#linuxcnc | Logs for 2015-03-11

[03:12:39] <Deejay> moin
[03:13:19] <Tecan> aheeee
[05:30:28] <Swapper> can i have a "run-in-place" install of linuxcnc and running my working "buildbot" version at the same time ?
[05:30:49] <Swapper> or is it better to run that on a other computer?
[06:31:52] <jthornton> you can only have one at a time running
[06:51:44] <Swapper> yea i get that but only so the buildbot version dosent get broken to pices
[06:53:14] <jthornton> they live in different places so should live in harmony on your computer
[06:54:07] <Swapper> thanks
[07:05:20] <_methods> yeah i'm probably going to drop another hard drive in my main linuxcnc box so i can run a stable and master
[07:59:12] <_methods> http://news.softpedia.com/news/New-Linux-Kernel-Code-of-Conflict-Patch-Protects-Developers-from-Being-Abused-475454.shtml
[07:59:15] <_methods> lol
[07:59:28] <_methods> wah i'm a linux developer and i'm sensitive plz don't be mean to me
[08:10:17] <CaptHindsight> other projects have been doing this as as well, you insensitive clod!
[08:10:44] <_methods> man what is this world coming too
[08:10:54] <_methods> this is what happens when you quit spanking kids
[08:12:26] <CaptHindsight> there's been a general loss in civility and sophistication in the west for the past few decades
[08:12:41] <archivist_herron> SpeedEvil, got an admission out of BT, their problem
[08:14:08] <SpeedEvil> archivist_herron: Woo!
[08:15:07] <archivist_herron> seems it is affecting lots of users
[08:15:47] <TekniQue> 12:38:35 < _methods> wah i'm a linux developer and i'm sensitive plz don't be mean to me
[08:15:51] <TekniQue> lol
[08:16:01] <archivist_herron> he wants a cuddle
[08:16:07] <TekniQue> translation: plz don't e-mail me, Linus
[08:16:21] <_methods> heheh
[08:16:26] <TekniQue> because Linus Torvalds is source of 100% of the abuse on the kernel mailing lists
[08:16:42] <_methods> that's why i thought it was especially entertaining
[08:16:56] <_methods> he's bred that into the system
[08:17:05] <TekniQue> Mauro, SHUT THE FUCK UP
[08:17:25] <TekniQue> my all time favorite kernel mailing list e-mail
[08:17:53] <_methods> well it covers all the bases
[08:18:02] <_methods> clear, concise, and to the point lol
[08:18:33] <CaptHindsight> I figured that some that cared would write a filter to catch "bad" words and replace them with terms like "doody head"
[08:19:11] <TekniQue> in the case of Mauro, I agree with Linus
[08:19:23] <TekniQue> Mauro committed something that broke a lot of user space code
[08:19:44] <TekniQue> and Mauro defended it saying that the interface was never documented to behave the way it did
[08:20:40] <CaptHindsight> thats the other problem, getting through to some people with the fewest number of words that have disabilities that limit their ability to pick up on subtleties
[08:21:41] <TekniQue> true
[08:21:42] <CaptHindsight> or people that just intentionally ignore everyone else until the terminology escalates to this level
[08:22:24] <malcom2073> The problem is, the loss of civility is due to the loss of sophistication.
[08:23:02] <malcom2073> Plus, the general air of elitism present in some open source project management.
[08:24:21] <CaptHindsight> it's the herd mentality that creeps in, some people just decide to vent since everyone else is doing it even though they do know better (Linus)
[08:27:01] <CaptHindsight> everyone else is doing it is the excuse for less than best efforts from many professionals, best effort what's that?
[08:28:12] <_methods> i like to call it trickle down douche-enomics
[08:28:28] <_methods> when the guy at the top is being a douche it just trickles down lol
[08:28:39] <TekniQue> I call it cancer
[08:28:43] <CaptHindsight> top and sides
[08:28:46] <TekniQue> that's how it spreads
[08:29:57] <CaptHindsight> you think the KML is silly, look what coreboot did http://www.coreboot.org/Code_of_Conduct
[08:31:45] <TekniQue> It's not the user's fault if something goes wrong.
[08:31:49] <TekniQue> yeah fucking right it is
[08:34:46] <cradek> sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't
[08:35:02] <TekniQue> exactly
[08:35:02] <cradek> either extreme of always/never is very silly
[08:37:51] <cradek> but good for them for trying to write that - it looks hard to get right
[08:38:05] <CaptHindsight> the FU Linux gave nvidia might be why they have the most open ARM SOC at the moment
[08:39:07] <CaptHindsight> well nobody said or did anything about the behavior until now, so now they have to write something up
[09:04:32] <malcom2073> I totally get their reasoning for putting that. To stop people from being abrasive to users regardless of fault
[09:05:48] <malcom2073> ive seen projects where the first inclination is the call the user an idiot, and while the user may be an idiot, smart until proven dumb is a better stance to take.
[09:06:49] <malcom2073> Easier to tell devs to treat all faults as their own, than to try and get them to understand that apparently complicated concept.
[10:32:52] <ssi> _methods: I made another furnace last night and melted some aluminum with 80 amps, and didn't kill my firebrick! :D
[10:32:56] <ssi> I need to get some flux
[10:33:56] <SpeedEvil> Woo.
[10:37:53] <DaViruz> ssi: arc furnace?
[10:37:56] <ssi> yeah
[10:38:02] <DaViruz> neat
[10:38:13] <SpeedEvil> carbon arc?
[10:38:30] <ssi> yes
[10:39:19] <_methods> ah sweet
[10:39:22] <_methods> did you try the borax?
[10:39:27] <_methods> i got the fire bricks
[10:39:28] <ssi> haven't gotten any yet
[10:39:36] <_methods> i have borax at the house
[10:39:50] <_methods> i was busy cleaning my free surface plate last night lol
[10:40:02] <ssi> I threw four 1" long chunks of 20mm tslot extrusion in there and heated them
[10:40:12] <ssi> they collapsed but it didn't really look like they'd liquified
[10:40:15] <ssi> threw a bunch of chips on top
[10:40:25] <ssi> then I started stirring and realized that there was just a solid layer of crud on top
[10:40:28] <ssi> but underneath it was liquid
[10:40:29] <_methods> so 80amps isn't quite enough?
[10:40:35] <_methods> ahh
[10:40:43] <DaViruz> you need magnetic stirring
[10:40:52] <DaViruz> though i don't know if that works with aluminium
[10:41:07] <ssi> I'm thinking flux will make the crud dissolve and flow out easier
[10:41:09] <ssi> and be easier to skim
[10:41:20] <ssi> 80A works good but it's hard to keep a consistent arc
[10:41:32] <_methods> might have to make a cnc feeder
[10:41:40] <DaViruz> you have some sort of height control?
[10:41:43] <DaViruz> automatic
[10:41:45] <_methods> feed the electrodes into each other
[10:41:50] <ssi> yeah, my hands
[10:41:53] <_methods> heheh
[10:42:12] <_methods> ssi model 10
[10:42:15] <ssi> :D
[10:42:26] <_methods> 10i
[10:42:27] <_methods> lol
[10:42:37] <ssi> I also make a pretty good autopilot
[10:43:00] <_methods> cnc pilot/arc furnace
[10:43:27] <ssi> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B_04Ph7XEAIN8Rr.jpg:large
[10:43:36] <ssi> flew tight formation like that for 350 miles yesterday
[10:43:43] <ssi> shit takes a LOT of concentration and fine motor control
[10:43:54] <ssi> and the RV I was in is extremely sensitive in pitch
[10:43:56] <_methods> i bet
[10:43:59] <DaViruz> i wonder if you get some free magnetic stirring from a three phase arc furnace
[10:44:07] <ssi> so it's laying my arm on my leg, holding the stick with thumb and forefinger
[10:44:09] <_methods> all that space up there and you want to fly right next to each other.........
