#linuxcnc | Logs for 2013-09-16

[05:01:21] <DJ9DJ> moin
[06:40:12] <rick___> hi to all
[07:20:01] <AdnanCloud> lol
[07:21:04] <AdnanCloud> soo linux.. i would like to learn linux.. windows is in my blood
[07:21:13] <AdnanCloud> its hard to get to grips with it sometimes
[07:22:10] <AdnanCloud> some things fustrate me like just loading a CD... you have to mount something and do somethng else.. on a network card.. you need to enable it for on boot.. or even execute a file.. change the permissions.. i wish it was abit more friendly like that
[09:29:25] <JT-Shop> zzz
[09:31:07] <rick___> anyone using mb2hal
[09:31:55] <pcw_home> Some Monday music to wake you up:
[09:31:56] <pcw_home> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7pAejNvOok
[09:31:57] <Tecan> (H7pAejNvOok) "Sun City Girls - Tell Me Something Good" by "liquemascis" is "Music" - Length: 0:05:05
[09:32:58] <JT-Shop> I'm awake now!
[09:33:30] * JT-Shop goes back to listening to Canned Heat, On the Road Again
[09:35:11] <rick___> anyone using mb2hal?
[09:38:33] <Jymmm> pcw_home: We talked about this... LAY OFF THE CRACK PIPE BEFORE 9AM, m'kay?!
[10:15:22] <JT-Shop> 1/2 of the desk is clean... dang it was dirty
[10:19:34] <pcw_home> damn, another coyote in the back yard today, been a bad year for chickens :-(
[10:20:51] <Jymmm> pcw_home: Give the coyotes the crack pipe
[10:20:53] <MattyMatt> workaround - coyote pie
[10:22:25] <pcw_home> Charlie took off after it but they are fast and have no trouble scrabbling over a 6 foot fence
[10:22:43] <MattyMatt> "This listing was ended by the seller because the item was lost or broken." how do you lose a lathe?
[10:22:59] <skunkworks> have you met my familly?
[10:23:11] * Jymmm lol @ skunkworks
[10:23:31] <Jymmm> skunkworks: IF you lose the K&T, Um, you have SERIOUS problems
[10:23:49] <skunkworks> 'I know it is in here somewhere....'
[10:27:10] <skunkworks> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gM9XVEUo7k
[10:27:43] <false> pcw_home: haven't started on the custom bit file, had a psu die on me, took me better part of the weekend to find what was wrong with it.. an intermittent short :( . Would it be possible for you to create one for me?
[10:28:16] <false> Sorry to hear about you chickens, did they kill all of them?
[10:29:07] <pcw_home> Didn't lose any today, but we lost about 6 this year to coyotes
[10:29:47] <MattyMatt> so coyotes only kill what they eat? better than foxes
[10:30:05] <pcw_home> Thats been my experience
[10:30:36] <false> When there is one wolf sighting in The Netherlands, the whole country is buzzing. You have coyotes in your backyard........
[10:31:26] <pcw_home> Coyotes, deer, racoons, opposums...
[10:31:57] <pcw_home> even though we are is a fairly urban area we are close to open space
[10:31:59] <false> Sounds kinda nice, if you don't count the coyotes :P
[10:32:16] <false> And possibly the racoons??
[10:32:40] <false> That's still 50% nice :$
[10:32:52] <pcw_home> Charlie will keep them away but we take him to work and the Coyotes learn when he's not there
[10:33:18] <false> Charlie is you dog I assume?
[10:33:26] <pcw_home> Racoons are not much of a problem as long as you remember tp close the coop doors...
[10:33:45] <false> And you garbage cans, or is that just in movies?
[10:34:07] <pcw_home> Yes charlie is a ~100 lb flat coated retreiver
[10:35:09] <Chemeleon> racoons are master thieves when they want to get into something
[10:35:17] <pcw_home> For whatever reason we dont have garbage can troubles with the raccoons
[10:35:19] <pcw_home> but lots of people do
[10:35:26] <Chemeleon> my parents have been going rounds with them for years, currently they have latching garbage cans that they then set a 25 pound weight on top
[10:35:30] <Chemeleon> the coons still get in from time to time
[10:35:33] <false> My neighbours have one of those retreivers
[10:36:06] <false> Put some electic fencing wire on it?
[10:36:42] <pcw_home> Yeah that probably the only workable coyote deterent
[10:36:58] <false> except for the crack pipe of course
[10:37:13] <pcw_home> :-)
[10:39:46] <false> ClassicLadder takes some getting used to, trying to get it to change gears on S commands. But getting there
[10:40:26] <JT-Shop> false: did you see my pages on classicladder?
[10:41:47] <false> you mean the one on the mazak?
[10:41:54] <JT-Shop> no
[10:42:01] <false> Or is the hardinge yours?
