#linuxcnc | Logs for 2014-09-19

[13:06:11] <PetefromTn_> Well managed to get the fixture machined for the four parts that are mirrors of each other and just finished pulling four perfect parts out of the machine!! YAY!!
[13:06:47] <archivist> yet another happy bunny
[13:06:54] <PetefromTn_> Just need to put the brushed finish they asked for on them and these babies are DONE... Now I gotta design the fixture for the other pair which is a different part and setup to machine those on the second side...
[13:07:20] <PetefromTn_> Machine is working amazing... I am so pleased. Just got another couple hours worth of work and this prototype will be finished.
[13:08:00] <skunkworks> PetefromTn_, once setup - I have never had a wtf moment with linuxcnc.. (unless I made a mistake)
[13:08:37] <PetefromTn_> yup Altho I still cannot get it to use the damn Cutter Compensation for some reason. That would save me a TON of time...
[13:09:00] <archivist> my wtf moments are usually mechanical (step loss, coupling come loose, or me)
[13:10:01] <skunkworks> wet errors
[13:10:28] <Jymmm> archivist: I'm surprised by that
[13:14:30] <FinboySlick> Jymmm: Even our heroes make mistakes.
[13:14:40] <Jymmm> lol
[13:14:58] <FinboySlick> Jymmm: Learning that is part of growing up.
[13:15:54] <Jymmm> FinboySlick: All my heros are dead, so eh.
[13:16:17] <FinboySlick> Jymmm: See, that was their last mistake.
[13:16:57] <Jymmm> FinboySlick: Yeah, we just haven't figured out immortality yet
[13:17:27] <Jymmm> FinboySlick: But both were badasses in their own right, so it's all good =)
[13:18:19] <FinboySlick> Jymmm: Badass that are dead... Hmmm. Smedley Butler?
[13:18:39] <Jymmm> FinboySlick: Einstein and Tesla.
[13:21:23] <FinboySlick> Jymmm: Good picks.
[13:39:29] <Jymmm> FinboySlick: And it's not their skills, but their philosophy and passion
[13:40:31] <Jymmm> FinboySlick: Their character if you will.
[13:42:53] <Deejay> re
[13:47:27] <jdh> no edison?
[13:48:01] <FinboySlick> jdh: You're trying to spark an international conflict? ;)
[13:48:54] <jdh> from that poseurs fans?
[13:49:08] <jdh> I work on Thomas Edison Street
[13:49:33] <FinboySlick> jdh: He had very good PR at the time.
[13:53:56] <jdh> I think it is time to leave!
[14:06:37] <penguin359`mac> Hello
[14:06:57] <penguin359`mac> I'm trying to talk g-code to an unknown CNC from a terminal.
[14:07:18] <penguin359`mac> Is there a simple hello, echo, or ping command to verify it is communicating?
[14:08:11] <cradek> you'll have to give much more information
[14:10:41] <penguin359`mac> I'm trying to send any command that will ellicit a response from the CNC.
[14:11:04] <penguin359`mac> I'm not sure if I have the right baud rate so I am trying several baud rates, but I don't see anything back.
[14:11:17] <cradek> ok you're talking about a serial port hookup
[14:11:39] <penguin359`mac> Yes, I am using a serial port adapter to the RS-232 cable it came with.
[14:11:41] <cradek> if you have tried many rates and don't even get garbage, you probably aren't hooked up right
[14:12:04] <PetefromTn_> Can you do something safe like maybe just turning the spindle on or something that does not require axis movement?
[14:12:05] <penguin359`mac> Do all G-code commands ellicit a response?
[14:12:16] <cradek> well none do, in particular
[14:12:25] <cradek> when you say unknown CNC what do you mean?
[14:13:02] <cradek> some old CNCs used a serial port for editing the gcode with a line editor or something, which would probably give you a prompt if you hit enter
[14:13:14] <penguin359`mac> I mean it's an old Isel brand CNC that was laying around with no software and no one who knows anything about it.
