#linuxcnc | Logs for 2014-02-16

[00:15:28] <tjtr33> any news on Mesa FPGA for BBB? ( the LOGi-Bone FPGA is supposedly shipping April )
[02:12:44] <FreezingCold> tris: BBB?
[02:12:46] <FreezingCold> er
[02:12:47] <FreezingCold> tjb11:
[02:30:51] <Deejay> moin
[08:25:56] <Belerafon> Hi. Can't get manual http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/LinuxCNC_Getting_Started.pdf from link on page http://www.linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/download
[08:26:21] <Belerafon> Not Found: The requested URL /docs/LinuxCNC_Getting_Started.pdf was not found on this server.
[08:28:02] <archivist> Belerafon, http://www.linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/documentation the download there works
[08:29:15] <archivist> which is actually from http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.5/pdf/LinuxCNC_Getting_Started.pdf
[08:33:55] <Belerafon> Ok, thanks. I think need to fix link in download page as will the time.
[09:14:35] <JT-Shop> finally the internet is back on...
[09:21:10] <pcw_home> clogged with angry-birds -- NSA traffic
[09:24:45] <Jymmm> Nah, that's old news.
[09:27:00] <Jymmm> It's the added traffic from the NSA tracking drones.
[09:28:35] <Jymmm> http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2013/12/10/new-documents-show-how-the-nsa-infers-relationships-based-on-mobile-location-data/
[09:31:54] <CaptHindsight> I thought they shut it down for cleaning every third Sunday morning in Feb
[09:32:22] <Jymmm> Nah, just switch out the fleet.
[09:33:45] <CaptHindsight> that story is why I strap my cell phones to stray dogs
[09:34:06] <Jymmm> wouldn't do any good.
[09:35:12] <CaptHindsight> plus the dogs are always downloading pron
[09:37:01] <syyl--> out of context that sounds just wrong :D
[09:37:28] <Jymmm> syyl--: Because the dog has better porn than you?
[09:37:48] <syyl--> thats for sure
[09:44:24] <JT-Shop> I have a 10hp RPC on craigslist for $400 and some guy just offered me $250, I gave him a link to north American phase converters where he can get a 10hp RPC for $800 + freight
[09:45:08] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: It's CL, dont even borther responding to those
[09:45:49] <JT-Shop> I like responding to them
[09:46:00] <Tom_itx> :)
[09:46:11] <Jymmm> Was selling a car have PRICE IS FIRM in bold, "Would you take -$400 for it?"
[09:46:18] <Tom_itx> do you answer cold calls too?
[09:46:27] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: most are harvesting email addresses anyway
[09:46:29] <Tom_itx> i do sometimes for fun
[09:46:33] <CaptHindsight> http://www.3ders.org/articles/20140213-new-block-cell-printing-ups-brain-cell-survival-rate.html
[09:46:44] <Jymmm> Tom_itx: nope
[09:47:11] <Jymmm> Tom_itx: I have a pretty good CL idiot filter =)
[09:48:34] <CaptHindsight> those guys never show up with their cashiers check and moving van anyway
[09:48:35] <Tom_itx> it's the merican way to haggle
[09:48:41] <Tom_itx> FIRM just makes it fun
[09:49:45] <CaptHindsight> I've had people not want to give me their address when going to pick something up
[09:50:24] <CaptHindsight> they want to guide you to a nearby intersection then when you're in sight give you the final directions
[09:50:29] <JT-Shop> Jymmm, is it a blind reply they don't get my email
[09:53:23] <Tom_itx> car lovers: http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/12/us/national-corvette-museum-cars-fall/
[09:53:39] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: If you say so =)
[09:55:45] <CaptHindsight> http://phys.org/news/2014-02-americans-unaware-earth-circles-sun.html
[09:57:14] <Jymmm> Idiots --> "Nearly 90 percent said the benefits of science outweigh any dangers"
[10:01:06] <Jymmm> Case in point --> http://www.rxlist.com/humira-drug/warnings-precautions.htm
[10:02:31] <Jymmm> Causes death cancer, tuberculosis, invasive fungal infections.... Yeah, Ask your doctor if it's right for you, and if he says yes... slap the living shit out of him!
[10:23:13] <archivist> cheap retrofit lathe one fleabay 111277455782
[10:24:35] <jdh> nice.
[10:26:10] <pcw_home> handles! looks like a early 80s control
[10:40:14] <CaptHindsight> did Bridgeport make EZpath? or just use their controls
[10:47:53] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/151215395290 Matsuura MC-760V2 $7,900
[10:49:08] <PetefromTn> Got a question for you guys here..... http://imagebin.org/293689
[10:49:40] <PetefromTn> I made this high speed spindle mount for the VMC here and I want to use it to engrave and do some plastic or wood milling occasionally.
[10:50:22] <PetefromTn> I am trying to figure out the best way to program in the offset difference between the HSS and the main spindle so I can engrave a part and then machine it or cut it out with the main spindle.
[10:50:48] <PetefromTn> I was hoping to not have to use one of the eight available G5x offsets if possible.
[10:50:57] <PetefromTn> Any suggestions?
[10:51:00] <JT-Shop> oh well
[10:51:16] <JT-Shop> I guess CAM is what is left
[10:51:42] <PetefromTn> Is it possible to create more G5x offsets?
[10:51:46] <JT-Shop> or G92
[10:52:07] <PetefromTn> I thought G92 was only for setup like we did the other day..
[10:52:25] <PetefromTn> CaptHindsight: That Matsu is a sweet machine...
[10:52:42] <PetefromTn> JT-Shop: Have you done this before?
[10:52:55] <jdh> I have been thoroughly confused by G92 in the past.
[10:53:19] <PetefromTn> :0
[10:53:22] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/161205854467 BRIDGEPORT MODEL 308 CNC $3,550
[10:53:25] <JT-Shop> sure but you will have to know several programming languages...
[10:53:38] <PetefromTn> aw shit.
[10:55:03] <PetefromTn> Like right now I have two offsets used for my vise for those wheels and I also have one setup on my three jaw chuck on the mill table and the G59.3 for the Tool Length offset measurement position. If I get another vise soon which I am trying to do I am gonna run out of available fixture offsets.
[10:55:23] <JT-Shop> ha a practice conversion machine for me
[10:55:43] <PetefromTn> you mean the brigdie?
[10:56:00] <JT-Shop> yea, just like mine
[10:56:17] <PetefromTn> that looks like a decent machine.
[10:56:35] <PetefromTn> Does yours have the 8 tool umbrella too?
[10:56:53] <JT-Shop> Rialto, California is too far to go
[10:56:58] <JT-Shop> same machine
[10:57:33] <PetefromTn> JT-Shop: You got double vises?
[10:57:45] <JT-Shop> that one has a different drive than mine
[10:57:48] <JT-Shop> yea
[10:58:14] <PetefromTn> I mean like not two individual vises...but a double vise?
[10:59:32] <PetefromTn> That Matsu weighs 11k lbs!! MONSTER LOL...
[10:59:49] <JT-Shop> no, two vises
[11:00:26] <PetefromTn> OK
[11:00:59] <PetefromTn> How would you do it in Cam if you were gonna do it?
[11:02:12] <PetefromTn> My friend Art was saying that it may be possible to save the G5x offsets in a file somehow and make multiple files and load the one you need at startup have you ever heard of anything like that?
[11:02:48] <jdh> you can set offsets in gcode
[11:03:00] <PetefromTn> How?
[11:03:12] <PetefromTn> You mean you call up offsets?
[11:03:25] <jdh> stick the axis offsets in the appropriate G5x variable locations
[11:04:24] <PetefromTn> not following..
[11:04:27] <jdh> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gcode/coordinates.html#_fixture_offsets_g54_g59_3
[11:04:42] <jdh> see the table with variable list (5421-5426)
[11:05:05] <JT-Shop> not a good idea to change variables only read them
[11:05:39] <jdh> is there a reason for that?
[11:05:40] <JT-Shop> if you want to change the offset use G10...
[11:05:41] <PetefromTn> yeah.
[11:05:42] <jdh> if so, something is broken.
[11:06:49] <JT-Shop> move to X0 Y0 for that fixture then use G10L20 to set that point to X0 Y0
[11:09:04] <jdh> http://www.ebay.com/itm/221370653848
[11:09:10] <jdh> cute, but pricey
[11:10:50] <PetefromTn> So you can use the G10 L20 code to set an offset for each axis to a new location?
[11:10:59] <PetefromTn> Relative to the fixture offset?
[11:11:40] <jdh> same page I pasted shows G10 L20 and G10 L2
[11:11:47] <zeeshan> guys i got so frustrated last night
[11:11:53] <zeeshan> spent 3 hours on this e-stop circuit with massive failure
[11:11:53] <zeeshan> ;p
[11:12:14] <jdh> that's not an estop circuit. It's a "please stop maybe" circuit
[11:12:16] <PetefromTn> I mean say your program origin is setup on the G55 offset and I want to engrave a part using that same reference.
[11:12:26] <zeeshan> lol
[11:12:38] <zeeshan> http://i.imgur.com/SPbMk0l.png
[11:12:42] <zeeshan> please help!
[11:12:49] <zeeshan> there's 2 problems.
[11:13:07] <zeeshan> first ignore the circuit connected to ena+, i have that disconnected right now.
[11:13:14] <PetefromTn> SO I program a move to the offset difference between the High speed spindle and the main spindle and do a G10 L20 making that X0 Y0 etc.
[11:13:16] <JT-Shop> PetefromTn, I would program on the part/fixture X0 Y0 not a coordinate system
[11:13:27] <zeeshan> when i press the e-stop push button, linuxcnc goes in e-stop mode
[11:13:31] <zeeshan> but for some reason keeps the charge pump alive?
[11:13:35] <JT-Shop> and change the coordinate system to the part/fixture
[11:13:52] <PetefromTn> then when I want to switch to the main spindle I go G55 again?
[11:14:36] <zeeshan> and when i connect the ena+ circuit
[11:14:41] <zeeshan> the system is always in e-stop
[11:14:43] <zeeshan> no matter what i do :P
[11:15:01] <PetefromTn> JT-Shop: Don't understand, I am using coordinate systems G5x whatever for the part main origin say the top left corner of the vise...
[11:15:11] <zeeshan> charge pump won't come on either
[11:15:36] <PetefromTn> zeeshan: Shoulda got mesa cards man LOL...
[11:15:43] <zeeshan> PetefromTn: =/
[11:15:50] <zeeshan> this is the last circuit to hook up
[11:15:53] <zeeshan> and the controller is done
[11:16:14] <PetefromTn> is it ever REALLY done?
[11:16:21] <JT-Shop> PetefromTn, you see the other dialog box?
[11:16:22] <zeeshan> yea
[11:16:40] <PetefromTn> which one?
[11:16:47] <JT-Shop> from me
[11:17:32] <PetefromTn> On the link I am reading about setting fixture offsets from G-code G10 L2 or L20..
[11:17:52] <PetefromTn> Oops sorry gotcha...
[11:17:57] <JT-Shop> in your IRC client
[11:18:43] <zeeshan> connor wake up! :D
[11:18:53] <zeeshan> i know he's dealt with this ;p
[11:19:10] <Connor> Sorry.. About to walk out the door whats up?
[11:19:48] <zeeshan> hehe
[11:19:59] <zeeshan> remember our conversation about e-stop last night?
[11:20:02] <zeeshan> http://i.imgur.com/SPbMk0l.png
[11:20:06] <zeeshan> i hooked it up this way
[11:20:25] <zeeshan> when i connect the circuit through the circuit driver (output nc)
[11:20:33] <zeeshan> linuxcnc always goes in e-stop
[11:20:38] <zeeshan> and charge pump never turns on
[11:21:11] <zeeshan> when i leave that circuit disconnected, linuxcnc can be turned on so the charge pump goes on. when i press the e-stop button, linuxcnc interface goes in e-stop mode
[11:21:15] <zeeshan> but never turns off the charge pump
[11:21:41] <Connor> that layout looks correct.
[11:21:52] <Connor> what's pin 12 on the BOB ?
[11:21:58] <zeeshan> a pull up input
[11:22:13] <zeeshan> and set as e-stop in through stepconf
[11:22:36] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/200994623575 Seiki VMC - 40 x 20 x 20 travels $7k or best
[11:22:45] <zeeshan> and also i have the "invert" selected
[11:22:51] <zeeshan> without selecting invert, i couldn't get it to work
[11:23:08] <Connor> Okay.. You need a PUSH to start...
[11:23:17] <Connor> to By-pass the NO relay.
[11:23:23] <Connor> I think.
[11:23:58] <Connor> you push the push-to-start button, then hit the power on button in linucxnx
[11:24:07] <zeeshan> ahh
[11:24:27] <Connor> while still pushing the push-to-start.. it then starts sending the charge pump signal and then you can release the push-to-start button.
[11:24:27] <zeeshan> i can call it my "physical reset" button
[11:24:41] <Connor> where is the VFD in this ?
[11:24:47] <zeeshan> i havent gotten to wire that yet
[11:24:50] <zeeshan> cause this was confusing to begin with
[11:25:31] <Connor> something ODD about this...
[11:25:34] <zeeshan> okay once i hook up the momentary push button that'll fix the issue of it always in e-stop
[11:25:48] <zeeshan> problem is when i press the e-stop push button in this circuit
[11:25:51] <zeeshan> the charge pump stays on
[11:25:59] <zeeshan> i think that's software side configuration problem
[11:26:00] <Connor> Yea.. That's what was bothering me...
[11:26:07] <zeeshan> but the interface goes in e-stop
[11:26:08] <zeeshan> lol
[11:26:15] <Connor> move the switch, and disconnect in series with the charge pump signal.
[11:26:36] <Connor> then you have the NO side of the relay available for the charge pump.
[11:26:40] <Connor> err.. for the VFD
[11:26:55] <zeeshan> you're saying
[11:27:05] <zeeshan> moving all the switches ie e-stop button, disconnect switch
[11:27:11] <zeeshan> prior to the vcc_in pin on that circuit
[11:27:30] <Connor> I don't remember..
[11:27:59] <Connor> I need to head out.. but.. if you can wait till later tonight... I can look at my setup again and see what I did.. I think..
[11:28:03] <zeeshan> yes sounds good :D
[11:28:11] <zeeshan> thanks man
[11:28:25] <zeeshan> mean while ill start wiring the vfd
[11:28:30] <CaptHindsight> 2 monster cnc lathes http://www.ebay.com/itm/131117885251
[11:53:18] <archivist> can anyone think of a better name than hand hammer for http://www.collection.archivist.info/showresult.php?prog=1&srcprog=searchv13.php&srcdata=title&Type=PD&Accn_no=7408&subject=24195
[11:55:14] <JT-Shop> palm hammer
[11:57:35] <archivist> we used to used it to rivet clock winding keys, it gave a very good finish that needed no cleaning after
[11:58:01] <archivist> cannot find in google images
[11:58:03] <CaptHindsight> hand operated impact device
[11:58:33] <Tom_itx> patent pending
[11:59:00] <CaptHindsight> hand operated impact device $60k, hammer $6
[11:59:48] <archivist> boss kept it, I never managed to win it
[11:59:56] <zee-CNC> grr
[11:59:57] <zee-CNC> wtf is going on here
[12:00:03] <zee-CNC> damn you e-stop
[12:00:45] <zee-CNC> so i start up linuxcnc, it starts in e-stop mode. so i press the e-stop off button in the gui
[12:00:48] <zee-CNC> and charge pump turns on
[12:01:06] <zee-CNC> in series on the NO side of the charge pump is the push button e-stop
[12:01:13] <zee-CNC> asap i press it, linuxcnc says its in e-stop mode
[12:01:19] <zee-CNC> but the charge pump is still on
[12:01:27] <zee-CNC> and i can see it flashing in the "watch" hal config
[12:01:30] <zee-CNC> so weird
[12:01:40] <CaptHindsight> I have to order in bulk, I think I spent $30 on 40 3-5mm hex socket screws yesterday
[12:02:06] <CaptHindsight> the HW stores really get you
[12:02:25] <zee-CNC> ?
[12:02:40] <zee-CNC> 100 pieces of m4 cost me $7
[12:02:55] <zee-CNC> which hardware store do you go to
[12:03:00] <zee-CNC> if its fastenal or something, thats why!
[12:03:05] <Tom_itx> use the machine.is-on signal instead
[12:03:08] <CaptHindsight> Ace
[12:03:46] <CaptHindsight> we usually buy them by the kilo
[12:03:59] <zee-CNC> net estop-out charge-pump.enable iocontrol.0.user-enable-out should be net estop-out charge-pump.enable machine.is-on?