[10:44:14] <ssi> the EFIS has a rate of change of airspeed indicator
[10:44:23] <ssi> and I basically fly that to null any change in airspeed for fine pitch control
[10:44:28] <ssi> trying to maintain +/- 1kt
[10:44:30] <ssi> it's HARD
[10:44:51] <ssi> a little bit of pitch up and I'm slowing down, and he has to throttle back to hold me... then on the corresponding pitch down, I'd run away from him
[10:45:06] <_methods> you need a tow rope
[10:45:11] <_methods> lol
[10:45:14] <ssi> hah that's a horrible idea :D
[10:45:23] <ssi> the pitts is an awful glider :)
[10:45:24] <_methods> i'm full of good stuff like that lol
[10:45:46] <ssi> it flies on thrust and willpower almost exclusively :D
[10:46:08] <_methods> so it's a helicopter
[10:46:13] <DaViruz> i read a pretty interresting story on formation flying in sabres
[10:46:37] <DaViruz> http://oppositelock.jalopnik.com/fly-pasts-497272320
[10:46:46] <DaViruz> well worth a read
[10:46:55] <ssi> ever seen the sabredance?
[10:47:01] <DaViruz> i have not
[10:47:28] <ssi> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZL0x-gEDM8
[10:47:32] <DaViruz> i'm imagining that tubine lag makes formation flying even more of a bitch
[10:47:37] <ssi> yuup
[10:48:54] <DaViruz> heard brian schuls story on when he severely stalled the sr71 blackbird?
[10:49:03] <ssi> yeah
[10:49:08] <DaViruz> during a tower flyby at low altitude..
[10:49:08] <DaViruz> :)
[10:49:17] <ssi> friend of mine has a copy of sled driver
[10:49:20] <ssi> they're hard to come by
[10:49:22] <DaViruz> yeah
[10:49:24] <ssi> they go for like $500 now
[10:50:44] <_Sync_> wtfucking shit
[10:50:52] <DaViruz> i recently got myself a copy of skunk works, haven't read it yet though
[10:56:50] <Rab> PDF of Sled Driver isn't too hard to find.
[11:16:15] <Cromaglious> fried something in the yoocnc pw3618 power supply board last night
[11:19:55] <archivist> chinese low cost supplies and flames go together
[11:20:13] <archivist> it is a free feature they add on
[11:20:51] <archivist> I had one fry in spectacular fashion one day
[11:21:20] <Cromaglious> true.. until I get another power supply... and or PWM spindle control board...
[11:26:34] <Rab> MeanWell, the Brand You Trust.
[11:28:06] <archivist> to fry
[11:28:28] <Cromaglious> looking at the schematic diagram... I'm burning the 100ohm resister going through the EL817 opticoupler which gets it power from the voltage drop across the R3 and R4 1ohm 2w resisters off the mosfett on the negative side of the spindle
[11:29:08] <archivist> 1 ohm and opto in the same sentence ?
[11:29:17] <Cromaglious> so a voltage drop across .5 ohm that's enough to fry a 1/4w 100ohm resister
[11:29:36] <Cromaglious> I was reading 57v last night
[11:30:53] <ssi> I've had good luck with meanwell supplies
[11:32:19] <archivist> Cromaglious, I think people will need to see the circuit
[11:34:20] <CaptHindsight> heh Meanwell vs DoWell, the best of intentions :)
[11:34:26] <ssi> lolol
[11:36:50] <archivist> BurnsWell
[11:38:09] <Cromaglious> hmm 32 watts.. that 57v over 100 ohms I'll have to check the 1ohm resisters
[11:38:55] <Cromaglious> http://itslinux.org/pics/yoocnc.html
[11:39:00] <archivist> Cromaglious, the 1ohm may not have felt any pain
[11:43:44] <Cromaglious> the 100ohm resister is top right in the diagram straight to the left of the stop pin
[11:43:56] <archivist> I cannot see the web :(
[11:44:01] <Cromaglious> damn
[11:44:17] <Cromaglious> brb CUppa char need tending to
[11:44:57] <skunkworks> those caps to the right of the 100ohm resistor are grounded? that doesn't seem right
[11:46:31] <skunkworks> if they are - that is your problem...
[11:46:37] <Cromaglious> no they are actually going to the other trace right below them in the diagram
[12:00:16] <pcw_home> 100K seems closer to the right value
[12:04:50] <Cromaglious> ok updated diagram reload
[12:10:33] <Cromaglious> ok possible replacement for the motor control side at the bottom of http://itslinux.org/pics/yoocnc.html
[12:15:03] <Roguish> pcw_home: would you look over my next post in the forum, please.
[12:15:15] <zeeshan> lol
[12:16:05] <Cromaglious> I'm liking the 15amp better but it's DC only... I can take that from the PW3618
[12:56:29] <CaptHindsight> will this run the machinekit stepgens for the PRU? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1177488680/bbp-making-your-3d-printer-faster
[12:57:56] <CaptHindsight> it must, it's the same ARM SOC
[12:58:00] <CaptHindsight> as the BBB
[12:59:22] <pcw_home> probably just a matter of setting up the pinouts
[13:00:21] <malcom2073> Nice
[13:00:58] <malcom2073> Nice, and fairly inexpensive.
[13:01:27] <CaptHindsight> I figured that someone would do this with one of the more recent TI SOC's with the PRU
[13:01:58] <malcom2073> I wonder if their stuff will be open source, I'd be interested in giving it a shot on the BBB
[13:02:23] <CaptHindsight> it doesn't look like it
[13:02:47] <ssi> I wouldn't mind trying that
[13:02:48] <CaptHindsight> http://linuxgizmos.com/sitara-am437x-dev-kit-targets-linux-based-industrial-apps/ this new Sitara also has a fast GPU
[13:02:56] <ssi> but I don't want to send them money and then wait and hope to receive something
[13:02:58] <malcom2073> It's open hardware, doesn't mention open software
[13:03:16] <CaptHindsight> are the schematics up somewhere?
[13:03:30] <malcom2073> "soon"
[13:03:40] <malcom2073> So it *may* be open hardware heh
[13:03:45] <CaptHindsight> I could spin a board using the AM437x
[13:03:58] <ssi> CaptHindsight: do it
[13:04:12] <ssi> spin a board with an AM437x and an s6lx9
[13:04:19] <ssi> and a pair of 26 pin IDC headers
[13:04:27] <CaptHindsight> or imx6 with s6lx9?
[13:04:51] <ssi> either, but I'd prefer the sitara
[13:05:31] <CaptHindsight> why? (he asked in a non-confrontational way)
[13:06:28] <malcom2073> I'm still hoping for a good single board solution, I still have some hope heh
[13:06:33] <CaptHindsight> and steer the software back to linuxcnc
[13:06:45] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ti.com/product/am4379
[13:06:56] <ssi> I like the 33xx series sitara, the documentation is good
[13:07:11] <ssi> if the 43xx series is as good as the 33xx but with enough gpu power to run axis well, I think it'd be a winner
[13:07:41] <CaptHindsight> I'd only make it an SOC with a GPU fast enough to support a decent display size and frame rate
[13:07:43] <malcom2073> Thats the big thing that kills the BBB with machienkit, it can't run axis well
[13:08:20] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ti.com/general/docs/datasheetdiagram.tsp?genericPartNumber=AM4379&diagramId=50422
[13:08:25] <ssi> I personally don't care about the pru stepgens, etc
[13:08:49] <ssi> I think having an s6lx9 onboard running hm2, with externally attached mesa superport daughterboards would be a winner
[13:08:59] <CaptHindsight> ssi: are the imx6 docs lacking much? it also has PCIe
[13:09:21] <ssi> I dunno... I don't really know anything about the imx6
[13:09:26] <CaptHindsight> I could make that pretty quick
[13:09:30] <ssi> I've just done a lot of work with the sitara and it's very good
[13:09:39] <ssi> what EDA package do you use
[13:09:58] <CaptHindsight> capture + allegro mostly
[13:10:17] <ssi> bluh ok
[13:11:42] <CaptHindsight> http://imagebin.ca/v/1uJ6OZ4wgxeN boards that regularly are this dense or more
[13:13:51] <CaptHindsight> http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/taxonomy.jsp?code=IMX6X_SERIES&cof=0&am=0
[13:15:00] <CaptHindsight> well we already know that the TI devices run Linuxcnc
[13:15:20] <CaptHindsight> the imx6 should work, but it's not been done
[13:16:03] <CaptHindsight> are there gerbers for the TI dev board?
