#linuxcnc | Logs for 2014-11-22

[00:19:38] <zeeshan|2> an odd finding
[00:20:10] <zeeshan|2> the 100 amp contactor's 24vdc coil has a resistance of 173 ohm while the 30A contactor's 24vdc coil has 93 ohm
[00:20:15] <zeeshan|2> the big boy draws less current
[00:20:44] <Connor> probably larger wire.
[00:24:36] <zeeshan|2> yes
[01:03:18] <renesis> more turns or a tighter gap
[01:03:27] * renesis likes those tight gaps
[02:10:39] <Deejay> moin
[02:51:11] <unfy> got some small motors (nema17/76ozin), breakout board and drivers coming next week, can't wait to start fiddling :D
[02:52:39] <archivist> there is no cure
[08:12:13] <jthornton> morning guys
[08:16:59] <rob_h> afternoon
[08:18:45] <jthornton> rain here for the next few days
[08:18:55] <jthornton> hows it over that way?
[08:19:26] <rob_h> chilly 7c not bad today sunnyish
[08:19:46] <rob_h> we see you guys been getting abit of snow over there
[08:20:15] <jthornton> just a few inches here more in other areas
[08:20:35] <jthornton> been keeping busy?
[08:20:44] <jthornton> I can't ever seem to catch up
[08:20:53] <rob_h> yea heaps todo here
[08:21:29] <jthornton> any new machines in the shop?
[08:21:35] <rob_h> just trying to get my barfeed to talk to the sliding head fully, so it can change its bars auto and just let it keep running
[08:21:53] <jthornton> that sounds like loads of fun
[08:21:54] <rob_h> only just put the sliding head in with its barfeed now afew months back.. moves some of the old stuff out mill wise
[08:22:26] <rob_h> got the centerles grinder in place and working now also makes life easy having that
[08:22:44] <jthornton> nice
[08:22:45] <rob_h> apart from that been making box's of parts and swarf :)
[08:22:56] <rob_h> still on the look out for a new VMC tho not found owt
[08:23:05] <jthornton> I picked up a tubing bender for some strange reason
[08:23:37] <rob_h> haha they are ok but its all the bending mardrals you need for tube sizes
[08:23:58] <rob_h> like guy next door he only has 2 sizes so cant bend just anything and they cost loads
[08:24:03] <jthornton> it came with a bunch of round ones and one for square tube
[08:24:14] <rob_h> o nice so quite sorted then
[08:24:19] <jthornton> yea, like $500 for one size
[08:24:21] <rob_h> can make some new chairs
[08:24:44] <jthornton> the attempt is to make a cat bypass for the Can Am Spyder
[08:24:47] <rob_h> i like the ones you see at shows with the laser cutter built in
[08:24:54] <jthornton> oh that is nice
[08:25:28] <jthornton> I spend way too much time doing non productive things that it worries me
[08:26:22] <rob_h> i had a week like that this week
[08:26:28] <rob_h> wondering what the hell i realy have done
[08:28:23] <jthornton> breakfast time over here... kippers and beer?
[08:29:23] <jthornton> the bender http://gnipsel.com/images/Huth-HB-10/HB-1%2001.jpg
[08:30:42] <jthornton> see you out in the shop after chow
[08:30:50] <rob_h> ok catch u laters
[09:17:39] * JT-Shop goes to work now
[09:35:29] <taiden> hey all
[09:35:54] <taiden> i'm interested in running my linuxcnc computer from my windows computer
[09:36:09] <taiden> i do all my cad/cam on my windows laptop but i'd like to be able to control the linuxcnc computer directly from it
[09:36:14] <taiden> is there a good way to do this?
[09:36:38] <taiden> also would be nice to not have a keyboard, mouse, monitor dedicated to this thing
[09:40:15] <JT-Shop> is the linuxcnc computer in another room or building?
[09:41:18] <Tom_itx> JT-Shop what you workin on today?
[09:42:29] <Tom_itx> taiden probably not the best idea for realtime hardware
[09:42:59] <JT-Shop> a chimney cap for an outdoor fireplace
[09:43:34] <taiden> i had seen people get 1/3 latency by running headless
[09:43:45] <taiden> i thought it might show a performance increase as well
[09:44:03] <Tom_itx> what if you gotta hit estop?
[09:44:07] <CaptHindsight> taiden: in the old days or much older hardware
[09:44:23] <taiden> estop is hardware on the gecko g540
[09:45:12] <taiden> perhaps its just more trouble than it's worth
[09:45:12] <CaptHindsight> i think he meant hit it from the M$ PC
[09:52:20] * JT-Shop thinks I better test this idea on the sim first
[10:04:21] <Tom_itx> JT-Shop have you started running 2.6 on anything yet?
[10:04:27] <JT-Shop> nope
[10:05:01] <Tom_itx> from what i can see the new TP may be in 2.7 but not in 2.6?
[10:06:33] <taiden> i had really good luck on ubuntu 8 switching to vesa driver
[10:06:57] <taiden> is it easy to switch to vesa driver in debian?
[10:10:35] <JT-Shop> if you have really old computer wheezy might not even run, but you can test with the live cy
[10:10:36] <JT-Shop> d
[10:11:36] * JT-Shop doesn't care for the stick font used in wheezy by gedit
[10:14:01] <Tom_itx> i suppose i should get a new iso image since the patch for 2.6
[10:14:09] <Tom_itx> the USB thing...
[10:14:25] <JT-Shop> only if you can't boot the CD
[10:15:04] <Tom_itx> i wanted to try it on my old backup pc and it had problems with 10.04
[10:15:09] <JT-Shop> if I understand correctly the hot fix was for a few computers that could not boot from the USB or something like that
[10:15:14] <Tom_itx> had to run 8.xx on it
[10:17:19] <Tom_itx> wheezy might not be any better on it
[10:17:46] <Tom_itx> first i need to find my .vhd file for my latest bit file...
[10:17:57] <Tom_itx> seems to have walked out the door
[10:18:29] <JT-Shop> well I have a somewhat better X trim for the plasma now
[10:19:07] <JT-Shop> after the cut it moves back to the center and if more time is needed to wait for the cool down air to stop blowing it waits there before going to X0
[10:21:19] <pcw_home> the latest ISO has a patched RTAI kernel that fixes a USB issue in the J1800,J1900,J2900 based motherboards
[10:22:04] * JT-Shop hoped someone that actually knew would show up
[10:24:04] <Tom_itx> probably wouldn't affect my old MB then
[10:26:52] <pcw_home> No, shouldn't matter
[10:29:12] <pcw_home> it was important since ~90% of new fanless MiniITX MBs use the J1800,1900 etc
[10:38:50] <taiden> i'm running a J1800 right now
[10:39:04] <taiden> it seems to do 13.5k no matter what i try to do to improve it
[11:00:27] <JT-Shop> I thought the J1800~ got better latency than that
[11:01:19] <pcw_home> I get about 11 usec on mine
[11:01:55] <pcw_home> (Gigabyte J18000DH2)
[11:04:28] <pcw_home> Its well to remember that the latency test doesn't actually do anything (no I/O, no memory allocation for RT tasks)
[11:04:29] <pcw_home> so a few usec here or there are basically meaningless
[11:07:21] <pcw_home> I suspect a J1800 will generate a much better step stream than a for example
[11:07:22] <pcw_home> D525 that shows better latency test results but has dreadful timing if you look at real hardware access
[11:23:25] <taiden> pcw what latency number did you use for stepconf
[11:25:37] <Tom_itx> pcw_home, do you know what U9 is on the 7i43?
[11:27:18] <pcw_home> Tom_itx: 74HC132
[11:27:54] <pcw_home> I dont use stepconf :-)
[11:28:04] <Tom_itx> huh?
[11:28:19] <taiden> do the mesa boards work on the mini itx mobos?
[11:28:26] <Tom_itx> why not?
[11:28:49] <taiden> looks like a lot of them are old pci
[11:28:51] <taiden> not pci-e
[11:29:37] <pcw_home> There are several Mini ITX boards with PCI
[11:30:45] <taiden> what's the goto mesa card for 4 axis stepper control? and what do these things cost?
[11:30:52] <taiden> i guess it doesn't have to be a card
[11:30:58] <taiden> i notice one connects via parallel port
[11:31:37] <Tom_itx> pcw_home, not sure what just happened but U9 on the 7i43 and U2 U3 U6 on the 7i47 are cooked
[11:31:57] <Tom_itx> worth replacing?
[11:32:06] <pcw_home> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128698&cm_re=j1900-_-13-128-698-_-Product
[11:32:07] <pcw_home> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813132104&cm_re=j1800-_-13-132-104-_-Product
[11:32:38] <pcw_home> example of brand new mini-itx MBs with PCI
[11:32:55] <pcw_home> Hmm 5V not 5V?
[11:33:12] <Tom_itx> 5v is good
[11:33:30] <Tom_itx> i really didn't find any cause yet
[11:34:07] <taiden> wait, the parallel port 7i43 is only $80?
[11:34:09] <Tom_itx> i need to sift thru the wires to see if anything came unhooked
[11:34:25] <Tom_itx> yeah but there's a cheaper better replacement with more io
[11:34:39] <taiden> what do you suggest?
[11:34:47] <Tom_itx> pcw_home what's that new card PN?
[11:34:49] <Tom_itx> i forget...
[11:34:54] <taiden> the mesa hardware is very daunting at first look
[11:34:55] <Tom_itx> with the 3 headers
[11:35:04] <taiden> just trying to get a better grasp of what you guys like to use
[11:35:11] <Tom_itx> mesa is it
[11:35:26] <taiden> yeah but what specifically
[11:35:26] <Tom_itx> 5i25 unless you need parport
[11:35:35] <Tom_itx> with a daughter card
[11:36:11] <pcw_home> for parallel port connection the 7I90HD is cheapest
[11:36:12] <taiden> with the 7i43 do you need anything else to run stepper motors?
[11:36:37] <Tom_itx> some sort of isolation for safety
[11:36:38] <taiden> 7i90 is $60 lol so cheap
[11:36:46] <Tom_itx> yep
[11:36:56] <taiden> and that will connect right to a g540?
[11:37:19] <Tom_itx> ask pcw_home about the g540
[11:37:32] <Tom_itx> i've never messed with one
[11:38:08] <pcw_home> 5I25 will (the 7i90HD has the wrong connector types, need to wait for the 7I90DB)
[11:38:13] <taiden> Tom_itx: what do you use for stepper drives?
[11:39:13] <taiden> pcw_home: you could hook it up with a break out board though, right?
[11:40:17] <taiden> i had no idea they were so cost effective. I thought they were $320+ when i looked a while back.
[11:40:23] <t12_> anyone know what series of pins these are
[11:40:26] <Tom_itx> taiden i'm using the gecko 203v
[11:40:26] <t12_> http://dodeca-t.com/photos/20141122-20141122-_B222623.jpg
[11:40:33] <pcw_home> yes though a 5I25/6i25/7I80DB/7I92 is easier
[11:40:36] <taiden> almost seems pointless to run software stepping
[11:41:08] <Tom_itx> 5i25 would be a good choice
[11:41:26] <Tom_itx> with whatever daughter card you need with it
[11:41:41] <taiden> what are the daughter cards used for?
