#linuxcnc | Logs for 2013-12-26

[00:04:33] <eric_u_cnc> no motors or anything
[00:04:37] <eric_u_cnc> I put servos on it
[00:30:28] <RyanS> Those DC sticks welders with basic TIG and don't seem terribly useful. No pulse, start setting, end setting. Is there any point?
[02:28:00] <Deejay> moin
[05:51:09] <ler_hydra> cradek, hey there, uh, do you know what power supply voltage you
[05:51:28] <ler_hydra> *'re aiming for for your delta-structure mill?
[08:02:07] <Loetmichel> re @ home
[08:12:19] <CaptHindsight> Enco has their 20% off going again until tomorrow
[09:19:44] <cradek> ler_hydra: I think my power supply is about 42v
[11:07:37] <IchGuckLive> hi all B)
[11:09:52] <pcw_home> Merry post-Christmas
[11:10:35] <jmasseo> hear hear
[12:50:29] <IchGuckLive> im off BYE
[12:52:06] <tjb1> Anyone know the difference betwen 608ZZ VN and 608ZZ AJ?
[12:52:09] <tjb1> Bearings
[12:52:42] <archivist> that probably depends on the bearing maker
[12:54:16] <tjb1> Both are ABEC 7
[12:54:27] <tjb1> But I can not find the VN or AJ anywhere except back to ebay
[12:57:51] <archivist> abek 7 is a tolerance iirc, it is likely that is could be cage/seal/lubrication materials
[13:04:52] <Tom_itx> zz is the seals
[13:05:11] <tjb1> Yes, metal shields
[13:05:21] <archivist> RS is rubber shields
[13:05:46] <archivist> but what kind of seal if any on zz
[13:05:57] <Tom_itx> ^^
[13:28:31] <Tom_itx> AJ could be the angular contact of the bearing
[13:29:18] <Tom_itx> can't find those specific suffix's but: http://www.isibang.ac.in/~library/onlinerz/resources/enghandbook4.pdf
[13:29:35] <Tom_itx> (big file)
[13:35:42] <tjb1> Heh, I was looking at bearings from Magic that are supposed to be so good
[13:36:09] <tjb1> Made for longboards and have all these benefits...until someone asked what ABEC rating and the guy who is importing/designed them said ABEC Awesome.
[13:36:17] <tjb1> So not getting those.
[13:44:37] <garfong> so I'm thinking of switching from mach to linuxcnc
[13:45:14] <garfong> I just ran the latency test for about 20 min and get about 20k jitter with me moving windows around and browsing the web etc
[13:45:50] <garfong> is there an appreciable difference to getting the jitter lower in performance?
[13:49:13] <pcw_home> Jitter will limit your maximum step rate (for parallel port driven systems)
[13:49:45] <skunkworks> 20k is pretty decent - as pcw_home has mentioned - what kind of step rate are you needing?
[13:56:31] <pcw_home> Does Stepconf chose twice the jitter as the base thread rate?
[13:56:33] <pcw_home> If so that would be 25 KHz or so max step rate
[13:56:34] <pcw_home> = 750 RPM for a 10 ustep drive like a Gecko 937 RPM for 8 ustep
[13:56:36] <pcw_home> and a (probably unattainable ) 1875 RPM for 1/4 stepping
[13:57:02] <garfong> umm 2780 steps per inch and I usually cut 60-70 ipm jog around 100
[13:57:44] <tjb1> Tom_itx: Hi,
[13:57:44] <tjb1> No difference, just an inventory control management tag indicator
[13:57:45] <tjb1> Thanks, Jim
[13:58:08] <pcw_home> should be no problem at all at those speeds
[13:58:15] <Tom_itx> did you find it?
[13:58:26] <garfong> thanks for the help :)
[13:58:40] <tjb1> Tom_itx: I messaged the seller, that's what they told me
[13:59:34] <pcw_home> thats only 4633 steps/sec, about 1/5 of whats possible
[14:54:01] <nlancaster> hello, just learning more about linuxcnc, does it support slaved axis homing, ie to square a gantry during the homing operation?
[15:35:40] <tom_R2E3> wohoo
[15:35:53] <tom_R2E3> just got my machine powered up for the first time
[15:36:24] <tom_R2E3> I've got some drift on Z and Y (Servos)
[15:36:50] <tom_R2E3> but I don't think my drives have pots to tune this out
[15:38:54] <tom_R2E3> how to I remove this drift before tuning?