[13:19:26] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ti.com/lit/df/tidc823/tidc823.zip yes there are
[13:21:00] <CaptHindsight> well one reason for not posting designs files before you crowdfund is that some small co's will just take your design and run with it before you do
[13:22:54] <CaptHindsight> http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Sitara_AM437x_Portal
[13:23:07] <pcw_home> Jepler had linuxcnc running on a a Odriod
[13:23:47] <CaptHindsight> I don't recall it being a problem to compile or get running either
[13:25:48] <pcw_home> Sitara is still about a P3 performance wise, not a good choice if you have fancy hal stuff
[13:26:07] <CaptHindsight> 4 core imx6?
[13:26:20] <CaptHindsight> the 1-4 core versions all have the same pinouts
[13:26:35] <zeeshan> http://c4.staticflickr.com/8/7599/16160843563_dc50b272de_k.jpg
[13:26:50] <zeeshan> it'll be another late night in here tonight :[
[13:27:34] <Loetmichel> zeeshan: whats that wooden donut over there?
[13:27:55] <zeeshan> wind tunnel
[13:28:07] <CaptHindsight> TI uses capture and allegro as well
[13:28:35] <zeeshan> https://www.flickr.com/photos/128539016@N05/16779679362/in/photostream/
[13:28:40] <zeeshan> this is what i was cutting for students yesterday
[13:28:49] <zeeshan> they have some interesting designs
[13:28:50] <zeeshan> they
[13:28:51] <zeeshan> they
[13:28:58] <zeeshan> 'dsadkljaasjd .. they're building a stair climber
[13:29:29] <Tom_itx> zeeshan i went with 7... it comes with the update for 10
[13:29:35] <zeeshan> nice!
[13:29:39] <Tom_itx> pro
[13:29:47] <zeeshan> how much?
[13:29:57] <Tom_itx> 150
[13:30:01] <zeeshan> not bad at all.
[13:30:45] <Tom_itx> now i gotta find a drive to put it on
[13:30:56] <CaptHindsight> zeeshan: you have a project there
[13:31:06] <zeeshan> no
[13:31:08] <zeeshan> just helping students
[13:31:24] <zeeshan> i was thinking of making myself a small bridge model
[13:31:27] <CaptHindsight> sorry projet, damn auto correct
[13:31:42] <zeeshan> yes we do
[13:31:44] <CaptHindsight> project hd3000
[13:31:53] <zeeshan> thats a DLP type printer right?
[13:32:08] <zeeshan> i just know it sprays some ink
[13:32:11] <CaptHindsight> no, inkjet
[13:32:17] <zeeshan> and cures it in plane.
[13:32:20] <zeeshan> .001" thick planes
[13:32:41] <Tom_itx> i wonder if an oem disk will do an upgrade
[13:32:45] <CaptHindsight> yeah, you could use it to print your sample parts
[13:32:59] <zeeshan> for my specimens?!
[13:33:27] <CaptHindsight> yes, they hide the fact that it's an inkjet
[13:33:57] <zeeshan> well if that thing can spray your polymer you sent me
[13:34:00] <zeeshan> the airbrush will also :)
[13:34:04] <zeeshan> and make a random pattern for me!
[13:34:22] <CaptHindsight> almost, it's not blended for that right now
[13:34:27] <zeeshan> o
[13:34:41] <CaptHindsight> but does it have a white?
[13:35:03] <CaptHindsight> http://www.3dcreationlab.co.uk/pdfs/projet-hd-3000.pdf
[13:36:04] <CaptHindsight> zeeshan: you might have to fool it to print your specimens
[13:36:52] <CaptHindsight> if it can start printing from right above your specimen then it's simple ...
[13:37:17] <zeeshan> needs hax
[13:37:36] <CaptHindsight> if it can't then you'll have to print something the same thickness and interrupt the print and then replace the print with your specimen
[13:38:32] <zeeshan> easier to air brush it :)
[13:38:42] <CaptHindsight> maybe :)
[13:41:27] <Cromaglious> http://itslinux.org/cnc/ is now my cnc dir
[13:42:05] <Cromaglious> http://itslinux.org/cnc/psu_and_spindle_controller_schematic.PNG better diagram of the PS
[13:42:05] <PetefromTn_> Frak...
[13:42:48] <ssi> peeeet
[13:43:05] <Cromaglious> hmm R7 looks like it really need to go away
[13:43:33] <PetefromTn_> My most promising large company customer just came to me with a bunch of parts they need machined. four out of five are freaking CNC lathe parts and I am nowhere near to a CNC lathe being operational..
[13:43:42] <ssi> :(
[13:43:42] <Cromaglious> 4n25 pin 6 is the base and they have a 47Kohm resister to ground on it
[13:44:13] <CaptHindsight> ssi: the imx6 docs are very complete
[13:44:17] <ssi> ok
[13:44:19] <PetefromTn_> I quoted the plate parts and got that job it sounds like
[13:44:24] <ssi> if it'll do what we need, have at it
[13:44:46] <PetefromTn_> but I sure wish I had a freaking manual lathe here right now I would make them the hard way...
[13:44:57] <zeeshan> doh pete
[13:45:14] <ssi> PetefromTn_: come down and use my southbend if you want
[13:45:16] <CaptHindsight> http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/prod_summary.jsp?code=i.MX6Q&fpsp=1&tab=Design_Tools_Tab
[13:45:22] <zeeshan> ssi
[13:45:26] <zeeshan> how much did you get that chnc for?
[13:45:34] <ssi> mine's not a C
[13:45:40] <ssi> but i paid $1000 for it
[13:45:40] <CaptHindsight> http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/prod_summary.jsp?code=i.MX6Q&fpsp=1&tab=Documentation_Tab
[13:45:40] <zeeshan> o
[13:45:59] <ssi> PetefromTn_, zeeshan: my day yesterday: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B_04Ph7XEAIN8Rr.jpg:large
[13:46:01] <PetefromTn_> thats a kind offer man...
[13:46:12] <pcw_home> R7 is a speedup resistor
[13:46:23] <zeeshan> ssi nice!!
[13:46:24] <zeeshan> LOL
[13:46:25] <PetefromTn_> yeah I saw that on Facebook
[13:46:37] <PetefromTn_> so your plane is operational now?
[13:46:40] <pcw_home> (makes the OPTO faster by draining base charge)
[13:46:46] <ssi> nah neither of those is mine :D
[13:46:58] <CaptHindsight> ssi: you in the red one?
[13:47:01] <ssi> yea
[13:47:20] <Cromaglious> Mach3 is controlling the speed worth a hoot right now...
[13:47:26] <Cromaglious> Mach3 isn't controlling the speed worth a hoot right now...
[13:48:05] <PetefromTn_> Mach3 doesn't control shit worth a hoot..
[13:48:22] <Cromaglious> also think I need to up the 100ohm resister at R5 to a 470ohm 1/2w
[13:49:41] <PetefromTn_> ssi you at work right now?
[13:49:45] <ssi> yeah
[13:49:54] <PetefromTn_> Ok I was gonna call you on phone
[13:50:01] <ssi> you can if you want
[13:50:05] <PetefromTn_> oh okay
[13:50:11] <CaptHindsight> 2 years ago the imx6 pricing was http://pastebin.ca/2954732
[13:50:36] <anonimasu> hello
[13:50:42] <anonimasu> I am having a bit of config issue..
[13:50:44] <Cromaglious> or take it out completely
[13:50:48] <anonimasu> how the hell do i set up accel properly
[13:50:51] <anonimasu> (I want 0.5g)
[13:51:18] <cradek> are you asking how to convert 0.5g into in/sec2 or mm/sec2?
[13:51:58] <cradek> looks like the answers are 190 and 4900
[13:52:24] <CaptHindsight> how about in mm/sec/sec? :)
[13:52:35] <Cromaglious> 4900
[13:52:36] <cradek> 4900
[13:52:54] <Cromaglious> mm/sec^2
[13:53:18] <zeeshan> .5 g means .5 * 9.81 m/s^2
[13:53:34] <CaptHindsight> earth G's?
[13:53:37] <zeeshan> yea :P
[13:55:47] <XXCoder> G is close to earth average G yes
[13:55:59] <CaptHindsight> ok so, imx6 with spartan6 with Anything I/O connectors and pinouts
[13:56:04] <CaptHindsight> anything else?
[13:56:05] <XXCoder> theres places where its more or less than g
[13:57:30] <ssi> CaptHindsight: the 50 pin io headers, or 26 pin superport headers?