[11:42:02] <Tom_itx> all sorts of things
[11:43:01] <taiden> their stuff is completley insane
[11:43:12] <taiden> do you need a daughtercard to run stepper drives?
[11:44:33] <Tom_itx> probably not
[11:44:42] <Tom_itx> if your driver is opto isolated
[11:45:05] <taiden> and what kind of step frequencies would i see on these things?
[11:45:34] <pcw_home> 1/4 Clock low is max
[11:45:52] <taiden> sorry i'm not that well versed in computer systems
[11:45:59] <taiden> i'm just a lowly mechanical engineering student :P
[11:46:17] <pcw_home> so 8 .33 Mhz on a 5I25, 25 MHz on a 7I90
[11:46:33] <taiden> so 5 Mhz minimum across the board
[11:47:15] <taiden> more like 2 Mhz actually just reread your message
[11:47:28] <taiden> that's a lot better than my 33KHz
[11:47:32] <pcw_home> 8.33 MHz is the slowest of any of our cards
[11:47:46] <taiden> do you work at mesa?
[11:47:52] <pcw_home> I do
[11:48:30] <pcw_home> well I mostly futz around since I'm old
[11:48:42] <taiden> :)
[11:48:54] <Tom_itx> pcw_home what does U9 do on the 7i43? trying to determine if anything else...
[11:49:02] <Tom_itx> doesn't look like it
[11:49:19] <taiden> pcw_home: what stepper drivers do you suggest for use with with a mesa card. i'm using 320oz-in nema 23 steppers (low inductance)
[11:50:29] <Tom_itx> the 540 should work
[11:50:42] <Tom_itx> i like the 203v
[11:50:48] <Tom_itx> but they cost more
[11:50:59] <Tom_itx> some of the chinese ones are ok
[11:52:05] <taiden> yeah the 203vs are nice
[11:52:22] <taiden> i just realized that if i was going to use something that required a breakout board it kind of renders the g540 a little useless
[11:55:40] <jthornton> I would never use a G540, for 50v applications I'd use the G251X and for 80v the G203V
[11:56:48] <pcw_home> if you want an integrated drive the MX3660 looks good (6A 60V 3 axis) and there a MX4660
[11:58:07] <pcw_home> U9 is part of the USB suspend/power switching
[12:00:01] <Tom_itx> hmm
[12:00:10] <Tom_itx> wonder why it blew
[12:00:22] <Tom_itx> the problem i think came from something on the 7i47
[12:00:28] <pcw_home> 5V >7V
[12:00:44] <Tom_itx> or shorting the 5v?
[12:00:55] <Tom_itx> that's all i can see so far but can't see where
[12:02:05] <pcw_home> shorting the 5V (to gnd) would not hurt
[12:03:32] <Tom_itx> i'm lost then. was hooking up the sserial power connector and powered the box
[12:04:00] <Tom_itx> had one already hooked up... adding the other
[12:08:56] <Tom_itx> i'll look it over closer later on
[12:09:32] <pcw_home> U2,U3,U6 on 7I47 are powered by 5V so this is also evidence that 5V got connected to something bad
[12:09:33] <pcw_home> (U4,U5,U7 on 7I47 are powered by local 3.3V regulator)
[12:10:01] <Tom_itx> ok
[12:10:20] <Tom_itx> worth fixing?
[12:10:40] <Tom_itx> 3 on the 7i47 and 1 on the 7i43
[12:11:09] <Tom_itx> i may look at the 7i90 if it's not
[12:11:20] <Tom_itx> seems like a better board overall now
[12:11:55] <pcw_home> if you dont mind SMD rework, no expensive parts (so far)
[12:12:07] <Tom_itx> i don't mind fixing it
[12:12:08] <zeeshan|2> taiden hello fellow mech eng :]
[12:13:16] <taiden> :)
[12:14:14] <zeeshan|2> taiden why dont you buy a cheapo motherboard
[12:14:18] <zeeshan|2> as a cnc computer
[12:14:28] <zeeshan|2> on craigslist and kijiji you can get free computers tehse days :)
[12:14:57] <taiden> I have an asrock j1800 here that seems like it will work well for a bit :)
[12:15:20] <taiden> this is going in a production environment but the budget was tight so hopefully it will expand well in the future
[12:15:43] <zeeshan|2> nice builtin in hdmi
[12:15:48] <zeeshan|2> *-in
[12:15:57] <taiden> we're trying to hit 800 ipm for surface contouring of hardwoods at low DOC
[12:16:14] <taiden> it's a small machine, 15" x 15" x 6" cutting envelope
[12:16:34] <zeeshan|2> i hope youre using mesa :D
[12:16:56] <taiden> i'm just now learning about mesa :) i used software stepping back in the day so that's what im used to
[12:17:19] <taiden> i'm running 10mm ballscrews with a 2:1 belt drive for a 20mm true lead on the X and Y
[12:17:20] <zeeshan|2> i use software stepping on the lathe but i dont think that thing will ever hit 800 ipm
[12:17:51] <taiden> my math shows my motors to be sized properly for a 50 lb cutting force but it seems really optimistic.... only time will tell :)
[12:18:13] <taiden> motors & lead to be sized properly***
[12:18:34] <zeeshan|2> how many oz-in?
[12:18:38] <taiden> only 320
[12:19:05] <JT-Shop> that's how hard the stepper will try to stay still...
[12:19:05] <taiden> if i had more time i would probably have gone direct drive with servos
[12:19:47] <taiden> JT-Shop: i was having trouble finding design guidelines for sizing stepper motors
[12:19:58] <taiden> tons of stuff out there on linear/rotary motion, though!
[12:20:24] <taiden> but the torque graph I had showed torque during movement so I think it will be fine
[12:20:34] <JT-Shop> most steppers have torque charts that shows the torque as the rpm goes up at a voltage
[12:21:03] <taiden> if you'd like to critique the design document i've slowly been updating i would be much obliged
[12:21:05] <JT-Shop> the faster you spin a stepper the less torque you have
[12:21:25] <JT-Shop> I'm no expert just passing on what I've read
[12:21:26] <taiden> that is why i am fine with software stepping, my shaft RPM is very low
[12:21:35] <JT-Shop> but I'd look if you like
[12:21:37] <taiden> due to the 20mm true lead
[12:22:41] <taiden> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zTutOUU4W_tW1MNECAfUcx6zB0ZaCqdlz6d3eczkQOU/edit?usp=sharing
[12:25:52] <taiden> my design keeps the RPMs below 1000
[12:26:15] <taiden> i wish i had better motor torque data
[12:27:32] <zeeshan|2> guesstimate :P
[12:28:53] <archivist> you need spare torque anyway
[12:32:13] <zeeshan|2> t12_: those look like amphenol pins
[12:32:24] <zeeshan|2> https://www.google.ca/search?q=amphenol+pin&client=firefox-a&hs=ghb&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=sb&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=CNJwVPf9Ae21sQTq54BI&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ&biw=1920&bih=1099
[12:43:14] <JT-Shop> that's quite detailed
[12:43:22] <JT-Shop> makes me sleepy
[12:46:29] <zeeshan|2> https://pdf.yt/d/tn-R6Bp9bny4RnLY
[12:46:31] <zeeshan|2> this is making me sleepy
[12:54:31] <PetefromTn_> zeeshan|2 Hey man
[12:54:57] <PetefromTn_> just got those tapered sheet metal transitions installed today. They worked great and fit damn near perfect.
[12:55:23] <PetefromTn_> I did have to notch one corner of the 20" one to get it over the existing rectangular mount
[12:55:58] <PetefromTn_> it screwed down nice and snug all around and we are working on getting the aluminum duct taping done to seal everything up.
[12:56:07] <PetefromTn_> Should have it all installed by the end of the weekend.
[12:56:20] <zeeshan|2> nice
[12:56:20] <zeeshan|2> :D
[12:56:21] <PetefromTn_> So thanks for the help with the Cad drawing and templates for them.
[12:57:43] <PetefromTn_> It's pretty nice here this weekend so we are trying to get the whole unit installed while the weather cooperates.
[12:58:19] <zeeshan|2> np
[12:58:22] <zeeshan|2> is it still freezing down there
[12:58:33] <PetefromTn_> no its actually like 55 degrees here today
[12:58:42] <PetefromTn_> tomorrow is supposed to be like 60 or higher
[13:00:24] <PetefromTn_> been wanting to work on it all week but the idea of crawling under the house while it is freezing outside was less than appealing LOL
[13:01:26] <zeeshan|2> :D
[13:12:48] <jdh> 73F here
[13:47:42] <pcw_home> finally had enough rain here to soak the ground, cant complain but dislike the beginning of mud-dog season
[13:47:44] <pcw_home> (all weeds gone, lot is acre of mud so dogabundus must be cleaned before entering domicile)
[13:48:46] <skunkworks> jepler: Yay!,Eww..
[13:49:10] <skunkworks> umm.. pcw_home Yay!,Eww..
[13:49:28] <PetefromTn_> ?
[13:49:45] <skunkworks> yay for the rain - eww for the dog.
[13:50:38] <pcw_home> Yeah he's like a dirt pump when its muddy
[13:53:04] <XXCoder> dirt carrier
[13:53:26] <zeeshan|2> rofl dirt pump
[13:53:53] <XXCoder> yeah
[13:53:55] <XXCoder> heh
[13:54:51] <PetefromTn_> whats the difference between Cast acrylic sheet and Extruded Acrylic sheet?
[13:55:06] <XXCoder> PetefromTn_: besides how shape is made?
[13:55:06] <PetefromTn_> besides the obvious I mean
[13:55:09] <XXCoder> yeah
[13:56:07] <XXCoder> http://www.pmma.dk/Acryl_stobt_kontra_ekstruderet.aspx?Lang=en-GB maybe
[13:56:10] <CaptHindsight> there are differences in the same types of acrylics, it's actually a wide range of variations
[13:57:42] <PetefromTn_> I am making a neat edge lit sign for my wife's favorite musical band for her and I wanted to get some thicker acrylic clear sheet to get a good light transmission and the most pro look to it. Thinking like 3/8" think plate
[13:58:02] <CaptHindsight> either will work at that thickness
[13:58:51] <CaptHindsight> sheet is usually extruded
[13:59:13] <PetefromTn_> is sheet acrylic generally what is used for this application?
[13:59:49] <PetefromTn_> http://www.signsalive.net/edge-lit-signs/led-edge-lit-custom-sign.jpg wanting something like this.
[14:00:20] <XXCoder> PetefromTn_: can you get samples of both
[14:00:24] <PetefromTn_> http://www.outdoor-signs.co.uk/images/edgelit/edge_lit_etched_acrylic.jpg or this
[14:00:27] <XXCoder> then cnc both to same whatever
[14:00:30] <XXCoder> then test?
[14:00:50] <PetefromTn_> well money is tight right now so I just need to order what I need to complete the project
[14:01:06] <PetefromTn_> I am going to order enough to do two of them just in case I screw the pooch with the first one somehow
[14:01:18] <XXCoder> companies sometimes do send small free sample
[14:01:37] <XXCoder> but tend to only for if youre planning big project
[14:01:39] <CaptHindsight> heh, yeah around 2x2 inches
[14:01:51] <XXCoder> CaptHindsight: yeah. good enough to test light properies
[14:02:27] <PetefromTn_> not worried about that but just want to get a good material sheet ordered here.
