#linuxcnc | Logs for 2013-12-13

[02:21:59] <Deejay> moin
[02:40:48] <archivist_herron> moan
[02:50:49] <uw> MOIN DEEJAY
[02:50:56] <Deejay> hi uw
[02:51:01] <balestrino> after installing linuxcnc from source i cant start Xsession. I got this error: /etc/mdm/Xsession: Beginning session setup...
[02:51:02] <balestrino> /etc/mdm/Xsession: 24: export: dir]/linuxcnc/scripts/rip-environment: bad variable name
[02:51:06] <Valen> this should help archivist_herron http://imgur.com/r/cablefail
[02:51:36] <uw> hello
[02:51:55] <archivist_herron> a good rats nest never hurt anyone :)
[02:58:07] <Jymmm> We had a custom vibration testing machine, the bed was 110lbs of magnesium floating on oil, connected to a 220VAC 3ph coil (basically a giant speaker), the "amp" was three cabinets wide, the power transistors were water cooled with no clamps....
[02:58:51] <archivist_herron> I did take a picture of american street wiring while on holiday as it is just as bad
[02:59:51] <Jymmm> the wireing was so beautifully done that you could trace each wire in the cables. All suspend in mid air, wax string tied perfectly.
[03:00:17] <Jymmm> It was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL wiring I have ever seen, beyond artwork.
[03:00:35] <Jymmm> Each bend was a PERFECT 90 degree
[03:01:29] <Jymmm> This went WAY beyond ADD
[03:02:26] <Jymmm> They must of made special fixtures for it all.
[03:03:28] <archivist_herron> http://www.pinterest.com/overstim/cable-porn/
[03:08:12] <Jymmm> archivist_herron: Not anythign even close to this cabinets wiring, it truly was beautiful.... You could trace a single wire in a harness even arounds bends.
[03:09:14] <Jymmm> If a wire was in the 3oclock position of the harness, it was that way all the way thru the harness.
[03:13:50] <Jymmm> Take tis for example... http://cdn.speednik.com/image/2013/06/IMG_12181.jpg
[03:15:12] <Jymmm> Each wire would be bent perfectly coming down from the screw terminal, then you would be able to visiually trace the pink wire all the way to it's end without having to twist the harness around or anything.
[03:16:00] <Jymmm> not one cable clamp anywhere. All self standing/supporting.
[03:22:50] <flughafen> archivist_herron: archivist?
[03:56:42] <vikingsraven> hi, first time on irc hopefully i wont break protocol
[03:57:50] <vikingsraven> just installed linux cnc with ubuntu 10.4 last night and i cant get the linuxcnc to run, i can get the latency test to run but not the main linux cnc
[03:58:01] <vikingsraven> also noobie to linux
[04:02:13] <vikingsraven> Hello anyone there?
[04:02:14] <archivist_herron> vikingsraven, any error window? have you updated it
[04:02:47] <vikingsraven> hi no error message just does nothing, its the latest cd iso from the site
[04:04:11] <archivist_herron> the often the CD lags behind, good idea to run the updates
[04:04:38] <archivist_herron> I dont expect it to hang
[04:04:53] <vikingsraven> archivist_herron, ive re installed it twice now, im away from the machine at the moment. Im using an, ok ill try that when i get back. Also im not getting an email from the froum, tried joining yesterday and not had anyting yet
[04:06:00] <vikingsraven> the pc runs fine it just doesnt actually run the program. Like i said im a newbie to linux as well, but did just try the point and double click.
[04:06:22] <archivist_herron> there is some over protective spam protection, ask jthornton later and he will check the forum queue
[04:07:18] <vikingsraven> ok thanks, ill be finished at work soon, need to get this running this weekend if possible. do you know if anyone is using it on a gravgraph x86 machine?
[04:07:38] <archivist_herron> a lot run a network cable to the machine to update and ask in irc while setting up
[04:07:56] <archivist_herron> not aware
[04:08:53] <vikingsraven> ill do that. cheers, not sure on what settings ill need for the stepper motors, been using mach 3 so far but its limited to 150 lines of g code without purchasing license.
[04:10:07] <archivist_herron> someone had a go at writing a mach3 to linuxcnc converter
[04:10:38] <vikingsraven> archivist herron , thanks for the advice , ive got to shoot of now ill be back on later. and try jthornton about the forum. thanks
[04:10:57] <vikingsraven> 73
[04:12:25] <archivist_herron> must be a radio ham :)
[04:48:24] <gonzo_> and I thought it was just the UK where they were tight?!!
[05:21:21] <CHNCguy> morning yall ;)
[05:31:31] <jthornton> morning
[05:34:50] <CHNCguy> Hey John
[05:35:25] <jthornton> CHNCguy, are you Mike?
[05:35:30] <CHNCguy> tried to call you back yesterday, sorry about that
[05:35:32] <CHNCguy> Yes
[05:35:59] <jthornton> I'm in and out of the shop all day
[05:36:09] <CHNCguy> same here ;D
[05:36:49] <jthornton> for me I prefer to start with a basic config and add bits at a time so I know what is in the config
[05:37:01] <CHNCguy> I was setting up the io for my 7i76, and i set 0 to x step and 1 to z step, is their a dir pin also?
[05:37:15] <CHNCguy> I am there too, just trying to get the motors to spin ;)
[05:37:42] <CHNCguy> Do you remember your pulley ratio?
[05:38:18] <jthornton> the 7i76 has step and direction pins for up to 5 axes
[05:39:03] <CHNCguy> Yes, I just need to look on mesa to see which pin is which ;)
[05:39:49] <jthornton> do you have a sample configuration to start with or are you going to use pncconf?
[05:40:03] <CHNCguy> Just curious, but what kind of rapids were u able to achieve?