[14:13:28] <cradek> others expected a tape reader and don't ever print anything
[14:13:36] <cradek> some expect a teletype or reader/punch
[14:13:47] <cradek> what is "old"?
[14:14:20] <cradek> like what decade do you mean?
[14:18:43] <penguin359`mac> http://www.techno-isel.com/education1/H870/PDF/H870P087.pdf
[14:19:00] <penguin359`mac> That's the most detailed information I've found on the device so far, but I can't find a date.
[14:21:06] <cradek> pretty old, it's 32k of ram
[14:21:31] <cradek> ok, it is rs232, that's one suspicion answered
[14:22:08] <cradek> there is no way to know from this what it expects
[14:22:12] <penguin359`mac> Yes, but no mention of baud rate so I'm expecting that they only want you to use their software.
[14:22:36] <penguin359`mac> They do mention a G-code translator for one of the two software packages.
[14:22:43] <cradek> there's no reason to expect it to take gcode on that serial port
[14:22:56] <penguin359`mac> err, g-m code translator
[14:23:13] <cradek> keep the stepper drives if they have a usable interface, ditch the control, use linuxcnc
[14:24:29] <penguin359`mac> HL33SBME242510
[14:24:29] <penguin359`mac> Includes: two clamp bars, two cam locks, variable speed spindle, computer serial
[14:24:32] <penguin359`mac> cable, and the Fanuc G-M code translator.
[14:25:11] <cradek> sure, that might be a floppy disk with a piece of software on it
[14:25:35] <cradek> it looks like an optional feature you can buy
[14:26:07] <cradek> start taking it apart, see what you have
[14:33:03] <zeeshan|2> fak
[14:33:14] <zeeshan|2> i accidently found out the lathe can cut .75" depth of cut
[14:33:14] <zeeshan|2> haha
[14:33:17] <zeeshan|2> whoops.
[14:38:08] <penguin359`mac> Well, looks like I have an EP1090 controller inside.
[14:38:18] <penguin359`mac> Time for some more Google
[14:48:40] <penguin359`mac> It sounds like people fedd G-code to this Fanuc software that ran on DOS which translated it to the language used by the EP1090.
[14:49:07] <penguin359`mac> This may just require a new stepper motor controller.
[15:33:06] <CaptHindsight> http://www.gizmag.com/intel-3d-realsense-scanners-tablets-phones/33882/ Intel putting 3D scanners in consumer tablets next year, phones to follow
[15:33:32] <CaptHindsight> I wonder if they will try to cripple it with DRM in some way?
[15:58:27] <pips_> hey I am wondering if i could get some help setting up a program
[16:05:51] <penguin359`mac> Hey, I found what looks like a manual for the C series controller language!
[16:06:16] <penguin359`mac> It's not G-code, but it is ASCII. Now I need to write a converter.
[16:07:35] <Deejay> gn8
[16:12:06] <JT-Shop> http://www.multixmedia.org/cammill/
[16:13:36] <Tom_itx> you tried it?
[16:13:37] <Connor> JT-Shop: What's that ?
[16:13:52] <Tom_itx> appears to be 2d cad cam
[16:14:46] <JT-Shop> I just saw it on the forum, I'm installing it on my Debian box
[16:15:01] <Tom_itx> no english docs?
[16:15:33] <JT-Shop> much to my surprise Debian has git installed from the git go
[16:15:37] <JT-Shop> dunno
[16:17:03] <JT-Shop> things went well until I typed in make
[16:17:48] <Tom_itx> post doesn't show canned cycles
[16:18:55] <Tom_itx> decimals are carried out a bit far
[16:21:23] <Tom_itx> i don't see anything on tweaking the post either
[16:21:38] <JT-Shop> Tom_itx, did you install it?
