#linuxcnc | Logs for 2015-09-29

[00:43:55] <anomynous> ganzuul, if you have problems parting, try making sure its dead on in center. feed maybe 0.1mm / rev and drop cutting speed into half of what you use in normal ops and use coolant
[00:48:03] <anomynous> ganzuul, if its some really deep thing try parting two stage. First open up on left side of where you want to part and then cut off.
[01:21:10] <Contract_Pilot> Evening
[01:22:07] <Wolf_> yo
[01:22:10] <Wolf_> http://www.4gt.ca/darkon-er20-atc-precision-chuck-20-pk/
[01:36:46] <archivist> CaptHindsight, thanks for that link, I have seen the original harison clocks and some of the reproductions, he was a clever cookie
[01:37:08] <Wolf_> Contract_Pilot: ^ see link?
[01:39:13] <Contract_Pilot> Ouch
[01:39:27] <Wolf_> thats 20 of them :P
[01:40:20] <Contract_Pilot> www.ebay.com/itm/252015116411
[01:40:59] <Wolf_> $160… not bad
[01:41:18] <Contract_Pilot> For 10
[01:41:54] <Wolf_> http://www.ebay.com/itm/260948117381
[01:41:55] <Contract_Pilot> Shipping wa 39.00 the other night darn china sellers
[01:42:09] <Contract_Pilot> I ahve been to china 3 times
[01:42:24] <Wolf_> oh wait, no ring
[01:42:26] <Wolf_> fuck
[01:42:37] <Contract_Pilot> I do not have an ATC
[01:43:32] <Wolf_> still nice for cnc work
[01:43:47] <Contract_Pilot> Why is that?
[01:44:21] <Wolf_> swap tooling without dicking around with touch offs
[01:45:11] <[cube]> https://scontent-dfw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xat1/v/t1.0-9/12036891_10153610084945135_3195842772373386027_n.jpg?oh=3050b5cbeb133ce808d5880a9cc9bbad&oe=56A9EAD0
[01:45:50] <Contract_Pilot> Yea, but you do not need the ATC Grove.
[01:46:17] <Wolf_> so you are going to hope you get it in the same spot each time?
[01:46:35] <Wolf_> or that the collet pulls to the same spot?
[01:47:17] <Wolf_> or get the $8 add on TTS ring and glue it to the spindle lol
[01:47:18] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/ATC-tooling-system-er20-collet-chuck_60346719236.html?spm=a2700.7724838.35.1.4887e1
[01:48:08] <Wolf_> wonder what the cost is for 10
[01:48:35] <Contract_Pilot> Prob have to order couple hundred or so.
[01:48:53] <Wolf_> says 10 unit min
[01:49:16] <Contract_Pilot> Ask for a price on 1,000 and ask for 10-20 samples for testing bet ya will only have to pay freight.
[01:50:30] <Wolf_> lol
[01:51:24] <Contract_Pilot> XK7120 CNC out of China the Broker Wrote, Our supplier, the manufacturer also cooperate with TORMACH directly, they have agreement on XK7120, the manufacturer can only provide to TORMACH all over the world.
[01:51:47] <Wolf_> if these sewing machine motors are hackable I may ask if I can get them in packs of just the motors + driver boards, just ordered off alibaba tonight lol
[01:51:48] <Contract_Pilot> I think i found tormachs supplier.
[01:51:59] <Wolf_> nice lol
[01:52:16] <Wolf_> oh, what size t-slots are on your mini machines?
[01:52:35] <Contract_Pilot> Sherline 5400
[01:52:43] <Contract_Pilot> Not sure i use google
[01:53:48] <Wolf_> oops that was aliexpress i ordered from lol
[01:54:39] <Contract_Pilot> What did you order?
[01:54:48] <Wolf_> http://www.aliexpress.com/item/T-Slot-Nuts-M6-Threads-Black-Oxide-Fit-Into-T-slots-In-Machine-Tool-Tables-Grade/32312451695.html
[01:55:07] <Wolf_> and http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Energy-Saving-Brushless-Servo-Motor-for-industrial-Sewing-Machine-TS750-1-750W-110V/1776878320.html
[01:55:51] <Contract_Pilot> Hummm
[01:56:32] <Wolf_> t-nuts cost me same as getting a dozen from eBay or LMS
[01:57:57] <Contract_Pilot> 110SY-M0530 & SH30A Driver only about 300.00 = ship
[01:57:59] <Contract_Pilot> =
[01:58:03] <Contract_Pilot> +
[01:58:23] <Contract_Pilot> 1.5KW
[01:58:36] <Wolf_> link?
[02:01:15] <Wolf_> SH30A comes back as a linear rail shaft support
[02:01:48] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.wlyuhai.en.alibaba.com/product/60341496755-221177465/3000rpm_5N_m_ac_220v_servo_motor_1_5kw.html
[02:02:19] <Contract_Pilot> My Quote for a Sample with driver was 300.00 + 125 Freight
[02:02:51] <Wolf_> so $425, vs $170 shipped from NJ…
[02:02:58] <Contract_Pilot> Yea.
[02:03:24] <Contract_Pilot> 1,500Watt and 3000RPM
[02:03:35] <Wolf_> also half the motor size, so price seems to scale lol
[02:03:42] <Contract_Pilot> hahaha
[02:04:20] <Wolf_> its going on a X2… I could have went with a 500w and been good
[02:06:48] <Contract_Pilot> Be interesting to see if it works.
[02:07:52] <Wolf_> well, I’m figuring if I can’t hack the thing in to taking pwm inputs, I’ll just shove it on the C2 mill and use a knob
[02:08:03] <Wolf_> C2 lathe *
[02:08:23] <Contract_Pilot> Yep.
[02:08:37] <Contract_Pilot> Small 10K Pot
[02:09:39] <Contract_Pilot> Does it have an Encoder?
[02:09:41] <Wolf_> but reading around, they use a optical pickup for the speed control input from the foot treadle that pulls the sewing machine clutch in (replaces the clutch and constant run motor)
[02:11:04] <Wolf_> I think it has halls feedback least for constant speed
[02:11:23] <Contract_Pilot> the one I posted has 2500PPR
[02:12:19] <Wolf_> I’ll have to check that part out as well, there is little to no info on these things out there
[02:14:38] <Wolf_> I found the speed control input info on a taig mill group post about swapping the optical out for a 10k pot, and a few posts about adding a gradient shaded piece of paper to teh lever arm to get fine control, seems out of the box it has like 30deg of swing, goes from 0-full out rpm in about 5deg lol
[02:14:43] <Contract_Pilot> Wonder what the frame size is?
[02:15:10] <Wolf_> about 85mm square for the mounting holes
[02:15:20] <Contract_Pilot> Nema 34 ish
[02:15:55] <Wolf_> could be bigger, pic has a 85mm pulley on it
[02:17:57] <Wolf_> so far this is the most info I could find lol https://youtu.be/QM80CQ1754Y
[02:21:31] <Wolf_> which doesn’t have much info in it, but you can sorta get a look at the motor and controller box
[02:21:57] <Deejay> moin
[02:23:54] <Wolf_> made for a price for sure, nema holes arent even drilled I think
[02:24:09] <Wolf_> morning Deejay
[02:28:42] <Contract_Pilot> Never Know.
[02:28:57] <Contract_Pilot> Will know when you get it.
[02:29:18] <Wolf_> yup, not that it matters. I can make holes ;)
[02:30:20] <Contract_Pilot> I will send for a quote on then tool holders
[02:30:55] <Wolf_> http://www.glockcnc.com/#!/600-Watt-Industrial-Contineous-Duty-Motor+Controller-for-Sherline-Headstocks/p/33381496/category=8597972 whats that look like :D
[02:33:50] <Contract_Pilot> Ouch.
[02:33:51] <Wolf_> http://www.glockcnc.com/#!/ER-25-Precision-Instrument-Headstock-Conversion-for-Sherline-Mill-Lathe-or-Custom-Setup/p/33381539/category=8597973 wtf, is that a Sherline headstock with a long shaft ER collet holder shoved it in?
[02:34:52] <Wolf_> nm, its bored and threaded
[02:35:20] <Contract_Pilot> Yea, i have an Idea to make an auto draw bar for for 1/2" Shank tooling
[02:35:48] <Contract_Pilot> RFQ sent on the tool holders.
[02:35:58] <Contract_Pilot> may have them send me 100 Samples hahaha
[02:36:21] <Contract_Pilot> Prob sam co tormach uses.
[02:36:27] <Wolf_> I’m doing belleville springs and air cylinder
[02:36:32] <Contract_Pilot> Yep.
[02:36:49] <Contract_Pilot> I will use MS spec Springs
[02:36:54] <Contract_Pilot> MA or NAS
[02:37:06] <Wolf_> direct drive, just like tormach
[02:37:27] <Wolf_> cylinder cost me $20...
[02:37:32] <Contract_Pilot> Not sure all what I want to do on the G0704 I know AC Servo for sure
[02:38:08] <Wolf_> which company on the other holders?
[02:39:57] <Contract_Pilot> the alibaba one
[02:40:17] <Wolf_> ahh
[02:40:45] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/ATC-tooling-system-er20-collet-chuck_60346719236.html?spm=a2700.7724838.38.5.ztnx0N
[02:43:29] <Contract_Pilot> 3pm in china
[02:46:18] <Wolf_> now I just need to figure which route to take on the spindle
[02:51:03] <archivist> route 66 :)
[02:52:08] <Wolf_> tempted to get the high torque spindle head, no extra holes
[02:55:12] <Contract_Pilot> There was a guy on one of the fourms that machined out a head for the 704 form a block of steel
[02:55:26] <Contract_Pilot> He never posted the cad Model.
[02:55:30] <Wolf_> lol
[02:55:38] <Contract_Pilot> not a follow up if it worked;
[02:55:49] <Contract_Pilot> Post was a few years ago.
[02:55:51] <archivist> could have just made a better milling machine
[02:56:38] <Contract_Pilot> to the ones that knock our small machines they work that is all that matters they are projects out of the crate!
[02:56:40] <Wolf_> I saw a youtube last night of a x2 head that was bored out and had one of them ER20 china spindles mounted in it
[02:56:49] <archivist> perhaps didnt work out well and kept quiet
[03:00:22] <Wolf_> http://damonjurkiewicz.com/frankenmill-phase-1/ not sure if I should be impressed or scared
[03:01:23] <archivist> I am not impressed I see no pics
[03:03:34] <Wolf_> odd
[03:03:40] <archivist> the source for that page is a joke
[03:04:07] <archivist> <noscript><img src="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5075f5c084ae1ac54de9be7b/532d19e2e4b079860b0636b9/532d1a01e4b079860b0636c5/1395464706702/P1010003.jpg" alt="P1010003.jpg" /></noscript><img class="thumb-image" alt="P1010003.jpg" data-src="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5075f5c084ae1ac54de9be7b/532d19e2e4b079860b0636b9/532d1a01e4b079860b0636c5/1395464706702/P1010003.jpg" data-image="http://static1.squaresp
[03:04:07] <archivist> ace.com/static/5075f5c084ae1ac54de9be7b/532d19e2e4b079860b0636b9/532d1a01e4b079860b0636c5/1395464706702/P1010003.jpg" data-image-dimensions="1000x500" data-image-focal-point="0.5,0.5" data-load="false" data-image-id="532d1a01e4b079860b0636c5" data-type="image" />
[03:04:34] <archivist> I can grab the url out of that junk and see the image
[03:05:35] <Wolf_> http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5075f5c084ae1ac54de9be7b/t/534b4c31e4b0bb0f73fcd446/1397443669606/?format=1000w
[03:06:18] <archivist> hardly any casting left
[03:06:28] <Wolf_> http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5075f5c084ae1ac54de9be7b/t/526c211de4b09c474219a9ce/1382818081498/Frankenmill+2+mockup+1.jpg?format=1000w and http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5075f5c084ae1ac54de9be7b/t/526c21a4e4b08fcd5cab7edf/1382818213689/Frankenmill+2+9_21_13+update+2.jpg?format=1000w
[03:07:14] <archivist> column is an odd section
[03:07:36] <Wolf_> http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5075f5c084ae1ac54de9be7b/t/526c110ce4b09bac0b20da2b/1382813966485/Frankenmill+laminating.jpg?format=1000w
[03:07:40] <Wolf_> very odd
[03:08:16] <archivist> I have always said my machine was fugly
[03:09:46] <Wolf_> I’m still tossed up between the angular and taper bearings...