[05:40:25] <CHNCguy> I am using pncconf
[05:41:09] <jthornton> I'd have to look, the travel on the CHNC is pretty short so I did not dwell on rapid speed much
[05:41:58] <CHNCguy> No worries ;), I am stumped though on my step spacing, I can not seem to find the step and hold timing for my HBS86 leadshine drives
[05:42:04] <jthornton> I used the original drives
[05:42:14] <CHNCguy> I set the default to 10000 as per linux site
[05:42:43] <jthornton> cncbasher on the forum is your guy for leadshine drives
[05:42:51] <CHNCguy> I sold my original drives, but I do have 2 of the black boxed brushless drives still
[05:43:00] <CHNCguy> ill have to look him up
[05:45:43] <CHNCguy> So I just now working on the elctronics, ill get the motors to work first, then the limits, then the turret. Im still stuck on the turret part, how do I get your files into linuxcnc? (Sorry for the newb question ;)
[05:46:52] <jthornton> well I would start with the e-stop then the limits then move the axes
[05:47:11] <jthornton> just copy and paste the relevant sections
[05:47:12] <CHNCguy> *the motors and all electronics are on the bench
[05:47:21] <CHNCguy> not connected to anything
[05:47:24] <jthornton> oh that is a different story
[05:47:35] <CHNCguy> but e-stop would be great ;D
[05:50:20] <CHNCguy> How would you go about configuring your hardware on the bench, since you have done an in machine retro. *I will be the machine with new wires, old wires were cracked and nasty
[05:51:56] <jthornton> first thing you might want to do is figure out your scale which is how many turns per inch of the ball screw * how many pulses per rev for your motors * any gear reduction
[05:54:07] <jthornton> TB2 is the step and direction terminal block on the 7i76
[05:55:51] <CHNCguy> well the motors are 200 steps per in, but the drives can micro step a ton, I just set it to default 200 steps per rev, the ballscrew is .2 pitch to 5 tpi, and the reduction is I am thinking a 6 to 1 from the motor pulley to the ballscrew pulley.
[05:56:00] <CHNCguy> 200 steps per rev*
[05:57:17] <jthornton> on steppers microstepping can be good and bad at the same time, good for slow speed bad for high speed
[05:57:45] <jthornton> 6:1 is a lot are you sure?
[05:58:17] * jthornton wishes he knew the link to archivist stepper micro stepping page that he likes
[05:58:38] <CHNCguy> the pulley on the ballscrew has 60 teeth, and (I am guessing here, can't find the motor pulley at the moment) the motor pulley was 10 i think
[05:58:55] <CHNCguy> in the pncconf it asked the teeth ratio, not the gear ratio in the settings
[05:59:02] <jthornton> yep that is 6:1
[05:59:28] <CHNCguy> it might be like 15 or so but these are just rough calculations
[06:00:35] <CHNCguy> So what accuracy where u able to achieve with your machine? (Resolution and part accuracy)
[06:01:10] <jthornton> it's pretty tight and can hold 0.001" easy
[06:01:48] <jthornton> accuracy really depends on the condition of your ball screws
[06:01:57] <CHNCguy> nice, I am hoping for that level of accuracy especially since I reground the slide, and am currently re-turciting the saddle.
[06:02:52] <CHNCguy> Both machine ball screws look and feel brand new, except the z axis on one of them, cant feel any slop, but its was just really muky and nasty
[06:03:01] <CHNCguy> *correction I mean i regound the ways
[06:03:18] <CHNCguy> Don't ever use water based coolant on these machines....
[06:03:50] <CHNCguy> I have spent hours and hours cleaning and cleaning water based coolant out of the one
[06:04:23] <jthornton> I use a water based coolant and yea it is fun to clean the coolant tank
[06:04:59] <CHNCguy> I would recommend not using it. It gets into everything
[06:05:23] <CHNCguy> It toasted the spindle bearings, corroded lots of parts
[06:05:37] <jthornton> I had to make a shield for the turrent motor area
[06:05:37] <CHNCguy> ruined the turcite on the saddle
[06:05:52] <jthornton> some water based is not as bad as others
[06:06:03] <CHNCguy> The turret was super nasty did u see my pics LOL
[06:06:05] <jthornton> sounds like you have a major rebuild going
[06:06:10] <jthornton> no
[06:06:18] <CHNCguy> check out my thread
[06:06:21] <CHNCguy> one sec
[06:06:33] <CHNCguy> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/vertical_mill_lathe_project_log/200960-hardinge_chnc_ii_sp_conversion_mach_3_a.html
[06:07:05] <CHNCguy> i think the first few post showed pics, it was literally growing something in the turret LOL
[06:08:08] <jthornton> you should post that on the LinuxCNC forum
[06:08:26] <jthornton> mine was nasty in the turret area too
[06:08:29] <CHNCguy> maybe Ill link it LOL
[06:08:51] <CHNCguy> I am currently repaint and rebuilding
[06:12:11] <CHNCguy> So, if i didnt want to use the turret encoder, and wanted to use an encoder could i?
[06:12:38] <CHNCguy> the reason is because I only have 1 turret encoder and 2 machines ;D
[06:15:26] <jthornton> rob_h, changed one of his CHNC's turret to a servo drive and got rid of the air motor
[06:15:39] <jthornton> no turret encoder needed with that setup
[06:17:29] <CHNCguy> I thought about that, but not a lot of room.
[06:19:26] <jthornton> http://linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/forum/30-cnc-machines/1276-hardinge-chnc-1-lathe
[06:19:46] <jthornton> no, but enough for rob_h to get one in there :)
[06:24:06] <CHNCguy> which would be better, small servo? or air motor?
