#linuxcnc | Logs for 2014-04-10

[00:00:03] <toastyde1th> as soon as you put a machine in a basement you are forever going to be saying "well i'd do that except it's down a flight of stairs"
[00:00:13] <toastyde1th> even buying stock can be a pain in the balls
[00:00:13] <shaun413_> Hahaha
[00:00:44] <shaun413_> So let's recap
[00:00:50] <shaun413_> What am I looking for?
[00:01:04] <toastyde1th> the biggest lathe you are comfortable getting down a flight of stairs
[00:01:13] <toastyde1th> and by biggest i mean weight
[00:01:19] <toastyde1th> not like
[00:01:23] <toastyde1th> a 400 foot long lathe
[00:01:44] <shaun413_> Well it may fit in the garage
[00:02:02] <toastyde1th> I'd look for the heaviest 30-40" bed length lathe you can find
[00:02:09] <shaun413_> Price is more of a concern
[00:02:11] <toastyde1th> swing over the bed, as mentioned, is more important
[00:02:25] <shaun413_> Right
[00:02:27] <toastyde1th> and the spindle nose size is a very good indicator of how strong a lathe is
[00:02:43] <toastyde1th> so what do you mean by "looking for" if not those factors
[00:03:17] <shaun413_> I mean brands
[00:03:19] <shaun413_> Models
[00:03:29] <toastyde1th> what's that one small lathe site
[00:03:40] <toastyde1th> http://lathes.co.uk/
[00:03:46] <toastyde1th> this will give you an idea of what you're looking at
[00:04:10] <toastyde1th> I can't suggest one brand or another, i haven't used a ton of tiny lathes other than Hardinge
[00:04:17] <toastyde1th> which are accurate but not very strong
[00:04:35] <shaun413_> Ok
[00:04:52] <toastyde1th> south bend, rockwell
[00:05:06] <shaun413_> Yes
[00:05:07] <toastyde1th> SB is okay but overpriced, don't be afraid to grab it
[00:05:12] <toastyde1th> if it's in price range
[00:05:18] <shaun413_> Ok
[00:05:32] <shaun413_> Does it matter the model?
[00:05:35] <shaun413_> Or year?
[00:05:38] <toastyde1th> nope
[00:05:57] <toastyde1th> look it over for "excessive wear," but that's pretty much impossible to really quantify on sight
[00:06:13] <shaun413_> Yeah idk what to look for when buying
[00:06:15] <toastyde1th> try to inspect it under power, run it through all the gears and listen to the shifts
[00:06:25] <toastyde1th> run it through a bunch of different feeds and speeds
[00:06:32] <toastyde1th> crank the handwheels, check for binding
[00:06:34] <shaun413_> Don't even know how to do that:/
[00:07:13] <toastyde1th> there are some really, really good brands that made goddamned phenomenal lathes in the 30" range
[00:07:22] <toastyde1th> but you're unlikely to find them
[00:07:41] <toastyde1th> Monarch has some non-10ee lathes, those are great
[00:08:02] <toastyde1th> American made a 20x30" Pacemaker, but it's unlikely you'd want to move it
[00:08:16] <toastyde1th> DSG (Dean, Smith, and Grace) has a short bed lathe
[00:08:35] <shaun413_> So many options
[00:08:41] <toastyde1th> Leblond is probably the best small-ish 30" lathe
[00:08:44] <shaun413_> Very intimidating
[00:08:49] <toastyde1th> but the name makes the price go up
[00:08:52] <toastyde1th> for no reason, imho
[00:09:26] <toastyde1th> I can pick up the 30" Pacemaker for like half the cost on average of a Leblond, and the American is a top-tier manual lathe
[00:09:26] <shaun413_> Apple
[00:09:29] <shaun413_> :p
[00:09:51] <toastyde1th> who else
[00:09:59] <shaun413_> ?
[00:10:00] <toastyde1th> Ikeagi and Mazak both made late-model manual lathes
[00:10:01] <witnit> another factor to consider is replacement parts
[00:10:09] <shaun413_> And price :p
[00:10:21] <witnit> you dont want some oddball machine they only made a few thousand of
[00:10:25] <shaun413_> The cheaper the better
[00:10:27] <witnit> or you will pay alot for parts
[00:10:43] <witnit> im still sticking with hardinge/rockwell
[00:10:50] <witnit> for a beginner small do all lathe
[00:11:02] <toastyde1th> hardinge++
[00:11:07] <shaun413_> Ok
[00:11:13] <shaun413_> Will look at hardinge
[00:11:15] <toastyde1th> just make sure you're buying a hardinge ENGINE LATHE
[00:11:19] <toastyde1th> and not a chucker or a second op lathbe
[00:11:20] <toastyde1th> *lathe
[00:11:32] <toastyde1th> or you will be a sad panda
[00:11:42] <witnit> yes do not buy the speed lathe second operations ect lathe UNLESSS it has a toolpost and then you still will not have threading
[00:12:12] <toastyde1th> hardinge is also semi-retarded in that most of their machines are electronic feed rather than driveshaft
[00:12:16] <toastyde1th> only thing i didn't like about them
[00:12:33] <witnit> http://blog.sterlingmachinery.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/A1584.jpg
[00:12:36] <witnit> myes myes....
[00:12:55] <toastyde1th> lol if you can find an HLV for less than like 5k
[00:13:00] <toastyde1th> i'll be impressed
[00:13:02] <witnit> hahahaha
[00:13:03] <witnit> truth
[00:13:08] <witnit> hahaha but its soo perty
[00:13:36] <toastyde1th> also this is hilarious
[00:13:36] <toastyde1th> http://www.lathes.co.uk/union/
[00:13:46] <shaun413_> Hardinge is expensive...
[00:13:46] <toastyde1th> Union makes 50 ton turret lathes
[00:13:51] <toastyde1th> and apparently, shitty bench lathes
[00:14:00] <witnit> wow
[00:14:10] <witnit> nice drive motor
[00:14:29] <witnit> does it come with a hamster wheel
[00:14:31] <shaun413_> Like 4k on cl
[00:14:34] <shaun413_> Hmmm
[00:14:35] <toastyde1th> http://img.machinio.com/resale_info/6395655.jpg
[00:14:53] <toastyde1th> shaun413_, Hardinge is expensive
[00:14:59] <toastyde1th> it's difficult to come across them cheap
[00:15:00] <shaun413_> Oh
[00:15:05] <shaun413_> I can't afford that
[00:15:21] <toastyde1th> the problem is that at 500 dollars you are going to be waiting awhile for a decent lathe
[00:15:26] <toastyde1th> unless you want to go small, bench top
[00:15:30] <toastyde1th> and just get into the game
[00:15:31] <shaun413_> Yeah
[00:15:50] <toastyde1th> the downside is that you are going to rapidly outpace the lathe and none of the small-model shit will fit on a bigger machine
[00:16:08] <shaun413_> I see
[00:16:08] <toastyde1th> if you plan on working on small parts, then that's not an issue
[00:16:27] <toastyde1th> once you get into 14x40 lathes, accessories are EEEEVERYWHERE
[00:16:28] <shaun413_> Hmm
[00:16:33] <shaun413_> Yeah
[00:16:37] <toastyde1th> if you get a sherline, atlas, sb, whatever
[00:16:45] <shaun413_> I just hope I can make my money back on it
[00:16:53] <toastyde1th> you are going to be dealing with sort of uncommon adapters, backing plates, etc
[00:17:12] <toastyde1th> whereas if you buy a 14x40, dollars to doughnuts it's got a D4 spindle nose
[00:17:28] <shaun413_> Ok
[00:17:30] <toastyde1th> and every 6 to 10" chuck on ebay will fit
[00:18:01] <witnit> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hardinge-HSL5C-Speed-Lathe-/131155405019?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e8978a8db
[00:18:05] <witnit> buy it for me toasty
[00:18:11] <toastyde1th> hahaha
[00:18:44] <witnit> ever rama dsm-a?
[00:18:46] <shaun413_> that's not the one I want right?
[00:18:47] <witnit> ran a*
[00:18:53] <shaun413_> That's too pricy anyway
[00:18:53] <witnit> no you dont want that
[00:18:58] <toastyde1th> this is what i want
[00:18:59] <toastyde1th> http://www.ebay.com/itm/HITACHI-SEIKI-10HP-MANUAL-TURRET-LATHE-MACHINE-/151205099311?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item233486b72f
[00:19:06] <toastyde1th> witnit, nope, but i'd like to
[00:19:24] <witnit> I just sent one of those to the scrap yard
[00:19:31] <toastyde1th> aw =(
[00:19:31] <witnit> it had a barloader though
[00:19:38] <toastyde1th> i love barloaders
[00:19:44] <toastyde1th> they make me so lazy
[00:19:48] <shaun413_> Idk what I want
[00:19:52] <witnit> im lying I would never do such a thing I just wanted to see your heart break
[00:19:52] <shaun413_> !
[00:20:11] <toastyde1th> shaun413_, you need to determine if you want to get into machining now, with a smaller machine
[00:20:14] <toastyde1th> or wait
[00:20:21] <toastyde1th> and look for a 14x40
[00:20:24] <witnit> yeah you need to spend 1800
[00:20:26] <shaun413_> Hmn
[00:20:28] <witnit> and do it right
[00:20:41] <toastyde1th> if you see yourself being cash-strapped
[00:20:42] <shaun413_> I don't have that
[00:20:49] <toastyde1th> i'd go with the small lathe
[00:21:01] <shaun413_> I barely have the 600
[00:21:02] <witnit> if you just want to learn any size works
[00:21:11] <toastyde1th> you aren't going to get machining for 600
[00:21:19] <witnit> if you want to seriously use it....
