#linuxcnc | Logs for 2014-10-31

[02:42:28] <zeeshan> Yea baby!
[02:42:35] <zeeshan> hydraulic pump working
[02:43:19] <anarchos2> /join #qgis
[02:43:22] <anarchos2> erp
[02:43:30] <zeeshan> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9iVkL3Kw-Q
[02:51:47] <Connor> zeeshan: You figure out the valve ?
[03:08:58] <zeeshan> Connor: yes
[03:09:11] <archivist> stuck? or what
[03:09:12] <zeeshan> the problem was the relief valve
[03:09:13] <zeeshan> yes
[03:09:15] <zeeshan> it was stuck
[03:09:25] <Connor> what was the deal with the ball bearing ?
[03:10:04] <zeeshan> it's supposed t obe like that
[03:10:09] <zeeshan> its supposed to be a press fit
[03:10:33] <zeeshan> the path of the fluid goes through that one port
[03:10:41] <zeeshan> then around the cylindrical portion of the valve
[03:10:49] <zeeshan> (through the couple thou clearance)
[03:10:59] <zeeshan> and that opens up the valve
[03:11:05] <zeeshan> i think the valve was stuck before
[03:11:15] <zeeshan> maybe because it was sitting around for so long
[03:11:25] <zeeshan> archivist was correct :P
[03:11:46] * archivist is a guesser
[03:12:04] <zeeshan> i'm glad this got fixed
[03:12:11] <zeeshan> it woulda been 600 bux to replace this thing
[03:12:11] <archivist> I wonder what percentage I get right :)
[03:14:28] <zeeshan> how would you guys set up the tool change? would you setup 2 buttons so that you hold one momentary switch open that keeps the hydraulic pump powered, and with another finger you press another momentary button that energizes the solenoid valve to open and drop the tool
[03:15:13] <zeeshan> or would you setup a routine in linuxcnc where when you press the button, it runs the hydraulic pump , then after 5 seconds energizes the solenoid valve and drops the tool?
[03:15:56] <zeeshan> (5 seconds ~ time to build 2000 psi)
[03:16:16] <Connor> any reason you can't keep it charged all the time ?
[03:16:24] <archivist> seems a long time, have a pressure switch
[03:16:29] <zeeshan> according to asah
[03:16:32] <Deejay> moin
[03:16:43] <zeeshan> these pumps are intermittent duty
[03:16:45] <zeeshan> not continuous
[03:16:50] <zeeshan> archivist: good point
[03:17:02] <zeeshan> i can use the pressure switch signal to enable the solenoid valve
[03:17:11] <archivist> much faster
[03:17:15] <zeeshan> yes
[03:17:16] <zeeshan> and no guess
[03:17:19] <zeeshan> *guessing game
[03:17:22] <Connor> I'm surprised it doesn't already have one.
[03:17:30] <zeeshan> it has a pressure switch
[03:17:37] <archivist> and will fail safe when it gets old
[03:17:54] <zeeshan> the question is how long to keep running pump after solenoid valve is engaged :)
[03:18:25] <Connor> When you press the button.. it starts the pump.. when pressure reached, it trips the release.. when you let go of button.. it shuts down the pump
[03:18:41] <zeeshan> oo
[03:18:43] <zeeshan> i like that one
[03:19:11] <zeeshan> i like that a lot
[03:19:15] <zeeshan> because if i change my mind and dont wanna remove the tool
[03:19:21] <zeeshan> ill still have a sec to release it
[03:19:23] <zeeshan> and stop the tool change
[03:19:43] <zeeshan> its too late to be thinking up routines
[03:19:45] <zeeshan> i need food!
[03:19:50] <Connor> When you push that button. Your hand should be on the tool.
[03:20:11] <Connor> and of course, you'll want a interlock in place to make sure the spindle isn't active.
[03:20:26] <zeeshan> thats why i really want to do it in linuxcnc
[03:20:35] <Connor> You can.
[03:20:52] <Connor> wire the button into a input. and then have linuxcnc handle the output along with the interlock.
[03:21:35] <zeeshan> ill feed it pressure switch, tool change button
[03:21:51] <zeeshan> internally it'll have spindle-run
[03:22:10] <zeeshan> maybe also ensure m6 is active
[03:22:20] <zeeshan> er "tx" m6 is active
[03:22:25] <archivist> classicladder
[03:22:25] <Connor> No, Just feed it the tool change button. let the pressure switch trip the change. no need to have linuxcnc take that as a input
[03:22:46] <zeeshan> connor but it'd be cool to have a led in linuxcnc
[03:22:52] <zeeshan> that says "at pressure!"
[03:23:00] <Connor> Umm. Okay.
[03:23:13] <zeeshan> it needs to look like a cockpit
[03:23:23] <Connor> No. It doesn't.. KISS
[03:23:28] <zeeshan> no
[03:23:38] <zeeshan> it'll look like a boeing 747 by the time im done
[03:23:55] <zeeshan> unless i run out of inputs
[03:24:00] <archivist> but when you add complete toolchange automation....
[03:24:34] <zeeshan> im going to go grab a burger
[03:24:35] <zeeshan> starving!
[03:24:37] <Connor> time for bed.
[03:24:38] <Connor> later
[03:24:52] <zeeshan> nite
[03:49:59] <zeeshan> delicious burger!
[08:15:07] <jdh> I see.
[08:41:56] <PetefromTn_> Good Morning and Happy Halloween everyone!
[08:43:06] <jdh> and a fine morning to you.
[08:43:22] <PetefromTn_> :D
[08:44:54] <jdh> where did you find that lathe?
[08:44:58] <jdh> and do they have another one?
[08:46:40] <PetefromTn_> seriously?
[08:46:46] <JT-Shop> morning Pete
[08:46:56] <PetefromTn_> I bought it from a machine dealer in Kentucky
[08:47:19] <PetefromTn_> and I seriously doubt they have another one ;)
[08:47:32] <PetefromTn_> JT-Shop Morning
[09:00:40] <PetefromTn_> http://i.imgur.com/ob0yBKg.jpg http://i.imgur.com/6n1TWOd.jpg My kid's Handiwork LOL
[09:05:15] <PetefromTn_> jdh I thought you were already building a 9x20 or something?
[09:06:51] <jdh> I am, but it will still be a 9x20
[09:07:02] <PetefromTn_> LOL
[09:07:07] <PetefromTn_> Yeah I know right
[09:07:10] <jdh> IMO, 9x20 is more lame than a 7x
[09:07:32] <PetefromTn_> don't feel bad I REALLY wanted a 20HP CNC turning center but hey I gotta be real here.
[09:07:41] <jdh> it pretty much is just a larger 7x but not scaled up enough for rigidity
[09:07:54] <jdh> an 8x12 is much beefier than a 9x
[09:07:59] <PetefromTn_> That one in the video you posted looked pretty decent
[09:08:13] <jdh> that's because it wasn't cutting anything
[09:08:25] <PetefromTn_> I understand that when you remove the compound and install a rigid toolpost mount it makes it a lot beefier
[09:08:29] <jdh> it has tiny ways, tiny clamps
[09:08:45] <PetefromTn_> yeah I guess
[09:09:52] <jdh> that in itself doesn't bother me since I have no real use for a lathe, but it makes CNC difficult.
[09:10:13] <PetefromTn_> Honestly I know every time I go visit Harbor Freight I look at the mini lathe and the 9x and I think GEE I did not realize that dwarves did machine work LOL
[09:10:49] <jdh> heh, the 7x is ok because you don't expect much
[09:11:07] <jdh> a 7x12 is 4 inches longer than a HF 7x10
[09:11:15] <PetefromTn_> ?
[09:11:55] <jdh> odd math
[09:12:00] <PetefromTn_> ya know honestly while I have no use for a mini anything basically I have seen some pretty amazing CNC mini lathes making some interesting parts on youtube.
[09:13:31] <jdh> yeah, I bought another 7x to try converting but got tired of looking at it and sold it to a friend who has it sitting in a corner somewhere.
[09:13:40] <jdh> $200, still covered in grease.
[09:13:48] <FinboySlick> PetefromTn_: Your kid has a penchant for evil!
[09:14:11] <PetefromTn_> which one..
[09:14:31] <FinboySlick> PetefromTn_: Well, probably the one who did the second pumpkin ;)
[09:14:43] <PetefromTn_> One is my oldest daughter's version of Jack the Pumpkin King
[09:15:02] <PetefromTn_> and the other is just a big evil grin by my youngest daughter
[09:16:04] <FinboySlick> It's always the youngest, isn't it?
[09:16:12] <FinboySlick> Even in the movies.
[09:16:55] <PetefromTn_> yeah she is the one that makes me wonder the most I suppose LOL
[09:17:14] <PetefromTn_> I thought they looked pretty cool so maybe I am at fault here hehe
[09:17:36] <FinboySlick> They do, it's great work. I certainly see Jack in the first one.
[09:17:39] <jdh> looks good to me
[09:18:16] <PetefromTn_> No I meant that I may be at fault for their innate love of all things devious
[09:19:39] <PetefromTn_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdDbgHWRawY Tool changer on a mini lathe!!
[09:22:38] <jdh> I'd go for a small gang thing
[09:23:04] <PetefromTn_> I know but what is the X travel on that thing?
[09:24:03] <jdh> not much
[09:24:16] <jdh> but, you also can't fit much in the lathe
[09:25:03] <jdh> I would like to make some plastic roller things. Can you cut an inside left and right with the same tool?
[09:25:29] <CaptHindsight> PetefromTn_: great pumpkin pics, I don't think you have anything to worry about
[09:25:51] <jdh> but, be careful when you sleep.
[09:25:53] <PetefromTn_> Thanks Capn'
[09:26:06] <PetefromTn_> they look even better in person.
[09:26:14] <PetefromTn_> Hard to take pics in the dark
[09:26:35] <PetefromTn_> Ya know speaking of toolchangers on lathes
[09:26:50] <PetefromTn_> I have been really thinking about this a lot since I got the new lathe
[09:27:41] <CaptHindsight> http://www.phrenopolis.com/pumpkins/2005.jpg one of the more clever ones
[09:27:52] <PetefromTn_> At first I was planning that eventually I would buy something like this from Microkinetics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPbOEetDHdM
[09:28:01] <PetefromTn_> and adapt it to my machine
[09:28:23] <PetefromTn_> or something just like it from one of the many different manufacturers out there.
[09:28:54] <PetefromTn_> Jeez that looks like an orange headache LOL
[09:29:55] <PetefromTn_> But after seeing this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MrSH8LMKGM That apparently uses a fourth axis style rotary table with an tool plate mounted on it
[09:30:16] <PetefromTn_> I have been thinking that the rotab would have quite a few advantages over the commercial offerings
[09:30:46] <PetefromTn_> For instance when you setup say a center drill or drill bit
[09:30:54] <FinboySlick> PetefromTn_: the vibration on side cuts might be pretty mean on your rotary table drive though.
[09:31:04] <PetefromTn_> if you have the first kind from microkinetics
[09:31:35] <PetefromTn_> you have specific positions that the thing indexes to
[09:32:00] <PetefromTn_> so you have to either machine a boss in place with the lathe or shim somehow to get it to position
[09:32:21] <PetefromTn_> whereas with the rotab setup you can dial it in along the radius of the arc of the swing of the toolchanger
[09:32:54] <PetefromTn_> The same would be true of special cutters with different rakes etc. You could set them up at the correct angles you want or need.
[09:33:38] <PetefromTn_> I honestly don't think a reasonable rotary table quality model would have a problem with this if you can do heavy milling on them in a 4axis mill
[09:34:25] <PetefromTn_> any backlash in the worm gear would be negated by approaching the work from the same direction of rotation.
[09:35:09] <PetefromTn_> the cutting forces will always be in the same direction basically
[09:35:19] <PetefromTn_> what do you guys think?
[09:37:04] <FinboySlick> PetefromTn_: For small runs I think it's a good plan but for production I'd still try to find a way to avoid strain on the worm gear. Maybe somehow motorize the lock of the table.
[09:37:59] <PetefromTn_> funny you mention that. While I am not sure that is really an issue I had spoken with Connor about it and he suggested something similar. Like perhaps a pneumatic solenoid on an arm that swings the lock in an arc.
[09:38:40] <PetefromTn_> If you watch that video which admittedly is PAINFULLY SLOW AND GENTLY CUT
[09:38:57] <PetefromTn_> you can see that there is no locking and the rotary table moves smoothly between tools
[09:39:13] <FinboySlick> Yes, and in those situations, locking isn't needed.
[09:39:24] <PetefromTn_> You would have to start with at least a reasonably good quality rotab of course
[09:39:43] <FinboySlick> Large runs where your tool eventually dulls and you get a bit of vibration or chatter though.
[09:40:10] <PetefromTn_> I guess at some point that would become a factor
[09:40:19] <FinboySlick> And this mostly just applies to side cuts.
[09:40:28] <PetefromTn_> what do you mean side cuts exactly
[09:40:38] <CaptHindsight> a "decent" rotary would work
[09:41:02] <PetefromTn_> assuming you are using a typical insert lathe cutter
[09:41:09] <FinboySlick> When your tool is coming in from the side. Drilling wouldn't send as much force on the worm.
[09:41:31] <PetefromTn_> your forces will be against the face of the rotary table and down against the rotation of the worm
[09:42:20] <CaptHindsight> what's the actual concern here? you just make a rotary table with tool holders rigid enough
[09:42:25] <PetefromTn_> I could possibly see an issue with say an interrupted cut but really if you can mill on a fourth axis with a decent rotab turned fourth axis I cannot see how this would not work quite well really.
[09:42:42] <CaptHindsight> worm gears and encoders are readily available
[09:42:58] <PetefromTn_> Honestly I am just wondering if you guys can see an issue I do not
[09:43:19] <CaptHindsight> it comes down to your engineering and fab skills
[09:43:26] <PetefromTn_> I personally think it is a great idea and can also see a lot of advantages over the fixed indexing style
[09:43:48] <CaptHindsight> if you posted a pic of one of those $200 engraving 4th axis that would be another story
[09:43:56] <PetefromTn_> what fab skills are necessary really
[09:44:05] <CaptHindsight> and said you wanted to modify it to do the same :)
[09:44:28] <PetefromTn_> Actually I was thinking like an 8" Phase II rotary table with a motor on it
[09:44:47] <FinboySlick> PetefromTn_: How big a part would you turn?
[09:45:16] <PetefromTn_> http://www.use-enco.com/ProductImages/0910259-24.jpg
[09:45:26] <PetefromTn_> what do you mean?
[09:45:33] <PetefromTn_> on the table or on the lathe?
[09:45:55] <FinboySlick> On the lathe with the tool held on the edge of the table.
[09:46:09] <PetefromTn_> well the lathe has a 14" swing
[09:46:22] <PetefromTn_> the table would take up some space on the cross slide
[09:46:25] <PetefromTn_> so not sure really
[09:46:31] <PetefromTn_> would have to take some measurements
[09:46:50] <PetefromTn_> It would probably be better if the rotary unit was in back of the lathe centerline
[09:46:55] <PetefromTn_> or behind it rather
[09:47:23] <lair82> Good Morning Fella's, have a question, in regards to the desktop shotcut icon that is generated when you click the checkbox on the config selector, do I need to delete and create a new one everytime I re-compile my builds?
[09:47:24] <CaptHindsight> there are no specs for those tables other than dimensions and gear ratios
[09:47:47] <CaptHindsight> http://www.use-enco.com/CGI/INPDFF?PMPAGE=432&PMITEM=200-1143 here they are
[09:48:01] <FinboySlick> I'm no expert on it but my main concern is that a worm gear is sort of single point of contact. That's not a whole lot of metal holding your position.
