#linuxcnc | Logs for 2015-06-06

[01:08:49] <zeeshan> furry whats the plan with the generator?
[01:08:55] <zeeshan> just wanna use it for portable power?
[02:16:57] <Deejay> moin
[03:10:33] <robin_sz> so ... my drive enables will not invert ... I can see the gpio.013.output_invert true line in the conf, but it seems to have no effect .. hardware is a Mesa card, with 7i33
[03:16:20] <archivist> I think you just connect to the right pin (true or invert)
[03:18:57] <robin_sz> hmm ... i was using pncconf
[03:20:01] <robin_sz> I shall have a play next time I am in front of the machine
[03:20:26] <archivist> that is what pncconf should be doing for you, check the hal file it produces
[03:24:43] <robin_sz> yep. I did. It had the extra setp line when the box was ticked, but it had no effect on the hardware
[03:25:44] <robin_sz> I have to admit I dont understand the gpio.013 bit ... what does the 013 refer to?
[03:26:25] <archivist> the pin itself
[03:26:30] <robin_sz> pin?
[03:26:55] <robin_sz> i mean, is that the gpio pin on the mesa?
[03:26:57] <archivist> pin/bit of the io register
[03:27:01] <robin_sz> oh right
[03:28:48] <robin_sz> its actually on (physical) pin 12 of the 7i33, which is gpio 10 of the anything io
[03:29:06] <robin_sz> so how does that map to 13?
[03:30:01] <archivist> does it map at all? are you looking at the right one?
[03:30:17] <robin_sz> I have the 7i33 manual here
[03:30:56] <robin_sz> oh, hmm
[03:32:16] <robin_sz> im going to need to look at the 5i20 manual as well I think
[03:32:46] <robin_sz> iirc the HAL file was using pins 12,13 and 16 for x,y,z enables
[03:33:27] <robin_sz> would those be the gpio channels on the 5i20?
[03:39:00] <robin_sz> a "standard" 7i33 has 4 servo interfaces, with the enables being on gpio 10,11,22 and 23 ... so I don't see where these 012,013,016 numbers come into it?
[03:40:09] <robin_sz> although, its obviously not completely wrong as I am getting an enable signal on the right pin ...
[03:46:09] <archivist> time for me to go http://www.middleton-leawood.org.uk/leawood/whatson2015.html
[03:53:34] <dutchfish> hi, what would be a good way to connect the bars in a rigid way without spending a fortune on cornerpieces and hq t-nuts? My rig atm http://www.yellowsource.org/images/cnc/cnc_bootstrap_part4.jpg
[03:54:05] <dutchfish> (all hd item profiles)
[03:56:09] <dutchfish> i was thinking about bolt-through and tapping M8, but i dont know if that is a good solution
[03:56:37] <dutchfish> (like i did at the bridge)
[04:01:51] <robin_sz> which bars?
[04:02:14] <dutchfish> robin_sz, the alu profiles in the picture
[04:03:15] <dutchfish> robin_sz, the perpendicular ones
[04:03:21] <robin_sz> yes, I saw the picture
[04:03:29] <robin_sz> the ones in the base?
[04:03:33] <dutchfish> yes
[04:04:03] <robin_sz> you have the M6 inserts for the track?
[04:04:14] <dutchfish> yes
[04:04:25] <dutchfish> (t-nuts)
[04:04:31] <robin_sz> so, buy a piece of wood ... 30mm MDF
[04:04:50] <robin_sz> put M6 t nuts in the slots every 100mm
[04:05:10] <robin_sz> make holes in wood, bolt through with large washers
[04:05:16] <dutchfish> i tried that already like the piece on the left bottom corner, but it is not rigid enough
[04:05:24] <robin_sz> no
[04:05:27] <robin_sz> not like that
[04:05:31] <dutchfish> ok
[04:05:33] <robin_sz> take a BIG piece
[04:05:40] <robin_sz> 600mm x 600mm
[04:05:46] <robin_sz> make a base for the machine
[04:05:55] <dutchfish> at the bottom side?
[04:05:58] <robin_sz> yep
[04:06:12] <dutchfish> and then bolt it all together?