[00:21:27] <toastyde1th> you can get the lathe itself for 600
[00:21:28] <shaun413_> I want to make hot ends for 3d printers
[00:21:32] <witnit> you need to spend more or wait a long time for a descent one
[00:21:33] <toastyde1th> if you want to put a part in it
[00:21:37] <toastyde1th> it's going to cost more
[00:22:29] <toastyde1th> also, with the class of machines you are looking at and able to support
[00:22:42] <toastyde1th> realistically you are not going to be able to turn a profit making anything
[00:22:54] <witnit> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/88/19th_century_knowledge_carpentry_and_woodworking_old_tree_lathe.PNG
[00:23:19] <toastyde1th> engine lathes are good for one off, fairly simple parts, and repairs
[00:23:29] <toastyde1th> as soon as you say to yourself, "Hey, i want to make five of these"
[00:23:34] <toastyde1th> it is the wrong tool
[00:24:19] <shaun413_> Ah
[00:24:33] <shaun413_> Well. I will be using it for production
[00:24:46] <toastyde1th> there's no such thing as production on an engine lathe
[00:24:53] <shaun413_> I see
[00:24:55] <toastyde1th> especially on a 600 dollar budget
[00:25:04] <toastyde1th> they're built for repair and one off work
[00:25:22] <toastyde1th> or work that takes so long to machine that it might as well be one-off
[00:25:26] <shaun413_> I'll look into it some more
[00:25:33] <toastyde1th> like turbine bearings, battleship driveshafts, etc
[00:26:06] <toastyde1th> if i were you, and I had my heart set on this even if i thought it was a bad idea
[00:26:12] <shaun413_> I must be sleeping now
[00:26:12] <toastyde1th> I would look at a little desktop cnc
[00:26:35] <shaun413_> Goodnight and thanks for the help
[00:26:37] <toastyde1th> good luck
[00:26:41] <shaun413_> What do you mean cnc
[00:26:44] <shaun413_> Lathe?
[00:26:47] <toastyde1th> computer controlled lathe
[00:26:50] <shaun413_> Ah
[00:27:02] <toastyde1th> that's the only way to get any manufacturing volume out of a small lathe.
[00:27:06] <toastyde1th> goodnight!
[00:27:12] <shaun413_> Cya
[00:37:28] <witnit> hahahha
[00:37:37] <witnit> shiiiiiiiiiiiiii wrong window aagin
[02:02:01] <Deejay> moin
[02:22:38] <witnit> moin!
[03:41:28] <witnit> I was talking to a friend about dog leaches and dog beds and ebay has them advertising all over my page now :/
[03:41:48] <witnit> I dont even have a dog or ever typed anything about a dog online.
[03:41:56] <witnit> leashes*
[03:42:06] <witnit> I quit the internet.
[03:56:06] <Loetmichel> anyone can tell me whats the tread on 3,5" pc harddisks is called?
[03:56:10] <Loetmichel> the screws
[03:56:57] <archivist> iirc it is an american thread probably the coarse
[03:59:01] <Loetmichel> i want to use PC case thumbscrewson a owm casing. so i need to know which thread cutter to order ;-9
[03:59:39] <archivist> unc
[03:59:53] <archivist> 6/32
[04:00:37] <Loetmichel> thanks
[04:01:43] <archivist> http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/mirror/2579-771970.pdf
[04:01:56] <archivist> page 5
[04:02:27] * archivist off doing taxi duty
[04:06:50] <Loetmichel> so, ordered 2 thread cutters unc 6/32,,, 11 eur , thats ok ;-)
[06:57:10] <JesusAlos> hi
[06:57:13] <JesusAlos> hi
[06:59:38] <JesusAlos> I have this problem in machine
[06:59:39] <JesusAlos> http://imagebin.org/304884
[06:59:56] <JesusAlos> Any idea? please
[07:20:11] <jthornton> don't press the $ key when your paused?
[07:30:49] <JesusAlos> Is possible
[07:31:15] <JesusAlos> I revise it the nex time
[07:31:19] <JesusAlos> thank
[07:35:43] <jdh> I've had that message pop up but never knew why.
[07:43:35] <witnit> anyone using a 7i90HD?
[08:51:38] <MrOnTheRoad> has anyone found anything with better features than the gcodetools plugin for Inkscape to convert vector and raster images to G-code?
[08:52:54] <archivist> there are many definitions of better where cam for gcode is needed
[08:54:43] <MrOnTheRoad> I ask a simple question and I get philosophy :)
[08:55:59] <witnit> welcome to linux where the rules are made up and the pins dont matter
[08:56:32] <MrOnTheRoad> bbl or I'll check the logs
[08:56:56] <archivist> often one wants to do Y but someone has written an application for T
[08:57:37] <MrOnTheRoad> was just looking for opinion
[08:58:27] <archivist> it depends on your use case which you could/should look at
[08:58:48] <archivist> I mostly hand code
[09:04:10] <humble_sea_bass> <RMStallman> Install Gentoo
[09:05:46] <humble_sea_bass> well, if you're dealing with raster/vector in inkscape, i think it is beyond handcoding
[09:08:19] <archivist> image2gcode brings up a few hits on google
[09:08:48] <archivist> even this http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/2.4/html/gui_image-to-gcode.html
[09:09:07] <Jymmm> http://timeguy.com/cradek/image-to-gcode
[09:10:06] <Loetmichel> anyone knows where to get a cheap c0 lathe headstock complete with chuck in germany?
[09:10:26] <archivist> buy a complete lathe :)
[09:10:35] * archivist ducks
[09:10:49] <Loetmichel> CJHEAP
[09:10:55] <Loetmichel> and "lathe" is a big word
[09:11:04] <Loetmichel> for such a small thing
[09:11:07] <archivist> I thought they were cheap sh
[09:11:21] <Loetmichel> want to upgrade my CNC mill at home with a rotational axis
[09:12:04] <archivist> I used a vertex rotary and added a stepper to it
[09:12:55] <humble_sea_bass> going from raster to gerber doesn't seem bad, and there are lots of Elec engineers who have written Gerber vector to gcode programs with decent options
[09:12:59] <Loetmichel> i want to have the option to feed some 10mm stock material through the headstock
[09:13:13] <Loetmichel> and a vertex rotary will be much to big ;-)
[09:13:49] <Loetmichel> my mill has only 110*200*110mm travel ;-)
[09:14:02] <archivist> the vertex wont play nice as they are morse 2 which is too small for 1mm through
[09:14:06] <archivist> 10mm
[09:14:19] <witnit> http://imgur.com/QLGFiLI
[09:14:42] <archivist> I make extensions to hang the rotary off one side
[10:06:59] <WalterN> Loetmichel: thats tiny
[10:07:28] <WalterN> must be one of those mini-mills
[10:26:50] <witnit> where is pcw_home when you need him?
[10:26:51] <witnit> :)
[10:28:16] <witnit> I need a card made for my build
[10:51:20] <shaun413> Hu
[10:51:23] <shaun413> Hi *
[10:52:04] <witnit> hello shaun
[10:54:26] <shaun413> Hi!
[10:54:57] <witnit> dreaming of lathes and metal shavings all night?
[10:55:03] <shaun413> Surr
[10:55:05] <shaun413> Sure
[10:55:10] <witnit> ha
[10:55:16] <shaun413> Doubt I can afford one though
[10:55:34] <shaun413> Expecially if I can't make my money back.with it
[10:55:43] <shaun413> I wanted to buy one to make money with
[10:56:03] <humble_sea_bass> get into the fake currency printing game man
[10:56:12] <humble_sea_bass> intaglio printing plates
[10:56:12] <shaun413> Lol
[10:56:15] <witnit> the knowledge you gain from using it is invaluable
[10:56:19] <humble_sea_bass> literally print cheddar
[10:56:28] <shaun413> Yes. But I'm only 20
[10:56:30] <humble_sea_bass> also what witnit said
[10:56:42] <shaun413> Don't have that much money to drop unless it will make me money
[10:56:53] <witnit> good mindset to have
[10:57:03] <humble_sea_bass> shaun413: its an investment cheaper than most colleges
[10:57:05] <witnit> maybe you should invest your money
[10:57:19] <shaun413> Rather work for it
[10:57:23] <shaun413> Much better return
[10:58:06] <humble_sea_bass> investing in a technical education pays dividents to better work and of higher complexity
[10:58:22] <witnit> I been buying up tooling and reslling it on ebay to make my money to buy the things i really want
[10:58:32] <witnit> the rest of my income pays bills
[10:58:45] <witnit> bought a new mesa card today!
[10:58:46] <shaun413> I see
[10:58:55] <shaun413> There is no way to make money with lathe?
[10:59:11] <witnit> no, but it will save you money and time and educate you
[10:59:18] <witnit> if you need to do something for yourself
[10:59:22] <shaun413> Save me money?
[10:59:26] <witnit> a project
[10:59:30] <witnit> fix something
[10:59:30] <shaun413> Such as?
[10:59:44] <witnit> make your own tools instead of buying them
[11:00:05] <witnit> lets say you need some special spacer to mount on some rc car
[11:00:05] <shaun413> I was thinking about making 3d printer hot end nozzles
[11:00:14] <shaun413> I know I can make money with that
[11:00:29] <witnit> instead of buying them or searching for hours in hardware stores you jjust go make exactly what you need
[11:00:45] <shaun413> Hmm
[11:00:47] <witnit> yeah but do you really need a big lathe if that is ALL you plan to do
[11:00:53] <shaun413> No
[11:01:01] <shaun413> But I was told to avoid sherline
[11:01:05] <shaun413> And the like
[11:01:21] <witnit> whats this part made out of?
[11:01:30] <shaun413> I'm honestly not to sure what the possibilities are with lathes
[11:01:48] <shaun413> Its peeks 2024 alum 6061 alum and brass
[11:01:58] <humble_sea_bass> there is a lot sitting in between a sherline and a big ol lather with a turret
[11:02:08] <shaun413> Hmm?