[03:10:11] <Wolf_> taper w/ grease 6k max speed
[03:10:52] <archivist> will need some power to push tapers up to that speed
[03:11:02] <Wolf_> 1hp?
[03:11:27] <archivist> dunno, sufficient
[03:12:17] <Wolf_> angular says 9,500 rpm on grease…
[03:12:45] <Wolf_> but how far do you trust a $16 7007B bearing
[03:14:31] <Contract_Pilot> Factory that will not sell a machine http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/XK7120.jpg
[03:15:11] <Wolf_> are those what i think they are?
[03:15:23] <Contract_Pilot> The back line is Tormach hahaha
[03:15:42] <Wolf_> hehe
[03:15:55] <Contract_Pilot> I asked for a photo from the factory hahaha
[03:17:00] <Contract_Pilot> 3,300ea with no electronics...
[03:17:08] <Contract_Pilot> and they will sell!
[03:17:09] <Wolf_> ouch
[03:17:30] <Contract_Pilot> Yea, I bet if i went there the price would drop.
[03:17:40] <Contract_Pilot> Not like i ahve never been to china.
[03:18:59] <Contract_Pilot> Xi'An October 2013 http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/IMG_1990-300x225.jpg
[03:19:18] <Wolf_> perfect http://www.vxb.com/page/bearings/PROD/Kit10874
[03:19:21] <Wolf_> ...
[03:20:23] <archivist> dunno if the just select or make the better bearings
[03:20:52] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_2009-1024x768.jpg
[03:21:39] <Wolf_> cool
[03:23:09] <Contract_Pilot> Being solo i do not get many self photo's
[03:24:07] <Contract_Pilot> Look at the photos on the first page http://cigac.blogspot.com/p/preview.html
[03:24:18] <Wolf_> http://www.ebay.com/itm/7007CTY-Nachi-Angular-Contact-Ball-Bearing-35mmx62mmx14mm-/181883152654 ok thats better
[03:24:32] <Contract_Pilot> I deliverd N887PS there so mooney could sell the china investors
[03:25:42] <Wolf_> nice
[03:26:40] <Contract_Pilot> Mooney Aircraft is owned by china now Along With Cessna, Cirrus, Etc.
[03:27:32] <Contract_Pilot> Did not get my 2015 Invite?
[03:27:56] <Contract_Pilot> Unless i am Ferrying an aircraft i would not go anyway.
[03:28:04] <Wolf_> :D
[03:28:33] <Contract_Pilot> For 12 years been paid to travel the world.
[03:28:40] <Wolf_> http://www.ebay.com/itm/NSK-7007AW-Angular-Contact-Spindle-Bearing-35mmX62mmX14mm-/171949374427 guess thats the bearing I was looking for :)
[03:29:33] <Contract_Pilot> Almost got arrested punched the Navigator he Turned the fuel off in flight.
[03:30:03] <Contract_Pilot> In china we are required to have a Navigator that speaks chineese and a translator.
[03:30:06] <Wolf_> I’m not a pilot but that sounds like a poor idea
[03:30:31] <Contract_Pilot> Yep he wa in aww on the glass and would not stop touching things.
[03:31:12] <Contract_Pilot> 1 mile viz no ILS or anything for landing took me 5 attempts.
[03:31:29] <Contract_Pilot> Vey poor weather.
[03:35:23] <Wolf_> sounds fun...
[03:37:15] <Wolf_> guess I’ll do the spindle up with AC made in japan bearings
[03:39:41] <Contract_Pilot> Down Town KL http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/100_2308-768x1024.jpg
[03:40:19] <Contract_Pilot> King Tut http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/king-tut.jpg
[04:52:40] <Valen> Contract_Pilot: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/01/04/article-0-16C11857000005DC-472_634x848.jpg
[04:53:06] <Valen> Wolf_ how hard are your bearings to get to?
[04:53:23] <Wolf_> not very…
[04:53:26] <Valen> we use cheapish ones in our spindle but treat them essentially as disposable
[04:54:11] <Wolf_> well, I do want the mill spindle to spin somewhat true
[04:54:26] <Valen> welll laaaadedaaaa mr fancy pants ;-P
[04:54:43] <Wolf_> :D
[04:54:59] <archivist> for what definition of true
[04:55:07] <Wolf_> I’m probably overthinking it
[04:55:27] <archivist> chalk mark, ish or a gnats cock
[04:55:40] <Wolf_> bees dick ?
[04:56:35] <archivist> just looked inside the CMM servo box... 3 L298 drivers
[04:56:45] <Sync> haha
[04:57:32] <archivist> air bearings does not need a lot to throw the axes around I suppose
[04:57:52] <XXCoder> Valen: whats up with bound and gagged guy in plane
[04:59:16] <Valen> drunk guy got aggro on a flight
[04:59:42] <XXCoder> jeez
[05:01:27] <XXCoder> http://i.crackedcdn.com/phpimages/photoshop/2/9/2/192292_v1.jpg
[05:24:46] <MacGalempsy> XXCoder: thats pretty good
[05:24:56] <XXCoder> yeah
[05:25:21] <MacGalempsy> As a geologist, I am not too much into diamonds. They are too common
[05:25:37] <MacGalempsy> over priced carbon
[05:25:42] <Wolf_> I like diamonds, make good cutting tools
[05:26:00] <XXCoder> heh someday we will be able to make diamonds as large as head
[05:26:05] <MacGalempsy> PDC is the way to go
[05:26:11] <MacGalempsy> Poly Diamond Carbid
[05:26:12] <MacGalempsy> e
[05:31:06] <XXCoder> theres diamond in uranus
[05:31:08] <XXCoder> big one
[05:31:19] <XXCoder> but I dont know if we can ever be able to tajke some of it lol
[05:31:53] <XXCoder> but if it gets extracted, some rich douchebag will build a diamond spaceship yacht. :P
[05:32:03] <XXCoder> "baby its diamond hard!"
[05:33:51] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/benchtop-machines/280530-g0704-bt30-milling-head.html
[05:34:04] <Contract_Pilot> Another custom 704 Head
[05:37:32] <Sync> I am not sure if I want a chinese sk30 spindle
[05:38:17] <Wolf_> lol @ the pedal powered drawbar
[05:49:32] <ganzuul> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIlZsuRc9jQ
[05:49:45] <ganzuul> mini arc furnace
[05:52:30] <MacGalempsy> so the guys at solidworks will not give a 30 day demo to a student
[05:57:03] <MacGalempsy> ganzuul: that is pretty awesome
[05:58:00] <ganzuul> mmh! :)
[05:59:41] <Sync> hmm around $600 for a chinese ATC spindle
[05:59:52] <Sync> that's actually cheap enough just to buy one and see how they are
[06:43:02] <Jymmm> Furnace / Tandoor, for all your metal melting and cooking needs... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwfiVWrNwFY
[06:44:27] <XXCoder> Jymmm: I like myfordboy one better.
[06:45:51] <MacGalempsy> I think he needs to cooking with the ARC oven
[06:46:19] <XXCoder> why?
[06:46:24] <XXCoder> just make a solar oven lol
[06:46:33] <MacGalempsy> because it would cook it in like 2 seconds
[06:46:53] <Jymmm> You must have ZERO taste buds =)
[06:47:05] <MacGalempsy> i was being fecicious
[06:47:15] <Jymmm> That would be called a microwave =)
[06:47:15] <XXCoder> my taste ability sucks and I wouldnt eat that
[06:47:32] <MacGalempsy> sometimes cooking is not about eating the final product!
[06:47:53] <Jymmm> The hell it's not!
[06:49:22] <MacGalempsy> not when you are cooking for an unwanted guest
[06:49:35] <XXCoder> just do it old way
[06:49:52] <XXCoder> set fork soup and knife pointing wrong way on dishes
[06:50:00] <XXCoder> thats old way of hinting its time to move on
[06:50:04] <Jymmm> MacGalempsy: Hey, YOU opened the damn door without shotgun in hand, suck it up!
[06:50:48] <MacGalempsy> heh. how does one bust a shotty on the mother-in-law?
[06:51:17] <Jymmm> MacGalempsy: And if you can't WAY OVERSALT or pour too much chili powder on the food, well....
[06:51:30] <Jymmm> MacGalempsy: That depends, you like the wifey?
[06:51:36] <MacGalempsy> !
[06:51:37] <MacGalempsy> hshsh
[06:51:40] <MacGalempsy> hahaha yep\
[06:54:02] <Jymmm> Get the MIL a male hooker. Either she'll be "busy" or offended. Either way, she'll be out of your hair =)
[06:54:57] <Jymmm> MacGalempsy: ^^^^
[06:55:15] <MacGalempsy> yeah, unfortunately she is like 100
[06:55:28] <MacGalempsy> "busy" would be a trip to the ER
[06:55:29] <Jymmm> Your point is?
[06:55:46] <Jymmm> Might as well go out with a smile on her face
[06:56:44] <Jymmm> Harbor Freight 4x8 Camping Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4qdhFC7APw
[07:07:30] <Wolf_> more like hauling too much shit to the campground trailer
[07:07:42] <Jymmm> that too =)
[07:08:23] <Wolf_> and 22min vid that should have been 5mins
[07:08:26] <MacGalempsy> id rather sleep on the ground
[07:08:46] <Wolf_> all or nothing IMO
[07:08:48] <Jymmm> MacGalempsy: Not when the ground is mud
[07:09:02] <MacGalempsy> good point. if the ground is mud, we probably are not camping
[07:09:26] <Wolf_> I can either pack all my camp gear in to the truck of a normal car (for 2 people) or I’ll drag a 32’ trailer out
[07:09:31] <Jymmm> You've never had a summer storm?
[07:10:16] <MacGalempsy> yeah, but my wife isnt much of a camper. we end up with the princess palace with the air matress, etc... kind of puts a hamper on the overnight float trips
[07:10:40] <Jymmm> Ah
[07:11:40] <Jymmm> Shit, *I* have a queen sized air mattress that's 6" thick... screw that rock-stabbing-you-in-the-back-all-night-long shit =)
[07:11:41] <MacGalempsy> so last time we did it, we were able to meet friends at the put in, shuttle our ride down to the campsite, then float and camp with the princess gear
[07:11:49] <Contract_Pilot> Having trouble trying to find a 34-36V transformer
[07:12:19] <MacGalempsy> AC to DC?
[07:12:55] <MacGalempsy> transform then choke?
[07:12:58] <Contract_Pilot> Want to make a Power Supply but want 48V at at least 10A
[07:13:25] <Wolf_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c301imjcvk now thats pretty cool
[07:13:31] <archivist> I use a switcher
[07:13:34] <MacGalempsy> why not just buy one?
[07:13:55] <Contract_Pilot> http://catalog.triadmagnetics.com/item/power-transformers/single-secondary-chassis-mount-power-transformers/f-268u-1
[07:14:43] <Contract_Pilot> that would give me 50V @ 8A DC
[07:14:46] <MacGalempsy> i got 220v AC to 96vDC - it is kind of scary
[07:15:20] <MacGalempsy> Wolf_: I like the kitchen set up
[07:15:22] <archivist> transformers are the old expensive way, a switchmode supply can be as good
[07:15:34] <Contract_Pilot> Yea this 72V PS would work but want to make one.
[07:16:17] <archivist> most of the local transformer companies have shutdown
[07:18:25] <MacGalempsy> Toroid is one that I have in hand. primary 2x117v 50/60hz Sec 2x9v/1.83A
[07:19:58] <Contract_Pilot> Yea, electronics salvage store Goodwill Outlet!
[07:21:04] <MacGalempsy> I found your next retrofit http://seks.craigslist.org/bfs/5206986472.html
[07:22:23] <Contract_Pilot> Lots of uninterruptible power supply's and the transformers range 24V to 48V at 3-5A
[07:24:43] <Jymmm> Wolf_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWgiFDDoHWU
[07:25:12] <Jymmm> Wolf_: I like the canopy addon for hot/rainy days
[07:25:16] <Contract_Pilot> Scavenger hunt when i wake up.
[07:25:29] <Wolf_> damn thats impressive
[07:27:30] <Jymmm> I think I know what Wolf_'s next project gonna be ;)
[07:27:32] <_methods> i think he has a website where he shows the whole build
[07:28:04] <Jymmm> www.vistabule.com
[07:28:27] <Wolf_> http://i1139.photobucket.com/albums/n541/wolfmetalfab/f550%20Stuff/F1554308-E253-4A14-A67E-6C1DC0786817-8471-000006EF7B980F5D.jpg I don’t tow stuff often :P
[07:28:31] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/20150917_142750.jpg
[07:29:17] <Wolf_> I’ve thought about turning that box in to a mini camper
[07:29:25] <Jymmm> Wolf_: WTF?! Why don't you make a skid into a camper?