[04:06:15] <robin_sz> yep
[04:06:24] <dutchfish> or aluminium plate
[04:06:30] <robin_sz> if you like
[04:06:36] <robin_sz> but MDF is stable and cheap
[04:06:38] <dutchfish> 10mm is not that expensive
[04:06:45] <robin_sz> plus, it absorbs vibration
[04:06:58] <dutchfish> a 600 x 600 x 10mm is around 80 euro
[04:07:07] <dutchfish> ah ic
[04:07:29] <robin_sz> 600x600 x 40mm .. is 10
[04:07:38] <robin_sz> kitchen worktop ;)
[04:07:47] <dutchfish> i have some 19mm construction plywood left with that brown epoxy finish on each side
[04:07:59] <robin_sz> that could work
[04:08:17] <robin_sz> use big washers, 30mm dia on the back side
[04:08:18] <dutchfish> its watertight
[04:08:27] <dutchfish> oki
[04:08:29] <robin_sz> yep, phenolic resin
[04:08:47] <robin_sz> I built a machine on a slab of 50mm MDF once
[04:08:52] <dutchfish> it is used on concrete molding
[04:08:59] <robin_sz> was perfect, still in production 10 years later
[04:09:16] <robin_sz> actually, you can see it in picture on linuxcnc home page :)
[04:09:31] <dutchfish> i get it for free as in container diving every now and then
[04:09:39] <robin_sz> yep
[04:09:42] <dutchfish> (leftovers)
[04:10:14] <dutchfish> robin_sz, good idea, i will try your suggestion
[04:10:20] <dutchfish> thanks!
[04:10:25] <robin_sz> you are welcome
[04:11:13] <dutchfish> if anything fails i can always churn 200+ euros for the casted corner pieces, but thats quiet some
[04:12:42] <dutchfish> and your idea is still demountable without destroying anything
[04:13:09] <dutchfish> great
[04:14:09] <dutchfish> the t-nuts also have enough space to move, to exactly trim things out
[04:57:33] <robin_sz> sigh ... I wish I could understand this HAL thing
[05:00:11] <XXCoder> hardware abstraction level
[05:00:12] <XXCoder> fun
[05:00:46] <robin_sz> so ... I have a Mesa 5i20 with a 7i33 adaptor card ok?
[05:01:02] <robin_sz> hung on i/o 0-23 of the Mesa
[05:01:17] <robin_sz> with me so far?
[05:01:21] <dutchfish> ok
[05:01:37] <Deejay> layer
[05:02:18] <robin_sz> and I have the _enable for the Y channel on Pin 25 of the adaptor card
[05:02:47] <dutchfish> robin_sz, is that active high or low?
[05:02:57] <robin_sz> and that is connected to IO channel 23 of the Mesa
[05:03:14] <robin_sz> sorry, IO channel 11
[05:04:02] <robin_sz> infact the 0,1,2 and 3 channel enables are IO channel 10,11, 22 and 23
[05:04:12] <dutchfish> robin_sz, one more Q, is your quad driving a separate output amp that also need to be enabled?
[05:04:52] <dutchfish> robin_sz, xyz enable is not the same as output enable for the end stage
[05:05:16] <dutchfish> (depending on your setup)
[05:05:22] <robin_sz> but the HAL file has the setp lines talking about gpio.012 , gpio.013 gpio.016
[05:06:00] <dutchfish> robin_sz, well, the anything i/o card can be setup to route anything to anything, is it been probably setup (firware)?
[05:06:17] <dutchfish> s/probably/properly
[05:06:26] <dutchfish> (sorry for my poor english)
[05:06:28] <robin_sz> my problem is I set the signal to be inverted (active low) and it doesnt work
[05:06:39] <robin_sz> the pncconf adds an extra line
[05:07:11] <robin_sz> something like "setp <something>.gpio.013.ouput_invert true"
[05:07:19] <robin_sz> but it makes no change
[05:07:27] <dutchfish> robin_sz, think of this start-?active low on anything i/o line -> 7i33 -> active high on output line
[05:07:39] <robin_sz> yes, i know
[05:08:05] <robin_sz> but adding that invert line should flip the sense of the signal?
[05:09:08] <dutchfish> robin_sz, depending on your end driver this might need different output to enable both the end stage and the drive direction, some have tri-state meaning, even if the enable is high, the direction in tri-state prohibits to enable the output stage.