[11:02:19] <witnit> well you can do that on most any desktop lathe
[11:02:20] <shaun413> I mean if it costs the same for a better lathe.
[11:02:29] <humble_sea_bass> i'm just saying there is an entire spectrum in cost and size
[11:02:30] <shaun413> That's a no brainer
[11:02:35] <shaun413> Yes
[11:02:46] <witnit> but they are still rarely WORTH their money except in learning
[11:03:08] <shaun413> I see
[11:03:13] <shaun413> So don't get one then
[11:03:28] <witnit> not unless its a descent hevier (probably older) model
[11:03:46] <shaun413> Only 35 lbs
[11:04:07] <witnit> whats thie diameter of these tips?
[11:04:21] <shaun413> 3 in max I think
[11:04:38] <shaun413> Maybe less
[11:04:38] <witnit> ,,,
[11:04:44] <shaun413> ?
[11:04:47] <witnit> how long would you say they are?
[11:04:55] <shaun413> What exactly?
[11:05:04] <witnit> these parts you want to make on a lathe
[11:05:17] <shaun413> Oh. Aprrox 70mm
[11:05:24] <witnit> and the diameter?
[11:05:35] <shaun413> 5/8th in
[11:05:55] <witnit> how many do you intend on making in... lets say a week?
[11:06:04] <shaun413> But. I'd like to use it for other things too. Tools would be cool
[11:06:08] <archivist> get an old industrial lathe not some crap tiny thing
[11:06:14] <shaun413> And as many as I can
[11:06:33] <shaun413> I think it would take 4 hrs to make one on sherline
[11:06:33] <witnit> I think hes stuck with a small floor model as his biggest option archivist
[11:06:41] <witnit> like a rockwell would almost be too big
[11:07:19] <archivist> rockwell made rockets that name means nothing to me as far as lathes go
[11:07:27] <shaun413> How big is Rockwell
[11:07:42] <shaun413> Also budget is well below 1k
[11:07:47] <archivist> was a huge company
[11:07:49] <shaun413> I know this is hard...
[11:07:59] <shaun413> Older is fine if it works...
[11:08:11] <archivist> my old southbend was 125 pounds ish
[11:08:14] <shaun413> I can make it pretty with replacements...
[11:08:29] <shaun413> I've heard a lathe can build itself
[11:09:31] <shaun413> What type of tools can you make?
[11:10:02] <_methods> did you not take shop in high school?
[11:10:08] <shaun413> Nope
[11:10:20] <witnit> you should watch some online lathe videos
[11:10:22] <_methods> mmk
[11:10:24] <shaun413> I could
[11:10:25] <witnit> and listen to what the old guys say
[11:10:50] <Connor> Go to your Community College and take a shop class..
[11:10:53] <shaun413> Is Craigslist the best way to find one
[11:11:01] <archivist> you can make millions of parts on a machine like http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HERBERT-No-3-LATHE-Spares-or-repair-/221410976506
[11:11:08] <_methods> i'd learn how to use one first
[11:11:13] <_methods> you can really hurt yourself
[11:11:17] <_methods> it's not a 3d printer
[11:11:35] <shaun413> I'm aware
[11:11:41] <_methods> ok
[11:11:43] <witnit> archivist do you have one of those?
[11:11:52] <shaun413> I've taken a safety course
[11:11:55] <witnit> or a swasey?
[11:12:03] <_methods> oh
[11:12:09] <archivist> no, but have used a smaller herbert
[11:12:09] <_methods> but you don't know what a lathe can make
[11:12:13] <shaun413> Rifht
[11:12:18] <shaun413> Didn't do training yet
[11:12:19] <Connor> Safety courses doesn't help you from doing something unsafe if you don't know it's unsafe.
[11:12:23] <witnit> they are great huh
[11:12:27] <witnit> so much meat there
[11:12:33] <witnit> no vibration
[11:12:36] <_methods> leave the chuck wrench in one time lol
[11:12:56] <witnit> I have never done it :P
[11:12:59] <humble_sea_bass> have you ever used a hammer?
[11:13:02] <witnit> prolly will by the end of the week now
[11:13:05] <shaun413> Of course..
[11:13:06] <_methods> yeap
[11:13:09] <humble_sea_bass> a table saw?
[11:13:11] <archivist> this is the little one at the old job http://www.collection.archivist.info/showresult.php?prog=1&srcprog=searchv13.php&srcdata=title&Type=PD&Accn_no=7394&subject=24181
[11:13:12] <_methods> way to jinx yourself
[11:13:20] <shaun413> I gtg now anyway
[11:13:28] <shaun413> Cya in a few
[11:13:38] <witnit> cute
[11:13:42] <_methods> even worse is when some moron leaves one in and hurts someone else with it
[11:13:54] <_methods> chuck wrench flyin across shop
[11:14:06] <witnit> I will show the machine im converting to cnc next
[11:14:10] <Connor> My chuck key has a sprint on it that won't let it stay in.. kind of a pain in the a$$ though.
[11:14:10] <_methods> it's one thing to hurt yourself
[11:14:15] <humble_sea_bass> anyways, don't wear gloves, dont stick your finger in it, wear eye protection, measure twice, cut once, check your work piece is secure
[11:14:21] <humble_sea_bass> that's the bulk of it
[11:14:22] <shaun413> Yws
[11:14:30] <shaun413> Gotcha. Gtg
[11:14:38] <archivist> we had a few http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=capstan
[11:14:44] <Connor> don't wear jewelry and loose clothing either.
[11:14:57] <witnit> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K682rfVvuEg
[11:15:02] <witnit> LOUD
[11:15:22] <humble_sea_bass> paint your keys neon
[11:16:38] <witnit> http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/7469/hardingecontrolpanel02.jpg inside th back door
[11:16:56] <witnit> hydraulic slides
[11:17:04] <witnit> pneumatic return
[11:41:04] <IchGuckLive> hi all B)
[11:44:04] <IchGuckLive> Whow logs are filled today almost cnc junkies around here
[11:48:09] <Swapper_> witnit: i got the spindle moving at the right speed and direction now ! all that where needed OUTPUT_SCALE = 5400
[11:48:23] <witnit> :)
[11:48:27] <witnit> wonderful
[11:48:42] <witnit> I bet you learned alot because of it though huh?
[11:49:04] <Swapper_> i learnt that asking around helps :)
[11:49:12] <witnit> I knew it wasnt scaling to the thing ahahha I had no idea what to tell you though ahha
[11:49:55] <witnit> yeah, ask for the right documentation read it well try what you think you should safely try and then come back and ask when your totally lost
[11:50:06] <Swapper_> now on to getting gmoccapy to show the encoder speed feedback
[11:50:42] <witnit> you should port a diagnostic panel to your smartphone
[11:50:52] <witnit> wouldnt that be a the bees knees
[11:51:31] <IchGuckLive> Swapper_: did the wirerless now work
[11:51:35] <witnit> spindle speed current commanded position, small video camera to watch the smoke roll off
[11:52:12] <Swapper_> IchGuckLive: wireless ?
[11:52:24] <IchGuckLive> the pendand
[11:52:30] <Swapper_> no still hardcoded
[11:52:38] <Swapper_> its a "bug" i think in the pendant
[11:52:44] <Swapper_> and its wired :)
[11:52:45] <witnit> I dont know if its safe, but I use a wireless playstation controller ahhahaha
[11:53:13] <witnit> so when the shop is cold I run the machine from the front seat of my truck and watch through the window
[11:53:24] <Swapper_> IchGuckLive: i think it should be when i press ++step it should jump to the second column of numbers (scale) but it wont
[11:53:37] <IchGuckLive> Swapper_: i dont think so you need to just press one button and then move the wheel there are 4 buttons and etch got a different scale
[11:53:44] <Swapper_> if i run the debug from console it changes to random valus when i press step + rotate the jog
[11:54:40] <Swapper_> IchGuckLive: but it does not change in the pendant when i run "live" but with debug on the cmd it does
[11:54:43] <Swapper_> sort of
[11:54:57] <Swapper_> atleast the value is changable to somting real large like 40000
[11:56:09] <IchGuckLive> this seams for direct step on servos
[11:56:42] <IchGuckLive> try to get at least 0.01 0.1
[11:56:53] <IchGuckLive> and you shoudt be good
[11:57:22] <IchGuckLive> you can mux this togethere as withney and all of us does on gamepad in hal
[11:57:55] <Swapper_> you mean a list of steps ?
[11:58:07] <IchGuckLive> mux4
[11:58:08] <Swapper_> that i realy need but havent had the time to get in to tha t
[11:58:16] <Swapper_> do you have any examples ?
[11:58:39] <Swapper_> that would make my step button cycle through stepmodes
[11:58:42] <Swapper_> scales
[11:58:43] <Swapper_> i mean
[11:58:51] <Loetmichel> IchGuckLive: da?
[11:59:19] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=14829
[11:59:33] <Loetmichel> but i give no guratee that it fits your lamp
[11:59:44] <Loetmichel> they have bad tolerances sometimes ;-)
[12:00:46] <IchGuckLive> danke
[12:00:53] <IchGuckLive> Swapper_: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Adding_More_Controls_To_Simple_Remote_Pendant
[12:01:58] <Swapper_> ahh perfect
[12:02:00] <Swapper_> bookmarked
[12:03:12] <witnit> do you guys have a favorite motherboard you like to use with your builds?
