a machine
[15:46:26] <CaptHindsight> DIY for business is what I was referring to vs hobby DIYers
[15:46:39] <Tom_itx> i know
[15:47:18] <Tom_itx> i think it's awesome what we can do with machines nowdays
[15:47:25] <CaptHindsight> then again Andy and Archivist would cobble it together just for fun
[15:47:33] <Tom_itx> true
[15:48:19] <Tom_itx> i wish these videos would show the pains they go thru setting up the part and tooling
[15:48:42] <CaptHindsight> I looked into the open CAM for 4+ axis a couple of years ago..
[15:49:43] <Tom_itx> Stuart's company was looking at this at one point: http://www.nccs.com/
[15:49:51] <Tom_itx> dunno if they sprung for it or not
[15:49:52] <CaptHindsight> I was going to get some help writing it for a project but the end user of the project decided to use NX
[15:50:43] <CaptHindsight> their thinking that since they already use NX and have experience with it they didn't want to have to learn Heeks for 5 axis or similar
[15:52:56] <t12> today from the fleamarket: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/h2aelqmkahui3jh/AACw4GVypqjxjLm0L5hQgWQWa
[15:53:02] <t12> doppler radar frontend!
[15:54:09] <CaptHindsight> t12: going to make a giant speed gun?
[15:54:15] <t12> Doppler Radar; manufactured by Teledyne Ryan; used in UH-2, SH-3, SH-34J, CH-53D, Z-1
[15:54:57] <t12> i guess helicopter radar
[15:55:22] <CaptHindsight> just don't roast your eyes out
[15:55:56] <t12> i will try and avoid that
[15:56:36] <CaptHindsight> "I don't see any microwaves, are you sure it's on"
[15:57:28] <CaptHindsight> a question I was once asked by someone next to a 10m uplink antenna
[15:58:12] <CaptHindsight> then he placed his hands on the dish and said " it doesn't feel warm"
[15:58:28] <t12> i've heard of people heating their lunch in large radar dishes
[15:58:46] <t12> hard to find info on this one
[16:00:04] <CaptHindsight> Tom_itx: any idea what NCL costs?
[16:00:55] <Tom_itx> not at all
[16:00:58] <Tom_itx> KimK might
[16:06:38] <Deejay> gn8
[16:23:16] <JT-Tn> Pete we made it to Craw Daddies today. Good food for sure.
[16:25:08] <Loetmichel> hmm, can someone suggest a "lighter" browser for lubuntu 14.04? The up to date Firefox is a BIT heavy on this notebooks P2-366 ;-)
[16:25:33] <enleth> I measured spindle runout in situ with no toolholder. 0.01mm right at the mouth of the taper
[16:25:59] <enleth> so it was the locknut after all
[16:26:36] <enleth> and maybe the taper is due for a regrind
[16:27:26] <enleth> but there is hope that the spindle and bearings are fine after all
[16:28:14] <JT-Tn> Grandmother's kitchen and Geppettos in the valley are super goog
[16:28:44] <JT-Tn> Put a dowel in a tool holder and measure that
[16:34:46] <JT-Mobile> Damn dumb phone.
[16:41:08] <JT-Mobile> We saw all kind of wildlife this weekend, a heard of elk, bunches of turkeys and even a button head.
[16:41:33] <JT-Mobile> Damn spellchecker butt head
[16:58:16] <MacGalempsy> archivist: are you still up and around?
[17:02:13] <MacGalempsy> can anyone with PID tuning experience tell me how Kv and Kvff fit into the Linux CNC tuning?
[17:02:23] <XXCoder> t12: I recall a story where guy at some event commented that there was so many newsvans that if he threw up raw chicken it would come down cooked
[17:02:59] <XXCoder> Loetmichel: I know of couple but googling because forgot name
[17:04:01] <MacGalempsy> NM it is Feed forward
[17:04:52] <t12> fleamarket ruled today
[17:05:02] <t12> i'm ending up like oxtoolco here
[17:05:33] <XXCoder> ah pale moon, Loetmichel
[17:06:46] <t12> https://www.dropbox.com/sc/3u4r070fe3f0zsv/AAACEDdNRX61l6MZXa6NJSzka
[17:17:41] <MacGalempsy> is that a little servo motor above the button?
[17:18:12] <t12> motor tachometer gen
[17:18:24] <MacGalempsy> cool find
[17:18:43] <t12> i never quite understand these old mil motors
[17:18:47] <t12> lots of obscure 3phase things
[17:18:49] <t12> insturmentation things
[17:19:01] <t12> they tend to be a few bucks
[17:19:08] <MacGalempsy> which fleamarket you hit? san jose or oakland?
[17:19:12] <t12> old airplane insturmentation is full of it
[17:19:17] <t12> alamaney, sf
[17:19:31] <t12> theres one dude who always has mil stuff, i think he does san jose and the ham too
[17:19:37] <MacGalempsy> ah. I use to like going to Denios and Oakland
[17:19:58] <MacGalempsy> the ones down in modesto always had good tools
[17:22:32] <Roguish_> hey all. anyone familiar with TOUCHY gui?
[17:22:55] <Roguish_> when the heck are the 'touchy' pins created?
