#linuxcnc | Logs for 2013-09-30

[06:14:22] <archivist> ew, probe battery price, I need 2 http://www.batteryspecialties.com/electrochemcsc931_2c.aspx
[06:14:40] <archivist> methinks another way needed
[06:38:03] <jthornton> yikes what is that for?
[06:39:44] <AdnanCloud> anyone here use amazon ec2?
[06:40:10] <archivist> I have an old cat50 probe that I am remounting on morse 3 here is one on fleabay 141052857446
[06:40:30] <kengu> nice battery
[06:40:32] <AdnanCloud> is this linux like the linux OS?
[06:40:36] <AdnanCloud> why you guys talking about batterys
[06:40:51] <archivist> AdnanCloud, not in their right mind, you do realise this place is about cnc
[06:41:00] <AdnanCloud> whats cnc
[06:41:09] <archivist> machine tool control
[06:41:12] <AdnanCloud> ohhhh right
[06:41:17] <AdnanCloud> this is totally not what i wanted
[06:41:27] <archivist> I guessed :)
[06:41:32] <AdnanCloud> kool cheerio
[06:41:43] <kengu> that was interesting
[06:42:01] <archivist> another EMC luser paying too much
[06:42:39] <jthornton> is the probe wireless?
[06:42:54] <archivist> it flashes the LEDs
[06:43:04] <archivist> I hope :)
[06:46:24] <Jymmm> archivist: This is VERY close phyiscally. you might need to find some plastic tubes for the diameter, and for the height, they are using thin magnets (DX.COM) http://www.batteryjunction.com/ultrafire-18350.html
[06:47:11] <Jymmm> archivist: Your battery: 25.6 x 31.7m
[06:47:52] <Jymmm> archivist: That battery: 18 x 35mm (nominal)
[06:50:09] <archivist> too long
[06:50:18] <Jymmm> archivist: spring contacts?
[06:50:57] <Jymmm> and no idea if that's protected (PCB) or not.
[06:51:23] <archivist> they are in a tube from the side
[06:52:00] <archivist> so about 6mm longer total
[06:52:44] <Jymmm> archivist: http://www.amazon.com/Saft-LS-14250-Lithium-computers-Rechargeable/dp/B002GJSQPO
[06:52:53] <archivist> not dont exact measurements to see what space is left yet
[06:53:04] <archivist> done
[06:53:49] <Jymmm> I can't even find "1/2 C" size, only "1/2AA"
[06:54:02] <kengu> those lithium (18650 etc) cells are pretty easy as they tell the size in their type
[06:54:24] <archivist> they do seem very rare hence the silly price
[06:55:47] <Jymmm> archivist: Screw it, get some 16340's and make some adapters
[06:56:00] <Jymmm> CR123 etc
[06:56:03] <Jymmm> same diff
[06:56:37] <Jymmm> That battery of yours is just bullshit
[06:58:14] <Jymmm> damn 123's wont fit eihter
[07:00:37] <Jymmm> archivist: CR2 are 27x15.6mm H x Diam
[07:01:01] <Jymmm> archivist: $9 for two including a charger http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-x-Rechargeable-CR2-CR-2-15270-Battery-quick-Charger-/320513664019
[07:01:50] <Jymmm> archivist: AKA: 15270
[07:02:03] <Jymmm> archivist: good luck!
[07:02:41] <Jymmm> I hate proprietary crap like that
[07:03:11] <Jymmm> archivist: Also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_battery_sizes
[07:13:21] <DJ9DJ> moin
[07:40:43] <somenewguy> archivist, I get all my weird batteries from here : http://www.batteryspace.com/
[07:41:29] <jdh> I get my normal batteries from there.
[07:43:45] <somenewguy> there are normal batteries?
[07:44:05] <Jymmm> somenewguy:Yeah, 96 Volt ones
[07:44:13] <somenewguy> oh of course I forgot
[07:44:30] <somenewguy> I need to go pick up a few of those thismorning actaully, my ipod is dead again
[07:45:31] <somenewguy> I actually have a box of ~200 recovered lipos I really need to sort and give a partialcharge to before it gets cold out...
[07:45:40] <somenewguy> not looking forward to that, I See several fires in my future
[07:46:50] <Jymmm> somenewguy: you think I'm kidding... http://www.batterycentralmall.com/Batteries/Eveready/EV_493.html
[07:47:56] <somenewguy> someday that will come in handy
[07:48:00] <Jymmm> somenewguy: 225V Battery http://www.batterycentralmall.com/Batteries/Eveready/EV_489.html
[07:48:23] <Jymmm> BUY NOW!
[07:50:24] <somenewguy> would simplify nixie tube power sources
[07:51:13] <somenewguy> a lm05 will happily regulate that to 5v for the ctrl electroincs, right....
[07:51:39] <somenewguy> *7805
[07:55:45] <Jymmm> somenewguy: Max input = 24V
[07:56:01] <jdh> 36v
[08:00:06] <somenewguy> thats the joke
[08:00:23] <somenewguy> I'll be here all night
[08:01:27] <jdh> I've been getting dive light batteries from batteryspace for years.
[08:04:52] <Jymmm> bah, I need more screen real estate
[08:14:53] <JesusAlos> hi people
[08:15:28] <JesusAlos> I think have a problem with my machine for electronic noise issue
[08:15:55] <JesusAlos> Have linuxcnc any kind of input filter?
[08:16:25] <JesusAlos> software filter
[08:16:27] <jdh> debounce and lowpass
[08:16:45] <jdh> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/man/man9/debounce.9.html
[08:17:45] <JesusAlos> there are a example?
[08:17:55] <JesusAlos> example to use
[08:18:20] <Einar> As a rule you don't filter out noise in a digital system. Then you often also filter out your data. Use proper grounding and screening rules.
[08:18:57] <Einar> Use diodes or snubbers on relays, contactors and other noise sources.
[08:19:40] <jdh> what he said.
[08:19:40] <Einar> Follow installation rules for any VFD's. Do not save on filters where they are prescribed by the manufacturer.
[08:20:40] <Einar> Snubbers are used on AC components. Diodes are used on DC components (except reversible voltage equipment, where snubbers are used.
[08:21:02] <JesusAlos> I filter my electronic input with capacitor and resistor circuit
[08:21:06] <Einar> Snubber = Resistor and capacitor in series.
[08:21:14] <JesusAlos> but there still have noise
[08:21:46] <JesusAlos> so, I think in software filter
[08:21:57] <JesusAlos> or change the electronic board
[08:21:58] <Einar> Proper grounding of all components? Do not rely on your cabinet to provide good ground.
[08:22:41] <Einar> Noise are fought on 2 fronts! 1: Where it originates. 2: Where it can be picked up.
[08:23:16] <JesusAlos> the origin is from stepper drivers
[08:23:21] <Einar> Do you have a picture of your cabinet?
[08:23:33] <JesusAlos> Stepper drivers AC
[08:23:50] <JesusAlos> you refer my electrical schema?
[08:24:10] <Einar> No. A picture taken with a camera.
[08:25:19] <JesusAlos> not here
[08:25:26] <JesusAlos> late pass to you
[08:25:33] <JesusAlos> http://www.ebay.com/itm/5-Axis-CNC-Stepper-Motor-Driver-Controller-Breakout-LPT-Board-MACH3-Interface-/160993386166
[08:25:37] <JesusAlos> this is the card
[08:26:16] <JesusAlos> http://www.rta.it/es/prodotti.php?id_prodotto=42
[08:26:22] <JesusAlos> this the drivers
[08:28:58] <Einar> And you did notice the grounding tab on the drive, and you connected it to ground?