[12:03:26] <IchGuckLive> Loetmichel: no dxf bin
[12:03:57] <Swapper_> witnit: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Latency-Test
[12:04:02] <Swapper_> long list of boards
[12:04:21] <Swapper_> i found that when i search for compat with a board (did not buy it though)
[12:04:25] <IchGuckLive> witnit: depends always where in the world you are and if it is available
[12:04:27] <Loetmichel> IchGuckLive: thats a dxf
[12:05:43] <Loetmichel> just rename it to *.dxf
[12:06:04] <Loetmichel> instead of *_dxf
[12:07:06] <IchGuckLive> ;-)
[12:07:06] <witnit> this is not the exact same motel I bought but it was very similar also in price
[12:07:10] <witnit> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-D410PT-E76528-400-Desktop-Motherboard-W-Integrated-Atom-D410-CPU-/400669679993?pt=US_Motherboard_CPU_Combos&hash=item5d49c62179
[12:07:18] <witnit> cheap small no fan
[12:07:21] <IchGuckLive> Filter to pcb
[12:08:40] <pcw_home> http://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php?name=MB-J1800IA
[12:08:42] <pcw_home> these _will_ be good when video is full supported (along with the 12 or so other Baytrail MBs)
[12:09:34] <witnit> oooh pcw. I got a 7i90hd today
[12:09:48] <witnit> but I have a request from you
[12:09:48] <IchGuckLive> Lo thanks wil be nice to print
[12:11:30] <witnit> can you build a usb keyboard breakout card so I we can pin directly to a keyboard? I put my motherboards in my main panel boxes and it would make sense to just wire my switches to the keyboard
[12:16:00] <pcw_home> There are lots of those around
[12:16:13] <witnit> yea but they dont say mesa on them
[12:16:26] <witnit> =D
[13:22:59] <zeeshan> wtf
[13:23:06] <zeeshan> so i used the schools Matsuura LX-1 today
[13:23:26] <zeeshan> i was wondering why i couldnt find any servos
[13:23:29] <zeeshan> it uses linear motors
[13:24:11] <witnit> :)
[13:24:14] <witnit> neat huh?
[13:25:29] <zeeshan> yes
[13:25:56] <witnit> the slides are basically rail guns
[13:26:22] <zeeshan> yea
[13:26:29] <zeeshan> similar to a electromagnetic train
[13:26:32] <zeeshan> but much more precise
[13:26:54] <witnit> whats a really good SMALL power supply to use
[13:27:20] <witnit> one that is much less bulky than the standard ones
[13:27:27] <witnit> for a pc that is
[13:27:54] <witnit> I been looking for a good elongated one to fit in my panel boxes
[13:29:02] <shaun413_> Hello
[13:29:03] <shaun413_> Back
[13:46:15] <Swapper_> anyone know what pin i can monitor on a 7i77 to get the indexpulse from the encoder? im trying with hm2_5i25.0.encoder.02.index-enable is that right?
[13:46:28] <Swapper_> will i see the shaft passing by the index if i monitor that?
[13:47:15] <skunkworks> IIRC - you set the index enable to true - then turn the shaft and wait for it to go false.
[13:47:16] <witnit> im not sure how accurate you need to be but I think you can just put a voltmeter on it to watch tics
[13:47:28] <witnit> tor that hahaha
[13:47:49] <Swapper_> i have it hooked up to the index input so
[13:48:30] <Swapper_> ok so i force the pin true and when it goes false i have hit the index
[13:48:33] <Swapper_> nice ty
[13:48:41] <shaun415> hi
[13:49:09] <witnit> wow encoders went way up in price on ebay
[13:49:22] <witnit> I gought 5 bei encoders for 22 dollars once :P
[13:49:27] <witnit> the good ones
[13:55:40] <shaun415> hmm
[13:55:50] <shaun415> so what brand lathes am I looking for again?
[13:56:25] * JT-Shop ponders the odds of getting 2 out of 3 wrong...
[13:57:27] <shaun415> hm?
[13:58:07] <pcw_home> depends on if you are in a hurry
[13:58:15] <shaun415> i am on a budget
[13:58:22] <shaun415> few hundred is all I want to spend
[13:58:33] <shaun415> dont care if its older, ill restore it, but I am new
[13:58:51] <shaun415> nothing too big either...
[14:03:35] <shaun415> any ideas?
[14:07:41] <Connor> http://www.ivdc.com/cnc/mill_04_09_14_01.jpg
[14:08:42] <JT-Shop> Swapper_, http://www.gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/tuning/encoder.html
[14:08:49] <Connor> So, that's my enclosure.. I'm going to mount the PC under the tray on rack rails on the right side.. anyone have any ideas on how to handle that? Especially with the chip tray slanting up ?
[14:08:59] <Connor> Case is a 4U case.
[14:09:20] <Swapper_> JT-Shop: this whas what i needed http://www.linuxcnc.org/index.php/german/forum/49-basic-configuration/13981-spindle-index-enable-for-threading-repeat-passes
[14:09:37] <Swapper_> how to unlink and how to monitor the index signal
[14:10:35] <Connor> Just got my rails in today. 26" long rails.. and chip tray is 30". Rails have mounts that can accommodate up to 32"
[14:11:36] <witnit> using a solid state drive?
[14:12:14] <witnit> vibration could make it to the hdd if its not on those rubber gel things
[14:12:28] <Connor> Yes. SSD
[14:12:31] <witnit> :)
[14:13:05] <witnit> you should buy a set of glides for it so you roll it out and use it as a tabletop surface
[14:13:29] <Connor> and yes, I would Isolate with rubber if otherwise.. Might even still do it.. just to keep the electronics from suffering from vibration.
[14:13:52] <witnit> yeah wires vibrate loose on poor spec plugs
[14:14:02] <Connor> I did. Nice high end ball bearing rails full extension.
[14:14:28] <witnit> good man
[14:14:29] <witnit> :)
[14:15:06] <witnit> did you replace the top of the case cover with a windows and touchscreen too?
[14:15:14] <witnit> window*
[14:15:33] <Connor> um. No.
[14:15:57] <Connor> I have a 19" Touchscreen industrial grade screen and keyboard I'll be using.
[14:16:02] <witnit> ooooh
[14:16:19] <witnit> I need screen enclosures for my machines
[14:16:30] <witnit> poor enviroment for electronics
[14:20:40] <Connor> So, just need to come up with a way to mount the rails... Going to have to be mounted using extensions coming down from the fascia board. not going to go up into the chip tray from the bottom.
[14:22:45] <Connor> Or I can go through the bottom right at the edge where it'll go up into the fascia board...
[14:23:27] <Connor> Thoughts anyone ?
[14:40:42] <Jymmm> WHOLY JEEBUS !!!
[14:41:47] <Deejay> hi jymmm
[14:42:00] <Jymmm> Deejay: Howdy
[14:42:08] <Deejay> :-)
[14:42:42] <Jymmm> I just found a D0Size Li-Ion 3.7V @ 6AH SIX AMP HOURS!!!!
[14:43:32] <Jymmm> and a flashlight that takes FIVE of them to power it!
[14:43:42] <Jymmm> 20,000 LUMEN
[14:44:15] <Deejay> hmm, is that the way to reach enlightenment?
[14:45:12] <Jymmm> and then some!!!
[14:51:31] <Connor> I guess no one has any ideas.. Oh well..
[14:51:36] <Connor> I'll figure something out.
[15:00:08] <PetefromTn_Andro> Ideas about what?
[15:00:32] <Jymmm> PetefromTn_Andro: Life, the universe, and everything
[15:00:43] <Connor> PetefromTn_Andro: Mounting my computer UNDER the chip tray with rails.. I need to come up with some sort of way to attach the rails to the chip tray..
[15:00:50] <Connor> Just not sure what to use..
[15:00:59] <PetefromTn_Andro> His
[15:01:12] <PetefromTn_Andro> How about some drawer slides?
[15:01:16] <Connor> and the chip tray slopes up.. so, one side has to be longer than the other.
[15:01:18] <Jymmm> Connor: two part expoy
[15:01:42] <PetefromTn_Andro> You can get them pretty cheap and build drop Downs for the angle
[15:01:46] <Connor> PetefromTn_Andro: Thats what I have.. I just need to figure out a way to attach them to the tray..
[15:02:04] <Connor> The dropdowns is what I'm talking about..
[15:02:04] <Jymmm> Connor: two part epoxy
[15:02:26] <Connor> Jymmm: I heard yea.
[15:02:28] <Connor> :)
[15:02:42] <PetefromTn_Andro> Pocket screws into plywood bravkets
[15:02:53] <Jymmm> ew
[15:03:34] <Jymmm> just epoxy screw bock that you can attach anything to. Maybe even nuts them selves
[15:03:41] <Jymmm> blocks*
[15:05:23] <Connor> Looks like I'll have to take a trip to homedepot and see what I can get..
[15:05:33] <Connor> Jymmm: I did something similar to the blocks for the PVC..
[15:05:57] <PetefromTn_Andro> I got a box of pockets screws and the bits for them as well as the jig if you need it.
[15:06:09] <Connor> but, IF i mount the drop downs on the edge, I can go up into plywood AND 1x6 side
[15:06:28] <Jymmm> Connor: Wit, this is WOOD????
[15:06:39] <Connor> The chip tray? YES
[15:06:40] <Jymmm> Connor: use cross nuts =)
[15:07:14] <Connor> I don't want to put holes in the chip tray.. It'll leak.
[15:07:26] <Connor> plywood is only 1/2"
[15:07:30] <Jymmm> It's wood, it'll leak anyway =)
[15:07:41] <Connor> Umm.. No.. It's sealed.
[15:07:45] <Jymmm> or glue a block of wood to it
[15:07:49] <Jymmm> Ha
[15:07:59] <PetefromTn_Andro> Okay.
[15:19:54] <witnit> I have a bunch of shop items on my ebay im putting on auction next week, if anyone here wants anything just message me and say your from the linux cnc community and its your half price
[15:20:05] <witnit> http://ebay.com/usr/brassmonkey750
[15:20:36] <witnit> yours*
[15:21:31] <Connor> What is a rapid air feed ?