[12:04:53] <Tom_itx> i don't know what you're trying to acomplish but machine.is-on goes active out of estop
[12:05:09] <archivist> planishing hammer https://www.cousinsuk.com/catalog/6/0/1260/2141.aspx?code=P34924
[12:05:33] <zee-CNC> what does the signal 'estop-out' do?
[12:06:27] <zee-CNC> net estop-out charge-pump.enable <- does this tell me when the machine is out of e-stop mode, enable the charge pump signal?
[12:08:57] <CaptHindsight> Tom_itx: 40's by Thursday
[12:09:09] <Tom_itx> it's probably 50 right now
[12:09:25] <PetefromTn> Yeah man I use fastenal and they are certainly more expensive than buying a box of fasteners but if you only need a couple they are not too bad here.
[12:09:28] <CaptHindsight> I don't remember what that's like anymore
[12:09:45] <CaptHindsight> 20f now
[12:10:06] <PetefromTn> I buy from Mcmaster in boxes sometimes and you get a good price and they are here the next day usually.
[12:10:24] <Tom_itx> 55 and rising
[12:11:11] <zee-CNC> There is one input, charge-pump.enable which allows the output to toggle when no signal is connected (defaults to TRUE)
[12:11:16] <zee-CNC> which output?!!?
[12:11:33] <Tom_itx> that must be in 2.6 because i don't see it in 2.5.3
[12:11:42] <CaptHindsight> McMaster also stocks linear bearings. I can even pick up the same day
[12:12:06] <PetefromTn> I thought you were up north somewhere?
[12:12:06] <CaptHindsight> comes out about the same as finding a deal and paying for next day air
[12:12:59] <PetefromTn> Some of their stuff is pricey but some is pretty reasonable. I have been pleased with them and shipping is FAST.
[12:13:04] <CaptHindsight> eithee tom moved or he means the inside temp :)
[12:13:26] <PetefromTn> Their hub is in Atlanta I guess so it gets here next day almost every time.
[12:13:53] <Tom_itx> outside temp
[12:14:47] <Tom_itx> i thought atlanta was shut down until further notice :D
[12:15:21] <CaptHindsight> looks like ~60 today, it must have thawed
[12:15:44] <CaptHindsight> PetefromTn: how has it been in your neck of the woods?
[12:16:12] <PetefromTn> It is okay still kinda chilly but it is sunny and clear today anyways, had some flurries last night tho.
[12:16:53] <zee-CNC> is the latests manual 2.4
[12:16:55] <zee-CNC> for linuxcnc?
[12:16:58] <zee-CNC> *latest
[12:17:06] <CaptHindsight> the ball of fire in the sky is back here today
[12:17:11] <Tom_itx> zee-CNC, halui.machine.is-on is output
[12:17:24] <Tom_itx> no the latest is 2.5.3
[12:18:05] <Tom_itx> unless you look at dev docs
[12:18:24] <PetefromTn> Gonna try to use the G92 code for the High Speed Spindle offset here can't wait to do some cool engraving with it but gotta figure out the offset.
[12:18:28] <Tom_itx> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gui/halui.html
[12:18:50] <zee-CNC> i'm trying to find out what signal estop-out does
[12:18:55] <zee-CNC> whats the best place to look
[12:21:19] <Tom_itx> it's a net
[12:21:32] <Tom_itx> could be called bozo-the-clown just as well
[12:22:02] <zee-CNC> i have two lines in my hal config that seem to be doing the same thing
[12:22:03] <zee-CNC> net estop-out charge-pump.enable iocontrol.0.user-enable-out
[12:22:10] <zee-CNC> net estop-out <= iocontrol.0.user-enable-out
[12:22:20] <zee-CNC> if i understood the net command right
[12:22:36] <zee-CNC> <= is just a dummy thing , and all net does is associate a signal to a pin
[12:22:51] <Tom_itx> <= is a viaual aid for you
[12:22:57] <Tom_itx> lcnc doesn't need it at all
[12:23:02] <Tom_itx> visual*
[12:23:09] <zee-CNC> so in the first line its associating the name estop-out with the pins charge-pump.enable and iocontrol.0.user-enable-out
[12:24:13] <Tom_itx> it is assigning the signal iocontrol.0.user-enable-out to estop-out and charge-pump.enable
[12:25:33] <Tom_itx> you can only have one signal but it can be assigned more than once
[12:25:35] <zee-CNC> so charge-pump.enable is just a signal name that i made?
[12:25:46] <Tom_itx> apparently so
[12:26:11] <zee-CNC> i don't even know what iocontrol.0.user-enable-out is
[12:26:12] <zee-CNC> lol
[12:26:19] <Tom_itx> read about it
[12:26:30] <Tom_itx> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gui/halui.html
[12:26:37] <Tom_itx> dunno if it's there or not
[12:26:49] <zee-CNC> no its not there
[12:26:53] <zee-CNC> its in the developer one
[12:26:59] <zee-CNC> iocontrol.0.user-enable-out
[12:26:59] <zee-CNC> (Bit, Out) FALSE when an internal estop condition exists
[12:32:28] <Tom_itx> that's what it is
[12:32:45] <zeeshan> yea looks like i gotta modify the config to make it work the way i want it to
[12:34:02] <IchGuckLive> hi all B)
[12:34:30] <IchGuckLive> zeeshan: still 7 gold for us
[13:03:54] <postaL> can anyone recommend where to get some T-rails for my lil cnc?
[13:04:37] <IchGuckLive> where in the world are you
[13:04:55] <postaL> california, USA
[13:05:05] <IchGuckLive> near torrance
[13:05:09] <postaL> no
[13:05:11] <postaL> SF bay
[13:05:13] <postaL> santa cruz
[13:05:58] <postaL> can order online, that'sf ine
[13:08:43] <IchGuckLive> so why not going for simple china SBR
[13:09:22] <postaL> I'm very new to this. I'm not sure on most of the things i ask :)
[13:09:41] <IchGuckLive> ok so start over IM in Germany !!
[13:09:55] <IchGuckLive> what is the goal the mill shout meet
[13:10:41] <IchGuckLive> What tool do you got to build your own mill
[13:10:54] <IchGuckLive> and what is your budget
[13:11:38] <postaL> http://ptreeusa.com/ttrackproducts.htm#1018
[13:11:43] <postaL> I bought a fireball v90
[13:11:47] <postaL> well... was gifted
[13:12:23] <zee-CNC> its a ncie machine
[13:12:24] <zee-CNC> ;D
[13:12:47] <IchGuckLive> postaL: i woudt go bro SBR on your mashine
[13:12:57] <postaL> SBR?
[13:13:05] <postaL> zee-CNC: you have one too?
[13:13:09] <zee-CNC> no
[13:13:13] <zee-CNC> but ive read reviews of it :P
[13:13:17] <zee-CNC> it won a couple of awards
[13:13:24] <postaL> :-D
[13:13:41] <IchGuckLive> postaL: or do you only want to mount your parts
[13:13:50] <IchGuckLive> so the fireball v90 is without table
[13:13:56] <postaL> it has a table
[13:14:03] <postaL> a mdf table
[13:14:13] <postaL> i'm going to be cutting mainly G10, and sometimes some wood
[13:14:15] <IchGuckLive> as most have
[13:14:32] <zee-CNC> anyone a hal expert here? :P
[13:14:42] <IchGuckLive> so the T-rails are for ?
[13:14:54] <IchGuckLive> zee-CNC: ask
[13:14:56] <postaL> so i can clamp the item to the table?
[13:15:04] <zee-CNC> im trying to get my e-stop to work
[13:15:06] <zee-CNC> but im failing at it
[13:15:18] <zee-CNC> the hal configuration is overwhelming for someone looking at it the first time
[13:15:27] <IchGuckLive> ;-)
[13:15:30] <zee-CNC> net charge-pump <= charge-pump.out
[13:15:34] <zee-CNC> what does this mean
[13:15:41] <IchGuckLive> is the estop external positiv or negativ
[13:16:15] <IchGuckLive> Zee that Axis internal net is getting signal from the chargpunp out
[13:16:25] <postaL> http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000W07PEM/ref=cm_sw_su_dp
[13:16:39] <IchGuckLive> postaL: go to home depo for best price
[13:16:43] <quitte> zee-CNC: i can only guess from vhdl. there is a physical pin charge-pump.out. it gets connected to the logical net (virtual wire) named charge-pump
[13:17:20] <zee-CNC> why would it be set to that
[13:17:26] <zee-CNC> when you can associate it directly like this:
[13:17:41] <quitte> otoh from the direction of <= charge-pump.out is an input pin from the perspective of hal. As I said I'm _purely_ guessing
[13:17:44] <zee-CNC> net charge-pump <= parport.0.pin-17-out
[13:17:44] <zee-CNC> ?
[13:17:57] <zee-CNC> cause pin 17 is where my charge pump is connected
[13:18:02] <IchGuckLive> net estop-out <= iocontrol.0.user-enable-out
[13:18:04] <IchGuckLive> net estop-out => iocontrol.0.emc-enable-in
[13:18:06] <IchGuckLive> # --- Estop Power ON ---
[13:18:06] <postaL> i hate home depot. but i can see what they have
[13:18:07] <IchGuckLive> net estop-out hm2_5i25.0.7i76.0.0.output-07
[13:18:46] <IchGuckLive> net estop-ext <= parport.0.pin-17-out
[13:19:03] <zee-CNC> instead they do this:
[13:19:03] <zee-CNC> net charge-pump =iocontrol.0.user-enable-out> parport.0.pin-17-out
[13:19:10] <zee-CNC> to associate it with pin 17
[13:19:42] <IchGuckLive> no
[13:19:54] <IchGuckLive> the >= are only for view
[13:19:59] <IchGuckLive> no acction
[13:20:05] <zee-CNC> whats the = for
[13:20:08] <IchGuckLive> you need a input and output
[13:20:10] <zee-CNC> also for view?
[13:20:24] <IchGuckLive> yes only for better reading
[13:20:35] <IchGuckLive> the net xxx has to be loaded with a signal
[13:20:45] <IchGuckLive> and then givven to the user
[13:21:27] <quitte> is that hal description language comparable to something standardized?
[13:21:32] <postaL> IchGuckLive: thanks for the input :)
[13:21:42] <IchGuckLive> example
[13:21:45] <IchGuckLive> # --- MACHINE-IS-ENABLED ---
[13:21:47] <IchGuckLive> net machine-is-enabled <= motion.motion-enabled
[13:21:49] <IchGuckLive> net machine-is-enabled hm2_5i25.0.7i76.0.0.output-05
[13:21:58] <IchGuckLive> the net is loaded
[13:22:12] <IchGuckLive> and then output to a portpin
[13:22:28] <IchGuckLive> so you can give the net to multiple users
[13:24:07] <IchGuckLive> zee-CNC: hat is the goal a external estop or
[13:24:20] <IchGuckLive> so why dont you use simpel halui on that
[13:24:30] <IchGuckLive> to disable the mashine
[13:25:31] <zee-CNC> sorry still trying to understand it :D
[13:25:46] <zee-CNC> whats output-05 for you
[13:25:47] <IchGuckLive> zee-CNC: here are multiple pins triggering the estop
[13:25:54] <IchGuckLive> net joy-mashine-off or2.2.in0 <= input.0.btn-tl
[13:25:56] <IchGuckLive> net mash-estop-but or2.2.in1 <= hm2_5i25.0.7i76.0.0.input-00-not
[13:25:58] <IchGuckLive> net maschinehaloff or2.2.out => halui.machine.off
[13:26:27] <IchGuckLive> so the jopad button and the estop button is triggering the mashine off
[13:27:04] <IchGuckLive> loadrt or2 count=4 addf or2.2 servo-thread
[13:27:06] <IchGuckLive> addf or2.3 servo-thread
[13:27:24] <IchGuckLive> addf on every or ;-)
[13:27:29] <IchGuckLive> as you may know
[13:29:06] <IchGuckLive> zee-CNC: integreater manual page 156
[13:30:05] <IchGuckLive> i dont like Estop i like the Mashine off F2 more
[13:30:22] <IchGuckLive> stops all motion keeps all powerd
[13:30:30] <zee-CNC> motion.motion-enabled
[13:30:36] <zee-CNC> where do i find more info about that pin
[13:30:41] <IchGuckLive> not a good i dee
[13:30:53] <IchGuckLive> as you need this for spindel on Rpm
[13:31:12] <IchGuckLive> zee-CNC: use halui
[13:31:48] <IchGuckLive> just hit aplication CNC integreater manual and go to page 156
[13:32:41] <zee-CNC> i think i have an older manual
[13:32:44] <zee-CNC> v2.5 =P
[13:33:01] <IchGuckLive> halui.machine.off SEARCH
[13:33:05] <somenewguy> I am trying to figure out how to debug g-code better, since you can't see where in as ub routine or loop a failure happens, is there a way to get a simulation run up untill the bad line?
[13:33:42] <IchGuckLive> somenewguy: axis displays to the generated point
[13:34:19] <somenewguy> mmine displays nothing?
[13:34:31] <somenewguy> if i have a good batch of gcode open it shows that route
[13:34:55] <somenewguy> then if I say generate a new feature using ngcgui and it fails, the old tool path remains on screen
[13:35:14] <somenewguy> and I'll just get an error like "arc with bad endpoints" or "undercut on compensated move" etc
[13:35:41] <IchGuckLive> ngcui is only on finished path yes so you need to get it offline nad reopen itt
[13:35:50] <somenewguy> is there a check box I can uncheck to make it render the tool path up to failure
[13:36:01] <IchGuckLive> no
[13:36:04] <somenewguy> no, even if I open the bad code fresh, I get nothing
[13:36:15] <somenewguy> in axi
[13:36:20] <somenewguy> s
[13:36:33] <IchGuckLive> is it secread or can you upload the g-code
[13:37:18] <somenewguy> let me get an example moved to this machine
[13:37:26] <IchGuckLive> zee-CNC: how is it moving forward
[13:37:47] <zee-CNC> im going through your stuff
[13:37:47] <somenewguy> ittl be 5 minuts or so
[13:37:50] <zee-CNC> problem is mine has a charge pump
[13:37:58] <zee-CNC> so im playing around with the code
[13:38:00] <zee-CNC> and seeing what it does
[13:38:15] <IchGuckLive> charge pump does nothing on estop
[13:38:22] <zee-CNC> IchGuckLive, the problem ive been having is
[13:38:43] <IchGuckLive> not enoph pins
[13:38:50] <IchGuckLive> as wee all have
[13:38:58] <IchGuckLive> on parport stuff
[13:38:59] <zee-CNC> when i start linuxcnc, its in e-stop mode. so i press the e-stop button in the gui, and the charge pump turns on, and i get out of e-stop state
[13:39:20] <zee-CNC> but when i press the physical e-stop button, linuxcnc goes in e-stop mode
[13:39:24] <zee-CNC> but doesnt turn off the charge pump
[13:40:32] <zee-CNC> so i think the e-stop state isn't associated with the charge pump in the default stepconf based config
[13:41:17] <IchGuckLive> net estop-ext charge-pump.enable iocontrol.0.user-enable-out
[13:41:57] <IchGuckLive> this will fix it
[13:44:09] <IchGuckLive> zee-CNC: what is the pin17 connected to a estop button
[13:45:06] <zee-CNC> pin 17 connected to charge pump
[13:45:15] <zee-CNC> pin 12 connected to e-stop
[13:46:24] <IchGuckLive> can you upload your hal to pastebin please
[13:46:40] <zee-CNC> yes
[13:46:41] <zee-CNC> one sec
[13:47:20] <zee-CNC> http://pastebin.com/rbjTayV2
[13:47:25] <zee-CNC> im gonna do the modification you just told me
[13:47:34] <zee-CNC> i had to fix the e-stop push button. the wire came out
[13:47:35] <zee-CNC> lol
[13:47:57] <IchGuckLive> only 2 Axes Lathe ?
[13:47:59] <zee-CNC> yes
[13:50:03] <IchGuckLive> line 12
[13:50:23] <IchGuckLive> net estop-out charge-pump.enable iocontrol.0.user-enable-out do this as ext in the end not at the begining
[13:50:40] <somenewguy> IchGuckLive: pastebin.com/YfS7J0wB
[13:50:58] <somenewguy> ignore the comments claiming that is a subroutine
[13:51:15] <somenewguy> I edited it to be somewhat standalone, so that the error lines would actually give me SOME usefull information
[13:51:47] <somenewguy> thats the process I am trying to get away from
[13:52:10] <somenewguy> in order to debug new code, I need to dissect the subroutines/loops nad make them simple striaght thru code, or the line it claims the error exists on is just the line the sub is started from
[13:53:47] <zee-CNC> IchGuckLive, thats how stepconf did it =/
[13:54:51] <IchGuckLive> i know
[13:54:58] <IchGuckLive> its wrong
[13:55:18] <zee-CNC> what should i change it to?