[14:02:54] <PetefromTn_> reading that tho it seems cast acrylic may be the way to go
[14:02:58] <CaptHindsight> Home Depot
[14:03:15] <PetefromTn_> went to HD and their prices are stupid
[14:03:30] <CaptHindsight> extruded will have extrusion patterns
[14:03:44] <CaptHindsight> yeah, like airport food prices
[14:05:41] <PetefromTn_> sounds like extruded acrylic is more dimensionally accurate than cast and the flame polishing of the edges is better with extruded too... so maybe I will get some 3/8 extruded
[14:06:09] <XXCoder> like I said, get samples and test
[14:06:19] <XXCoder> see what results in better mini sign
[14:06:30] <XXCoder> then order larger ones for project
[14:06:49] <PetefromTn_> naah
[14:14:01] <_methods> margarona time
[14:16:41] <PetefromTn_> dafuk?
[14:17:06] <PetefromTn_> Okay extruded sheet is on it's way LOL
[14:18:02] <XXCoder> cool
[14:18:13] <XXCoder> I wonder if direction matters on extruded
[14:18:39] <PetefromTn_> any recommendations for LED light strips with remote control. Looking for ability to change colors etc.
[14:24:22] <XXCoder> plenty on amazon and aliexpress last I looked
[14:28:18] <JT-Shop> time to celebrate, I found my favorite phillips screwdriver... now to find my 10-1 screwdriver
[14:39:26] <PetefromTn_> anyone use these 3528 or 5050 led tapes? Which would be better for an edge lit sign?
[14:50:17] <cheapie> I just set up my configuration with stepconf, and the tests in there work fine, but when I try to actually start LinuxCNC, I get "HAL: ERROR: function 'sim-encoder.make-pulses' not found"
[14:51:21] <XXCoder> lol http://www.addictinginfo.org/2014/11/22/that-time-the-most-obvious-drug-deal-ever-went-down-behind-a-live-news-broadcast-video/
[14:52:46] <LeelooMinai> Hmm
[14:53:56] <LeelooMinai> Inside linuxcnc - is there some way to let it hit go to the min limit axis switch, then to the max limit switch and report the total span?
[14:54:41] <LeelooMinai> without having it homed yet
[14:55:57] <JT-Shop> cheapie, I don't think your trying to run the stepconf configuration as it would not use sim anything
[14:58:45] <cheapie> I just saw that I accidentally had the simulation box checked in stepconf. I unchecked it and re-ran the configuration. Now everything starts up fine, but the motors won't move from anything other than stepconf.
[15:01:24] <cheapie> ...OK, now it's working. Odd.
[15:20:29] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, strange - my axis moves 20mm instead of 10
[15:22:27] <LeelooMinai> I have set the driver to 1600 pulses/rev
[15:22:42] <LeelooMinai> ballscrew is 5mm per rev
[15:23:01] <LeelooMinai> And entered 320 for step_scale
[15:23:18] <LeelooMinai> 1600 / 5 being 320
[15:24:36] <LeelooMinai> Though I am not sure why the driver has this 1600 pulse/rev - it depends on the stepper...
[15:25:39] <archivist> just a factor of 2 error so adjust accordingly
[15:26:10] <LeelooMinai> Yes, but I would like to understand what is going on. Here's the table of my driver: http://i.imgur.com/GLDdxxx.png
[15:26:22] <LeelooMinai> I have "normal" 200 steps per rev steppers
[15:27:38] <renesis> mine are 200 steps, so definitely "normal"
[15:27:48] <LeelooMinai> Right, 1.8 deg per step
[15:28:01] <renesis> pi/100
[15:28:17] <renesis> they step in centipi
[15:28:26] <LeelooMinai> Unless I somehow misintrpret that 1600 steps/rev on the driver setting
[15:28:39] <LeelooMinai> But what else could it be...
[15:28:58] <LeelooMinai> Well, hmm...
[15:29:05] <LeelooMinai> It's strange it starts from 400 though
[15:29:28] <renesis> maybe its a microstep drive in half step mode?
[15:29:31] <LeelooMinai> Where is 200:)
[15:29:58] <LeelooMinai> Maybe all off = 200
[15:30:13] <LeelooMinai> But still, that would mean that my calculations are correct
[15:31:33] <renesis> are you talking about the drive settings? i dunno what you mean by all-off
[15:32:20] <LeelooMinai> I mean it's not in the table, but maybe all off = no microstepping = 200 pulses per rev for normal stepper
[15:32:21] <pcw_home> is it possible the settings are only read at power-up?
[15:32:22] <SpeedEvil> Sort-of-maybe-on-topic-but-not-really https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/536262624653365248
[15:32:29] <SpeedEvil> Autonomous spaceport drone ship. Thrusters repurposed from deep sea oil rigs hold position within 3m even in a storm.
[15:32:43] <LeelooMinai> pcw_home: There are dip switches on them
[15:32:48] <LeelooMinai> I mean on the drivers
[15:33:02] <renesis> they might only look at the switches during initialization
[15:33:24] <renesis> rebewt
[15:33:42] <LeelooMinai> Wait, what...
[15:34:20] <renesis> you may need to power cycle the drive for the new dip switch settings to take effect
[15:34:24] <LeelooMinai> The look at the switches, set what is needed and then what... How could they be changed thereafter? :)
[15:34:35] <LeelooMinai> No, they were set up like that for days.
[15:34:56] <renesis> you changed them or still the same?
[15:35:13] <renesis> also in some datasheet tables, 1 = dipswitch OFF
[15:35:16] <LeelooMinai> I did not play with them for days if not weeks
[15:35:31] <renesis> which is retarded even through it makes sense (pullup inputs)
[15:35:42] <LeelooMinai> The dip switch block has "ON" painted on it
[15:35:49] <renesis> customer doesnt give a fuck the the switches are lower side
[15:35:52] <LeelooMinai> I set it according to that painted on
[15:36:17] <renesis> *that the switches are low side
[15:36:48] <renesis> leeloominai: so it just changed recently? same linuxcnc config and dip settings?
[15:37:11] <LeelooMinai> No, linux conf I just edited - it's kind of first time run.
[15:37:19] <renesis> oh
[15:37:29] <renesis> you checked datasheet for the driver?
[15:37:40] <LeelooMinai> I just linked table from it
[15:38:08] <renesis> oh nice, missed that, i started line after
[15:38:17] <renesis> then went to far when reading up =\
[15:38:35] <LeelooMinai> O, crap
[15:38:52] * LeelooMinai beats herself with a "stupid" stick
[15:39:04] <renesis> it doesnt have a 200 pulse mode
[15:39:12] <LeelooMinai> My drivers are a bit different model:)
[15:39:24] <renesis> and i like that table
[15:39:26] <LeelooMinai> And apparently dip switches are different
[15:39:33] <renesis> ON/OFF instead of logic 1/0
[15:39:34] <LeelooMinai> Ok, solved
[15:39:41] <renesis> neat
[15:40:41] <pcw_home> if you are using a hardware stepgen you should set the ustep ratio as high as it will go
[15:41:10] <LeelooMinai> pcw_home: Will it not affect accuracy if the pulses are too fast?
[15:41:17] <renesis> i have a xylotex that doesnt really work =(
[15:41:59] <renesis> leeloominai: i think he means when the drive automatically microsteps to the next position
[15:42:06] <pcw_home> no, faster is better as long as the drive can take the step rate
[15:42:36] <LeelooMinai> The driver has max 8000 pulses per rev so that's what 8000/200 = 80/2 = 40 sub-pulses
[15:43:00] <LeelooMinai> ok, I guess I will try that
[15:43:19] <LeelooMinai> Having fpga and all:)
[15:43:26] <pcw_home> so thats 160 KHz at 1200 RPM which should be OK
[15:43:27] <renesis> oh neat
[15:44:22] <pcw_home> above about 32 usteps/step its diminishing returns (not any smoother)
[15:44:52] <LeelooMinai> I am not sure though how to set up all those timing parameters - so far they are all 5000, but I could not really find any specs for that for my drivers
[15:45:04] <LeelooMinai> Is this some kind of trial and error thing?
[15:45:26] <pcw_home> well the drive should have specs :-(
[15:45:44] <pcw_home> 5 and 5 will limit you to 100 KHz
[15:45:48] <renesis> timing diagrams are really hard!
[15:45:54] <LeelooMinai> Maybe I should search further then
[15:46:20] <LeelooMinai> pcw_home: So would you go with 32 microsteps or 40?
[15:47:01] <pcw_home> I doubt you will notice any difference but its worth playing around with
[15:47:33] <LeelooMinai> 32 is rounder, so I will go with that:)
[15:58:38] <LeelooMinai> I found only this so far: "Pulse frequency up to 200KHz"
[16:00:41] <pcw_home> well if that was symmetrical that would be 2.5 usec/2.5 usec
[16:01:06] <LeelooMinai> between steplen and stepspace?
[16:02:19] <pcw_home> 2.5 and 2.5 for steplength and stepspace (well 2500 and 2500 since they are specified in nS)
[16:02:45] <LeelooMinai> And dirsetup and hold - are those related?
[16:05:51] <LeelooMinai> I found this in the wiki page: Wantai Motors DQ542MA 5050 5050 500 500
[16:06:13] <LeelooMinai> Not sure if this is sane though, with those 500s there - isn't it a bit low?
[16:10:41] <zq> what's the conventional idiomatic way of interfacing ucs with industrial voltage and currents
[16:11:36] <Deejay> gn8
[16:12:08] <pcw_home> fire?
[16:12:13] <jdh> heh
[16:12:45] <Tom_itx> pcw_home would it be possible to get those chips from you?
[16:12:56] <Tom_itx> then i'd be sure i was getting the right package etc
[16:13:23] <pcw_home> yeah I can make a care package
[16:13:43] <LeelooMinai> Selling aluminum shavings? :)
[16:13:52] <Tom_itx> i don't see anything else off hand but i'll look a bit closer tonight
[16:15:43] <XXCoder> yummy alum chips. using dip of coolant>?
[16:26:01] <LeelooMinai> I get random driver errors (red led) on startup - seems that linuxcnc starts to control them (I hear short pulse) and some of them go green and some red, kind of in random combinations. Could it be the result of setting timins wrong (I copied setup from wiki page)?
[16:27:52] <LeelooMinai> Not sure what happens during that short "bzzt". Maybe the current is applied to hold steppers in place (?)
[16:28:24] <pcw_home> what does the red LED indicate?
[16:29:32] <LeelooMinai> No info in the "manual" - there is green on (ok) and red (not ok:)
[16:30:19] <LeelooMinai> "ALM: red, failure light, the motor with phase short-circuit, overvoltage and under-voltage protection."
[16:30:37] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, I measured 35V from the PSU
[16:30:49] <pcw_home> sounds more like a step motor wiring or power issue
[16:30:51] <LeelooMinai> And 24-80V is normal
[16:32:08] <pcw_home> Is is possible your PS drooped at startup (until the drive faults removed most of the load)
[16:32:50] <LeelooMinai> I have relay turning psu on off - I added some timing delay there - good point, maybe I should make the delay longer
[16:34:33] <LeelooMinai> Made it 1 second - still same thing - though I see that one driver especially likes to go red more often
[16:34:49] <LeelooMinai> I will check wiring
[16:42:26] <LeelooMinai> One cable is bad:) Soldering time.