[15:22:06] <witnit> its some fedder for a punch press I think
[15:22:10] <witnit> feed sheet metal
[15:52:34] <zeeshan> witnit!
[15:52:41] <zeeshan> damn it why are you in indiana
[15:52:44] <zeeshan> i want that arbor press
[15:55:49] <witnit> Ill ship
[15:55:56] <witnit> how much you wanna spend on it?
[15:56:02] <XXCoder1> wtb router cnc, $1. ;)
[15:56:10] <zeeshan> witnit: its not worth shipping
[15:56:13] <zeeshan> that thing prolly weighs 100lb
[15:56:22] <zeeshan> im in canada
[15:56:35] <witnit> its not bad, probably could do a flatrate large box for 30 ors something
[15:58:35] <witnit> Ill ask my guy that ships my stuff tonight how much and if its reasonable Ill let it go for $75
[15:58:42] <zeeshan> :]
[15:58:45] <zeeshan> that would be sweet
[15:58:54] <zeeshan> L0R 1W0 , Mount Hope, ON, Canada
[15:58:59] <zeeshan> ^ if you can find the quote to there
[15:59:00] <zeeshan> that would be good
[15:59:04] <zeeshan> thats a 1 ton arbor press right?
[15:59:34] <witnit> I dont know anything about it
[15:59:43] <zeeshan> oh
[15:59:44] <zeeshan> ;p
[16:00:10] <witnit> there are some more I have my eye on up in michigan I bought a couple thousand gallons of cutting oil from him
[16:00:25] <witnit> hes still got presses and vises and things
[16:00:41] <zeeshan> ive been looking for a solid arbor press and 6" solid non import vise
[16:00:43] <zeeshan> for a decent price
[16:01:15] <witnit> yesh look at what these are going for on ebay they must be pretty solid
[16:11:49] <KreAture_Zzz> XXCoder1 U there ?
[16:11:53] <XXCoder1> yeah
[16:11:55] <XXCoder1> whats up man
[16:12:03] <KreAture_Zzz> XXCoder1 I used scetchup
[16:12:07] <KreAture_Zzz> to draw the cnc
[16:12:15] <XXCoder1> thanks
[16:12:16] <KreAture_Zzz> you asked after I went to bed
[16:12:23] <XXCoder1> yeah thats what I guessed lol
[16:12:28] <KreAture> :)
[16:13:02] <XXCoder1> thanks though. I definitely need to learn how to use it. theres library of rails and such somewhere right?
[16:13:05] * KreAture is wondering if it will be stiff enough using only two beams under the bed instead of making the crossbrace of 3 pieces
[16:13:11] <KreAture> yes
[16:13:17] <KreAture> you can download pretty much all you need
[16:13:25] <KreAture> and you just stretch em to the desired lengths
[16:13:26] <XXCoder1> ok
[16:13:51] <KreAture> I am getting close to ordering the cut beams
[16:14:11] <KreAture> but I need to finalize the axis designs
[16:14:18] <XXCoder1> heh if I had more money I'd go 8020
[16:14:23] <XXCoder1> build a nice cnc
[16:14:44] <KreAture> I am wondering if I can preload the z axis by stretching em to the sides instead of compressing
[16:14:57] <KreAture> from what I read I can as long as I don't pull on em as in hang em upside down and add load
[16:15:12] <KreAture> pushing down on rail and pushing sideways is apparantly ok
[16:15:25] <KreAture> and the preloading removes the last bit of slop in there
[16:17:13] <KreAture> My bearingblocks have a setscrew on the side though, I suppose it can be used for preloading ?
[16:17:18] <KreAture> if so I don't have to worry :)
[16:17:36] <XXCoder1> unfortunately I'm not one that can help, I'm new lol
[16:19:03] <witnit> I found an easy cnc lathe job that would make someone some money
[16:20:38] <witnit> anyone have a cnc lathe with barloader?
[16:27:29] <Deejay> gn8
[16:46:09] <shaun415> hello
[16:52:32] <shaun415> can Anyone recommend some good brands to look for a smallish beginner lathe, well under 1k?
[16:53:02] <XXCoder1> harbour has el cheapo ones, but wood only
[16:53:15] <shaun415> no, I want a machinist one
[16:53:24] <XXCoder1> yeah I doubted you would want those
[16:53:41] <_methods> you won't find one
[16:53:44] <_methods> except at auctions
[16:53:52] <_methods> or craigslist
[16:53:55] <XXCoder1> maybe broken ones if you know how to machine new parts
[16:53:57] <shaun415> yes used
[16:53:59] <_methods> $1k is toy money
[16:54:03] <shaun415> Its my first lathe
[16:54:13] <_methods> go to your local tech college
[16:54:44] <shaun415> so I cant get anything for under 1k?
[16:54:48] <shaun415> Im not a professionall...
[16:54:51] <_methods> at auctions
[16:54:54] <shaun415> just want something to play with
[16:55:04] <_methods> ok well harbor freight
[16:55:11] <_methods> grizzly
[16:55:18] <shaun415> Ive been told the mini lathes are bad
[16:55:19] <_methods> all have bench lathes around that price
[16:55:20] <XXCoder1> harbor has metal ones?
[16:55:25] <shaun415> because they are so light
[16:55:35] <_methods> well for $1k that's all your getting
[16:55:43] <shaun415> ive found many used ones
[16:55:49] <shaun415> southbend and such
[16:55:49] <XXCoder1> shaun you has cnc shop or something?
[16:55:50] <witnit> http://newjersey.craigslist.org/bfs/4360192473.html
[16:55:54] <witnit> thats a fun lil machine
[16:55:56] <XXCoder1> you probably could make one
[16:55:57] <_methods> yeah craigslist
[16:56:00] <witnit> not for you thoug
[16:56:01] <_methods> or auctions
[16:56:06] <witnit> its a production type of lathe
[16:56:18] <shaun415> ^
[16:56:28] <witnit> but its a good little machine
[16:56:34] <Connor> Don't forget the $$$ for tooling
[16:56:40] <_methods> hehe
[16:56:44] <_methods> wasn't even goin to go there
[16:56:58] <shaun415> yeah...
[16:57:18] <Connor> a 7x12 or 7x14 is best your going to get for under $1k.
[16:57:19] <witnit> where you at shaun?
[16:57:22] <shaun415> NJ
[16:57:26] <witnit> what part
[16:57:29] <shaun415> centrak
[16:57:33] <shaun415> centrral
[16:59:00] <XXCoder1> ouch hell of trick http://auto-fail.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/suv-tin-foil-prank.jpg
[16:59:23] <XXCoder1> could take x-acto and cut out windows and its drivable :P
[17:00:12] <_methods> seriously though man this isn't 3d printers you can hurt yourself badly with real machines
[17:00:16] <witnit> offer this guy 350 and settle at 475
[17:00:18] <_methods> tread carefully
[17:00:23] <witnit> http://cnj.craigslist.org/tls/4414444761.html
[17:00:49] <shaun415> hmmm
[17:00:54] <shaun415> is that a good one?
[17:01:09] <witnit> for the amount of money you can spend
[17:01:20] <witnit> it will get you farther than most any desktop lathe imo
[17:01:27] <witnit> and it has a resell value
[17:01:30] <_methods> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsrSzootO-Q
[17:01:54] <shaun415> hes wearing gloves
[17:01:55] <XXCoder1> wit I once found one site on howto to build ww2 lathe made fron concerete
[17:01:59] <XXCoder1> few hundred bucks
[17:02:14] <XXCoder1> pretty large ones, you can modify to suit
[17:03:12] <XXCoder1> http://makezine.com/projects/the-multimachine-150-12-swing-metal-lathemilldrill/
[17:03:15] <zeeshan> lol _methods
[17:03:16] <zeeshan> :D
[17:03:35] <_methods> it's dangeroud
[17:03:39] <zeeshan> yea
[17:03:39] <_methods> dangerous
[17:03:51] <zeeshan> but i love the mentality of 3d printer people
[17:03:52] <zeeshan> ;)
[17:03:56] <_methods> yeah
[17:03:57] <zeeshan> thats what i was laughing at
[17:03:58] <shaun415> ?
[17:04:00] <XXCoder1> too deep a cut? I see lots swarf and smoke
[17:05:27] <_methods> just sayin it's one thing to jump into silly plastic stuff
[17:05:35] <_methods> it's another when you're working with real man stuff
[17:05:45] <shaun415> hmmm
[17:05:49] <shaun415> I realize
[17:06:02] <_methods> k
[17:06:13] <_methods> well bench top or used is your only option for $1k
[17:06:17] <_methods> then you have to buy tooling
[17:06:22] <shaun415> gah
[17:06:28] <_methods> which can cost more than the lathe
[17:06:32] <zeeshan> not can
[17:06:33] <XXCoder1> skip to 1:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0Mod_92VZA
[17:06:33] <zeeshan> which are
[17:06:34] <shaun415> ;/
[17:06:37] <zeeshan> er
[17:06:39] <zeeshan> which will
[17:06:40] <zeeshan> :P
[17:06:52] <zeeshan> then the thousands of dollars of measuring equipment
[17:06:53] <zeeshan> :)
[17:07:12] <zeeshan> best is to spend 2k on a lathe
[17:07:15] <zeeshan> that comes with all the tools
[17:07:20] <zeeshan> at least all the basics
[17:07:55] <shaun415> well
[17:07:56] <XXCoder1> that video I linked to has lot of stupid useless footage
[17:08:23] <_methods> the best is to go to a local tech college and learn from professionals and then they will let you make the parts you want for free
[17:08:37] <_methods> you'll have access to mills and lathes
[17:08:48] <_methods> in a safe environment
[17:08:50] <zeeshan> you can learn it on your own these days :P
[17:08:51] <shaun415> I cant use that to sell stuff though
[17:08:55] <zeeshan> tons of videos online
[17:09:02] <zeeshan> and talk to competent people
[17:09:05] <_methods> you can
[17:09:17] <zeeshan> but i think you need mechanical aptitude
[17:09:21] <XXCoder1> shaun it could be useful to safely go over dangerous stage of learning
[17:09:31] <zeeshan> theres 3 videos by mit.