[17:25:15] <t12> are sheetmetal gauges and wire gauges the same?
[17:41:09] <Roguish_> ok. got it. the file 'touchy.hal' does not need to be called in the HAL section of the .ini file. it just resides in the running directory. this is inconsistent. would be better to be called (maybe last?) in the HAL section. yes????
[17:43:34] <JT-Tn> Makes sense to me
[17:43:53] <JT-Tn> But Touchy is a bit weird
[17:44:02] <XXCoder> bad touch! no bad touch!
[17:44:15] <JT-Tn> lol
[17:44:19] <Roguish_> JT_shop is that you?
[17:44:27] <JT-Tn> Pete you here?
[17:44:41] <JT-Tn> Yes I'm in Pete's backyard
[17:45:12] <JT-Tn> Vacation with the wife
[17:46:28] <Roguish_> ok. well it took some time but I have a touchy config, including jog wheel, for my bridgeport. now need to add some probing. like edge finding and center finding.
[17:46:35] <Tom_itx> JT-Tn, good travel weather?
[17:47:24] <JT-Tn> Tom Yea a bit nippy but not bad
[17:48:40] <JT-Tn> Roguish there are some ngcgui subroutines for probing
[17:49:02] <JT-Tn> Did you add ngcgui and gremlin?
[17:50:27] <JT-Tn> Tom the mountains were pretty cold yesterday we rode 225 miles in them
[17:51:04] <Tom_itx> saw that
[17:52:00] <Tom_itx> where are you near now?
[17:58:21] <JT-Tn> We are in Wears Valley
[17:59:11] <JT-Tn> We head back to the barn tomorrow
[17:59:21] <zeeshan> t12 yes
[17:59:31] <zeeshan> for ferrous
[17:59:45] <zeeshan> er
[17:59:48] <zeeshan> for non ferous they are same
[17:59:51] <JT-Tn> Zeeeeeeeee
[17:59:54] <zeeshan> *just woke up
[17:59:56] <zeeshan> JT!!
[17:59:57] <zeeshan> hows your trip
[17:59:58] <Tom_itx> just on the edge of the hills then
[18:00:03] <zeeshan> did you meet pete! :P
[18:00:14] <JT-Tn> We are having a blast
[18:00:19] <Tom_itx> zeeshan would you admit that?
[18:00:27] <Tom_itx> :)
[18:00:29] <JT-Tn> Yes I met Pete yesterday
[18:00:31] <zeeshan> hehe
[18:00:52] <zeeshan> what did you guys do
[18:01:09] <JT-Tn> Good to put a face with a nick
[18:01:29] <Sync> hmm, just looking at those segment welded exhausts, is there a way to calculate them?
[18:01:42] <zeeshan> sync those pie cut exhausts?
[18:01:52] <JT-Tn> Just a quick chat then we rode 225 miles of mountain roads
[18:02:10] <zeeshan> thats a lot of riding mate
[18:02:11] <zeeshan> :P
[18:02:19] <zeeshan> your legs must be beast
[18:02:31] <JT-Tn> Yea we got back kind of late
[18:02:49] <JT-Tn> My legs are tough
[18:03:29] <Sync> yeah zeeshan
[18:03:45] <zeeshan> dont do it :P
[18:04:37] <Sync> why not?
[18:04:55] <zeeshan> bad air flow :P
[18:04:55] <Sync> the shape I want is annoying to bend
[18:05:02] <Sync> nah
[18:05:06] <zeeshan> grab a donut
[18:05:10] <zeeshan> its super tight bend
[18:05:21] <Sync> I can hammer the welds flat on an anvil
[18:05:36] <Sync> it is a compound curve in 2 axis
[18:08:14] <Sync> and my mandrel bender guy said, that he doesn't really want to have to do it
[18:09:20] <Sync> and it is .9 or 1mm inconel tubing
[18:09:28] <JT-Tn> Can you induction heat bend it?
[18:09:30] <Sync> so I can actually hammer it nice and smooth
[18:09:39] <Sync> it will kink
[18:12:22] <zeeshan> pie cuts it is :P
[18:14:24] <Sync> yep
[18:14:25] <Sync> as I said :D
[18:15:03] <andypugh> Sync: Have you seen the technique where you hydraulically inflate a pipe to the right shape then cut and twist?
[18:15:45] <Sync> yeah I thought about making a die and then hydroform them
[18:16:01] <Sync> but I think for test and development welding them is more cost effective
[18:17:48] <andypugh> You don’t need a die.
[18:18:21] <Sync> yeah I can weld the shape and then hydroform
[18:18:28] <Sync> but that's not really working here
[18:19:15] <andypugh> Not the best example, but shows the idea. Some people do this professionally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppXRMTeR2NQ
[18:19:54] <andypugh> So, you inflate a flat version, then weld in the teist.
[18:19:58] <andypugh> (twist)
[18:20:45] <zeeshan> no safety glasses
[18:20:45] <zeeshan> nice
[18:20:52] <Sync> yeah, I thought about that
[18:21:03] <andypugh> With water there isn’t very much risk.