[16:44:23] <jdh> a bad stepper wire can be bad for your drive
[16:44:46] <LeelooMinai> No kidding - I will recheck them all and make sure they are ok
[16:45:29] <zeeshan|2> power cycling psu
[16:45:36] <zeeshan|2> prolly is not good for cap life!
[16:46:20] <LeelooMinai> It acnnot be on all the time
[16:47:40] <LeelooMinai> I wired it to motion.motion-enabled - maybe there's a better place for it
[17:13:05] <LeelooMinai> Much better:)
[18:01:57] <XXCoder> hmm bit help
[18:02:13] <XXCoder> whats this tool called - it moves up and down small saw very rapidly
[18:02:27] <XXCoder> can move and turn wood or whatever to be shaped
[18:03:00] <LeelooMinai> jigsaw?
[18:03:18] <XXCoder> almost but both ends of saw is held
[18:03:37] <XXCoder> with table to put stock on to be cut
[18:03:47] <LeelooMinai> scroll saw?
[18:03:50] <zeeshan|2> cross cut saw?
[18:04:00] <XXCoder> scroll saw! thanks
[18:07:26] <XXCoder> bah
[18:07:30] <XXCoder> so many is so far away
[18:09:25] <LeelooMinai> Is this page still valid for new linuxcnc? http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config/ini_homing.html
[18:10:19] <LeelooMinai> btw, it's inconsistent - uses LATCH_VEL then LATCHVEL - not sure what is valid
[18:10:34] <XXCoder> hm 69 bucks at harbour freight
[18:12:07] <XXCoder> lol passive agressive post. " on a side note see how my machine is not all surface rusted? that's because it's stored properly, be wary of any equipment with rust of any kind."
[18:12:17] <XXCoder> way to get sales dude
[18:13:09] <LeelooMinai> What, it's a good advertisment:)
[18:13:35] <zeeshan|2> LeelooMinai: becareful when youre homing
[18:13:41] <zeeshan|2> its so easy to break the switch
[18:13:44] <zeeshan|2> especially with the way you have iut mounted
[18:13:46] <zeeshan|2> *it
[18:13:55] <zeeshan|2> i broke mine!
[18:14:34] <jdh> mounted so they smash the switch instead of passing by it?
[18:14:35] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, you mean by putting wrong signs in there?
[18:14:42] <zeeshan|2> jdh yea
[18:14:46] <zeeshan|2> LeelooMinai: yes
[18:15:02] <zeeshan|2> its really easy to have it backwards
[18:15:11] <zeeshan|2> if you can
[18:15:16] <zeeshan|2> unmount your switch
[18:15:26] <zeeshan|2> actually dont even unmount it
[18:15:28] <zeeshan|2> trigger it by hand.
[18:15:35] <zeeshan|2> and see if it moves in the correct dorection
[18:15:39] <zeeshan|2> (the axis)
[18:15:51] <LeelooMinai> RIght, good idea
[18:16:10] <jdh> and mount it so you don't smash it.
[18:16:33] <zeeshan|2> jdh too late
[18:16:34] <zeeshan|2> :-)
[18:16:48] <LeelooMinai> I just mapped my machine to have 334mm X x 286mm Y and 146mm Z btw
[18:16:49] <zeeshan|2> if i change em
[18:16:53] <zeeshan|2> ill prolly throw prox switches
[18:17:22] <zeeshan|2> btw the command is "HOME_LATCH_VEL"
[18:18:10] <LeelooMinai> The page has LATCH_VEL
[18:18:15] <zeeshan|2> yea
[18:18:16] <zeeshan|2> but look down
[18:18:18] <zeeshan|2> the real command is there
[18:18:53] <LeelooMinai> So it's triple confusing - different names on the drawing, different in the table, and different in the text:)
[18:19:11] <jdh> fix it
[18:19:29] <LeelooMinai> I did not make it:)
[18:19:53] <zeeshan|2> jdh
[18:19:55] <zeeshan|2> how do you fix it?
[18:20:04] <zeeshan|2> do you need to sign up somewhere?
[18:20:10] <LeelooMinai> With sharpie on the screen
[18:23:00] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, I wonder which doc has those listed. I cannot see them in the manual PDF
[18:23:40] <LeelooMinai> Maybe the integrator manual
[18:24:55] <LeelooMinai> O, right, it's all there
[18:25:10] <LeelooMinai> I knew I was missing some docs
[18:25:40] <LeelooMinai> Has 2.5 in the title though
[18:28:40] <LeelooMinai> Maybe I should also change what is - and what is + on my table, as the spindle moves in the opposite direction - not sure what is the convention.
[18:42:11] <zeeshan|2> yay
[18:42:18] <zeeshan|2> i spent 2 hours on this question im doing
[18:42:25] <zeeshan|2> just to draw a godddamn boob in the end??????
[18:42:39] <Tom_itx> coping saw
[18:42:54] <Tom_itx> woops ... readback buffer got me that time
[18:43:19] <LeelooMinai> coping saw is similar to scroll saw, just not powered
[18:44:15] <zeeshan|2> NSFW
[18:44:16] <zeeshan|2> https://www.flickr.com/photos/128539016@N05/15853107031/
[18:44:22] <zeeshan|2> jk :)
[18:45:16] <LeelooMinai> If you work at WOlfram, it is NSFW:)
[18:45:22] <zeeshan|2> haha
[18:45:29] <zeeshan|2> im still laughing about this
[18:45:31] <zeeshan|2> i know im silly
[18:45:40] <zeeshan|2> but ive seriously been solving this partial differential equation for the last 2hours
[18:45:41] <zeeshan|2> and i go to plot it
[18:45:44] <zeeshan|2> and its a hump
[18:45:46] <zeeshan|2> ..
[18:45:59] <zeeshan|2> that is apparently what a flat plate looks like
[18:46:07] <zeeshan|2> when you distribute a triangular load on it
[18:46:39] <zeeshan|2> simply supported
[18:52:01] <LeelooMinai> "hit limit in home state 7" <- i wish it was written in english:)
[18:52:19] <LeelooMinai> instead of "state 7" that is
[18:54:48] <LeelooMinai> I think I need HOME_INGORE_LIMITS = YES
[18:55:19] <jdh> do you have shared home/limit?
[18:55:31] <LeelooMinai> Yes, I just have 2 limit switches per axis
[18:56:01] <jdh> see 3.4
[18:56:20] <LeelooMinai> Maybe in the future I should add some non-mechanicl home switches in the middle of each axis
[18:56:37] <LeelooMinai> So it homes faster (?)
[18:56:40] <jdh> you could, but it wouldn't home any better
[18:56:54] <LeelooMinai> Well, it would not have to travel to the end and back
[18:57:06] <jdh> what if it was starting on the 'wrong' side
[18:57:42] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, then two switches would be needed to see the direction
[18:58:21] <LeelooMinai> Ok, no, that would not help:)
[18:58:53] <LeelooMinai> Well, some sensor solution then - I am sure it can be made faster
[18:59:08] <jdh> absolute encoders
[18:59:29] <LeelooMinai> They can attach to stepper acix?
[18:59:33] <LeelooMinai> axis*
[18:59:57] <jdh> they could attach to anything
[19:00:09] <LeelooMinai> I am not sure that 7i76 could handle 3 of those
[19:00:28] <jdh> how often are you planning on homing?
[19:01:02] <LeelooMinai> No idea - I guess when I power on the thing?
[19:01:31] <LeelooMinai> On the other hand - I think those encoders just send digital pulses.. at least non-absolute ones, so maybe 7i76 can handle them
[19:01:56] <LeelooMinai> And absolute ones, I don't know what they do, would have to look into that
[19:02:31] <LeelooMinai> I guess they could be a nifty addition
[19:04:29] <LeelooMinai> Kin d of expensive $26 for 1024/rev one
[19:05:08] <_methods> don't succumb to the feature creep lol
[19:05:16] <LeelooMinai> http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Encoder-TRD-NA1024NW-1024P-R-Koyo-encoder-absolute-encoder/1889679357.html
[19:05:48] <LeelooMinai> Right, well, yes, but it's good to know what options are there
[19:05:52] <jdh> I haven't gotten around to putting limits/home on my new router. Only X on my mill
[19:08:35] <_methods> i've been "picking" the parts for my plasma table for like 5 years now lol
[19:09:08] <LeelooMinai> An idea for april the 1st and your fellow machinist - remove limit switches from his/her .ini file
[19:09:52] <_methods> grind a 1/16" off the end of all their scales
[19:10:33] <LeelooMinai> Or redefine basic unit in linuxcnc to be 3.14mm:)
[19:11:24] <LeelooMinai> ok, maybe this time it will work with IGNORE instead of INGORE
[19:11:59] <zeeshan|2> LeelooMinai: you make it sound like a big deal
[19:12:00] <zeeshan|2> lol
[19:12:06] <zeeshan|2> homing takes like 20 seconds
[19:13:45] <LeelooMinai> Could tak 4 though:)
[19:14:13] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, that ignore worked too well:/
[19:14:26] <LeelooMinai> It just slamed into the end
[19:16:02] <LeelooMinai> zeeshan|2: I took your advice and pressed the limit manually. Too bad it did nothing:)
[19:17:48] <zeeshan|2> haha
[19:18:19] <LeelooMinai> I have HOME_SEARCH_VEL = 20.0 and HOME_LATCH_VEL = -3.0
[19:18:47] <LeelooMinai> I thought it will move up (z-axis) then trip the switch and move back until the switch releases and be done, no?
[19:19:19] <LeelooMinai> I also have HOME_USE_INDEX = NO
[19:19:22] <zeeshan|2> gimme a sec.
[19:19:25] <LeelooMinai> And ignore limits
[19:19:25] <zeeshan|2> ill check it out on the lathe
[19:19:35] <zeeshan|2> i have the same setup
[19:19:41] <zeeshan|2> where im using limit and home switch as one switch
[19:21:03] <LeelooMinai> If I had "oh shit" button already installed I would manage to stop it
[19:23:32] <zee-Lathe> wow
[19:23:36] <LeelooMinai> Maybe I have HOME_OFFSET wrong - it's 73 and should be -73 (?)
[19:23:37] <zee-Lathe> this computers fan sounds like it wants to die
[19:23:41] <zee-Lathe> cause of freezing!
[19:24:35] <zee-Lathe> http://pastebin.com/KZ7p63eX
[19:26:37] <LeelooMinai> "HOME_OFFSET = 0.0 - The axis position of the home switch or index pulse, in machine units. When the home point is found
[19:26:38] <LeelooMinai> during the homing process, this is the position that is assigned to that point."
[19:26:53] <LeelooMinai> That's unclear to me I guess
[19:27:53] <LeelooMinai> In particular "when the home is found" - what constitutes finding it?
[19:28:17] <zeeshan|2> back
[19:28:19] <zeeshan|2> so much warmer here
[19:28:23] <zeeshan|2> i had to back up my drivers from that machine too
[19:28:28] <zeeshan|2> about to start writing modbus drivers up here :D
[19:29:10] <zeeshan|2> that home_offset command is important!
[19:29:15] <zeeshan|2> thats what caused my shit to crash
[19:29:27] <LeelooMinai> I do not really understand the wording there
[19:29:43] <zeeshan|2> okay lets start from scratch
[19:29:46] <zeeshan|2> on my pastebin..