[13:57:29] <somenewguy> so if anyone knows how to get axis to report the line within a subroutine where the error occurs, that would be a godsend for me
[13:58:04] <somenewguy> alternatly if they know how to get axis (or any other program) to render the tool path up untill the error, that would be double plus good, help me visualize my bad math
[14:02:00] <IchGuckLive> zee-CNC: delete that 12 and put the one i gave you on the end bevor tooling
[14:02:56] <zee-CNC> linnuxcnc doesnt start
[14:02:58] <zee-CNC> if i do that
[14:03:48] <zee-CNC> says line 34 pin 'parport.0.pin-06-outnet' does not exist
[14:04:00] <zee-CNC> wtf
[14:04:02] <zee-CNC> my editor screwed up
[14:07:00] <zee-CNC> signal 'estop-ext' can not add OUT pin 'iocontrol.0.user-enable-out', it has already OUT pin 'parport.0.pin-12-in-not'
[14:09:03] <IchGuckLive> parport.0.pin-06-out
[14:09:09] <zee-CNC> ignore that
[14:09:10] <zee-CNC> plz
[14:09:16] <zee-CNC> editor messed up
[14:09:40] <zee-CNC> gedit is finicky
[14:09:44] <zee-CNC> when youre trying to paste stuff
[14:09:51] <zee-CNC> it pasted it in 3 different locations for some reason lol
[14:10:46] <zee-CNC> IchGuckLive, can we go thruogh this step by step?
[14:10:52] <zee-CNC> i will understand it better that way.
[14:10:54] <IchGuckLive> net estop-ext charge-pump.enable
[14:11:21] <zee-CNC> by doing that
[14:11:25] <zee-CNC> i'm stuck in e-stop mode all the time
[14:11:46] <zee-CNC> so this is how i have it in order:
[14:11:54] <zee-CNC> net estop-ext <= parport.0.pin-12-in-not
[14:11:58] <IchGuckLive> i have no charge pump sorry
[14:12:00] <zee-CNC> net estop-ext => iocontrol.0.emc-enable-in
[14:12:21] <IchGuckLive> therfor i woudt suggest what happens if you do F2 does the chargepump go off
[14:12:38] <zee-CNC> no
[14:12:57] <zee-CNC> ok lets forget charge pump for now
[14:13:06] <zee-CNC> im gonna start a fresh configuration
[14:13:15] <IchGuckLive> dont do that
[14:13:19] <zee-CNC> hehe
[14:13:25] <IchGuckLive> get ahead of it
[14:13:42] <zee-CNC> net estop-ext <= parport.0.pin-12-in-not
[14:13:45] <zee-CNC> that's my first line
[14:14:03] <zee-CNC> so that is saying associate the input of pin12 with the signal estop-ext
[14:14:04] <zee-CNC> right?
[14:14:19] <IchGuckLive> yes
[14:14:21] <zee-CNC> net estop-ext => iocontrol.0.emc-enable-in
[14:14:29] <zee-CNC> this line is saying what?
[14:14:32] <IchGuckLive> but it shoudt be the line 65
[14:15:04] <IchGuckLive> the line says pin12 not is triggering iocontrol.0.emc-enable-in
[14:15:34] <zee-CNC> so basically iocontrol.0.emc-enable-in changes whenever the state of pin 12 changes
[14:15:59] <zee-CNC> so far i understand :D
[14:16:12] <IchGuckLive> with the charge pump i woudt go for halui.estop.is-activated
[14:16:42] <IchGuckLive> estop is connected to the pin and got thet state
[14:17:12] <IchGuckLive> halui neeeds to be done in costom postgui hal
[14:18:03] <IchGuckLive> is line 12 deleted
[14:18:11] <zee-CNC> yes
[14:18:22] <zee-CNC> im kind of messing with the config right now
[14:18:26] <zee-CNC> to understand it
[14:18:39] <zee-CNC> i have all lines with chargepump in it commented out
[14:18:40] <IchGuckLive> its prety simple but its negativ logic
[14:18:45] <zee-CNC> right now i'm only playing with the e-stop button.
[14:19:38] <zee-CNC> yay i got the e-stopbutton working
[14:19:44] <IchGuckLive> somenewguy: its the G411 and the Z in line 96
[14:19:46] <zee-CNC> net estop-ext <= parport.0.pin-12-in-not
[14:19:46] <zee-CNC> net estop-ext => iocontrol.0.emc-enable-in
[14:19:46] <zee-CNC> net estop-out <= iocontrol.0.user-enable-out
[14:19:51] <zee-CNC> all you need is those 3 lines
[14:20:11] <zee-CNC> that 3rd line is important
[14:20:17] <zee-CNC> otherwise you cant press the e-stop button in the gui.
[14:20:31] <IchGuckLive> Retundant 1
[14:20:47] <zee-CNC> weird
[14:20:53] <zee-CNC> i can't still press the the e-stop in the gui
[14:22:00] <IchGuckLive> net estop-out <= iocontrol.0.user-enable-out
[14:22:02] <IchGuckLive> net estop-out => iocontrol.0.emc-enable-in
[14:22:44] <IchGuckLive> then use in costompostgui
[14:22:53] <IchGuckLive> net estop-ext <= parport.0.pin-12-in-not
[14:22:57] <IchGuckLive> and
[14:23:22] <IchGuckLive> net estop-ext => halui.estop.activate
[14:24:19] <IchGuckLive> then only parport.0.pin-12-in-not or parport.0.pin-12-in is your trigger fault
[14:25:26] <IchGuckLive> i nneed to go famili is searching for me
[14:25:30] <IchGuckLive> BYE
[14:25:35] <zee-CNC> thank u
[14:25:36] <zee-CNC> cu
[14:55:45] <Groguard> Hello, Im building a shapeoko 2 and Im planning on using nema23 steppers and Im looking for some direction as to what driver board options I should use.
[15:06:17] <Jymmm> Gecko G540 ?
[15:07:34] <JT-Shop> Groguard, what part of the world do you live in?
[15:08:01] <Groguard> JT-Shop
[15:08:07] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: Underworld!!!
[15:08:13] <Groguard> JT-Shop I live in the US
[15:08:28] <JT-Shop> well Gecko is not everywhere
[15:08:48] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: (I thought thaty have a few international sources)
[15:08:53] <JT-Shop> for < 50v I'd use the Gecko 251
[15:09:25] <JT-Shop> G540's have issues
[15:09:28] <Groguard> Im looking at using nema 23's that have a 2.8amp draw
[15:09:36] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: Does that 50V include BEMF too?
[15:10:04] <JT-Shop> have to ask Mariss that
[15:10:07] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: Really, what issues?
[15:10:10] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: k
[15:10:14] <JT-Shop> EPP
[15:10:35] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: How so?
[15:10:39] <JT-Shop> G251 50vdc 3.5a
[15:11:12] <JT-Shop> a lot of people have lots of trouble trying to get it to work with their hardware
[15:11:28] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: Oh, hmmm.
[15:11:35] <R2E4_> afternoon.4
[15:12:21] <Groguard> Does the G251 have the ability to have limit switches?
[15:12:32] <R2E4_> i got my kmachine ready to test. Drives are up and enabled wired into 7i77.
[15:12:51] <R2E4_> Limit switches installed and wired to 7i77 but not connected in HAL
[15:12:58] <JT-Shop> the limit switches connect to your parallel port just like they do with 540
[15:13:32] <R2E4_> Thats where I am having trouble. Do I connect them to existing limit seitch pncconf created for each axis?
[15:13:45] <Groguard> Would you by chance have a link to a diagram to explain how to do that?
[15:13:51] <JT-Shop> I don't know anything about pncconf
[15:14:16] <CaptHindsight> I had fun with it on Friday
[15:14:38] <CaptHindsight> I actually used one of your configs JT
[15:15:36] <JT-Shop> yea!
[15:17:09] <CaptHindsight> I need to write the howto if you're starting with a new install if you want to use pncconf and change firmware/bitfiles
[15:17:29] <PetefromTn> R2E4_: Is your limits in circuit with estop?
[15:18:42] <JT-Shop> R2E4_, look for axis.N.neg-lim-sw-in and similr
[15:19:02] <JT-Shop> of course N will be 0 or 1 or 2
[15:20:18] <R2E4_> no its not in circuit with e-stop.
[15:20:49] <R2E4_> I am getting joint0 on limit switch error when I try to turn it on.
[15:21:00] <PetefromTn> So if you trip a limit you are relying on the computer to shut down the power to the drives?
[15:21:38] <R2E4_> I have this: net x-home-sw axis.0.home-sw-in hm2_5i25.0.7i84.0.2.input-14
[15:22:01] <PetefromTn> This is on your big VMC right?
[15:22:08] <R2E4_> yes
[15:22:32] <R2E4_> I just want to try and test the axis. But I wanted to get the ls workingfirst.\
[15:22:54] <PetefromTn> Lots of people look at limits differently, personally my limits are on the estop circuit and if I manage to hit one everything shuts down along with the power to the drives.
[15:23:22] <R2E4_> I have to drive my Y through the limits to get to tool cahnger position.
[15:23:48] <PetefromTn> I have a small interrupt button that I can press to jog off the limit if I manage to hit one. Once the machine homing is setup you should never hit a limit unless there is a seriuos problem.
[15:24:07] <PetefromTn> Wow that is unusual..
[15:24:19] <R2E4_> all my limits are shown high because they are not sittingonthe limits, so circuit is closed.
[15:25:17] <pcw_home> if you have N/C limit switches you probably want hm2_5i25.0.7i84.0.2.input-14-not
[15:25:42] <R2E4_> When the machine will hit a circuit, it will open the circuit. so normally it should be not?
[15:26:51] <pcw_home> true means on limit (so open)
[15:27:50] <pcw_home> if you use the -not pin it will become true when on limit (as desired)
[15:27:52] <pcw_home> (with N/C limit switches)
[15:29:58] <R2E4_> yeah, It is ok now, I can turn it on. So when the limit switch is hit, I will get a joint 0 limit switch error?
[15:30:39] <PetefromTn> Do you have seperate homes and limits on all axes?
[15:30:54] <R2E4_> yes
[15:31:13] <R2E4_> sWell, I have three switches on all axis except Y, in which I have 4\
[15:31:24] <PetefromTn> I wonder how the original control worked having to drive thru the limit to get to toolchange position?
[15:32:46] <PetefromTn> yeah max and min limit and home.. Is the Y the way the toolchanger works? It has a sliding column right?
[15:32:51] <R2E4_> Through the home on the Y, then limit, then a few inches after the limit there is another one they call interlock. Thats the tool changer position.
[15:33:29] <R2E4_> I saw on vm40 youtube videos, I need an Y movement for the toolchanger.
[15:34:27] <R2E4_> With the drives enabled, I shouldnt be abl;e to turn the ballscrew and I can. Which is odd to me.
[15:37:26] <pcw_home> what kind of drives?
[15:37:26] <Stratrascal> Wow Pete you are always around!
[15:37:29] <PetefromTn> yeah man you don't have servo lock obviously.
[15:37:44] <PetefromTn> Stratrascal: hey man I guess so LOL
[15:38:03] <PetefromTn> That VM40 looks like a sweet machine should be real nice once you get it working.
[15:38:38] <R2E4_> They are sanyo SuperBL amps
[15:39:41] <zee-CNC> man this e-stop circuit is a real pain in the fucking ass
[15:39:47] <Stratrascal> Hey I was cutting at 24000 RPM and 2468.95 mm/m and it was going fine for quite a while then I noticed a slight change in tone and this happened http://imgur.com/eu7QRXi
[15:39:48] <PetefromTn> That Toolchanger sequence looks COMPLEX LOL..
[15:39:51] <zee-CNC> been fucking with it for 5 hours now
[15:40:02] <zee-CNC> clearly idont know what im donig lol
[15:40:18] <Tom_itx> .
[15:40:27] <zee-CNC> dot is correct
[15:40:37] <Tom_itx> so i know where i've read to :D
[15:40:40] <PetefromTn> Stratrascal: Looks like the cutter loaded up and then you're screwed hehe..
[15:41:11] <Stratrascal> So what do you think was happening? it was happy for about 10 min before that happened
[15:42:11] <JT-Shop> not moving enough material out to get the heat out
[15:42:12] <PetefromTn> Like I said you need to clear chips or it will fail quickly man.. Either compressed air or mister or something that clears the chips out. Just gotta play with the settings and make sure you keep the pressurized air on the tool .
[15:42:46] <zee-CNC> net estop_button <= parport.0.pin-12-in-not
[15:42:48] <Stratrascal> I was spraying air and coolant Tricool
[15:42:50] <zee-CNC> net estop_button => iocontrol.0.emc-enable-in
[15:42:54] <PetefromTn> If you recall that video I posted yesterday you commented about the mister switching sides....
[15:43:03] <JT-Shop> pockets = recutting = bad
[15:43:08] <zee-CNC> those two lines are working
[15:43:18] <Stratrascal> but now that I am thinging about it that is pretty deep and maybe the air was not getting to it
[15:43:23] <PetefromTn> Not knowing what you did or how it is hard to say what went wrong. What does the cutter look like?
[15:43:25] <zee-CNC> but for some reason reason i can press the gui e-stop button
[15:43:43] <zee-CNC> nm
[15:44:02] <Stratrascal> Yep I think that is what happened.
[15:44:17] <PetefromTn> Did the cutter break?
[15:44:42] <Stratrascal> It helps to vocalize (or type) a question. it makes you think about it differently
[15:45:28] <Stratrascal> Yep it started whining a little about 270 degrees before it broke
[15:45:38] <Stratrascal> 270 around the circle I mean
[15:45:46] <PetefromTn> Inspect the broken cutter and see what it looks like...
[15:46:07] <Stratrascal> there is a pic on that link 3 of them are the cutter
[15:46:31] <Stratrascal> http://imgur.com/ZajG74T
[15:46:51] <Stratrascal> http://imgur.com/bLlbHEb
[15:47:10] <Stratrascal> I thought it would give a slide show
[15:47:12] <Stratrascal> sorry
[15:47:23] <PetefromTn> Looks like chip welding to me man LOL..
[15:47:34] <PetefromTn> That is a funky looking cutter too...
[15:47:47] <PetefromTn> Is that an ER16 spindle?
[15:48:04] <Stratrascal> ER 20
[15:48:53] <PetefromTn> You need to get some quality aluminum specific endmills and try it again. I like the ones from maritool 2 or 3 flute...high helix..
[15:49:16] <PetefromTn> From the looks of that pocket floor it was gumming up on you for awhile there...
[15:49:54] <PetefromTn> was that a 1/4 inch endmill or an 1/8?
[15:50:32] <R2E4_> PetefromTn: whats the best way to test the axis movement? I cannot get it to search to home.
[15:51:06] <JT-Shop> I use the vari-flute from Lakeshore carbide the flute design reduces vibration
[15:51:20] <Stratrascal> here is a better pic
[15:51:22] <Stratrascal> http://imgur.com/sXbQkEv
[15:51:40] <PetefromTn> Honestly man when I setup my machine I just removed the motors and got them to lock up on a bench and ensured that the output I was getting matched the input of the control before I tried to couple them to the machine.
[15:52:31] <Stratrascal> Yeah. these are pretty cheap. like 3 bucks So I will invest in a good cutter now. It did not make sense to do it when I was breaking them all the time
[15:52:52] <R2E4_> Something wrong in HAL. When I move the arrow, I get a joint 0 or joint 1 error.
[15:52:55] <PetefromTn> Stratrascal: yeah man that loaded up. I suggest you get some quality cutters from a reputable source like Maritool or Lakeshore Carbide like JT suggested.
[15:53:21] <Stratrascal> Allright, Im on it.
[15:53:39] <PetefromTn> It makes a HUGE difference in the cut quality.
[15:53:41] <Stratrascal> Thanks for the heads up on a good place to get them too.
[15:53:42] <pcw_home> R2E4: this is expected until you have controlled motion
[15:54:22] <PetefromTn> what do you mean move the arrow?
[15:54:37] <zee-CNC> just by fluke!