[18:21:10] <Sync> but I think my pipes don't really are suited for that
[18:21:21] <Sync> as I want them round and relatively small
[18:21:30] <Sync> I'll have to fiddle with the pie cuts
[18:22:05] <zeeshan> do you have a cad software
[18:22:07] <zeeshan> w/ sheet metal
[18:22:58] <zeeshan> if its truly a messed up a shape you cant do with regular tube that you pie cut
[18:23:04] <zeeshan> then that is the way to go
[18:23:28] <SpeedEvil> 3d print.
[18:23:43] <Sync> yeah but I want to avoid having to bend all the pies
[18:23:48] <zeeshan> you'll draw your shape and have a 3d version, then make a split line, then choose the number segments you want
[18:23:50] <zeeshan> then you can slip roll it
[18:23:57] <zeeshan> and weld em together
[18:24:00] <zeeshan> no need to hammer
[18:24:05] <zeeshan> tig em
[18:24:13] <Sync> I'll need to hammer the insides
[18:24:21] <Sync> even when tigging
[18:24:21] <zeeshan> why
[18:24:25] <zeeshan> youd weld the shape you want
[18:24:28] <Sync> yes
[18:24:35] <Sync> but I need to smooth the weld
[18:24:37] <zeeshan> and you would want to fusion weld it
[18:24:39] <zeeshan> so its smooth
[18:24:42] <zeeshan> while back purging
[18:25:05] <zeeshan> ive never tried fusion welding inconel..
[18:25:06] <SpeedEvil> zeeshan: I was pondering CNC english-wheel
[18:25:07] <zeeshan> so :p
[18:25:13] <Sync> that's for sure, but the first one flowed better when I redid the same shape and hammered it
[18:25:27] <Sync> so, eh
[18:25:40] <zeeshan> inconel is death for all tools
[18:25:45] <zeeshan> so i havent played with it
[18:26:08] <XXCoder> zeeshan: it is definitely mean to tools
[18:26:18] <zeeshan> SpeedEvil: that'd be interesting
[18:26:22] <XXCoder> I usually replace engraver tool each 30 parts
[18:26:27] <zeeshan> you guys do realize
[18:26:32] <Wolf_> just 3d print it
[18:26:33] <zeeshan> all your problems would be solved if you were superman right?
[18:26:40] <Sync> LAZORWELD
[18:26:47] <XXCoder> compared to alum ones (similiar task, engrave) I can do over 500 one tool
[18:26:48] <zeeshan> you'd pick up a sheet metal piece and just bend it to shape with your hands :P
[18:27:03] <XXCoder> superman is powerful but not precise.
[18:27:11] <XXCoder> his tol probaly is .1"
[18:27:16] <zeeshan> good enuf
[18:27:16] <zeeshan> :P
[18:27:19] <Sync> it is not really that bad zeeshan
[18:27:27] <Sync> I mean, it is shit
[18:27:32] <Sync> but I machined worse
[18:27:37] <XXCoder> like what?
[18:27:43] <zeeshan> ive never had a need to use it to be honest
[18:27:49] <XXCoder> though fiberglass is as mean on tools
[18:27:50] <zeeshan> ss321 works for most of the stuff i want
[18:27:57] <XXCoder> due to it literally sandpapering tools
[18:28:20] <zeeshan> XXCoder: you're sayuing you can do 500 in al
[18:28:22] <zeeshan> vs 1 in inconel
[18:28:25] <zeeshan> for the same engraving task?
[18:28:26] <XXCoder> 30
[18:28:32] <zeeshan> oh i misread
[18:28:40] <Sync> ss will be heavier
[18:28:43] <zeeshan> damn inconel :)
[18:28:53] <XXCoder> 500 is under actually I managed to do 1,000+ before. depends on luck and tool
[18:28:57] <zeeshan> Sync: most car apps it doesnt matter
[18:29:00] <zeeshan> they're not f1 :P
[18:29:09] <Sync> the final version will have progressively thinner pies
[18:29:11] <Sync> well
[18:29:18] <Sync> we need to get under the spec weight
[18:29:21] <XXCoder> incocel once a while lucky get tool tough enough to last 40
[18:29:27] <XXCoder> and sometimes it breaks at 20
[18:29:32] <Sync> so we can put DU plates on the underside
[18:30:21] <zeeshan> jesus
[18:30:29] <zeeshan> i did not know inconel had a lot of nickel
[18:30:32] <Sync> yep
[18:30:38] <zeeshan> wow i was always under the impression it was ferrous base
[18:30:43] <zeeshan> w/ just a shit load of chromium
[18:30:47] <Sync> no
[18:30:50] <zeeshan> no wonder it's so hard to machine
[18:30:51] <Sync> it basically is nickel
[18:30:52] <zeeshan> damn you nickel!
[18:31:26] <zeeshan> 150 ksi yield strength
[18:31:35] <XXCoder> isnt chromium really tough
[18:31:41] <Sync> well, they are not F1, but they are racing
[18:31:46] <Sync> so everything counts :P
[18:31:54] <zeeshan> Sync: its just my opinion man
[18:31:55] <XXCoder> I always wondered on composition. I suspected there was some tungsein in it. guess not
[18:31:57] <zeeshan> the extra 5lb you save
[18:32:01] <zeeshan> isn't worth all the hassle
[18:32:10] <zeeshan> but in some applications i can see it being helpful
[18:32:31] <XXCoder> with chromium it should resist MUCH corruption. same for nickel
[18:32:40] <XXCoder> so its pretty tough all around.