[08:29:32] <JesusAlos> I did connected all to GND
[08:29:51] <JesusAlos> and have a capacitor filter in input card
[08:29:59] <Einar> There is also a connection for Shield. Did you connect the shield of the motor cabling to this?
[08:30:00] <JesusAlos> capacitor to GND
[08:30:47] <JesusAlos> I connect the shield in side motor only
[08:31:23] <JesusAlos> but try connect in both fist and cabinet only then
[08:31:43] <JesusAlos> and the resut is different, but still noise
[08:31:55] <Einar> I have not read the manual for the stepper drive, but I would connect shield for motor cable to that point on the drive.
[08:32:52] <Einar> Also: How do you know you have noise entering your system, and at what point? ( Symproms? )
[08:33:09] <Einar> 'Symptoms'
[08:34:31] <JesusAlos> I connect my oscope in input. whe the drivers are with out power supply , no have noise
[08:34:49] <JesusAlos> when start drivers power supply. A lott noise
[08:35:09] <JesusAlos> you understand me?
[08:35:32] <Einar> What frequency? Is it stable or varying with your motor speed?
[08:36:16] <JesusAlos> nor sure. but is not easy measure the noise
[08:36:52] <Einar> I often use the FFT function on the scope to get an idea.
[08:37:46] <JesusAlos> I thought in change my LPT card, because work with 5V
[08:37:52] <JesusAlos> and mount a 24V card
[08:38:28] <JesusAlos> the noise value voltage is abut 4-6 volts
[08:38:54] <JesusAlos> but the most easy now is try with a software filter
[08:39:57] <Einar> What poer supply do you yse for the drivers? Do not use a regulated supply. And certainly not a switch power!
[08:40:27] <JesusAlos> use 230V direct
[08:40:31] <Einar> Use just transformer + diode bridge + capacitors.
[08:40:43] <JesusAlos> no
[08:40:53] <Einar> OK. So it's internal to the drive then. That's OK.
[08:40:56] <JesusAlos> this is stepper AC drivers
[08:42:16] <JesusAlos> I would like to try with DEBOUNCE function. Do you know a sample to use?
[08:43:20] <Einar> If you have 4-6V noise, you need to take care of the noise. You may be able to filter it in software. But it may still kill youre electronic parts.
[08:44:04] <Einar> Is there noise just on the flanks of the signal? ( Switch chatter? )
[08:44:52] <Einar> When you say noise, do you mean overlaid noise or do you just mean false transistitions?
[08:44:55] <JesusAlos> no
[08:45:01] <JesusAlos> in both states
[08:45:16] <Einar> Can you post a scope snapshot?
[08:45:46] <JesusAlos> false transition
[08:46:19] <JesusAlos> don't have information in this PC
[08:46:20] <Einar> OK. And the transitition comes from where? An end switch?
[08:47:02] <JesusAlos> yes
[08:47:16] <JesusAlos> from Estop and Joint 2 (Z)
[08:47:21] <JesusAlos> principally
[08:48:17] <JesusAlos> wait go for pictures
[08:48:25] <Einar> OK. Then debounce is OK. If you use mechanical switches there will be bounce, but I would not call that noise. And for an end switch an RC filter is also OK. As it is not a fast signal.
[08:49:24] <Einar> But if you filter your step signal or encoder signal you will loose data at higher speeds.
[08:49:31] <jdh> (he's gone)
[08:50:05] <jdh> nobody would debounce a st or encoder signal
[08:50:23] <Einar> So will I. Have to make a component order so I get them tomorrow. Oh yes! Some will! I promise you. ;-)
[08:51:42] <jdh> run halscope on your flakey inputs and see what it looks like there.
[08:52:52] <JesusAlos> it dark on-off
[08:53:12] <JesusAlos> sorry. the hal inputs
[09:13:17] <JesusAlos> http://imagebin.org/272360
[09:13:21] <JesusAlos> is my cabinet
[09:14:37] <JesusAlos> is possible that affect the real time delay?
[09:16:59] <JesusAlos> http://imagebin.org/272363
[09:17:02] <JesusAlos> and card
[10:05:54] <skunkworks_> mrsun, maybe this? http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/2.5/html/man/man1/hal_input.1.html
[10:22:31] <gotham> I'm thinking of buying a lathe to retrofit to linuxcnc and I need a reality check.
[10:23:22] <gotham> Its a south bend magnaturn and the spindle and tool motion are controlled by hydraulics. Position is by glass scale.
[10:23:27] <mrsun> http://hidcomp.sourceforge.net/ found that also
[10:23:53] <cradek> would this be your first retrofit?
[10:24:04] <JT-Shop> gotham: won't be the easiest to do but has been done
[10:24:35] <gotham> No I have a Tree vertical mill that I retrofit to linuxcnc using mesa parts and amc drives, existing motors
[10:25:17] <cradek> you already did the Tree and you have it working?
[10:25:56] <gotham> yes tree is working. I keep adding to it (probe, spindle speed ect) so I dont call it done but its making parts
[10:26:02] <cradek> aha
[10:26:33] <cradek> can't you find a lathe with dc servo motors and encoders? hydraulics is surely a pain.
[10:27:08] <gotham> i've been looking for a lathe for awhile now. they seem to hold their value pretty well or be huge.
[10:27:45] <gotham> this hydraulic one is the right size and cheap and looks like its in great shape, seller says came out of vo tech for what that is worth
[10:28:23] <gotham> i've been reading about this lathe and people tend to complain about them but a lot of that seems like controller issues
[10:29:18] <skunkworks_> are they conroled by hydraulic cylinmders or hydraulic motors?
[10:30:01] <gotham> i think some kind of cylinder/ram. if it was hyd motors and ballscrews I would dump the hydraulics in a second
[10:30:48] <skunkworks_> sure
[10:31:09] <gotham> seems like uncharted territory and the mill was pretty easy just to follow in others footsteps
[10:33:04] <skunkworks_> I know it has been talked about (conrolling a ram from linuxcnc) but I don't know if anyone has tried it
[10:33:32] <skunkworks_> if you have the proportioning vavles and amplifiers - it might be worth a try...
[10:33:55] <gotham> the machine is complete but hasn't been used in awhile
[10:34:09] <gotham> anyone have links to hydraulic control with scales using linuxcnc?
[10:34:31] <gotham> brb
[10:43:21] <Einar> Did any of you integrate a rotating turret toolchanger (lathe) in LinuxCNC? Stepper motor, going forward to change, then backwards to lock against pawl,
[10:45:24] <gotham> Einar - I think that is an unconventional way to build a turret.
[10:45:49] <Einar> It's what is on the Boxford 250B.
[10:46:41] <skunkworks_> i am sure I have seen that implimented.. but cannot find it at the moment
[10:46:53] <Einar> I can control it using a microcontroller or PLC, but want to know if it could be done easily in LinuxCNC.
[10:48:02] <gotham> shouldnt be a problem
[10:49:46] <Einar> How. Programming it in G-Code, ladder, C-code or .....
[10:51:57] <kwallace1> I wrote a comp component for my turret. http://www.wallacecompany.com/cnc_lathe/HNC/00025-1a.jpg
[10:52:52] <kwallace1> It uses a bit of basic C code.
[10:53:26] <cradek> I did a turret similar to kwallace's very easily in classicladder
[10:53:57] <cradek> mine doesn't have to turn backward, though, and it's run by an airmotor, not a stepper
[10:54:41] <Einar> How will that connect into the toolchange G-code? Does it interface through hal pins?
[10:54:50] <cradek> yes exactly
[10:55:18] <cradek> a hal pin says what tool or pocket to load, another one says GO, then you later say OK I'M DONE on a third pin
[10:56:35] <Einar> OK. So prety much as I would do it using an autonomous controller PLC or uCtrlr then. Except these pins will be tied not to a physical pin, but a logical pin?