[10:42:19] <JT-Shop> http://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/index.html
[10:42:26] <JT-Shop> yes, Hardinge CHNC
[10:43:42] <false> Yes saw those, very helpfull, the link to the tool changer is broken bdw
[10:44:18] <JT-Shop> this one? http://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/examples/cl-turret.zip
[10:44:24] <JT-Shop> works for me
[10:45:45] <false> gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/ladder/cl-turret.zip
[10:45:50] <false> that on the web
[10:46:46] <false> If you click the exmple link on http://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/ladder/index.html the link is broken, but the link you gave me works
[10:49:36] <JT-Shop> thanks, I'll fix that asap
[10:50:04] <JT-Shop> yes, it has a bad url
[10:53:28] <false> If I just connect the spindle output to some ladder logic to determine if a gear change is needed and output the command at the end that's a good solution right?
[10:54:02] <pcw_home> false: can you remind me what config you need?
[10:54:22] <false> pcw_home: Yes hang on, I have it writen down somewhere
[10:55:51] <t12> pcw_home: does the 7i76e work with linuxcnc right now without lots of trouble?
[10:56:17] <pcw_home> No
[10:56:44] <pcw_home> there are still driver and firmware issues
[10:57:02] <t12> hum
[10:57:18] <t12> what sort of issues? I'm building up a toy machine slowly
[10:57:48] <t12> since its a toy, I could likely help with devel, depending on what there is to do
[10:57:51] <t12> or am i just asking for trouble
[10:57:58] <pcw_home> Getting decent performance and dealing with the Ethernet latencies requires re-timing the I/O at the remote end
[10:58:18] <pcw_home> I'm working on that now
[10:58:43] <false> pcw_home: 1x 7i47 (6x step/dir, 6x encoder) 1 x 7i33 (4x encoder, 1x pwmgen), 7i44, 7i64
[10:59:28] <false> 5x step/dir and 5x encoder on the 7i47 would also be fine
[10:59:42] <t12> is that true also for the other ethernet mesa cards?
[10:59:50] <pcw_home> Ok 4 encoders on 7I47 (each with index) would be more standard
[11:00:06] <pcw_home> Yes all Ethernet cards are the same
[11:00:21] <pcw_home> I do have my retiming stuff close
[11:01:45] <pcw_home> It also has the side benefit of being able to start reads of slow devices before the data is needed (SSI, FanucAbs. BISS, SPI interfaces etc)
[11:02:54] <false> pcw_home: was that last comment for me?
[11:03:38] <pcw_home> so for example even for PCI cards a SSI interface that takes 50 usec to get return data after a request
[11:03:40] <pcw_home> te requies can be started 50 usec before the servo thread invocation
[11:03:57] <pcw_home> the request
[11:04:11] <pcw_home> The 7I47 comment, yes
[11:04:30] <t12> also, the 8i20 makes mention of a 8c20 daughter card, but i dont see the 8c20 on the site or pricelist?
[11:04:54] <pcw_home> we decided to drop the 8C20
[11:05:30] <t12> was that intended to have the 8i20 be a standalone driver?
[11:05:48] <pcw_home> Yes
[11:06:22] <pcw_home> we are working on a integrated model (in the same and smaller sizes)
[11:07:28] <t12> i guess with the time it will take me to actually build this thing out i might as well go ethernet and expiremental
[11:07:56] <t12> are the 7i76e's available for sale?
[11:08:53] <false> pcw_home: if it's a lot more work then do the more standard config, but my boss wants to use the mill as "conventional" to. So I'm connection 3 mpg's to the table (with enable buttons of course :P), but also need one for the panel/pendant. We also want to connect a small 4th axis so that bring the total encoder count to 9 (including spindle)
[11:12:31] <false> We do a lot of one-offs, and just flattening small pieces of aluminium. We do prototyping so a conventional mill would be a nice addition, but first we need to get the shop floor reoganized :P
[11:15:47] <jthornton> false, link corrected thanks for telling me about it
[11:17:31] <false> no problem, if all webmasters had your response times the www would be a better place :D
[11:19:47] <pcw_home> false: it may be space limited in the 5I20, so I will have to pare sserial channels down
[11:20:19] <pcw_home> Ill see what fits...
[11:21:07] <false> pcw_home, yes you told me it would be about 4, which is more than fine, if I connect another 7i64 I will have more IO then I'll ever need for this mill
[11:35:45] <kengu> argh.. mesanet is not really trying to get sales with the internet presence
[11:36:57] <andypugh> kengu: http://store.mesanet.com still hasn't been activated.
[11:37:17] <andypugh> I don't know why they don't just start an eBay shop.
[11:37:33] <kengu> andypugh: ahh.. work in progress.. good (:
[11:40:47] <kengu> just something as just 15 minutes ago I was trying to get something but well.. I will need to send an email and ask something then
[11:40:51] <JT-Shop> I like it
[11:41:52] <andypugh> kengu: What are you trying to buy? There may possibly stock in Europe.
[11:43:31] <MattyMatt> meh, costa concordia dull, I'll wait for the timelapse
[11:45:58] <andypugh> MattyMatt: Certainly not as exciting as the Mary Rose.