[09:48:09] <CaptHindsight> no spec on backlash
[09:48:26] <CaptHindsight> no load ratings either :(
[09:48:47] <lair82> Or is it just looking for your INI to get things started?
[09:49:20] <skunkworks> it is loading your ini..
[09:49:36] <PetefromTn_> well like I said if it is enought to hold a part against the cutting forces of a mill I cannot see why it would not take the more continuous forces of a lathe
[09:50:02] <skunkworks> but if you compile in a different directory - then I think you need to re-make the icon
[09:51:44] <CaptHindsight> the force is equally applied to the cutting tool and material
[09:52:27] <CaptHindsight> with milling you might be thinking of a large mass of material being cut by a small tool
[09:53:06] <lair82> Ok, the directories are always the same, I just wondedered, Norbert updated some things in gmoccapy, and I had to update, so I did not know if I should delete the icon and generate a new one, or if it would start up from the icon with the new updates applied, after re-compiling of course.
[09:53:54] <PetefromTn_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtdEL2fIdUY again small lathe light cuts damnit LOL
[09:54:18] <CaptHindsight> PetefromTn_: the rotary and trunnion tables are typically driven by a motor on a worm gear
[09:54:45] <FinboySlick> PetefromTn_: I'm not saying it won't work. I'm just saying you're essentially banging the point of contact between the worm and the gear tooth as the one thing holding the position. It's a fair bit of stress in a relatively small area.
[09:56:28] <CaptHindsight> the problem I've found with trying to find a manual rotary table to modify is the lash and overall accuracy
[09:57:12] <PetefromTn_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnSqy0oKyTQ The other option is something like this only supersized ;)
[09:58:16] <FinboySlick> PetefromTn_: Well, if you have the space and the tool number suits you on that second setup, you can make it a heck of a lot more rigid.
[09:58:24] <PetefromTn_> Or you could adapt some kind of brake tot he whole thing.
[09:59:22] <PetefromTn_> like make the outside of the rotary table with a disk brake from a motorcycle or something like that and engage a brake when the table is not moving but I hate getting all Mcguyver on stuff like that.
[09:59:31] <FinboySlick> PetefromTn_: I think that's worth looking into if you go rotary. Not necessary depending on the loads but certainly would help.
[10:00:31] <PetefromTn_> I suppose I could just build the freakin' thing and try it and see how it works. Then if it seems a bit much back up and pundt with a brake or the pneumatic lock of the table itself as we said before.
[10:01:07] <FinboySlick> PetefromTn_: That's likely the best thing to do.
[10:01:32] <PetefromTn_> I mean I like the indexed type and I can certainly buy or build one but this seemed to have advantages that it did not in several ways.
[10:02:21] <PetefromTn_> The Gang tooling is nice and would work fine but most lathes do not have tons of X travel so if you are trying to add several tools it gets real cramped and crashy quickly.
[10:03:17] <FinboySlick> PetefromTn_: mount another linear axis on your cross-slide.
[10:04:21] <PetefromTn_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExwXESx-Owk See how in this video you are basically forced to make very small diameter parts with the setup.
[10:04:47] <PetefromTn_> and part length becomes a real issue as does tool stickout
[10:05:46] <PetefromTn_> If you are running a strictly collet lathe making ton of small precision parts it is probably perfect but otherwise it is relatively complex and crashy and very limited
[10:06:02] <PetefromTn_> which is why I was thinking of the rotary tool changer in the first place
[10:06:43] <PetefromTn_> plus forget about using a tailstock for basically anything.
[10:07:58] <JT-Shop> not much room between the tools
[10:08:39] <PetefromTn_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfazZQM6e64 Now this is beautiful and is basically what I am hoping to acheive at least somewhat
[10:12:21] <pcw_home> In the first video, tapping is interesting, looks like they use spindle sync'ed motion with a spindle brake
[10:13:18] <PetefromTn_> Which one>
[10:17:12] <PetefromTn_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7iztfFGtyM THis is interesting too.
[10:19:41] <lair82> Hey Petefromtn, you need find something like a turret off of an old milacron avenger, 10-12 tools nice and compact,
[10:20:20] <PetefromTn_> Yeah I was trying to decide if it would be better to machine one or get a used one somewhere cheap to adapt to the rotab
[10:20:49] <PetefromTn_> unfortunately the tool carousels on commercial turning centers are anything but cheap
[10:21:09] <PetefromTn_> Usually they are the first to get destroyed in a crash so they are often in demand
[10:21:11] <lair82> http://www.hgrinc.com/buyOurs/inventoryItemDetail.do?inventory_num=08141350005&itemName=CINCINNATI+AVENGER+250MS+CNC+LATHE,
[10:21:59] <pcw_home> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExwXESx-Owk is the one that seems to use the brake when tapping
[10:22:04] <PetefromTn_> Jeez look at the motor on that thing.
[10:22:58] <lair82> That machine has a milling turret NICE!!!, we have been kicking around buying it and bringing it back to life.
[10:23:29] <lair82> We have 4 of these in our shop, no milling options though.
[10:24:27] <pcw_home> a bit rough...
[10:25:02] <PetefromTn_> yeah those i am sure are SWEET machines but a bit more than I need at least right now.
[10:25:13] <PetefromTn_> I do see what you mean about the brake while tapping
[10:25:13] <lair82> yes it is, but job security on my end I guess, or that's what the shop guys always say,,,,
[10:26:41] <PetefromTn_> If you have the work for it then hell yeah go for it. I wish I had work to justify a big CNC turning center purchase. But as they say once you have the machine the work will find you. Problem is I never seem to have the right machine LOL
[10:27:52] <PetefromTn_> I figure If I can get this Standard Modern CNC lathe fixed up, painted nice, Retrofitted and working well and reliably I can use it and enjoy it. IF it gets me more work I can always upgrade to a larger machine and sell this one.
[10:28:30] <lair82> Very true,
[10:32:03] <PetefromTn_> Honestly just having a nice CNC lathe even if it only has an aloris type toolpost and quick change tooling right now would be a huge plus for my shop and what I typically do
[10:39:24] <PetefromTn_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqxtYSUFWyg This is an 18x40 and a big bigger and heavier than my new lathe but I would LOVE to get mine somwhere like this setup. That dorian tool carousel is quite expensive prohibitively so really. I am hoping for buying or building something similar.
[10:46:11] <jdh> I'll give you $1k for it.
[10:46:24] <PetefromTn_> for what?
[10:46:43] <PetefromTn_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vQVQnLsEYQ
[10:46:50] <PetefromTn_> Sweet shop built turret
[10:47:15] <jdh> for your lathe
[10:47:32] <jdh> upgrade now before you spend a lot of time converting
[10:54:31] <skunkworks> this guy is local to me.. (reminded me of the above relay board...)
[10:54:32] <skunkworks> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciNVQqgre0w
[10:59:08] <PetefromTn_> Those old Hardinge lathes sure are workhorses huh.
[11:01:54] <CaptHindsight> PetefromTn_: what's your budget to build a turret?
[11:02:13] <PetefromTn_> Man that is some mess O' wires at the end of that video... Almost amazed that they are running it like that
[11:02:58] <CaptHindsight> they are out in the open where you can keep an eye on them for trouble
[11:02:59] <PetefromTn_> CaptHindsight Honeslty I am not even ready to be worried about it yet. I just got this gutted lathe and it is gonna need probably at least $2k to get it where I want it with all brand new motors and servos and drives etc.
[11:03:19] <PetefromTn_> Just to get it to be a CNC lathe that runs.
[11:03:34] <PetefromTn_> The toolchanger is just looking to the future with it.
[11:03:48] <PetefromTn_> I would be open to any suggestions that do not cost a small fortune tho.
[11:04:11] <PetefromTn_> For instance that Microkinetics lathe turret would probably work great and they ask about $1900 for that one.
[11:04:40] <PetefromTn_> There is also the one from Tormach they put on their little slant bed lathe but I am not sure what the cost is on that one.
[11:04:59] <PetefromTn_> There are quite a few designs for shop built models out there and some are quite impressive.
[11:05:00] <CaptHindsight> their rotary table is ~$900
[11:05:13] <PetefromTn_> yeah thats a bit much huh
[11:05:25] <CaptHindsight> it fits
[11:05:31] <PetefromTn_> fits what
[11:05:39] <CaptHindsight> works for their customer base
[11:05:56] <PetefromTn_> yeah mostly hobby based stuff.
[11:06:11] <PetefromTn_> I hate to have to look to them for a solution really.
[11:06:12] <CaptHindsight> when you buy their accessories you know it's going to work with the rest of their tools
[11:06:38] <PetefromTn_> but they do have a working solution for what I would consider at least a reasonable price for what it is.
[11:07:07] <PetefromTn_> That price may actually include thier software and drive system so the actual turret may be less....not with my luck tho.
[11:07:52] <CaptHindsight> $300 for a rotary table, $200 for a big stepper motor and some $ for misc to build your own
[11:08:07] <CaptHindsight> it's mostly labor for you
[11:08:25] <PetefromTn_> yeah and that $200.00 is probably on the high side really
[11:08:42] <CaptHindsight> ok with driver
[11:08:47] <PetefromTn_> yeah
[11:09:10] <PetefromTn_> I am not averse to building a pneumatic one with stepper drive thru belt.
[11:09:18] <PetefromTn_> Its a lot more work
[11:09:49] <PetefromTn_> I was just questioning the end result whether the rotab model build would be more or less capable.
[11:11:04] <PetefromTn_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-9J4KsXYwU This is beautiful build
[11:14:46] <PetefromTn_> Well I guess I should get out there and keep scrubbing on this bitch and dream about toolchangers while I do it. It's not gonna clean itself nor will it retrofit itself LOL
[11:15:05] <lair82> Thats pretty bad ass, for home built!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[11:15:59] <PetefromTn_> yeah it sure is. Very nice finishes on all surfaces and it sounds like a swiss watch when it actuates.
[11:34:52] <CaptHindsight> PetefromTn_: worm gear wear vs slots in a shaft wear
[11:36:10] <CaptHindsight> if you can live with fixed positions with no flexibility it's lower cost and simpler to go with slots and a collar
[11:36:46] <CaptHindsight> if you want to be able to change the number of positions in the tool holder then use a worm
[11:41:15] <CaptHindsight> it's also easy to just have a turret with a fixed hole positions and a locking pins
[11:41:22] <CaptHindsight> -a
[11:42:51] <PetefromTn_> Yeah I guess so.
[11:43:18] <PetefromTn_> honestly the slots and pins requires the pneumatics and spring loaded mess so not sure how it is simpler.
[11:43:53] <PetefromTn_> either way is doable
[11:44:21] <PetefromTn_> I would be willing to bet modern CNC lathes use direct drive units or harmonic drive setups for that.
[11:44:22] <CaptHindsight> I was comparing if made from scratch vs buying a pre-made worm gear assembly
[11:44:53] <CaptHindsight> Haas is mostly worm gear
[11:45:09] <PetefromTn_> on CNC lathe turrets?
[11:45:57] <PetefromTn_> I wonder how simple it would be to make it say stepper driven indexing and then fire a pneumatic brake and build the whole thing to suit.
[11:46:27] <CaptHindsight> you might be surprised by the price of brakes
[11:46:44] <PetefromTn_> well you can use a small motorcycle brake setup probably
[11:47:21] <PetefromTn_> might even be able to use the disk on the outboard end
[11:47:31] <PetefromTn_> just some random BSing here
[11:47:41] <CaptHindsight> that would be far lower cost than any brake sold for automation
[11:47:47] <PetefromTn_> I have a ways to go before I need to really worry about it.
[11:48:24] <CaptHindsight> If I find a video of a Haas turret for a lathe I'll pas it along
[11:48:54] <PetefromTn_> Cool. I would like to see it. I have been around quite a few HAAS lathes running but never really paid any attention to HOW they worked.
[11:49:45] <CaptHindsight> there's a place near me that carries all the parts and sub-assemblies for integration
[11:51:21] <CaptHindsight> i went through this with them a year or two ago when we needed rotary tables with <0.001 deg repeatability
[11:52:27] <PetefromTn_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPbOEetDHdM Ya know while this is slow and painful to watch you cannot argue that the turret itself looks pretty good. It would work great for any sort of automated stuff I would want to do I think,
[11:53:25] <CaptHindsight> how is that one driven?
[11:54:10] <PetefromTn_> no idea but it appears to have some kind of cam lock when it goes beyond and then back like that.
[11:55:19] <CaptHindsight> I was just looking at that since the turret seems to move in and out when it's not being repositioned
[11:55:32] <PetefromTn_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UubzocrQ1ew Here's our old buddy Dave from Fadal and in this video he describes a feature of the turret that it will somehow slip during a crash and help absorb some of the energy.
[11:56:56] <PetefromTn_> It probably has some kind of tapered lugs that it aligns to on the back and then it goes beyond and settles on the face of the lug
[11:58:05] <PetefromTn_> I like the bar puller at the end...pretty cool actually.
[11:58:29] <PetefromTn_> You would think they could come up with a more interesting part to make to show off their machine tho jeez.
[11:58:29] <CaptHindsight> maybe cones that fit into each other
[11:58:40] <PetefromTn_> yeah could be that too.
[11:58:57] <PetefromTn_> Maybe when I get that far I will contact you about components for this beast
[11:59:21] <PetefromTn_> you probably have better ideas about it and know the best sources for decent components to get a reasonable accuracy out of it.
[11:59:49] <CaptHindsight> heh, well for low budget ebay tends to work
[12:00:20] <PetefromTn_> All I know is for the size of my machine a setup like that could get me relatively close to what I would have with a true turning center in most respects.
[12:00:35] <PetefromTn_> yeah I honestly don't even know what my budget is yet.
[12:00:44] <PetefromTn_> I hope I have not come across as a cheap ass here.
[12:00:54] <PetefromTn_> I try to build things that work for the most reasonable cost
[12:01:08] <PetefromTn_> That does not always mean the cheapest way
[12:01:25] <PetefromTn_> but hey I like a bargain as much as the next guy...probably more LOL
[12:01:59] <CaptHindsight> I often pay 10% of the list price for really high end components
[12:02:13] <PetefromTn_> on the bay you mean?
[12:02:34] <CaptHindsight> newport rotary tables, linear servo motors, air bearing tables etc
[12:02:44] <CaptHindsight> yes, on ebay
[12:02:44] <PetefromTn_> you can certainly get some good deals especially if the tech is old
[12:03:06] <PetefromTn_> I am not above buying used as long as it is a proven entity
[12:03:30] <CaptHindsight> http://www.airhydraulics.com/en-us/products/rotaryindextables/7rotaryindexingtable.aspx
[12:03:39] <PetefromTn_> it does sound however that you have a lot more experience with rotary units than I do easily.
[12:04:37] <PetefromTn_> interesting. that is a pneumatic indexer then?
[12:04:47] <CaptHindsight> yes
[12:04:54] <CaptHindsight> don't know the price
[12:05:07] <Connor> PetefromTn_: http://www.dumpstercnc.com/projects/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=544
[12:05:32] <CaptHindsight> he posted that earlier
[12:05:40] <Connor> The pictures ?
[12:05:44] <Connor> I saw the video
[12:06:23] <PetefromTn_> damn that is some good work huh.
[12:06:53] <PetefromTn_> I wonder how he machined that deep pocket I assume he has small machines based on the lathe he builts size
[12:06:54] <Connor> That main part is made from 2 parts.. one HUGE ass one that was milled out..
[12:07:08] <PetefromTn_> yeah that is what I am impressed with.