[07:29:30] <Contract_Pilot> Cool..
[07:29:52] <Contract_Pilot> Need to measure that transformer see what it is putting out.
[07:30:16] <Contract_Pilot> From there can reverse math the caps and see how many amps
[07:30:36] <Wolf_> Jymmm: too lazy to convert, plus we added a gooseneck/5th wheel setup to my truck lol
[07:30:59] <_methods> http://www.samstoybox.com/teardrop/trailer_for_two.pdf
[07:31:01] <Jymmm> Wolf_: lol
[07:31:58] <Contract_Pilot> Really do not want to rob one of these PS's http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/driverack-inside.jpg
[07:32:03] <Jymmm> Wolf_: With your truck setup, I bet you could use it to promote business or even start making trailers for ppl that own the skid lift thingy
[07:32:06] <Wolf_> can find monster 5th wheel campers for under $10k around here
[07:32:29] <Jymmm> Wolf_: and they are just that... MONSTERS
[07:32:44] <Wolf_> most that own a skid lift system won’t use it for anything but work lol, they cost to damn much
[07:32:46] <Jymmm> Hell, you could RENT some out even =)
[07:33:07] <Wolf_> the hook is now $27k I think
[07:33:11] <Sync> the fuck
[07:33:17] <Sync> those things don't seem to be safe
[07:33:53] <MacGalempsy> MONSTERS require MONSTER TRUCKS
[07:33:55] <Jymmm> Wolf_: At that price, I'd use it to scratch my butt!
[07:34:26] * Wolf_ didn’t pay new price
[07:34:40] <Jymmm> I thught you solde them now?
[07:34:41] <Wolf_> I got a used one from another dealer in Ohio for $4k
[07:34:44] <Jymmm> dealer
[07:34:48] <MacGalempsy> we've been considering a Sprinter conversion
[07:34:56] <Jymmm> ah
[07:35:16] <MacGalempsy> with 4 dogs, it just makes vacationing better
[07:35:20] <Wolf_> cleaned it up, repacked the cylinders and put some paint on it
[07:35:39] <Jymmm> Wolf_: Here ya go... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU8kgJFZuI4
[07:35:59] <Wolf_> lol
[07:36:18] <Jymmm> TV included
[07:36:21] <MacGalempsy> hahaha
[07:36:37] <MacGalempsy> I want to see a segway trailer
[07:36:45] <_methods> camping with 4 dogs sounds like it might make for a rough night when they all fart at the same time
[07:36:51] <Wolf_> my fav is the earth roamers but they are $$$$$
[07:36:54] <Jymmm> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSoJPttaHT0
[07:37:04] <ganzuul> o.O
[07:37:15] * ganzuul discovered self-feeding!
[07:37:39] <ganzuul> Now I know why a saddle stop is used.
[07:37:42] <ganzuul> Scary.
[07:37:59] <_methods> yeah good way to wreck a chuck or toolpost
[07:38:03] <MacGalempsy> built in brandy snifters!
[07:38:14] <ganzuul> I got it stopped just in time.
[07:38:28] <Wolf_> saddle stop is good for breaking the feed gears :P
[07:38:28] <ganzuul> First thought the power feed was disengaged.
[07:38:46] <MacGalempsy> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtsBlXVdSAE lol
[07:39:23] <MacGalempsy> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLgZUQtMmPk
[07:39:37] <ganzuul> Wolf_: I have a very big chip breaker for this 6061. It was digging in and self-feeding at the exact same pace as the power feed.
[07:39:39] <Wolf_> wtf dumb ass idea is this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b734eSPO1gI
[07:40:13] <MacGalempsy> is that even legal?
[07:40:21] <_methods> for the people that can't afford a real 5th wheel
[07:40:29] <_methods> but can afford and empty trailer lol
[07:40:34] <Wolf_> lmao
[07:40:51] <_methods> and don't give 2 fux about their transmission
[07:41:28] <MacGalempsy> Wolf_: you know that guy sank his life savings into the patent on that thing
[07:41:33] <Wolf_> I’m gonna put a 15,000 lbs of trailer behind my suv...
[07:42:40] <MacGalempsy> well gents. it was fun. time to go to bed. laters
[07:44:12] <ganzuul> o/
[07:49:24] <Jymmm> Wolf_: http://www.addanaxle.com/
[07:49:34] <Wolf_> http://i.imgur.com/jyJxMbo.jpg i dont need
[07:49:39] <Jymmm> https://www.google.com/patents/US7934743
[07:49:47] <_methods> http://www.truckcampermagazine.com/off-road-expeditions/rikki-rockett-and-the-rockett-raptor
[07:58:23] <ganzuul> !
[07:58:39] <ganzuul> I could probably heat treat this 6061 to make it more machinable...
[08:04:00] <Wolf_> huh
[08:05:07] <_methods> 6061 usually machines great
[08:05:19] <_methods> tapping can get sticky sometimes
[08:05:40] <Wolf_> I love machining it, hate tapping it
[08:08:30] <lair82> Good Morning Gentleman, I finally swapped out the corrupt HDD with a new SDD, machine is back up and running, but I would like to try to get some data off the old HDD, but have a problem, when I try to boot it, it says " error: unknown filesystem, grub rescue> " any thoughts?
[08:09:03] <_methods> when you try and boot off the old hdd?
[08:09:13] <lair82> I have been googling around, and nothing is working that I have found regarding this
[08:09:33] <_methods> you're trying to boot off the old corrupt hdd?
[08:09:52] <lair82> yes, I have the old hdd in my test pc in my office right now, and that is what it is telling me
[08:10:03] <_methods> well you just said it was a bad hdd
[08:10:10] <_methods> grub is probably fubard
[08:10:31] <lair82> It said that yesterday on the machine, that is why I swapped it for a new sdd
[08:10:33] <_methods> you're probably better off just pluggin it into a running system then extracting the info you need
[08:11:09] <_methods> otherwise it looks like you need to do a grub rescue
[08:11:20] <lair82> I tried booting with the live cd, but wasn't sure where to go from there
[08:11:21] <_methods> unless the HDD is so far gone you can't even do that
[08:11:33] <_methods> ah yeah that should work also
[08:11:51] <_methods> boot from live then mount the hdd and copy off into you want to a usb or whatever
[08:12:02] <_methods> s/into/info
[08:14:11] <Jymmm> lair82: Boot from LiveCD, mount partitions on old hdd, copy data over to thumbdrive
[08:14:18] <MattyMatt> usb to pata/sata dongle is great for that
[08:14:51] <ganzuul> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBFBJ1zJlmA
[08:14:52] <MattyMatt> hot swap = no chance of accidentally booting it
[08:16:51] <lair82> I'm loading the cd now
[08:17:45] <MattyMatt> have you installed livecd on your ssd yet?
[08:22:51] <lair82> The SSD is done, they are getting ready to make some chips on the machine now, I just want to get the last two weeks worth of nc programs off, and the current tool table file
[08:23:35] <lair82> How do i mount the HDD from the terminal?
[08:26:47] <_methods> what's ls /dev return
[08:27:18] <_methods> that should list your hdd
[08:27:25] <_methods> and give you the info you need for the mnt command
[08:28:12] <lair82> sda, sda1,sda2,sda5
[08:29:14] <_methods> mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
[08:29:23] <_methods> do that for each partition taht you want to mount
[08:29:37] <_methods> not sure where you have the info you need so you'll probably want to mount them all
[08:31:28] <lair82> it said i need to specify a filesystem type for sda1
[08:31:41] <_methods> ah sorry you probably need to run fdisk -l
[08:31:51] <_methods> then look at each partition and see the filesystem type
[08:32:00] <_methods> i.e.
[08:32:12] <_methods> mount ext3 /dev/sda1 /mnt
[08:32:25] <_methods> mount ext2 /dev/sda1 /mnt
[08:32:38] <_methods> mount ntfs /dev/sda1 /mnt
[08:32:45] <_methods> etc. etc.
[08:33:21] <_methods> oops
[08:33:32] <_methods> mount -t?
[08:34:04] <_methods> yeah need a -t in there
[08:34:08] <lair82> I don't see anything regarding type
[08:34:14] <lair82> in fdisk
[08:34:17] <_methods> mount -t ext2 /dev/sda1 /mnt
[08:34:32] <_methods> what's fdisk -l return
[08:35:23] <lair82> the info about the 80gb hdd, nothing about type
[08:35:26] <_methods> it probably lists it as a number
[08:35:31] <_methods> paste the info
[08:35:47] <lair82> I looked at gparted, it says "File System: Unknown
[08:35:53] <_methods> hmmmm
[08:35:59] <_methods> that's bad
[08:36:18] <lair82> No, thats par for the course, :)
[08:36:36] <_methods> Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
[08:36:38] <_methods> /dev/sda1 * 2048 618854399 309426176 83 Linux
[08:36:44] <_methods> fdisk should return something like that
[08:37:04] <_methods> that id is the filesystem type
[08:38:09] <Jymmm> ddrescue
[08:38:37] <lair82> It does yes, /dev/sda1 * 1 9325 74895360 83 Linux
[08:38:48] <_methods> kk
[08:38:55] <_methods> so what's sda2 say
[08:39:08] <lair82> ID> 5
[08:39:25] <_methods> hmmm
[08:39:35] <lair82> sda5 ID> 82
[08:39:51] <_methods> kk
[08:40:23] <_methods> so 82 is swap i think
[08:40:37] <_methods> i don't know wtf 5 is
[08:40:56] <lair82> Correct, linux swap/solaris
[08:41:25] <lair82> System> Extended for sda2
[08:41:27] <_methods> i think 5 is extended partition
[08:41:31] <_methods> yeah
[08:41:43] <_methods> can you past the output of your fdisk
[08:41:57] <_methods> paste even
[08:43:52] <lair82_> http://pastebin.com/ni1ibMAs
[08:44:20] <_methods> ah interesting
[08:44:31] <_methods> well i guess you just need to mount sda1 then
[08:44:38] <Jymmm> XXCoder: This is your "cabin" isn't it???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_ZWnA7XDek
[08:45:05] <Jymmm> mount it read only
[08:45:57] <_methods> what's blkid /dev/sda1 return
[08:46:03] <_methods> that should list your filetype
[08:46:12] <_methods> /dev/sda1: UUID="625fa1fa-2785-4abc-a15a-bfcc498139d1" TYPE="ext2"
[08:46:17] <_methods> something like that
[08:47:21] <lair82_> nothing,
[08:47:33] <_methods> sudo blkid /dev/sda1
[08:47:39] <lair82_> ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo blkid /dev/sda1 ubuntu@ubuntu:~$
[08:48:58] <lair82> what kind of filesystem is sda1
[08:49:14] <_methods> well 83
[08:49:23] <_methods> but that doesn't really tell you
[08:49:41] <_methods> how old is this install this came from?
[08:49:56] <_methods> you could try just mounting it as ext2 or ext3
[08:50:11] <_methods> depending on how long ago you did the install
[08:50:32] <_methods> if it was an old install it was probably ext2
[08:50:40] <_methods> if it was a newer one it was probably ext3
[08:51:10] <_methods> sudo mount -t ext2 /dev/sda1 /mnt
[08:51:26] <lair82_> the install is only maybe a year, year and a half old
[08:51:30] <_methods> if those 2 options don't work i don't know what to tell you
[08:51:45] <lair82_> it keeps telling wrong fs type
[08:51:49] <_methods> i'd give ext3 a shot then
[08:51:55] <_methods> ouch
[08:52:02] <_methods> with both ext2 and 3?
[08:52:04] <lair82_> same
[08:52:20] <_methods> hmm that's probably not a happy thing
[08:52:27] <_methods> i'd try ext4 for the hell of it
[08:52:45] <lair82_> same
[08:53:06] <_methods> you'll have to ask someone more knowledgeable then me then
[08:54:20] <_methods> you could try #ubuntu but i hate to recommend anyone go in that cesspool of humanity
[08:54:25] <_methods> it's worse than #reprap
[08:54:38] <lair82_> Gparted says in the info box " Unable to detect file system, Possible reasons; -The filesystem is damaged, -The filesystem is unknown to Gparted, -There is no file system available (unformatted)
[09:04:12] <Wolf_> well, this seems impressive, have a tracking number already for that sewing servo motor I ordered last night off aliexpress
[09:08:15] <lair82> Looks like they are SOL!!!!!