[11:47:36] <kengu> andypugh: 5i25sp/6i25sp+7i76
[11:48:27] <kengu> MattyMatt: that is all I have been doing today mostly.. watching the umm.. super spectacular ship salvage
[12:00:58] <andypugh> kengu: http://www.retrofit-plus.at/index.php/shop/mesa-electronics/7i76-plug-and-go-kit-detail
[12:01:43] <andypugh> Though they may not have stock, looking at the quoted leadtime.
[12:01:48] <kengu> 1-4 weeks is pretty much the same as from US
[12:02:27] <andypugh> It may save customs hassles though.
[12:03:21] <andypugh> But only if they actually have some, rather than ordering them from the US to fill the order.
[12:04:01] <kengu> well.. i have professionals to do the customs hassle
[12:04:21] <kengu> or better like "there are" and at hand
[12:05:25] <andypugh> It's the money that is charged for it. I recently bought some stuff from the US. It was $7 for the ball bearings, $12 delivery. Then I was charged £3.75 import duties and a £12 handling fee.
[12:06:09] <kengu> well.. i just tell the buyer what I need and then the things just appear when ever they arrive
[12:06:21] <IchGuckLive> hi all B)
[12:06:25] <kengu> hello you
[12:11:10] <false> pcw_home: I don't know how long it will take you, I'm off for a couple of hours.....
[12:11:20] <Jymmm> andypugh: you poor bastard =(
[12:12:22] <andypugh> I have had worse, Mese sent me some free samples and it cost me £80 to collect them.
[12:12:34] <Jymmm> ?!
[12:12:39] <kengu> andypugh: (:
[12:13:00] <kengu> it there a difference in 6i25 and 5i25 other than the umm.. bus.
[12:13:05] <andypugh> Customs fees are charged on the value, not the price paid.
[12:13:22] <andypugh> kengu: No, they even use the same firmware.
[12:13:30] <kengu> i do have both on the computer. I did just check that.
[12:13:32] <kengu> andypugh: ok
[12:15:25] <Jymmm> andypugh: You 12V intel mobo, do you know the actually wattage used? And how many hdd's ?
[12:15:34] <false> pcw_home: I'll leave irc open in case you finish before I'm back, thanks again!
[12:17:32] <andypugh> Jymmm: No idea, but it is running off of 30W PSU I had lying about, and has done 24/7 for a long time. No HDD at all though, it has an 8GB SATA DOM.
[12:18:30] <Jymmm> andypugh: Ok, thanks. My NAS does 90W (measured) and I'm trying to drop it down.
[12:27:19] <andypugh> It's depressing that any time I see a female name as a new subscriber I assume that it is a spammer.
[12:27:48] <andypugh> (Today's one was offering help with accountancy homework)
[12:28:16] <jdh> it would be an odd coincidence if both female linux users happened to do CNC also.
[12:43:41] <IchGuckLive> raspersky pi nominated for world inovation
[12:44:25] <uw> meh, raspersky is overrated
[12:44:48] <IchGuckLive> costa concordia italian ship backup live http://www.n24.de/n24/Mediathek/Live/d/3237626/bergung-der-costa-concordia-in-italien.html
[12:45:24] <andypugh> I don't see that there was anything especially innovative about the Pi, except that they managed to make non-geeks aware of their existence.
[12:45:51] <IchGuckLive> seams it is not gone work in the scedualt tie 12hr to short to lift 300k Tons
[12:46:55] <andypugh> The trailer for a Roman Emipre war game has war galleys bursting in to flames on impact. That's just silly!
[12:47:28] <uw> lol i just changed windows until the ad was over
[12:47:57] <uw> what ever happened to the scumbag captain of this ship?
[12:48:46] <IchGuckLive> uw still in bed with russian top modell
[12:49:35] <IchGuckLive> start of operation has been at )am Rom time
[12:49:41] <IchGuckLive> 9am
[12:50:21] <IchGuckLive> its the same size as an aircraft carrier
[12:50:34] <IchGuckLive> Nimitz class
[12:51:37] <IchGuckLive> steel wire at 25000 tonns pulling
[12:52:20] <jdh> I think the Pi is cool enough for what it is. It isn't much of a general purpose embedded controller thingie though.
[12:52:27] <IchGuckLive> 60000tonns of water inside
[12:52:42] <Loetmichel> andypugh: why? maybe the greeks have shot with Sun and mirrors?
[12:53:28] <IchGuckLive> Loetmichel: der saubock dreht sich einfach nicht rumm
[12:53:35] <Loetmichel> IchGuckLive: hmm?
[12:53:48] <IchGuckLive> costa concordia
[12:54:26] <uw> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/special/2012/newsspec_4338/img/costa_concordia976x630.jpg
[12:56:08] <IchGuckLive> uw search image -> costa concordia blondine <_ thats why this ship died
[12:57:48] <IchGuckLive> that what hydraulik is al about lifting in low motion
[13:00:14] <andypugh> Loetmichel: This is galley-to-galley impact, not mirrors. Some people never learn, though: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-23930675
[13:02:28] <einar__> Good evening.