[13:57:44] <CaptHindsight> maybe one board layout with option of anything I/O or onboard <3A stepper drivers
[13:57:51] <CaptHindsight> ssi: thats what I'm asking
[13:58:12] <ssi> I'd lean toward the 26 pin superport headers
[13:58:36] <ssi> basically like a singleboard computer with integrated 6i25
[13:59:34] <CaptHindsight> yeah, you want both the header for internal wiring and the external conn
[13:59:55] <ssi> the board doesn't necessarily need to carry the DB25
[14:00:32] <ssi> the hm2 firmware provides for two ports; 5i25 has one exposed as a DB25 and one as an IDC26
[14:00:40] <ssi> your board could just have two IDC26 and that would be fine
[14:00:42] <CaptHindsight> true, would be more flexible if there are no external connectors
[14:01:18] <CaptHindsight> then you're not forced to have a set enclosure design
[14:01:25] <ssi> yes
[14:01:26] <CaptHindsight> or openings anyway
[14:01:47] <CaptHindsight> and you can get adapter cables
[14:02:00] <ssi> yeah they're $3 from amazon :P
[14:02:37] <CaptHindsight> http://www.freescale.com/files/graphic/block_diagram/IMX6Q_BD_IMG.jpg PCIe 2.0, 1 lane
[14:02:56] <ssi> that works fine
[14:03:07] <ssi> if you can pin it the same as the 6i25 then the hm2 firmwares should be compatible
[14:03:09] <CaptHindsight> plus you could use hm2_eth for another fpga
[14:03:21] <ssi> does it have two eth phys?
[14:04:18] <CaptHindsight> only one MAC as I recall.... checking the data sheet
[14:04:38] <ssi> I think you really need to have a dedicated ethernet for hm2_eth
[14:04:53] <ssi> and I certainly want to have an available eth for network connectivity
[14:04:58] <ssi> or maybe wifi
[14:05:05] <ssi> but that's just getting greedy :)
[14:05:18] <ssi> wifi would be amazing though; wiring a huge shop for ethernet is a hassle
[14:05:20] <CaptHindsight> wifi as a dingle
[14:05:23] <CaptHindsight> dongle
[14:05:26] <ssi> luldingle
[14:07:12] <CaptHindsight> only one 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet MAC
[14:07:27] <pcw_home> WIFI or USB/Ethernet should be fine for the non-rt channel
[14:07:35] <ssi> yeah
[14:07:46] <ssi> dedicated gbit for rt, and whatever else for lan
[14:07:53] <CaptHindsight> yeah, use the MAC for RT, USB ethernet for lan
[14:07:55] <ssi> but onboard wifi would be sooo sooo nice :D
[14:08:03] <ssi> maybe rev2 :)
[14:08:12] <CaptHindsight> why not just a dongle?
[14:08:21] <pcw_home> yeah USB/WIFI
[14:08:25] <CaptHindsight> people get all worked up over blob free
[14:08:28] <ssi> dongles are annoying
[14:08:46] <ssi> trying to find one that works easily in linux, etc
[14:08:53] <ssi> I dunno, I haven't fought that monster in a long time
[14:09:05] <CaptHindsight> oh and SATA-II
[14:09:17] <ssi> ooh while we're throwing shit at the wall
[14:09:24] <ssi> onboard ssd storage?!
[14:09:25] <ssi> :D
[14:09:39] <CaptHindsight> no prob with SATA
[14:10:09] <CaptHindsight> also has MMC/SD
[14:10:20] <ssi> mmc would be perfectly adequate
[14:11:25] <CaptHindsight> I'll put it up on openlunchbox
[14:11:28] <ssi> ok
[14:11:52] <ssi> I don't even allegro or else I'd halp
[14:12:08] <CaptHindsight> u-boot works already
[14:12:30] <CaptHindsight> and there are several working Linux distis/images
[14:13:05] <CaptHindsight> preempt_rt is also working
[14:13:28] <CaptHindsight> guess debian would make things easiest for people here
[14:13:50] <ssi> sometihng debian-flavored anyway
[14:14:07] <alex4nder> that sounds a lot like a novena
[14:14:13] <XXCoder> https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/7715960576/h8FFFCE4E/
[14:14:14] <XXCoder> sigh
[14:14:21] <XXCoder> not my pic thankfully
[14:14:37] <CaptHindsight> alex4nder: yes, only with connections to use Mesa IO
[14:14:48] <alex4nder> yup
[14:15:22] <CaptHindsight> https://eewiki.net/display/linuxonarm/i.MX6x+SABRE+Lite
[14:15:42] <alex4nder> CaptHindsight: what about just using a zynq?
[14:16:04] <CaptHindsight> alex4nder: too expensive and not enough stuff like GPU
[14:16:29] <CaptHindsight> the newer version looks nice but I haven't heard any pricing yet
[14:16:56] <alex4nder> yah, the gpu is annoying,.. but I've seen zynq dev boards for $100
[14:17:04] <CaptHindsight> imx6 has debian 7 and 8
[14:17:32] <CaptHindsight> whats the name for Debian 7?
[14:17:36] <alex4nder> wheezy
[14:17:44] <CaptHindsight> whats 8?
[14:17:47] <alex4nder> jessie
[14:18:02] <CaptHindsight> thanks, I never remember
[14:19:09] <CaptHindsight> ssi: won't take long once I get a bit of free time
[14:20:14] <anonimasu> heh into unit's..
[14:20:18] <anonimasu> unit/s..
[14:20:34] <anonimasu> trying to get the plasma set up, but the number looks insane
[14:20:40] <anonimasu> 333counts/mm
[14:21:00] <anonimasu> 1631700counts/sec^2 ?
[14:21:04] <anonimasu> for 0.5g..
[14:21:37] <Cromaglious> what drive are you using? belt, chain, rack, screw?
[14:22:20] <anonimasu> rack
[14:22:38] <anonimasu> scale = 333
[14:22:44] <anonimasu> inch machine :S
[14:23:11] <Cromaglious> direct drive or gearing
[14:23:14] <anonimasu> gearing
[14:23:18] <anonimasu> 10:1
[14:23:35] <anonimasu> (I have torque) but not enough counts/rev) for direct drive
[14:24:11] <Cromaglious> how many revs per inch for tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttthe motor?
[14:24:44] <Cromaglious> kb stutters not me, much
[14:24:50] <zeeshan> rofl
[14:24:54] <zeeshan> kb stutter i like that
[14:24:56] <anonimasu> about 4k..
[14:25:00] <anonimasu> (out of 6k)
[14:27:52] <Cromaglious> to travel one inch, I don't think it takes 4K revolutions, maybe 4K steps cuz that's like 0.00025" per rev of the motor, with 4K steps on a 200 step motor thats like 0.050" per rev
[14:30:00] <anonimasu> gah.
[14:30:03] <anonimasu> 333 steps/mm
[14:30:11] <anonimasu> err encoder counts that is.
[14:30:35] <Cromaglious> ahhh your using servo motors
[14:33:45] <Cromaglious> so you're running 1 motor rev per 10 gear revs?
[14:35:23] <ssi> probably the other way around
[14:35:28] <Cromaglious> 8458.2 counts per inch
[14:35:29] <ssi> since servos are generally very fast
[14:35:42] <Cromaglious> <anonimasu> (I have torque) but not enough counts/rev) for direct drive
[14:35:59] <ssi> my plasma table runs 3:1 reductions and a 1" pinion, so it's approx 1 rev per inch
[14:36:12] <ssi> since the pinion travels pi inches per rev
[14:36:47] <CaptHindsight> http://www.st.com/web/catalog/sense_power/FM142/CL851/SC1794/SS1498/PF259084 powerSTEP01 drivers are only a few $ and handle 10A
[14:37:15] <ssi> if you do integral stepper drivers, what are you going to use for step generation?
[14:37:26] <ssi> does imx6 have something pru-like?
[14:37:55] <ssi> oh does that chip do its own step gen somehow?