[12:07:12] <Connor> That, or he works in a machine shop.
[12:08:38] <PetefromTn_> it looks like it runs on bronze bearings..
[12:08:51] <Connor> Yup.
[12:09:05] <Connor> For something that turns at that speed.. that's probably fine.
[12:09:13] <PetefromTn_> I wonder how big it is in real life
[12:09:18] <PetefromTn_> looks pretty small
[12:09:31] <Connor> I would say that's a nema 23 motor
[12:09:54] <PetefromTn_> in that one picture you can see the corner of a keyboard and it looks rather huge in comparison so I would say it is quite small
[12:12:06] <PetefromTn_> Either way he did a damn fine job on it I think. Not sure why he needed the belt tensioner tho
[12:12:17] <PetefromTn_> Could have just made the stepper mount slotted
[12:12:22] <CaptHindsight> http://www.dumpstercnc.com/projects/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=567 quite a bit of reduction
[12:13:05] <PetefromTn_> yup
[12:13:21] <PetefromTn_> sure works smooth and turns nice from the videos.
[12:13:50] <Connor> 2nd video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKSB9QldlJA&list=UUObkmn29dobZCpxjOdK1WKg
[12:14:39] <PetefromTn_> I wonder why you could not do the same thing with a large stepper and big reduction like that but instead of the thing going in and out just run it on quality bearings and use a thrust bearing and have the pneumatics and springs hold a friction plate to lock it down
[12:15:22] <PetefromTn_> yeah that really is a thing of beauty
[12:15:26] <Connor> IF you look.. it's not a friction plate.. it's a toothed plate.
[12:15:31] <PetefromTn_> he did a great job on it.
[12:15:43] <PetefromTn_> yeah I know but what I am saying is that it is not really necessary
[12:16:10] <PetefromTn_> honestly with a BIG stepper and that much reduction it would ALMOST work without the lock
[12:16:46] <PetefromTn_> but if you added a brake or some kind of friction lock plate it would allow you infinite movement instead of however many positions the toothed plate allows
[12:17:19] <Connor> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1IDHIcyHLY&list=UUObkmn29dobZCpxjOdK1WKg&index=2
[12:17:22] <Connor> there it is mounted.
[12:17:29] <Connor> It's not so small.
[12:18:03] <PetefromTn_> No idea
[12:18:28] <PetefromTn_> Honestly I gotta wonder if you were going to go thru that much work to build such a lathe why would you not make it larger and more powerful?
[12:19:16] <PetefromTn_> I know I am always wanting bigger stuff so it is a sickness with me but if I were going to do that much fab work i would want it to be as capable as possible
[12:19:42] <Connor> Maybe that's just the size they needed. Who knows.
[12:19:48] <Connor> It's a nice design though.
[12:19:49] <PetefromTn_> I suppose
[12:19:57] <PetefromTn_> oh he did an amazing job on it.
[12:20:02] <PetefromTn_> It looks very well done
[12:20:14] <PetefromTn_> I am sure it works beautiful
[12:20:26] <Connor> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiLSnykUKXo&list=UUObkmn29dobZCpxjOdK1WKg&index=1
[12:20:27] <PetefromTn_> I would love to have it in my bedroom LOL
[12:21:04] <Connor> the screws he's using.. are very course...
[12:21:23] <PetefromTn_> of course...coarse?
[12:21:49] <Connor> yes.
[12:22:23] <PetefromTn_> thats some piece of work. I would love to see it cut some aluminum or steel parts that were more intricate.
[12:22:46] <PetefromTn_> not saying it couldn't just would be interesting to see how it does.
[12:23:05] <Connor> It cuts steel fine with light passes of .010-.020 per side, I haven't pushed it more than that. I cut about 95% Delrin anyway.
[12:23:13] <PetefromTn_> Isn't this the guy who makes those plastic ballnuts or whatever?
[12:23:31] <Rab> I don't think the engineering complexity of a lathe scales linearly with size. Much bigger and I think he'd have to fundamentally change his approach to maintain rigidity.
[12:23:32] <Connor> Yup. that's why it's the size it is.. he's using it for Delrin
[12:24:38] <SpeedEvil> Wait - I don't get why slant-bed
[12:25:01] <PetefromTn_> Well for cutting aluminum and soft plastics that thing is the cats ass!
[12:25:04] <SpeedEvil> Oh - tool changes are easier
[12:25:06] <Connor> SpeedEvil: Chips don't end up in ways.. more room for the X axis.
[12:25:16] <SpeedEvil> and that
[12:25:18] <PetefromTn_> there are a lot of advantages to a slant bed
[12:25:20] <Connor> can be smaller footprint.
[12:25:53] <PetefromTn_> I got a flatbed but I wanted a slant bed. It is what it is. I got a smokin' deal on it so I am happy.
[12:26:05] <Connor> PetefromTn_: The super glue worked on repairing my SATA SSDHD.
[12:26:08] <PetefromTn_> If it really annoys me I will just put a jack under it LOL
[12:26:17] <PetefromTn_> sweet
[12:26:40] <Connor> I need to take some pictures of the case now.. I'm still wiring stuff.. but.. it's looking bad a$$
[12:26:54] <PetefromTn_> that whole lathe is made from square tube welded up.
[12:27:07] <PetefromTn_> and some relatively thin plate steel.
[12:28:20] <PetefromTn_> it could have been made quite a bit more rigid and heavier relatively easily. But again that was probably not the goal. I am not Poo Pooing it here believe me I respect the hell out of that thing it looks and works beautiful .
[12:29:05] <SpeedEvil> A heavier machine can be worse.
[12:29:21] <SpeedEvil> Being able to move without a fork lift on each end is a plus.
[12:29:48] <PetefromTn_> yeah well every lightweight machine I have had left me wanting... but I see your point.
[12:30:18] <PetefromTn_> I should be receiving my brand new Air conditioning system delivery today. Cannot wait to get that bad boy installed
[12:30:18] <SpeedEvil> And I do agree - that if there are no constraints on budget, or access, generally heavier is better
[12:30:58] <PetefromTn_> Got a BUNCH of crawlspace crawling to do with it tho.
[12:31:24] <PetefromTn_> not exactly looking forward to the spiders and creepy crawlies under the house.
[12:31:41] <PetefromTn_> Maybe I can put some bug bombs in there the day before or something ;)
[12:33:10] <PetefromTn_> You know watching those videos with all the steppers they sound pretty cool. I know my wife HATES the sound of Steppers running. She thinks it is like I-robot or something and it is gonna come alive and strangle her in her sleep or something hehe
[12:35:39] <SpeedEvil> That needs more axes.
[12:38:51] <Connor> http://www.ivdc.com/cnc/mill_10_31_14_01.jpg
[12:38:54] <PetefromTn_> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXAzJE9Zs8s HOLY CRAP look at this build. Is that a car's transmission? wow
[12:38:58] <Connor> http://www.ivdc.com/cnc/mill_10_31_14_02.jpg
[12:39:47] <PetefromTn_> Lookin' good man.. Hey I can see the slots I milled for ya LOL
[12:39:47] <Connor> PetefromTn_: Yes.. it is.. rofl
[12:40:20] <PetefromTn_> I like the cordless drill live tooling hehe
[12:40:24] <PetefromTn_> Hey man it works
[12:40:38] <PetefromTn_> chain drive indexing
[12:41:51] <PetefromTn_> BBL guys
[12:41:55] <Connor> I hope the SATA cable is okay running along
[12:42:03] <Connor> the AC and DC power lines..
[12:56:05] <_methods> hehe i have like 4 of those cases
[12:56:19] <_methods> they're not light
[12:56:23] <_methods> but you can't beat teh price
[13:06:06] <CaptHindsight> I wonder if that is a 3 speed or 4 speed trans
[13:30:41] <Connor> _methods: The one I'm using ?
[13:33:22] <zeeshan> connor
[13:33:25] <zeeshan> your setup looks really nice :-)
[13:33:39] <Connor> it's getting there.
[13:33:55] <Connor> Just need to finish wiring up the mesa board.
[13:34:35] <Connor> and relays. I need to remove the old PWM to Analog board..
[13:35:18] <zeeshan> dontcha wish there was more wire space
[13:35:20] <zeeshan> on mesa
[13:35:34] <Connor> What's sad is.. using those giant relays takes up more room than the whole PWM to Analog board that had relays..
[13:35:42] <zeeshan> the 24vdc relays?
[13:35:46] <Connor> 12v
[13:35:49] <zeeshan> hehe
[13:35:57] <zeeshan> how much currrent draw?
[13:35:58] <Connor> No 24v PSU.
[13:36:14] <Connor> The DIN mounted ones ?
[13:36:18] <zeeshan> yes
[13:37:58] <Connor> looking...
[13:38:24] <zeeshan> i just ask because
[13:38:28] <zeeshan> theres smaller automotive relays you can use
[13:38:35] <zeeshan> if they really bother you :)
[13:38:48] <Connor> .9W I think.
[13:39:07] <Connor> So 0.075 Amps
[13:39:14] <zeeshan> i meant on the high side
[13:39:19] <Connor> OH. 10Amps
[13:39:46] <zeeshan> http://thumbs1.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mydfkZYWz2wRcWQCNfyHvug.jpg
[13:39:47] <Connor> I could use lower rated ones for the spindle side and the estop relay
[13:39:50] <zeeshan> those are about high the size
[13:39:55] <zeeshan> *half
[13:40:06] <Connor> but, the DIN block is the same size.
[13:40:32] * jdh hands connor a 24v PSU
[13:40:40] <Connor> I have to put fly-back diodes on all the relays
[13:40:57] <Connor> jdh and were do you think I can put it? http://www.ivdc.com/cnc/mill_10_31_14_01.jpg
[13:41:07] <zeeshan> connor to stop the mesa from blowing up?
[13:41:09] <jdh> where the MB used to be
[13:41:37] <Connor> zeeshan: yes.
[13:41:59] <Connor> jdh: Why does everyone want me to remove the computer from my enclosure...
[13:42:12] <zeeshan> you put it in parallel with the relays coil right?
[13:42:20] <jdh> it takes up too much space and it doesn't belong.
[13:42:34] <zeeshan> connor they;re haters
[13:42:41] <zeeshan> if it works, it works
[13:42:43] <jdh> you coudl fit one in teh drive bay
[13:42:46] <Connor> zeeshan: Yes. but, not so that it shorts out the relay.
[13:43:04] <zeeshan> http://brenamanf.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/flyback_diode.gif
[13:43:05] <zeeshan> like that?
[13:43:06] <Connor> What's wrong with 12v ?
[13:43:15] <Connor> zeeshan: Yup
[13:43:39] <zeeshan> hm
[13:43:45] <zeeshan> i've never done that for car applications
[13:43:53] <zeeshan> ive hooked up the relay directly from the ecu pin
[13:44:06] <Connor> You can blow the transistor up due to back emf.
[13:44:13] <zeeshan> good to know for future
[13:44:40] <Connor> the mesa can handle up to a set amount of amperage. but, these relays pull a tad too much.
[13:44:42] <zeeshan> could they not be built into the relay itself?
[13:44:45] <jdh> do auto relays have buiot in flybacks?
[13:44:49] <jdh> built in
[13:44:55] <zeeshan> jdh im thinking they might
[13:44:59] <zeeshan> cause i havent blown the ecu yet
[13:45:02] <zeeshan> *an
[13:45:57] <pcw_home> I doubt it, the ECU probably has built in flyback diodes or other protection
[13:46:28] <zeeshan> yea even the factory relays are wired without an external diode
[13:46:30] <Connor> So, again, what's wrong with 12v ?
[13:46:34] <zeeshan> connor nothing
[13:46:37] <zeeshan> jdh is trolling you
[13:46:43] <zeeshan> he runs 5v himself
[13:46:45] <zeeshan> :-)
[13:46:49] <jdh> relays use less current
[13:47:20] <jdh> and 24v is more standard, fwtiw
[13:47:22] <pcw_home> most industrial systems use 24V (and as jdh says realay current will be 1/2 or 12 v relay)
[13:47:57] <Connor> Well.. send me a compact 24v supply, and replacement relays that'll fit those sockets and I'll change to 24v. :)
[13:48:10] <jdh> k
[13:48:13] <Connor> would be happy to not have to put the fly back diodes in.. it was a pain.
[13:48:41] <jdh> I have some nifty optoisolated 24vdc relays
[13:48:43] <Connor> 5 relays.. 1 needs to be able to do 10Amps..
[13:49:16] <jdh> and some that are TTL triggered but 24vdc coil
[13:49:38] <Connor> the others can be lower... because 2 are used for the spindle, 1 for a latching relay for estop/push-to-start,
[13:49:58] <Connor> oh. wait.. the other needs to be 10A too because it's going to turn the AC off for the Stepper PSU
[13:50:09] <zeeshan> connor whats the relays for?
[13:50:29] <Connor> 2 for spindle: On / Off , Fwd / Rev
[13:50:33] <pcw_home> the flyback diodes are probably not needed, but the threshold for needing
[13:50:34] <pcw_home> them is a bit complicated so I opted for conservative ratings
[13:50:47] <Connor> 1 for Coolant Pump (10 Amp)
[13:51:01] <zeeshan> what made you go with relays over contactors?
[13:51:05] <Connor> 1 for E-Sop / Push-to-start latching..
[13:51:19] <Connor> and 1 for Stepper PSU
[13:51:30] <Connor> Size? Relays better suited ?
[13:51:34] <jdh> no 12v coil contactors :)
[13:51:45] <Connor> http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Pcs-35mm-Din-Rail-Socket-DC-12V-Coil-Voltage-DPDT-Electromagnetic-Relay-10A-/321403770209?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:US:3160
[13:51:53] <Connor> that's the relays I have now and the DIN base.
[13:51:59] <Connor> DPDT
[13:52:18] <zeeshan> theyre a lot more compact than a contactor
[13:52:19] <zeeshan> i like
[13:52:50] <Connor> Crap. I'll have to buy new air solenoids. They're 12v too
[13:53:51] <zeeshan> i dont think im going to need any relays
[13:54:00] <zeeshan> since coolant pump has vfd, hydraulic has vfd
[13:54:05] <zeeshan> so i think im going to just communicate over modbus
[13:54:09] <jdh> how much current for the solenoids?
[13:54:18] <zeeshan> he said .075A
[13:54:31] <Connor> air solinoids.. No idea.. looking those up.
[13:54:36] <zeeshan> o
[13:54:49] <zeeshan> i dont persume its much
[13:55:43] <jdh> I do
[13:56:07] <zeeshan> hm
[13:56:15] <zeeshan> i relooked at the data spec sheet for my hydraulic
[13:56:16] <zeeshan> its 2.7A!!
[13:56:24] <zeeshan> i wonder where the heck i read 300mA
[13:57:51] <archivist> you need AMPS to get 2000psi
[13:58:32] <zeeshan> luckily me being me
[13:58:36] <zeeshan> i oversized my 24vdc supply
[13:58:39] <zeeshan> its 8.7A
[13:59:04] <zeeshan> so i guess i need a relay for the hydraulic solenoid
[13:59:32] <Connor> jdh These are DC12V 2.5W IP65 made by AirTac
[14:00:16] <Connor> and they pull .208 amps at 12v.
[14:00:34] <pcw_home> and a flyback diode to protect the relay
[14:01:01] <Connor> Damn. I may have a issue.. I'll need to run 2 of these at the same time in the future..
[14:01:12] <Connor> which will be more that 300ma
[14:01:21] <zeeshan> damn it
[14:01:24] <zeeshan> im lookign at the wrong data sheet
[14:01:25] <zeeshan> haha
[14:01:46] <pcw_home> thats fine (as long as you drive then from separate outputs)
[14:02:09] <Connor> pcw_home: Oh? It's not 300ma combined ?