[06:26:50] <jthornton> better is such a hard word to quantify, what is better to use a less efficient air motor that you have or buy a new servo
[06:28:03] <jthornton> if I was running a production shop were every second = $ I would not think twice about changing the air motor out for a servo which gives shorter times tool to tool as you can go either direction
[06:28:45] <jthornton> just about every part I make for the machines I build is a one off so seconds don't mean much for me
[06:29:11] <CHNCguy> true, how would you home it though? Wouldnt you need to home it first? And how could you do that nicely?
[06:30:16] <jthornton> just like you home any axis to a prox then use the index from the encoder
[06:31:20] <CHNCguy> I looked at your thread, is there a thread from rob_h?
[06:31:55] <jthornton> there might be I don't remember
[06:32:15] <jthornton> as much as we have called him he might pop in later
[06:32:28] <jthornton> he's in England so he is working atm
[06:32:47] <CHNCguy> haha ;) maybe, do you think a small stepper might do the job fine?
[06:32:56] <CHNCguy> ahh scratch that stepper such
[06:32:58] <CHNCguy> suck
[06:33:31] <CHNCguy> ill try to size up a small servo to stick in their and get a gecko drive for it.
[06:35:28] <jthornton> that just sounds so wrong to use step and direction with a servo... IMHO
[06:35:50] <CHNCguy> so how might I program the tool change positions? By degrees? Also the turret spins until the stop dog is fired correct? Could I get rid of the stop dog all together.
[06:36:50] <CHNCguy> ** I will most likely just get servos, but I heard they hybrid servos are awesome, so I will attempt to see how good they are. They have 8nm of torque, about 4 times the torque of the original motors, they act just like a servo, they auto correct and everything
[06:37:42] <jthornton> try and catch rob_h on here later in the day and ask him what he did
[06:37:43] <CHNCguy> And they run at 3k also
[06:38:12] <CHNCguy> I am thinking you could get rid of the stop dog, because when the turret seats, it has its own alignment dogs on the top
[06:38:57] <jthornton> sounds right to me, the servo just moves the turret to the correct place and down you go
[06:39:13] <jthornton> so the only pneumatics left is the lift cylinder
[06:39:34] <CHNCguy> yup, and so does it take air to hold the turret down?
[06:40:00] <jthornton> I think that is correct
[06:40:39] <CHNCguy> Awesome, I will swap out the air motor, Ill get it to work :), and nicely too :D
[06:41:16] <CHNCguy> Ill upload all the info on the thread I posted earlier
[06:47:04] <Tom_itx> JT-Shop, i've always been curious.. since in your situation you do alot of one off parts, is it still beneficial to use cnc to cut them or would it timewise be just as productive to manually mill them?
[06:47:16] <Tom_itx> or do you just like the idea of cnc?
[06:48:58] <jthornton> I think the CNC is faster just because I don't have to stop and measure a lot
[06:49:17] <Tom_itx> i wasn't sure given the programming time etc
[06:49:27] <CHNCguy> i agree, you can always get better at programming faster parts, but manual machining is MANUAL machining....
[06:50:13] <jthornton> well on the lathe I do 95% of the Ops using ngcgui so there is no programing at all just fill in the blanks
[06:50:29] <CHNCguy> and, you have a database of parts, if you ever need that part again, keep your notes and files, and hit start ;D
[06:50:32] <jthornton> G code generators for many tasks on the mill
[06:50:44] <Tom_itx> most of our lathe parts we'd MDI then save anyway so on that i would tend to agree
[06:50:52] <jthornton> I usually just create new files
[06:51:12] <Tom_itx> we generally would rerun all the parts we did
[06:51:54] <jthornton> I almost never make the same parts twice, the last two machines I built was the exception as they were #2 and #3
[06:51:55] <CHNCguy> If you have a tight machine, then you won't worry to much and finish pass accuracy and baby sitting the machine, unlike a manual machine with manual feeds
[06:53:30] <CHNCguy> I think it boils down to what your doing, if you a shop then cnc, if your a hobbyist then cnc/manual. Its easier to train someone how to punch in numbers from a drawing, and showing which tools for what, then training them manually IMHO
[06:54:14] <jthornton> bty have you seen ngcgui?
[06:54:20] <jthornton> btw
[06:54:22] <Tom_itx> it's a hobby for me now but i was at a 5k sq ft shop full
[06:55:21] <Tom_itx> there were 7 or 8 mills and an okuma lathe
[06:55:25] <CHNCguy> how big are the parts u wanna machine, that plays a huge factor also
[06:55:29] <Tom_itx> beside the manual stuff
[06:56:23] <CHNCguy> Large parts (feet+) I would do manually, because your only doing a few unless you have a 1mil+ budget for a cnc machine that size
[06:57:16] <CHNCguy> but it is so much easier to crash a cnc lathe then a manual one LOL
[06:57:19] <Tom_itx> some parts were 6+ ft long i would guess
[06:57:29] <Tom_itx> stuck out the side door
[06:57:46] <Tom_itx> long skinny parts we vacuum held
[06:57:50] <CHNCguy> im talking 10 ft, by 3 ftt lathe parts
[06:58:10] <Tom_itx> i know
[06:58:16] <CHNCguy> :D
[06:58:26] <Tom_itx> most of what we did was mill
[06:58:27] <CHNCguy> What machine do u have tom?
[06:58:40] <Tom_itx> now i got a little sherline i play with
[06:58:52] <CHNCguy> Ohh I just saw Johns post, have u tried NGCGUI? Back to you john :) I have not played with it yet
[06:59:00] <Tom_itx> but my bud had a bunch of tree and okuma
[06:59:40] <CHNCguy> Sherlines are fun ;D
[06:59:56] <Tom_itx> i wish i had room for a big mill
[06:59:59] <jthornton> ngcgui is a huge time saver for a lathe
[07:00:07] <Tom_itx> the principles are all the same
[07:00:09] <ju-emb> Tom: does thaty Okuma run on original controller or lcnc?