[18:32:51] <zeeshan> XXCoder: inconel is superior to stainless though
[18:32:55] <XXCoder> with thin coating of gold I bet it's so tough and long very long
[18:32:56] <zeeshan> in high temp environments
[18:33:01] <XXCoder> *last very long
[18:33:05] <zeeshan> it doesnt creep
[18:33:27] <zeeshan> and its yield at that temp is also much higher
[18:33:37] <XXCoder> interesting. high temp it wouldnt need any thin gold coating as it would melt off lol
[18:33:44] <zeeshan> basically when you work out all the math it comes down to: .0625" stainless steel
[18:33:44] <zeeshan> or
[18:33:49] <zeeshan> .03125" inconel
[18:34:16] <XXCoder> guess it means less weight overall at end, even when inonel is heavier overall
[18:34:17] <Sync> zeeshan: well, we are about as quick as our competition, but some of the drivers suck so we need to get more performance out of the car
[18:34:22] <zeeshan> XXCoder: yep
[18:34:41] <Sync> and lowerering the CG will give us an advantage over them because they are currently too lazy to do it
[18:34:57] <zeeshan> Sync: yea you're competing
[18:34:59] <zeeshan> every bit counts
[18:35:07] <zeeshan> especially if you've optimized weight everywhere else
[18:35:22] <Sync> well, not everywhere
[18:35:36] <Sync> but I have a good contact to get inconel tubing
[18:35:36] <zeeshan> like if someone really wants to drop 5lb from the car
[18:35:44] <zeeshan> you can do that for about a $100lb
[18:35:45] <zeeshan> er
[18:35:48] <zeeshan> $100
[18:35:57] <zeeshan> by using aluminum fasteners in locations
[18:35:57] <XXCoder> airplanes it does make sense
[18:36:07] <XXCoder> 1 lb means fuel savings. and lighter plane
[18:36:16] <XXCoder> one plane needs quite a lot of endcaps
[18:36:21] <XXCoder> for example
[18:36:24] <Sync> well, another guy is making carbon body panels
[18:36:33] <Sync> that will save some over the glassfiber ones
[18:36:50] <zeeshan> you need to ask your driver to go on a diet too
[18:36:52] <zeeshan> that'll easily drop 5lb
[18:36:53] <zeeshan> :-)
[18:37:16] <XXCoder> lol I guess endcaps save around .1 pound each. and one plane needs hundreds
[18:37:27] <XXCoder> as well as more of different types
[18:37:27] <Sync> well, it is still amateur racing, so that's pretty hard to ask :D
[18:38:19] <XXCoder> first thing, take that chair out
[18:38:26] <XXCoder> replace it with superlight chair
[18:38:32] <Tom_itx> Sync get new drivers?
[18:38:33] <Sync> although next year I'll probably get to make my double wishbone suspension
[18:38:36] <XXCoder> easy weight savings lol
[18:39:37] <Sync> we are already running carbon seats
[18:39:43] <Sync> 4.5kg
[18:40:02] <zeeshan> don't eat a 5lb steak
[18:40:04] <zeeshan> before the race!
[18:40:04] <zeeshan> :D
[18:40:23] <zeeshan> man i have a lot of shit to move in the garage
[18:40:26] <zeeshan> in 4 grs.
[18:40:28] <zeeshan> *hrs
[18:40:36] <SpeedEvil> zeeshan: >10000lb?
[18:40:41] <zeeshan> no
[18:40:43] <zeeshan> much less thank god
[18:41:02] <Sync> but yeah, realistically it is all just for the fun ;)
[18:41:03] <Tom_itx> it'll sit all week waiting for you
[18:41:17] <zeeshan> im gonna start working on the lathe in about a month
[18:41:27] <zeeshan> i really need to finish my rx7
[18:41:30] <zeeshan> all this car talk
[18:41:36] <zeeshan> thing needs some attention
[18:41:40] <zeeshan> it was so shiny after i washed it
[18:41:46] <Tom_itx> it needs a home less crouded
[18:41:57] <zeeshan> Tom_itx: i actually am looking at properties
[18:42:06] <zeeshan> i came across this sweet property..
[18:42:08] <zeeshan> 10 acres!
[18:42:14] <zeeshan> already has a house
[18:42:18] <zeeshan> but would need to build a shop
[18:42:29] <Tom_itx> who cares about the house... need a good shop
[18:42:47] <zeeshan> lol
[18:42:52] <JT-Tn> Your young just do it
[18:42:54] <malcom2073_> You need a shop with a small bedroom attached
[18:42:57] <malcom2073_> what's this house bs
[18:43:11] <zeeshan> i have 5 passions
[18:43:14] <Tom_itx> just a cot in the office
[18:43:15] <SpeedEvil> malcom2073_: Bunk-bed over the lathe
[18:43:17] <zeeshan> 1. cars
[18:43:22] <zeeshan> 2. machining/engineering/design
[18:43:26] <zeeshan> 3. astronomy
[18:43:28] <zeeshan> 4. farming
[18:43:30] <malcom2073_> SpeedEvil: Loft bed indeed!