[14:02:15] <Connor> what was the combined value ?
[14:02:24] <pcw_home> 1.4A per chip
[14:04:12] <pcw_home> 350 mA per output (which would be 2.8A total for 8 outputs) this will cause thermal shutdown
[14:04:25] <_methods> damn another spaceship blew up
[14:04:42] <Connor> _methods: huh?
[14:04:46] <_methods> bad week for us space flight
[14:04:54] <_methods> virgin ship blew up i guess
[14:05:16] <_methods> http://arstechnica.com/science/2014/10/one-feared-dead-as-virgin-galactic-spaceshiptwo-destroyed-in-test-flight/
[14:07:15] <Connor> http://www.ebay.com/itm/4V210-08-DC-12V-Solenoid-Electric-Pneumatic-Air-Valve-5-Port-2-Position-1-4-BSPT-/261266534746?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cd4b2f15a
[14:07:57] <Connor> that's basically what I have.. but, the electrical values are different. and I think mine is NTP not BSPT
[14:08:22] <Connor> DC 10.8v - 13.2v 2.5W 100%ED IP 65
[14:11:37] <PetefromTn_> Jeez man that bites. Wonder whose idea it was to launch an experimental spaceship on Halloween
[14:13:44] <jdh> Connor: just air to open and the washers will force it closed?
[14:13:54] <jdh> you have to vent to allow it to close?
[14:14:01] <Connor> yes.
[14:14:05] <Connor> 5 way
[14:14:30] <Connor> It's powered on both sides
[14:15:47] <jdh> how does that math work?
[14:15:56] <Connor> 5 PORT
[14:16:00] <Connor> not 5 way. sorry.
[14:16:00] <jdh> 12v, 4w, 29mA?
[14:16:27] <Connor> yea. should be .333 amps
[14:16:39] <Connor> Mine is 2.5W
[14:17:41] <Connor> How close is BSPT to NPT ?
[14:17:53] <Connor> All of these are freaking BSPT.. I think the ones I have are too.
[14:17:56] <jdh> straight vs. taper
[14:18:22] <Connor> Okay. Well.. the 1/4 NTP would work in them..
[14:18:36] <Connor> Just very TIGHT fit.
[14:18:53] <Connor> http://www.ebay.com/itm/251513080922
[14:19:22] <jdh> err... bspt is taper too, I was thinking bspp
[14:20:02] <jdh> Thus an NPT male will fit into a BSPT fitting or vice versa but they will not seal.
[14:20:38] <Connor> 55 degree vs 60 degree threads.. I use Teflon tape.. they seal. :)
[14:20:48] <jdh> jb-weld!
[14:20:48] <zeeshan> connor theyre slightly different
[14:21:08] <jdh> npt is a half-ass standard
[14:21:10] <zeeshan> a lot of japanese cars use bspt 1/8" on the oil pressure sender port on the blcok
[14:21:24] <zeeshan> i always grabbed bspt fittings
[14:21:32] <zeeshan> cause oil pressure leak would mean game over for engine
[14:21:51] <Connor> jdh: Do you have 24v relays that'll fit in those DIN sockets ?
[14:22:15] <Connor> I'll go ahead and order 2 of these 24v air valves if so.
[14:22:19] <jdh> I bet as soon as the oil sludged up from the heat, it would self-seal.
[14:22:39] <jdh> connor: nope. not that size
[15:17:17] <CaptHindsight> not a good week for spaceships
[15:18:35] <PetefromTn_> Nope not at all..
[15:21:23] <Tom_itx> true that.. we had a plane crash here yesterday too
[15:21:57] <_methods> gravity wells
[15:22:06] <_methods> it's global warming
[15:22:10] <pcw_home> I was at that airport last year
[15:22:24] <Tom_itx> i know
[15:22:36] <Tom_itx> they have a new terminal now... nearly complete
[15:22:52] <Tom_itx> of all places, it crashed into the flight safety building
[15:22:58] <CaptHindsight> Tom_itx: are you near the one that crashed into the Flight Safety Building in Wichita?
[15:23:03] <Tom_itx> yes
[15:23:15] <koss> poor warren buffet! hope he had insurance
[15:23:15] <_methods> yeah how's that for irony
[15:23:17] <Tom_itx> 3 in the citation sim were killed along with the pilot
[15:23:34] <koss> that's crazy, who'd of thunked a simular would be dangerous
[15:24:06] <_methods> in an airplane simulator killed by an airplane crash............
[15:24:23] <PetefromTn_> Wow the irony
[15:24:42] <_methods> when it's your time, it's your time
[15:24:57] <PetefromTn_> apparently
[15:25:29] <CaptHindsight> if the simulator had windows would it have made a difference?
[15:27:11] <_methods> wonder if i can get a discount on flying lessons now
[15:27:35] <PetefromTn_> ssi will be able to give you lessons soon apparently...
[15:27:39] <CaptHindsight> wow there were 100 people in the building, only 4 perished
[15:29:00] <CaptHindsight> The pilot was a former air traffic controller.
[15:32:22] <PetefromTn_> Why is it that EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN" VIDEO you click on lately online has to have a damn commercial before it. I mean jeez I can understand the occasional one but good lord it is like you can't click on anthing without some jackhole trying to sell you something.
[15:32:58] <CaptHindsight> I did something to block ads on youtube
[15:33:08] <PetefromTn_> really do tell.
[15:33:58] <DaViruz> install adblock
[15:34:04] <DaViruz> gets rid of it all
[15:34:08] <CaptHindsight> well I run adblocker and flashblock and noscript I'm not sure if it's that or not being logged into google or youtube
[15:34:14] <PetefromTn_> how much does that cost?
[15:34:22] <CaptHindsight> free plugin
[15:34:34] <PetefromTn_> okay I need that then...;)
[15:34:57] <CaptHindsight> PetefromTn_: which browser do you use?
[15:35:13] <PetefromTn_> right now Chrome. was using firefox
[15:35:19] <DaViruz> https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom
[15:36:09] <CaptHindsight> the problem with running NoScript is that nearly every site now uses Javascript
[15:36:25] <CaptHindsight> layers and layers of it
[15:36:28] <DaViruz> beware though, once you try adblock it's impossible to use a browser without it and stay sane
[15:36:59] <PetefromTn_> yeah they are asking for donations... makes ya feel cheezy not payin LOL
[15:37:06] <CaptHindsight> sometimes I have to allow over 30 f-ing scripts to get a news video
[15:37:28] <DaViruz> blocking scripts seem a bit silly to me
[15:37:51] <DaViruz> if yo allow 30 of them anyway, then what's the point
[15:37:59] <CaptHindsight> exactly
[15:37:59] <DaViruz> see: the boy who cried wolf
[15:38:27] <CaptHindsight> it used to cut down on the noise and distractions but no more
[15:38:49] <DaViruz> flashblock can be pretty nice though still
[15:38:52] <CaptHindsight> now it has become more of a nuisance
[15:39:22] <DaViruz> but for some reason it seems to screw up youtube for me
[15:39:52] <CaptHindsight> you're right about adblock though, I started browsing using a fresh install I could believe how some of the sites behaved
[15:39:53] <PetefromTn_> Hey it worked!
[15:40:00] <CaptHindsight> could not
[15:40:36] <_methods> heh that's why i use tiny tiny rss
[15:40:44] <CaptHindsight> thee are a few sites that complain to you about running an adblocker
[15:40:46] <_methods> i get all my sites fed to me and i never have to see them
[15:40:57] <PetefromTn_> I just watched a CNN video about that plane crash and the first time I viewed it I got a commercial the next time nothing but the video
[15:41:33] <DaViruz> there are a few sites where i feel bad about using adblock
[15:41:55] <DaViruz> if they keep sensible ads, offer something good and rely on the revenue
[15:42:22] <CaptHindsight> I'd happily pay for news. Let me know if you find a site with some
[15:42:47] <DaViruz> a lot of youtube channels for example, but i don't think you can specificly allow ads on specific users
[15:43:45] <CaptHindsight> you can add exceptions
[15:43:59] <CaptHindsight> I have a few
[15:44:01] <DaViruz> only host based though i believe?
[15:44:41] <DaViruz> yeah
[15:46:26] <CaptHindsight> it's funny to watch a youtube news video embedded in a site and after it's over offer me a suggestion based on my youtube history vs anything related to the news
[15:47:01] <CaptHindsight> from rocket explosion to "Mounting a 3-jaw Chuck"
[15:47:56] <CaptHindsight> I'm not logged into Google yet it knows something about my history (and this is with Firefox)
[15:48:15] <pcw_home> Google knows all
[15:48:39] <CaptHindsight> there are Google scripts that run on just about any commercial page
[15:49:14] <DaViruz> i read that the google streetview car also registers wifi access point mac adresses and maps them to coordinates
[15:49:50] <DaViruz> so when you connect to google they find your routers mac adress and knpw ehere you live
[15:49:54] <CaptHindsight> and now whenever I close Forefox I have to go into the system monitor and Kill it since it stays alive
[15:50:03] <DaViruz> pretty cool
[15:50:36] <pcw_home> all your info are belong to us
[15:50:42] <DaViruz> so if you spoof your mac address you can find out where someone lives (if you know their mac address)
[15:56:31] <CaptHindsight> does that mean that Google knows where my neighbors live and what sites they visit? :)
[15:58:51] <DaViruz> probably
[16:03:27] <CaptHindsight> pretty quiet around here for Halloween, but it's windy and just above freezing
[16:06:50] <CaptHindsight> http://www.3ders.org/articles/20141028-ultimate-tribute-to-the-first-person-shooter-destiny-3d-printed-thunderlord-gun.html
[16:07:54] <CaptHindsight> it's one thing to see the weaponry in video games but they really look absurd when actually assembled
[16:10:55] <PetefromTn_> yeah it is kinda DEAD today for Halloween LOL
[16:14:23] <Tom_itx> night of the living dead...
[16:14:57] <PetefromTn_> watchin a vampire movie right now
[16:15:19] <Jymmm> IRS Movie?
[16:15:38] <Tom_itx> CaptHindsight, the plane was just bought by Beech... went thru a rigorous inspection. i'll bet they find something was left undone there
[16:15:52] <Tom_itx> to cause engine failure
[16:21:49] <CaptHindsight> Tom_itx: something undone during inspection?
[16:26:50] <PetefromTn_> Well my new Heat pump A/C unit just arrived. Damn its bigger than I figured it would be.
[16:45:51] <SpeedEvil> Protip -when wondering how large a thing you're contemplating purchasing is - make a full-scale model out of cheese.
[17:01:41] <PetefromTn_> no actually I knew the dimensions beforehand of the thing. It is just that it seemed like it was smaller than it is in reality so its my bad
[17:16:36] <Tom_itx> CaptHindsight i would suspect so. it's more common for something to go wrong right after a major inspection
[17:16:59] <Tom_itx> the pilot had time to tell the tower one of the engines quit
[17:17:22] <Tom_itx> before it knifed over vertical
[17:18:16] <Tom_itx> the pilot was a 'taxi driver' to take it to get a new interior
[17:39:59] <Deejay> gn8
[18:00:21] <zeeshan> lol
[18:00:28] <zeeshan> all the kids are out
[18:00:35] <zeeshan> tons of candy
[18:09:50] <PCW> PetefromTn: unfortunately looks like your 7I77 is not economically repairable
[18:09:52] <PCW> remove fried output chips and 3.3V voltage regulator but 3.3V side must
[18:09:54] <PCW> have had overvoltage because processor is bad (which means almost all the
[18:09:55] <PCW> circuitry on that side has be overvoltaged)
[18:11:04] <zeeshan> doh
[18:12:07] <zeeshan> if i follow the manual word by word
[18:12:12] <zeeshan> i won't blow up anythin g right? :P
[18:16:37] <PCW> well 240VAC on the output pins is apparently bad :-)
[18:17:30] <zeeshan> hah
[18:18:44] <zeeshan> i met a guy who i sold some parts from the mikron cnc
[18:18:49] <zeeshan> i was showing him the mesa card and linuxcnc
[18:19:03] <zeeshan> we were trying to compare fanuc controls to linuxcnc
[18:19:04] <zeeshan> lol
[18:19:14] <zeeshan> what can't linuxcnc do that fanuc can?
[18:19:29] <zeeshan> the only thing i came up with was
[18:19:33] <zeeshan> "end user support"
[18:19:41] <zeeshan> you can call up fanuc, pay them a couple grand, get your machine fixed
[18:19:48] <zeeshan> can't do that with linuxcnc..
[18:19:54] <zeeshan> _yet_
[18:20:15] <CaptHindsight> no I do that already :)
[18:21:39] <zeeshan> hey pcw
[18:21:48] <zeeshan> when it says Maximum output load is 300 mA
[18:21:51] <zeeshan> thats per channel right?
[18:23:00] <andypugh> cradek: archivist: https://plus.google.com/photos/108164504656404380542/albums/5747722155741347649/6076504848651808754
[18:23:19] <zeeshan> ooo
[18:23:23] <andypugh> Thats my new hobbing tab, does the calcs and runs a cycle.
[18:23:41] <zeeshan> andypugh: you know your turning tab?
[18:23:42] <PCW> Yes but also 1.4A per chip limit so you cant load all 8 output with 300 ma each
[18:23:54] <andypugh> zeeshan: Intimately :-)
[18:24:02] <zeeshan> PCW: okay
[18:24:36] <zeeshan> andypugh: i'd like to start using it
[18:24:47] <zeeshan> i was a bit confused though
[18:24:57] <zeeshan> so when i want to face something, do i touch off at the Z first?
[18:25:03] <zeeshan> and then run the wizard?
[18:25:35] <zeeshan> wizard = macro
[18:26:22] <andypugh> Actually, this is better, after setting up the profile-shifted gear I am cutting at the moment
[18:26:23] <andypugh> https://plus.google.com/photos/108164504656404380542/albums/5747722155741347649/6076505779370891058
[18:26:34] <andypugh> zeeshan: It depends ;-)
[18:26:44] <zeeshan> i really wanna install it today
[18:26:51] <zeeshan> cause it saves a lot of time doing basic stuff
[18:28:03] <andypugh> I typically jog to where I think will be a good Z=0 and touch-off, then jog back a bit, anf hit the facing cycle, which then starts from the current position and ends at the facing finish position. All the cycles start at the current position.
[18:28:17] <zeeshan> ahhh
[18:28:38] <andypugh> zeeshan: Did you see my example video machining a sprocket? (it’s a bit dull :-)
[18:28:46] <zeeshan> yes
[18:28:47] <andypugh> But shows the process.
[18:28:50] <zeeshan> where you're facing it a lot
[18:28:56] <zeeshan> i guess i missed the details
[18:29:09] <andypugh> Yes, there was a lot to remove from the stock parts.
[18:29:41] <andypugh> With the currently-published version never trust the toolchange. I messed up :-)
[18:30:23] <andypugh> If it asks for a tool, load the tool, then stop the cycle and start again. It grabs the start position before the tool change then applies G43. Which is silly.
[18:30:54] <andypugh> I need to push a few updates. I keep meaning to.
[18:31:34] <zeeshan> oh
[18:31:39] <zeeshan> i thought it was just one operation at a time
[18:31:48] <zeeshan> so you can setup a bunch of operations
[18:31:50] <ssi> hi
[18:31:58] <zeeshan> hi ssi
[18:32:53] <zeeshan> andypugh: got a link for the files?
[18:32:59] <ssi> andypugh: I want to try that stuff when I get my shop set back up :)
[18:33:03] * zeeshan isnt registered on linuxcnc forums so i cant see
[18:33:07] <zeeshan> the link.