[07:00:21] <Tom_itx> all his stuff ran original controls
[07:00:29] <jthornton> you just fill in the blanks for each op then concatenate them into a full program in seconds
[07:00:31] <Tom_itx> purchased new
[07:00:54] <Tom_itx> one of his first mills is looking pretty ratty now
[07:00:56] <jthornton> also I added 8 buttons to my pyvcp panel to change tools manually for setup
[07:01:01] <Tom_itx> i was out there the other day
[07:01:36] <CHNCguy> Ill need to add 8 buttons on the pyvcp also
[07:01:39] <jthornton> CHNCguy, http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gui/ngcgui.html
[07:01:39] <Tom_itx> he's retired now but bought one of them back for $400 and had to put a new spindle and ballscrew bearing in it
[07:01:43] <CHNCguy> ya mills can get trashed pretty quick
[07:01:48] <CHNCguy> thanks john
[07:01:51] <Tom_itx> the guys that got the shop have trashed it
[07:02:13] <Tom_itx> well, they let a cmm sit out in the rain
[07:02:18] <Tom_itx> if that tells ya anything
[07:02:36] <CHNCguy> wtf really
[07:02:37] <CHNCguy> wow........
[07:02:49] <CHNCguy> id fire them in a heartbeat...
[07:02:55] <ju-emb> what is cmm?
[07:02:55] <Tom_itx> the owners
[07:03:02] <Tom_itx> coordinate measuring machine
[07:03:03] <CHNCguy> Coordinate measuring machine
[07:03:15] <ju-emb> waho
[07:03:35] <CHNCguy> alright im out guys, thank john for your help! Good luck tom! :D
[07:03:51] <jthornton> np
[07:03:55] <Tom_itx> so my but took the granite table back to his small shop and is using it for a work table now
[07:04:01] <Tom_itx> for free
[07:04:21] <CHNCguy> good deal
[07:04:24] <CHNCguy> bye bye guys
[07:07:19] <Tom_itx> now since he's retired he still gets alot of their reject work back to fix for them
[07:07:40] <Tom_itx> keeps his hobby funded (drag car)
[07:27:28] <CHNCguy> crap im back ;)
[07:27:47] <CHNCguy> Im getting an error when I try to finish pncconf
[07:27:51] <CHNCguy> one sec ill copy it over
[07:29:06] <jthornton> I would just start with a sample config from here http://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/configs/index.html
[07:29:38] <CHNCguy> k
[07:29:43] <CHNCguy> where do I copy these files too?
[07:29:46] <CHNCguy> ;D
[07:30:19] <jthornton> ~/linuxcnc/configs/yourconfigname
[07:30:24] <CHNCguy> k one sec
[07:30:40] <jthornton> the ~ is your home directory which will have what ever name you gave it
[07:31:04] <jthornton> for example mine is /home/john/linuxcnc/configs
[07:33:39] <CHNCguy> k copied it, now how do i use it :D
[07:33:57] <CHNCguy> (so newbed out right now...)
[07:34:47] <ju-emb> just start linuxcnc, it will ask you what config to use
[07:34:50] <jthornton> from the Ubuntu menu go to CNC > LinuxCNC then pick your config
[07:35:01] <ju-emb> ther you can select the just created config
[07:35:35] <CHNCguy> k one sec ;D
[07:36:43] <CHNCguy> will it be labeled my cinfiguration 7i76??
[07:37:27] <jthornton> what did you name the directory you put the sample in?
[07:38:07] <CHNCguy> it was the generic /home/linuxcnc/configs I just extracted the files to that dir
[07:38:20] <CHNCguy> it loaded up a mill screen
[07:39:22] <jthornton> you want to make a directory under /configs for the sample
[07:39:52] <jthornton> to change it to a lathe you just change the ini file
[07:40:05] <CHNCguy> like /configs/lathe/
[07:40:16] <jthornton> yea
[07:40:38] <jthornton> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config/ini_config.html#_display_section_a_id_sub_display_section_a
[07:40:53] <ju-emb> CHNCguy: try to keep your system clean and don't spread the files all over the disk
[07:40:55] <ju-emb> that makes it easier to help you
[07:40:56] <jthornton> in the ini add the lathe entry as shown in the manual link
[07:41:34] <jthornton> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/lathe/lathe-user.html
[07:42:33] <CHNCguy> k one sec ;D
[07:42:42] <jthornton> better page http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config/lathe_config.html
[07:42:56] <ju-emb> jthornton: let's try first cleaning up a bit on CHNCguy PC
[07:43:14] <CHNCguy> ju-emb?
[07:43:19] <CHNCguy> Im all ears ;D
[07:43:32] <ju-emb> do you have a terminal open?
[07:43:47] <CHNCguy> yes
[07:43:49] * jthornton goes to get breakfast be back in a bit
[07:44:04] <ju-emb> bring me a coffee
[07:44:09] <CHNCguy> same ;D
[07:44:36] <ju-emb> CHNCguy: type
[07:44:38] <ju-emb> whoami
[07:44:52] <ju-emb> and tel me what he respond
[07:45:03] <CHNCguy> k
[07:45:19] <ju-emb> really?
[07:45:19] <CHNCguy> says chnc
[07:45:27] <ju-emb> ahh ok
[07:45:43] <ju-emb> so your usernanme is chnc
[07:45:46] <CHNCguy> yes
[07:46:32] <ju-emb> so all files related to lcnc are located in
[07:46:34] <ju-emb> /home/chnc/linuxcnc/
[07:46:46] <CHNCguy> check :)'
[07:47:02] <ju-emb> /home/chnc/
[07:47:04] <ju-emb> is your HOME
[07:47:42] <CHNCguy> im following you :D
[07:48:01] <ju-emb> and
[07:48:02] <ju-emb> /home/chnc/linuxcnc/
[07:48:04] <ju-emb> is where your personal LinuxCNC files live
[07:48:59] <ju-emb> if you let the config by defaults
[07:49:01] <ju-emb> LinuxCNC will search all there
[07:49:29] <CHNCguy> ok
[07:49:35] <ju-emb> so: let me scroll back to see where you got your config
[07:50:24] <CHNCguy> k
[07:50:40] <ju-emb> do you have a normal install?