[10:57:11] <cradek> I can't imagine a microcontroller being easier to use than classicladder
[10:57:33] <Einar> For me that could be the case. ;-)
[10:57:49] <Einar> Any examples in the source code?
[10:59:07] <kwallace1> Here is my turret.comp: http://www.wallacecompany.com/cnc_lathe/HNC/emc2/turret.comp
[11:00:24] <kwallace1> Here are the HAL connections, 'find turret': http://www.wallacecompany.com/cnc_lathe/HNC/emc2/configs/hnc_io-3a.hal
[11:03:22] <archivist> Einar, I think there was somebody who did it for the similar Denford Orac, perhaps ask on the user mailing list too
[11:04:50] <Einar> Thanks! That looks like something I can use. I don't know what a ".comp" is, but now I know where to start digging. :-)
[11:17:11] <cpresser> Einar: a 'comp' is basically a c-program. with custom header-syntax. its an easy way to build a realtime-kernel-module(=component) for linuxcnc
[11:19:08] <cpresser> linuxcnc comes with a script to compile a .comp file. that way you wont have to deal with the compilation of a kernel-module
[11:27:22] <JesusAlos> hi
[11:46:15] <JT-Shop> hi
[11:46:45] <kengu> helo
[11:48:20] <JesusAlos> Here is everything all right?
[11:58:46] <IchGuckLive> hi all B)
[12:01:00] <IchGuckLive> JesusAlos: ?
[12:01:25] <JesusAlos> hi IchGuckLive
[12:01:39] <JesusAlos> How are you?
[12:02:04] <IchGuckLive> hi i read the logs on your rempte did you look on the gamepad tutorials i made for USB axis control MFG
[12:02:32] <IchGuckLive> simple Xbox controler for less then 10Euros around your town
[12:02:58] <JesusAlos> I see the videos. An is very interesting
[12:03:07] <IchGuckLive> will move the axis and ads 12 buttons for use on the mashine with max 5m of usb activ cable length to move arrond
[12:09:33] <pcw_home> Wow this looks safe: http://www.wimp.com/powercleaning/
[12:12:37] <kengu> interesting
[12:14:50] <IchGuckLive> works only good on AL800+
[12:15:16] <IchGuckLive> on steel you might harm the surface by plug of the Crome
[12:15:47] <pcw_home> They have steel videos as well
[12:15:49] <pcw_home> http://lasercleanall.com/movies.html
[12:24:45] <jthornton> Einar, I think there is a boxford example on the forum or wiki
[12:25:10] <jthornton> IIRC someone wrote a comp for that type of tool changer
[12:26:27] <IchGuckLive> http://www.linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/forum/47-hal-examples/9694-boxford-atc-toolchanger-component?start=6
[12:26:51] <CaptHindsight> pcw_home: can either version of the 3x20 work/fit (-MB vs non-MB) with a 7i68?
[12:28:09] <jthornton> oh it looks like Einar has already found the comp weeks ago on the forum
[12:28:26] <CaptHindsight> are the daughter card connector pins only on the -MB version?
[12:36:26] <pcw_home> yes all 3x20 versions work on the 7I68
[12:37:50] <CaptHindsight> thanks
[12:47:01] <IchGuckLive> JesusAlos: how is the weather in spain its cold but sunny here in germany
[12:47:45] <JesusAlos> here is betwin rain-and sun
[12:48:15] <JesusAlos> and "bochorno"
[12:49:38] <IchGuckLive> for the holiday people i guess
[12:49:51] <JesusAlos> I don't say in English, but is when are hot an RH high
[12:50:20] <JesusAlos> yes
[12:50:33] <IchGuckLive> season end is near
[12:50:53] <IchGuckLive> the old European ladies are on thee way to spain this month
[12:50:59] <JesusAlos> The Spanish people must work a loot for our own good
[12:51:37] <JesusAlos> Recomend Mallorca and Alicante
[12:51:47] <JesusAlos> there are a lott Germany ladys
[12:51:56] <JesusAlos> :)
[12:52:26] <IchGuckLive> Europeans always think in germany chickens are flying in the air bringing the money <- its not thrue i lookoed outside
[12:53:30] <IchGuckLive> JesusAlos: global worming bring them home i think
[12:54:00] <IchGuckLive> belive in munich at february shuffeling last snow in t-shirt
[12:54:29] <IchGuckLive> first step last x-mas bike tour at 17deg celsius
[12:54:47] <Einar> jthornton: At that stage I was not able to make any use of what I found. It takes some time to connect the dots in LinuxCNC. But I think I got a few steps forward.
[12:56:41] <JesusAlos> may Spanish girls decide to go to German in bikini
[12:56:58] <IchGuckLive> lots of are here
[12:57:04] <IchGuckLive> good jobs here
[13:13:40] <IchGuckLive> JesusAlos: http://www.muenchen.tv/munchen-tv-livestream/#.Ukm7s9dhNe8 she is spain
[13:14:03] <IchGuckLive> live from munich
[13:16:58] <JesusAlos> superb
[13:17:00] <jp_mill> whats the best way to control a vfd with linuxcnc? two wire control or three wire?
[13:17:34] <IchGuckLive> jp_mill: depends on you need Rev
[13:17:35] <JesusAlos> What do you think about Pep Guardiola?
[13:17:44] <jp_mill> yes
[13:17:48] <IchGuckLive> 3
[13:18:13] <IchGuckLive> JesusAlos: he owns lot more then i do B)
[13:19:29] <JesusAlos> :)
[13:19:35] <JesusAlos> and his German?
[13:19:44] <JesusAlos> people say that speak very well
[13:19:52] <IchGuckLive> ok so far better then the trappatoni
[13:25:31] <JesusAlos> I'm going to change some diaper...
[13:25:33] <JesusAlos> gn
[13:25:48] <IchGuckLive> By im off 2
[13:36:59] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: You alive?
[13:37:13] <JT-Shop> a bit
[13:37:43] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: Have you produced seaing equipment on a production line?
[13:37:52] <Jymmm> sealing
[13:38:10] <JT-Shop> like bag sealers?
[13:38:28] <Jymmm> kinda, but in this cae tube (like toothpaste tube) sealing
[13:38:31] <Jymmm> case
[13:38:33] <Jymmm> *
[13:38:47] <JT-Shop> nope, never did ultrsonic welding
[13:39:08] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: Um, I thought it was clamped, and heated?
[13:39:10] <JT-Shop> or ultrasonic for that matter
[13:39:18] <jdh> RF welding
[13:40:03] <Jymmm> Are we sure it's not thermal?
[13:41:09] <JT-Shop> I've done thermal welding of gas tanks
[13:41:49] <Jymmm> I thought it was like typical $80 bag sealers
[13:41:57] <Jymmm> though beefier
[13:42:32] <jdh> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plastic_welding#High_frequency_welding
[13:43:49] <jp_mill> anyone know of decent power drawbar plans for a bp?
[13:43:52] <Jymmm> I need to seal PP/PE
[13:43:59] <JT-Shop> thermal would be too slow
[13:44:16] <jdh> jp: lots of cheap ones involving chinese air tools
[13:44:39] <jp_mill> yeah thats what i was thinking
[13:44:52] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: Where would I even look for such a beast, even if a small manual one man shop version
[13:45:12] <jdh> jp: lots on ebay for $100ish
[13:45:32] <JT-Shop> google I guess
[13:45:57] <jp_mill> http://www.sonitek.com/ultrasonics/ultrasonic-welders.html?gclid=CL2yv7Tg87kCFY1DMgodmm0A3g
[13:51:49] <Jymmm> Ok, something kinda like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmvLzZ93Fzw
[13:52:06] * JT-Shop can't click on youtube till tomorrow
[13:52:41] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: np
[13:54:43] <JT-Shop> so wildblue says I've used 13.1GB this month
[13:55:16] <Jymmm> This is more along the lines I'm looking for, but it's ultrasominc as you guys said, thugh I need something much smaller http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOuqVZ-wJAs
[13:55:26] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: and your limit?