[05:09:20] <robin_sz> nope
[05:09:25] <robin_sz> forget the driver
[05:09:30] <dutchfish> ok
[05:09:34] <robin_sz> the pin on the 7i33
[05:09:39] <dutchfish> (i walked into this myself)
[05:09:43] <robin_sz> it goes high when machine is on
[05:09:47] <dutchfish> ok
[05:09:48] <robin_sz> I wnat it to go low
[05:09:59] <dutchfish> then active low
[05:10:01] <robin_sz> I add the line (using pncconf) ..
[05:10:08] <robin_sz> and it still goes high
[05:10:25] <dutchfish> even if the reverse option is ticked?
[05:10:34] <robin_sz> I just ticked the "invert" option
[05:10:43] <robin_sz> it has no effect
[05:10:46] <dutchfish> sorry, yes, the invert option
[05:10:52] <robin_sz> I can see the change in the HAL file
[05:11:01] <robin_sz> but, the output stays the same
[05:11:05] <dutchfish> ok
[05:11:18] <micges> did you try 'setp <something>.gpio.013.ouput_invert 1' ?
[05:11:30] <micges> and True
[05:11:37] <robin_sz> i tried true
[05:11:44] <robin_sz> as thats what pncconf does
[05:11:49] <micges> ah ok
[05:12:06] <robin_sz> shodl I try 1?
[05:12:23] <micges> if pncconf uses true it should also work now
[05:13:11] <robin_sz> do you know where that number 013 coems from?
[05:13:43] <robin_sz> its not the Mesa IO channel number
[05:13:52] <dutchfish> robin_sz, the LUT number in the vhdl code of the fpga on that board
[05:14:18] <robin_sz> ok, i didnt study the vhdl
[05:14:29] <dutchfish> robin_sz, it is rewarding to do so ;)
[05:15:30] <micges> robin_sz: what firmware do you use?
[05:15:39] <robin_sz> umm ...
[05:15:41] <robin_sz> SV12?
[05:16:32] <robin_sz> the pin DOES toglle with machine enable, but just wont invert
[05:17:18] <dutchfish> robin_sz, do you have a scope?
[05:17:30] <robin_sz> many
[05:17:30] <dutchfish> robin_sz, or able to use HAL scope?
[05:17:46] <dutchfish> then you can check its outputs
[05:17:54] <robin_sz> ?
[05:18:22] <robin_sz> I already said, it goes high when the machine is enabled
[05:18:29] <dutchfish> robin_sz, i have a hnch, like micges said, that there is another routing scheme, then we anticipate in the firmware
[05:18:30] <micges> robin_sz: according to pin file you should invert pins: 10,11,22, and 23
[05:19:12] <robin_sz> micges, those are the anything io channel numbers
[05:20:02] <robin_sz> joints 0,1,2,3 enables are IO channels 11,10,23,22 on the 5i20
[05:20:59] <robin_sz> so why does pncconf assign the enables to .012, .013, .016 etc ?
[05:22:05] <robin_sz> ok, I'll go back to workshop and try it, it could be that Pncconf is just wrong i guess
[05:22:06] <dutchfish> robin_sz, looks like the par port schematic, iow 14 and 15 unused
[05:22:23] <robin_sz> weird
[05:22:25] <dutchfish> yes
[05:22:54] <robin_sz> but then I dont understand how I am seeign an enable signal on 10 and 11 ....
[05:23:06] <robin_sz> anyway ... I will go and try it7
[05:24:35] <dutchfish> robin_sz, one more thingy, if in the past a par port setup has been used with the wizzard, it tries to be clever (not) and remember those for the par port, start with a clean setup.
[05:25:30] <robin_sz> its never been set up with par port
[05:25:35] <dutchfish> ok
[05:29:44] <micges> robin_sz: can't tell, I never used pncconf
[05:30:02] <micges> docs says 10,11,22,23
[05:30:03] <micges> try it
[05:38:22] <robin_sz> yep, same as I have in the Mesa manaul, will try and report back
[07:20:50] <robinsz> http://pastebin.ca/3019320
[07:49:19] <robinsz> how do you create an account for the forum?
[07:55:31] <robinsz> pesky software :) .. oh well, perhaps someone will be able to figure it out
[07:56:19] <Deejay> re
[10:22:00] <zeeshan> another beautiful day
[10:29:53] <Jymmm> Those are pretty good.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAg5vIibQ4A
[10:31:25] <furrywolf> Jymmm: see what I said last night? HF has your wheels on sale for $4 this weekend.
[10:31:52] <Jymmm> furrywolf: Yes, thanks. you wee offline when I saw the messae.