[19:29:52] <zeeshan|2> the first 3 things with _VEL at the end
[19:29:54] <zeeshan|2> are the velocities..
[19:30:03] <zeeshan|2> search velocity is when its at a random position
[19:30:07] <zeeshan|2> it'll go towards the switch at that speed
[19:30:13] <LeelooMinai> What pastebin?
[19:30:20] <zeeshan|2> http://pastebin.com/KZ7p63eX
[19:30:26] <LeelooMinai> A, you have two nicks now
[19:31:10] <zeeshan|2> latch velocity is after it hits the siwtch after the first time..
[19:31:25] <zeeshan|2> and retracts... it''ll approach the switch at a much slower velocity
[19:31:58] <LeelooMinai> I need to understand HOME and HOME_OFFSET better I think
[19:32:01] <zeeshan|2> final velocity is after it touches the switch the final time (or in this example, the second time when it approached slowly)
[19:32:15] <zeeshan|2> it'll retract at a much faster speed to home_offset position.
[19:32:42] <zeeshan|2> LeelooMinai: those 2 terms are annoying
[19:32:51] <zeeshan|2> home is when it hits the switch.
[19:33:03] <zeeshan|2> home_offset is the amount it retracts to
[19:33:04] <LeelooMinai> I thought home is where it goes at the end:)
[19:33:06] <zeeshan|2> from that switch
[19:33:20] <LeelooMinai> "HOME = 0.0 - The position that the joint will go to upon completion of the homing sequence."
[19:34:07] <LeelooMinai> The question is what is HOME_OFFSET ... is it where the homing switch is on the axis?
[19:34:24] <zeeshan|2> dude im trying to explain it to you
[19:34:38] <zeeshan|2> unless im confused myself!
[19:34:39] <LeelooMinai> Yes, but you are giving conflicting definitions:)
[19:34:51] <LeelooMinai> I mean conflicting with the integrator manual pdf.
[19:35:05] <LeelooMinai> I just quoted a bit from there
[19:35:30] <zeeshan|2> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config/ini_homing.html#_home
[19:35:32] <zeeshan|2> if you go to this page
[19:35:36] <zeeshan|2> iwas following the second image
[19:35:46] <zeeshan|2> i followed that exactly.
[19:35:49] <zeeshan|2> i set home to 1.00
[19:35:52] <zeeshan|2> and homoffset to 3
[19:35:54] <LeelooMinai> I am following the first one
[19:35:55] <zeeshan|2> and it smashed my limit switch
[19:36:15] <zeeshan|2> i think 2nd one is more accurate
[19:36:18] <zeeshan|2> =P
[19:36:38] <LeelooMinai> Yes, but the first one is simpler, so I thought I should get it working first
[19:37:02] <zeeshan|2> just use my settings :-(
[19:37:18] <zeeshan|2> lines 4 to lines 10
[19:37:22] <zeeshan|2> and line 20 and 21
[19:37:23] <LeelooMinai> I cannot just copy stuff - I need to understand it
[19:37:32] <LeelooMinai> Man, those explanations could be much better then.
[19:37:34] <zeeshan|2> learn it the trial and error way :P
[19:37:45] <zeeshan|2> those explanations are no good in my opinion
[19:37:50] <LeelooMinai> there*
[19:38:04] <zeeshan|2> im sure the person who wrote them understood em well
[19:38:05] <LeelooMinai> They are good if meant to confuse people:)
[19:38:12] <zeeshan|2> but they are confusing.
[19:38:32] <zeeshan|2> all i can tell you is my understanding of it
[19:38:36] <zeeshan|2> home is where the switch trips
[19:38:45] <zeeshan|2> and home offset is the distance you move away from the switch
[19:39:51] <LeelooMinai> That does not make sense when you look at the images there - the home is at 1.000 and it's not at the switch for sure
[19:39:57] <zeeshan|2> i know
[19:40:01] <zeeshan|2> the images are wrong.
[19:40:06] <zeeshan|2> at least in my case they were wrong
[19:40:16] * LeelooMinai scratches the head
[19:40:17] <zeeshan|2> cause i did 1 and 3 before like in image 2
[19:40:23] <zeeshan|2> and it crashed into the switch
[19:40:25] <zeeshan|2> but when i did 3 and 1
[19:40:28] <zeeshan|2> everything was ok
[19:40:58] <zeeshan|2> so i can only vouch for image 2
[19:40:58] <zeeshan|2> :P
[19:41:00] <LeelooMinai> Now I don't know what to belive... you, the integrator manual, the drawings there or what:)
[19:41:11] <zeeshan|2> its simple
[19:41:14] <zeeshan|2> copy my config
[19:41:18] <zeeshan|2> trip the switch by hand
[19:41:22] <zeeshan|2> and see if it does what youre telling it to do
[19:41:26] <zeeshan|2> (in terms of home and home offset)
[19:41:46] <zeeshan|2> all the other commands are self explanatory
[19:41:48] <LeelooMinai> I need to figure it out logically first
[19:41:57] <zeeshan|2> velocities set velocities.
[19:42:02] <zeeshan|2> ignore limits is explaned well
[19:42:08] <zeeshan|2> sequence 0 means this is the axis that homes first
[19:42:18] <zeeshan|2> home_is_shared = 0 means limit + home are same
[19:42:35] <zeeshan|2> only thing left is home and home_offset
[19:43:32] <LeelooMinai> yes, and I have 0 and 73 there
[19:43:56] <LeelooMinai> So after hitting the top switch I thought it would go down by 73 to 0
[19:46:21] <zeeshan|2> what happens?
[19:46:27] <zeeshan|2> it hits the switch and goes up again? :D
[19:46:30] <LeelooMinai> It kept foing up
[19:46:36] <LeelooMinai> going*
[19:46:41] <zeeshan|2> thats cause the manual is wrong :P
[19:46:48] <zeeshan|2> try flipping the numbers around
[19:46:54] <LeelooMinai> ...
[19:47:04] <zeeshan|2> set 73 to 0..
[19:47:06] <zeeshan|2> and 0 to 73
[19:47:18] <zeeshan|2> what units are 73? :P
[19:47:22] <LeelooMinai> mm
[19:47:32] <LeelooMinai> half the z travel
[19:47:38] <zeeshan|2> set it a bit smaller
[19:47:51] <zeeshan|2> like 25 mm
[19:48:03] <zeeshan|2> if it moves down by 25mm, you know you have it set right
[19:48:20] <LeelooMinai> How can the manual be wrong on such basic thing in such late version?
[19:48:27] <zeeshan|2> i personally didnt raise a stink about this
[19:48:35] <zeeshan|2> because i thought maybe it had something to do with it being on a lathe
[19:48:44] <zeeshan|2> and direction of axis
[19:48:58] <zeeshan|2> but since youre having the exact same prob, i am pretty sure manual has issue :P
[19:49:33] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, I better google around
[19:49:40] <zeeshan|2> i dont get you?
[19:49:43] <zeeshan|2> why dont you just try it?
[19:49:47] <zeeshan|2> and see for yourself
[19:49:55] <LeelooMinai> zeeshan|2: Try what?
[19:50:01] <zeeshan|2> flipping the numbers around?
[19:50:22] <LeelooMinai> I am not trying anything until I read exactly what is going on:)
[19:50:29] <zeeshan|2> whatever the numbers are, home should be larger than the home_offset value
[19:50:29] <zeeshan|2> ok
[19:50:31] <zeeshan|2> have fun
[19:50:37] * zeeshan|2 wasted time for no reason
[19:51:06] <LeelooMinai> You gave me some reference
[19:51:11] <zeeshan|2> "lets look at the internet"
[19:51:25] <zeeshan|2> "rather than try something someone is already using on his machine"
[19:51:30] <zeeshan|2> _real_ good logic! :p
[19:51:45] <LeelooMinai> Well, I am "research first, do later" person I guess
[19:52:49] <Connor> I need to take a bit off the OD on the shafts of my ballscrews to get the bearings to fit.. I have access to the following. A hand drill, a Drill press.. and a 7x10 mini lathe. Screws too large to go through the chuck on the lathe...
[19:53:07] <Connor> I'm thinking maybe chuck them up in the drill press so they hang down... and use sand paper...
[19:53:26] <zeeshan|2> how much?
[19:53:33] <zeeshan|2> material removal
[19:53:38] <Connor> Need to figure out how to keep the longer ball screw from whipping..
[19:54:07] <Connor> Very little.. It's a press fit now.. but.. Needs to be a tad looser so I can get them on without using a press.
[19:54:46] <zeeshan|2> since there isnt much force involved
[19:54:53] <_methods> can you get it between centers?
[19:54:53] <zeeshan|2> instead of putting it through the bore of your mini lathe
[19:54:57] <zeeshan|2> chuck it up
[19:55:02] <zeeshan|2> and use steady rest
[19:55:04] <zeeshan|2> and sand away
[19:55:11] <Connor> Don't have a steady rest.
[19:55:30] <zeeshan|2> chuck it up
[19:55:32] <zeeshan|2> spin at 20 rpm
[19:55:33] <Connor> _methods: and no.. too long for 7x10 lathe.
[19:55:37] <_methods> ahh
[19:55:37] <zeeshan|2> let it stick that far hahaa
[19:55:39] <zeeshan|2> :D
[19:55:43] <zeeshan|2> youre only sanding it
[19:56:01] <Connor> that's why I was thinking of drill press.. chuck it up and let it hang down..
[19:56:12] <_methods> do you have a live center you can put under it in the drill press?
[19:56:20] <zeeshan|2> id trust your lathe chuck vs a drill press chuck
[19:56:32] <Connor> I do have a live center.
[19:56:32] <zeeshan|2> _methods thats a great idea
[19:56:33] <zeeshan|2> hahaha
[19:56:44] <Connor> but, it's pointed.. ball screws are flat.
[19:56:57] <_methods> well center drill it
[19:57:08] <zeeshan|2> hows he gonna center drill it
[19:57:17] <Connor> _methods: If I could center drill it.. I wouldn't need to use the drill press. :(
[19:57:24] <_methods> he'll have to clamp it in the drill press someohw
[19:57:30] <zeeshan|2> connor how slow can you spin your mini lathe?
[19:57:37] <_methods> put a vise on its side
[19:57:43] <_methods> mark center and center drill
[19:57:56] <_methods> make sure you center punch it first
[19:58:00] <zeeshan|2> connor just fyi
[19:58:02] <Connor> zeeshan|2: I dunno.. haven't checked.. pretty slow... maybe 100-150 RPM
[19:58:05] <zeeshan|2> i had the same problem
[19:58:10] <zeeshan|2> i used 1000 grit sand paper
[19:58:24] <zeeshan|2> wrapped it around the shaft and sanded with even pressure
[19:58:29] <Connor> I think I have 600 which is the best I can get short notice.
[19:58:39] <zeeshan|2> it didnt need much
[19:58:50] <Connor> by hand.. or turning it in something ?
[19:58:54] <zeeshan|2> by hand
[19:58:58] <zeeshan|2> use your plams
[19:59:09] <zeeshan|2> so you get even pressure on it
[19:59:29] <zeeshan|2> i think with 20 rotations with a 600 grit paper
[19:59:39] <zeeshan|2> you'll remvoe 0.0007~
[19:59:40] <Connor> I hate not having the right tools.