[13:55:33] <JT-Shop> 10GB
[13:55:49] <Jymmm> think you cam e close to 12gb?
[13:55:52] <Jymmm> 13*
[13:56:04] <JT-Shop> I bought 2GB in the middle of the month and it was gone in days
[13:56:33] <Jymmm> videos?
[13:56:43] <Jymmm> music?
[13:56:45] <JT-Shop> not really
[13:56:47] <JT-Shop> never
[13:57:15] <Jymmm> realize there's a LOT of background crap that happens too
[13:57:38] <JT-Shop> yea, that's why I turned off wifi on the eye things
[13:58:43] <Jymmm> Since your router doens't support snmp, you could setup a proxy and have everything go thru that, then setup filters to block stuff you dont know
[13:59:07] <Jymmm> Everything Blocked, and open as needed.
[13:59:26] <Jymmm> Maybe even a local caching dns server
[13:59:37] <JT-Shop> don't know how to do any of that
[14:02:14] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: Check out "squid", lots of beginner tutorials for it.
[14:02:21] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: Basically what is does is
[14:03:09] <Jymmm> cache things for you to save bandwidth, but also you can restrict what goes thru it as you can setup for authentication to even get to the internet
[14:03:37] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: Maybe you want to block yourself from all the cnc porn as example
[14:03:54] <JT-Shop> like this http://fsk141.com/tutorial-setup-your-very-own-squid-proxy-with-basic-authentication/
[14:04:24] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: or restrict access to PartSEXpress.com becuse it has the word 'SEX' in it
[14:05:00] <Jymmm> http://www.squid-cache.org/
[14:05:08] <Jymmm> https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/squid.html
[14:05:46] <JT-Shop> thanks I'll read up on it when I get back
[14:05:52] <Jymmm> Install & Configure Squid Proxy Server in Ubuntu - 1/3 Beginner --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnBG_LEvvVw
[14:06:48] <JT-Shop> does that reroute all the network traffic though it or something?
[14:07:27] <JT-Shop> can't click on youtube it won't load
[14:07:46] <Jymmm> internet --- sat modem --- proxy server --- dlink router --- lan
[14:08:14] <JT-Shop> so you have to have a computer between the modem and the router?
[14:08:42] <Jymmm> Yes, as ALL traffic goes thru it
[14:09:05] <Jymmm> you dont want it bypassing the proxy server
[14:09:38] <Jymmm> it might just be simpler to buy a new router that has traffic shaping/limiting built in
[14:10:19] <Jymmm> and use your existing router as a wifi AP
[14:10:35] <JT-Shop> yea, I'll look to see what I can find for a new router
[14:11:06] <Jymmm> It doens't have to have wifi built in
[14:11:17] <JT-Shop> it can be 4 port and be inbetween the 8 port and the modem?
[14:11:22] <Jymmm> you can just reuse your existing wifi routers if you like, up to you
[14:11:29] <JT-Shop> that would be simple to install
[14:11:31] <Jymmm> sure you can do that
[14:12:28] <JT-Shop> google had lots of hits for cisco when looking for snmp router
[14:13:28] <Jymmm> heh
[14:15:04] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: I just came across this... http://helpdeskgeek.com/networking/limit-bandwidth-on-a-netgear-wireless-router/
[14:15:11] <JT-Shop> will the box say snmp?
[14:15:39] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: Dont worry about SNMP if oyu are going to buy a new one.
[14:15:53] <Jymmm> just make sure if has traffic control features
[14:15:54] <JT-Shop> why is that?
[14:15:58] <JT-Shop> ok
[14:17:45] <Jymmm> I think you want "Advanced Quality of Service (QoS)" but read the manusls before you buy
[14:18:56] <Jymmm> The reviews are iffy on that netgear router http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833122378
[14:22:55] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: It seems a few netgear routers have somethning called "Traffic Meter" or "Traffic Monitor"
[14:23:09] <Jymmm> you can even set daily limits
[14:23:44] <Jymmm> But I have no clue how well it actually works.
[14:24:04] <Jymmm> the netgear implentation that is
[14:24:38] <Jymmm> It doens't look like you can select which traffic to alow/limit
[14:26:55] <Jymmm> It looks like SQUID can throttle traffic on a per user basis
[14:27:28] <Jymmm> Example: when the user have downloaded 2200 bytes after that its connection will be 32 kilo bits per second
[14:27:59] <Jymmm> but setup isn't exactly point and click
[14:28:06] <cradek> making a proxy does nothing if you don't block non-proxied traffic
[14:28:35] <Jymmm> cradek: Setup for all his lan traffic to go thru the proxy
[14:28:43] <Jymmm> cradek: via authentication
[14:29:00] <cradek> you mean web traffic? squid is a http proxy
[14:29:11] <Jymmm> cradek: it's more than web
[14:29:12] <cradek> you might guess his problem is with http, but that's only a guess
[14:30:10] <Jymmm> cradek: Nah, I wasn't making that assumption, just tring to come up with somethign straight forward
[14:30:56] <Jymmm> traffic shaping in consumer land is not something I usually do.
[14:31:16] <cradek> I think he probably just needs to sniff out his smoking gun
[14:31:36] <Jymmm> He needs to to be able to control/block traffic
[14:31:42] <Jymmm> and monitor too
[14:31:54] <Jymmm> so this doens't happen in the future
[14:32:07] <cradek> when he figures out what shitty ipad app is loading ads all day, he can nuke it and move on...
[14:32:25] <Jymmm> and then the next app that does it?
[14:32:33] <cradek> you might be right about it maybe recurring
[14:32:47] <cradek> but so far it's been a problem one time in the whole of history :-)
[14:32:48] <Jymmm> right when he's waiting for an important email, etc
[14:33:18] <Jymmm> as long as he's limited traffic wise, it won't hurt
[14:33:42] <Jymmm> he can also speed up surfing by blocking ads at the router
[14:34:19] <Jymmm> or whatever device he intends to get, so it has extra benefits
[14:34:35] <Jymmm> super high latency on sat as it is
[14:35:22] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: your sat modem might have SNMP too
[14:35:36] <Jymmm> if they give you any access to that that is
[14:42:10] <ReadError> wow
[14:42:13] <ReadError> 10gb per month??
[14:46:38] <Loetmichel> re @ home
[14:56:40] <Tom_itx> JT-Shop, you should look into the router i got
[14:57:13] <Tom_itx> i haven't done alot with it as far as rules yet but it's very configurable
[14:59:16] <jdh> http://www.mikrotik.com/
[14:59:20] <jdh> they make cool router stuff
[15:00:04] <Tom_itx> Jymmm, have you ever looked at: http://www.ubnt.com/edgemax
[15:00:58] <Tom_itx> unlike cisco you don't need to buy licensing
[15:03:31] <Jymmm> Tom_itx: Yeah, lots of ppl are using there wireless modules
[15:03:54] <Tom_itx> i've got a wireless antenna from them as well
[15:04:11] <Tom_itx> much more reliable than off the shelf crap
[15:04:36] <Jymmm> Sure, I've heard good things, never played with one though
[15:04:48] <Tom_itx> UniFi
[15:05:29] <Jymmm> theres a really skinny one that ppl like, but their website is a PITA to find it on
[15:05:41] <Tom_itx> for outdoors?