[18:33:34] <ssi> man I'm exhausted
[18:33:38] <ssi> got all the machines moved today
[18:34:08] <ssi> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B1T7_KVIgAATjNe.jpg:large
[18:34:47] <zeeshan> looking good man!
[18:35:10] <zeeshan> i didnt know you could flip the bridgeport's head completely 180 like that
[18:35:10] <zeeshan> lol
[18:35:15] <andypugh> It would be easier for me if you just registered on the forum…
[18:35:48] <ssi> zeeshan: gimme the forum link!
[18:36:35] <andypugh> Though I guess the files I am currently using are likely to be more up-to-date
[18:36:43] <zeeshan> andypugh: cmon :]
[18:36:45] <zeeshan> share the wealth
[18:36:56] <zeeshan> http://linuxcnc.org/hardy/dapper/emc2/index.php/english/forum/41-guis/26550-lathe-macros?limitstart=0
[18:36:58] <ssi> the guy that helped me move is awesome
[18:37:00] <andypugh> You just registered anyway. I can tell these things
[18:37:06] <zeeshan> andypugh: LOL
[18:37:07] <zeeshan> how
[18:37:10] <zeeshan> moderator.
[18:37:11] <ssi> he's an A&P, he runs the machine shop at the gatech school of AE, and he owns a forklift rental co
[18:37:13] <zeeshan> spy
[18:37:22] <zeeshan> a&P?
[18:37:26] <andypugh> I get an email every time someone registers.
[18:37:28] <ssi> airplane mechanic
[18:38:01] <andypugh> (And if it’s a girl’s name, I generally know it’s a spammer, which is rather a shame)
[18:38:16] <zeeshan> haha
[18:38:20] <ssi> hahah
[18:39:35] * zeeshan is going to replace your inventor images w/ solidworks ones!
[18:39:36] <zeeshan> haha
[18:40:33] <zeeshan> "Note that it uses features only included in Master (specifically the ability to read HAL pins in G-code) "
[18:40:36] <zeeshan> what does this mean
[18:41:03] * zeeshan didn't compile linuxcnc from master
[18:41:12] * zeeshan installed livecd
[18:41:30] <zeeshan> LOL
[18:41:36] <zeeshan> my gf ran out of candy to give out
[18:41:42] <zeeshan> so she's giving out chocolate pudding
[18:41:45] <zeeshan> hahahah
[18:41:46] <andypugh> It’s part of Remap, so works in 2.6 onwards
[18:42:03] <zeeshan> erm i have no clue what version i have. ill ned to check
[18:42:07] <zeeshan> installed it a couple months ago
[18:42:08] <ssi> andypugh: I am playing with the inventor fusion 360 trial
[18:42:14] <ssi> so far it's pretty nice
[18:43:51] <andypugh> Yeah, it is pretty slick. Oddly not a lot like Inventor....
[18:44:04] <zeeshan> mate how do i load this up
[18:44:16] <ssi> if I can gain some competence with it, and the cam works well, I'll buy a year subscription to it
[18:44:23] <ssi> I really really really like having something native on the mac
[18:44:29] <ssi> although it's a bit slow
[18:44:45] <zeeshan> you need triple sli
[18:44:51] <andypugh> I don’t have 360, actually, just the free App from the App store.
[18:44:57] <ssi> lul
[18:45:05] <zeeshan> i bet even andypugh has triple sli
[18:45:06] <andypugh> I didn’t know there was CAM.
[18:45:48] <zeeshan> ssi wouldn't it be cool to have a computer
[18:45:52] <zeeshan> that consumed 100A of current
[18:45:55] <zeeshan> @ 240Vac
[18:45:59] <zeeshan> super puter!
[18:46:09] <ssi> yeah but I'd have to pull 3awg for it
[18:46:10] <ssi> so no
[18:46:11] <ssi> :D
[18:46:15] <zeeshan> ROFL
[18:46:24] <andypugh> Actually, all I have here is “AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB graphics”. I really fancy one of the 5k 27” Imacs
[18:46:34] <ssi> andypugh: I just bought one :)
[18:46:43] <ssi> andypugh: all I had to do to get it was burn my house down
[18:47:06] <andypugh> :-)
[18:47:09] <zeeshan> andypugh: thats a good card
[18:47:12] <ssi> also
[18:47:17] <zeeshan> you can hack the software to make it think its a firegl card
[18:47:19] <ssi> my burnt up 27" i7 imac STILL WORKS
[18:47:21] <ssi> PERFECTLY
[18:47:24] <zeeshan> and use hardware acceleration in inventor and solidworks
[18:47:41] <andypugh> Ah, you mean the house _really_ burned down? I thought that was a jok.
[18:47:48] <ssi> no, it really burned down
[18:48:15] <ssi> ins adjuster told me to go buy a new imac and send him the invoice
[18:48:18] <ssi> he mailed me a check tihs morning
[18:48:25] <andypugh> That’s what you get for using wood. Where I am from we make houses by piling up rocks.
[18:48:33] <zeeshan> hah
[18:48:37] <ssi> ahaha
[18:48:42] <ssi> well the house didn't burn entirely down
[18:48:45] <zeeshan> dude i lived in doha qatar till 12
[18:48:47] <ssi> actually the framing didn't burn much at all
[18:48:51] <Tom_itx> just don't aim lasers at wood
[18:48:55] <ssi> more the contents
[18:48:55] <zeeshan> when i first came to canada, i was so confused by wood houses
[18:48:58] <ssi> Tom_itx: yeah that's a good start
[18:49:02] <zeeshan> cause all my life i saw masonry houses
[18:49:17] <andypugh> Walls 3’ thick in the case of my parent’s place: http://www.bodgesoc.org/Slaithwaite2/Barn_end.JPG
[18:49:20] <zeeshan> or concrete cinder block houses
[18:49:31] <zeeshan> hey the roof still looks like wood
[18:49:32] <zeeshan> :-)
[18:49:45] <andypugh> No, the roof is stone slabs too :-)
[18:49:51] <ssi> slate roof
[18:50:04] <andypugh> Gritstone, actually.
[18:50:17] <ssi> do you sand things by rubbing them on your roof?
[18:50:23] <zeeshan> i guess uk doesnt have an abundance of wood
[18:50:25] <zeeshan> like north america
[18:50:29] <andypugh> Here we are putting the roof on. http://www.bodgesoc.org/roof2.jpg
[18:50:35] <_methods> they used it all
[18:50:37] <_methods> like sicily
[18:50:49] <_methods> all to get dem damn carthaginians
[18:51:09] <andypugh> Actually, if you look at Google maps, we have several trees. :-)
[18:51:13] <_methods> if it's not an olive tree or an orange tree they cut it down
[18:51:13] <ssi> andypugh: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B1T7_KVIgAATjNe.jpg:large
[18:51:25] <ssi> andypugh: that's today, moving the machines out... you can see that it's still pretty well standing
[18:51:29] <ssi> but the contents are gutted
[18:51:53] <zeeshan> hey
[18:51:55] <zeeshan> i just noticed
[18:51:59] <zeeshan> whats the grey thing behind the surface grinder
[18:52:00] <andypugh> Looks like the important things survived (the residents and the machine tools)
[18:52:09] <ssi> zeeshan: the control cabinet for the HNC
[18:52:11] <ssi> andypugh: yep! :D
[18:52:17] <ssi> the laser didn't survive
[18:52:18] <zeeshan> ohh i see the hnc now
[18:52:24] <ssi> nor did either of the little desktop machines I built
[18:52:28] <ssi> and all my electronic tools are trashed
[18:52:40] <ssi> and some of my musical instruments
[18:52:41] <andypugh> A friend of mine fitted all the new stuff in the HNC itself.
[18:52:43] <ssi> the rest I don't care about
[18:52:54] <ssi> I'm still using the hiak drives and the 90VDC power supply
[18:52:56] <ssi> and they're in the original cabinet
[18:53:02] <ssi> I may redo that before I set back up
[18:53:11] <zeeshan> why is the hnc so small
[18:53:16] <zeeshan> i imagined it to be huge!
[18:53:25] <ssi> it's on the back side of the truck
[18:53:32] <ssi> but it's a fairly small lathe
[18:53:35] <andypugh> (His is a HXL actually)
[18:53:38] <zeeshan> it looks like its 15" betwen centers
[18:53:45] <ssi> andypugh: yeah I saw that hxl... his is gorgeous
[18:53:50] <ssi> zeeshan: no centers, it's a chucker
[18:53:58] <ssi> and there's only 10" travel or so along Z
[18:54:31] <zeeshan> http://www.centroidcnc.com/images/hardinge_retrofit_new_600.jpg
[18:54:41] <zeeshan> looks heavy for it's size
[18:54:47] <ssi> it's about 3klb
[18:54:51] <zeeshan> wow
[18:54:58] <zeeshan> very nice
[18:54:59] <ssi> REALLY good iron
[18:55:02] <ssi> very precise and solid
[18:55:08] <zeeshan> yea hardinge didn't make crap :)
[18:55:15] <zeeshan> they were the ferrari of lathes back in the day
[18:55:26] <_methods> oh their later shit was shit
[18:55:37] <zeeshan> methods thats like with everything
[18:55:37] <_methods> they made some stinkers
[18:55:44] <zeeshan> starret's vernier calipers are made in taiwan now
[18:55:50] <ssi> _methods: like what?
[18:55:59] <ssi> I mean, I know the AHC is a terrible lathe for a retrofitter
[18:56:04] <_methods> the vanquish? or something
[18:56:09] <ssi> not familiar
[18:56:16] <_methods> we had one in a shop i was in that just sat there
[18:56:23] <_methods> no one wanted to deal with it
[18:56:37] <zeeshan> do i load up "lathehandler.py"
[18:56:38] <zeeshan> in hal
[18:56:41] <zeeshan> to get this baby to work
[18:57:25] <andypugh> You should just need to edit the INI file to load the tab
[18:57:43] <zeeshan> i cant get the internet to work over powerline networking as soon as i turn on the toriodal supply on the cnc controller
[18:57:48] <zeeshan> it kills the signal in the powerline network
[18:57:51] <_methods> heheh
[18:57:52] <zeeshan> i need to go buy an acess point
[18:57:53] <_methods> i bet
[18:58:11] <zeeshan> so sorry if im asking noob questions :/ this computer is a mile away from the cnc
[18:58:24] <andypugh> Put all the files in your config directory, then set up the embed tab stuff in the [DISPLAY] section
[18:58:29] <ssi> ethernet over power is awful
[18:58:36] <zeeshan> ssi i agree
[18:58:51] <zeeshan> especuially when youve got noisey shit trying to destroy your house's electrical
[18:59:01] <_methods> it's pretty picky
[18:59:11] <zeeshan> it only dies asap toriod goes on
[18:59:15] <zeeshan> even with vfd on, its ok
[18:59:25] <jdh> I ran cat5 to the garage.
[18:59:36] <_methods> yeah me too
[18:59:38] <Tom_itx> so did i
[18:59:50] <_methods> i have powerline though in my living room for streaming blurays
[18:59:54] <andypugh> zeeshan: You may need to read this: http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gui/gladevcp.html#_integrating_into_axis_like_pyvcp
[18:59:55] <_methods> wifi don't handle that so well
[19:00:18] <andypugh> I wish I had run CAT5 when I put the SWA to the workshop in
[19:00:32] <_methods> just pile on some more rocks
[19:00:33] <zeeshan> im gonna use one of those wireless access points
[19:00:34] <_methods> lol
[19:00:37] <zeeshan> y ou plug into the wall
[19:00:41] <zeeshan> and then run ethernet from there
[19:00:47] <Tom_itx> i ended up getting another spool couple months ago
[19:00:47] <zeeshan> i get good signal down there
[19:00:53] <_methods> get a ubiquiti
[19:01:00] <_methods> you won't ever look back
[19:01:04] <Tom_itx> their wifi rocks!
[19:01:07] <andypugh> I am getting blasée now, I am at the stage where I load a new gear blank, hit go, then walk back to the house and drink more wine.
[19:01:08] <_methods> indeed
[19:01:09] <jdh> I have one off those wifi/extenders+switch downstairs
[19:01:22] <_methods> unifi ap pro's
[19:01:24] <Tom_itx> i'm more reserved on their router though
[19:01:32] <_methods> yeah i use pfsense for my router
[19:01:37] <Tom_itx> there's a couple things i can't get it to do
[19:02:07] <_methods> i cna't imagine usin an off the shelf router
[19:02:10] <_methods> must be hurrible lol
[19:02:27] <zeeshan> i wanna keep my pyvcp panel !
[19:02:28] <zeeshan> ;[
[19:03:21] <andypugh> I am glad I got the epanding mandels, they make life really easy. In fact I wish I had got the expensive set: http://www.arceurotrade.co.uk/Catalogue/Expanding-Mandrels#Straight-Shank-Expanding-Mandrels-Quick-Release
[19:03:37] <andypugh> zeeshan: I think you can have both.
[19:03:55] <Tom_itx> you can
[19:04:16] <zeeshan> looks like i just need to ada a line called gladevcp = -u ./lathehandler.py
[19:04:27] <zeeshan> and for hal
[19:04:30] <zeeshan> all the *.hal files
[19:05:02] <andypugh> I don’t think you ned the HAL files. Just the ui, py and .ngc files should be enough.
[19:10:27] <andypugh> And that’s another gear made in my absence :-)
[19:12:23] <ssi> I'm excited about setting up my new shop
[19:12:46] <XXCoder> ssi awesome
[19:14:31] <andypugh> Roger’s overflow workshop is pretty cool: https://plus.google.com/photos/108164504656404380542/albums/5951771387407954465/5951771392528865250?
[19:15:20] <andypugh> I keep wanting to build myself one, but the one thing I do know about my ideal workshop is that it isn’t anywhere near this house…
[19:15:54] <andypugh> ssi: Was the laser in any way implicated in the fire?
[19:16:00] <ssi> 100% :)
[19:16:39] <andypugh> It does seem that soon the InsCos will (quite reasonably) want to apply a premium for 3D printers and lasers.
[19:16:56] <ssi> very possible
[19:17:05] <ssi> for the moment, they're blissfully ignorant, and happily paying my claim
[19:17:36] <ssi> they decided to consider the 9x42 mill and the HNC "business related", and so I have a $2500 sublimit on them
[19:17:52] <andypugh> Is that what we call an Excess?
[19:17:58] <ssi> but they're fine, and I mostly only require moving expenses for them
[19:18:07] <zeeshan> anyone ever built a transmission before?
[19:18:16] <ssi> I dunno, but what it means is they will give me up to 2500 and no more
[19:18:28] <ssi> similarly, I have a $1500 sublimit on jewelry, and a $1500 sublimit on firearms
[19:18:40] <Jymmm> zeeshan: I've dropped one, doing 50MPH
[19:18:45] <zeeshan> lol
[19:18:47] <andypugh> Ah, no, that’s different then. An excess is “we expect you to pay the firs £N of the claim yourself”
[19:18:56] <ssi> oh that's what we call a deductible
[19:19:17] <zeeshan> 1500 sublimit on jewelery?
[19:19:17] <zeeshan> wtf?
[19:19:22] <ssi> zeeshan: yeah
[19:19:23] <andypugh> Yeah, that’s the same thing, definitely
[19:19:25] <zeeshan> how the hell does that work
[19:19:31] <zeeshan> thats bs
[19:19:32] <ssi> because it's too easy to be like "oh yeah I had all this jewelry"
[19:19:37] <ssi> so they want you to predeclare that stuff
[19:19:42] <ssi> if you document it beforehand they'll cover it
[19:19:43] <zeeshan> ah
[19:19:46] <andypugh> They expect you to have jewellry declared separately
[19:19:46] <ssi> but of course I had none of that
[19:19:53] <ssi> similarly they have a $200 sublimit on cash
[19:20:00] <ssi> cause it's WAY to easy to say "I had $5000 in cash in there!"