[13:02:29] <IchGuckLive> nightfall in rome
[13:02:43] <rick___> andy thas a giant parabolic mirror lens....
[13:02:45] <IchGuckLive> hi einar__
[13:02:55] <rick___> that is a
[13:02:59] <uw> lol "walkie talkie"
[13:03:51] <uw> TIL the sun does shine in london
[13:04:02] <IchGuckLive> jeah the coting in england has been cool for the building but heats up the city
[13:04:11] <andypugh> There is a tradition of giving London skyscrapers less flattering names. There is "the potato", "the gherkin", "the shaver"
[13:04:30] <einar__> I'm trying to get LinuxCNC running here. Using USC card. Diagnostics passed. Should LinuxCNC run without the machine?
[13:04:49] <IchGuckLive> yes
[13:05:00] <IchGuckLive> einar__: use a sim maschine
[13:05:14] <IchGuckLive> axis mm for instant
[13:05:39] <andypugh> This is "The Shaver" http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Arts/Arts_/Pictures/2010/7/16/1279294367168/strata-tower-006.jpg
[13:05:40] <IchGuckLive> einar__: are you in the USA
[13:06:34] <andypugh> einar__: LinuxCNC will run, but you will need the USC attached in order to start the USC configs.
[13:06:59] <einar__> No. I'm in Norway.
[13:07:04] <einar__> https://maps.google.com/maps?q=langhus&channel=fe&client=browser-ubuntu&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&ei=GEU3UuvNLoi14ASzqoH4BQ&ved=0CAoQ_AUoAg
[13:07:19] <IchGuckLive> im in germany
[13:07:26] <andypugh> As IchGuckLive said, choose the sim->axis-mm config if you just want to play with the software.
[13:09:08] <einar__> Wow! It's alive and running!
[13:09:20] <Loetmichel> andypugh: i know
[13:09:25] <IchGuckLive> B) O.O ;-)
[13:09:28] <Loetmichel> read that about the walkie-talkie
[13:09:32] <ve7it> Jymmm, http://www.n24.de/n24/Mediathek/Live/d/3237626/bergung-der-costa-concordia-in-italien.html they are flipping the costa concordia live
[13:10:36] <ve7it> Jymmm, about 1/2 way so far... it should be exciting when it flips over center
[13:10:50] <IchGuckLive> ve7it: looks like lift no flip at all till now
[13:11:23] <andypugh> It got dark very quickly!
[13:11:44] <einar__> Ooops! Unexpected realtime delay on task 1!?
[13:11:53] <jdh> uh oh
[13:12:09] <ve7it> yea... I wonder what the pull paramters are for the cables.... someone must have a puckered anus
[13:12:20] <Jymmm> ve7it: I get nothing (server overloaded?)
[13:12:22] <IchGuckLive> andypugh: below 50 latitude it gets that way
[13:12:26] <Loetmichel> ve7it: have that open a while now... waiting to the coste to reach highest point and topple over ;-)
[13:13:14] <IchGuckLive> ve7it: 136cables 25000tonns of load 3time safty
[13:13:35] <awallin_> is that going to take the whole night..?
[13:13:48] <Loetmichel> awallin_; seems like it
[13:13:54] <IchGuckLive> awallin_: started at 9am local
[13:13:56] <andypugh> Back in the old days they would have fothered it with a sail and pumped it out...
[13:14:06] <Loetmichel> the said something about 60 kilotons of water in the hull
[13:14:17] <Loetmichel> you dont want to hurry tha much mass ;-)
[13:14:22] <ve7it> I thought they were expecting to have it upright in daylight.... maybe tomorrow
[13:14:32] <Jymmm> ve7it: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/italy/10311659/Costa-Concordia-salvage-operation-live.html
[13:15:16] <IchGuckLive> still looks like more then 45 deg
[13:15:45] <Jymmm> ve7it: COLOR BARS NOW. Weeble Wobbles =)
[13:15:53] <Loetmichel> ve7it: iirc the have said something about some steel cables to near each other and they had to be dismantled and mounted elswhere
[13:16:18] <Jymmm> ve7it: http://intl-outdoor.com/2usb-mobile-device-charger-318650-xml2-sideswitch-flashlight-p-741.html
[13:16:23] <ve7it> just tried the .uk link... I also have color bars
[13:16:48] <Jymmm> ve7it: Yeah, I had the live feed, I think that have camera trouble
[13:16:59] <ve7it> it sank?
[13:17:10] <Jymmm> ve7it: no no no
[13:17:26] <andypugh> "The Anglo-Saxons don’t seem to be very good at languages.” - Perhaps it is just that Italian is a long way down the list?