[18:43:32] <andypugh> Wolf_: 3D printing exhausts might work, or at least 3D print then electroform.
[18:43:32] <zeeshan> 5. women
[18:43:40] <zeeshan> *woman
[18:43:45] <Tom_itx> that one will be the death of you
[18:43:48] <zeeshan> to meet all these passions, you need a house and a lot of acre
[18:43:49] <zeeshan> :)
[18:43:52] <malcom2073_> Yeah, the last one will kill all the others
[18:43:54] <JT-Tn> I think you're backwards
[18:44:05] <malcom2073_> Cept farming, that'll kill you
[18:44:13] <Wolf_> andypugh: I was thinking more towards laser sintered 3d printer
[18:44:14] <SpeedEvil> malcom2073_: Wells are easy to dig
[18:44:19] <zeeshan> JT-Tn: don't tell my wifey
[18:44:20] <zeeshan> haha
[18:44:23] <SpeedEvil> Wolf_: e-beam is shiny
[18:44:29] <zeeshan> im kidding, she's the best
[18:44:30] <zeeshan> super helpful
[18:44:31] <JT-Tn> lil
[18:44:35] <zeeshan> any woman who'll help me move my machine
[18:44:39] <zeeshan> is in my heart forever
[18:44:49] <zeeshan> most women frown upon that stuff.
[18:44:57] <zeeshan> too busy doing superficial stuff
[18:45:07] <JT-Tn> Mine helped build the house
[18:45:11] <zeeshan> there you go
[18:45:15] <zeeshan> life partner
[18:45:23] <andypugh> Wolf_: This is a friend’s electroformed 5:1 colector: https://picasaweb.google.com/108164504656404380542/Roj?authkey=Gv1sRgCJbSsrD-kfr3Hg#6200435035477197074
[18:45:31] <zeeshan> JT-Tn: does she bike with you?
[18:46:03] <JT-Tn> She rides everywhere I go
[18:46:14] <zeeshan> nice to have the same hobby
[18:47:02] <andypugh> For sharing hobbies it probably helps to be gay.
[18:47:12] <JT-Tn> lol
[18:48:01] <JT-Tn> We both enjoy riding
[18:48:14] <malcom2073_> Lol
[18:48:25] <malcom2073_> My wife likes cars, and tolerates my other hobbies
[18:48:44] <andypugh> Though I do know two women who have described my Rivett Lathe as “Pretty” so it isn’t hopeless.
[18:48:50] <zeeshan> haha
[18:49:00] <humble_sea_bass> tolerance is all we ask for
[18:49:12] <zeeshan> +/- .001"
[18:49:21] <humble_sea_bass> *rimshot*
[18:49:26] <malcom2073_> +/-0.1" at times
[18:50:58] <JT-Tn> I came home with a 98 goldwing one day and the wife said take me for a ride. We have been riding ever since
[18:51:44] <zeeshan> nice
[18:52:36] <JT-Tn> I came home with a '65 John Deer 350 crawler and she never asked for a ride lol
[18:53:15] <JT-Tn> We have put 39
[18:53:46] <JT-Tn> 30k miles on a bike since then
[18:56:33] <andypugh> My Ex was the one who persuaded me to but my 2004 R1 brand new. I still have the bike. I don’t miss the mad woman.
[18:57:26] <andypugh> (100k miles on the R1, but 99.5k of that is solo, she had her own bike)
[18:58:55] <Tom_itx> she must have had one good quality if she talked you into the bike
[19:00:01] <andypugh> I am not sure, she might just have seen it as yet another way to control me.
[19:02:38] <Sync> I try to avoid riding with a brake weight
[19:03:42] <andypugh> Yeah, having a pillion does make the bike a whole lot less fun to ride. It can make being at the destination more fun.
[19:05:14] <Sync> I once had a girl riding with me that frantically tried to lean the wrong way because she was scared that we'd tip over
[19:05:19] <Sync> took me some time to realize that
[19:09:12] <JT-Tn> I get 45 mpg riding 2 up and 40 solo go figure
[19:11:58] <Sync> the good thing is, once you realize what's going on you can still lean over but you need to ignore the yelling from behind
[19:13:39] <JT-Tn> Yep
[19:16:19] <JT-Tn> :-)
[19:22:09] <Sync> hmm, I wonder if that guy from argentinia will show up again
[19:22:18] <Sync> I know what his problem with the yaskawa spindle drive is
[19:24:43] <JT-Tn> Say goodnight Gracie
[19:27:06] <t12> i'm going to attempt to fix my headstock alignment with moglice
[19:27:45] <t12> apply moglice, put it on V ways, align spindle while its setting
[19:27:59] <t12> i wonder if this will work/be a disaster
[19:29:03] <t12> air bubbles will be hard to avoid
[19:29:35] <Tom_itx> vaccuum
[19:29:45] <t12> vacuum where?