[15:54:46] <Stratrascal> These are from Kyocera Tycom
[15:54:50] <PetefromTn> zee-CNC: :)
[15:54:57] <zee-CNC> net estop_button <= parport.0.pin-12-in-not
[15:54:57] <zee-CNC> #e-stop
[15:54:58] <zee-CNC> net estop_button => iocontrol.0.emc-enable-in charge-pump.enable
[15:54:58] <zee-CNC> net charge-pump <= charge-pump.out
[15:55:00] <zee-CNC> thats all i had to do.
[15:55:09] <R2E4_> arrow key on keyboard. controlled motion.... hmmm..
[15:55:40] <zee-CNC> SWEET
[15:55:41] <PetefromTn> If you jog an axis and the motor does not move you will get errors due to the feedback.
[15:56:32] <PetefromTn> Can you easily remove an axis motor?
[15:56:52] <pcw_home> first step is to see if you can move the drives with a battery
[15:57:12] <JT-Shop> R2E4_, if you have not tuned your servos you need set the following error a bit longer
[15:57:34] * JT-Shop did the battery trick on all my servo machines
[15:57:40] <PetefromTn> It is much safer to setup your motors offline from the machine until you get control. You need to setup the motors and drives based on your ballscrew turns etc..
[15:58:10] <R2E4_> I did those calculations.
[15:58:27] <PetefromTn> and you don't have servo lock now right?
[15:58:49] <R2E4_> 12 vbattery on the 0- +10 voltage going to the drive?
[15:59:04] <pcw_home> 1.5v battery
[15:59:15] <Stratrascal> Coated or non coated endmills?
[15:59:24] <PetefromTn> uncoated...
[15:59:25] <pcw_home> do the drives have tachometers?
[16:00:20] <R2E4_> yes, the tachs are connected directly to the drives.
[16:00:28] <PetefromTn> R2E4_: Personally man I would not try to get motors powered up until your limits and E-stop circuits are guaranteed working and will kill movement.
[16:01:05] <R2E4_> estop does its job, disables the drives and turns off linuxcnc
[16:01:33] <R2E4_> The limit switches, when I test them manuall does the same thing.
[16:01:37] <Stratrascal> So you like 3 flute for aluminum?
[16:02:16] <PetefromTn> Stratrascal: Personally I do because the cut seems smoother but I don't have 24k on tap either you may be better off with a 2 flute... possibly. Get a couple of each.
[16:02:18] <pcw_home> so the thing is to find out why your drives are not driving...
[16:03:03] <R2E4_> ok, stick a 1.5v battery on the Vcmd and Vgnd termials
[16:03:14] <Stratrascal> Ok, how about the helix angle? How do I need to think about the angle?
[16:03:39] <PetefromTn> Get some 38 or tighter ones they clear chips better...
[16:03:55] <Stratrascal> how about 60?
[16:04:17] <PetefromTn> Are you looking at Maritool or LSC?
[16:04:30] <Stratrascal> Lakeshore Carbide
[16:05:08] <PetefromTn> You would have to ask JT about thier cutters I don't have any aluminum specific from them but when I buy the ones from Maritool they are 38 degree...
[16:05:18] <pcw_home> R2E4: I would put a 1K or so series resistor in the battery lead so a wrong connection cant hurt anything
[16:05:29] <Stratrascal> Ok great
[16:06:04] <Stratrascal> Does a rougher really remove more material?
[16:06:10] <PetefromTn> Were those cutters you bought HSS or carbide?
[16:06:36] <Stratrascal> It was these http://www.ebay.com/itm/380784225041?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649
[16:06:49] <PetefromTn> Stratrascal: yeah it does quickly but the finish is usually lined from the slots. If you want to run roughing ops you need to follow with a finish op with appropriate cutter.
[16:07:31] <Stratrascal> Yep I was figureing that. So if Im going to do a finishing pass then a rougher is my best bet?
[16:07:31] <PetefromTn> Okay Carbide they look better in that picture LOL..
[16:07:39] <Stratrascal> No doubt
[16:08:43] <PetefromTn> Personally I do not use them for aluminum only steel but it is up to you. I would just get some good cutters and give it a try and make a roughing pass and then a finish pass which is lighter. With no way to setup TLO's you are gonna have to touch off each time.
[16:09:49] <Stratrascal> I thought they were pretty nice. I have busted 2 of these. So I dont know if I shold get them again they are 10 bucks but I dont know if that is a good price or not http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-8-2-FLUTE-ALUMINUM-CUTTING-ENDMILLS-DESTINY-TOOL-V20804-/151230211754?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item233605e6aa
[16:10:31] <gene78> Speaking of touch off's, on a lathe X, are we to enter the actual radius, or the actual measured diameter?
[16:11:31] <gene78> where radius is diameter
[16:12:03] <gene78> deivided by 2?
[16:12:13] <PetefromTn> Stratrascal: They certainly are cheap prices. It's up to you maybe try the aluminum specific ones and see how it goes. Do they have to be 1/8 inch ones for your program? Can you run a quarter inch cutter?
[16:13:21] <Stratrascal> I have an ER 20 Collet now So I can run anything that will hold. I have to expand my thinking because previously all I could use were 1/8
[16:13:38] <PetefromTn> The smaller the cutter the harder it is to clear chips and the more tool deflection issues you will run into. A 1/4 might be easier until you get the hang of things.
[16:13:56] <Groguard> What is your guys opinion on the easy-cnc driver board?
[16:14:16] <R2E4_> They dont movewith a battery
[16:14:18] <Stratrascal> Yes I agree, and it will go faster too removing 1/4 instead of 1/8
[16:16:12] <PetefromTn> Stratrascal: for the size of machine and that huge spindle motor with speed to spare I would probably run 1/4 inch cutters a lot I think.
[16:16:41] <Stratrascal> this one is 21 dollars. Is that a reasonable price? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-4-carbide-endmill-aluminum-milling-Destiny-Tool-V21608-/151115073543?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item232f290807
[16:18:13] <PetefromTn> http://www.maritool.com/Cutting-Tools-End-Mills-Finishers-Square-End-3-Flute-High-Helix-Square-End-3-Flute/c78_79_80_201_202/p2281/1/4-3-Flute-Carbide-End-Mill-SE-38-Deg-Helix-.500-LOC/product_info.html
[16:19:04] <Stratrascal> Oh and the have a feed and speed right on the page? That is worh the price of admission right there
[16:20:16] <PetefromTn> yeah man and I have personallly used that cutter and it works great so if you have that much spindle speed you should do even better with it as long as you get your feed and speed right.
[16:20:42] <zee-CNC> sigh
[16:20:52] <zee-CNC> when i press the e-stop pushbutton now
[16:20:52] <Stratrascal> I am getting some confidence in my machine now. I had that baby cooking today
[16:20:59] <zee-CNC> my charge pump relay oscillates on and off
[16:21:00] <zee-CNC> =/
[16:21:25] <Stratrascal> So you think that is a pretty good spindle?
[16:21:44] <Stratrascal> It is almost silent before it engages the material
[16:22:10] <Groguard> Can anyone recommend an all-in-one driver board in the sub $250 range?
[16:23:18] <PetefromTn> http://www.lakeshorecarbide.com/14squareendvariablefluteendmillforaluminumzrn.aspx These look nice but are spendy..
[16:23:26] <R2E4_> There is two pins for spped cpmmand voltage for the axis. Vgnd is the 15G 0v side. An analog voltage is input to teh Vcmd side as a speed cpmmand.
[16:23:42] <PetefromTn> Stratrascal: If it had good runout and is quiet then yeah it should kick ass in aluminum..
[16:25:40] <Stratrascal> It's this one, I use this guy quite a bit. He does not speak really good english but he is in Chicago and when he ships standard UPS it get it the next day. http://www.automationtechnologiesinc.com/products-page/cnc-spindle/2200-milling-spindle
[16:26:25] <Stratrascal> runout of less than 0.005mm
[16:26:46] <PetefromTn> Looks decent. Wonder what the body diameter is maybe I will get one to put in my router adapter I made for my VMC LOL....
[16:27:13] <Stratrascal> it is 80mm
[16:27:18] <Stratrascal> I can vouch for that.
[16:27:44] <PetefromTn> 3.1496 " that might actually work. Lemme check my bracket..
[16:28:01] <Stratrascal> I see them cheaper on Ebay but you never know what you are getting there. This guy will be at the most 5 dollars more but wont sell junk
[16:28:43] <Stratrascal> Yep, I love the windows 8 calculator. It has a conversion on it.
[16:30:36] <PetefromTn> Aah well my router body is more like 3.48 so I would have to sleeve it. Besides I don't have the cash right now anyways LOL..
[16:31:38] <Deejay> gn8
[16:31:56] <Stratrascal> Thats like me, If I have any money I't goes down the ole CNC hole.
[16:32:27] <PetefromTn> Gn8 Deejay!
[16:32:28] <Stratrascal> But my goal is to have my Prototype shop ready before I retire and that is what I am going to do in my retirement
[16:33:15] <PetefromTn> I am setting up my shop here now and it is not for retirement LOL....
[16:33:35] <PetefromTn> Damn I love my 7x12 bandsaw with the new coolant..
[16:33:43] <Stratrascal> Prototype shop = Good 3D printer, CNC machine, Pcb design complete, and a laser cutter.
[16:34:30] <Stratrascal> As soon as I get my CNC running good I am using it to build a 100W laser macine.
[16:35:11] <PetefromTn> Dream shop=nice VMC, Nice CNC slant bed lathe=CNC plasma cutter and nice manual mill and lathe.
[16:35:20] <Stratrascal> The price of a commercial macine is just rediculous. I can build a better one.
[16:35:22] <os1r1s> Stratrascal: You ldidn't specify lathe, which I think is critical
[16:35:22] <PetefromTn> Oh and of course my Tig welder and grinders etc..
[16:35:41] <Stratrascal> Oh yeah Lathe.
[16:35:56] <Stratrascal> I would love to do some water cutting too
[16:36:09] <os1r1s> Stratrascal: I just added a small IM machine to my shop to help with prototyping too
[16:36:24] <Stratrascal> IM?
[16:36:28] <os1r1s> Injection Molding
[16:36:35] <Stratrascal> Oh kewl
[16:37:04] <os1r1s> For one of the machines I'm building I need 300 of a lever. 3d printing won't work, lasering won't work, Machining would work, but would be painful.
[16:37:18] <Stratrascal> I have a design to to PCB prototyping on a 3d printer. Unlike any implementation I have seen
[16:37:21] <os1r1s> And with the IM machine I can make them in an afternoon
[16:37:41] <os1r1s> Stratrascal: I mill my own PCB prototypes fwiw
[16:38:09] <Stratrascal> I do that too, How did you solve your leveling problem?
[16:38:36] <os1r1s> Stratrascal: I don't have a leveling problem :)
[16:38:39] <pcw_home> R2E4_: if you are sure they are enabled and you cant get them to move with a battery, you have some drive debugging to do
[16:38:52] <Stratrascal> Man that was a hurdle for me.
[16:39:08] <os1r1s> Stratrascal: Lately I've been using doublestick tape. Prior to that I was using a vacuum table.
[16:39:13] <quitte> os1r1s: what widths can you mill?
[16:39:43] <quitte> my biggest problem was tool wear. but I didn't try a lot.
[16:39:57] <Stratrascal> I can go down to .3mm double sided
[16:40:44] <quitte> so 11mil. that sounds useful
[16:40:48] <os1r1s> quitte: http://mounicou.com/i2cpcb/i2cpcb3lgt.jpg
[16:41:04] <Stratrascal> This is the best free software I have ever seen for anything. It just works great!
[16:41:07] <Stratrascal> http://www.autoleveller.co.uk/
[16:41:09] <os1r1s> quitte: This is the finest I've done. I'm sure I could do a bit smaller if I needed to
[16:41:23] <Stratrascal> I liked it so much I sent him 50 bucks
[16:42:02] <os1r1s> Tom_itx: You still around?
[16:42:23] <Stratrascal> You write out your g-code and run it through this little utility and it probes the whole board firs and adjusts the Z height.
[16:42:38] <quitte> when it comes to PCBs I don't understand why oki doesn't simply make an UV LED row.
[16:43:16] <Stratrascal> But when I get my laser going that will the the schnizzle!
[16:43:21] <os1r1s> Stratrascal: I've seen those before, I think as plugins. I think they are cool, I've just never needed them
[16:43:29] <R2E4_> pcw_home:you still here?
[16:43:31] <Stratrascal> They do a great job on PCB
[16:43:46] <os1r1s> Stratrascal: Got any links? I've not seen any good paths to using a laser
[16:44:37] <Stratrascal> I just saw a few videos. but once you have it set up for cutting it is just a matter of getting the right laser power and speed
[16:44:57] <os1r1s> Stratrascal: I have one. They don't cut through copper
[16:45:02] <Stratrascal> it burns the copper off and leaves the FR4
[16:45:10] <Stratrascal> What power?
[16:45:29] <Stratrascal> And wavelength
[16:45:31] <os1r1s> Stratrascal: I've not seen any burn off the copper. I have seen them remove paint, which then could etch off the negative
[16:45:42] <os1r1s> Stratrascal: Mine is a lowly versalaser :P
[16:45:57] <Stratrascal> :) I am going 100w
[16:45:58] <os1r1s> Small wattage, but I've seen people with 100 that couldn't do it either.
[16:46:24] <Stratrascal> It is a matter of wavelength too
[16:47:03] <Jymmm> CO2 lasers under 200 Watts won't even mark metals. Though a 50W YaG will.
[16:47:42] <Stratrascal> Well, it looks like I will have to do some more research.
[16:47:52] <os1r1s> Jymmm: That was my impression too
[16:48:06] <os1r1s> Stratrascal: But you can remove paint, which will then be etched in a chem bath
[16:48:26] <os1r1s> Leaving usable traces much cleaner than iron transfer
[16:48:29] <Stratrascal> Yeah, I was hoping to skip that step
[16:48:46] <Stratrascal> Maybye it was a yag that I saw
[16:48:47] <os1r1s> But to me, if I'm going to have to drill on a cnc mill, why not etch too
[16:49:01] <Stratrascal> Speed and accuracy.
[16:49:16] <Stratrascal> The laser can really get down there.
[16:49:29] <Jymmm> os1r1s: You can "drill" glass with a laser, but takes finesse.
[16:49:44] <Jymmm> Stratrascal: It's not as fast as you think =)
[16:49:54] <Jymmm> Unless you get a galvo
[16:49:58] <Jymmm> or fiber
[16:50:15] <os1r1s> It moves reasonably quick milling a PCB
[16:50:23] <os1r1s> The cutting it out does not ...
[16:50:58] <Stratrascal> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzmjGz0_joM
[16:51:05] <Stratrascal> check that one out
[16:51:22] <os1r1s> haha, yeah. Thats a bit pricey
[16:51:49] <Stratrascal> Well Im not gonna buy that one.
[16:51:59] <Stratrascal> They are all way over priced.
[16:52:18] <Stratrascal> I'll do it,
[16:52:47] <Stratrascal> Anyway I got to hit it. Thanks for all the help guys. I'll BBL.
[16:52:57] <os1r1s> L8er
[16:55:02] <Stratrascal> Ok Im back, :) but does anyone know the nut size on an ER 20 collet?
[17:01:49] <R2E4_> pcw_home: here istheblirb in the manual for the voltage to send to the servo amp. http://imagebin.org/293746
[17:06:20] <pcw_home> looks standard, can you check the ready output?
[17:06:40] <pcw_home> (maybe theres' a ready LED)
[17:07:56] <R2E4_> there is a Drive enabled led. RGSO and it is on green, and the ready output is good.
[17:08:34] <R2E4_> Maybe it needs its own ref vGND 0V
[17:11:11] <pcw_home> and the 1.5v battery does not drive the motor?
[17:12:22] <R2E4_> no
[17:12:40] <PetefromTn> Man I just ran that boss program again and the two parts are identical... I LOVE this machine LOL...
[17:12:49] <pcw_home> (connected between VGND and VCMD)
[17:13:07] <R2E4_> yes
[17:13:31] <pcw_home> Sometimes drives have additional enables for limit switches is this possible?
[17:13:40] <R2E4_> I have no red leds fortrouble, Everything is green.
[17:14:01] <pcw_home> tach connected?
[17:14:09] <R2E4_> yes
[17:14:30] <pcw_home> Hmm...
[17:14:55] <pcw_home> motor connected?
