#linuxcnc | Logs for 2013-12-05

[02:06:36] <Deejay> moin
[02:46:33] <MacGalempsy> boink
[03:04:17] <RyanS> That Tubal Cain dude is all over youtube, I think he has been machining for at least a century lol
[03:05:02] <archivist> he is an imposter
[03:05:57] <RyanS> . Not the same one who authored workshop practice books?
[03:05:58] <archivist> the real one is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Walshaw
[03:06:20] <mrsun_> hmm how to run gcode from a button in the gui ? insted of using MDI_COMMAND = etc ? =)
[03:06:52] <RyanS> And the one on youtube just decided to call himself that...
[03:07:09] <archivist> so did Tom Walshaw :)
[03:07:52] <RyanS> ha........ha
[03:07:55] <mrsun_> no matter how much an imposter he is he has loads of good informative videos =)
[03:14:42] <RyanS> I think the videos are good too , but I think the guy would prefer any clapped American machine for patriotic reasons. It seems
[03:16:12] <RyanS> Once he said, referring to a drill chuck arbor "I'm ashamed to say it comes from the other side of the pond" lol
[03:24:31] <RyanS> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DlPDr4f6xQ so you can do this to a lathe without QC leadscrew gear box. Making thread cutting easier?
[03:26:06] <RyanS> I have a spare 24 V DC gear motor begging to be used for this
[03:27:03] <RyanS> I think it even has a pulley fitted already
[03:35:15] <RyanS> 370 RPM, 10A
[03:35:29] <archivist> I give up at 2 minutes, far too slow talking
[03:35:51] <archivist> besides I have a Southbend
[03:37:51] <RyanS> I am using someone else's import lathe which, as far as I can see it requires removing and changing gears , simply to alter the power feed rate
[03:38:53] <archivist> change wheels are even worse, only suitable for occasional use
[03:40:02] <RyanS> So I would actually have to physically change gears simply to change the feed rate?!
[03:41:16] <RyanS> All I need is a variable DC and drive and wheelchair motor I have
[03:41:43] <RyanS> they would have plenty of torque
[03:43:52] <archivist> power cross feed is good to have too
[06:10:41] <markvandenborre> I'm looking for a free software compatible laser cutter/engraver
[06:10:57] <markvandenborre> it would be really helpful if it could also do raster
[06:11:32] <markvandenborre> something with embedded controls that I can just dump stuff to could also be acceptable
[06:12:21] <archivist_herron> a number have controlled their laser machines with linuxcnc
[06:13:18] <markvandenborre> but that's vector only, right?
[06:13:27] <MacGalempsy> burr its cold out there
[06:13:54] <kengu> i have a hpgl-engraver and a linuxcnc-cutter
[06:14:45] <archivist_herron> you can convert an image to a raster and then use that to control a vector machine
[06:14:46] <kengu> raster is in the works for the cutter. engraver is not rasterizing
[06:17:01] <markvandenborre> kengu: I know relatively little about hpgl
[06:17:03] <archivist_herron> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/2.4/html/gui_image-to-gcode.html
[06:17:35] <archivist_herron> you would use the depth to control the laser level
[06:17:46] <kengu> markvandenborre: hpgl is not the way to go.
[06:17:50] <markvandenborre> ok
[06:18:05] <markvandenborre> what kind of device am I looking for?
[06:18:18] <kengu> what are you thinking of cutting?
[06:18:43] <markvandenborre> wooden parts for an open hardware design
[06:18:49] <markvandenborre> engraving laser labels
[06:19:14] <markvandenborre> engraving little wooden booklets as gifts for the babies that are popping up everywhere around
[06:19:17] <markvandenborre> me
[06:19:37] <markvandenborre> very big cardboard and acrylic things
[06:19:38] <Deejay> lol, babies popping up ;)
[06:20:03] <markvandenborre> I am thinking about building this lasersaur design
[06:20:19] <markvandenborre> but I could be tempted by something ready made
[06:20:59] <markvandenborre> I would just rather use something free software friendly, decent quality, easily replaceable consumables
[06:21:25] <markvandenborre> and if really really needed, I could compromise a bit on rastering functionality for that
[06:21:35] <kengu> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/220V-USB-CO2-40W-300mm-s-Laser-Engraving-Cutting-Machine-Engraver-300-200mm-/170859166936 something like this hardware
[06:21:47] <kengu> ?