[19:30:02] <Tom_itx> where you need it
[19:30:10] <t12> dont think i could seal around it
[19:30:21] <t12> the headstock V's were angle grinder fit
[19:30:36] <t12> i think their idea of headstock alignment was to leave the corners alone, make the rest concave
[19:30:46] <t12> then warp the entire headstock with bolt tension
[19:30:51] <t12> until its kinda aligned
[19:33:05] <MacGalempsy> never used moglice, but t12 that sounds like a potential disaster
[19:33:22] <t12> figure failre case i can grind out the moglice and i'll be where i started
[19:33:33] <t12> other option is to scrape it in
[19:33:42] <MacGalempsy> scraping is free
[19:33:54] <MacGalempsy> and if you over do it, then try moglice
[19:33:56] <t12> well, need carbide sharpening dodads
[19:34:09] <t12> wavy prolly +-.010 so LOTS of scraping
[19:34:18] <MacGalempsy> oh
[19:34:19] <t12> gotta go make, scrap prism refs
[19:34:55] <t12> gonna release compound on the bed, it seems fine
[19:35:10] <MacGalempsy> possible to remove and take in?
[19:35:18] <t12> the lathe?
[19:35:28] <t12> its all chinese project junk
[19:35:36] <t12> hence the fucked ways in the first place
[19:35:47] <Sync> t12: align before applying
[19:35:56] <Sync> drill a hole and inject
[19:36:17] <t12> hum
[19:36:21] <t12> i guess that is traditional way
[19:37:14] <Sync> you will also need to scrape the moglice
[19:37:23] <Sync> otherwise you will not get oil to stick to it
[19:37:34] <t12> this is static mount
[19:37:40] <Sync> then use DHW
[19:38:02] <MacGalempsy> what is the price on the moglice?
[19:38:07] <t12> cheap
[19:38:17] <t12> i think the whole order plus other junk is like $100
[19:38:19] <t12> and shipping
[19:38:28] <t12> this is a pretty small surface
[19:38:44] <Sync> careful, both of them need a min thickness
[19:38:58] <MacGalempsy> if it is that much, dont mix too much
[19:39:06] <MacGalempsy> 15min pot time
[19:39:07] <t12> whats the failure mode when thickness is wrong?
[19:39:14] <t12> i guess i can go measure it up
[19:39:30] <Sync> it will not really stick and not harden properly
[19:39:39] <Sync> or rather, it will harden
[19:39:41] <t12> i guess the headstock ways are already ground to shit, more wont hurt too much
[19:39:45] <Sync> but will be flexible
[19:39:53] <t12> gotcha
[19:40:00] <Sync> the best idea is to shim a gap for dhw
[19:40:19] <Sync> or insert a few grub screws
[19:40:42] <t12> like just lift the headstock off the bed however far and inject into that gap
[19:40:59] <t12> i guess i'll just need to shim up the tailstock to match but that's not too bad
[19:41:22] <t12> thnx for the advice
[19:41:30] <t12> i should have just tried the most conventional idea first :)
[19:41:43] <t12> s/tried/planned
[19:42:29] <t12> does moglice change dimensions as it hardens?
[19:51:28] <malcom2073_> MacGalempsy: https://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpt1/t31.0-8/12094896_1151349878212725_7202855855058925684_o.jpg
[19:51:39] <malcom2073_> Final stepper mounted
[19:52:37] <MacGalempsy> awesome
[19:53:00] <malcom2073_> Yep, gotta run power through some contactors for estop purposes, tidy up some wiring, and it should be ready to cut metal
[19:54:59] <Tom_itx> seems walmart still has steppers, just not at the 'clearance' price that it was
[19:56:43] <malcom2073_> Haha yeah, $122 iirc
[20:03:18] <Wolf_> well thats odd, 5 x ($11.07) Nema17 CNC Router Robot Stepping Stepper Motor 48mm 1.3A 74oz.in w Driver when I hit the link on my order form http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA27C1P09454
[20:06:19] <malcom2073_> says $120 to me
[20:07:14] <Wolf_> not nema17 either :P
[20:07:22] <malcom2073_> Heh
[20:07:41] <Wolf_> hmm wonder wtf is gonna be in the box when it gets here lol
[20:37:08] <XXCoder> nema 11 dang thats small.I wonder how far down nema goes
[20:37:14] <XXCoder> so far I know biggest is 34
[20:40:34] <malcom2073_> 42
[20:41:17] <XXCoder> big.
[20:41:30] <malcom2073_> Indeed
[20:41:42] <malcom2073_> And stupid high inductance heh
[20:42:54] <XXCoder> newegg does not understand boolean search
[20:43:35] <XXCoder> 22 bucks for 0.9 degree nema17
[20:43:58] <XXCoder> 60 bucks for 23
[20:44:02] <XXCoder> nema23
[20:59:55] <XXCoder> I wonder if there will ever be 0.45 degree nema lol
[21:00:30] <XXCoder> aw nema 8 how cute lol
[21:00:38] <XXCoder> http://www.aliexpress.com/item/NEMA-8-Stepper-Motor-1-96oz-in-28mm-0-6A-Stepper-Motor-Driver-PSR4020/32473426319.html
[21:14:05] <t12> * DWH can be used as a near zero clearance filler under plates or between flush mounted components to fill
[21:14:08] <t12> potential gaps, providing 100% contact. In some areas (around screw holes) there will be physical contact
[21:14:11] <t12> between the surfaces, the DWH fills all other gaps. This technique is not recommended if there will be frequent
[21:14:14] <t12> disassembly of the components.