[09:13:14] <Wolf_> Guess my idea isnt too stupid http://www.glockcnc.com/#!/1-000-Watt-220v-Industrial-Contineous-Duty-Motor+Controller-for-Sherline-Headstocks/p/34923063/category=8597972 … Enduro power, where have I seen that… http://www.ebay.com/itm/281702429160
[09:28:05] <_methods> yeah a lot of people use those motors for their lathes
[09:28:18] <_methods> seen a couple atlas lathes using them
[09:28:42] <Wolf_> cool
[09:29:01] <_methods> i bought one for my sewing machine and i need to get one for my atlas now
[09:29:06] <_methods> they're reasonably priced
[09:29:12] <Wolf_> love the fact that they are selling a $235 motor for $600+
[09:29:14] <_methods> how much was yours from ali?
[09:29:27] <Wolf_> $170 for 750w 110v
[09:29:28] <_methods> i think i paid $149 on ebay for mine
[09:29:52] <Wolf_> also said shipping from usa
[09:30:22] <_methods> let me check my ebay history
[09:31:18] <Wolf_> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Industrial-Sewing-Machine-Servo-Motor-Brushless-750W-110V-/221896625867?hash=item33aa11cecb same seller as ali lol
[09:32:26] <_methods> ah mine was 550w i think
[09:32:44] <MacGyverX> Quick question- I updated LCNC from 2.6.8 to 2.7.0 yesterday and not my Z & Y axis are swapped in the previewer. The jog the right way manually (keyboard) and from the pendant. And gcode runs properly, but via the live view moving the Y axis moves Z and Z moves Y. The issue with this is that when the machine is ref’d - since the tool end is not in the boundaries of the box- it tells me that op is larger
[09:32:46] <MacGyverX> then the work surface. Has anyone see this?
[09:33:04] <_methods> http://www.ebay.com/itm/CONSEW-SM-550-1-110-VOLT-SERVO-MOTOR-FOR-INDUSTRIAL-SEWING-MACHINE-/231701706437?hash=item35f27f76c5
[09:33:14] <_methods> $99+$40 shipping
[09:34:09] <Wolf_> yup, suited well for adapting to a lathe, I wanted the smaller frame brushless for the x2 head
[09:34:41] <_methods> did you do the belt mod on yours?
[09:35:13] <Wolf_> haven’t ordered the x2 head yet lol, sent a list of questions to LMS a hour ago
[09:35:27] <_methods> ahhh
[09:36:08] <Wolf_> belt drive is a given :)
[09:36:20] <_methods> yeah lol i ran my gear till it exploded
[09:36:21] <_methods> heheh
[09:36:26] <_methods> then put on the belt mod
[09:36:34] <_methods> it didn't take long to destroy the gear
[09:36:54] <Wolf_> I might convert the C2 lathe to sewing motor as well
[09:37:07] <Wolf_> dump the high/low gears out
[09:37:13] <_methods> yeah i'll probably do mine after xmas
[09:38:04] <Wolf_> I though the x1 gear drive was going to break the other night when I was fly cutting
[09:38:26] <Wolf_> it was making all sorts of un-happy noises
[09:38:31] <_methods> i put a 3/4 end mill in mine and was cutting steel lol
[09:38:50] <_methods> you want to talk about unhappy noises
[09:38:52] <Wolf_> lol
[09:39:08] <_methods> it handled it for a little while
[09:39:13] <_methods> key word, little
[09:39:48] <_methods> i don't recommend running 3/4" + end mills on and of those little mills in steel
[09:39:51] <Wolf_> best one was when I forgot I was in g20 and tried a 0.05 doc
[09:39:57] <_methods> the whole machine was about to fall apart lol
[09:41:59] <Wolf_> I might need to up the micro stepping on my setup, tool crash didn’t stall the steppers, just slipped the coupler lol
[09:42:44] <Wolf_> and pushed the bit out of the fly cutter lol
[09:45:18] <fenn> MacGyverX: maybe something to do with the order your axes are defined in the .ini or .hal file
[09:45:29] <anomynous_> why not use a facemill? price? machine not rigid enough?
[09:45:51] <Wolf_> I have this head build so out of order.. motor is otw, air cylinder will be here tomorrow for the drawbar. have the bearings picked out, not sure which housing and spindle to get
[09:45:58] <MacGyverX> fenn: Hrmm downgrading to 2.6.8 returned it back to the was it was before the upgrade..
[09:46:12] <Wolf_> anomynous_: sieg X1 w/ MT2 spindle and 1/5hp
[09:47:32] <anomynous_> you could overcharge it with 5hp motor so it could turn the facemill ;D
[09:47:51] <fenn> a briggs and stratton 4-stroke
[09:47:54] <anomynous_> just kiddying
[09:47:58] <anomynous_> yea
[09:48:04] <Wolf_> lol, start up would probably twist the column
[09:48:26] <MacGyverX> I figured something changed in 2.7.0 on how it was naming the axis/joints. But the strange part is jogging either Y/Z directly works as expected & gcode. It’s flipped flopped in the live view.
[09:49:20] <fenn> most things in code are done something like axis[0] axis[1] etc
[09:50:01] <fenn> i don't really have anything better to say but file a bug report
[09:50:26] <fenn> if you pastebin the .ini and .hal files someone might be able to replicate the bug
[09:50:46] <MacGyverX> k
[09:50:47] <Wolf_> build a test config w/ the lazy setup gui and then look at the ini/hal side by side
[09:51:35] <anomynous_> i just recently found out github has gists ;D = pastebin
[09:58:45] <ssi> morn
[10:07:42] <archivist> ssi, had power and air on the cmm, cannot get any sense out of the crappy software that it has though
[10:07:51] <ssi> not terribly surprising
[10:08:06] <ssi> I started work on my first furnace last night
[10:08:06] <archivist> PC-DMIS grrrrrr
[10:08:17] <ssi> https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xat1/v/t1.0-9/12074954_10100787035092872_5990476952646604754_n.jpg?oh=42474879550d488faa835169c3cc4c34&oe=56A57341
[10:08:18] <_methods> hahah pcdmis is pain
[10:09:23] <archivist> _methods, asks me if I want to home, click yes, nothing for a bit then a message box flashed so fast unreadable, then repeats the do you want to home.....
[10:09:52] <_methods> what version?
[10:10:05] <archivist> 3. something
[10:11:04] <_methods> oh wow
[10:11:13] <archivist> ant eek
[10:11:23] <_methods> there should be like a command line mode
[10:11:28] <_methods> that will give you more info
[10:12:23] <skunkworks> Could you take a video of the screen to see if you can catch the error
[10:12:49] <_methods> is it 3.7?
[10:13:44] <archivist> 3.2063R
[10:13:49] <_methods> hmm
[10:14:58] <archivist> been exploring inside the servo box today, 3 L298 chips for the motors
[10:16:03] <_methods> have you defined your probe and machine yet?
[10:16:18] <_methods> or is it still all set up?
[10:16:20] <archivist> _methods, should be as it was before
[10:17:17] <archivist> come straight out of a production test room although looking at file times last was used in may
[10:17:53] <_methods> did it ask you to load a probe when you started it?
[10:18:46] <archivist> I get the impression you start the machine first
[10:18:48] <_methods> yeah
[10:19:06] <_methods> you do
[10:19:09] <archivist> then qualify a probe before a test
[10:20:15] <_methods> are all your axes unlocked?
[10:21:24] <archivist> you can feel they are free when the air is turned on, then when the servo box is powered the loops hold it in position
[10:21:49] <_methods> some cmm's i've run have switches to lock the axes
[10:21:55] <_methods> but i don't know about yours
[10:22:03] <archivist> only then can you start pcdmis else it whines
[10:22:42] <archivist> I have to press the start button on the jog box
[10:23:16] <archivist> lack of basic operation manual error
[10:23:42] <_methods> yeah that will make it more challenging to get it operational lol
[10:25:30] <archivist> might be easier to go straight to linuxcnc on it :)
[10:25:42] <ssi> that's probably what I'd be leaning toward
[10:27:01] <archivist> I need to work out what the scales are first before I decide interfacing though
[10:28:32] <archivist> dunno if it detect temperature etc, It does detect air pressure
[10:30:49] <archivist> manuals I did get are chinese and some are for the wrong machine
[10:33:52] <archivist> there is a cd though with some PDFs, which are not that good where the machine itself is involved
[10:48:54] <archivist> rofl "All of the CAM packages on the market use the Automatically Programmed Tool (APT) computer language that commonly is known as G-code."
[10:49:16] <archivist> that is from http://americanmachinist.com/cadcam-software/how-reduce-cmm-programming-bottleneck
[10:50:18] <fenn> <insert technobabble here>
[10:53:00] <FinboySlick> fenn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXJKdh1KZ0w
[10:54:20] <fenn> wonder what this is http://www.hexagonmetrology.com/media/images/hp_infobox_cognitens_automotive_208x116.png
[10:54:45] <FinboySlick> fenn: Looks like a 3d camera.
[10:54:55] <FinboySlick> or scanner.
[11:08:54] <_methods> digitizer
[11:09:27] <_methods> http://www.cognitens.com/
[11:10:05] <_methods> http://hexagonmetrology.us/products/white-light-measurement
[11:20:46] <archivist> the CMM is alive :)
[11:20:52] <ssi> :D
[11:20:56] <ssi> is it measuring?!
[11:22:32] <archivist> its moving, need to find the XYZ display in the crappy pcdmis again, and I hate annoying the houses around me with the compressor
[11:23:05] <archivist> responds to the jog box like it should I think
[11:23:30] <archivist> I need silent 2.5 cfm
[11:28:37] <Wolf_> ouch this shopping cart total on LMS is getting big fast…
[11:28:47] <fenn> "The WLS qFLASH projects a random pattern on the measuring object and analyses surfaces, features and edge lines using stereo vision."
[11:28:59] <fenn> so it's basically an overgrown kinect
[11:34:47] <jdh> Wolf: buy me a 16" bed extension
[11:38:10] <Wolf_> lol, I want one of those too… but not today
[11:46:29] <Wolf_> ouch $60 for shipping...
[11:49:35] <fenn> soon, if all goes well, you will have a very shiny turd
[11:49:53] <jdh> matte
[11:49:56] <archivist> ssi, last image http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=brown+sharpe+cmm
[11:50:07] <Wolf_> well, almost half the cart total is tooling...
[11:50:12] <Jymmm> archivist: They have different wattage units, http://www.amazon.com/Hydrofarm-AAPA110L-112-Watt-110-LPM-Commercial/dp/B002JPPFJ0
[11:51:18] <archivist> Jymmm, that sort is low pressure
[11:51:58] <Jymmm> archivist: I just saw 2.5cfm and quite, maybe airbrush compressor?
[11:52:32] <archivist> air brushes are around 30 psi, I need minimum of 70
[11:52:36] <ssi> archivist: nice!
[11:53:16] <Jymmm> archivist: Sounds like frig compressor if you want quite
[11:53:27] <Jymmm> quiet
[12:00:09] <MattyMatt> rip a fridge up. they are good to at least 90 psi. dunno if it's enough flow to run an airbrush continuously tho
[12:00:57] <MattyMatt> ah frig, I understand. I thought that was a humourous euro company name
[12:01:41] <Jymmm> It might be that too =)
[12:04:11] <enleth> Got the argon tank for TIG, finally.
[12:05:42] <Jymmm> but did you remember the argon?
[12:06:13] <enleth> Well I hope it's full, as ordered
[12:07:00] <Jymmm> Ah, wasn't sure if you got the tank new / used / 2nd hand
[12:08:20] <MattyMatt> argon accumulator, is a superman creator
[12:09:00] <Jymmm> MattyMatt: Could you say that again, this time in an EARTH language?
[12:09:40] <MattyMatt> that's another use for a frig compressor, making a little atmosphere cracker. dunno what I'd do with all that liquid nitrogen tho. ice cream?
[12:09:52] <enleth> No idea if actually new, it's still in the shipping packaging.
[12:09:56] <MattyMatt> http://lyrics.wikia.com/wiki/Hawkwind:Orgone_Accumulator
[12:10:14] <Jymmm> MattyMatt: Nitrogen generator?