[07:52:46] <CHNCguy> mmmm not sure what a normal is ;D
[07:53:14] <ju-emb> start pncconf
[07:53:24] <ju-emb> he'll ask you
[07:53:35] <CHNCguy> k
[07:53:42] <ju-emb> wait
[07:54:25] <ju-emb> pncconf will ask you whether you'll create a new config or modify an existing one
[07:54:39] <CHNCguy> yes it did
[07:55:23] <ju-emb> so you say change an existing
[07:55:50] <ju-emb> and select one that works with the hardware you have
[07:56:55] <ju-emb> so if you downloaded the sample config from
[07:57:09] <ju-emb> http://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/configs/index.html
[07:57:33] <CHNCguy> yes i did
[07:57:54] <ju-emb> and where did you copy that config?
[07:58:21] <CHNCguy> to /home/chnc/linuxcnc/configs
[07:58:24] <ju-emb> in terminal type
[07:58:25] <ju-emb> cd
[07:58:30] <CHNCguy> k
[07:58:51] <ju-emb> then
[07:58:52] <CHNCguy> nothing happens
[07:58:53] <ju-emb> cd linuxcnc/configs
[07:59:06] <ju-emb> then ls
[08:00:20] <ju-emb> pastebin the result of
[08:00:22] <ju-emb> ls /home/chnc/linuxcnc/configs
[08:01:08] <CHNCguy> i just copied the files there...there in there...
[08:01:11] <CHNCguy> their*
[08:01:42] <ju-emb> ok
[08:01:44] <ju-emb> but the files shouldn't be in the config directory
[08:02:04] <ju-emb> inside the config dir create another dir
[08:02:08] <CHNCguy> well they are in a file called lathestock..../configs/lathestock
[08:02:25] <CHNCguy> i can select them from linuxcnc under lathestock --- 7i76 drop down menu
[08:02:28] <ju-emb> for example i525_sample
[08:03:10] <ju-emb> OK, but we like to get you a clean config dir
[08:04:03] <ju-emb> so pls pastebin the output of
[08:04:05] <ju-emb> ls /home/chnc/linuxcnc/configs
[08:04:06] <CHNCguy> so you want me to type in cd linuxcnc.configs ls pastebin ls home/chnc/linuxcnc/configs ?
[08:04:20] <ju-emb> no
[08:04:20] <CHNCguy> not sure what pastebin is
[08:04:32] <CHNCguy> sorry ;)
[08:04:35] <ju-emb> oops OK I see
[08:05:25] <CHNCguy> so what did you want me to do :D
[08:06:11] <ju-emb> long listings shouldn't be posted on a IRC chat
[08:06:13] <ju-emb> so you do it on a free service named pastebin for example
[08:06:17] <ju-emb> in your webbrowser go to pastebin.org
[08:07:05] <CHNCguy> i see what pastebin is....
[08:07:14] <ju-emb> the you type
[08:07:16] <ju-emb> in your terminal
[08:07:18] <CHNCguy> the machine is not hooked up to the internet
[08:07:18] <ju-emb> ls /home/chnc/linuxcnc/configs
[08:07:31] <ju-emb> and copy and paste it to the pastebin web site
[08:07:35] <CHNCguy> its sitting on a desk a couple feet away ;D
[08:07:56] <ju-emb> ahh ok
[08:08:26] <CHNCguy> ;D
[08:08:35] <ju-emb> so
[08:08:57] <ju-emb> do you still have the zip file you downloaded
[08:09:05] <ju-emb> as sample config
[08:09:07] <CHNCguy> yes
[08:09:11] <ju-emb> ok
[08:09:18] <ju-emb> type
[08:09:34] <CHNCguy> u want me to just send them to ya ?
[08:09:44] <ju-emb> no
[08:10:11] <ju-emb> type
[08:10:13] <ju-emb> cd /home/chnc/linuxcnc/configs
[08:10:45] <ju-emb> then
[08:10:47] <ju-emb> mkdir chcnc_test_config
[08:11:19] <ju-emb> then copy the zip file into that new created folder
[08:11:28] <CHNCguy> ok done
[08:11:43] <ju-emb> now unzip it inside that folder
[08:12:14] <ju-emb> now you start pncconf new
[08:13:24] <CHNCguy> k started
[08:13:43] <ju-emb> so yo say modify existing config
[08:14:08] <ju-emb> and select that folder
[08:14:22] <ju-emb> chcnc_test_config
[08:14:26] <jthornton> ju-emb, just so you know my samples are not pncconf generated
[08:14:56] <ju-emb> nop
[08:15:40] <ju-emb> ok, now I do know
[08:15:58] <CHNCguy> haha im confused... :D
[08:17:24] <ju-emb> if you start linuxcnc you can select that folder just created as machine_config
[08:17:33] <ju-emb> right?
[08:17:34] <CHNCguy> So this is where I am at....the files are in CHNC_test_config I added LATHE = 1 to the ini, and now I have a lathe screen
[08:17:47] <CHNCguy> yes I can select it
[08:18:10] <jthornton> your making progress then
[08:18:18] <ju-emb> OK, what you like to do next?
[08:19:48] <CHNCguy> :D well, I need to get the motors running, so now that I have loaded your config files JOHN, how do I edit them for pin outs and tuning and such,
[08:19:57] <CHNCguy> or is pncconf the better way to go?
[08:20:01] <CHNCguy> Remember im a newb at linux
[08:21:04] <jthornton> the scale and soft limits are in the .ini file
[08:21:12] <ju-emb> best way is to learn "hal", but for first results pncconf may be easier
[08:22:26] <ju-emb> jthornton: you guide him through the ini file?