[06:26:10] * archivist_herron sees usb in that url and does not follow it
[06:26:33] <cpresser> rastering with linuxcnc has been done already: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Rastering_With_A_Laser
[06:26:48] <cpresser> unfortunately its not that easy to integrate in your cam software
[06:28:54] <cpresser> https://github.com/bjj/2x_laser
[07:41:22] <markvandenborre> cpresser: thx for the link!
[11:33:32] <Deejay> re
[11:41:15] <IchGuckLive> hi all B)
[11:41:27] <IchGuckLive> big storm here in Germany and the UK
[12:05:22] <dh__> linuxcnc camera installieren
[12:05:42] <IchGuckLive> is a nice work !
[12:07:31] <flughafen> IchGuckLive: it's a little bit windy here
[12:08:38] <flughafen> what are all of you using for CAD on linux?
[12:09:35] <IchGuckLive> flughafen: lots of
[12:09:45] <dh__> kann einer deutsch?
[12:09:47] <IchGuckLive> as you need special things for special work
[12:09:56] <flughafen> whats on your list of stuff?
[12:09:59] <IchGuckLive> dh__: alle hier !
[12:10:26] <IchGuckLive> flughafen: Qcad,Freecad,Heekscad ,
[12:11:05] <dh__> ich möchte eine kamera in linuxcnc installieren, habe leider probleme...
[12:11:17] <IchGuckLive> heeks has a CAM module, Pycam ,sheetcam
[12:11:37] <IchGuckLive> dh__: query
[12:18:46] <IchGuckLive> and then he left !
[12:19:00] <IchGuckLive> and i wars consern the weather effects me
[12:19:09] <IchGuckLive> now he is off
[12:20:14] <jdh> it is 23C and sunny here.
[12:20:22] <IchGuckLive> O.O
[12:22:20] <FinboySlick> I'm trying to remember the name of an US made mill manufacturer, they're typically a tad larger than the Sherlines.
[12:22:29] <FinboySlick> (usually blue if I recall)
[12:22:32] <flughafen> MEGAMILL
[12:22:48] <flughafen> BLUEMEGAMILL
[12:43:28] <FinboySlick> http://hobbyshopcnc.com/Minimill%20GX.htm <--- Granite frame.
[12:43:52] <FinboySlick> I wonder how advantageous it is for a mill that size.
[12:51:07] <WalterN> ffff
[12:51:17] <WalterN> broke a spade drill
[12:51:40] <WalterN> the insert kind
[12:54:06] <WalterN> and I need to make one more
[12:54:18] <IchGuckLive> hobbystuff is offen as heavy as the industrial ones !
[12:57:39] <flughafen> what about cheap stuff for plastic/wood?
[12:57:45] <archivist> FinboySlick, look how thin the Z is and how far from the column
[12:57:50] <flughafen> like a small 4/5 axis
[12:58:41] <skunkworks> seems like a crash would be catastroufic
[12:58:46] <skunkworks> catastroufic?
[12:58:55] <IchGuckLive> buld your own below 800Euros
[12:59:12] <flughafen> IchGuckLive: from established plans?
[12:59:26] <archivist> make your own plans
[12:59:26] <IchGuckLive> flughafen: up to you
[12:59:38] <archivist> who needs plans anyway
[12:59:51] <flughafen> plans are for wimps
[13:00:02] <IchGuckLive> as you say
[13:00:08] <archivist> I have no drawings for my fugly mill
[13:00:13] <IchGuckLive> good plan less money to spend
[13:01:33] <FinboySlick> archivist: I was thinking along those lines too but wondered mostly if there's an advantage at those sizes vs cast iron. Thermal expansion can't be much of an issue when you're moving less than a foot.
[13:02:21] <archivist> I would say it is similar to cast in many ways
[13:02:51] <flughafen> mmmm käsestange
[13:04:51] <archivist> long term stability should be better in granite as it is already old, but good cast has been aged
[13:06:40] <flughafen> opencasecade is taking forever to build......
[13:06:53] <FinboySlick> flughafen: It's enormous.
[13:13:22] <IchGuckLive> flughafen: warumm brauchst du opencascade ß
[13:13:31] <flughafen> freecad IchGuckLive
[13:14:03] <IchGuckLive> a ok
[13:28:03] <IchGuckLive> im off BYE
[13:30:39] <flughafen> aufweidersehen
[13:32:40] <archivist> pet
[13:35:24] <archivist> dunno if this was seen over there http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auf_Wiedersehen,_Pet
[13:36:48] <flughafen> I was wondering what was goin gon
[13:47:05] <flughafen> still building!