[17:15:12] <zeeshan> guys im all out of ideas
[17:15:14] <zeeshan> i need your help
[17:15:15] <zeeshan> =[
[17:15:22] <R2E4_> yes
[17:15:38] <zeeshan> http://i.imgur.com/DpVgDo7.png
[17:15:46] <zeeshan> if pin 12 is a pull up input
[17:15:51] <zeeshan> does this diagram look right?
[17:16:11] <pcw_home> well may be something wrong with the drive (but more likely the connections)
[17:17:20] <pcw_home> zeeshan: looks wrong to me
[17:17:24] <zeeshan> why
[17:17:34] <zeeshan> it's driving me insane been at it for hours =/
[17:18:02] <pcw_home> well it shorts 5V to GND for one thing
[17:18:13] <zeeshan> honestly
[17:18:16] <zeeshan> idont know if thats +5v or what
[17:18:23] <zeeshan> all i know is its a pull up input pin
[17:18:32] <zeeshan> which is high when exposed to air
[17:18:35] <zeeshan> and 0 when grounded
[17:18:54] <pcw_home> thats an input?
[17:18:59] <zeeshan> yes
[17:19:21] <zeeshan> i dont know why i wrote 5v there
[17:19:31] <zeeshan> just to help me visualize the circuit i guess
[17:19:38] <zeeshan> which i know im visualizing wrong :P
[17:19:38] <Groguard> Can anyone recommend a sub $250 range driver board?
[17:19:59] <pcw_home> but theres no source for the drive enable
[17:20:10] <PetefromTn> Groguard: For what machine and what kinda drives?
[17:20:19] <zeeshan> pcw when ena+ is energized
[17:20:25] <zeeshan> and ena- is grounded, the drive is actually off
[17:20:33] <zeeshan> which is what i want to do
[17:20:46] <Groguard> PetefromTn I plan on using nema23 2.8a drivers, on a shapeoko 2
[17:22:03] <PetefromTn> Hang on a second I got a small coolant spill here.LOL
[17:22:08] <zeeshan> http://i.imgur.com/87zV0f5.png
[17:22:13] <zeeshan> pcw_home: would that work?
[17:22:27] <zeeshan> actually that 5v source is going to short.
[17:22:29] <zeeshan> nm
[17:23:00] <pcw_home> so it sounds like you do want 5V to go to the charge pump common
[17:23:08] <zeeshan> yes
[17:23:17] <pcw_home> and remove the BOB input pin and GND
[17:24:18] <pcw_home> +5 to charge pump relay common, right side goes to VFD enable
[17:24:45] <zeeshan> the problem is
[17:24:50] <zeeshan> when i provide +%v to the common
[17:25:01] <zeeshan> and then put the pin#12 for the bob in parallel with the vfd enable
[17:25:26] <zeeshan> pin #12 will always be high
[17:25:29] <zeeshan> it never changes state
[17:25:45] <zeeshan> i mean to say +5v not +%v
[17:26:16] <pcw_home> one solution is put a stiff pulldown on pin 12
[17:26:26] <zeeshan> this board is shit
[17:26:30] <PetefromTn> Groguard: Hey man I had to lookup what an shapeko is, I used a CNC4PC C11G on a smaller machine. It worked okay. I have heard good things about the PMDX stuff and of course there is Mesa hardware which I HIGHLY recommend but not sure if they have anything that will run your small steppers...
[17:26:47] <zeeshan> it has 1 jumper that enables a pull up for pins 10-13
[17:26:56] <zeeshan> i cant make it pull down
[17:27:35] <Groguard> PetefromTn I plan to have longer rails 1mx1m so Ive planned to use a bit bigger motor than stock, but Im not sure what to go with.
[17:27:35] <os1r1s> Groguard: nema23s on a shapeoko are really strong
[17:27:38] <zeeshan> https://www.probotix.com/manuals/PBX-RF_manual.pdf
[17:27:42] <os1r1s> You may want to reconsider that
[17:27:47] <zeeshan> the only pull down pin is pin #15
[17:27:50] <zeeshan> which is not isolated
[17:28:19] <R2E4_> .
[17:28:20] <Groguard> os1r1s: I plan use those on a 1mx1m machine
[17:28:58] <os1r1s> Groguard: Remember the shapeoko2 still uses belts, so if you exceed the torque they can take it will just snap
[17:29:04] <pcw_home> well a 1K pulldown will work
[17:29:05] <Groguard> os1r1s
[17:29:26] <Groguard> os1r1s: Do you have a suggestion for a driver board?
[17:29:46] <os1r1s> Groguard: I'd use a tinyg or grblshield, but thats me :)
[17:30:07] <zeeshan> http://i.imgur.com/tXToysk.png
[17:30:14] <zeeshan> pcw_home: that's how you're saying it should be right?
[17:30:27] <R2E4_> pcw_home: http://imagebin.org/293751
[17:30:27] <zeeshan> where pin #15 will now be a pull down input
[17:30:53] <pcw_home> Yes
[17:31:02] <zeeshan> i wonder if my vfd is a pull down input
[17:31:11] <Groguard> os1r1s: thanks for the info
[17:31:13] <pcw_home> but you can use pin 12 with a 5 cent resistor
[17:31:24] <os1r1s> Groguard: My favorite controller is a g540
[17:31:35] <pcw_home> And I think its more the step drives wrong active state enable that really to blame here, not the BOB
[17:31:36] <R2E4_> These are labled brake and one for each axis. In the schematics these contactors are powered when power is turned on.
[17:31:50] <os1r1s> Groguard: And if you interface it with a fpga type board like the mesa (or smoothstepper) you'll be golden.
[17:31:55] <zeeshan> yea it's retarded
[17:32:01] <os1r1s> But its *really* overkill for a shapeoko
[17:32:05] <zeeshan> they expect me to energize it to DISABLE the drive
[17:32:05] <zeeshan> lol
[17:32:11] <os1r1s> zeeshan: Are you using the full probotix electronics?
[17:32:13] <pcw_home> break a wire, its enabled how smart is that?
[17:32:20] <zeeshan> os1r1s: no just their breakout board
[17:32:22] <R2E4_> Motor connections go through these from drivers. Guess I found what the issue is, but I didnt connect them cause I thought brake meant brake.
[17:32:29] <zeeshan> pcw_home: maybe if i open the drive up
[17:32:32] <zeeshan> there is a way to reconfigure it
[17:32:41] <pcw_home> leadshine?
[17:32:45] <zeeshan> keling
[17:32:48] <zeeshan> they all look very similar
[17:33:04] <os1r1s> zeeshan: I have the probotix electronics on my v90
[17:33:10] <os1r1s> Which has that exact breakout board
[17:33:15] <zeeshan> os1r1s: :D
[17:33:17] <pcw_home> maybe but a pulldown resistor will work in any case
[17:33:46] <os1r1s> I missed what you were trying to do ...
[17:33:58] <zeeshan> pcw_home: how do i find out if my vfd pin is pull up or pull down?
[17:34:03] <R2E4_> Guess I should power these up.
[17:34:10] <zeeshan> os1r1s: im trying to get the e-stop circuit working
[17:34:33] <zeeshan> os1r1s: on your bob is the e-stop circuit hooked up to pin #15
[17:34:34] <zeeshan> or pin 10?
[17:34:46] <os1r1s> And you have it to 15 (which is non isolated) and its not working?
[17:34:55] <zeeshan> no i have it to pin #12 right now
[17:34:59] <os1r1s> On my v90 I actually have no e-stop button
[17:35:00] <os1r1s> :)
[17:35:06] <zeeshan> im gonna change it to how pcw_home is saying to do it
[17:35:11] <os1r1s> But I know enough about it to be dangerous
[17:35:25] <os1r1s> I do have spindle control working and what-not
[17:36:02] <os1r1s> zeeshan: The instructions advise to hook it to 15
[17:36:07] <zeeshan> really?
[17:36:08] <zeeshan> wtf
[17:36:11] <zeeshan> in the pdf it says pin 10
[17:36:15] <os1r1s> zeeshan: https://www.probotix.com/manuals/PBX-RF_manual.pdf
[17:36:18] <zeeshan> pin 15 has no pull up resistor
[17:36:34] <os1r1s> Look at figure 2, it says pin 15
[17:36:49] <zeeshan> look at figure 5
[17:36:53] <zeeshan> it says pin 10 for e-stop
[17:36:54] <zeeshan> lol
[17:37:02] <zeeshan> and calls pin 15 aux
[17:37:13] <os1r1s> zeeshan: ahah
[17:37:14] <os1r1s> haha
[17:37:31] <Groguard> os1r1s: Do you think 280oz steppers are too large for a 1mx1m machine?
[17:38:07] <os1r1s> Groguard: I think that is a ton of torque for belts. Most people I know use nema17s on a shapeoko
[17:38:55] <Groguard> os1r1s: I was reading through some forum posts and some people were using nema23's but I wasnt sure what the torque on them were
[17:39:00] <zeeshan> pcw_home: http://imgur.com/4oEViPA
[17:39:13] <zeeshan> can you tell from that diagram if pin di5 pull up or pull down?
[17:39:17] <os1r1s> zeeshan: I can tell you that 10-13 work fine for limit switches. They should work fine for an estop
[17:39:35] <zeeshan> os1r1s: when i hook up an e-stop directly do them
[17:39:36] <zeeshan> it works fine
[17:39:40] <zeeshan> its when i put it through a charge pump
[17:39:42] <zeeshan> shit gets messed up
[17:39:46] <os1r1s> Hmm, ok
[17:39:50] <zeeshan> cause im trying to use the charge pump relay
[17:39:57] <zeeshan> to disable the stepper drives
[17:42:53] <PetefromTn> R2E4_: Did you find the problem?
[17:43:04] <Tom_itx> os1r1s am now...
[17:43:50] <os1r1s> Tom_itx: Was about to order end mill holders and wanted to ask a question about your strategy
[17:44:52] <os1r1s> Tom_itx: Do you 1) Keep bits permanently in the end mill holders and keep them very static or 2) Do you get figure out all the ones you need for a job and get them ready up front or 3) Some sort of hybrid?
[17:46:38] <Tom_itx> i keep em in holders but have spares. i don't use enough sizes to worry about job tools. we did that however with the big machines
[17:47:05] <Tom_itx> if i was running a job, i'd get them all ready up front
[17:47:51] <os1r1s> Tom_itx: K. I was thinking I'd probably use option 3. There are some that I use frequently for bulk removal, but others that ones that are used rarely
[17:48:34] <os1r1s> It looks like almost everything I have is 3/16, 1/4, or 3/8. That makes it relatively simple.
[17:48:37] <Tom_itx> i have tools loaded and labelled that match my lcnc tool table that matches my cad cam tool table
[17:48:54] <Tom_itx> so when i use a tool, it's gonna be the same tool number overall
[17:49:22] <Tom_itx> there will always be special cases
[17:50:12] <os1r1s> Tom_itx: That's exactly what I'm trying to do. My lathe is so easy because it uses the tool holders. I've pretty much decided against the auto tool changer at this point.
[17:50:14] <Tom_itx> that's a bit harder to do in a shop because you never know where the job is gonna be run
[17:50:29] <Tom_itx> however quite a few of them ran on the same machines
[17:51:14] <os1r1s> Tom_itx: The challenge I have is that I'm not running the same things over and over.
[17:51:23] <os1r1s> Its all one offs and the setup really, really sucks
[17:51:37] <os1r1s> 1 hour of machining, 2 hours of setup ...
[17:51:52] <os1r1s> So I'm trying to make that better
[17:52:05] <Tom_itx> i'd still try to standardize the tool locations
[17:52:45] <os1r1s> Tom_itx: Well, that will reduce the time setting up tool lengths ...
[17:52:51] <os1r1s> Which is significant
[17:52:56] <Tom_itx> i still check them
[18:01:19] <zeeshan> guys
[18:01:20] <zeeshan> http://imgur.com/4oEViPA
[18:01:31] <zeeshan> is pin di5 pull up or pull down type?
[18:01:33] <zeeshan> how can i tell?
[18:01:56] <Tom_itx> pullup
[18:02:03] <zeeshan> howd you tell
[18:02:04] <Tom_itx> if COM is active GND
[18:02:27] <Tom_itx> then you'd want D15 held high
[18:02:32] <zeeshan> if i go short di5 and com
[18:02:44] <zeeshan> and i measure +5v (when red lead of multimeter is connected to di5)
[18:02:50] <zeeshan> that would mean its pull up right?
[18:02:56] <zeeshan> er
[18:02:57] <Tom_itx> yes
[18:03:10] <zeeshan> ok ill check on my other vfd
[18:03:11] <zeeshan> brb
[18:03:26] <Tom_itx> is D15 input?
[18:07:52] <zeeshan> yes
[18:07:56] <zeeshan> all di are "digital inputs"
[18:08:04] <zeeshan> yea so it measured +4.52 volts
[18:08:10] <zeeshan> so its pull up
[18:20:56] <zeeshan> man
[18:20:58] <zeeshan> everyone
[18:21:12] <zeeshan> everyone's e-stop diagram that i see doesnt have their stepper drivers in the loop
[18:21:22] <zeeshan> they're just relying on the software to stop everything..
[18:22:08] <PetefromTn> Not a good idea..
[18:22:13] <zeeshan> exactly
[18:22:17] <zeeshan> i've seen like 10 different diagrams
[18:22:26] <zeeshan> none of them disable the vfd or stepper drivers
[18:26:06] <Tom_itx> yeah all my safety switches are duct taped on
[18:26:08] <Tom_itx> :)
[18:27:02] <zeeshan> if your tool is about to crash
[18:27:05] <zeeshan> how do you stop the machine?
[18:27:11] <Tom_itx> i run
[18:27:20] <Tom_itx> i'm kidding of course...
[18:27:41] <Tom_itx> you're not gonna stop it in time generally
[18:27:52] <Tom_itx> but you can sure try
[18:28:06] <zeeshan> what
[18:28:11] <zeeshan> e-stop saved my ass so many times!
[18:28:33] <Connor> zeeshan: I'm back
[18:28:39] <zeeshan> Connor!!!
[18:29:01] <Tom_itx> if you're setting up a part yeah but if it's off and running auto and something goes wrong chances are good you're not gonna catch it in time
[18:29:16] <R2E4_> should the brakes be applied before the drives enabled? XYZ, cause as soon as I power them up at the same time I get a joint 0 error.
[18:29:40] <Connor> okay. On you E-Stop setup.. Here is what you do..
[18:29:42] <zeeshan> connor this is how i have my diagram so far
[18:29:43] <zeeshan> http://i.imgur.com/rprXlwd.png
[18:30:28] <Connor> Okay.. Why the two different 5v for ?
[18:30:31] <PetefromTn> My Z is...
[18:30:45] <zeeshan> connor because pin15 is a pull up pin
[18:30:53] <zeeshan> and the vfd enable is a pull up pin also
[18:31:08] <PetefromTn> Brakes applied until drive enable is on and there is a delay built into the drive that allows it to keep the head from falling in the time it takes the brake to disengage.
[18:31:16] <Connor> okay.. VFD needs to have +5v to be enabled ? or +5v to disable ?
[18:31:53] <Connor> Here is how I WOULD do it..
[18:32:07] <zeeshan> http://imgur.com/4oEViPA
[18:32:12] <zeeshan> according to this diagram i think its pull up
[18:32:18] <zeeshan> plus imeasured it
[18:32:37] <Connor> +5v --> Vcc_IN Output_NO ---> VFD In
[18:32:49] <Connor> Tie VFD gnd and BOB gnd together.
[18:33:22] <Connor> Then... star off the OUT_NO and take to Pin 15. Needs a pull DOWN.
[18:33:32] <Connor> The side for the stepper is correct..
[18:33:41] <zeeshan> pin 15 is pull down already
[18:33:46] <zeeshan> i measured it its floating at 0V
[18:33:50] <zeeshan> so it must mean its pull down right?
[18:34:13] <Connor> and then put the E-STOP and Disco in series with the pin providing the Charge Pump Signal.
[18:35:03] <zeeshan> drawing out the diagram
[18:35:06] <Tom_itx> you just said it was pulled to 4.52v
[18:35:06] <zeeshan> to ensure i understand what youre saying
[18:35:07] <Connor> You will need a Push-To-Start to provide +5v to pin #15 on BOB so that you can toggle linux cnc on, and so that it can start generating
[18:35:21] <Connor> charge pump signal.
[18:36:12] <Connor> and, I think you'll disable the Software E-Stop..
[18:37:14] <zeeshan> so right out of the output_no of charge pump
[18:37:25] <zeeshan> you want me to star to VFD, pin#15
[18:37:35] <zeeshan> vfd is pull up input though
[18:37:41] <Connor> Output_NO goes to both VFD and Pin #15
[18:37:52] <Connor> Oh. Is it ?