[14:38:09] <CaptHindsight> no pru
[14:41:02] <CaptHindsight> http://www.st.com/web/en/catalog/sense_power/FM142/CL851/SC1794
[14:41:46] <CaptHindsight> 2.5A stepper drivers are ok for tiny things like repraps
[14:41:57] <ssi> they're touting position mode control
[14:42:02] <ssi> but it's hard to tell if it's realtime capable
[14:42:08] <ssi> that's the mess I got into with those damn parker servo drives
[14:42:18] <ssi> they could ONLY be controlled via serial position commands
[14:42:19] <CaptHindsight> but 6A drivers on board could be useful for small mills
[14:42:26] <ssi> and there was no way to do realtime position control for closed loop
[14:42:51] <CaptHindsight> yeah, the others in that series don't have the controller
[14:42:54] <ssi> I wouldn't bother doing integral stepper drivers if you don't have a good way to do hardware stepgen
[14:43:12] <CaptHindsight> thats what the FPGA is for
[14:43:19] <ssi> yeah I suppose that's true
[14:43:38] <ssi> but wouldn't it make more sense to just make a daughterboard for the IDC header which has stepper drivers on it?
[14:43:45] <ssi> 7i76 but with integral drivers?
[14:44:25] <ssi> there's gonna be a lot of power design considerations for the stepper drivers
[14:44:34] <ssi> a lot of complexity for a non-pop option on the sbc
[14:44:43] <CaptHindsight> difficult if you're new to it
[14:45:09] <ssi> I mean we could make that board as another product
[14:45:16] <CaptHindsight> also the target application for the board
[14:45:53] <CaptHindsight> hobbyist 3d printers with 2A stepper drivers like the one on kickstarter
[14:45:55] * anonimasu nods
[14:46:04] <anonimasu> so how fast do you set the accel for 0.5g?
[14:46:09] <ssi> there's already dozens of those out there
[14:46:30] <CaptHindsight> but none with a GPU for a GUI
[14:46:53] <ssi> I just feel like if you design around the stepper drivers, you're baking in a lot of inflexibility
[14:47:09] <ssi> if you design around something like superport, then a separate board can be your driver/breakout
[14:47:11] <PCW> all the smarts in that chip just make coordinated motion harder
[14:47:34] <CaptHindsight> yeah forget that one
[14:47:41] <ssi> the SBC replaces an off the shelf PC plus 6i25
[14:47:46] <CaptHindsight> I didn't see the comntroller in there
[14:47:56] <ssi> can drop into machine designs like many of us have with 7i76/7i77 etc
[14:48:06] <CaptHindsight> the others are just step and dir
[14:48:08] <ssi> or can use a new board we and/or pcw does with integral drivers
[14:48:13] <CaptHindsight> with microstepping
[14:48:36] <ssi> simple, elegant, flexible
[14:49:05] <CaptHindsight> as long as it replaces the smoothie and others :)
[14:50:15] <CaptHindsight> a daughter card with all the drivers is simple as well
[14:50:22] <ssi> yes, very simple
[14:50:31] <ssi> and makes it easier to isolate the high voltage stepper supply
[14:50:36] <PCW> If you add HDR26 FPGA I/O with PP pinout you can use our daughtercards or anyone elses BOB/step drive
[14:50:48] <ssi> PCW: that's exactly what I'm aiming toward
[14:50:49] <CaptHindsight> thats the plan
[14:51:22] <CaptHindsight> PCW: just deciding on weather to also add onboard 2A drivers
[14:51:36] <ssi> PCW: what I'd like to do is get the pinout of the s6lx9 on the SBC exactly the same as the pinout of the 6i25, so that hm2 firmwares work unchanged
[14:52:00] <_methods> make the drivers socketed so you can remove them
[14:52:21] <ssi> _methods: if the drivers are on a daughterboard, it'd just be a single 26 pin ribbon cable
[14:52:37] <CaptHindsight> _methods: for DIYers that's a must
[14:52:40] <_methods> yeah
[14:52:56] <ssi> buy this $100 sbc, and add either a $100 mesa breakout or a $x 6 axis 6A stepper driver breakout
[14:53:26] <PCW> depending on the host interface pin usage you may be able to support onboard drivers and 2 expansion connectors
[14:53:40] <ssi> looking like 1 lane pcie for the host interface
[14:53:40] <CaptHindsight> the GPU can run a display for SLA DLP/LCD printers as well
[14:53:52] <ssi> CaptHindsight: in addition to the user console?
[14:54:22] <PCW> 6i25 only has 2 exp connectors because ~50 I/O are used by PCI
[14:54:48] <ssi> really? i figured the pcie would have been lighter than that
[14:55:13] <CaptHindsight> ssi: yes
[14:55:19] <ssi> CaptHindsight: nice
[14:55:23] <PCW> its PCI internally
[14:55:49] <PCW> (SP6 SLX9 cannot support PCIE directly)
[14:55:54] <Cromaglious> hmm I wonder if I need to put a resistor on the pwm input to drop the mach3 output level down a bit
[14:56:04] <ssi> ah
[14:56:50] <PCW> but if you use the static memory interface its only 22 or so pins for a 16 bit interface
[14:56:52] <CaptHindsight> imx6 also has SPI
[14:57:27] <CaptHindsight> wasn't Jeplers hm2_SPI fast enough?
[14:57:33] <PCW> if you want the best performance(and are building a SBC), the static memory interface is better
[14:57:56] <CaptHindsight> yeah
[14:58:00] <ssi> looks like an SRAM?
[14:58:07] <PCW> yeah
[14:58:09] <ssi> nice
[14:58:25] <PCW> Both Sitara and IMX6 have this
[14:58:28] <ssi> I still haven't dug into the hm2 hdl in any seriousness
[14:58:35] <ssi> I knew about the sitara GPMC
[14:59:05] <PCW> it would need a interface shim (but thats a very simple one)
[15:00:29] <CaptHindsight> I'm leaning more towards the imx6 since it can be 1 - 4cores with same pinout + it has the GPU power
[15:00:46] <ssi> yeah that's fine
[15:01:19] <ssi> PCW: I guess an hm2_sram driver would need to be written also?
[15:01:24] <PCW> HM2_eth is run by a 16 bit ucontroller so the 16 bit hm2 interface could likely be stolen from it
[15:01:42] <CaptHindsight> and it's the most open except for the Vivante GPU
[15:02:37] <furrywolf> yay, a break in the rain... meh, the rain has been replaced by stiff winds.
[15:02:55] <PCW> you could bit-bang/SPI in the configs and save a flash chip
[15:03:33] <ssi> true, but flash chips are cheap cheap
[15:04:51] <PCW> I think we pay $0.55 for the 16 MBit ones
[15:05:16] <CaptHindsight> the PCIe could be a connector to cable off to another FPGA
[15:05:52] <CaptHindsight> or miniPCIe socket for wifi, BT, LTE etc
[15:05:55] <PCW> or 1/2 minipcie socket
[15:06:50] <PCW> I have a minipcie-cabled PCIE adapter
[15:08:10] <ssi> I'mma go battle the toyotas
[15:08:12] <ssi> back in a bit
[15:09:12] <furrywolf> what kind of toyotas? heh
[15:09:55] <CaptHindsight> mini-itx with 12V power
[15:12:43] <CaptHindsight> the IO connectors could be on the edge or left out and also with all their signals on headers
[15:14:03] <CaptHindsight> in what form factor is the board the most useful?
[15:16:36] <PetefromTn_> http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2393127-report-gigantic-alligator-taking-over-greens-at-florida-golf-course?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial AAaah Florida!!
[15:16:51] <_methods> heheh
[15:17:52] <dirty_d> well thats just insane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9IdZ2pI5dA
[15:17:59] <PetefromTn_> that is actually NOT the largest gator I ever saw down there tho...
[15:18:46] <LeelooMinai> And who said golf is not an extreme sport
[15:19:24] <LeelooMinai> I bet some Japanese would pay a lot of money to play on that golf course:)
[15:19:27] <PetefromTn_> When I was growing up we lived in Wellington and they had a series of lakes throuought the area with Golf Courses on there. They once pulled a gator out of there that barely fit in the back of a fullsize pickup truck width wise.... IT was a real monster.
[15:20:13] <furrywolf> no gators here. bears and bobcats, however.
[15:20:58] <PetefromTn_> http://www.wtsp.com/story/news/2014/11/28/lakeland-man-catches-719-pound-gator/19632717/
[15:21:19] <Cromaglious> damn yoocnc for making thier 3040 spindle integral to the Z carriage. I'm stuck using a 52mm motor
[15:21:31] <furrywolf> bears don't tend to show up here too often, but they do show up from time to time... once one got in my garbage and bit clean through a steel can.
[15:21:36] <_methods> they just started letting people hunt for them again around here
[15:22:00] <CaptHindsight> golfers?