[19:59:56] <_methods> yeah it sux
[20:00:05] <_methods> makes for some interesting setups though lol
[20:00:08] <zeeshan|2> i learned this from a person i look upto:
[20:00:32] <jdh> me?
[20:00:35] <zeeshan|2> "you can never have enough tools. make use of what you have. that is what makes the difference between an excellent machinist and good machinist"
[20:00:37] <pcw_home> home offset is the distance from the switch point to machine home
[20:00:43] <zeeshan|2> jdh lol
[20:00:56] <Connor> jdh: Is your bearing pocket on the Z ballscreew larger than the bearing ?
[20:01:07] <zeeshan|2> pcw_home: if you look at the manual
[20:01:16] <zeeshan|2> it says home = 1
[20:01:19] <zeeshan|2> home_offset = 3
[20:01:25] <Connor> jdh: Suppose to use 35mm bearing.. my pocket is like 36.3mm
[20:01:26] <zeeshan|2> that caused an instant crash on my machine
[20:01:35] <jdh> Connor: I think I had to add a shim to one of them
[20:01:37] <pcw_home> home is only the same as the switchpoint if homeoffset=0
[20:01:58] <zeeshan|2> i have it currently setup as home=3.2 and home_offset = 3.41945
[20:02:00] <Connor> No pocket for the bottom one.. just the top one..
[20:02:02] <zeeshan|2> whats going on there?
[20:02:14] <zeeshan|2> where is the switch actuation point?
[20:02:16] <Connor> and shims between them to make clearance so the inner race doesn't rub..
[20:02:42] <Connor> let me go try to sand these down a bit..
[20:02:46] <Connor> switching to ipad.
[20:02:54] <LeelooMinai> pcw_home: The integrator manual has this: "HOME_OFFSET = 0.0 - The axis position of the home switch or index pulse, in machine units. When the home point is found during the homing process, this is the position that is assigned to that point."
[20:03:07] <jdh> I meant a shim around the OD of the bearing
[20:03:22] <pcw_home> thats correct
[20:03:32] <LeelooMinai> pcw_home: It crashed my axis...
[20:03:51] <zeeshan|2> ownt
[20:03:52] <zeeshan|2> :D
[20:03:57] <LeelooMinai> pcw_home: TO me it means that this specifies the limit/home switch position on the axis
[20:04:12] <LeelooMinai> And I have it set to 73mm and nome to 0
[20:04:37] <zeeshan|2> pcw_home: this config works for me:
[20:04:38] <zeeshan|2> http://pastebin.com/KZ7p63eX
[20:04:39] <LeelooMinai> So I would expect that after hitting the switch it would retract 73mm to position 0
[20:04:44] <LeelooMinai> DId not happen
[20:04:47] <zeeshan|2> could you explain at what position the home switch trips?
[20:05:44] <LeelooMinai> I picture this as ----HOME(0)-------SWITCH(73), where HOME_OFFSET = 73
[20:05:58] <LeelooMinai> And I read that like 10 times so far:)
[20:06:36] <pcw_home> on the final switch /index trip machine coordinates are set to home_offset
[20:07:11] <zeeshan|2> i understand that
[20:07:19] <LeelooMinai> Yes, in my case it's 73
[20:07:28] <zeeshan|2> i just dont understand when you set home=3.2 and home_offset = 3.419 it works
[20:07:40] <LeelooMinai> But then, since home = 0, why would it not stop and go the other direction?
[20:07:43] <zeeshan|2> but if you set home = 3.419 and home=3.2
[20:07:44] <zeeshan|2> it crashes
[20:07:51] <zeeshan|2> actually wait
[20:07:59] <zeeshan|2> what youre saying explains it
[20:08:00] <zeeshan|2> nm
[20:08:50] * zeeshan|2 doesnt know anymore :{
[20:09:34] <LeelooMinai> pcw_home: Here's my z-axis ini and it crashed for me: http://i.imgur.com/qUZsL5p.png
[20:10:28] <jdh> are you homing on your left/- limit switch?
[20:10:40] <zeeshan|2> me?
[20:10:44] <zeeshan|2> mine was right most switch
[20:10:45] <LeelooMinai> I imagined that this will happen: the axis will move up witch vel of 20, then it will hit switch and move down with velocity of -3, then this point will be 73 on the axis, and it will go to home at 0, so move down 73
[20:10:46] <zeeshan|2> so +z direction
[20:10:47] <jdh> if so, home_offset should be -73
[20:11:05] <LeelooMinai> I am homing on top z switch
[20:11:12] <jdh> still -
[20:11:38] <zeeshan|2> so in my case i could do
[20:11:39] <LeelooMinai> That makes no sense...
[20:11:46] <zeeshan|2> home = 0 and home_offset = -3.419?
[20:11:54] <zeeshan|2> hm.
[20:12:33] <LeelooMinai> I mean what I just described follows this exactly: http://i.imgur.com/XSmLh1g.png
[20:13:30] <zeeshan|2> okay so that makes sense
[20:13:43] <zeeshan|2> so home_offset is the position of the limit switch.
[20:13:49] <LeelooMinai> zeeshan|2: You change your mind every minute:p
[20:14:04] <zeeshan|2> and home is the position you're moving to after youre done homing
[20:14:14] <jdh> 20:46 < pcw_home> on the final switch /index trip machine coordinates are set to home_offset
[20:14:21] <LeelooMinai> That's what written there, but that's not what happened
[20:14:24] <jdh> [6~[6~[6~
[20:14:45] <zeeshan|2> well for me it makes sense
[20:14:53] <zeeshan|2> my limit switch is at x=3.419
[20:14:59] <_methods> if you're not sure move your limit switches off any hard limits and shrink your table size i software and experiment
[20:15:02] <zeeshan|2> so thats that position it stores in its head.
[20:15:07] <LeelooMinai> There's nothing about machine coordinates in the description of those values
[20:15:12] <zeeshan|2> and if i set it to home = 0
[20:15:25] <zeeshan|2> it'd go to the center line of the spindle
[20:15:36] <zeeshan|2> sweet
[20:15:56] <LeelooMinai> It just used a concept of "axis position"
[20:16:40] <LeelooMinai> So in my case I wanted the z axis to be -73 to 73 with home at 0 in the center
[20:17:04] <LeelooMinai> And using positive switch for homing
[20:17:18] <zeeshan|2> http://i.imgur.com/qUZsL5p.png
[20:17:19] <zeeshan|2> for that
[20:17:29] <zeeshan|2> can you try setting latch vel to +3
[20:17:31] <zeeshan|2> and see what happens?
[20:18:12] <LeelooMinai> The pictures on the wiki have first case with search positive and latch negative
[20:18:30] <zeeshan|2> ok ill try it on my own machine then! :P
[20:18:30] <zeeshan|2> brb
[20:18:34] <jdh> I don't think I've ever cared where 0 was
[20:18:43] <LeelooMinai> http://i.imgur.com/n7e9eyZ.png
[20:19:20] <LeelooMinai> So I followed that too
[20:20:41] <Computer_Barf> Connor: you around?
[20:23:34] <zeeshan|2> sweet
[20:23:35] <zeeshan|2> it works!
[20:23:36] <zeeshan|2> it goes to 0
[20:23:59] <PetefromTn_> just watched the newest X men movie...
[20:24:07] <zeeshan|2> how was it?
[20:24:08] <PetefromTn_> it was awesome
[20:24:11] <zeeshan|2> :D
[20:24:14] <PetefromTn_> but I got a problem with it.
[20:24:26] <PetefromTn_> in the last movie
[20:24:27] <Computer_Barf> I bought a g0704 recently. I'm thinking of buying a kit from a guy to cnc it, but i had it occur to me that It might be possible to 3d print temporary mounts
[20:24:33] <zeeshan|2> x-men: days of future past?
[20:24:42] <Computer_Barf> and that perhaps the community would benefit more from me doing that
[20:24:53] <PetefromTn_> jeane grey killed scott and disentigrated professor Xavier
[20:24:58] <PetefromTn_> yeah
[20:25:10] <zeeshan|2> movie is so awesome
[20:25:13] <zeeshan|2> cause you get to see their younger selves
[20:25:14] <zeeshan|2> haha
[20:25:23] <zeeshan|2> when the professor could walk!
[20:25:24] <PetefromTn_> but in this movie the premise is that he and magneto/eric
[20:25:41] <PetefromTn_> help wolverine go back in time
[20:25:46] <PetefromTn_> to change the future
[20:26:06] <PetefromTn_> but how the hell can they do that if Professor Xavier is already dead?
[20:26:13] <Computer_Barf> do you guys think that 3d printed mounts could work temporarily on a g0704?
[20:26:24] <PetefromTn_> yeah I like the younger versions of them
[20:26:50] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, crashes with this: http://i.imgur.com/FPD1fDr.png
[20:26:57] <PetefromTn_> I mean I thought Prof X was already dead?
[20:27:36] <PetefromTn_> its a great movie tho
[20:27:53] <PetefromTn_> maybe I am misunderstanding some of the time travel paradoxes in the movie or something.
[20:27:54] <zeeshan|2> i think there is a time delay or something?
[20:28:04] <PetefromTn_> I dunno
[20:28:06] <zeeshan|2> thats what i remember understanding about it
[20:28:28] <zeeshan|2> just enjoy it for what it is!! :P
[20:28:30] <zeeshan|2> dont over think it!! :D
[20:28:37] <zeeshan|2> ha ha ha. i can't believe im saying that to someone else.
[20:29:40] <PetefromTn_> http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/x-men-days-of-future-past/30636/11-questions-about-x-men-days-of-future-past-answered
[20:31:04] <zeeshan|2> :/
[20:31:08] <zeeshan|2> PROFESSOR X cant die!!
[20:31:08] <zeeshan|2> :[
[20:31:33] <PetefromTn_> thats nutz
[20:31:52] <PetefromTn_> he can't die but that link has a fairly unbelievable explaination of it.
[20:32:20] <PetefromTn_> Apparently there are post credits information from X men the last stand that talks about it.
[20:32:28] <jdh> barf: I made temp mounts out of delrin
[20:32:32] <renesis> in xtitles anything can happen if they want it to
[20:32:38] <PetefromTn_> I don't have that DVD I don't think
[20:32:40] <renesis> theyve spun whole alt universes to make shit happen
[20:32:52] <PetefromTn_> true enough
[20:32:58] <PetefromTn_> Gotta love it...
[20:33:00] <renesis> i kind of want to get those books
[20:33:08] <PetefromTn_> it's like comic books come alive
[20:33:26] <renesis> i has the crossover intro/outro books, dunno what happened to all my xtitles =(
[20:33:27] <PetefromTn_> I gotta say that Wolverine was even more beliveable in this movie than the lsat one.
[20:33:33] <PetefromTn_> last
[20:34:07] <PetefromTn_> he looks to have bulked up quite a bit or they did some rather impressive CG on him.
[20:34:24] <PetefromTn_> Eric is chilling and better than ever as Magneto
[20:34:54] <PetefromTn_> the ending was really cool I won't spoil it for you guys who have not seen it yet.
[20:35:34] <PetefromTn_> Of course it leaves a TON open to speculation as to what they will do next with the movies
[20:43:35] <Computer_Barf> jdh: thats great! I would think if you could make temp mounts from delrin it would be plausible that you could print some and use them long enough to cut out some aluminum ones.