[13:17:32] <IchGuckLive> German cammeras are flying to Mars so better view maybe
[13:17:55] <ve7it> picture back on both links
[13:18:50] <IchGuckLive> somone eble to messure the tilt
[13:19:06] <ve7it> That will be pretty nasty to work in that ship after it bakes in the sun for a few days.... there is a lot of stuff growing on the parts that were underwater
[13:19:28] <CaptHindsight> the news coverage on the Concordia varies based on what network you watch
[13:19:42] <IchGuckLive> they will take it 25meters down first and lift next year
[13:20:32] <IchGuckLive> ve7it: but you are right on the side will be grown green in that time
[13:21:19] <CaptHindsight> The telegraph says they started 3 hours late due to storms, BBC, DW, France24 all had different accounts :(
[13:21:21] <IchGuckLive> waterline normal 12-15m they fix it for winter on 25m
[13:21:53] <IchGuckLive> CaptHindsight: 3jr is correct 6am plan 9am start
[13:23:00] <CaptHindsight> is the hull off the reef?
[13:23:50] <IchGuckLive> yes
[13:26:56] <IchGuckLive> like lifting titanic
[13:27:08] <CaptHindsight> 2X
[13:27:21] <IchGuckLive> im off by til tomorrow
[13:29:39] <CaptHindsight> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/worldnews/10312647/USS-Oklahoma-parbuckled-in-1943-after-the-Japanese-attack-on-Pearl-Harbor.html?frame=2673071
[13:30:07] <CaptHindsight> look at the rigging they used 70 years ago
[13:31:18] <ReadError> anyone using a mesa card on a g540?
[13:33:02] <pcw_home> Makes me wonder about the economics. That is, why cant the ship be reclaimed?
[13:33:31] <`Nerobro_> what do you mean reclaimed?
[13:33:40] <`Nerobro_> At this point, it's at best a naked hull and engines.
[13:33:44] <`Nerobro_> if they're REALLY FUCKING lucky
[13:33:48] <pcw_home> Yeah
[13:33:58] <`Nerobro_> Most likely, they will take it to be scrapped.
[13:34:09] <`Nerobro_> as a refit of that nature, is very expensive.
[13:34:38] <pcw_home> But more expensive the starting from scratch?
[13:35:13] <`Nerobro_> the hull has been beaten on a shoreline for 18 months. They'd be very lucky is anything within 25' of the starbord side is still straight.
[13:35:20] <`Nerobro_> there's also a mighty big hole in the bottom of the hull.
[13:35:20] <andypugh> pcw_home: Reputation? "Come cruise on the Costa Concordia! (Almost guaranteed not to sink again)"
[13:35:31] <pcw_home> I know there are G540/5i25 users from forum questions
[13:36:09] <pcw_home> I though they always just re-christened them :-)
[13:36:25] <ReadError> pcw_home is it pretty plug&play ?
[13:36:58] <pcw_home> Yes pinout wise, the hal file is up to you
[13:37:24] <pcw_home> I dont know if pncconf handles the chargepump yet
[13:37:26] <ReadError> can i use my current hal file from the parport ?
[13:37:39] <pcw_home> with a lot of changes
[13:38:10] <andypugh> ReadError: You can probably use the same INI file (with small changes)
[13:38:43] <pcw_home> I do wonder, if aliases were used correctly whether hal files could be hardware independent
[13:39:21] <pcw_home> that is the structure of a PID loop is the same regardless of the hardware, only the names are different
[13:45:43] <ReadError> i would like to get one, i just dont want to spend a ton of time messing with configs to get the machine going again
[13:47:30] <pcw_home> well its different hardware so all the I/O and stepgen setup will be different
[13:48:31] <pcw_home> on the other hand its pin compatible so you should be able
[13:48:34] <pcw_home> to switch back to parallel port without any issues
[13:48:52] <ReadError> yea i could just make a new config
[13:50:08] <pcw_home> I think the pncconf generated one should be close
[13:50:25] <pcw_home> or just use the hm2-stepper sample config and patch
[14:47:42] <andypugh> I am not sure it is still moving....
[15:10:53] <kengu> https://www.dropbox.com/s/64xp4opdms1z13a/20130916_002.jpg
[15:11:03] <kengu> https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxa37q386mssxwc/20130916_003.jpg
[15:11:37] <kengu> still missing some.. umm.. parts like the brush and some middle parts
[15:34:16] <Tom_itx> andypugh, they should park some solar collectors in those parking stalls
[15:36:09] <kengu> needs more brush.. next i need to get some brush
[15:53:40] <nikola_> hi all , any to have any luck with 7I80
[16:12:33] <einar__> Does anyone know what this message means (in debug info after failed to start linuxCNC):
[16:13:00] <JT-Shop> pastebin the debug output
[16:13:12] <einar__> I'm trying....
[16:13:31] <JT-Shop> pastebin.com
[16:13:45] <JT-Shop> debug > debug.txt
[16:13:54] <JT-Shop> this will send the output to a file
[16:14:57] <DJ9DJ> gn8
[16:15:19] <einar__> Sorry. I'm a complete Linux newbie. Trying to copy from the "LinuxCNC Errors" window...