[16:21:50] <Tom_itx> no i'm just looking at the page
[16:22:24] <Tom_itx> it would be nice to know what functions they have definded for the post
[16:23:15] <JT-Shop> interesting the tool names are in English but the description is German
[16:23:28] <Tom_itx> i noticed that too
[16:25:32] <rythmnbls> JT-Shop, you can substitue gcc for clang in the Makefile
[16:25:47] <Connor> I just installed clang
[16:26:15] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Chicago-Electric-240-Volt-Spot-Welder-New-/251494770844 are these too crappy to tack weld 22ga stainless?
[16:26:51] <Tom_itx> i would think it should do that
[16:27:32] <rythmnbls> CaptHindsight, i have a Hobart just like that one, it will do 22ga easy
[16:28:52] <CaptHindsight> some HF tools I use and return under extended warranty, others I just avoid
[16:29:03] <Tom_itx> hehe
[16:29:21] <Tom_itx> i had an angle drill i got from HF that didn't make it past the first hole
[16:29:27] <Tom_itx> before the head stripped
[16:29:54] <Tom_itx> the tips look replaceable
[16:30:10] <CaptHindsight> yeah, some are just made too poorly, others I just expect to wear out
[16:30:39] <CaptHindsight> their portable bandsaw lasted one day
[16:30:47] <Tom_itx> i'd have gotten a nicer one but i never had the need for one except for once
[16:30:56] <CaptHindsight> my milwaukee is going on 25 years
[16:30:59] <Tom_itx> yup
[16:32:04] <CaptHindsight> maybe I'll just use a TIG, it's only 40 or so spots
[16:44:19] <JT-Shop> is the problem that clang whateverthatis is not installed?
[16:44:53] <rythmnbls> JT-Shop, yep
[16:51:28] <JT-Shop> thanks, it's working now
[16:53:23] <JT-Shop> Tom_itx, the post processor looks just like SheetCam
[17:01:07] <Connor> okay, those of you who have done really nice looking wiring in your cabinets using DIN rails and connectors.. Can you give me some basic tips? I have a huge pile of DIN connectors.. and have no idea what the proper way to use them are. I'm going to be redoing my enclosure..
[17:01:35] <Connor> I know I need a 48v buss to feed the stepper drivers, I need a 12v buss...
[17:02:13] <Connor> Do I run I/O through them too? Or is that over complicating it ?
[17:03:51] <Connor> The other issue I have is.. I have NO idea what this stuff is rated at.. if it's AC or DC ..
[17:04:35] <JT-Shop> most DIN rail terminal blocks are rated at 250v or more
[17:05:01] <Connor> Yes, But.. when dealing with DC.. doesn't that change ?
[17:05:12] <JT-Shop> Panduit conduit makes the cabinet look good
[17:05:28] <JT-Shop> only with contactors
[17:06:11] <JT-Shop> do you have jumpers for the terminal blocks?
[17:06:16] <Connor> http://disti-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/quistelectronics/files/datasheets/13934.pdf
[17:06:22] <Connor> that's One I have..
[17:06:46] <Connor> I have several that are have a jumper linking 2 blocks together.
[17:06:58] <JT-Shop> 800v 32a
[17:07:14] <JT-Shop> I have a bunch of them too
[17:07:29] <Connor> On the part.. I see 600V 20-10AWG too..
[17:08:38] <Connor> I have 3 Wkn 2.5 E/U
[17:08:45] <JT-Shop> normally it doesn't make sense to run a wire from a terminal block on a device to a terminal block then to the end when one wire will run the whole distance in the same box
[17:09:38] <Connor> Okay.. So, NO on the I/O since I/O is in same enclosure..
[17:09:49] <Connor> but, using it for buss is okay.
[17:09:58] <Connor> IE 48v, and 12v and 120v
[17:11:19] <JT-Shop> yea that makes sense
[17:12:05] <Connor> http://www.plccenter.com/en-US/Buy/WIELAND/WK25U8113SH
[17:12:12] <Connor> I have some of those too
[17:12:40] <JT-Shop> it also makes sense when bringing wires into a cabinet to land them on terminal blocks usually
[17:13:11] * JT-Shop heads to the neighbors house to relax with a cold beverage
[17:13:28] <Connor> that's the part that's concerning me.