[15:05:47] <Tom_itx> i think i've seen it
[15:05:53] <Tom_itx> but i got the round one
[15:06:19] <Jymmm> This one is REAL skinny
[15:06:26] <Jymmm> no idea if outdoors
[15:09:38] <Jymmm> Tom_itx: http://www.ubnt.com/airmax#picostationm
[15:10:40] <Tom_itx> i was just looking at that page
[15:11:19] <Tom_itx> also looked at the pico thing when i got this one
[15:13:02] <Jymmm> Tom_itx: Yeah, that was the one I remembered that ppl were muckng around with for various applications
[15:18:34] <JesusAlos> hi people
[15:19:37] <ReadError> *jazzhands*
[16:18:55] <DJ9DJ> gn8
[16:19:14] <uw> omg by DeeJay
[16:28:23] <somenewguy> so this will make it obvious I have yet to get linuxCNC up and running since I desperatly need to make the parts in que right now, but I have a question about g-code generators
[16:29:11] <somenewguy> the most awfull (awfullest?) thing with Mach3 is using wizards" to create g-code and then manually splice it all together, removing non-standard starting and end blocks at the begging of each segment
[16:29:40] <somenewguy> I am wondering if there is a toolset out there that lets you stack a handfull of cutting operations and spits out one file when done
[16:30:01] <somenewguy> ie, face thsi area, cut a slot here, slot here, cut a hole here, stop
[16:30:17] <somenewguy> makeing it 400x times easier to tweak designs later, or is this a thing I would need to write myself if I wanted it?
[16:31:36] <andypugh> somenewguy: ngcgui
[16:32:43] <andypugh> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gui/ngcgui.html
[16:33:59] <somenewguy> ooooh
[16:34:42] <somenewguy> my holy grail is still something like openscad or freecad style modeling, but with cutting instead of rendering
[16:35:14] <somenewguy> model all the negatives you need in space, you then punch that into the g-code generator as a "part" file and wham instant g-code
[16:35:22] <somenewguy> but thank you for telling me what it is called
[16:35:40] <somenewguy> hopefully I will be done with these parts by tonight so I can start the install/calibration before weds
[16:36:09] <somenewguy> can't imagine its more than 5 hours work to go from zero to a calibrated install on a stepper driven mill
[16:37:14] <andypugh> I have something simpler than ngcgui on my lathe, I just have a bunch of parameterised routines, and do them in sequence. No good for production, but really quick for one-offs and "thinking in metal"
[16:37:28] <somenewguy> which is basically what I do
[16:37:39] <somenewguy> everything is a one off, but verrrrry similar to the last one off
[16:38:05] <somenewguy> and lots of arcs and slots off axis, which is hard for us newbies to read and edit intelligently
[16:38:40] <somenewguy> although with this mill being my step up from using a drill press, praise the gods for peck drill cycles. I can make the prettiest holes in acrylic wherever I damn well please!
[16:40:49] <somenewguy> ooh man, digging into ngcgui, this looks like it has a serious learning curve
[16:43:57] <JesusAlos> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?action=browse&id=Gmoccapy&revision=35
[16:44:05] <JesusAlos> I'm in step 2
[16:44:41] <JesusAlos> but don't appear autoconf.sh file in src/
[16:46:20] <jdn> evening \ll
[16:46:28] <jdn> #all
[16:50:37] <jd896> Evening all
[16:50:54] <kengu> evening
[16:51:17] <JesusAlos> evening
[16:51:36] <JesusAlos> gn8
[16:51:52] <jd896> Does anybody known if I can pass a variable from a spinbox and get it picked up in a oword sub?
[16:58:05] <andypugh> jd896: Sort-of. You can wire the spinbox to a G-code "analogue input" and then read it with M66 (or M67 or some number around there)
[17:00:56] <jd896> That should work I'm reading your webpage as we speak Andy about your lathe routines
[17:01:59] <andypugh> Which page?
[17:02:03] <jd896> I'm just wanting to have my plasma delay timings on the pyvcp panel and possible change cutter compensation
[17:02:29] <jd896> Lathe/Lathe.html
[17:02:52] <andypugh> I don't use that any more :-)
[17:03:03] <somenewguy> stupid question ab out home switches
[17:03:26] <somenewguy> I accidently ordered some switches that I love, but they had less in stock than claimed and are 3 weeks out for me to get the other two
[17:03:35] <somenewguy> I am using microroller switches
[17:03:39] <andypugh> jd896: I now have a GladeVCP version. http://www.linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/forum/41-guis/26550-lathe-macros
[17:03:55] <somenewguy> do I want MORE or LESS actuating force? I think more is more accurate since shwarf is less likely to remain in the way
[17:04:06] <jd896> I've had a few part runs on there where the plate thickness has changed and I have to go back and change the file in pronest
[17:04:08] <somenewguy> but if its a ton of force, mabye the dinky little arm is flexgin during press?
[17:04:47] <andypugh> somenewguy: I think I like proximity switches more
[17:06:22] <Tom_itx> ir?
[17:06:42] <somenewguy> I thought I liked the idea of them too
[17:06:53] <Tom_itx> andypugh, those hall sensors would work for that wouldn't they?
[17:06:54] <somenewguy> but I think there are more plusses to mech switches
[17:08:41] <Tom_itx> like switch bounce?
[17:09:06] <jd896> andypugh: nice work there looking at it are the values still passed as an anolouge pin ?
[17:10:08] <andypugh> jd896: No, I am making use of a new feature in master that lets you read a HAL pin directly in G-code.
[17:10:31] <somenewguy> switch bounce is delicious
[17:10:37] <jd896> Is that still only in master ?
[17:10:55] <somenewguy> I can turn the homing down nice and slow, linuxcnc zeros on release, right?
[17:11:20] <somenewguy> and my home voltage line are 12v which should make em pretty nice as far as noise goes, if gecko is to be believed in their hype
[17:25:16] <PCW> andypugh: i cant figure out what the latest absolute encoder code wants for a config line (the manual and error messages disagree)
[17:25:52] <andypugh> Which module?
[17:26:38] <PCW> fanuc
[17:27:11] <andypugh> What does the error message say?
[17:29:31] <PCW> originally I had fanuc_chan_0=AA64
[17:29:33] <PCW> If i use that not bails and says the name must be fabs,ssi,biss
[17:29:41] <PCW> s/not/now/
[17:30:11] <andypugh> Let me have a look. I have a fairly major update to push.
[17:30:20] <PCW> but fabs_chan_0=AA64 does not work either
[17:31:21] <somenewguy> can linuxcnc directly toggle output pins in a clear and straightforward way?
[17:31:29] <PCW> yes
[17:31:32] <somenewguy> either teh two outputs on my gecko driver are dead, or mach3 is confusing me
[17:31:39] <somenewguy> and I can't tell if I am really toggling the outputs
[17:31:46] <somenewguy> in linuxCNC it is clear?
[17:31:59] <somenewguy> alternatly I can toggle them with nothing on the far end of the cable and use a DMM?
[17:31:59] <PCW> setp (pinname) true
[17:32:01] <PCW> setp (pinname) false
[17:32:04] <andypugh> How are you trying to toggle the outputs?
[17:32:11] <somenewguy> mach3
[17:32:27] <somenewguy> I enabled them as coolant controll, and toggled every setting and button I can find
[17:32:45] <somenewguy> but the status bar shows a blinking light, and I don't know if it is blinking to remind me they are on, or blinking cause they aren't working lol
[17:32:51] <andypugh> If you are using Mach I have literally no idea.
[17:32:55] <somenewguy> so I am tempted to liveCD and just figure it the hell out
[17:33:22] <somenewguy> pcw, do I issue those commands inside of linuxCNC, or thru the command line?
[17:33:22] <andypugh> But it is likely that the outputs on the G540 are switches, not voltages.