[10:32:08] <Jymmm> furrywolf: Did you see the ammo boxes for $5?
[10:32:34] <furrywolf> no
[10:32:59] <zeeshan> furry wolf you didnt answer me
[10:33:01] <zeeshan> furry whats the plan with the generator?
[10:33:04] <zeeshan> just wanna use it for portable power?
[10:33:07] <Jymmm> http://www.harborfreight.com/ammo-box-61451.html
[10:34:37] <furrywolf> zeeshan: I have an eu3000is I use as a backup for my solar system. I had a second one, but it got stolen. now I have two again. The one I'm currently working on will probably be premaloaned to a relative. The one I fix after that, a smaller eu2000i, will be used for portable power. If I can fix the eu6500is, it'll probably become the new backup for my solar system, and I'll permaloan one of the two 3000s...
[10:35:14] <furrywolf> s/premaloaned/permaloaned
[10:36:17] <furrywolf> eh, the ammo boxes I have are heavy-gauge steel with gaskets, not plastic...
[10:39:35] <Jymmm> same, but it has a gasket and pad for lock
[10:40:03] <furrywolf> somehow I doubt chinese plastic to be nearly as sturdy as surplus steel ones. heh.
[10:40:24] <Jymmm> Vehicle transport in a LOCKED container
[10:42:02] <furrywolf> long gun on a gun rack? :P
[10:43:10] <Jymmm> get you pulled over as soon as you hit the highway =)
[10:43:17] <Jymmm> Damn Kommifornia
[10:44:01] <furrywolf> no, long guns are legal, as long as they're in plain sight.
[10:48:16] <furrywolf> a friend of mine got arrested for having his hunting rifle under his seat... that's illegal. but having it on a gun rack, waiting for a tweeker to smash the window, grab it, then go kill someone, is perfectly legal.
[10:55:20] <Jymmm> how did he get busted? Didn't offer the cop a beer of his/her own?
[10:56:16] <furrywolf> they stopped him for speeding, if I remember right, then conducted an illegal search of his vehicle. did you know that if an officer asks you if they can search your vehicle, and you answer "no", that counts as probable cause and they can search your vehicle anyway? 4th ammendment, what's that?
[10:56:53] <Jymmm> You never say "no", you ask what for?
[10:57:52] <Jymmm> Exit vehicle, lock and shut door, keys inside.
[10:59:46] <furrywolf> like that doesn't give them probable cause. lol
[10:59:56] <Jymmm> "Dont Talk to Police" (49m) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wXkI4t7nuc
[11:00:12] <Tecan> i have the right to remain silent :)
[11:00:32] <Jymmm> Tecan: But do you have the ability to do so?
[11:01:12] <Tecan> 50 never bother me
[11:01:23] <Tecan> im just a designer
[11:01:41] <furrywolf> I need to pick up a good locking gun rack... one that actually takes more than half a second to break.
[11:02:29] <Jymmm> Tecan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=neUaSTSKFZc#t=138
[11:07:02] <furrywolf> I wonder what the law says about using the factory rifle holder on my truck? I'd need to pick up a correct M1 to go with it...
[11:08:26] <furrywolf> it's behind the seats, but high enough it wouldn't be concealed
[11:09:42] <furrywolf> bbl, time to head off for yard sales
[11:22:39] <Jymmm> http://wiki.calgunsfoundation.org/Transporting
[11:41:20] <alex4nder> good ol' calguns
[12:33:27] <Gurwinder_> alex4nder: Want to know about help page of linuxcnc
[12:33:41] <alex4nder> Gurwinder_: what distribution / kernel are you building this on?
[12:34:57] <Gurwinder_> 3.13.0-32-generic
[12:35:25] <alex4nder> on Ubuntu?
[12:35:37] <Gurwinder_> ubuntu 14.04
[12:35:51] <alex4nder> what are you going to do with LinuxCNC?
[12:36:06] <alex4nder> because for someone new, it's easier to just install a prebuilt LinuxCNC image
[12:36:34] <alex4nder> building your own is not hard, but to do real work, you're going to want some type of realtime kernel
[12:38:08] <Gurwinder_> I want to do a task for linuxcnc for GSoC 2015
[12:38:17] <alex4nder> ah
[12:38:21] <alex4nder> a realtime task?