[08:22:34] <CHNCguy> well if i start with pncconf, wont that just ignore johns files or can I edit the existing files?
[08:23:19] <jthornton> no, pncconf creates its own files, your better off learning what is in the config files
[08:23:41] <ju-emb> while hacking inside the files you get a better feeling for it
[08:23:43] <jthornton> if you have a working config you change one thing at a time
[08:23:49] <ju-emb> john is right
[08:23:49] <jthornton> then test
[08:25:10] <ju-emb> jthornton: he's in your hands now,
[08:25:12] <ju-emb> I'm going grab my coffe
[08:25:16] <CHNCguy> ok, i like working with files better you can see the hole picture, ill try both ways
[08:25:21] <CHNCguy> thats ju-emb :D
[08:26:00] <jthornton> it is best to try both and learn even more
[08:27:21] <jthornton> here is some instructions for using pncconf to create a 7i76 configuration http://www.gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/configs/pncconf-7i76.html
[08:27:53] <jthornton> it is step by step
[08:28:11] <CHNCguy> thank you john, ill play with it and come back with any questions, I actuallty printed all of you instructions out LOL
[08:28:14] * jthornton heads for the shower see you guys in the shop
[08:28:20] <CHNCguy> See ya John
[08:31:23] <ju-emb> CHNCguy: while learning that, just remember
[08:31:50] <ju-emb> each machine config has it's own dir inside the config dir
[08:31:51] <CHNCguy> ?
[08:32:31] <CHNCguy> ok
[08:32:41] <CHNCguy> U mean the step and dir?
[08:32:51] <CHNCguy> direction for motors?
[08:33:05] <ju-emb> history of linuxcnc is: there was only one ini file for each machine
[08:33:24] <ju-emb> actually machine config
[08:33:39] <ju-emb> so one .ini file for each machine config
[08:33:58] <CHNCguy> gotcha
[08:34:11] <ju-emb> that means one directory where all .ini files live was OK
[08:34:49] <ju-emb> but now, config's get more complex and can have xxxx of files all related to one machine config
[08:35:29] <ju-emb> so it's better to put all files belonging to one config in it's own directory
[08:35:39] <CHNCguy> will do
[08:36:00] <ju-emb> then you'll never have problems
[08:37:14] <CHNCguy> cool appreciate your help
[08:37:19] <ju-emb> so, have fun trying it
[08:40:08] <squirter> hey, is this the pncconf channel?
[08:41:24] <ries> squirter: it's linuxcnc, I assume pncconf can also be discussed
[08:41:39] <ries> that is if you want to tlak about http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Pncconf
[09:47:35] <vikingsraven> hi just got linuxcnc and am a total newbie on linux as well, bad combo. Ive got a gravograph vx86 machine and want to control it by linuxcnc, i have some infor on pin outs but not much on the stepper motors. Whats the best way of testing thier setup?
[09:48:39] <cradek> if you could share all the information you have (pastebin and imagebin sites can be good for this), maybe people could help you with the specifics
[09:49:24] <vikingsraven> cheers cradek ill post what i have on there
[09:50:30] <vikingsraven> jthornton are you online? i was told to ask you about my forum application , ive not recieved and email yet after i registered last night
[09:56:29] <JT-Shop> yes, I'm in the shop
[09:56:48] <JT-Shop> what is the user name that you used
[09:58:17] <JT-Shop> I found it, check your spam inbox as well
[09:58:24] <JT-Shop> I sent another one
[10:00:22] <JT-Shop> I just confirmed vikingsraven do you want me to delete STS31?
[10:04:31] <vikingsraven> jt shop hi thanks yeah delete sts31 for me thought it might be because of hotmail account , thanks
[10:05:26] <vikingsraven> nothing in the spam folder!
[10:09:08] <JT-Shop> no problem I confirmed you
[10:09:34] <JT-Shop> your good to go
[10:12:08] <vikingsraven> logged in thanks for that
[10:19:15] <JT-Shop> np
[10:19:28] * JT-Shop will be back in a bit I hope
[10:59:13] <JT-Shop> well that worked
[10:59:30] <JT-Shop> now to clean up the mess
[11:24:34] <archivist> hmm ebay bearing supplier, ordered yesterday morning, here today :)
[11:31:01] <JT-Shop> finally got XChat configured
[11:33:09] <tjtr33> this morning's mail list about kins & openrave spoke of the Barret WAM robot. the screenshot doesnt show its fingers tho http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Ikfast http://www.barrett.com/robot/products-arm.htm
[12:00:16] <Tom_itx> JT-Shop stop making so many messes to clean up
[12:01:08] <jthornton> lol
[12:01:52] <archivist> thats another fine mess you got me into
[12:06:03] <IchGuckLive> hi all Fog as now few for 60feet here in germany
[12:10:03] <uw> eiskalt hier
[12:10:39] <IchGuckLive> MARKAONTV are you here as you wood like to ask me today on mail
[12:10:52] <IchGuckLive> uw hier auch
[12:16:39] <IchGuckLive> today i did some ferewecad animation (Tricks)
[12:16:45] <IchGuckLive> http://foengarage.de/BI.mpg
[12:16:59] <Tom_itx> in the fog?
[12:18:02] <IchGuckLive> http://foengarage.de/BIu.mpg
[12:18:54] <uw> sieht verbogen. LOL
[12:19:44] <IchGuckLive> the metall morphing is quite tricky best to go for 2 sheets and only rot animation with wide lense
[12:21:26] <uw> i have never even tried those animations in cad
[12:21:46] <uw> but föengarage.de LOL
[12:21:51] <uw> what goes on in there?!
[12:22:00] <uw> metal bending?