[17:13:39] <Connor> that's allot of extra wiring...
[18:07:01] <CaptHindsight> is there a simple way to run a few digital RC servo motors from a Mesa card?
[18:08:06] <CaptHindsight> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?RC_Servo_Test doesn't have enough accuracy
[18:14:28] <SpeedEvil> Are you sure the things have enough accuracy
[18:15:38] <CaptHindsight> http://emc2arduino.wordpress.com/ this will work, but if you're trying to avoid the use of a *duino i aven't noticed anything already worked out
[18:15:43] <cpresser_> most rc servos are analog, so they have infinite accuracy :)
[18:16:17] <cpresser_> however, the pwm-frequency is only 50Hz. inbetween commands they are not closed loop
[18:17:19] <CaptHindsight> I won't have enough LPT signals left over to use RC_Servo_Test anyway
[18:18:46] <SpeedEvil> Err - they have _massive_ slop
[18:18:54] <SpeedEvil> Often
[18:20:16] <CaptHindsight> good enough to open a close some doors
[18:20:52] <CaptHindsight> have 6 to control
[18:21:53] <Tom_itx> dude just wrote an 12 bit avr lib to control servos (at least8) i think
[18:21:55] <Tom_itx> maybe more
[18:22:04] <Tom_itx> serial
[18:22:58] <Tom_itx> low or no jitter
[18:24:40] <CaptHindsight> I have to see if emc2arduino has a interface to HAL worked out
[18:25:33] <CaptHindsight> Linuxcnc controls the gantry robot, this has to be synchronized to the RC servos with classicladder
[18:29:02] <CaptHindsight> http://emc2arduino.wordpress.com/category/hal2arduino/
[18:40:28] <cpresser_> you can use a PCA9685 to drive 16 servos over i2c
[18:40:53] <cpresser_> its not realime, but depending on the application its a nice an easy setup
[18:41:13] <CaptHindsight> cpresser_: how does it tie back into Linuxcnc?
[18:41:37] <cpresser_> CaptHindsight: have a kernel-i2c-interface, and write a userspace comp for it
[18:41:51] <cpresser_> you could even make it realtime, if the kernel-i2c-driver is realtime :)
[18:41:55] <CaptHindsight> ah ok, yet to be done
[18:42:10] <CaptHindsight> trying to avoid have to write much
[18:42:21] <cpresser_> not really. most pc hardware has a usable i2c-bus
[18:43:05] <cpresser_> embedded boards like the beaglebone or the R-Pi have them. on normal PCs the bus is not exposed, but easily accessed with a soldering iron :)
[18:43:19] <cpresser_> drivers and userspace tools are available under linux
[18:44:00] <cpresser_> or: get a usb->i2c dongle.
[18:45:05] <cpresser_> like this one: http://www.harbaum.org/till/i2c_tiny_usb/index.shtml
[18:50:36] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/11Kg-cm-42-Stepper-Motor-with-5mm-Shaft-5-18-1-Planetary-Gearbox-for-3D-Printer-/131283308072 would also work
[18:54:59] <Tom_itx> i used i2c for my temp sensors on my server using the parport
[18:55:19] <Tom_itx> with lmsensors
[18:56:50] <Tom_itx> http://tom-itx.ddns01.com:81/~webpage/temp/LM75/PPort_Brd_top.jpg
[18:56:54] <Tom_itx> parport dongle for it
[19:01:14] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-Reprap-Stepper-Geared-motor1-15-ratio-1805oz-in-12V-3D-printer-57BYGH402AG15-/131297113697
[19:11:39] <CaptHindsight> it would nice to use a gearbox + stepper or RC servo vs DC motor with gearbox + limit switches
[19:51:15] <zeeshan|2> after speaking to some others
[19:51:23] <zeeshan|2> the mill i was looking at weighs the same as my bridgeport
[19:51:37] <zeeshan|2> the only difference is it's got nmtb40 taper spindle and ball screws
[19:51:46] <zeeshan|2> might be a better option just to modify mine
[20:12:11] <PetefromTn_> What kinda mill is it?