[20:44:34] <Computer_Barf> jdh: did you follow hoss's plans or did you just come up with your own design?
[20:44:46] <jdh> hoss
[20:45:24] <Computer_Barf> Is it plausible I could simply take measurements and draw it up myself?
[20:45:38] <jdh> I doubt printed abs would hold for the ball screw mounts
[20:46:02] <jdh> probably fine for motor mounts though
[20:46:21] <jdh> I paid for the plans. It was well worth it for the time invested.
[20:46:39] <Computer_Barf> ball screw mounts? do you mean the couplers?
[20:46:49] <jdh> no.
[20:46:55] <jdh> you want to use your normal screws?
[20:47:19] <Computer_Barf> well the kit I was thinking of getting comes with c7 ballscrews
[20:47:39] <jdh> if you have tons of free time and like to tinker, do it yourself.
[20:47:41] <Computer_Barf> he has a nice kit but is taking his time with replies lately
[20:47:55] <jdh> if you just want a converted machine, buy the kit
[20:48:00] <_methods> i bought some chinese ball screws for mine
[20:48:09] <jdh> me too. $199 shipped
[20:48:20] <_methods> for your ball screws?
[20:48:23] <jdh> yes
[20:48:26] <_methods> i think that's about what i paid
[20:48:29] <Computer_Barf> what specifically is the function of the ball screw mounts?
[20:48:48] <jdh> they hold the nut to the mill
[20:49:09] <Computer_Barf> ahh yes I could see how that might not hold up.
[20:49:11] <_methods> oh i got mine for $100
[20:49:14] <_methods> shipped
[20:49:26] <Computer_Barf> jdh: are their round parts on them?
[20:49:26] <_methods> aliexpress
[20:49:37] <_methods> http://www.aliexpress.com/item/SFU1605-Ball-screw-L450mm-Ballscrew-With-Single-ballnut-for-CNC/2044380318.html
[20:50:23] <jdh> yes
[20:51:02] <_methods> i just got 3 450mm sticks
[20:51:13] <_methods> i think that was the longest ballscrew
[20:51:13] <jdh> and machined htem yourslef?
[20:51:26] <_methods> i'm going to
[20:51:35] <_methods> i'm waiting for some carbide inserts
[20:51:40] <_methods> and carbide cutoff tool
[20:52:00] <_methods> i still need to cut out all the mounting plates and order all the bearings and stuff too
[20:52:04] <jdh> lmb2008 will machine them, grind the one ballnut, ship them, for $200
[20:52:30] <_methods> hah damn i should have done that lol
[20:52:59] <jdh> a little more for teh double-ball-nuts
[20:53:26] <_methods> meh whatever it gives me a chance to play with the lathe i just bought
[20:53:49] <_methods> and an excuse to buy some tooling lol
[20:53:53] <jdh> I don't have anything tha tcan cut/thread them at the omment.
[20:53:58] <jdh> moment
[20:54:10] <_methods> yeah that would be a problem lol
[20:54:54] <Computer_Barf> any of you making anything cool on your machines?
[20:55:30] <LeelooMinai> Yes, I am making nice axis crashes today
[20:55:45] <jdh> to be expected
[20:56:19] <LeelooMinai> Maybe I have gotten too old and cannot read...
[20:56:35] <_methods> no you learn to read as you get older
[20:56:41] <_methods> you can't read when you are young
[20:58:12] <LeelooMinai> I almost thought I found my mistake. Found that axis.2.home-sw-in was not wired
[20:58:32] <LeelooMinai> Aside, I think that linuxcnc should detect this and do not home...
[20:58:41] <LeelooMinai> But it just went ahead
[20:58:50] <LeelooMinai> But even afeter I fixed it, same deal
[21:01:30] <pcw_home> Not a bad idea to check all the home switches with watch before trying to home
[21:02:00] <LeelooMinai> They work fine. I just watched the sw-in signal too and I pressed the switch manualy
[21:02:12] <LeelooMinai> I mean home-sw-in
[21:02:36] <Computer_Barf> I there such thing as water/oil proof endstops?
[21:02:52] <LeelooMinai> Yes
[21:11:38] <zeeshan|2> lol i dont know why eaton loves to use rj11 jacks
[21:11:43] <zeeshan|2> for their communication port.
[21:11:57] <zeeshan|2> i just wanna hook up 2 wires!!
[21:40:07] <LeelooMinai> I think I figured it out - scary stuff though
[21:54:25] <jdh> and?
[21:56:48] <LeelooMinai> ok, so what I think happens is that my config and docs are both fine
[21:57:27] <LeelooMinai> But, I think when the switch was hit, the axis would not stop imediatelly, but trying to decelerate
[21:58:02] <jdh> don't mount th switch so it can be smashed
[21:58:08] <LeelooMinai> And the lever on the limit switch would bow and eventually it would release the switch and linux cnc would start the homing sequence again and keep going...
[21:59:02] <jdh> why would it start homing again
[21:59:14] <LeelooMinai> Well, ok, I think I need to understand what's going on with this deceleration - I thought that stepper can stop almost in-place if right breaking scheme is applied
[21:59:36] <LeelooMinai> Because the home switch was off at that point?
[22:00:24] <LeelooMinai> Well, I don't know if it was homing, but it kept going
[22:01:38] <LeelooMinai> I had to slow homing to a crawl for it not to happen
[22:01:47] <LeelooMinai> 1mm per second
[22:02:05] <LeelooMinai> Not sure if I need to adjust some deceleration parameters or if there are any
[22:05:47] <jdh> or move you switch to compensate.
[22:19:52] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, my Y stepper moves the table in the reverse direction now. Can I reverse it without rewiring it?
[22:22:03] <LeelooMinai> Maybe flipping dir outputs will do it
[22:22:42] <LeelooMinai> Or not
[22:28:21] <LeelooMinai> Maybe some parameter for hostmot
[22:32:17] <Connor> The lower 15x35x11 bearing on my Z had issues.. I'm not sure WTF happened, but the ball cage looks deformed and the bearing no longer runs smooth.. In fact it acts as a one way bearing at times.. :(
[22:32:26] <Connor> So, I'm dead in the water.
[22:32:52] <Tom_itx> welcome
[22:32:54] <Tom_itx> so am i
[22:33:13] <Connor> I don't understand HOW the heck the ball cage got damaged..
[22:34:01] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, there's something in the hostmot about inverting IO pins - maybe if I invert one for the dir on the drivers it would flip the rotation
[22:34:36] <Connor> Tom_itx: What happened with your stuff?
[22:34:58] <Tom_itx> http://tom-itx.ddns01.com:81/~webpage/rue/7I47.jpg
[22:35:12] <Tom_itx> upper right, left and lower right
[22:35:27] <Connor> Yea.. I see 3 chips toasted.. WTF did you do ?
[22:35:35] <Tom_itx> really no idea
[22:35:56] <LeelooMinai> You could potentially replace them
[22:35:58] <Tom_itx> http://tom-itx.ddns01.com:81/~webpage/rue/7I43.jpg
[22:36:04] <Tom_itx> just above the header on the right too
[22:36:24] <Tom_itx> the plans are to replace them yes
[22:36:36] <renesis> rev voltage
[22:36:40] <zeeshan|2> wow
[22:36:42] <zeeshan|2> i love putty
[22:36:43] <zeeshan|2> and pico
[22:36:47] <Connor> Can pcw_home fix them? or you going to try to ?
[22:36:48] <zeeshan|2> it transmits color to my terminal in windows
[22:36:49] <zeeshan|2> :D
[22:36:53] <renesis> putty tray ftw
[22:36:55] <Tom_itx> i'll try
[22:37:12] <Tom_itx> hardly worth his time to fix em
[22:38:01] <Connor> I'm really aggravated at the bearing getting damaged.. I have NO idea how it could have happened.
[22:39:04] <Tom_itx> pcw_home you still around?
[22:39:15] <Tom_itx> are there bit files available for the 7i90?
[22:42:30] <LeelooMinai> O, it worked: setp hm2_5i25.0.gpio.002.invert_output 1
[22:42:49] <Tom_itx> ahh there might be one... 7i90_epp_sv4_7i47.bit
[23:09:47] * LeelooMinai renames HOME_OFFSET to HOME_SWITCH_HOME_OFFSET
[23:10:55] <zeeshan|2> ..
[23:11:00] <zeeshan|2> finally figured it out? :D
[23:11:06] * zeeshan|2 trolls
[23:11:54] <LeelooMinai> No, that's was a side-note only:)
[23:12:10] <zeeshan|2> man im looking at some C code
[23:12:15] <zeeshan|2> i've never seen "static USHORT"
[23:12:16] <zeeshan|2> in my life before
[23:12:35] <zeeshan|2> "unsigned 16 bit integer"
[23:12:35] <zeeshan|2> hmm
[23:13:10] <zeeshan|2> ah the static ensures the variable remembers its value
[23:13:13] <LeelooMinai> Yes, one of the basic types...
[23:13:20] <zeeshan|2> ive never used that before
[23:13:25] <zeeshan|2> int char float
[23:13:28] <zeeshan|2> were the main ones :P
[23:14:15] <LeelooMinai> short and double are the others
[23:15:05] <zeeshan|2> double i remember too
[23:15:08] <zeeshan|2> short i dont remember at all
[23:15:18] <LeelooMinai> ok, now I shall try homing all axis at once and if it works I will finally deem it reasonable for now
[23:16:03] <zeeshan|2> LeelooMinai: ms programmer
[23:16:31] <zeeshan|2> #define REG_INPUT_START 1000 static USHORT usRegInputStart = REG_INPUT_START
[23:16:38] <zeeshan|2> whats going on there
[23:16:47] <zeeshan|2> what was the point of the define
[23:17:03] <zeeshan|2> if you're going to store that value in another variable anyway :P
[23:17:22] <LeelooMinai> That does not really make sense...
[23:17:33] <LeelooMinai> Or was it supposed to be two lines?
[23:17:37] <zeeshan|2> yes
[23:17:38] <zeeshan|2> my bad :P
[23:18:13] <LeelooMinai> It's probably so you can change the 1000 cakue in just ne place.
[23:18:23] <LeelooMinai> Maybe they indented to use it in other places later
[23:18:38] <LeelooMinai> cakue=value
[23:18:57] <LeelooMinai> Finally, homed
[23:19:17] <LeelooMinai> Took me only half a day to figure it out
[23:19:25] <zeeshan|2> nice
[23:19:39] <LeelooMinai> That was sarcastic
[23:19:40] <zeeshan|2> i think your idea of HOME_SWITCH_HOME_OFFSET
[23:19:48] <zeeshan|2> was a good suggestion
[23:19:52] <zeeshan|2> cause it gets rid of the confusion :)
[23:20:00] <LeelooMinai> Well, the other name is just misleading
[23:20:18] <LeelooMinai> Because it's not the offest of the home at all:)
[23:23:11] <LeelooMinai> Now, I have this idea for the table that is a bit risky, but if works it would be super cheap
[23:26:18] <LeelooMinai> Because proper alu one will be at least $300
[23:28:33] <XXCoder> table?
[23:28:48] <LeelooMinai> I mean x-y table for my cnc
[23:28:59] <XXCoder> ahh yea
[23:29:05] <XXCoder> mdf?