[18:37:54] <zeeshan> yes
[18:38:20] <Connor> Okay, No problem..
[18:39:01] <Connor> GND -- RELAY COMMON -- OUTPUT_NO -- VFD
[18:39:26] <Connor> +5v to toe ENA+ on STEPPERS,
[18:39:52] <Connor> Output_NC to ENA- and to Pin 15.
[18:40:08] <Connor> invert the signal inside linux.
[18:40:33] <Connor> and pin 15 needs to be pulled UP
[18:40:48] <zeeshan> hmm
[18:41:00] <zeeshan> where asre the switches
[18:41:16] <Connor> switches are in series with the charge pump signal line..
[18:43:32] <Connor> let me draw this out a few different ways.. brb
[18:43:39] <zeeshan> im drawing it!
[18:43:39] <zeeshan> lol
[18:43:58] <zeeshan> decrypting your words ;d
[18:44:37] <Connor> OKay.. so to confirm. to ENABLE VFD it must be pulled LOW
[18:44:51] <zeeshan> i gotta short di5 and com
[18:44:52] <zeeshan> to enable it
[18:45:01] <Connor> okay.
[18:45:11] <Connor> and Steppers are pulled HIGH to DISABLE
[18:45:14] <zeeshan> yes
[18:45:18] <zeeshan> thats whats driving me insane
[18:45:26] <zeeshan> but i didnt realize i could flip the way i had it
[18:45:39] <zeeshan> how giving ena+ 5v and grounding through the nc portion fo the charge pump relay
[18:45:40] <zeeshan> works!
[18:45:49] <zeeshan> you're smart ;p
[18:48:06] <zeeshan> do i still need a momentary switch?
[18:49:05] <R2E4_> pcw_home: When I energizethecontactors on power up, and I try to enablethe drives, the encoders move a bit andI get a joint 0 error, so they never get enabled.
[18:49:09] <Connor> If you send a signal to linuxCNC that it's in estop, yes.. because you won't be able to re-enable without bridging the pin to feeding the BOB input signal
[18:49:28] <zeeshan> http://i.imgur.com/mpQ7J0D.png
[18:49:33] <zeeshan> is this what you've been trying to explain
[18:49:57] <Connor> No. :(
[18:50:01] <zeeshan> aha fail
[18:50:05] <zeeshan> what's screwed up
[18:50:10] <Connor> Forget about the E-stop and Disco..
[18:50:14] <zeeshan> okay
[18:51:05] <Connor> your Charge pump has Relay Common, NO, NC, +5v, GND and Charge Pump Signal IN
[18:51:29] <zeeshan> yes
[18:51:45] <Connor> You want your E-STOP and Disco IN SERIES with the Charge Pump signal IN that goes to OUTPUT pin on BOB that provides the charge pump signal
[18:52:18] <zeeshan> OH
[18:52:25] <zeeshan> so you're killing the signal at pin 17
[18:52:32] <Connor> Yes.
[18:52:34] <zeeshan> and essentially denergizing the charge pump relay
[18:52:39] <Connor> exactly.
[18:52:54] <Connor> that way, the Charge pump acts JUST like the ESTOP or the Disconnect
[18:53:32] <Connor> also, makes it fail safe.. because if your wire is ever cut, grounded OR +v5, won't matter..
[18:53:37] <zeeshan> yes
[18:53:46] <Connor> it HAS to have that active 12Khz signal on it.
[18:54:14] <pcw_home> R2E4_ That's expected, you need to increase the following error for initial tuning
[18:54:15] <pcw_home> (and to determine if your feedback direction is correct)
[18:54:42] <zeeshan> one more time
[18:54:43] <Connor> Now, the only thing left, is to tie this circuit into your INPUT on your BOB so linuxCNC KNOWS it's in ESTOP.
[18:54:48] <zeeshan> where does the momentary switch go
[18:54:57] <Connor> That's what I'm going to expalin.. :)
[18:54:59] <zeeshan> okay :D
[18:55:10] <Connor> So, Question.. your inputs, are they ALL pulled UP or pulled down ?
[18:55:20] <zeeshan> unforuantely they're all pull up
[18:55:22] <zeeshan> and non adjustable
[18:55:31] <Connor> okay. That's GOOD.
[18:55:34] <zeeshan> i'd have to throw a resistor in to make them pull down which i'd like to avoid
[18:56:32] <Connor> Well.. guess what.. your in luck.. simply tie pin to the same pin as VFD Enable Pin.
[18:56:41] <Connor> and add a momentary to that going to ground.
[18:57:34] <Connor> When you press momentary, it will pull pin low, signal linuxcnc not in estop, charge pump kicks on, and continues to pull that whole loop to gnd.
[18:57:36] <zeeshan> so pretty much the same circuit i posted
[18:57:41] <zeeshan> minus e-stop and disconnect
[18:57:48] <Connor> Yes.
[18:58:04] <zeeshan> connor fyi i've been working on this for about 9 hours now
[18:58:19] <zeeshan> your explanation is really good!
[18:58:25] <zeeshan> makes 10x more sense now.
[18:59:03] <zeeshan> http://i.imgur.com/CB6eXMz.png
[18:59:04] <zeeshan> there she is.
[19:00:01] <zeeshan> im going to wire it and see how it works
[19:00:02] <zeeshan> :D
[19:00:10] <Tom_itx> POOF!
[19:00:18] <Connor> Tom_itx: POOF ?
[19:00:29] <zee-CNC> hhs
[19:00:40] <zee-CNC> Tom_itx, if me messing with it for 9 hours didnt blow it up
[19:00:45] <zee-CNC> im sure it wont blow up now ;p
[19:01:02] <zee-CNC> and what connor said makes 100% logical sense
[19:01:03] <R2E4_> IS there procedures somewhere for setting up min and max following error? Should I just start tweaking it in.01 increments?
[19:01:17] <Connor> My setup is a bit more complex.. I added a extra relay in mine and a SSR, as I don't have a VFD, I have a SCR style speed controller.. and the Enable is not Fail Safe.. so I kill the AC Mains going to it.
[19:01:21] <Tom_itx> are the switches in the charge pump circuit DPDT?
[19:01:35] <Tom_itx> err tied together
[19:01:40] <zee-CNC> connor wouldnt that blow up your scr
[19:01:45] <zee-CNC> if it was under load
[19:01:59] <Connor> To cut the AC? No.
[19:02:26] <Connor> Tom_itx: The Estop and Disco ?
[19:02:52] <Tom_itx> no, in the charge pump circuit
[19:03:02] <R2E4_> PetefromTn: you still here? Do you recall how you setup your following errors?
[19:03:18] <Connor> The Relay ? it's just a STDP
[19:03:42] <Connor> He has them drawn as a switch instead of a relay..
[19:03:44] <Tom_itx> well the diagram doesn't indicate a relay
[19:03:56] <PetefromTn> R2E4_: I cannot recall exactly what I used but make it kinda large and as I said before I would seriously consider removing at least one of the motors to get it setup correctly. Do one axis at a time.
[19:03:56] <Tom_itx> or a spdt
[19:03:58] <Connor> Exactly..
[19:04:21] <Connor> should be a single DOT with a Wiper connecting the bottom dot, and a dot above it..
[19:04:41] <Connor> wouldn't bother with a coil since we technically don't have access to it..
[19:04:53] <Connor> just the Charge pump signal IN
[19:05:28] <Tom_itx> i didn't read the book.. just the cliff notes
[19:05:46] <Tom_itx> sorta following along...
[19:07:08] <Connor> On Pete's Arrow 500, we wired the X Y and Z over travel in series with the ESTOP too.
[19:07:27] <Connor> He's not using a charge pump since he has a Mesa with watchdog..
[19:07:52] <Connor> but, he DOES have a push to over-ride, and a push-to-start
[19:08:58] <Connor> I can't do that on my machine, because me overlimit switches are also home switches.
[19:09:18] <Tom_itx> so are mine
[19:09:29] <zee-CNC> almost done wiring
[19:09:32] <zee-CNC> =]
[19:09:51] <Connor> I can see it on a larger machine.. but on my little G0704 stepper based machine.. no huge deal.
[19:12:36] <jdh> did you get limits set up on your mill?
[19:12:44] <jdh> I still only have the X since it was trivial
[19:13:12] <PetefromTn> Connor: Do you remember what we made the following error when we first setup the machine over here? I cannot remember.
[19:13:23] <Tom_itx> i've got +X Y and Z and soft limits on the - side
[19:14:12] <Connor> Not a clue.
[19:14:16] <Connor> PetefromTn
[19:14:26] <Connor> jdh: Umm. NO. :) Just the X.
[19:14:26] <PetefromTn> Okay..
[19:14:33] <jdh> heh
[19:14:41] <Connor> I still have the alumn to make the Y and better switches..
[19:14:46] <jdh> me too
[19:14:56] <Connor> I was going to make a adjustable rail..
[19:15:13] <Connor> http://s249.photobucket.com/user/abilander/media/Mill%20conversion/DSC_2271.jpg.html
[19:15:15] <Connor> like that
[19:15:31] <zee-CNC> connor, should i fire this up with a stepconf based config?
[19:16:07] <Connor> Should be fine.. Step Conf config has the charge pump in it.. Not sure you have to invert pin 12 or not though..
[19:16:13] <jdh> I was I was thinking of something like except inverted. The middle portion of the rail keeping the switch closed
[19:16:15] <zee-CNC> i can
[19:16:22] <zee-CNC> its got an invert next to it
[19:16:42] <Connor> Yea.. but, I'm not sure WHICH way it needs to be. :)
[19:16:50] <zee-CNC> we'll see in a sec
[19:16:51] <zee-CNC> lol
[19:17:13] <PetefromTn> Connor: You should make some of those sweet IH style limits with rods and adjustable collars..Worked great on my machine and they were completely waterproof.
[19:17:15] <Connor> jdh: I want to be able to adjust the limits.. not sure how you could do that with it inverted?
[19:17:29] <jdh> with a mill
[19:17:39] <jdh> making it longer is more painful
[19:17:44] <R2E4_> pcw_home: =Is there a procedure that explains setting up the min and max ferror?
[19:17:45] <Connor> jdh: Well Duh...
[19:17:54] <Connor> PetefromTn: Which ones you talking about ?
[19:18:07] <jdh> I didn't say it was a good idea.
[19:18:25] <Connor> I have got a cutter to make the grove with...
[19:18:27] <PetefromTn> I think I actually have a cad drawing for it here because I bought a pair of them from Himykabibble and had to make the last one..
[19:18:38] <jdh> yeah me too. Never used it though.
[19:19:15] <Connor> As SOON as I get the machine back up and in a working state.. I will be make that..
[19:19:40] <Connor> I'm concerned if I got the correct size of aluminum for it..
[19:19:43] <jdh> mine is working. I would just like to finish the panel mount connectors for the steppers and seitches
[19:20:10] <Connor> I still have the touch screen monitor and that industrial keyboard.. I'm going to make a console out of MDF for it..
[19:20:13] <PetefromTn> http://www.cnccookbook.com/CCMillCNCHomeSwitches.htm
[19:20:20] <zee-CNC> okay when invert it in stepconf
[19:20:30] <zee-CNC> and start up linuxcnc, linuxcnc starts in e-stop mode
[19:20:40] <jdh> it should
[19:20:45] <zee-CNC> when i press the momentary s/w the e-stop momentarily goes away
[19:20:56] <Connor> zee-CNC: Okay, that's what you want.
[19:20:57] <zee-CNC> oh
[19:21:11] <zee-CNC> when i press the e-stop push button
[19:21:14] <zee-CNC> it goes in e-stop mdoe ;p
[19:21:18] <jdh> but, it should stay off after you hit Start
[19:21:26] <zee-CNC> and shuts off charge pump
[19:21:41] <Connor> OKay.. so far so good.
[19:21:45] <zee-CNC> yay!
[19:21:48] <zee-CNC> software e-stop works.
[19:22:03] <zee-CNC> and stepper drivers go off when e-stop is enabled
[19:22:08] <zee-CNC> (can freely turn the steppers by hand)
[19:22:21] <zee-CNC> nice job connor.
[19:22:22] <Connor> You'll have to push the button and click the ON button again while still pushing the button if you use software Estop
[19:22:23] <zee-CNC> you're the man!
[19:22:26] <jdh> I kill AC to the steppers on estop
[19:22:45] <Connor> jdh: I didn't bother with that... I DO kill the AC to the spindle..
[19:23:12] <zee-CNC> what do you mean connor
[19:23:14] <jdh> assuming my relay doesn't weld shut, mine does alos.
[19:23:17] <Connor> and I have a secondary relay for some reason.. don't remember now... and it kills the Solid State Relay..
[19:23:23] <zee-CNC> i can press the stop button in the gui without pressing the momentary switch
[19:23:57] <Connor> Hmm.. okay.. yea.. mine is like that because I kill power to the BOB in ESTOP
[19:23:57] <zee-CNC> i dont think i need a momentary switch? :P
[19:24:07] <zee-CNC> oh
[19:24:31] <zee-CNC> well i think its pretty safe if you just kill stepper drivers and vfd
[19:24:32] <Connor> okay.. You may not need a push to start
[19:24:39] <zee-CNC> its not like mr bob can do anything about it :P
[19:25:00] <zee-CNC> i think i will keep it in there
[19:25:02] <Connor> I killed the BOB for some other reason.. don't recall why..
[19:25:19] <Connor> So, when you push the push-to-start it toggles LinuxCNC on ?
[19:25:22] <Valen> be a little wary of killing the spindle
[19:25:42] <Valen> my concern is you hit estop and the spindle will stop faster than the spindles and you bend something
[19:25:52] <zee-CNC> when i open linuxcnc it starts in e-stop mode
[19:25:58] <Valen> spindle stop faster than the table
[19:26:02] <zee-CNC> then i press f2
[19:26:08] <zee-CNC> i mean f1
[19:26:12] <zee-CNC> and it disables e-stop
[19:26:25] <zee-CNC> and energizes the charge pump
[19:26:31] <Connor> Do you have the momentary switch in place?
[19:26:39] <zee-CNC> yea its hooked up, but im not pressing it
[19:26:40] <Connor> if you press it what happens when you start linuxcnc up
[19:26:43] <zee-CNC> lemme check
[19:27:31] <zee-CNC> it removes e-stop state as long as i hold it
[19:27:38] <zee-CNC> but asap i let go, it goes back in e-stop mode
[19:28:14] <Connor> okay. yea.. thats what I was saying.. push-to-start and untoggle estop.
[19:28:25] <Connor> You may not need it because your not killing power to the BOB.
[19:28:28] <zee-CNC> yes
[19:28:40] <Connor> On my setup... the push-to-start provides temp power to the BOB.
[19:28:58] <zee-CNC> connor, you're the man, man.
[19:28:59] <zee-CNC> :P
[19:28:59] <Connor> and KILLING power to the BOB grounds the e-stop pin.
[19:29:07] <zee-CNC> i've been struggling with this all day
[19:29:07] <zee-CNC> :D
[19:29:10] <Connor> so linuxcnc knows it's in estop..
[19:29:19] <PetefromTn> http://www.cnccookbook.com/CCMillCNCHomeSwitches.htm
[19:29:27] <PetefromTn> :0
[19:29:35] <Connor> PetefromTn: Sorry..
[19:29:55] <Connor> O.. those are nice.. Optical..
[19:30:04] <PetefromTn> yup super nice..
[19:30:20] <Connor> are they're two sensors in that ?
[19:30:22] <PetefromTn> They also make setting up and mounting easier.
[19:30:23] <R2E4_> PetefromTn: I cant disconnect my motors.The z I guess I could try and remove the belt, but the other motors are attached to the ballscrew. I dont have acces to the X at the moment. Would have to remove the table and such.
[19:31:08] <PetefromTn> If you remove the belt on the Z won't the head come crashing down?
[19:31:54] <R2E4_> THeres a mechanical brake on the Z and a dynamic brake.
[19:31:59] <PetefromTn> Connor: Yeah on the X there was.. but you can make them with one.. It actuates in both directions using collars on the rod.
[19:32:13] <Connor> Wonder why he used two ?
[19:32:26] <PetefromTn> I think one is a home or something.
[19:33:12] <PetefromTn> They were very repeatable and you could put whatever kind of switch you want inside them. On the one I made for my Z I used a micro switch I removed from an old fax machine LOL...
[19:33:22] <zee-CNC> connor is your stepper driver the same way as mine
[19:33:26] <zee-CNC> where youg otta energize it to disable it?