[12:38:33] <alex4nder> meaning, running an actual machine
[12:38:42] <Gurwinder_> Yes
[12:38:59] <Gurwinder_> But I am not familiar with linuxcnc.
[12:39:09] <Gurwinder_> Harder for me to understand it
[12:39:38] <Gurwinder_> But trying my best to choose a project which will be completed in one and half month in this GSoC
[12:39:44] <alex4nder> well, if you're going to develop on it, you'll want a real environment to use it in
[12:40:05] <alex4nder> so that means a realtime kernel, and installing all of the development bits
[12:41:29] <Gurwinder_> Hmm, Is its possible to do development without knowing well about cnc machines?
[12:41:42] <alex4nder> yah
[12:41:48] <alex4nder> you just have to learn as you go
[12:42:48] <Gurwinder_> Ok, I think developing help pages is a good starting point for me
[12:42:58] <Gurwinder_> Is it?
[12:43:48] <alex4nder> Gurwinder_: sure, read everything you can
[12:44:13] <alex4nder> Gurwinder_: I build my own LinuxCNC installs on top of Debian, with my own kernel.. so if you have questions about doing that from scratch, let me know
[12:44:28] <alex4nder> it's really easy these days
[12:48:14] <Gurwinder_> Ok, I think I will do it now. If any question regarding it I will ask :) By the way thanks to you :)
[12:49:38] <Gurwinder_> Till now I am installing dependencies after that I will be able to ask something.
[12:50:33] <alex4nder> ok cool
[13:23:49] <wollw|srv> Hi, I'm trying to set up a tripod like machine and I'm having trouble figuring out what I'm doing wrong. Do I need to write my own kinematics module, or will tripodkins work? I've tried basing my settings off of the tripod sample provided with linuxcnc, but when I change the joint distances to new ones, home in joint mode, and switch to world mode, i get errors and strange Z values like -2400. I assu
[13:23:55] <wollw|srv> me I'm missing some INI config or HAL setup, but I must be overlooking it in the manual...
[13:32:01] <Jymmm> furrywolf: The ammo box was "cute"
[13:50:32] <wollw|srv> And why does the joint position change when I change from from joint to world and then back to joint?
[13:51:42] <norias> i've heard people have that problem
[13:51:54] <norias> you have to decide to either always smoke joints
[13:52:00] <norias> or never smoke joints
[13:52:39] <wollw|srv> heh
[14:02:41] <wollw|srv> ...figures, i spend all night banging my head against the wall only to swallow my pride to ask on irc... and i figure it out myself in like half an hour after asking >_>
[14:03:13] <wollw|srv> this always happens lol
[14:04:47] <cpresser> wollw|srv: so, what was the issue?
[14:06:05] <wollw|srv> my home values were bad
[14:06:14] * cpresser might run into similar problems with scarakins
[14:07:43] <wollw|srv> i guess i misunderstood something during my initial setup because it seems my axis home values were putting my Z coordinate quite far outside my limits
[14:09:58] <skunkworks> always such half baked ideas on here
[14:10:42] <Loetmichel2> sooo, finished installing win7 on the elitebook 2540p... now i have to foramt and reinstall the dell precision M4400... and then drive to my sister tomorrow so she can have mobile comoputing again with both ;-) (one for her, one for her man, because both of the old one she had are dying)
[15:03:55] <dirty_d> it works and im still alive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4ulbshPJcU
[16:13:36] <varesa> I have a feeling my steppers are missing steps... The X-axis zero shifted by half of my workpiece during the test milling :)
[16:13:59] <malcom2073> Crank down the speed or crank up the amps :-D
[16:14:42] <varesa> for now it'll have to be the speed. I'm going to get better drives in the future
[16:16:24] <varesa> No idea how to change the current on this: http://cloud.finbit.dy.fi/index.php/s/pxOaiLhBpxxIz4P (with the jumpers as they are the trimpots on the right are disconnected)
[16:18:02] <Deejay> gn8
[16:19:51] <varesa> now my wooden block is ruined, need to saw a new one tomorrow (still re-homed and restarted it, but the result won't be of much use)
[16:20:06] <varesa> ;)
[16:53:00] <luiscr> Hello, I am having trouble with my config files (I assume), I was hoping I could get some help. What is the preferred way of sharing the files?