[16:16:12] <JT-Shop> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/common/Linux_FAQ.html#_bootup_messages
[16:16:17] <einar__> Can not find -sec MOT -var MOT -num 1
[16:16:18] <einar__> Can not find -sec IO -var IO -num 1
[16:16:18] <einar__> Can not find -sec LINUXCNC -var NML_FILE -num 1
[16:16:18] <einar__> Can not find -sec EMC -var NML_FILE -num 1
[16:16:18] <einar__> 3231
[16:16:18] <einar__> PID TTY STAT TIME COMMAND
[16:16:20] <einar__> Stopping realtime threads
[16:16:23] <einar__> Unloading hal components
[16:16:25] <JT-Shop> ohhhhh noooooo
[16:17:00] <JT-Shop> what version of LinuxCNC are you running?
[16:17:12] <JT-Shop> is the configuration new or an old one?
[16:17:52] <einar__> You are using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
[16:17:52] <einar__> - the Lucid Lynx It is new.
[16:21:50] <JT-Shop> clear dmesg and run your config again then pastebin the dmesg
[16:21:52] <JT-Shop> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/common/Linux_FAQ.html#_bootup_messages
[16:21:57] <einar__> Can't copy but it says it cannot load '...hal_ppmc.ko': -l Operation not permitted
[16:23:59] <einar__> did dmsg > bootmsg.txt. It is HUGE! Can't copy in here.
[16:24:11] <JT-Shop> pastebin.com
[16:24:25] <JT-Shop> copy to pastebin.com and post the link
[16:24:31] <JT-Shop> did you clear it first?
[16:25:53] <andypugh> Is this an install from LiveCD or did you compile it?
[16:26:06] <einar__> No. Is this what you need to see it: http://pastebin.com/cUNPHv3v
[16:26:40] <JT-Shop> I have to run
[16:27:40] <einar__> It says on pastebin.com that my disk is full, I have to repair Windows. !! Haha !!
[16:27:45] <andypugh> einar__: RTAI is in a tangle and won't be able to sort itself out. You need to reboot.
[16:28:27] <einar__> OK. Anything else I should do on my way down / up?
[16:29:43] <andypugh> No, do that first and then start linuxcnc from the command prompt (just type linuxcnc) and see what it says.
[16:37:51] <einar_> Rebooted now. First the linuxcnc_debug.txt: http://pastebin.com/2mS7CvTR
[16:39:02] <einar_> Then output drom dmesg: http://pastebin.com/V9SWTUns
[16:40:29] <andypugh> Very odd: [ 70.449244] RTAPI: Task 1[d76b5000]: Fault with vec=14, signo=11 ip=e0d71595.
[16:40:29] <andypugh> [ 70.449247] RTAPI: This fault may not be recoverable without rebooting.
[16:42:14] <andypugh> Which version of LinuxCNC? Is the UPC board connected to the parallel port?
[16:43:06] <UncleG> If I just dump dc voltage into my servo without a controller, is that bad? (so use it in place of a dc motor)
[16:43:08] <andypugh> I see that lp and parport_pc are loading, it is possible that those are interfering with the UPC access to the parport.
[16:43:18] <einar_> My terminal window (including misspelling): http://pastebin.com/rLVcMWTc
[16:44:09] <andypugh> Can you show us the output of lsmpd?
[16:44:11] <einar_> I'm noticing someting about config error. Not knowing where to look.
[16:44:15] <andypugh> Sorry, lsmod
[16:45:36] <einar_> Lsmod output: http://pastebin.com/rgzdSR5J
[16:46:18] <cradek> a bit of better error checking has been added to the ppmc drivers between 2.5.0 and 2.5.3
[16:46:34] <cradek> it would not hurt to run your updates
[16:46:42] <andypugh> try "sudo rmmod lp" then "sudo rmmod parport_pc" and then try Linuxcnc again.
[16:47:27] <andypugh> Though finding it can't have the parport shouldn't cause ppmc to crash quite that hard.
[16:47:47] <cradek> I think it cooperates with parport_pc nowadays
[16:48:20] <andypugh> And lp ?
[16:48:42] <cradek> yeah I think so, don't recall the details
[16:48:55] <cradek> and either way, ppmc is the one I'm least sure about
[16:49:27] <einar_> linuxcnc_debug.txt: http://pastebin.com/PVauAamV
[16:50:41] <einar_> And dmesg output: http://pastebin.com/UqGixp3k
[16:51:15] <andypugh> Well, that is a lot better.
[16:51:34] <andypugh> That didn't actually crash, it just didn't work :-)
[16:51:57] <andypugh> It looks like you will need to blacklist the lp module.
[16:52:00] <cradek> you probably oughta reboot after the last crash, though
[16:52:03] <einar_> Uhh... it hurts the same. :-)
[16:52:44] <andypugh> cradek: Do you know how to blacklist (or not load) lp ?
[16:52:58] <einar_> No, I don't.