[23:29:24] <LeelooMinai> I have a narrow bed only now for 4 blocks and ballscrew block
[23:29:44] <LeelooMinai> No mdf... that wpuld be unworthy:)
[23:29:51] <LeelooMinai> I thought of using concrete
[23:30:02] <LeelooMinai> And embedding in it t-slots
[23:30:26] <LeelooMinai> And probably tubing for negative air pressure
[23:30:50] <LeelooMinai> I would have to do some test and practice it at smaller scale, but concrete is super-cheap
[23:31:03] <LeelooMinai> I would also need something flat on both sides
[23:31:34] <LeelooMinai> Not sure what would be flat-enough yet. I could use surface plate even possibly, if I bought one
[23:31:41] <XXCoder> yeah. theres plans for expoxy grinite
[23:31:54] <LeelooMinai> Don't really know how flat for example glass pane is
[23:31:55] <XXCoder> stronger and more stable than even alum, but might cost slightly more than alum
[23:32:24] <XXCoder> you can always use cnc itself to make flat surface
[23:32:26] <LeelooMinai> More?
[23:32:32] <zeeshan|2> dopes your table move?
[23:32:38] <zeeshan|2> *does your
[23:32:43] <XXCoder> concerete surface then grind it flat using cnc
[23:32:50] <LeelooMinai> I calculated alu plate to $300 and the concrete, the simple kind is few $
[23:32:59] <LeelooMinai> Yes, the table moves
[23:33:08] <zeeshan|2> can your machine handle the extra weight?
[23:33:13] <LeelooMinai> So it cannot be too heavy and thick - maybe 1-2 inches
[23:33:56] <LeelooMinai> I think if I made it 1 inch it would not be too heavy. I kn ow surface plate that is 3-4 inches would be 50kg - that's too brutal:)
[23:34:02] <XXCoder> ok
[23:34:14] <zeeshan|2> what size steppers?
[23:34:16] <LeelooMinai> I would have to put some rebar-like something inside so it does not break
[23:34:19] <XXCoder> what is its requirements
[23:34:35] <zeeshan|2> what torque steppers not size :)
[23:34:38] <LeelooMinai> alu milling is the target
[23:34:53] <LeelooMinai> But the size of the table is not too huge - 21 by 21 imches
[23:35:05] <XXCoder> hmm thin alum backed mdf?
[23:35:13] <LeelooMinai> Steppers are 450oz I think
[23:35:44] <XXCoder> or you can add metal structure below mdf to make it strong. then use cnc to make top flat
[23:36:20] <LeelooMinai> how will I clamp anything to mdf? :)
[23:36:34] <XXCoder> drill it full of holes
[23:36:42] <XXCoder> then you can add screws as needed to clamp
[23:37:06] <XXCoder> or buy few 8020 groove alum and insert it between strips of mdf
[23:37:11] <LeelooMinai> I don't know... sounds like the clamping would just tear off
[23:38:18] <XXCoder> http://www.ebay.com/itm/8020-T-Slot-Aluminum-Extrusion-10-S-1050-x-48-N-/370227288701?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5633441a7d
[23:39:17] <LeelooMinai> Yes, I thought of something like this
[23:39:25] <XXCoder> http://www.makermasters.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/IMG_5084.jpg
[23:39:30] <XXCoder> finally found
[23:39:32] <LeelooMinai> But maybe not with mdf:)
[23:40:14] <LeelooMinai> Since my bed moves I cannot easily support it on the edges
[23:40:28] <XXCoder> hmm
[23:40:28] <LeelooMinai> So I need something very stiff for the whole area
[23:40:32] <XXCoder> yeah
[23:40:59] <XXCoder> structured bottom would work. even if you plan to put concerete slab for top
[23:41:14] <LeelooMinai> I loled when metalsupermarket quoted me $888 for the mic6 plate for it
[23:41:27] <XXCoder> hell you can even build such structure in concerete
[23:41:29] <XXCoder> why not?
[23:41:41] <XXCoder> leave some parts outside so it can be mounted
[23:42:01] <LeelooMinai> What do you mean "structured bottom"?
[23:42:13] <XXCoder> well hmm
[23:42:27] <XXCoder> basically like array of strips of steel u beams or something
[23:42:38] <XXCoder> right design would be very rigid
[23:43:14] <LeelooMinai> Yes, although it would add to the height of the table
[23:43:49] <XXCoder> not nesscarly if mount point is on bottom of concerete. just check so it does not hit anything when moving around lol
[23:43:49] <LeelooMinai> My cnc platform is pretty tall though, since I prediceted I may need extra height
[23:44:07] <zeeshan|2> eMBInit( MB_RTU, 0x0A, 0, 38400, MB_PAR_EVEN
[23:44:09] <zeeshan|2> er3
[23:44:11] <zeeshan|2> sorry
[23:44:19] <LeelooMinai> hacker
[23:44:39] <zeeshan|2> tryying to communicate through modbus protocol :/
[23:44:44] <zeeshan|2> just a simple "data request"!
[23:44:50] * XXCoder not found; Error 404
[23:45:14] <XXCoder> LeelooMinai: anyway concerete probably would work
[23:45:22] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, I wonder what the density of concrete is
[23:45:24] <XXCoder> you probably will have to use cnc to flatten it and add stuff
[23:45:44] <XXCoder> you could even insert stuff so you can clamp stuff
[23:46:06] <zeeshan|2> LeelooMinai: varies a lot.
[23:46:10] <XXCoder> not sure if theres way to add screw holes to concerete. no idea
[23:46:25] <zeeshan|2> but to answer your question
[23:46:27] <LeelooMinai> I would jsut embedd inserts
[23:46:30] <LeelooMinai> and t-slots
[23:46:32] <zeeshan|2> civil engineers use 150lb/cu*ft
[23:46:37] <zeeshan|2> cu ft
[23:46:40] <zeeshan|2> not *
[23:46:45] <zeeshan|2> how i know this a bit scary.
[23:46:49] <LeelooMinai> What are those barbarian units
[23:46:57] * zeeshan|2 is taking a grad level civ eng course :(
[23:47:02] <zeeshan|2> only thing that was avaiable.
[23:47:17] <zeeshan|2> LeelooMinai: 150lb/ft^3
[23:47:23] <zeeshan|2> <- measures his fat ass in lb
[23:47:31] <zeeshan|2> i have no clue how heavy kg feels :)
[23:48:06] <LeelooMinai> About 2 lbs +
[23:48:14] <zeeshan|2> so your table will weigh around 0.51*150
[23:48:21] <zeeshan|2> 21"x21"x2"
[23:48:31] <XXCoder> zee rebars included?
[23:48:54] <LeelooMinai> Ok, it's 1600-2400kg/m^3
[23:48:54] <zeeshan|2> no that'll make it heavyer
[23:49:01] <LeelooMinai> And granite is 2.6
[23:49:17] <LeelooMinai> So it can be quite heavy
[23:49:24] <zeeshan|2> i persume itll be around 100lb
[23:49:26] <zeeshan|2> if you rebar it
[23:49:42] <zeeshan|2> since you already know concrete performs like crap in tension
[23:49:48] <zeeshan|2> you'll need to do something about the t-slots :p
[23:50:08] <LeelooMinai> 100lbs is too much
[23:50:21] <LeelooMinai> imho
[23:50:28] <zeeshan|2> why do you think your 21x21x.5" 6061 plate will cost you 300 bux
[23:50:43] <LeelooMinai> Because it costs that much from metalsupermatkets
[23:50:51] <LeelooMinai> 0.75 one
[23:50:57] <zeeshan|2> sounds like a ri
[23:50:59] <zeeshan|2> rip =/
[23:51:03] <LeelooMinai> 0.5 is to thin imho
[23:51:11] <zeeshan|2> i agree :P
[23:51:30] <XXCoder> lee you in usa?
[23:51:31] <zeeshan|2> did you call them?
[23:51:36] <zeeshan|2> or are you using their website
[23:51:52] <LeelooMinai> I wonder if 1 imch concrete could survive if I puts something underneath it - like steel-something
[23:51:59] <LeelooMinai> No, Canada
[23:52:04] <XXCoder> lee yeah
[23:52:22] <LeelooMinai> Yes, I know their prices and I got quotes from them few times for other parts of my frame
[23:52:23] <XXCoder> hmm best would be this "bent outwards u" beams
[23:52:29] <XXCoder> cant really explain
[23:52:46] <XXCoder> picture this, long legged u with tops bent outwards to flat again
[23:52:48] <LeelooMinai> I could pour concrete over them so the bends would become part of it
[23:52:56] <XXCoder> -u- basically
[23:53:36] <LeelooMinai> Or just u-shaped with bottom part being bottom part and the sides embedded in the concrete
[23:53:56] <zeeshan|2> http://www.kijiji.ca/v-business-industrial/barrie/aluminum-6061-t6/526343689?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
[23:53:57] <zeeshan|2> lol
[23:54:01] <zeeshan|2> that would be sweet!
[23:54:05] <zeeshan|2> what a random shape though
[23:54:21] <XXCoder> wow random
[23:54:28] <zeeshan|2> for 50bux
[23:54:29] <XXCoder> lee well there may be cheap way
[23:54:38] <zeeshan|2> i'd join two of thsoe together!
[23:54:38] <XXCoder> buy large pile of alum swarf and kiln em
[23:54:44] <zeeshan|2> rofl XXCoder!
[23:54:59] <LeelooMinai> Is tath 38x of those?
[23:55:02] <LeelooMinai> 48
[23:55:10] <XXCoder> 48x
[23:55:11] <LeelooMinai> There's no even size
[23:55:28] <XXCoder> zeeshan|2: not sure whats funny about my idea
[23:56:00] <zeeshan|2> you really expert her to start a home foundry
[23:56:06] <zeeshan|2> *expect
[23:56:20] <LeelooMinai> I don't want a furnace in my room, no
[23:56:44] <XXCoder> you just need 3 plant pots and some stuff
[23:56:48] <XXCoder> lemme find that video
[23:57:13] <XXCoder> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0va8wDM6Z44
[23:57:20] <zeeshan|2> LeelooMinai: do you really need t-slots?
[23:57:47] <zeeshan|2> do you really think you can melt 60 lb of aluminum
[23:57:49] <LeelooMinai> zeeshan|2: Well, I saw those cheap sets for t-slots - machinist clamps. Aren't those nice to use?
[23:57:50] <zeeshan|2> in a clay pot? :P
[23:57:54] <XXCoder> yeah
[23:57:59] <XXCoder> clay pot is quite strong
[23:58:05] <XXCoder> strong enough for one use anyway
[23:58:12] <zeeshan|2> LeelooMinai: they are nice but honestly you could just drill whatever material you have
[23:58:20] <zeeshan|2> with threaded holes
[23:58:28] <zeeshan|2> like the mini pallet oxtoolco has
[23:59:03] <LeelooMinai> I will see. I think first I will just buy some concrete and do some experiments on smaller scale:)
[23:59:06] <zeeshan|2> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2qKy43tJcY
[23:59:22] <zeeshan|2> if you do that, maybe you can get away wwith thinner aluminum
[23:59:24] <zeeshan|2> 3/8"?
[23:59:38] <zeeshan|2> but i guess youll have deflection problems then
[23:59:54] <XXCoder> omg home hobbyist video that does not make me want to vomit