[21:14:17] <t12> ahh cool
[21:15:47] <t12> lol this table of thickness limits and application types
[21:15:59] <t12> and all permutations are the same numbers
[21:16:41] <PetefromTn_> Hey folks
[21:16:46] <PetefromTn_> whatsgoinon?
[21:17:12] <PetefromTn_> I have been helping my wife paint the entire living room and kitchen today so not been on here
[21:18:03] <PetefromTn_> but now I am trying to machine the exhaust flanges prototype
[21:18:25] <PetefromTn_> and I THOUGHT I had some 3/8-16 countersunk capscrews here but now I can't find them anywhere
[21:18:49] <PetefromTn_> but I found some button head screws
[21:19:13] <PetefromTn_> I wanted to use the countersunk screws to sort of located the part on the fixture
[21:19:57] <PetefromTn_> but the button heads are a good bit smaller than the holes I am locating with so I was trying to figure out some sort of thing I can put on the screw shank to take up the slack in the holes
[21:20:08] <PetefromTn_> so far I am coming up blank ;)
[21:21:31] <Wolf_> turn something on the lathe
[21:21:33] <Wolf_> :P
[21:22:27] <PetefromTn_> hehehe smartass
[21:22:44] <PetefromTn_> still don't have a lathe
[21:22:57] <PetefromTn_> if I had a lathe I would already be done with the issue
[21:23:40] <Wolf_> put a foot treadle on your lathe and start running it manually
[21:33:33] <Wolf_> well, this should be interesting, gonna try to revive a Mp9 renishaw and interface it with OMM unit and a Mi4 box
[21:37:48] * zeeshan wants a probe
[21:38:38] <Wolf_> well I got the mp9 for $75, OOM for $84
[21:38:43] <Wolf_> OMM*
[21:39:41] <zeeshan> how
[21:39:46] <Wolf_> ebay
[21:40:04] <zeeshan> ive never seen them go less than 400
[21:40:26] <Wolf_> Mp9 was listed as parts/not working
[21:40:30] <zeeshan> ah
[21:40:37] <zeeshan> havent seen it like that either
[21:40:39] <Wolf_> not sure why the OMM went for so low lol
[21:41:40] <Wolf_> http://www.ebay.com/itm/291587543328
[21:42:05] <zeeshan> nice
[21:42:10] <zeeshan> link to mp9?
[21:42:11] <zeeshan> :D
[21:42:24] <MacGalempsy> well shit
[21:42:43] <Wolf_> http://www.ebay.com/itm/111779639915
[21:43:14] <zeeshan> cheap
[21:43:37] <Wolf_> doesn’t look like its been crashed too hard
[21:43:53] <MacGalempsy> my x motor is not acting right. I messed with some tuning, then it started having problems. no crashes. then it started working right, then hit the eswitch and now it wont start back up. so I took off the motor cover and messed with the connection and its started
[21:45:19] <Tom_itx> Wolf_, the switches are all you need right?
[21:45:20] <MacGalempsy> ran it for a bit, then hit the estop, now it wont start again. I thought it was a connection issue but that doesnt seem to be the case
[21:45:21] <Tom_itx> on that
[21:45:31] <MacGalempsy> any ideas?
[21:45:40] <Tom_itx> if the probe switches are good you can hook it up
[21:45:41] <Wolf_> Tom_itx: ?
[21:45:54] <Tom_itx> that link said for parts
[21:45:57] <Wolf_> yeah, at worst just convert it to wired probe
[21:46:06] <Tom_itx> did you get it?
[21:46:17] <Wolf_> at best get it working with the OMM
[21:46:33] <Wolf_> yeah, I sent a offer in at $70 and they took it lol
[21:47:47] <Tom_itx> been abused a bit
[21:48:12] <zeeshan> tom did you have a carrying case
[21:48:20] <zeeshan> *do ; for your telescope
[21:48:24] <Tom_itx> oh, no
[21:48:29] <Tom_itx> i keep it in the box
[21:48:35] <Tom_itx> with the packing
[21:48:38] <zeeshan> hm
[21:48:43] <zeeshan> my tube and base seperate
[21:48:47] <Tom_itx> since i don't use it all that much
[21:48:48] <zeeshan> so im thinking of getting a case for the tube
[21:48:51] <Tom_itx> 3 boxes
[21:48:56] <zeeshan> because i cant fit it in the car
[21:48:57] <zeeshan> assembled
[21:49:01] <Tom_itx> yeah
[21:49:14] <Tom_itx> lense box
[21:49:20] <Wolf_> some day I need to try my scope out
[21:49:22] <zeeshan> do you keep air?
[21:49:23] <Tom_itx> stand and scope
[21:49:26] <zeeshan> a can of air
[21:49:30] <zeeshan> to clean your lens
[21:49:30] <Tom_itx> naw
[21:49:30] <zeeshan> etc
[21:49:37] <zeeshan> just blow w/ your mouth?