[12:10:23] <ssi> MattyMatt: I need nitrogen often
[12:10:38] <Jymmm> me too
[12:10:50] <MattyMatt> take out the nitrogen, then the oxygen, and then most of what's left is argon
[12:11:06] <ssi> if you take out the nitrogen, and then you take out the oxygen, most of the air argon
[12:11:23] <Jymmm> echo echo
[12:11:53] <ssi> the part of the air that aren'tgon contains lots of stuff
[12:12:09] <MattyMatt> pretty colours in the TIG arc
[12:12:41] * Jymmm smacks MattyMatt! Stop looking at the welding without a mask on!
[12:13:57] <MattyMatt> I've got my peril-sensitive shades
[12:14:22] <MattyMatt> I haven't had a chance to weld with it yet tho, except briefly indoors
[12:14:46] <MattyMatt> I need some land
[12:15:20] * Jymmm tosses a mud ball at MattyMatt... THERE BE LAND FOR YA!!!
[12:15:51] <MattyMatt> I need to marry a girl of the parish and claim my quarter acre of common, like it says in the magna carta
[12:16:07] <Jymmm> MattyMatt: hahaha
[12:16:15] <ssi> ugh not sure a quarter acre is worth being married
[12:16:19] <ssi> let alone to a girl of the parish
[12:16:27] <MattyMatt> you get 12 trees too, for the house
[12:16:29] <Jymmm> MattyMatt: There's land for $1 in chicago
[12:16:38] <MattyMatt> still need a green card
[12:16:58] <Jymmm> since when?
[12:17:09] <MattyMatt> €500 land in bulgaria is more my style
[12:17:15] <MattyMatt> since I was born in UK
[12:17:49] <Jymmm> ah, sorry to hear that
[12:17:52] <ssi> lol
[12:17:52] <MattyMatt> we can't just drift in and settle anymore. we lost that war
[12:18:40] <MattyMatt> not unless we have considerably more than $1 to invest
[12:18:49] <Jymmm> ssi: ;)
[12:40:25] <Jymmm> LOL, gotta love it when they use pics from different products... http://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-3-1-2-in-Satin-Nickel-5-8-in-Radius-Security-Door-Hinges-3-Pack-14874/202818703
[12:48:18] <ganzuul> Orgone originated from legitimate non-Freudian psychology, once. Then the false gurus got a hold of that community.
[12:48:46] <ganzuul> AFAIK, most of the New Age movement comes from that.
[12:49:52] <ganzuul> Oh wait, this was about music.
[12:56:14] <Jymmm> ganzuul: What the heck you be talkn bout willis?
[12:59:22] <ganzuul> A comment by MattyMatt... At a glance, presumed the usual discussion.
[13:00:05] <ganzuul> I just scan the chat window for keywords...
[13:18:09] <Jymmm> ganzuul: context man, context =)
[13:28:55] <aventtini> guys any one that use Philips liniar encoders from maho
[13:28:56] <aventtini> ?
[13:33:44] <bobo> Maho , now there is a interesting mill
[13:34:47] <CaptHindsight> <_methods> you could try #ubuntu but i hate to recommend anyone go in that cesspool of humanity, it's worse than #reprap
[13:35:23] <CaptHindsight> maybe a close 2nd LOL
[13:37:59] <Jymmm> CaptHindsight: Awww, why being so kind?
[13:38:06] <Sync> aventtini: those have an annoying protocol
[13:39:11] <_methods> hahaha
[13:39:48] <_methods> you think #reprap has #ubuntu beat?
[13:41:06] <_methods> http://look.viralnova.com/strange-google-maps/
[13:43:49] <bobo> Sync: have you worked with the philips scales ? and been successful ?
[13:46:04] <aventtini> I will try
[13:46:17] <aventtini> i solve the TNC bords this week
[13:46:28] <aventtini> boards with liniar scales
[13:46:36] <aventtini> and it works perfect
[13:46:54] <aventtini> next step is with the maho
[13:46:55] <aventtini> :))
[13:47:50] <aventtini> I have the indramat TRM3
[13:47:53] <aventtini> as drives
[13:48:03] <aventtini> and 432 as the plc
[13:48:28] <aventtini> i did not see some one solving this problem
[13:48:43] <aventtini> i will try to use the actual encoder board from the plc
[13:48:52] <aventtini> and get the ttl out
[13:49:32] <Sync> bobo: it is easier to replace them with something usable
[13:49:39] <aventtini> what are the progress made on them on the forum there are to little info in them
[13:49:39] <Sync> although I have started efforts to reverse them
[13:50:27] <aventtini> problem is the place that they fit on the 500c
[13:50:49] <aventtini> it must work
[13:50:54] <aventtini> with some efforts
[13:52:00] <Sync> don't count on it
[13:52:08] <Sync> every retrofitter I know replaces them with HH
[13:55:59] <aventtini> they are really well made
[13:56:18] <aventtini> i dont have room on the main mill body
[13:56:45] <bobo> aventtini : I have never worked with the philips scales , but agree with Sync that those scales are very useable or fixable
[13:57:38] <aventtini> i need some one that have some schematics of the actual encoder board
[13:57:51] <aventtini> they are 1um scales
[13:57:53] <bobo> also it didnt take long for Maho to go to Heidenhan scales
[13:58:02] <aventtini> sure
[13:58:22] <aventtini> but same thing SIN
[13:58:40] <aventtini> so no major upgrade
[13:58:48] <aventtini> on the resoution
[13:59:47] <Sync> well aventtini, as I said, if you want it to work in a reasonable timeframe, replace the scales and sell them
[13:59:52] <bobo> aventtini: what year and model Maho do you have
[14:00:01] <aventtini> 85
[14:00:09] <aventtini> yes its my machine
[14:00:24] <aventtini> if it was my clients i tell him to change them
[14:00:27] <bobo> 1985 ?
[14:00:32] <aventtini> yes
[14:00:44] <aventtini> machine has 3000h
[14:00:51] <aventtini> and it looks new
[14:00:53] <aventtini> :)
[14:01:29] <aventtini> its not a big machine but more a good made machine
[14:01:43] <aventtini> problem is this 432
[14:01:58] <aventtini> is not that smart as we
[14:01:59] <aventtini> :)
[14:02:08] <aventtini> it has 4 axis
[14:02:21] <aventtini> and the rotating encoder is HH
[14:02:26] <aventtini> so its a SIN
[14:03:11] <aventtini> 3 philips and 1 hh
[14:03:54] <bobo> never heard of a 3000h , but so what. Philips schematics , have seen many ask for but never saw anyone say the had any!
[14:03:59] <aventtini> i get the signal from hh and the follow it on the board
[14:04:46] <aventtini> yes i was relly impress on the h , i was thinking it was over reset but no
[14:04:51] <aventtini> it looks new
[14:05:11] <aventtini> it was in a small test room
[14:05:38] <aventtini> all of the maho had this on the 432
[14:07:09] <Sync> the schematics are not really of use, you have to understand the measurement principle
[14:07:15] <Sync> which is interesting in the philips
[14:07:43] <aventtini1> sorry i have disconected
[14:08:00] <aventtini1> did you get my last msg
[14:08:01] <aventtini1> ?
[14:08:03] <bobo> a maho 600 is not a small machine , am guessing a 3000 is huge
[14:08:23] <archivist> 3000 is his hours run
[14:08:29] <aventtini1> yes
[14:08:34] <aventtini1> this one is 500c
[14:08:41] <aventtini1> small
[14:08:44] <aventtini1> not big
[14:09:03] <bobo> ok
[14:09:38] <aventtini1> there is any old maho that have 432 whit hh on all axis ?
[14:10:51] <aventtini1> ping is a problem i see 250 seconds
[14:10:53] <aventtini1> :))
[14:13:06] <bobo> again if you are trying to get info on the Philips scales , good luck. many go to HH scales and their converter or some of the newer scales from Japan
[14:13:37] <aventtini1> i dont have room for the HH
[14:14:55] <aventtini1> the z scale is inside the mill boady
[14:15:31] <aventtini1> i will make some diy posts on the forum this week
[14:16:20] <aventtini1> by the way . there is any invertor brake for the spindle like +- to stop the spindle
[14:16:36] <bobo> would think the HH 403 type ,as used later would fit
[14:16:47] <aventtini1> i dont have any mechanical brake
[14:16:59] <aventtini1> ls403
[14:16:59] <aventtini1> ?
[14:17:46] <aventtini1> its same like this http://www.cnczone.com/forums/linuxcnc-formerly-emc2-/100777-retrofitting-maho-mh400c.html
[14:17:55] <bobo> yes HH ls 403 series,
[14:22:30] <aventtini1> i have playd with the mikron on some tests and its a big differnace on this 85 machine on a similar slide machine
[14:23:11] <aventtini1> this old machine has a better chasiis the all the new machines that i have seen
[14:25:25] <bobo> please tell that to "zeeshan" who has converted his Mikron to Linuxcnc
[14:25:52] <Sync> you can just add a new scale on the outside
[14:25:56] <Sync> that is how everybody does it
[14:26:06] <aventtini1> zeeshan i think he change the HH
[14:26:15] <aventtini1> did not convet the old sin
[14:26:44] <aventtini1> next step for me is to learn the tool changer setup
[14:26:45] <aventtini1> :D
[14:27:06] <ssi> I'm pretty sure he used interpolators
[14:28:35] <aventtini1> aaa yes you are right
[14:29:03] <aventtini1> i have like 9 tnc 155
[14:29:04] <bobo> as I was lead to believe ,zeeshan used his HH scales and the existing HH converter Bd (sine- square wave)
[14:29:04] <aventtini1> :))
[14:29:14] <aventtini1> i dont buy exebox
[14:29:47] <aventtini1> ii use the original board inside the tnc
[14:32:43] <bobo> zeeshan did that too,original board inside the Mikron , but his is HH scales and 3 axis board
[14:33:43] <aventtini1> i was thinking he got exebox from ebay
[14:36:15] <bobo> think he was trying to but just used the existing 3 axis board . it has been a while ,and I am old and forget
[14:37:41] <bobo> aventtini: where are you located /
[14:53:33] <bobo> aventtini: I remember Nick Mueller saying he gave up on the Philips scales and installed scales from Japan . just tried to look at his you tube stuff but all of the comments are gone
[14:53:57] <Tom_itx> any catia users around today?
[14:54:14] <Tom_itx> had a question about selecting sketch components for extrusion
[14:56:46] <_methods> can't you just select the sketch in the feature tree?
[14:56:57] <_methods> been a few years since i've done anythign with catia
[14:57:30] <Tom_itx> well, solidworks has a 'contour select' tool and i'm trying to find similar in catia
[14:57:47] <Tom_itx> where you can select specific areas of a sketch and extrude them but not the whole sketch
[14:58:00] <_methods> ah you're trying to convert entities of a face
[14:58:01] <Sync> bobo: yup
[14:58:14] <Tom_itx> well call it what you will...
[14:58:16] <Tom_itx> :)
[14:59:08] <Tom_itx> what i did in solidworks was a complete sketch of a part then extruded the individual elements to their proper thicknesses
[14:59:24] <Tom_itx> be it above or below the reference plane
[14:59:31] <Tom_itx> and trying to find similar in catia
[14:59:37] <_methods> using the same sketch for all
[14:59:41] <Tom_itx> yes
[14:59:48] * JT-Shop found my Kreg... at Menards :( now I own 3
[14:59:49] <bobo> Sync : do you have a Maho mill ?
[15:00:00] <Tom_itx> i may have found something that will do it but haven't had a chance to try it
[15:00:28] <_methods> i think in catia it used to consume the sketch into the extrude
[15:00:37] <_methods> but not sure how they do it now
[15:01:16] <_methods> i think multi pads
[15:01:18] <Tom_itx> so you had to make individual sketches as you go?
[15:01:32] <Tom_itx> that may be what i was looking at.. i'm checking
[15:02:39] <Tom_itx> yeah, multi pad definition...
[15:02:48] <Sync> no bobo, but I like playing around with stuff
[15:03:12] <Tom_L> _methods, https://catiamaster.wordpress.com/2012/01/15/3-2-reference-elements-sketch-based-features/
[15:03:18] <Tom_L> was what i was looking at, near the bottom
[15:04:06] <_methods> kk
[15:10:32] <Tom_itx> would that be similar to the contour select in sw?
[15:10:33] <Tom_itx> i'm having the kid ask his instructor today about it..
[15:10:33] <Tom_itx> i've been doing the problems along side him in solidworks as he learns catia
[15:10:33] <Tom_itx> and trying to pick it up myself as well
[15:10:34] <_methods> sorry one sec work
[15:15:07] <_methods> makin this crazy part
[15:15:09] <_methods> http://www.3dfile.io/RGiTkV
[15:16:39] <_methods> Tom_itx: what do you mean contour select in sw?