[19:20:03] <Jymmm> zeeshan: For jewlery, art, firearms, cameras, etc you need to get an additional blanket.
[19:20:10] <andypugh> I could normally lose that much in heavy rain...
[19:20:11] <zeeshan> i didnt know that
[19:20:12] <ssi> fortunately, all my firearms and gold and cash was in my safe
[19:20:12] <zeeshan> good to know
[19:20:14] <ssi> and it's all fine
[19:20:21] <ssi> but I had some jewelry that was burned up
[19:20:24] <ssi> my grandfather's watch
[19:20:26] <ssi> but I found it today
[19:20:32] <andypugh> :-(
[19:20:37] <ssi> Jymmm: cameras aren't sublimited fortunately
[19:20:40] <ssi> had a lot of money in camera gear
[19:20:42] <Jymmm> zeeshan: I had a $3500 banket on my camera alone, only added $8/year to the policy.
[19:21:12] <ssi> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B1UGw0UIgAAtpRD.jpg
[19:21:22] <ssi> andypugh: I may be able to get it restored actually
[19:21:22] <zeeshan> ssi
[19:21:27] <zeeshan> what if the shit that got burned
[19:21:30] <zeeshan> is half burned
[19:21:35] <zeeshan> can they still sublimit you?
[19:21:38] <ssi> zeeshan: I dunno how that works
[19:21:42] <ssi> but I think yes they can
[19:21:45] <zeeshan> cause you can physically se the damn item
[19:22:05] <andypugh> I have my grandfathers watch. I never wear it, but it’s nice to have. It’s a strange watch where the strap is fastened to the back, not the front. One day the whole watch (except strap and back) fell out. And turned up in his car seat 4 years later.
[19:22:28] <ssi> haha
[19:22:33] <ssi> this one is a '40s omega seamaster
[19:22:36] <ssi> it's a really nice watch
[19:22:39] <ssi> exceptionally thin
[19:23:38] <ssi> I think overall I'm going to come out pretty ok
[19:23:48] <ssi> it would have been a disaster if the safe hadn't made it
[19:23:54] <ssi> $60k out the window that they wouldn't have insured
[19:24:00] <ssi> I need to get a rider next time around
[19:25:59] <andypugh> My grandad’s watch is an Omega too, I just got it out. One of these, I reckonhttp://tempussuisse.com/shop/gents-watches-sold/omega-gents-vintage-watch-c1960s/
[19:26:29] <ssi> nice
[19:26:33] <ssi> not dissimilar to mine
[19:26:39] <ssi> but mine has the gold stretchy band
[19:27:03] <andypugh> On the back “Presented to E P Pugh by the diectors of BBA Group in appreciation of 25 years loyal service 1947-1972"
[19:27:17] <ssi> :D
[19:27:25] <ssi> that's a tradition I'm sad to see go by the wayside
[19:28:25] <andypugh> If my dad hadn’t retired 2 years early he would have done 50 years at the same comapny!
[19:28:58] <ssi> dang
[19:28:59] <CaptHindsight> you don't hear about that anymore
[19:29:02] <andypugh> Started at 15 as an Apprentice at David Brown Gears, and retired from Service Manager.
[19:29:23] <andypugh> That’s partly why I like making gears.
[19:29:35] <andypugh> DB make good gears. And ver, very, big ones.
[19:30:06] <Tom_itx> you've had quite a few interesting jobs i'd say
[19:31:54] <andypugh> This is a silly small picture, but there is one gear and 2 people in that picture: http://www.pandct.com/images/news/TN17180_GJG_2730a.jpg
[20:01:12] <zeeshan> i'm confused on how to power up the 7i77
[20:04:26] <zeeshan> oh
[20:04:29] <zeeshan> vin power source
[20:04:42] <zeeshan> basically it allows you to run all the field i/o drivers at 24VDC
[20:04:48] <zeeshan> or you can have some at 5v and some at 24vdc
[20:08:53] <zeeshan> is it bad to use the computer power supply's 5v rail
[20:09:01] <zeeshan> to power the external 5v power on the 7i77? :p
[20:10:07] <LeelooMinai> zeeshan: I am wiring it now and I decided to just use 12V eternal wall wart (from old router) for field power - that is to control relays, limit switches, fan, etc.
[20:10:12] <andypugh> There is a jumper for that, I think
[20:10:20] <zeeshan> yea andypugh
[20:10:28] <zeeshan> i need to give it external power cause the scales might consume too much power
[20:10:36] <zeeshan> more than the 750 ma the pci can provide i think..
[20:10:46] <zeeshan> LeelooMinai: i have 24vdc for field pwoeer
[20:11:04] <zeeshan> im talking about TB1
[20:11:10] <zeeshan> which powers up 5v analog , encoder signals
[20:11:14] <LeelooMinai> zeeshan: So I will hve one separate psu for stepper drivers, one for this field io, and I think 7i77 can just take power from the FPGA card inside the PC
[20:11:45] <LeelooMinai> Hmm, or I may have 7i76... damn, forgot now:)
[20:11:53] <zeeshan> you have 7i76 prolly
[20:11:56] <zeeshan> cause you're running step dir
[20:12:39] <LeelooMinai> Ok, right, checked and it's 7i76 - the one with stepper drivers and some spindle speed control
[20:12:48] <LeelooMinai> stepper io*
[20:13:20] <Tom_itx> hope the walwart is well regulated
[20:13:36] <zeeshan> in the manual 7i77 it says if encoder , analog signals for servos consume more than 750A
[20:13:37] <zeeshan> er
[20:13:42] <zeeshan> 750mA, then external supply is recommended
[20:13:50] <zeeshan> i'm wondering if i can just use the 5v rail from the computer supply
[20:14:04] <zeeshan> i do have another 5V smps but i dont want to use if it if i dont have to
[20:14:06] <zeeshan> cause it'll take more space
[20:14:08] <Tom_itx> i used a separate 5v SMPS
[20:14:25] <Tom_itx> you can get them from china for a couple bux
[20:14:30] <zeeshan> yes i have a meanwell
[20:14:31] <zeeshan> 60W
[20:14:40] <zeeshan> but it takes space
[20:14:44] <zeeshan> and adds extra wiring
[20:15:10] <zeeshan> i mean lets say theres a short in the 5v encoder circuit
[20:15:23] <zeeshan> my computer power supply will blow up? :p
[20:15:34] <zeeshan> but i think 7i77 has short circuit protection..
[20:15:59] <Tom_itx> but you don't wanna find out now do ya?
[20:16:03] <zeeshan> lol
[20:16:14] <zeeshan> seems like such a waste
[20:16:20] <zeeshan> running a whole supply just to power this up
[20:16:40] <LeelooMinai> zeeshan: Just throw it into your drawer with all the rest of stuff:p
[20:17:01] <zeeshan> how do you know my stuff is in drawers
[20:17:12] <LeelooMinai> You linked a pic once:)
[20:17:14] <zeeshan> infact all my electrical stuff is in the dresser table drawers
[20:17:15] <zeeshan> hahaha
[20:17:20] <zeeshan> :D
[20:18:19] <LeelooMinai> "-- Sir, we have also this dresser in red oak coloring... -- It's ok, it's fir my CNC router, so does not matter."
[20:18:30] <zeeshan> hah
[20:19:17] <LeelooMinai> zeeshan: You should make electrical box for this stuff really:)
[20:19:54] <zeeshan> ill put it all in a fish tank
[20:20:25] <LeelooMinai> That does not sound good...
[20:47:13] <zeeshan> LeelooMinai: i was trolling you
[20:47:17] <zeeshan> ofcourse it'll be in a metal cabinet
[20:47:38] <LeelooMinai> zeeshan: You know, after the drawers, I was not entirely sure that was a joke:)
[20:47:51] <Tom_itx> but wood is a better insulator
[20:47:57] <zeeshan> i store electronics inside my drawers
[20:48:02] <zeeshan> not actually run it in drawers?
[20:48:19] <zeeshan> like two of my drawers are transistrors and resistors
[20:48:27] <zeeshan> one drawer is power cords and power supplies
[20:48:37] <zeeshan> another is plcs and vfds
[20:48:38] <zeeshan> lol
[20:49:02] <LeelooMinai> Tom_itx: Not if it is on fire:)
[20:49:15] <zeeshan> LeelooMinai is all trolling me now
[20:49:24] <Tom_itx> LeelooMinai but you
[20:49:26] <zeeshan> cause she's got a sexy nema4 enclosure
[20:49:34] <Tom_itx> you're not supposed to aim lasers at it!
[20:49:51] <zeeshan> you're not the only with with nema4 enclosures!!!
[20:49:54] <zeeshan> i has a 24x24
[20:50:00] <zeeshan> which will be what the vfds will go in
[20:50:10] <LeelooMinai> Right, well, it's nice and all, but I would not buy it for the original price which was $250 or so - that's crazy
[20:50:11] <andypugh> LeelooMinai: http://dominicmorrow.org/tshirts/gallery/rule-zero-do-not-be-on-fire-tshirt/
[20:50:18] <zeeshan> yea theyr enot cheap
[20:50:40] <andypugh> Actually, ssi , that shoiuld be your T-shirt
[20:50:48] <zeeshan> andypugh: mean
[20:51:33] <LeelooMinai> I bet Chinese could make similar enclosure for $30:)
[20:52:14] <zeeshan> but then it wouldnt be csa approved!
[20:53:20] <zeeshan> http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p252/turbozee84/null_zps945bc7db.jpg
[20:53:27] <zeeshan> after i was designing those
[20:53:58] <zeeshan> we did a crapload of testing for em
[20:54:04] <zeeshan> cause oakville hospital has fancy standards
[20:54:16] <zeeshan> well its not just oakville hospital, government of ontario
[20:54:28] <LeelooMinai> What kind of testing?
[20:54:47] <LeelooMinai> If it topples over? :)
[20:54:51] <zeeshan> haha
[20:54:52] <zeeshan> no
[20:55:11] <zeeshan> they'll do a temperature test
[20:55:15] <zeeshan> run it at max amperage
[20:55:27] <zeeshan> then simulate a clogged filter
[20:55:48] <zeeshan> the last test is short circuit test
[20:55:53] <zeeshan> which pretty much blows up the enclosure
[20:56:07] <zeeshan> we did a couple enclosures for the mining industry
[20:56:22] <zeeshan> so the enclosures were tested on a vibration table at different frequencies
[20:56:25] <andypugh> Amphibian-tastic. I know there are at least 3 toads who live around my house, and I have seen one of them in the same place 4 evenings out of 5 this week as I arrive home. But Now I just saw a nice big frog. He was moving in 2’ leaps, one neatly through the middle of a car’s alloy wheel. It was cool,
[20:57:11] <LeelooMinai> Right, I guess they do not like fires inside hospitals.
[20:58:29] <zeeshan> andypugh: i had a pet toat
[20:58:41] <zeeshan> he became my friend cause he used to meet me at the corner of my house all the time
[20:58:55] <zeeshan> survived 2 winters..
[20:59:00] <LeelooMinai> Then you stepped on it one day
[20:59:02] <zeeshan> then i found him dead
[20:59:05] <zeeshan> =/
[20:59:29] <zeeshan> i used to pet him with grass
[20:59:29] <zeeshan> lol
[20:59:31] <zeeshan> seemed to like it
[21:10:08] <andypugh> I have picked mine up a few times to put them somewhere better/safer, but the last time I think I scared it. Don’t ask me how I know :-)
[21:10:36] <zeeshan> he pooped on your hand?
[21:10:37] <zeeshan> :D
[21:10:56] <mozmck> usually they wet :)
[21:19:55] <andypugh> They only have one orifice, there isn’t a very great distinction.
[21:21:15] <zeeshan> stop abusing your toads!
[21:38:04] <andypugh> Not a bad evening’s work considering that I have mainly been chatting here ans drinking wine: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/0mPF1T-HjsH6CtWown_ixNMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink
[21:39:04] <CaptHindsight> anyone try the rotary tables from Shars? http://www.shars.com/products/view/20207/6_Horizontal_and_Vertical_Rotary_Table_3_Slots
[21:40:23] <CaptHindsight> andypugh: what did that geometry end up being on those sloped teeth?
[21:40:47] <andypugh> 10Dp with a 0.4 profile shift
[21:43:54] <CaptHindsight> andypugh: is this the front hub? https://plus.google.com/photos/108164504656404380542/albums/5988166686519072513/6003051997208173362?pid=6003051997208173362&oid=108164504656404380542
[21:44:17] <andypugh> Yes
[21:44:41] <Tom_itx> looks like you're becoming the Ner-a-Car parts supplier...
[21:45:42] <andypugh> CaptHindsight: I like the BS0 style more. You can do angles. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/0mPF1T-HjsH6CtWown_ixNMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink
[21:46:04] <andypugh> Tom_itx: The least profitable business venture possible :-)
[21:46:32] <andypugh> CaptHindsight: (Available cheaper)
[21:46:37] <CaptHindsight> andypugh: is there a close up of how the front axle/spindle gets attached to the frame?
[21:47:38] <CaptHindsight> I know it's only supports the hub on one side
[21:47:55] <andypugh> No, it’s two-sided. You can see it here: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/s9FHwfpJOcVmi2m6FE2Oj9MTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink
[21:49:01] <andypugh> https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/jAlg6wGhgnAFPlcDgEFlQNMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink
[21:49:46] <CaptHindsight> is there a pic of the front hub from the other side?
[21:50:00] <zeeshan> andypugh: is your bike worth a lot :)
[21:50:59] <andypugh> They come up for sale rarely, so it’s hard to say. Possibly $10,000
[21:53:38] <skunkworks_> andypugh: again - very nice job
[21:55:52] <zeeshan> well it looks like it's worth a lot :)
[21:55:56] <zeeshan> i was thinking around the 25-30 k range
[21:56:45] <CaptHindsight> https://plus.google.com/photos/108164504656404380542/albums/5988166686519072513/6003051997208173362?pid=6003051997208173362&oid=108164504656404380542 so does that curved piece fit through the steering knuckle and the bearing and hub?
[21:57:39] <CaptHindsight> I guess I'd just haven't seen those parts assembled up close enough
[21:59:01] <CaptHindsight> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/82/Neracar_naafbesturing_1923.jpg
[21:59:44] <CaptHindsight> http://kickstart.bikeexif.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/neracar-3.jpg
[22:00:37] <CaptHindsight> http://kickstart.bikeexif.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/neracar-3.jpg
[22:01:29] <CaptHindsight> it just didn't look like it would all fit in that unassembled pic
[22:03:44] <andypugh> The forged loop goes through the middle, then there is a very small king-pin pivot on which the steering sleeve turns. Then the bearing goes on the outside of that, and the bearing supports the hub.
[22:04:11] <CaptHindsight> I see it all now in those other pics
[22:04:56] <andypugh> It’s all quite simple because there is no front brake to worry about.
[22:05:16] <CaptHindsight> pesky brakes :)
[22:05:19] <andypugh> zeeshan: They are old, and interesting, but also very slow
[22:07:22] <andypugh> This is a fun read though, “Cannonball” Baker doing a coast-to-coast of the US run on a Ner-a-Car in 1921. http://www.motorcyclecannonball.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=268:how-i-crossed-america-on-neracar&catid=36:history-stories&Itemid=58
[22:08:39] <CaptHindsight> http://www.shars.com/products/gallery/20207/202-2002-3E.jpg/ how do you think the locks work on this?