[16:53:38] <einar_> But I learnt a lot of things I did not know this last hour. ;-)
[16:54:13] <cradek> see /etc/modprobe.d/linuxcnc.conf
[16:54:16] <cradek> edit that and reboot
[16:55:29] <andypugh> To edit that file, type "gksudo gedit" at the command prompt then open the file.
[16:56:15] <andypugh> cradek: http://askubuntu.com/questions/134266/how-do-i-prevent-the-lp-module-from-loading-on-boot suggests that this will get harder in later versions.
[16:57:04] <UncleG> I changed my parallel port via bios and it fixxed a similar problem
[16:57:28] <UncleG> ecp epp err manually set it and it worked
[16:57:34] <andypugh> UncleG: Enabling EPP in the BIOS was likely to come next
[16:57:42] <einar_> Is this the one I need to uncomment: #install parport_pc /bin/true
[16:58:21] <cradek> yes
[16:59:41] <einar_> OK. Time for a "reboot now" then...
[17:01:07] <andypugh> Ah! Bless! He only has one PC :-)
[17:02:04] <einar_> Reboot done. Terminal window and "linuxcnc" then?
[17:02:29] <andypugh> do an lsmod and see if "lp" has disappeared
[17:04:31] <einar_> I think not? http://pastebin.com/d57wZYix
[17:05:30] <einar_> I did enable EPP in Bios.
[17:05:58] <einar_> And I ran the diag program for USC successfully.
[17:11:22] <andypugh> lp is still there.
[17:11:32] <andypugh> Which error do you see in dmesg now?
[17:11:53] <andypugh> The more-promising looking one was [ 990.279136] PPMC: ERROR: no boards found on bus 0, port 0378
[17:14:00] <einar_> After running linuxcnc I suppose. Then it looks like this: http://pastebin.com/6LYLU647
[17:15:28] <andypugh> cat /etc/modprobe.d/linucnc.conf
[17:15:35] <andypugh> Do you see your changes?
[17:18:50] <einar_> I do. But there is a "emc2" file where it is still commented out. Does it matter?
[17:19:30] <andypugh> No, nothing in comments matters.
[17:20:12] <andypugh> The "askubuntu" link I posted earlier seems to suggest that there is more to it than just editing that file..
[17:20:34] <PCW> false: if you are around, unfortunately your config will not fit in a a 5I20
[17:21:02] <andypugh> But, as a quick test, now you have enabled EPP, if you sudo rmmod lp then try linuxcnc again, what happens?
[17:22:05] <cradek> I sure wonder what's crashy in there
[17:23:17] <einar_> did that, and lsmod | grep lp. No output OK then?
[17:23:40] <andypugh> Yes
[17:24:12] <einar_> looks the same. Checking logs...
[17:25:47] <einar_> http://pastebin.com/dFmHyDWS
[17:26:19] <andypugh> Hmm
[17:26:32] <andypugh> rmmod parport_pc then try linuxcnc again?
[17:26:46] <einar_> linuxcnc_debug.txt: http://pastebin.com/TyKYGmB6
[17:28:01] <einar_> einar@Boxford:~$ sudo rmmod parport_pc
[17:28:02] <einar_> ERROR: Module parport_pc does not exist in /proc/modules
[17:28:02] <einar_> einar@Boxford:~$
[17:28:19] <andypugh> Curious.
[17:28:30] <cradek> I don't think that's the pattern [existence of parport_pc/lp causes it to be crashy]
[17:29:15] <einar_> I did remove that before I think. Scroll up a bit here.
[17:32:44] <andypugh> I don't get the crash, even with no hardware.
[17:33:04] <andypugh> And I have lp and parport_pc loaded...
[17:33:50] <einar_> It's past midnight here, and a customer will call for my help this morning. And he's the one waking up the birds in the morning.
[17:34:06] <andypugh> Which is a shame, as I compiled with debugging flags and could have tracked down ip=e20d0595
[17:34:20] <andypugh> OK, well, we can carry on tomorrow.
[17:34:34] <andypugh> Sorry we couldn't help you today.
[17:34:44] <cradek> your ip and his certainly won't match
[17:34:46] <andypugh> We will be half price tomorrow in compensation :-)
[17:34:51] <cradek> ha
[17:35:06] <einar_> Thanks a lot for your assistance. Not working yet. But I learnt alot from you! Goodnight.
[17:35:42] <andypugh> cradek: I know I can't use his ip, but if I could have reproduced the crash I could have found a clue.
[17:36:35] <cradek> ah, definitely
[17:58:46] <PCW> Thats entertaining there's a obscure bug with hm2 encoders
[18:01:14] <PCW> very weird, only shows up if you link the rawcounts hal pin to a signal
[18:07:47] <cradek> ewww
[18:08:27] <PCW> it in 2.5.1 so its been around a while
[18:08:52] <PCW> doesn't seem serious
[18:09:43] <cradek> if it's crazy like that, it might be a bug of the unpredictable type
[18:10:10] <PCW> as it only affects pre-homed encoder positions if rawcounts is used
[18:10:11] <PCW> but yes it does suggest a loose wiire
[18:18:19] <cradek> is it related to rollover?