[19:33:31] <zee-CNC> it seems so silly to do that =/
[19:33:42] <Connor> Yes. Mine is..
[19:33:47] <Connor> Kelling.
[19:33:50] <zee-CNC> so if the 5v supply fails
[19:33:51] <zee-CNC> its game over
[19:34:04] <Connor> Well.. in my case if 5v dies.. the BOB disables..
[19:34:07] <Connor> so.. no. :)
[19:34:18] <PetefromTn> R2E4_: Well man if you cannot remove them easily you are gonna have to be real careful to make sure you got them going the right way or you could have a runaway or something. But you said you had working limits and estop.
[19:34:24] <zee-CNC> do you have a separate relay for that?
[19:34:53] <PetefromTn> Did you get them to servo lock down yet?
[19:35:07] <Connor> Oh.. one thing I have... is I think I have my steppers setup so that the BOB can disable the drivers.. so when I just turn off.. not E-stop, it disables the drivers..
[19:35:21] <R2E4_> no
[19:35:47] <zee-CNC> ahh
[19:35:48] <pcw_home> R2E4_ I would set minferror and ferror to about 1 inch
[19:36:04] <R2E4_> I cant enable now cause I am getting the following errors. I am trying to figure out how to get them set.
[19:36:05] <zee-CNC> my 5v supply is built into the bob
[19:36:09] <Connor> since E-Stop is just that.. Emergency.. I want to make use of the Power... which kills just the drivers.. not the charge pump or the spindle.
[19:36:12] <zee-CNC> so if the 5v supply fails, that means the bob has failed
[19:36:17] <R2E4_> set themto 1? I have tried to .1 so far.
[19:36:27] <pcw_home> (so if it goes wild it will stop without running into anything
[19:37:11] <pcw_home> does it run away when you enable the drives?
[19:37:36] <pcw_home> (I am assuming inches here)
[19:37:38] <R2E4_> no, I get a joint error right away.
[19:37:46] <R2E4_> yeah, inches
[19:37:48] <PetefromTn> Like IMMEDIATELY?
[19:37:59] <PetefromTn> Does the motor try to move at all?
[19:38:01] <R2E4_> imediately
[19:38:52] <pcw_home> when enabled or when you try to jog?
[19:39:03] <R2E4_> When I try to enable.
[19:39:41] <pcw_home> I would set the ferrors to 1 inch so you can see whats going on
[19:40:08] <R2E4_> I just but the ferrors to 1 and it did the same thing. Min also?
[19:40:18] <pcw_home> min also
[19:40:20] <PetefromTn> sure..
[19:41:05] <Connor> zee-CNC: I need to sit back down and go through my setup and re-document how I have mine done.. It changed recently when I switch my speed controller out..
[19:41:34] <pcw_home> (you have a 50% chance of having the feedback backwards the first time so expect runaways)
[19:42:38] <PetefromTn> MIght see if you can manually turn the ballscrews so you are in the center of travel before you try to power it up. In case it does runaway.
[19:47:14] <R2E4_> Those copntactors they are calling them dynamic brakes, the wires for the motors are actually running through them. THis is another thing I dont know if I am doing right. The book says thety are on when power on the control.
[19:48:14] <R2E4_> They are in the middle of travel, so I have time to hit e-stop
[19:49:04] <zee-CNC> connor what kind of machine do you have again
[19:49:14] <zee-CNC> the mdf one right? :d
[19:49:18] <pcw_home> maybe shorts out the motors when in estop
[19:49:33] <pcw_home> (so they stop as fast as possible)
[19:49:53] <Connor> the one all this info came from was my G0704 conversion.
[19:50:12] <Connor> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/attachments/benchtop_machines/158331d1335297187-connors_g0704-machine_x_y_done_small.jpg
[19:50:41] <zee-CNC> connor, side benefit of e-stop on and disabling drives
[19:50:49] <zee-CNC> = motors arent using current ;D
[19:50:52] <zee-CNC> and theyd ont get warm
[19:51:19] <zee-CNC> HEY
[19:51:23] <Connor> yup. Same reason I had it so that when I just turned the LinuxCNC OFF (not estop) it disabled the drives.
[19:51:23] <zee-CNC> you have a g0704?
[19:51:31] <zee-CNC> thats a sexy machine.
[19:52:00] <zee-CNC> well when linuxcnc is off, charge pump is off :D
[19:52:04] <zee-CNC> so drives are off
[19:52:12] <zee-CNC> cause theyre +5v circuit is energized
[19:52:25] <zee-CNC> im so glad this is all working
[19:52:32] <zee-CNC> my ball screws arrive tuesday/wed according to fedex
[19:52:40] <zee-CNC> would be awseome if i could do some test runs by this weekend.
[19:52:49] <Connor> no.
[19:52:52] <jdh> I've been thinking that for months
[19:52:59] <zee-CNC> jdh lol
[19:53:03] <zee-CNC> what's stopping you
[19:53:09] <jdh> cold mainly
[19:53:09] <R2E4_> The encoders are counting when I enable now, I hear a little whining noise, coming from z. motors arent moving though.
[19:53:15] <zee-CNC> you dont have a heater?
[19:53:16] <jdh> and lack of a good plan
[19:53:17] <Connor> zee-CNC: When OFF.. charge pump is still on..
[19:53:33] <R2E4_> When I enable the drives.
[19:53:38] <zee-CNC> connor when i exit linuxcnc my charge pump goes off
[19:53:58] <Connor> No. not exit.. I mean.. OFF.. Linux CNC has a Estop and a on/off..
[19:54:01] <zee-CNC> oh
[19:54:02] <zee-CNC> yes.
[19:54:05] <Connor> the button NEXT to the estop..
[19:54:06] <zee-CNC> no its still on then you're right
[19:54:20] <Connor> Mine is setup so, when you click it OFF.. it kills the drivers.
[19:54:20] <zee-CNC> just click e-stop next to it :)
[19:54:24] <R2E4_> I really dont know what I am doing, I could really mess something up.
[19:54:31] <PetefromTn> That sounds good..
[19:54:44] <Connor> No. That puts LinuxCNC in ESTOP condition.. sometimes now desireable
[19:55:04] <zee-CNC> yea but if you're not using your machine and gone for lunch
[19:55:07] <zee-CNC> just e-stop it :)
[19:55:26] <jdh> e-stop can make you lose position with steppers
[19:55:32] <PetefromTn> Yeah you gotta be careful here man. that is why I suggested taking a motor out and only setting up a single axis at a time. Then getting it working and what works for one will probably work for all of them..
[19:55:40] <zee-CNC> jdh: but you'd be done your program :P
[19:55:48] <zee-CNC> and you'd have to rehome anyyway :P
[19:55:58] <R2E4_> Have you seen the zize of these motors?
[19:56:50] <Connor> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/attachments/benchtop_machines/170855d1389531769t-connors_g0704-z-cover1.jpg
[19:56:57] <Connor> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/attachments/benchtop_machines/170856d1389531769t-connors_g0704-z-cover2.jpg
[19:57:01] <Connor> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/attachments/benchtop_machines/170857d1389531769t-connors_g0704-z-cover3.jpg
[19:57:06] <Connor> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/attachments/benchtop_machines/170858d1389531769t-connors_g0704-z-cover4.jpg
[19:57:08] <PetefromTn> Nope..
[19:57:29] <PetefromTn> But if they are that big and powerful that is another reason to be more careful with it. LOL
[19:57:44] <Connor> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/attachments/benchtop_machines/162302d1340671657-connors_g0704-image-1397100361.jpg stepper covers visable..
[19:57:50] <Connor> I made those.. ON the machine.. :)
[19:58:49] <Tom_itx> i remember those
[19:58:50] <zeeshan> thumbnails ;{
[19:59:11] <zeeshan> do you have limit switches on the g0704?
[19:59:23] <Connor> just on the X atm.
[19:59:40] <R2E4_> http://irmtl.com/LinuxCNC/VM40/IMG_0406.JPG
[19:59:55] <zeeshan> R2E4_: holy cow
[19:59:56] <zeeshan> thats huge
[19:59:57] <Connor> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/attachments/benchtop_machines/170855d1352862367-connors_g0704-z-cover1.jpg
[20:00:03] <Connor> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/attachments/benchtop_machines/170856d1352862367-connors_g0704-z-cover2.jpg
[20:00:09] <Connor> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/attachments/benchtop_machines/170857d1352862367-connors_g0704-z-cover3.jpg
[20:00:12] <zeeshan> i see the microswitch!
[20:00:15] <Connor> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/attachments/benchtop_machines/170858d1352862367-connors_g0704-z-cover4.jpg
[20:00:17] <zeeshan> is that a brand name microswitch
[20:00:21] <R2E4_> Thats the Z, has a 3" timing pulley and a 3" one on theballscrew
[20:00:31] <PetefromTn> They look kinda like the motors on my machine but hard to tell the scale from the picture.
[20:00:37] <Connor> No. From Radio shack.. Got new ones to replace them.
[20:00:44] <R2E4_> the z and Y are diurect connected to the ballscrew
[20:00:45] <zeeshan> i've been trying to source omron switches
[20:00:53] <zeeshan> limit switches is one thing i wont buy from china ;p
[20:01:01] <R2E4_> you took your motors off?
[20:01:05] <PetefromTn> All of mine are direct connected with couplers.
[20:01:27] <PetefromTn> I replaced ALL of the motors except the spindle motor on my machine with brand new matching motors and drivers.
[20:01:55] <PetefromTn> Is the X or Y motor easier to get to possibly?
[20:02:07] <zeeshan> connor are you using that ball screw kit
[20:02:19] <zeeshan> i forgot where i saw it.
[20:02:26] <Connor> No.
[20:02:37] <zeeshan> acme lead screws?
[20:02:44] <Connor> Still stock screws
[20:02:49] <zeeshan> ah cool
[20:02:54] <zeeshan> apparently you can buy the kit for like 300$
[20:02:55] <Connor> not really..
[20:02:57] <zeeshan> thats dirt cheap
[20:03:14] <R2E4_> Theres the Y\
[20:03:18] <Connor> waiting till hoss figures out how the double ball nut C7's are going to work..
[20:03:21] <R2E4_> Y axis http://irmtl.com/LinuxCNC/VM40/IMG_0412.JPG
[20:03:21] <zeeshan> http://www.automationtechnologiesinc.com/products-page/g0704-kit/g0704-cnc-update-machine-ballscrew-kit
[20:03:25] <zeeshan> 219$
[20:03:26] <zeeshan> cheap
[20:04:30] <zeeshan> is hoss handicaped btw?
[20:04:31] <PetefromTn> Can you access the Coupler from the Y easier?
[20:04:44] <zeeshan> everytime i see his videos, they're shot from a low height
[20:04:49] <R2E4_> yes
[20:04:51] <zeeshan> like he's in a wheel chair or something
[20:05:03] <Connor> Yes. Back Issues.
[20:05:15] <zeeshan> it's amazing he still manages to deal with heavy stuff.
[20:05:36] <Connor> zeeshan: Can get them even cheapr from LinearMotionBearing2008 on ebay.. same thing.
[20:05:46] <zeeshan> ah
[20:05:53] <R2E4_> IF I only want to work with the Y axis, how would I disable the X and Z?
[20:05:59] <Connor> and I've delt with him before.. and he even modifies the ball nut for us now.
[20:06:14] <zeeshan> connor thats where my lathe ball screws are coming from
[20:06:20] <zeeshan> i hope they're as good as the videos make them seem to be.
[20:10:33] <PetefromTn> Dunno what yours are hooked up or how but I was able to test just one axis at a time. It would help you quite a bit to be able to work with just one and get it working and locked down and if you know your ballscrew ratios as you said you can even get it close on the settings for turns per inch.
[20:13:21] <PetefromTn> Is there a keytroke to switch from MDI mode to manual control?
[20:17:35] <R2E4_> I have it where I can turn the ballscrew and the dro is within.1 to how far it travels. THis is what I was able to do. Is that enough? I dont have any data on the ballscrews.
[20:20:35] <R2E4_> HEres the Y coupling
[20:20:39] <R2E4_> http://imagebin.org/293773
[20:24:43] <Matze_> are there reason why to use Auto Tuning PDI instead of a normal PDI ? What is more common to use ?
[20:27:09] <R2E4_> PetefromTn: you still there?
[20:27:13] <PetefromTn> Sorry man I am setting up my machine here to make another wheel. If you can uncouple the motor easily and remove it you are gonna be able to set it up safely is all I can say.
[20:29:10] <PetefromTn> Machine looks clean tho. That is nice mine was a mess...
[20:29:52] <R2E4_> hmmm. Cant uncouple it without removing the ballscrew or loosen fromt he coupling and twist it till it comes out lossening the bearing from the other side.
[20:30:15] <R2E4_> Cannot just remove the motor as the cables are not long enough to rest it on something sturdy.
[20:32:23] <R2E4_> Will the Z come down IF I remove the brake? The ballscrew wont hold it?
[20:32:26] <PetefromTn> Then I guess you will just have to take your chances...
[20:32:43] <PetefromTn> NO the ballscrew will probably NOT hold it whatsoever...
[20:33:11] <R2E4_> Fuck..... I'm stuck!!!
[20:33:15] <R2E4_> lol
[20:33:22] <PetefromTn> My motors just unbolt with four bolts and then you unscrew the coupler locking screws and pull it out.
[20:33:35] <R2E4_> Pull the motor out?
[20:33:52] <PetefromTn> yeah.
[20:34:27] <Tom_itx> you can block it up
[20:34:36] <R2E4_> You had removed the cables.
[20:34:38] <R2E4_> ?
[20:35:40] <zeeshan> can someone recommend the smallest ATX cause they've come across? :p
[20:35:40] <PetefromTn> The cables on mine were plenty long enough to move the motor a bit. Like I said man I gutted everything but the spindle motor.
[20:36:10] <PetefromTn> I replaced the motors and drives and bought premade new cables because I did not trust the factory stuff...
[20:39:47] <R2E4_> Tom_itx: block the motor or the Z?
[20:40:10] <Tom_itx> block the axis if you wanna remove it to tune
[20:41:39] <PetefromTn> that is a bitch I had to do that, It has a brake on it and you cannot move it under power yet. You can block it up it that is the easiest motor to get to and remove tho. I used a forklift to support the millhead while I removed the motor coupler.
[20:44:09] <PetefromTn> Much easier to remove the motor from an axis that does not bear weight on it at rest.
[20:44:58] <Tom_itx> what holds them up when the power is off?
[20:45:15] <PetefromTn> Motor brake..
[20:45:23] <R2E4_> Did you see the coupling? Have any idea how to disengage it?
[20:45:24] <Tom_itx> mechanical?
[20:45:32] <PetefromTn> yeah,
[20:46:30] <R2E4_> I am pretty sure there is a brake that when the power goes out, it brakes. I have the connector, just have to add power to it and the Z will drop.
[20:49:12] <PetefromTn> Be careful man that millhead looks HUGE! LOL
[20:49:46] <PetefromTn> Machining another wheel here so far so good I need to make two more after this.
[20:50:06] <Tom_itx> keep some thick wood on the table in case of a mishap
[20:50:53] <PetefromTn> You certainly can cribbage it up to be just under the millhead and then try it at least it will only fall a tad bit then.
[20:52:00] <PetefromTn> I have been looking at that coupler and cannot tell how to get it off. Can you see any screws or what on it. My machine came with some sorta pressed on fittings that were crimped in the machine somehow but you could remove and replace them.
[20:54:30] <R2E4_> I am thinking that ring on the coupling near the ballscrew, has bolts bolting into the large portion. Like a slip nut, I think
[20:56:02] <PetefromTn> Is there a parts diagram for the machine might give you some hints.
[21:14:17] <R2E4_> I have the Y mo
[21:15:09] <R2E4_> I have the Y motor off the ballscrew and fastened to a table so it wont move. How do I disable X and Z so I can just wiork on Y? Just dont enable them?
[21:17:12] <PetefromTn> Hang on let me look at it...
[21:17:41] <PetefromTn> Is there an enable setting in the .INI file you can turn off and save the file?
[21:18:23] <PetefromTn> then reopen LinuxCNC... I am trying to remember what I did on mine.
[21:19:27] <pcw_home> comment out the hal line that nets the drive enable to motions axis enable
[21:20:24] <pcw_home> or disconnect the motor wires
[21:20:48] <PetefromTn> I was gonna say disconnect the motor wires but I did not know if that would cause an error...
[21:21:06] <R2E4_> I just disconnected the enable.