[20:15:05] <jdh> is it already cnc'ed?
[20:16:18] <zeeshan|2> ex-cell-o 602 cnc
[20:16:30] <zeeshan|2> yea it cnc'ed, but its got rusty ways
[20:16:33] <zeeshan|2> and is in pieces
[20:17:02] <zeeshan|2> i really honestly think if i grab a series 2 bridgeport head and mount it to the overarm or whatever you call it
[20:17:06] <zeeshan|2> it'll be really good
[20:28:00] <PetefromTn_> Well I just have one more fixture to mill and one more part to finish here. Probably get it done later tonight and this job is finished finally. Looking forward to getting PAID!! LOL
[20:33:13] <jdh> getting paid is cool.
[20:33:26] <jdh> sometimes I really like my work, but I woudl quit going instantly without pay.
[20:33:32] <PetefromTn_> Yup DA COOLEST!!
[21:22:12] <sharpen047> hey guys, wondering if anyone knew how to find the base address of a second par port. seems like my on board may be bad but i have a pci card i can test.
[21:23:36] <jdh> lspci -vvv
[21:32:54] <sharpen047> jdh: that shows sub adresses doesnt it? doesnt show 0x378
[21:33:24] <jdh> usually your onboard one is 0x378
[21:33:40] <jdh> and the secondary will be something 'big'
[21:34:04] <sharpen047> lspci -vvv doesnt show 0x378 though?
[21:37:52] <zeeshan|2> then youre sol!
[21:37:59] <zeeshan|2> do you see anything related to "parallel port"
[21:38:34] <PetefromTn_> Parallel Port is da debil...
[21:38:38] <PetefromTn_> ;)
[21:50:36] <PetefromTn_> Jeez man I just smashed my freaking finger...
[21:51:36] <PetefromTn_> Trying to clean up the damn shop for this weekend's LINUXCNC FESTIVAL OF CNC TYPE SHENANIGANS!!! LOL
[21:52:36] <zeeshan|2> haha nice
[21:52:38] <zeeshan|2> whos coming
[21:53:16] <PetefromTn_> Just a couple guys from here and possibly another guy from Down in West Atlanta area... Oh and ME!
[21:53:34] <zeeshan|2> is ssi coming
[21:53:43] <PetefromTn_> but if anyone else wants to attend we won't slam the door on ya.
[21:53:47] <PetefromTn_> apparently...
[21:53:56] <zeeshan|2> bitch slap him for me
[21:53:58] <zeeshan|2> :-)
[21:54:04] <PetefromTn_> Oh most definitely...
[21:54:27] <PetefromTn_> damn my finger is throbbing
[21:54:35] <zeeshan|2> uh oh
[21:54:51] <PetefromTn_> reminds me of those old cartoons where it grows to ten times the size and throbs red LOL
[21:55:36] <PetefromTn_> Tryin to put the spare tire for my Bronco up in the attic until I can get the rear bumper and tire carrier built for it. Its just in the way and its the wrong size anyway hehe
[21:56:35] <jdh> afaik, onboard p-port isn't on pci so it wouldn't show up in lspci
[22:01:52] <zeeshan|2> jdh
[22:01:52] <zeeshan|2> lies
[22:04:54] <XXCoder> http://www.computerworld.com/article/2685322/dremel-releases-a-3d-printer-for-the-masses.html
[22:04:58] <XXCoder> interesting
[22:10:44] <jdh> huh?
[22:14:29] <zeeshan|2> so
[22:14:36] <zeeshan|2> can 3d printers print out stainless steel
[22:14:41] <zeeshan|2> or steel or aluiminum components
[22:14:51] <XXCoder> theres expensive one that can
[22:14:57] <XXCoder> it also is 5 axis cnc mill
[22:15:02] <XXCoder> so it makes and cuts
[22:15:04] <zeeshan|2> how expensive
[22:15:09] <zeeshan|2> and what makes tem expensive?