[17:33:32] <somenewguy> they are open collectors
[17:33:46] <andypugh> Yeah, that's what I meant.
[17:33:56] <somenewguy> I got strange seeming voltages on my DMM, so I made little test lights using some leds and resistors
[17:33:58] <somenewguy> no dice
[17:34:01] <andypugh> I was aiming for "really patronising"
[17:34:16] <somenewguy> you can do better
[17:34:46] <somenewguy> if this works, and its mach3, screw the work on my plate, I'll do the install tonight and just never sleep again to make this deadline
[17:34:57] <somenewguy> I really wanna be done w/ window
[17:35:00] <somenewguy> s
[17:35:40] <andypugh> To be honest, I really wouldn't want to promise that you will be productive in LinuxCNC in much less than a week.
[17:36:49] <andypugh> PCW: http://git.linuxcnc.org/gitweb?p=linuxcnc.git;a=blob;f=src/hal/drivers/mesa-hostmot2/hostmot2.c;h=93ff070db847b0da58e4fdc8d9ff9eb90f7fff8a;hb=refs/heads/ssi-fanuc-biss-dpll#l364 shows that the modparam is "fanuc_chab_0" a the moment.
[17:36:58] <andypugh> (err, fanuc_chan_0)
[17:37:48] <somenewguy> i am afraid of that
[17:38:15] <JT-Shop> but we are here to help you for free
[17:38:15] <somenewguy> these parts only need a few slots and peck drilling, so I am considering pushing my luck
[17:38:21] <somenewguy> haha
[17:38:51] <somenewguy> how long does it take to set up the mechanics of the mill? IE setting up stepper drivers, calibrating whatever the eheck needs calibrating on initial setup etc
[17:39:20] <somenewguy> I plan on re-using as many numerical settings from mach3 (accel, limits etc) so I don't need to fuss too much on that, but I don't konw how much mroe is involved
[17:39:22] <JT-Shop> stepper drives are pretty easy, what drives do you have?
[17:39:40] <JT-Shop> oh by the way I can convert you mark config to stepconf
[17:39:42] <somenewguy> G540
[17:39:53] <somenewguy> oh really
[17:40:16] <somenewguy> let me see if I have lost the backup dongle w/ all my configs on it or not
[17:40:37] <somenewguy> I am a block away from the mill and pc right now, but it is very tempting to do this tonight
[17:40:43] <somenewguy> sleep is overrated, coffee is delicious
[17:43:31] <JT-Shop> are you on the forum?
[17:45:22] <andypugh> PCW: I think I have a strange sort of aliasing problem.
[17:45:31] <somenewguy> which forum?
[17:45:42] <JT-Shop> LinuxCNC
[17:45:43] <somenewguy> I just registered
[17:45:46] <somenewguy> oh wait no i didnt
[17:47:23] <andypugh> The scope on GPIO 31 sees a 1kHz square wave, the Halscope looking at GPIO31 sees a 1Hz square wave, even in the 20kHz thread. I am also setting the under-run fault bit at 1Hz too, according to halscope.
[17:49:35] <somenewguy> oh for the lov e of god this captcha is impossible
[17:49:44] <JT-Shop> in the Stepconf section you can attach your mark xml file and I'll convert it
[17:49:53] <JT-Shop> sorry but spammers are worse
[17:50:18] <somenewguy> there is a passcode, captcha, and text puzzle
[17:50:31] <somenewguy> and when you fail it the page breaks on the reload
[17:50:53] <somenewguy> aaaand I failled at solving 8+6 when I finally get the captcha right....
[17:51:24] <somenewguy> 4th times the charm
[17:51:41] <andypugh> somenewguy: One day last year me and JT deleted 1000 spammers _each_. We had to put in excessive captchas or we would have both been fired from our day jobs :-)
[17:52:22] <somenewguy> oof
[17:52:45] <somenewguy> i am one of the newest spammers on the board now!
[17:52:52] <somenewguy> i mean, users
[17:53:21] <somenewguy> JT-Shop: how much work goes into converting hte mach3 config to stepconf?
[17:54:08] <andypugh> somenewguy: It's a macro: http://www.linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/forum/16-stepconf-wizard/25900-mach-3-conversion-to-stepconf-wizard
[17:54:46] <JT-Shop> type about 15 letters and hit enter
[17:55:00] <somenewguy> I think I can hanlde that
[17:55:16] <somenewguy> I take it you are bigjohnt JT?
[17:55:35] <JT-Shop> uh, no I type it and my program converts it for you then I give it back
[17:55:44] <JT-Shop> aye we are the same person
[17:56:17] <somenewguy> ok, gonna go grab a pizza, then its back to the dungeon to grab that config and pm it to you?
[17:56:29] <somenewguy> also linuxCNC seems to support a sidewinder pad, yes?
[17:56:40] <somenewguy> walking around with my keyboard is also gettting old
[17:56:49] <somenewguy> although I foudn pretending it is a guitar is distrubinlgy normal
[17:56:57] <somenewguy> *natural, not normal
[18:00:06] <JT-Shop> did you get registered on the forum?
[18:01:25] <PCW> andypugh: I would expect halscope to see a 1KHz signals as 1 Hz if
[18:01:27] <PCW> 1. its running at 1 KHz servo thread
[18:01:28] <PCW> 2. its not phase locked for some reason (so the DPLL is running at 1Hz faster or slower than the servo thread)
[18:02:00] <andypugh> Ah, I know what it happening.
[18:02:15] <andypugh> I need to put the GPIO read in the fast thread too!
[18:02:18] <andypugh> Doh!
[18:03:00] <PCW> 1 Hz does suggest that the DPLL is not phase locked
[18:04:32] <andypugh> There is something funny going on, anyway.
[18:06:05] <PCW> I would normally not use a base thread as it will just add more jitter
[18:08:05] <PCW> 1 Hz is .1 % so should lock easily
[18:08:06] <PCW> (lock can be determined by watching phase error)
[18:09:54] <PCW> if its close to latency test jitter specs its locked
[18:09:55] <PCW> if its varying from +- 1/2 servo period its not locked
[18:11:06] <somenewguy> JT-Shop: yeah Im registered now, same nick
[18:11:09] <andypugh> The over-run error bit triggers at 1Hz too, for 25mS at 1000kHz SSI frequency, and for 130ms at 200kHz
[18:11:37] <PCW> Yeah, you are not locked
[18:12:09] <somenewguy> well I found a usb drive with my old college senior project on it, but not the one with the backed up configs
[18:12:11] <JT-Shop> just attach your mark xml to the sticky in StepConf Wizard section
[18:12:18] <somenewguy> how should I send you the ... oh ok
[18:12:20] <somenewguy> got it
[18:12:35] <somenewguy> i will do that ass soon as I finish eating
[18:12:57] <andypugh> So, PCW, why am I not locked?
[18:13:19] <somenewguy> wow, 512 usb drive, been a while since I saw you!
[18:14:13] <PCW> Either the PLimit register is not set
[18:14:14] <PCW> The FPrescale is not set
[18:14:16] <PCW> or the Sync register is not read
[18:14:56] <andypugh> Well, you are right, the plimit isn't set. I wasn't aware that I had to....
[18:15:11] <andypugh> What is it., what are the units? (Also, what are the units of phase error?)
[18:16:43] <PCW> units of phase error are +- 1/2 DPLL period *2^32
[18:17:03] <PCW> (looking at its a S32)
[18:17:28] <andypugh> 2^31 then?