[15:18:47] <_methods> are you talking about convert entities?
[15:19:48] <_methods> http://www.producthunt.com/tech/rhei
[15:20:05] <_methods> ferrofluid clock
[15:28:12] <Praesmeodymium> thats cute
[15:28:28] <Praesmeodymium> I always wanted to do a ferrofluid sculpture
[15:30:25] <ganzuul> How small are the particles in ferrofluid? Would the dust off my grinder do?
[15:34:07] <XXCoder> pretty small
[15:34:12] <XXCoder> like dust from what I see
[15:34:51] <XXCoder> ganzuul: probably can use dust off grinder though, just seperate non-metal particles off first
[15:35:08] <ganzuul> cool :o
[15:35:09] <_methods> Tom_itx: have you looked at this
[15:35:14] <_methods> http://catiadoc.free.fr/online/cfyug_C2/cfyugextract.htm
[15:35:34] <ganzuul> Can I turn a drill bit into a ghetto boring bar?
[15:35:36] <XXCoder> ganzuul: one guy went to beach and used magnet to get "ore". then he refined it using magnets quite a few times
[15:35:44] <_methods> ganzuul: yes
[15:35:48] <XXCoder> and then he made ferrofluid with it and some oil. worked.
[15:35:50] <ganzuul> \o/
[15:38:11] <ganzuul> I tipped the otherwise useless little work rests on my grinder up to deflect sparks, and put my cooling water underneath. Got quite a bit of grinding dust in there now.
[15:46:19] <Contract_Pilot> Sup
[15:46:39] <ganzuul> ...I got the drill bit secured pretty well in the toolpost. One screw is acting as a dodgy setscrew. What do you think about using powerfeed for this?
[15:47:50] <ganzuul> The drill bit is brand new BTW...
[15:47:52] <ganzuul> hmm
[15:48:01] <ganzuul> This might actually work.
[15:52:09] <Contract_Pilot> To good to be true? hahaha! why not lets see if it ships... great if it does for the sherlines http://www.walmart.com/ip/NEMA-23-2-Phase-Robot-Lathe-CNC-Stepper-Motor-56mm-3A-156oz.in-w-Driver/46930349
[15:52:44] <DaViruz> that's pretty cheap
[15:52:52] <Contract_Pilot> Hell yes.
[15:53:12] <Contract_Pilot> Looked the driver up IRF based
[15:53:38] <DaViruz> love the link they provide
[15:53:48] <gromits> My spindle rotates counter-clockwise for M3 and clockwise for M4. I should remember how to invert this but I am coming up blank... Anyone know offhand?
[15:54:18] <Contract_Pilot> MB450A
[15:54:36] <Contract_Pilot> Swap 2 wires on the motor
[15:54:58] <gromits> There is a way to do it in the config I believe....
[15:55:54] <Contract_Pilot> I orderd 4 hahaha lets see if they ship.
[15:56:21] <JT-Shop> gromits, what controls the direction of your spindle?
[15:56:36] <Contract_Pilot> That way i do not need to use my monster 80V 10A on them little POS's
[15:56:43] <ganzuul> _methods: Drill bit boring bar works pretty great. :)
[15:56:52] <gromits> I have a VFD driving the motor
[15:57:20] <Contract_Pilot> End mill works better.
[15:58:26] <ganzuul> Contract_Pilot: For a boring bar?
[15:58:47] <Contract_Pilot> Yea,
[15:58:52] <ganzuul> Cool. :o
[15:59:01] <gromits> I am using the gs2_vfd component to do modbus to vfd
[15:59:04] <Contract_Pilot> Long ones!
[16:00:29] <Praesmeodymium> from my reading and expirementation good FF has a rather small particle size like 10-50nm
[16:00:31] <JT-Shop> let me look at mine
[16:00:54] <Praesmeodymium> shitty FF is easy to make
[16:01:31] <JT-Shop> net gs2-fwd spindle-vfd.spindle-fwd <= motion.spindle-forward
[16:01:45] <JT-Shop> net gs2-run spindle-vfd.spindle-on <= motion.spindle-on
[16:01:56] <JT-Shop> net gs2-at-speed motion.spindle-at-speed <= spindle-vfd.at-speed
[16:02:02] <JT-Shop> that's my hal file
[16:02:47] <gromits> I have all of those also in my custom.hal file...
[16:02:54] <JT-Shop> prob just need to swap two wires in the motor
[16:03:01] <JT-Shop> make it run the other way
[16:03:11] <JT-Shop> 3-phase motor?
[16:03:14] <gromits> Yes
[16:03:29] <JT-Shop> swap any two wires at the motor or the output of the drive
[16:03:31] <gromits> I guess that isn't too hard, will give it try...
[16:06:17] <ganzuul> Contract_Pilot: I like how the flutes dig out the chips... AFAIK boring bars don't do that.
[16:08:13] <gromits> That worked a treat. Thanks.
[16:14:55] <Deejay> gn8
[16:16:22] <Contract_Pilot> Welcome
[16:38:27] <Tom_L> _methods, is SW if you right click on the sketch in the list you will see the contour select tool
[16:39:23] <Tom_L> from there you can proceed to extrude the selected section
[16:41:07] <andypugh> Moan
[16:41:09] <andypugh> Grumble
[16:41:11] <Tom_L> the multi-pad feature apparently is catia's counterpart for that
[16:41:56] <Tom_L> his instructor said he doesn't use it much
[16:42:52] <andypugh> Spent the evening taking the mill apart. It has three-times f-errored when running the same job. The final time I noticed a nasty smell and found that the Z axis motor was toasy-warm. (Spec says it should be good to 140C though, and the continued presence of skin on my hand attests to it being cooler than that)
[16:43:00] <Tom_L> i personally think it takes longer to draw in catia than in sw
[16:43:55] <andypugh> It turns out that my Z-axis ballscrew has seized. And the nut that holds it in is under the Y axis screw. And the Y axis screw is under the whole X axis..
[16:44:10] <Tom_itx> fun
[16:44:27] <Tom_itx> you wanted to rebuild it anyway right?
[16:44:45] <andypugh> The ballnut rotates sort-of freely for 180 degrees, then goes much stiffer, like it is skidding.
[16:45:09] <Tom_itx> not big enough for Z?
[16:45:22] <andypugh> I am not entirely sure what is wrong, or whether it is worth taking it apart to look at the balls.
[16:45:35] <andypugh> It’s a 25mm screw and a fairly small mill.
[16:45:39] <Tom_itx> do you have a counterbalance on Z?
[16:45:55] <andypugh> No. I could never figure out how to fit one.
[16:46:04] <Tom_itx> maybe it's time to figure
[16:46:06] <andypugh> Even a pneumatic one would be difficult.
[16:46:27] <andypugh> I think the nut was just bad.
[16:48:42] <andypugh> Ca for the 2505 screw is 1250 kgf. The whole machine weighs less than 500kg, and the saddle/table can’t be more than 250.
[16:49:09] <andypugh> (If it was my garage roof would have collapsed as I hoisted it up out of the way)
[16:49:53] <Contract_Pilot> Andy what mill?
[16:50:07] <Contract_Pilot> China or USA screws?
[16:50:35] <andypugh> It’s a little Harrison
[16:50:45] <andypugh> And a GTEN Chinese ballscrew
[16:52:19] <andypugh> Here is the machine in horizontal mode: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/BRKHry0DJitoQMnrS9v5e9MTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink
[16:52:36] <andypugh> Which was the only way to fit in this big (but light) job.
[16:53:55] <Contract_Pilot> Thats large mill to me
[16:54:26] <SpeedEvil> http://imgur.com/gallery/Eyrh1iN (though probably not actually CNC yet)
[16:54:41] <SpeedEvil> Fixing knees.
[16:54:51] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Powered-Up-768x1024.jpg
[16:55:33] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/AR-CNC-576x1024.jpg
[16:55:59] <Contract_Pilot> Going to be a lot of stress on the little one doing an AR Lower
[16:56:38] <Contract_Pilot> when it is done!
[16:56:57] <Contract_Pilot> Need to stop spending my mesa money!
[16:57:42] <Tom_itx> spend it all then send me that first mill
[16:59:47] <Tom_itx> andypugh i gather your garage isn't constructed like your parent's home
[17:00:24] <andypugh> No, it’s just brick and block.
[17:00:41] <andypugh> With a wood truss roof and tiled.
[17:01:06] <andypugh> Still heavier-construction that wood and shingles, I suppose.
[17:01:13] <Contract_Pilot> Hope that walmart deal is good.
[17:02:25] <Contract_Pilot> http://www.walmart.com/ip/NEMA-23-2-Phase-Robot-Lathe-CNC-Stepper-Motor-56mm-3A-156oz.in-w-Driver/46930349
[17:02:51] <Contract_Pilot> Said WTF placed an order for 4 it is walmart so should be safe!
[17:03:36] <andypugh> Can’t go far wrong that that price!
[17:04:09] <andypugh> I am tempted to buy a dozen myself
[17:05:14] <Contract_Pilot> MB450A Driver
[17:05:23] <Contract_Pilot> Mosfet driven
[17:06:20] <andypugh> Oh bother! This ballscrew and nut is a type that the supplier no longer sells. I can’t just buy a new nut.
[17:06:23] <Contract_Pilot> Ships from China
[17:06:34] <Sync> oh wow
[17:06:45] <Sync> the philips scales are *really* clever
[17:07:14] <Contract_Pilot> Andy are the balls worn?
[17:07:16] <Contract_Pilot> mic them
[17:13:18] <andypugh> I can’t see them, they are inside the nut. And I am not super-optimistic about my chances of getting them back in if I take them out.
[17:16:05] <Contract_Pilot> Not to hard to do.
[17:16:35] <Contract_Pilot> Just be carefull. I use a cloth on a cookie sheet when servicing mine.
[17:18:15] <Contract_Pilot> These walmart deals have to be a Joke $6.00 http://www.walmart.com/ip/46914656
[17:18:41] <Contract_Pilot> Order placed hahahah!
[17:18:48] <andypugh> Wierd! It looks like a load of the balls have bypassed the deflector and populated an extra bit of thread with a blind end…
[17:20:31] <Contract_Pilot> So 4 Drivers, 48V PS, and BOB on the way Under 75.00 hahaha
[17:20:38] <Contract_Pilot> and a 12V PS
[17:21:34] <Contract_Pilot> Use the little machine to fab some parts for the big machines.
[17:30:33] <Praesmeodymium> holy shit thts less than I pay for steppers
[17:31:09] <Praesmeodymium> and I only can afford nema 17's for my little 3d wobble bots
[17:43:36] <Sync> hmm yeah, the philips scales are weird
[17:44:04] <Sync> but they should be adaptable
[17:49:22] <Contract_Pilot> Nema 8 http://www.walmart.com/ip/NEMA-8-2-Phase-Lathe-CNC-Stepper-Motor-40mm-0.6A-3.7oz.in-w-M415B-Driver/46935680
[17:53:13] <Tom_itx> that's tiny
[17:53:23] <Tom_itx> that other nema23 is a single stack
[17:53:36] <Tom_itx> not much torque for a mill
[17:53:46] <Tom_itx> i took those off my sherline and replaced them
[17:55:05] <Tom_itx> pretty soon walmart'll be seling tormach
[17:58:00] <Tom_itx> Contract_Pilot, i'm not sure i'd push that driver to 48v
[17:58:07] <Tom_itx> those are chinese volts ya know
[18:01:36] <Contract_Pilot> hahaha
[18:03:36] <Contract_Pilot> for the sherline mill nema 23 ok
[18:03:56] <andypugh> Well, I have the ballscrew working again, but I can’t say I trust it not to do the same again.
[18:04:24] <Tom_itx> i had single stack on mine for quite a while but like the double stack better
[18:04:32] <andypugh> The little plastic deflector plug had worked out, revealing a corner for balls to pack up against.
[18:04:53] <Tom_itx> no ball damage?
[18:05:25] <andypugh> I tapped all the plugs in a bit further, and put the balls back in, and it works now. It’s slightly stiff because I pushed the plugs in too far, but a smooth osrt of stiff.
[18:05:41] <Sync> free preload
[18:06:16] <andypugh> If I intended to re-use it I would take all the balls out and clean it. If it turns out that I need to, then I will. And fit a packer behind each plug so they can’t escape again.
[18:06:42] <andypugh> But I would rather buy a new nut that never has done that trick, and hopefully never will.