[22:09:51] <CaptHindsight> http://www.shars.com/products/gallery/20207/202-2002-3J.jpg/
[22:09:58] <Tom_itx> looks like they pinch the rotary edge
[22:10:28] <Tom_itx> i'm nearly sure of it
[22:10:59] <CaptHindsight> I was thinking about Pete low budget indexer
[22:13:26] <CaptHindsight> Concentricity of center bore: .0008"
[22:17:18] <CaptHindsight> http://www.shars.com/products/view/418/6quot_Standard_HorizontalVertical_Indexing_Spacer_and_Rotary_Index Maximum individual division spacing error: 25 seconds
[22:19:30] <CaptHindsight> 25 arcseconds =0.00694444444 degrees, better than I thought these would be for $800
[22:22:37] <andypugh> The thrust face is a plain-bearing cast iron face just under the clamp on those, so the clamp is almost ideally placed.
[22:23:49] <andypugh> I have thought that by replacing the tension nut at the back with a Belville washer you could then use compressed air into the body to float the platten for rotation, and then vent the air to clamp.
[22:31:05] <CaptHindsight> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPbOEetDHdM low cost version of this turret
[22:31:18] <zeeshan> FAK!
[22:31:32] <zeeshan> got owned by hydraulic fluid
[22:31:32] <zeeshan> lol
[22:31:48] <zeeshan> i was testing out the 24v solenoid
[22:31:55] <zeeshan> with the pressure at 2000 psi
[22:32:05] <zeeshan> lets just say, a nice mist of fluid sprayed everywhere :p
[22:32:19] <zeeshan> i was expecting it :P
[22:32:31] <zeeshan> and CaptHindsight that tool changer is sexy
[22:32:36] <Connor> zeeshan: Haha :)
[22:32:57] <zeeshan> :D
[22:33:42] <zeeshan> man
[22:33:45] <zeeshan> that bar puller is NICE
[22:33:59] <Connor> Does your tool holder fit ?
[22:34:05] <CaptHindsight> whats the lowest cost jumble of parts to build something similar
[22:34:22] <zeeshan> youre prolly look at at a lot
[22:34:32] <zeeshan> =D
[22:34:39] <zeeshan> prolly in the 500 bux range
[22:34:57] <zeeshan> i noticed a problem with the design though
[22:35:14] <zeeshan> how do you use that thing when turning between centers?
[22:35:24] <zeeshan> nm
[22:35:25] <zeeshan> it'll clear
[22:35:36] <zeeshan> the other thing i was cncerned about is how far you have to stick out the work piece
[22:35:53] <zeeshan> cause the drill lengths will hit the spindle
[22:37:24] <CaptHindsight> yeah tradeoffs you have to consider
[22:37:35] <zeeshan> i dunno man
[22:37:38] <zeeshan> thats a pretty big one
[22:38:52] <zeeshan> just get a 6 axis robot
[22:39:01] <zeeshan> and make it load the tools in the quick change tool post
[22:39:02] <CaptHindsight> if you have enough travel in the cross slide it could do it all
[22:39:03] <zeeshan> :-)
[22:39:18] <CaptHindsight> the aren't rigid enough
[22:39:26] <zeeshan> for tool loading?
[22:39:38] <CaptHindsight> holding
[22:39:42] <zeeshan> noo
[22:39:46] <zeeshan> i mean to load the tool..
[22:39:52] <zeeshan> the robot is the automatic tool changer :P
[22:40:00] <CaptHindsight> oh i see you meant just to swap out tools
[22:40:03] <zeeshan> yes
[22:40:18] <zeeshan> didnt you buy like 10 of those scara robots
[22:40:54] <CaptHindsight> oh it's not for me, Pete was looking at options earlier today
[22:41:40] <zeeshan> http://www.ebay.ca/itm/6-DOF-Mechanical-Arm-6-Axis-3D-Rotation-Robot-Bracket-Chassis-no-servo-Robotic-/371040864054?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5663c24736
[22:41:43] <zeeshan> i wonder if something like this could work
[22:41:44] <zeeshan> :D
[22:42:48] <CaptHindsight> vs a small adopted child?
[22:42:55] <zeeshan> haha
[22:43:15] <CaptHindsight> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sA0WDoTtTT8
[22:43:20] <zeeshan> dude i'd mount that thing on top of the spindle gear box
[22:43:30] <zeeshan> which is where is store my tools also
[22:43:34] <zeeshan> and he'd load up the tools for me!
[22:43:36] <zeeshan> problem solved
[22:44:03] <zeeshan> i'll definitely need a 7i76 for the lathe then
[22:44:36] <zeeshan> wow that kid is crazy good
[22:44:36] <zeeshan> lol
[22:44:38] <CaptHindsight> that arm is aluminum for $100
[22:44:50] <CaptHindsight> the others I've seen are just plastic
[22:45:09] <zeeshan> i wonder if it can lift upto 20 lb
[22:45:18] <zeeshan> thats more weight than it!
[22:45:50] <CaptHindsight> look at it close up, it's going to flex under it's own weight
[22:45:58] <zeeshan> lol
[22:46:08] <zeeshan> CaptHindsight: mark my words
[22:46:13] <zeeshan> 2 years from today
[22:46:19] <zeeshan> i will have a robot doing my tool changes
[22:46:24] <zeeshan> on the lathe!
[22:46:25] <WalterN> words marked on the wall
[22:46:35] <WalterN> logs are had
[22:46:39] <zeeshan> !store
[22:46:41] <CaptHindsight> heh
[22:47:02] <WalterN> a two year cron job set up to remind me, and it will ping linuxcnc
[22:47:13] <zeeshan> hahahaha
[22:47:17] <zeeshan> that's halarious
[22:47:40] <WalterN> (didnt actually do any of that, but... maybe I should)
[22:47:53] <zeeshan> i'm kidding around
[22:47:58] <zeeshan> but i'd like to defginitely do it
[22:48:09] <CaptHindsight> tough crowd in here
[22:48:09] <zeeshan> it's low priority though, cause changing tools by hand isn't to much of a pain right now
[22:48:15] <WalterN> so
[22:48:30] <WalterN> why not have a lathe that can change the turret heads?
[22:48:43] <zeeshan> something different to try :P
[22:48:57] <zeeshan> with a robot you can even program it to load up your tail center
[22:49:00] <zeeshan> load up a part
[22:49:04] <zeeshan> basically do everything
[22:49:19] <WalterN> well yeah... thats primarily why robots are around
[22:49:24] <zeeshan> yessir
[22:49:32] <zeeshan> its sad, the robots on the production line
[22:49:37] <Tom_itx> what happens when tools break?
[22:49:38] <zeeshan> were just moving parts between machines
[22:49:46] <zeeshan> or deburring
[22:49:48] <WalterN> pff sad
[22:49:58] <zeeshan> the only place i did appreciate them
[22:50:01] <WalterN> robots should be doing deburring too
[22:50:18] <zeeshan> is where they'd go into a induction furnace oeven to pick up a hot part
[22:50:27] <zeeshan> *oven
[22:50:31] <WalterN> cause carpal tunnel
[22:50:55] <zeeshan> dude some people were getting paid $16/hr to deburr
[22:50:55] <zeeshan> lol
[22:51:28] <WalterN> depending on what it is, it might not be enough...
[22:52:26] <WalterN> there was some buffing and deburring I used to do that, if I didnt get fired for walking away and refusing to do it, would just not do for $14/hour
[22:52:50] <zeeshan> i dunno how people do it man
[22:52:58] <zeeshan> it's boring, streneous work
[22:53:05] <WalterN> they don't
[22:53:15] <WalterN> typically places like that have a high turnover rate
[22:53:21] <zeeshan> thats true
[22:53:25] <zeeshan> we'd have new people every month
[22:53:27] <WalterN> like fastfood places
[22:53:31] <zeeshan> job agencies would actually cycle them
[22:53:42] <zeeshan> between facilities
[22:54:12] <zeeshan> i was kinda annoyed by watching people do that
[22:54:18] <zeeshan> cause they werent even needed
[22:54:32] <zeeshan> the robot took the part and deburred it one machining station after them
[22:57:56] <andypugh> The biggest surprise for me was when I got a job designing production line equipment “make it tough, they will break it to get time off if it’s easy to do”
[22:58:32] <zeeshan> lol
[22:58:49] <zeeshan> andypugh: are you an engineer?
[22:59:08] <andypugh> Complete change to my world view. Everyone I know randomly _fixes_ stuff :-)
[22:59:31] <WalterN> what is a complete change?
[22:59:31] <andypugh> No, I am not an engineer.
[22:59:59] <zeeshan> what are you!
[23:00:18] <XXCoder> thats not a question. heh
[23:00:27] <WalterN> if you design parts or equipment then thats engineering
[23:00:27] <CaptHindsight> andypugh: where are you going to do your winter testing this year?
[23:00:56] <andypugh> Finland again, nowhere else makes any sense.
[23:01:52] <andypugh> I do engineering, and my job title has “engineer” in it, but the IMechE won’t even let me apply as I don’t have the right qualifications. :-/
[23:02:44] <andypugh> (this is something of a sore point)
[23:02:55] <zeeshan> do the exams
[23:03:13] <zeeshan> you clearly know what the heck youre doing :)
[23:03:20] <andypugh> I already have a degree and a PhD..
[23:03:31] <zeeshan> in what?
[23:03:46] <andypugh> Physics and metallurgy
[23:03:54] <zeeshan> very cool
[23:03:59] <CaptHindsight> it's because a degree in Human Resources is actually taken seriously by those with MBA's
[23:04:14] <CaptHindsight> so it's FUBAR
[23:04:24] <zeeshan> i don't know if its similar there, but you need to graduate from an accredited engineering program and have 4 years of work expierence before you can get your license
[23:04:36] <andypugh> Yes, that’s the issue.
[23:04:37] <zeeshan> and if you have work experience and relevant experience and some education
[23:04:45] <zeeshan> you can do auxillary exams
[23:04:59] <CaptHindsight> for the PE license?
[23:05:08] <zeeshan> i think theres like 8-12 of them (you do only a certain amount depending on your education)
[23:05:12] <andypugh> I could do a foundation degree in engineering, then they would let me join. But you know what? I can’t be bothered jumoing throiugh their hoops.
[23:05:12] <zeeshan> so say you didn't do much heat transfer
[23:05:16] <zeeshan> one of the tests will be heat transfer
[23:05:59] <zeeshan> i know its brutal
[23:06:06] <zeeshan> but they're trying to cover their butts
[23:06:15] <zeeshan> here engineers are self-regulated
[23:06:20] <zeeshan> imagine losing that ability
[23:06:24] <WalterN> meh
[23:06:26] <zeeshan> and letting the government try to regulate!
[23:06:46] <mozmck> nothing but the old guilds I say
[23:06:54] <andypugh> I taught courses in a university mechanical engineering department for a while (mechanical testing).
[23:07:07] <zeeshan> andypugh: you did metallurgy
[23:07:10] <WalterN> really it comes down to make something, it does what it needs to do, customers are happy... engineering's purpose was fulfilled
[23:07:11] <zeeshan> ofcourse you know materials inside out!
[23:07:23] <cathode> hi guys
[23:07:32] * WalterN flails at cathode
[23:07:38] <zeeshan> WalterN: you missed the most important point
[23:07:39] <XXCoder> hey wood
[23:07:53] <andypugh> Basically I don’t need the IMechE, and if they don’t want me, that’s OK by me.
[23:08:17] <zeeshan> most people don't even as engineers get their license here
[23:08:23] <WalterN> cathode: we still need to do a geeky nerdy party some time... today I bought $120 of alcohol :3
[23:08:24] <zeeshan> in the EE field for example
[23:08:44] <andypugh> But, back to the point. I do engineering, but I can’t call myself an engineer. :-)
[23:08:49] <WalterN> got like 10 bottles of different things
[23:08:56] <zeeshan> hey at least you're honest
[23:09:01] <zeeshan> some people lie that they're engineers and they're not
[23:09:33] <zeeshan> and then there are engineers that are engineers but i but most of them can't do feedback using a vfd!
[23:09:34] <zeeshan> :-)
[23:09:58] <CaptHindsight> I work mostly with scientists that can't engineer anything
[23:10:20] <WalterN> CaptHindsight: thats probably fun and highly annoying at times
[23:10:27] <zeeshan> andypugh: i'm doing my masters right now, did you see what i'm working on?
[23:11:01] <andypugh> Possibly, but I get confused by names.
[23:11:08] <zeeshan> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFkvmbWZIls&list=UUy-Z-COl0WvPmSLXMOvtedg
[23:11:15] <zeeshan> shape memory polymer laminates
[23:11:26] <zeeshan> i have no idea what i'm doing lol
[23:11:27] <andypugh> No, I would have remembered that.
[23:11:45] <zeeshan> i understand metals, but when it comes to poylmers, especially shape memory ones
[23:11:49] <zeeshan> its completely new nomenclature
[23:12:04] <andypugh> What “reminds” them?
[23:12:24] <zeeshan> thers basically two blends of polymers with different glass transition temperatures
[23:12:24] <WalterN> scientific suggestion
[23:12:32] <zeeshan> which activate at different temperatures
[23:12:33] <CaptHindsight> polymers are just longer chains of monomers and oligomers
[23:12:48] <zeeshan> andypugh: to be honest i'm note ven going to try to explain
[23:12:52] <zeeshan> cause i don't know the answer to that myself.
[23:12:58] <zeeshan> i mean i can tell you what i've read
[23:13:02] <zeeshan> but it still doesn't answer the question
[23:13:13] <zeeshan> most scientific papers say "they have net points" in them
[23:13:18] <WalterN> cathode: so are you enjoying this channel at all? XD
[23:13:25] <zeeshan> and based on the polymer composition
[23:13:27] <zeeshan> those set points change
[23:13:35] <zeeshan> still doesn't answer the question "how"
[23:13:36] <andypugh> I worked on high-strain rate behaviour of polymers for a while, it’s all very different with the strain-rate dependency, Mooney-Rivelin relationships and all that. I think I preferered metals.
[23:14:02] <zeeshan> same here
[23:14:11] <zeeshan> poylmers aren't simple cause theyre mostly visco-elastic
[23:14:11] <CaptHindsight> how is the differences in strain
[23:14:21] <zeeshan> so in between say metal and liquid
[23:14:47] <andypugh> But the worst thing I worked on was human skin grafts, not only are they visco-elastic and non-linear, but they go mouldy and have to be re-grown.
[23:14:54] <zeeshan> LOLL
[23:14:54] <CaptHindsight> crystal form vs fluid form
[23:14:56] <zeeshan> are you serious?
[23:15:02] <zeeshan> gross!
[23:15:27] <zeeshan> CaptHindsight: thats a very generic question :P
[23:15:27] <cathode> WalterN - yes and yes
[23:15:48] <WalterN> cathode: heh, yeah...
[23:16:00] <cathode> i don't use linuxcnc but it's a good channel for general discussion of cnc-related stuff :)
[23:16:02] <cathode> and tools
[23:16:02] <andypugh> Yes, absolutely serious. Skin-grafts develop a tension and pull tight on the patient, we were trying to measure those forces in-vitro to work out how to reduce them.
[23:16:14] <zeeshan> wow
[23:16:29] <zeeshan> did you approach it from an experimental approach
[23:16:34] <zeeshan> or analytical
[23:17:03] <CaptHindsight> zeeshan: heh, that was the answer not a question :)
[23:17:24] <zeeshan> i didn't get it
[23:17:28] <CaptHindsight> the "how" is the differences in strain
[23:17:44] <andypugh> Experimental. I made wells with stain-gauged arms out of polycarbonate, and the grafts were sutured to metal mesh extensions.