[22:15:15] <XXCoder> companies would be hard pressed to afford one
[22:15:23] <XXCoder> and we mere mortals..
[22:15:29] <zeeshan|2> i dont understand why you can't just take powdered metal
[22:15:34] <zeeshan|2> and print out a 3d part
[22:15:35] <zeeshan|2> and sinter it?
[22:15:36] <XXCoder> oh there is few
[22:15:44] <zeeshan|2> why is that expensive?
[22:15:45] <XXCoder> but not very common I hear
[22:15:52] <XXCoder> no idea on price for those
[22:16:32] <zeeshan|2> call me naive
[22:16:36] <zeeshan|2> but i dont see 3d printing really changing the world
[22:16:45] <zeeshan|2> like they're really slow
[22:16:51] <XXCoder> well it will change a bit
[22:16:58] <XXCoder> slow but sure
[22:16:59] <zeeshan|2> you can cast like 100 parts
[22:17:01] <zeeshan|2> in the time 1 part is done
[22:17:04] <XXCoder> evenually we will have everything printer
[22:17:16] <zeeshan|2> yes
[22:17:22] <zeeshan|2> but that assumes that the end user has a lot of knowledge?
[22:17:33] <zeeshan|2> on how to use cad
[22:17:33] <zeeshan|2> or are they just going to be downloading files
[22:17:35] <XXCoder> I assume by then there would be plan markets
[22:17:36] <zeeshan|2> and hitting print
[22:17:54] <XXCoder> like iphone 18 plan is $100
[22:18:01] <XXCoder> buy it and print it
[22:23:11] <zeeshan|2> just watching youtube
[22:23:19] <zeeshan|2> thats exactly how they're printing most metal parts
[22:23:22] <zeeshan|2> throw sintering
[22:23:33] <zeeshan|2> after making a 3d printed binder shape
[22:24:00] <XXCoder> theres better one using welds
[22:24:09] <XXCoder> im sure CaptHindsight knows
[22:27:38] <zeeshan|2> XXCoder: do you know anyone has printing out say a tensile test specimen using a 3d printer
[22:27:42] <zeeshan|2> and seeing how it rears?
[22:27:45] <zeeshan|2> *reacts
[22:27:56] <zeeshan|2> the parts look very brittle
[22:28:21] <XXCoder> properies of materials should be well known
[22:28:26] <XXCoder> PLA and ABS is very common
[22:28:34] <XXCoder> ABS is pretty though
[22:28:36] <zeeshan|2> im talking about specifically 3d printing metals
[22:28:42] <ssi> PetefromTn_: you still here?
[22:28:43] <zeeshan|2> the way they're printing it
[22:28:47] <zeeshan|2> would efect its composition
[22:29:12] <XXCoder> hey social security insurance
[22:29:41] <Tom_itx> speaking of 3d printing metal: http://www.nasa.gov/exploration/systems/sls/3d-printed-rocket-injector.html
[22:31:07] <XXCoder> tom that is why printing is awesome. print + mill is 100x more awesome. too bad capt is not in
[22:31:11] <XXCoder> or he'd link to it
[22:31:12] <zeeshan|2> sintering is a proven technology
[22:31:17] <zeeshan|2> of powdered metals tha tis
[22:32:16] <zeeshan|2> a lot of ford cars have connecting rods made out of powdered metal
[22:32:52] <ssi> metal injection molding
[22:33:47] <zeeshan|2> from what i recal
[22:33:53] <zeeshan|2> the most expensive thing is the metal powder and binder
[23:18:39] <PetefromTn_> Runnin' parts again!! LOL
[23:18:54] <PetefromTn_> I also just got another order for my new Steyr Rail so thats sweet.
[23:19:27] <XXCoder> whats it
[23:19:47] <PetefromTn_> whats what?
[23:20:11] <XXCoder> streyr rail
[23:21:13] <PetefromTn_> http://imgur.com/0OPcXZ1
[23:21:38] <XXCoder> gun part?