[16:54:06] <pcw_home> pastebin or similar (or the forum)
[16:54:10] <Tom_itx> paste.debian.net
[16:54:11] <Tom_itx> etc
[16:55:46] <luiscr> ok, thanks
[16:56:25] <Tom_itx> pcw_home near as i can tell all 3 buffer chips took a hit, one only has one bad io i think but i'd like to confirm before i desolder them when you get time
[16:56:30] <pcw_home> Tom_itx: your email?
[16:56:56] <Tom_itx> pm
[16:57:53] <pcw_home> sent
[16:57:57] <pcw_home> bbl
[16:57:58] <Tom_itx> thanks
[17:08:03] <varesa> yeah those drives (I think it's the drives) are more trouble than it's worth
[17:09:18] <varesa> I set the speed to 50% and it still lost position. I've had to lower homing speeds a few times because the motors couldn't move that fast (was slow-ish to begin with)
[17:15:14] <luiscr1> http://p.pomf.se/7805
[17:15:42] <luiscr1> those are the config files and a brief explanation of my problem
[17:23:18] <luiscr1> nevermid, solved it
[17:23:24] <luiscr1> *nevermind
[17:53:10] <luiscr1> huh, my configuration is hanging upon startup, is there anyway to get some meaningful data as to why it is doing that? I cant even switch to another tty
[17:53:34] <Roguish> luiscrl: dmesg
[17:54:01] <andypugh> My Cheap Chinese lathe and my new not-chinese lathe have, on paper about the the same spec. CCl is 9x30, Holbrrok is 10x20. Just for fun I tried the CCL taitlstock on the Holbrook. It does actually drop into the gap between the ways. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/C8QoT1ukSXen-trEZFUs-H69jlxvlrTD6CexboMrrBE?feat=directlink
[17:54:09] <Roguish> try to run from a console window.
[17:54:44] <luiscr1> yeah, because i am having to reisub in order to be able to do anything
[17:54:48] <luiscr1> i will try that
[17:55:06] <andypugh> Indeed, open a terninal and type “linuxcnc”, you might well see a meaningful error message
[17:55:29] <andypugh> If not, then type “dmesg” and put the last 100 lines or so at www.pastebin.ca
[17:55:44] <Roguish> add a DEBUG line in the .ini
[17:55:56] <andypugh> No need for that yet, I suspect
[17:56:10] <Roguish> and set it high to get lots of info (sometimes too much!)
[17:56:38] <andypugh> luiscr1: Did it work before? What’s the hardware? PC + Parport or some sort of PCI card?
[17:56:43] <luiscr1> the terminal just outputs "twopass: invoked with <> options" before freezing
[17:56:52] <Roguish> start with a 'sudo dmesg -c' to clear the messages.
[17:57:15] <andypugh> luiscr1: Has anything changed since it last worked?
[17:57:29] <andypugh> Or has it never worked?
[17:57:38] <luiscr1> it has never worked
[17:57:45] <luiscr1> for different reasons
[17:58:05] <andypugh> Did you deliberately ser up twopass processing?
[17:58:08] <luiscr1> i am using a universal stepper controller
[17:58:14] <andypugh> Pico, OK
[17:58:18] <luiscr1> yes, but i will disable it and see what happens
[17:58:48] <andypugh> Twopass needs components to use names= I think
[17:58:57] <andypugh> (I have not used it myself)
[17:59:01] <Jymmm> I'm looking for the 1" version of these http://www.homedepot.com/p/National-Hardware-1-5-8-in-Zinc-Plated-Gate-Pipe-Clamp-300BC-1-5-8IN-PIPE-CLAMP/203359505
[18:00:15] <andypugh> luiscr1: Actually, keep twopass on, but give it some options as described here: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/common/starting-emc.html#_twopass
[18:00:31] <luiscr1> oh god... i am an idiot
[18:00:49] <Tom_itx> never admit that
[18:01:05] <andypugh> TWOPASS = on or off is needed, I think
[18:01:18] <luiscr1> yeah, i had it set to off
[18:01:21] <luiscr1> that is odd
[18:01:41] <andypugh> It might well not actually understand “off”
[18:01:51] <luiscr1> it is actually uppercased
[18:01:58] <luiscr1> "OFF"
[18:02:00] <andypugh> Becaue you would probably just not bother if you didn’t want ti
[18:02:45] <andypugh> I don’t think “on” would ever cause any problems.