[21:21:44] <R2E4_> The y motor turns slowly and then after about 5 seconds stops with jpoint error
[21:21:52] <PetefromTn> Awesome...Now you can test safely...
[21:22:05] <PetefromTn> So you got it to move then excellent.
[21:22:15] <PetefromTn> Does it move the 1"?
[21:22:33] <PetefromTn> You can put a piece of tape or something on the shaft and count the turns.
[21:23:07] <R2E4_> ITs disconnected from the ball screw
[21:24:05] <PetefromTn> Can you get it back together now?
[21:24:39] <PetefromTn> Either way now you can test safely and if you screw something up you are only gonna burn up one drive LOL...
[21:24:56] <R2E4_> 2 times
[21:25:50] <R2E4_> IT turns two times and a quarter. each time
[21:26:45] <R2E4_> IT starts off slow, then accells to just a bit faster. When connected to the ballscrew, it wasnt turning the ballscrew.
[21:27:06] <PetefromTn> Can you stop the motor with your fingers safely?
[21:29:02] <pcw_home> in any case, sounds like feedback is reversed
[21:29:39] <R2E4_> a and B?
[21:30:21] <R2E4_> I cant stop it with my fingers or hand.
[21:30:43] <PetefromTn> Sounds like it is locked down good then thats good.
[21:33:21] <R2E4_> QA3, /QA3 swap those or swap both with QB3 and /QB3
[21:35:25] <pcw_home> if the encoder direction is correct you need to change the output direction not the encoder
[21:39:21] <R2E4_> Whats the output direction?
[21:39:42] <pcw_home> the analog out polarity
[21:39:48] <tjtr33> can he manually turn the encoder and see the count direction is correct?
[21:40:43] <tjtr33> to find out if the Vcmd sign or encoder count sign is correct
[21:42:07] <pcw_home> yeah the first thing is get the encoder correct then fix the feedback with the output polarity if its wrong
[21:42:51] <R2E4_> oh, swap tghe vcmd and vgnd
[21:43:20] <pcw_home> NO! thats liable to damage the 7I77
[21:44:29] <PetefromTn> He said he has the motor turning and he can see the encoder counting up. Maybe he can determine based on which way it would turn the ballscrew what direction it is needing to go.
[21:46:53] <R2E4_> IT was going ion the right direction. I now have it so when I enable the drive, I cant turn the motor. Thats the way I think it should be.
[21:47:12] <zeeshan> Connor
[21:47:28] <zeeshan> want a free c6 card?
[21:47:34] <zeeshan> i owe you for helping me today :P
[21:47:40] <zeeshan> =D
[21:49:22] <pcw_home> Yes but did you reverse the encoder?
[21:50:25] <R2E4_> I dont know which part of the encoder to swap.
[21:50:55] <pcw_home> if its in the correct direction dont touch it
[21:50:57] <R2E4_> I can turn it with the arrow keys
[21:51:11] <R2E4_> ok, I'll connect itback.
[21:51:15] <R2E4_> to the ballscrew.
[21:51:37] <tjtr33> before that, does the ballscrew turn freely?
[21:54:43] <R2E4_> yeah, itturns smooth
[21:54:47] <tjtr33> ( if say ts a Z with brake, support Z with wood brace, release brake with proper voltage, all other power off, test turn UP by hand )
[21:54:48] <tjtr33> ok
[21:58:23] <R2E4_> gotcha
[21:59:44] <tjtr33> z axis can fall w/o brakes, and will evilly just sit there hanging till it gets a teeny turn, then spins up to a high speed fall
[22:00:19] <zeeshan> btw its a good time to check your backlash
[22:00:21] <zeeshan> on the machine too
[22:00:28] <zeeshan> =D
[22:14:49] <PetefromTn> tjtr33: hey man this motor was removed from the Y axis so it is not gonna fall unless I missed something..
[22:14:54] <R2E4_> OK, the Y isworking real slow..
[22:16:00] <R2E4_> Max velocity is the max the machine can rapid? I put it on 25 and it is really slow. can I saffely crank it up to 150 or something?
[22:16:18] <R2E4_> I amusing the arrow keys to jog it.
[22:16:32] <tjtr33> :) amusing the keys?
[22:17:16] <PetefromTn> You mean you tweaked the feedrate override?
[22:17:35] <PetefromTn> You need to go into the .ini and set the max velocity of that axis...
[22:18:37] <R2E4_> Thats what I am changing. I set it to 150 and it is still slow.
[22:18:54] <PetefromTn> What is your feedrate override set to?
[22:19:17] <PetefromTn> Also you may be in metric setup and that is 150 Mm..
[22:19:43] <pcw_home> you really need to tune it before worrying about speed
[22:21:36] <R2E4_> it isin inches.
[22:21:43] <R2E4_> OK, servo tuning?
[22:22:16] <R2E4_> Just wanted to move it an inch and see if it is actually moved an inch.
[22:23:10] <PetefromTn> So do it man. GOTO MDI and type it in. Set your feedrate overrides down to almost nothing just in case..
[22:23:43] <pcw_home> http://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/tuning/servo.html
[22:23:44] <pcw_home> is a good tuning tutorial for velocity mode drives
[22:24:39] <R2E4_> should I drop thge ferror first? It is set to 1
[22:25:38] <pcw_home> you probably can but dont set it too tight or you will get ferrors
[22:25:40] <pcw_home> that wont allow you to see what you are doing
[22:28:29] <R2E4_> ok, but I have to do jogs and high speed jogs, and I cannot with the speed where it is at. Do I just crank up the max velocity? I am at 200 andit is still turning slow.
[22:30:21] <PetefromTn> Does the change you make effect the motor speed visibly or does it turn the same speed all the time?
[22:30:34] <R2E4_> IF that is 250 ipm than something is amiss. cuae its moving at about 1ipm
[22:32:10] <PetefromTn> Sounds like either there is some setting wrong or it is possibly metric
[22:32:25] <tjtr33> IMO you need to make sure 1inch is 1inch ( becuz velocity depends on measure ). Then get a 'reasonable' velocity (also depends on measure and unit of measure) Then tune
[22:32:32] <R2E4_> ITs set for inches.
[22:32:42] <PetefromTn> what is?
[22:32:44] <Connor> zeeshan: Yea ?
[22:32:58] <zeeshan> need a c6? :P
[22:33:05] <R2E4_> It moves to zero in the - and velocity drops to 0-
[22:33:11] <Connor> No. Why?
[22:33:18] <zeeshan> i don't need it anymore
[22:33:21] <zeeshan> using modbus
[22:33:30] <zeeshan> =D
[22:33:38] <PetefromTn> zeeshan: Did you get modbus working on your spindle?
[22:33:45] <zeeshan> PetefromTn: waiting for RS485
[22:33:54] <zeeshan> PetefromTn: it looks very easy to implement
[22:34:02] <zeeshan> nothing like this frigging e-stop circuit
[22:34:06] <PetefromTn> Oh Okay I thought you said you were making one or something.
[22:34:08] <Connor> I'm using a C41. Never got the C6 working with LinuxCNC.. I had him send me a C41 in place..
[22:34:14] <zeeshan> ah
[22:34:54] <Connor> Subsequently, Ended up blowing some of the components in it out.. and had to replace all the chips..
[22:35:02] <zeeshan> haha how?
[22:35:20] <Connor> Ground it out or something.. don't really remember..
[22:35:24] <zeeshan> dfoh
[22:35:27] <R2E4_> Yeah, Can only go in + direction. When I home it, I can go + but slow and when I go in - direction it goes until 0 and velocity drops to 0
[22:35:27] <Connor> I had LOTS of issues with speed controller..
[22:35:36] <zeeshan> connor i've been reading about modbus
[22:35:39] <zeeshan> it looks stupid cool
[22:35:49] <zeeshan> it even rs485 so you dont even need shielded rj12 c able
[22:35:57] <zeeshan> since its a differential signal
[22:36:11] <Connor> Blew the G0704 up, along with the RPM display, got it replaced under warranty..
[22:37:12] <zeeshan> i wonder where im going to place the controller and pc near the lathe
[22:37:16] <zeeshan> prolly on the headstock side?
[22:37:16] <Connor> Then.. several months later.. blew a KBCC-125R up.. to the point it would trip the AC circuit breaker/
[22:37:39] <Connor> had to by a replacement..
[22:37:49] <Connor> Done blowing those things up though..
[22:38:05] <zeeshan> the g0704 has a dc spindle motor?
[22:38:13] <Connor> Oh.. and somehow blew up the speed control in my mini lathe a LONG time ago.. Will use the old controller out of the G0704 for it..
[22:38:19] <Connor> Yea.
[22:38:22] <zeeshan> interesting
[22:38:54] <Connor> I replaced the original motor with a 1100W Treadmill motor.
[22:38:59] <zeeshan> im a vfd whore
[22:39:12] <zeeshan> drill press has vfd, bandsaw has vfd, mill has vfd, and now lathe has vfd
[22:39:19] <Connor> Wow.
[22:39:33] <zeeshan> my boss gave me a crapload of mvx9000 drives
[22:40:03] <zeeshan> the bandsaw and drill press have nfx drives
[22:40:06] <Connor> How big of a motor can they drive ?
[22:40:08] <zeeshan> which take 110v input
[22:40:16] <zeeshan> and output 230v 3phase
[22:40:29] <zeeshan> the nfx series can handle upto 1hp with 110v input
[22:40:39] <zeeshan> the mvx series can drive 3hp with a 240 single phase input
[22:40:45] <Connor> Ahh.. okay..
[22:41:03] <Connor> I don't have 220/240 in my show.. except for the hot water heater.. I would have to run a new line.
[22:41:08] <zeeshan> no!
[22:41:14] <zeeshan> wait, what hp do you want?
[22:41:22] <zeeshan> cause if you only want 1 hp, you need 110v input.
[22:41:27] <zeeshan> it converts it to 230v 3phase for you
[22:41:27] <Connor> I'm running 1.5HP
[22:41:29] <zeeshan> oh
[22:41:55] <pcw_home> R2E4_ you probably need to verify that you can drive the motor in both directions
[22:41:56] <pcw_home> equally with a battery before anything else, just to verify the drives are sane
[22:42:15] <zeeshan> water heater is prolly a 4 wire circuit?
[22:42:24] <Connor> Old house.. 3 wire..
[22:43:05] <Connor> the workshop HAD a clothes Dryer in it.. with a 220... but.. the idiots cut the circuit to re-route it.. and decided it was too much trouble.. and left it cut under the house..
[22:43:14] <zeeshan> eek
[22:43:19] <zeeshan> hopefully they disconnected the breaker?
[22:43:39] <Connor> I also have a nice huge #6 wire running under the house... that was going to be used for expansion.. never happened.
[22:43:41] <Connor> Oh yea..
[22:44:16] <zeeshan> i moved my main panel into the garage
[22:44:22] <zeeshan> so the house panel is now a sub panel
[22:44:30] <zeeshan> so its very easy to add/remove circuits in the garage
[22:44:56] <Connor> IF I expand my shop. I'll run a subpannel using that #6.. do a 100Amp
[22:45:10] <zeeshan> whgat kind of #6 cable
[22:45:12] <zeeshan> 90c ?
[22:45:34] <R2E4_> pcw_home: both directions? Reversing polarity for the other direction?
[22:45:56] <Connor> I don't remember.. what ever the electrician recommended for a 60' run for 100amp service.
[22:46:00] <zeeshan> nema code only allows 60Amps on that wire
[22:46:09] <tjtr33> R2E4_, yeah a 9V battery is enuf, a pot to reduce it can be nice, only enable the drive and precheck battery output is like +0.5V before connecting it to Vcmd & Vref ( 2 batteries and a pot can go +9 to 0 to -9 )
[22:46:19] <Connor> maybe was a 60amp.. I don't recall.
[22:46:47] <zeeshan> the reason i ask is cause i had to run 2 gauge
[22:46:56] <zeeshan> thhn
[22:47:06] <tjtr33> R2E4_, no cnc control at this time, you're manually injecting the Vcmd
[22:47:29] <tjtr33> R2E4_, so be very careful
[22:52:57] <R2E4_> IT vibrates the machine and I cant tell what it is.
[22:53:21] <R2E4_> it is 1.5 volty battery
[22:54:59] <Connor> okay.. I take that back.. 1.75 HP Continues duty 1305 watts.. 2.8HP @ 2088 Watts.. but motor driver only good for 1.5HP
[22:56:12] <Connor> I need to turn the torque pot up in the driver.. Not sure if I'm going to run the risk of blowing the controller or not...
[22:56:12] <R2E4_> With nothing connected to the Vcmd and Gcmd of the drive, I disconnected the wires on the 7i77, and enable the axis, the motor turns slow by itself and the encoder follows.
[22:56:44] <tjtr33> R2E4_, the amplifier may be too 'tight' already, ( tight = too much P in internal PID , also called 'gain' ) until the amp is tuned, the cnc loop cannot be tuned ( line 1 of http://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/tuning/servo.html )
[22:56:53] <R2E4_> Its like the drives dont like the 1.5 volts
[22:56:55] <Connor> Really couldn't find better than 1.5HP DC.
[22:58:02] <tjtr33> R2E4_, if motor moves w/o Vcmd, it needs to be nulled ( an offset pot trimmed when Vcmd is shorted to Vref will produce no motion , refer to amp manual )
[22:58:34] <tjtr33> R2E4_, ^^^ _if_ it has pots, else a parameter
[23:00:14] <R2E4_> There is 4 pots on the front of the amp. VR1, VR2, VR3 and VR6. The amp maual does is in Japaneese. I have a partial manual though, read it but itdidnt say anything about the pots.
[23:00:38] <tjtr33> link?
[23:02:54] <R2E4_> trouble:motor runs at very low speed even when 0 v input. Cause: Zero Adjustment is improper: Remedy: adjust vr1, (however a drift cannot be adjusted.)
[23:04:26] <tjtr33> did you input 0 V by jumping Vcmd to Vref? if so, sounds like problem in drive.
[23:05:05] <tjtr33> floating pins can cause motion from noise
[23:05:22] <zee-CNC> did emc2-dev get superseeded by something?
[23:05:24] <R2E4_> no I didnt inject 0v
[23:06:13] <tjtr33> R2E4_, you cant adjust the offset unless the input is really 0V ( this is called 'nulling a drive')
[23:07:43] <R2E4_> it doesntdrift when its enabled and no command voltage. only when I disconnect it so that is good.
[23:07:59] <tjtr33> R2E4_, and this motion is not your big problem, the bigger problem is 1.5 V makes it go shaky
[23:08:42] <R2E4_> ok, the P is at 1 in the ini.
[23:09:05] <R2E4_> When the 1.5v makes it go shaky, is that oscilation?
[23:10:03] <R2E4_> so drop the P? IS that how it works?
[23:11:43] <tjtr33> R2E4_, 1) ini file is for Linuxcnc, which is past your problem. fix the drive tuning 1st ( without linuxcnc )
[23:11:43] <tjtr33> 2) oscillation means the motor moves back & forth, possibly buzzing , possibly slowly wobbling ( depends )
[23:12:51] <tjtr33> plz read the 1st lines in the web page http://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/tuning/servo.html
[23:13:13] <tjtr33> "The following is assuming the drive itself is tuned"
[23:15:27] <tjtr33> i know its not obvious, but eventually theres 2 guys driving the motor, the amp and linuxcnc
[23:15:29] <R2E4_> I see. The motor vibrates when it is stopped or running. loop gain is too high, lower loop gain with VR3 and VR6, or Inductive noises affect a signal input circuit.
[23:15:30] <tjtr33> ( the drive speed control loop is inside the linuxcnc speed control loop )
[23:15:46] <tjtr33> the linuxcnc loop cant be right until the internal drive loop is ok
[23:15:52] <R2E4_> That was in the amp manual.
[23:16:29] <tjtr33> yes sounds right ( the gain was too high and 1.5 V made it go nuts, by amplifying the instability )
[23:17:21] <tjtr33> i think you on the right track, i gotta pack up tools for tomorrow, gnite!
[23:18:07] <R2E4_> ok thanks
[23:18:26] <tjtr33> np good on you
[23:46:01] <zee-CNC> man
[23:46:05] <zee-CNC> this modbus file is OLD
[23:46:06] <zee-CNC> lol
[23:46:14] <zee-CNC> its giving crazy errors while trying to compile
[23:54:35] <CaptHindsight> hmm no field power and the 7i76 doesn't generate an error
[23:55:58] <CaptHindsight> it didn't hiccup without field power at power-on or if it's removed after running successfully