[12:22:13] <IchGuckLive> hasirdressing and lots of chemicall fog O.O
[12:23:08] <Jymmmm> YAY for glycol!!!
[12:24:20] <IchGuckLive> Jymmmm: she is every day stoned when she comes home Exept wendsday no hair style
[12:24:46] <uw> she works everyday?
[12:25:18] <IchGuckLive> uw ofcause somewone nedds to grap some money for living
[12:25:28] <IchGuckLive> ;-)
[12:25:46] <uw> as long as it's not yours right IchGuckLive ?
[12:25:50] <uw> i agree ;)
[12:26:02] <IchGuckLive> on sunday it may be the saturday party ROFL
[12:31:18] <tjtr33> nice animations, does ferewecad = freecad? ( google offered that as alternative )
[12:32:25] <IchGuckLive> yes my keybord is a miss maybe for lefthanded persons only
[12:33:00] <tjtr33> np ( i cant type at all )
[12:33:03] <tjtr33> :)
[12:34:39] <tjtr33> ah freecad/cobalt
[12:35:52] <IchGuckLive> good calculation 45deg in 3 sec is 15 per sec !!
[12:36:57] <IchGuckLive> the start screenshot definitions where the hint as it needs to be on animatin alway there not from animation to animation this needs to be fixed
[12:38:33] <tjtr33> off to another station, cu l8r
[12:51:39] <Connor> Looking for a Box and Pan brake.. Can't make up my mind on the size and style..
[12:51:51] <Connor> Shop is small.. so unit has to be small.
[12:52:45] <jthornton> what size metal do you want to bend
[12:53:12] <Connor> Options are 12" mini (goes in vise), 14" portable, 12" standard, 12" combo (does sheering, bending and rolling) 24" standard, and 30" combo (3-in-1 also)
[12:53:42] <jthornton> I have the 30" 3 in 1 from Griz
[12:53:53] <Connor> Just HOW big is it ?
[12:54:02] <jthornton> just depends on the thickness you want to work
[12:54:02] <Connor> compared to the 24"
[12:54:14] <Connor> Mostly going to be doing alum or sheet metal
[12:54:18] <jthornton> I'll measure it
[12:54:40] <archivist> I have done a lot with a vice with smooth jaws and a lump of steel (tin sheet)
[12:57:28] <Connor> Cobo's look nice because the ability to sheer.. not sure how much rolling I'll do..
[12:57:44] <Connor> but the price jump from the 24" standard to the 30" combo is alot
[12:57:51] <JT-Shop> it's 3' wide 2' tall and needs about 2' of depth
[12:58:34] <Connor> Damn.. That's way to large for my little 7'x10' shop with a mill already in it.
[12:58:38] <JT-Shop> keep in mind the 3 in 1's are press brakes so no box or pan work unless you have removable press dies
[12:59:00] <JT-Shop> mine is one with removable press dies
[12:59:03] <JT-Shop> and it is very heavy
[12:59:21] <Connor> it has to be stored under my work bench. 7'x 40" or so.
[12:59:29] <Connor> yea.. looking at the grizzly ones.
[12:59:41] <JT-Shop> you ain't gonna want to move the 30" 3 in1 much
[12:59:57] <JT-Shop> it takes two people to pick it up
[13:00:07] <Connor> Yea, took big.. okay..
[13:00:18] <JT-Shop> bbl
[13:00:25] <Connor> and the 24" is pretty big too.. but..
[13:00:44] <Connor> I just need to extend my workshop.. make it bigger.
[13:00:51] <archivist> lots of force bending that much
[13:00:53] <Tom_itx> JT-Shop don't do nuthin lightweight
[13:01:00] <JT-Shop> lol
[13:01:15] <Connor> http://www.grizzly.com/products/Portable-Benchtop-Brake-14-/T10052
[13:01:20] <Connor> that one is neat..
[13:04:18] <archivist> the ones with removable fingers are useful for boxes
[13:04:34] <Connor> Yea.. that's the only kind I'm looking at.
[13:04:48] <archivist> or make tooling to press into a die
[13:05:11] <archivist> scope for stretching too then
[13:06:49] <archivist> if you got an old toggle press with an open front like http://www.collection.archivist.info/archive/DJCPD/PD/2013/2013_10_11_Smart_Brown_Press_repaired/IMG_1672.JPG
[13:07:12] <archivist> you can also make the tooling for bending
[13:07:38] <archivist> all depends on the final sizes
[13:09:29] <Connor> That's getting way above what I want to do.. I just want to be able to bend alumn and sheet metal to make enclosures etc.
[13:10:27] <archivist> then you want to punch holes :)
[13:11:06] <Connor> I have chassis punches for that.. drill hole.. install it.. and cranck down.
[13:11:17] <archivist> I have always wanted a brake but never got a round tuit
[13:11:35] <Connor> or, mill it out before bending.
[13:11:45] * Tom_itx has square pegs but no round tuits
[13:12:10] <Connor> Thoughts on this little thing ? http://www.grizzly.com/products/Portable-Benchtop-Brake-14-/T10052
[13:12:20] <Connor> it's a finger break..
[13:14:41] <archivist> looks usable for light work
[13:16:17] <Connor> Wonder how thick of alumn it could do...
[13:17:03] * archivist has to go out to taxi
[13:17:47] <Tom_itx> well my cutters made it from china to chicago... maybe they'll get here tomorrow
[14:12:21] <JT-Shop> Maximum Workpiece Thickness: 22 Ga.
[15:35:21] <mrsun_> straight flute cutters, are they any good for wood at all ? destroyed two today in MDF :/
[15:35:52] <mrsun_> either they suck or my shatter is to much for the parts or feeds are totaly crap off .. (using GWiz to calculate speeds)
[15:38:04] <uw> what size are they?