[18:17:47] <PCW> yes but its signed of course
[18:18:09] <PCW> - = early + = late
[18:18:52] <PCW> suggest Plimit of 0x400000
[18:19:15] <andypugh> http://imagebin.org/272394
[18:19:50] <PCW> (If PLimit is 0, no DPLL adjustments are possible = freerun)
[18:21:01] <andypugh> That's looking a lot better now
[18:21:33] <PCW> suggest 0xA000 for FPrescale
[18:26:01] <andypugh> I am not sure I follow 0xA000 as FPrescale. If that is the param I think you mean, it is the top 8 bits of a 32 but register, and A000 doesn't fit either way I read it.
[18:27:14] <PCW> Prescale if for the DPLL frequency FPrescale sets the low pass filter time constant
[18:28:15] <andypugh> Ah, OK.
[18:28:55] <PCW> my mistake, its called Filter Time constant in the regmap file
[18:30:40] <andypugh> Anyway, it's getting late here. Let me push it so you can have a play.
[18:31:40] <PCW> Ok Thanks, and ' night
[18:31:46] <Aero-Tec> need some help
[18:32:27] <Aero-Tec> need to measure the dia of something with out touching it and that EMC can monitor
[18:33:15] <andypugh> If it is around 100m diameter I have just the device.
[18:33:23] <Aero-Tec> EMC will need to react to the out put of the measurements system
[18:33:44] <Aero-Tec> less then 2mm
[18:34:13] <andypugh> How big? Stationary or moving (like an extrusion, for example)
[18:34:15] <Aero-Tec> to 0.05mm accuracy
[18:34:31] <andypugh> Actual size or limits?
[18:34:46] <PCW> Andy maybe the AA64 thing just stopped working, Ill try a suitable format string
[18:34:48] <Aero-Tec> it is controlling a extrusion process
[18:35:18] <PCW> capacitive sensor?
[18:35:32] <Aero-Tec> plastic?
[18:35:41] <PCW> Sure
[18:36:03] <andypugh> PCW: AA64 is definitely working here.
[18:36:09] <andypugh> Let me commit then push.
[18:36:11] <Aero-Tec> how could that work?
[18:36:39] <PCW> Change in dielectric constant
[18:37:07] <Aero-Tec> non touching of the plastic?
[18:37:14] <PCW> Yep
[18:37:18] <Aero-Tec> not sure how that can work
[18:37:30] <Aero-Tec> ant examples of this?
[18:37:33] <Aero-Tec> any
[18:37:44] <archivist> shadow and webcam, laser and and similar
[18:38:01] <Aero-Tec> I was thinking laser
[18:38:06] <PCW> Let me find a link
[18:38:22] <archivist> mitutoyo sell something that has a laser
[18:38:27] <Aero-Tec> but how to sense it and input it to EMC?
[18:38:39] <archivist> scanner sensor
[18:38:57] <andypugh> Webcam and (err, that image recognition thing) sounds cheapest to me.
[18:39:20] <Aero-Tec> I was thinking web cam
[18:39:39] <archivist> but your optics will require some calibration
[18:39:56] <Aero-Tec> but had no idea how to use it as a way to sense and use that in EMC
[18:40:19] <andypugh> http://www.keyence.com/products/sensor/positioning/vg/features/index.jsp
[18:40:37] <Aero-Tec> what image recognition thing are you talking about?
[18:40:38] <archivist> for more possible accuracy look up "telecentric" lens
[18:41:18] <andypugh> Aero-Tec: If I could remember the name of the image recognition thing I wouldn't be calling it the image recognition thing
[18:41:55] <Aero-Tec> lol
[18:41:57] <Tom_itx> i wonder if that sensor i posted the other day would work for that
[18:42:01] <Tom_itx> the TI one
[18:42:18] <andypugh> The inductive one
[18:42:18] <Tom_itx> inductive to digital
[18:42:20] <Aero-Tec> got the link?
[18:42:25] <archivist> there are those laser line devices one gets in home tool products too
[18:42:26] <Tom_itx> i'm checking
[18:42:30] <Tom_itx> it's in the logs for sure
[18:42:34] <andypugh> Not going to wirk for plastic at all.
[18:42:37] <PCW> http://www.balluff.com/balluff/MUS/en/products/Analog-Output.jsp
[18:42:44] <Tom_itx> true
[18:43:31] <andypugh> The keyence optical micrometer seems perfect to me.
[18:43:42] <archivist> what software, you may be writing it :)
[18:44:05] <archivist> except the obsolete part
[18:44:28] <jdh> I have 30 or so keyence laser mics at work, they work great.
[18:44:51] <andypugh> Aero-Tec: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Keyence-LS-5041R-and-LS-5041T-Laser-Micrometer-Heads-/190911955939?pt=BI_Control_Systems_PLCs&hash=item2c733d43e3
[18:45:11] <archivist> http://ecatalog.mitutoyo.com/Laser-Scan-Micrometer-LSM-500S-Series-544-High-Accuracy-Non-contact-Measuring-System-C1353.aspx
[18:45:48] <andypugh> OpenCV
[18:45:53] <andypugh> That's what it's called
[18:46:03] <jdh> that ebay keyence link is only half the system
[18:47:03] <andypugh> Yeah, Aero-Tec is going to write a LinuxCNC driver for the other half.
[18:47:23] <jdh> that's a lot of hardware to replace with software
[18:47:32] <andypugh> (It's going to be SSi or something, isn't it?)
[18:48:07] <JT-Shop> $39.95 Netgear Nanny is in the house
[18:49:38] <Tom_L> http://www.mouser.com/new/Texas-Instruments/ti-ldc1000-data-converter/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=september2013&utm_campaign=cm-enews-general&utm_content=featuredlm
[18:49:49] <Tom_L> there's the sensor for what it's worth
[18:49:53] <PCW> Does it actually have to be accurate or linear or just sense deviation for a feedback loop
[18:51:16] <andypugh> PCW: I pushed a more functional version. That should have a working hm2dpll
[18:51:41] <PCW> Illl give it a try
[18:52:22] <Aero-Tec> mitutoyo one is way to much money
[18:52:57] <Aero-Tec> sensing deviation for a feedback loop may work
[18:53:03] <andypugh> The Keyence one is basically a CCD. SO much the same as Webcam / OpenCV solution.
[18:53:24] <Aero-Tec> OpenCV?
[18:53:35] <Aero-Tec> should I do a search for that?
[18:53:43] <archivist> yes
[18:53:59] <andypugh> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd18eIa7w2A
[18:56:34] <jdh> how accurate are you looking for?
[18:57:17] <Tom_itx> pin diode and laser might work
[18:59:12] <andypugh> LED and photosensor might work.
[18:59:33] <andypugh> (more or less shadow)
[18:59:50] <Aero-Tec> I need 0.05mm accuracy
[18:59:56] <archivist> the output temp may be sensed instead of size
[19:00:08] <Aero-Tec> that OpenCV looks like it may work
[19:00:26] <Aero-Tec> can one connect it to EMC?
[19:00:34] <archivist> accuracy depends on your optics and calibration
[19:00:58] <archivist> probably
[19:00:59] <jdh> the ls5000 series will do more like 0.001mm
[19:01:45] <jdh> 7000 series is better than that
[19:02:35] <Aero-Tec> jdh your talking mitutoyo, right?
[19:02:43] <Aero-Tec> that some big cash
[19:02:48] <jdh> keyence
[19:02:59] <archivist> and big cash probably
[19:03:08] <jdh> I just order them, they show up :)
[19:03:17] <Aero-Tec> lol
[19:03:28] <Aero-Tec> you work for big co I would guess
[19:03:40] <Aero-Tec> they pay the bill
[19:03:52] <jdh> yeah, we bring good things to life.
[19:08:04] <Aero-Tec> so how hard would it be to connect OpenCV to EMC?
[19:08:26] <Aero-Tec> and use the info to control a system?
[19:08:37] <JT-Shop> what is OpenCV?