[17:10:09] <shaun415> hm
[17:10:54] <zeeshan> http://www.machinistblog.com/mit-techtv-machine-shop-videos/
[17:10:58] <zeeshan> i'd watch all of them
[17:11:15] <zeeshan> you wanna see mostly #8-#10
[17:11:26] <zeeshan> and 1 to 3
[17:11:34] <shaun415> ok
[17:11:43] <shaun415> i dont think I can afford this though :/
[17:12:39] <shaun415> I really wish I could
[17:13:50] <XXCoder1> man trimming down HUGE chunk of wood. those guys is nuts
[17:14:00] <shaun415> is the hf lthe bad?
[17:14:20] <XXCoder1> they seem safely garbed though
[17:15:41] <zeeshan> shaun415: no
[17:15:44] <zeeshan> its decent for small jobs
[17:15:51] <shaun415> hmm
[17:15:56] <shaun415> vs sherline or grizzly?
[17:16:13] <Connor> shaun415: Check out littlemachineshop.com too and http://www.micromark.com/microlux-7x16-mini-lathe,9615.html
[17:16:21] <Connor> nice 7x16 mini lathe.
[17:16:27] <Connor> better than grizzly.
[17:16:35] <zeeshan> its 86 lb??
[17:16:35] <Connor> petter quality control
[17:16:35] <zeeshan> lol
[17:17:21] <shaun415> vs sherline?
[17:21:45] <XXCoder1> watching part 2 of video I linked to
[17:21:49] <XXCoder1> man guys insane
[17:27:07] <KreAture> anyone else know if I need to worry about preloading the axis on my cnc when the bearing blocks appear to have both a setscrew underneeth and one on the side ?
[17:27:08] <XXCoder1> text explains that it was ruined by bad finish - too bad, it looks great
[17:27:14] <KreAture> under is tiny, on side is quite big
[18:04:05] <Connor> Well.. I just did a test with my new pump. I have to say. I think it went well.
[18:04:55] <Connor> Only concern is with my drain placement.. being in the middle of the enclosure, not in the front or back... it's going to be hard to get the coolant to drain completely..
[18:22:44] <XXCoder1> Connor: cant you make it incline towards center?
[18:24:26] <Connor> XXCoder1: I just went through this with my wife... take a flat card.. place a BB on it.. what's easier.. trying to keep the BB in the middle of the card, or let it tip forwards or backwards ?
[18:24:56] <XXCoder1> definitely latter.
[18:25:09] <Connor> exactly. And thus my problem. :)
[18:25:31] <XXCoder1> is moving drain even within realm of possibility?
[18:25:32] <Connor> I can install a 2nd drain in the front or back of the tray. I'll just have to punch another hole in the cabinet.
[18:25:42] <XXCoder1> all corners and center
[18:25:55] <Connor> http://www.ivdc.com/cnc/mill_04_09_14_04.jpg
[18:26:02] <Connor> current drain location..
[18:26:21] <Connor> http://www.ivdc.com/cnc/mill_04_09_14_05.jpg
[18:26:26] <Connor> Cabinet.
[18:26:47] <Connor> So.. I could punch a hole above the door and mount a drain front center..
[18:26:53] <Connor> or right center..
[18:27:12] <XXCoder1> if youre wiklling to do work, I would do entire lowest edge of front and back and keep hole in middle
[18:27:18] <Connor> or even in back.. but in back would be harder to do.
[18:27:43] <Connor> I'll keep the one in the middle.. no easy way to plug it..
[18:28:13] <Connor> with the roller base.. it tends to want to flow to the back.. but, I can shim it probably.
[18:28:25] <XXCoder1> center is great for large flow anyway
[18:29:08] <Connor> Flow much better with the new pump.. that's for sure.
[18:29:23] <XXCoder1> nice
[18:29:50] <Connor> I also want to redo my 2nd stage filter...
[18:30:17] <Connor> it leaks a tad.. and the coolant can stand in it about 1/4" to 1/2" because the drain isn't in the bottom.
[18:30:39] <Connor> I want some sort of bottom based drain on it..
[18:30:54] <XXCoder1> you klnow how paint pan has those rows
[18:31:08] <XXCoder1> flat surface but grooves lowing to bottom side?
[18:31:33] <XXCoder1> that might work for having a mostly flat surface that drains well
[18:31:40] <XXCoder1> tough to clean maybe though
[18:32:50] <Connor> I need some sort of container about the same size as my 2nd stage with a bottom drain.. funneled even...
[18:33:42] <Connor> I used a trash can I got from Lowes... cut the top off of it because it was too tall.
[18:35:38] <XXCoder1> maybe big mesh as first stage
[18:35:53] <XXCoder1> the larger, more unblockable it is
[18:36:50] <Connor> Well.. I have the drain.. then, on the drain pipe, I have a 1st stage, which is a lint strainer for clothes washer discharge (if you discharge into a sink)
[18:37:00] <Connor> then my trashcan with fish filter stacked in it..
[18:37:09] <XXCoder1> nice
[18:37:20] <Connor> so, think I'm good with filtering..
[18:37:43] <XXCoder1> I wonder if theres way to seperate in such way that filter isnt needed for that stage in least
[18:38:01] <Connor> I wouldn't risk it..
[18:38:11] <XXCoder1> plenty of ways in wood shop, like cyclider that seperates wood and air
[18:38:41] <XXCoder1> definitely wouldnt use any no filter method as final stage
[18:38:47] <Connor> next step is to mount the PC below the chip tray and get it off the back wall.
[18:39:15] <XXCoder1> cool
[18:39:22] <Connor> and I'll be using the machine to drill and tap holes for the mounting brackets. :)
[18:39:25] <Connor> with Coolant! :)
[18:39:44] <Connor> will be first time I do rigid tapping with coolant.. will be interesting.
[18:39:46] <XXCoder1> lol yeah, gonna love finishing machine with said machine
[18:40:46] <Connor> Need to make a little circuit that the PC can use to turn the pump on..
[18:41:19] <Connor> also would like a external switch.. but, Not sure how practical that's going to be.. thinking of using the PC PSU to power the pump.
[18:41:23] <XXCoder1> http://www.ivdc.com/cnc/mill_02_26_14_03.JPG 8020 1010 beam?
[18:41:52] <Connor> No. Misumi 15mm
[18:41:54] <XXCoder1> and off to side I guess is 3030
[18:41:58] <XXCoder1> oh
[18:42:22] <Connor> the bigger is under the board is 80/20 1010
[18:42:45] <XXCoder1> 1010 is in by in right?
[18:42:53] <Connor> yea. 1in x 1in
[18:42:56] <XXCoder1> ok
[18:43:05] <Connor> 1515 is 1.5" x 1.5"
[18:43:17] <XXCoder1> cool
[18:43:59] <Connor> the coolant really did change the color of my tray.. turned it a dirty looking and brownish..
[18:44:50] <XXCoder1> hm guess paint isnt resistant to coolant
[18:45:33] <Connor> it is.. it just the coolant leaves a filmy residue..
[18:45:40] <XXCoder1> ahh ok
[18:45:53] <XXCoder1> I suppose you could add "flusher"
[18:45:57] <XXCoder1> 4 sprays from corners
[18:46:09] <XXCoder1> add handle like tiolet as a joke :P
[18:47:43] <XXCoder1> does those 8020s come with holes at ends pre-tapped or do would I have to tap em?
[18:48:31] <XXCoder1> http://www.ivdc.com/cnc/100_2935.JPG so this is rigid enough>
[18:49:01] <Connor_iPad> Have to tapem.
[18:49:20] <XXCoder1> hmm ok
[18:49:24] <Connor_iPad> Rigid enough for what ?
[18:49:34] <XXCoder1> mill stuff. alum even?
[18:50:09] <Connor_iPad> Mostly wood and plastic. Not tried alum.
[18:50:10] <witnit> you would lose the spindle first, I imagine
[18:50:40] <XXCoder1> ok
[18:51:04] <XXCoder1> well your design is pretty strightforward
[18:51:12] <XXCoder1> similiar with my idea
[18:51:44] <Connor_iPad> witnit: Loose the spindle?
[18:52:00] <XXCoder1> of course, the hard part is getting parts lol
[18:52:09] <XXCoder1> sbr16 is nuts on shipping in most cases :(
[18:52:16] <Connor_iPad> XXCoder1: Should have rotated the bottom rails so they are on side.
[18:52:40] <XXCoder1> the Y or Z?
[18:52:58] <witnit> if hes milling aluminum
[18:53:04] <Connor_iPad> The ones for the gantry.
[18:53:30] <Connor_iPad> witnit: Improbably could so sheet alum maybe 1/8" thick.
[18:53:39] <witnit> engrave yes
[18:53:43] <witnit> mill... I doubt
[18:54:07] <XXCoder1> Oh conno you meant X axis, which I guess is under work surface area?
[18:54:14] <Connor_iPad> Yes
[18:54:41] <XXCoder1> interesting. isnt top up best way do that?
[18:54:53] <Connor_iPad> Not on supported rails.
[18:55:40] <Connor_iPad> The gantry cantilevers. And can lift the back linear bearings up.
[18:56:15] <XXCoder1> ahh
[18:56:30] <XXCoder1> so on side its more resistant to lifting force
[18:56:34] <Connor_iPad> The ball screw being fixed on both ends helps mitigate it. But. Would have been a bit smoother the right way.