[15:22:04] <_methods> hahah
[15:22:10] <_methods> they've always been open season
[15:22:45] <PetefromTn_> I LOVE me some Gator Tail snacks it is DELICIOUS!!
[15:22:47] <Cromaglious> ones in the short skirts tend to be more tender and juicier
[15:23:46] <PetefromTn_> that is a bigass gator tho they photographed yesterday.... Would not want to be looking for my ball near the water traps over there LOL. I enjoyed the chubbs comment Hehehe
[15:23:50] <_methods> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf3QIkQRGtI
[15:23:58] <Cromaglious> ss .22 short or long 9shot revolver is about the best gator gun
[15:24:23] <dirty_d> why?
[15:24:50] <ffurrywol> <furrywolf> bears don't tend to show up here too often, but they do show up from time to time... once one got in my garbage and bit clean through a steel can.
[15:24:52] <Cromaglious> 1 it takes .22 shorts, 2 doesn't tear up much of the hide
[15:24:52] <ffurrywol> <furrywolf> Cromaglious: I'm sure you can find a way to belt any motor you want off to the side...
[15:24:55] <LeelooMinai> I thought when you hunt for them you can only use a knife.
[15:25:13] <PCW> Golfers?
[15:25:34] <PetefromTn_> you gotta jump in with the knife between your teeth mumbling AARRRGGGhhhhh
[15:25:35] <LeelooMinai> Not Gophers, Alligators
[15:25:53] <PetefromTn_> an eye patch helps too
[15:27:04] <Cromaglious> ffurrywol, I'm thinking I' just hack it off with a hack saw or sawzall, the rig up my router with a bit and have the machine run back and forth to clean is up, then drill some holes and use a bigger mount
[15:28:03] <Cromaglious> smallest VFD brushless I can find is 65mm
[15:28:23] <Cromaglious> and over $300 including shipping
[15:29:31] <_methods> and a mullet
[15:29:46] <_methods> you can't wrestle gators or golfers without a mullet
[15:30:19] <Cromaglious> $125 for a 500w dc brushed w/ power supply and it's a 52mm
[15:30:57] <Cromaglious> _methods, so true or bald on top with long hair on the sides a Bullet
[15:31:06] <PetefromTn_> classicly speaking no a mullet would definitely be a prerequisite.
[15:31:26] <_methods> heheh
[15:31:45] <Cromaglious> and a wife beater which doesn't cover the beer belly
[15:32:27] <PetefromTn_> yeah but if you are golfing out in the Florida Sunshine that guy is your HERO man... respect LOL
[15:33:10] <Cromaglious> I can carry my own .44spl since I'm not worried about ruining the hide
[15:33:40] <CaptHindsight> the new imx6 quad has a POP with 1GB LPDDR2
[15:33:53] <CaptHindsight> wish there was a 2GB option
[15:35:07] <CaptHindsight> http://blogs.freescale.com/mcus/2015/03/the-mobile-package-just-got-smaller/
[15:37:29] <ffurrywol> blah, and now it's raining again.
[15:49:26] <tjtr33> i think the new 2.7 has hal function pins.
[15:49:33] <tjtr33> maybe: if we have a dummy function forced to be 1st and another forced to execute last...
[15:49:34] <tjtr33> then can we monitor the time the entire hal function collection takes to execute?
[15:52:18] <skunksleep> tjtr33: would you know the removal rate for a 30 amp edm?
[15:52:41] <skunksleep> (Just for an idea)
[15:55:28] <tjtr33> given a 1" sqr, decent graphite, flush thru center of tool, 100on 30off, pos polarity, 30V servo target, about 1/2" in 45 min
[15:56:33] <tjtr33> do you have the Handsvedt tech books?
[15:57:22] <skunksleep> Yes just scanned them so far. Seem like it has nice theory in it
[15:57:43] <tjtr33> good tech really
[15:58:37] <tjtr33> begin with the paarung ( material of electrode and wkpc) then size of shadow ( inerface contact area ) then finish desired
[15:59:25] <tjtr33> you walk down to the final finish thru several power settings, and at least 2 sizes of tool, one ruffer, one finished
[16:17:07] <ffurrywol> bbl
[17:05:19] <CaptHindsight> ssi: http://openlunchbox.com/?attachment_id=287 sbc-imx6-block00
[17:05:27] <CaptHindsight> PCW: ^^
[17:26:09] <Simonious> I'm using Sketchup->CamBam to generate my Gcode and that's working (I'm still quite novice) I'm interested in generating gcode to cut some images - both text and actual pictures - suggestions on how to do this?
[17:27:44] <Deejay> gn8
[17:31:36] <CaptHindsight> Simonious: suggestions for other than what you are already using?
[17:31:58] <Simonious> CaptHindsight: I'm not sure how to use what I'm already using to cut an image.. models sure..
[17:38:10] <CaptHindsight> Simonious: what are you starting with? images or are you drawing using CAD?
[17:38:58] <Simonious> In this case images
[17:39:40] <CaptHindsight> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gui/image-to-gcode.html
[17:40:27] <Simonious> cool, I'll check it out
[17:40:31] <Simonious> I'm also looking into inkscape
[17:41:35] <CaptHindsight> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/2.4/html/gui_image-to-gcode.html
[17:41:49] <Simonious> http://www.cambam.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=1507.0
[17:41:58] <CaptHindsight> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?InkscapeHowto
[17:53:12] <ssi> CaptHindsight: awesome
[17:53:32] <anonimasu> mhm..
[17:54:11] * anonimasu sighs
[17:54:16] <anonimasu> why did i explain about my setup again?
[17:54:18] <anonimasu> :S
[17:55:09] <anonimasu> I am trying to get this accel setting, is it units/sec^2?
[17:55:26] <ssi> yes
[17:55:59] <anonimasu> if that is the case my max_accel ends up as (9810mm/sec^2)*333 for one g..
[17:56:44] <ssi> wouldn't that be 333g? :P
[17:56:50] <anonimasu> -_-
[17:56:55] <anonimasu> that's what I dont get.
[17:57:08] <anonimasu> haah
[17:57:18] <anonimasu> 333encoder counts/mm
[17:57:37] <anonimasu> 1633365 counts/sec
[17:57:40] <ssi> I have no idea what your question is
[17:57:41] <anonimasu> for 0.5...
[17:57:47] <anonimasu> how do i get 0.5g of accel with my setup :D
[17:58:07] <anonimasu> I have (333 encoder counts/mm)..
[17:58:24] <PCW> inch or mm machine?
[17:58:41] <anonimasu> mm
[17:58:58] <PCW> encoder counts dont matter
[17:59:07] <anonimasu> err scale is 333..
[17:59:23] <Bushman> ave
[18:00:12] <PCW> didn't someone already say 4900 mm/s^2 ?
[18:00:38] <anonimasu> i did
[18:00:42] <Bushman> i'm trying to understand what is happening but i have no idea how it bite it...
[18:00:45] <Bushman> this code:
[18:00:46] <Bushman> G0 Z 5.00000
[18:00:47] <Bushman> T1 M6
[18:00:47] <Bushman> S6000
[18:00:48] <Bushman> G0 X 113.58405 Y 280.95901
[18:00:51] <anonimasu> i just didnt get if that's in the "units" like mm or the encoder counts
[18:01:00] <Bushman> goes to Z5 and then back to Z0
[18:01:04] <ssi> units is mm or inch
[18:01:18] <anonimasu> heh.. that was easy.
[18:01:19] <Bushman> and THEN it goes back up to tool change position
[18:01:23] <Bushman> what's happening?
[18:01:28] <Cromaglious> it's the setting.. G20 is a inch file, G21 is a metric file
[18:01:32] <PCW> yes accel is in machine units per second squared
[18:01:44] <anonimasu> let me throw my rail axis into the wall.
[18:01:46] <anonimasu> brb.
[18:01:57] <PCW> just like velocity is in machine units per second
[18:02:14] <Cromaglious> Which is NOT controlled by G20 or G21
[18:02:55] <PCW> right those are only for interpretation, machine limits are not changed
[18:04:27] <Bushman> anyone? o_O?
[18:07:14] <Cromaglious> Bushman what's the Safe Z setting like?
[18:07:40] <Bushman> umm
[18:07:52] <Bushman> you got me there... need to check
[18:08:35] <Cromaglious> also you might look in the M6 macro file
[18:08:58] <Bushman> the safe z... is it in ini?