[18:12:14] <MattyMatt> on these military ones I've got, the return tube and deflector is screwed on the outside
[18:12:47] <MattyMatt> a blacksmith could still fix the tank
[18:13:02] <MattyMatt> on the downside. they are 20mm pitch and single start
[18:13:08] <MattyMatt> KIS&S
[18:13:13] <andypugh> Yes, the ones with a tube from one end to the other are rather better, but the tube stops them fitting in a bore.
[18:13:32] <Sync> depends on how they are made
[18:13:50] <MattyMatt> I think mine stick out too much
[18:13:55] <Sync> some have the body big enough for the tube to be in them
[18:14:51] <MattyMatt> http://i.imgur.com/9kSjz.jpg looks like mine might be like that
[18:15:46] <andypugh> Ah, yes.
[18:17:03] <zeeshan> hairline fracture
[18:17:07] <zeeshan> was the result
[18:17:10] <zeeshan> :o
[18:17:15] <andypugh> I ordered one of these, RSH 16H5 which is a rather hand 1” diameter 16mm ballnut
[18:17:40] <Praesmeodymium> http://www.walmart.com/ip/Nema-24-1.8-Degree-CNC-Stepping-Stepper-Motor-90mm-4A-368oz.in-w-MB450A-Driver/46945879
[18:18:21] <Praesmeodymium> I cant believe walmart holy schnikies, whatya mean china cheap is coming outta walmart
[18:18:32] * Tom_itx thinks Contract_Pilot ordered too soon
[18:18:35] <andypugh> But when it arrived, despite every picture on the internet and in the catalogues showing it cylindrical, it looks like this: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/TToLLpPtd1N2Gx-mynggUtMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink Which was a surprise
[18:18:43] <Praesmeodymium> that at least looks like a double stack
[18:19:00] <Tom_itx> but is nema24 a misprint?
[18:20:56] <Tom_itx> i'd even be tempted to get one of those
[18:21:06] <MattyMatt> Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to
[18:21:20] <Wolf_> wow nice lol
[18:21:22] <MattyMatt> but it doesn't matter if walmart have them I guess
[18:21:46] <Tom_itx> they're just brokering them
[18:21:59] <MattyMatt> 8mm shaft, maybe that makes it nema 24
[18:22:22] <Tom_itx> still, it would make a great 4th axis drive for me
[18:22:27] <MattyMatt> 23 are usually 1/4" but afaik shaft dianmeter is not part of the spec
[18:22:40] <Wolf_> nope
[18:22:52] <Wolf_> my 23 are 8mm
[18:23:43] <Praesmeodymium> those show a 5mm shaft and the same mounting holes spacing as a 23 at 47.14mm
[18:24:56] <Praesmeodymium> well in 3 days I may need to shop at ugh walmart
[18:25:01] <Wolf_> 24 should be 49.9 with a 60mm frame
[18:25:35] <MattyMatt> walmart tried to sell lindows. I got respect
[18:26:26] <Praesmeodymium> ahh IO was comparing A 24 not that 24 so I dunno I do see that 24 has a 8mm shaft the one I found that seems similar has those dimension
[18:28:56] <Praesmeodymium> I wonder if I could make something aluminum millng capable with those. my initial math with no more than speculation said they were a little light for something like a 1/4" bit
[18:30:24] <MattyMatt> my motors are weaker than that, and they weren't the limiting thing when I tried
[18:31:55] <MattyMatt> pesky dremel pusher pushes the dremel where the dremel ain't dremeling
[18:36:42] <MattyMatt> I've beefed up the frame and X slide a bit, and got a bigger spindle, so I'll know soon if I can push a 1/4" bit through alu
[18:40:00] <Sync> D: zeeshan
[18:40:33] <zeeshan> limping around :D
[18:41:51] <MattyMatt> ah your body. that'll heal. I thought you had a hairline fracture in your ballscrew nut
[18:42:32] <zeeshan> lol
[18:44:20] <MattyMatt> am I being wildly optimistic when I think ballnuts wouldn't be too hard to make?
[18:44:28] <bobo> zeeshan if we send you a 3-4-5set up block , will you become a stay at home Mach er . miss the daytime chatter
[18:45:21] <zeeshan> hahah
[18:45:26] <zeeshan> 246 is pretty big
[18:45:30] <zeeshan> its 2" 4" 6"!!
[18:46:54] <bobo> 2 4 6 is only a fracture , think bigger
[18:47:12] <zeeshan> im suprised that u can barely see the fracture
[18:47:19] <zeeshan> i thought itd be shattered
[18:47:33] <zeeshan> bone is good in compressio
[18:49:31] <bobo> yes feet are tough ,but there is a limit . suggest you do FEA on non body parts from now on
[18:51:03] <bobo> or is zeeshan on a stick going to be the new thing
[18:51:38] <Loetmichel> MattyMatt: human bodys are amazing stuff... you have to beat it really hard to shut it down
[18:51:48] <zeeshan> lol
[18:51:49] <Wolf_> could have dropped the jig on his foot...
[18:51:52] <Loetmichel> if you look how little damage can halt a machine...
[18:51:58] <Wolf_> I think that would have done it
[18:53:15] <Wolf_> Contract_Pilot: anything back from that toolholder vendor?
[18:54:06] <Wolf_> Contract_Pilot: anything back from that toolholder vendor?
[18:56:19] <MattyMatt> a human body in boots and glasses is a tough thing
[18:56:33] <MattyMatt> add yellow hat, leather apron, gloves etc
[18:56:55] <Wolf_> depends on the line of work...
[18:57:13] <MattyMatt> kevlar & ceramic? :)
[18:57:26] <MattyMatt> breathing gear?
[18:57:42] <Wolf_> even with all the personal protective stuff I have worked a few places that you are still soft and squishy
[18:58:25] * furrywolf wears steeltoes all day, even when not working machine tools... and would definitely not wear flipflops around tools!
[18:58:28] <bobo> biker dress is 2 wraps of chain over sholder to wast
[18:58:56] <roycroft> i wear steel toe boots when it's prudent to do so, and not a moment longer
[18:59:07] * furrywolf suggests zeeshan adopt a similar attitude towards footwear. :P
[18:59:13] <roycroft> birkenstocks are my standard footware during the tear-up-the-roads season
[18:59:39] <roycroft> and during the rainy season i wear whatever is comfortable and seems appropriate at the time
[18:59:55] <MattyMatt> buy boots one size too large, and then it's only sparks that can cause discomfort
[18:59:56] <Sync> the more important question is, has the 246 block sustained damage zeeshan?
[19:00:02] <zeeshan> no
[19:00:06] <zeeshan> its perfectly fine
[19:00:07] <zeeshan> :(
[19:00:10] <Sync> good.
[19:00:24] <Wolf_> http://rampart-hydro.com/projects/parking-garages-and-buildings/
[19:00:42] <zeeshan> furrywolf: only in the garage.
[19:00:49] <Wolf_> I worked the Kennedy Center job
[19:01:10] <furrywolf> there's rarely a reason not to wear steeltoes.
[19:01:19] * furrywolf is wearing them right now, just to IRC! :P
[19:01:26] <roycroft> they're heavy and seaty and uncomfortable
[19:01:34] <roycroft> wear them when your toes might get injured
[19:01:42] <roycroft> take them off otherwise
[19:01:50] <MattyMatt> dip chips on the carpet
[19:02:00] <MattyMatt> nowhere is safe
[19:02:07] <roycroft> they are also not very fashionable
[19:02:17] <roycroft> there is no such thing as risk elimination
[19:02:19] <furrywolf> we have different ideas of fashion. :P
[19:02:23] <roycroft> risk is all about mitigation
[19:03:07] <roycroft> any time someone says they can eliminate risk, run away from that person as fast as you can
[19:03:20] <Sync> I remember when we were loading stuff and a friend of mine was moving the car and suddenly I could not move
[19:03:30] <Sync> because the car was on my foot
[19:04:00] <MattyMatt> http://aelida.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/doc-martens.jpg
[19:04:17] <roycroft> and you were wearing safety shoes/boots and were uninjured?
[19:04:34] <MattyMatt> dunno if she's fashionable, but she thinks she is, and has safe toes
[19:05:22] <bobo> sure is built for faster than i can go
[19:06:23] <furrywolf> MattyMatt: having your laces untied is unsafe.
[19:06:37] <Sync> roycroft: yes
[19:06:39] <furrywolf> that girl is not setting a good example.
[19:07:03] <roycroft> ok
[19:07:07] <roycroft> and so, by extrapolation
[19:07:21] <roycroft> i should wear safety shoes when i'm bathing in case a car lands on my foot in the bathtub
[19:07:53] <roycroft> my neighbor could go geriatirc on me and drive her car through my bathroom wall while trying to park
[19:08:05] <roycroft> geriatric
[19:08:08] <furrywolf> no, it's for when your wife/girlfriend steps on your foot trying to get into the right position. :P
[19:08:19] <MattyMatt> I regularly sleep in mine. I'm on fire watch
[19:08:25] <MattyMatt> momma be geriatric
[19:09:05] <roycroft> i wear birkenstocks in my shop when doing some things
[19:09:16] <roycroft> i wear running shoes in my shop while doing other things
[19:09:25] <roycroft> and i wear steel-toed boots in my shop when doing yet other things
[19:12:20] <furrywolf> I don't own birkenstocks nor running shoes.
[19:12:27] <furrywolf> useless footwear. :P
[19:22:48] <_methods> so much footwear in your garage
[19:25:03] <Tom_itx> how do you define a plane say 2" above the top plane in sw?
[19:25:03] <andypugh> MattyMatt: Making a ball nut is moderateluy easy. Hardeining it so that it will work for a long time and then grinding the shape is less easy.
[19:25:38] <andypugh> Tom_itx: In Inventor (to answer the wrong question) You click and drag off the top plane, then type “2” in the box.
[19:25:44] <malcom2073> Tom_itx: I think you can offset a reference plane? Let me load it up and check
[19:26:48] <_methods> go to insert>reference geometry> plane
[19:26:56] <malcom2073> Yeah, then input an offset
[19:27:09] <Tom_itx> thanks
[19:27:12] <malcom2073> _methods: is faster than me heh
[19:27:22] <_methods> hahah i hope so i have to use it all day
[19:27:23] <Wolf_> cool, servo spindle drive motor will be here tomorrow
[19:31:54] <MattyMatt> do any twin start screw have opposite preload so they are self anti-lash?
[19:33:15] * MattyMatt patents
[19:33:50] <Sync> you can have preload in a single start screw
[19:34:32] <malcom2073> MattyMatt: It'd be unadjustable though
[19:34:56] <malcom2073> Probably better off just having a close tolerance nut
[19:35:05] <MattyMatt> tapered spiral wedge :)
[19:35:14] <MattyMatt> I should draw it
[19:35:35] <MattyMatt> then offer 50% of the patent to whoever stumps up the £1600+VAT fee
[19:35:37] <malcom2073> At least a close tolerance (delryn) nut is cheap to replace when it wears out, as opposed to a special preload nut
[19:36:18] <MattyMatt> this is actually the way I'm thinking. plastic ballnuts you can replace in an afternoon for free
[19:36:19] <Wolf_> ^ thats what I was going to do to the x1, undersized acetal nuts
[19:36:42] <MattyMatt> oh yeah, on steel threads, delrin is a winner
[19:36:56] <Wolf_> but then I did that large x2 base with ballscrews instead
[19:37:12] <malcom2073> Wolf_: The adapter plates I designed for my mill won't work
[19:37:20] <malcom2073> Have to redesign :/
[19:37:23] <malcom2073> Got them made and all
[19:37:25] <Wolf_> doh
[19:37:29] <Contract_Pilot1> If walmart process i an going to order a bunch
[19:37:48] <Wolf_> how did that happen malcom2073
[19:38:01] <malcom2073> Wolf_: I mis-measured, my pulley offset is negative (into the stepper) with those heh
[19:38:03] <Contract_Pilot1> Unless you all buy them first.
[19:38:12] <malcom2073> Might be able to cut off some of the hub, but unsure if that's wise
[19:38:47] <Wolf_> Contract_Pilot1: anything back from that collet holder vendor?
[19:39:10] <Contract_Pilot1> Nope.