[18:56:54] <Connor_iPad> Yea because it has support above and below and on one side
[18:57:19] <Connor_iPad> Combine with opposite rail, you then have side to side support in both directions too.
[18:57:51] <XXCoder1> did you find any local supplier for 8020 or sbr rail screws stuff?
[18:58:25] <Connor_iPad> Ebay for rails and screws linearmotionbearings2008 seller.
[18:58:36] <KreAture> :)
[18:58:39] <XXCoder1> yeah I was hoping to save money on shipping lol
[18:58:47] <XXCoder1> but yeah seem to be onlyu choice
[18:59:11] <Connor_iPad> 8020 kinda. Local company I can get some. The 15mm stuff was direct from misumi.
[18:59:30] <XXCoder1> nearest is at seattle lol
[18:59:33] <XXCoder1> for me
[18:59:42] <XXCoder1> lol dog woofing
[18:59:48] <XXCoder1> http://www.ivdc.com/cnc/club_bot/bot2.jpg
[18:59:52] <XXCoder1> looks weird
[19:00:29] <Connor_iPad> I think just licking her lips.
[19:00:40] <XXCoder1> maybe but still looks weird
[19:00:47] <Connor_iPad> She was old.
[19:00:58] <Connor_iPad> She died. I miss her. :(
[19:01:08] <XXCoder1> nothing like good dog
[19:01:16] <Connor_iPad> Yup
[19:01:27] <XXCoder1> havent had dog for long time now
[19:01:44] <XXCoder1> I'm big beliver of not getting dog till can take care of any and all problems
[19:01:52] <Connor_iPad> Yup
[19:01:53] <XXCoder1> I dont wanna have dog suffering because no money
[19:02:34] <Connor_iPad> Wish more people beloved that. We do dog rescue. See allot of crap.
[19:02:44] <XXCoder1> indeed
[19:03:48] <XXCoder1> I still LOVE that picture showing doll rabbit and real one. one says "this is easter toy". and other "this is lifetime commitment"
[19:04:02] <Connor_iPad> Yup
[19:04:09] <Connor_iPad> That's exactly correct.
[19:06:29] <Connor_iPad> Hmm. So use the PC PSU for pump. Or external PSU. If external improbably could use one of my remaining SSR and not use a TIP120
[19:07:01] <KreAture> wtf bot ?
[19:07:03] <KreAture> woof dog
[19:07:20] <Connor_iPad> Huh?
[19:07:30] <KreAture> what does the bot do ?
[19:07:35] <KreAture> looks wierd
[19:07:38] <Connor_iPad> Nothing right now.
[19:07:53] <witnit> what was the game it played?
[19:07:54] <XXCoder1> bot to do nothing wow what a concept ;)
[19:08:10] <XXCoder1> so we can offload being lazy and be... lazy? dammit
[19:08:19] <KreAture> I got two rabbits
[19:08:35] <Connor_iPad> Was going to load up ROS on it.
[19:08:38] <KreAture> had em for a good while
[19:09:02] <KreAture> since january 2012
[19:09:05] <Connor_iPad> Trying to make a self navigating robot for indoor use.
[19:09:10] <KreAture> 2 years!
[19:09:14] <KreAture> and a half soon
[19:09:25] <XXCoder1> conor you ever seen that old game? mindrover
[19:09:30] <XXCoder1> I loved that thinbg
[19:09:32] <KreAture> http://kreature.org/images/animals/rabbits/dooa/hot_day_c.jpg
[19:09:35] <KreAture> fuzzy
[19:09:58] <Connor_iPad> New Zealand whites.
[19:10:03] <witnit> whispy hares
[19:10:16] <KreAture> http://kreature.org/images/animals/rabbits/dooa/home/pnp_relaxing_2_s.jpg
[19:10:34] <KreAture> we have a very lax attitude
[19:10:55] <Connor_iPad> I raised rabbits when I was a kid.
[19:11:05] <KreAture> with two bunnies come double the poop
[19:11:09] <Connor_iPad> Had over 100 of them at one point
[19:11:10] <KreAture> industrial sized poopbox
[19:11:11] <KreAture> http://kreature.org/images/animals/rabbits/dooa/home/poopbox_s.jpg
[19:11:15] <KreAture> lol
[19:11:48] <witnit> you need a funnel and small trebuchet
[19:11:51] <Connor_iPad> Wait. They kinda look like mini-lops in that picture
[19:11:56] <KreAture> I know
[19:12:03] <KreAture> I think they are mixed with everythingf
[19:12:16] <KreAture> They have too long ears to be lion rabbits
[19:12:19] <KreAture> but have some of the mane
[19:12:31] <KreAture> and they have too short ears to be full lops
[19:12:34] <zeeshan> can i eat those bunnies
[19:12:39] <Connor_iPad> Mini and New Zealand mix possibly.
[19:12:40] <KreAture> also they can raise both ears
[19:12:48] <KreAture> and turn em
[19:12:50] <KreAture> like radar
[19:12:52] <KreAture> hehe
[19:12:56] <XXCoder1> conor interesting pics, thanks
[19:13:27] <Connor_iPad> AFK for a bit.
[19:13:28] <KreAture> first think I treach a pet: begging
[19:13:32] <KreAture> http://kreature.org/images/animals/rabbits/dooa/home/pnp_wheres_the_treat_s.jpg
[19:13:35] <KreAture> lol
[19:13:38] <Connor_iPad> Thanks XXCoder1
[19:13:45] <witnit> how I imagined you raising 100 rabbits as a child
[19:13:49] <witnit> http://www.neverendingstory.com/images/Image194.jpg
[19:14:15] <KreAture> that's one giant dog
[19:14:16] <zeeshan> oh those are pet rabbits
[19:14:17] <zeeshan> :P
[19:14:17] <XXCoder1> lol if he successfuly bred a dogdragon out of a rabbit, hes really a genius
[19:14:18] <KreAture> not a rabbit
[19:14:19] <KreAture> :p
[19:14:25] <KreAture> lol
[19:14:37] <zeeshan> i like how connor's vice
[19:14:40] <zeeshan> is bigger than his table
[19:14:47] <KreAture> http://kreature.org/images/animals/rabbits/dooa/home/carpet_s.jpg
[19:15:05] <KreAture> Connor_iPad I bet you didn't give em as nice livingquarters
[19:15:12] <KreAture> I spoil em
[19:15:16] <zeeshan> why do you keep em in a cage
[19:15:19] <zeeshan> let them roam around free!
[19:15:22] <KreAture> I do
[19:15:28] <KreAture> The cage is for when I am at work
[19:15:31] <zeeshan> the problem with rabbits is
[19:15:34] <zeeshan> they poop everywhere
[19:15:35] <zeeshan> :{
[19:15:44] <KreAture> They have full access to livingroom, kitchen and the hallways
[19:15:46] <witnit> you need roomba that specificlly seek rabbit poop
[19:15:52] <KreAture> I have a neato
[19:15:54] <KreAture> much better
[19:16:03] <witnit> are they wifi?
[19:16:03] <zeeshan> can you potty t rain rabbits?
[19:16:05] <KreAture> yes
[19:16:14] <KreAture> They never poop outside cage
[19:16:15] <witnit> potty train or wifi yes?
[19:16:35] <KreAture> they automatically potty train
[19:16:42] <KreAture> just give em a preferable box to do it in
[19:16:49] <KreAture> they are neatfreaks
[19:16:53] <zeeshan> ahi
[19:16:55] <zeeshan> i didnt know that
[19:16:59] <KreAture> spend a lot of time changing and tidying their own cage
[19:17:08] <KreAture> moving stuff around etc
[19:17:19] <KreAture> important to put stuff in there they can move
[19:17:22] <KreAture> keeps em buisy
[19:17:32] <KreAture> well, bedtime :)
[19:17:35] <Connor_iPad> Large pole barn. Had wire cages in U shape around the perimeter and back to back row down the middle.
[19:17:42] <Connor_iPad> In the end.
[19:17:45] <KreAture> just gotta fill water and give em more hay for the night
[19:18:37] <Connor_iPad> Started off as a single New Zealand White for sister for Easter or birthday. Both in April.
[19:19:09] <KreAture> I don't do easter stuff
[19:19:10] <Connor_iPad> We had mini lops, New Zealand white, Netherlands dwarfs.
[19:19:18] <KreAture> I adopted these from local shelter though
[19:19:37] <Connor_iPad> This was in the 80's
[19:27:18] <XXCoder1> wow http://sploid.gizmodo.com/photographer-reveals-the-secret-of-the-windows-xp-deskt-1561984824
[19:27:28] <XXCoder1> I always though it was entirely cgi something\
[19:35:25] <KreAture> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVXY8OEZAEQ
[19:36:07] <XXCoder1> imho, its one of better default wallpapers
[19:36:23] <XXCoder1> sure, theres very nice ones in 7, many nice ones
[19:36:36] <XXCoder1> but that wallpaper beats all. too damn bad its tiny now
[19:39:14] <KreAture> I was actually convinced it was photoshopped
[19:39:18] <KreAture> nice story
[19:39:30] <XXCoder1> yeah
[19:39:33] <KreAture> and it's not really tiny
[19:39:43] <KreAture> microsoft can release it in large format if they chooe
[19:39:50] <KreAture> they have the original 4x6"
[19:39:51] <XXCoder1> guess so, but I doubt it.
[19:40:15] <KreAture> he used a really god medium format camera
[19:40:33] <zeeshan> fake !
[19:40:36] <KreAture> lol
[19:40:37] <zeeshan> trees are missing!
[19:40:39] <KreAture> :p
[19:40:49] * KreAture goes to bed
[19:40:58] <XXCoder1> night
[20:02:20] <zeeshan> hi PetefromTn_
[20:04:10] <PetefromTn_> hello
[20:04:51] <zeeshan> ever heard of peacock brand?