[19:10:23] <Aero-Tec> a cool program
[19:10:31] <Aero-Tec> do a search for it
[19:10:38] <Aero-Tec> open source
[19:11:35] <JT-Shop> internet is limited to 28k at the moment
[19:12:57] <Aero-Tec> http://opencv.org/
[19:13:40] <JT-Shop> yea, last part went into the powder coat oven
[19:13:53] <DaViruz> i seem to only find informatino on how it's licensed, but not a word on what it does
[19:14:21] <somenewguy> opencv is a image processing API or something like that
[19:14:25] <somenewguy> it does cool stuff to video
[19:14:36] <somenewguy> face recognition, edge detection, pretty filters, etc etc
[19:16:49] <Aero-Tec> do a search on youtube for more info
[19:20:29] <somenewguy> JT-Shop: got it uploadedto the forum, and on the bright side it looks like FF can upload now? I noticed apost saying that was broken
[19:22:42] <JT-Shop> that was a long time ago IIRC
[19:22:52] <Aero-Tec> but how can one connect openCV to EMC and use the info in EMC to control equipment?
[19:22:54] <JT-Shop> I see it and will take care of you in a bit
[19:23:05] <JT-Shop> last part in the powder coat oven
[19:27:37] <somenewguy> awesome thanks! got the install running on a spare PC, but its a dinosaur so I still need to do a latency test
[19:32:37] <CaptHindsight> Aero-Tec: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Axis_Embed_Video is a simple example
[19:34:08] <CaptHindsight> Aero-Tec: I'm working on something similar with opencv and Linuxcnc
[19:34:25] <Aero-Tec> cool
[19:34:34] <Aero-Tec> maybe we can work together
[19:36:20] <CaptHindsight> scanning parts, defect detection, alignment etc
[19:36:52] <Aero-Tec> the embedded video is cool but not usable for auto detection of size of something and changing things in real time to maintain a proper output of product
[19:37:41] <CaptHindsight> yeah, they didn't go that far
[19:37:48] <CaptHindsight> just a start
[19:37:48] <Aero-Tec> or am I missing something in the embedded video thing?
[19:38:44] <CaptHindsight> edge detection for alignment
[19:38:46] <Aero-Tec> are you saying openCV does not go that far or embedded video does not or both?
[19:39:13] <CaptHindsight> the example using openCV with Linuxcnc
[19:39:25] <CaptHindsight> openCV is a library
[19:39:30] <Aero-Tec> it would be cool to use openCV for auto homing
[19:40:51] <CaptHindsight> using fiducials on pcb's is a good example
[19:41:26] <CaptHindsight> scan for the fiducials, set home
[19:52:58] <spack> CaptHindsight: http://www.ebay.com/itm/141073700087?ru=http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_sacat=0&_from=R40&_nkw=141073700087&_rdc=1
[19:53:05] <spack> pretty far away
[19:53:08] <spack> but it's so shiny
[19:53:12] <spack> :)
[19:53:44] <somenewguy> fark, the new machine cna't even mount itself
[19:53:53] * somenewguy failed electronics husbandry
[19:53:59] <CaptHindsight> yeah CA, lots of them seem to be from there
[19:54:04] <spack> yeah
[19:54:07] <spack> west coast seems ripe
[19:54:15] <spack> got a shipping quote of $1600
[19:54:27] <spack> kinda steep
[19:54:43] <CaptHindsight> make it a road trip
[19:55:01] <spack> think i could do it more cheaply?
[19:55:15] <spack> i don't have a truck
[19:55:26] <spack> 6 days and 4000 miles of flatbedding
[19:55:38] <CaptHindsight> stop at a bone yard, bolt on an old axle and some tires and drag it back :)
[19:55:43] <spack> :)
[19:56:32] <spack> i wonder how badly towing 2x the rated capacity over the rocky mountains would fuck my transmission
[19:56:36] <CaptHindsight> I used to drive Chicago to the Bay area in 30 hours
[19:56:50] <spack> sounds about right
[19:57:06] <CaptHindsight> who needs sleep?
[19:57:10] <spack> pansies
[19:57:53] <CaptHindsight> the route through Wyoming is pretty tame
[19:59:29] <spack> wow, it runs on 110
[19:59:59] <spack> or that's just part of it
[20:00:05] <spack> found another plate
[20:00:11] <spack> 3ph 220
[20:00:41] <spack> has a parallel port connection
[20:01:01] <spack> there was someone here who really liked shizuokas
[20:04:03] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/mitsubishi-cnc-vertical-mill-/131004220610?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e8075c4c2
[20:04:46] <spack> lash in y drive ball screw"?
[20:04:48] <spack> wtf
[20:04:53] <spack> i typed way more than that
[20:05:02] <spack> "backlash in the y drive ball screw"
[20:05:22] <somenewguy> impressive
[20:06:48] <spack> but yeah i saw that yesterday
[20:06:53] <CaptHindsight> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Verticle-Machining-Center-Okuma-5v-/121184442504?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c3727d888
[20:07:02] <CaptHindsight> Okuma
[20:08:05] <spack> hmm
[20:08:06] <spack> 5k
[20:08:26] <CaptHindsight> looks like a tiny 3/8 check in the spindle
[20:08:27] <spack> the shiz would be 4200 or so with shipping including loading and palleting and shit
[20:08:42] <CaptHindsight> check/chuck
[20:08:59] <CaptHindsight> world most overbuilt drill press
[20:09:03] <spack> haha
[20:09:24] <spack> i want to get a moore jig grinder
[20:20:23] <kwallace1> I moved my Shizuoka on a double axle car trailer. After loading the mill, the tires looked like they where low on pressure, so I tried to fill them, but they were already at 40 psi. I went 30 mph all the way back home.
[20:21:17] <spack> heh
[20:21:42] <spack> 1600 for delivery from california including loading isn't bad at all
[20:21:42] <somenewguy> I did the same but with 11 punks in a station wagon
[20:22:09] <somenewguy> thoguht we lost air when the car hit the jersey barrier (huge snowstorm caught us) but it turned out we were just fat. You forget human weight adds up
[20:22:15] <spack> haha
[20:23:01] <spack> how much did you pay for it?
[20:24:07] <kwallace1> Just under $2000 with tool changer and tooling: http://www.wallacecompany.com/machine_shop/Shizuoka/
[20:24:26] <spack> that's what i need :(
[20:24:32] <spack> where'd you find it?
[20:25:13] <kwallace1> It was on eBay, located in Sacramento.
[20:25:31] <spack> i've been trolling ebay for a couple months
[20:25:44] <spack> got a deal on a bostomatic, but the dude selling it went into the hospital
[20:26:01] <spack> other than that, i haven't really found any deals
[20:26:51] <spack> this shiz would be nice if it were local, but it doesn't have a tool changer
[20:27:16] <spack> looks like it has 5 tool holders
[20:29:56] <kwallace1> My TC has 24 tool holders: http://www.wallacecompany.com/machine_shop/Shizuoka/00029-1a.jpg
[20:30:57] <kwallace1> Making a changer like this should be possible for a hobby shop.
[20:35:42] <spack> i don't really want to spend all my free time for 3 months doing that though :)
[20:38:58] <uw> spicand spack
[20:44:39] <spack> winning bid, $5100
[20:44:51] <spack> uw : spicand spack
[20:44:54] <spack> i think that's racist
[20:53:42] <uw> is it?
[20:53:51] <uw> what does that even mean?
[20:53:58] <spack> i don't know
[20:54:03] <spack> i remember reading something about it
[23:09:46] <s1dev> whats a decent way to generate G-code from inventor or autocad files?
[23:09:58] <s1dev> preferrably freer
[23:10:11] <s1dev> or free for students