[18:04:14] <luiscr1> i commented it out, now the terminal just outputs an unrecognized line skipped but no other description
[18:04:42] <luiscr1> i think I should just post the conf files, it is probably a super obvious problem i am not seeing
[18:05:12] <andypugh> I doubt that this is the issue, but rather than commenting it out, use TWOPASS = on
[18:05:25] <luiscr1> ok
[18:05:37] <andypugh> What’s the line number of the unrecognised line?
[18:08:08] <norias> 25
[18:11:50] <andypugh> <confused>
[18:11:58] <furrywolf> not too much at yard sales today... a new kitchen cooktop, a bug zapper, a fall harness, a jbl l166 missing woofer, some assorted craftsman sockets, a 5gal bucket of nail gun nails, and some little things.
[18:12:52] <luiscr> so, yeah, i set "TWOPASS = ON" and now the unrecognized line is that one
[18:13:03] <andypugh> I don’t see how ou could build a hanglider from that.
[18:13:30] <andypugh> luiscr: lower case
[18:13:42] <luiscr> yeah, i tried that too
[18:14:28] <andypugh> But, where is this line? You don’t get that message for INI file entries, as they are “pulled” not “pushed” so my guess is that you have it in the HAL?
[18:15:51] <luiscr> i have twopass set on my ini file
[18:17:33] <andypugh> Which LinuxCNC version?
[18:18:05] <luiscr> i should note, I am basically using a modified version of the usc sample configurations, which seem to be quite old
[18:18:12] <luiscr> i am using version 2.6.7
[18:18:20] <andypugh> (Maybe I am wrong about how the [HAL] section is parsed?
[18:18:51] <andypugh> Has your INI file ever passed through a windows machine?
[18:19:07] <andypugh> Maybe the line-endings are messed up?
[18:19:42] <andypugh> TWOPASS should work on 2.5+
[18:19:43] <luiscr> i am pretty sure it is using unix line endings but i will double check
[18:20:11] <andypugh> Is TWOPASS in the [HAL] section, and what happens uf you just delete it?
[18:20:50] <andypugh> robinsz: Did you sort out your 5i20?
[18:21:28] <robinsz> well, as per post, I understand where I screwed up now :)
[18:22:03] <robinsz> I just bolted the enables to ground for now, so I can play with the servos
[18:22:43] <andypugh> Do you think there is a pncconf bug on pin numbers? Or was it a problem of your own making?
[18:22:53] <robinsz> problem of my own making
[18:23:32] <robinsz> I am only using 3 encoders on the 7133
[18:23:37] <andypugh> I have been playing around with the Mesa drivers for so long I forget that it isn’t obvious
[18:23:49] <robinsz> I assigned enable to the spare GPIOs
[18:24:02] <robinsz> which is of course nonsense
[18:24:14] <robinsz> the enables are the third pin of the PWM
[18:24:33] <robinsz> anyway .. jogging question
[18:25:27] <andypugh> The “spare” enables might actually be available as a common enable pin, if you only have 3 PWMs and don’t care about the spare one being disabled.
[18:26:02] <robinsz> I have 4 pwms
[18:26:13] <robinsz> x y z and spindle
[18:26:34] <robinsz> anyway .. jogging
[18:26:50] <robinsz> why isnt continuous jog, errr .. continuous
[18:27:29] <andypugh> It is, normally.
[18:27:44] <robinsz> it seems to stop after some small distance
[18:28:02] <andypugh> what imput method?
[18:28:20] <robinsz> the clicky button on the gui
[18:28:25] <andypugh> (keyboard, joypad, jogwheel…)
[18:28:38] <andypugh> Which GUI?
[18:28:52] <robinsz> the new 3d one :)
[18:28:59] <robinsz> Axis
[18:29:13] <andypugh> For certainl values of “new” :-)
[18:29:27] <robinsz> hey it was TkEMC when I last used emc
[18:29:50] <malcom2073> Tkemc is still around, I use it
[18:30:06] <robinsz> I re-wrote a lot of it, never got to release it though
[18:30:31] <andypugh> I just jogged continuously from +300 to -300 in axis.
[18:30:45] <robinsz> I set some new sensible jog increments, like 250mm, 100mm, 10mm, 2mm, .5mm
[18:31:01] <andypugh> So I don’t really know what is happening in your case
[18:31:12] <robinsz> it seems not willing to do the ones bigger than 2mm
[18:31:46] <andypugh> Is that an extra issue over and above continuous not working?