[21:49:38] <zeeshan> :D
[21:49:40] <Tom_itx> i have one somewhere but not for that
[21:51:18] <Tom_itx> i wanted to get a filter to look at the sun but never have
[21:51:29] <zeeshan> :D
[21:54:51] <Wolf_> is it bad that I’m not even sure what telescope I have lol
[21:55:48] <Wolf_> Celestron Nexstar 114GT I think...
[21:56:12] <Tom_itx> that's what i have but i forget the model
[21:56:16] <Tom_itx> 8" iirc
[21:56:59] <Tom_itx> http://www.telescopes.com/products/celestron-nexstar-8-se-telescope?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googlepla&variant=1962183620&gclid=CLSOt7G_zcgCFQutaQodPZcC6g
[21:57:01] <Tom_itx> more like that
[21:57:03] <Tom_itx> but older
[21:59:16] <Wolf_> I even have a T mount and what not for my dslr to use with it, haven’t even take it outside at night yet lol
[21:59:45] <Tom_itx> i have a camera mount
[22:00:03] <Tom_itx> somewhere..
[22:04:51] <zeeshan> wolf just admitted
[22:04:55] <zeeshan> he got his telescope to perv
[22:04:56] <zeeshan> !
[22:05:01] <zeeshan> =D
[22:05:09] <zeeshan> ok im going to go gazing
[22:05:11] <zeeshan> see what i can find
[22:05:15] <Wolf_> my (ex)gf saw that I had a 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain on my amazon wish list and got me the nexstar… she didn’t know I had the 90mm Mak on there cause I wanted it to make a video spotting scope / camera lens
[22:05:26] <Tom_itx> zeeshan
[22:05:28] <Tom_itx> hint:
[22:05:33] <Tom_itx> look UP!
[22:05:48] <zeeshan> lol
[22:06:42] <Tom_itx> i did figure out it's a rather cold hobby to have
[22:10:54] <Tom_itx> zeeshan: http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/visible-planets-tonight-mars-jupiter-venus-saturn-mercury
[22:12:53] <Tom_itx> Saturn will disappear from the evening sky in November 2015 and will reappear in the morning sky in December 2015.
[22:12:58] <Tom_itx> better catch it while you can
[22:19:44] <Wolf_> hmm I need to learn about 3phase converters
[22:21:00] <PetefromTn_> Well I got one of these things finally machined....but I screwed it up a bit LOL
[22:23:00] <PetefromTn_> thankfully it is just a prototype
[22:36:19] <Wolf_> hmm 9 wires on the motor… I’m confused lol
[22:40:58] <Wolf_> http://www.beatonindustrial.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Coffing-Electric-Chain-Hoists-EC-680-5.pdf Pg 17, fig 7-2 what am I dealing with…
[22:54:26] <Tom_itx> just cut a few off if you're confused
[22:54:44] <Wolf_> http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/attachments/f11/115394d1408908804-3-phase-motor-connection-query-3ph-connection-diagram.jpg found the answer
[22:59:10] <Tom_itx> what's considered low voltage?
[22:59:17] <Wolf_> 230
[22:59:26] <Tom_itx> is that what you're after?
[22:59:30] <Wolf_> yeah
[22:59:37] <Tom_itx> but it's 3 phase
[22:59:49] <Wolf_> looking how to run it w/ a cap on one of the phases
[23:42:27] <XXCoder> bah
[23:42:28] <XXCoder> http://www.calgraphix.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Engineering-drawing.png
[23:42:36] <XXCoder> I ran into problems designing that in freecad
[23:42:45] <Connor> What problem ?
[23:43:00] <XXCoder> not sure how to design the standoff for round attachment point
[23:43:31] <XXCoder> expecially the bottom part, it shows seamless connection to circle but not sure how to define stuff so it looks proper
[23:44:06] <Connor> I don't know much about freecad.
[23:44:25] <XXCoder> no plm
[23:45:09] <Wolf_> all I know is I could draw that up pretty quick in solidworks...
[23:45:09] <XXCoder> mine incorrectly has hole cenetr ~32mm away from specific edge
[23:45:13] <XXCoder> it should be 36
[23:45:44] <XXCoder> Wolf_: how do I figure length so edge to hole is correct angle AND support is flush with cyl?
[23:46:26] <Wolf_> eh?
[23:46:58] <XXCoder> diffult to explain hmm
[23:47:18] <Wolf_> that bottom upright?
[23:47:39] <Wolf_> er bottom edge of the upright part
[23:47:51] <Wolf_> support… thinger
[23:48:06] <XXCoder> yeah the part that attaches to cyl is problem to me
[23:48:41] <Wolf_> well, I know how I would draw it, but its probably not the right way lol
[23:49:29] * zeeshan tries to draw that
[23:49:41] <Wolf_> lol race?
[23:49:48] <zeeshan> lets do it!
[23:50:23] <XXCoder> whomever posts picture wins hmm props'
[23:53:40] <XXCoder> well I cheated and did a visual blend of support to cyl
[23:58:01] <zeeshan> what is this silly thing anyway
[23:58:17] <XXCoder> no idea
[23:58:25] <XXCoder> just googled engineering drawing
[23:59:26] <zeeshan> http://i.imgur.com/19Qwr9M.png.
[23:59:28] <zeeshan> done!
[23:59:40] <XXCoder> nice
[23:59:44] <Wolf_> dammit loading it right now