[15:43:35] <mrsun_> 6mm 2 flute
[15:57:39] <uw> sorry idk. never used 2 flute on wood :S
[15:58:55] <mrsun_> seems they go up to two flute almost directly with the straight flute bits
[15:59:16] <mrsun_> atm i have low quality bits so not that big a deal if i break one ... tho .. if i buy the better quality ones i do not want to break em :P
[16:24:20] <mrsun_> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drWciEE3l1I thats how it sounds :P ... i guess i might take to much in one go but i want a clean edge .. cutting two passes leaves fuzz on the edge :/
[16:24:28] <mrsun_> (thats not my router)
[16:24:37] <mrsun_> and my DOC == 6mm
[16:30:57] <Deejay> gn8
[17:36:38] <Tom_itx> omg, somebody just tried to blow up the local airport..
[17:37:02] <Tom_itx> the one some of you flew into a few months back
[17:41:05] <kengu> las palmas
[17:46:19] <Tom_itx> for the fest
[17:47:28] <JT-Shop> dang it
[17:47:43] <jdh> think it was Art?
[17:48:13] <PCW> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoMdJVg951Q
[17:49:12] <Tom_itx> he worked at a place nearby the airport with access to it
[17:51:20] <andypugh> Tom_itx: I am always a bit suspicious of "sting" operations like that.
[17:51:25] <kengu> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-25374371
[17:54:01] <Tom_itx> http://www.kake.com/home/headlines/US-Attorney-FBI-to-hold-Wichita-briefing-on-national-security-arrest-235744221.html
[17:58:51] <Tom_itx> btw, they're building a new terminal out there
[18:04:36] * JT-Shop wanders inside to relax
[18:05:24] <Tom_itx> JT-Shop i plan to try your facing routine here soon
[18:05:49] <skunkworks> current TP http://imagebin.org/282155
[18:06:20] <skunkworks> new TP http://imagebin.org/282157
[18:06:23] <Tom_itx> just waiting for some tooling
[18:06:27] <JT-Shop> cool
[18:06:37] <skunkworks> (time in the right lower)
[18:06:37] <JT-Shop> let me know how it works for you\
[18:06:59] <skunkworks> It is coming along.. Robert seems to be quite a smart cookie..
[18:07:04] <Tom_itx> i will
[18:07:14] <JT-Shop> wow
[18:07:40] <JT-Shop> are you using my cycle timer?
[18:07:57] <Tom_itx> i am as well
[18:07:58] <skunkworks> JT-Shop: yes - thank you. It works perfectly
[18:08:06] <JT-Shop> cool
[18:08:19] <Tom_itx> i modded it a bit
[18:08:20] <skunkworks> didn't have to think - copied the hal and xml bits and it just worked
[18:08:32] <Tom_itx> actually just running 2, one for overall time and one for cycle
[18:09:02] <JT-Shop> wow that is 3.75 times faster
[18:09:31] <PCW> That is really impressive
[18:09:47] <JT-Shop> talk to you guys later
[18:09:52] <Tom_itx> later jt
[18:10:07] <Tom_itx> what was the improvement due to?
[18:12:09] <skunkworks> read ahead..
[18:12:22] <skunkworks> it only works for line-line transistion so far.. but still
[18:12:35] <skunkworks> and circular blending between segmetns
[18:12:48] <Tom_itx> is that spiral line segments?
[18:12:59] <skunkworks> a good percentage of cam output is short line segments
[18:13:04] <Tom_itx> yep
[18:13:09] <Tom_itx> especially surface stuff
[18:13:29] <Tom_itx> HUGE files
[18:13:30] <skunkworks> it actually is - but the naive cam detector made the arc segments into short line segments...
[18:14:53] <skunkworks> a very large file with a G64p.005 ran 2.5 hours vs 1.5 hours.
[18:17:48] <Tom_itx> are they working on the lookahead in ver 2.6?
[18:22:52] <andypugh> Who is this "they" ?
[18:23:50] <Tom_itx> the developers in the other channel beating their heads against the code
[18:23:59] <skunkworks> heh - it is one person working on it. It will pobably go into master after the 2.6 release branch
[18:24:22] <Tom_itx> i wish i was a much better programmer... i'd take a peek
[18:37:07] <CHNCguy> hey hey! :D
[18:38:08] <CHNCguy> So I decided to ditch the stepper hybrid set up for my CHNC, anyone got a good set up for a 3nm+ motor and drive that will work with a mesa card, something like a 7i77, I would like true closed loop
[18:41:31] <CHNCguy> anyone?
[18:44:22] <cradek> 3d-printed knurling! http://softsolder.com/2013/12/12/sherline-four-jaw-chuck-speed-wrenches-3d-printed-edition/
[18:44:36] <cradek> CHNCguy: the ones that came on it
[18:49:27] <CHNCguy> haha true, but they are not available
[18:59:22] <andypugh> CHNCguy needs more patience
[19:02:05] <skunkworks> (he sold them...)
[19:02:56] <andypugh> I mean he needs to hang around longer for answers.
[19:03:36] <skunkworks> that too...
[19:04:34] <andypugh> Got an intersting email from a HXL owner today, showing a moderately large lump of steel in the 3-jaw of his HXL and "been nice knowing you". I think it's the first time he has with stock over 1" :-)
[19:05:12] <andypugh> (this was an 8" diameter 3" long lump.
[19:12:56] <andypugh> Goodnight chaps.
[19:47:35] <skunkworks> seems like I should have a rep-rap.. I just don't know what I would use it for..
[19:48:18] <ju-emb> and that with your nick?
[19:54:10] <ds3> skunkwork: making roughs that you can finish machining on your mill ;)
[19:54:34] <Tom_itx> 3d castings?
[20:01:49] <ju-emb> congrat's to seb:
[20:01:51] <ju-emb> http://imagebin.org/282209
[20:29:08] <skunkworks> Yay