[18:20:51] <cradek> oh forget it - I thought I saw a thing.
[18:44:45] <PCW> on my test setup it only affect the first axis (0) and only the position before its homed
[18:58:36] <andypugh> What is the nature of the wierdness?
[19:07:58] <PCW> When you start linuxcnc the X (channel 0) encoder position is not 0
[19:11:53] <PCW> but the weird thing is that this only happens if
[19:11:55] <PCW> 1. the hardware encoder counter is not 0
[19:11:57] <PCW> and weirdly
[19:11:58] <PCW> 2. the encoder rawcounts pin is connected to a signal in hal
[19:22:56] <PCW> so it does not show up on FPGA cards the get configured at startup (the encoder always starts at 0 on those)
[19:37:19] <PCW> Sorry it affects all Axis. probab;y just means the encoders should be cleared during Linuxcnc startup
[20:07:17] <jp_mill> http://pastebin.com/S1PHBcKu
[20:07:31] <jp_mill> what am i missing?
[20:07:42] <jp_mill> 5i25 with a 7i77
[20:14:01] <cmorley> says you asked for 6 encoder but only 2 are available. does that ring a bell?
[20:14:31] <cmorley> line 346
[20:16:18] <jp_mill> it does as far as why only 2 are avail?
[20:30:52] <cmorley> well without knowing anything I would guess that either the 5i25's firmware only gives you 2 or you asked for only two. You don't give enough info you me to tell. Need to see the HAL file to see what it asked for. Did this ever work or is this your first time?
[20:36:19] <andypugh> jp_mill: You have a 7i76 firmware on the 5u25 card
[20:36:27] <jp_mill> think it might be a bit/pin file issue
[20:36:44] <jp_mill> brand new live cd install
[20:37:38] <andypugh> Yes, but the 5i25 has a firmware flashed on to it. For some reason the one you have is flashed with the 7i76 version (the clue it that th dmesg mentions a lot of stepgens).
[20:37:56] <jp_mill> ah
[20:38:11] <jp_mill> how do you flash it?
[20:38:12] <andypugh> You need to flash it with the 7i77 firmware to make it work with the 7i77
[20:38:39] <andypugh> Download the files here: http://www.mesanet.com/software/parallel/5i25.zip
[20:38:43] <jp_mill> i down loaded the 5i25.zip from mesa
[20:38:50] <andypugh> That was fast :-)
[20:39:04] <jp_mill> had it already
[20:39:07] <andypugh> Did you unzip it already?
[20:39:11] <jp_mill> yes
[20:39:24] <andypugh> cd 5i25/utils/linux
[20:39:52] <andypugh> does ls -al show mesaflash as executable?
[20:40:03] <jp_mill> yup
[20:40:23] <jp_mill> wait maybe not
[20:40:44] <andypugh> sudo ./mesaflash --device 5I25 --write ../../7i77x2.bit
[20:42:38] <jp_mill> ahh command not found
[20:42:49] <andypugh> chmod 777 mesaflash
[20:44:11] <jp_mill> now i get cant find file ../../7i77x2.bit
[20:44:45] <andypugh> Maybe too many ../ parts
[20:44:58] <andypugh> tab-completion is your friend
[20:45:15] <jdh> or locate(1)
[20:45:30] <andypugh> Actually, what board are you most likely to use on the second header?
[20:46:10] <jp_mill> nothing for now
[20:46:31] <jp_mill> everything else i have is a 50 pin headder
[20:47:21] <andypugh> If you look in the configs / hm2 folder there are quite a range of options with a 7i77 on the first connector
[20:49:08] <andypugh> OK, the actual command you want it probably sudo ./mesaflash --device 5I25 --write ../../configs/hostmot2/7i77x2.bit
[20:49:57] <jp_mill> i was wonder that flashing now
[20:50:46] <andypugh> After flashing you can verufy sudo ./mesaflash --device 5I25 --verify ../../configs/hostmot2/7i77x2.bit
[20:51:20] <jp_mill> so that seemed to take ok
[20:51:27] <andypugh> Then you need to shut down that PC and actually power cycle it to get the new firmware to be active. A reboot isn't enough.
[20:51:45] <jp_mill> see you in a sec then
[20:51:59] <andypugh> Mwahahaha!
[20:55:26] <jp_mill> andypugh: thanks that did the trick
[20:55:37] <andypugh> Great
[20:56:29] <jp_mill> now i just get typical i/o errors from pins in hal that are just have the wrong labels
[20:58:29] <andypugh> Well, that's progress of a sort
[20:58:41] <jp_mill> duh my mistake. I don't have field power hooked up so the 7i77 i/o wont show up until i do
[21:00:17] <jp_mill> there we go commented out any reference to i/o and were good!!
[21:13:17] <andypugh> Blimey! Look at the time!
[21:13:25] <andypugh> Night all!