[23:17:49] <zeeshan> OH
[23:18:07] <zeeshan> CaptHindsight: but how does that answer
[23:18:12] <zeeshan> the fact that it remembers to go back toa certain place
[23:18:25] <CaptHindsight> zeeshan: think of it like two springs with two different spring rates
[23:18:28] <zeeshan> i understand at different temps especially above tg there will be differences
[23:18:42] <andypugh> That was the final, crude, approach. The elegant approach was to grow the grafts on a soft polymer substrate with fiducial marks and measure how the marks moved. But they didn’t.
[23:18:51] <cathode> so my roommate just suggested that we put a "Use side door" sign on the front door, then put a "Sorry, out of candy" sign on the side door.
[23:19:03] <cathode> my other roommate was like, "uh, i don't want the house to get egged"
[23:19:11] <zeeshan> andypugh: very interesting
[23:19:21] <zeeshan> CaptHindsight: explain more
[23:19:29] <zeeshan> are t hose 2 springs fixed at both ends?
[23:19:33] <zeeshan> are they in series?
[23:20:07] <andypugh> I described tonight as “Hiding indoors with the lights off night” at work today.
[23:20:34] <CaptHindsight> andypugh: is it popular there now?
[23:20:49] <cathode> in other news, if i wanted to use annular cutters on a drill press, are there any with normal hex shanks, or do they all have the shank for mounting in magnetic drills? would i need something like this to use it in my DP? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Morse-Taper-MT2-W-W-Oiler-for-Drill-Use-Annular-Cutter-Broach-w-Drill-Press-/171524529870?pt=BI_Tool_Work_Holding&hash=item27efa89ece
[23:21:03] <andypugh> I hate it, mainly because it’s a new import to the UK. Trick-or-Treat is one of the nastiest things we have imported from the US. It simply didn’t happen 20 years ago.
[23:21:30] <zeeshan> CaptHindsight: OH
[23:21:38] <zeeshan> i can visualize it now
[23:22:00] <zeeshan> so in the relaxed state, you have a certain position
[23:22:18] <zeeshan> now you heat it up, while one spring remains unchanged, the other becomes softer(less stiffer)
[23:22:38] <andypugh> cathode: You can normally hold the annular cutters in a normal chuck or collet. The normal mag-drill mount is just a very cheap and rugged alternative.
[23:22:50] <zeeshan> and if you were to keep internal forces same for simplicity, then the softer spring will compress more..
[23:22:52] <CaptHindsight> zeeshan: it's not a perfect analogy but I figured you'd get that
[23:23:02] <XXCoder> whoa. new 12 monkeys movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ihbMJbqYWbw
[23:23:09] <cathode> andypugh - but they have round shanks, wouldn't it slip like crazy in a DP?
[23:23:10] <zeeshan> causing the point to shift, and when you bring the temperature back, you reset the spring
[23:23:13] <zeeshan> CaptHindsight: you're a genious
[23:23:21] <zeeshan> that's a GREAT analogy
[23:23:43] <andypugh> cathode: No more so than a normal drill, in fact less so than a normal drlll of the same diameter.
[23:23:43] <zeeshan> i would have never gotten than out of the papers ive been reading
[23:23:49] <zeeshan> than = that
[23:23:54] <andypugh> (most drills don’t have hex shanks)
[23:24:24] <cathode> eh? i ONLY buy bits with flats ground on the shank
[23:24:30] <CaptHindsight> zeeshan: yeah polymer papers are probably co-written with mathematicians :)
[23:24:41] <zeeshan> crazy chemists..
[23:25:02] <zeeshan> CaptHindsight: so i kind of know what my thesis is going to consist of
[23:25:23] <zeeshan> i'm focusing on coming up with a technique thats very mechanical based
[23:25:33] <zeeshan> to evaluate the performance of different laminates..
[23:26:17] <andypugh> cathode: I don’t think I have any drills with flats. Flats are a relatively new thing which just happen to be easier with keyless chucks. (and sonce then the keyless chucks got better too).
[23:26:18] <zeeshan> it's easy to do with smp and polymer laminates, because the base material is fairly elastic, but a lot harder to do with metals cause of the huge difference in modulus of elasticity
[23:27:20] <zeeshan> cathode: annular cutters come in different types
[23:27:32] <zeeshan> http://im01.taiwantrade.org/resources/member/28380/productcatalog/36b69c00-a434-417f-bcc0-a7ae5c3f497a_CT350.jpg
[23:27:34] <zeeshan> thats the kind i use
[23:27:51] <zeeshan> you can mount that in a drill chuck if you wanted to
[23:28:43] <zeeshan> http://www.accusizetools.ca/upfile/2013271402748483.jpg
[23:28:45] <zeeshan> thats the set i have
[23:28:53] <cathode> andypugh - ah ok. well, i am only 26 so i don't have pre-modern bits :P
[23:29:26] <zeeshan> you will need an 18N jacobs chuck to make em work though
[23:29:29] <zeeshan> cause the shank is 3/4
[23:30:25] <CaptHindsight> zeeshan: let me know if you need a consultant
[23:30:34] <zeeshan> CaptHindsight: haha :)
[23:30:40] <andypugh> Anyway, it’s nearly morning here, I should get some sleep.
[23:30:46] <zeeshan> cya andypugh
[23:30:49] <cathode> my chuck only goes up to 5/8 i think
[23:30:52] <CaptHindsight> g'nite
[23:31:01] <zeeshan> cathode: now that i think about it
[23:31:08] <zeeshan> i did have slipping holding it in the chuck
[23:31:27] <zeeshan> it might be better to get a morse taper to annular cutter adapter like the one you posted
[23:31:29] <cathode> because of those large flats, it seems like it would slip easily in a normal chuck
[23:31:55] <zeeshan> to be honest i didnt even know they had a holder
[23:31:59] <cathode> ok. also, cutting a 2" hole in 1/2" steel for example, would put a LOT of force on the chuck
[23:32:17] <zeeshan> yea, but no where as much as a 2" drill bit
[23:32:18] <zeeshan> :)
[23:32:30] <cathode> yeah those mag drills have a chuck with two set-screws at 90-degree angle
[23:32:36] <zeeshan> the biggest hole ive drilled is 40 mm
[23:32:38] <cathode> that bite onto that flat
[23:32:56] <zeeshan> ahh
[23:33:17] <zeeshan> http://www.accusizetools.com/mc00-0003-mt3-to-3-4-weldon-shank-for-drill-use-annular-cutter-on-drill-press/
[23:33:18] <zeeshan> wow
[23:33:25] <zeeshan> thats the most expensive chinese adapter i've seen..
[23:33:54] <cathode> :(
[23:34:38] <WalterN> zeeshan: I bought a 2.5" spade drill a few weeks ago for a big job I just shipped today
[23:34:51] <WalterN> that thing drills like a monster
[23:34:55] <zeeshan> indexable?
[23:35:00] <WalterN> yeah
[23:35:05] <zeeshan> hehe nice
[23:35:09] <zeeshan> that musta been expensive
[23:35:10] <WalterN> BFFFFFFFF and the hole is done
[23:35:23] <zeeshan> i have a few of those inserts
[23:35:26] <WalterN> 5" long hole, 2.5" diameter
[23:35:28] <zeeshan> but no spade drills
[23:35:50] <zeeshan> why do you think its easier to drill in comparison to a regular drill?
[23:35:58] <zeeshan> http://www.ctemag.com/aa_pages/2012/1206-Drilling-web-resources/image/Allied%20Spade%20Drill%20070_opt.jpeg
[23:36:01] <zeeshan> those reliefs?
[23:36:04] <zeeshan> smaller chip?
[23:36:04] <cathode> WalterN - so i take it business is good lately?
[23:36:05] <WalterN> its fantastic
[23:36:05] <cathode> cool
[23:36:06] <WalterN> oh yeah
[23:36:06] <WalterN> business is good too
[23:38:09] <WalterN> uh
[23:38:24] <WalterN> my insert isnt as pointy, but yeah, same style
[23:38:30] <cathode> so i got done with this last night... https://www.dropbox.com/s/xp8hyb402z4c0v1/2014-10-29%2019.55.17.jpg?dl=0
[23:38:44] <zeeshan> cathode: looking good!
[23:38:50] <cathode> and then this happened: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c6lwn9knjoiy319/2014-10-29%2021.53.33.jpg?dl=0
[23:38:51] <zeeshan> done with a drill press?
[23:38:53] <cathode> (an inch too long)
[23:38:54] <cathode> yea
[23:39:03] <WalterN> cathode: been so busy that I havent had a chance to shower in 1.5 weeks
[23:39:08] <zeeshan> hahaha
[23:39:11] <zeeshan> that sucks!
[23:39:12] <cathode> heh
[23:39:18] <zeeshan> add a 0.5" spacer
[23:39:21] <CaptHindsight> zeeshan: one more thing, polymer chains form all sorts of structures you might find on a larger scale in mechanical engineering like coils, lattices, grids, webs etc
[23:39:22] <zeeshan> on both sides =D
[23:39:42] <cathode> zeeshan - can't. i ended up cutting an inch off the end of each bar and redrilling the holes
[23:39:46] <cathode> https://www.dropbox.com/s/7x75gd6wqgu9kh0/2014-10-29%2000.19.13.jpg?dl=0 thats my setup
[23:39:52] <zeeshan> CaptHindsight: even the amorphous ones?
[23:39:56] <zeeshan> thats what im working with..
[23:40:09] <cathode> my DP goes down to 280rpm or so, 1hp motor. pretty nice it doesn't have any problem hogging through steel
[23:40:29] <WalterN> my metal hogger is 30hp XD
[23:40:52] <cathode> well.... uh.... i couldn't even run a 30hp motor on my house panel i think
[23:41:11] <WalterN> zeeshan: 30hp and that 2.5" drill... really pushed the aluminum out in short notice... it was fantastic
[23:41:43] <zeeshan> cathode: you should be able to do .5" holes no problem at that speed
[23:41:50] <zeeshan> 280 might be a bit fast for 1" though
[23:42:02] <zeeshan> it'll do it
[23:42:05] <cathode> i did the large holes with a bi-metal hole saw bit
[23:42:09] <cathode> they're 1-3/8
[23:42:15] <WalterN> hmm
[23:42:20] <zeeshan> i calculated that wrong
[23:42:23] <WalterN> you want a cob endmill
[23:42:23] <zeeshan> 1" will be ok too
[23:42:28] <WalterN> "roughing" endmill
[23:42:39] <zeeshan> WalterN: 30hp!!
[23:42:49] <WalterN> those things remove steel without blinking
[23:42:50] <zeeshan> i can just imagine the cutting forces.
[23:43:17] <WalterN> zeeshan: yeah... I have two of those machines.. they don't stop for very many things XD
[23:43:24] <CaptHindsight> zeeshan: yes, thinks of it like a bundle of strings or wires all randonly knotted and hopelessly twisted and intertwined
[23:43:33] <zeeshan> rough estimate ~3500 lb
[23:43:37] <WalterN> if you cut the power they might stop :P
[23:43:58] <cathode> i was thinking about getting something like this. http://www.ebay.com/itm/10pcs-Carbide-Tip-TCT-Drill-Bit-Hole-Saw-Set-F-Stainless-Steel-Metal-Alloy-45mm-/310896104057
[23:44:00] <zeeshan> CaptHindsight: i think of them as a buncha noodles in a bowl
[23:44:01] <zeeshan> hehe
[23:44:13] <CaptHindsight> good one
[23:44:21] <zeeshan> CaptHindsight: do you know what micron level i need to go to
[23:44:24] <zeeshan> to be able to see the chains
[23:44:30] <zeeshan> can i do it with an optical scope
[23:44:37] <zeeshan> or will i need electron
[23:44:53] <zeeshan> who knows if i'll ever get to do this again :P
[23:45:01] <WalterN> zeeshan: I didnt have a kill-a-watt plugged into the machine, so I cant verify that it was actually pulling 30hp... possibly half that... donno.. the "load meter" was close to 100% though
[23:45:24] <CaptHindsight> zeeshan: http://www.nature.com/am/journal/2010/201006/images/am2010132i1.jpg
[23:45:25] <cathode> do you have a clamp-on type ammeter?
[23:45:38] <WalterN> (the kill-a-watt plug thing was a joke)
[23:45:41] <zeeshan> haha ill definitely need an electron scope!
[23:45:52] <cathode> http://www.transcat.com/Catalog/productdetail.aspx?itemnum=323&utm_source=google&utm_medium=base&gclid=CIPV6pvI2MECFZNbfgodXkEAbw
[23:45:58] <zeeshan> actually
[23:46:05] <zeeshan> i think the optical one does 4000 x mag
[23:46:09] <WalterN> I dont have a good shunt resistor
[23:46:43] <WalterN> actually, because its three phase, I would need three shunt resistors?
[23:46:45] * cathode wants 3-phase power...
[23:47:03] <cathode> things would be so much easier if i could get 3phase to my house
[23:47:11] <WalterN> cathode: you can get an inverter thing
[23:47:20] <cathode> they're expensive and mostly junk
[23:47:35] <WalterN> if you look around you can find a good one
[23:47:41] <WalterN> I know a few people who use them
[23:47:46] <cathode> i was thinking about building one, solid state with really high power IGBTs
[23:50:01] <WalterN> I'm getting ready to mix a twilight sparkle drink :3
[23:50:19] <cathode> anyway that set of TCT hole saw bits i linked, from china... do you guys think they'd be any good or would it be a waste of $65?
[23:53:30] <CaptHindsight> zeeshan: https://staff.aist.go.jp/s.horiuchi/PMMA_04.gif :)
[23:53:55] <cathode> CaptHindsight - what is that
[23:53:56] <zeeshan> so pretty
[23:54:01] <zeeshan> PMMA
[23:54:06] <zeeshan> polymethylacrylate
[23:54:12] <cathode> ah
[23:54:33] <zeeshan> im trying to remember the name
[23:54:46] <zeeshan> its the real plexiglass
[23:55:17] <CaptHindsight> it's actually a wide range of methacrylates
[23:55:23] <zeeshan> CaptHindsight: you dont understand what that analogy means to me
[23:55:37] <zeeshan> i've been trying to understand how the beep beep beep these thigns work for the last couple of months
[23:55:40] <zeeshan> reading tons of papers
[23:55:46] <zeeshan> and just getting no practical explanation
[23:55:54] <CaptHindsight> heh, happy to be of service
[23:56:12] <zeeshan> even the guys im working with
[23:56:17] <zeeshan> (from chem eng department)
[23:56:19] <zeeshan> have no clue
[23:56:21] <CaptHindsight> I work with this stiff all the time
[23:56:33] <zeeshan> what are you guys building
[23:56:34] <CaptHindsight> stuff even
[23:56:35] <zeeshan> i know you told me
[23:56:38] <zeeshan> but i forgot :/
[23:57:16] <cathode> i did some work with plexiglas the other day. i made a window for an electronics enclosure box for my tool
[23:57:34] <cathode> 1/4" plexi, i drilled and tapped 1/4-20 threads into it
[23:57:52] <cathode> several people told me "you can't tap into acrylic"
[23:58:33] <CaptHindsight> I make photopolymers, inks, coatings, composites, adhesives etc and the deposition tech
[23:58:56] <CaptHindsight> so it's all sorts of additive manufacturing and materials science
[23:59:31] <zeeshan> can you give one applicatoiun
[23:59:40] <zeeshan> where the photopolymers are used