[19:40:07] <Wolf_> I ordered close to $300 worth of TTS stuff today, needless to say there is no ER20 holders in that order lol
[19:40:37] <Contract_Pilot1> Ahhh i orderd a few of these http://www.walmart.com/ip/46930349
[19:40:52] <Contract_Pilot1> Hope walmart follows thru
[19:41:25] <Contract_Pilot1> http://www.walmart.com/ip/46914656
[19:41:36] <malcom2073> Lol, I forgot walmart is doign the amazon things now, allowing random sellers
[19:41:57] <Contract_Pilot1> Yea, but you get protection from scams
[19:42:11] <malcom2073> Except no returns
[19:42:13] <Contract_Pilot1> if it was a place like ali express
[19:42:35] <Contract_Pilot1> i would be sceptical.
[19:42:53] <Wolf_> no, you would be looking for the shipping charge for $90
[19:43:02] <Contract_Pilot1> I am tired been upo all night.
[19:43:10] <furrywolf> I somehow doubt the ratings are any less chinese because they're sold on walmart's website.
[19:46:36] <bobo> wonder what walmart charges to list stuff on their website ?
[19:48:19] <furrywolf> dunno, and don't plan to find out. who would want to do business with walmart? I won't even shop there.
[19:51:40] <Contract_Pilot1> If i get what i orderd by next friday cool if not "chargeback"
[19:53:58] <CaptHindsight> AC110/220V 48V 10A 480W Switching Power Supply Adapter $6.11 and links to fireplace accessories
[19:54:46] <CaptHindsight> pretty soon it it will just be Wal-ibaba-zon
[19:55:55] <CaptHindsight> and you'll have to live and click through 20 pages of adverts/blipverts to checkout
[19:56:39] <t12> so sometimes i come across this older mainly european science equipment
[19:56:45] <t12> that seems to have a funny steel or treatment?
[19:56:57] <t12> it always seems greyer than steel, more like sterrett satin finish
[19:57:02] <t12> and it rusts very evenly and mild
[19:57:18] <t12> is this some older common machining steel or just some surface treatment or
[19:57:22] <t12> i can try to find examples
[19:57:48] <CaptHindsight> like core10?
[19:58:04] <CaptHindsight> or does it stay more grey than brown?
[19:58:11] <t12> more grey
[19:58:18] <t12> i may be off its been a while tho
[19:59:57] <CaptHindsight> http://www.nssmc.com/en/product/plate/COR-TEN.html
[19:59:57] <Contract_Pilot1> Check out no adverts i have ad blocker
[20:04:06] <Contract_Pilot1> Looks like it is dooable in a sherline https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn7K45AFOfs
[20:05:22] <Praesmeodymium> I see the trsts have kanji on them I was gonna say sounds like that japaneses steel they developed for resource sinking
[20:05:39] <t12> do all the ar lower 80's come pre-broached
[20:05:44] <t12> isnt that the most annoying operation
[20:06:05] <Contract_Pilot1> http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/AR-CNC-576x1024.jpg
[20:06:26] <Contract_Pilot1> Most are milled good ones are broached
[20:06:43] <t12> do some people just wing it with a long reach small radius thing
[20:07:43] <Contract_Pilot1> I have about 80 left... http://www.stevenrhine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Bulk-80s-1024x576.jpg
[20:09:12] <Contract_Pilot1> Hungry if i eat ill sleep.
[20:12:37] <furrywolf> grrr. I downloaded a file off my webhost, and the md5s differ.
[20:12:56] <Sync> hax
[20:13:32] * malcom2073 stops MTMing furrywolf
[20:13:50] <furrywolf> my ISP MTMs http connections.
[20:16:12] <t12> hacked by chinese
[20:16:12] <furrywolf> it's for your own good.
[20:17:10] <Sync> do a bindiff, what has changed in it?
[20:17:41] <furrywolf> I fixed it... my ISP decided to replace the end of it with HTML, as they occasionally do.
[20:17:53] <furrywolf> chopping off the end and resuming the file got the md5s to match.
[20:18:17] <furrywolf> when you start running low on data, it "helpfully" injects even more crap into your connections than usual.
[20:18:32] <Sync> wat.
[20:20:55] <furrywolf> they drop your active connections, then their transparent proxy returns their notice html instead of your requested content on the next connection, no matter what your request was... so wget, for example, dutifully tacks their html onto the end of the file you were downloading, having no idea it's not the correct content.
[20:23:11] <furrywolf> it's just one of the many ways my ISP sucks.
[20:28:16] <jdh> vpn
[20:28:32] <jdh> or at least ssh forwarding
[20:28:52] <CaptHindsight> or move to Europe or Asia
[20:32:50] <furrywolf> I route all my browsing over ssh.
[21:09:16] <PetefromTn_> argh
[21:09:31] <PetefromTn_> just got back from a short trip to Oak ridge
[21:09:46] <PetefromTn_> went up there to look at a Fiero GT that was for sale
[21:10:03] <PetefromTn_> damn thing was completely rusted out in the back...SIGH
[21:11:30] <jdh> I used to work in OR
[21:11:45] <PetefromTn_> I'm sorry ;)
[21:12:35] <jdh> the drive sucked, I lived off chapman hwy
[21:12:36] <PetefromTn_> it was out off edgemoor road
[21:12:44] <PetefromTn_> that is a drive
[21:13:25] <jdh> wife worked in sevierville
[21:15:25] <Wolf_> are Shars drill keyless drill chucks any good?
[21:15:59] * Wolf_ forgot how to english…
[21:18:46] <furrywolf> my experience is chinese drill chucks, at least of the variety included on low-cost hand electric drills, suck.
[21:21:28] <Wolf_> these arent plastic chucks, http://www.ebay.com/itm/330352988915
[21:22:49] <furrywolf> that's not the variety included with cheap hand drills. :P
[21:23:25] * furrywolf decides to get some housework done, and tosses on some Life Of Agony at the proverbial "11" setting.
[21:25:59] <evil_ren> you like your lows trahed, ya?
[21:26:31] <renesis> penguins go brrrrrr
[21:30:06] <jdh> penguins are so sensitive
[21:31:58] <Praesmeodymium> http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/The_Penguin_That_Hated_the_Cold
[21:32:07] <Praesmeodymium> my sisters favorite choldhood book
[21:32:34] <Praesmeodymium> Ibought her a 50$ copy for her birthday last year to replace the one the exhusband destroyed
[22:05:55] <t12> i have something to fit to a shaft, with a keyway
[22:06:01] <t12> i want to avoid doing work on the shaft
[22:06:22] <t12> the thing hole is out enough that there is a slight rock, and when tightening the key it tilts the part on the shaft a bit
[22:06:45] <t12> think i can expect to get very far boring out the part, and putting shim in?
[22:06:51] <t12> some other method?
[22:19:34] <furrywolf> yay, some housework done.
[22:20:14] <furrywolf> I need a shop!
[22:20:42] <furrywolf> I've started organizing power tools into a large pile that's about 3ft tall under some shelves because that's more space-efficient than sorting them.
[22:21:05] <Wolf_> lol
[22:21:15] <Praesmeodymium> I did that years ago... now the entire basement needs to be cleaned and orginized
[22:21:23] <furrywolf> I don't have a basement.
[22:22:00] <furrywolf> Or a garage.
[22:22:04] <furrywolf> All my piles are in the house!
[22:22:12] <Praesmeodymium> I live somehwere thats possible, not every area of the country works that well for underground
[22:22:47] <furrywolf> basements have a lot in common with wells and/or boats depending on how well you seal them... either they fill with water, or they float... :P
[22:22:59] <Wolf_> my mom gave me some audio book on decluttering your life that was written by a japanese author, one point that was really good was make sure its easy to put the stuff away and don’t bother focusing on how easy it is to get to it to get it out
[22:23:18] <Wolf_> my cellar fills up with water…
[22:23:36] <furrywolf> sounds like that book is for people whose clutter takes the form of useless trinkets, not tools.
[22:23:38] <Praesmeodymium> sorta like the put stuff in a box with a date on it if you havent opent the box in a year you dont need whatever is in it
[22:23:54] <Praesmeodymium> my exwife was big on that
[22:23:58] <furrywolf> baloney. I have many tools I use less often that once a year... and they're not optional when you do need them!
[22:24:06] <Praesmeodymium> I lost a lot of great cookeware
[22:24:17] <Wolf_> furrywolf: yeah, thats why thats one of the few points that made sense out of the hour or so of the whole thing lmao
[22:25:03] <furrywolf> what I really want to do is start a makerspace-like thing with all my spare tools, but that takes stupid amounts of time and money, and I have neither.
[22:25:21] <furrywolf> I have enough tools to populate a basic automotive, welding, electronics, and machining space...
[22:25:35] <Praesmeodymium> and they instantly turn into these weird cliquesh things
[22:26:08] <furrywolf> I am god here. As long as people remember that, it won't be weird. :P
[22:27:21] <Praesmeodymium> I do know what thats about which is security of your hard won tools, but for the outsider either you fit in or you dont. like the places around here all have a shitty little wood cutting cnc 2 3d printers, and if you arent into drones or security you can leave
[22:29:16] <furrywolf> I have no drones, and I have a non-cnc mill that'd crush your average 3d printer flat. :)
[22:29:34] <furrywolf> also, they're not drones. they're r/c multi-rotors.
[22:29:43] <furrywolf> virtually none have any AI.
[22:33:25] <Wolf_> hmm I was thinking about getting some indexable mill bits, but… I have no idea what I need lol
[22:35:34] <Praesmeodymium> if I had a non cnc mill I would have a counterweight for my floating basement
[22:35:46] <Praesmeodymium> that requires skill I dont have to use
[22:35:50] <furrywolf> there's no makerspaces in the area at all... the cost of property makes it prohibitive, and even worse if you want to do it all fancy-like with insurance and crap.
[22:36:37] <furrywolf> a friend of a friend tried starting a museum, but couldn't afford the $2500/month rent for their little place...
[22:36:54] <Praesmeodymium> you in cali or summin?
[22:37:35] <furrywolf> yep
[22:37:39] <Praesmeodymium> or new york I hear thats stupd expensive too
[22:51:25] <MacGalempsy> evening
[22:58:31] <furrywolf> http://humboldt.craigslist.org/tls/5244775288.html craigslist needs to check the focus of images and yell at anyone who uses their cell phone.
[22:59:23] <furrywolf> I can find exactly nothing googling for info on that welder.
[23:01:11] <Praesmeodymium> interesting fake timestamp 2 blurry ass pics from a distance then 1 clear close up of a the boilerplate
[23:01:43] <furrywolf> I'm tempted to offer $50 and see what I get back. :P
[23:03:33] <Praesmeodymium> although, we had a subzero freezer in the basement here from 63 or something and when I contacted sub zero they were unaware they had ever made the model much less anything containing 22oz of freon
[23:04:39] <Praesmeodymium> it doesnt suprise me that the internet doesnt have all the infromation from days BI
[23:08:15] <furrywolf> BI?
[23:12:36] <furrywolf> either that guy is short, or it's fucking huge.
[23:12:38] <Praesmeodymium> before internet
[23:14:29] <MacGalempsy> what a night, its been nonstop! hey furrywolf, have you heard about all the RVs that have been abandoned in N Dakota?
[23:14:49] <furrywolf> no
[23:15:47] <furrywolf> "GLENN-GIBSON CORPORATION is an Domestic Stock business incorporated in California, USA on April 2, 1969. Their business is recorded as Suspended. It is not part of a group. The last filled statement was on 8/6/1982. " that gives a date range.
[23:16:08] <MacGalempsy> apparently the slump in the oil market has lead to desertion of the area. the article claimed the wrecking yards are packed full of them. and had a picture or two
[23:16:14] <furrywolf> also means exactly zero chance of getting service literature or such.
[23:18:05] <Wolf_> not like its going to be too complex inside
[23:18:20] <Wolf_> pretty sure thats not inverter based :P
[23:18:29] <furrywolf> I would guess that as well. :P
[23:18:36] <furrywolf> I'm also pretty sure it weighs at least a half ton.
[23:19:02] <Praesmeodymium> so 300$ worth of scrap metal?
[23:19:39] <furrywolf> my 250A at 30% duty cycle Miller is close to 500lbs... that's 300A at 60% duty cycle... so figure twice the metal... :P
[23:20:05] <furrywolf> also, it just looks fucking huge. 4ft tall?
[23:22:20] <furrywolf> I'm amazing how remarkably NOTHING I can find. none for sale, none at auction, no mention of anyone owning one, nada.
[23:23:08] <furrywolf> that's not common.
[23:24:43] <furrywolf> I'd have just as much luck entering random letters.
[23:30:28] <furrywolf> bbl, wolfy bedtime