[14:06:37] <flughafen> do any of you guys do FEA on linux?
[14:08:44] <archivist> I only went as far as looking at what there was out there
[14:21:05] <flughafen> the only thing i saw was with varicad? but that's 800$
[14:39:46] <archivist> cant have looked far http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_finite_element_software_packages
[14:47:42] <mrsun_> hmm when using loadusr -w classicladder touch_off_probe.clp im getting errors about classicladder being loaded twice?
[14:47:43] <mrsun_> i know there is a classicladder load in the mymill.hal or whatever it is also but ... how to work around it? :)
[14:47:43] <mrsun_> cant use the touch probe if it doesnt work ?
[14:50:41] <rob_h> once new shiny new C3 ballscrew , nut & Support bearings = one nice running slide, as good as new if not better now :)
[14:51:52] <cpresser> flughafen: what kind of FEM modelling? mechanical?
[14:59:37] <flughafen> cpresser: yeah, and structural
[14:59:50] <flughafen> <- weak with mecheng stuff...
[15:00:26] <cpresser> then dont start with FEM. you need some experience to make sure the results are plausibe :)
[15:01:09] <flughafen> yeah, i was just wanting to play around
[15:03:01] * cpresser worked with ANSYS at the university
[15:03:21] <cpresser> but thats quite expensive. i guess you will have to try the different FOSS products
[15:03:48] <flughafen> thanks cpresser
[15:04:24] <cpresser> i has been a while since i worked with those kind of tools. make sure your mesh is correct bevore tyring to simulate something :)
[15:16:38] * flughafen should finish his MSE book first
[16:15:26] <mrsun_> so anyone has any info on if im supposed to be able to "loadusr classicladder" multipple times or not ?
[16:15:31] <mrsun_> the documentation says nothing about it
[16:15:39] <cradek> really doubt it
[16:15:46] <cradek> why do you think you want to do that?
[16:16:33] <mrsun_> then why is it how stuff work? ... in mymill.hal it "loadusr classicladder custom.cpl" then from custom.hal for example the touch probe program i found calls "loadusr -w classicladder Touch_Off_Probe.cpl" :/
[16:17:05] <mrsun_> sometimes it works, sometimes i get crash report from emc etc etc
[16:17:17] <cradek> well you can't just put any parts you find together like that
[16:17:39] <mrsun_> To manually add a ladder you need to add add a line to your custom.hal file that will load your ladder file. Close your LinuxCNC session and add this line to your custom.hal file.
[16:17:39] <mrsun_> loadusr -w classicladder --nogui MyLadder.clp
[16:17:43] <cradek> if you find a fuel pump on the street, it may not fit your car
[16:17:46] <mrsun_> for example .. that is actualy from linuxcnc documentation
[16:18:09] <cradek> yes, and that's correct, if you're not using ladder yet
[16:18:24] <mrsun_> but i want to be able to use stepconf in the future also /:
[16:18:37] <mrsun_> if i start editing stuff like mymill.hal etc stepconf will overwrite it for me very single time :P
[16:18:42] <Deejay> gn8
[16:21:01] <mrsun_> tho i guess i could name the touch off probe.cpl to custom.hal :P
[16:21:13] <mrsun_> oh well, have to look at it tomorrow =)
[16:22:36] <mrsun_> cradek, thanks for the info tho =)
[16:24:50] <Jymmm> NELSON MANDELA DIES http://www.cnn.com/
[17:39:27] <andypugh> I just realised why my machine runs into the linit switches with the new ballscrew I put in.
[17:39:55] <andypugh> It's a 5.08mm pitch one, so it travels too far. I ought to fix that.
[17:48:54] <Jymmm> nah
[18:12:49] <WalterN> thats what limit switches are there there for isnt it?
[18:16:43] <Jymmm> WalterN: Yes, but ppl think/use them for much of the time is "relative" not absolute.
[18:22:45] <andypugh> Getting the new screw to fit was a bit of a game: http://www.cnczone.com/forums/vertical_mill_lathe_project_log/109301-harrison_universal_miller_conversion-3.html#post1393132
[18:47:18] <andypugh> Night all