[20:05:12] <Tom_itx> brand of what?
[20:05:13] <PetefromTn_> yeah from you about those import mics.
[20:05:38] <zeeshan> well i just did research on them back then and theyre japanese
[20:05:43] <zeeshan> but i wonder if anyone has felt them
[20:05:48] <zeeshan> i sold my starrett outside mics
[20:05:51] <zeeshan> they are garbage
[20:06:08] <zeeshan> the lock mechanism is really odd to engage
[20:06:25] <zeeshan> http://www.ebay.ca/itm/PEACOCK-0-300MM-OUTSIDE-MICROMETER-SET-01MM-GRADS-/261383779025
[20:06:29] <zeeshan> ive been communicating with this guy
[20:06:43] <zeeshan> we've worked out a deal, but i dont know if i should go ahead with it
[20:06:45] <zeeshan> theyre dirt cheap
[20:08:44] <zeeshan> i dont see these micrometers on their website
[20:08:53] <zeeshan> but the actual micrometer says 'japan' on em
[20:09:45] <shaun415> so
[20:09:59] <shaun415> It seems I cant afford to buy a larger lathe, what Is the best mini lathe?
[20:10:16] <PetefromTn_> save your pennies.
[20:10:29] <shaun415> i have no room for anything large
[20:10:34] <zeeshan> shaun415: watch out PetefromTn_ is ruthless when it comes to tiny machinery
[20:10:34] <zeeshan> :D
[20:10:44] * shaun415 fears
[20:11:20] <zeeshan> im gonna skip on these peacocks
[20:11:20] <XXCoder1> shaun you could always do concete lathe like one I linked to lol
[20:11:29] <shaun415> gingery?
[20:11:48] <shaun415> i dont want to mess with that
[20:11:49] <shaun415> lol
[20:12:18] <XXCoder1> lol yeah guessed so
[20:12:29] <XXCoder1> you could always make one lol
[20:12:33] <XXCoder1> some good rails
[20:12:42] <XXCoder1> somehow make ends
[20:12:53] <shaun415> meh
[20:12:54] <zeeshan> http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-image.html?adId=582444359&image=0&enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
[20:12:55] <zeeshan> fancy
[20:13:09] <zeeshan> do you guys trust digital dial indicators? :)
[20:13:50] <Tom_itx> digital calipers?
[20:13:51] <Tom_itx> yean
[20:13:54] <Tom_itx> yeah*
[20:13:56] <zeeshan> not calipers
[20:13:58] <zeeshan> dial indicators
[20:14:14] <Tom_itx> dunno, i don't own any
[20:14:28] <Tom_itx> the digital height gage was good
[20:14:41] <zeeshan> yea but thsoe are only good for 0.001" resolution
[20:15:02] <shaun415> well bbl
[20:16:23] <XXCoder1> shaun if you had access to some cnc and lathe
[20:16:28] <XXCoder1> you could make lathe lol shaun415
[20:17:00] <zeeshan> http://www.kijiji.ca/v-hand-tool/hamilton/starrett-no-220-anvil-micrometer/580976574?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
[20:17:02] <zeeshan> someone buy this!
[20:17:02] <zeeshan> :P
[20:18:58] <XXCoder1> pay me $100
[20:19:01] <XXCoder1> ill buy it
[20:19:27] <zeeshan> haha
[20:19:52] <XXCoder1> wow http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/03/090331153010.htm
[20:23:24] <witnit> you seen the "additive machining" its like a cnc milling machine but also a cnc welder type thing which build up the metal like a printer then mills it to spec
[20:23:34] <zeeshan> http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NDc4WDY0MA==/z/X-MAAOxyaTxTQYA2/$_20.JPG
[20:23:41] <zeeshan> this guy is committing a crime
[20:23:47] <zeeshan> by putting those micromters on a brick floor.
[20:25:00] <XXCoder1> damaging those accuracies eh
[20:25:16] <zeeshan> there is a reason they come in a wooden box with foam
[20:25:17] <zeeshan> :P
[20:26:31] <witnit> you know if you throw 6 inch mics down just right they bounce right back up
[20:26:36] <XXCoder1> well "those was on brick floor, 75% off"
[20:26:42] <zeeshan> haha
[20:26:44] <zeeshan> i wouldnt buy those anyway
[20:26:48] <zeeshan> theyre in really rough condition
[20:26:54] <witnit> maybe
[20:27:04] <witnit> depends on the machinist
[20:27:09] <witnit> they may be just well used
[20:27:45] <zeeshan> no sane machinist would take a pic of them on a brick floor
[20:27:46] <zeeshan> :P
[20:27:51] <witnit> hahhaah
[20:27:56] <witnit> you speak the truth
[21:00:00] <humble_sea_bass> you missed the part where he starts pissing on them
[21:00:04] <humble_sea_bass> for good measure
[21:12:20] <zeeshan> rofl
[22:15:44] <Connor_iPad> It's dead tonight.
[22:16:00] <zeeshan> :)
[22:16:15] <XXCoder1> quiet yes
[22:16:24] <zeeshan> its cause you guys are tool people like me
[22:16:28] <zeeshan> you guys are too busy with your cnc
[22:16:51] <zeeshan> archivist and me get along
[22:18:29] <zeeshan> http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NzUwWDEwMDA=/z/9rQAAOxyUylTRr4H/$_20.JPG
[22:18:30] <zeeshan> another crime
[22:18:41] <zeeshan> vacuum stored under surface plate
[22:18:41] <zeeshan> wtf !
[22:20:33] <skunkworks> I bought one of those surface plate - vacuum cleaner combos from harbor freight!!
[22:20:44] <zeeshan> haha are you serious
[22:20:48] <zeeshan> or pulling my leg
[22:21:06] <skunkworks> ;)
[22:21:14] <zeeshan> all the carts ive seen with surface plates
[22:21:28] <zeeshan> have boxes w/ height gages and gauge blocks and stuff
[22:21:36] <zeeshan> not shop vacs!
[22:22:04] <XXCoder1> zeeshan: yeah busy with my fake cnc lol
[22:22:11] <Connor_iPad> Dude. Sometimes. If you have a small workshop. Stuff ends up in strange places.
[22:22:49] <skunkworks> we have a problem with flat surfaces..
[22:23:06] <zeeshan> haha
[22:23:15] <zeeshan> flat surfaces collect all the possible tools they can see
[22:23:16] <zeeshan> http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NzY4WDEwMjQ=/z/QbUAAOxyaTxTRuec/$_20.JPG
[22:23:26] <zeeshan> can you guys tell what those green micrometers are?
[22:23:27] <Connor_iPad> As in. Keeping them clean of crap?
[22:23:35] <skunkworks> yes
[22:24:46] <XXCoder1> just bought cnc electric system
[22:25:14] <XXCoder1> http://www.ebay.com/itm/3Axis-Nema23-Stepping-Motor-110N-cm-3-0A-4wire-board-TB6560-Power-for-CMC-mill-/281188392513?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4178225e41
[22:25:44] <zeeshan> nice
[22:25:48] <XXCoder1> yeah
[22:25:52] <zeeshan> test those out :D
[22:26:04] <zeeshan> i was considering longs motors for the cnc mill
[22:26:20] <XXCoder1> I got enough money finally
[22:26:45] <XXCoder1> paid $100 after balance from paypal
[22:26:49] <Connor_iPad> I have longs for my CNC router. Kelings for my mill
[22:27:14] <Connor_iPad> That driver board is crap.
[22:27:27] <XXCoder1> of course it is
[22:27:47] <XXCoder1> my plan is to evenually upgrade with http://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-4-Axis-Driver-2M542-4-2A-Breakout-interface-board-for-Router-system-kit-/250986991782?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a6ffd90a6
[22:28:04] <Connor_iPad> I have a 4 axis version for the router. I changed out the capacitors to reduce stepper hissing.
[22:28:06] <XXCoder1> oh hey it decreased in price. it was 220 or so
[22:30:47] <Connor_iPad> Get the MX3660
[22:30:47] <Connor_iPad> From automation technologies.
[22:31:11] <XXCoder1> few hundred bucks right?
[22:31:20] <Connor_iPad> Yea
[22:31:32] <XXCoder1> yeah thats why I'm getting cheap one
[22:31:42] <XXCoder1> rails is a toughie though
[22:31:48] <XXCoder1> so expensive
[22:31:57] <XXCoder1> http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-ballscrews-ballscrew-3set-SBR-rails-3sets-BK-BF12-3-couplings-Promotions-/251449603748?pt=BI_Heavy_Equipment_Parts&hash=item3a8b9076a4 not bad though
[22:32:27] <XXCoder1> 1' 2.5' 3' roughly
[23:10:35] <shaun413> Hello!
[23:12:50] <shaun413> Everyone sleeping?
[23:34:19] <shaun413> Everyone gone to bed?
[23:36:56] <XXCoder1> not me, but soon
[23:37:09] <shaun413> Well hi
[23:37:24] <shaun413> I'm starting to lean towards mini lathes again
[23:37:28] <shaun413> Cost and size..
[23:38:44] <XXCoder1> well I guess those can teach you pretty much same thing
[23:39:24] <shaun413> Well
[23:39:29] <shaun413> I want something decent
[23:39:36] <shaun413> The issue is just the Mooney
[23:39:46] <XXCoder1> money as usual indeed
[23:39:51] <shaun413> Yep
[23:39:55] <XXCoder1> I finally ordered first parts kit for my cnc
[23:40:01] <shaun413> Neat
[23:40:08] <XXCoder1> motors and 3axis controller, as well as power source
[23:40:28] <XXCoder1> once it arrives I guess I'll bolt it to some crappy board wire up and test em