[23:22:14] <PetefromTn_> yeah Steyr LG110 Precision Air Rifle.
[23:22:24] <XXCoder> paintball?
[23:22:35] <PetefromTn_> is that a serious question?
[23:22:45] <XXCoder> yeah
[23:22:58] <PetefromTn_> hell no it's not paintball.
[23:23:36] <PetefromTn_> http://www.ft-sport.de/images/steyr_lg110ft-1_mirco.jpg
[23:23:58] <LeelooMinai> Role playing? :)
[23:23:59] <PetefromTn_> Thats what one looks like all assembles but it does not have my droop compensated scope riser rails.
[23:24:02] <XXCoder> shoots actual bullet?
[23:24:07] <XXCoder> or bb ball?
[23:24:11] <PetefromTn_> shoots precision lead pellets
[23:24:18] <PetefromTn_> like Olympic shooters
[23:24:25] <PetefromTn_> only much faster
[23:24:29] <XXCoder> interesting
[23:31:56] <XXCoder> zeeshan|2:
[23:31:58] <XXCoder> found it
[23:31:59] <XXCoder> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9IdZ2pI5dA
[23:32:09] <XXCoder> I think
[23:33:48] <XXCoder> yep
[23:43:57] <zeeshan|2> looks very slow!
[23:44:00] <zeeshan|2> but very cool
[23:44:12] <XXCoder> yeah it could make pretty lot. all precise
[23:44:42] <zeeshan|2> what i think is cool about that machine is
[23:44:46] <zeeshan|2> you can take a damaged part and fix it
[23:44:52] <zeeshan|2> and machine it all in one go
[23:45:00] <zeeshan|2> like a worn out shaft
[23:45:04] <zeeshan|2> or gear
[23:45:07] <XXCoder> not too sure how it would know how to fix
[23:45:12] <zeeshan|2> you'd program for it
[23:45:14] <XXCoder> someday yeah
[23:45:49] <zeeshan|2> wow
[23:45:51] <zeeshan|2> that part took 230 min
[23:45:51] <zeeshan|2> lol
[23:46:00] <XXCoder> not surpised
[23:46:05] <XXCoder> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv1BqN4yyXE this is machine I use
[23:48:51] <zeeshan|2> its hogging material! :D
[23:49:06] <XXCoder> wish I own one at home too
[23:49:11] <XXCoder> its small but very good
[23:51:09] <zeeshan|2> damn
[23:51:13] <zeeshan|2> that dmg machine you posted
[23:51:17] <zeeshan|2> costs 1 million
[23:51:23] <XXCoder> vm10?
[23:51:26] <zeeshan|2> no
[23:51:29] <zeeshan|2> the sintering one
[23:51:34] <XXCoder> the additive subtractive one?
[23:51:43] <XXCoder> not surpised its very high tech
[23:52:38] <XXCoder> heh one machine thats cnc router thats large as car -
[23:52:44] <XXCoder> apparently its junk
[23:52:50] <XXCoder> it overheated lol
[23:52:58] <zeeshan|2> hehe
[23:53:12] <XXCoder> I call it that annoying machine because it kept having problems
[23:53:24] <XXCoder> my mentor told me he wouldnt buy it because its cheap and crap
[23:53:37] <XXCoder> well that cheap machine is around cost of cheap house lol
[23:53:40] <XXCoder> 100k?
[23:53:53] <zeeshan|2> lol
[23:56:37] <XXCoder> http://www.ebay.com/itm/10377-HURCO-VM1-CNC-VMC-26-x-14-Travels-8000rpm-15hp-30-x-14-Table-2002-/281406634063?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item418524784f
[23:56:50] <XXCoder> this is 12 year old used vm10. still as expensive as cheap new car
[23:59:01] <XXCoder> http://www.hurco.com/en-us/cnc-machine-tools/machining-centers/vertical/Pages/General-Purpose.aspx new one