[18:11:07] <Cromaglious> heh sorry was thinking Mach3
[18:13:18] <Bushman> umm... where are the macros?
[18:16:02] <Bushman> Cromaglious: where can i find the tool change macros in linuxcnc?
[18:17:50] <Cromaglious> looking I was thinking Mach3 not linuxcnc
[18:19:54] <Cromaglious> TOOL_CHANGE_POSITION = 0 0 2 - Specifies the XYZ location to move to when performing a tool change if three digits are used. Specifies the XYZABC location when 6 digits are used. S
[18:20:05] <Cromaglious> that's in the ini file
[18:20:24] <Cromaglious> TOOL_CHANGE_QUILL_UP = 1 - The Z axis will be moved to machine zero prior to the tool change when the value is 1. This is the same as issuing a G0 G53 Z0.
[18:21:11] <Cromaglious> they're from this file http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config/ini_config.html
[18:21:19] <Bushman> oh
[18:21:49] <Bushman> quill up? what does it mean?
[18:22:05] <Cromaglious> so open up your mymill.ini or what ever it's called..
[18:22:09] <PCW> dangerous porcupine?
[18:22:12] <Bushman> my tool is already above the surface... bringing it to machine 0 will cause it colide
[18:22:21] <Cromaglious> quill == Z
[18:22:53] <Cromaglious> so use = 0 on that config if you have it in your ini file
[18:23:22] <Bushman> then it will do linear move from where it is. right?
[18:23:32] <Cromaglious> My Z 0 is at top, and all Z moves are to negative numbers
[18:24:15] <Bushman> my z is not on top :(
[18:24:21] <Bushman> Z0
[18:24:26] <Bushman> hmm...
[18:24:31] <Cromaglious> well I'll be back laters... I have to go see if I can get a 3040 going again
[18:24:44] <Bushman> laterz
[18:26:18] <Cromaglious> but first a wifely pit stop..
[18:26:19] <Simonious> CaptHindsight: inkscape -> trace bitmap -> export DXF -> import to sketchup (for touchup and resize as needed) -> export DXF -> cambam -> router
[18:26:36] <Simonious> I think I'm going to be able to cut images as desired this way.
[18:26:44] <Simonious> So far the DXF looks great.
[19:23:52] <georgenz> Am wondering how to setup an xhc mpg wheel
[19:24:51] <georgenz> Have bought one and it doesnt seem to do anytging right out of the box. Linux wiki says drivers are preinstalled in versions newer than 2.6.0
[19:36:19] <Bushman> i always wanted a tool changer for my homemade CNC with kress spindle...
[19:36:35] <Bushman> now i'm having secong thoughts after seeing the price: http://www.usovo.de/shop/Milling-spindles-accessories/Adapter-tool-changer/Kress-Toolchanger/Toolchanger-System-Kress-530-FM-800-FME-and-1050-FME::566.html?MODsid=j1ja35k9jmq1jcam5fl2c2qee4
[19:41:49] <jdh> how much does the kress cost?
[19:56:31] <Simonious> Alright, I homed all 3 axes, I expected to see the toolhead jump to 0,0,0 on the display, but it didn't do that, if it doesn't do that I can't zero the work. Am I doing the wrong thing?
[19:57:50] <renesis> hit '#' i think
[19:58:06] <Simonious> trying that..
[19:58:17] <renesis> its maybe displaying workspace origin corrdinates instead of machine origin coordinates
[19:58:53] <renesis> i think it defaults to work space so you have to change to machine space to see 0,0,0 when you home
[19:59:31] <Simonious> Hmm, well the loaded gcode is positioned as if the toolhead is starting at 0,0,0. If I let it run in air now.. it's WAY off (as one would expect based on what it shows on the screen) *ponders*
[20:00:06] <Simonious> renesis: when I used #, it showed some coords jumping around, but the gcode didn't jump with it..?
[20:00:07] <renesis> you home, and that sets your machine origin, in machine space or home space
[20:00:18] <renesis> then you touch off you work in workspace
[20:00:50] <Simonious> I'm confident that my novice skills are the problem here, but..
[20:01:14] <renesis> you only have one machine origin (G53 space), can have lots of work origins (work spaces g54-g59...)
[20:01:19] <Simonious> until the toolhead shows it's homed AND it lines up with the gcode on the screen I expect the same results I got before (it tries to work in wilding the wrongplace)
[20:01:22] <Simonious> *wildly
[20:01:37] <renesis> yeah # just changes the view
[20:01:53] <Simonious> So the gcode is lined up for 0,0,0
[20:02:06] <renesis> so you have to home the machine, then jog to where the origin of your gcode is, than touch off in the workspace your gcode is in
[20:02:09] <Simonious> I positioned the toolhead where I wanted 0,0,0 to be and homed all axes with the nice button
[20:02:22] <Simonious> it didn't move the toolhead representation on the screen at all (to line up with the gcode)
[20:02:30] <renesis> usually gcode is in g54 if its specified
[20:03:11] <renesis> yeah you have to go put the xyz origin for the gcode somewhere, before running code, after homing the machine
[20:03:25] <Simonious> maybe I'm asking the wrong question - the toolhead is where I want it, how can I make that 0,0,0
[20:03:40] <Simonious> hmm your last statement suggests I'm really confused! *thinks*
[20:03:40] <renesis> i think in axis gui its touch-off
[20:03:49] <renesis> button next to home-axis
[20:04:08] <Simonious> touch off scares me - I'm expecting it to move and touch something.. I don't want that
[20:04:21] <renesis> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gui/images/axis-2.5.png
[20:04:43] <renesis> Home All is scary, but not anymore because unhome axis
[20:04:58] <renesis> Touch Off is what sets your gcode origin
[20:05:07] <Simonious> trying that
[20:05:09] <renesis> Home All sets the machine origin
[20:05:57] <renesis> if you had axis soft limits, and you hit home all accidentally, before you couldnt unhome and you would get stuck =(
[20:06:23] <renesis> but now you go to Machine > Unhome All Axis, or something like that
[20:07:39] <Simonious> touch off did exactly what I needed. I appreciate your patience with me there. :)
[20:07:45] <Simonious> the cut is underway
[20:07:50] <renesis> simonious: remember you have to home each axis first, because gcode (workspace) origin is recorded in machine (home) coordinates
[20:08:18] <renesis> yeah its confusing because they both do the same thing
[20:08:21] <Simonious> last time I did a cut it lined up right away and I was able to skip the touch off step, just the home step worked fine. This is where I became confused
[20:08:57] <renesis> if you dont have soft limits, and youve never touched off, they might default to 0,0,0
[20:09:21] <renesis> so homing wouldnt get you stuck, and gcode origin would be same place as home
[20:10:09] <renesis> i do my machine coordinates in negative space, so one limit is around zero, bit positive
[20:10:33] <renesis> so when i home, soft limits wont let me move in one direction
[20:10:50] <renesis> because already at zero
[20:11:55] <Simonious> It's happily cutting until I have to manually change out the tool.. no auto changer for me - yet
[20:12:13] <Simonious> don't have the touch plate fully set up yet either, so I get to eyeball it
[20:12:27] <renesis> yeah i dont have a tool changer, and because i have spring collets i have to rezero every tool change
[20:13:02] <renesis> so i have to cut the code up so i can rezero the tool between cycles
[20:13:05] <Simonious> so change the tool, position it in Z and then..? hit home? touch off?
[20:13:19] <renesis> no you only hit home when you turn on the machine
[20:13:30] <renesis> after that you touch off
[20:14:29] <renesis> home/machinespace/g53 origin tells the machine where the axis are
[20:14:52] <renesis> workspace/g54 origin tells the machine where the part is
[20:15:21] <renesis> g54 is recorded using the g53 coordinates, so if you change g53, g54 will change too
[20:15:21] <Simonious> well.. looks like this is a 'learning cut' wood broke off in a couple spots AND.. I had a couple spots that were too narrow for my toolhead so I lied to cambam to get toolpaths to go through those spots and the extra tool width resulted in two regions merging that weren't supposed to..
[20:17:06] <Simonious> I told cambam my tool was .05", it's really .17..
[20:17:15] <renesis> anyway, for now just remember you home all one time, before everything else
[20:17:21] <renesis> always in the same place
[20:17:24] * Simonious nods
[20:17:44] <Simonious> but I can do a z-touch between tools?