[18:32:16] <robinsz> i suspect hey are linked
[18:33:35] <luiscr> i tried just removing twopass, it still just freezes (or hangs), is there anyway to enable and log verbose debug information so i can go through it? Since the machine just freezes, I can't switch to a TTY nevermind opening a terminal and doing dmesg
[18:34:08] <robinsz> its a 2.5x1.25m router, it needs big jogs
[18:34:30] <andypugh> Just hanging might be an opngl issue, change the gui to tkemc as a test
[18:34:40] <robinsz> good point
[18:35:02] <robinsz> I'll call in at the unit tomorrow and play
[18:35:22] <andypugh> robinsz: I meant that for luiscr actually
[18:35:30] <robinsz> ohm ha
[18:35:33] <micges> also you should check if you don't have base/servo period too small
[18:37:37] <luiscr> micges: IIRC i set it to 50k and 100k
[18:37:57] <luiscr> not sure if that is too little, it is the same as the sample config that works
[18:38:09] <andypugh> 50k is pretty big
[18:38:25] <micges> yeah that's not it
[18:38:29] <andypugh> robinsz: I just set my VM to jog 100mm, no problems.
[18:38:43] <micges> luiscr: you're on ubuntu?
[18:39:20] <robinsz> hmm
[18:39:36] <robinsz> oh well, I shall look into it again
[18:39:51] <luiscr> micges: I used the livecd installer to create a persistent installation, i believe it is debian based? not sure if it is ubuntu or not
[18:40:25] <andypugh> robinsz: I used INCREMENTS=0.1mm,1mm,10mm,100mm Perhaps the units are important?
[18:40:44] <andypugh> luiscr: That will be Debian Wheezy
[18:41:07] <robinsz> andypugh, i put the units in
[18:41:26] <andypugh> Did you use parsecs by mistake?
[18:41:34] <micges> luiscr: did you check any traces of error in /var/log ?
[18:42:14] <micges> look in kernel log
[18:42:25] <andypugh> good point, dmesg clears on restart, but not the file in /var/log/kernel.log
[18:42:51] <luiscr> micges: kern.log?
[18:43:20] <micges> yes
[18:55:22] <luiscr> damn, that is a large file, and since I am not sure what I am looking for i cant just grep it
[18:55:50] <luiscr> i tried grepping for RTAI logs but there was no particularly useful stuff there
[19:07:56] <andypugh> luiscr: You just need the lines before the most recent boot.
[19:10:00] <luiscr> i am not sure about this but, according to me this : "Jun 6 18:15:18 cnctest kernel: imklog 5.8.11, log source = /proc/kmsg started." marks the most recent boot
[19:11:12] <luiscr> and the lines before that are just about eth0 not having a link
[19:11:34] <andypugh> Excellent: http://mathsgear.co.uk/products/torus-balloons
[19:12:32] <andypugh> That’s probably not the problem.
[19:17:33] <luiscr> i think i found something more useful, but not actually useful
[19:17:54] <luiscr> http://pastebin.com/Z9qZXwmw
[19:21:06] <andypugh> I think that might be OK, it found one, and only one, PPMC board
[19:22:50] <andypugh> The only thing that I have found to be so slient in causing crashes is embedded tabs. Do you have any?
[19:24:54] <andypugh> Time to sleep here. I hope you figure it out.
[22:59:48] <Gurwinder> I run make in src/ it gave me error as: /usr/include/boost/python/detail/wrap_python.hpp:50:23: fatal error: pyconfig.h: No such file or directory # include <pyconfig.h>
[22:59:56] <Gurwinder> I have installed python
[23:01:52] <Gurwinder> I run locate to check it. Here is output of locate:> /usr/include/python2.7/pyconfig.h:: /usr/include/python3.4m/pyconfig.h:: /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/python2.7/pyconfig.h:: /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/python3.4m/pyconfig.h
[23:41:45] <furrywolf> it lives! I don't have a carb installed yet, but if I spray starting fluid in the side of the head, the 500W halogen I plugged into it lights up.
[23:47:31] <furrywolf> this is a very encouraging sign.
[23:54:51] <XXCoder> nice
[23:59:20] <furrywolf> I keep finding more little things it needs... had to grab a fuel shutoff valve sediment cup off the parts unit, for example... and I used the wrong bushings to put the starter housing on, because I wanted to test it, and didn't have the right ones...