[15:39:22] <cradek> surely they have pots
[15:39:41] <cradek> are they NC400s?
[15:39:50] <tom_R2E3> yeah
[15:39:58] <cradek> they have pots
[15:40:03] <tom_R2E3> :)
[15:40:12] <tom_R2E3> just powering down to have another look
[15:42:45] <nlancaster> kewl, custom built machine? or a install on an existing machine tom?
[15:43:11] <tom_R2E3> existing machine, Bridgeport boss 8
[15:43:41] <nlancaster> ah
[15:43:47] <nlancaster> thats a big machine
[15:48:27] <tom_R2E3> that's exactly what I thought when the lorry was craning it on to my driveway
[15:54:09] <cradek> seb and I had to replace a resistor on each of our NC400s to get them to tune up, but I don't remember what the problem was
[16:10:34] <tom_R2E3> OK
[16:11:14] <tom_R2E3> manual says if you can't achieve a static condition with the pot, then you need to change the resistor to one with a wider range..
[16:11:17] <tom_R2E3> damn
[16:11:58] <tom_R2E3> adjusted most of the way and it didnt seem to make any difference
[16:12:39] <tom_R2E3> does it need to receive feedback from the tacho for this?
[16:14:50] <Jymmm> I *think* it's coming back to life. After I remove the surface charge, it's holding about 11.8V with no load. I'm cycling it a tad between a 3A load till it hits 10.01V and then charging it back up to 12.72V for a bit
[16:22:22] <heathmanc> anyone use MESA pc-104 cardcompatibles? I have a single board computer with A pci 104 slot and need to know if they are compatible
[16:24:58] <heathmanc> tackles that first compatibles
[16:25:46] <heathmanc> take out that is, damn autocorrect
[16:27:07] <heathmanc> I currently use a 5i20
[16:27:33] <heathmanc> would like a 4i65
[16:43:07] <R2E4> Hi all, hope everyone had a nice Christmas.
[16:43:41] <R2E4> I am trying to get a linuxcnc up and running with a 5i25 and 7i77 board connected
[16:44:24] <R2E4> HEre is the error page I get: http://irmtl.com/LinuxCNC/error.txt
[16:46:29] <R2E4> IT ininializes the 5i25 and then drops it right away. Other thing I see is it loads the halui, then shuts down right after that.
[16:56:21] <Jymmm> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=2cqfz1s%3E&s=5#.UryvtGRDseY
[16:59:32] <R2E4> hahahaha thats funny
[17:00:33] <ries> R2E4: I don't have experience with that board, but it seems like you missing some config?
[17:01:52] <R2E4> VM40.hal:60: Pin 'hm2_5i25.0.7i77.0.1.analogout0' was already linked to signal 'x-output'
[17:02:00] <R2E4> I think thats it
[17:02:47] <R2E4> I got some reading to do.
[17:23:04] <JT-Shop> R2E4, where did you get the config?
[17:29:22] <Deejay> gn8
[17:36:00] <R2E4> I created it with Pncconf
[17:36:19] <R2E4> I went back through and removed the PWM for each axis and it started.
[17:37:29] <R2E4> I have to read up onhow this isall working. I am good with Linux, but dont understand the fundamentals of the linuxcnc. How it all ties together.
[17:39:19] <JT-Shop> did you read the basic HAL tutorial?
[17:41:02] <R2E4> not yet. I am reading the getting started again.
[17:41:57] <R2E4> I printed the HAL manual, getting stated and integration manuals
[17:43:31] <JT-Shop> the basic HAL tutorial will make sense when you look at your .hal files
[17:46:23] <R2E4> I'll try and find that documentation
[17:46:44] <JT-Shop> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/devel/html/hal/basic_hal.html
[17:47:01] <R2E4> thanks, I just found it
[17:47:17] <JT-Shop> goodnight
[17:47:37] <Tom_itx> JT-Shop, got your cannons all polished up for the new year?
[17:48:07] <JT-Shop> hehe yea it is ready
[17:49:18] <Tom_itx> i was gonna ask about something i found the other day...
[17:50:46] <Tom_itx> i pulled up the linuxcnc status screen... is it normal for it to auto scroll?
[17:51:05] <Tom_itx> seems to want to either go up or down depending on if you're past the halfway point
[17:51:42] <Tom_itx> but won't sit still
[23:55:00] <nsp> has anyone ever used acme ball screws on their cncs
[23:58:26] <tjb1> acme ball screws...
[23:58:51] <tjb1> Those don't exist