[20:17:46] <renesis> then you do touch off to move the gcode paths around
[20:17:56] <renesis> yeah you touch off the z
[20:18:15] <renesis> you can set touch length offsets and use tool change gcode
[20:18:42] <renesis> but if you have to do it every time for some reason (like you dont have fixed cnc tool holders) its kind of pointless to change tool offsets
[20:18:47] <Simonious> I would be happier if the gcode assumed all the tools were the same length and I manually rezeroed between tools
[20:19:03] * Simonious nods
[20:19:04] <renesis> just keep the same tool and touch off z axis to change offset
[20:19:11] <Simonious> :)
[20:19:40] <renesis> its more steps to do it 'automatically'
[20:20:09] <renesis> you have to make sure all your tool length offsets in the machine match
[20:20:27] <Simonious> yeah, we've got a Haas here with a toolchanger, but for now I'm on the router table manually changing tools :P
[20:20:28] <renesis> or, you have to remove all tool change calls in the code
[20:20:50] <renesis> ha, yeah the haas prob doesnt need much setup
[20:21:01] * Simonious shrugs
[20:21:07] <renesis> tell the cam thing you have a haas, done
[20:21:12] <Simonious> I watch it work sometimes, but I've never run it.
[20:21:42] <renesis> its bit easier than linuxcnc but its pretty much the same thing as axis gui
[20:21:55] <renesis> the haas has a really cool jog wheel
[20:21:57] <Simonious> When working plastic or wood I'm getting closer to what the Haas can do.
[20:22:19] <Simonious> We've got a jog wheel on the router that isn't half bad. It's a wireless unit out of China, another guy here set that up early this week.
[20:22:36] <renesis> wireless in a shop, balls
[20:22:40] <Simonious> It's very handy when positioning the toolhead.
[20:23:18] <Simonious> Eh, it's got a long range, it never has to go more than about 5 or 10 feet
[20:23:21] <renesis> yeah short keyboard cables and linuxcnc are kind of a pain
[20:24:09] <renesis> simonious: i would just worry about all the EM interference from the motor cables and power in general
[20:24:29] <renesis> like im sure it would work 95% of the time =\
[20:25:16] <renesis> a lot of that stuff is more likely to do nothing than flip out if it gets bad signals, so prob not that big a deal
[20:26:08] <Simonious> I'd be very surprised to see a fail that did anything
[22:08:25] <adam3999> hey guys check this out
[22:08:27] <adam3999> http://i.imgur.com/Ayn1o4g.jpg
[22:08:34] <adam3999> think of the chips you could make if those screws were end mills!
[22:16:23] <SpeedEvil> Big pump is big.
[22:20:44] <zeeshan> sexy supercharger
[22:20:54] <zeeshan> :P
[22:27:03] <tiwake> hey, anyone machine 416 stainless before? how does it compare to other materials?
[22:37:05] <furrywolf> you know you've worked on too many cars when you can change your own distributer on the side of the road... in five minutes.
[22:41:10] <tiwake> happens
[23:01:17] <Tom_itx> yay, got all my linux files copied to the new hdd. had to fix grub but it's working now
[23:01:40] <Tom_itx> http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/776643-how-to-rescue-a-non-booting-grub-2-on-linux/
[23:01:42] <Tom_itx> was helpful
[23:02:15] <furrywolf> tomorrow is going to have to be distributer rebuilding day... I have three bad ones and no good ones. the one that died today had so much shaft runout it ate the sensor. the one I put in today isn't much better. I got one from someone that has good bearings, but fried electronics...
[23:02:46] <furrywolf> going to take back out the working one and put its electronics into the one with good bearings, and see if it fits...
[23:04:13] <furrywolf> I didn't manage to get the timing set right on the side of the road, so have to do more work on it anyway...
[23:05:41] <tiwake> so no one has machined 416 stainless steel before?
[23:06:03] <furrywolf> not sure what's up with the timing... it either has no power or it pings, couldn't find the sweet spot.
[23:11:28] <Cromaglious> TIG welded it, ground it, never machined it
[23:11:50] <Cromaglious> oos no that was 316L
[23:12:04] <Cromaglious> s/oos/oops/
[23:12:27] <tiwake> heh
[23:12:38] <tiwake> 316 and 304 is a pain in the flank
[23:12:45] <tiwake> but nicer to weld, so I've heard
[23:12:54] <tiwake> (I don't weld at all...)
[23:13:05] <zeeshan> both easy to machine
[23:13:11] <zeeshan> depending on how you to do it :P
[23:13:13] <Cromaglious> dream to weld.. Sticky as ALL GET OUT grinding....
[23:13:15] <tiwake> made some parts on the lathe out of 304
[23:13:38] <tiwake> after the first batch we told the guy either the price needs to change, or the material
[23:13:47] <Cromaglious> I still have some short lengths of 316L 1/16 and 3/32 rod
[23:14:56] <tiwake> we don't care about weldability, only machineability
[23:15:57] <tiwake> zeeshan: drilling, tapping, and turning
[23:15:58] <zeeshan> whats wrong with machining it
[23:16:08] <zeeshan> you just gotta take appropriate depth of cuts
[23:16:22] <zeeshan> tapping it is a bad idea :P
[23:16:34] <zeeshan> thread mill it! :P
[23:16:39] <Cromaglious> 316l don't plasma cut for didly
[23:16:51] <tiwake> thread mill?
[23:17:07] <furrywolf> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Seine_%28PSF%29.png where do I get these magical floats that float several feet above the water?
[23:17:41] <tiwake> I'm keeping them out of the mill, we are running it on a C-axes lathe
[23:18:02] <zeeshan> you have trouble single point threading them with carbide?
[23:18:11] <tiwake> too small for that
[23:18:25] <tiwake> well
[23:18:55] <tiwake> the tapping is not a problem really
[23:19:07] <tiwake> nor the turning... heh
[23:19:41] <tiwake> but its not worth it at the price point :P
[23:21:06] <tiwake> and the surface needs to be shiny
[23:21:33] <tiwake> looks is more important than anything else really, other than how long it takes to make each one
[23:22:06] <furrywolf> "looks is more important than anything else really" go hang out at the mall? :)
[23:22:37] <zeeshan> so the other day i saw a video
[23:23:22] <furrywolf> ok
[23:23:25] <zeeshan> a guy using a cnmg insert on a smaller lathe than mine
[23:23:28] <zeeshan> and getting good finish
[23:23:34] <zeeshan> so i know theres something up with my lathe
[23:23:39] <zeeshan> !
[23:26:48] * furrywolf hasn't done nearly enough machining to be able to help
[23:36:41] <furrywolf> bbl, wolfy bedtime
[23:37:46] <PetefromTn_andro> Evening folks
[23:45:40] <PetefromTn_andro> It was a pretty big day for the space program today. Awesome to watch it.
[23:46:56] <PetefromTn_andro> The Soyuz space craft returned to earth with two cosmonauts and an astronaut safe and sound landing in Kazakhstan
[23:47:34] <PetefromTn_andro> That is pretty cool to be able to watch everything live like this.
[23:48:47] <PetefromTn_andro> Then the orbital ATK /NASA tested their SLS heavy lift rocket booster in Utah somewhere
[23:49:48] <PetefromTn_andro> It is apparently the largest and most powerful rocket booster ever built and outputs 3.6 million pounds of thrust.
[23:50:39] <PetefromTn_andro> http://www.space-multimedia.nl.eu.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=9316:orbital-atk-booster-test-in-promontory-coverage&catid=1:latest
[23:50:55] <PetefromTn_andro> Pretty Damn amazing stuff.
[23:51:16] <tiwake> I need flash to view that?
[23:51:25] <tiwake> nop, not happening
[23:51:42] <PetefromTn_andro> Dunno I watched it on my smartphone
[23:52:05] <PetefromTn_andro> I am sure it is probably on YouTube by now
[23:53:09] <PetefromTn_andro> Damn thing is over 30 feet across and is more than25 percent larger than the ones that took the space shuttle into orbit
[23:54:21] <PetefromTn_andro> Supposedly you are looking at the engine that will be taking humans to mars at some point in the not so distant future
[23:55:55] <PetefromTn_andro> But after watching the movie last days on Mars on Netflix recently it's not gonna be me going for the ride LOL